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Ethiopia: An Open Letter to Prime Minister Meles Zenawi



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Ethiopia: An Open Letter to Prime Minister Meles Zenawi



Meles Zenawi
Prime Minister
The Federal Republic of Ethiopia

Dear Prime Minister Meles:

Allah willing, you and your family are well.

I am writing this letter to you with a heavy heart and a great deal of concern with the present debacle Ethiopian Muslims currently find themselves in. Of course, I am referring to what has come to known as the Ahbash Controversy. Interestingly enough, this is not the first time I have written to you about a matter that was for me a matter of great concern. More specifically, I wrote and faxed a letter to you in May of 1996. I never received an answer from you; perhaps the letter never got to your desk. Just as I am now concerned about the current plight of the Muslims, so that 1996 letter expressed concern with the Muslims’ plight. Here is the full text of that letter:


Muhammad Al-Hashimi
Post Office Box 1115
Washington, DC, 20013
Phone/Fax: 301 324 9163

Meles Zenawi
The Federal Republic of Ethiopia

Mr. President:

I write this letter with a heavy heart. I am writing to you concerning my Muslim brothers and sisters who have remained incarcerated in Karchelle Prison since 21 February 1995.

As you know, the Muslim population of Ethiopia has been severely oppressed by every regime that has been in power since Emperor Tewodros, covering a period of more than 150 years. And now, Mr. President, you have come to power. From every sign and signal coming out of Ethiopia, it seems that you have every intention of maintaining this infamous tradition. The evidence of my assertion is clearly manifested in the continued unjust incarceration of my people.

I say “my people” not only in the religious sense but also in the ancestral sense: although I am an African-American, I trace my roots to the Warra Sheik of Yejju and the Warra Himano of Welo. So, you see, my concern for the welfare of those incarcerated is compounded.
Now, I cannot tell you what to do or how to behave, for you are as much an adult as I am. All I can do is to give you some very important advice and pray to Allah that you consider it carefully and act on the best of it.
There are two facts that are beyond dispute. First of all, you, Meles, have the power, potential, and opportunity to be recorded as one of the great men in African history. Secondly, the present Muslim populace of Ethiopia is not only on an irreversible path of determination to establish and practice the Islamic way of life in today’s world. However, your path to greatness and the Muslims’ path of reawakening and determination are presently on a collision course.

I call on you to reevaluate your present attitude and policy toward the Ethiopian Muslims. I also caution you in listening to American and Israeli advisors: they are, in fact, your worst enemies, if you but only knew. You should follow your heart, Meles, and establish what you know is best for the people, all of the people, over which you currently have some power and authority. What you did at the Anwar Mosque on 21 February 1995 is not in your best interests; what you continue to do against the Muslims by holding them unjustly in Karchelle is not in your best interests. Deep in your heart, you know that. Do not wait until it is too late, Meles.

You should know that I am a writer and economist. I am currently preparing a manuscript for publication I have provisionally entitled “Christianity, Islam, and Socio-Economic Development in Ethiopia.” In this manuscript, I intend to present, Allah willing, a workable plan for socio-economic development by first showing what some may consider quite radical: that both The Bible and The Qur’an are in complete accord on the basic pillars of economic development and that both The Bible and The Qur’an are diametrically opposed to capitalist accumulation and formation. I will attempt to show through this publication that all Ethiopians can work together to build Ethiopia in a unity that will bring Christians and Muslims together according to the very religious texts they hold so dear.
However, your present intransigent position against the Muslims may render my effort and the well-intentioned efforts of others completely worthless. Think deeply about what I have written in this letter. The ball is in your court!


Muhammad Ali Alula Al-Hashimi
3 May 1996
15 Zul-Hijja 1216

I never received an answer from you, Ato Meles. So, I do not know if you received my faxed letter, and even if you did, whether you decided just to dismiss it after reading it. Although my fundamental concern was for the plight of the Muslims, I was trying to convey to you that, from my perspective, you had arrived on the political stage at a critical time in Ethiopian history: Ethiopia was free from the stifling Ethiopian monarchy of Haile Selassie and you had lead the way to the overthrow the socialist regime of Haile Mengistu Mariam. The only thing left, and I am sure you were well aware of it, was to establish political and social institutions allowing for the freedom and wholesome development of the people. That is why I wrote to you saying that you had the “opportunity to be recorded as one of the great men in African history.” And I went on to give you what I thought was good advice: keep American and Israeli advisors at arms length and work for the people of Ethiopia with a sincere heart to improve their lot. I was your well wisher from the very beginning, Ato Meles. And I remain a well wisher.

The first thing I was impressed with was the way you boldly moved forward and established a federal system of government in Ethiopia. This system made sense in light of the different nations and ethnic groups who had long been politically disenfranchised. Then, the new Ethiopian constitution was another major milestone allowing the Ethiopian people to feel an even greater sense of freedom. And when these gains were threatened by the pro-monarchist CUD—the so-called Coalition for Unity and Democracy—you were able to successfully curb their activity, an activity that clearly wanted to take the country backwards. And I will just tell you right now, Ato Meles, the Muslims were very happy with you. They really felt that you were really concerned about the freedom and just treatment of all Ethiopians, Muslims and Christians.

And I have seen by my own eyes, Ato Meles, the great things you have done in the arena of economic development. I remember seven years ago being in Gurjee, just outside Ring Road. I was coming out from a café after having coffee. It was late afternoon. As I left the restaurant, I was almost knocked down by a crowd of construction workers getting off of work. Ironically, almost being knocked down was a good feeling, because it was a clear sign of Ethiopia moving forward. And the Ethiopian economy continues to grow under your leadership, even now, when much of the western world is experiencing a severe economic slow down due to the global debt crisis. It is true that a lot more needs to be done with the redistribution of national income in the form of entitlements and social welfare programs for the poor. But there is evidence that you are working to do something about it.

The short foregoing synopsis of your political tenure tells me that you have achieved much of what you need to achieve to become one of those great men of African history I mentioned in my 1996 letter to you. In a recent article published online at the First Hijrah Foundation website titled “The Ethiopian Muslims and Ahbash Controversy,” I wrote the following about you:

When one stands back and takes a panoramic perspective of Ethiopian political history over the past 200 years, you will not find any political entity under which more has been accomplished than under the regime of Ato Meles Zenawi. So, why would Meles risk the positive attributes of his tenure—particularly with regard to the improvement in the national economy and the increased inclusion of the Muslim populace in national activity—to enter into this current phase of horrendous negativity?

And that remains the question, Ato Meles. Why are you continuing to be involved in “this current phase of horrendous negativity” that is the Ahbash debacle? Why are you continuing to punish the Muslims with disenfranchisement of their freedom and religious rights as so eloquently defined in the Ethiopian constitution, a document developed under your political watch? Why are trying to so thoroughly to tarnish your historical legacy?

Ato Meles, this may be the 11th hour for you. Nevertheless, I still remain your well wisher. I still remain one who has tremendous respect for your sharp intellect in the arena of political economy and your positive accomplishments with regard to the improvement of Ethiopian life. But even though it may be your 11th hour, you still have time to pull back from the edge of the abyss.

I respectfully request that you, Prime Minister Meles, send the Ahbash contingent back to Lebanon and let the Ethiopian Muslims get on with their lives free from aggression and repression. Allah willing, you will do the right thing. The ball is in your court!


Muhammad Ali Alula Al-Hashimi, PhD
Washington, DC, USA
15 February 2012
23 Rabi ul-Awal 1433


Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

And when these gains were threatened by the pro-monarchist CUD—the so-called Coalition for Unity and Democracy—you were able to successfully curb their activity, an activity that clearly wanted to take the country backwards.

This is so outrageously stupid and it made me want to know where this retarded Ayatollah/Mullah shopped his phd. Dear sir, Meles did not answered your letter, because it doesn’t deserve an answer. what you wrote simply shows your level of ignorance, stupidity, hypocrisy and treason. How in the world you call the now defunct cud ‘pro monarchist’ and further more felt a sense of relief when meles, the dictator, successfully stolen the peoples right after murdering hundreds of peaceful civilians and arresting thousands of youngsters? what you wrote shows who you really are, a spineless and coward religious zealot. You don’t share our aspiration for freedom, equality, democracy and justice. What meles has done after the aftermath of the 2005 election was unjust and outright criminal. However that, from your statements, you were supporting his actions at the time and felt happy when he denied the peoples constitutional right to elect their own representatives and crushed their dream to built a better political system and a more tolerant and accommodating society. As a result, here you are today asking, rather begging, him to return the favor for you have kept cowardly quiet when the rest of the country was battling for the greater good. After all, when was the last time you, the Arab culture slaves, has contributed for the betterment of the country? You never fought any war to safeguard the sovereignty of the country, you never actively participated in the political process of the country, you just disturb our cities and towns all daylong and multiply the population of the country. Fuckin disgraceful!

I fully support the governments effort to Ethiopianize the islam practiced in our historically and dominantly CHRISTIAN Ethiopia, and that is exactly why Ahbesh is designed. now how do you like that, Dr.retard?

02/20/12 @ 23:23
Comment from: abdi [Visitor]

Ethiopian Muslims and protestants are hated by Ethiopian power weilding Orthodox Christians. Killed, beaten, impoverished, made landless, sold as slaves, disfranchised, discriminated. Specially muslims have become the political capital for Orthodox politicians to get diplomatic, military and financial support from the rich and powerful Christian Europe. Ethiopian Muslims are neither well educated about their plights nor organized to chalenge the age-old Christian oppression. To live in peace and freedom that we are denied as Muslims, we will have them as Orthodox Christains. I suggest we mass convert to Orthodox Chritianity if we can’t fight for our rights as Muslim Ethiopians.

02/21/12 @ 00:04
Comment from: abdi [Visitor]

Yohannes ordered the muslims of Wollo to convert to Christianity or have their lands confiscated. Ras Mohammed Ali of Wollo converted promptly and was baptized with the new name of Michael, with the Emperor as his godfather.
Empeor Yohannes IV was mortally wounded by a sniper while fighting the Mahdists of the Sudan at Mettema on March 11th, 1889. After he died, the Mahdists cut the head from his body and paraded it through Omdurman and Khartoum. He is the last crowned monarch in the world to have died in battle.

Ethiopian muslims should repeat this history of mahdists on the current dictator leader of Ethiopia…

02/21/12 @ 00:07
Comment from: john john [Visitor]
john john

This looks and sound some kind of plot yes using religions what ever. New Ethiopia is wide open to everyone regardless of race and color whatever in your littel narrow mind Ahemed Gerign.

02/21/12 @ 00:23
Comment from: i am somali [Visitor]
i am somali

being foolish is normal even if you are living in us,

02/21/12 @ 00:29
Comment from: koster [Visitor]

You are a real foreigner, you do not even know the title of the “friendly tyrant” Meles Zenawi. Are you addressing your question to meto Aleka or to the killer and looter What do you expect from this evil. Unite with your Christian brothers and sisters and get rid of woyane reign of terror.

02/21/12 @ 00:54
Comment from: Patriot Hassen Anjamo [Visitor]  
Patriot Hassen Anjamo

Our time is coming soon, that the Ethiopian Muslims start cleaning for once and for ever. Because,justice and Equality must for all people dont forget we are the people of BILAL ok we Ethiopian muslims have no equality and justice for many years now so, we don’t let you to repeat again like your Ansisters Recist ATE YoHANS We can swip you off by revolution you better to stop we know the oppresser still in the house listen we Ethio muslims will never sleep until we see equality,we will never knee down for CHRISITYAN RECIST yes. NO JuStice NO Peace. BR Mohammed may Allah bless you keep influencing.

02/21/12 @ 01:36
Comment from: Yeshi [Visitor]

Nothing, but you just revealed your stupidity. Are you bagging for mercy for the imprisoned Muslims? Why is all these praises to Meles? Why you didn’t mention the problem? Your blaming America and Israel for Weyane’s act against Muslims is the certificate of your stupidity. Your aim is not to address the problem, it just your job application to work for the regime. You have to know that no offer for you from Meles. Reasons– first you lie to him; he know that he is not holly as you mentioned him. Second he is smart enough to know that you arr not capable to cover his butt.

02/21/12 @ 02:48
Comment from: The Original Tazabi [Visitor]
The Original Tazabi

A number of snafu in your hodgepodge article reveal your naivete and ignorance of Ethiopian history and politics. Whatever little you know regarding Ethiopia and its … is unfortunately distorted by unhealthy form of religious indoctrination.

If Meles happened to read your letter, you can be sure that he might have gotten a crack out of it.

That was some advice you gave to the crime minister!

02/21/12 @ 03:28
Comment from: [Member]

Ethiopianize Islam nationally & internationally. Ethiopian muslims should never use arabic in their prayers. Koran should be translated into Amharic or other ethiopian languages and made available to all ethiopians wanting to worship Islam as their religion. Meles Zenawi is right in this case thet he ihas restircted the Arabanization of Islam. Ethiopian muslims should prepare themselves to defend Ethiopia from Arab imperialism which uses Islam as a pretext. Ethiopian muslims should follow the example of Iran, Turkey and other countries which use their languages to worhsip as muslims.

Foreigner muslims should not be allowed to dictate and shape the historic and pure Islam in Ethiopia. Muslims are closer to Ethiopian Christian than to nomads in Saudi Arabia. Some muslim countries like Saudi Arabia are pagans who pay lip service to Islam. Ethiopian muslims should be the leaders of Islam and not Saudi Arabs or Egyptian.
Ethiopian christians and muslims should respect each other. Religion should reamin a private matter.

On a serious note, we should try to support Ethiopian Orthodox Church because it is being attacked by non-Ethiopian muslims, protestants and catholics. Ethiopian muslims should be more prudent in defending ethiopian national interests.

02/21/12 @ 04:07
Comment from: free [Visitor]

ethiopian muslim they already start wakening thats why meles bring forgin ideology, he made big mistake like his old father yohanes ,it is not gone work.ethiopian muslim gradually will get freedom ,it is a matter of time inshall

02/21/12 @ 04:14
Comment from: wey mekera [Visitor]
wey mekera

Sint aynet kimalam ale bakachu ?

Are you honestly saying that you need to be free to practice your religion while curbing the right of other religious groups ? whatever happened to freedom of religion ??

Dedeb kimalam. You are a hypocrite. Shut up. If I were meles, I would be disgusted with your letter.

02/21/12 @ 04:45
Comment from: Wetu Enewta [Visitor]
Wetu Enewta

I have read so many stupid rants on these pages, but this one cuts the cake! Someone claiming to be an economist, yet lacking an understanding of the simplest notions of how an economy works is preaching religion to a tyrant. Like so many in the cyber hinterland who write so-called ‘open letter(s)’, this one expects a response no less! I give him thumbs up, however, for having the courage to make the aspirational statements of wanting to become the future ‘ayatollah’, and I presume, with the assistance, help, and complicity of the tyrant himself. Everyone has a right to express himself or herself, even if it means that ’stupid is as stupid does’.

02/21/12 @ 04:55
Comment from: Babar [Visitor]

It is no wonder that Muhammad Al-Hashimi did not get any answer from anywhere because his letter is addressed to none specific and confusing address. If he has such a great concern for issues he has raised I wonder as to why he did not have even the most basic and elementary concern for clarifying and writing to the correct address.

If sustained begging would have the power of promoting sustained justice in the world then beggars would have inherited the world and become kings of kings. :)

Whether his title is president or prime minister, Meles knows the fact that he did not inherit the empire through begging, and so no one should. Even Babar! :)

02/21/12 @ 09:01
Comment from: heny [Visitor]

What a feeble minded Dr. come to Addis or Mekelle and we will teach how to be a real doctor.

02/21/12 @ 11:37
Comment from: Sobeya [Visitor]

hatsey yohannes was not anti muslim.The Bogos(keren) muslims were his loyal allies.Tewodros is one who murdered thousands of muslims.but like the old amhara saying “yeabyen wede emye” the amara debtera historians revised the history and put the blame on Hatsey yohannes.They also try to tell us it was tedros thatmade the ferenji wash their feet telling them they won’t leave with the sol of his cointry on their shoes while infact it was Yohannes who did that.Hatsey yohannes fought the turks,Sudanes,Egyptians and Italians.Tewodros fought gebre and kebede.Tewodros was a mass murdered and a mad man.

02/21/12 @ 14:02
Comment from: Patriot Hassen Anjamo [Visitor]  
Patriot Hassen Anjamo

Get up stand up….. No justice No peace!! How could you expect justice from Ethio recist christyan we Ethio Muslims have to know freedom is on our hand take Ak 47 and negotiate other wise they will treat you like slave. sadely,they still doing it now MOT Le Extremist christyanoch BLESS for my people! ALLAH IS GREAT!!

02/21/12 @ 14:06
Comment from: Dawit [Visitor]

Muhammed , did you see the News what happend in Saudi Arabia Last month. How many Ethiopian Christians put in Prison, and send them back to Ethiopia. Because they were praying in thier home. Therefore you do not have any right to tells us what to do in our Country. The Good Ethiopian muslims are enjoying good life equaly with their Christian brothers in their country. Do not breing any past history to creat problems, this is the mad Dog Afewerk’s massege. PM Meles does not have any time for such stupid mad Man to answer any letters. He is working day and night to develop his poor country. Go to Saudi and pray there.

02/21/12 @ 15:09
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Mr. Al-Hashimi, the well-wisher of Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi),

Muslims always talk to a Christian leader with a heavy heart, with deep hostility, and with taqiyya – holy lie and mistrust – in order to achieve their main goal, to dominate the Christian world, and you are one of those stony heart Muslims.

Out of your deep concern about the freedoms, prosperities, and living conditions of your Muslim members in Ethiopia, you wrote a lengthy letter to a busy Prime Minister of over 90 million Ethiopians and you expected him to respond to your divisive letter that demands the welfare of some Muslim sects, excluding the rest of the Ethiopian people who have been suffering for over twenty years under Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi) and his wife Jezebel (Azeb).

Out of your ignorance of the Ethiopian glorious history, her tradition, her culture, and her faith in one God, Jesus Christ, you are not ashamed of dubbing her Christian Emperors’ famous tradition of ruling their subjects “infamous tradition.” Does accepting your persecuted Muslims and refusing to hand them over to their enemies in Mecca, during the 7th century, render the Ethiopian Christian kings’ tradition infamous? Herodotus, the Greek historian of the fifth century B.C., describes in his writing the good hospitality of the Ethiopian people in detail.

You wrote intentionally to incite the Muslims in Ethiopia to rise up against the Ethiopian Christians: “…the present Muslim populace of Ethiopia is not only on an irreversible path of determination to establish and practice the Islamic way of life in today’s world.”

What is the Islamic way of life in our time, in the Gregorian, Julian, and Lunar Calendars? I will tell you briefly what it is:

1. Honor-killing is the Islamic way of life.
2. Murdering an apostate is the Islamic way of life.
3. Forcing a non-Muslim to become a Muslim is the Islamic way of life.
4. Hating the Jews and the Christians is the Islamic way of life.
5. Worshiping a moon-god, allah, is the Islamic way of life.
6. Practicing Jihad, at least once in one’s life time, is the Islamic way of life.
7. Telling a lie (taqiyya) to a Christian or to a Jew is the Islamic way of life.
8. Dreaming for the Islamization of the entire world is the Islamic way of life.
9. Subjugating women as slaves is the Islamic way of life.
10. Burning Christian Churches, Synagogues, Temples, and confiscating their properties are the Islamic ways of lives.
11. Stoning a woman for adultery is the Islamic way of life.
12. Marring more than four wives and producing millions of children are the Islamic ways of lives.
13. Beating a woman is the Islamic way of life.
14. Raping minors, as Aisha was raped at age nine by a fifty-four-year old prophet, Muhammad, is the worst Islamic way of life.
15. Dreaming to have a sexual relationship with the paradise virgin girls is the every day Islamic way of life as far as Muslim men are concerned.

You continue to poison the strong and lasting friendships the Ethiopian people have had with the state of Israel and with the American people by telling the Prime Minister of Ethiopia: “I also caution you in listening to American and Israeli advisors: they are, in fact, your worst enemies, if you but only knew.”

Your malicious advice to the Prime Minister will have no impact what so ever about the comfortable lives and freedoms the Muslims in Ethiopia are enjoying. The history of Ethiopia is the history of the Jewish people: Judio-Christianity has a long history in Ethiopia. The God of Israel is the God of Ethiopia, but the Muslim moon-god, allah, is the god of the dark Arab-Muslim world.

I am sure you want a job in Ethiopia by telling the Prime Minister of Ethiopia idiotically, and this is what you bigot Muslim scribbled: “You should know that I am a writer and economist. I am currently preparing a manuscript for publication I have provisionally entitled ‘Christianity, Islam, and Socio-Economic Development in Ethiopia.’”

We have many, many, Ethiopian Christian economists who can handle the economy of their Christian country properly, and the Prime Minister of Ethiopia doesn’t want to know you are a writer and an economist. Who cares whether you are publishing a manuscript about socio-economic development in Ethiopia or you are writing about the false history of your prophet Muhammad?

Another taqiyya or lie you are blundering in the area you have no clue at all is that you have shamelessly stated: “…both The Bible and The Qur’an are in complete accord on the basic pillars of economic development….” In the first place the Quran is a fiction, and Muhammad himself had admitted he was bewitched by the devil when he claimed that he had a revelation from God. Evidence: “Magic was worked on Allah’s Apostle and he was bewitched so that he began to imagine doing things which in fact, he had not done” (Bukhari: V7B7IN66I). Also, Tabari VI:110 informs us: “The Messenger (Muhammad) said, ‘I have fabricated things against Allah and have imputed to Him words which He has not spoken.’” Therefore, Quran is a fabrication, a fiction, and has no connection with the Holy Bible, manifested by the Holy Spirit. Therefore, don’t try to deceive people by telling them that the Quran and the Bible are the same. They are not!

What were you doing at the café house in Ethiopia, mingling yourself with the Christian girls? Were you there to drink a glass of coffee or to flirt with one of those lovely Ethiopian girls? Since Gragn Muhammad, the destroyer of many Christian Churches, we Ethiopian Christians do not trust Muslims any more, and Meles have done the right thing in sending thousands of Jihadist Muslims to Qaliti or Kerchelie Jail, perhaps, for life, and that is where they belong to. If you want, you can go and join your criminal Muslim brothers and sisters in the Qaliti or Kerchelie Jail.

You wrote a letter to the Prime Minister of Ethiopia to release your Muslim brothers and sisters from jail, but you have not tried to write a letter to the Saudi’s criminal and ugly-looking King to release the 39 Christian women and 6 Christian men who are languishing in the Saudi’s notorious jail, and their crime is they have conducted a prayer at their house, closing their doors behind them.

You, hypocrite, I am glad the Prime Minister ignored your letter, and I hope he will send you to jail if you go back to the Christian land of Ethiopia. Believe me, I will email him your letter with my comment.

02/21/12 @ 15:30
Comment from: kedir [Visitor]

it is very good article. i like it. but the comment i read was a little bit down than normal. you guys always oppose for ethiopian muslims right. you have to believe that the current generation of ethio muslims never ever be atse zemen. u like it or not. ye muslim issue yasdenbrachal,why? one country one religion yemitilew degmo le ahunu generation ke afe tarik betach new.

02/21/12 @ 17:07
Comment from: KELBESSA [Visitor]

The letter says “Ethiopia was free from the stifling Ethiopian monarchy of Haile Selassie and you had lead the way to the overthrow the socialist regime of Haile Mengistu Mariam.”

HISS WAT : IT Need to be corrected as Mengistu Hailemariam

02/21/12 @ 17:38
Comment from: ayub [Visitor]


this so called fuckin muslim calling
our dear premier a “president".

my question is why publish
the diatribes of such an ignorant animal???

fuck off animal. go to saudi arabia and rise ur fuckin ass to allah.

ethiopia is a christian country.

02/21/12 @ 18:32
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

I have always said that Ethiopian christian get along with Muslims except when it comes to religion. Why? Because our leaders both religious and Kings did is Ethiopia defeated White, Ethiopia land of church, land of civilization, land of Kings, land of against Arabs, land of Geeze letter, land of great Army, etc…, all done through christian church name. But they forget that the Axum civilization is even before Judiasm. So the christian civilization or church impact may be Gondar or may be Lalibela. So Axum belongs to ancient people whose fathers were neither christian not Muslims nor jews. Yet, Muslims are banned to even get buried in that area and have to carry on shoulder their beloved dead relatives to outside of Axum. Mind you, I never want to write this but it is true. I ask Muslim Axumites to leave to Saudi where the King should give them especial place rather than expecting copts to grant them freedom. Copts are no different from barbaric thugs. Just forget this I have seen that Elias Kifle and nazret will never accept the power of Muslims. I wish some one demolish the Axum church. Or atleast the Harar church. No reason applies to copts. So, if you think Meles will be different you are not understanding what copts are. The only thing they value is when you fight them back. Muslim Ethiopians love flattering words. Hence, they love to be called nice, kind, generous which is not far from truth but is hurting them because the copts feel secure and do all sorts of abuse against their religion like what the Assta are doing here on this website. Copts atack our religion and we never attack them back. They call us nice because we keep quite even when insulted. They abuse our religion and we keep quite.

For me I have enough of this ignorant person who would have been better if he was born in Israel. He is the one who admires Israel God but hates the God of universe Allah.

He thinks he deserves a big palace but we Muslims are in luxury when we can not build mosque because it is close to the palace.

Mr Mohammed, I admire you for your time but don’t ever think that copts are reasonable people. You know what they did to Britain once the Italians were out with their help? Leave our land. Their King is this person who does not think right. The only reasonable King was King Negash otherthan that Ethiopia never had any one like him.

02/21/12 @ 21:06
Comment from: visitor [Visitor]  

A government didn’t interfere in religion as according of the Ethiopian constitution. But Government it does have responsibility in every security needs to protect social obligation need. Some of us we do understand that Gov as it didn’t have a responsibility to secure its own people. But to me its seems we should go in to see the relative problematic matters and act with areal what is in the ground. I live in abroad, do we have problem in a place where I live off course there is a problems. Dose exist problem in Ethiopia panty of problems will be, how we can avoided them those problem, yes we can avoided it, by educated the wider society people of Ethiopian. I do away from Ethiopia I always criticised the Gov, its good to gave a feed back to GOV, there might not be fast and quick improvement but im very sure it changes in dormant way( very slow progressive. This means need time to educate the notion

02/21/12 @ 21:34
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor] [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]

to - Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
firist u are stupid second u have been ethiopia a long time,3rd ethiopian muslim like gragn ahmed time is coming or u guys beg Portugalis or europian help, u are not defend without help ethiopian muslim god willing

02/21/12 @ 22:23
Comment from: The Original Tazabi [Visitor]
The Original Tazabi

Dedebit/Nazit Woman,

You dedebit woyannes - What you lack in intelligence, you make up in higher level of stupidity.

Does it ever occur to you that Ethiopia is no Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, … ? ‘Pentes’ or for that matter, any Ethiopian should have the right to preach his/her religion, or not be prohibited to win converts as long as the exercise of that right is not done by force, or breaking the law …

Freedom of Religion and/or the exercise of it is enshrined in the Ethiopian constitution, in case you don’t know.

Unfortunately, the constitution doesn’t mean anything to dedebit woyannes.

02/21/12 @ 23:57
Comment from: Azeb [Visitor]

You seem to be a member of Wahabism, which finance by Saudi’s. Which is a biggest threat to national security of Ethiopia. Isalam is not new Ethiopia, why radicalize and politicize Islam now. Wahibist have been radicalizing islam directly or indirectly in Ethiopia. Why do you chose to be an agent of the Saudi’ who have not tolerance for non-Muslims as you call them infidels

02/22/12 @ 01:05
Comment from: ft [Visitor]

Gragn Ahmed,
All things aside, I can notbelieve you actually said,
“Mr Mohammed, I admire you for your time but don’t ever think that copts are reasonable people. You know what they did to Britain once the Italians were out with their help? Leave our land."Are you actually saying we should haven so greatful to the british that we let them colonize us? I think you belong in Saudi as a ZEBEGNA to some prince. You are not a free man . don’t call yourself Ethiopian.

02/22/12 @ 03:40
Comment from: Mustefa [Visitor]

Yeshi, Lol.
I share all your thoughts. you said it correctly.
Muhammad, the author of this article is not aiming to address our (Ethiopian Muslims) problem with the Weyane regime. Although recently Meles intervene in our faith, our problem with the Weyane is not different from our Christian brothers and sisters. We ARE PART OF THE MELTING POT OF ETHIOPIA.

02/22/12 @ 04:00
Comment from: Ogadenian [Visitor]

Malez he killed more than 1 million Ogaden. what they doin other Ethiopian muslims? Islam will unite insha allah Islam is not for Saudi only if they wanna they can translate to Ahmaric (quran) if not all ready exist.
To my Muslim Ethiopians, “kuffars will never be happy to you untill you become like them” i hate when i see on Tv, ETV Ethiopian muslim and christians talkin about how they live together. Islam is only religion from Allah no other religion will be accepted. Down malez

02/22/12 @ 04:46
Comment from: ya simegen [Visitor]
ya simegen

mr mohammed ali hahsim. phd from washigtn. let me tell you one thing. if you are worried aout muslim and have phd, why you are not opening god cke bakery in you phd. becouze mr meles is at building roads and brigns. so joi him and ask him first waht is basic. the basic thing is to eat drink and start living easy life.
the othr thing is, you came from wrong approach it seems you phd did not made you to think twise , becouse you blamed every one since kig tedros which is not wrte. you should study deeply ethiopian history. remeber tigre is hero since since etiopian history and now foreer.
lets pray together to a prevent anather alshebab in ethipia. from USA.

02/22/12 @ 10:38
Comment from: why? [Visitor]

why? this.ethipian muslim is better than any muslim, becouse who said first allha hua kubar ? ethiopian right. then why other people like stupid and arogant people tell and try to influnce us. we know what is best for us,just shut your disuisting mouth and pray. that is the soltion.
about Ameica, America lives forever powerful and smash extremist. you, know what happen in Lybiya. if you try to be like Sadam husien,or bin ladden, or hussien mubarek, you time is short. think what you are thinking. you got that?good boy.Abut PR Meles, he, is smarter than ,Barack Obama,he did not went to Hrvard university, but, he brought the idea of harvard with out learning it. you got that good boy.know you got enough answer on behalf of Mr melese. his answer will not be differnet.

02/22/12 @ 11:00
Comment from: [Member]

To Sobeya.
Where did you get this lie?
is it while picking “prickly pear” or gathering “locust” for your dinner?
Maybe you are the cyber fly on

02/22/12 @ 15:12
Comment from: J.J. [Visitor]

Dear Muhammad Ali Alula Al-Hashimi, PhD!! My sincere thanks for the time write a letter to Ethiopian leaders.

For those of you against this article not right, because write wrote based on leadership principle that his concern about Ethiopian Muslim facing today. He can’t go just fight Woyanna, because in Muslim religion no time to fight or before fight began enemy needs to teach him/her softly. I believe that what writer tries to tell Ethiopian leaders are heading in danger zone.

I believe we Muslims about 2 billion around the world and Arabs are only 20%, and about or over 50% of total population of Ethiopian is Muslim, so why you peoples are keep saying go back to Arab countries. We Ethiopian Muslims are peace loving and we don’t really cares who should be on power or leader of the country, because our priority goal is to be near to Allah!!!!

We Muslim believe that Muhammad (peace be upon him) a messenger of Allah and we flow laws and way of life (Shariah) and the book (Quran) which was revealed to him. He never taught us harm people by any means, and even Jesus (peace be upon him) never said harm people, and now in Ethiopia, Christian peoples out of control. 3 years ago on Timkat festival Christian people wearing Tee-shirt said that “This is Christian Land leave our country Ethiopia”. This kind of childish slogans must stop!!!! We Ethiopian Muslim sick of tiered this types of nosiness and you must stop Ahbash teaching!!!! If we have peace, anywhere can be our own country, but to live in Ethiopia one of the worst place in our planet!!!

02/22/12 @ 23:26
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed


As I don’t anticipate a person of that name to be fair to Muslims, I tried to ignore it.

But this is not simple. So I try to explain some misconceptions about Islam for most of you recommend for Muslims what is right for them while pretending you care for them. Firstl let us see if you are reasonable to allow Muslims to get buried in their own mother land town Axum let alone pray. Second, let us see you allowing Mesjid near Arat kilo palace. Then I have something to understand you.

But before that Islam and Arab are not the same. Somalis use latin alphabet. Turks use a different alphabet from Arabic. Iranians use Arabic but they are not Arabs.

What you guys are mixing up is the nationalism of Arabs with religion Islam which uses Arabic as universal form of expression of manhood and womanhood.

At various times Islam was dominant before christianity. During that period most of power was taken by non Arabs like Persians or Turks or even black Berbers of North Africa who ruled Spain during the time of Al Andulisia. During this golden age of Islam in Spain even Jews were in key post of financial transactions.

At any rate, we see that Islam prospered and every body was fairly treated and worshiping their own faiths.

What Ethiopian copts don’t know is they are ignorant of Islam and yet they came with bold recommendations on how to live our own lives.

Arabic is not the language of Arabs any more and it is not easy to separate it from Islam.

Atse Yohannes did try to convert Muslims so they can become Ethiopian. However, he miserably failed like Sosniyos. For arrogant Ethiopians Arabic is a night mare unlike Eritreans. I like to tell you that Arabic will soon be our language.

Some of you question the integrity of Muslims in defending the land of our ancestors. We see that you are asking us to be Ethiopians while you never cared when our citizenship rights were violated. So in that circumstance it is not appropriate to think so. We Muslims defended against any aggressors such as the Portugese supported christian Kings of Ethiopia. Lebne Dengel. Also the Sebredin and others like Aba Gifar defended against the coptic aggressors of the North.

Don’t tell me Yohannes defended Ethiopia. Nor did Tewodros or Menelik. Every christian King I know defended only his power. They acted against each other and collaborated with Western colonialist just to keep their ambition of Power. So don’t tell me Ethiopian copts were patriotic. Ahmad Gragn could be regarded as the only who fought purely to unite its people in Ethiopian history.

So, I have a reason to say that christian Ethiopians are opportunists and not patriots for they always gave priority and loyalty to Kings than their own fellow Ethiopian Muslims.

You are wrong Arabic is used in Iran. It used to be in Turkey. I also support Arabic. It has nothing to do with Nationalism. Turkey abolished Arabic for the sake of a dictator socialist ataturk. Using Arabic in Ethiopia will have a unifying role as many Muslims speak diverse languages.

There is not harm in changing one’s culture or identity if it is one’s will. But right now, Ah bash is being dictated to us in the name of Indigeneous Islam using the Harari born jew agent Abdulahi Harari. Ah bash is not an indigenous faith and it is also agianst Islam itself in its beliefs.

Furthermore, no one care when pentes import religion and never get complaints from orthodox. This shows that Islam is stereotyped in Ethiopia.

So, just because my religion is Islam should I be viewed as pro Arab or what? We Muslims support when a country is led by a Muslim caliphate that is Muslim based islamic ruler who is just. Right now there is no Caliphate rule. So any Muslim country is not necessarily representing Islam. If there is war betweeen Egypt and Ethiopia for just Abbay first the War is unislamic. Remember Iraq and Iran fought each other. That was not religious. So Muslims will participate in their country’s affair if it is not attacking their religion or the conflict is not about their religion or hurting their own Muslims. To begin with one Islamic country will not attack another country where there are Muslims or Muslims are common. So don’t think that we will fight Egypt because Egypt will not attack Muslims. So, if Ethiopian is a Muslim country it will have even more peace with Egypt. We will solve our problems like Syrians solved with Turkey on river Euphrates sharing issue.

Any ways, forcing people to believe in indigenous faith will not work. Second, Ah Bash is funded by foreign powers especially Israel. this prevents Muslims their free will to choose their own religion. If we believe in freedom of religion the government is hypocritical. For Muslims anything from Israel is anathema to them. This is like prescribing christianity from Saudi Arabia for Ethiopians. Mission impossible.

Finally, Christians should know that Islam is majority and to claim that this will stay like this will only hurt the copt’s future. Ethiopians are proud Muslims. If some people like the above don’t like it they can move to Israel. Get the hell out of my country.@ayub. fuck off.

02/23/12 @ 01:41
Comment from: noh [Visitor]

To- Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]

Here we go you start vomiting over nazreth wall , you are stinky, smell your feet it’s very stinky!! smell your trouser it stinks because you are taking your bath only on sunday even i don’t know you when ever i see you comment i knew it you are very stinky , kushsha gematam gem yegemah besbes besbasa yetebesabesk.mata mata beteh setegeba surehen awlkeh kehwalaw ashetew yezane manenetehen tawkewaleh gematam.

02/23/12 @ 07:54
Comment from: azeb [Visitor]  

Proffessor, you seem to be a Wahabism, which is a biggest natinonal security to Ethiopia. Isalam is no new in Ethiopia, why do you try radicalize and politicize Islam now. Wahibist or Saudi money have been used to teach radical Islam into Ethiopia for the past 20 years. This is all over the world and Ethiopia is no exception. Why do you chose to be an agent of the Saudi’s who have no tolerance for non-Muslims that you chose to call infidels. Next you we know you ask for Madrasa to teach in tolerance and hate. We have to be blame TPLF seized power and allowed Wahbism to flourish, which should have been bud from the beginning

02/23/12 @ 08:06
Comment from: J.J. [Visitor]

Dear Muhammad Ali Alula Al-Hashimi, PhD!! My sincere thanks for the time write a letter to Ethiopian leaders. For those of you against this article not right, because write wrote based on leadership principle that his concern about Ethiopian Muslim facing today. He can’t go just fight Woyanna, because in Muslim religion no time to fight or before fight began enemy needs to teach him/her softly. I believe that what writer tries to tell Ethiopian leaders are heading in danger zone.

I believe we Muslims about 2 billion around the world and Arabs are only 20%, and within in Ethiopia about or over 50% of total population of Ethiopians are Muslim, so why you peoples are keep saying go back to Arab countries.

We Ethiopian Muslims are peace loving and we don’t really cares who should be on power or leader of the country, because our priority goal is to be near to Allah!!!!!!

We Muslim believe that Muhammad (peace be upon him) a messenger of Allah and we flow laws and way of life (Shariah) and the book (Quran) which was revealed to him. He never taught us harm people by any means, and even Jesus (peace be upon him) never said harm people, and now in Ethiopian Christian peoples are out of control. 3 years ago on Timkat festival Christian people wearing Tee-shirt said that “This is Christian Land leave our country Ethiopia”. This kind of childish slogans must stop!!!! We Ethiopian Muslim sick of tiered this types of nosiness and you must stop Ahbash teaching!!!! If we have peace, anywhere can be our own country, but Ethiopia one of the worst place to live in our planet!!!

02/23/12 @ 08:10
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Visitor]
Amhara Princess

This is the most pathetic piece of trash I’ve ever read in a while. I wasn’t going to read such garbage but curiosity got the best of me and here I am wondering if this is even worth getting a platform in Nazret? The man certainly doesn’t sound mentally balanced. He is obviously too naive, delusional to expects reply for such nonsense? Even an ordinary civil servant would bin this trash in a second let alone prime minster.

First of all, he says he is African American, traces his ancestors back to Wollo? Er’m, that is highly unlikely. You are probably one of the few remnants of so called failed, super retarded group aka Nation of Islam who were full of ex-cons/criminal jail birds. Now, majority of your fellow Nation of Islam members have changed from Muslim to Jewish :):) calling themselves BHI (Black Hebrew Israelites) and flooding the streets of Harlem and pretty much every black neighbourhood with funny looking 1st century Jewish outfits, claiming to be the Original Jewish Hebrews. Confused creatures.

You guys need to quit trying to morph into anything and everything that moves and stick to your true identity/history in the Americas, which is neither centuries old nor too complicated! As your history book clearly tells you almost none of the slaves who were brought to North, South America, Latin or Caribbean etc were from Ethiopia. So, get over yourself, stop trying to stir any religious conflict in Ethiopia as you appear to be totally ignorant of Ethiopian history or Muslims in Ethiopia.

… Then he advocates the silencing, mass murder of innocent Ethiopians in 2005, calls CUD pro monarchy? Oh, really? What makes you think you can lie through your teeth, fit enough to complain on behalf of one group while advocating ill treatment of another? That makes you nothing put ignorant, pure retarded hypocrite.

How dare you even applaud the way in which our honourable king HIM was killed and the system replaced by communist blood trusty era, which costs the country millions of bright citizens then you bootlick equally genocidal, looting Zenawi & Co, all in the name of Islam? What a wishy washy Islamic clown!

I say you are better of joining your Black Hebrew Israelite brothers and sisters. Go make a Goddamn fool of yourself there. Ethiopia is not your concern. Try and fight the Tea party, far right conservative extremists who despise your a$$, the KKK, The American Nazi party, white supremacists, Arian race, Nazi combatants etc etc who SHOULD BE OF main concern to you, your very existence in your own back yard. Are you aware that there are now around 1000 official racist/hate groups in the USA Retard? Ethiopia or Muslims in Ethiopia should be least of your concern.

@ Gragn Somali

It is what it is, you can not change what Christian Ethiopians had achieved in Ethiopia. Get over it and try and make a difference in Ethiopia NOW so that you will be remembered positively in the future. In the mean time, your history of Ahmed Gurey/Gragn remains the biggest murderous, treasonous, Turkish/Arab collaborator/a$$wipe slaves who burned 100s of 1000s of Ethiopians ALIVE and down fall of Ethiopia. Freakin’ House nigger.

02/23/12 @ 08:28
Comment from: J.J. [Visitor]

Come on for some of the world Christians people!!!!

Some of you clearly need to listen to yourselves over and over to hopefully hear how bad you sound. Forget sensibility and all. You speak to Muslim as if you are required to let to leave or to flow you your religions. You sound as if the world is yours and the Muslims should vanish from face of Earth.

In fact this Planet, Heaven and all existence of Earth created by Allah!!!! I pray for you and Allah take control of your life and the Allah could see something good out of the life of hell that you are in. Oh poor falling Christian men and women turned to your maker for some light before the Devil take full control of your life. You have to stop preaching Habash that no bondage of a purposeless and meaningless existence.

02/23/12 @ 09:13
Comment from: Ali Roble [Visitor]
Ali Roble

Sounds to me fair and square opinion though the gentle author lacks some nitty and gritty of the local history, which is in any case forgivable given his limited exposure to this terrible part of the world

02/23/12 @ 13:09
Comment from: anon [Visitor]

The current state of religious affair in Ethiopia is being abetted by outside forces to distablize the country.At the outset I want to say the Shit Ethiopian Moslems who have been there for centuries get along with their Ortodox christians.We never had any problem each other,we visit each other on many social occassions such as visit the sick,burry the dead etc.However,the Soudi version of Islam that is being propogated in the country at afastest rate is to be blammed for the kinds of Church burnnings and christian killings that we begin to wittness under Melese.

As a result of Wehabism many none weyabi Ethiopian Moslems are being bugilled when
they are led to belive they must relegate their national interest to the background and imbrace the agenda of Saudi.For instace,individuals such as ABDI are calling Ethiopian Moslems to follow the Sudanise Mahadist’s as an example to cut Melese in pieces.Abdi,is not Ethiopian,he does not believe in Ethiopia.He glories over what happend to Emperror Yohannes by the Mahdists.
I think the time has
come for Ethiopin Shiet Moslems Christians and animists to unite and fluish out the Saudi Ptro dollar intosticated Wehabi cult and send them where they come from.These are all unti Ethiopians using religion as a cover to reach their political agenda.

They need to be told either liveby Ethiopia’s rule or else hit the road. Ethiopia and her interest
must come
first in the minds of every Ethiopia regardlewss of religion.You want to put your religion first before everthing else

and re write our values then you have no part withEthiopia who ever you might be.Please,

Before being asked by the public do us favor leave the country now.
Abdi you call Ethiopian Moslems to immetate the Mehadists; How about this-What if Ethiopia march on Sudan runnsack
ed,and demolish the memorial statue in Port Sudan.I feel this way as an Ethiopian.

02/23/12 @ 14:58
Comment from: anon [Visitor]

GRAGN AHEMED you wrote,

“At various times Islam was dominant before christianity. During that period most of power was taken by non Arabs like Persians or Turks or even black Berbers of North Africa who ruled Spain during the time of Al Andulisia.”

What do you mean at various times Islam was dominant before christianity?Is not Islam propogated by Mohmmed? If so does not Mohmmed appeared to the scene in 570 A.D? How then are you fallsfing the record?

Look according to our Bible Jeses Christ is the last revelation from GOD.All that has been written in the Old testament was a prophecey about his comming.He came in 4B.C,and God’s propecey was fullfilled.This is clearly stated in the book of Hevbrews.

” 1 In the past God spoke to our ancestors through the prophets at many times and in various ways, 2 but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son, whom he appointed heir of all things, and through whom also he made the universe. 3 The Son is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of his being, sustaining all things by his powerful word. After he had provided purification for sins, he sat down at the right hand of the Majesty in heaven."Bear in mind at this time Christianity is preached throught the world all the middle Eastern nations Syria,Libanon,Iraqu,JOrdan,Egypt,Libiaa,Algerria and Tunisia were Christians.Only in the 7 century this land scape changed.So when Mohammed came he read the Christian scriptures.As a reasult he quets and incorporated the Bible in his Kuran.

Little he knows though what ever God wants to communicate to mankind he did so and fullfilled by sending his Son.After the appearing of his Son the Bile is close no more revelation from God.It is funny he qwuote our bible every where and yet no where our bible mention Mohammed or the Kuran.There fore he is a self appointed and he spoke from himself not from God.

02/23/12 @ 15:32
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu


A very frustrated Muslim is using my name as his screen name to confuse my readers as himself is a confused person. How come some one address himself to himself in writing? Please, remove the message from this web site.

The following is the message this angry Muslim wrote because I have revealed the dirtiness and the deception of Islam in detail to the world, and especially to my Ethiopian Christians:

“Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor] [Visitor]
to - Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
firist u are stupid second u have been ethiopia a long time,3rd ethiopian muslim like gragn ahmed time is coming or u guys beg Portugalis or europian help, u are not defend without help ethiopian muslim god willing (sic).”
02/21/12 @ 22:23

02/23/12 @ 18:24
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

from: ft [Visitor]

I really don’t care what christians did, they did not do it for Ethiopia nor for me. I don’t even want to say how ridiculous Ethiopian christians think they defeated white people. Who gave them the international and military support? White people. Adwa was a fight between Britian and Italy who never saw an eye to each other. If the British stayed it would have been better for the old church of Ethiopian priests who are archaic.

Amhara prostitute,
Change your name or you will not get my attention with your narrow mind set.
Ethiopian christians are remembered for 3000 years of fighting each other. Ethiopian christians will be remembered for their abuse of southern people. Ethiopian christians will be remembered for their killing of Ethiopian muslims, forcing them to convert to christianity, by Atse Yohannes. Menelik II cuting the breast of Hararis and Oromo muslim women, and forcing innocent animists of smiling South.

02/23/12 @ 18:32
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Visitor]
Amhara Princess

@ Gragn House Nigger

First of, your use of the word prostitute is nothing surprising as your fellow Arabs/Muslims are hooked on hookers for life, had been hooked for centuries.

Secondly, could you kindly explain how your prophet Mohamed converted none Muslims to Islam during his time? Was it by giving them milk and honey before they went to bed? Did he provide Mediterranean/Arabic cousin for them to feast on? Oh, hold on, it was by inviting them to a bazaar and playing their favourite music? :):) He wiped out millions of innocent people (none believers) from the face of the earth! You better hush the **** up and read your Quran, which encourages retards like you to blow up none believers, cut people’s hands off when you catch them stealing, stone people to death or take out their eyes if they are adulteress, kill your own female family members (honour killing) if they decide to rule their own destiny etc ALL in the 21st century! How Barbaric?

Clean up your filthy PIG house first before talking about other’s! Better still, can you tell us if Muslims/Arabs allow their fellow Christian citizens step a foot into their holly cities like Mecca & Medina let alone allow them to get buried there? How about you talk about barbaric Muslim nations of 21st century instead? Clean your dirty, contaminated yard first. Spasticated house nigger, you ask me to change my user name countless times to get your attention? As if I care about your attention? Whether you like it or NOT, you are glued to my posts, which is dedicated to slap the hell outta clowns like you. Cyber comic.

… Also Ethiopian Muslims are the most comfortable, RICH, highly regarded and well off business men/women Ethiopians. They are NOT treated any better or less than their Christian counterparts. Stop trying to make them out to be oppressed souls for they will laugh at you. You are the oppressed, tortured soul, barely existing in some shack, hallucinating, talking garbage.

Ante Ye Arab sidekick, Mozaza Ayit Neger Neh. Semay Ena Midir Yezorebih Ebd.

02/23/12 @ 21:07
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Noh (visitor),

All the words you listed to express your anger and frustration describe your dirty mother who brought you to this world to use the improper dictions she taught you at the house of her abusive husband who rapes his own daughters as Muhammad the fake prophet raped over hundreds of innocent Christian and Jewish girls. No one expects some good things to come out of a Muslim person who performs wudu to clean his dirty private parts now and then, and after few minutes he becomes dirty again by raping repeatedly several women. As far as he is performing wudu, he considers himself a clean person, not a sinner according to Quran 5:6.

When a Muslim performs wudu, he is required to do it right: he has to wash his hand three times; his nose three times; his ears three times; his head three times; his eyes three times; his face three times; his feet three times; of course, his private parts three times; his nostrils three times; his mouth three times, and every part of his body must be washed three times, and no wonder why Muslims are so lazy and ignorant that they have no time to do any good thing that benefits to the society in which they live except performing ablution every hour, and the water they use must be from the following sources:
1. Rain water
2. Well water
3. Spring, sea or river water
4. Water of melting snow or hail
5. Water of a big tank or pond
In case they couldn’t find water, they, I am sure, will use camel’s urine to wash each part of their bodies three or five times every single day. I have no idea why they wash each part of their bodies three times? A person may take a bath in the morning, and that is enough for the whole day unless that person has some kind of oozing semen or menstrual problems. Muhammad himself used to recite Quran while in the lap of his child wife, Aisha, during her period. Aisha narrates: “The prophet used to lean on my lap and recite Quran while I was in menses” (Bukhari, Volume I, Book 6, Number 296).
When Peter refused to allow Jesus to wash his feet, Jesus said to Peter, “Unless I washed your feet, you will have no part with me”. Then Peter wanted Jesus to wash not only his feet but also his hands and head. Jesus responded to Peter: “Those who have had a bath need only to wash their feet; their whole body is clean” (John 13:10).
In this case, a Muslim man’s body will never be clean whether he uses rain water, well water, spring water, sea or river water, snow or hail water, tank or pond water. A Muslim man, like noh (visitor), will always remain dirty; even if he uses gallons of water to remove his dirtiness from his physical body, his heart is tainted with the blood of the Christians and the Jews; therefore, he is the dirtiest person physically and spiritually.
A Muslim may wash his body five times a day or more; but what is the use? One can see him going back to his terrorist duties. St. Peter is absolutely right when he used what Proverbs said: “Of them the proverbs are true: “A dog returns to its vomit,” and, “A sow that is washed goes back to her wallowing in the mud” (2nd Peter 2:22). The same is true with millions of Muslims who perform wudu, but the next day, we see them shouting “Allah Akbar” to go to the street to commit murder or to burn a Christian Church. It was during the Ramadan season that Muhammad the prophet slaughtered the citizens of Mecca at Badr, and the slaughter continues up to this day by his blood thirsty Arab Muslims. After they have killed many innocent men and women, Muslims perform wudu, and they say, “We are innocent and peace-loving people.” Who are they cheating when they say they are innocent after they have raped girls, sodomized boys, and burned to ashes millions of Christian Churches, Jewish Synagogues, and Buddhist temples?

02/23/12 @ 22:14
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed


Do you know that civilization in the west were first Greek until first century which was atheist, then in the east were Chinese, some Indian and Persian until the first century. Christianity did not play any role in civilization in Rome since 1 century. That is why Muslims controlled the West including Spain and Hungary for more than 500 years. Christian West came to be civilized in the 16 century and drove the Berber Muslims out of Spain.

So Islamic civilization came before any Western christian based civilization although Christianity was there for 1600 years the christian west lived in barbarism and uncultured and un innovative. Once, Muslims passed the Greek ideas and their own ideas to Spain, the West became civilized in materialistic sense.

So don’t tell me Bible came first. But it did not change its people until later actually very late.

02/23/12 @ 22:50
Comment from: peace [Visitor]

Dear All,

This is it. Per wishes of outsiders and some traitors of Ethiopia, the time has come to break apart Ethiopia. Boko Harma strength anyone? This is not about Orthodox, Islam or Evangelism. Some agents within this group maybe recrutited to incite division and lead to religious war in Ethiopia to break Ethiopia apart. So when such inflammatory articles are written just ignore it who ever you are if you are truly want the safety of Ethiopia and Ethiopians. Ethiopia is one of the most unique country in African continet and they are trying to destroy her. It is the only Orthodox chiristan, its christian and muslim peoples have lived in harmony for centuries and have thrived. It is the only even country where a muslim and christian couple can marry and but they still have their own religious freedom right to practice. The shame that the writer did above that Haileselassie was the bad guy? Really? He was the one who said religion is the right of each Ethiopian to practice for the first time. I am boggled by many so called 21st outsid brainwashed Ethiopians who completely discredit the foundation within Ethiopia past leaders where this barainwashed are not using to exercise it but criticize the past. So Ethiopians of ALL ethnic and religious groups, please ignore such inflammatory articles. The goal is by posting extreme view, is to see Ethiopia’s sentiment. It is a test. Today Ethiopia does not have peace on the streets when extremists such as Wahabists and Evangelists are disturbing the populace on the streets by screaming to convert the populations. Such act should stop and it is aggressive, disrespect, disturbing peace, radicalizing. If we had a confident leadership we wouldn’t fall prey to the games of outsiders. What we should be doing right now talk about our common rather than our difference. By playing in the hands of outsiders and agent traitors, we are setting for our generation and future generation where they will have no country or home to live in.


well said.

02/24/12 @ 07:40
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

I have no more words than saying that the Bible Assta Peter Paul King James and Amhara prostitute are one and the same dirty foul mouthed and assed. They come from the same source the evil satan who hates to wash his body and his mouth. Indeed, all christians dirty this planet with their dirty minds too. Amhara prostitute claimed not to hate Islam but she goes back to the same barrel the souce of Bible the satan of dirtiness. It is a disgrace.

02/24/12 @ 11:32
Comment from: anon [Visitor]

[Gragn Ahmed],
Now I began to underustand the point of your argument.But still I am not convinced with some of what you have said.For instance, you boldely stated this -

“Christianity did not play any role in civilization in Rome since 1 century."What standard do you used to make this assertion?
Look it was in A.D58 that christianity was first preached in Rome.A liittle over 245 years later that is by 312A.D Emporor constantin became the first Cristian king.Then,the gospel was further carried to all parts of Europe at least to the then known roman world.I mean England,Ireland and much of western Europe become christianized. Even the if we say the Artabs did controld Spain,what does that say about Islamic civilization?On the contrary
According to some experts these are some of Christianity’s contributions-

“Christianity did not play any role in civilization in Rome since 1 century".What standard you used to measure that Cristianity did not played any role in Rome.The Gospel was preached there in A.d 58.Then,in little over 244 years Christianty anointed its first Roman Emperor Constantin.He became the official Cristian Emperor in 312 A.D.Still,Cristians took the message of the gospel further west as far as England,Ireland and the rest of western Europe or in what was then known as Roman empire.

These are some of the contributions christianity to the civilized world.

1-Christianity has made to Western civilization is education. Formal education began in the abbeys and convents of Europe and continued as the New World expanded.
2. Record keeping - the Church is the oldest record keeper on the planet. All of records for the births, deaths and marriages were maintained by the Church, especially since the Church and the governments were the same entity, at one time, that was the basis for taxation.
3. Choral music - was formalized and written down in abbeys and convents for the sake of teaching music and passing the traditions on.
4. The Roman calendar was created by one of the early Popes - Pope Julian who created the Julian calendar which has been passed down ever since.
5. Along with record keeping, history was also recorded by the local abbeys and convents, since there was no one else to perform this function in the locales where life occurred.
6. The largest organization and the most studied in the world - the Roman Catholic Church. It is by far, one of the richest and the most historically based organizations that goes all the way back to Jesus. It has documents that are one of a kind and have not been seen by humans for centuries!
7. Genetics was the result of studies undertaken in German abbeys where the initial studies were done by Fr. Gregoire Mendel. Studies were originally done with plants and then expanded from there!
8. Holidays - initially the holiday celebrations were founded in the Christian experience so that Christmas and Easter were celebrated as a part of calendar year. Other holidays were also celebrated but are no longer generally celebrated in the secular calendar.
9. Inductive and Deductive thinking - given to us by St. Thomas Aquinas who was one of the greatest minds in the Middle Ages church. Created many ideas that are still held today and increased the awareness of philosophy plays in the minds and hearts of humans.
10. Jesus in the Gospels, illustrated that dignity and respect was intended for all people, especially women. This was the first documented indication which humans saw a respect for the gender, and for all people who were sinners, sick, crippled and lame.
11. Art was created in a large measure to illustrate the life of Jesus and his disciples. This was a major contribution of the Middle Ages to our civilization, which is the only means we have today of some of the visual thoughts about Christianity.
12. Charitable giving and hospitals are the work of the early Church where those who had were asked to give to assist those who had not. These are a part of the moral fabric of western thought as we know it today!I might add law as well as health and ditery rules.

02/24/12 @ 13:41
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

After reading Amhara Princess’s esteemed comment, i came to realize that the writer Muhammad Ali Alula Al-Hashimi, PhD is not only a fake academician but also an illegitimate and illegal Ethiopian[Obviously, i couldn’t brave to go through the whole garbage]. The name Alula must have been something he has borrowed after reading our own Alula Aba Nega’s colorful history. An Ethiopian wannabe that goes by Al-Hashimi meddling in our issue. In other word, he is from the same camp where the aspiring terrorist Gragn Ahmed came from.

02/24/12 @ 17:30
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed


ANY WAYS. Fitwarari you must be a mad person. You call some narrow minded prostitute an esteemed person. She is unable to control her self and she got into my religion when she became frustrated with my comment. As always, copts react violently.

To all ignorant copts of Ethiopia:

St Augustine did not live during Roman time. He borrowed most of his philosophy from Avicinna. The three most influencial thinkers were Avicinna , confusion and St Thomas.

St Thomas lived in the 12 century.

So apparently borrowed Arabic translation of Greek philosophy.

Other major scientists and thinkers were Ibn Rashid (Averos), Al Ghazali, Al Farabi and Al Kindi. Al Farabi used to be called the Second Teacher, after Aristotle.

Ibn Sinna or Avicinna (Latin name for him) also did the Canon of Medicine in 14 volumes which used to be lectured in Western universities until the 18th century. Al Farabi developed the concept of void or vaccum.

The scientific method was also extremely used during the time of Avicinna.

At any rate, we know that there were also many important contributions of Islam: The Arabic numeral replaced the cumbersome Roman Numerals. Music and art were given to the West.

Al gebra and Al chemy were Arabic words.

Al Gebra was from Jaber a yemenite.

So,@anon, your reasonableness is good.

“His most famous works are The Book of Healing, a vast philosophical and scientific encyclopaedia, and The Canon of Medicine,[11] which was a standard medical text at many medieval universities.[12] The Canon of Medicine was used as a text-book in the universities of Montpellier and Leuven as late as 1650.[13] Ibn Sīnā’s Canon of Medicine provides a complete system of medicine according to the principles of Galen (and Hippocrates).[14][15]”

More to follow.

02/25/12 @ 00:33
Comment from: Asmerom [Visitor]

Silly open letter from one foreign idiot to the biggest foreign advocate idiot Legese Zenawi.

Gragn Ahmed,

You are one fucken sewage rat keep vomiting here. Leave our orthodox church the fuck alone. You expect people to read your toilet filth words about other’ religion and not say anything about Islam? I never read any muslim agreeing or even acknowledging your spit on this site. Disgusting chovinistic pig, there is nothing religious about your comments. Your Allah wont hesitate to rot your satanic soul in hell. your every word does stinks of filth. Im glad Asta B Getu has taken care of you in religious side and the feirce sharpest knife Princese on the logical side. You are nothing but filth. How about you consider how it feels if somebody calls your mother or sister prostitute? Sounds nice right? Filthy muslim pile of shit.

02/25/12 @ 15:42
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Gragn Ahmed (Visitor),

I see you going out of control and coming down to the level of a person who is suffering from myctalopia, and that is the main reason you couldn’t see properly, in the eyes of a highly educated person such as the impeccable Amhara Princess, what you have written and stated blindly so far and without any clear evidence.

For example:

1. What is your evidence when you call the most respected and adorable girl, the Amhara Princess a “prostitute”?
2. What is your evidence that Ethiopia is not a land of Christianity?
3. What is your evidence that Ethiopia did not defeat the Italians at Adwa?
4. What is your evidence that Ethiopia is not a land of civilization?
5. What is your evidence that Ethiopia is not the land of Kings and princes and princesses
6. What is your evidence that Geez is not used in the Ethiopian Church services?
7. What is your evidence that Ethiopia is not a land of great army?
8. What is your evidence that there was civilization in Axum before Judaism?
9. What is your evidence that Axum belongs neither to the Christians, to the Jews, nor to the Muslims?
10. What is your evidence that the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church is not different from barbaric thugs?
11. What is your evidence that Elias Kifle and never accept Muslims to be in power?
12. What are your reasons that you wish someone would destroy Axum and the Harar Church?
13. What is your evidence Muslim Ethiopians love flattering words?
14. What is your evidence the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church attacks the Ethiopian Muslims?
15. What is your evidence the Ethiopian Christians are not reasonable people?
16. What is your evidence the Ethiopians have done something bad against the British people after the Italians left Ethiopia?
17. What is your evidence that the Ethiopian King Haile Selassie didn’t think right?
18. What is your evidence the only reasonable king was King Negash, who did not really exist in the Ethiopian Chronicles?
19. What is your reason the person who has the title “Fitewrari” will not be fair to Muslims?
20. What is your evidence that Muslims and Arabs are not the same?
21. What is your evidence that Islam was dominant before Christianity?
22. What is your evidence Jews were in high position during the Islamic Golden Age in Spain?
23. What is your evidence everybody was fairly treated and respected during the Islamic Golden Age?
24. What is your evidence the Ethiopian Christians are ignorant of Islam?
25. What is your evidence that Arabic is not the language of the Arabs?
26. What is your evidence that Arabic will be the national language of the Ethiopian people instead of the Amharic language?
27. What is your evidence the Ethiopian Muslims defended Ethiopia against the Portuguese who defended the Ethiopian Christians during the Gragn Ahmad War?
28. What is your evidence that Aba Jifar defended Islam against the Ethiopian Christians?
29. What is your evidence that Atse Yohannes, Atse Tewodros, and Atse Menelik II did not defend Ethiopia?
30. What is your evidence that Ahmad Gragn was the only one who tried to unite Ethiopia?
31. What is your evidence Christian Ethiopians are opportunists and not patriots?
32. What is your evidence that Ah bash is not an indigenous faith?
33. What is your evidence that Islam is stereotyped in Ethiopia?
34. What is your evidence that the rule of a Muslim-supported Caliphate is right and just?
35. What is your evidence that one Islamic country will not attack another Islamic country?
36. What is your evidence that Ethiopia will have peace with Egypt if Ethiopia is a Muslim country?
37. What is your evidence that Israel supports Ah Bash financially?
38. What is your evidence that Ethiopians are proud Muslims?
39. What is your evidence the Western world was atheist in the first century until the Greek civilization came to the west?
40. What is your evidence Muslims controlled the west for 500 years?
41. What is your evidence the Christians drove out the Berber Muslims from Spain?
42. What is your evidence Islamic civilization came before any Western Christian civilization?
43. What is your evidence the Christian West lived barbaric and uncultured life?
44. What is your evidence the Muslims passed the Greek ideas and their own to Spain?
45. What is your evidence that the Bible didn’t come first?
46. What is your evidence that Fitewrari must be a mad person?
47. What is your evidence that the Ethiopian Christians react violenty?
48. What is your evidence that all the Ethiopian Christians are ignorant?
49. What is your evidence that St. Augustine did not live during the Roman time?
50. What is your evidence that St. Augustine had barrowed most of his philosophy from Avicimna?
51. What is your evidence that St. Augustine was a philosopher?
52. What is your evidence that Avicinna, St. Thomas, and Augustine were the three influential thinkers in the 12th century?
53. What is your evidence those three thinkers had borrowed Arabic translation of Greek philosophy?
54. What is your evidence the Arabs contributed algebra to the world?

Finally, knowing you do not belong to the highly educated class and that you have no clue about any subject on the discussion, you post on the web site any thing you want without giving any evidence to what you comment. Gragn Ahmed, why don’t you just stop commenting on this web site? Let the Amhara Princess do the Job. Out of your frustration and lack of adequate knowledge, you wrote the following statements:

“I have no more words than saying that the Bible Assta Peter Paul King James and Amhara prostitute are one and the same dirty foul mouthed and assed. They come from the same source the evil satan who hates to wash his body and his mouth. Indeed, all christians dirty this planet with their dirty minds too. Amhara prostitute claimed not to hate Islam but she goes back to the same barrel the souce of Bible the satan of dirtiness. It is a disgrace.”

Gragn, you do not represent either the Muslims or the Arabs; you do not have a place to settle, a job to perform, a new idea to share with others, and a Mosque to worship your allah. You are a fugitive on the run!

02/25/12 @ 16:08

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