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Ethiopia: A Time to Heal, A Time to Reconcile



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Ethiopia: A Time to Heal, A Time to Reconcile

Ethiopia: A Time to Heal, A Time to Reconcile

By Alemayehu G Mariam

Last week, The Reporter reported: An ethnic-based conflict between Addis Ababa University (AAU) students following derogatory graffiti posted on toilet-walls and library walls has left half a dozen students with severe injuries while others had faced arrest. For decades, the clash between students at universities has witnessed many ethnic-based conflicts which many observers claim it to be the weakness of the administering body. Likewise, the Wednesday [January 2] conflict was particularly between those from the ethnic lines of Oromo and Tigre. Reports indicate that the conflict was instigated when member (sic) of the latter ethnic group scrawled derogatory remarks on the walls of toilets and the library and in his own dormitory as well.”

An official of Addis Ababa University alleged the “conflict was instigated by students who found derogatory statements posted on the wall”. Some 20 students were reportedly injured in the incident and three hospitalized including two who underwent surgery. Police reportedly arrested 20 students on unspecified charges.

My initial reaction reading this report about Ethiopia’s “best and brightest” was sheer disbelief. “This just can’t be true. It is beneath the dignity of Ethiopia’s Cheetah Generation (young people) to engage in such a cowardly and dastardly act. Ethiopia’s university students know better than to wrestle in the filth and sewage of ethnic politics.” I kept on reassuring myself that such wicked hatemongering could not possibly be the work of Ethiopia’s budding intellectuals, future scholars, scientists and literary men and women.

My certitude slowly gave way to gnawing disquietude. I asked myself, “Supposing the inflammatory graffiti and “derogatory statements” were written by bona fide AAU students? What would such a vile, gutless and vulgar act say about these students? About the injured students who reacted with righteous indignation? About the AAU student body? About all Ethiopian university students? About all of Ethiopia’s young people?”

As I wrestled with these questions, I was overcome by an irrepressible feeling of shame and ignominy. I kept interrogating myself, “How is it even possible for Ethiopia’s best and brightest -- Ethiopia’s Cheetahs -- to engage in such backward, barbaric, cruel, vicious and villainous act? Why would one group of young Ethiopian university students deliberately plan and scheme to dehumanize, demoralize, demonize, degrade and brutalize another? Why? Why?
I could not come up with a rational answer.

I became even more bewildered trying to answer these questions as I was drafting my “proclamation” to make 2013 the Year of the Ethiopian Cheetahs. I could not logically fathom the occurrence of this disgusting and horrifying drama in which some Ethiopian Cheetahs were acting like Hippos and behaving like hyenas.
I put aside my roiled emotions and paused to think, and think really hard. What evidence is there to factually establish the “ethnic-based conflict” was the work of a bona fide AAU “student”? Who really is the alleged “student” who put up the offensive “graffiti and derogatory statements”? Must we believe the story line about the incident concocted by a wily university public relations desk jokey? How is it that Ethiopian “universities have witnessed many ethnic-based conflicts for decades” and continue to witness them with predictable regularity? Are there no adults in charge at the universities ready, able and willing to take preemptive and preventive action?
Doubt slowly began to displace my disappointment, shock and shame as I pondered the real possibility of this so-called “ethnic-based conflict” being stage-managed by the invisible knights of the empire.

When I finally put on my forensic lenses, I could clearly see the fingerprints and footprints of a dirty rat lurking on campus once again undetected.

In May 2010, Jawar Siraj Mohammed, a young Ethiopian political commentator and graduate student at Columbia University reported, “After interviewing several students involved in these [campus] conflicts and witnessing two violent episodes in Haramaya and Adama universities in 2006, I have come to the conclusion that lack of academic freedom at the universities and infiltration by agents of Ethiopia’s secret police and security services are the major sources of conflict.”

It also dawned on me that in September 2011 we learned “Ethiopian security forces (had) planted 3 bombs that went off in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa on September 16, 2006 and then blamed Eritrea and the Oromo resistance for the blasts in a case that raised serious questions about the claims made about the bombing attempt against the African Union summit earlier this year in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.” It was the U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa which conducted its own “clandestine reporting” and fingered “GoE (Government of Ethiopia) security forces” for this criminal act.

I also recalled a 2006 secret 52-page document written in Amharicand prepared by the so-called Directorate of the Diaspora of the Foreign Ministry in Addis Ababa detailing strategy and tactics to harass, persecute and smear critics and opponents of the ruling regime and spread ethnic strife in the Ethiopian Diaspora. As I thought more about the AAU incident, the anecdotal evidence of regime dirty tricks used to undermine, neutralize and destroy opposition parties, harass and persecute dissidents and others kept popping out.

My preliminary analysis of the circumstantial evidence on who is responsible for the “ethnic-based conflict” at the AAU campus points exclusively at the usual suspects. The inescapable conclusion (until substantial counterfactual evidence is presented) is that the hate crime that took place on the AAU campus on January 2 is likely the work of anagent provocateur (s) (one or few individuals placed on campus to act as agitators and instigators) and not a bona fide student(s).

A summary review of the uncontroverted evidence supports this conclusion. First, a single “student” is officially blamed for causing the incident. This factually negates the existence of an organized hate group of students of one ethnic group engaged in the persecution of another and intent on causing ethnic strife, dissension and discord on campus. Second, the identity, background and affiliation (ethnic and otherwise) of the “student” who is said to be responsible for the criminal act has not been factually established. University officials fingered an unidentified student as being responsible. But is this “student” a bona fide student or a regime undercoveragent provocateur masquerading as a student? Does this “student” have a history of ethnic animus against students of other ethnic groups?

Third, no motive has been established for the “student” who put up the graffiti and derogatory statements in multiple locations including the “walls of toilets, the library and in his own dormitory as well.” In hate crime situations, when derogatory graffiti are directed toward a group, they are usually displayed in locations likely to be seen by the target group and intended to spark random expressions of outrage. Why would the “student” fingered for this crime target all students of an entire ethnic group as the object of his personal fury?
Fourth, other than the graffiti depicting the offensive statements, no additional evidence of hate crime was found in the possession of the “student” who committed the hate crime.

Fifth, the January 2 hate crime incident on the AAU campus cannot be seen as an isolated incident. The fact that periodic and recurrent campus hate crimes have been occurring “for decades” on Ethiopian university campuses is uncontro- verted. Why haven’t university officials taken swift and decisive action to prevent campus hate crimes with full foreknowledge of the occurrence of such incidents? Is the lack of action and intervention by university officials evidence of official tolerance, complicity, indifference and/or gross incompetence in the investigation and prevention of the occurrence of campus hate crimes? The evidence further shows that in the aftermath of the hate crime, university officials took no decisive action or implemented no preventive measures to ensure the safety of other students who could be targets of ethnic harassment on campus from a potential flare up of violence.

Sixth, why did AAU officials publicly announce, without a full and independent fact finding investigation, that the “conflict was instigated by students who found derogatory statements posted on the wall”? Why haven’t AAU officials empaneled an internal and/or outside independent investigation to thoroughly examine the causes and participants in the hate crime and make recommendations to prevent such incidents in the future? Why have university officials left this incident entirely to the police? Could it be that university officials turn a blind eye to campus hate crimes because they are directed to do so?

Seventh, why are the victimd of this hate crime also the targets of arrest and detention by police?
In short, the totality of the circumstantial evidence on the hate crime committed on the AAU campus does not point an accusatory finger at students. The evidence points an accusatory finger at an invisible hand. To identify and apprehend the perpetrators of this hate crime, one must look not only for the invisible fingers that wrote the graffiti and derogatory statements on library and dormitory walls but also the hands that beat up the students to a pulp and ceaselessly bellow blasts of hot air to spread and ignite ethnic strife, fear, hate and loathing among university students.

Be that as it may, it is now time, high time, the right time…

A Time to Heal, A Time to Embrace and a Time to Reconcile

It is written that “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” There is a time to weep, a time to mourn, a time to cast away stones. There is a time to build up and a time to speak up. Then there is a time to embrace, a time for peace and a time to heal. There is a time to reconcile.
This is the time -- the right time -- for Ethiopia’s young people to heal in the schools, universities, the work places, the neighborhoods and in the streets. This is the time -- the right time -- for Ethiopia’s young people to embrace each other in the spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood; to hold hands and celebrate their diversity and honor their common ancestry and history.

This is the right time for all of Ethiopia’s young people to break the cycle of ethnic hatred and violence; the right time to end the futile tradition of grievance and victimhood; the right time to abandon the culture of fear, hatred and loathing.

This is the right time for Ethiopia’s youth to lock fingers and join hands to heal the open wounds of fear, loathing and antagonism in their hearts, minds and souls. This the right time to stop seeing fellow students as enemies and adversaries. It is the right time to make peace and embrace each other as brothers, sisters and partners. This is the time for Ethiopia’s best and brightest to work together for a better future, to dream of alternative futures built on a solid foundation of the rule of law, respect for human rights and democracy. As Nelson Mandela taught, “If you want to make peace with your enemy, you have to work with your enemy. Then he becomes your partner.” It is time to make those we perceive to be enemies our partners.

This is the right time to unite against hate and hate crimes on and off campus. It is the right time to purge hatred from our minds and hearts; the right time to break the chains of fear that shackle and cripple young minds and hearts. It is time for Ethiopia’s Cheetahs to liberate themselves from the burdens of the past.
This is the right time for all of Ethiopia’s young people to bury the hatchet, to declare once and for all, “No! We refuse to hate each other because we belong to one ethnic group or another. No! we refuse to hate each other because we worship the same God by a different name or live in different corners of the land. No! We WILL NOT be manipulated or puppet-mastered to hate each other. We will not hate because we are civilized humans. We will not behave like predatory beasts who prey.”

This is also the right time not to do the wrong thing. This is the wrong time to engage in finger-pointing, teeth-gnashing, bellyaching or revenge planning. This is the wrong time to demonize and scapegoat one group of students as predatory beasts and disempower another group as helpless and hopeless prey. Both groups of students are the prey of those who write words of hate on library and dorm room walls.

A Word or Two from One Hippo to Many Cheetahs

Many young Cheetahs may find it amusing to listen to a member of the Hippo Generation. After all, we Hippos are known for being “intellectually astigmatic”, “lacking in vision” and “not caring if the whole country collapses around us as long as our pond is secure.” But I respectfully ask the youth to lend me your ears and hear me out.
Be courageous!

Be the first generation of Ethiopians to unchain yourselves and the rest of us from the burdens of the past.

Be the first generation to put an end to historic hatreds and resentments, sow the seeds of understanding and tolerance and open a new chapter of truth and reconciliation in Ethiopia’s history.

Be the first generation to close the wounds of hatred that have festered for generations and declare to future generations that they will not be prisoners of the mistakes and blunders of the past generations.

Be the first generation to accept the fact that we are all equal members of the human race and will not race to the bottom to affirm out ethnicity over our common humanity.

Be the first generation to make a peace offering to each other; to bury the hatchet once and for all; to use your fingers not to pull triggers and write hateful graffiti but stretch out your fingers to shake hands, to hold hands and to lend hands.

Be the first generation to affirm the divinity in our religious diversity.

Be the first generation to say No! to insidious ethnic, religious and gender divisions.

Be the first generation to cover the walls of the libraries, dorm rooms and even toilets with graffiti of reconciliation, understanding, harmony and love.

Be the first generation to declare that you, the proud Cheetahs, are the captains of your country’s destiny and not the tired, corrupt, scheming, unprincipled and self-serving Hippos.

Be the first generation to be all you can be and to think what you will.

Be the first generation to win the war declared on our human dignity and common humanity, on our civility, morality, cordiality, integrity, and national unity by winning the struggle for the hearts and minds of your fellow youths.

Be the first generation to end the bitterness of yesterday and restore it with the sweetness of reconciliation today and tomorrow.

The Moment of Truth Has Arrived: Can the Cheetahs Save Themselves and Us?
The moment of truth for Ethiopia’s best and brightest has arrived!

Can Ethiopia’s best and brightest Cheetahs rescue themselves from the burden of the past and the legacy of ethnic prejudice and religious bigotry?

Can these Cheetahs save the cynical, wretched and laggard Hippos from themselves?
Can they teach us to create ethnic harmony out of ethnic strife, understanding out of intolerance? Can they transform sectarian discord into spiritual concord for themselves and the people of Ethiopia?
Can the Cheetahs rescue our humanity from clutches of ethnic and sectarian inhumanity and bestiality?
Can Ethiopia’s Cheetah teach us the art of reconciliation? Can they enlighten us on the science of reconciliation? Can they show us the path to reconciliation? Can they speak to us in words of reconciliation?
Can Ethiopia’s best and brightest come together as one Youth Force and make 2013 the Year of Ethiopian Cheetahs? Come together and bury the hatchet of ethnic strife and beat the swords of sectarianism into ploughshares and harvest a plenitude of reconciliation?

Yes, indeed they can!

When I “proclaimed” 2013 as the Year of Ethiopia’s Cheetah Generation last week, I promised to reach, teach and preach to Ethiopia’s youth. Little did I think about the possibility of Cheetahs reaching, teaching and preaching to me and my fellow Hippos. (That is why we Hippos are astigmatic (have distorted view) and myopic (near-sighted and narrow-minded; natural hazards of being a Hippo). Little did I think of a teachable moment coming for Cheetah’s and Hippos so soon.

So Ethiopia’s Cheetahs and Hippos face an enormous challenge. The challenge for the Cheetah’s is they must now teach the Hippos the art of reconciliation. The challenge for the Hippos is that they must learn the art of reconciliation from the Cheetahs.

The Cheetahs now have a chance to play a historic role: Teach by example.
So I call upon the young men who were involved in the incident at Addis Ababa University and their friends and all of the other students to transform this ugly moment of conflict and strife on their campus into a beautiful moment of reconciliation. I ask them to reach out to each other and ask forgiveness. It takes great courage to say something as simple as, “I am sorry.”

I call on them to come together on their own -- one-on-one, in small and large groups -- and discuss their differences. Try to feel each other's pain and anguish. Be sensitive to each other's fears and never scorn each other's tears.

I ask them to talk to each other with open minds, open hearts and open spirits. I ask them to listen to each other’s concerns, fears, hopes and despair. I ask them to walk a mile in the shoes of their fellow students. If their fellow students do not have shoes, I ask them to walk a mile bare feet and feel the sharp-edged rocks. I believe if they walk hand in hand for a mile, with shoes or bare feet, they will have reasons to smile.

I ask Ethiopia’s Cheetahs to make 2013 the Year of Reconciliation and Peace.
Let January 2, 2013 be remembered in all history as the day Ethiopia’s university students buried the hatchets of ethnic division, religious sectarianism and gender inequality. Let the ugly incident at AAU serve as a teachable moment for the nation.

Take up the challenge to talk and listen to your fellow students and sow the seeds of understanding, tolerance and harmony.

I ask Ethiopia’s Cheetah Generation to lead the Hippo Generation. Do not follow us, for we know not where we are going. We are the Hippo Generation, the lost generation.
If you don’t accept the challenge and do what is right and right what is wrong, then you would have proved to the world that Ethiopia’s Cheetahs are only Hippos in training.
To everything there is a season, a time. This is the time for Ethiopia’s Cheetahs to heal and to reconcile.

Ethiopia’s Cheetahs! What time is it?
Ethiopia’s Cheetahs united can never be defeated!

Professor Alemayehu G. Mariam teaches political science at California State University, San Bernardino and is a practicing defense lawyer.


Comment from: [Member]

Last week some scientists announced that 17 Billion earth like planets to exist in our Galaxy. Wow! 17 B is unimaginable. And mind you that is only in our galaxy. Do you know we have more than 50 Billion Galaxies.
The narrow minded almaria and co, to ponder this kind of news might blow their mind. Because they think they’re the only smart people alive in this world without grasping what the reality on the ground is.
Almaria picked and dropped all kinds of issues, in his effort to discredit our govt.
He picked the case of waldiba and ziqualla,
He picked the case of Gambella,
He picked the case of anti hydrolic Dam projects.
He picked the case of islam extrimists to instigate chaos and unrest.
He has picked a lot more cases in vain and humiliated himself, and now the last two weeks seems like his focus is the youth of Ethiopia who don’t even know if Almaria really exists not alone to tell them what to do.
The disgraced Almaria the out of touch delusional article writer has no idea how Ethiopian youth is far ahead of him in every way his narrow minded thinking.
Almaria, ESAT, gimmo7, eth/eritrean media, eli ass kiftaff’s eritrean review and the rest of diaspora losers have intensfied their lie campain to buy time and to get some BARGAINING CHIP.
But what they forgot whenever they fabricate lies and whenever they try to instigate violent and chaos, the more they’re hated by the people of Ethiopia and the more scrutinized by the world community, with their deservedly label of terrorists and terrorism sympatizers, the FOOLS & IDIOTS diaspora losers.
Can they buy some senses and hush up for good? It doesn’t seem in these losers’ world if any common sense exists.
Like the saying goes back home, “ke wedequ behualla meferaget lemelalat", they will continue their hopeless cry until they die, with a self-inflicted wound.
Btw, I thought almaria would come up with that ESAT fabricated FBI news of the “diaspora youtube hero” abebe fessam gelebaw. HaHaHaHa!!!

01/14/13 @ 19:06
Comment from: yehuna [Visitor]

Dear addis zemen,
Why did not you take some time, read the article, and comment on it?
To be a good critic, one has to read the opposing views irrespective of your view to the person(author of the article).
I am sorry to tell you that reading and writing have to go together.
According to the article addis zemen, You are not the intended audience, the Cheetah’s. You are lower in that classification.
take care.

01/14/13 @ 19:43
Comment from: [Member]

አቶ አለማየሁ እናመሰግናለን አንገብጋቢውን ሁኔታ በ ዝርዝር ስለገለጽልክልን ::
ይህ እንደዚህ ሁኖ ሳለ የወያኔ አጨብጫቢዎች መቸም ሳንቲማቸው እንዲወረወርላቸው አካኪ ዘራፍ እያሉ ይደነፋሉ::
ከነሱ በ ምንም ጊዜ ጥሩ ሃቅን ያዘለ ጽሁፍ አይጠበቅም አይኖርምም :: ድንቁርና የጋረደው አእምሮ እውነትን አስታኮ መጻፍ አይችልም::
ስለዚህ ሰጠጥ በል ; ክላ; ማለት ብቻ ነው የሚያውቁት እንጂ !!
የ አዲስ አበባ ዩኒቨርሲቲ ተማሪዎችም ይቅርታ በመጠያየቅ
ተከባብሮ መማርን እንደሚመርጡ እተማመናለሁ::

01/14/13 @ 20:04
Comment from: [Member]

” Like an unchecked cancer,hate corrodes the personality and eats away its vital unity.Hate destroys a man’s sense of values and his objectivity.It causes him to describe the beautiful as ugly and the ugly as beautiful,and to confuse the true with the false and the false with the true.Power at its best is love implementing the demands of justice.Justice at its best is love correcting everything that stands against love.

” Mankind must evolve for all human conflict a method which rejects revenge,aggression,and retaliation.The foundation of such a method is love."- Martin Luther King Jr

01/14/13 @ 20:59
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]


Addis Zefzef the shabian is not a critic he is an intellectually challenged TPLF mouth piece.

Careful he is a crazy head mad dog TPLF woyane and a shabian servant with no country!

01/14/13 @ 21:06
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]


By the way Addis Zefzef the gay Shabian was DELETED by more times than you can count, he is likely to loss his head rant like a crazy maniac on all occasions.

01/14/13 @ 21:10
Comment from: Heny [Visitor]


It also dawned on me that in September 2011 we learned “Ethiopian security forces (had) planted 3 bombs that
Almariam ante agecham, betetam, since when is that your talk of reconciliation and healing? Rather repent b4 you die. So you said so the following:

A bomb went off in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa on September 16, 2006 and then blamed Eritrea and the Oromo resistance for the blasts in a case that raised serious questions about the claims made about the bombing attempt against the African Union summit earlier this year in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.”

01/14/13 @ 22:05
Comment from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]

Yap… there you are again claiming your place AZ the dumbfak. Like I told you many times,we know it is your job to defame, discredit, destroy and keep our people divided by any means.. but it wont work ante yeshabia kit.

Now lets get to the topic…

I know you hate anyone who talks unity and rejection of the tplf divide and rule… but I find this here clip riveting.. exceptional…

“…This is the right time for all of Ethiopia’s young people to bury the hatchet, to declare once and for all, “No! We refuse to hate each other because we belong to one ethnic group or another. No! we refuse to hate each other because we worship the same God by a different name or live in different corners of the land. No! We WILL NOT be manipulated or puppet-mastered to hate each other. We will not hate because we are civilized humans. We will not behave like predatory beasts who prey.”

This is also the right time not to do the wrong thing. This is the wrong time to engage in finger-pointing, teeth-gnashing, bellyaching or revenge planning. This is the wrong time to demonize and scapegoat one group of students as predatory beasts and disempower another group as helpless and hopeless prey. Both groups of students are the prey of those who write words of hate on library and dorm room walls…”

So what’s your beef with the different ethnics coming together AZ? What is wrong with peace between the students? What the fak is wrong with you woyane’s blind followers?

By now you should know, AZ the asswipe, that “your ‘govt” is a discredit to Ethiopians. What a moronic idiot you are because you just exposed your mission, it is being against peace or any talk of peace and reconciliation between different ethnic groups of Ethiopia.

01/14/13 @ 22:32
Comment from: Brook [Visitor]

Nazret is thoroughly swamped by the riff-raff Tigre goons.
To all the sworn Enemy of Ethiop particularly the riff-raff Tigre leeches Cadre Addis Zemen: You can tell us so many and so much illusion, but you can, never, hide a single fact stated by the magnificent & the true son of Ethiopia professor Alemayehu G. Mariam.

As far as Ethiopians are concerned, Only TPLF (Tigray parasitic looting front) and its blood sucker cadres are the real impediment for peace, freedom, progress & unity. No enemy has done so much harm on Ethiopia other than the Tigre bunch of criminals’, and you-the blood sucking followers.

The Ambasha bunch of hooligans) that the very existence of the chigram Tigreans cannot be guaranteed without its monopoly of power by breeding rift and division amongst Ethiopians. Your Tigre wonbede bosses’ incessant talk of “The existence of Abbay Tigray” must have been a terrifying thing for you all Tigre Leeches, since apparently you have come to believe your own lies. Donkoro Tigre hulu…

We all know that TPLF (Tigray Parasitic Looting Front) came to power with a culture of ‘shifta’ (vandalism, terrorism, robbery, killing…), hate for Ethiopia and separatist agenda, helped by foreign powers who have their own interests. Despite a number of good opportunities to reverse direction, after nearly 2 decades this is still going on in a more intense and “advanced” fashion, without a shred of compromise. Central to all this is the hate for Ethiopia and separatist agenda the organization harbours and promotes. This is so clear that TPLF (Tigray Parasitic Looting Front) has not even changed its name from liberation (separation) front to something else which is more palatable. How come Ethiopians with good conscious and love of country lose sight of this fact and rationalize to work with these bloodsucking parasites? Who is: “The custodian of Ethiopia’s sovereignty today”? I would argue that a hyena would be trustworthy left with a lamb in the middle of the field than TPLF (Tigray Parasitic Looting Front) guarding the Ethiopian people and Ethiopia’s sovereign territories.

This way of ruling Ethiopians has worked for them so far and it is likely they will continue like this. Please don’t expect the Tigre Leeches will be ashamed. It is up to the rest of us to find out what would work for us & wipe them out. Basically, these Tigre cockroaches do not consider themselves belonging to Ethiopia as such. They consider the rest of the Ethiopian people as their enemies (at least potentially). For them it is always “us and them”, and when they get the opportunity, they do not hesitate to attack their perceived enemies (usually quite unexpectedly). They are willing to work with “hodams” only temporarily to use them for their expertise in certain areas and for PR purposes. The “hodams” will be disposed of any time, very often disgracefully, when “semi-qualified” Tigre bloodsuckers are ready to take over. The training of these Tigre parasites is now underway. So no Ethiopian is safe under the rule of TPLF (Tigray Parasitic Looting Front), and it is insane to let it stay in power with all its crimes and destructive future plans. TPLF (Tigray Parasitic Looting Front) is a deadly poison for Ethiopia and it has to go. The struggle against this organization should be intensified by all possible means. We do not have anyone on earth or in the sky to free us; it is up-to-us to get our freedom from the hands of the black colonizers-the Tigre Mafiosi’s.

Thank you professor for telling it as it is. As expected the paid agents & cadres of the Tigre robbery squad will be barking mad until the cow comes home. But the magnificent Al-mariam will continue exposing the crime of Tigre leeches.

01/14/13 @ 23:01
Comment from: hagos [Visitor]

The author spent his time and gave a pleasing thoughts. Thank you, this is something a much pleasanter, but not without confectionery waste and dangerous words or approaches.

It is irreplaceable what you have flesh out: students were arrested with no investigation, students were harmed and injured corecivrly while it appears that there is justice systems, person who posted the statements in the washroom, library and dormitory is yet unidentified, but mass of students are arrested till now and some of them hospitalized and underwent surgery. I support your view that gov’t could have managed the condition safely and a criminal could have identified than grinding a particular ethnic group of students.

But I doubt your premature inference as to the cause of such conflict was “secrete police and security services". If this is true, gov’t targeted to destroy Oromo students because evidence show that most of the students victimized were Oromo. In this line, you claimed that the ethnic conflict is peculiar to Oromo and Tigre but you masked the involvement of Amhara. Even it is difficult to rule out which ethnic group have caused the conflict.

I urge you to erase or edit the dangerous words you used: “a dirty rat” on campus. This word never helped even Gaddafi. Also it is difficult to blame University Officials to shoulder a part of responsibility because they are not police but probably they have reported it timely.

When it is viewed generously, a wonderful points you made for the students are to discuss their difference, shake hands,not to repeat similar crisis, and establish reconciliation for a dazzlingly beautiful life with tolerance to ethnic and religious diversity. Again here you are an inviolable rose.

You suggested to the students to walk and talk so to end the painful and nonsense conflict. This suggestion cannot happen, however. Freedom of discussion is hardly guaranteed, and if it is exists, the means of talk was locked because I still see that multiculturslism hardly developed. For example, Tigrie, Amhara, Oromo and others have their own language and even some of them cannot hear the others. If you see, the existence and flourshment of each language have been undermined. There is no Tigrie idols. There is no Oromo idols. There is no Walayita idols. I assume that you are living in North America. In this blessed area, multiculturalism is encouraged. Sometimes there are more than one official language. I don’t see why only Amhara idols exists in Ethiopia.

The only way the current generation would discuss their difference is by using English. I support this. No way that a given language is superior to other in Ethiopia.

Lastly, If you are sending an implicit message to current generation “2013 year of cheetah” on occcusion of election season, it will be a dream message. All have equal rights to express their ideas with whatever language they need. All people (an innocent politicians and journalists) have equal rights to be free from jails.

we will follow up and wish all healthy, abusers free, prosperous, and corruption free.

please continue your positive contribution.

01/14/13 @ 23:48
Comment from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]


It is sad that the very thing the article is telling young Ethiopians to do, is not what you say. You are the other extreme of the thuggish TPLF and it calls itself “Tigrian Liberation Front” and not “Tigre parasitic looting front” a name not to my liking, but it is what it is. You are just as ethnocentric as the Meles regime.. So, I suggest you ease up with the Tigre bashing because you are talking of an Ethiopian Ethnic group. You probably want to refer to the leadership as tplf or eprdf or whatever but by using the Tigre ethnic group as if it were the government, you are doing exactly what Meles intended to do, divide and rule. Sad he is getting traction with you. Stop being a tool.
If you have a political opinion, state it as such but…
The derogatory way in which you talk of another Ethiopian, if you are one which I doubt, is not what Ethiopians need right now. We need what brings us together and not inflammatory remarks such as yours.

Be considerate and.. try and calm yourself down.

01/14/13 @ 23:55
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Now it’s been the usual habit of the pack of TPLF Thugs Hyenas to bark against Professor Almariam .
Unable to challenge him they are on this site vomiting their hates .By the way ,Hyena who the hell are you supposing fooling ,by posting your supposed information ;already known by the public published by wickileaks ,from the US Embassy sources by Ms Vicky Hudleston (your own Leba Master Supporter).By the way ,didn’t your Dead Master raise the case of Julian Asanga ,in front the fake parliement ,to explain why he made arrested the Free Press Journalists…LOL !!!!

01/15/13 @ 00:11
Comment from: Kena Keb [Visitor]
Kena Keb

@ Addis Zemen

On his weekly warisome ritual Alemayehu is engaged in regurgitating distasteful mantras from which he seems to have difficulties detaching himself but rather dettos the same old stories week in week out. When will he ever understand that the Ethiopian people are light years away from his scrap and that he need not waste his time boring us?
Alemayehu would not ofcourse dare to comment on the alledged story by ESAT about Abebe Gelaw, a story which is undoubtedely fabricated and is snowballing to become a monumental scandal for this television station whose purpose is to only spread hate politics and incite violence in Ethiopia. Abebe Gelaw who has become an overnight “hero” and darling of ESAT because he made a fool of himself shouting obscenities while our late Prime Minister was briefing journalists is nothing but a deranged individual not to be taken seriously. ´This allegedly foiled story to kill Abebe Gelaw will only backfire on ESAT and Abebe Gelaw and put their already beleaguered credibility at an extremely high risk.

01/15/13 @ 00:28
Comment from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]

Talking to yourself AZ yeshabia kit?

Kena Keb [Visitor]
@ Addis Zemen

On his weekly warisome ritual Alemayehu is engaged ……

01/15/13 @ 00:50
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

There are many ways of expressing one’s inner feelings of hate to attack a teacher, to attack an administrator of a school, or to attack a fellow student who excels other students in earning the highest grades. And the best place to exercise such freedom of attacking others by using unpleasant words is in the restrooms, on the toilet papers, on the dormitory doors, on the library doors, on the students’ classroom desks, and even on the back of a student’s coat without the student seeing who put a cursing word on a piece of paper and taped it on his back so that others can read it and laugh.

Writing one’s own ideas on any object and making others uncomfortable has been a common practice everywhere throughout the centuries.

For example, on October 31, 1517, Luther, opposing the sale of indulgence by the Roman Catholic Church, posted his 95 Theses on the Church door at the castle of Wittenberg, and his action angered the entire Roman Catholic Churches; however, Luther brought the Protestant Reformation, and he was able to bring many changes in the Roman Catholic Church since then.

In the same way, who knows, the AAU student or students who wrote graffiti on the restrooms or on the library door might have thought they had new ideas to share with the other students by writing graffiti on the library door. These students might have experienced something they didn’t like in their university; therefore, they wanted a change, and they were expressing their feelings by writing graffiti.

Hence, our Hippo Professor should not condemn such innovative and creative students – the cheetah generation. If there is no complete freedom of expression in their university, then they have no other ways other than expressing their thoughts by writing them on the library doors or on the toilet paper.

The good professor talks about the invisible hand: “The evidence points an accusatory finger at an invisible hand.” Can he tell us what this invisible hand wrote on the walls? Can he really read the writings on the wall?

When Belteschazar, king of Persia, saw one invisible hand writing on the wall, he was terrified because he could not read or understand the writing, so he brought Daniel to read the writing and to interpret it for the king. Of course, Daniel read the writing: MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN and the interpretations: MENE; God hath numbered thy kingdom, and finished it. TEKEL; Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting. PERES; Thy kingdom is divided, and given to the Medes and Persians (Daniel 5:1-28).

Perhaps, the invisible hand might have been one of the AAU’s students and the writings and interpretations must have been similar: MENE – God has numbered the Tegaru kingdom and finished it – TEKEL – PM, you are weighted in the balances, and art found wanting – PERES – the Tegaru kingdom is divided and given to the Oromos and to the Amharas.

We really need, Professor, someone to tell us what those students with their invisible hands wrote on the University or on the library walls so that we could call someone like Daniel from the cheetah generation or from the hippo generation in the diaspora or in exile to read and to interpret those handwritings.

One of the advices the good Professor offers to the cheetah generation is to have religious diversity and to avoid religious and gender divisions. If we avoid religious diversity and go back to the one religion, one flag, one language, and one country basic and historic system of our country, then will not have problems about religious divisions.

After his frustration and elderly advice to the cheetah generation, the good Professor admits the hippo generation is a lost generation:

“I ask Ethiopia’s Cheetah Generation to lead the Hippo Generation. Do not follow us, for we know not where we are going. We are the Hippo Generation, the lost generation.”

Well, dear Professor, do you really do what the cheetah generation asks you to do? For example, if the cheetah generation wants you to run fast as the cheetahs do, do you catch up with that speedy cheetah generation? Every person must run on his own pace, not on the pace of the other person. There is an Amharic adage: ድመት እንደ አንበሳ እጮሐለሁ ብላ ተሰንጥቃ ሞተች.

On the other hand, while you are encouraging the cheetah generation, you are humiliating the hippo generation by telling us we do not know where we are going, and we are the hopeless and the lost generation. Are we really? We have the education; we have the money; we have the wisdom, and we have the patience: we can do anything we want where we are, but if we go home, that will be a different story, and that is where we can easily get lost and be eaten up by the hungry cheetah generation; therefore, we must follow the advice of Isaiah the Prophet:

“Go, my people, enter your rooms and shut the doors behind you; hide yourselves for a little while until his wrath has passed by” (26:20). We must stay where we are until the Woyanne regime is over and democracy is introduced to our country.

01/15/13 @ 01:07
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]

ውድ አቶ አለማየሁ፣ የጸሁፍህ ይዘት ጥሩ ሳይሆን አይቀርም። ነገር ግን እንደመጫኛ የረዘመ ስለሆነ ሁለ ሳየው ስለሚሰለቸኝ አላነበውም። ለሚቀጥለው ጊዜ አጠር ምጥን አድርገህ ማቅረብ ትችል ይሁን። you need to think how to put your messages in a nutshell clear and to a point, please. Regards.

01/15/13 @ 02:34
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Kelbebissu ,keep on shiting on yourself Tchinkilate Moron Banda .
You have nothing in your Keffo Ras Mind than the usuak bla blas against the true Ethiopians .Prof Al is a patriot standing for the rights of the peoples .Certainly not a sellout Banda whorshiping your Agazi Masters . Abebe Gellaw is your other Nightmare who Heroically Denounce your Criminal Master infront world leaders while he was vomiting his usual lies .So why your Boston Village Idiot Goat Herder bros has ploted to assassinate him .As if he is in Ethiopia and he would be protected by his Agazi Masters .The Good Thing is that with the capturing of this stupid guy ,you and your Thuggy Bros have for the First Learn the Real Meaning of The RULE OF LAW .Many more Agazi Bandits ,Tigre Mafiosis and sellout Bandas shall be soon unmasked .Today many within the Diaspora are undergoing of denouncing them to the FBI and Local Authorities .

01/15/13 @ 02:50
Comment from: TPLF [Visitor]

Shi fesam andit goma aynefam ale yagere sew. Those who dislike EPRDF/TPILF and the hero people of Tigray, instead of opening your stinky. Wide mouth on the Internet, fight against them as they have done it against you. They have fought for seventeen years where as you are talking trash for the age of a young person. Perhaps you will continue talking the same thing over and over until you pass away. But one thing is certain. Let alone you, your kids and grand kids will be administered by TPLF.

01/15/13 @ 03:41
Comment from: Belew [Visitor]

Addis Zemen:
you are a real deal woyane,why do not you stay away from these respected Ethiopian community blog? 2 launcher bullets for your ass.

01/15/13 @ 03:43
Comment from: [Member]

Kena Keb,…

Welcome back! Nice to hear from you again! Been a long time!

It is very interesting why there should be even one person to support the lie machines, disgraced, dishonest, deceptive, corrupt and unethical inviduals and groups in the diaspora, the likes of almaria, ESAT, Gimmo7, eli ass kift aff, abebe gelebaw fessam, etc..
They keep stomping on the morals and intelects of their supporters. They don’t care what ever the consequential effect is, so long it serves their main agenda of hatred politics and discrediting our govt. They’re totally a lost case without any good reputation, moral value and itegrity. And they well know they’re hopeless and have nothing but that donkey mentality of “ene kemotihu serdo ayibqel” kind of a distruction mission.
I mostly blame only their supporters, why they keep ignoring the fiasco of these individuals and groups turning a blind eye.

Almaria is a sold out banda who worships issay ass a forki’ calling him man of the year in Ethiopia. He is a man of no integrity what so ever.
Do you really think this guy even deserves our attention not alone to read his article. Has he ever wrtten any honest article?
Let’s see him write about eritrea, wheather supporting it or not doesn’t matter, but as long as him writing and cursing all African leaders and countries calling by name, atleast his supporters deserve to hear him say something, one sentence of his opinion about artera and its leader. He owe it to his supporters.

Hagereethiopia wanna be,….
Take it easy dude! It is not all about your fragile ego. Don’t take it personal. You seem losing it. And I’m not responsible if you check in some kind of psychiatric institution soon.

01/15/13 @ 05:35
Comment from: Ash [Visitor]

Once up on Time

The story of king lion and his subject:-

King lion call all animal and tell them why we are divided, why we speak different language,why we have different fag… Why we have different from now one we all should be lion… No more division.. But hyena, leopard,hippo etc they didn’t like it and started freedom fighting..king lion have a very difficult time ruling his subject…so in desperation he call cheetah, and telling him how this is his generation etc etc cheetah…really believe it and he said to himself no body out run me I can run faster then wind… But whenever cheetah, catch any prey the lion took from him… When other see that… hyena, leopard, and wolf …etc start to do the same to cheetah… When the king see this he thought he lost his own prey… So all out war broke b/ w..meat eaters . When they see this all Herbivores (grass eating animal )start immigrating…in all this monkey where enjoying the the show( war) setting high on the tree.. The monkey thought no harm coming to him as long as he is setting high on the tree top so her refused to join Herbivores ( grass eating animal )when they ask him to join them to immigrate ..the hyena and the lion couldn’t clim the tree but he never thought leopard do in fact clim the tree.. So the monkey call all the meat eater and told them he have solution for their problem…. But he want to give them their solution one by one… First lion come in, he told lion he is a king as a king he deserve king’s food so he deserve buffalo. Then advice hyena to specialized on zebra, leopard on antelope etc etc and the monkey goes to grass eating and told them to come back the war is finished if any lion, leopard or hyena trying to attack them he promised to give them a warning shout or alarm sound by setting top on the tree… I will be ur look out.. So the animal come back…

In all this crocodile and hippo make their own peace treaty and never joined the craziness….

01/15/13 @ 05:44
Comment from: nenewe [Visitor]


You, as usual, were the first to comment on the poor porf’s winding article. Your tirade may help you unwind. You have a lot of garbage to unload and the prof just came along.

The topic is irrelevant because your masters are infallible. Any opinion contrary to theirs is considered blasphemy.

How can you tell if they stomp on the intellect of their supporters when you don’t have any to begin with?

Ben Franklin’s saying you shamelessly include in your tirade fits you like a swimsuit.
You can’t shame a shameless person.

01/15/13 @ 07:31
Comment from: Gebru [Visitor]

@ addis zemen [Visitor]

Thank You !!! You said it all, that is exactly I want to say. Thank you !!!!!

01/15/13 @ 10:02
Comment from: Tsgereda Berhe [Visitor]
Tsgereda Berhe

Burn all Tigria twon by all means and ways then this cry babysitters can calm down by second time.
R.I.P Great Tigria after Meles’s death and I pry fire on you.

01/15/13 @ 10:44
Comment from: [Member]


Come on, you don’t need to be so rigid and arrogant. Listen to your own consience.
How long are you people ignore the reality? How long can you people live in that little cubicle denial world?
Why does CPJ “Crying Paper Jaguars", a die hard crybabies and Ethiopian govt haters, who are always bent on every occasion to discredit Ethiopia, afterall failed to pick on this big news of FBI foiling a murder plot on a so called journalist?
Doesn’t that give a clue to distance yourself from these losers?
Why do you let them get away with this kind of fiasco and everyday GAFFE?
You’re a grown up people here in the west. Do you’ve to be fooled like children with this kind of childish game?
I’ve never seen a group of people and individuals who call themselves opposition but has nothing tangible to present as a cause, but fabricate lies again and again. Most of all, it is supported by people like you, who think as long as we can discredit and dehumanize EPRDF, whatever it takes.
Anyway as Napoleone Bonaparte once put it,
“Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake” or “never tell your enemy he is doing the wrong thing”

01/15/13 @ 11:38
Comment from: Double Helix [Visitor]
Double Helix

This Prof. is a big loser. He only writes what his boss Essays told him to write. If he is really Ethiopian, He should respect the voice of all and write balanced article. “ALL HE CARES IS ABOUT THE MONEY HE GETS FROM HIS BOSS” Ethiopian people are much smarter than you think. They read your trash article and laugh at you!!!!

Peace to the people of Ethiopia!!!!!

01/15/13 @ 12:12
Comment from: Kena Keb [Visitor]
Kena Keb

@Addis Zemen

You are most welcome. I am more than any time engaged and passionately following the rapid growth and development that is unfolding in our country. Fabricated stories by ESAT thugs, boring repetitive discourses by a grumpy senior citizen like Almariam and all disgruntled souls in the diaspora will not deter us from voicing the truth that is happening in our country. You are one Ethiopian boldly fighting to that end. Kudos to you!

Ethiopia is prospering and shall continue to prosper!!

01/15/13 @ 12:31
Comment from: sami [Visitor]

Writing derogatory graffiti on toilet and other public area is common and is real part of life in any part of the world.It is not related to acadamic freedom or government rule. Last week I read in one of walmart rest room two graffit saying 1)"I hate nigger",
2)"Niggers are social parasites".
According Professor Almariam we can conclude that there is no freedom of speech in USA. These graffities are work of Democrat to incite racial hatred between American people. This is what he saying in the above article.

01/15/13 @ 12:41
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

Kena Keb and Addis Zefzef

Two woyane TPLF talking amongst yourselves and encouraging each other of all places on is laughable and

First of don’t consider you relevant to add to it is your ideas and hoopla are as irrelevant as your very desperate selves and your mediocre existence.

None Ethiopian former shabia servants have no future in Ethiopia but one that will end violently. Run for the boarder if you are smart.

01/15/13 @ 12:45
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Kelkalla Kebt and adgi banda who the hell are you supposing fooling than your Thuggy supporters and opportunist bandas .Kelkalakaw Kebt it’s not ESAT which did fabricate your supposed story ,but there’s an undinable plot by your Village bros from Boston which has been unmasked by the FBI agents . And Adgi the Tyrant whom you are refering about ,finished British Captive in Saint Helena Island until his death .Just because of his Arogancy and Narcissus ,despising and ignoring the willingness and powers of his enemies .So what shall soon Happen to your Agazi-Amice masters unable to see the Naked Fact of the country as a whole .The way you are denying Naked Facts ,you two stupid bandas are ready to lie :That your Leba Master has never died but actually living on Planet Mars or even Like Elvis Presley settled in Caymans Island …LOL !!!!!SHABYAN STOOGE YE AGAZI LEKEMKAMMI SERAFET AMICE BANDAS !!!!!

01/15/13 @ 14:07
Comment from: ETHIO.VISTOR [Visitor]

double helix aka interwined-11

As usual lie, inferiority complex,disgracefulness, and decit from KOLET head TPLF-BUTANAS are expected. with a trade mark of double ONE interwined helices stamped to ur’s forhead rather than the meaningless common name called double helix, was good enough speaking out exactly ur’s FAGOOOOT name. Now! I wonder why civilized people like :THE ELITE PROFESSOR ALEMAEHU: are at a disadvantage when dealing against barbarians and revengeful tyrant who harbor revulsion toward destractuive actiivities.

01/15/13 @ 14:39
Comment from: my2cents [Visitor]

“Terrorism is the responsibility of the law enforcement not the U.S armed force.” - John F. Kerry, Senator from Mass., likewise, the long held conflict between Oromo and Tigre might be settled by local law enforcement.

Just how we descended from civil societies to the ever downward spiraling dive to hell is something nobody wants to get to the bottom of. One place to look would be the book The Emperor by Ryszard Kapuściński whose unforgettable prose and quotation defines perfectly how and why we got to where we are.

01/15/13 @ 14:58
Comment from: Belay [Visitor]

it doesnt look like any one of you above perhaps other than Ash and Hagere ethiopia, read the article by the professor. fortunately you being from the hippo gen., are not the target of his message. in fact you have proven his point when you insult him as AZ did or diplay your bigotry and racism as Brook and co. did. i dont always agree with the professor but i dont see any thing wrong with calling the university stundets to tolerate and reconcile. what happened is a disgrace, who ever wrote should be expelled and criminally charged, but the students should know better than taking the law in their hands and retaliate against innocent studnets.

01/15/13 @ 15:27
Comment from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]

My reply to those who wish no peace among the ethnic groups… your dream of ethnic unrest to divide and rule will die with tplf. For those who have the dream of holding power forever, HAHAHAaaa.. LOL!!! those who do not learn from history…

All I can say is Tplf will die..
TPLF dude, you along with it. The Tigrian people did not fight against Ethiopians, Tplf did. In fact TPLF, tplf fought for shabia and I see you call your self TPLF and refer to tplf as them and us as you… which means one thing. You are a shabia. Fine, but you are delusional if you think a dictatorship will last through generations. Well, maybe in shabia land…

TPLF [Visitor]
Shi fesam andit goma aynefam ale yagere sew.
***True that,. But fes is fes it is a way of relief unlike revolt and violence to replace a dictatorship. I for one prefer dialogue.

Those who dislike EPRDF/TPILF and the hero people of Tigray,
***tpl eprdf is not the people of Tigray. We in the opposition know that. We can tell shifta leba from ordinary people.

instead of opening your stinky. Wide mouth on the Internet, fight against them as they have done it against you.
***They did not fight against us and we oppose them for not fighting the derg but for becoming the derg themselves. Like I said, I do not believe in violence to replace a dictator. All that does is create another one.

They have fought for seventeen years where as you are talking trash for the age of a young person.
***You are losing your point, it wasn’t worth much to begin with. Just because tplf fought for 17 years does not justify a dictatorship, murder, mayhem, corruption and ethnic hate.

Perhaps you will continue talking the same thing over and over until you pass away.

But one thing is certain. Let alone you, your kids and grand kids will be administered by TPLF.
**Try again. No power lasts that long. Shows how much you know and how confused you are. Hey you are not alone… Look for AZ and other loser shabia kits on they may want to bend over for their shabian boss.


There is a big difference between the Wal*Mart and AAU. If you take a Wal*Mart in any city USA, millions of people, hundreds of different races a very diverse and democratic society where the African American president is not calling the whites or Hispanic Americans, terrorists or Neftegna. Take the Tplf regime and AAU, totally different scenario. A dictatorship based on ethnic lines, divided the nation in ethnic groups, preferential treatment to the ethnic group of the power base, list goes on and there is ethnic tension. No matter how you look at it, it is apples and oranges. No comparison and this Al Mariam dude really talks on a positive platform. I see no reason, if you guys did read the article, why you should attack him in place of the racist regime at arat kilo.

Tsigereda Ye ato Berhe lij,
I can’t figure out what you try to say here girl, but.. come on now a shabian like you hating on Ethiopians? Why bother? No one gives a hoot what you say..
Tsgereda Berhe [Visitor]
Burn all Tigria twon by all means and ways then this cry babysitters can calm down by second time.
R.I.P Great Tigria after Meles’s death and I pry fire on you.

AZ the faked up shabia kit,
No ego here asswipe. However, you need to read articles posted before you open your shithole. You are a paid Tplf spy, we know you are doing your job. But a little comon sense goes a long way. Think before you shoot yourself in the mouth. Dedeb banda.

Hagereethiopia wanna be,….
Take it easy dude! It is not all about your fragile ego. Don’t take it personal. You seem losing it. And I’m not responsible if you check in some kind of psychiatric institution soon.

01/15/13 @ 17:14
Comment from: Ash [Visitor]

After u see video telling if we r wasting every one time or not

01/15/13 @ 17:46
Comment from: werner2010 [Visitor]

How come that the author, who is an educated legal expert makes such stupid rant? All his arguments are based on allegations and his own prejudices than on proved facts. How can he be so sure about who wrote what in the university’s toilet from ten thousand miles away? The whole thing reminds me of those illiterate Pakistani Talibans that cry jihad and go on killing each other regularly because of alleged Quran desecration or some insult to mohammed thousands of miles away.
This Al guy is only interested in pouring more oil in the blaze than in helping people get along with one another peacefully.

01/15/13 @ 18:02
Comment from: To - Teddy [Visitor]
To - Teddy

Oh Teddy a goat herder from Gayint Begemidir.

An ex derg militia captured by woyanne goat herding little kids.

But was freed after recanting for being a savage derg militia.

Immigrated to the US through Sudan in the early nineties.

Married to a Chilga woman with a tatto in hear forehead and neck.

He is half literate who is verbally challenged despite graduating from English as a second langauage school.

The major words he mastered include - Leba Master, Tigre Mafiosi, Agazi-Amiche, Thuggy bros, LOL and so on.

He suffers from PTD and bipolar due to the humilation he faced at the hands of Woyane goat herders.

Whenever he forgets to take his medication, he starts cursing out - Tigre Mafiosi, Kilib Banda, Thuggy Bros, Agazi-Amiche Leba, Kilib Banda.

Teddy the parking lot errand boy.

TEDDY the pathetic village boy who blabbers as a true history what ever little information he hears from his ex derg masters in exile.

Teddy what a pathetic and yet a boring and entertaining character

01/15/13 @ 18:49
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Belay (visitor),

What is your cogent evidence that suggest you have read the Professor’s article in its entirety before you went through the motions, became green around the gills, engaged in gross-out session, gummed up the Professor’s many redactors, and offered your half-barked ideas angled to your own misocaineas that lead you to having half a mind to stop studying thoroughly some ones’ views and to walk over the brook and concluded the rally – the gist of the articles – with the cheetah-generation national anthem – the speedy run?

If you were in the pink of condition, you would have never said: “it (sic) doesnt (sic) look like any one of you above perhaps other than Ash and Hagere ethiopia, read the article by the professor.”

You think only two individuals out of the 35 (excluding you) commentators have not read the article. How did you make such a faulty syllogism? Your childish comment that lacks thorough emendation exposes your enervation to the other readers. I have read the whole article and commented on what I don’t agree with the Professor’s view points, but in the absence of perspicacity in your perturbed brains, you have included me as one of those who may have not read the article.

I hope you will learn your lesson from your blunder, and it should not be your concern whether a person have read the article or not.

01/15/13 @ 19:27
Comment from: yehuna [Visitor]

Dear all,
PM HMD photo and article is hardly seen in tplf sites. Most of the time at the bottom of the page with the smallest photo compared with others. Dr. Teodros is everywhere all the time these days. Here is how their site looks like today. The numbers are telling you the order they put the news in their site.

Ethiopia First,
1. Tadesse Hailu Visit(headlines)
2. Dr. Teodros visit(head lines)
3. Sheikh Mohamed and sport federation
4. court
5. PM HMD news

Aiga Forum,
1. Dr. Teodros(headlines two stories)
2. Tadesse’s visit
3. General Kinfe Dagnachew
4. Meles zenawi’s article
No PM HMD news.

Tigrai online,
1. Dr. Teodros (Headline news)
2. Meles
No PM HMD news.

What is cooking guys?
take care.

01/15/13 @ 20:10
Comment from: Ts [Visitor]

The amazing things is Oromo culture oppressed. Oromo deprived from nomination. Oromo politicians resigned. Oromo politicians jailed. Oromo students insulted and jailed. For symbolism, one Oromo given two vice ministry position to block two Oromo nominations. The president is toys.

TVOROMIA=Amhara Idols

01/15/13 @ 20:31
Comment from: [Member]


Had you visited the following websites,you would have seen a big photo of PM HMD:

01/15/13 @ 20:44
Comment from: Rezene [Visitor]

Ethiopian Review slimming down, have Essat chopped the meal? or ER is slimming to fit in small pant? apparently Dabresion has unblocked all Ethipian websites. Azawontoch woyane cadres should watch out their dirty language beacuse their boss is watching..

01/15/13 @ 20:52
Comment from: Fugera101 [Visitor]

Breaking News

Fugera news reporters arrived in Boston.

01/15/13 @ 21:48
Comment from: Hadgi [Visitor]


I watched the latest Fugera news on ethiotube. net
Wow, I cannot stop laughing when I hear the news about Afeworki, Sophia Tesfamariam and ESAT news report.
Who is that fara …. “an honor for me to be with ….."?

Fugera news is better than ETV, ESAT . Good job!

01/15/13 @ 21:58
Comment from: Ts [Visitor]

OPEDO sold Oromo culture. OPEDO don’t have power. OPEDO don’t have business corporation. OPEDO don’t have private company. OPEDO deprived financially. OPEDO inhibit Oromo culture. OPEDO incapacitated to strengthen Oromo culture. OPEDO named a corrupted though don’t have money unlike TPLF and others. Donation funds diverted to build the TPLF and others company. Oromo students don’t have money to open business or company. The land of Oromo sold out.

01/15/13 @ 22:49
Comment from: [Member]


Just relax!Don’t think about it so much,take a deep breath and watch a cool Oromifaa music ” Jaalala Dhugaa” by Nigusuu Taammiraat.

01/15/13 @ 23:27
Comment from: Dave [Visitor]


yes there are chains of injustice treatment of umata oromo but the good news is oromo eyes are open more than ever, woyaane game getting weaker by day. read merera gudina book - “Dr. Merera believes in the self-determination of Oromo people and self-rule under Ethiopia umbrella. His party also wants to make Afan Oromo the co-official language of Ethiopia to empower Oromo people politically, socially and economically.

[1] Regarding Oromia secession, he opposes the idea based on mutual strategic and national interest of Oromo and other peoples.

Dr. Merera has also said Oromo people have historically participated in the creation of Modern Ethiopia, including the monarchy.

[3] During a parliament discussion with the ruling party, Dr. Merera made the observation, “Oromia is the stem of Ethiopia; a stem can not secede, only branches can fall off the stem.

01/16/13 @ 00:32
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Adgi (To Teddy)the Shabyan Ass Hole ,unable to assume his own opinion .Keep on shiting on your pants .Afterall your days are really counted .With your silly words you have already registered yourself as the Next Agazi Village Idiot Banda like your Stupid Bros from Boston…LOL !!!!

01/16/13 @ 01:41
Comment from: Ts [Visitor]


Here no objection-to respect and live together as a country, but through time Oromo is marginalized. Oromo never hate any ethnic groups. Oromo believes in equality. Oromo hosts guests with optimal dignity and never thought to hart others, but strived to defend against offensives.

The now foreign minister visited Landon. He stated forget: the past and unite now for development.

The now! throw more Oromo politicians and students to jails. Invade AAU, arrest youth, injury them. I assume we all (irrespective of ethnic stratum) are happy to see an implementation of freedom, dignity and privacy to all Ethiopian people as Western blessedly do.

01/16/13 @ 01:58
Comment from: Ethiopian [Visitor]

@az you have kiss enogh for your masters give our port and bend for them dog style.Eritrean see you as their toys and askaris but not proffessor/Ethiopians.go back to your dry land mekel.woyanes and tigre won’t Ethiopians.go and bend for Eritreans interest as usuall.

01/16/13 @ 03:52
Comment from: werner2010 [Visitor]

Oromo are not marginalized. Oromo are just another human beings that can and do hate other ethnic groups. Not every Oromo believes in equality, I know many racist and aggressive Oromos, like there are racist Amharas, Tigres, Germans or Americans. Stop playing the victim card and be part of a constitutional nation. Otherwise, it is better to fight for an independent state of Oromia, where all the people will be righteous.

01/16/13 @ 06:43
Comment from: [Member]

You are nothing but typical instigator, since the day I saw you’re writing always your discussion is negative and self-centered you may have higher education, but you are worse than DURGE.

01/16/13 @ 08:55
Comment from: Ts [Visitor]

You think so, Oromo is not marginalized! e.g. Where is it a single company owned by OPEDO unlike yours EFFORT. Economical deprivation is the central issues though there are an obvious breach of human rights. Specifically, harassment, abuse, corruption, oppression of culture, kill, injury, imprisonment, lack of property ownership and use, displacement, disindustralization, and so on, against Oromo.

Fight? I am not nomadic to fight! Fight means there possible only to shoot with bulletin and other warrior weapons against seemingly innocent parties.

But fight means in the real world like where you gave as an example: Germany, America it is discussion, dialogue, appeal and presentation of cases in Courts with dignity and freedom of speech. On the other hand, in your dreamed constitutional nations, it is a dream to make use of what real worlds are living with. If a foolish person can try to apply it, next day in jails and that person would be given a name of terrorists. e.g. What exactly they did to put two Oromo politicians in jails last month. What exactly Junedin Sado did? What exactly Amhara’s journalists did to put them in jails? Can you apply any legal principle like the real world do? It is very difficult to mention all victimized students, civil workers and producers!

@Tink Tank
Is it not better to say terrorists because I just express my ideas what has been happening? Because terrorism is your flag to everybody otherwise that person should speak and do what you would like it.

There should be an improvement for everyone! Even you need to be encouraged to speak and practice the real principle and not worry to be being fired from your position or not to be painted with terrorism. Often I wish globalization.

01/16/13 @ 10:30
Comment from: [Member]

the following is a list of cyber cadres on

1-addiszemen= habtom
2-heny= goitom
3-kena keb= kflom
4-exterorist=anyname with “om” ending!!!
all those weyane cadres whose agame name always ends with “habtom", Goitom", etc are the cyber “mosquitoes” hovering on Nazret site.
Their usuual job is to praise their almighty creator the TPLF shifta circle at Arat Kilo.
The might of the Ethiopian people will soon crash all these “goons” and “looters” from the face of our motherland.

01/16/13 @ 10:57
Comment from: my2cents [Visitor]

Sometimes when you stop for a moment and think the about the records of our misdeeds, it is easy to see that we deserved both Mengistu and Meles and everything that came as a package. After all, we are talking about people who humiliated its creator, Iyesus Christos, and its glorious worldly King, HS I. Almost every Ethiopian you meet is either a Zinzhero or an Ebab. To this a lot of people have testified. Do we really deserve emancipation? The very people you think of deserving freedom from the northern occupiers have actually left you in the dust and would burn you at every opportunity. Selabinet and Azim, Zengero ‘ena Ebab - the devil rules.

01/16/13 @ 11:00
Comment from: [Visitor]

@Mesfin B
By the same taken Mesfine B is name of Tuletula nefetegna with correct name Muche and Teddy is another nefetegna from chilega with correct name Melaku Tefera.

01/16/13 @ 11:49
Comment from: Tarid [Visitor]

@Mesfin B
By the same token Mesfine B is name of Tuletula nefetegna with correct name Muche and Teddy is another nefetegna from chilega with correct name Melaku Tefera.
01/16/13 @ 11:49

01/16/13 @ 11:51
Comment from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]

Assta B. Gettu [Visitor],

I see you have read the article no question. However, I disagree that ethnic hate “graffiti” on a bathroom wall, library door or anywhere else is a “new idea to share.” In fact it is not a good idea at all. It is also known Tigrian students or who ever, did this graffiti did it to instigate violence with the Oromo students. That is the fact. Any student can go to the dean and complain if there is something they do not like, but can not profess their hate to a group of student based on their ethnicity in any shape or form. That can not change anything but make it worse for sure. We see tplf’s eprdf doing that and we are witnessing the repercussions. That too is a fact.

Freedom of expression does not include ethnic on ethnic hate from any side, Asta G. Ethnic hate begat ethnic violence, genocide as seen in Rwanda. Ethiopians do NOT want that. In fact Tplf is counting on controllable ethnic hate to continue their grip on power. The error in that of course is, it is not a controllable force in the short run and the damages have been seen in may parts of the world.

Like the AZ does, so do all woyane and their supporters. They do not want peace between the ethnic groups, they do not want Ethiopians to communicate, they do not want that nationalistic Ethiopianism to overcome their dictatorship.

That is my opinion, however.. you are entitled to yours.

Peace to Ethiopia and Ethiopians!!!

Assta B. Gettu [Visitor],
“…AAU student or students who wrote on the restrooms or on the library door might have thought they had new ideas to share with the other students by writing graffiti on the library door. These students might have experienced something they didn’t like in their university; therefore, they wanted a change, and they were expressing their feelings by writing graffiti.

Hence, our Hippo Professor should not condemn such innovative and creative students – the cheetah generation. If there is no complete freedom of expression in their university, then they have no other ways other than expressing their thoughts by writing them on the library doors or on the toilet paper.

01/16/13 @ 12:16
Comment from: Ewnet [Visitor]

Big relief, great article, and one of the best of the author. Hope the desired path will be followed by Cheetah generation.

Hat’s off for the Professor. Many kudos for the inspiring, lifting, and befitting for healing and move forward.

For those who always carry garbage is difficult to grasp and accept, even the advise saves life.


01/16/13 @ 12:33
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Be wushet Tared ,Tared is an Agazi Nickname d erived from Telkhom former Derg Essepa Cadre ,Key Shibir Affaffami ,Setteta Kifil Abal .Recycled as Agazi Cadre ,being Woyane slaughter actually hidden in the States with fake refugee Aplyer or DV owner Status but in fact an evil Criminal on the eve to be unmasked by patriotic diasporas and FBI..LOL !!!

01/16/13 @ 13:57
Comment from: Ash [Visitor]

Very simple put Oromo flag, at very excluded where is very low traffic… Put hidden camera and Waite for thief to come….

Ps:- put a warning that say this area is monitored 24/7…. Anyone caught vandalism will be persecuted

This hidden camera also help catch Quran burner…. Just put Quran in full view to symbolized a religion tolerant…. Once the video Catch the thief he will be given chance to come clean… Once every one know u can be caught u will be forced to behave.

This mouse trap can be set inside parking where the mouse feel alone.

I know hager mousetrap will fined something worng with this idea.

01/16/13 @ 14:06
Comment from: Kena Keb [Visitor]
Kena Keb


I am a smart Ethiopian and understand very well that my border starts and ends in Ethiopia i.e I have no border to run to! You have rightly admitted your thirst for violence and if you are waiting for the Chief of Staff of Genbot 7, Birhanu Nega to bring you back to Ethiopia through violence you can continue dreaming incessantly for that day to come!

01/16/13 @ 15:22
Comment from: hagos [Visitor]

Yours definitely appear a good idea. Yes, if everyone allowed to do whatever they like legally without hurting others ethnic feelings, without damaging others property, with equal access to financial, technical skills and material supports, there wouldn’t be a problem.

There is no way a given student to be “innovative and creative” at that views by purpusefully posting it at three place in the same day. Further, ask academic freedom and student conducts or behaviours that shouldn’t be breached where you are living now. Rather the sole responsible to all of the crisis must be the person who post defamatory words in AAU.

What if Wayne simply hear or read whatever the students express their ideas legally and freely at any University or elsewhere? Why military usually size, arrest, injury and kill youth?

The core issues is probably lack of economic activity that make them busy. Is there any economic opportunity (employment) in the campus? Is there free student unions or Association but notice here that there should be incentive to run that?

01/16/13 @ 15:25
Comment from: Kena Keb [Visitor]
Kena Keb


I am a smart Ethiopian and know very well that my border(not boarder!)begins and ends in Ethiopia i.e I have no border I need to run to! You have admitted your thirst for violence and if you are waiting for the Chief of Staff of the Genbot7 army, Birhanu Nega to bring you back to Ethiopia through violence, you can continue dreaming incessantly for that day to come!

Ethiopia is progressing and shall continue to progress!!

01/16/13 @ 15:47
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

Kena Keb

Your fragment imagination is deceiving you into believing you are Ethiopian … well for no other reason than the fact that your comfort is tied to Ethiopia and your almost doomed without it.

Now you need to wake your dreaming brain and deal with realities than sleep walking. Most everyone, probably as high as more than 90% Ethiopians, don’t want TPLF and woyane anywhere in Ethiopia, and that is a fact.

What you had is good fortune and now a little bit of time. As you know, since you are a ’smart guy’, both will eventually abandon you. Now when that happens you will know where you stand and how much Ethiopian you are. But for now enjoy fake Ethiopian…lol

01/16/13 @ 15:59
Comment from: Alula Girmay [Visitor]
Alula Girmay


Sebhat Nega said EFFORT does not belong to Tigray people it is just a name, just like does not belong to people of Nazret, the same applies to TPLF does not belong to Tigray people it is just a name. what makes mafia woyane smarter than any previous regimes is that they created their own mother company called EFFORT, any stolen money or donated money in the name of hungry Ethiopians or Tigreans either saved in foreign banks or invested. the share holders of EFFORT are woyane leadership Meles, Azeb, Sebhat and his extended inlaws, Syoum, Abai, Arekebe, generals, etc there are secondary share holders within individual companies under umbrella of EFFORT. It is a huge company, basically this Tikim is holding woyanne together. imagine if woyanne leadership were surviving by Ethiopian wage 3000 Birr a month there would have been so many coupd’etat. woyannie used to be poor until 1984 famine, food aid flooded the country, woyanne was in charge of the area controls, shabia and Durge the same. woyanne profited a lot of money, after buying necessary equipment guns etc decided to save in EFFORT company, but that money was not big. The biggest money was looted from banks, gold reserve, etc when first woyannie invaded Makelle, Gonder, Jimma, Addis, etc even now EFFORT can borrow as much money never pay back write off as bad debt never been audited. basically EFFORT is the property of all Ethiopians. Leba Sebhat so many houses in America, Azeb and the rest. When we liberate our country every looted money in foreign banks and assets will be frozen return to the poor Ethiopians just like Gaddafi’s assets, we will auction Azeb’s numerous diamonds.

01/16/13 @ 16:21
Comment from: [Member]

Ment4you the luutty asshole shabian,…

What makes you to tell us who is Ethiopian or not, from your shithole far in the twilight zone? HaHaHaHa!!
You’re the one who keeps halucinating day & night, dreaming to capture arrat killo. We are already in arrat killo. So let’s know when exactly you intend to to invade Addis.
What a shithead asshole shabian!! HaHaHaHa!!!!

01/16/13 @ 16:29
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

Addis Defdef the Bushti Shabian

You truth is told and it hurts you come running for more like a fly to a burning light. Fool!

You probably spend most of your time clowning at Arrat Kilo mamo kilo and feel you belong inside but fact is you are a simple head. PS I too and Ethiopians own Arrat kilo… go arahen erra….well side by side with your former master Issias.

What an idiot lol!!!!

01/16/13 @ 16:41
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

Addis Defdef
Read You truth as When truth moron!

01/16/13 @ 16:43
Comment from: hagos [Visitor]

@ment4you vs Kena Keb
You both need to reexamine yourself before you give an extreme views.


Your caustic statement throw you out of Ethiopia otherwise you too “Zingero or Ebab". I paid to your word said “almost", but prove yourself to fall on a few group. You cannot bring violence simply if you do it, you are criminal. You cannot bring back your oppressive package just for a reason that “Ts” and “Ash” discussed above.

@Kena Keb
Your ambition is good but it is not a reality for the same reason “Ts” and “Ash” justified it. I saw that many of commentators also have a rational views.

I safely assume that ment4you is an Eritrean and Kena Keb is an Ethiopian. Don’t fall in trap to assume about me! I am provocateur for poor and wanted to see a free, open minded, and inclusive human beings without a limit of “border". But this issue of border has complication but with in a country!

01/16/13 @ 16:51
Comment from: [Member]

Ment4you the luutty asshole shabian,…

Ante arram leba! Let’s know when you’re invading Addis, and capture Arrat Killo.
Untill then keep halucinating. Yebeyi temelkach!!
We are already at Arrat Killo. Qinna yalew benattu emis yeqenal! Benatih emis qinna. Get off this Ethiopian website. We don’t need a stinky asshole shabian around here. Take your pills and stay in your shithole! Shithead asshole shabian!!

01/16/13 @ 16:57
Comment from: Ts [Visitor]

Dear Alula Girmay
I know in depth what you are saying and understood it very well. I expressed my concerns in this forum, probably appearing with different names. I conclusively suggested each regions(ethnic group) must have share of EFFORT or TPLF must open business for each regions with that assets or money. It appears that they are unwilling to do so because no action is observable. It is difficult to give a conclusive approach in this circumstances but the result may end up the country like Somalia which is undesired and irrationality. But finally I have concern that the results will create bad results.

It was my observation when I was at high school. Two trucks fully loaded with packed money in 1984 E.C. heading to Addis Ababa. Students blocked the trucks stating that the trucks should return the money from where it took. The same ethnic group, Oromo guy shoot two students and killed them. But this criminal was praised by OPEDO at that time for which they don’t now have a share from EFFORt.

The reason that was given to pass the loaded truck was that since that money was too old, gov’t would take to Addis Ababa to burn it. The foolish OPEDO did’t know where it goes! The final result was too students dead and the money was allowed to pass.

Believe or not, I swear that this was true. Now I don’t see a reason why TPLF don’t give back to people assuming that they are satiated with the evil money.

01/16/13 @ 17:27
Comment from: Kena Keb [Visitor]
Kena Keb


You have miserably failed to put forward meaningful sentences to express what you had intended to say. If your knowledge of the English language has impeded you to accomplish that, I understand fully your ineptitude and do not take any serious notice of that.
How can “my comfort that is tied to Ethiopia and my almost doomed without it"(to quote what you wrote)deceived me in believing I am an Ethiopian?? Your logic and reasoning does not at all make sense!
How have you computed this magical 90% figure?? Would you be kind enough to substantiate this assertion??
Can you explain what you mean by this sentence(again I am directly quoting you) “what you had is good fortune and now a little bit of time"? I am only guessing that you meant to say that I am fortunate to have lived so far but I have a little bit of time left. Am I right?
Who are they that are going to abandon me eventually?
Since you are adamantly denying that I am an Ethiopian, you may have to come up with a persuasive explanation of your definition of being an Ethiopian.

Ethiopia is progressing and shall continue to progress!!

01/16/13 @ 17:58
Comment from: werner2010 [Visitor]

@ts & Alula,
in my view, EFFORT needs to be dismanteled, and TPLF too. But this is not the point under discussion here. I opposed the claim by “ts” that oromos are exceptionally lovely people and purely innocent victims that need special treatment in Ethiopia. That is why I say that ethnically pure Oromia may be better off as an independent nation without the Neftegnas, Tigres, Kembatas… I have heard enough whining and threatening from some ethnic and religious groups.
I am born and raised in the melting pot Addis surrounded with people from all sections of Ethiopia. I learned to love Ethiopia as a single nation in which many ethnic groups and religions can live side by side. Educated people like Al Mariam, who by the way has not been to Ethiopia for decades, tell us to be prejudious and love or hate other Ethiopians just because of their ethnicity.

01/16/13 @ 18:26
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]


I read your statement trying to make sense of what you are say until I got to this point “I safely assume that ment4you is an Eritrean and Kena Keb is an Ethiopian” and realized I was reading junk from a senseless person.

Now Hagos is a Tigree name and like you are either from Tigray or Eritrea, which one is kid? lolll it gets funnier!

01/16/13 @ 19:13
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

Kena Keb

It is clear you understood every word of what I said but for the sake of coming up with what sounds like intelligible response and to keep on living in your denial world you chose not to, clear and simple!

Now if you are confused anyone who sympathizes, supports, and flies the flag of TPLF (aka you) is anti Ethiopia, and no different than ONLF and OLF. I have no doubt they too will stay in Addis given opportunity after fighting for so long for libation, and they too will claim to be #1 Ethiopian (AKA Addis Zefzef).

BTW Ethiopia is progress in-spite of TPLF and EFFORT NOT BECAUSE OF THEM!!!

01/16/13 @ 19:38
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

HagereEthiopia (visitor),

No one has ever come forward with evidence that conforms some of the AAU Tegaru students had, in fact, carried out their ethnic slurs, wrote them on piece of paper, posted them on some frequently used areas such as the restroom, the library, and other places, and then concealed their artistic, ingenious, productive, and daring schemes that have rendered them suspicious of malicious act that creates animus among the Oromo students.

Haven’t you said, “That is my opinion, however.. you are entitled to yours.”

If I am entitled to my opinion, so are the AAU students, the Tegaru students, and, for that matter, any university students? A University student can express his/her opinion, using various means: in a musical form, in a poetry form, in drawing cartoons, in posting graffiti, in wearing shirt with pictures that ridicule some oppressive authorities. There is no limit for the freedom of a person as far as he/she is not bringing physical damage to the other individuals.

I think, as the Muslim population is growing fast in the Christian land of Ethiopia, with it the Islamic rule that says criticizing the prophet Muhammad, criticizing Islam, criticizing the Sharia law, criticizing the Mosque, criticizing the imam, and burning any one of the Islamic religious books is creeping into the AAU campus, and doing such things is considered by Islamic religious and Islam-oriented leaders blasphemy. Someone has to make a research how many Muslim leaders are running the Christian land of Ethiopia and how many Muslim students and Muslim professors are in the AAU University.

The Tegaru students, if it is true they are the ones who wrote the graffiti, are contributing their wake-up-calls to the dormant Oromo and Amhara students to rise up and change the statuesque instead of complaining every day that the Tegaru rule is discriminatory. The Amhara, the Oromo, and the other ethnically divided students should not expect any change by just showing day and night their sulky moods to the brilliant Tegaru students. The daring Tegaru brought down the oppressive Derg government, and it is time for the Oromo and the Amhara students to bring down the meretricious leadership of the Woyanne juntas.

What are the Oromo and the Amhara students going to do in response to the graffiti painted or scribbled by the Tegaru students? Are they expecting the Woyanne government to punish its own children, its own students whose Tegaru fathers and mothers are active members of the governing body? Those graffiti tainted with obscene words against the Oromo students should be adequate reasons for the Oromo and the Amhara students to rise up for a general strike and to overthrow the one-ethnic kingdom – the Woyanne government.

Whether it is national or local, whether it is ethnic or tribal, there is no freedom short of violence or blood shed. Those of you who are scared of carrying weapons, going to the bushes, facing the burning heat, starving to death, and from there fighting the enemies of Ethiopia and liberating your country, will remain subservient to the most repressive and exclusive Woyanne regime.

Yes, everyone is entitled to his opinion: every one is entitled to write graffiti; every one is entitled to criticize his/her government; everyone is entitled to curse, to praise, to stand up, to sit down, to walk, to run like Cheetahs, to live all days long in water like hippos, to act like hippos or cheetahs, to bring divisions between the governed and those who govern, and finally to enjoy life under a free country that exercises the rule of law and the human rights. But freedom will never come without people shouting and raising their voices for freedom to come, without writing graffiti on every building – government building, school building, Church building, hospital building, and the graffiti must bear not only embarrassing words but also very creative slogans that galvanize the whole country to act and to bring change to a country that will never change.

01/16/13 @ 19:38
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

Addis Defdef the GAY Shabian

We see that you are angrily laughing and clearly not jumping up and down with joy, foolish TPLF.

Everyone is laughing at you watching you blow gasket to a point of losing your head completely and going mad. Do they not have a substitute for you so you can get some break or are there not too mant TPLF cadres left?

Pour some water on that boiling little Tigree brain of yours.

Go back to Asmera and arehen erra
Next to your former boss Issias segra

Lollllllllll I am a poet

Good night ye erat kilo mamo kilo!!!!


01/16/13 @ 19:52
Comment from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]

Assta B. Gettu [Visitor],

Look, I should inform you since it seems you have not been before this.. that Ethiopia is not a christian land alone. Really. As shocking as it may seem to you, we have Muslims and probably others who do not even believe for ages. So, again we disagree.. as it has been noted for hundreds of years that Muslims and Christians lived side by side in Ethiopia proving the fact that I just informed you of.

As for the graffiti self expression, hate is not a form of freedom of expression. Do not even go there. There is only one out come for it and it is violence.. but you seem to be advocating violence. Only question left to ask is, where did your hate come from? Graffiti?

Remember the great saying, “Hager yegara new Haimanot yegel new.” And then you are referring to the Tigrian I presume when you call them Tegaru? Just making sure you are not saying the other word which refers to “yegara eka” like “tegariosh” “tegaru lijoch” and so forth. But hey we call the Tigrians Tigre and let it be that for now. No need to complicate or change ethnic names.

Needless to mention intellect is not biased, has no ethnic boundaries, any student is as good as the next, many smart ones exist in different races on earth as the Tigre are blessed with. But I fail to see your logic in that. Please observe the fact when you refer to how the Derg fell. It was no the work of Tplf alone many other factors played then, further more the intent was to create a separate nation of Tigray & Eritrea and not to waltz in to Addis as they did. Also, to fail Tplf from power is not up to one ethnic group but the people of Ethiopia. I do not believe in the ethnic up in arms fiasco because all that does is create the same shit as tplf, forgive my french.

Freedom does not always require bloodshed and in this day and age in particular, we can talk, we have developed, we are better than war mongering.. It can be achieved through peaceful negotiations, through nonviolence. NO WAR Asta. Violence is not a requirement to freedom and our people do not need another dragged out destabilizing and destructive war costing both economic and human life, the lives of our children, the lives of our brothers and sisters, on both sides. That my good man, is not being scared.. but then, I see we are talking about two different humanities. You, change through violence and moi… well you know. Good luck with your way of thinking of pushing violence, may God/Allah protect us/human kind from those who think, believe and dream as you do for we have too many extremists as it is.

Adios dude… and relax a bit!!!

01/16/13 @ 23:05
Comment from: Kena Keb [Visitor]
Kena Keb


There you go again! Your attempt to defend your previous statements, has yet again created more confusion as you continue to ramble on.
By the way fighting for LIBATION is a new tactic of fighting unheard of before with regard to the liberation movements you mentioned!
Ethiopia has progressed because of the policies that were masterminded and emanated by the EPRDF so all credit obviously goes solely to the EPRDF! Or who did you have in mind to take credit for the progress in Ethiopia??

Ethiopia is progressing and shall continue to progress!!

01/16/13 @ 23:17
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

Kena Keb

Let us just say you are a confused and incoherent TPLF and your attempt to defend liberation fronts is equally pathetic as your other attempt to give credit to EPRDF, and by extension TPLF. TPLF is an ethic based organization that has been looting from the country through organizations like EFFORT and nothing more.

BTW the credit goes to the people of Ethiopia, to diaspora who has been powering the country with billions in remittance, the rest is aid money from the west and Asia. I am not sure where your TPLF comes in except the part of systematically transferring and illegally the foreign currency from the banks to the hands Azeb and co.

Here is the definition of ‘LIBATION’: an act of pouring a liquid as a sacrifice … were you trying to tell us something or did you just mistype Mr. English?

Now move back to Mekele. You have a better chance of getting supports. The people and real Ethiopians have long rejected you long ago! unless you are delusional to believe otherwise!

01/17/13 @ 00:26
Comment from: hagos [Visitor]

@ment4you vs Kena Keb

-ment4you=the poet is trying to practice while most of the commentators are concerned about Ethiopia. Probably ment4you is preparing poet for Ginbot 7.

-Kena Keb is seriously concerned about the Ethiopia and wanted to continue the ccurrent regime.

I am concerned that ment4you is an extremists to see things as a fiction but this shouldn’t be. I am also concerned Kena Keb approaches as s/he appears to provoke for this regime without freedom to politicians and journalists. I believe that these innocent must set free from jails. Jails is not meant to reduce freedom and TPLF shouldn’t confuse reduction of poverty with reduction of freedom.

01/17/13 @ 01:07
Comment from: [Member]

Ment4you the luutty asshole shabian,…

You said “they were fighting for so long for LIBATION”
Ante mehayim, who is fighting for LIBATION anyway?
You try to justify your gaffe by telling us what it means. So who is fighting to pour water?
I’m glad you came out of your closet to open your mouth. Now people know what an ilitrate asshole shabian you’re.
What a shithead!

01/17/13 @ 01:27
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

Addis Defdef the GAY Shabian

Ayeeeee asazenkegn……

You can’t read very well can you?

Poor dude, you also live diluting yourself your TPLF is viable and liked in Ethiopia.

Do you need tsebel? crazy fool!

Your none Ethiopian agenda has lived out its’ shelf-life and your welcome to too.

Suggestion try or, and start walking towards there where you belong while at it!

01/17/13 @ 08:46
Comment from: [Member]

Ment4you, the luutty asshole shabian,…

Ante denqorro mehayim, You said on your comment, “after fighting for so long for libation",
And You told us that libation means pouring water. So who the hell is fighting to pour water? HaHaHaHa!
I’ve never seen such a shithead like you.
Just stay in your shithole at sawa and stop stinking our website. Stupid asshole shabian!

01/17/13 @ 09:23
Comment from: Ts [Visitor]

You TPLF, how much you got pay from your Wayne to enjoy now? Sometimes you simply copy from elsewhere and posts on this website because you seems fedup to defend your position. Can we value your assets that we know it? You better release a number of innocent Amharas and Oromos from prisoners. Tell to your principal to act in civilized ways and refrain not to abuse human beings and to the extent to stop killing and addictions. This simply shows how far you are nomadics acting as agents for your principals. You know your internal feeling being “Zingero or Ebab". Because that is what you and your Tigrie are doing! Do you know that as even you sold an Eritrea? Do you know how many Amhara slaughtered in 2005? Ooo! You are really “Ebab” who drinks someone’s blood. You must end your colony, brutality, random abduction, kills, embezzlements against Oromo and Amhara. We know that you has been instigating conflict between Oromo and Amhara and Others.

01/17/13 @ 10:24
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

Addis Defdef the Bushti Shabian

Clearly you are a clueless and brainless mamo kilo out of your depth.

Stop humiliating yourself! It is painful to watch! READ and understand first please! and comment second…but alas I am asking a primitive like you who is incapable!

Asmera or Mekele fool?

I think that was meant for the country less idiot Addis Zefzef!

01/17/13 @ 10:43
Comment from: Kena Keb [Visitor]
Kena Keb


If, according to you, liberation fronts achieve their goals through LIBATION, what were the guns and tanks used for? Pouring water for sacrifice is the cheapest means for liberation movements to achieve what they fight for and they need not be killed by poured water as it is a harmless product that nature has provided us!How did war correspondents miss when LIBATION was used by the liberation fronts?
That TPLF is an ETHIC based organization is one brand new discovery by you following LIBATION! What did you have in mind when you described TPLF as an ETHIC based organization? You do not cease to make us lough.

Ethiopia is prospering and shall continue to prosper!!

01/17/13 @ 10:58
Comment from: Ts [Visitor]

Identical mission of people having the same objects tenatively are:

@Kena Keb
@addis zemen

But I suggest you guys. Please don’t make suffer your people (Ethiopian)! Please tell to your principals to free those who are suffering in jails. Your soul will not get rest for the injustice that an innocent people are suffering. At least if you cannot free, advise your principals.

01/17/13 @ 11:26
Comment from: [Member]

Ment4you the luutty asshole shabian,…

Ante mehayim, you’ve to explain what you’re trying to say, when you wrote, “after fighting for so long for libation,” and told us libation means pouring water. So who are fighting to pour water.
Is this too much to ask? You wanna be called educated. So you should be able to explain this.
Don’t tell us as usual, you don’t wanna waste your time and disapear. HaHaHaHa!!
Arram shithead asshole shabian!

01/17/13 @ 11:33
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

Addis Defdef the Bushti Shabian

I am your master so you answer to me refugee adgi! lolllllll

Now get lost loser!!! (to Mekele or Asmera)

I have no time for an angry crazy head with inferiority complex!

01/17/13 @ 14:18
Comment from: [Member]

Ment4you the luutty asshole shabian,…

Ante arram mehayim, come on don’t be shy now. You can run but you can’t hide shithead!
You said “after fighting so long for libation".
And we asked you what do you mean by libation. And you told us the meaning of LIBATION is pouring water.
So we need to know how people fight for LIBATION, and why? Tell us please ante emis fit!
Instead of answering this simple question, you keep avoiding it. You told us you know everything in the world. And even you told us you’re a professor. So we have to know why people fight for LIBATION????
Don’t run to your shithole. Why are you shy?
Ante qizenam asshole shabian.
You said libation means pouring water! HaHaHaHa!!
Qefforas shithead who is fighting to pour water?

01/17/13 @ 14:44
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

HagereEthiopia (visitor),

In every Muslim country there are Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, atheists, and many other people of different faiths, and yet those countries are called Muslim countries, not Christian or Jewish countries. Islam is the main religion that identifies each Muslim country as a Muslim, and those Islamic countries are proud of their heritage – Islam. In the same way, in Ethiopia there are people who have different faiths, but they are living freely under a Christian country whose major religion has been Christianity for thousands of years.

It seems you are embarrassed when I say Ethiopia is a Christian country or the land of Christianity or “an Island of Christianity” as many historians attempt to describe what kind of country Ethiopia has been. Ethiopia is not a Muslim country, a Hindu country, a Buddhist country or a Confucius country: Ethiopia is a Christian country, a country that has been protected from the many invasions of the blood-thirsty Muslims by the gallant Ethiopian Christians. Case in point is the disgraceful defeat of the Jihadist Gragn Ahmed and many other Islamist intruders. Therefore, the terms “Ethiopia is a Christian country” stand for eternity and no one is going to change them.

Every Ethiopian Christian knows the Muslims in Ethiopia are uncomfortable that Ethiopia is still a Christian country, full of impressive and historical Churches, monasteries, and thousands of sacred documents. Every year, thousands of foreign tourists come to Christian Ethiopia to visit not the Grand Muslim Mosque in Addis Ababa but the amazing Rock hewn Churches of Lalibela in Wollo, the Holy City of Axum in Tigre province, the Asebot Monastery, the Ziqualla Monastery, the Debre Lebanos Monastery, the Mahibere Selassie Monastery, the Waldiba Monastery, the Debre Damo Monastery, and many other magnificent Churches and Monasteries. All these sacred and ineffable Churches and Monasteries testify Ethiopia is, without doubt, a Christian country surrounded by the Gog-Magog Muslims.

As Islam is the pride and the badge of the Arab-Muslim countries, Christianity is the unfading emblem and the everlasting heritage of Christian Ethiopia.

It is true Christian Ethiopia has many vicious internal and external enemies: her external enemies are Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran, Egypt, Sudan, Somalia, Palestine, and Lebanon. Her internal enemies are the Jihadist Muslims – the new settlers or gusts – in the Christian land of Ethiopia. Of course, Christian Ethiopia knows how to deal with all of her home-grown Muslim adversaries and foreign bastard and cowardly Muslims.

The commonly overused and deceiving words, “Muslims and Christians lived side by side in Ethiopia…,”are words mostly used by the Jihadist Muslims in the Christian land of Ethiopia to buy times, to fool the Ethiopian Christians, and then these Jihadist Muslims, all a sudden, will bring their coup de main on the unsuspected Ethiopian Christians. Thanks to the modern technology, we know now the bestial natures of Muslims in Ethiopia, Muslims in Sudan, Muslims in Somalia, Muslims in Saudi Arabia, Muslims in Egypt, Muslims in Libya, Muslims in Mali, and Muslims in many other countries. How sweet it is to hear the Ethiopian Christian government has recently and successfully identified the trouble-maker Jihadist Muslims in the Christian land of Ethiopia and has sentenced them to remain in jail for many years! That is what any Muslim who tries to change the history of Ethiopia and establish an Islamic state in the Christian land of Ethiopia will get.

The Ethiopian Christian history is not a Muslim history, and the Muslim history in Ethiopia is not a Christian history. The Ethiopian Christians have never invaded a Muslim country unless they are threatened or overran by the barbaric Muslims; however, the Muslims in the Christian land of Ethiopia have tried many times to destroy Ethiopia by allying themselves with foreign Muslim countries. Thus, I don’t like to hear those unrealistic words – Ethiopian Christians and Muslims in Ethiopia have lived together in peace for many years. It is not true! There have been many conflicts between the Ethiopian Christians and the new settler Muslims in Ethiopia. The major one is the war between Gragn Muhammad or Ahmed and the Ethiopian Christians. The main reason why it seems there is peace between the Ethiopian Christians and the Muslims in Ethiopia is that the Muslims in Ethiopia are still the minorities, but when they become, God forbid, the majorities, there will be no Ethiopian Christian living in the former Christian land of Ethiopia. Thousands of Egyptian Coptic Christians are leaving Egypt and going to the western countries because of the daily persecutions they face from the Egyptian Muslim majorities. The same is true in Lebanon. Lebanon used to be a Christian country, but not any more: most of the Lebanese Christians have left; therefore, Lebanon is now a Muslim country.

And that is what the Muslims in Ethiopia want to see Ethiopia as a Muslim country, not as a Christian country, and my advice to the Ethiopian Christian government is never put any Muslim person in a high position. If that happens, then Christian Ethiopia will be in a great danger and never trust any Muslim because Muslims are commanded by their prophet Muhammad to deceive the Christians and the Jews.

You boldly stated: “As for the graffiti self expression, hate is not a form of freedom of expression.”

If you dislike violence, chaos, and blood shed, then you are the sworn enemy of progress, enlightenment and freedom, and because of your cowardliness to bear spears, swords, clubs, knives, axes, and other means of armors and go out to confront your enemies in the war zone, you are holding your country to remain hostage to an oppressive government. I have never seen in history any country that has gained its freedom without its peoples are shading their precious blood for a valid cause.

There is nothing wrong in writing, as I said before, obscene words on graffiti and posting them on any building as means of telling others that the persons who wrote the graffiti are not interested about certain groups of people or students in the campus. When such things happen, the authorities must call all the students for a discussion and explain why certain students wrote those graffiti and why the Tegaru students hate the Oromo or the other students. There must be a reason, and the reason can be found through discussion without condemning those students who wrote the graffiti. For example, if I carry on my back a graffiti that reads: “I hate Muslims,” and go on the street of Addis Ababa; then the government officials have to ask me why I hate Muslims. When they ask me why I hate Muslims, I will explain to them in detail why I hate Muslims. If they are convinced in my reasoning, they will let me go free; if not, they will ask me to give them more evidence, and I will give them.

You have asked me to recall the old saying “Hager yegara new Haimanot yegel new.”

Christian Ethiopia has never refused sharing her natural resources with millions of Muslims who migrated from Mecca to the Christian land of Ethiopia and who have lived for 1400 years in Ethiopia. She has never interfered in their foreign religion as awkward as it has been though. She has given them the freedom to build thousands of Mosques throughout the country. However, the Muslims in Ethiopia have refused to confine their religion to themselves and to their children as a private matter. We see them receiving millions of dollars from the oil-rich Muslim country, Saudi Arabia, to convert young and poor Ethiopian Christians to Islam. Not only that, in the name of Islam, they have been protesting for almost a year to have more religious freedom, which they always have, and plotting terrorism in the Christian land of Ethiopia. For this reason, religion is not any more a private matter and land is not any more for Jihadist Muslims. Land is only for the Ethiopian Christians because it is only the Ethiopian Christians who put Christian Ethiopia on the map of the world.

Do you find me saying the Tegaru students are the only intelligent ones on this planet? I have simply stated they are intelligent for writing the graffiti and for expressing their thoughts in a daring way. They have not suppressed their thoughts: they have expressed themselves in writing and in posting what they have written. And these Tegaru students are the offspring of those Tegaru who brought down the Derg and liberated Christian Ethiopia from the “Red Terror” of Mengistu Haile Mariam. Whether they did this heroic action by themselves or with the help of someone else, it doesn’t matter for me. What matters is that there is no Mengistu Haile Mariam, who elevated the status of Islam higher than the status of Christianity, in the Christian land of Ethiopia. I wish he were dead before he left Ethiopia. The blood of Patriarch Theophelos, the blood of His Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie, and the blood of many innocent Ethiopians murdered by the ruthless Mengistu Haile Mariam have not stopped from crying out to the Almighty God: they want the Rock of Ages, the Ancient One, the I Am, the Alpha, and the Omega to avenge their precious blood. Avenge he will on his terms and on his appointed times!

Prayer is good if the person who prays understands to whom he is praying; you prayed:

“…may God/Allah protect us/human kind from those who think, believe and dream as you do for we have too many extremists as it is.”

May I ask you one simple question: to whom are you praying, to the Christian God, the true God or to the fake moon-god Allah, the Muslim god? How much I would like to explain to you the differences between the Christian God and the Muslim idol god, Allah, but I don’t have enough time to do so here.

Any way, if you do not know who those extremists are, I will tell you they are the Muslims who are terrorizing the Christian world and even their own Muslim world. Case in point is Mali!

I wish you MERDE!

01/17/13 @ 15:17
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

Here we go, the “lewerie metku” Almariam, and his followers are doing their hilusinating things as usual….LOL. Thanks to god that those enemies of the Ethiopian people have detached long ago… All they have left with is that they are limited to their lower level of poliical activties. I mean, they are proved to be good at fabricating stories and at entertain each other…that’s what they have showed us for the past 21 years..

God bless the world!

01/17/13 @ 16:25
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

Addis Defdef the Bushti Shabian

Here is thing you don’t understand….I can say and do anything I want …. you on the other hand, refugee boy, need permission from me.

Who is is your daddy???

Go blow gasket fool TPLF Tigree!!!


01/17/13 @ 17:00
Comment from: Ts [Visitor]

@Assta G. Gettu. Do you mined if I give you nick name: Polo-Pastry? I need you to ask a few questions, given that you preach well.

a) How do you know that Oromo and Amhara students are “dormant?”

b) Why you imply for Oromo students have to get hate? And then “innovative and creative” students should express their hate against this ethnic group.

c) If you have a clue, do you tell me the difference between Academic freedom and student conduct or behaviour at civilized nations in a none religious University like in the Western? Then, do you believe that AAU also the same?

d) Do you think that every one can have freedom to practice any religion but not to be terrorists?

e) You produced that Muslims immigrated starting 1400 years but they occupied land. Then, what do you suggest to take an action against this occupants?

please be specific to your answers. for your name: Polo I mean politicians, Pastry I mean preacher of religions. Be caution not to assign me being a Muslim because I asked you those questions.

I am sure that you don’t have answer or you go around.

01/17/13 @ 17:39
Comment from: Ts [Visitor]

Yes, you and Addis Zemen including TPLF Tigrie can go and say any things against Oromo. Oromo has a right not to be insulted, injured, damaged, killed and so on.

01/17/13 @ 18:13
Comment from: [Member]

Ment4you the luutty asshole shabian,…

Ante mehayim, stop the hallucination and explain what you mean when you said, “after they fight for so long for libation", and you came back to tell us libation means to pour water.
Why do people fight for so long to pour water?
You can run but you can’t hide. You have to explain why people fight to pour water.
Or tell us if such things happen in your dry land artera. Come on, shithead don’t be shy!
Otherwise take your pills and stay in your shithole. Stop stinking our website.
Stupid asshole shabian!!

01/17/13 @ 18:23
Comment from: Observer [Visitor]

addis zemen BESBASA TEGREW,

Since you talked about Galaxy a$$hole, you are not even in the same galaxy with AL Mariam to compare yourself and criticize him. Do you understand you pee head? You don’t have the intellect or capacity to comment on what he says or writes. Why don’t you know your place and shut the fu@k up. Your mouth stinks from a mile. You look and sound pietistic when you try to comment on what the professor had to say. He earned to write on subject matters that he writes. You on the other hand is just simply FUSSSSAM Tegre just full of shit and diarrhea in your mouth. Please do us a favor and close your mouth so we don’t smell your diarrhea mouth, iffffffffff.

01/17/13 @ 18:33
Comment from: Ash [Visitor]

It is not the first thing to catch the theif….

Why not setup oromia flag in isolated park and monitored b hidden camera 24/7… And Waite until the criminal commit vandalism

Once we catch the thief u will have question answer by the criminal himself…I don’t think A.B.G have any idea about hate crime

01/17/13 @ 18:42
Comment from: [Member]

Observer wusha zer,…

Hey my favorite pigeon, where were you loser. Last time I remember you were crying “emaye emaye” and hiding in your momy’s kitchen.
I know since then you couldn’t show up in public with your broken ego. Are you trying to build back your self esteem? Ante arram lebba! Stupid asshole shabian! I know almaria is your master’s paid banda. It is not a surprise these days all his supporters are eri shabians. Gim legim abro yazgim newna. Carry on. Losers. You better stay in your shithole! We can’t handel yours and your boyfriend ment4you’s stinky shit around here. Keep your stinky ass back in your dry land artera sawa.

01/17/13 @ 18:57
Comment from: Bereket [Visitor]

I saw some questions about the terrorists. We know what works and don’t work toward ours. Some upsetting questions, such as family background are irrelevant and from the beginning it is inapplicable to TPLF members, their family and regions. We assigned Addis Zemen and ment4you to confuse others and insult each others. If they fail to accomplish their mandate, we will retire them, send them to other countries but we will pay them about $1000000 each. But they have to copy and paste until we will take actions.

We considered family background. Any TPLF Tigrie related family or close related must not get involved. When they found, but, should get a decision of about 3 or less years.

In AAU student cases we found that the cause are ours. we have to keep confidentiality. When possible, we have to set them free because Tigray region also will hate us like the Amhara and Oromo did it. We are oppressing those two groups. When necessary we will crate case so they can fight each others. We TPLF TIGRIE are wise. But we need more Tigrie for membership.

When we need money from Westerns and others, we convince our military to appear as terrorists. Or we can put others though they are innocents. The money will come to upheld security. What we do with these money? we build our company, we build our houses, we deposit in our local and foreign banks. We don’t think that others know what we do.

Disclaimer: This four paragraphs are emulation of reality but may not exactly reflect.

01/17/13 @ 20:36
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Ts (visitor),

You have no any qualification to grant a gold medallion or a spurious moniker to me: you better stick to the precious name I carry till death, and that name of mine is Assta B. Gettu. You can call me by that name only and only by that name; there is no other name under heaven I adore but the name of my Lord Jesus Chris, who gave his life on the Cross to save me and others who believe in him.

Many people die to protect their good names and pray to the Lord to write their names in the Book of Life. The Holy Scriptures tell us: “The memory of the righteous will be a blessing, but the name of the wicked will rot” (Proverbs 10:7). You must be very careful my name is not the name of the wicked; it is rather the name of a righteous, the name of a gentler and a kinder person, and that person is Assta B. Gettu. I die for my good name because I know, according to the Holy Bible, “A good name is better than fine perfume…” (Proverbs 7:1). My name is not a Muslim name: it is a Christian name, a blessed name!

You have my permission to take your “Polo-Pastry” nicknames and give them to someone else who likes to be named after those lackadaisical and risible or funny names. Suffice for the mortal human name! Let me go now and answer you childish questions succinctly.

• First you have to understand the word dormant, which means inactive, and it doesn’t mean ignorant or retarded. As my information tells me, some of the outspoken Tegaru students wrote the graffiti, and I was told the graffiti had some obscene words about the Oromo students, but the Oromo and the Amhara or the other ethnically divided students never complained about the graffiti; therefore they are all dormant or in active students who did not respond to the graffiti in kind.

• The Tegaru students come from very dedicated Christian families; theses Christian students may have seen some Oromo Muslim students advocating the Jihadist Muslim movement in the campus and recruiting some students to join their Islamic movement to create an Islamic uprising against the Ethiopian Christian government. As smart, intelligent, attentive, quick, and suspicious as they naturally are, the Tegaru students, then, may have tempted by their God-given talent to write graffiti to expose and challenge the activities of the Oromo Muslim students in support of their Islamic movement. However, knowing their clandestine plot, the Oromo Muslim students failed to refute the graffiti crafted and posted by the audacious Tegaru students. Yes, the Oromo Muslim students are as dormant as the Ziqualla Abo volcano, but they are active when it comes to protesting on the street of Addis Ababa for their religious cause.

• You try to be smart here, but unfortunately you are not: you think I have no inkling about student conduct and the absolute freedom university students enjoy in their campus all over the world except in the Arab-Muslim world where criticizing the pedophile Muhammad is a taboo or a blaspheme, and watching a movie of one’s own choice is also considered anathema. University students are not high or elementary students. They are mature, well cultured, and responsible groups of people. They take their education seriously. They analyze, synthesize, and solve problems that confront them, not only their problems but also any problem that involves their country and their people. They can write freely on any subject; they can ridicule their academic professors, their university president, and the prime minister of their country. They can write comic books or graffiti about their fellow students or about Church leaders. Generally, university students have acceptable behaviors when it comes to student conduct, and this doesn’t mean they are perfect. There may be one or two bad apples as it is common in every society. They are not angels but they are not devils either.

• Christian Ethiopia has allowed the Muslims in Ethiopia to worship their moon-god Allah for 1400 years, and she has never interfered in their religious affairs as far as they have not used the freedom they have to be foreign agents to the Arab-Muslim countries and importing Islamist Jihadists to the Christian land of Ethiopia and betraying their Christian country as they did in the past. The problem is that one cannot separate Islam from terrorism and terrorism from Islam or Jihad from Islam and Islam from Jihad. The fictitious Quran is full of terrorism and Muslims must follow their Quran; otherwise, they will not go to paradise and enjoy the 72 virgin girls in Muhammad’s fake paradise. In my own view, Islam must be outlawed in the Christian land of Ethiopia, but other religions can be allowed to stay in Ethiopia because they are peaceful and caring toward other people. Islam is evil. Islam is cruel, and Islam is the religion of the devil. If you are a Muslim, run away as fast as you can like a cheetah and never go back to Islam.

• Ethiopia is a generous country, and that is why she accepted the persecuted Muslims from Mecca and allowed them to live in her Christian land. She never asked them money for the land they have been using for all these years, and she will never drive them out from Ethiopia because Ethiopia is not Egypt or one of those Arab-Muslim countries that drive out the few minority Christians and send them to the western countries. What Christian Ethiopia is asking the Muslims in Ethiopia is to completely drop those satanic Quranic verses from putting them into action against the Christian land of Ethiopia. Christian Ethiopia has tolerated the Muslims in Ethiopia when some of them burnet down several Christian Churches in the Oromia region. Christian Ethiopia has tolerated the Muslims in Ethiopia when they betrayed Christian Ethiopia and joined the Jihadist Muslim Gragn Muhammad and fought against the Ethiopian Christians.

Your last statement exposes you that you are indeed a Muslim:

“I am sure that you don’t have answer or you go around.”

That is a typical statement many Muslims give when they know they will never accept any answer that comes from a Christian person. Accepting any statement from a non-Muslim person is, to many Muslims, like discrediting Muhammad the false prophet, who commanded his followers never to be friends to the Christians and to the Jews.

If you believe I don’t have any answer to your moot statements, why do you have to ask me then some unlooked-for questions?

01/17/13 @ 23:17
Comment from: Ts [Visitor]

Assta B. Gettu [Visitor],

I have loved your explanation and it is with pleasure.

A. I summarized your statements by paragraph (hence forth Para.) and reused it:

Para 1. your name must be only Assta B. Gettu. You honor and uplift Jesus Chris.

Para 2. You sacrificed for and had good name because you haveChristian name and not the Muslim’s.

Para 3.You refuted nicknames: “Polo-Pastry”.

Para 4.In yours context, “dormant” is inactive. And those “dormant” students failed to bolster the bad words that ignited by outspoken Tigre student.

Para 5.Jihadist Muslim movement against Ethiopian Christian gov’t failed by god-gifted talent Tigre student.

Para 6.Student in a University have freedom to write on any subject and ridicule on any one.

Para 7.Islam and terrorism are inextricable. Islam is evil and must be outlawed from Ethiopia.

Para 8.Islam burnet Christian Churches in Ethiopia.

Para 9.You inferred that I am Muslim.

B. My comments from practicality point of views:

-Para 1, 3, and 8 are completely honesty and also you own it.

-Para 2. Muslim also can think that their names are as good as what Christian think for oneselves. Even sometimes a single person can change one’s name.

-Para 4. It is difficult to endorse for the student being outspoken because the person who post it was not known. I prefer to name students who were not participating in such conflict more tolerant than dormant.

-Para 5.That student could have called security and police or inform University administration so to size and squash the jihadist movements.

-Para 6.University is free from discrimination and harassments: race, religions, and ethnicity. For example, any students can practice any religion that s/he wants it. It is forbidden to bully on other races or ethnicity. Even student cannot write on any subject because ethical and student conduct would be considered.

-Para 7.It is impractical to conclude for all Muslims, and it is impossible to outlaw them because they have equal rights. Everyone has right to follow whatever they like it.

-Para 8.Yes, some Muslims had not only burnet the Churches they had slaughtered Christians. For example, at a particular place called Jimma Zone about two years ago. Gov’t could bring to justices those criminal and could sentence a maximum penalty according to the degree of criminalities. But Christians shouldn’t do the same otherwise they also must equally accountable.

-Para 9.God bless the World
Apart from these points, I have two points: 1) as education and civilization increases, for example, Western cases, anyone can follow whatever religions, 2) the condition of Muslims influence on human beings in the Mideast like Arab shall be changed. For example, if a Christian would not mask, they don’t have a freedom. In Ethiopia case, it is a matter of using the law properly. Otherwise, haven’t we been fooling ourselves or steeping backwards?

I took your suggestion, and not descend into a childish even if I don’t see it. Your elegant thoughts and coherent writing are worthy. I firmly believe that Ethiopia will be a nation of multi-ethnicity and multi-local-linguistics; otherwise, if tolerance among ethnic groups would not be achieved, I wish to adopt English language as a national language.

01/18/13 @ 04:13
Comment from: etie [Visitor]

Hi Assta G Beetu
The article is not about muslims but you wrote:

“I think, as the Muslim population is growing fast in the Christian land of Ethiopia, with it the Islamic rule that says criticizing the prophet Muhammad, criticizing Islam, criticizing the Sharia law, criticizing the Mosque, criticizing the imam, and burning any one of the Islamic religious books is creeping into the AAU campus, and doing such things is considered by Islamic religious and Islam-oriented leaders blasphemy. Someone has to make a research how many Muslim leaders are running the Christian land of Ethiopia and how many Muslim students and Muslim professors are in the AAU University.”

Pease correct your message.You are sending your message to christian Oromo and to christian amhara.After they finished and sent to you the result.Be ready to send them to Auschwitz and Treblinka so you can Ethiopia is Muslim rein.They are waiting you like lambS.

01/18/13 @ 06:40
Comment from: [Member]

Assta G bettu

The christian island,or the christian Ethiopia,you are talking about is the present day Amhara kilil and Tigray Kilil. The rest of Ethiopia i.e 70% has nothing to do with your Christianity… Fortunetaly!! We have lived in perfect harmony and cohabitation since Menelik invasion.

Church ,wrong history must be corrected if we want to build one united and peacful country.Assta you are christian al shabab and there is no futur with your way of thinking nowhere.

01/18/13 @ 07:04
Comment from: mk [Visitor]

AGM When is the last time you have visited Ethiopia?

01/18/13 @ 08:09
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Ts (visitor),

You have recapitulated the responses according to your understanding or interpretation of those responses I gave to your questions earlier. Every person is entitled to reiterate any one of my comments the way he/she thinks the comment should be analyzed in a different way. Even though our creator is the same, our thinking is different from one another, and such differences of thought give beauty, musical cadence, grace, and emotional appeal to our final product – living in harmony and at peace. One of my favorite Apostles, St. Paul, advises me in his letter to the Romans: “If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone” (12:18). But it is almost impossible to have a Muslim neighbor and live and raise one’s own children with that Muslim neighbor without thinking he might be one of those terrorists who slaughter Christians and Jews to appease his blood-thirsty Allah.

Yes, the Muslims in Ethiopia are different from the Muslims in Pakistan, Afghanistan or from any other Muslim countries; however, today’s Muslims in Ethiopia are not the same Muslims who used to live with the Ethiopian Christians in congruence. Those peaceful Muslims are dead, leaving behind a poisonous Muslim generation that has a strong tie with the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood rather than with the Ethiopian Christian brothers and sisters. We have a new Muslim generation whose dreams and thoughts are to destroy Christianity in the Christian land of Ethiopia. Therefore, I am against this new violent Muslim cheetah generation.

I have not forgotten your paragraph by paragraph analyses and I am going back to them right now.

It seems you have confirmed paragraphs 1, 3, and 8 are acceptable, and I agree with your confirmation.

Paragraph 2: I have no objection to Muslims’ venerating their Islamic names, and I have never said Muslims do not have the right to respect their own names. What I am declaring is that my name is not a Muslim name: it is a Christian name, which is true. Every one is entitled to change his/her name, but there must be a reason why that person is changing his/her official name in order to avoid confusion in a society the person lives in. I know in Ethiopia changing names and date of birth is very common, but in the western world, it is not that easy because almost every body has social security number; hence, he/she cannot change his/her name or age without the approval of the state government.

Paragraph 4: In America some people would say: “a spade is a spade” or “a turkey a turkey,” and I would say “a dormant is a dormant,” which means a dormant is inactive, and the Tegaru students are the outspoken ones; they don’t want to be dormant and that is why, according to my information, they wrote the graffiti, and it should have been the duties of those dormant students who thought they were hurt by the graffiti to report immediately to their university officials, not the other way round. Tolerance is not the word university students always want to use: they are pragmatists; they want action, reaction, confusion, and turmoil. And out of these confusions, something good may come out. For example, beautiful islands such as Hawaii are created out of that confusing, noisy, and burning irruption of an active volcano.

Paragraph 5: I entirely agree any Jihadist movement should be deracinated or extirpated immediately; otherwise, our country would be like Pakistan, Mali, Syria, or Afghanistan.

Paragraph 6: Writing graffiti should not be considered breaking university rules. University students should be encouraged to express their thoughts in various ways they want to. They can choose any subject and write anything they want on the subject of their choices. They can criticize any religion, any bishop, any clergy, any imam, and dehumanize any person who worship God or Satan. Those who are offended by such extreme criticism must defend their religion in a debating forum. All these activities should be exercised only in a place of complete freedom, and that place of absolute freedom is the university campus. If a fight breaks out between the two groups of different faiths or ideologies in the university, police should not be called to the university campus to stop the fight. The campus securities and the university faculties are responsible to bring the fight to normalcy. A university campus should always be out of rich of the federal police. A university campus is like Vatican in Italy, independent of any secular government force of the Italian people. There is no such a word “bullying” in a university campus. That word is used at the elementary or at the high school level, not at the university level. The only weapon university students can use in their campus is writing graffiti, composing satirical poetry, drawing cartoons, and many other creative thinking without resorting to physical forces.

Paragraph 7: We do not outlaw Muslims because they are Muslims: we outlaw Muslims because of their Sharia law that mutilates the body of some people because of peccadillo; we outlaw Muslims because they stone an adulterous woman to death. We outlaw Muslims because each Muslim is allowed to marry four wives and many concubines and to bread like mosquitoes thereby depleting our scarce resources. We outlaw Muslims for their hostile behavior toward other religious groups, and we outlaw Muslims because of their selfish agenda – to dominate the entire world. If anyone abuses his God-given right, then that right should be taken away from him, and Muslims, to my judgment, would be the first people to lose their rights because no one has any right or freedom in their Islamic society, especially their wives. For example, if a Muslim leaves his religion and joins another religion, he would be killed according to their Quran 4:90 and many other verses from Hadith.

Paragraph 8: Ethiopian Christians are, by nature, tolerant people and that is why they did not harm those Jihadist Muslims who burnet down Christian Churches, Christian schools, Christian properties, and destroyed Christian lives; however, there is a limitation to their tolerance; one day they may strike back or fight those terrorist Muslims, and such fight of theirs is justified.

Paragraph 9: I concur with your two view points.

Besides the multiplicity of different ethnic groups with their different languages, different religion, different culture, custom, tradition, and history in the Christian land of Ethiopia, there must be one common thing that binds or glues together all those different people of different tribes, and that one common thing is the feeling of belongingness to one country, Ethiopia the beautiful. However, as far as the Muslims in Ethiopia are working day and night to claim Oromia as their Islamic state and want to break away from the mother land, it will be an uphill battle to achieve that belongingness to one country. The second thing that cement us together in order to build our country and in order to understand what one tribe is saying to the other tribe, we must have one national language, and I am sure we have one: the Amharic language. We also have the English language, and there is no need to find another ethnic language to be as our national language. We must stick to the Amharic language and teach our children that language. In America millions of people have their own languages, but there is only one official language that every body must know, and that language is the English language. We cannot say people who are the majority in Ethiopia must also have the right to declare their language as the national language of Ethiopia. The Amharic language, if I am not wrong, has been used for many years as the national language of Ethiopia and many Ethiopians, I assume, speak the Amharic language. Most of our indispensable holy books and secular books are in the Amharic language. Any way, in a democratic country, every thing should be on the table for discussion, and the people will decide which language should be Ethiopia’s national language.

I greatly appreciate your interest in a friendly discussion like this one!

01/18/13 @ 14:08
Comment from: Ts [Visitor]

I apologize if you misunderstood me that I had “reiterate” your statements rather I have rephrased them to briefly discuss it. Again I want to readdress some points in to three categories: religions, language, and spiritual.

A. Religions

Everyone has rights to follow whatever religions they want it or none at all. There is no evidence you based on that Muslims are to ” claim Oromia as their Islamist state and break away from the mother land.”

I think you more probably want to say that Oromo wants Oromia as an independent state. My answers are yes and no. It is yes as any regions like Tigray, Amhara, South nations and nationality states and others. I believe this should be strengthen because it is a way regional administration systems was organized and decentralized. In contrary, it is no that each regions want to disintegrate from such beauty nation as it is now.

B. Language

You argued, locally, only Amharic language must be an official language. One of your reason was that most bible language is written by Amharic language. I and you agreed on English language so we don’t more discuss this aspect for now. My view is different on your assertation that Amhara language is to be the only language national language. My reasons are: 1) The number of Oromo population who speak Oromo language are equivalent to that of Amhara population, 2) Each regions are unwilling to accept Amhara language to be their regional language e.g. Tigray, Oromo, Afar, 3) most technology are imported and adopted e.g. computers, medical researches, medical equipment,, bibles, and others for which each region can interpret to their regional language to use it or preferably they can use it by English language without incurring additional costs or confusing it. Even for technical matter, it is difficult to interpret some documents.

Since each regions are happy to use their own respective languages there is no reason to adopt Amharic language without their will-nor will it be conducive to impose on them.

Take one of a civilized country, Canada, as an example. The number of French speakers are less than English speakers. But both English and French are national languages.

Hence, locally, considering the importance of both Amharic and Oromo languages, I am in the sides of supporting that both languages shall be a national languages of Ethiopia.

C. Terrorists/terrorism

I am unconvinced that “Jihadist Muslim Movement” who was organized to rebel against “Ethiopian Christian Government” in AAU had initiated a Tigray student to post derogatory words. Primarily, this Tigray student could seize this movement or call police, security, university administrators to take an immediate measure than to post a written words. If a student who saw and reacted to the statement kept silent, should those named as terrorists to be continue? I doubt so to call the Tigray student being outspoken. Imagine that those terrorists movement are to commit criminal. If I were that student, I could react against those movements directly for an immediate intervention.

As it stands now, I encourage TPLF/ EPDF to continue in building the country. To use terrorism concepts and its applicability perfectly. Of course, they are now in a good direction to democratize the country but they are getting challenges to distinguish a real terrorists from other ulterior motivators. By far many infrastructures like roads, education institutions, health facility, telecommunication, buildings are flourishing under this regime.

But media showed that corruption, and poverty are there still. Misuse of terrorism and abusing are there. Students abdication needs to be corrected.

01/18/13 @ 19:30
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Ts (visitor),

We will never agree on those three and widely discussed issues: Religion, Language, and Terrorism.

However, I will sum up my view points about those three issues in three short sentences:

1. Christianity is the only recognized religion in the Christian land of Ethiopia.

2. Amharic is the only nationally and internationally accepted language in Christian Ethiopia.

3. Terrorism is one of the big crimes perpetrated by the Jihadist Muslim in Ethiopia.

01/18/13 @ 20:44
Comment from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]


Your argument that Ethiopia is a Christian country is illogical. The Islam followers are at 33% and they LIVE in Ethiopia. So, how do you conclude Ethiopia is a Christian country?

To clarify, my stand on religion.. I believe it to be the most divisive organization man created. People do not need it as much as they need food and shelter. I find it dissatisfying to discuss it. However, facts are facts and Ethiopia is a mix of religions and ethnic groups. I also suggest we discuss matters other than religion here… say like current events and political issues, stuff like that.

Ok then, Mr Asta.. there should be no further back and forth on this because you have yours and I have mine.. view that is.

Arrivederci Signore!!!!

01/19/13 @ 00:53
Comment from: [Member]

Hi Assta ( living in dreamland)

You are not talking of Ethiopia you are talking of abyssina actual amara and tigrey kilil.Assta look at the following will find what is ethiopia religion.But my advise stop talking of religion it is private quedtion.…/haxethiopia.html

01/19/13 @ 05:53
Comment from: Ts [Visitor]

@Assta B. Getta
Well, you may wanted to say Ethiopia is predominat in Christian followed by Islam religion followers.

Not less than to Amharic, other languages: Oromo, Tiranga, Afar and others are well accepted by its respective Ethnicity. Amharic language appeared to influence others language. But there is no single importance of Amharic language over the others.

If terrorists exist, it shall get sentenced and penalized by informing legal enforcement bodies or taking direct action, but for sure not by posting derogatory statements elsewhere, otherwise, the person who has incited the conflict by posting the statements is daunting or terrorists and not outspoken person.

There is no way to outlaw anyone. Rather it is better to outlaw: economic poverty, misuse of laws, corruption, abuse, biase, oppression, silence. Most importantly it is good to encourage the present Gov’t to increase the started development and build on that for faster forward growth and not to step backwards.

01/19/13 @ 11:29
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Ts (visitor),

I thought our discussion about religion, language, and terrorism was over, but you are stretching those issues too far.

I have explained to you in detail I don’t recognize Islam as a religion: Christianity is the only religion in the Christian land of Ethiopia whether you like it or not, and Ethiopia is not the land of terrorist Muslims; it is the land of Christians, the land of Christian kings, Christian queens, and Christian saints.

Any one whose prayer book is the satanic Quran is a terrorist, and as far as Muslims in Ethiopia believe in Quran, they are all terrorists who are desecrating the holy Christian land of Ethiopia. I think the Muslims have brainwashed you and, perhaps, hypnotized you to believe Islam is a religion and deserves to be treated as the genuine religion – Christianity, the handiwork of Jesus Christ. Islam is the most detested religion in the whole world; can’t you see what Islam is doing in Mali, and it is going to do the same thing to the Ethiopian Christians. The Christian government of Ethiopia cannot handle the Islam issue by itself: it needs the cooperation of all the Ethiopian Christians, the Ethiopian Jews, the Ethiopian Hindus, and the other peaceful Ethiopian faiths to destroy Islam completely. I understand you are very sympathetic toward Islam and its adherents. If you are happy with Islam, it is your choice to live with it, and no one is going to force you to remove your friendship with Muslims and their religion.

The Amharic language is superior to other local languages, and it remains the same way as it has been for hundreds of years: no one is going to demote it; demoting the Amharic language, which is the language of the Angels – the Amhara people – is vilipending the entire Ethiopian Christian history. The Muslims in the Christian land of Ethiopia are working hard to discredit the noble Amhara language. Muslims always think the Amharas are their enemies, and that is why they continue to ridicule the Christian kings such as Emperor Haile Selassie, Ate Menelik II, Emperor Tewodros, Emperor Yohannes, and many other distinguished Ethiopian Christian kings. These wicked and godless Ethiopian Muslims must be removed from the Christian land of Ethiopia and be sent to their mother country – Mecca, the city of idols and indolent Arabs.

Your divisive statement, “…there is no single importance of Amharic language over the others,” is vivid you hate the Amharas. It is through the Amharic language the unity of Ethiopia has been kept alive; it is through the Amharic language most Ethiopians are able to read and write, and it is through this means of effective communication – the Amhara language – important records have been recorded and kept safe. The Amhara language, a Semitic language, is the queen of all languages in the Christian land of Ethiopia. If you don’t like the Amharic language, then create your own language or use your existing uncultured, untested, and unrefined language and live with it. We have no time to copy all the millions of books in the Amharic language and transfer them to the other unknown and very obscure languages. Only God knows how many of these conspicuous local languages have their own alphabets! You want to change the Amharic language because you want to make your own history, using your own local language in stead of the national language, the Amharic language.

Your alphabet alone is not going to give you a history of your own that distinguishes you from the Amhara people. Any one who tries to be different from the Amhara people is the enemy of Ethiopia because the history of the Amhara people is the history of all the Ethiopian people. The language of the Amhara people is the language of all the Ethiopian people. Therefore, Amharic is your language; Amharic is my language; Amharic is the language of my children, and the language of their children’s children, and when Jesus comes, he is going to speak to each one of us in the Amharic language because Amharic is the language of the angles. Besides, when Jesus was on this earth, he spoke in Aramaic language, a Semitic language, similar to the Amharic language. In this case, the Amharic language is a divine language. If you promote your own local language to be a national language, that language of yours will be a language without history of its own, and before you make your own history for your own language, Jesus will be here and all the languages will be forgotten but the Amharic language, the language of the Angels and Saints.

It seems you are on denial of the outspokenness and immense intelligence of the Tegaru students: you continue to tell me other students are also outspoken and intelligent. The point you have failed to admit is that I am not talking about the intelligence of the other students; I am simply witnessing about the smartness, the sharp mindedness, the adroitness, the skillfulness, the extra ordinary astuteness of the Tegaru students, may God bless them all!

Don’t you think the Tegaru are smart people and at that a well dedicated Christians? Don’t you know the children of these Christian Tegaru at AAU are also very intelligent people, and that is why some of them wrote the graffiti and posted them on some visible walls? To write graffiti needs intelligence and creativity. There are people whose specialties are in writing very colorful and attractive graffiti, and they are paid for their demanding and appealing work. You are disparaging the Tegaru students who expressed their thoughts in writing graffiti while I am praising them and declaring them daring heroes.

Do you have a problem with the Tegaru students whose fathers and mothers are the rulers of 90 million Ethiopians and who are holding the country together and protecting her from the Jihadist Muslims?

01/19/13 @ 17:35
Comment from: Ts [Visitor]

Dear Assta B. Gettu

Thank you again. I think that I explained above. That is it. Also I posted on similar responses under a topic to be discussed: “From Minnesota to Ethiopia: U.S. soccer star Fuad Ibrahim eyes Africa Cup of Nations chance". We discussed about the definition of “Woyane". However, my whole post was removed by someone for I know none reasons. Though I posted my response next to the question of “Tamrat Tamrat” who has asked me “why do we call them then Woyane!”

Is that possible to repost my answers by remover?

As to my understanding about current government of Ethiopia, I am one of a people who like EPRDF and each of its respective regional administrators: TPLF, OPDO etc. My main response is that this a regime who has brought some freedom relative to the previous oppressor regimes. For example, freedom of language for each regions is a first in its kind.

Naturally I never hate any Ethnic groups irrespective of where they live. But real terrorists must be punished.

But mass media or human right watch has indicated that there are biased, corruption, arbitrary detention, misuse of terrorism law, religion and others issues in Ethiopia. I believe that this shall be corrected, or gov’t can either disprove these allegations by using similar media for public views transparently. If there is false allegation against government, no one buy or sell the business of mass media because its credibility matters in market. Gov’t needn’t put them in jails but if any defamatory issues, they can file civil suit in Court for dispute, without gov’t put people in jails. It will be good business: One pay, the other gets monetary rewards.

It is your view that Amharic is superior to others. My view is that all languages: Oromo, Tigregna, Afar are as important as Amharic language for many reasons I stated in our previous discussion.

No one deny that majority of Ethiopian believes in Christianity followed by Islam religions. Your argument is unfounded to suggest me as if I were a follower of the religion you stated. Even I can believe on whatever languages I like or none at all. Shortly, you don’t need to speculate about my personal affairs.

I firmly confirm to you that Amharic language is not Christian religion. There are a number of Christian but their primary language is not Amharic. Nowadays since most people know that politics and religions are correlated, you don’t need to tie Amharic language with religion for a rent. I assure that it would not pay any credibility. Take an example in the country you are living now. There are many Tiranga/Tigrie speakers, many Oromo speakers both came from Ethiopia, and both are Christian religion followers by their own language. Because they like or understand more their own mother tongue than a secondary acquired Amharic language for them or even they may not willing to speak it and no one force them to do it. These doesn’t mean by any means that these people hate Amhara. The same for me!

I believe that EPRDF will strengthen decentralization and freedom: speech, languages, culture, religions etc, for which EPRDF are praised by Ethiopian because EPRDF is the first political institution in Ethiopia history who has started democratization in Ethiopia.

My statement through out my life which is not related to the above discussion:
“Only ignorant hates others Ethnicity. Only evil ignites terrorism. Only doom insists to to give culture and linguistic without the will of the receivers. Only civilized and educated person supports freedom and multiculturalism".

Peace and development for the World.

01/20/13 @ 01:23
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Member]
Assta B. Gettu

Dear Ts (visitor),

I think you may ask why your post is removed, and you may tell the editor if it is possible you can repost it.

You are mistaken when you asseverated: “For example, freedom of language for each regions is a first in its kind.”

Since the inception of Ethiopia per se, the Ethiopian people have been using their local languages, and no Ethiopian Christian government has ever imposed the Amharic language upon them. Of course, these prudent Ethiopian Christian rulers have known that using one language as a national language will help them unite their country, and for that reason they have chosen the Amharic language, which is a good choice in itself since the Amharic language and Christianity go hand in hand. It has been the dreams of many Ethiopian Christian leaders that every Ethiopian to become a Christian, and every Ethiopian is able to speak in Amharic language that has almost become the language of the Christian Church in the Christian land of Ethiopia.

Punishing few Jihadist terrorists is not going to deter the spread of terrorism in the Christian land of Ethiopia, but finding the root cause of terrorism and completely outlawing it will bring an end to terrorism.

The main cause of terrorism is Islam, a religion of violence, hostility, and deception: Muslim children are taught at their schools how to practice Jihad (warfare), how to maim, stone, and behead non Muslims. If Christian Ethiopia prohibits people from reading the satanic Quran and completely outlaws Islam, then there will be a lasting peace in the Christian land of Ethiopia. However, if the government of Ethiopia, for the sake of religious freedom or for the sake of political correctness ignores the root cause of terrorism, it is doing a disservice to the millions of law-abiding Ethiopian citizens.

Almost all Ethiopians speak the Amharic language and the Amharic language is a historical language: its history goes back to Jesus Christ, whose language was the Aramaic language. For example, if you read Mark 5:38-41, you will see Jesus using the Aramaic word “koum,” which is the same with the Amharic word “koum,” that means “stand up.” The Amharic word has many other words similar to the Aramaic words. The Amharic language has a long history that goes back to Abraham, and one can still find some Amharic words in the Kaldian language, and that is why I am saying the Amharic language is superior to the other Ethiopian local languages. It has a history; it has a beauty; and it has flexibility and richness in expressing almost any thing because it has been in use for hundreds of years. Briefly, the Amharic language will be, if it has not been yet, the mother tongue for all Ethiopian children by choice.

You admit the majorities of Ethiopians embrace Christianity, but you made a mistake when you put Islam as a second religion to Christianity. There is no such a thing as a second religion called Islam in the Christian land of Ethiopia. When you declare Islam as a second religion in Ethiopia, you are making the Jihadist Muslims in Ethiopia happy and proud that their religion is second to Christianity in the Christian land of Ethiopia. I do not recognize the existence of Islam as a religion in the Christian land of Ethiopia. I only recognize Islam as a second political ideology to the government of Ethiopia and as a big threat to the survival of the Ethiopian Christian government. No doubt in my mind Muslims will overthrow the Ethiopian government and change Ethiopia to an Islamic country governed by the Sharia law. As far as the Ethiopian Christian government is using placatory methods with Muslims for political reasons and refusing to outlaw Islam from the Christian land of Ethiopia, the Ethiopian government will never be able to put the Jihadist Muslims under its control.

Wittingly or unknowingly, you stated:

“I believe that EPRDF will strengthen decentralization and freedom: speech, languages, culture, religions etc, for which EPRDF are praised by Ethiopian because EPRDF is the first political institution in Ethiopia history who has started democratization in Ethiopia.”

Your statement shows you believe in the cessation or fragmentation of the Christian land of Ethiopia when you say EPRDF will strengthen decentralization. I prefer centralization to decentralization because there is more freedom, more movement, more unity, more equality, more security, and more love of one’s country in a centralized government. In a centralized government, there will be no terrorism; there will be no other religion, no other flag, and no other faith. In a centralized government, there will be one religion – Christianity. There will be one flag – the Ethiopian flag. There will be one language – the Amharic language, and there will be one government – the Christian government.

This is the way I will run my Christian country if elected, but right now I am too young to govern my Christian country. Of course, I am talking in euphemism here if you understand what I am saying.

You are not fair in giving credits to the oppressive EPRDF for starting democratization in Ethiopia: Ethiopia has never been ruled by any democratically elected leader. Not yet! May be after 100 years, Ethiopia will be able to freely elect her own leader with ballots, not with bullets.

Peace for the peace seekers – the Christians, the Hindus, the Jews etc – and death for the death seekers – the Jihadist Muslims!

01/20/13 @ 15:59
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Member]
Assta B. Gettu

No, no, no, don’t change my name to melekot, I am Assta B. Gettu. What is the problem with you,

Readers, the above comment is Assta B. Gettu’s comment, not melekot’s.

I asked to send him one article; then he wanted me to have a new user name and a new password. Now, he is changing my name to a fake name, melekot. I don’t want that at all! Please,, take melekot out and put back Assta B. Gettu.

Thank you!

01/20/13 @ 16:14
Comment from: misleading [Visitor]

The only problem is the Muslims have their own region where they can practice their religion and their language, as the Christians also have their own region to practice their religion. The only problem is when everyone starts to consider Addis is Ethiopia, which it is not in reality. It is a region, as a capital city shared by all Ethiopians of all backgrounds, such as ethnicity and religion affiliation. Therefore, it is just wasting precious time, because no Muslim wants to go and build a mosque in Gonder for example, or even in Bahr Dar, which is more of a cosmopolitan city. When you talk about Dessie or Wollo, probably Muslims and Christians have no choice other than living together, because the adherents of both religions might number the same. And the poster by the name Assta B. Gettu does not know what he is talking about because he is too narrow minded to say the least, because there is not the kind of Ethiopia he is talking about and it seems what he is talking about is Addis. If you go south into Oromia starting from Shoa that includes Addis, there are Muslim Oromos, Christian Oromos, and those who believe in the local religion that was there before both religions were introduced in that region and that would probably become the religion all Oromos should follow some day in the future, for the sake of unification, by borrowing all the good things from all religions they support. The mentioned poster is sounding a bit unrealistic, because there is no Ethiopia that adheres to the Christian religion only or that speaks Amharic only, as all regions are embracing their own religion and language.

01/20/13 @ 20:05
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Member]
Assta B. Gettu

misleading, misguiding, misinforming, (visitor),

A Jihadist Muslim like you and your likes have no place in the Christian land of Ethiopia. From East to Wes and from North to South – all lands belong to the people of Christian Ethiopia. You have been living for 1400 years under the Christian kingdom, and now you are flexing your mussels on the indigenous Ethiopian Christians. Muslims have no place to practice their cultish religion and their bedouwin Arabic language in the holy land of Christian Ethiopia.

We have allowed you to practice your fake religion the way you want, and you have been doing it until you have started burning Christian Churches and protesting illegally in our Christian city of Addis Ababa. You are not going to build new Mosques not only in Gondar but in all places throughout the Christian land of Ethiopia. We are sick of you! The whole world is tired of you and doesn’t know how to tame you because you are beasts and worshipers of jinn/devils.

We know your plans; we know your hidden agenda, and we know that you are agents of foreign Muslim powers. We are not the same kindler and gentler generation like our ancestors who forgave you after you had betrayed them during the Gragn Muhammad war. But now for a single violation of our Christian rule you may commit, we will double the punishment against you; we don’t even bother to bring you to court: we immediately deport you to the Muslim-Arab world where you can be treated there less than a slave.

In Wollo, it is the Muslims, no matter their number, who have no other choice but to live peacefully with the majority Wollo Christians. The Wollo Christians have many choices in their Christian region: they can kick out the Muslims within 24 hours or leave them where they are as far as they are subservient to the Wollo Christians. Do you think we Ethiopian Christians will ever forget what these traitorous Wollo Muslims did to our retreating Christian soldiers from the Mussolini poison gas? Our soldiers were tired, hungry, and thirsty, and they had to go through the Wollo province to Addis Ababa; however, the Wollo Muslims attacked our Christian soldiers instead of giving them water and food. Our great Emperor Haile Selassie never forgot what these bastard Wollo Muslims did to his army, but as a true Christian king, he never retaliated against these foreign Wollo Muslims.

Mr. misleading, whatever your screen name is, I know very well what I am talking about: I am talking about the new settlers or guests, the Muslims in the Christian land of Ethiopia. These Muslims have no roots in the Christian land of Ethiopia. We accepted them many, many years ago when they came to our land, begged us, and entreated us to settle in our Christian country because their country men had been tormenting them and threatening to kill them. We accepted them, allowed them to settle, and protected them from their persecutors. They were very few in numbers, and now they are over 30 millions, and very soon they are going to outnumber us because they breed like ants. Ants are, of course, sociable animals, but these Muslims are anti-Christians, anti-Jews, anti-Hindus but they have always been pro Muslims, pro Arabs, and pro Islamist Jihadists. To tell the truth, we don’t need them in our Christian country. They are claiming now that the South is a Muslim region: it is not true; the South is a Christian region as well as the East. Muslims have no place in Ethiopia, and I have said this repeatedly.

The Ethiopian Christians do not know what these Muslims in Ethiopia are doing right now: they are clandestinely arming themselves; they are calling every Muslim in Ethiopia and informing him to arm himself for that great day, the day when all Muslims stand up together and over throw the Ethiopian Christian government with the help of Somalia, North Sudan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and other Arab-Muslim countries. We must be ready for that great day; our weapons may not help us to win that great day but our daily prayer to our Lord Jesus Christ will deliver us from these treasonous Muslims in the Christian land of Ethiopia.

The Muslims in Ethiopia are telling you that Muslims and Christians in Ethiopia have lived together in peace for a long time, and they can live the same today. Don’t ever be mislead by such misleading words. Today’s Muslims are different form the old day’s Muslims. Today’s Muslims in Ethiopia are affiliated with the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, with the Al Kaida movement, with the Al Shaba organization, and with many other Muslim terrorists. The Saudi government finances all these terrorist movements.

A befuddled person like you always dreams the Oromos will have their local religion in the future, ignoring Christianity, the religion of the most civilized world. You want Oromia to go back to animism, which is better than Islam, of course, but we Christian Ethiopians will never allow Oromia to embrace its old religion. Our Christian King Emperor Menelik II had spent his precious time and a lot of money to Christianize Oromia and to bring her to the Christian community. We understand the Muslims in Oromia are the number one trouble makers: they are the ones who burn Christian Churches, Christian schools, and destroy Christian properties. If they do the same mistake, that will be their end, and they will never see Oromia, our Christian land, again.

If you have ears to hear, eyes to see, feelings to touch, tests that identify sourness from bitterness, and brains that memorize the past and the present, there are only two elements that have unified Ethiopia for hundreds of years, and these two elements are Christianity and the Amharic language. It is because of these two factors, thanks to the ingenuities of the Ethiopian Christians, you are today alive and well in the Christian land of Ethiopia. Let me reiterate what I have said before: there is no Ethiopia without Christianity and without the Amharic language; the rest are just auxiliaries, not the main verbs and the main subjects. The main verbs and the main subjects are Christianity and the Amharic language. I cannot be clearer than this.

Long live Ethiopia’s Christianity and the Amharic language that kept Ethiopia’s unity!

01/20/13 @ 23:28
Comment from: Ts [Visitor]

@Assta B. Gettu

I tell what is reality and know about it very well so you do not need to imply me “Wittingly or unknowingly". If you need evidence for what I said or says, please ask me a refernce.

I have closed my point of discussions by summarizing: Many Christian Ethiopian believe in Christianity. Those christian use their mother tongue: Oromo, Tigrie, Wolaytta, Amharic ect.They already interpreted biblical scripts to their respective local languages. Hence, Amharic langauge is one of the languages used by people who want to use it-at their will. Others use their own preferred local languages, and even international languages including English . There is no specific reason to use Amharic langauge at all by all people. Even no one will have interest as you seems insisting on it. So, it is better not to tie Amharic language with religion. That is it.

Each regions will strengthen their own mother tongue. Local national language will be Amharic and Oromo. This decentralization of language will increase centralization of economic development. Here, I mean, if people uses the language they want it, if people use the language they undersand it, they easily reach in agreement and understand to be engaged in economic activity. In turn, this will increases integret and capitalization of economic actvities at national level. For international purpose, English and other major languages will be used whenever necessary. For example, if someone want to sell local produced textile dress in USA to Ethiopian person who prefer to speak only Amharic language, the deal will be by the same.

I understand you informed me about yours: “right now I am too young to govern my Christian country.” But I guess that you have high potential to relate language and politics by using religion as a catalist bridge. Also I can guess that you have high potential to be country leader or religious leader.

I have suggestion to you so now. I repeart, primerly, there is no doubt that you have high potential to preach. Religion is very important for some people who get satisfaction from praying for them. Nowdays, I know that there are many branches of christian religions in Ethiopia: Orthodox, Chatolic, protestants, Evanglistics etc. Though I don’t need to know on which one you may have more interested,what if you go back home and serve the religion services as you are doing now? I am sure that you will heal some people.

Altenatively, given your status, I heard that there is short cut to be top politician including to be president. What if you simply apply for this position just without competing for vote because vote may take sometimes, or even you can compete for vote. Otherwise, I don’t have anything to suggest for you now.

I have one specific question to you:
Do you like now the way the Ethiopian country have government e.g. Prime Ministy Desalegn Hailemariam because he is a christian?

Things are changing overtime: Youth like to see peace, a real economic development, education, innovation of technology, jobs. Due to advancement of technology and education, youth and children are becoming very smart and tolerant.

01/21/13 @ 04:03
Comment from: misleading [Visitor]

Cry baby Assta B. Gettu

You are making a grave mistake because you think time is behind you and you are bashing the Muslims claiming that they are hated around the world, simply because they stood their ground against imperialists such as the Americans and you forget their number. First of all, the main reason why Islam became acceptable in that region was to fend off the threat that started immolating from the north, the only Christian region in the country, because you should be aware of that both adherents are like water and oil that cannot mix whatsoever. There was no better way for the inhabitants of the region to make themselves different from the northerners other than becoming adherents of Islam. It is the run away emye Minilik that toppled that because he had to feed himself and his followers and pulled a great stunt either by deceiving the Europeans or by demonstrating to them that the so called descendents of Prester John should also be allowed to have their own colonies and how he armed himself is history. No Christian or northerner belongs in that region. Like the deceased PM was saying, it is a “one hundred year teret teret” good only for small children. The other thing that evades you seems to be what Christianity itself is. It is a religion where certain group of people agreed to follow and adhere to certain beliefs and ways of doing things, period. And you can count many religions like that around the world other than the two religions we are talking about here and since both religions have served their purpose among the Oromos, it might be a high time to look towards coming up with their own beliefs and way of doing things that will unify them. It is obvious you dislike Islam and I do not have anything against it except that anyone can tell you are taking advantage of the current situation to exacerbate the situation and you’re crying wolf. Islam did not start in Oromia region and it cannot be 1400 years old in that region since it started around 600 AD, but if you were trying to say it started around 1400 AD in that region you will be correct, because that was the time the south become aware of the existence of a deadly threat from the north and started taking godforsaken measures that have paid off handsomely so far, and some corrections here and there could do wonders in the future. The other thing is Ethiopians all over the place are talking about living together by giving everyone equal representation and you are an odd ball to come out of no where and opening an old grave because what you are dreaming of is dead. You should be fair-minded to exist in the new Ethiopia.

01/21/13 @ 10:28
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

misleading (visitor),

Due to your deficiency of vitamin “A,” in your poor diet, your nyctalopia is so sever that you are unable to see clearly what Christian America is doing in that backward Arab-Muslim countries. And yet you call America an imperialist country for educating, training, and leading the Arab-Muslim bedouwin and improving their filthy way of life for thousands of years.

You are a depraved Jihadist Muslim who brags the Arab-Muslim nations have stood up their ground against the Americans whom you call the imperialists. If your deceptive Islamic words are genuine about your false asseverations, where is Saddam Hussein of Iraq today? Where is Muhammad Kaddafi of Libya? Where is your master Osama bin laden, and where are your cousins, the Taliban?

Are you propagating to the rest of the world the Arab-Muslim nations are very proud of their braveries and their stamina against the power of any democratic country?

Do you remember the Six-Day-Arab-Israeli War in 1967 where seven Islamist Arab nations fought against a tiny nation, the state of Israel, the only democratic country in the Middle East? What happened then? Who won the war? How many days did the war take to end?

The war took Israel only six days to defeat the seven well-armed Arab-Muslim countries, and Israel drove the backward Arab-Muslim people to the desert to tend their camels there. It was, in fact, the Israeli girls who defeated those cowardly Arab-Muslim nations and humiliated them forever. These sex-addicted and human trafficker Arab-Muslim and pitiful creatures never recovered to this day from their disgrace and humiliation as the result of their disastrous defeat by the Israel smart girl Pilates.

You must also remember how Christian Ethiopia crashed that ancestor of yours, the Jihadist Muslim Gragn Muhammad with his foreign Turkish mercenary soldiers, and killed him and his supporters; the Ethiopian Muslims who supported Gragn Muhammad were ashamed of their evil actions and couldn’t see the gallant Ethiopian Christians in the eyes until Mengistu Haile Mariam spoiled them by putting them up with the Christian leaders. They are now abusing their Islamic status and hatching treasons to destroy our Christian histories and superiorities. This is where the bravery of Muslims ends and never to be seen again except by resorting to terrorism and by blowing up buildings and destroying human lives. This is not an act of bravery: it is an act of inferiority, an act of lawlessness, an act of desperation, an act of low levelness, and an act of immorality.

The backward Ethiopian Muslims have also resorted to these acts of lawlessness by protesting and shouting “Allah Akbar,” a slogan they have learned from their masters the Arab Muslims who sold their ancestors, enslaved them, and used them as their sex objects. Islam is the religion of the Arabs: it is not the religion of the black Africans. The North Sudanese claim they are Arabs because of their Arab religion; in reality, the true Arabs, such as the Saudis and others, execrate the Black-Muslim Sudanese for calling themselves Arabs, and these Sudanese Muslims are not treated equally in the Arab-Muslim world; so are the Somalis!

The Muslims in Oromia and in other parts of the Christian land of Ethiopia know very well they have no any other country that treat them fairly except the Christian land of Ethiopia, and that is why they have lived for 1400 years in this Christian land of Ethiopia. They are now claiming the South as their own Muslim country, and no Amhara or Tigray people are allowed to live in Oromia. When they say this, they know they are incurring a disaster that would deracinate them from the Christian land of Oromia and from other Christian regions of Ethiopia.

This unlettered Muslim, whose screen name is “misguiding,” scribbled the following misleading statements:

“First of all, the main reason why Islam became acceptable in that region was to fend off the threat that started immolating from the north, the only Christian region in the country, because you should be aware of that both adherents are like water and oil that cannot mix whatsoever.”

I don’t think Mr. misguiding, understands the definition of the word “immolating,” which means offering human sacrifices to a blood-thirsty god. And if he is implying this word to the Amharas and to the Tegaru, he is absolutely wrong. That word belongs to Aztecs in the old days, not to the Amharas and to the Tegaru.

This is, indeed, a serious accusation, and no wonder why he chose his screen name as “misguiding.” The Ethiopian Chronicles and many other reliable sources testify the North has been the cradle of civilization, the source of Christianity, the source of art, creativity, and the source of modernity. No historian could say the North has been immolating humans. It was in fact the South that believed in paganism used to believe in some kind of sacrifice, and it was this kind of paganism the North was against and started working hard in civilizing the south.

You are, of course, misleading the readers when you say the North is the only Christian country, ignoring millions of Christians in many parts of Ethiopia. What you are saying is that except the North, all Ethiopian regions are Muslims. You are simply hallucinating like the rest of the Arab-Muslim nations who are still dreaming for the Islamization of the entire world. It will never happen!

On the other hand, you are affirming the fact that I have been declaring for a long time on this web site that the Muslims in Ethiopia and the indigenous Ethiopian Christians cannot live together in peace.

Your statement, “…you should be aware of that both adherents are like water and oil that cannot mix whatsoever,” confirms the reality that Christians, the true followers of Jesus Christ, and Muslims, the true followers of the false prophet Muhammad, cannot live together in peace any more, and the kind of life they are living now is a symbiotic life.

The Muslims in Ethiopia continue demanding more privileges, more power, more religious freedom, more buildings of new Mosques in the Christian land of Ethiopia, more wives, and more breeding to outnumber the Christians. In this way, it is true, the Muslims are the oils and the Christians are the waters. It is a universal fact oil and water never mix together, for this fundamental truth, we Ethiopian Christians do not need the Muslim oil: we are satisfied with our pure water – the Nile and the other big rivers we have; therefore, we must burn the oil because it has been polluting the natural beauties of our Christian country. The Muslims in Ethiopia are the main reasons for the scarcity of water in our Christian city of Addis Ababa because Muslims wash their bodies five times a day. The bodies of Muslim men get dirty very easily for a simple reason that each Muslim man has more than four wives and has to make love every hour to each one of his wives; hence, he must wash his body five times a day.

We immaculate Christians cannot mix ourselves with mendacious and decadent Muslims in the Christian land of Ethiopia. We must work hard toward modernizing these backward Muslims in Ethiopia. Those who became Muslims without understanding what the Quran says about Islam and Muslims, we must explain the Quran and the Hadith to them in the language they can easily understand. I am 100% sure the Muslims in Ethiopia do not understand who Muhammad was and what he did when he was on this earth. Muhammad raped a nine-year-old girl, Aisha. He had had more than 20 wives and over 100 concubines. He had killed a woman’s husband in front of her eyes and raped the woman. He had killed 900 Jewish men of Yathrib in one day and had enslaved their wives and their children. Muhammad was a murderer, a prostitute, a Black Stone worshiper, a terrorist, and a liar. And how can such a person be called a prophet?

The Muslims in Ethiopia must understand these historical facts before they claim their prophet is Muhammad, the Arab merchant, the Arab thief, the Arab idol worshiper, the Black African haters, and the black dog killers, and that is why, to this day, most Muslims do not raise dogs. They hate dogs! readers, you must please read very carefully what this person, whose screen name is “misleading,” wrote:

“There was no better way for the inhabitants of the region to make themselves different from the northerners other than becoming adherents of Islam.”

In the first place why do they want to be different from the Christian North, and why do they have to choose an Arab religion – Islam instead of following their old religion – animism? Which one is better, Islam or animism?

Second, they are not the inhabitants of that land: they are occupiers. The Ottoman Empire brought them from some parts of Africa and put them there illegally. Then, Menelik II allowed them to stay where they are now if they abandoned their animism, and most of them did that and became Christians. According to your statement, the inhabitants of Oromia region became Muslims just to be different from the Christian North. In this case, the Oromo Muslims are simply Muslims in name only, not necessarily in practice; therefore, they are not really Muslims or Christians or animists; then they must be atheists.

In your other misguided and confused statement you stated irrationally:

“No Christian or northerner belongs in that region.”

Christianity is not limited to the Northerners or to the Highlanders: Christianity belongs to all Ethiopians, and that is why Ethiopia is called “An Island of Christianity.” Ethiopian Christians are the rulers of the whole Ethiopia, and Muslims in Ethiopia are some of the subjects of the Ethiopian Christian leaders. You must accept these facts; otherwise leave the country and go either to Turkey or to Saudi Arabia. You are the one who do not belong to Oromia: Oromia is a Christian country, not a Muslim country even though you have burnet down some Christian Churches to expose your hatred toward the Ethiopian Christians, you will have no more rights to burn our Christian Churches, and you will have no more rights to build any Mosques in Oromia or in any other parts of the Christian land of Ethiopia.

I am glad you understand I hate Islam because Islam is the source of evilness in the entire world; Islam is a fake religion created by a fake prophet Muhammad. In Islam, there is no freedom and the equality of women with men. Islam is incompatible with democracy. Islam is backwardness, and that is why my Christian country is still behind because of the 30 million useless Muslims in Ethiopia. Islam has never contributed to our modern society for the whole 1400 years. Therefore, the west is ready to completely annihilate Islam from the face of this earth.

Whether it is old or new, Islam does not belong to Oromia or to any other Ethiopian regions: Islam belongs to Mecca or to Turkey; therefore, you do not belong to Ethiopia; Oromia is part of Ethiopia; Ethiopia is a Christian country; hence, Oromia is a Christian entity if you understand basic syllogism.

You cannot hide in Oromia and create confusions in our Christian kingdom: we can easily drive you out of Oromia and send you to where you came from. Oromia is not a hiding place for the Jihadist Muslims of your kind with a new religion – Islam. Oromia, like the Madrasses in Pakistan, is not a training center for the Muslim Jihadists. Get out of Christian Oromia and go to one of the Arabian Peninsulas and live there and perish there with all your children, with all your wives, with all your concubines, and with all your camels.

01/21/13 @ 19:45
Comment from: Tracking [Visitor]

We advise you to stop a divisive approach in a region or ethnicity! You can continue your spiritual life.

01/22/13 @ 02:23
Comment from: still misleading [Visitor]
still misleading

Assta B. Gettu

The first thing I want to correct is that word “immolating” was supposed to be “emanating” and you should have guessed that from the structure of the sentence. In my humble opinion why Christian America is doing what it is doing in the Muslim country is because of lack of choice since the inhabitants of that region are very militant and exactly know what the Americans are after. In a situation like this there is no other way than appeasing the situation by doing exactly what they are doing, which is developing the region under the scrutiny of the whole world. It is also to their advantage, because the region is rich and if they become civilized they will be American customers similar to the Chinese and others that are buying American goods.

Those individuals you mentioned will always remain to be heroes who had served a very vital purpose, but whose time had to come to an end somehow and the way they died is honorable, because they died while they were fighting for what they believed in, whether onlookers believe they were right or wrong. Especially Sadam and Gadafe have done a lot to their respective countries, but as it is the case in all non-democratic countries, they ended up being despots and it will be difficult to get rid off them since they can build a strong network of interest groups around them, whose interest they look after hand in hand with their own. What the West did in getting rid of this very powerful despots is helping the people of those regions attain some level of democracy and is commendable. Of course, Bin Ladin is an oddball like you, hates Americans to the death, and decided to make their life miserable, because perhaps he knows exactly what they want. And if people like him were not making all that noise and take some of the terrible measures they took that no one supports, your good friends might have thought everyone is sleeping and would have tried to pull the rug under everyone’s feet.

There is no Israeli people in that region as far as I am concerned, they are all godforsaken Europeans who are pretending to be Jews by holding a few Jews hostage and they are after the oil. Everyone knows that except maybe you. Because of that it is not a big surprise, because the European Israelis could fight any country and could inflict serious damage. And you did not really crush Gragne Ahmed if you had read the history, it was just a fluke and you could have lost that war like you have lost the life of Dagamma in that war.

If you claim Islam is not the religion of the Africans, what made you think Christianity should be the appropriate religion for Africans, because both are foreign to Africans, provided that you consider yourself to be African in the first place, because you are not. That is the reason why I propagate that the Oromos will be better off to develop their own Gadda system or whatever they call it, but you northerners would have to become animist or you will have go back to be your pagan religion that worships all sorts of gods before you became Christian around 400 AD.

You are right about how the Arabs treat black Africans whom they were selling as slaves and the same applies to white Christians, because no black people is equal to their stature that includes you, although it might not matter because you are foreign to that continent and they might have a different place for you, as well as a role. If you are going to tell me that you are accepted at an equal basis among the Western civilization, you will be deceiving yourself the reason why you will be better off to focus on areas that will bring everyone together, instead of trying to take advantage of a situation and start brown nosing the deadly imperialists that everyone is trying to keep away from them.

Your problem is you still deny the fact that when you talk about the southern part of the country, it only accepted Islam around the 14th century, as the northerners accepted Christianity in the 4th century. The other Muslims you are talking about were the merchants that had been traveling across the country to fetch goods and most of them were in fact Arabs not Habashas like you and it is those you are mistaking the Oromos for, to whom you have provided land or whatever and they are the ones you are afraid of. The Oromos had refused to become Muslims while their neighbors such as the Somalis accepted the faith readily. In fact the name Galla means non-Muslim or the one who refused to accept Islam telling you that they were never Muslims for 1400 years, it is a new phenomenon and they have every right to use it to serve them any purpose, including enriching their spiritual life. The other thing is the only Christians in the south are the neftegnas, maybe their subjects made up of some Oromos, especially from Shoa region and Protestants who were converted through the work of missionaries. Other than that there are no southern Oromos that have accepted especially the Coptic faith as far as I know.

I think practicing religion means to do certain things such as going to a worshiping place or to fast or to do certain things such as following what the teachings or the sacred books are saying. Other than that, for me at least you are sounding wearied, because there is nothing else to it. Here you have to distinguish different kinds of Muslims as far as I am concerned, those that have direct relation to Arabs, which are those who are Arabs themselves and those who are Africans, because their drive to spread Islam might not be the same. Deep down they know that it is not their indigenous religion, but a conventional arrangement they chose than to be forced to become Christians and wallow in more disillusions, because it will give the upper hand for those who want to take advantage of them such as the northern Christians who had accepted the foreign faith as their own, because they were pagans and had no faith whatsoever, not even anything that resembles a Gadda.

The fact is that no northerner that is Semitic Habesha belongs in the south except the Somalis, which is inhabited for the most part by Cushetic people. This is a fact proven scientifically. Therefore, what I advise you is to give up this very lowly rhetoric of brown-nosing, because the world has changed under your nose and you are an offshoot of the derailed Axumite kingdom that was forced to look for land elsewhere because they had exhausted their northern region. Be grateful that region had accommodated you and had allowed you to be intermarried in the first place. And then I can bet that you are not from Gonder or Gojam, because those people are proud of their heritage and are developing their region that is as rich as the South. It is only a runaway Minlik follower like you who would blabber all this stuff openly, asking the world you are calling civilized to help you colonize another region using religion as instrument, when everyone knows you are the most disgusting lazy aboriginal on the face of the earth who does not even want to do a decent day’s work, but aspire to go out and plunder other peoples hard work. You can use your education or ability to do a lot of useful things for the country you are claiming to be you motherland, instead of trying to resurrect the ghost of Menilk the invader.

01/22/13 @ 12:36
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Tracking (visitor),

Tracking is a better screen name than the screen name: “misleading!”

However, who are you? How many of you are there?

It is only the Queen of England, the King of Jordan, the king of Saudi Arabia, and other Royal families and dignitaries who can say: “We!” Are you one of the Saudi’s royal families?

In your majestic or pompous word, you harangued:

“We advise you to stop a divisive approach in a region or ethnicity! You can continue your spiritual life.”

Which region are you talking about? Are you talking about my Oromia, my Ogaden, my Harar, or simply one of my other Christian regions? I think it is a great arcanum for you not to be specific, or you just do not know what you are talking about.

For your information, I have the absolute prerogative, the absolute freedom, and the absolute privilege to talk about any one of the Ethiopian regions, for they all belong to me and I to them. All of them have taken great care of me, and it is now my turn to take care of them, to guide them in the right way – the way of Jesus Christ, who died for my sin and for their sins – to protect them from the people of deceptions – the Jihadist Muslims in the Christian land of Ethiopia – and to inform them the wickedness, the lies, the hostilities, and the shenanigans of the Arab-Muslim nations, the historical enemies of the Christian land of Ethiopia.

Yes, I am here to create divisions between the evils – the Muslims in Ethiopia – and the goods – the Ethiopian Christians, the guardians of Christian Ethiopia. I am here to bring war, not peace; I am here to lead the Christians to the battlefield to crash the power of Satan – Muhammad the false prophet. Then there will be eternal peace on this earth once Islam is destroyed completely.

Don’t you recall what that Great Teacher of all ages, Jesus Christ, told his audience? He told them in absolute certainty:

“Do you think I came to bring peace on earth? No, I tell you, but division. From now on there will be five in one family divided against each other, three against two and two against three. They will be divided, father against son and son against father, mother against daughter and daughter against mother, mother-in-law against daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law against mother-in-law” (Luke 12:51).

Following the footsteps of my Lord Jesus Christ, I will create divisions between Muslim children and Christian children, between Muslim imams and Christian priests, between Muslim wives and Christian wives, between Mosques and Churches, between the satanic Quran and the Holy Bible, between Jesus Christ the Great Prophet and Muhammad the false prophet, between Allah, the moon-god, and the creator of the whole world, God the Father through his begotten Son, Jesus Christ.

Muslims, masquerading as peaceful people who accept Jesus Christ as a prophet and as a good man, have been divesting Christian Ethiopia of many of her poor Christian children by converting them to Islam, and then selling them to the Arab-Muslim world to be used as domestic slaves and sex gratifiers. The Ethiopian Christian government must create a reserved area for Muslims in Ethiopia and put all the Muslims and the Arab Muslims in that Government Designated Ethiopian Muslims Reservation.

Such a unique place would help the Ethiopian Christian government to control the Jihadist Muslim movement without wasting plenty of time searching where these Jihadist Muslims are living. Since Muslims consider themselves purer than the non-Muslims, they must live in a reservation assigned to them and be saved from being contaminated by the infidels – the Jews, the Christians, the Hindus, and the many other non-Muslims. Muslims in general do not want to integrate into a non-Muslim society; therefore, they must be confined to a reservation given them by the government. These peculiar and teetotal Muslims deserve to be confined to a small area so that they can learn the value of space. When the space given to them becomes too crowded, then they would understand the advantage of family planning.

Mr. Tracker, you can vividly see now how factious or divisive my views are and of course beneficial to both the Muslims in Ethiopia and the Ethiopian Christians. The Muslims in Ethiopia always want to live by themselves, and the Ethiopian Christians have always been friendly to Muslims and to non-Muslims; however, the Muslim prophet Muhammad had told his followers:

1. “Believers, take not Jews and Christians for your friend” (Quran 5:51).

2. “The Messenger said, ‘Two religions cannot coexist together…” (Tabari VIII: 130).

3. “Muslims are one Ummah (community) to the exclusion of all men. Believers are friends of one another to the exclusion of all outsiders” (Ishaq: 231).

Mr. Tracker, you can judge for yourself now: Who do you think has more divisive views, Assta B. Gettu or the false prophet Muhammad after you have read those three Quranic verses?

You wrote: “You can continue your spiritual life.”

How do you know whether I have spiritual life or carnal life? What is spiritual life, and what is carnal life? How do you identify a spiritual person from a carnal one? Spiritual life and carnal life will be great topics to explore in the future on this web site. For now I will leave you here with my divisive view points to consider or to reject.

01/22/13 @ 13:08
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

still misleading (visitor),

You have added another word to your misleading screen name, but whatever word you add to your screen name, your screen name remains “misleading,” and this screen name of yours defines who you are, what faith you believe in, and what god you worship.

As a misleading, deceiving, and lackadaisical person, you must first apologies the readers for misleading them by using a word that you have no clue at all, and that word you purposely used is “immolating,” and now you want to put your slap-dash writing on me for not guessing and correcting your blunder.

You must understand I am a Christian, and I do not do a guess work: only Muslims like you mislead the non-Muslims by producing a guess work such as the fictitious Quran, the fairy-tale Hadith, and many satanic verses by claiming Muhammad is a prophet and the moon-god Allah is a true god. It is really easy for me to figure out who you are, but I have to wait for few more clues; so far I have only one clue, and that clue is the word “Coptic.” You understand now who you are, and you will never hide from me.

Let me go now to your poxy comment and find out where your deficiencies are residing or hiding and misleading the readers.

You have made it clear to the American people and others your heroes had been Saddam Hussein, Muhammad Kaddafi, and Osama bin Laden when you wrote intentionally to anger the American people:

“Those individuals you mentioned will always remain to be heroes who had served a very vital purpose, but whose time had to come to an end somehow and the way they died is honorable, because they died while they were fighting for what they believed in, whether onlookers believe they were right or wrong. Especially Sadam and Gadafe have done a lot to their respective countries.”

What you are saying is that the American boys and girls who sacrificed their lives for the Iraqis had died there in vain since you think Saddam and Kaddafi had been good leaders who had done so many good things for their people, but you have failed to tell us what kind of good work these two tugs had done for their people. Do you remember Chemical Alle in Iraq? Why was he given such an offensive name? He was given such a name for destroying the Marsh Iraqi Arabs by poisoning them with poison directed from his master, Saddam Hussein of Iraq. I know you are still grieving for their deaths for they are still your heroes, but they are my enemies and I hate them as I hate Islam, and I know no good leaders come out from the barbarian Arab-Muslim nations. You belong to them, and you are one of them.

Your third and trusted hero is Osama bin Laden: how do I know? Your description of him tells the whole story:

“Of course, Bin Ladin… hates Americans to the death, and decided to make their life miserable, because perhaps he knows exactly what they want. And if people like him were not making all that noise and take some of the terrible measures they took that no one supports, your good friends might have thought everyone is sleeping and would have tried to pull the rug under everyone’s feet.”

You sissy and American-hater Muslim, tell me what did bin Laden know what the Americans wanted? You want other Muslims to follow the foot steps of bin Laden and revisit the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the innocent Americans so that every one could wake up and help the helpless, the cowardly, and the bastard Arab-Muslim nations on whose handouts your life often depends. Why don’t you then make a noise like him, and we know your noise is “Allah Akbar” whenever we bombed you to oblivion for your heinous attacks on our citizens. Why don’t you go and join your terrorist friends in Mali and be a martyr there. I am so elated Christian France is taking care of your Jihadist Muslims in Mali. There will be no hiding place for you on this planet earth.

Deception and denial are the fundamental natures of all Muslims, and the rest of the world know that and is ready to destroy the wicked Muslims like you, Gragn Ahmed, and I am sure you are Gragn Ahmed, no one else who always wishes the destructions America and Ethiopia.

To humiliate the Ethiopian Christian heroes and to make yourself somebody, you scribbled:

“And you did not really crush Gragne Ahmed if you had read the history, it was just a fluke and you could have lost that war like you have lost the life of Dagamma in that war.”

Your cousin Gragn Ahmed, all his Turkish mercenary armies, and the traitor Ethiopian Muslims were completely destroyed by the determined and well-organized Ethiopian Christians. You cannot reverse that historical fact. Of course, you can plagiarize, as you always do, the Ethiopian Christian history as your false prophet Muhammad plagiarized the Holy Scripture. Muslims have nothing of their own: they simply copy from other people and attribute someone’s work to themselves so that they can have a history like other people such as the Jews, the Christians, the Hindus, and many other nom-Muslims.

I have spent a lot of time discussing the origin of Ethiopian Christianity, and I don’t want to repeat myself here. If you want my comment on this issue, ask to release my comment and give it to you.

Christianity is a homegrown product given by the Holy Spirit to an Ethiopian man and that Ethiopian man introduced Christianity to Ethiopia. And this phenomenal took place around 30 or 45 AD., not 400 AD as you falsely assume (read Acts 8:26-40).

However, Islam is a foreign religion imposed upon many black Africans by the false prophet Muhammad in the 7th century. The Mecca citizens fought hard against Muhammad’s fake religion, Islam, and they tormented some of Muhammad’s followers for accepting Islam. Immediately, Muhammad secretly shipped those of his families to a safe country, and that safe county was Ethiopia. Ethiopia accepted these strange Arab Muslims without thinking they would be our ruthless enemies today. Therefore, Islam is a foreign product, but Christianity is homegrown element.

I don’t think you understand the word “imperialism.” You just heard someone say the word “imperialism” and wrote it down yesterday and today to tell me America is an imperialist country, which is not true. America is a land of democracy, a land of equality, a land of freedom, and a land of immense opportunities for those who work hard, and that is why millions of destitute Arab Muslims immigrate to this Christian and generous country every year and breed like rats, and you must be one of them, but you look angry about America for destroying your heroes – Saddam Hussein, Muhammad Kaddafi, and your very close friend Osama bin Laden.

Whether Oromia accepted Islam in the 14th century, as you claim, or in the 7th century, it doesn’t make any difference as far as Islam per se is concerned. Whether a person accepted Islam yesterday or today, it is the same thing that he is a Muslim. And if he is a Muslim, he is not to be trusted; he is not to be considered a good citizen. How can I trust a person like you who glorifies Saddam Hussein, Muhammad Kaddafi, and Osama bin Laden and calls such evil Muslim leaders heroes?

Unashamed of your status, a guest or a settler in the Christian land of Ethiopia, you proudly wrote:

“The fact is that no northerner that is Semitic Habesha belongs in the south except the Somalis, which is inhabited for the most part by Cushetic people. This is a fact proven scientifically.”

Where is your scientifically proven evidence that the Somalis are Cushitic people, and who told you the South does not belong to the Northerners? We tamed the animist Southerners, educated them, trained them, and Christianized them. Therefore, they are ours and we are theirs. When we develop the other regions, we also develop our Oromia region. In a nut shell, Oromia is the land of Menelik the great Christian Emperor, the land of His Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie, and the land of all Ethiopian Christians, but not the land of the Muslims in Oromia. The Muslims in Oromia are just squatters, nothing more and nothing less! Islam has no place in the Christian land of Ethiopia, and if you are a Muslim, you better pack up your belongings and leave my Christian country.

01/22/13 @ 17:40
Comment from: misleading [Visitor]

Assta B. Gettu

If you want my advice the words are “tact and diplomacy” that should originate in a big dose from the north, assuring the good people of the south the old hatchet is buried and we can all start working together. The reason for that is, in an age when the government is leasing millions hectares of land to foreigners, I can assure you there is enough for every Ethiopian in spite of their origin to work and be benefited, while at same time benefiting others, through a proper method that requires making oneself familiar with. That is it, after that, even if it could scare the northerners, everyone might find out that they are from the same water and can live together, similar to what is happening in the USA.

By the way, I have a great respect for the Americans that I do not worry will read our blog, except that if they are not fought off somehow or kept at bay, they want to have a hand or a say or a share or even a control over everything that takes place in a given region, the reason why their case is worrisome, because they do not only have the means, but advanced know-how that could change a local way of doing things, putting everyone at a disadvantage except them. Could you imagine that happening to your country and community?

The Arabs, you have said it, where the closest Africans to them other than the Berbers are the Sudanese and if they treat them like you said it, they can threat everyone including you similarly, the reason why we have to leave them alone, in spite of some of the bad things that are emanating from their region lately, especially concerning Ethiopians, one of the reasons why you might be mad at the Islam world.

Therefore, me and you here are harassing each other, but foreigners are coming into the country, they lease land, and make money that we cannot imagine even in our dreams, and why should not it be me and you and the rest of our friends who might not having it good wherever they are? In order to do that we might have to take into consideration some of the things the Prof is talking about even if they sound too good to be true and unreal. After that, we might like each other, work together, live together, and the sky could be the limit. I thank you earnestly for your time, because I think I have told what I think about your view and I am not mad at you anymore even if you have not repented.

01/23/13 @ 09:27
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

misleading (visitor),

I have already told you Muslims and Christians are like night and day respectively: Muslims do what pleases the devil; Christians do what pleases the Lord Jesus Christ; therefore, Muslims and Christians cannot live together like good neighbors because Muslims are traitors and deceivers.

The Highlanders always would like to enlighten the Southerners and bring them out of the darkness into the daylight they have never seen in their entire lives, but you are encouraging them to continue to live the way their ancestors lived without a light, without a guide, and without Jesus Christ.

When you claim you like America you are telling a lie like your false prophet Muhammad; any person who admires Saddam Hussein, Muhammad Kaddafi, and Osama bin Laden is not a friend of the American people who sent their boys and girls to fight these ruthless leaders who had spilled the blood of their own people in vain.

If you think vilipending Saddam Hussein, Muhammad Kaddafi, and Osama bin Laden is considered a sin, then I am not going to repent or regret for disparaging these oppressive leaders of yours, and I will continue cursing them until I die and denigrating their Islamic names.

01/26/13 @ 11:14



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