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Ethiopia: Africans Unite! Ethiopians Unite!



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Ethiopia: Africans Unite! Ethiopians Unite!

Ethiopia: Africans Unite! Ethiopians Unite!

By Alemayehu G. Mariam

The great Bob Marley always sang songs of African unity and liberation:

How good and how pleasant it would be before God and man,
To see the unification of all Africans.
Africans unite for the benefit of your people!
As it's been said a'ready, let it be done!

“How good and how pleasant it would be before God and man, to see unity among all Ethiopians!”

This past October, I wrote a commentary encouraging all Ethiopians to use the shield of unity against the swords of those who toil to slice, dice, divide and rule them. But that commentary was intended to be not only an exhortation to all Ethiopians to unite around a common purpose and destiny, but equally, a celebration of the very idea of unity among peoples of a nation. I believe unity is the most powerful gravitational force in the life of any people or nation. A nation divided by race, tribe and ethnicity is doomed to poverty, ignorance and strife. I have always marveled at the majestic opening phrases in the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution: “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a perfect Union…” For all their flaws, failings and imperfections, the Founders of the American Republic succeeded in establishing a United States of America in 1787.

Fourscore and seven years later, when Americans faced a more certain disunion in the Civil War, they incurred great loss of life to keep their unity and national integrity intact. In 1858, Abraham Lincoln, a lawyer running for a U.S. Senate seat in the state of Illinois, had no reservations in defending the indivisibility and unity of the American people, including those who were not included in the original “We the People”. He admonished, “A house divided against itself cannot stand. I believe this government cannot endure, permanently half slave and half free”. In 1984, another Illinoisan named Jesse Jackson campaigning to become U.S. president explained, “America is not like a blanket -- one piece of unbroken cloth, the same color, the same texture, the same size. America is more like a quilt: many patches, many pieces, many colors, many sizes, all woven and held together by a common thread.” In 2004, yet another lawyer from Illinois, Barack Obama, boldly declared: “There is not a liberal America and a conservative America - there is the United States of America. There is not a Black America and a White America and Latino America and Asian America - there's the United States of America.” In 2009, in Accra, Ghana, President Obama blasted identity, tribal and ethnic politics as a canker in the African body politics and blight on the souls of all Africans: “We all have many identities – of tribe and ethnicity; of religion and nationality. But defining oneself in opposition to someone who belongs to a different tribe, or who worships a different prophet, has no place in the 21st century.”

Is it possible for the Ethiopian house to be divided against itself and remain standing? Is there a place for tribal and ethnic politics in Ethiopia in the second decade of the 21st Century? Is there any reason why we cannot declare with pride and determination that there is not an Oromo Ethiopia, Amhara Ethiopia, Tigray Ethiopia, Gurage Ethiopia, Gambella Ethiopia, Afar Ethiopia, Ogaden Ethiopia and so many others, but just one Ethiopia for the Oromo, the Amhara, the Tigrean, the Gurage, the Anuak, the Ogadeni… the Orthodox, the Muslim, the Protestant and so many others? Is it not true that Ethiopia, like America, is also “many patches, many pieces, many colors, many sizes, all woven and held together by a common thread”? I believe that common thread to be “Ethiopia-nity”, which simply means Ethiopians held together NOT by their tribal, ethnic and religious affiliation but by the bonds of their common humanity, history and culture.

The overlords of divide and rule harangue us daily that we must put our ethnicity above our humanity. They tell us that they do not give a damn whether Ethiopia even exists at all. They shrug their shoulders with depraved indifference and benighted hubris and proclaim, “If Ethiopia disintegrates, so be it. It was not meant to be.” By whom was it not meant to be?!? Certainly not by Providence. Certainly not by the children of Ethiopia.

For the past two decades, they have been repackaging tribal politics in a fancy wrapper called “ethnic federalism.” They have segregated the Ethiopian people by ethno-tribal classification and corralled them like cattle in grotesque regional political units called “kilils” (literally means “reservation”) or glorified apartheid-style Bantustans or tribal homelands. They have auctioned off large chunks of the country for pennies to international land grabbers. They have secretly delivered large stretches of the country to a neighboring country. They have facilitated the breakup of the country and now stand as the fierce defenders of the national integrity and inviolability of the sovereignty of those who have chosen to separate themselves from Ethiopia. Yet these architects of division and partition have the audacity to proclaim Ethiopia’s unity was never meant to be!!

To some extent, they have succeeded in fraying the delicate fabric of Ethiopian society and ripping out the sinews out of the Ethiopian body politics. They have sown the seeds of ethnic hatred and watered it with violence, corruption and repression. They have destroyed the peace and harmony of the Ethiopian people and replaced it with the jangling discord of suspicion, distrust and fear. But the times, they are a-changing! Ethiopians are standing up and declaring kilil-ism, tribalism and ethnic antagonism were never meant for Ethiopia. What was meant for Ethiopia, they say, is liberty, equality and fraternity in national unity. They say Ethiopians are ordained to enjoy their Ethiopianity; they are not destined to be the helpless victims of the politics of identity and ethnicity or of the criminal practices of brutality and inhumanity.

Oromo Liberation Front Embraces Ethiopian Unity

In an extraordinary announcement following a National Council meeting in Minneapolis, MN on December 30-31, 2011, the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) repudiated its “advocacy for the establishment of an Oromo state” and proclaimed its “new vision” and “aspiration to establish one country with other Ethiopians under a genuine federal arrangement that must guarantee the rights, equality and liberty of all Ethiopians…. The OLF would struggle not only for the Oromo people but also the people of Ethiopia suffering under the tyranny and oppression of the TPLF regime.” It seems the OLF declaration makes a simple but powerful statement: “Kilil-ism, tribalism and ethnic antagonism are not meant for Ethiopia.”

The OLF’s reasons for changing its long-held position on establishing an Oromo state appear to be premised on a number of self-evident facts: 1) the need to end the “suffering of the Ethiopian people under the dictatorship of Meles Zenewi” by “working with all democratic forces in Ethiopia”; 2) the necessity of “forming the new Ethiopia that will guarantee and protect the fundamental rights of all peoples in Ethiopia” and 3) the need for the establishment of a “federal democratic republic” that is “based on the free will and consent of all peoples in Ethiopia.”

The OLF’s National Council urged “all democratic forces to work in tandem to make Ethiopia a common home for all its people” and called “on the international community to desist from supporting the tyrannical regime of Meles Zenawi that is engaged in terrorizing the Ethiopian people, selling the precious resources of the country to the highest bidders” and disrespecting “principles of democracy, human rights and rule of law.” It challenged “fellow Ethiopians to work with the OLF in a spirit of trust in order to establish the new Ethiopia, where democracy, justice, respect for human rights and rule of law will be the founding values.”

Unity is the Only Cure for the Destructive Politics of Identity and Ethnicity in Africa

The OLF declaration is surprising, historic, refreshing and singularly instructive. But the historic significance of the announcement can be appreciated only when it is contextualized within the broader framework of contemporary African politics. In many parts of Africa today, we see individuals, political leaders, groups and organizations of all stripes stoking the fires of ethnic and tribal hatred, fanning the flames of sectarian and religious violence and instigating all forms of strife, dissension and enmity. Just over the past year, we have witnessed in some of the most advanced countries in Africa the consequences of ethnic and religious warfare. In Cote d’Ivoire, we saw Laurent Gbagbo divide the country by region and religion and sacrifice the lives of thousands of his citizens in a futile attempt to cling to power. He failed and is now facing justice at the International Criminal Court. In Nigeria today, we see violent confrontations orchestrated by individuals, leaders, groups and militias along ethnic and religious lines. In a disturbing pattern, it is becoming quite clear that increasing numbers of Nigerians are giving precedence to their ethnic identity and subordinating their allegiance to the Nigerian nation. Will these separatist movements eventually dismember the Nigerian nation along geographic and religious lines? Uganda faces threats by a vicious group known not only for its widespread human rights violations, but also for its utterly barbaric practices of sexual enslavement of women and abducting children to become soldiers.

It is in the broader African context that we can truly appreciate and admire the actions of the OLF in dropping its long-held demands for secession and public commitment to work hand in hand with “fellow Ethiopians in a spirit of trust to establish the new Ethiopia, where democracy, justice, respect for human rights and rule of law will be the founding values.” When the trend in parts of Africa is to strengthen tribal and ethnic loyalty and dissolve the bonds of national unity, it is extraordinary for the OLF to boldly declare its mission to work for the common humanity of all Ethiopians and usher in a new era of peace and national reconciliation.

It does not seem that it was easy for the OLF to finally come to this position. There appears to have been a great deal of give and take within the organization on the issues. Some members appear to have had reservations for a variety of reasons; but the leadership deserves much credit for having the vision to see the forest for the trees, for asking the tough questions and for understanding that the stale cynical political arguments of the past must be replaced with fresh forward-looking ideas that can produce results for a durable peace and genuine reconciliation. The leadership deserves much credit for being open-minded and for accepting the fact that it is necessary to change with the times and new realities. The realities today are different than they were ten or twenty years ago. Aligning one’s thinking and actions with changing realities and circumstances is a sign of wisdom and political maturity. It has been said that “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

Is there anything the rest of us can learn from the OLF’s declaration?

I have drawn many lessons about leadership, courage and the need to change with the times. In my thinking, the OLF declaration embodies the simple principle I have always upheld and fiercely defended: “Choose your humanity before your ethnicity and nationality.” Doing it the other way around is downright insanity. With its declaration, I believe the OLF has chosen to replace the old ideology of factionalism and secessionism with a new ideology of unity, cooperation and collaboration. It has chosen to speak not just for Oromos, but just as vigorously for all Ethiopians who have become voiceless, voteless, helpless and powerless. The OLF has chosen to speak for them in the common language of all humanity-- equality, justice, democracy and freedom.

I believe a divided nation is a defeated nation. In unity there is victory. When the OLF declares that it “would struggle not only for the Oromo people but also the people of Ethiopia suffering under the tyranny and oppression of the TPLF regime,” I understand that to mean there is no substitute for the victory of democracy and human rights in Ethiopia; but the price of that victory is unity around a common purpose and destiny. Unity is the crucible for cooperation, collaboration and effective collective action.

The process of unifying a people is difficult and the road to unity is often littered with the debris of historical grievances, rancor and bitterness. That road must be repaved and repaired with good will and new values of dignity and equality in a genuine understanding of a common humanity. The search for and achievement of unity does not happen overnight, nor does unity by itself solve all problems. But where there is unity among the people, they are in a much better position to resolve disputes and solve problems. Where there is unity, the disagreement is never about the destination, only about the paths to be taken to that destination.

Unity in a given nation is always a work in progress. The Americans are still trying to make a perfect union 225 years after they began their journey. The work of unity in Ethiopia should be less cumbersome because seventy percent of the population is said to be young people. We can remain confidently optimistic that the new generation will replace the destructive politics of identity of the old generation with the transformative politics of humanity, equality, dignity and unity.

Even utopian Ethiopians know that as we work for unity, they will be working double overtime for disunity. For every act done to create trust, they will fabricate ten acts to create suspicion and distrust. It is said that a thousand mile journey begins with the first step. In making its declaration, the OLF has taken a giant leap for all Ethiopians. Each one of us must now take our own small steps for our Ethiopianity (humanity before ethnicity or nationality).

Fierce Urgency of Now

What time is it? It is high time for all Ethiopians to come together. If there is one thing we can learn from the OLF declaration, it is that none of us can survive without each other. None of us can hope to prosper while the rest are disenfranchised and subjugated. None of us can make progress while the rest regress or stand still. We are now faced with the fierce urgency of creating the conditions of unity now. Why? Because genuine national unity is a necessary precondition to feed the starving masses, those 12 million Ethiopians who survive on international handouts every year. It is the foundation upon which the proper education and nurturing of the youth which comprises sevety percent of the population. Unity is necessary to ensure a vibrant economy that provides equal opportunity to all and guarantee respect for human rights.

All organizations committed to democracy, the rule of law and human rights must unite and become an example for the people to unite. Pro-democracy leaders and organizations should come out, stand up, step forward and make a declaration of faith in the unity of the Ethiopian people and pledge to subordinate their narrow political or other interests to the cause of a strong united Ethiopia. They must pledge to avoid the politics of fear and smear and condemn the politics of identity and ethnicity wherever it rears its ugly head. It is an act of supreme courage to embrace Ethiopian unity on a foundation of our common humanity.

In 2012, we are living in revolutionary times. The “Arab Spring” continues to show the historic struggle people are undertaking to live in dignity-- the right to choose their own leaders, to speak freely and to demand accountability and transparency of those who exercise power. People are making great sacrifices to live freely in a country where the government fears the people and not the other way around. Back in 1967, Dr. Martin L. King spoke of similar times: “These are revolutionary times. All over the globe men are revolting against old systems of exploitation and oppression, and out of the wounds of a frail world, new systems of justice and equality are being born. The shirtless and barefoot people of the land are rising up as never before. ‘The people who sat in darkness have seen a great light.’”

Revolutionary times demand courageous, enlightened and ethical revolutionary leaders who value the common good over private and narrow interests. Such leaders bring unity where there is strife; love where there is hatred; trust where there is suspicion; determination where there is hesitation; healing where there is hurt; reconciliation where there discord; wisdom where there is foolishness; knowledge where there is ignorance; truth where there is falsehood; tolerance where there is bigotry and prejudice; honesty where is duplicity; hope where there is despair and dedication where there is apathy and indifference. There is a fierce urgency for Ethiopian leaders with these very special qualities to come forward. We need “leaders tough enough to fight, tender enough to cry, human enough to make mistakes, humble enough to admit them, strong enough to absorb the pain, and resilient enough to bounce back and keep on moving.”

Some are perfectly willing to cast the fate of Ethiopia to the wind and say, “If Ethiopia disintegrates, so be it. It was not meant to be.” But it is the privilege of the utopian Ethiopian to declare with absolute certainty and pride that the unity of all Ethiopians is divinely ordained. It is the dream of the same utopian Ethiopian to look forward to the day when Ethiopians-- men and women, young and old, rich and poor, city dwellers and country folks, the learned and illiterate and those of diverse faiths and languages-- will assemble and issue a Great Charter announcing to the world: “We, the People of Ethiopia, in order to form a more perfect Union…”

“How good and how pleasant it would be before God and man, to see unity among all Ethiopians!”

Previous commentaries by the author are available at: and


Comment from: Bulga [Visitor]

Your articles are so contradictory and there is no logical connection between them. You can’t point to a people from outside and say you are Ethiopian or American, unless he by himself claims himself as Ethiopian or American. Mr. Al-Mariam you wish Amhara or Ogaden to be united and say You are Ethiopian. That is nonsense while thousands of succession rebels have been fighting claiming Not-Ethiopian. Thus ideology has tried and failed in every corner of the world. We must be wise and move along with the pace people are changing and civilizing. We must accept individuals’ human and democratic right and let them decide for themselves. otherwise the result is endless conflict and instability as proven till today.
It is not blood, religion, culture or emotion that indeed unit different nations as one people, its because the people decide to be so.
I admire the Ethiopian constitution that claims different nationalities to be united based on their willing but not by imposission by other intimated individuals or groups or ethnics which want to build up a unified nation. Its what democracy in practice, its group or individual right to claim himself as Ethiopian or American.

01/09/12 @ 02:29
Comment from: YHD [Visitor]

Any one recognizes the need for unity, democracy and freedom, the crux of the matter is how to achieve those in a fair and balanced manner. The core of the article relates to the same old “one-size-fits-all” and “we know it for you” attitude and sentiment - a tried and tired approach to a complex issue. Eventhough, it is not evident in the article if Mr. Alemayehu understands the true meaning of “unity” and “democracy” under a Federal System, it is interesting to note that he has finally come face to face with the hard question and the need for having a Federal Democratic Governance in Ethiopia that is based on the free will and consent of all peoples in Ethiopia.

01/09/12 @ 04:11
Comment from: abu anja [Visitor]
abu anja


01/09/12 @ 04:26
Comment from: [Member]


Somebody once said, “yechegerew erguz yagebal, ersuam seteweld tiluat yetefal”
The diaspora politicians are so desperate to the point that they will do anything just to tell us they’re still alive.
Ethiopian people have already moved forward, puting this deranged diaspora politicians on the BACK BURNER. We know this loosers are harmless animals whose teeth and clows are plucked out. The only thing they can do best is cry and cry.
Almaria cried for decades to tell us that the federal system is bad for Ethiopia. But now after all those cries, he is telling us, that OLF is trying to build a federal democratic govt. And that is why he is supporting them. Wow, it doesn’t get any better than this, for me to think almaria has lost his brain and thinking mechanism. What is his supporters seeing in this man’s idea or every article he writes? Other than his deep hatered to Ethiopians he carried since he left the country some decades ago?
Well, like the old amharic adage has it, “yeleban tebeqa adebalqehe wiqa” if they advocate and support a thief, that means they’re the beneficiaries, and they must be held accountable. And they’ve to be called thieves.
It is a shame that, it is too late for you people who cry foul and with a negative mentality and thinking here in the diaspora to change. You can’t teach new tricks to an old dog. So you’ve to stay where ever you are and keep on doing your best, crying that is!!!

01/09/12 @ 05:37
Comment from: Chala [Visitor]

Another important week passed when the camel is walking while the dog is barking. this was said by melas 20 years ago and even now after 20 years Almariam is barking and talking while melas is working and working.
I am glad that people like melas wake up 40 years a go and know that the only way change to ethiopia is coming by working and they left there comfirtable life and start working.
but people like Almariam they left Ethiopia for comfert 40 years a go and they still talking talking talking and they are wasting our working time by posting shit talking.

01/09/12 @ 05:43
Comment from: obsa [Visitor]

The fact that only Amhra affliated media and websites(eg.ESAT, Nazret, Ethiomedia)gave recognition for the splinter OLF while they donot say anything about the main OLF, indicates that these Splinter group is their fabrication. We, oromos should take every action possible to safeguard the real OLF from this Abysinian Campaign.

01/09/12 @ 06:10
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Of course we need “UNITY ” for Africa and specially betwenn us .Certainly not the Unity of the Fake AU Summits ,an assembly of African Depots and Tyrants ,but the “TRUE” ,the “UNIQUE” ,UNITY OF THE AFRICAN PEOPLES BASED ON MUTUAL
COMPREHENSION AND DEMOCRACY with their real REPRESENTATION accepted only by them not imposed by force by
the willings of External forces or minority ethno mafia groups as TPLF and co .

01/09/12 @ 07:15
Comment from: Truth [Visitor]

It Monday again. It is agonizing for woyane lapdogs and Zenawi

01/09/12 @ 08:02
Comment from: Gondar [Visitor]

from: obsa [Visitor]

what are waiting for ?
fighting for nothing for century !

01/09/12 @ 08:31
Comment from: Brook [Visitor]

Bulga, Chala and Obsa
I can assured you the three amigos are Tigrees who continueed to post in region name and typical ethnic name to deceive the innocent. This has been Weyannes methods of hiding their evil ethnic back ground and deep rooted hatred of Ethiopia. They have tried ethnic conflict in the big scaled before and now continuesly posting idiotic comments. If you are a ragular blogger of N. com like me you will notice this They would like us Ethiopians to formed a thinking within ethnic line just like them Weyannes and wanted to abolishes the idea a united thinking of Ethiopia. When ethnic conflict ignites hopping they will used that opportunity for face saving past and ongoing crimes. Weynnes believes the idea of Ethiopiainizm is existe only within Ahamara tribe all the rest tribes don’t care like them. Sick! They believe it. The regular bloggers cadres here with a nick name Extraterritorial, Addis Zemean, John John, denied their true identity which is Tigrees obviously but lied and claimed they were belong to non Tigrees ethnic. As Ethiopian we all know Weyanne is a group or Ethnic affiliation entirely concentrated & supported by one Ethnic sourly believes and shares the same idea. My Ethiopians be aware the wolfs in sheep skin and don’t be taken by the names this are an enemy of Ethiopia who bleeds and destroying our country. The writer eloquently explained the negative effects of not having a united idea as a whole Ethiopian will lead us for poverty, illiteracy and on going never ending conflicts. The enemy TPLF loves that and exploit it. All the three amigos i have mentioned above is a great example how our common enemy TPLF wanted us to functions.

01/09/12 @ 08:58
Comment from: Shameful [Visitor]

It is always good to dream big, but how big? :)

Ethiopians who do not have home-made Unity among yourselves, to dream about unity in Africa is just crazy:):):)

Thats the reason as to why the AU couldn’t match it’s mission. The dark continent of africa is full of corruption, bloodbath, tribalism, division, ignorance and is a blessing to the invadors who are well aware that inside such big dark hole they gain huge. Their aim is to use and abuse the continent to the last drop of its natural resources.

And you guys are not different than your masters, you dream to eat-up all surrounding you and for the reason you make more enemies than friends. You cannot even make peace among yourselves and your neighbours, how come you dream to unify such HUGE continent??? LOL

So for Ethiopians it is better to think closer to your nose, make your house cleaning and be ONE people then work hard to feed your stomach. Take it step by step. First thing comes first.

Neigbourly advice:)

01/09/12 @ 09:28
Comment from: South Africa [Visitor]
South Africa

I would like to say thanks for the writer.We Ethiopian know how live and respect each other.Really we Ethiopian have a unity?It’s official everybody know, I can say anything about unity.It’s the haedache of TPLF.But,it going to be come if they need or not.

01/09/12 @ 09:38
Comment from: [Member]

Again I couldn’t be any happier for such timely and precise analysis of the current sad situation in my Ethiopia. I thank the great professor for even going a step further and suggesting that “unity” is the only ticket to solve our motherland’s misery.

Thank you Professor Alemayehu.
United we shall squash Ethiopia’s Enemies.

01/09/12 @ 09:56
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Adgi Banda ,only you are days and nights crying your old adage of “Dividing to reign” of your leba master’s evil politics ,based on the
Hegemony of one tribal group and the
law of minority mafia tribal firm (TPLF) looting the coubtry by apovrishing the whole peoples .Prof Al never gave his blessing to any secession movement as OLF but only you the TPLF Thugs whom from the beginning made your support to SHABYA and are still advocating mafioso Bandits ploting for Agazis the desmanteling of the Unity and Sovereignty of Ethiopia .KEEP ON BARKING SHABYAN ASS HOLE REGAFFI TELETAFFI BANDA !!!As said our dear elders “YE LEBA AYENEDEREK MELESSO LIB YADEREK!!!” .That’s all you are !!!

01/09/12 @ 09:58
Comment from: dug [Visitor]

chala addis zemen why you are advocating one man rule while you are talking democracy 20 years one man rule is it democracy come on please just say no to one man rule this is the reason this African democracy going back decade after decade you are advocating evil for the sake of your HOD

01/09/12 @ 10:14
Comment from: Nebiyyu Bogale [Visitor]
Nebiyyu Bogale

I like the authors energy and perseverance. Unfortunately I must say that his kilometers and kilometers writings and preachings will never produce any tangible practical results because he is devoid of any capacity to handle the underlying positions and problems that have been causing constant havoc, endless conflicts and the run down to the drain and medieval tyranny in Ethiopian governance and government.

By now it is crystal clear even to the uninformed persons that the central and the core objectives of the author is exclusive self help and struggling to bring back the defeated Amhara minority elite tyranny and authoritarian dictatorship that have been brutalizing and destroying all the other none amhara people, culture, languages, dignities and identities.

Unity based on the one sided and exclusive terms and conditions of the Amhara ethnic superpower is what he is endlessly seeking but of course in the garb and mask of democracy that have never ever been part of any Amhara cultural values.

I have no problem with Amharas and the Amhara people as humans. On the contrary I like Amharas by all definition of the word but I hate their elites hypocritical absolute power mongering cunning fox preventions and superficial preaching as well as underestimating and insulting other peoples’ intelligence.

Look at how in this 21st century of ours they are demanding people to forget about their identities, cultural values and traditions to become simple robots and serve Amhara values, identities and rebuild the Amhara spiritual and material empire.

“Unity is the Only Cure for the Destructive Politics of Identity and Ethnicity in Africa” the author wrote

This is blatant cheap lie to say the least. As a a matter of fact, individuals and communities who are conscious and respectful of their own identity and community values are also proud of and respectful others identities and community values because then it is easy to think that what is important to you is also important to others, hence mutual respect based on equality of interests.

The author can go, invent robots and program it to have no identity and own values of the robot community but only worship and serve exclusively the author’s spiritual and material needs and interests alone. That exactly what has happened for over the one hundred long years of Amhara authoritarian dictatorship when none Amharas have been forbidden to speak their languages, to celebrate their holidays and practice their own rituals, their farm land confiscated and given Amhara place names and symbols, etc. That is what the author means by condemning identity and ethnicity because it may increase peoples self consciousness and other consciousness as to ressist authoritarianism/authoritarianism and bring about plurality, democracy and justice for all, regardless of all forms human diversities that are absolutely normal.

In a democratic and pluralistic country with a highly developed welfare and egalitarianism where I currently live even immigrants and all types of minorities are encouraged to be themselves, that is to say, conscious and knowledgeable about their identity, their languages, their cultural and traditional values so that every diverse lower may blossom and bring about all the reactivities and innovations for the mother country treating them humanly with justice for all.

Please don’t tell this to our Amhara elite dumb chauvinists because pluralistic true democracy, equity and justice for all is the nightmare came true for them.

The good Bob Marley sang the song in a different context during the era of white colonialism. If he world have lived long enough up to now, he would have updated and sang against Black tyrants and brown red land grabbers from under the feet of the starving land owners.

It is great shame that the author places his exclusive flag covering the whole of Africa which is utterly disrespectful to the noble flags of all the other African countries who love their own own flags and symbols of identity, dignity, freedom, independence, etc. My way or no way is NOT the way. Our way the new democratic way and justice for all is the bright highway. Amharas need to be force educated and cultivated in the ideas of digesting and internalizing pluralistic democracy, justice for all, equality of cultures, identities, ethnicities, religions, regions, nations and nationalities.

Then we will have the vibrant 21st century new Ethiopia and the entire horn turned in to an island of peace, good governance, sustainable development and welfare for all.

01/09/12 @ 10:28
Comment from: Mekonnen [Visitor]

This wise Ethiopian saying cold be a perfect respond for this article… :) “Sira Yata Menekuse… Kobun kedo Yisefal” :)

Ethiopians are always UNITED! And the strong bond “Ethiopiawinet", and our “Green, Yellow, Red” flag is a core value linking all Ethiopians.

So how come Alemayehu Gere Mariam, trying to call for unity, while Unity existed and exsisting among Ethiopians?
All separatist groups and narrow ethnic minded indivduals tried their best to disintegrat Ethiopia, but the Ethiopian culture and Nation directed them how to behaive in a civilized manner. That is why even Weyane-EPRDF regime started to celebrate the ,,"Ethiopian Natonal Flag Day” to win the heart of the Nation.

Political diffrence, and way of thinking to achive power ambitoins exsit in modern Ethiopia, but we are always One and United when the issue comes to Ethiopian National integrity and our Blessed Flag

Africans are United and working together for decades under African Union. Almariam is tryind to propagate Muamar Gadafis style of unity…. Almariam please learn from Europian Union crises before confusing yourself. You and your gimbot7 gangas never worked for unity, but for being a pupet for separatist groups and shabia

Long live Ethiopia!

01/09/12 @ 11:01
Comment from: Daud [Visitor]

Have you noticed how the poor old Al is now changing his name to Alemayehu Gebre-Mariam rather than his rap name Al-Mariam. I guess he is now being proud of Ethiopian..ha ha…
I am sure at this rate he will stop writing a bunch of bolony by the year end.

01/09/12 @ 11:31
Comment from: BH [Visitor]

Contradictory and empty jargons saying nothing in reality. Very sad to see such unscientific article without any reference to facts from a person who says he is a learned man. I have never written any article less than commenting yours, but I can assure you I would be in much consistence to realities and facts than you can ever imagine in your article. I do not know much about you, but you seem to be desperate and lack rational explanations to your cry. The only thing I understand from the message is that, if Meles would disappear than unity will pop up revealing itself in the magic word Ethiopia and Ethiopiawinet. The Gurages, the Somalians, the Tigrians, etc will then be hallucinated by the magic union and will change to be Amhara which is the ultimate solution for peace and happiness in Ethiopia and the whole of Africa.

01/09/12 @ 11:48
Comment from: oneluv21 [Visitor]

Wow professor!!! Bob Marly the crackhead is now an example for Africa? Please next time come up with someone who is not addicted to drugs and sex 24/7.

01/09/12 @ 12:01
Comment from: Oneluv21 [Visitor]

You have to read this from Ambassador Herman Cohen:

[Meles Zenawi and the New Republic of Tigray

On a recent interview with ESAT, former US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Ambassador Herman Cohen made some startling revelations regarding matters that influenced the history of the peoples of Eritrea and Ethiopia. While I am not a fan of the Ambassador and cognizant of the negative roles he played on the region over the decades, it was shocking to witness the candid responses to the barrage of questions hurled at him by a brilliant ESAT interviewer Abebe Gellaw. This raises some questions. Why now, how does it factor into the political calculations of Meles, and ultimately what does it mean to Ethiopia?

Key: The hegemony of a minority regime is not sustainable. What does that mean?

It means that it is a matter of time until the minority regime will crumble. The role minority regime can play in Ethiopia is on life support. It is a dead man walking per se; a rejected system that could not be revived no matter what. Ambassador Cohen said that Meles failed to realize the vision of his own constitution. Article 39 was meant to provide autonomy to the country�s various regions. Instead, Meles �imposed the same type of authoritarian regime that Ethiopians has always had.� Meles� actions are in contradiction to the constitution and outright disregarding to the rights of the rest of the country.

For over 20 years, his reign accorded preferential treatment to the state of Tigray. The prevailing opinion is predicated upon the argument that the clique�s objective is to create an independent state, Abbay Tigray. But is there evidence to back this up?

Over the last 20 years, Tigray has had disparate advantages over the rest of the country. After the TPLF came to power, they have redrawn the internal Ethiopian map to favor Tigray to the dismay of Ethiopians in various parts of the country. There are many reports that accuse Meles and his clique of taking fertile lands from different parts of Ethiopia and, made them part of Tigray. Resources are transferred from the Ethiopian heartland to Tigray. This included the banking, major industries, the air force and major portion of the country�s armaments using the threat of Eritrea as excuse. In Tigray, there exists an international bureau. Evidences of building towards greater Tigray are plenty. Many Ethiopians believe Meles literally gave-away major portions of Ethiopian land to Sudan to appease Sudan and to ensure a friendly and non-threatening Sudan. There are regular flights between Sudan and Tigray in a daily basis. The transformation of the city of Mekele and overall, the state of Tigray is intense relative to the rest of the country etc�

Key: �The TPLF was at the gates of Addis. We wanted to make sure that the war ended with what we called a soft landing in Addis and there should be no destruction�.We didn�t say takeover the government. We said take over Addis.�

This is clear evidence that TPLF and Meles never enjoyed support of the Ethiopian people. The US, in effect, was forced to accept the inevitable change at a crucial moment in history. According to the Ambassador, Meles promised change but failed to implement any of the reforms he promised.

Key: the US, according to Ambassador Cohen is, primarily interested on its �Strategic Interests.� Human rights and other issues are secondary considerations if at all. The question then becomes, does the minority Meles regime-hegemony serve US national interests? According to Ambassador Cohen, �The hegemonic minority rule of the Tigray People�s Liberation Front (TPLF) is difficult to sustain as Ethiopians are demanding freedom and democracy.�

Given the fact that it is clearly understood that the agenda Meles pursues is unsustainable, and also, given the fact that the US�s key strategic interest in Ethiopia is a united Ethiopia; Ambassador Cohen�s campaign, albeit pushed by a personal motive to sell a book, is likely the modus operandi. Hence, it is clear to all, Meles Zenawi and co must go. Meles Zenawi can no longer ensure US strategic interests for many reasons.

For twenty years, Meles and co shunned goodwill towards any group, individuals, national organizations or nations. Meles played hardball. He used the War on Terror-card against everyone. He used it against Ethiopians, in the Ogaden, Oromo, Somalis and Eritreans. He used every tool at his disposal mercilessly. He imprisoned Ethiopians, Eritreans, Somalis or any Ethnic group that he felt could get on his way. If one is to ask, if there exists any group of people that supports the minority regime in the region the answer is an emphatic no. Ask the Ogadeni�s the Somalis, the Oromos, Eritreans or any group and one will find no loyalty for this regime.

There are many indicators that Meles is on his last legs. For over three years, Meles gambled on associating anything Eritrean with terrorism. The trajectory seemed on the up and up when he proclaimed that the noose is now on Eritrea�s neck and bragged of what is to come. He invested a great deal of time and resources to accomplish what he could not through military and other subversive tactics. He literally gave-away Ethiopia to China and others just to get Eritrea and failed. Meles tried to buy time by talking sanction and Eritrea. He, in effect, muzzled the voice of the Ethiopian opposition because the focus was the sanction. However, that is all the time he could buy because Ethiopians are back with vengeance ready to devour him.

This was highlighted by the recent OLF announcement that clarified a united Ethiopia position. This simple expression of unity jolted the Weyane clique as if hit by tsunami. All one has to do is look at the recent headlines in the mouthpiece website of the genocidal regime Aigaforum. Their incoherent frantic attacks on any Ethiopian opposition are a reflection of the fragility and susceptibility of this group. And they are right to be concerned because for the first time Ethiopians are beginning to speak with one voice. They are talking a voice of unity to an organization that could only survive in a splintered environment, an organization that is truly afraid of a united Ethiopia. When all these groups come together to decide the future of Ethiopia, guess who is going to be on the outside looking in? Meles and his genocidal friends! Meles and co in turn will run for their life if there is a safe haven somewhere.

According to Ambassador Cohen, �Save Addis from destruction� propelled Meles to power. However, TPLF�s main agenda was Tigray not Ethiopia. After 20 years, Meles has put the people of Tigray in a precarious position by placing them in the middle. He cannot out-rightly proclaim independent Tigray while he is ripping the benefits of being a ruler of Ethiopia because his masters will hang him dry. This is reflected by the lack of affection and respect that Meles shows the people of Ethiopia. But how are the people of Tigray faring and, how will they fair in the long term?

The reality is no temporary gain is sustainable unless coupled with peace and stability. Meles Zenawi could not win any peace with any group or nation in the region. He could not unite Ethiopia and certainly, he cannot ensure peace for the people of Tigray. The people of Tigray are surrounded by hostility because the hegemonic agenda Meles pursued in the name of Tigray did not promote friendly ties with anyone.

Meles Zenawi is at a downward spiral, scared and is likely to make erotic decisions as he recently did by �retiring� (expelling) many officers abruptly. It is odd to see Meles, while involved in military campaign in Somalia, releasing officers� en mass at same time. The reality is, he is scared and he felt that he is removing threats as he repeatedly does. Meles clearly believes that the support he gets from the West is forever. He also believes that they will stick by him regardless of what he does as long as he can ensure their strategic interests. However, US interests cannot be ensured if officers trained by US are chopped-off their duties abruptly as in this case.
When ESAT asked the Ambassador if Meles was in good terms with him, he replied, Meles got angry after the Ambassador spoke-out in the aftermath of the 2005 election massacre. Meles felt that the Ambassador spoke outside the scope of US Ethiopia strategic relations. In effect, bit the hand that feeds his madness. Think how mad Meles will be after the interview. The Ambassador added fuel to the raging fire that is consuming the regime. In other words, Cohen is telling Meles his time is up.

Meles Zenawi will go down in history as one of the worst leaders for selling his people, Africa and his soul if he had any. He should face justice for corruption, embezzlement, torture, genocide and all the crimes he committed against the people of the region collectively. Meles used hunger, climate change, war on terror, fear, economy, stability etc�to sell his agenda. All is coming to ahead now. The people of Tigray need peace, stability and prosperity. The region also needs it. However, Meles has proven he cannot provide peace, stability or prosperity. The West already knows Meles cannot ensure a united Ethiopia. These are key constituencies Meles has lost. And regardless of what he does, without them he cannot stay in power for long. That is the stage we are in and I do believe Ambassador Cohen�s timing is not accidental. The Ambassador is telling Ethiopians it is time.

01/09/12 @ 12:09
Comment from: Bortola [Visitor]

Hi Al Mariam,
First of all, those people who called themselves OLF leaders and declared that they work for Ethiopian unity are nothing to do with the OLF. They are just another OPDO created by Dr Berhanu Nega. The so called “General” was a militia man captured by the TPLF/EPLF and given the title “General” by Meles and was working for him until two or three years ago. This militia has not even graduated from high school and did not undrgo any profession training. So do not fool yourself into believing that he can speak for the Oromo people. On the other hand we the Oromo people do not hate Ethiopia or unity. But we are denied of the opportunity to become one and even to talk to you guys by our true representatives. Like Meles you guys are picking our representatives by yourselves. This is doomed to fail. But you call it what ever you like, but the Oromos are not a party to this fabricated news. Bye now

01/09/12 @ 12:19
Comment from: Ordofaa [Visitor]

Hello!! It is me again. I have told you all so many times before about the appointment my Oromiya has with destiny in 2014. I told you that she will be a freshly minted independent nation in 2014. And that is at the beginning of the year also. I am actively searching for a capable artist to commission for a portrait of our liberation hero the lion heart Kemal and his commanders crossing the mighty Wabi River on their way to Finfine. Jawar is our child and should be left alone since he is performing his intellectual duties. Oromiya is coming!!! Oromiya is coming!!!! Oromiya will be Africa’s 55th state and with a new seat at the UN following our brothers in South Sudan. I am making a last call to all Oromo engineers and scientists who work and live abroad to start packing now. I am 100% sure that you will be very happy to toil and sweat for their sweetheart we all call Oromiya!!!!

01/09/12 @ 12:26
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Hey Adgi Banda ,by the way who sold
Ethiopian Sovereignty on the Red Sea
your leba master and his Agazis .Who
presented Eritrea as Amhara Imperialism Colonised Land ,your Ass
Holes leaders as Aba Sehay ,Sebehat Nega including your leba master .Who
welcomed as your own “VICTORY” Northern Ethiopia lands given to Shabya by Herman Cohen you the TPLF Thugs .Who recently gave Ethiopian Territories to his master El Beshir again your leba master !!!And you “CRICKET” ,"SHABYAN ASS HOLE” ,
“Ye BANDA LIDJI” ,do not have the least “CREDIBILITY” to treat patriots as Prof Al as anti ETHIOPIAN Elements .Afterall AGAZIS
Tigre MAFIOSIS and all of you the
Parasites Ass HOLES including your bandas are not Ethiopians .But a bunch of LEKAMI ,YE TARIK ATELAS

01/09/12 @ 13:18
Comment from: [Member]

For our rulers, let alone the action” UNITY” even the word gives them a strong pain. It means the end of their luxury life and power. So what they do is, persuade individuals like Bulga to think that Amharas are not the same as Ogadens, and then they infiltrate Obsa to make him believe that unity is the talk of Abyssinian campaign and off course pay the non-Ethiopian Addis semen to continue preaching day and night about dis-unity.

“Genzebe kale besmay menged ale”

01/09/12 @ 13:28
Comment from: Ahmed [Visitor]

@Nebiyyu Bogale:-
What is wrong with you and the likes of you beefing up on the Amhara people? Do you know Ethiopia very well? Amharas had benefited nothing from previous govts of Ethiopia but subjugated and oppressed.

Amharas are the one who lost thier life during the Red Terror. Go ask people in Honder and Gojjam….. You will know. The most improvished areas of Ethiopia with concurring famine diseases are in Amhara region. This is not because Gojam, Gonder Shoa are cursed of natural resource but they are neglected by govts till this day. Amharas as you mention them never tried to impose thier culture on others. Amharic language is a language accidentally become a means of communication amongst Ethiopians.

I’m tired of you guys callin Amhara this….., Amhara that. I was born and grown up in Debarked area in Gonder. We never had an electric light till 10 years ago. And you dare to call us “chekuange Amhara” we were tortured n killed by Derg, our sisters raped , our brothers brutalized in broad day light….. . Amharas fought for our survival not to impose our will on others. Talk about 10 or 100 Amharic speaking of the haile selassie or Derg officials but you can not blame the 26 million Amharas as the sole problem of Ethiopia. If the language is your problem, don’t speak it. But leave us alone.

Enough of littling down us. We Amharas had it enough of your ignorance of our situations and buying us enemies after enemies with your bold lies .

01/09/12 @ 15:32
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Hey Book ,Obsa ,Chala ,Bulga are simply fake creations of Aiga gangs as Adgi Banda ,Tchiffenee and co. infecting days and nights with their usual insanities the website .The same as
Hamere ,Gonder ,Afarman and all meaningless fake creations but in reality TPLF Thugs !!!!!!

01/09/12 @ 15:50
Comment from: Tulu Proud ET [Visitor]
Tulu Proud ET

Thanks Prof. I love your article and speaks truth. Africans and Ethiopians must stand united.

I am glad that Oromos now are back standing with their Ethiopian brothers and sisters in Unity. That is a big and wise move to eradicate tyranny and dictatorship by expletive minority group. They can claim their country and land that is being retailed by EPRDF looters.

the fake Amara

Why don’t you keep queit and go to Adwa. Amara, Oromo or any other group hates Meles. So don’t waste and hide behind the good Amara name. If you are proud of your deeds stick to your real identity, the person from Adwa or, Dedebit.

01/09/12 @ 16:58
Comment from: john john [Visitor]
john john

Very interesting commet i guss he just found out the idea of dismanteling Ethiopia as Shabia cult try and faild is not working so he want play the unit game! hahahahahahah funy.

01/09/12 @ 19:04
Comment from: chemisa [Visitor]

everyone of you gives Oromo name and comment anything! i like your thrik.

01/09/12 @ 19:17
Comment from: Timbite Dawit [Visitor]
Timbite Dawit

All I read and hear from entire Ethiopians, Somalians, and Eritreans is that you Woyanes/tigres are hated, and are the target, all looking at. The amount of vengeance,rage and anger from the ordinary people of all corners in the entire horn of Africa, is unaccounteable, unknown and unmeassured to the degree were am thinking Tigray might not exist in the near-future.

re-examine who you are with !and what you serpents have been doing, USA and china are looking for new aligance with in the region as they know you are rotten expiring soon. They wont help you when the time comes and pass

01/09/12 @ 21:34
Comment from: Andenet [Visitor]

Thank u Alemayehu for your effort to share this very matured, rational, jenuine, & the only option, unity, to build our common home, Ethiopia.
Those hodam or racist cadre guys,who are just happier b/c of their comfortable life & have been hiding the truth living conditions of the most Ethiopian people, all what i can say is p/s God give them humanly mature brain &able to think them as human than as dictator & Banda.
Those few Oromo brother & sisters ,who still didn’t change your mind & believe creating oromo state, the only choice to create longlast & sustainable peace, democracy, justice, humanity, fair economic distribution, freedom of individual & group etc to Oromo & all Ethiopian people is first we need to stand together & build unity by solving our differences in order to overthrew the most & only enemy, WOYANE. If we can’t do this together, our people will suffer for ever in all aspect, we keep fighting by ethnicity as Woyane want & planned it from the bigining & WOYANE will run us for long. You can’t create peace, democracy, justice among & between to Oromo people by creating oromia state as we witnessed for the last 40 yrs struggle. Even if Olf be able to create this state, the consequence will be long-lasting conflict & distraction to Oromo & to all Ethiopian people. Therefore, as the ex senior Olf leader said, the solution to solve our problem is by working together for better future Ethiopian & not by problem filled by ethnicity or race back ground but as Ethiopian to all people. We need to be matured & take responsibility to our people as one Ethiopian & as human.
As a matter of fact all Ethiopian people have been suffering from different dictators leaders in Ethiopia, except few elites Tigre, Oromo, Amhara, gurage, etc. The Amhara people was even the most victim by the Derg from the biginnig to the end. There were a lot of Amhara students, professionals, generals, farmers murderd by mass by Haileselassie & Derg because they stand for equality, democracy for the poor & innocent people to all Ethiopians.
Therefore, let’s stop writing racist comments & take responsibility to our people. No body can solve our multitask problems to build our country to our people, but only us by working together & solving some differences by understanding we each other. Let’s walk up.

01/09/12 @ 23:18
Comment from: sf [Visitor]

Thank you pro.AL,
“Unity” is a magic word for all ETHIOPIAN. For the rest, we the people as individual do a miracle.
Let god bless our unity.

01/10/12 @ 03:39
Comment from: Fi Fa [Visitor]
Fi Fa


Your usual cunningness is amazing.

Your name is sometimes Ordofaa and next time AGAZI WOMAN fighting AGAZI Ordofaa both being yourself. Hitler’s propaganda minister Goebbels would have envied your talent if he were alive. But you can only fool some of the people some of the time but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.

By the way NO one needs your high sounding charities because all what the people need and want is ONLY their rights and liberties from mafia gang men and women.

So please stop stepping on the rights with your dirty boots and bragging about it endlessly. You are just a little soulless despot thief trying to rationalize you robbery and despotism.

01/10/12 @ 05:09
Comment from: yyyyy [Visitor]

@ Addis Zemen
What is your argument based on the topic? You keep posting idiot words here and the moderator approved it. You probably have a deal or you are paid to post shit or u own the website.

If those you support holds a position like Professor AL, you will keep be loyal.

01/10/12 @ 09:17
Comment from: Mehari [Visitor]

Dear Professor ! As usual your broad vision is to be admired, but sadly it is going to remain as illusion for this continent. As far as I understand unity comes not from top down, instead begins with a small community, state to state, countries, nations and grows in a continental scale. Imagine we had a good relation, unity and one vision, the Somalis, Sudan, Djibouti and our ex/province Eritrea would have made a great impact in the region where others observing the benefit will also join the party. This is how the European union started and look where they are now!!

Agases (Agazi)woman!

You sick minded and clapped out person! again to remind you, you are not from tigray and never have been one. It is sad when you try to castigate the great man of honor. For you it is too much to take but had been good not to open your big mouth. Your uselessness has been revealed to all who look at what you are trying to convey. If you have such great love of tigray, why are you busy cleaning day and night at the Psychiatry hospital where you got distorted brain. you have a lot to do.
- take your pills
- check with your doctor

- sleep tight it might get worst!

01/10/12 @ 12:19
Comment from: Tefera [Visitor]

the professor is preaching fake unity while his boys by the name of brook, teddy and tulu are doing his dirty job of hate and tribalism. by the way why should the ethnicity of a comentator matters more and how can you be sure about his/her ethnic background?????

01/10/12 @ 16:51
Comment from: [Member]
zerayakob yared

Timbite Dawit [Visitor],

Tigray is there from ZEMENE YEHA until today!

ለወደፊቱም ምድሪቱ በፀሃይ ተመጥጣ እስክትዋጥ ጊዜ ድረስ ትኖራለች!

Who cares what Ancien Régime ናፋቂዎች፣ ዒራ-ዒሮ ቀበሮዎች and those from …. are saying.

ከዚያም በላይ ትግራይ በተቀዳሚ በልጆችዋ እንጂ በታላላቅ ሃይሎች አትመካም!

እንደገና እንደዚህ አይነት መልእክት ይዘህ ከመጣህ ስምህን ትምቢተ አይጥ ብለህ ብትሰይም ይሻልሃል!

01/10/12 @ 17:42
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Hey Agasess Woman ,Yehen “Bere Wolede” Zefeneshin kahunu betakomihu
yeshaleshal !!!You dare to say that
your bandit looter militias liberated us from Derg .What a joke
Derg Regime collapsed by itself ,and
your bandits took the advantage they
had to occupy Addis by Shabyan tanks
with pick ups and armes furnished by
Muhamar Gadaffi .With the blessing of
the Mossad and of course by Herman Cohen
himself .To respond for your second lie ,your parents and gran parents were known of being
traitors enslaved by British (The Taliban Yohanes) ,Italian (his son Mengesha and granson Haile Selasse Gugsa)colonialists always assisting
invaders .As your leba master who prostitutes himself for SHABYA ,GADAFFI ,El BESHIR !!!!Wonder where is then your so called pride being one of these traitors !!! Banda ,Kehedet ,Lebenet,Kilet have always being your HISTORICAL TRADE MARKS !!!For your Information it was Shewan Army under Amhara leaders
Menelike and Ras Mekonen along Oromo
Heroes Habte Giorgis ,Baltcha Aba Nefso who liberated Tigrai in 1896
while your coward Monarch Mengesha Seyum ran away to Wello leaving to
Bareteri Forces the whole region .
1936 while heroic Ethiopian armies were savegely bombed with mustard Gaz by Facist forces ,and heroically resisting for 7
months ,your then coward Monarch Haile Selasse Gugsa surrendered by himself to General Badolio .Here are then the “NAKED TRUTH ” of your stupid FARITALES !!!
By the way Axum Sion Cathedrals both
of them ,the old one by Atse Fassil ,the Modern By Haile ,were built by the two Amhara kings !!!!!

01/10/12 @ 19:50
Comment from: mekelle [Visitor]

Newsflash: TigrayPLF has been looting Ethiopia for the last 2 decades.

01/10/12 @ 20:23
Comment from: mortar [Visitor]

Old neftegnas(Amharas) and new neftegnas(tigres)are both shrewd. They are antioromo,antisomali, anti Afar, etc. It is not only difficult but also impossible to form unity with such crook people. The only solution is to continue struggle until liberation no matter how much year it takes!!!!!

Comments 1

Oromia-Ethiopia: G7′s Dangerous Move
January 10, 2012 at 11:46 pm ·

By Malkaa Guutuu*

This is my take on the recent, stunningly shallow and naïve, declaration of the so-called OLF faction, Jijjirama. It is the first installment of a series I plan to write on this issue.

The history of the Ethiopian Empire is replete with hastily constructed alliances between the Oromo people and the northern kingdoms of Abyssinia that have come to haunt the former. In their constant rivalry with one another, during the 17th and 18th centuries, to be crowned Kings of Kings and keepers of their dubious lineage to a certain ancient dynasty in another country, the various rulers of Abyssinia were entering into tactical alliances with celebrated Oromo warriors of the north, particularly the Yejju Oromo. As we all know, these fateful relationships kicked into high gear with the “alliance” between Menelik and Goobanaa, resulting in the conquest of the Oromo nation.

It is surprising, to say the least, that any rational person would want to play this old game again, just when the rising tide of Oromo nationalism is non-arguably, albeit gradually, undoing the vicious consequences of these historical alliances. What gives? A number of explanations can be offered. Let us consider the possible motivations behind the newly minted agreement from the point of view of both parties to it, one at a time.

One may think that the G7 leaders are politically not savvy, despite the seemingly impressive credentials of some of them. It would not be far-fetched to think that their egos might also be in play as demonstrated by their messengers’ taking credit for making the “OLF” change its political program and ways. Based on these, some may question the political acumen of these people to carefully consider the history of the Ethiopian empire with all its attendant consequences. It would thus be tempting to dismiss the group’s move as not worthy of critical investigation, but there is more to it than what actually meets the eye.

The reality is that G7 and its boosters are well aware of the rising tide of Oromo nationalism and are, in concert with other Abyssinian forces, engaged in a well orchestrated, comprehensive and last-ditch effort to further divide, confuse, and frustrate the Oromo national liberation movement, but with a happier face and friendlier tone than that of TPLF’s. This strategy, which attempts to strike at the heart of the Oromo national liberation camp, appears to have enlisted thinkers, journalists, musicians and other people with platforms. It is an audacious move, but one with significant downsides for the initiators of this plan and the Ethiopian peoples in general, who would face the brunt of such ill considered and maliciously conceived initiative. Let me explain.

The G7 leaders seem to have done their homework in terms of the current difficulties in the Oromo liberation camp. They have had themselves invited to Oromo forums using the pretext of seeking reconciliation and have been taking notes. One could say they have been on a listening tour. They have noticed the never ending bickering in certain segments of the Oromo camp, and could have been emboldened to deal the movement a serious blow by enlisting the weak-kneed, the opportunists, and the unbalanced among us. Here is what the originators of this desperate scheme seem to have misunderstood, however. The bickering parts of the Oromo liberation camp do not represent the entirety of the larger Oromo national liberation movement. The movement is a much broader and deeper phenomena than the schemers have assumed; it is more dynamic than they appear to have given it credit for.

To gain a fuller picture of the Oromo national liberation movement, they should have taken their green-yellow-red blinders off and met our nieces and nephews, the millions of Bilisummaa’s, Oromiyaa’s, Ayyaanaa’s and Ayyaantuu’s, actively reclaiming their identity one small step at a time. The struggle is being waged by them and their teachers in every classroom from Mooyalee to Kamisee, Haroo-maayaa to Begii, and numerous places in between. The battle has been joined in by Oromo artists, some of whom have paid the ultimate sacrifice. The cause is being kept alive and strengthened by dedicated Oromos, who are creating uniquely Oromo institutions, for which this website may serve as a good example. Most importantly, the torch Tadesse Birru, Baro Tumsa, Elemoo Qilxuu, Nadhii Gammadaa and other giants of the Oromo struggle lit years ago with their lives, is actively protected and nourished by our bravest and best.

Intentionally confusing the positions of a few errant individuals with the aspirations of the Oromo masses would be a gamble only the hopeless and reckless could play. This strategy is imprudent and comes with significant risk. As a bluff designed to sow further seeds of discord among the Oromo liberation camp and frustrate the Oromo cause, its downsides should be fairly obvious to anyone capable of rational thought and analyses. If it requires mentioning, it is guaranteed to alienate independent and nationalist Oromos, further antagonizing the core of the Oromo liberation movement with the one-size-fits-all crowd in Ethiopian politics. In their dangerously maximalist approach and malevolent intent to divide the Oromo political class in the Diaspora, G7 and its cohorts have thus revealed themselves to be not worthy of any meaningful partnership, rather enemies the Oromo people must fight.

An intellectually honest observer of the developments in the Oromo nation over the last two decades, and the course of human history in general, would have refrained from either initiating or being a party to an agreement that makes a mockery of the Oromo people’s just cause. It is indeed folly of the highest order to think that Ethiopia’s fundamental political problems could be solved without adequately and properly addressing the Oromo question. The fact is that the Oromo people are never going back to the dark ages of being enablers to their tormentors and spectators in their own country, despite the seemingly insurmountable odds arrayed against them. The just concluded agreement, therefore, does nothing to enhance peace and harmony in the region, other than further complicating the already frayed relationships in the empire. Rather than helping to create a badly needed platform which promotes mutual coexistence, it takes us farther away from a win-win formula that just might be worked out for all. It is thus an unmitigated disaster!

So, why would a group that considers itself a liberation front of the Oromo people enter into such a disastrous relationship with a hardcore my-way-or-the-high-way group, notwithstanding the package its “partner” is marketing itself under, knowing full well, the harsh consequences to the Oromo identity of the earlier similarly ill-conceived alliances? The hopelessly optimistic and myopic among us might still believe that the Generals and their followers are executing a well-planned strategy to fight the current occupiers of Oromia, using any tactical alliances available to them. This view does not pass the smell test. One does not proclaim to change one’s identity in order to enter into tactical alliances. The identity of the Oromo Liberation Front is its political program and cannot be traded away cheaply. It was instituted by our heroes under trying conditions, and the new generation of Oromos are not about to give it up, despite some setbacks and incredible internal and external difficulties. It is thus just not credible that a group that has clearly failed to learn the obvious lessons of history in the Ethiopian Empire, an entity that does not seem to have the slightest clue about even the most basic rules of negotiations, can execute a well considered strategic move, which could bring some relief to the Oromo people. This notion simply defies logic and makes no sense at all!

The mounting evidences point elsewhere. They point to the opportunism of these self-proclaimed Oromo “liberators;” their lack of understanding, substance, and concern for the long-suffering the Oromo people. Genuine Oromo nationalists inside and outside Oromiyaa, particularly in the USA, better heed these evidences about the identity of this desperate group, and deal with it decisively and in a timely manner, because of the dangers it may pause. No true Oromo can afford to disregard these individuals’ history, previous affiliations, and qualifications any longer.

It should be obvious to all that Dergue foot-soldiers turned TPLF messenger-boys turned G7 toys are incapable by constitution to represent anything, let alone a cause millions have died and suffered for, and continue to do so. An Oromo who puts any stock in these individuals henceforth is delusional at best, or actively, in the service of the enemy at worst, and must be put on notice going forward. This group is dying a natural death by its own actions and Oromos, who continue to be affiliated with this group are officially coming out as enemies of the Oromo people. This is one way to unite the Oromo Liberation Front!

01/11/12 @ 04:16
Comment from: Edeg [Visitor]

Fellow compatriots

Peace be to you. If you have peace in your heart, with in yourself, please extend that to others. The bilble says “From the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks” So please get rid of hatred if you have it in your heart. Any self respecting human being, won’t try to insult others because of out of due self-respect he/she has. It is possible to do civilized discussions if you just control yourselves. So please let us be people of integrity. Thank you to those people who really behave properly on this forum. You did respect yourselves and I enjoy reading your posts. This site reflects who you really are not for others but for yourself. If you want to know what kind of person you are, just read back what you posted. That is exactly who you are.

01/11/12 @ 05:11
Comment from: T [Visitor]

Dedeb hizib zim bileh tebala.Meleyayet tiru new bileh yemitasib bemulu tayewaleh.When I see the big picture,now Ethiopia is at the top of the cliff preparing for a free fall.Farm lands are eroding,drinking water is not any longer easy to get,every year low farming production yeild,high population and growth rate,poor economy growth,one polotical party system and dictator leadership,people not willing to be united …etc are recipe for big disaster.I think the coming ten years are very serious.I hope not but unfortunately it seems to me most people will have no enough drinking water and food to exist with in the coming few years.

01/11/12 @ 10:52
Comment from: Alula Yemesker [Visitor]
Alula Yemesker

Agazi Woman,

I am so happy you did it. You really made Teddy so mad. he definitely the anus of Ethiopian society that includes Al Miriam.
Please do more like this.

Tigray the mother of Ethiopia shall live forever!!!
Do not worry if all pigs throw up their feces.

01/11/12 @ 23:48
Comment from: Mehari [Visitor]

Alula Yemesker

Oh! again another insane person! though I am not fortune teller, but the virus from Agazi is spreading around! Teddy is an Ethiopian, wonder where you both came from to exist! at least Agazi woman served at Dedebit as maid.. and U?

01/12/12 @ 10:09
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Hey Alula Aba Dengayi,keep on barking ignorant SHABYAN ASS HOLE BANDA !!
It’s not your Shabyan Prostitute syster who shall intimedate us with her daily stupidities .While laughing on her own ignorancy and the moron ,village idiots as you and your Thuggy bros !!!

01/12/12 @ 12:52
Comment from: Obsitu [Visitor]


We Oromos are peace loving people. Who do you want to kill with your Mortar? We are intermarried and blood related with all ethnic groups and you can not separate us. Do not desire to come to office at the cost of Oromo children’s blood. Long live OPDO!!

01/13/12 @ 03:31
Comment from: Tulu Proud ET [Visitor]
Tulu Proud ET


Murderer woman

I see how the word “UNITY” angered you to come up with this twisted, flip flopped, reversed inside out confused history of Amaras vs. Tigreas.

You people are the only one who have problems of United Ethiopians and/or Africans because opportunistic parasitic, lazy tiny minority people like you will not be in power to suck the live out of people.

You would have confused me if the selling Ethiopia’s territory, land and resources were not happening by the banda Meles regime right now. But your blatant lie only proves how shameless lairs you people are.

You need to see a psychoanalyst.

It is your banda TPLF Tigreas that are always called bandas. Never Amaras Oromos or any other Ethiopians.

Selling Ethiopia’s territory and people for the sake of power and to fill up your ungrateful greedy belly is what is going on right now by your Tigrea banda regime what the Amaras and other Ethiopians died to preserve.

If Tigreas were the rulers 40 years ago there would have been nothing left in Ethiopia. Everything would have been sold. I doubt even if there were a county called Ethiopia.

Now your time is running out and Oromos are united with their brother and sisters. Go kill yourself.

01/13/12 @ 19:53
Comment from: Unity [Visitor]

Unity means:

- THE END to minority Tigre power control and the futile Meles
attempt to seed ethnic hatred
- THE END to violence, corruption and repression
- THE END to tribalism and tribal regime

- Power back in the hand of the majority peace loving Ethiopians. This includes every Ethiopian except the
one who wish divisions and destructions on Ethiopia.

- TPLF Tigreas are agonized over their fear, “Unity of Ethiopians”

- Peace on Ethiopia, respect, democracy, stability.

- Taking care of the poor, disenfranchised, and the voiceless

Even TPLF did not secede once it grabbed power after the formation of Tigray People Libration Front that have fought war for 17 years with Ethiopia and been destroying bridges and properties.
But it continued its disloyal and hateful deeds by destroying the fabric of the nation.

01/13/12 @ 20:26
Comment from: Afarman [Visitor]

Ayatollah Alemayehu, you have chosen a wrong title for your latest article. A tribalist wanna be politician like you cant have the moral or ethical background to talk about African unity, you are such a retarded and divisive elderly man, keep your attitude for yourself, your style of writing and ideas makes very many of us sick to the stomach.

Ayatollah Alemariam, all the education and experience you gained seems to be disappearing in each passing day, you will be better off checking your mental status. I suspect you might be suffering from some kind of mental illness.

Our country is moving forward and no article or paper will bring us down, we are enjoying the fruits of the 17 year armed struggle, our martyrs have paved the way for the current democratic process and fast economic development.

Ethiopia under the current regime is enjoying peace and stability, people like the author of the above article ayatollah Alemariam and Elias Kifle’s attempt of eistabilising Ethiopia has failed. These two idiots tried to work with the Eritrean regime to oust the EPRDF, Ethiopian review has failed to deliver its promise.

Ayatollah Alemariam..Ethiopia is in safe hands, forget Ethiopia and keep on securing your income as a retired author for the shaebiyan regime. Shaebiya knows how to use and throw you like a condom. OK Ayatollah cry louder and longer till you explode by hate and prejudice. No one will be a victim of your dirty tricks.

01/15/12 @ 05:59



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