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Ethiopia: A Closer Look into Jawar Mohammed's Assessment



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Ethiopia: A Closer Look into Jawar Mohammed's Assessment

Jawar Mohammed

Ethiopia: A Closer Look into Jawar Mohammed's Assessment

By Rosa Abadirm

This week, I read the article posted on several Ethiopian Websites, under the title "The ‘new’ OLF program: much ado about nothing" written by Jawar Mohammed a young vibrant person whom I have the biggest respect due to his articulation & marvelous communication skills as well as enormous effort to be a voice for the voiceless million Ethiopians. However, in this short reaction I would like respectfully disagree with you on a certain major failures of your portion that are the core pillars for the struggle particularly for supporters in abroad. Your reaction towards the new OLF political dogma modification of dropping secession with distortion and unjustified accusation is understand why you are in such extreme agony trying to find an exit from the house of lie you were been lied and trapped for so long. Moreover, your underestimation for both OLF led by Brigadier General Kemmal Gelchu and G7 is unfounded and imprudent. Undeniably, you are entitled to your views with no boundaries; however I have also the right to encounter your schismatic and unwarranted statements that has neither a truth nor advantage unless it keeps those few Oromo’s who want to remain in blind political arena as well as in unfeasible non-tangible empty fantasy. Surly, I can’t force you the truth as the truth shouldn’t be forced on people, but it should be available to people who need it. In fact, I don’t have the monopoly on the truth, however I feel like I’m obliged to correct some of the visible defects that I noticed on your piece. Unquestionably, there is no any individuals or group who is not affected directly or indirectly by the TPLF ethno-fascist rulers’ tribally prejudiced agenda, so instead of splitting words and spend our valuable energy to repair our minor difference it would be advisable to focus toward the common enemy which is killing us as well as our country.

Let me put a couple of your outrageous long statements for clarifications. You stated that “The buzz on both ends of the political divide about OLF dropping ‘secessionism’ and embracing ‘Ethiopianism’ is equally misleading. The Oromo movement, particularly one led by the OLF, had never foreclosed on the possibility of resolving the Oromo question within the existing Ethiopian state structure. The OLF program, through all of its amendments from the time of founding to now, left the door open for both options: reforming Ethiopia and establishing an independent Oromia.” Seemingly, you are trying to divert the core concerns of the Oromo’s people struggle by undermining the long and strenuous struggle and portray the question of Oromo as if it’s merely the question of secession, while the fundamental demands of the vast majority of Oromo’s including & excluding OLF members is very identical to non-Oromo Ethiopians and is a question of justice, freedom and democracy. In addition, you blindly slammed the door as you miraculously represented as if the major demands of Oromo’s will not be resolved separately from the question of secessionism. However, unlike to what you untruthfully claimed democracy without equal participation in the political process is unworkable, so irrespective of some biased, prejudice and emotion driven individuals like you, the long and vigorous struggle of Oromo’s is to make sure that everyone has equal right to form and join autonomous associations, including political associations, such as political parties, and interest groups. Hence, the struggle has been to facilitate for every citizen the right to vote in the elections, right to freedom of expression, particularly political expression, including criticism of the officials, the conduct of the government. Indeed, as we clearly observed that many Oromo’s have already identified the core problem and don’t want to buy your failed political path despite trying to sail under false colors, and portray the old OLF secession dogma as the vanguard of democracy and justice.

Another deficiency of you is that “Unfortunately, neither the OLF faction nor Ginbot 7 has tangible operational capabilities. Both parties are diaspora-based with little to no organizational visibility on the ground. They lack organizational strength and a feasible strategy to build one. The leaders themselves are not willing to directly engage in the conflict and are resigned to waging a long-distance war.” Obviously, it would be far too easy to simply denounce the upcoming potential unity of these groups and pointing out fingers without having an alternative solution. Your polemic statement is not only untrue but apparently undermine as well as insulting the intelligence of large number of Ethiopians who are a member and supporters of OLF & G7. Indeed, this is the same baseless accusation that comes from G7 & OLF rivals, but the truth is that both organizations shouldn’t publicly announce what kind of ground works that they are undertaking in Ethiopia due to the fact that they have their own political strategy where it’s too early and inappropriate to predict the fate & the outcomes of these organization now using cynic thoughts. I barely understand your concern and agree that there would be always a possibility of lack of capability in every political group, and giving early warning and encouraging those members to refrain from a complete failure is very vital, however, your approach was wrong, as it focused more on undermining of the initial efforts instead of providing the intended message with cogent argument in order help to strengthen the unity message. Anyhow, your accusation of on both OLF & G7 and defaming if they are a tool of the enemy seems absurd, because the same accusation is spread by the TPLF gangsters, as well as by some worthless EPRP, MEAD and anti-unity forces and seemingly you are sharing the same deliberate misguided political schema.

You also added that “It might be the case that, in order to become a dominant voice in its envisioned coalition, Ginbot 7, despite the rhetoric, prefers to have a weaker OLF faction than a united front. But this is a serious strategic blunder.” Again, your visionless conclusion about the relationship between G7 & OLF is laughable as you first categorized the OLF led by Brigadier General Kemal Gelchu as a weak organization without providing us any sufficient evidence about the strength of the other OLF factions except uttering your own unjustified wistful calculation and secondly you concluded that G7 prefers to alley with the weaker OLF where your accusation is baseless and not supported by any facts. However, you sound like you are driven by emotion instead of reason and logic as a result you rushed out only to vent your own frustration that is not reinforced by any facts and yet apparently this shows that you are trapped in the same empty blaming game bucket. But, accusing and blackmailing these groups who doesn’t share your dogma seems baseless and imprudent. Instead it seems that your judgment is biased by your own toxic ideology and it’s obvious from your writing that you are on denial sticking with liars like glue by accusing some group based on factious unjustified stories, but those who originally brainwashed you were crafty liars unfortunately they stripped your mind adequately along with other gullible Oromo’s who are still screaming day in and day out about Minilik & Amahra while they are currently being eaten by TPLF beasts. For that factor, genuine Ethiopians should be happy to see collaboration among different opposition groups, because such coordinated struggle shorten the life span of the TPLF gangs who are using divide and rule as the main political instrument. Definitely, unlike to your underestimation, the G7’s approach and endeavor to work with other Ethiopian ethnic based organizations and accept their autonomous right seems wise and of course makes the democratic process very smooth and hopeful. Without doubt, what you’ve said is a complete contradictory to what particularly both OLF & G7 are going for. Despite to your’s and others narrowly based and ideologically intoxicated ethnic chiefs, it’s evident that G7 stands for unity based on equality, democracy and social justice for all regardless.

Aside from the struggle against TPLF by OLF, I think at the same time it’s not a bizarre anymore to anyone that majority of the Oromo population went through different periods of clash against OLF some biased and arrogant leaders and members. The saddest part is that even today some of the Oromo politicians are still fixated to Amygdala politics (based on what happened in the past) and blame Amhara, while their house is plundered by the TPLF gangs. Seemingly, they are unable to see the reality behind the curtain and identify the sheep in wolves clothing character of TPLF gangs. I admit the fact that, you have a way better understanding than me in regards to politics. But, politics based on what happened in the past and with the intention of revenge does not help, but instead it multiplies the enemy. Therefore, you should promote & encourage the Oromo politicians as well as the naïve followers to reevaluate their dogma in order to know that the current Amhara people are not responsible for what had happened hundred years ago, but what should matter it what is happening today instead of repeating the same detested motto and expecting different result. For that matter, the recent release of OLF statement led by B.G. Kemmal Gelchu is a huge gear shift and deserve the most outstanding credit, as it positioned the fundamental concrete foundation to be a crucial remedy for the current problem yet this is the very beginning not the end. Surely, this is not going to be a task for only a few OLF leaders, members & supporters, instead everyone including you and I should be a part of this in order to see the profitable result. Otherwise, pointing fingers to others in order to avoid your own responsibility is impolitic and should be condemn by all of us.

Jawar, I am optimistic that you are not one of those naïve OLF sympathizers who want to remain in the dark as they still restlessly screaming purposefully or mistakenly with the intention to unearth Minilik and his cabinet in order to face justice, what they are doing right now is unwise and damages the popular struggle and endangers the survival of their own people and will hurt their own future dream, i.e. flourishing justice, freedom and democracy for the generation to come. The truth is that we cannot change the past, or change the fact that people acted in a certain way, but we should use the past to guide us in order to understand the present and foresee the future. The past is over, so we should not clutch tightly as if it solves our present problem. Thus, the remaining Oromo politicians should understand this simple fact and instead of focusing to the ghost of Minilik and intend to revenge the current Amhara the crime nothing to do with it, they should focus on the TPLF gangs who are sucking their blood and eating their flesh, and forced them to wretched of poverty in the mid of plenty. The Amhara’s on the other hand also should remove the biased attitude about Oromo and the new coordinated struggle against the common enemy (the TPLF gangs). They should automatically stop & drop their filthy rotten politics to regain their power interest in the name of Ethiopian unity. Truly, I have said it many times that especially the current so called anti-unity forces who are titling themselves “Unity Forces” that are a combination of EPRP, MEAD and other self-claimed members and supporters should end uttering their disliked failed fake unity agenda and should either come forward to join the new coordinated struggle or follow their own path without verbally attacking others. They should recognize that having wished the unity of Ethiopia without recognizing the autonomous of every ethnic group seems inappropriate and apparently causes more damage to the popular struggle than benefiting it. They should not confuse narrow nationalism to the autonomous right of every ethnic group, as narrow nationalism is a politics of hate. They should swallow the fact that democracy without respecting the self-governing of different part of the society, or ethnic groups could not be feasible. Therefore, whether we like it or not, there is no vicious enemy to both as well as other Ethiopian tribes more than the TPLF gangs. There is no crueler than those who are deliberately starving the people to fill their pocket and fund their extravagant life style. Therefore, the so called “Unity Forces” should accept that fact that the OLF question should be addressed properly and have acceptable resolution instead of trying to ignore it as if it is not a political issue.

Finally, in my opinion the bold move by OLF, G7 and others to form alliance is very encouraging not only to organization members, but also to the general public, and at the same time it will emasculate the divide and rule tactic of TPLF gangs. The different groups deciding to coordinate their struggle is not political suicide as you and some other individuals portrayed and assumed,, but a smart move to challenge the well-armed tribal gang, otherwise without it, it would be considered as if they are trying to clamp with one hand and of course they would be eaten by ravenous wolf (TPLF gangs) turn by turn. And yet there is only two choices we have, either accept slavery and live our life with shame and disgrace or fight back and reclaim our dignity and pride. In my opinion, of course the new courageous step taken by the OLF sends shock in the TPLF gangsters’ camp and on the other side it is a boost on the popular struggle. Despite to your groundless conclusion, the OLF led by B.G. Kemal Gelchu not only understood the important of coordinated struggle, but also realized that the Oromo people problem is not solved separately without having solved the problem of other Ethiopians. There is no question that the OLF’s decision to coordinate its struggle with other Ethiopians is a big blow to the TPLF gangsters. Apparently, nothing makes happy Ethiopians more than seeing their fellow citizens understand each other and mange to organize their struggle against the common enemy, the TPLF thugs. Whether you like it or not, the ground fact is that the future of the Oromo youth is not different to the future of either Amhara, or Gurage or other Ethiopian tribes’ youth including the Tigreans; their future is in danger and of course the TPLF gangs who make life intolerable and dreadful are responsible. So, regardless what yours’ loud and senseless discouraging noise as well as deceiving article, the OLF decision is historical and inspiring. Removing TPLF from power is the most decisive and should be given priority more than anything else, so after that we should deal with other problems based on the seriousness the problem. TPLF is deliberately creating as well as inflicting hate among Ethiopian tribes, otherwise it would not survive without dividing as well as weaken our power, so we should not fall in its trap by playing its part of divide and rule political schema. Therefore, Mr. Jawar, in our side we should also show our willingness to work with them, instead of failing on TPLF’s divide and rule trap. We have common enemy (TPLF gangs), so we should be able to coordinate our struggle instead of splitting words and widen the bridge among us. Apparently, we have spent so many times degrading each other as “Ante Amahra vs. Ante Oromo” and it would not important to continue as such, because if we do so the enemy would benefit more than anyone of us. I hope you wouldn’t deny that the TPLF gangsters are number one enemy to the people of Ethiopia, so instead of focusing on the acute problem, which could kill you on the spot, you seem divert your attention to tackle the chronic problem, which could have been dealt in the future.

“The past is a ghost, the future a dream, and all we ever have is now.” Bill Cosby

TPLF: Tigrean’s People Liberation Front
EPRP: Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Party
MEAD: A term used to refer All Ethiopians Unity Party (AEUP) led by Ato Hailu Shawel
G7: Ginbot 7 Movement For Justice Freedom & Democracy
OLF: Oromo Liberation Front


Comment from: True Oromo [Visitor]
True Oromo

Jawar’s article is insightful and based on facts. You have a choice to accept it or reject it depending on your ideological affiliations and personal political views. The simple fact is that the main OLF has nothing to do with a splinter group led by Kemmal Gelchu’s, an ex-OPDO and EPRDF General until he fled to Eritrea 2 or 3 years ago. We all know the real OLF that Mr. Gelchu needed to consult with. I hate divisiveness, and those who try to benefit from a fallout.

01/17/12 @ 03:33
Comment from: Mohamed [Visitor]

Shame on for posting this meaningless scribble. If you don’t want to throw it in to a trash can and embarrass the writer, at least you should edit it.

It is incoherent, poorly written and unnecessarily too long. I see no reason why it’s important to post this kind of garbage, unless you have a mission to stop people from coming to your site. shame.

01/17/12 @ 03:57
Comment from: godlessness [Visitor]

Well written and free of emotions.
I was just trying to compare Elias Kifle with Rosa, but could not.

01/17/12 @ 04:06
Comment from: Negasso [Visitor]

This is a wonderful piece of response and deserves the attention of every Ethiopian specially Oromos.

“….politics based on what happened in the past and with the intention of revenge does not help, but instead it multiplies the enemy".

That says it all, but unfortunately Jewars motives may not be as clear as it may seem, just like many other struggles that were in the past waged in the name of ethnicity but always had a hidden agenda to either clinch on to power on the back of poor people, or in fact execute a foreign sponsored ideological and strategical agenda. In fact Jewar strikes me more as an Islamist than as an Oromo nationalist because he in his narrow secessionist dream tents to disregard the complexity of Oromo issue with regards to the social and geographical enter-connection Oromo society has with the rest of Ethiopia..And I just don’t see why Jewar’s aspiration for the so called ‘independent Oromia’ will be any different from the Arab sponsored Shabia’s dream of ‘independent Eritrea’ that seems to have brought no lasting peace despite the fact that Eritrea is geographically positioned on the outer side of Ethiopia. But then again there is no such thing as calculated dream specially when the dream is all about causing havoc and maintaining instability for the interest of others.

01/17/12 @ 04:30
Comment from: Mortar [Visitor]

This is an article with poor argument. It seems it is written merely to oppose and react to Jawar’s marvelous article. In her article Rosa mentioned:
1….the bold move by OLF, G7 and others to form alliance is encouraging.

2. politics based on what happened in the past and with the intention of revenge does not help.


1. Jawar hasnot criticized alliance between OLF and G7. We donot see any negotiation between G7 and the splinter OLF.Negotion is a give and take process. In the current alliance btween the new OLF and G7 we see only OLF giving up its program and taking G7’s. Even negotiation between two rival individuals will not end in this way. This cannot be called alliance, rather we see new OLF/Kamal Galchu surrendering to G7.

2. If what happens in the past is irrelevant in politics, why do you call TPLF people gangesters while you have not criticize thje Amhara dictators before them who were also gangesters?

01/17/12 @ 05:55
Comment from: Justasecond [Visitor]

‘’……but the truth is that both organizations shouldn’t publicly announce what kind of ground works that they are undertaking in Ethiopia due to the fact that they have their own political strategy…..'’ It is clear that you people are happy with the coalition or alliance made . this is your birth right. And we are saying this faction can never represent our struggle for freedom. If you are saying ‘’ No this is what you need to support'’ we say thank you. But we know what to do and how. We believed you so many times, the result was betrayal. We trusted TPLF, then disarmed the troops, we Incarcerated and we suffered much more. What your are doing today, you are coming to media, rise the Ethiopian Map, ….'’Look what will happen to our gift from our grand papa, if OROMIA secede'’ This is what you say…..Working together. ‘’……..sufficient evidence about the strength of the other OLF factions……'’ What I want to say is OLF is not the name to imply leaders, whether The Jijjiirama, QACA Or GS. It is now spirit of the Oromo struggle which any body can act with for good of the struggle, and leave it alone if he can’t.

01/17/12 @ 06:01
Comment from: Amy [Visitor]

The tell-tale passage in Jawar’s article is the one containing the assertion that the Oromo people are already enjoying “self-rule” under TPLF. If that is so, what are Jawar and his rump OLF doing in the opposition camp? I wonder how Aiga Forum “forgot” to post the article on its website!

01/17/12 @ 06:45
Comment from: Obsitu [Visitor]

Oromo politicians please be practical. Secession is impossible for Oromia. We are living with Amaharas, Tigres, Guraghes, Wolaytas, Somales,….and all and must keep it that way. Let the relationship between us and the rest of Ethiopians be stronger than ever. We have produced great Athlets that made us proud not only Oromos but also the entire Ethiopians and Africa at large. We need politicians like that. OLF is a mistake from start and must be changed to ELF (Ethiopian Liberation Front)

01/17/12 @ 08:00
Comment from: koster [Visitor]

The move taken by OLF led by General Kemmal Gelchu should be encouraged by all those who wants to shorten woyane state terrorism and the suffering of the Ethiopian people. Those who are dreaming of Ministerial posts in the new Ethiopian cabinet and care less for the suffering of the Ethiopian people and the sale out of Ethiopia can oppose the opposition instead of targeting the major enemy - woyane.

01/17/12 @ 08:03
Comment from: mortar [Visitor]

Oromos journey to independence cannot be reversed by the propaganda and psychological war released by Habesha(Tigre-Amhara) elites, media and political organizatiions nor the fake political groups (OPDO, Kemal’s OLF)they create for us deflect our struggle for freedom!!!!!

1. This so called “new OLF” is not the real OLF. It is called by the following names among oromos:
Splinter OLF
Ginbot 7′s Wing in Oromia
Fake OLF
Pseudo OLF
Amhara’s OLF/OPDO

2. The leader of this fake OLF Kemal Galchu is given the following names:
Kemal Gantu
Kemal Galtu
Trojan Horse
Emerging Gobena


01/17/12 @ 09:20
Comment from: Tefera [Visitor]

” Removing TPLF from power is the most decisive and should be given priority more than anything else, so after that we should deal with other problems based on the seriousness the problem.”

yemainega mesluat doro quatwa lai arach ybalal…isnt this what we did with the king. just remove him and dont worry what happens after, but we all know where that got us..the point is many ethiopians will disagree with that thinking on the account that things could go worse and believe me they will, unless the parties agree NOW on key issues such “self determination".."ethnic federal system"..etc..etc…

01/17/12 @ 11:01
Comment from: betty [Visitor]

Wow, thanks so much Rosa, This is a very intersting article and it touches many points where it clearly shows the main failures of jawar along with the best solutions where the oromo’s havent changed thier mind, as well as it explains by some of the chevounist amaharas who are still hateful to others. thank you rosa for teaching us from both angles and you also explains the best way how to fight weyane, this is very nice one that should be distributed among various ethiopians,thanks again rosa

01/17/12 @ 11:09
Comment from: Tewodros Salsawi [Visitor]
Tewodros Salsawi

I doubt if you understood Jawar’s article. Actually what you understood of his article is completely oposite to what it says.
There is no statement in Jawar’s article that portrays the question of Oromo as if it’s merely the question of secession.

What I see in you, Rosa, is emotions. A rush to shut up any disident against G7? That is what is leading you to such a hasty article with poor grammars and superficial analyses.

As of G7’s and mini OLF’s capabilities, What can express it more than their own history?
As they say “Action speaks louder.”
How long shall thy rely on rhetorics?

Rosa, my ethiopian sister.
Come back to your senses. Neither freedom nor democracy come by blood shed. If you truly need them seek them where you can find them. that is peaceful politics. Not hatred and bloodshed.
Peace be with you.
Tewodros Salsawi

01/17/12 @ 11:11
Comment from: [Member]

Rosa Dear! Please learn how to write proper prose that is cogent and coherent, before venturing to tackle or comment on other people’s essays!

I can not understand your gobbledygook here and Jawar’s article is far too superior to be critiqued by you!

01/17/12 @ 12:32
Comment from: Mamo [Visitor]

Hi Rosa,
I know that is not your name but let’s ignore that. You are basically said nothing by blubbering too much. Mr Jawar is a very intelligent individual who has a clean start to his political career unlike most of you EPRP and old school ‘fighters’. He is advocating a smart and swift struggle to freedom for all. The Amhara mischief is known and tried before.

01/17/12 @ 13:11
Comment from: Sabaaf Mormaa [Visitor]
Sabaaf Mormaa

This bomb is to Rosa Abadirm,
when you something like just send him to his email or postal address,
why disrespect your self and others ( your Ethiopian and Oromian brothers and sisters)

i think what you wrote was personal attack on our beloved J/ Johar,


01/17/12 @ 13:32
Comment from: [Member]


Rosa Abadirm is the so called amhara princess, otherwise known for her “marvelous english communication skills” and famous for being a pathological lier.
So much so for her self claimed “strong analytical abillity” only to show her staunch support of G7 and to advocate amhara supremacy, with the price of the Oromo people at large.
Here again as an attention seeker, she has found another stage to rally all the woyalla loosers and worship her as a cheer leader. LOL!!
It is all about her fragile ego.

01/17/12 @ 13:52
Comment from: Fili [Visitor]  

As much as I like to read about matters related to Ethiopia, I can’t help but feel most of the analyses I see are shrouded with sentimentality and bias.

With all its weaknesses I find Jawar’s argument more convincing. Jawar is a smart lad. But I believe some of his arguments, while beautifully written, lack evidence. They are rather outcome of his opinion, and I will take them as one. He doesn’t like the new OLF faction and doesn’t seem to have been bothered to explore the possibility that they may, and just, represent an alternative to the Oromo struggle.

The author of this article appears to have started from the outset that the new OLF represents a winning formula. She (I beg your pardon if it is a he) defends all things G7. And her arguments against Jawar border on attack.

I’m pro-Ethiopian. I don’t like to see the country split. I believe Oromia is the core of the nation. It’s the biggest state. Smaller boats go off the mother boat, not the other way round.

Most of the hate-fueled arguments stem from failure to focus attentions on the root causes of the problems we find ourselves in. People seem to, rather, focus on and fight over single alternative end-states they deem appropriate.

Ethiopians have suffered abuse in the hands of their rulers for decades. Some nationalities may have suffered more than others at different times. But this shouldn’t take away the fact that it’s always been rulers vs people- not necessarily Amharas vs Tigrayans, Amharas vs Oromos or Tigrayans vs Oromos. There are other proud nationalities in this country for heaven’s sake. It borders on arrogance when people talk about Amharas this Oromos that. For all I care we are all one people.

Until the elite (those of you who think you have something worth someone’s time) lay off your hatred and start thinking rationally, we will always be in this eternal cycle.

It seems to me the solution is individual rights irrespective of affiliation to ethnic or political group. If A & B, who are members of group C, have their rights respects, then the right of group C is respected, not the other way round, as some in power want us to believe.

01/17/12 @ 14:13
Comment from: wonderful [Visitor]


Thank you Rosa. I guess if Jewahr reads it, he will know what his words do sound for the readers. I think he either deliberately or instinctively always wants to take all the blame to the past. His hatred to the Amhara people is conspicuous from his essay. Whether he believes or not, as you rightly said, the solution for the current Ethiopia is not hating Amhara. Making on big ethnic group as a stern enemy will never help to realize freedom, democracy and development for Oromo people. I do not know how Jewar would overcome his deep loath. May be he would better pray.

01/17/12 @ 18:38
Comment from: Fred [Visitor]

Jawar Mohammed grew up in Ethiopia listening the TPLF’s venomous propaganda and pack of lies. He will never become a sophisticated analyst unless he opens his mind to alternative views and opinions. His diatribe is not only forty or more years old but it is also irrelevant to our future. What is the difference between most of his views and Meles’s? Do you think changing the figurehead or replacing one group by another could make any difference? We have tried tribalism and we all know that it is a dangerous ideology. What made Meles evil is not his personality alone. In fact, it is the tribal ideology that he embraced since his childhood days that has made him such a dangerous, sectarian, and ruthless dictator. Jawar thinks to be a different person while embracing the same ideology. It is quite revealing to hear the voices of such commentators as Rosa. The future belongs to him and to those who are ready to think outside of the tribal box.

01/17/12 @ 19:11
Comment from: Citizen [Visitor]

You guys are really desperate because you it deep inside that Jawar wrote the truth that’s so much closer to the heart of the Oromo people. This is not going to take us any where than intensifying the situation in a bad way. The reality is there are very key issues that are not addressed by G7 and Gen. Kemal Gelcho’s OLF. Look at how many of you are dying to reply to what this brilliant young scholar wrote. He hit the right spots of the issue and we all know that by heart. Covering up doesn’t take us any longer. The legitimate demand of the Oromos should be addressed if a real unity has to come. The proportional representation of the Oromos in leadership, the use of Afan oromo as additional Official language, the right to use it’s own resources and so on. Any coalition that fails to answer these demands is doomed to fail. So, guys you don’t have to break your back trying to silence Jawar for being honest. You can’t silence the people … the same questions are running in the minds of million Oromos. Look the people who are writing against Jawar, non of them are addressing the issues he raise since they are not Oromos in the first place, they have no clue how the Oromos feel about is. Please let the Oromos speak for themselves and say we want this or we don’t. Feel ashamed when you pretend to put yourself as an Oromo and try to cover up! Once again, please let the Oromos speak for themselves. That’s all.

01/17/12 @ 22:16
Comment from: dani [Visitor]

unless some one is a biased oromo or unless some one is a weyane stupid sympthyzer or unless some one is agianst ethiopia at all, no single rational mind would oppose rosa and rosa clearly explained what needs from every corner of the society, and this is the best approach ever that i have read unlike to some garbege haterd articles written that has been wrote by jawar and others, anyway thank you so much rosa and keep it up.

01/18/12 @ 01:04
Comment from: abe [Visitor]

very very great article, thank you the wirter of this article from the bottom of my heart, irrespective of some of the negative empty crtitisim you have clearly explain line by line the mistakes of jawar along the solution and this is what kind wrting that we need from our writers, god bless you

01/18/12 @ 08:11
Comment from: gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
gragn Ahmed

This is not even an article which is high school level paper written by the so called Shabiya agent Amhara pieces. Too much ado about her understandingand skills. Her collaborators are who did not publish any of her stinging diatribes.

01/18/12 @ 14:42
Comment from: teshite [Visitor]

Dear Rosa! you have the right to disagree with other view but writing senseless collection of words online right. You are telling people belive what you want,like,feel and what you do not like. Pleas ethiopian we are very behind. We can not bypass the right for self determination to get into democracy

01/18/12 @ 18:57
Comment from: abe [Visitor]

thank you rosa, you nailed the truth and keep it up

01/18/12 @ 23:08
Comment from: andinet [Visitor]

Hi AbadirM
I am surprised how the writer could have a mentality of uttering such a massive useless words. He must have (It is He not She !!!) a list of words that can be used for abusing someone. Most of your sentences start or end with such collection of words. I really advice you to visit again your Psychiatric doctor, you didn’t get well still. I thought you are well now after I met you last time. Or did you finish your Psychiatric medications?

01/18/12 @ 23:09
Comment from: obsaa [Visitor]

There are a lot of flaws and senseless arguments in this article:

Habesha politicians (specially Amharas)are misusing Ethiopiansim and unity to their advantage. Their actions and words are totally opposite. Just to mention one example:
Ginbot 7 wants to bring back its ancesters political system at the expense of erasing the identity of Oromos, Somalis, Afars, Tigres, etc. This is why it works to eliminate OLF by negotiating with a group of people which doesnot represent OLF.
Ginbot 7 criticizes TPLF of its divide and rule system But Ginbot 7 iitself is exercising same divide and rukle syatem.

01/19/12 @ 06:13
Comment from: melaku [Visitor]

I dont know why some people are upset as we need some writers like rosa who can use simple and plain expression in order to react to others, the thing is that some of us dont know about politics as we think that politics means a rewarding event where people would recognize however this is the best political approach that should be read by all as it touches many points and exposes the dirty agenda of jawar, instead of attacking the writer can some one show us which point is untrue using valid argument. keep up the writer

01/19/12 @ 07:59
Comment from: meti [Visitor]

thanks my sis rosa, this is the best and to the point. I like when people focus on main things like you than rounding around the bush about a number of things about weyane. we dont need to learn a lot about weyane what we need to learn is to get our unity in which you have written well.

01/20/12 @ 08:07
Comment from: Sami [Visitor]

This is nonsense! What is wrong with the writer! Can she wrote something else than these boring, long and untrue statements!

01/20/12 @ 17:09



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