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Ethiopia: An Ethiopian with election envy



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Ethiopia: An Ethiopian with election envy

Ethiopia: An Ethiopian with election envy

By Yilma Bekele

The US is getting ready for presidential elections. 2012 will be the 57th time elections have taken place. The first election was held in 1788 and there were five contestants and it was won by George Washington. Barack Obama is the 44th President. The Republican Party held its convention a week ago and the Democrats started their nomination process yesterday. The candidates are thinned down by the grueling primary campaign. The conventions are more or less a coronation event and come November one of the nominees wins and everybody goes home and wait for another four years. This routine has not changed for over 224 years. If the American citizen is so jaded about the event you can see why. It is nothing to write home about.

Non-American citizens are not allowed to participate in the process. It is unthinkable any government will try to influence the election in any covert manner. The American people determine their own future without help or interference from any outside body.

As you know our Prime Minster died a few months back and we have been operating without a leader for quite a while. Either the Ethiopian people are extremely low abiding or phenomenally docile because nothing has happened that is alarming under the circumstances of operating without central power. The PM was buried last Sunday, or at least a casket was laid to rest and still no decision has been made regarding a leader.

We in Ethiopia have not developed a system regarding how we would like to be governed. Until about forty years ago our regional warlords duked it out among themselves and the one standing at the end crowned himself or herself king, Queen or Emperor. Haile Selassie was the last Emperor. Colonel Mengistu was the next warlord disguised as head of the Military Junta or the Derge. He was in the process of legitimizing his rule by forming a party when he was overthrown by the TPLF guerrilla army.

The next chapter of our history is a little bit murky and sort of opaque. We have held four elections since the demise of Mengistu. All four have been won by the ruling TPLF party. As a matter of fact the 2005 election is the only one that will be considered partially free and fair. It was won by the opposition. Today that election is looked upon with nostalgia by the majority of our people.

In 2005 the recently departed PM miscalculated his and his party’s popularity big time. It is what happens when one is locked in a palace for too long and is surrounded by yes men and sycophants. The TPLF party learned a negative lesson from this debacle and the last election held in 2010 was a travesty of what election is all about. As they lost big time in 2005 they won the whole enchilada in 2010. We have a broken system with warlordism disguised as democracy.

This is why we are having this hiccup replacing the tyrant. He left a mess behind and cleaning it up is no small matter. There are so many rumors, theories and explanations’ twirling around the situation makes a Spanish novella look like a children’s bedtime story.

First and foremost to note in this tragic affair is that the Ethiopian people are not involved in this drama in any form or shape. We the people are ring side spectators waiting to be told the outcome of this three ring circus. We are keeping score.

Star of the show is no other than the Tigrayan people TPLF Party. It is rumored the party have different factions. The internal bickering is not expected to reach a boiling point. Others playing minor parts are the Amhara Party (ANDM), the Oromo Party (OPDO) and the Southern people’s Party (SEPDM). There are others like the Gambellan, Benishangel-Gumuz etc. but they are for all practical purposes as observers as the Ethiopian people. Everyone is organized under the umbrella known as the EPRDF.

The Executive Committee of EPRDF held its first meeting since the death of warlord numero uno and you would think their first agenda will be filling the void. No such luck in revolutionary Ethiopia. According to Woyane TV “The executive committee passed decision to strive towards success of the Growth and Transformation Plan and further strengthen efforts towards renaissance of the country.” As to the most important issue at hand the “The meeting passed decision to name chairperson and vice chairperson for the Front in its meeting to be held in mid September 2012. It called on the Ethiopian people to rally behind the Front in the efforts to reduce poverty and realize renaissance of the country.”

The only conclusion to reach after reading such a press release is that the EPRDF cannot agree regarding giving the position of PM to the person who was designated as the vice. Why do you think that is? Is it because the number one position has always been reserved to the TPLF Party? It looks like they have found themselves in a very difficult situation at the moment. Appointing a TPLF person would not be looked at kindly by all involved especially the foreign enablers. It is not that they have any objection to the TPLF but they are not willing to chance anything that would destabilize the current cozy situation they have gotten used to. Why rock the boat now must be what they are asking the ruling mafia.

It is said the EPRDF Executive Committee has thirty five members. Since the country is divided on the basis of ethnicity the EC is composed of representatives from four regions. What is peculiar about this situation is the number of participants in the EC. It is said that each Party sends eight people but how they arrived at this number is not clear. The Oromos’ constitute 34.5%, the Amaras’ 26.9% and the Tigrais’ 6.1% of the population. The disparity in representation does beg for an answer.

At the moment the situation the Vice/Acting Prime Minster finds himself is not enviable at all. It looks like he is going up a creek without a paddle. The military is in the hands of the TPLF Party. The Security service is beholden to the TPLF Party. The Media is under the control of the TPLF Party. Major industries such as banking, telecommunications etc. are under the TPLF Party. The Vice/Acting PM does not have a party he controls. He does not have a constituent to fall back on. Up a creek with no paddle seems to describe the situation.

Most of Ethiopians find themselves in a quandary. They want peace and stability. The problem is this situation of being governed by unelected individuals is getting a little too old to accept. The last time this happened it has taken us over twenty years to even replace one person. We find ourselves where we were in 1991. We were told to give the new government time, to be patient and not be so negative. I believe twenty one years is long enough to learn that those that assume power without the consent of the people are not in any position to let it go without hassle.
I started by reciting the news regarding the election in the US. It is clear to see that having a tradition of fair, open contest for the highest office in the land has resulted in the construction of a stable and prosperous country. Campaigns help the people to see what the candidates have in mind and how they intend to fulfill the wishes of the citizen. The elected leader is given a limited amount of time to show what he can accomplish. The citizen is given the power to remove him if he does not perform to expectations.

That is what we need in our ancient homeland. Our people are smart enough to know what is good for them. You do not need a PhD from Harvard to know your interest. This concept of discussing our business behind closed doors is not a winning strategy. Sooner or later it is bound to create problems and contradictions. A leader not answerable to the citizen is a recipe for disaster. A leader with no mandate from his people but beholden to a few with guns will in end harvest contempt and disrespect by all. We hope the EPRDF EC will quit deluding themselves into thinking fear will solve everything. We hope they will learn the lesson of what happened to the occupier of the office not long ago. Twenty one years behind barbed wire fence, with no love, no respect from those he was supposed to serve is not a life style to emulate. In the end we all lost. There was no winner in this game. Our country is still backward, our people are dispersed all over the planet and our future does not look bright if we continue this road of rule by force.


Comment from: Tekle [Visitor]

I hope this writer knows what is he is talking about. What drives him to write disparaging comments about my front TPLF and the Modern Day 13th Disciple and The Ever Living Meles Zenawi is the sheer deep-seated bigotry he harbors for everyone from Tigray. What else can it be? Our country is forging ahead economically by leaps and bounds and has already joined the middle income nations. The per capita GDP(Purchasing) has skyrocketed from the abysmal $300 to $3,500 in just 7 years since 2005. That is more than 10 times. Every working family whether in the cities or countryside are eating three times a day now. That is one of the reasons why health related issues such as hypertension and diabetes are becoming common now. But the globally applauded universal health system designed and implemented by our own son Tigray Dr. Tedros Adhanom is capable of controlling that. I think this brother of Messay Kebede is a Shewan Amhara or someone groomed and brainwashed by those devils from Menz, Tegulet, Bulga and Mera Bete. That is what they do when they can’t do it themselves. They recruit and brainwash people like this writer just to hate people like me who hails from Tigray. I bet you anything you want that he will kill me if he gets the chance just because I am a Tigrayan.

I have explained to you all in detail a million times before why I have a bone to pick with the Shewan Amharas. They have been trouble makers since the days of Haile Selassie. They were staunch supporters of the Emperor and let more than 3 million of my people starve to death. And when they realized that the Emperor’s days were numbered they began forming groups or so called political parties and fronts.

1) EDU founders were mainly Menze’s
2) EPRP leaders were 99% Menze’s
3) Behind the scene leaders of USUAA, ESUNA, ESUE and MEISON were all Shewan Amharas
4) Shewan Amharas due to their mastery of the Oromo language camouflaged themselves as Oromos and instigated the formation of OLF intended to wipe us out Tigrayans off the face of the earth.
5) The Shewan Amharas because of their mortal hatred toward the people of Tigray initiated a bad example to all other gullible citizens and now we have G7, ONLF, CUD this and CUD that. If their actions leads to violence and gullible people get hurt in the crossfire, it would not be anybody else fault but the Shewan Amharas alone. I was given first hand information by my very trusted friends over the last 25 years that corroborate those Menze’s, Bulgas, Minjare and Mera Betes for the commission of these crimes against humanity. The only solutions is to take them back to their motherland Amhara Saynt where they belong and their trouble making habits can be well controlled. Also, I was told that the region they now occupy possesses untold deposits of natural coal and possibly other rare metals such as Lithium and precious metals. Such natural resources belong to the people of the country and must be harnessed and exploited. Also, at the end of the days due to extensive excavation of the mountains and valleys around them, it will be hazardous health wise for them to stay there. No question about it. They should be moved. Period!!! And they better not try to resist. It may not be a pretty sight. And I will keep sending letters to the Prime Minister and the Speaker of the Parliament until it happens. It is high time which means in this case payback time.

09/07/12 @ 00:28
Comment from: Alemayehu [Visitor]


You seem to be more obsessed about ethnicity than the EPRDF you claim to hate; for their ethnocentrism. They experimented with ethnic federalism and it worked. I guess the only way you would accept the power structure is for your ethnic group to be on top. You have had your chance and it’s now time for the others to shine. Next stop - Wolayta! Maybe then Oromo, Somali, Gurage, etc…

09/07/12 @ 01:29
Comment from: Adebayo [Visitor]


The GDP in 2011 was $1100. This doesn’t mean the average Ethiopian is well off; you know very well who concentrates the wealth. Where the hell did hear Ethiopia is a “middle income nation?” If this is the case why foreign aid constitutes 20% of the budget? And have you heard of 30% yearly inflation?
Please stop pulling statistics out of your rectum. And nobody “will kill you for being a Tigrayan.” Maybe for being a woyane cadre.

09/07/12 @ 04:56
Comment from: Heny [Visitor]


09/07/12 @ 05:02
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

First step to be done ,sanctions against the actual Administration for helping the Crime Minister and his evil regime .VOTE
AGAINST BARACK OBAMA !!! Ethiopian Community Voices must heard too with
our ballots .

09/07/12 @ 05:20
Comment from: haile [Visitor]

Off course, there is no place for some idiots and fools like Yilma in Today’s Ethiopia. Susan Rice

09/07/12 @ 05:31
Comment from: bendo [Visitor]

The game in diaspora is changed.

Now they gave up to get something by there work and accepted defeat put there hand high

and started to wish the gov. to fight each other and may be and may be there will be a chance for us when things mess up in Addis.

This remedied me the saying * kebero berehab motech ye bare kolet yiwedikal bila sitketel* kindo of ababal.

09/07/12 @ 06:11
Comment from: Adebayo [Visitor]

Susan Rice is the fool and the idiot. “Meles fooled only those who wanted to be fooled.” Ana Gomez, EU MP, 2005 elections observer.

09/07/12 @ 07:16
Comment from: belay zeleke [Visitor]
belay zeleke

who illuminated ELF,EPRP,EDU,DERG,and who punished Issayas`army?A worlXd class party, with world class leader, EPDRF.IT will finish what it started with the leadership of Azeb.

09/07/12 @ 10:26
Comment from: Loongalee [Visitor]

Yilma Baqela

I think you lost. Ethiopia lost Meles but there are many other Meleses born in the country. You are fighting for your ancestors that robbed the people, not for democracy. You will never go back to that country.

09/07/12 @ 11:22
Comment from: warya [Visitor]

Oh noo,Teddy my friend there is NO Melese aliv.the man is gone don’t you know that? wake up my friend!

09/07/12 @ 12:34
Comment from: Zebulun Wolde Selassie [Visitor]
Zebulun Wolde Selassie

Multinational corporations “select” the American president, not the American people. They work with the international banks and the military-industrial complex to spread propaganda which then frames the issues of the election the way they want them to be presented. Americans sit, hypnotized, watching the TV document the machinations of their own perdition, as well as that of the rest of the world. In 2004, my brother voted for John Kerry, then checked his vote before leaving the booth. The machine showed he had voted for George Bush! He alerted a voting official who cleared his machine, and voted again. Again, when he checked, the vote had registered for Bush. Finally, he requested a paper ballot so his vote could be properly counted as a vote for John Kerry. Turns out, the software company that was contracted for the voting machines was a company with Dick Cheney (Bush’s vp) on the board! I say that to say this: Ethiopians should not look to the USA as a model of democracy. Our elections are all rigged by the Bilderberg Group and the Illuminati. Ethiopians were better off with a Christian monarch than they are now, in my opinion. It was only the greedy landlords in Parliament who blocked HIM Haile Selassie from instituting land reform legislation which to this day has never been enacted and is sorely needed. Who can deny that Ethiopia since the ’70s has fractured into ethnic strife and confusion, with all the atrocities that normally attend such hatreds? True democracy doesn’t rest with a manipulated voting process. It rests with just leadership that is unafraid to take bold steps to secure rights for all its citizens. Without national unity, ethiopia could easily partition just like the Sudan did. I, and everyone else who loves Ethiopia, would be sad to see that happen.
Unity is the key–stop the tribal bickering and feed your people with the TRUTH.

09/07/12 @ 12:46
Comment from: warya [Visitor]


Where you gonna send them the shoawa ahmara.No one likes them.

The best idea to suggest is all shaowa male(strong man) must sent to Abby dam project and work there for free.To pay back Ethiopi. you understand what i’m trying to hight light.In the Ogaden Somali region,the Showa Neftenga army slaughtered 200 handered heads of cattle that belongs to my grandfather.They owning a lot to Ethiopian people.So they have work in free in abby hydro project to pay back us.

09/07/12 @ 12:50
Comment from: kul [Visitor]


Did I hear you say that Ethiopia’s Per Capita Income is now $3500? Are you talking about the Ethiopia we know? Please try to check your facts before you rush to comment here. Ethiopia’s Per Capita Income is only $1100 in 2011. Even the devastated Haiti is better than us. No matter how you try to disseminate false propaganda, you cannot change the reality. You also claim everyone in Ethiopia is eating three times a day while your Minister of agriculture is crying for more food aid. ኧረ ትንሽ ይሉኝታ

09/07/12 @ 15:00
Comment from: Ethio-Gurage [Visitor]

Yilma & AlMariam are 1/2 Gurage and 1/2 Oromo. Shewa Amhara is their boss, Elias Kifle. Yilma is related to Nega Bonger family (Birhanu Nega). Yilma’s half brother runs a paltalk room under the name Debtera. Yilma is a senior citizen, probably in nursing home. NOT SHEWA AMHARAS.

09/07/12 @ 15:18
Comment from: Tulu Proud ET [Visitor]
Tulu Proud ET

What ever the late Meles/TPLF clan sat up is marred with fraudulences and un-democratic abuse of power and therefore should be discarded right away.

There should be a new and fresh election. People should be given the right to form their own party instead of the one concocted by TPLF regime that doesn’t represent them.

The election process should start from scratch and should involve the majority, Oromos, Amaras including the minority Gurages, Gambellas Tigreas and so on perspective to each population. At the same time every Ethiopians should be guaranteed freedom of speech, gatherings and equal rights and protection under the law.

09/07/12 @ 15:24
Comment from: Marcus [Member]

In this article, Yilma Bekele sounds like a tired, disillusioned and defeated man waiting for a miracle to fulfil his wish.

He does not seem to grasp the fact that in order to change a system he dislikes, he needs to toil hard. But what he wants is somebody, somewhere to do the hard work for him. Perhaps an organisation such as the EU or Human Rights Watch to put some pressure or a foreign government willing to intervene on his behalf will do. The role of Yilma Bekele is to only wield the remote control, from a distance.

Yilma Bekele, if you believe that your rights are taken away, you need to earn them by getting your hands dirty. Unlike the Derg who hijacked a popular movement, that is the way others such as the TPLF/EPRDF and the EPLF managed to come to power. But if you choose to sit ringside and remain to be a spectator you need a miracle or at best you need to consult a voodoo technician (if you believe in that sort of thing) to achieve your aim.

There is a risk in every activity and every profession. The impression I get from your article is that you are very safety conscious and protect yourself from any harm, by being as far as possible and outside the ring. If choose to do so you can be inside the ring.

You also accuse the TPLF/EPRDF of being ethnic based. Now, let us look at the hard facts on the ground in Ethiopia. Present day Ethiopia cannot be defined as a Nation in the classical European sense.

Ethiopia is a patchwork of different groups and nationalities, divided along ethnic and linguistic lines. Before their present configurations, these groups had different histories and traditions. By just uttering the magic word “Nation” one will create “One Nation”. Anyone who thinks along that line must be detached from reality and living in total delusion.

After the rise of Islam and the retreat of the Axumites further to the south, pieces of land were gradually incorporated to the Empire to create protection and strengthen the defensive formation of the country.

At times, this expansion was made necessary in order counter competing forces. Other than Muslims, the Oromo (Galla as they were known) were one such force.

Because of population pressures, the Oromo were pushed further inland by Somali speaking tribes. As the Oromo movements increased, they even started to swallow up many smaller ethnic groups in the South.

At this point, although the Ethiopian Empire was still based on the core Semitic people (Tigrinya and Amharic speakers), power was always based on regional and linguistic connections.

Therefore, ethnic or regional power base is nothing new in Ethiopia, and it is not invented by the TPLF. In fact it had been the rule. The key question should be: can this power base be used as a force for good?

Take the very simple case of socialist Derg’s Ethiopia. One could associate regional and ethnic groupings with almost all State institutions of that time. For example, the executive power of the Derg was concentrated on the Gojjam-Shoa (Amhara) block. The central planning office and the National Bank were, broadly, under the control of Gojjam. Finance ministry and Insurance were under Gonder. Inside EDDC (manufactured goods distribution) the Oromo had the upper hand. Perhaps, other people can also give better and more examples.

If we go further back, but not too far, and start from Tewodros’ time, his power base was definitely not Wello or Tigray or Shoa.

Tewodros was a genius, far too advanced for his time. Nobody understood this man and he remained frustrated and his impatience and lack of the art of diplomacy let him down.

Yohannes was more cautious, a deeply religious and relatively humane character. He knew how to create alliances and took care to keep most potential enemies on his side.

Menelik and his relative Ras Mekonen had a thinking and problem solving approach. Most of their moves had the hallmarks of skilled chess players. They also perfected the carrot and stick method.

All of the above were region and ethnic based, perhaps Menelik and Ras Mekonen were more multi-ethnic. Menelik is Amhara-Oromo while Ras Mekonen was a mixture of Amhara-Oromo-Tigray-Eritrean.

Haile Selassie chose to rely on the Shoa feudal nobility.

None of the above rulers were angels, but they all had made positive contributions to the country and we should give credits and respect to them.

The only disgrace on Ethiopian history was the appearance of the vagabond Mengistu and his Derg. I can never forget what the inferiority complex driven Mengistu had done to the former graduates of the Harar Military academy. All of these officers were called to Addis Ababa, from every corner of Ethiopia, assembled at Menelk’s palace, killed by firing squad in the dead of the night and dumped in mass graves.

Why? Just because Mengistu felt threated he had to decimate the cream of the officer class in the Ethiopian army.

I have heard people still say that Meles (RIP) talked about the Ethiopian flag in a disrespectful way. But I did not hear these same people get angry about the way Mengistu spoke all the time.

Mengistu, after completing his first official speech at Jan Meda, in Addis Ababa, in 1974/75 I think, said in Amharic that those who do not agree with the speech are “Bushtiwoch ena Finafintewoch nachew”. He was a disgrace and the lowest of the low; in his way of thinking.

In Mathematics (mainly) and other sciences, there is a powerful concept called Isomorphism. Two or more systems that look outwardly different but have similar structure are said to be Isomorphic.

For example, there can be a close similarity in the crystalline structure of two or more substances of similar chemical composition or there can be a similarity in form, as in organisms of different ancestry or similarity of form in different generations of the same life cycle.

There is no Isomorphism between the USA and European States on the one hand and Ethiopia on the other as far as governance is concerned. Not only are the structures different but so are their contents.

Take for example, the case of Britain. Wave after wave of invaders came to Britain (I will not go to the details here) but every one of them was absorbed and assimilated creating a dynamic Nation bound by culture, history and system of law.

This is not the case in Ethiopia. Apart from the urban melting-pots here and there the sea of rural parts of the country has loyalty primarily to ethnicity and region.

There is also the problem of the religion of Islam which is intolerant, aggressive and bent on destruction of original cultures, which had been affecting the country for the last 1400 years.

Either Ethiopia will be built into a Nation with strong foundations, or it will fall apart. If we desire the former we need to … have a thinking and problem solving approach just as scientists and engineers do. Anything else is idle talk.

09/07/12 @ 17:31
Comment from: Marcus [Member]

In the above I meant to say:

“By just uttering the magic word “Nation” one will not create “One Nation”.”

09/07/12 @ 18:33
Comment from: [Member]

Monkeys are commonly known to partake in an unusual activity. When angered or threatened, our evolutionary ancestors are known to fling feces at one another.

On the other hand,the matured and well developed “Lucy” or “Dinknesh” is even rolling in her graves now by the despicable scenes of Monkey see monkey do phenomenon.

As evolution has run its course to eventually produce modern and capable humans, one would think this odd primate trait would have disappeared. Monkey see monkey do.

Normal humans don not regularly do this, let alone for the past almost 40 years.

If monkeys resort to hurling their bodily excrements because of fear or anger, why are so many of our politicians and reminant cadres are so eager to do the same? Monkey see monkey do.

Well, because fear and anger aren’t strictly restricted to monkeys, and nothing scares a political group that stayed for more than two decades in power undesired.

Most of the regular people need to do a soul searching, why are we hearing the blame game of the previous dictator still today, 21 odd years later? Is it not 21 years long enough time to show your achievements with out resorting to blame the previus 17 years of misery, unless you are doing the same thing or worse and expecting a different result. Monkey see monkey do.

Few oligarchies may have benefitted from this arrangement and coming out to insult the majority of Ethiopians, who still strugle to get the daily meal requires a fundamental change. Monkey see monkey do.

Presenting an infilated statistics of growth, where on average 3-4 millions of people still wait in line for a handout for every single year of the past 21 years is not the right course. Monkey see monkey do.

In a land, where the nations notorious prisons are packed with dissenters and people with different ideals than the true criminals is not the right course to take. Monkey see monkey do.

Most reasonable people understand the days of the monkey see monkey do political structure is about to collapse and the silent majority of Ethiopians will stand up to say enough is enough.

Death with favouritism and preaching of the same old monkey see monkey do agitation.


09/07/12 @ 22:03
Comment from: [Member]

***to Behan***

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እንዲወገድ ቶሎ እንጣር::

09/08/12 @ 07:01
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

Tekle the Idiot TPLF

See how stupid you are? you talk about bigotry and hate in the same as TPLF. Now if there is any organization in Ethiopia that is a bigot and a hateful with inferiority complex it is …you guessed it TPLF. To start with mind you it represents ethic Tigray people and not the rest of Ethiopians. It is a hateful organization through and through.

Its days as factor in Ethiopian politics are behind it with the death of Meles. Ethiopia wants to move away from ethic based hateful organizations like yours. Enough is enough!!!

09/08/12 @ 08:46
Comment from: Tekle [Visitor]

I have a question or two for Ato Yilma Kebede.

1) Why does he hate people like me who hails from Tigray?
2) What did I and the people of Tigray do to him for him to develop such a demonic hatred?
3) Why people like him who are Shewan Amharas hate all Tigrayans? I never harm or will never harm any one of them. I was told by my trusted friends that Shewan Amaharas like him have sworn an oath to wipe out every living thing in Tigray. Why?

I will wait for his explanation

09/08/12 @ 13:08
Comment from: C''est moi senait [Visitor]
C''est moi senait

That dead rat weyaane Banda Mlese is now rooten to hill. We are celebrating a new year with JOY, MUSIC,FOOD AND MANY MORE. What a HAPPY DAY TO ALL TRUE AND PURE ETHIOPIANS. Die weyannes die like a fly. We will dig out your Banda master from holy ground of Ethiopia and BURN HIM IN MESKL SQ. AND THEN SANETERIZE THE GROUND WITH DDT.

Time to deport all these chigarrams to Sudan oxfam feeding centre.

09/08/12 @ 13:54
Comment from: [Member]

** To Mesfin B.**
ለሕዝብ የሚያስብ መንግስት ቢኖርማ የኛም ገበሬዎች ከበሬ ሞፈር በወጡ ነበር።

ለነሱ ከማሰብ ይልቅ መሬታቸው ለአረብና ፓኪስታን አየተቸበቸበ ነው።

ጊዜው የጠባቡን የወንበዴ አገዛዝ ማስወገድ ነው።

09/08/12 @ 16:21
Comment from: [Member]

I do not think Ato Yilma has time to play “እንካ ሰላንትያ ” with you.

His article clearly stated about the current prevailing situation in the country under TPLF. I personally do not sense any hate towards the people of Tigrai, unless TPLF is synonymous with the people of Tigrai.

On the other hand, it is the TPLF’s agenda and goal to undermine not only Amharas, but Oromos and others.

The facts on the ground in Ethiopia speak volume.

09/08/12 @ 16:39
Comment from: Marcus [Member]

Tekle said:

“I have a question or two for Ato Yilma Kebede.

1) Why does he hate people like me who hails from Tigray?
2) What did I and the people of Tigray do to him for him to develop such a demonic hatred?
3) Why people like him who are Shewan Amharas hate all Tigrayans? I never harm or will never harm any one of them. I was told by my trusted friends that Shewan Amaharas like him have sworn an oath to wipe out every living thing in Tigray. Why?

I will wait for his explanation”

Tekle, it is a question of pure envy and ignorance. Ask any of this ‘opposition’ characters where Ethiopian civilization started. They will not tell you it is Addis Ababa, Dessie, or Debre Markos. But, wait … they will tell you it is in Axum.

This is a self-contradiction: hating the brave Tigray people, but hijacking their history.

You may also have seen a crafty thief in a crowded market running away with his stolen goods shouting “thief, thief, thief, …", in order to divert attention.

09/08/12 @ 17:19
Comment from: Tekle [Visitor]

I am not being a mouthpiece for anyone and I am not trying to aggrandize myself, on behalf of my loving family and from the bottom of my heart, I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year for you and your families. I wish you all including the editors of this website and Ato Yilma Bekele along with his family the best in life during the coming Year of Our Lord 2005 and many years to come.
Happy New Year!!!
Tekle, a Product of Adigrat.

09/08/12 @ 18:30
Comment from: Melt [Visitor]


Can you cite your source for the claim you make…"The per capita GDP(Purchasing) has skyrocketed from the abysmal $300 to $3,500 in just 7 years since 2005.”

09/08/12 @ 18:41
Comment from: Tekle [Visitor]

First of all, Happy New Year to you and your family!!!
The information was given to me by a well placed and trusted former comrade who is now employed by the governmental agency back home. I trusted him during the trying days of armed struggle and I have no reason to doubt him now. You must be a Shewan Amhara and I don’t why you hate me and my people of Tigray. Why is that all of you Shewan Amharas hate Tigrayan? Why? Why? I don’t hate another human being; My people from Tigray never hated and will never hate another human being? You tell me why hate us? Why?

09/08/12 @ 22:13
Comment from: Melt [Visitor]

Well…thank you for your good wish and likewise, I want to wish you a Happy New Year.

Tekle…I said none of the things you said. I simply asked for the source(s) of your reference. All the international publications I’ve used, estimate Ethiopia’s GDP per capita to be in the low to medium triple digits, not in the four digits as you’ve reported. Check out IMF, World Bank or UN publications. Their numbers are about 10 times lower than the figure you’ve posted.

If in fact the trusted comrade is right, well…that’s good. But, I doubt it seriously that to be the case.

09/09/12 @ 02:09
Comment from: [Member]

እንቁጣጣሽ ከ ሁለት ቀን በህዋላ ስሊሚሆንም ነው መሰለኝ ለ አዲሱ ዘመን መለወጫ አቶ
***tekle*** የ መንዝ አማራዎች አሻጥር ሰሩ ይላል!

ቂቂቂቂቂቂ !!!!!
እስቲ እንሳቅና ደስ ብሎን በአሉን እናክብር!!
ሰውየ ስንት ከምክመህ ነው በ ናዝሬት ላይ ያንን ብሎግ ያደረግሀው?
ከ አሁኑ በአሉን ማክበር ጀምረክ አይደል! (ካቲካላውን, ጠላውን, ጠጁን በመጨለጥ ) ወይንስ የ አጎትህ የመለስን ለቅሶ ስትደርስ መጠጥ አቀረቡልህና በዚያው ጭልጥ አልክ !


መልካም እንቁጣጣሽ እናም መልካም አዲስ አመት ለሁላችን በዚህ አጋጣሚ እየተመኘሁ
መጪው ዘመን የ ህዝባዊ መንግስት የ እድገት የሰላምና የጤንነት ይሁንልን::


09/09/12 @ 07:37



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