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Ethiopia at 2012 G8 Summit: Abebe Gellaw Only Embarrassed Himself



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Ethiopia at 2012 G8 Summit: Abebe Gellaw Only Embarrassed Himself

Blogger Abebe Gelaw heckles Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi in Washington DC May 18, 2012

Ethiopia at 2012 G8 Summit: Abebe Gellaw Only Embarrassed Himself

By Samuel Gebru

Ethiopia’s Prime Minister was recently in Washington, D.C. as part of his participation in the annual summit of the Group of Eight (G8).

Mr. Meles Zenawi was speaking at an agricultural forum moderated by the Administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development, Dr. Rajiv Shah. During the session, Mr. Meles was asked to elaborate on the priorities of Ethiopia and Africa when it came to agriculture and aid commitments by donor countries (see video time 03:30:30). As the Prime Minister was answering the question, Ethiopian American Mr. Abebe Gellaw disrupted the forum by yelling at the Prime Minister to free the jailed Mr. Eskinder Nega and boastfully declared that Ethiopians need freedom not food (see video time 03:31:35).

Even while Mr. Abebe was yelling, Mr. Meles kept on talking over him (see video time 03:31:46). Dr. Shah of USAID essentially told Mr. Abebe to shut up and called security on him (see video time 03:32:01). The Ethiopian Prime Minister continued answering the question posed by Dr. Shah.

I know Mr. Abebe and was extensively quoted in a critical article he wrote on the Endowment Fund for the Rehabilitation of Tigray (EFFORT).

Although I agree with Mr. Abebe that Ethiopia needs a free and functioning private press and political environment, his actions were in all respects immature, insane and quite unprofessional. Professional journalists—which Mr. Abebe claims to be—would know that their job is to professionally report the news without jumping up and disrupting events and meetings. Forget protocol and the fact that this was a high-level panel—Mr. Abebe’s actions served no purpose. If his goal was to embarrass the Prime Minister of Ethiopia then he terribly failed.

Again, if you see the actual video, while Mr. Meles looked shocked, he continued to talk over Mr. Abebe and when that proved difficult, he waited and let Mr. Abebe have his moment. If Mr. Abebe actually wanted to embarrass the Prime Minister, he would have waited and used his press credentials as an opportunity to ask hard questions on freedom and democracy that could have challenged Mr. Meles and his policies. However, the Prime Minister was not embarrassed—and keep in mind, he got what we wanted: a renewal of G8 commitment to food security in Africa through the opening of a new fund of $3 Billion.

Time and again, Ethiopian Americans miserably fail to seize the opportunity to challenge senior Ethiopian government officials. Many senior Ethiopian government officials visit North America and Europe frequently on what I essentially call propaganda tours. That being said, a reasonable person should be able to attend these meetings and ask hard questions that challenge the Ethiopian government’s policies. Instead of that, many in our diaspora community choose to protest and disrupt meetings. This serves no purpose beyond giving the ruling party more reason not to trust or cooperate with the diaspora.

I am truthfully not surprised by the actions of Abebe Gellaw. I just hope that Ethiopian Americans understand that there is another and much better way of challenging senior Ethiopian government officials who visit the United States.

Symposium on global ag and food security Panel discussion

Forward the video clip to 3:30:00

Watch live streaming video from thechicagocouncil at


Comment from: [Member]

Honesty is the best policy. What the diaspora opposition politicians need to do is, admit their faillure, stop embarrasing themselves again and again, and try to find some other ways to have influence in Ethiopia. For starters try a fund raising for the poor people of Ethiopia they claim to care for. Start from scratch.
“The worst prison would be a cosed heart” pope J. Paul II,

05/22/12 @ 22:27
Comment from: WIND,FIRE,WATER [Visitor]


Were u dead when the arat kilo MIDGET and his BANDAS MURDERED 200+ ETHIOPIANS? and embarassed the whole nation? THE BI-POLAR monkey is very lucky somebody else didn’t throw RPG at his stinky LEBA-AZZ

05/22/12 @ 22:52
Comment from: [Member]

Wind-fire-water, the asshole shabian,

Since when an asshole shabian like you became Ethiopians’ advocate?

05/22/12 @ 23:00
Comment from: Yelak [Visitor]

What a stupid comment. Meles was ashamed of his bad behavior. Abebe is a HERO HERO HERO. You guys know the truth becouse you are bandas and selling your self for small money thats why you are talking nonsense. The truth will come out soon and you will be ashamed too.

05/22/12 @ 23:00
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

Samuel Gebru, have you seriously submitted this crap to as a stand alone oped piece? wow, enough with your grandiosity and self promoting scribbles, dude. there is nothing new nor valuable in what you wrote to warrant a space on this website. The only immature, unqualified and embarrassing idiot with the biggest mouth in the whole of Tigray is you. Do you know why Woyanes have raised arms to fight instead of PROFESSIONALLY forwarding their grievances and questions to the then Ethiopian administrators? Why did meles and friends went to Dedebit instead of to the local police station or court or administrator office or simply school to understand, discuss professionally and resolve their political problems? Why did they choose AK47 to address their political problems instead of accepted professional methods? ANSWER that, then you will know why Abebe opted to confront Meles the murderer, torturer, traitor and dictator[i know that u have a different adjectives to describe him, but there were people who were praising HIM and Mengistu when you Tigres were calling them names.] There is no professional journalist better than Esknder Nega, but we all know where he is right now after questioning and criticizing meles’s dictatorship in the most professional way possible. Your inexperience, ignorance, naivety, tribal affiliation and so might be clouding your judgement here, but Meles the bandit who is living by the gun and the system he has created do not allow, tolerate nor understand professionalism of any form hence no reason for Abebe to show professional courtesy and due diligence when he addresses the dictator. We will treat him/meles professionally when he treat Ethiopians professionally, when he stop condemning and punishing professionalism, when he show respect for professionalism. So, just shut up and grow up

05/22/12 @ 23:02
Comment from: Yelak [Visitor]

Mr. Samuel how much money did they paye you to bark. You better stand with the true Ethiopian not with a murder. Melse and his devil cadres doesnt care for any one after you finish barking they will eat you live. Dont be mind less.

05/22/12 @ 23:09
Comment from: Ilula Tessema [Visitor]
Ilula Tessema

Dear Samule Gebru

Meles knows how to lie and tried to fool and decept the whole civilized world for the last 20 Years. He is using the situation in somalia to prologe his iron feast rule and dictatorship on the expense of Ethiopian people.Such a rude guy can not continue lying.The whole world need hear who he is so as to adjust their policy.As far as most Ethiopians concerned we are fade up of him and his lies.

Abebe Gashaw is our hero, he broke the silence. He use the situation to tell the whole world in loud and clear voice that MELES is a DICTATOR and a criminal who commited crime against humanity.
The TPLF day is counting.
You better be on the right side of history. To tell you the truth you smell like TPLF cadre.If that is your job to twist the truth we have the best lier MELES you need to do something else fat head.

05/22/12 @ 23:16
Comment from: belew [Visitor]

Samuel Gebru, Meles Feriw and all of you woyanney liers, here is the truth,

Abebe Gellaw was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He earned his B.A. from Addis Ababa University and a post-graduate diploma from London Metropolitan University. He started journalism in 1993 as a freelance writer focusing on human rights and political issues. In 1995, he was one of the founders and editors of an independent, biweekly newspaper, Addis Express, which by early 1996, was forced to close down by the government. From 1996-1998, he was a senior reporter and columnist for the Ethiopian Herald, the only English daily in the country. In late 1998, he was exiled to London. He started his work in London as a radio producer and broadcaster for Health Africa. Then from 2000-2004, he was the managing editor of New Vision, a UK-based refugee e-journal. Since 2005, he has been a regular contributor and columnist for major Ethiopian cyber media outlets such as, and In 2006, Addis Voice, a popular Ethiopian online current affairs journal in Amharic and English, was launched and he became its founding editor. He has received many awards including, winning an international journalism training award at Reuters Foundation in 1998. He also received a Champions of Change Millennium Award in 2002 for his contributions to refugee media development in the UK. He received a British Telecom Community Connections Award that same year for his work in creating a cyber network for the refugee community in the UK. In 2007, he was honored by the UK branch of the Coalition for Unity and Democracy in Ethiopia for his commendable journalism and advocacy endeavors.

05/22/12 @ 23:17
Comment from: Lemma [Visitor]

You silly and fat head,you do not know what you are talking about.

VIVA ABEBE Gashaw you are our hero.

05/22/12 @ 23:24
Comment from: GK [Visitor]

Empty barrel sounds the loudest, the so called journalist bursts out in hatred and losing his mind in the middle of high discussion about food security, I am sure he has less fortunate family back home and gambling in thier live is the worst one can be. Lot of peoples are getting out of poverty through coordinated effort both by the gov. and the society back home , but these power seeking extremists care less for the people but selfishly driven violence, He claimed to have made his point but further exposed thier hidden agenda

05/22/12 @ 23:55
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

Addis Zefen the brainless TPLF

What is “faillure"? lol

Pointless and toothless confused TPLF ….. it is time for you to go back to your TPLF land, the people are speaking telling you enough

05/22/12 @ 23:57
Comment from: Ben [Visitor]

Samuel gebru, you are an idiot , low life scumbag , and you act like you know things but you are exposing yourself that you have no clue about the pain and suffering of millions . You either have some kind of benefit or you are a Tigre. That the reality and I said it So what ! Amhara people in particular stood up against oppression during privious governments , they did not just support them because the are mostly Amharas . But this is not what we are witnessing. So you my friend don’t bother to explain yourself we know you already . Check facts just don’t say stuff to please your friends , or you might suck thier D,,,,

05/22/12 @ 23:59
Comment from: FTS [Visitor]

There is a good Ethiopian proverb which explain ms Samuel Gebru ..WUSHA bebelabet yichohal”

05/23/12 @ 00:12
Comment from: ejole bishoftu [Visitor]
ejole bishoftu

Samuel Gebru and some commenters

wegenawinet be zer be politica ,be haimanot Yikium!!!You are not neutral at all!!Stand always for the truth!!! Asafariwoch!!! Many Amhrara and Tigre elites lack neutrality!!!

It is shameful when people commnets on ethnic lines.Asafari hizib!!!!"Two wrong can not make one right!!!!

Wake up!!!

05/23/12 @ 00:13
Comment from: elcad [Visitor]

Editor’s Pick

Samuel –

Your holier than thou approach to this event is embarrassing. You sound like an unleashed moron who used his few remaining moments to expose his idiocy. I am not sure if I have to explain to you what heckling means. Heckling is interrupting a public speaker with derisive or aggressive comments to make a point. That’s all my friend! And, that is exactly why Abebe Gelaw used the opportunity to do so. I don’t claim to know any ones motive or heart. However; I don’t have a shred of hesitance to suspect Abebe has a different motive just to disrespect the Prime Minister.

You seem very shocked [may be more shocked than the PM] by Abebe’s action. But, I don’t understand why a person on your caliber gets dazed by heckling, as if heckling is somewhat of a phenomena just invented by Abebe Gelaw. The fact is not, it happens all the time and almost everywhere throughout the western democracy.

Meles is a brutal dictator. If Abebe committed the crime of heckling [as you sir wanted us to believe] back in Ethiopia, he won’t last to see the sun set without being thrown in to one of the dictator’s concentration camps or even systematically eliminated. This is not a new wonder in Meles’s tenure and Abebe’s fate may not be different. You kept repeating yourself by saying “Abebe should have been used the moment to ask civil questions or he should have been challenged the PM in more polite way. But, when is that opportunity going to occur? Do you really think Meles really have the audacity, courage or even the interest to sit down and take challenging questions from any of his true oppositions? Is that even make sense anymore?

To his credit Abebe gave voice for millions of Ethiopians who are under the oppressive regime of Zenawi and his thugs denied their basic rights of speaking and expressing their true beliefs. In exchange he became a symbol of justice for Ethiopians. Every attempt counts!!!

05/23/12 @ 00:14
Comment from: Freedom [Visitor]

ፊታውራሪ Free [Member], I like whatever you said. Meles I will call his Tagay (naive) followers and few inncent intellectuals who follow him without a challenge need to be challenged the way they came to power.
I encourage them to add a seed of love as long as they are in power, because specially the Tagays from chaka are either filled with filth of wealth and lose sleep or filth of propoganda and think like animal and filled with hatred,
These Tagays are never good to their neibors leave alone a nation.
If they think of true cause of fighting for freedom and justice, one will do it, in love which they all lack.
I am a believer that a national father of love will arise and shine, Eskinder Nega and the like will have true patrons who will emerge peaceful leader of family, community and nation.
I believe we are going there but after Meles and his Tagays should leave, they should have left in 2005.
Whatever noble cause they may be doing, it has no seed of love and it degrades the generation they came from (listen to Teddy Afro’s new album, about history 101).
If I don’t show respect to my father, I also don’t expect my son to respect me.
That is what the Meles regime will get paid, either they will eat eachother out of hatred, glotteness or seared conscience.
When? not too far, why because they are full of hatred.

05/23/12 @ 00:23
Comment from: LET STARVING EAT FREEDOM! [Visitor]

~Abebe Gelaw, G8 Food Security Summit


05/23/12 @ 00:23
Comment from: Ben [Visitor]

By the way I would like to mention what you have said once during ebs interview “everyone has a potential to contribut to Ethiopia in his/her profession ” so you became a politician all of a sudden offering another strategy for your so called initiative. Listen to your humanitiorian calling , don’t barge into something you don’t know. Just because you can say a word or two English sentences , it doesn’t mean you know the reality or make you an intellectual. There are many intellectual Ethiopians and they will probabley hate to live another day when they see immature Ethiopians Like you who refused to show some empathy toward others and understand the underlining issue.

05/23/12 @ 00:40
Comment from: GK [Visitor]

Empty barrel sounds the loudest, the so called journalist bursts out in hatred and losing his mind in the middle of high discussion about food security, I am sure he has less fortunate family back home and gambling in thier live is the worst one can be. Lot of peoples are getting out of poverty through coordinated effort both by the gov. and the society back home , but these power seeking extremists care less for the people but selfishly driven violence, He claimed to have made his point but further exposed thier hidden agenda
Shameless Ben the meeting is about our less fortune people weather he barks or not makes no impact rather he truly exposed his lack of u’standing the reality and deep rooted hatred for the people, If he really cares why not ask within the topic, is he telling the world that he comes here looking for Freedom not food……kikikikiki, He can’t afford to skip his one day meal but simply acting in public,,,,, we have enough actors like tamagn.

05/23/12 @ 01:03
Comment from: awash [Visitor]

I wouldn’t expect less from a die hard tplf supporter like you. Let’s suppose Abebe Gellaw might lack professionalism; but your master is a professional killer, lair, jailer and corrupter who takes hostage Ethiopian people ever since he took power two decades ago. Admit and live with it: despots like your master, Mubarak, Ben Ali, Qaddafi, Assad etc have no place anymore. If you think by coming up with this self-righteous scribble to belittle Abebe’s action; it’s an EPIC failure. Dictators, we don’t love you; we hate you. Fight tyranny from your PC and at fancy conferences they attend!!!

05/23/12 @ 01:30
Comment from: goanzu [Visitor]

shermutaw Samuel Gebru, a person like you is the one who let us suffer to the death…no clear line in your life this is a disease which need treatment… ante bekelalu eregetegna yemehonew yeshermutaleji endehoneke becha newe…yedikala leji…you will regeret when thing turn different very soon and you will continue your sickness.

05/23/12 @ 01:44
Comment from: Seattle [Visitor]

Calling your boss by his true name and see him embarrassed in front of the whole world that is priceless.

05/23/12 @ 02:07
Comment from: Dedebit news [Visitor]
Dedebit news

“For his loyality, dedication and hard work toward the great nation of Tigray ops I mean Ethiopia I have awarded 1000 hectar of land in Gambella for Samuel Gebru”
Meles Zenawi PM

05/23/12 @ 02:18
Comment from: Abebe [Visitor]

Ato Samuel,
You hit the nail on the head. I am glad that not every one is insane in the Diaspora.

05/23/12 @ 02:18
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Another baseless fool diasporas and
Aderby Bandas propagandas,calling us to just “WAIT AND SEE” .By the way these ignorant guys could not even anlyse it’s been 21 years that they
were prophetising on each event that next time everything shall be done well .And you know the answer .When these guys telling us to be part of the solution that means to accept “SUBMISSION ” to the looter
Agazi Bandits and Tigre Mafiosis !!!!
For your Information there’s no “GARANTEE” that Abebe Gelaw shall
be allowed to ask the crime minister
because at such kind of Summit everything is already prepared it’s
like a script of a film making where
each participant must play the role
already written for him .Afterall this simposdium is scheduled just to
promote the Image of Barak Obama to
attrac the vote of the Afro Americans
for the next election !!!!What a jock
the devil Adgi Banda ,promoting mass
murdering and Genocide on this website
inspired by Pop John Pail II .Why not
Krishna or Budha .This leba banda is calling us ,in the name of helping the
peoples ,to make fundraising for the
Tigre Mafiosis .

05/23/12 @ 02:29
Comment from: Beka [Visitor]

It s funny how only those people with last names end with Gebru,Berhe,Tekle, etc ( like the one who wrote this garbage article) are the only once who are having difficulty to understand that there is no equality in Ethiopia. These people come from Tigray and they will never understand the pain of other ethnic groups since they are the once who are benefiting from the current system. This is a fact! Even thou me personality have nothing bad to say about Tigray people, I strongly believe that this idiots in power undermine our unity as a nation. I do not want to see any particular ethnic group suppressing other ethnic groups; Period! Whether Amhara, Ormomo, Tigray, or what ever..We need a system that truly serves all ethnic and religious groups equally. We need leaders that are accountable for their actions. We need leaders that work to Unify but not disintegrate our proud nation…How hard is that to understand? Isn’t that fair enough for you?

05/23/12 @ 03:42
Comment from: AdamaEthio [Visitor]

For ppl who dont know who Samuel Gebru, he tplf contaminated loser, both his parents from Tigrayi. He self appointed presedent of interlational Ethio whatever organazation + hes TOP TPLF weshsaa in the USA. Ye ayett meskrrrr dinbttt endilu. Let us see opposition of Abe from a non Tigray please???????? Only then you have unbiased view not lebaaa hodaam Agames alright????

05/23/12 @ 04:30
Comment from: Hamrawi [Visitor]

At least, there are a few left with their minds intact in the diaspora.
Thank you, Samuel.

05/23/12 @ 05:06
Comment from: Zurga [Visitor]

Samual Gebru is a TPLF pig.
Shame on you Mr. Piggy.

You had better hang yourself.
Bravo Abebe!!! well done.
God bless Abbebe and other Ethiopians in DC.

Death to all Woyane narrow tribalist Tigres like Samuael Gebru.
Your days are counted.
Samuea is a running dog. He is not a humanbeing.
Samual and his all kins such as Melese Zenawi together with his Wife Azebe Gola shall be hanged in Arat Killo upside down.

Victory for the Ethiopian people!!
TPLF will perish!!!

the great
Ejolee Sebeta

05/23/12 @ 05:26
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Visitor]
Amhara Princess

I know who this Tebtaba Weyane trumpet Samuel Gebru is, I have known him for years. He is the so called President and Chairman of Ethiopian Global Initiative, which is an extension of Zenawi & Co’s Tigray looters group in the USA and else where. I watched a video a while back where this chimp Samuel Gebru claimed to have been 16 year old at the time with receding hairline :):)

What really bogs me is that, people like Samuel Gebru who went to school in the western world, live in the western world, enjoy all the freedom of speech & free existence that western world ACTUALLY offers, believes a tyrant who is in power for 20 years, a tyrant jailing journalists/dissent, killing free press, practically shackling the entire country with tyranny is a credible leader. Most of all, Samuel’s biased, worthless article above indicates that he is either NOT well INTEGRATED into the western society (spends all his free time at Tigray community centers trumpeting around) to NOTE that heckling is neither newly invented by Abebe NOR surprising thing to do. NOR it is considered unprofessional, out of this world, Shameful etc.

Samuel needs to venture out from his box, needs be inline with international/US affairs. Parliamentarians heckle at each other here in the USA and all over Europe all the freakin’ time. Does Samuel watch how parliamentarians Jeer, heckle, boo and disrupt each other even in one of the oldest (formed in 1265), most advanced, sophisticated parliament in the world aka the United Kingdom parliament debates/Question time? Those representative of EU/USA parliaments/senate are are people of the highest of ranks who move & shake not only their respective nations but the world i.e. the G8 & Co. And so, the only shameful, embarrassing creature at this particular moment & time is you Mr Samuel Gebru. You don’t deserve to live in the USA, enjoying the democracy & freedom of expression, which was brought about the blood and sweats, struggles of many you idiot. Why don’t you go back and live in Ethiopia where you would be enjoying better Freedom instead? The civilized democratic world, G8 representative, pretty much all in the western world know that heckling is just part of their everyday lives. Western politicians, public or private figures or other people of higher caliber have seen worse than heckling you dimwit. They have been egged, self-raising flour splashed all over their faces, cakes smashed on their faces, water splashed on them, shouted, jeered, heckled, booed at. We don’t know what the hell you are talking about here Samuel.

Civility ONLY applies to CIVIL people. Respect is EARNED not GIVEN. Professionalism has absolutely nothing to do with heckling, if that was the case all those TOP shark, savvy politicians of the USA, EU who are heckling, jeering, screaming at each other during debates would have been labeled as unprofessional. I can assure you Mr retard that Abebe did NOT embarrass himself. He just exposed Zenawi to his bare bones & told “the TRUTH, the WHOLE TRUTH and NOTHING BUT …". You managed to scribble such trash simply because you are Tigray, work for TPLFs through your TPLF cheer leading Organization and I have seen a video of you blubbering gibberish from Ethiopian embassy in the US long time ago.

“Sew Tira Bilut Erasu Meta” say my fellow Addis folks. You, as TPLF clown should be the last person on planet earth to criticize Abebe for using his rights to oppose simply because you are neither neutral nor honest man. Hypocrite.

05/23/12 @ 07:06
Comment from: woldeyesus [Visitor]

Nice try, Samuel Gebru:-)
We do not take our marching orders or advice from woyanes of any color. The bites of the mezsiger TPLF has finally managed to wake the sleeping lions.

You very well know that in America murderers and looters are the ones that are embarrassed and shamed when they are exposed. The party that does the exposing are always called heroes here in the civilized land. Only in Dedebit looters are praised. Have you been to the college of Dedebit? It seems you get it in the reverse so I can’t resist asking:-)

05/23/12 @ 09:31
Comment from: kul [Visitor]

Samuel Gebru

I think you just embarrassed yourself by writing this crap. You said Meles looked shocked but not embarrassed. Really? We all saw the video and we don’t need your interpretation of what happened. But I agree with one of the points you mentioned in your article. You said Meles ‘got what we wanted: a renewal of G8 commitment to food security in Africa through the opening of a new fund of $3 Billion.’ You are absolutely right on this. Meles came to the G8 summit to beg some money in the name of our staving fellow Ethiopians. And thanks to Obama and other rich country leaders he got what he wants.

Meles and cronies keep telling us that our economy is growing by double digits. They tell us that poverty will be history in just five years. Supposedly Ethiopia will join the club of lower middle income countries in five years (only 2 and half year left). But the reality on the ground is completely different. We are two and half year into the GTP, but Woyane is still begging for food aid. For the last 21 years 3 to 5 million Ethiopians have been in a constant duel with starvation. Meles and cronies receive millions of dollars in the name of the starving people but nothing has been done to bring fundamental change to the lives of these Ethiopians. Yes! Every woyane’s wealth has risen astronomically. Yes! Lots of woyanes have become millionaires. Yes! Poverty is a thing of the past for many Woyane cronies. They spend millions of dollars every year buying new Land Cruisers and Station Wagons. Each EPRDF official has more than two luxurious automobiles bought at the expense of starving Ethiopians. They spend millions in useless seminars and symposiums where they pay themselves thousands in the form of stipend and per diems. And yet they have no shame in begging in the name of these starving Ethiopians. Meles will come to the next G8 OR G20 summit and mark my word he will be begging again. What a disgrace!!!

05/23/12 @ 10:01
Comment from: Sir Thomas H [Visitor]
Sir Thomas H

Hi All,
This coward Abebe Gelaw is a typical Neftegna representative.Neftegnas can`t go to the bush to fight for what they believe because they don`t have big heart.If Abebe was a real man,he should burn himself and become a martyr.What irritates me is when I see Neftegna men wearing trousers instead of skirts.That is really annoying. I call to all neftegnas in North America to wear skirts only and leave trousers for us(real men).

05/23/12 @ 10:03
Comment from: tazabi1 [Visitor]

it would have been better had abebe grilled meles with questions like how he won 99%, how his party that lost all seats but one in addis 5 years ago manage to win 100% or why ethiopia is allowing foreign companies to buy/lease land cheap while dislocating the people and exporting the food while millions are starving…instead what he achieved by shouting “freedom before food” is prove meles’ characterization of the opposition in diaspora as how detached they are from the reality in ethiopia, because every one there knows unlike abebe most ethiopians go to bed with empty stomach. so how can one in his right mind say these people can starve to death unless we have free press, free election, etc etc..

05/23/12 @ 10:07
Comment from: WINDWATERFIRE [Visitor]


Not only i was born and my umbelical cord is somewhere in ADDIS, but also it’s geneticaly proved that there is no different between TPLF race and Shabean retardeds according to full genome sequencing expertes. If u want better evidence go to SAWA camp and get a few buccal swabs from your’s aunts,cousines,siblings or from your’s monozygotic twins step dads ARAT-KILO-MIDGET ZINJERO and the ex-italian servant drugist ISAYAS. U are a worthless filty LEBA like samuel who went ethiopia a copule of years ago and took a threesome steam bath and faggish massage with SEYOM MESFIN and BEREKET the cow EBET.

05/23/12 @ 10:31
Comment from: Minyaregal [Visitor]

The problem with people like Samuel Gebru is that most Ethiopians do not consider Meles an authentic Ethiopian leader.

Some Woyane followers repeat over and over again it is not good to embarass a leader of your country.

Listen guys. He is no Ethiopian leader. We don’t consider Meles and Woyane leaders of Ethiopia, especially since he is Eritrean and his mother voted for the secession of Eritrea, Woyane gave away our access to the sea and rightful ownership of Assab, they franternalized with Shabia for the first several years, they created ethnic enclaves, they created Tigrean hegemony, they gave away Ethiopian land to the Sudan, they openly stole the 2005 election where Ethiopians told Woyane & Meles unequivocally that it is time to go, and they created the worst one-party state by winning %99.6 of the vote through what one may call day-light robbery.

Meles has been in power more than 20 years now and there is an absolute Meles fatigue in the country.

Ethiopians want new genuine leaders who can think differently from Meles and his hate-mongering henchmen.

Samuel Gebru, I know you all know this, so don’t try to obfuscate the struggle of people like Abebe Gelaw whose only opportunity to express their views against tyrant Meles comes only at such rare moments.

Abebe rose to the occasion the same way Abraham Deboch and Moges Asgedom rose up to hurl a bomb at Faschis Graziani.

In Ethiopia, he would be dead meat already!!

So Samuel back off from our HERO Abebe Gelaw!!!

05/23/12 @ 11:25
Comment from: [Member]

I have no doubt in my mind that if people were allowed to do what Abebe did in Ethiopia we would’nt be here now. I am one of those who are not totally happy by what Abebe did although I understand that it is someone’s right to do so. I wish that like Mr Samuel he challenged him with tough questions that he is not accustomed to in the local media. By the way the interview he gave at the end with ESAT removed the remaining respect I had for his act. I wished that he said he was there to do his job as a journalist but that when Meles started talking he couldnt control himself. The problem with the immaturity of politics in our country is further demonstrated by the comments here. He is an absolute hero for some and an absolute villain for others. I have not read a comment which admits that it is his right to express his views whether we agree with him or not.|

05/23/12 @ 11:44
Comment from: NoStRaDaMuS [Visitor]

elcad [Visitor]

Editor’s Pick

“Samuel –

Your holier than thou approach to this event is embarrassing. You sound like an unleashed moron who used his few remaining moments to expose his idiocy. I am not sure if I have to explain to you what heckling means. Heckling is interrupting a public speaker with derisive or aggressive comments to make a point. That’s all my friend! And, that is exactly why Abebe Gelaw used the opportunity to do so. I don’t claim to know any ones motive or heart. However; I don’t have a shred of hesitance to suspect Abebe has a different motive just to disrespect the Prime Minister.”

Why is this comment an editorial pick?
And elcad,
Samuel did not condemned abebe for hackling but hackling while he is pretending to be a journalist. You may fail to see it or perhaps did not want to see it, there is a difference. I will not go in to detail what are the responsibilities of a journalist; but I know this is not what is expected of a journalist.
I understand, Just as Joe Wilson, the republican member of congress who shouted “you lie” at Obama during state of the union, was a hero to the far right in this country, abebe is going to be a hero to the toxic diaspora. But the truth is, as Joe’s action was an embarrassment then, abebe’s shouting is an embracement now.
By the way, by doing this, he loses any credibility left to his journalistic credentials.

05/23/12 @ 12:09
Comment from: belete [Visitor]

after watching this video one gets the clear picture of what took place. first of all abebe was sitting so far away he can hardly be heard at the stage where the pannel is sitting and meles after pausing for like 2 or 3 seconds continued his talk undisturbed as if nothing happened. i dont know why abebe acted as if he brought meles down giving a hero pat for himself.

05/23/12 @ 12:23
Comment from: oneluv21 [Visitor]

I think this guy has the balls which is very hard to find in Amharas for what he did, maybe crazy but very courageous. Maybe after Meles is back, he is looking for his family LOL

05/23/12 @ 12:36
Comment from: ethiopiawi [Visitor]

i just want to associate myself with the writting of AMHARA PRINCESS in its entirety whole heartedly.i say,nominate AMHARA PRINCESS as a spokesperson for the entire diaspora community.brilliant, intelligent,precise & matter of factly writing.i just hope the regime in addis takes notice and try to learn and correct all that is wrong with their way of governing ethiopia.there is still time to make adjustments to their way of governance.otherwise the problems created by tplf looters will end up destroying our motherland for once and for all.i suggest the looters start with ending the colonial era style DIVIDE AND RULE my opinion that is a time bomb that needs to be diffused without delay.death to ethiopia’s colonizers.long live the motherland.

05/23/12 @ 12:49
Comment from: Gobena [Visitor]

Samuel,the problem is you only listen to Melese speech. Watch how many times Meles has been begged, confronted , Challenged not only by the diaspora but back home in the parliament, university…..
The other factors is God is in control this is the result of the cry of the small children, mother and families who have been turned homeless and are being turned homeless and poor every day in the name of development injustice speaks louder. At least you know this details.
I am sure you and opportunists like you are one of the cause for this specific action. Tell him the truth so that he will learn, challenge him he will improve, other wise he will eat you first, My intellectual.

05/23/12 @ 13:02
Comment from: Tulu [Visitor]

Samuel Gebru;
Now you show us your true color. once a Woyane always a Woyane.

It must be in your Woyane/TPLF land and imaginary world that a criminal and terrorist like Mellesse deserve any type of respect. No professional journalist of sound mind should care to pose any question to the delusional and narcissist Mellesse. As such, Abebe Gelaw was absolutely correct that he did not ask Mellesse any question. Mellesse does not understand any type of respectable dialogue nor deserve any respect. Embarrassing and exposing Mellesse was the most appropriate thing to do. Mellesse, true to his psychopathic and delusional nature meticulously planned, coordinated, and executed high crimes of kidnappings, tortures, murders, treasons, treachery, ethnic cleanings, and genocides against Ethiopians from Gonder to Borena and from Ogaden to Gambella deliberately. In reality, Mellesse is completely narcissist, psychotic, and serial killer that belong to mental institution.

05/23/12 @ 13:36
Comment from: elcad [Visitor]

NoStRaDaMuS –
First of all comparing Joe Wilson’s action with Abebe equals Apple to Orange. However, your premise still proofs my point. Even the president of the United States in such high profile public event as State of the Union gets heckled. Even a congress man with more public mandate than a journalist use heckling to make his point. No one is spared. It’s just part of the free speech and democratic process. You guys have to swallow this fact & move on. The reason why Meles and his protégés are still in state of shock by this event is because of their oppressive attitude of loathing any different opinion and the fear they have for public dissent. Because, they know what is in their closet. The irony is you people completely forgot where this event happened. It happened in the US, a free country with immense respect to its people free speech to discord with any public figure. This is a right guaranteed by the constitution. This is not Zenawi’s back yard where people get thrown in to jail for expressing their true feeling or emotion. If this was warranted in Ethiopia, this event shouldn’t take place here in the first place.

The lesson from this event is simple, Meles get interrupted from his comfort zone of telling lies and deceiving in public and reminded of there are millions of Ethiopians abroad and at home who despises every step of his actions in the past two decades. Lesson number two is the international community once again is prompted there is a brutal dictator and a very good actor in the room whose action is no different from Mubarek or Gaddaffi.

05/23/12 @ 13:42
Comment from: girum [Visitor]

PMMZ has done few mistakes here and there but his achievements are simply unachievable by another Ethiopian leader for that he deserves praise.
According to some group on this forum assume supporters of PMMZ are only woyanes and occassionally shaebias…this is unfortunate and uncalled for. Let’s consider the other minority tribes in Ethiopia (e.g southern tribes) as part of Ethiopia and have right also to praise their leader. Let’s not assume it’s good to think, analyze and make decision before shouting with empty gun like ABEBE GELAW.

05/23/12 @ 14:01
Comment from: kul [Visitor]


Do you think killing, torturing, imprisoning fellow Ethiopians is just a “few mistake”?

05/23/12 @ 14:17
Comment from: Eden 1 [Visitor]
Eden 1


The point is all the opportunity given to the regime to respond regarding oppression fell on deaf ears. In my opinion, Abebe Gelaw used the opportunity while there was plenty of press coverage, US president, other dignitaries, observers at a critical time.

For prisoners unjustly confined in Kality, one day is eternity and they happen to be in the middle of trial. Every era comes up with something in accordance to the necessity, urgency and circumstance of the issue. What Abebe did is the latest variety.

Well what is proper, & diplomatic? That is a given. It failed. Well, sometimes we need to allow our selves to get out of the box and focus on what it means?

05/23/12 @ 14:45
Comment from: Waangaarrii [Visitor]

Mr Samuel you said what expected from you but the reality is there is no way no ground to talk with your group as it was tried several times and failed becouse all HARD QUESTIONS you are talking about will be agaist your minority group. so your group already decided to suppress all questions by force to keep in pour just like BAHAR ALASAD OF SYRIA, the only way to deal with you and your group is to expose your loard Melese in following his foot print and organizing large scal violence agaist TIGRE people inside and outside the country. I hope what ABEBE did will Ignite several similar acts every where.

05/23/12 @ 15:37
Comment from: Concerned Ethiopian [Visitor]
Concerned Ethiopian

I agree with Ato Samuel Gebru. It would have been better if Ato Gelaw had asked the rightful questions that needed to be answered instead of resorting to fruitless means that really serves no purposes. Can we all Ethiopians learn how to debate without being personal? Most of us has been living in the US for decades. Have we learnt any thing from the American politicians? I wonder…..

There is no point in calling Ato Samuel Gerbru names. He is entitled to his opinion. Again it is nothing personal.

05/23/12 @ 15:53
Comment from: [Member]

Amhara elasticated priceass,…

Hey cherchassa arogit, you said you know the writer for years even since his childhood. Wow! You must have been a midwife when he was born. I know you’re so old, that when you were in school, there was no history class.

The mother of all self contradictions is back at it again. I tried to ignore all these stupidities on diaspora loosers’ websites who are trying to make this looser a hero. And trying to make it a rallying cause desperatly for their dead agenda.
As a matter of fact, it seems all diaspora crybabies and asshole shabians who are telling us the PM was scared or shocked bla, bla,.are people who were kicked and embarrassed by the woyanes, and cannot forget that defeat and embarrassment which they’re now trying to play a reverse psychology, fanning their age old frustration and grudge with insults and cheap shot.
In the other hand, our wanna be prrincess, is allover running around like a headless chiken, intoxicated by the diaspora dogs attention she is getting for her nonssense argument, and she has the audacity to salute all her cheerleaders saying thank you all.
The only problem is whenever she is confronted with facts, she reiterates the same nonesense denying or some times contradicting herself.
Is there any reason to argue with the diaspora loosers here in the west?
Can their granite head absorve anything thrown at them?
Let them cheer themselves and keep living in their empty bravado world. Trying to argue with their pointless arguement is only validating it.

“All war-propaganda, all the screaming and lies and hatred, comes invariably from people who are not fighting” George Orwell,

05/23/12 @ 16:05
Comment from: wema [Visitor]

Local Amharic journalist, No wonder why he shouts .He could have done this out side like others. I can simply say because of his poor english and lack of knowledge ,he could never ask questions to Meles about issues. Remeber most of the best knowen journalist in the world interviwed or asked questions to the primenster Meles, several times including the well knowen british jhonatan dembelbe. Meles is a wise and confident person ,he was still puting his point while you where screaming to the end. By the way camera trick holding Meles neck dowen by ESAT ,shows that this was a silly preplaned stunt. What a shame.

05/23/12 @ 17:23
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]


thanks for sharing the Vidio clip of the event that he/she could have a chance to watch the program, and to understand about the truth what exactly had happened…well, I heard that fat pig shouting no food….for few second, but the well respected smart leader, PR Meless Zeniawi the great, surely made his point without paying attention to that barking dog…

If shouting like a headless fat, pig takes to earn you the title of heroism, all of you idiot want be politician diaspora cowards are heroes….that is what you have been doing for years….LOL….Cheer….

God bless the world!

05/23/12 @ 17:38
Comment from: Shalom [Visitor]

Death to the Enemies of Ethiopia!!

Thanks Samuel, for your initiative to write on this matter.

I hope it will give some perspective to real Ethiopians and foreigners alike on what kind of people Abebe Gelaw and his gangs are.

Don’t worry about the dogs who are barking in That’s who they are. Their hero barks at any auditorium he thinks is viable, and members of his gang bark on the cyber front. I’m ashamed of these bastards. They are dumb, hateful, mentally impaired and enemies of Ethiopia. They don’t know how much deep contempt the Shabians have for them. The shabians, though they are as dumb as our ‘heroes’, they have a great patriotic sprit. They will never try to go against the interest of their country in the face of international competition. The level of stupidity and dumbness we have in the Ethiopian Diaspora however is unbelievably extreme.

You don’t need to be a Tigre or member of EPRDF to see that the country is in the right track despite all the limitations in all spheres.
It is not also difficult to weigh on what kind of path to follow to build up on what is positive and work on the deficiencies. But unfortunately the dogs in the Diaspora lack the mental faculty for such sensible judgment. ALEMETADEL NEW.

But again, thanks a lot.

05/23/12 @ 17:53
Comment from: [Member]

I have no idea who this Samuel Gebru is, but I do know who Mr. Abebe Gelaw is.

I just wanted to say that I strongly support what Mr. Abebe Gelaw did on behalf of millions of Ethiopians whose voices have been ignored for the past 21 years.


God bless Mr. Abebe Gelaw, Ethiopian Hero, and God bless Ethiopia!

05/23/12 @ 18:29
Comment from: wepE [Member]

Zelan: Do you actually have something to say or you just like ranting like a lunatic all over the place shoving nonsense in every ones mouth? What the fuck is your deal with the Princess? You sick bastard at least try to make some retarded sense or else keep your weyane fingers away from the keyboard, what kind of desperate, boring loser are you? Do we actually have to endure reading your predictable, monotonous humdrum garbage all the TIME? Give yourself and the rest of us a damn break you brickheaded imbecile!!! Every single page I go you there biting somebody.

The article reads: “Ethiopia at 2012 G8 Summit: Abebe Gellaw Only Embarrassed Himself” and is written by some retard; read it and leave your Goddamned opinion and end it there!

Igzer EtyoP’yan And’ Yargat, Kek’fum YiT’ebikat.
Wakes up every day proud that I’m an Ethiopian.

05/23/12 @ 18:33
Comment from: Abesha [Visitor]

Here goes the grand sons of belay zeleke and tewodros
The son of tape worm medicine salers showing there true
Hatred against all ethiians except the kingless goons for
Which they will never reverse the progress of great ethiia
And as of son of the hanged bandit belay there is nothing to
Change but waiting for their last breath.

Long live Ethiopia
Long live EPRDF
Long live the prime minister

We sha
L overcome

05/23/12 @ 18:59
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

Shalom, the depth of your knowledge on the issue of Shabia is extremely shallow. Meles is Arteran by blood, so declared his mother, and dedicated Shabian by deeds. There is no better patriotic Arteran and committed/loyal Shabian solider than our illegitimate prime minister ato meles zenawi:>. If you don’t believe me, just reexamine his track record and listen to the interviews he gave to different Arteran presses in which he publicly declared his commitment to defend Artera from anyone[by that, he really meant Ethiopia, Shabia’s/Artera’s only lethal enemy!]. Meles protected Shabia as a bandit from the onslaught of the then Ethiopian forces, created Artera as a treasonous, unelected & stupid president and still defending his illegally created country to this date while selling our land, undermining and endangering our sovereignty, and denying our constitutional right to live in our own country. And yet, you still have the nerve to complain about Abebe’s timely and ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY deed. My take on this is a bit different from what most of my esteemed compatriots asserted here. We do not need to justify heckling on the basis that it is something commonly done in western parliaments/senates/congresses or simply democratic assemblies. Abebe’s deed should and must be justified, and it is, based on the reality woyane has created in Ethiopia. The social, political and most importantly economical situation in Woyane’s Ethiopia call for not just heckling but war. Fact is, Ethiopians are today in a much worse economical and political realities than they were during HIM’s era. Only the woyane hooligans and their cronies disagree with that. If you ask an Ethiopian who is not allowed to own a plot of land in his own country, who can’t afford to by a chicken once or twice a year, who can’t practice his profession without fearing for his life and so on, the answer would be “heck, even woyanes/shabias have raised arms for much less". That means, Abebe has heckled ato meles not only because it is commonly done in democratic countries, but and most importantly it is absolutely necessary. It is meles the dictator who is responsible for that. So, Dear Shalom the shallow, you need to shut up, too!

05/23/12 @ 19:50
Comment from: [Member]

Wepe, the weeping old dog,…

Take it easy, per the doctor’s instruction you’re not suposed to read my comments. It is hazzardious to your ecky-breaky heart.
I was expecting the qeffo ras wanna be princess you worship so much to respond. Or otherwise the other fiasco member firifari.
Speaking of the case of abebe gelebaw, he is nothing to talk about more than the five minute fame and admiration he got from the likes of you loosers and crybabies. Nothing more.
How can we call his name besides our great leader PM Meles? Think about it. Can’t you see how low life and vagabond he is?
PM Meles is someone who gave his life and everything he has sacrificing for the poor, in all his life never said enough working honestly and tireleslly, with his commitment to lift our poor nation Ethiopia from decades of poverty and centuries of hinderance.
Imagine while you and the rest of diaspora crybabies enjoying your burger joints in the free world with no responsiblity, the PM has to be awake and ready for all kinds of meetings, passing laws, chairing parlament, signing desissions, reading so many proposals, analysing world affairs, etc…wonder if he even sleeps. I felt sorry for him when he represented Africa on the world climate confrence in France. I knew he didn’t sleep more than two hours in that 24hrs grueling meeting after meeting saga.
Leading a country is not as easy as equb sebsabinet. Especially to be a leader of a country like Ethiopia for the last twenty years and be successful with all aspects, takes a great courage and heroism. Everything he did so far is nothing short of a miracle, which qualifys him to be a Nobel Price candidate.
You cannot call some opportunist attention seeker a hero for shouting few words, disrubting a useful meeting which is intended to find a sollution for the poor people of Africa. You should call him a terrorist, Who belonged in guantanamo prison. Abebe gelebaw is a disgrace to Africa and humanity in that matter to say the least.
Long live PM Meles Zenawi!!

05/23/12 @ 20:12
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

This is hilarious, i searched for Samuel Gebru on facebook and guess what i have found? :)) i just so seriously cant stop laughing. Samuel Gebru has dedicated a page for HIMSELF in which he feeds his over inflated grandiosity and calls himself so narcisstically a “public figure". Did you read that guys, Stupid Gebru created a page himself for himself in which he calls himself a public figure. but again, why not? Even meles zenawi calls himself democratically elected prime minister of Ethiopia :)). This is where u say WeyGudddd or Egizio Meharenaaa or unbelievable! A public figure with 331 likes, a number much less than my facebook friends lol. yihe title mekeleja hone ende?

05/23/12 @ 22:16
Comment from: [Member]

Okay, I just did some research on Mr. Samuel Gebru on the Internet since I have never heard about him before.

Mr. Samuel Gebru is a 21-years old young, energetic, and ambitious person who calls himself President of the Ethiopian Global Intiative (EGI)- a nonprofit (501C) organization. On an interview he gave on one Youtube video, he said he will be running to become the next Prime Minister (President?)of Ethiopia in 2015. (Really?)

As a 21-years old man, he has never known anyone else other than Meles Zenawi as a leader of Ethiopia. So, we can see why he is so upset at Mr. Abebe Gelaw who embarrassed Gebru’s only idol - Meles Zenawi.

As we all know, several opportunists are now-a-days trying to capitalize on nonprofit organizations to enrich themselves by receiving gifts for their organizations from unsuspecting American public, of which Mr Gebru sounds like is one of them. Mind you a change to a democratic Ethiopian government will derail his nonprofit organization from achieving its objective collecting funds for needy Ethiopians.

This guy, Mr. Samuel Gebru, sounds like a smart, fine young person; but very foolish and lacking in common sense when it comes to politics, I guess. That is my assessment of him.

Mr. Samuel Gebru by no means is qualified to criticize the brilliant journalist, Mr. Abebe Gelaw.


05/23/12 @ 22:40
Comment from: gebru asrat [Visitor]
gebru asrat

You can visit this idiot Tigre website. I am not sure if he is. He has a zelemte(dark) photo as his blogspot.

05/23/12 @ 22:47
Comment from: zeraf [Visitor]

Ato Abebe Gelaw just put himself up with the ranks of Belay Zeleke, Atse Tewodros and all the Jegnas that have faced foreign invaders and defeated them. The only difference would he used his words as oppose to swords and spear to cut down his enemy. ZERAF ZERAF ZERAF !!!!

The sad thing is, all this comparisons are in his head.

wake up from your dream man!

05/23/12 @ 23:19
Comment from: NANO [Visitor]

Amhara Princess,

Thank you for writing my mind! Your conversation generates more light than heat.
Would you mind if I borrow one of your paragraphs?
‘’ What really bogs me is that, people like Samuel Gebru who went to school in the western world, live in the western world, enjoy all the freedom of speech & free existence that western world ACTUALLY offers, believes a tyrant who is in power for 20 years, a tyrant jailing journalists/dissent, killing free press, practically shackling the entire country with tyranny is a credible leader. Most of all, Samuel’s biased, worthless article above indicates that he is either NOT well INTEGRATED into the western society (spends all his free time at Tigray community centers trumpeting around) to NOTE that heckling is neither newly invented by Abebe NOR surprising thing to do. NOR it is considered unprofessional, out of this world, Shameful etc. ‘’
remember that good ideas don’t drop into closed minds. Samuel is a witness.

05/24/12 @ 01:15
Comment from: alemu [Visitor]

Dedeb Eritrean buchila!

05/24/12 @ 01:22
Comment from: sol [Visitor]

ewunetm crybabies.

05/24/12 @ 03:24
Comment from: wepE [Member]

God alone gets to be worshiped you foulmouthed dimwit. There are many sharp, knowledgeable, fair minded nazreters I admire and have immense respect for but the Princess is in a category all to herself I know that you know that everyone else knows that, difference then is that only you won’t admit it but then again action speaks louder than words i.e. you’re glued to nazret all day long searching for her comment. Doesn’t matter what she say or not, you’re response is a recycled, repetitive mantra made to make people bore to death. Your sole purpose in life seems to be following her trying to bite.

As for our ፊታውራሪ I’m sure he’s found a way to skip over your comment. Nevertheless he managed to shove you back in your hole with your tail between your legs every single time yet you never give up because you’ve no shame and you’ve no cause which you really fight for other than wasting everyone’s time.

Having said that, have seen me dropping a word regarding Abebe? No. I’ve my reasons for not liking the guy and what he did but nonetheless Ethiopians are happy and I’m not standing in the way. Plus if nothing else he displayed courage, screaming like that atop of that he drew a little more attention to your midget’s brutal rule than was intended when he was invited in the first place. I bet my left foot that he was not to be heard from the minute he said that if was in his own country and that alone speaks a lot about you jungle dwelling savage, senseless douchebags. Even you the clown of nazret are calling him a terrorist despite having realised your own obnoxious vomit over and over here in this as much as you could without getting banished for crossing the line multiple times. But that’s the difference between Ethiopian and you weyanes including your leader. You nudge millions with malicious and spiteful words without any regard to the outcome.

“PM Meles is someone who gave his life” So he died? when?

“sacrificing for the poor , in all his life never said enough working honestly and tireleslly” Should read “sacrificing the poor…” to make room for the rich and foreign.

To a dumbass like you slicing and handing out Ethiopia in a exchange of military cooperation with Sudan or giving her away to disgusting indians and barbaric arabs, making her the biggest landlocked nation is yes a progress. Everything worth earning a little bit of bragging right came post 2005 election and we all know why. Laying cobblestone, building fancy roads and condos, broader cell and power cover, car assemblies here and there, everything and I mean EVERY SINGLE project came after your devastating defeat 2 O O S!!! So enough already and don’t forget the loans you’re drowning the whole nation into, its not like you building it with our (stolen by you) money. Almost as if you finally understood you could keep looting without holding the country back and we’ve also that creating good image dream. End your ethnic rule and I assure you, your leader will be placed right above Mengstu H.M. in the history books. Also seems like you’ve a crush in that ape like that solomon. How about asking him push his lady off the cliff for you? go out for a fresh air, breath look around talk to people and relax a bit before responding please.

05/24/12 @ 05:27
Comment from: Kassa [Visitor]

According to UNICEF,With all this economic growth and aid flowing to Ethiopia , Ethiopia and Somalia has the same percentages of moderately and severely underweight children – meaning that in absolute terms, there are ten times as many undernourished children in Ethiopia than Somalia.unlike Somali children, Ethiopian children – unless they’ve reached end-stage malnutrition – don’t get any help, despite the absence of any conflict preventing aid organizations from reaching them.
For the past several months, news about food shortages and famines affecting large segments of the East African population have been fueling donation appeals from major public and private aid organizations. Low rainfall and – in Ethiopia’s case – recent stirrings in the 20-year-old dictatorship explain how a bad situation has suddenly become catastrophic. A precipitous drop in many families’ purchasing power in recent years, owing in large part to skyrocketing food costs, has created a situation in which any short-term disequilibrium – due to climate or security conditions, for example – is apt to turn into a disaster that can last a year or even more. In this regard, what is happening in central and southern Somalia is an extreme example of a wider phenomenon. Throughout the region, millions of people lack the purchasing power to buy what they need, though the markets are well-stocked. The markets in Somalia are functioning, too, despite the war, and people are dying of hunger not far from warehouses filled with food they can’t afford.

While the media broadcast, ad nauseum, images and accounts of the suffering endured by the people of Ethiopia and epidemiological surveys confirm the severity of the situation, bringing help to Ethiopian children is no simple matter. The armed opposition fears that a food distribution operation within its territory by foreign organizations could be used to weaken it. After all, the safety of food aid convoys was the main rationale behind international military intervention in 1992. Today, international troops engaged in military operations against the armed opposition are already involved in food distribution, and are asking for several thousand more men. Food aid lies at the heart of political and military issues, and a massive emergency deployment would mean a major, rapid shift in power relationships. In reality, the political and military conditions necessary to the success of operations that donors are being asked to fund do not currently exist.

How childhood malnutrition is being managed in neighbouring countries – where unlike Somalia, relief operations aren’t hindered by armed conflict – also raises some awkward questions. Some of these countries have populations ten times larger than Somalia.
Who is it that is dying of hunger? Young children. What could prevent their deaths, in the short term? Powdered milk, sugar and oil-based food supplements. Why isn’t this being given to undernourished children before they reach a critical state? For two reasons. The first is a professional standard that pits prevention of undernutrition (promoting breastfeeding and certain dietary habits, and adding micronutrients to basic foodstuffs) against treatment (distributing dietary supplements to children for nutritional rehabilitation). The second is simply economic feasibility; the dietary supplements needed for nutritional rehabilitation of undernourished children now cost two to three euros a kilo. At that price, neither families nor public health institutions have the budget to treat the millions of infants each year found to have height or weight growth delays at medical visits. That’s why infants diagnosed with undernutrition usually return home untreated. Indeed, international and national recommendations require that a child be at the most advanced stage – severe marasmus or Kwashiorkor – before he is given an appropriate dietary supplement.

There are a few exceptions to this, however. The distribution of free food is considered justified in war and natural disaster situations. In these cases, infants may be treated before they reach the most severe stage of undernutrition. Outside of these humanitarian emergencies, children usually do not get food aid.

We should point out that two hundred years ago, people everywhere around the globe faced the same scourge. Since then, things have gotten better in the four out of every five countries that have managed to make food that specifically meets the needs of fast-growing young children available to families. In the thirty or so countries where deadly pockets of childhood undernutrition continue to be a fact of life, however, the situation can only persist. Aside from treating a few cases of severe marasmus, neither public health institutions nor families can afford nutritional rehabilitation for infants. After thirty years of trying, it’s clear that neither preventive measures nor economic development efforts in these countries can by themselves compensate for the market’s lack of affordable, infant-appropriate dietary supplements.

Since the 1970s, not a single transnational public health effort has been able to thrive under initial market conditions – whether it be immunization, contraception, the use of national essential drugs lists or drugs for AIDS. The creation of transnational public health-specific economic sectors has been possible only through differential pricing based on the income level of the countries in question. To do this, private economic operators reluctantly agreed to make a few exceptions to a single world price, while the States agreed to fund the now less-expensive effort. Without a comparable development in the area of infant feeding, we are condemned to watch children disappear year after year from the deadly combination of under-nutrition and infection. The current exacerbation in climate and economy-related malnutrition should finally convince us that it’s time to take action to ensure that dietary supplements are more available, and administered sooner, to deal with the most deadly form of malnutrition – infant under-nutrition. Should a Tobin tax ever be established, funding this type of public health project would be an excellent use of the money.

05/24/12 @ 05:28
Comment from: Kumsa [Visitor]

Asshole Tigrayan banda. You can burn in hell. You made literally every Ethiopian your enemy and when the right moment comes you would certainly pay the appropriate price. For now you can defend your murderous mafia leader.

05/24/12 @ 05:38
Comment from: [Member]

በጣም;የሚይሳዝነው;ግን;የመለስ;ተዘከሩኝ;ብሎ ያገኘውን;የልመና;ምጽዋት;ትርፍራፊ;ለቃቃሚዎች; ናቸው::
አቶ;ሳሙኤል;ገብሩ; ከፍርፋሪው;በዛ;አርጉ;ይሰጡሃል;መሰ;በአይናችን;የምናየውን;አልተደረግም;እያልክ;ትዋሻለህ?
አገራችን;እኮ;ከአለም;ድሆች;አህጉራት;አንደኛው;ነች;(እድሜ; ለመለስ ሌብነት&#59;)የ ኒውዮርክ; አንዱ;የሳት አደጋ;መከላከያ;በጀት;ከቲትዮጵያ;በጀት;ይበልጣል;;ዲያስፕኦራ;የሚልከው;ገንዘብ;አገራችን;ጥሬ;እህል;ሸጣ;ከምታገኘው;በልጥዋል;;
ከዚህ;የበለጠ; መቸገር;ድርቅ;ረሃብ;በየአመቱ;ሳይለቅዋት;አገሬን;መለስ;እና;አንደ ሳሙኤል ገብሩ;ያሉት;ግን;ጆሮ;ዳባ;እያሉ;አይናችንን;በጨርቅ;ጋርደው;ሃቁ;እንዳይታይ;ይጥራሉ::
በታርጋችሁ;እይተመነጠራችሁ;ከ ባህር;ዛፍ;ማንጠልጠል;ግዴታ;ነው;;
ሞት; ለ ቲ ፒ እል እፍ እና ;ቡችሎቹ

05/24/12 @ 06:41
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Visitor]
Amhara Princess

@ Rotten Shemagle aka the Senile brick head of

Tikeldaleh Ende Ante Ye Shemagle Kelal? Samuel Gebru claimed to be 16 about 4 or 5 years ago when I was a student, if you actually put my PICTURE at the time next to Samuel’s, he looked like my great uncle. He looked like middle aged man with receding hairline 5 years ago when he claimed to be 16. Obviously, he MUST have been born in Tigray region or Neighboring Sudan refugee camps where people start to count age 1 from 11 and then tattoo the 11 on their eyebrows :)):)):)):))

In any case, I personally know this trumpet, you think I was kidding or what? I heard of his Initiative from few people in my circle and I have been to check his phantom Ethiopian Global Initiative thinking that it was a credible Initiative, willing to do my part and contribute to my country as student at the time. That was when I’d discovered he and his Zombified bunch were actually an extension of Zenawi & Co hence I had to avoid them like plague. BTW, knowledge does NOT equate to old age, if you speak to some of the 9 year old kids that I know, you will be embarrassed and think how in the hell you ended up this DULL, retarded, still talk like Ye Tela Bet fixture Village Idiot. Even 50 long years after leaving your village in Tigray to Tekle Haimanot where you joined the civil people of Addis after dropping your TOP “village TenQuayi” Profession (OOps I meant Shrink), you still talk trash? Weyyyyyyyyy Guddd! :):)

… If you see me, you would feel embarrassed as hell that you are getting your a$$ whooped and head kicked like your traditional KEBERO by a person younger than your youngest geriatric children. I follow all your inputs closely here, you my dearest Aroge Zemen are well & TRULY inline with my grand pa’s generation MINUS their brains, wisdom of course! You like the same songs as grand pa and his friends, you quote the same Amharic proverbs that Grand pa likes, you like the same singers Grand Pa adores Tilahun Gessese, Ray Charles the likes, especially your favorite song “Hit the road Jack” is grand Pa’s favorite. Since he lived in the US in the 60s he is well inline with all that old school stuff, and the other song you posted under “Kuwaiti man kissing Ethiopian Girl"? Oh dear, that tune he keeps playing on most laid back evenings! How about all your favorite Minelik II era words that NO surviving Ethiopian uses any longer? I had to ask what your favorite word “Cinn Gered” meant few weeks ago because you kept saying that a million times over, I ended up well embarrassed! And so, Mr Senile Rotten Zemen, it is MORE THAN obvious that you are trying ever so desperately to drag me into your Shimagile circle. Mind you, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being “Ye Edme BaleTsega” like yourself & my grand pa, a very distinguished, handsome, intelligent man, still fit, with wisdom & grace of course but when you try so desperately to bring everybody to your geriatric level, then it becomes obvious that you are scared Shitless of being a senile imbecile, counting his days. Tegbaban?

… As for Melez Zenawi being busy man? Oh, really? You better shut up already because his ex best pals as well as Ex President, that Oromo dude exposed his daily activities. He is a khat grazing goat, chain smoking zombie who spends way too much time grazing on khat, even his wife invented a side salad to honor her hubby’s addiction akla Cesar salad mixed with khat & Beles. Tell that you your zombified folks.

@ wepE

My dear, don’t bother with this senile, dazed and confused Melata egg head imbecile. I will whoop his butt, bounce him like a ball, as long as he addresses me in any of his trashy pile of gibberish. That is a promise. He will be ridiculed, trashed like the real “Clown Ferdinand” that he really he on this site. No worries, I will take care of him, all it takes is couple of minutes max to scribble something to counter his trash.

05/24/12 @ 07:03
Comment from: minew [Visitor]

Samuel Gebru,

Is the aspiring TPLF youth who is mobilizing Ethiopian youths (fake) in the diaspora and soon these Ethiopian youth will change into Tigryans youth for development in Tigray. So, this guy is in youth Ethiopian movement to change the attitude of Ethiopians to make them pro TPLF rather than pro Ethiopia. I would say study this youth very well.

It is amazing that Tigrays are now coming out defending Meles/TPLF is an indication they are growing to be more anti Ethiopia day by day. Such propoganda campaign is to hold on to by supporting Meles/TPLF until they are doing something, they call it developmental economy or something like that excuse the word I forgot. This means proabalbly if things doesn’t turn to what they want they are campaigning heavily to disintegrate Ethioia to save TPLF and Tigray. So, how is it if people like Gebru come out protecting this murdere and ethnic, even HIM and Mengistu were overthrown not based on their ethnic bias but they way they govern and many from every ethnic groups opposed them. Here we see every Tigrayns defending the crimes of Meles/TPLF, this makes me think that it is not actually Mele in power but TPLF with many Tigryans supporting it. I remember when I heard that during 2005 election, Meles was ready to reliquish power because he beleived the Tplf party lost the election. Guess what, it was the hardliners, tPLF Tigryans who said, as they claim to say always that they deserve to be in power that they will not relinquish the power because they have struggled to hold power. That is when Meles strted to crack down on the killing spree of Ethiopians. Admit this, these Tigrays such as Gebru could have just commented and not even support for the Ethiopians sake. We must now realize that these people are part and parcel of Meles TPLF system. In fact they are more staunch for the existance of Meles thus the suffering of Ethiopians. It is time to boycott people like Gebru. The problem is Ethiopians are being fooled over and over again. People like Gebru are not even neutral that is what is shameful about them. So it is either with Ethiopians or with dictator Meles. How is it that they call our past leaders but when it comes to Meles he is a saint? This is dangerous and they are trying to persuade us to the systematic continuing oppression and demise of Ethiopia. It is time we wake up and find out who is for Ethiopia and who is not. Indeed, I am not even Amara but those insulting Amara is trying to retake power, bla bla, is propoganda they are trying to communicate the extremists pro ethnic groups such as OLF who are easily persuaded by TPLF. These ethnic groups butter wake up. They must know by now who is who and if their fight is with Amara, it shouldn’t be TPLF telling them how to fight. TPLF thrives by dividng people.

Therefore my friends it is time to find out who is who in Ethiopia who is supporting Meles. Every support from Meles is demise of Ethiopians. You can’t love Meles who is dividng us against ourselves into ethnicity and religion. Such individual should be considered enemy. The least they can do the Tigryans stay neutral. Apparently they are not. Without being too aggressive it is time to isolate these people. Gebru is leader under many gullible Ethiopians he is indoctrinating. These Ethiopains should be told not to follow him in fact stop their association. He is an aspiring the future Meles Zenawi who stands only for one ethnic group and not for Ethiopians. Either they stand for Ethiopia with the rest of Ethiopians or they stand for Meles dictoatr. And they have made their voices loud enough and we should take heed.

05/24/12 @ 07:24
Comment from: Mulusemien galebachew [Visitor]
Mulusemien galebachew

I think Abebe Gelaw did not act responsibly and professionally. If I were him, I would use the opportunity to ask Meles Zenawi factual questions on Ethiopia and Ethiopians in a way that will impress all who were listening to him. There are millions of questions that Meles Zenawi will not be able to answer unless he tells lies as always. Abebe Gelaw, my advice to you is that don’t spoil huge opportunities by shouting as if you know nothing about journalism and professionalism. Another point you missed from my point of view is that we Ethiopians need both freedom and food security at the same time.I personally do not prefer one over the other. Millions of our citizens are starving and I don’t think that food should be hold to those people in need and give them a free press news paper to read instead. The last issue that I want to share with you is that you seemed to be concerned mainly about one or two journalists who are in prison. For me, that just makes no sense as there are also thousands of Ethiopians who are either thrown in to jail without any evidence of violating the law or disappeared with out leaving any trace because Meles Zenawi feels threatened. Therefore, any time you get another opportunity, speak clearly and distinctly and focus on critical questions so as to be understood by those powerful people sitting in the hall. Keep up the good work and I always appreciate your effort to raise your voice to be heard around the globe.

05/24/12 @ 09:43
Comment from: yoseph [Visitor]  

I start supporting Meles recently… coz of some stupid oppositions like abebe… and another untruthful tv station ESAT. they all r not better than the existing govt!!! they just talk like a parrot!!!

05/24/12 @ 10:54
Comment from: kul [Visitor]

@ፊታውራሪ Free

Here is a quote from one of this man’s online profiles

“I want to go into service in Ethiopia and I’ve been cited on many occasions as saying that I want to end up as Prime Minister but that’s at minimum in 20-25 years from now … that’s certainly something I ‘d like to do because I know of a lot of problems in Ethiopia.”

I admire his vision but I don’t think 20 years from now Ethiopia will toleret a Meles like PM.

05/24/12 @ 11:06
Comment from: [Member]

Amhara elasticated priceass,…

Anchi jib fit cherchassa arogit, As long as you keep insulting our PM, I will be on your tail. Believe me sooner than you expected you’ll end up in a psychiatric ward. Looks like you’re on your way, the smoke you’re huffing and puffing is visible on your comment.
I remember when you first joined this website about six months or so ago, bashing a certan tribe. Then all of a sudden you saw all the followers and cheering old dogs around you, then start politicizing your self as a know it all expert of politics.
It doesn’t surprise me a half witted embecile arogit like you to be used by the diaspora looser crybabies and asshole shabians alike, all their purpose and motive is to isolate a cerain tribe, namley the woyanes who kicked the hell out of them and humiliated them. They keep degrading and discrediting whatever is done in Ethiopia. They will keep following you sniffing under your behind, and whenever you seem to collapse they will give you the licking you adore, to cheer you up.
Mashilla eyarrerre yesiqal newinna, don’t forget to tell me that you’re laughing about our developmental progress, that’s all we can expect from the enemys of Ethiopia!! Looser!!

05/24/12 @ 11:36
Comment from: minew [Visitor]


There are many TPLFfites like who claim they have now supported TPLF because the opposition did this and that. Keep deluding yourself we know you have always been supporting Meles.

The nerve these supporters have is amazing. It is okay to overthrown past regimes but not Meles regime? Why did they fight in the jungle to oust Mengistu but when we are doing just that, that is a crime? The Meles regime who is doing the worst than past regime, by being tresonous and anti Ethiopian deserves more oppostion than any past regimes in the history of Ethiopia. So the struggle continues in fact since Abebe, it will intensify.

05/24/12 @ 13:41
Comment from: YeOromoLij [Visitor]

Meles Zenawi is a dictator. That is true. Was Abebe embarrassed? Not by a long shot. He did what no other person has done. He is right, we who are in the diaspora need to air our voices any way we can. We hardly get the opportunity. How many questions can a journalist ask when the opportunity arises?? May be one or two? That is not enough at all, not enough to grill Mr. Meles. I would like to say, Mr Samuel Gebru, that you have your ways and Abebe had his way. You have no right to judge what Abebe did unless ofcourse you are a Tigre and is getting miffed by it.
As an aside I demand an objective, honest and truthful news from ESAT. We don’t want another ETV like ESAT.
All the African leaders on the podium are a bunch of donkeys. Gem le gem abreh azgem new negeru!!

05/24/12 @ 15:23
Comment from: AdamaEthio [Visitor]

Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Laugher was what i needed after long day slaving away!!

Ayeet motwaan setshaaa, setaabezaa ruchaa
Hedaa tasetalechh yedemet afenchaaa

Endiluu newnaa abahoyyy Addis Zemen put himself up on a fucken enjeraa mesoob to be slaped, kicked, dragged around by the balls in the end made comedy of this page!!!! Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk is like the Princess is waiting so eagerly for Aroge Zemen to breath her name!!!!!! Thank you for the spotless first coment princess. thanks for the second comedy. Bezihh aynett emaa we all need Aroge zemen tenkosss endiadergeshhh alfoo alfooo keza lekk ende demeet miaiooo beleshhh muchrchrun kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Eneko yemleww abahoy Aroge zemen wurdeet ena kelett aybekachwmm??? That was clean knock outttt, u try to get up????? I say this to u Addis Zemen, sele princess edmeee antee men aschennekekkk?????? A million $ question. Selarasehhh memottt maseb tetehhh? Kkkkkkkk Ante yejajeh endew Esuaam abrahhh tejajjj endeee? Mistehnn yezehhh lemenn atjaajumm? The weakest of analyzer can read few coment of yours and read few of hers and can tell you are a generation apart from this girl ekoooo!!!!! This aint no joke. Who u tryin to kid??? Ask your tplfs gangs surly they will confirm that. Selechen egnan genn princessua becherashhh yeselechehat almeseleegnm. afeheen bekefetkk kutrrr be kariaa tefiii tatenagrehalech!!!! Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk i dont think she is tired of kickin your gob but we are getting bored reading your weak ass attack, you do not make a point, u do not argue your case, you do not suggest any solution just scream your butt off here, u try veryyy hard to act young buck. Without me daring to take sides, what princess posts on this site is topp class point of view, it is clear that many appreciate!! the only way u can match that is by beinbshaper which we all witness u aren’t. You tried to discredit her in hundred ways. call her sheabia, u tried the cheap road too many cheap slurs. U tried to bully her. U even tried the intelligent way. Did it work??? Answer that maferia shebaa. Plzzz do us all a favour?? Just huggg yourself and recover from that skull bashing u got!!! !! Lekk ende mogn as long as u insult our pm yapi yapi tilaleh jilajil bitee. Me like to read good feed back u old man are interipting like lost confused sheba. It gets tooo borin

05/24/12 @ 15:48
Comment from: TIZEBT NEWE [Visitor]

Eklad, yelad
Abebe is not a hero at all. If any Ethiopian gets this opportunity, we will say the same thing. Well, I consider Ekinder Nega a hero because he is right in front of Meles when he raised isssues with out fear. Hence, Abebe even admitted he was afraid for his life in Tnazania years ago in word economic forum. Now, you tell me he is hero? come on! How in the hell you call this opportunistic coward, and selfish person a hero? Let’s talk the truth. If any, any Ethiopian invited to that forum that day do you think he or she be afraid to ask question or to bark at Meles? I don’t think so. So what made this perons a hero? We hace a lot heroes back home who are fearless, ready to sacrify themselves, and thrown in jail doing the right thing. You guys are unbelievable to give him the hero status. That makes you guys a brainless than Ato Abebe. “Lam balwalebet, kubet lekema” “Kukem, kefes tekoterech” Generally, Ato Abebe is just cookingfor fame and computing with Eskender Nega to collect his award without sacrifying. Smart ass.You guys don’t like it when you told off. Samuel is right. When ever some one tell you off the truth, you label that person as Woyane. That is why Meles survive all these years because of this kinds of narrow thinking and labling people not to speak of their mind as an Ethiopian, and seal people mouth here in the US. So, what makes you different than Woyane ? isn’t what you guys are fighting for, democracy? how in the hell you guys respect democracy if you tell people to shut up? I advice you guys to think about labling people as Woyane or you will face the iron fist rule of Meles for another ten years unless you change you venue for bringing democratic government. May be Abebe and the likes need to think about going back to Ethiopia to fight the real fight as a journalist as Eskinder Nega did. Another option will be to trade himself for Eskinder Nega if he truly stand for Ethiopia people and become the real hero that he will never be forgotten in the Histoy.

05/24/12 @ 15:55
Comment from: ethiopiawi [Visitor]

please take it as a compliment AMHARA PRINCESS but your last response to addis zefen banda was simply a BOMB.i have a feeling the tplf cadre is running away in horror never to return to this site again.i ask myself,how did we end up with these jungle gangsters while we have the likes of you.tplf theives and followers may have left the jungle but the jungle never left meles & bloodsucking associates.

05/24/12 @ 16:04
Comment from: Ab [Visitor]

AMHARA PRINCESS… you have so much hatred to Samuel Gebru it seems very personal. Were you guys dating???

05/24/12 @ 16:26
Comment from: [Member]

AdamaEdiot, and ethiopiawi,.. two asshole shabians,

You waited and waited, “arogituan yebbella jib alchohi sil", as usual you have to lick her ass to resuscitate her. Case in point.
Please you stupid shabians leave her alone. Are you trying to kill her. She just said BEQAGNE. or otherwise take her to sawa for more training, so that she can get acquainted with humilation like you guys life long experiance. Especially after your master isay ass a forki passed away, she is not herself. I can sense a lot of stress in her. I hope she doesn’t commit sucide.
BTW, AdamaEdiot, aka asmerom the asshole shabian, what is all that KKK, you sound some kind of faggot, and your accent when you call “shaebia” gave you up on the spot. Did you say last time that you know a lot of arada language? What an asshole!!

05/24/12 @ 16:47
Comment from: Kalashinkov [Visitor]

~Abebe Gelaw, G8 Food Security Summit
Oh really? the fellows like Abebe Gelaw have nothing else to do than fill-up their belly with raw meat day by day and sip Budwiser. They are good at gossiping and chitchatting. In principle there is no gratis freedom anywhere on the wide world we live in. Freedom goes along with procedural law and order. If one misuses the law in the name of freedom; he or she looses it.

That said, you cannot simply eat freedom where there is no food. First in our task must come saving lives; then comes talking the talks about freedom. Abebe Gelaw could hardly collect himself and express what he had to say at that moment;he was simply mumbling and throwing out not so clear statements; leave alone attacking Meles Zenaw on logical grounds. What a shameful act it was towatch this KEFETTAM HODDAM ABBORE AFF. Little heads usually don’t think of what they want to do. That is Abebe Gelaw. Shame on you Abebe Gelaw.

05/24/12 @ 16:59
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Member]

Hahahahahaa! Oooohhhh my my! This thread is becoming hilarious.

@ Adama

Aydel? You really killed it! Enem Eko Ye Million Dollar question Yehonebgn Esu New. Rotten Zemen knows he & his wife actually own his/hers leather jackets as old as you & I combined together!

Gin Ezi Eyemeta, Swagger, Chelsea, EU league, Drogba Minamin Eyale Yikebatiral. Ye Lijochun Vocabulary Ena favorite Soccer Team report Eyarege Eko New, Aygermim? ROFL. In any case, bless him, I sometimes feel sorry for him, deep down he is is not a bad guy, he is just barking here just incase Zenawi’s agents take notice and upgrade his unpaid cadre status and unlike his comrades here, he is just half Mekelle Native. It is the other half he is confused about, so far, he is half Gurage, half Amhara, half Chinese & counting, but hey …?

@ Rotten Senile

Please take it easy, we know you managed to finish your hair before your 60th birthday last year but don’t let your pacemaker malfunction & finish you as well! You got 10 solid years to look forward to dear. Now, everybody is asshole Shabiyan Asmerom to you. Oh, how I so miss Asmerom on this site. It breaks my heart to see you fall head over hills in love with that guy but he is gone to Addis to hang out with his Areteran uncles (Meles Zenawi & Bereket Simon) LMAO. I must admit he was a charming guy but not all that charming for you to fall in love like this? I don’t think even his girl or mama call his name as much as you do. Lets hope he will be back soon to cheer you up. You have been grumpy and on my case since he left you. Just take his words for it, he said he will be back, so cheer up. We are bored of his name thanks to you.

… Beka Kezkaza Budweiser Ke Teddy Afro tune gar (Tenanekegn Enba) Gabzehalew to cool your self down & just cry it out if needs be! :):)

Thanks for the laugh Nazret.

05/24/12 @ 20:06
Comment from: [Member]

Amhara elasicated priceass,…

“Almazin ayiche almazin bayat” hone chawatachihu. Minew yechin megebabez bitetewu. Can’t you man up for yourselves. Sew yetazebnalim yelem ende?

Jib fit arogite, The dangerous part of being a pretentious woman is, like flying a plane with a take off manual without any proper flying skill. Now you’re hanging on the air with no idea how to land.
Your fraud and pretentious personality is trapped. There is no way out. That wanna be ego of yours wouldn’t allow you to give up and pack up on time before it is too late. Soon you’ll explode. You’re in it. Sirash yawtash engedih!

05/24/12 @ 21:24
Comment from: AdamaEthio [Visitor]

Hum me like tenaanekegn enbaaaa!!!

Yaneeeee sinegregn sew fertooo
Akuwahuaanuan aytoooo
Lene endemathonegn alsemam alkunaaaa ..
Sitheh hode babaaa
Tenanekegn .. Tenanekegn enbaaa

.. Sew nekee, atawraaat tew selegn yaneee
Sew nekeeee, atawrat tew selegn yaneee …

Kkkkkkk the masculine version new le Addis zemen, yaw le Asmerom endizefnlett. Princess, ene genn yehenn sewyee fekerrr yayazew ke Asmerom almeselegnmm! Keanchew new fonkaaa yetelefewwww!

Aroge zemen , give it up plzzz!!! game over. All here including weyane sides aint come to to discuss other people’ butts, looks, age, personalities? U are here to defend yr Legesse zenawi and we here to oppose expose and discuss Ethio nd sometimes world issues. U sound like broken angry beaten man. All of it u caused all yourself. just look up and read. All were discussing the article until u acted like a stupid fool and u get yr gob smacked. Why dont u drop this Qoshashaa? Does It look like the princess is bothered by yr ourbrust????? Me doubt it, Shes having fun at your expense as u can see and so we!!!!!!! kkkkkkkkk move the fuck on plzzzz Jib fit, pretentious menamen eyalk atjajaaal foolish shebaa

05/25/12 @ 04:35
Comment from: samasam [Visitor]

Ato Geberu
Can u give advice on their professional duty to the family of this girl?

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopian Muslim activists are reporting torture and abuses by security forces over growing opposition to an alleged government campaign to indoctrinate the community with Ahbashism campaign.

“An Ethiopian activist died after being tortured by electric shock and inhumane acts by government security forces,” villager Ibrahim Nuseyra told

He said a female activist, Firdaws, died last week after being tortured by security forces after attending a meeting called for by the Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs (Majlis).

The meeting, led by Federal Affairs Minister Dr Shiferaw Tekelemariam, was attended by only three members, including Firdaws.

Ibrahim said the female activist left the meeting after the Ethiopian minister insulted the Muslim Provincial Committee and branding its members as “terrorists”.

As she drove her car back home, the activist was reportedly kidnapped by security forces and taken to an unknown location.

“They tortured her with electric shock and beaten her in an inhumane way,” Ibrahim said.

The activist was later placed at her home gate.

“When her family and villagers got her at the gate, she was neither able to speak nor stand or move,” he said.

“Everyone couldn’t believe what was happening, we were crying, we knew nothing about what to do,” Ibrahim recalled.

She was later taken to hospital and sent to Saudi Arabia for a proper medical treatment.

“But she died in hospital due to severe injury and nervous system damage,” Ibrahim said.

The villager said that the mother of the dead Muslim activist was also kidnapped by security forces.


Muslims say that the torture of activists was not the first incident in Ethiopia.

“Three weeks before, another Ja’efer mosque Muslim lady preacher was kidnapped after her preach on the way back home,” Ahmed Sulayman, another activist, told

She “was tortured and beaten before being brought back on the street.”

Last month, seven Muslims were killed by security forces in Assasa town in Arsi province of Oromiya regional.

Ethiopia’s Muslims have taken to the streets in the past weeks to protest government’s interference in their religious affairs.

Muslims say the government is spearheading a campaign in collaboration with the Majlis to indoctrinate their community with the ideology of a sect called “Ahbash".

The government of Ethiopian Premier Meles Zenawi has put the Ahbash in charge of the religious affairs of Ethiopia’s Muslims.

Muslims say the government move is in violation of the constitution, which prevents the government interference in religious affairs.

Muslims also accuse the Ahbash of launching an “indoctrination program” in predominantly Muslim areas, forcing people to attend “religious training” camps or risk police interrogation and possible arrest.

Founded by Ethiopian-Lebanese scholar Sheikh Abdullah al-Harari, Ahbash are seen by the West as a “friendly alternative” to Wahabi ideology, which the West sees as extreme and militant.

Muslims say Ahbash imams are being brought over from Lebanon to fill the Majlis and teach Ethiopians that “Wahabis” are non-Muslims.
Ethiopian Muslims are estimated at 30 million, making up nearly 35 percent of the country’s 90 million population. - An African-American news and views website.
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05/25/12 @ 05:27
Comment from: [Member]

AdamaEdiot, aka Asmerom the asshole shabian,..

You faggot, I went to archives and pulled out your post under the name of Asmerom, and guess what I found out. You’re the only one who uses as much as KKKs in this website. The same number of KKKs under the name of asmerom and AdamaEdiot. Wow, I’m surprised how much you tried to be diffrent, but you cannot change your accent.
I wanted to copied and pasted it but you might say I made it up. So I leave it for everyboy who have doubt including the elsaticated priceass arogit to check it out. I rest my case!!!

05/25/12 @ 06:43
Comment from: Eerf [Visitor]

Samuel Gebru, irrefutably you represent the extreme wing of the weyane junta simply because your assertions are signs of anger and pain you might have felt from Abebe’s stand for freedom. I wonder if you too are a journalist who do not know his own right of freedom and the right to express or voice truth and repression of people. in case you are a beginer, i recommend that you study journalism ethics. but i will leave with a single most important one: journalists are not there only to calmly report what others say. They have the obligation to be voice for the voiceless and the oppressed. Especially, the case of Abebe is exmplary in that he was able to voice for millions at the rigght time, the right place and right audience to attain a specific goal.

Also, you tend to single out unsubstantiated claim and magnify it to suit your artificial argument. Look how you miserably failed when you recklessly magnify and state that: “…Abebe….boastfully declared that Ethiopians need freedom not food". Where did you hide the word “more"? in your lips? Misconstruction is a failure of journlism or any reporter. Where did you get the “boastfulness” of Abebe in lieu of a genuine passion of expression of frustrations? Are you clean from the blood? Are you true to yourself? Even in the context of Abebe the message whe he said freedom more than food it means way lot far from your confied freedom for expression. Freedom more than food means immense if you were to understand it properly. Abebe was not taking about the freedom to speak and express ooneself, which might not be difficult for tyrants to showcase. But fundamentally, it is the freedom to produce your own food, the freedom to own means of production, the freedom to work as citizen, the freedom to own property, the freedom not to be not to be vulnerable to greedy monopolists, the freedom to be respected in who you are, and the list goes on. These are fundamentally lost in Ethiopia. Ethiopians could not feed themselves because they are being subjected to foreign monopolists that take away their food. The ruling junta is just doing all it can in making sure that our freedom is lost in all respects.

05/25/12 @ 07:56
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Member]

@ Rotten Geriatric Dumpster of Nazret

Finally, you are reduced to lame words aka Jib Fit, Fake, Ahiya Fit blah blah, rari ya and that is when I know my blow to your brick head is quite effective. My posts here are absolutely NOT for the faint, light hearted NOR suitable for retards with MINIMAL interpersonal skills, concepts of Economics, Business or democracy. And so, you are advised to stay away from my posts for your own sake, if you ever think, I will let you off the hook after addressing me negatively, THINK AGAIN. As I said to you before, what you get from me would be:

* You debate intellectually, you will get intellectual response back

* You communicate in decent, respectful manner, you earn MORE respect, decency out of me

* If you have witty, light, friendly attitude, you get same response back

* You try to clown around, I will out clown your a$$

* You talk trash (Mostly in your case & few others) here, I can OUT TRASH your geriatric a$$ very easily. NOT with same kind of trashy words & mannerisms as yours of course but in better ways

* You slap me, I will cut of your wrists

Those are my MOTTO’ in Where as in my personal surroundings, all these does NOT apply simply because I have ABSOLUTELY MINIMAL contact with riffraff, disrespectful, retarded clowns to begin with, thank God for that! Now, get lost & communicate with your clowns here or talk to your “Jib Fit” wife right next to you & off my case. Or take a long and hard look in the mirror, see your Melata “Jib face” eh? Princess over here knows NO SUCH ETHIOPIAN faces BUT surrounded by Ethiopian pride, beauty, elegance, patriotism, culture, grace, wisdom, class etc and represents ETHIOPIAN/Amhara BEAUTY & Identity all day everyday!

* “It Takes One To Know One”

* “Never Judge Others By Your Own Standards”

* “Sew Tira Bilut Erasu Meta”

And Finally, “You are a product of YOUR environment” (Tela Bet Fixture in your case). “So choose the environment that will best develop you toward your objective. Analyze your life in terms of its environment. Are the things around you helping you toward success - or are they holding you back"? Clement Stone. And so, Geriatric Zemen, you are a manifestation of those around you, your surroundings. Your choice of swear words, mannerisms, interests, wit, intellect, ways of reasoning, communication skills & all speak VOLUMES about you as a person. One NEED not be a brain surgeon to figure out what kind of “Ye Shemagle Kelal” you really are. :):)

@ Adama

Nice one on lyrics, now that you are Asmerom according to our in house detactive insepector Rotten Zemen, let me be Asmerom for two minutes as well “kkkkk” LMAO! “Ethiopiawi” & couple of others including myself were actually his “Asmerom” past few weeks. Yihe Yeferedebet Tsila Asmerom is engraved on our in house geriatric’s heart & mind forever.

@ Ethiopiawi

Cheers my dear

05/25/12 @ 10:31
Comment from: [Member]

Amhara elasticated priceass,…

I told you, there is no way out from your fraudulent and pretentious self you created, if you Keep surrounding yourself with those sniffing dogs. I’m just trying to give you some professional advice. Can’t you see how you’re burning and smoking.
Dump those fake charachters trying to use you hiding behind you and pushing you over a cliff. Open your eyes. In this case, believe me, AdamaEdiot and ethiopiawi are the same one guy AKA, asmerom the asshole shabian.

05/25/12 @ 11:09
Comment from: tulu [Visitor]

the discussion has turned out to be boring, filled with insult, hate and drogatory phrases.We can not move forward with such kind of discussion nor we learn anything from it.this only shows that we have a long way to go to grow to maturity and create a democratic civil society.As the saying goes we got what we deserve as the present leaders are just the reflection of the society.To have any chance of achieving what we wish as a society we need to stamp out hate , bias and develop a culture of tolerance towards eachother’s views.If some one wants to express his feelings or frustration to wards the ruling group by shouting writing or any available peaceful means let him do so. Some one can oppose or support his actions without calling him names by simply stating the facts of his point of view. then this leads to a mature and sensible discussion by attracting different views on the subject.Abebe has done what none could have attempted if placed in the same situation and one can oppose or support his actions in a civilized manner .The problem is that we never try to appreciate people’s actions foolish or right but rather jump on critisizing their ideas and actions.this is the disease of our it not surprising to hear people opposing that Haile still runs and breaks records on simple reasoning like he has enough, he is old, he is greedy etc.. this is our society where achievement is not appreciated rather doomed to critisism.We should start appreciate any peaceful means that will take us close even an inch to uor goal of creating a civil and democratic society.

05/25/12 @ 12:08
Comment from: Dagi [Visitor]

Abebe Gelaw was heard singing just like Tilahun:

Oh really? First we eat to live. Second we need food to survive.
Third, freedom songs come after we satisfy our basic needs for food.

That is what Abebe Gelaw missed. He could hardly walks without eating food. Forget the songs about freedom.

05/25/12 @ 13:05
Comment from: [Member]


That was a good one!! If I may add,

Migibima moltual amualto yesetegni,
Ye siltan timat new enen yakesagni,

05/25/12 @ 13:13
Comment from: ethiopiawi [Visitor]

i am a little overwhelmed with emotions after those nice words from the person i highly regard (THE ONE AND THE ONLY AMHARA PRINCESS).i have always been a loyal supporter and admirer of the knowledgeable and sharp PRINCESS.the unpaid mouthpiece of tplf “ADDIS KIZEN WANNABE CADRE"is irrelevant from this point far as i am concerned he sounds like a banda on the verge of nervous breakdown.the PRINCESS is beating him like a drum day in and day out.he is no match for the BRILLIANT PRINCESS.after all the creme always stays at the top.once again i like to thank the PRINCESS for the nice words.this is a day i will remember for as long as i am the mean time,i say,keep giving them hell amhara princess.

05/25/12 @ 13:18
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

Thanks woyane hooligans for admitting there is no freedom in Woyane’s Ethiopia. As of the abundance of food, well the millions of Ethiopians who are surviving on expired donated food and unable to afford the cost of basic necessities in the hyper-inflated Ethiopian market testify different. It is simple. In today’s Ethiopia, while freedom does not exist at all, which legitimatizes Abebe’s and other Ethiopians’ fight against woyane/shabia/ traitors like meles and his starvation/death squad, food is in a very short supply.

05/25/12 @ 13:57
Comment from: Shame on Samuel Meles [Visitor]
Shame on Samuel Meles

Samuel Gebru

You are one disgraced person. You must be one of those Woyane dog hiding behind Amhara name. Shame on you. You are admiring a 21 year old rejected and unelected dictator who is hated by 95% of Ethiopians.

What did he threw on your face?. Food, Money, position or opportunity to loot the poor and powerless? Your have a rotten brain like your master, monster Meles.

05/25/12 @ 15:24
Comment from: some thing to fear [Visitor]  
some thing to fear

Abebe shame on you!what you did was unprofessional,immature ,and case you don’t know they know about ethipia more than you know your on are like baby cry for attention .go gump from bul.somthin ,in staid embarrass ethiopian american should apologize the prime minister for your stupidity .you sacks in life.

05/25/12 @ 17:02
Comment from: Your Master [Visitor]
Your Master

Shalom and the rest of sane people

I think you guys are wasting your time with these hateful mindless bigot people here in It is like logging to a KKK blog site and try to preach them about how racism is wrong. These are the people who think they have the natural right to rule and they think they need to restore that right only with their big mouth. I say we should let them comfort each other in this site. I say to them Gimlegim abreh azigim.

05/25/12 @ 17:39
Comment from: weye [Visitor]


05/25/12 @ 18:06
Comment from: Dawit [Visitor]

To: Shame on Samuel Gebru,

You are so stupid and ignorant. Who made “Samuel Gebru” an Amhara name? Amahara names are Abebe, Belew, Gelaw, Bekele, Tasew, Difabachew and so on.

05/25/12 @ 18:12
Comment from: wepE [Member]

Dear Princess: I know, you’re more than capable of defending yourself, you’ve proven that long ago and million times over ever since. Only reason I addressed that garbage was because I got really mad and annoyed of reading the same thing over and over again, even for a third rate cadre that’s just too much of a broken tape. Wasn’t meant to interrupt. You just go kick his ass and throw him around like a ball. What else can one do to this scum of the earth blessed with a single digit IQ.

05/25/12 @ 18:52
Comment from: SK [Visitor]

This so called journalist with fat cheeks was an embarrassment for us all immigrants. Of coarse he rather have his so called freedom instead of food because it looks like he has never starved or for that matter never been hungry. HE IS SO OUT OF LINE and OUT OD TOUCH.

05/25/12 @ 19:31
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Member]

@ wepE

I know what you mean love. Not only this Geriatric gets so annoying like a house fly, he gets way too reputative & boring as well. Until develop software/user interface that gives us the option to block out annoyance like him, we will keep slapping. I cant stand the fact he offends, upsets other decent, level headed people like yourself in the process. But hey, what can we do? Thanks for that though, it is highly appreciated Ye Hager Lij.

@ tulu

You are correct in a sense that this discussion and many others topics are usually hijacked by few TPLF retarded imbeciles. You should be courageous enough to pin point who actually hijacked this topic & making the thread boring, dragging people away from topic, rather than generalizing everybody.

@ Ethiopiawi

I am honored, you are just too kind.

@ Rotten Zemen

I told you what my line of expertise are. If you believe Adama & Ethiopiawi are same people, you surely have lost the plot. If I hear the name Asmerom once more, I will most certainly feel nauseous. btw, quit saying people use me, I have strong mind of my own & if you measure pretentiousness in my personality, I can assure you, you will get BIG fat 0 out of 100. Just stick to the discussion or piss off. Who takes advise from you? As what really? A shrink? LMAO. Thanks but NO thanks. Just stay in your rightful corner & do your thing like 99% of the pro Zenawi crew are doing and let others do theirs. You are the only Nazret participant trying ever so desperately to profile people, mostly end up making super a$$ of yourself in the process. I am just having fun at your expense, you are adding cheers, smile in my already cheerful personality. At the end of the day, you know who you really are, everybody here knows who they are so why are you losing so much energy, sweat, sleep, hair whatnot over matters that are non of your Goddamn business? I know why. That is because you are a very WEAK debater, almost to retard level, have very little knowledge of most of the things that people often discuss here & to TOP that off, you often misunderstand things (suffer from massive comprehension deficiency). All these leads you to come up with OUTLANDISH claims, endless trash, insults and very childish distortion of people’s user names. Quit hijacking topics into your line of expertise i.e. trading insults.

… In the end who has the last laugh? Moi. What makes me laugh? Je ris a votre depense. Why do I laugh? votre stupidite et l’idiotie font me rire! Merci beaucoup :):)

05/25/12 @ 21:21
Comment from: [Member]

Amhara elastcated priceass,…

Woy guuuud, did you fall for that again?
Shimaglewochu nersing home quch bilew hi hi eyalu ende magedo simagidush, anchim kilflif arogit atentionu ayasekerish zim bilesh ye esat rat tehognalesh. Enesu zenna bilew ye anchin esat simoqu, anchi nerveshin eyabakenish amanuel megbatish new.
What is that you’re so concerned about asmerom the asshole shabian? Did you take him to the airport and buy him a ticket when he claimed to have gone to Addis? I mean I gave you concrete evidence and on top of that, the AdamaEdiot charachter never deny it that if he is asmerom or not. You’re the one argueing about it. That is what we call blind love. You’ve never seen or met him, and most of all, you’re trying to be witness to something you didn’t see blindly.
Well, I know you remember that sayiing, “baluan godhahu billa…” You’re just acting and behaving rigid for the sake of others, in the process hurting yourself and your reputation. Elihe milach yaswetal newina, endashash hugni.

05/25/12 @ 23:31
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

The Princess’s fool is right once in his life time. AdamaEthio is in fact Asmerom with a different nick name. Congratulation on your detective work our Princess’s fool. Asmerom is not in Addis eating the crumbs of Woyane that you strongly feel is yours.

05/26/12 @ 00:18
Comment from: africanee [Visitor]

Haloooooooooooooooooooooo! Poor diaspora ethiopians,
Wake up!
Get out of your vicious box!
Just living for mere talking,heckling!
You were created to do better than who you are today!
You are all doomed resulted from your weird combinations of dimensionless realms!
Until your time is up ethiopia and its hopeless are still hopeless!!!!

05/26/12 @ 01:07
Comment from: [Member]


I commend you for yourr honesty. You ain’t so bad.

05/26/12 @ 05:28
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Member]

@ ፊታውራሪ Free

Really? Thanks for the info my dear, to be honest, I was just trying to annoy Rotten Zemen, I barely, hardly even remember what Asmerom was even about :) All I know is Rotten Zelan calling everybody Asmerom, even Ethiopiawi above and few others. What I said to him was though Adama & Ethiopiawi can not be the same people, if they are then my “attention to detail” must have dropped!! They have entirely unrelated ways of command. I may be wrong again. In any case, thanks for that love.

@ Addis Zemen

I owe you BIG credit on this one. But you already figured out that I was just trying annoying you and I didn’t even care a tiny bit about the Asmerom character, had no idea what he was even about. Must admit. any way Cheers.

05/26/12 @ 22:44
Comment from: dirqanna [Visitor]

MMr.Samuel Gebru,Zinawi’s human rights violation,land grabbing,and committing atrocities on Ethiopians nowhere near the top of the concern for you.

Today,they are adult and have their own kids;back then,during the gand famine,they were school-children accross the global communities and were going from neighbourhoods to neighbourhoods collecting pennies to raise a life-saving funds for the hungries in Ehtiopia,and were little courageous volunteers collaborating with international aid organizations and raised millions of dollars for the children and the elderlies.That life-saving aid money was sent,but landed in the hands of Zinawi and his men and women subordinates and was used to buy weapons while thousands and thousands of Ethiopians were perished awaiting the donated money.Mr.Samuel Gebru,your greatest worry and concern is the honor and pride of Zinawi;you thought about this again and again and you concluded that Zinawi is good and Abebe is wrong and bad.Zinawi is the sore in the life of fameres and their families in Gambelas and else where,and we are not defined by him.Mr.Sameul Gebru,respect is on a scale and is the basic civilization of human being.We want our people to be respected.Millions of Acres of farmlands were sold and leased for little or nothing,and farmers and little children were forcefully romved from the land that they were plouging and raising families.Mr.Samuel Gegru,you don’t want to speak about it,you don’t want to think about it,you don’t want to worry about it,and its is not your cocern,but is everything to us because it is about life and freedom.Zinawi,Zinawi’s families,and associates,subordinates,and the men and women surround him stole $11 billion from the country and the citizens,in Ehtiopia and deposited in their bank account;Mr.Samuel,you don’t know this or you don’t care about it? Well, Mr.Samuel Gebru,the 3 billion dollar story you spoke and talked about,isn’t it a kit to make feel good the unformed Ethiopian?

Mr.Samuel Gebru,you are drumming up the hype;false presention and appearance;it is all about building Zinawi’s cult.Survivers of Zinawi’s victims are well and alive maily because of their courage and strength form God,peers,friends of all kinds,and international community support.They speak out;they raise their hands;they report;also,make the point.Why on earth is that irritating you.To you Zinawi’s pride is important and that is the talk,but to us,truth and freedom are most valued.The youg man was bold,humble,principled,and directional.CPj reported,NGO reported,international media reporte,Amnesty International reported,and Abebe boosted the wareness and made it global agenda.Mr.Samuel Gebru,did you know that Zinawi used food aid for political purpose as recently as in 2011?

Mr.Samuel Gebru,some people say,"Don’t tell us what to say or what to do.” But,us we don’t do that,Mr.Samuel Gebru,tell us about the stolen 11 billion dollars;you must tell us,it is either stolen or not stolen;it must be you saying one of the two happend,if you tell us the money is not stolen,support your argument with facts and evidences.We were not even in the summit hall,and you weren’t either.The video reached to us,to you,and the rest of the global community with the truth and fact intact in it.We accepted the facts and the realities as they happened,but you didn’t.Is it our fault or responsbility for you not having accepted things as they happend? Mr.Samuel Gebru,you are the proxy mouth of Zinawi.

05/27/12 @ 16:28
Comment from: markus [Visitor]

Is there no room for moderates in Ethiopia’s political environment? Most of these comments are simply embarrassing, nothing to be proud of.

05/28/12 @ 00:34



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