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Ethiopia: African Beggars Union Hall?



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Ethiopia: African Beggars Union Hall?

Ethiopia: African Beggars Union Hall?

By Alemayehu G. Mariam

The new African Union (AU) headquarters was inaugurated last week. It was “China’s gift to Africa.” China picked the entire USD$200 million tab for the building, fixtures and furniture. The China State Construction Engineering Corporation constructed the building using nearly all Chinese workers. Meles Zenawi, the dictator in Ethiopia, waxed poetic as he blessed the new building and consecrated the “continuing prosperous partnership” between Africa and China:

… This magnificent edifice is built on the ruins of the oldest maximum security prison in our country. People in Ethiopia used to call it Alem Bekagne, loosely translated it means I have given up on this world- this life. This building which will now house the headquarters of our continental organization is built on the ruins of a prison that represented desperation and hopelessness…

This magnificent new head quarters (sic) of our continental organization- the AU which has been at the center of the struggle for the African renaissance (sic) is a symbol of the rise of Africa. The face of this great hall is meant to convey this message of optimism, a message that is out of the decades of hopelessness and imprisonment a new era of hope is dawning, and that Africa is being unshackled and freed not only from the remnants of colonialism but also from want and violence. It is very interesting to note, that just as Africa is rising from the ruins of the desperation and Afro-pessimism this magnificent new head quarter (sic) of the AU is rising from the ruins of a prison of desperation and hopelessness.

… It is therefore very appropriate for China to decide to build this hall -- the hall of the rise of Africa -- this hall of African renaissance -- (sic) and the adjoining office building for us. I am sure I speak for all of you when I say to the people and government of China thank you so very much. May our partnership continue and prosper.

The current AU chairperson, Equatorial Guinea’s three-decade plus dictator Teodoro Obiang Nguema, praised the “generosity of the Chinese government”, and described the building as marking “a qualitative leap in the relations between China and Africa”. He raved about the building as “a reflection of the new Africa, and the future we want for Africa”.

Why didn’t the African countries chip in to build this “magnificent” symbol of an “Africa Rising” and an “African Renaissance”? Well, they do not have the money; they are poor. (Incidentally, a few months ago, the U.S. Government filed legal action against Teodorin Obiang, AU Chair Nguema’s son for racketeering (illegal business). While the Chinese were sweating it on the new AU hall, Teodorin had commissioned construction of a yacht [the second most expensive in the world] at the cost of 380 million dollars, [nearly twice as much as it cost to build the AU building] for his rest and relaxation.)

Africa Rising or Africa Panhandling?

Far from being a symbol of African hope, renaissance, optimism and glory, the new AU building reinforces the world’s indelible perception of Africa as the continent of poverty, famine, corruption and dictatorial extravagance. Reporter Richard Poplak insightfully observed the new AU building is the ultimate architectural symbol of Africa as a beggar continent and the moral decay of its dictators:

… The new African Union headquarters in dusty Addis Ababa is a structure in which form perfectly marries function - the building means nothing, and nothing will ever get done inside it…. The building doesn't need to symbolize anything further than its existence, wherein it becomes a staggeringly articulate representation of Africa's greatest skill: begging…. The first thing we notice is the tiled silver dome that acts as the building's centerpiece. This reminds us of nothing so much as an overturned beggar's bowl, left in the street after a solid day of mewling at the feet of passersby… Then there's the tower. Stretching up 20 storeys… it resembles… a beggar's outstretched hand… None of this could we have achieved by ourselves. Instead, in order to raise this fine structure - this symbol of continental unity - from the bare African earth, we used the one skill that unites us all. We stretched out our collective hands, batted our eyelashes, looked simultaneously cute and hungry. And we begged.

A Monument to a Do-Nothing African Union

The AU has 54 members. It was formed in 2002 as a successor to the Organization of African Unity (OAU). The AU’s declared aim is to “accelerate the political and socio-economic integration of the continent, promote and defend African common positions to achieve peace and security in Africa, and promote democratic institutions, good governance and human rights.”

In its decade of existence, the AU has little to show for itself. It sent peacekeeping troops to various hotspots in Africa including Burundi, Uganda, Somalia and Darfur, Sudan. The AU dumped its Darfur mission on the United Nations in 2008 unable to deal with that tragic situation. In 2007, the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) was established to promote “stabilization of the country in furtherance of dialogue and reconciliation, facilitate delivery of humanitarian assistance, and create conditions for long-term stabilization, reconstruction and development in Somalia.” Suffice it to say, “Mission stuck in the quagmire of Somali clan politics.” The AU also adopted various documents intended to remediate the problems of corruption, poor governance and economic development in the continent including the African Union Convention on Preventing and Combating Corruption (2003), the African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance (2007), the New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD) and its associated Declaration on Democracy, Political, Economic and Corporate Governance. Yet the theft of elections and billions of dollars in Africa has continuedover the past decade.

George Ayittey, the internationally acclaimed Ghanaian economist does not mince words in sizing up the AU:

Please, please, don’t ask about the African Union. It is the most useless organization we have on the continent. It can’t even define “democracy” and it is completely bereft of originality. It is imbued with “copy-cat” mentality. Europe has the European Union (EU), so we must have the African Union (AU). The AU forgot that to become a member of the European Union, a country must meet very strict requirements. But in the case of the African Union, there are no requirements. Any rogue and collapsed state can be a member. And when the African Union unveiled NEPAD (the New Economic Partnership for African Development), it boasted that NEPAD was an “African crafted program.” But as it turned out, NEPAD was modeled after the Marshall Aid Plan. When the Darfur crisis flared up, the AU was nowhere to be found. It was doing the watutsi [dance] in Addis Ababa. After much international condemnation, the AU finally managed to cobble together some troops to send to Darfur.

The “uselessness” of the AU is evident not only in its political impotence and economic ineptitude but also in its steadfast refusal to maintain observance of minimum standards of human rights in member countries. The AU has openly instructed member countries to “disregard” the International Criminal Court's warrant of arrest issued against Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir who is sought for crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide. It did the same thing when an ICC arrest warrant was issued against Gadhafi. The AU yelped from the sidelines as Cote d’Ivoire descended into civil war following the 2010 presidential election. France, a former colonial power, had to come to the rescue. The AU was among the last to recognize the Libya’s National Transitional Council. No doubt, the AU was deeply distressed by the sudden demise of Gadhaffi, its longtime patron and sugar daddy. When Zenawi declared a 99.6 percent election victory in the May 2010 Ethiopian elections, the AU monitoring team led by former Botswana president Ketumile Masire praised him and declared: “It is recognised that 2010 Ethiopia’s legislative elections reflected the will of the people. Conditions existed for voters to freely express their will.”

The AU is managed by an inept and bungling commission which acts as the executive/administrative branch with empty suit commissioners lording over different areas of policy. According to news reports, “of the $256 million the commission was allocated in 2011, the AU used less than 40 percent. The commission has about 1,000 staff members, 328 posts have been vacant for the past eight years.” (One can surmise that the unused $154 million could have been a nice down payment for an all-African financed AU building. Talking about African countries not having “enough resources” for public projects, the International Monetary Fund recently reported that there was an unexplained USD$32 billion discrepancy in the Angolan government’s accounts from 2007 through 2010. Does “discrepancy” mean stolen? According to Global Financial Integrity, 11.7 billion was stolen from Ethiopia in the last decade. The same story is repeated in the Sudan, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Niger, Nigeria and many other African countries.)

Is Begging Africa’s Eternal Destiny?

For a long time, the Western world regarded Africa as the “Dark Continent”, not because of the complexion of the people but because little was known about Africa. Sadly, much of the world today regards Africa as the “Beggar Continent”. African dictators can wax eloquent about the “new Africa”, “Africa Rising” and the “African Renaissance”, but nobody is buying it. Everyone can see today that Africa is gasping to breath under the trampling boots of brutal dictators. Africa is not a continent in “renaissance”; it is a continent on a tightrope. Let the facts speak for themselves:

Over one-half the population of Africa lives on less than USD$1 a day. Sub-Saharan Africa is the only region in the world where poverty has increased in the past 25 years. In 1960, Africa was a net exporter of food; today the continent imports one-third of its grain. Today, more than 40 percent of Africans do not even have the ability to obtain sufficient food on a day-today basis. Declining soil fertility, land degradation, and the AIDS pandemic in Africa have led to a 23 percent decrease in food production per capita in the last 25 years while population has increased dramatically. Among the 38 of the world’s heavily indebted poor countries, 32 are in Africa. The average life expectancy at birth for Sub-Saharan Africa is 52.5 years. Slums are home to 72% of urban Africans. Primary school enrollment in African countries is among the lowest in the world. In Sub-Saharan Africa, only two-thirds of children who start primary school reach the final grade.

Africa loses an estimated 20,000 skilled personnel a year to developed countries. A woman living in Sub-Saharan Africa has a 1 in 16 chance of dying in pregnancy, compared to 1 in 3,700 for a woman in North America. On average, women in Sub-Saharan Africa have two more children than the rest of world. More than 40 percent of women in Africa do not have access to basic education. There are an estimated 5,500 AIDS deaths a day in Africa. Every year six million children die from malnutrition before their fifth birthday. More than 50 percent of Africans suffer from water-related diseases such as cholera and infant diarrhea. The prevalence of HIV for people ages 15-49 in Sub-Saharan Africa is nearly 7 times the world’s prevalence.

Ethiopia remains at the very bottom of the world's poorest nations. Under the “leadership” of the dictator Zenawi, for the past two decades Ethiopia has achieved the dubious honor of being the second poorest country in the world (after Mali) and the largest recipient of net official development assistance in Africa at USD$3.82 billion in 2009. The World Bank reported: “At US$380, Ethiopia's per capita income is much lower than the Sub-Saharan African average of US$1,165 in FY 2010.”

According to a recent U.S. Census Bureau report, in just four decades, Ethiopia's population will more than triple to 278 million, placing that country in the top 10 most populous countries in the world. A recent report by the Legatum Institute presents some sobering and heartbreaking findings on the situation in Ethiopia today: Ethiopia has an “unemployment rate [that] is almost 21%, which is the sixth highest rate, globally.” The “capital per worker in Ethiopia is the fourth lowest worldwide.” The country has “virtually no investment in R&D.” The ability of Ethiopians “to start and run a business is highly limited… [with a] communication infrastructure [that] is weak with only five mobile phones for every 100 citizens”; and the availability of internet bandwidth and secure servers is negligible. Inequality is systemic and widespread and the country is among the bottom ten countries on the Index. The Ethiopian “education system is poor at all levels and its population is deeply dissatisfied.” There is “only one teacher for every 58 pupils at primary level, there is a massive shortage of educators, and Ethiopian workers are typically poorly educated.” Less than a “quarter of the population believe Ethiopian children have the opportunity to learn and grow every day, which is the lowest such rate in the Index.”

On “health outcomes, Ethiopia performs abysmally poor. Its infant mortality rate, 67 deaths per 1,000 live births, and its health-adjusted life expectancy of 50 years, places Ethiopia among the bottom 20 nations.” The population suffers from high mortality rates from “Tuberculosis infections and respiratory diseases. Access to hospital beds and sanitation facilities is very limited, placing the country 109th and 110th (very last) on these measures of health infrastructure.” The core problem of poor governance is reflected in the fact that “there appears to be little respect for the rule of law, and the country is notable for its poor regulatory environment for business, placing 101st in the Index on this variable.”

Africa Rising, African Uprising

African dictators want the world to believe there is an “Africa Renaissance” and “Africa is Rising.” They want to hoodwink the world into believing that Africa is “unshackled and freed”. They proclaim the “façade of the great Africa Union hall conveys a message of optimism out of the decades of hopelessness”. They insult our intelligence. We know Africa shall remain in the dark ages so long as dictators cling to power like ticks on an African milk cow. We know Africa is not rising while under the deadweight of dictatorship; but nothing can stop an African uprising. Despite the deceptive and beguiling words of pompous and imperious dictators, we know Africa is shackled and not free. How can Africa “rise” or undergo a “renaissance” when she is bound, gagged, chained, straightjacketed and hog-tied by gangs of ruthless dictators?

Behind the façade of the great AU hall stand a giggling gang of beggars with cupped palms, outstretched hands, forlorn eyes and shuffling legs looking simultaneously cute and hungry, and begging. The stark truth of the matter is that dictatorship has birthed a shiny tower of desperation and hopelessness on the very “ruins of a prison of desperation and hopelessness”. Teodoro Obiang said the AU building represents the “future we want for Africa”. Excuse me, but begging ain’t much of a future!

China’s economic investment in Africa is said to exceed USD$150 billion. Thousands of Chinese companies do business in all parts of the continent. We know that business is business, and money talks. But as to “China’s gift to Africa”, it is best to heed the old adage: Beware of those bearing gifts. On the other hand, it is bad from for a recipient of charity not to be grateful and amiable. So in the customary words of all palm-rubbing, belly scratching and kowtowing panhandlers, it is appropriate to say to the gift-givers:


Comment from: C'est moi senait [Visitor]
C'est moi senait

Please my bro

Do not sound like a desperate Washington Dc. Crack- heads and pig heads political prostitutes like those shimmagiles party.

The recent cold weather in north America and else where is paying it’s victim.
Weyannes are gearing up their energy after they consumed A x-mass oxfam food and will spite on your comments. So,my advice for you is to hit and run with your words rather than dancing your cheap political attacks on AU.

02/06/12 @ 02:34
Comment from: j.Adefres [Visitor]

Hi Haile Bravo , That is very nice and very well articulated article for those who can understand only.That is a piece of advice for the African dictators to see themselves in the mirror which produces parallel rays
that make an infinity images.
What does it mean or what the message that conveys China builds for the African dictators while they put the money they steal from the African people. Is it wise for China to bribe collectively instead giving to individual dictators. China has good experience with the African dictators where they send the money if they get in cash.
I doubt if the African dictators are happy with that magnificent building.Because it remains the property of the african people.

02/06/12 @ 02:39
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

What a Joke !!!By offering a two hundred millions leisury center to
the African Tyrants ,Chinese Investors
take every raw materials from the African Peoples without paying a single penny .This is the new Colonialism Era . Exchange of an assembly hall by looting the whole land .SO THIS IS THEIR SO CALLED A WIN TO WIN INVESTMENT !!!!Ones time
by denouncing British Coloniialism in Kenya President Jomo Kenyatta said :"The British come to Africa
and give us the Bible by telling us to
see to the sky and pray to God .So what we do .But when we finish to
see the sky our lands have already gone .They took the whole land by letting us their bible ” .A message
that should meditate TPLF Thugs and
aderby Bandas !!!!

02/06/12 @ 04:19
Comment from: Doyo [Visitor]

His disease started with chronic egotism - listening to nobody else but himself. He seems to completely forget who he is, where he came from, and where he is going. Al is suffering from delusions lost and drifting in his dream world. What a pity to see him finally come to a point where he does not know what he is taking about.

02/06/12 @ 05:09
Comment from: Yoseph [Visitor]

I think Alemayehu does know HOW to write but doesn’t seem to know WHAT to write. Just a couple of months ago EU was begging China to bail them out of the debt crisis that engulfed the nations. America borrowed from them a huge sum of money and a Chinese firm building bridge in the US. The Germans were awarded with a handsome investment by shutting their mouth while the British lost out by mentioning “human rights” and regretted it. What, then, is wrong for the AU to receive a “gift” from China?

02/06/12 @ 05:10
Comment from: Bruk [Visitor]

Dear Professor,
Is there anything, anything at all you would admire about your country or any achievement you would consider positive. You really must be sick to spill only DIRT on anything that is Ethiopian of African. I think this is self hatred and loss of self respect. Hating the ruling class does not always mean hating your country. Somebody should tell you that we are sick and tired of your negative and poisonous writing about whatever is African or Ethiopian. I am not for the government, but unlike you I am for Ethiopia. If you think what you are writing is the truth or even enlightening, FORGET IT. IT IS NOT. The information you provide here especially the statistics is the one you got from THEM. If you have a little decency (not education) left, you would know by now that such information is self serving and far far from the truth. According to their statistics our country would have been eradicated from the face of the earth long ago, but it didn’t.
You have successfully graduated from their university and have a degree simply by swallowing everything they told and by repeating the same. By doing this you are trying give the impressions that we are bunch of idiots.
I do not ask you to use your eloquence for the good of your country but that would be an impossible task for you. I only wish that you would learn to see beyond what they have fed you on who you are and wake up or unlearn everything and start from the beginning.
Until then, please be so kind and give us a break.

02/06/12 @ 05:18
Comment from: BelayZeleke [Visitor]

Worada, one can judge your personality by just looking on the heading phrase. You are burned inside with inferiority complex.You very know that you are out of the game and trying to pretend as you know, you are null. Frankly speaking nothing is a greater beggar than you that you serve-for pocket money for external enemies. You better work for ur nation you are always a second citizen, what so ever ur status. They might say you as u are supper but at the back they consider you as bully fool, (learn from them the whites they never traded at the cost of their country, regardless their political and economic differences, because they are SMART enough!).

02/06/12 @ 08:54
Comment from: biruk [Visitor]

I doubt you are a professor as your credential tells.To me you are a real PSYCHO PhD holder who is detached from the reality of his environment. Here you are again with all your RUBBISH against the African Union.Why don’t you come with a positive idea at least one time? If you have no positive contribution you better use another outlet to VENT your hatred.
Have a great day !!

02/06/12 @ 09:11
Comment from: pure [Visitor]

I just have to praise Alemayehu G. Mariam for compiling yet again another master piece.

Spot on it is indeed an “African Beggars Union Hall", where clueless leaders meet and deliver the western world’s agenda.

I would not be joining in to thank the Chinise for their gift cause as you said so yourself in your report, they will get their piece and + indirectly. Nothing in this world is for free and it is a shame most of the African leaders are willing and are prepared to sell their countries to the devil.

Ironically Africa is the wealthiest nation in the world but yet the poorest. Africa has to wake up from its deep sleep before its too late!

02/06/12 @ 09:39
Comment from: tewbel [Visitor]

After 60 year of independence the Africa Union received its HQ’s as a gift from China, incapable of building one of its own. Symbolically it was built on a famous prison and burial ground. Meles’s speach sounded like a funeral oration foretteling his future and that of Africa’s corrupt criminal leaders.

02/06/12 @ 09:50
Comment from: Tefera [Visitor]

“articulate representation of Africa’s greatest skill: begging”
ato alemayehu its better that you speak for yourself and those around you, besides there is no reason to insult the entire people because of one meles.

02/06/12 @ 10:03
Comment from: Eyayu Gedel [Visitor]
Eyayu Gedel

Its very SAD to read this kind of story from SO-called intelectual.Al-mariam what have u done to africa or to ethiopia ?Except degrading african leaders.Most of the african leaders are more matured & open minded than you.
I just can’t believe it the words that you choisen.

02/06/12 @ 10:03
Comment from: [Member]

As usual thank you professor Alemayehu. It couldn’t be called any better than such deserving name.
It is an unfortunate situation of all of the nations in the whole continent. If there is one thing we Africans are excelling is the rate at which we hasten our own demise and create an embarassing chapter of world history. This is more of the evil doings of our “Defacto” tyrant rulers.

02/06/12 @ 10:25
Comment from: belete [Visitor]

this article which is full of anger and childish insult against african peole in general is is written by none other than the lone dictator of Arrtera (eff) who is not allowed in Addis let alone the beautiful AU building.

02/06/12 @ 10:50
Comment from: dan [Visitor]

If anything it is a symbol of the rise of China-compare it with what the US gave for the renovation of a pediatric hospital in Addis, a mere 150,000 dollars!
They are telling the west-we are here!!!
We are living in interesting times, who would have imagined that the US would decline so fast?
China now is the biggest trading partner of Latin American and Africa.

02/06/12 @ 11:12
Comment from: oneluv21 [Visitor]

LOL the title is very funny “African Beggars Union Hall” and it is led by non other than the king of beggar the ag*me Meles LOL

02/06/12 @ 12:19
Comment from: Gamachu [Visitor]


Your friend Elias Kifle has gotten what he deserves for his outstanding service to Issayas Afeworki. As part of the treason wagone and editing member of Eritrean Review (ER) you have ganged up with Birr Allu Negadew (aka Birhanu Nega) tamagn of ESAT who run under the Gimmo-7 (Aka Gimbot-7) banner. We expect nothing but fabricated news of doomsday and pessimistic outlook to everything from your backpack all the time. I wonder when you would rehabilitate your mind to think rational and speak the balanced wisdom. At the moment you sound so enfatuated with hatered and consumed by pessimism.

Give us a break man. We know what is happening in Ethiopia. If Nazret has signed obligatory contract to publish all the shit that you come-up with every Monday of the week; then we are sorry about that and I stop visiting this web as I don’t want to be sick by watching sickening artiles that back fire at the end of the day.

02/06/12 @ 12:33
Comment from: Tom [Visitor]  

Love ur title ,like ur article ,but I have always been an easy about u mr journalist or casier at 7/11. Now the building is the most ugliest thing to happen to my glories Ethiopia since the sun of monkeys menguistu haile-enatu-tibeda destroyed it , it’s not what the building is , it’s not where is built, it’s about who built it , it’s about rock or metal marble or glass , u see my dumb fellow Ethiopians Metal ,glass and Chinese labor is benith my beloved Ethiopia . This is the country where they constructed lalibela and Axum . We build with rock and marble for our glories country think of the palace of versailles the whitehouse u know why ? Because we were not carved out yesterday . We my people, we live , Axum lives , lalibela and our glories history lives . So what we build shal live and out live as and our children , fuck everything if it’s not for the full glory of Ethiopia , And I promise u it will come down or turned in to a community center I promise u this . and if they remove the A U from addis we the Ethiopians will sease to be a member.Africa has done nothing but drag us down the MUDs of the Serengeti ,fuck Mandela ( banda) and please can somebody deport this jamicans from ethiopia its because of ur dumb ass that i lost my empire and king u made me too fucking hot . Weta eyenehe yewetana and take bob morley with u this is what happens when u lissten to work produced by a mind that cant grasp the consept of reality and the universe they keep producing love and peace song to weaken and distablize the morality or sycolgy of ur constituents fuck Indian movies too ( instead the indians break into a song and dance the should just break to take it up the ass )erhiopia all the way , i want to wake up to an Ethiopian morning , shower with Ethiopian water. Ethiopian breakfast , lunch , mekses and diner with my trusted nationalist Ethiopian friends , my Ethiopian night with my Ethiopian wife in my Ethiopian bed producing ethiopian babies doing this in cycle for ever and ever and if u don’t agree f u too the radical always wins .

02/06/12 @ 12:44
Comment from: Tati [Visitor]

I have never immagine an Ethiopian person hate his own country. So sad useless man.

02/06/12 @ 13:24
Comment from: tesfu [Visitor]

i wish most of the generations of 50’s and 60’s who were and are still disturbing the country are wiped-out of the map and of course including the so called professor alemayehu whose life is miserable and full of hatred.
the new generation is tired of people like you who did nothing to the beloved country who lift you up. you want changes in the country? then come and be part of the changes you want to see believing that if you have the courage you can also be sent to a jail. that is how people can realize that you are the true man of a change. otherwise, ordinary people can also talk and write more than you do there far away from the front-line.
so i advice you to be always positive and optimist no matter how hard the condition is.
be a man of action not words like the highly respected AUNG SAA KYI who suffered to bring hope for the hopeless with the people that she believes they want a change. however, as an ordinary man i respect expressing your feelings, because that is the freedom given to all human-being by GOD.

02/06/12 @ 14:14
Comment from: tazabi1 [Visitor]

wow, why all this rage and insult. OAU was founded by haileselassie and it has always been considered one of the achievements of the king for various economic and political reasons. i can see why ethiopia hater rats from arterra are crying but why would any ethiopian be angry and spew filth over a building that didnt cost his/her poor nation a penny. professor are you suggesting ethiopia to remain where it is until your aproval of governership????
“Far from being a symbol of African hope, renaissance, optimism and glory, the new AU building reinforces the world’s indelible perception of Africa as the continent of poverty, famine, corruption and dictatorial extravagance. Reporter Richard Poplak insightfully observed the new AU building is the ultimate architectural symbol of Africa as a beggar continent and the moral decay of its dictators:”

02/06/12 @ 14:25
Comment from: abebe [Visitor]

While a beggar himself, Mr. NEGATIVE is insulting an entire continent and its people.

02/06/12 @ 16:48
Comment from: sowyew [Visitor]

here we go again…

02/06/12 @ 16:51
Comment from: tazabi [Visitor]

Mr. Armaria,

You are embarrassment for the educated Ethiopian Diaspora. I hope you have no follower.

02/06/12 @ 18:02
Comment from: [Member]


Stop protecting the senile old man almaria. You’re disfavoring the diaspora opposition case “if there is a reasonable and sound case that is".
This guy is humiliating himself, his supporters and everyone who is associated with him. He is gone totally mad.
Why can’t you people say a spade a spade and disassociate yourselves from people like almaria and eli ass kiftaff, who have sold their souls to shabia, for a bowl of lentille soup?
It is not politics nor logic to oppose why the chinese built this beautiful huge structure in Addis. Even USA will be happy if the chinese build anything here in the states. Or the Europeans or any country in the whole world in that matter.
What is the meaning of begging anyway? Is it a new vocabulary in the diaspora political manifesto?
There must be a new meaning to it that we never heard of!! If it isn’t ofcourse a word to show your jealousy.

02/06/12 @ 19:21
Comment from: Guracha [Visitor]

Woyane is finally admitting defeat as posted by Bruk (third comment). They are now begging the professor to stop writing.

Well I only have one comment to the parasite woyane: as much as you guys hate to know the truth, there are 80 million Ethiopians who very much want to know the truth and want the professor to keep exposing you and the rest of the African parasites.

02/06/12 @ 20:32
Comment from: rahwa [Visitor]

The african Americn community has a name for this kind of person. They call him house nigger or uncle tom.

02/06/12 @ 20:47
Comment from: Shama [Visitor]

Obvious, AU is the most useless organization we have on the continent spending tax-payers’ money. It is a mere club of so called ‘’leaders'’ who don’t genuinely represent their people. what do you expect from this guys?

How come an outsider funds and builds such a symbolic building for Africans. This is a loss of confidence among these folks. whatever the case, a building doesn’t make an institution, it’s who inside is.

I’m really hopeless at AU.


02/06/12 @ 21:14
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Visitor]
Amhara Princess

I was not only dismayed but absolutely intrigued, nauseated by the Teret Teret/fairy-tell Expert Dej Azmach Aba Nefso’s endless trash, REVISED version of historical accounts here. Who on planet earth does this self acclaimed TPLF REVISIONIST think he is fooling? Who does he think he is flooding this site with fraudulent gibberish after gibberish? Also what kind of audience does he believe can actually buy into his ludicrous fallacies, especially, in the 21st century where every single one of us have access to any kind of (for/against) literature on ANYTHING we need to be informed on.

In the information age, people are spoilt rotten for choice, could get their hands on any Historic or current information if they know where and how to search. HIM king Selassie, The Pan African Movement and the role of various intellectuals, civil rights activists, religious figures,artists etc within this particular movement and its ever lasting impacts on the African continent are not myth/BC records or biblical era. This particular accounts of events/history is VERY recent and clear as CRYSTAL. No ifs and buts, it is the most recent event that REQUIRES no REVISION by village fairy tell experts. Most people are well informed on:

* The great Pan African Movement/Pan Africanism and who the mostPROMINENT figures within this movement were.
* Who conceived the ideology and on what BASIS/principles, the core purpose, goals, short term/strategic vision, what it had eventually managed to accomplish
* Its core strength and weaknesses etc.

We are aware of who W. E. B. DuBois, Henry S. Williams, Edward W.Blyden, Paul Robeson, Marcus Garvey, Jomo Kenyatta, Sekou Toure, Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe and many other prominent individuals within this movement were. Most importantly, we know who Dr Quame/Kwame Nkrumah was, his paramount significance in the Pan African Movement, being one of the founding fathers of the OAU, his links with various African American Activists and HIM. We are perfectly aware of his accomplishments, strength/weaknesses and his eventual demise through military coup by his own army & police force, which led him to spend the reminder of his life away from the country he practically raised from the ashes, got imprisoned, tortured for, sacrificed his life for!

The main issue that I am trying to raise here is very simple, well substantiated fact that the Fairy tell Expert DejAzmach tried to dismiss ENTIRELY i.e. the Role of HIM King Haile Selassie in the Pan African Movement and in the creation of the OAU. You search any archive, look into any books, reports, speeches of prominent African leaders of 20th century, google and see who comes up as the most prominient figure in the history of the OAU. It is very easy to sit down and blubber garbage about weaknesses, errors, wrong turns, decisions, basically pinpoint negative aspects of any given individual be it leader, scientist, religious figure, philosopher or anybody else for that matter for NO MAN is perfect.

When one denies CORE achievements that are well accounted for, it makes people question that person’s SANITY, credibility, dignity, MOTIVES, moral value etc. Coming back to the point, as one of the founding fathers, Pan African Activist, prominent leader and master of African Unity, there is absolutely NO doubt that Dr Kwame Nkrumah deserves to have his statue erected at the new AU HQ. He was a visionary, courageous leader YET his fellow country men tried to ASSASSINATE him, eventually managed to DISPOSE him OFF like TRASH in slightly better manner than what Ethiopians did to HIM. Despite all the negative aspects that led to Dr Kwame’s eventual demise, undeserved exile, degrading, trashing etc, NOBODY on the right mind can deny his greatness/achievements. Same applies to HIM for he and his avowed Pan-Africanist foreign Minster Ketema Yifru were MAINLY responsible for bringing together the ever DIVIDED Africans (The Casablanca and Monrovia Groups, which lead to the subsequent formation of OAU). FACT (as per Africa Unbound, Unleashing the potential through individual mind under the creation of the OAU).

Kwame did not manage to reunite the two groups. HIM, his Foreign Minster & President Sekou Toure of Guinea DID and they deserve to have solid recognition just as Kwame! In fact, an attempt to form Inter African unity was made and conference was held in Ghana in 1958 then later in Casablanca 1961, which resulted in the SPLIT UP of states into the two groups!(Organization of African Unity; eNotes). Meaning the establishment of the OAU, in May 25, 1963, after intense negotiations, mediation by neutral Ethiopia, uniting the Casablanca & Monrovia groups is of paramount significance, historic breakthrough.

As for Ethiopia’s history/reputation as independent free empire helping Addis to house the AU HQ, NO doubt that is also the case but the same Teret Teret expert Dejazmach who claimed this trashed, denounced, degraded and disregarded the very king who in fact made this possible (Emperor Minilik II). Emperor Minilik II was actually the iconic figure that the initial founders of the Pan African Movement in Manchester, UK looked up to and based their ideologies on. “From the OAU archives, the 1st remarkable attempt at Pan-African gathering of intellectuals was in Manchester, United Kingdom in 1900 presided over by Menelik II. It was in an effort to create freedom, equality and justice for African colonial subjects".

… It is such a shame that the African Union of today has become dysfunctional, Aid dependent, undemocratic, corrupt full of totalitarian greedy despots unable to fulfil the very basic needs of Africans. They are easily manipulated, shackled with trade embargoes, unfair trading terms, their citizens lured away in the form of brain-drain, get kicked around like soccer balls by Western, Far east, Arab etc governments, MAINLY because they simply FAILED to unite and work as a team, failed to learn from past mistakes and form a fairer and just systems, failed to avoid blame game, failed to look out for African/Africa’s Interests and MANAGED to burden African citizens with all sorts of social, educational, economical injustices. Africa in the 21st century, with its vast, untapped natural, human resources is still unable to feed, cloth, shelter its citizens, nor can it manage to keep its intellectuals within.

AU has now shamelessly, officially embraced contemporary slavery in the 21st century. Such a shame that millions of the African lives were lost fighting injustice by EU colonialists is in VAIN.

02/06/12 @ 23:46
Comment from: [Member]

At list the city got a face lift while the rest of them asleep during the meeting they should hand it over to the young one.
I agree with you at this time.

02/07/12 @ 01:31
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Agassess Woman it’s better you shut your own poisonous mouth ignorant Shabyan Prostitute banda .For your Information the well known Mussolini
Ass Licker ,enslaved by Badolio who
willingly sold the military secrets
was your own Master Haile Selassie Gugsa .As did his Grandpa by being Queen Victoria Slave and your actual
Leba Master Shabyan Ass Hole ,Issayas Afewerki eger samina
Afterall Banda is your own TRADE MARK !!!!!

02/07/12 @ 03:04
Comment from: sf [Visitor]

If you have something very important to share with ETHIOPIAN and ETHIOPIAN diaspora, you are well come to the club.
As for me, from my past experience in this website, i see you not as an intellectual but as an ordinary Woyanne CADRE.
If you have an intellectual calibre like our pro.Al, do something and let us see your high IQ.
Last but not least please STOP your insult and your inferiority complex and try to have a good argument.

02/07/12 @ 07:08
Comment from: Belay [Visitor]

so according to the mad professor, “africa is a continent of beggars and the new AU building is the symbol of africa’s beggary….
and this makes some of you retards happy even though for the non african guy next to you, you are nothing but an african
you “beggars” will burn yourself to death just to sweat meles.
what a bunch of morons!

02/07/12 @ 09:46
Comment from: pure [Visitor]

Beggar is now another stigma for Ethiopia alongside famine and I wonder what is next!

But what I don’t understand is why all these hatred for the Professor?? He probably loves his country more than any of you clueless in here, and thats why he is using his skills to share and increase awareness of the ugly truth about Ethiopia.

Can any one of you imagine what it would mean or be like if all Ethiopians in the world rise up and use whatever power, ability or skills they have to fight back whats happening in Ethiopia. For instance being a voice for the voiceless oppressed people of Ethiopia, maybe then the government would tone down its harmful activities.

You know, its modern time colonisation thats taking place right now in Ethiopia. With lands being taken away from the people and leased out to foreign millionaires, for a duration until the land resources completely runs out. It is a sad sad situation as the poor Ethiopian people are now working as slaves on their own land for basically nothing.

Lets face it, the current ruling government is entangling Ethiopia with types of involvement that is harmful for ethiopians and the generations to come. The Government does not have the best interest of the country nor its people and it has to be stopped.

My only advise to you all is WAKE UP, open your eyes and make the effort to learn what is really going on to the country that you claim to love so much. You don’t even have to rely on info from the Professor, go out and do your own research.

02/07/12 @ 10:02
Comment from: sf [Visitor]

@addis zemen [Visitor]
Hey Addis Zemen, how on earth Addis Zemen or Aroge Zemen try to give us advice for the diaspora?
Who are you after all to give advice for other, when you are not free and free-thinker?
We the diaspora never ever need advice from Woyanne CADRE or TPLF.
Instead try to learn a lot from democrat diaspora. If there is a wish, i wish you to be free and free-thinker

02/07/12 @ 10:05
Comment from: who is representing the UNITED Ethiopia? [Visitor]
who is representing the UNITED Ethiopia?

Absolutely, not the current TPLF government. Of course, he is using Tigray as the last option to be separated when all Ethiopians waked up and fight TPLF.

It is so clear, to observe the secret and non-secret TPLF agendas. Their Cadres has been spread all over the World to cause destruction and interruptions, wherever Ethiopian-Unity is held. Whether in blog site, meetings, Newspapers, etc. So who is terrorist? The TPLF who divided Ethiopia and Ethiopians? Or Ethiopians who believed in United Ethiopia without division?

The TPLF government is fooling himself and causes unforgivable and illful consequences for Tigray people.

TPLF’s they came with Guns to the Civilian Ethiopians (dis-armed by Derg Government who were against Amharas not to defend themselves) entered each Houses, ate our foods and took our Money and properties. TPLF said, all will be taken by guns and they took the Money from Banks and Cash register drawers from any business areas. They slept in the empty hotel beds by shift, without paying anything. The Foreigners, whose high earnings are based on Military cup and robbing or embezzling other Countries natural resources, did support the TPLF, logistically, weaponary, etc. took their shares from Ethiopia, secretly.

Currently, the TPLF groups, they digged out most of Golds, Silivers, Potassium,etc. and deposited in Tigray land and they said they found the resources from Tigray. It is false, no resources has been found in Tigray, they stole it from Amhara and Oromo Regions.

Other TPLF foolish and terrorist organizations that has been visited by Foreign agents are everywhere around the World. Examples are:
1 Tigray community in California,
2 Tigray Community in New YorK,
3 Tigray community in everywhere in the World. What does these tell for Ethiopians? If these are not under Ethiopian Community? The Tigray Community caused the destructions of Ethiopian Community.

Can Meles Zenawi tell us in front of Television by saying, “I signed Erritrea to be separated from Ethiopia. I signed, Sudan to take land from Ethiopia. I signed, Foreigners to invade Ethiopia and to share the profits with TPLF agents, by way of investments. I signed, Tigray to be separeted at the end, if the push gets harder when Ethiopians are united. I signed, TPLF organizations to be formed around the World, to obstruct the united Ethiopia or Ethiopian Communities around the World. I signed, Amhara and Gambellas to be murdered and in their places foreigners and Tigrays to invest with stolen Money".

How could this crap who divided Ethiopia and Ethiopians could say I stand for Ethiopia? He must be hanged upside down.

02/07/12 @ 12:47
Comment from: Shameful [Visitor]

Al is right.
You can shout all you want, but deep inside you all know that this chinese-made building is SCUM of Africa, with its contents.

Anyone can dress sophisticated borrowed elegance, eventhough the person inside that dress is ignorant and emptyhead with no any use. So is this building and its contents, the laughing stock of the world.

We have seen this union for decades but we never see a better Africa.

To the opposite:

more bloodshed,
more exploitation,
more HIV and Malaria,
more child abuse and death,
more money laundring,
illegal diamond, gold, ivory, human smuggling,
more war, hunger and malnutrition,
more aid dependance, illiteracy, and
most of all
Africa is a gathering of all rubbish armaments, tanks, bullets and mines that other countries produce to sell to the guaranteed customer of baboons who are only good on killing eachother.
A gathering Used goods that other countries consider as waste products,
Africa is a garbage can of the world.
Africa is more and more of evil thing,
but no lasting solution!

While the world exploit the blessings and dryout the resources, Africa always go backward!

You tell me the reason why?

02/07/12 @ 13:55
Comment from: warya [Visitor]

This man’s brain isn’t functioning as I thought.His articles always doesn’t making any senses to the readers.Despite of the someones opposition against Melese regime there are many positive contribution that Melese regime brought it into this great country.This foolish prof or that a head programmed robot brain prof,who become a denial of everything is no more acceptable to post his useless plagiarized paste post.Otherwise you the nazret admin are the partners.The reason is,for almost close to decade you are posting this man’s bias,hateful articles.I am not a supporter of the Mese regime but I can’t deny the regime progressive positives.How come this would deny the efforts paid this woyane regime to build the country? Today that Addis and many other cities in the country are built towers and shining like other modern world.The Asphalt HWYs, E-Arline fleets and the modern farms are amazing in every side that you may glance/look the country is under construction development projects were going on and this damn prof is always under the denial of everything as long as that Melese Zenawi is the leader of Ethiopia.I really dislike it the old fashion ahmara mentality and let you all known the Day woyane no more of Ethiopia federations would be existing.Because many ethning Ethiopians despised the atitudue of the ahmara.period! Oh I can’t wait the day that Ato Melese will be leaving the power!! Then we will see the map of the country how it looks.

02/07/12 @ 14:32
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Adgi Banda ,are you kidding the only
beggars ever seen in the History of the country are only you the TPLF parasite bandits beginning by your leba master who by the past sold your soul and pride for not even a lentille soup .Begging means prostituing himself for foreigners .As are doing all the bunch of Tyrants and despots at this
Hall of Shame that their chinese master leaves for them as a charity.
By the way Adgi banda Chinese never built the Capitol or the White House
even not the UN headquarters in USA
but the Administration and the American Peoples themselveses .The same as the EU Headquarter in Brussels or any Institutions .KEEP ON BARKING SHABYAN ASS HOLE KILETAM

02/07/12 @ 14:48
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

TPLF Thugs ,days and nights you’re barking as Touthless Hyenas against prof Al .But what about your leba master ,your former leaders :Abat Sehaye ,Sebehat Nega ,Seyum Mesfin and co .all of them prostituing themselveses for Shabya treated the
Unity and Sovereignty of Ethiopia as
Amhara Empire Creation .As said your leba master “Ye Ethiopia Tarik malet ye metto amet betcha nehu” .
“Sedek alema malet betchaki Tchirk nehu ” stupid daily blas blas …You
guys dare to consider yourselvese as
Ethiopians only since May 1998 .Never Prof Al or any patriotic Ethiopian made such ugly and stupid anti Ethiopian Statements .But only you with your leba master ,your shabyan masters ,
your Mafiosis and bandas .GO TO HELL

02/07/12 @ 15:03
Comment from: Nomad [Visitor]

African Beggars Union Hall?-?

Come on…..I always thought you are better than that, Mr. Mariam

Why do you need a wholesale rant rather than sticking to your usual victims?

No country prosper alone - take Germany,Eastern Europe, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Brazil, Mexico…

02/07/12 @ 15:49
Comment from: Tulu Proud ET [Visitor]
Tulu Proud ET

The OAU was found by the great Emperor of Ethiopia to unite Africans so Africa can grow and become self reliant. Now it has become a place of dictators, murderers and thieves.

When are we going to start hearing Ethiopia and Africa leaders are not living on begging and stealing anymore?

It is tiring and sickening to hear Africa’s decades of dictators are building their expensive halls when their subjects are dying of hunger and starvation.

The big hall is nothing but fancy place for dictators and blood sucker murderers to gather to come up with more repressive and beggary methods.

When are those greedy dictators are going to step down and let Africa to progress?

02/07/12 @ 18:10
Comment from: Ras Thomas [Visitor]
Ras Thomas

You Alamangn. We knew that you are
payed by Isias to insult Males. But,
now you stated insulting all Africa.
Sorry for you mad man !!!

If there is any beggar it is you.
Who is beggar in my second country
USA. We work to get our living in
America, but, you beg Issias to
insult Ethiopia and Africa.
One African American friend of mine
came my home to report to me. And
ask me how an Ethiopian from Ethiopia
the mother of Africa could write this
trash insults to offend all Africa and all black man. including his country.
Shame to you Alamanyehu.

02/07/12 @ 19:45
Comment from: A Hall of Shameless Beggars. [Visitor]
A Hall of Shameless Beggars.

What a master piece with the right title “African Beggars Hall” this genius professor has wrote ! This is not a proud moment for Ethiopia and Africa but a very shameful one.

The whole purpose of OAU was to unite and instill pride in Africa. To show the world Africa is capable of taking care of itself .

Now the Hall symbolizes EPRDF and Zenawi’s most shameful and beggary period in the history of Ethiopia.
A foreign Country with a leverage on Africa has to build a Hall for African Leaders to gather. What an oxymoron! Where is the pride and the purpose?

Those greedy dictator beggars can sit in this flashy hall but their brain remains as rusty as it has been for years.

This clueless greedy beggars might want to be praised for this humiliating building.
It shows how those dictators are controlled by Chinese and God knows what they have given Chinese. China or anyone else will not give anything for free.

02/07/12 @ 20:15
Comment from: Zewdu [Visitor]


@BelayZeleke / usuall suspect /woyane cadre.

ANTEW NEH WORADA LEBA, indeed it’s a dictators, murderers, and beggars union hall….

it’s a shame a continent with more than 900 million people can’t build a simple building????

This is embarrasing, a great leader would have oppose this so called CHINESE GIFT for the entire continent.

And what will it bring in return ? Besides owing the chinese for the rest of our lives.

Melles and his chimpanze cadres dancing on us.








02/07/12 @ 21:27
Comment from: Tefera [Visitor]

look at the standing ovation the Professor received from arrterans for his characterization of ethiopians and africans as beggars..
good job professor!

02/08/12 @ 09:57
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

The egotistic, Almariam is trying to enlighten the world how poor we are…so called professor. You must saffering from some kind of personal problems in your life to be came such a trashy Professor…..

Speaking of beggars, I don’t see any wrong or it takes to be a wise leadership to ask for help while things are out of hand in order to contain any problem that affects the population. It is not a crime to accept all kind of help from the developed countries to build schools, hospitals and economic development assistance…..technologies…

It is also not a big deal to me that the AU accepted the $200M worth of HQ from china….we still have time in the future that we can build a museum that will includes all the hitorical facts about the organization and who were the measure players…

Therefore, Prefessor Al, You are just angood enough to preach your nonses arguments every Monday morning, hoping to be the center of attention, and to recruit a bunch of nonstop barking dogs behind you…LOL. Otherwise, the new generation of Ethiopian, know that an empty ego will get as nowhere, except that we will count yours of suffering blaming or complaining at each other…

God bless the world!!

02/08/12 @ 11:28
Comment from: oneluv21 [Visitor]

Isaias (Eritrean leader) is having a good laugh at this bunch of beggars celebrating a handout. It is beyond me seeing some of the Wayane so proud of the building when they have nothing to do with producing it. What a shame to the black race

02/08/12 @ 11:34
Comment from: Respect and Responsibility [Visitor]
Respect and Responsibility

As an Ethiopian,what I reading in this site is deadly hurting.Do anybody knows that we will die sooner or later.Is this what we want to leave for our kids,curse,dont we had enough of it in our generation.I am 47 I have seen and lived a lot.I dont like my daughter to live and see the same.Let us start a fresh start.Life with out hate.Let us respect and be considerate to each other.Let us comment to build the country.Not to ruin our identity.I wish A new hopeful day for mama Ethiopia.I may not be professor or …But..
I always proud to be Ethiopian what ever the case may be.
Ethiopian and Habesha forever and ever.
God have mercy on us.

02/08/12 @ 11:59
Comment from: Dani [Visitor]

I commend Pr.Al Mariam for your insightful article..and I know people in the regime don’t like being criticized..but every word of it; its fact checked and that’s wat I love about reading your articles..
keep it coming..can’t wait for your next

02/08/12 @ 15:08
Comment from: Yoseph [Visitor]

Dear Alemayehu,
I’m baffled by the shallowness of your thought and by the depth of your hatred. Why did you allow this to happen to you? Equally astonishing are your admirers. Whatever happens to truth and brain!

It’s sad to see “educated” Ethiopians behaving in such ethically irresponsible way. By describing Africans as beggars, you have done yourself a great disfavor for our identity remains the same even when we change our citizenship. This generation of African leaders (call them “dictators” if you wish) will pass. We have already witnessed the downfall of some of them. But this building will provide the space and the forum from which the future of our children and our continent will be built. We don’t have to throw the baby with the bath water.

The best thing you could do to your legacy and the betterment of posterity, in my humble opinion, is to stop editing gossip column and do something worthwhile with your time and talent. Your readers deserve better than garbage. Please!!!!!!

02/08/12 @ 15:48
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]


Thank you, but no thank you that you are trying hard to updat us about your cave man as if we care…..LOL.

However, you must be the most foolish slave he ever got that he allowed you to witness closely his joy or secrets. For your information, we don’t really care about that mad man or the crazy AGAME -WEDI MEDHIN BERAD, as most of you would prefer to call him whenever you got way from your slavery cages…LOL, who playing you like sucker ball without any challenges, and you should just keep enjoy your time with him instead of westing your time here young lady….LOL.

God bless the world!!

02/08/12 @ 16:08
Comment from: kul [Visitor]

I was in Addis when the new AU building was inaugurated. It is really a magnificent building. One of a kind, in deed. I heard Meles’s speech on ETV and laughed out loud when he said the building shows the “rise of Africa”. How can a building that is built entirely by Chinese money and expertise signify the rise of Africa?? Very funny

02/08/12 @ 17:01
Comment from: George [Visitor]

The extremists who spread their harmful ideas must not be allowed to continue to divide and destroy our country. They must be brought to justice to answer for the crimes they are committing against people and country on daily basis.
Often their opinion has been outrageous, evil and dangerous. It has got nothing to do with freedom to write or democratic rights. Their wish is crearly to see our people turn on each other so that they become destructive of their being examplary to the rest of the world of their centuries of being organised and civilised society; defiant of white dominance and being the main reason for freedom of Africa and many countries of the world. Shame on those who are trying to through away the good name of our country by causing irreversable havoc to achieve thier political aspiration to lead the country. Your game should be country and people first and politics second.

One thing I would like to say to the prof is that you need to mind your political correctness first in order to to be a politician. This is least expected of a professor. So you must drop your hate monger and rubbishing the efforts of other politician. How can you insult leaders of 54 countries of a continent? As a highly learnt person you should live up to the expectation your people and country.

Extremists of any side, go away with your poisonous mindsets. Ethiopia will always do better without you.

Peace and development for Ethiopia and its peace-loving people.

02/08/12 @ 19:17
Comment from: belete [Visitor]

oneluv21, the coackroach from arrtera,
the only thing that is left for isayas is to laugh like a wild monkey while burning deep inside for being an isolated despot. but tell him we are ok with that as long as he is not sending his terrorists to bomb addis as he tried in the last AU meeting.

02/09/12 @ 09:33
Comment from: belete [Visitor]

oneluv21, the arrteran parasite,
the only thing that is left for isayas is to laugh like a wild monkey while burning deep inside with jealousy and for being an isolated despot. but tell him we are ok with that as long as he is not sending his terrorists to bomb addis as he tried in the last AU meeting.

02/09/12 @ 09:43
Comment from: saba alem [Visitor]
saba alem

I guess Professor Alemayehu is well loved by most bloggers for most of his literature. Beyond his articulacy and an enormous detailed wisdom about justice, he opened a lump sum job for woyane puppets. I bet most bloggers for his postings(at list 100+ for a single article) vote for Professor Alemayehu to keep his posting since he is a potential means to their wage. I want to be particular to the lovers of Professor Alemayehu; Those who understood his message truly respect and love him, and those who have no idea as to what he meant in his literature still love him because he is the source of their employment.

02/09/12 @ 11:32
Comment from: Ararso [Visitor]

Mr. Arr Marria,

If the kind of you claim to be professor, I wonder what types of students are produced by the like of you. You need to visit the Sanitorium near where you live; or you need a check-up at Asmara Hospital. We are tierd of your endless made in DC talks. Tell to your Mamma about what you think.

02/09/12 @ 15:23
Comment from: A Hall of Shameless Beggars [Visitor]
A Hall of Shameless Beggars

The most shameful time in Ethiopia and Africa. OAU disrespecting the founder and formation of African Unity.

Meles refused to erect Emperor Haile Selassie statue who played the most important role in Africa’s independence and foundation of the OAU.

Haile Selassie ( The Father of Africa), Jomo Kenyata of Kenya, Sekou Toure of Guinea, Julius Kambarage Nyerere and Nkrumah played important rolls in unified Africa and fighting white colonialism.

It is indeed regretting to find OAU once was filled with those kind of great leaders now replaced with filthy disgraceful shameful dictators .

Yet today banda Meles the child of banda is trying to belittle our great father. Of course it is unwise to expect morality and pride from Meles who has lost his identity for a servant of his white masters.

The continent of Africa with all that rich resources and billionaire looter dictators could not even build one Hall to gather Africa’s dictators.

They have to beg China to build them a landmark.

02/09/12 @ 19:22
Comment from: [Member]

I wonder when this megalomania is going to question how much do Iknow about the topic I write? Idon’t know where he is living and where he gets his news. does he know even the greatest democracies owe trillions of dollars to chinese.
does he understand that from the computer he uses, the suits he wear and food he eats are imported from china.If the african are considered beggars for getting the union/unity hall from china what are the western countries getting billions of dollars are going to be called. Alemayehu as I always say your writing are short sighted, born out of frustration and bitterness and covered with ignorance and hate. i wonder what you are going to critcize about ethiopia or africa next the sun rising and setting?

02/09/12 @ 20:15
Comment from: Asmerom [Visitor]

Agazit woman,

Anchi setyo ere tenesh affer bey enji? Dehna zemedoch yelushem meker yemesetu? You must soon as you can immidiatly , urgently seek mental health check before it is too late!!! I have not laughed in such long time , felt true pity after reading the most child like uninttelugent, foolish comment claiming to be from a scholar, high IQ strategiest !! !!! Hehehehe!!! IQ is not grain where u claim to have in kilograms lol it is quite visible from what you write, what u think, how u justify your points. you recon you can become a scholar by not going to higher education? By not being thought by scholar? You think you can debate ha? lol By scribbling silly lines here and there? You should read definition of scholar , strategiest, good debator . After that u will learn that you must have been high on crack to assume you were those things!!!!! Thinking and talking with your Me’akor gual adigrat. .

Dej Aba Fessso,

Hope you read princess’ articulate flawlwss debate right here and learn how to argue to make yr points topic communicate whatever with reference and evidence, in the right smart manner. Many of your fello ethios ask u to to back your zebazenke kotetakotet u write but u failed miserably. Whwn you atempted to cheat by claiming false books u were cought red handed!!! U told the other agamie dejazmach u are of high intellectual caliber lol and he is your inferior ?? but for self bragging intelectual u sound less smart than him. Writting kotet terkimerki in length about Eritrea , swearing at your own country men and historical figures without a single source of evidence does not make you intellectual of highest caliber. Neft ras malet ante neh. The only difference between you and Agazit kebt is you write better that is all. Mesaqiya jelajil bite neh gumama. Wedi Sebeyti. I thank God every day that We dont share the same nationality as you unlike ethios.Thank you the almighty God!

02/10/12 @ 09:10
Comment from: Tulu [Visitor]

The article that broke prof. Al’s back

With this piece prof. Al has exposed himself as the enemy of Ethiopia and Africa and as an agent of USA.
“Ethiopians” in the US either distance themselves and condemn this guy or they will be discredited as well.
Whether CIA forced him to sign this piece with a pointed gun or he himself wrote it, the piece is the manifestation of hatred and contempt for Africa and Ethiopia, and also ignorance and pro-American propaganda that one only finds in neonazi and ku klux klan forums.
Perhaps that kind of self-hatred and self-contempt is a prerequisite to pursue the american dream.
Unbelievable,the professor went even as far as justifying western prejudices and ignorance when he talked about “the dark continent", and look also the title he chose for this article.
How dare he say things like that ?
Even neonazis don’t go that far these days.Could that be because the blood of the americans who might have ordered the professor to write this piece is now boiling watching China’s influence in Africa growing and their’s waning ?
The professor quoted wrong statistics and listed symptoms without mentioning the causes that are widely known today. He also quoted discredited and US controlled sources to back up his arguments. He didn’t even mention the very obvious fact that the Meles regime that is responsible for most of the social and other problems in Ethiopia that he listed was imposed on the people by his american masters.

Fortunately most of us are far ahead than him thanks to the internet and many experts who explained to us how the west,in particular the US, screwed regions like Africa. Take for example the book “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man".
Too late for US agents like prof. Al. He can’t fool anyone anymore, he only discredits himself with pieces like this.

Finally one or two advices for the professor. He should worry about his country USA which is now in decline. He should also buy food enough for 6 months for himself and his family and store it not to starve to death like the ten or so millions americans during the great depression or turn into a cannibal after the world has ditched the dollar as a reserve currency.

02/10/12 @ 15:13

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