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Ethiopia: Ato Bereket writes a book?



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Ethiopia: Ato Bereket writes a book?

Ethiopia: Ato Bereket writes a book?

By Yilma Bekele

Did you see what was coming out of North Korea this week? Someone referred to it as the ‘world’s largest display of uncontrollable grief.’ Kim Jung un ‘the Brilliant Comrade’ succeeded his father Kim Jung il ‘the Dear Leader’ who took over from his Grand Father the ‘Great Leader.’ The Korean people are celebrating sixty years under the stewardship of the Kim family? Do you wonder why? How is that possible in this day and age that one family can control a whole nation?

The Korean people are no different than the rest of humanity. There is no outward sign that sets them apart from the rest of us except the system they live under. That is the key to their dilemma. The Kim family and the system they perpetuate is the cause of all this freaky display being beamed out.

The Korean people are kept in ignorance by design. The Kim family motto is ‘Military first.’ It is not because North Koreans have enemies ready to conquer them. In fact North Korea have no enemies other than the Kim family and those aligned with them. The military ‘s mission is to bully, frighten and intimidate the Korean people into submission. The people are the enemy.

There is no independent Television broadcaster, no independent Radio station, no independent Newspaper and no independent Internet provider in the Kingdom of Korea. The Kim family and friends control all of the communications media. They figure that ignorant people are easier to control. You can’t argue with sixty years of success. I was looking and marveling at this phenomenon when I heard the news that Ato Bereket has written a book. You know me I was delirious with joy with the news. I have found my own Kim in my backyard. For some reason Kim of Korea and Meles of Ethiopia converged.

Mind you Ato Bereket have no compelling reason to stick his neck out and display his normal unfamiliarity with rational thought process and his utter contempt for facts and put all that down on paper for all to see. The only explanation I have is this disease of contempt for truth, self-aggrandizement, ego trip and simple garden-variety madness.

I have not read the book yet. To tell you the truth, I have no intention of reading it either. Judging from the inaugural ceremony when the book was made public I figured reading is not a requirement to talk or write about it. I am not going against convention here and read the damn book. My sincere hope is Ato Bereket himself has read the book.

The setting for the unveiling (Addis Sheraton, Lalibela Room) more than made up for the pedestrian quality of the content. It is reported that ‘who is who’ of the Ruling Party was present. The most esteemed benefactor of our motherland, Dr. Sheik Al Amoudi was there. The report does not say if Ato Meles was present or was watching from a remote site. I know from sources that videotaping is standard procedure. The First lady was not present either. I assume they were watching from their bunker.

The book is titled ‘A tale of the two elections.’ The dilemma faced by librarians all over is which category to file the book under. Fact or fiction is a valid question. It purports to be based on facts but from the reviews I get the feeling there is no research and data to support the thesis presented but rather it is a matter of taking the authors assertion as facts. Simple faith is what is called for.
Dr. Sheik Al Amoudi paid for the printing that was done in Kenya for quality purpose. According to the Dr. Sheik who confessed that he has not read the book it is a work of such importance that he recommended it as a ‘must reading’ for our youth. Judging by the glossy cover, beautiful fonts and pretty soft paper its function, as a doorstop will be invaluable. I know I am hating but deservingly.

Next to give his lofty recommendation was none other than Ato Demeke Mekonen, Minster of Education. Unfortunately he has not read the book either but it did not stop him from offering his praise and opinion. In fact he went a step further and added stuff that was not even in the book. Ato Demeke was glad and praised the author for dedicating the book to his comrades from the liberation movement when the reality is that Ato Bereket dedicated his book to his brother. Needless to say the Minster is in favor of adapting it as a textbook for our children.

I knew my friends at Aiga would add their share of cheerleading to this work of historic proportion. I am grateful to Ato Reta Sisay for his blind review. No adjective was spared in his haste to pile the accolades. He boldly compares and equates the book to the work of the celebrated English author Charles Dickens. I have no idea how and why. The only reason why Charles Dickens would be mentioned can only be due to the similarity of the title because the two works have nothing in common what so ever. The Englishman’s book is a work of fiction while Ato Bereket’s book purports to be a historical analysis of what happened yesterday in front of all of us. Ato Reta got carried away.

In my opinion the best un read review is done by none other than Ben of Ethiopia First. He wanted to stay true to the theme of fiction and continued to weave his own tale. When the book was unveiled in Addis, Ben said he was visiting the Great Wall of China. We are grateful he stopped his tourist activity and stayed in his room to write his Blog. How he got hold of the book in China is not clear and to top it all he was writing a testimonial before he even finished reading the book. He said so himself. Ben, Ben, Ben, how many times have you been told to not make shit up!

I found the review written by an individual named Daniel Berhane to be mildly interesting. He seems to be a Party functionary and goes out of his way to show Ato Bereket in a good light despite his failings as the ‘main strategist’ for the 2005 elections. Daniel seems to take advantage of his ethnic affiliation and gives us inside information regarding the Prime Minster’s plan to be called Doctor and the many fiction he has written and are awaiting publication. Ato Daniel states that there was no need for Ato Meles to review the work since Bereket is a premier ‘spin doctor’ in his own right. It is a little confusing when Bereket claims that Ato Meles is the busiest person in the service of his country and Ato Daniel asserts that the PM is busy studying for his Phd. We got a part time student and Prime Minster, and a part time spin-doctor and historian author.

May be I should also mention the write up by Addis Fortune newspaper ‘gossip’ columnist. We are after all in Ethiopia where a few papers are allowed to function pretending all is honky dory and normal while some are hounded out of existence. Our Columnist took a different take on the whole issue. The concern was not what was in the book but rather the perception. It boldly claims the ‘recently released book, the launch of which, at Sheraton Addis, caused so much furor among members of the public.’ Over the top statement considering ‘members of the public’ are eighty million of which seventy nine million nine hundred thousand are not aware of the book nor do they give a damn. Furthermore the Columnist was ticked off and wrote ‘there has been a passionate disapproval by many after seeing a well-heeled businessman speak of a senior government official in a manner that was distasteful, if not repulsive.’ I am sure this disapproval was not followed by not eating the lavish dinner, not drinking the free booze and not lining up to buy an autographed copy. A room full of spineless sycophants is what it looks like. A little harsh but you know what I mean.

The following paragraph from the Fortune article I would like to leave it intact and you the reader be the judge of this madness:
‘Equally, he has been criticised for reaching out to a businessman while his own party, the Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM), could have paid for the printing of the book. He could have received the services of Mega Printing, a subsidiary of the Endowment Fund for the Rehabilitation of Tigray (EFFORT), a party-affiliated company, others criticised.’ I have nothing to add to this crap. The fact that in an ethnic centered arrangement by TPLF how Ato Bereket /Mebrehatu ended up as a leader of an Amhara based Party is not lost on us but we will gloss over that. No need to go there.

It will be considered rude to finish without saying something about our dear friend, newly minted author and Head of Government Communications Minster good old Bereket Semeon. I will start from the beginning and rely on Ato Tesfaye Gebreab’s first hand description of the times and events. I have no reason to doubt Ato Tesfaye’s meticulous research and incredible memory. We are lucky.

Ato Bereket was born in Gondar to Aboy Gebrehiwot and Weizero Werknesh. He was named Mebrehatu Gebrehiwot. He came of age when our country was in turmoil. Like the youth of his time he joined the struggle to topple the Military regime or Derg. Young Mebrehatu was dispatched on the Derg’s ‘Edget’ program before he even finished high school. He has an older brother named Kasahune and the book is dedicated to him. Kasahune was born in the province of Eritrea and grew up in Gondar. He joined the EPRP to liberate his country. In my opinion history will show EPRP to be the first modern multi national movement that understood the richness, diversity and strength of the new Ethiopia to be built. Ato Kasahune died in a battle between EPRP (EPRF) militia and TPLF army.

History will also show TPLF was established, formed and founded to liberate the province of Tigrai. George Orwell wrote ‘to see what is in front of one’s nose needs a constant struggle.’ The folks of TPLF have the whole of Ethiopia under their nose but they choose to liberate a small sliver of land. This myopic vision never left our fearless leaders.

Back to our tale, upon joining TPLF Mebrehatu changed his name to Bereket. This was a common practice at the time but Mebrehatu went a step further and changed his fathers name too. He wanted a complete transformation I guess. He choose the name of an EPRP combatant from Eritrea that has mysteriously disappeared. It was normal to assume that he might have been killed in battle. It is good to know that the real Ato Bereket Semeone is still alive and was even the Ambassador to France representing the State of Eritrea. Not even Hollywood can dream of such a tale.

Ato Bereket/Mebrehatu did not bother to go into these matters. His book is about the 2005 election and the 2010 Coronation. It is very strange that TPLF folks are trying hard to revise history right under our nose. They have this guilt feeling if at all possible mixed with real fear and are constantly working hard to make us believe they were the victims. I have this strange notion this fiction is authored by none other than Ato Meles/Legesse Zenawi. I consider myself a skilled observer of The TPLF in general and the Politburo in particular. In fact I specialize on three and half individuals as my object of interest.

Based on extensive review of the reviews I have concluded Ato Meles to be the author. The tone and language is vintage Meles. The length (over 300 pages) is standard Meles diatribe and the evil ways he attacks perceived opponents is familiar to us. The book was written to whitewash the crimes of 2005 settle scores with ‘enemies’ and gauge the reception from the one percent. The 99 percent are not part of the equation. I believe Ato Bereket is not wired to come up with such absurd tale and commit it to paper. It requires someone with a lot of time in his hands and the expertise to think smart and act damn. It is a worthy digression from the current malaise. But it is temporary. The economy is stuck, the remittances are still anemic, the constant jabbering of “Spring” is unnerving and the Gadaffi picture is difficult to shake. Most of all I truly enjoy their paranoia regarding Dr. Berhanu. They imprisoned him again and again, they exiled him and they still obsess about him. The more you hate him the more I love him. Bring it baby let us have some more fiction.

I have a few suggestions to our authors. It is easy to talk trash when you are the only one allowed to speak. I will fight for your right to write any book you want but please let others tell their side of the story too. You see your denial of the same rights to others cheapens your work. No one will believe it. What is the point of writing it if it doesn’t shed some light? You might think forcing schools, work places and associations to buy it might give you boasting rights but what is the point if everyone knew it is fake. It will be like your Tehadso project. You call a meeting of the faithful you give them money to donate and you shout how successful it was. This Mamo Kilo moment is not a wining strategy. I will read Ato Bereket’s fiction when he allows others to write their version of reality.

Let Eskinder out of prison, he will show you how to write. Let Reiyot Alemu and Zerihune Gegziabeher out of your dungeon and they will show you how to publish using their blood, toil, tears and sweat. Let Andualem Arage out of his confinement and he will teach you how to organize without using force and bribery. This trash publishing business using welfare is not the way of the Ethiopia we envision. I suggest Ato Bereket read his book if nothing else to know what is being said in his name. He will need it during his trial. Please refer to Mubarak and Ben Ali for further information.


Comment from: [Member]

Why does the diaspora politics become about jealousy?
All diaspora Ethiopian oppo websites are so much captivated about this book Mr Bereket Simon wrote. And all of them are angry why he wrotge a book. What is the big deal? Anybody can write a book. Especially a person like mr Bereket simon who has a lot of experiances in the struggle and also as one of leaders of our country.
Whether you agree with his idea or not, that is natural and acceptable to write a commentary about the book. But crying bitterly why he wrote a book is as stupid as it gets.
Yilma bekele wrote that he didn’t read the book and has no plan or interest of reading it. So what is your problem dude?

01/04/12 @ 23:01
Comment from: DeYilma [Visitor]

Ababa Yilma,
How can you comment about a book without reading it? Don’t you have a bit of shame? You make a fool out of you! Please stop insulting our inteligince. Please.

While the hapless Eskinder Nega is glorified as “a man of the year” for doing nothing other than writing a one page diatribe per week, Sheik Al Amoudi is vilified publicly…mind you, the sheik is the one who is walking the walk putting bread on table of countles Ethiopians.

God help us all.

01/05/12 @ 00:05
Comment from: eselem [Visitor]

I did not read or intend to read his the so called book. He is evil headed creature. I would advice pragnant women not to see his face.

01/05/12 @ 00:32
Comment from: Demelash Wendu [Visitor]
Demelash  Wendu

aye Yelema Bekele endezhe maferia honhe kerhe?

01/05/12 @ 00:45
Comment from: Simon Eremia [Visitor]
Simon Eremia

The regime would indeed love the Zenawis to become the new KIMS of the EPRDF wonderland! Azeb can succeed first as the prima donna. They might like to offer in Ato Berekot’s book why they killed so many people in the last honest elections in comparison to the recent scam election, why they put unreasonable VAT on kiosks and vegetable sellers yet let their EPRDF cronies escape paying it in the Mercarto and why they monopolize the economy for their cronies and member card holders in the party. But I guess Ato Bereket would have to to into exile to write all these parts of the story.

01/05/12 @ 01:01
Comment from: David [Visitor]

It’s perplexing to see people like you ranting about something they have no knowledge about. You just confessed that you have not even read the book, yet you do have the audacity to rant about it. I don’t blame you;you’re a bi-product of a broken society. Is that how you learned in so-called school back in your old days? Shame!

Good writers read before they write.

SO I’ve a friendly advice for you: learn to read before ranting! Cheers.

01/05/12 @ 01:15
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

Here comes the 4 years assignment for diasporas to talk about Ethiopian politics and wake up on the final hour of the next election.

I really laugh the way EPRDF plays on diasporas mind: a simple book and the whole diasporas are obsessed to write a critique and review of it. I think EPRDF don’t read what diasporas are saying about the book but, busy thinking how they will through another puzzle to diasporas to worry about it when they get over with this book.

Does anyone feel like me that Diasporas are competing to write the best critique and review of this book among each other? I think EPRDF is laughing at them from Addis Ababa.

Is is true what the author of the book is saying about Dr. Berhanu Nega aka Darkness at Noon:"የምርጫ ውዝግቡ በተጧጧፈበት ወቅት ‹‹ስማ በረከት እዚህ ድርጅት ውስጥ የማውቀው አንተንና ክንፈን ነበር፡፡ ክንፈ በሕይወት የለም የቀረህኝ አንተ ብቻ ነህ፡፡ አንድ ነገር ብሆን ዘልዬ አንተ ቤት ገብቼ ነው የምደበቀው>>፤"???

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha :)

01/05/12 @ 01:23
Comment from: pio [Visitor]

Dear Yilma Bekele
I strongly suggest you to follow up on your medication. You said you’ll fight for my right while I’m not interested. My cup is half full but yours is half empty that’s what you basically want to convince everybody but don’t get me wrong dumb people are wise until they turn out to be stupid and yet you got to be stupid enough to deny the accomplishment of hard work. BTW have YOU guys noticed that how many well written but full of crap, ego centrism comments flow at and you CABBIES don’t get me started.

01/05/12 @ 02:11
Comment from: Gebru [Visitor]

Mr. Bereket ” Bravo !” It is a good idea to tell the truth to the public now at least we are be able to know about the truth. I believe one day you will be our future PM to lead Ethiopia to the next century……

01/05/12 @ 05:31
Comment from: Mo'a Anbesa [Visitor]
Mo'a Anbesa

Dear writer, I wish you read your own damn article first. Here I was thinking it’s stupid judging a book by the cover but you managed to give it a whole new meaning. It’s narrow minded and ignorant hate mongers like yourself who are pests to society and country.

01/05/12 @ 06:26
Comment from: men [Visitor]

First, you should to be ready physiologically to give your hand to ICC justicie for that crime made
from the beginning, we learned more deeply who are you each one in-front of from the breve g/medihin Araia and others who were your nearer and at this time they are giving sorry to Ethiopian ppl and teaching abut the ugly you were and are moving and how you abused Ethiopian women and killed .
You may be writer, researcher, scientist war lord ….. but for sure you never have any type of pardon until the justice made for all crime made by you and your friends to all Ethiopian children.

Ethiopia will be free soon.

01/05/12 @ 07:33
Comment from: [Member]

Gize yesetew kil……

Mr Berket or whatever his name is, has been torturing us presenting lies on ETV, Walta, Fana, etc… and now on his book he is trying to twist history. Starting on the first page, he dedicated his book to his late brother, who is believed to have been killed by TPLF; and he considers him as his mentor. What a character!

The other thing I have noticed is that, during the inaugural ceremony held for the book at Sheraton Addis most speak as if the public broadcasting agency as the private property Of Berkt…… and the rich guy showed his close relationship with him. Even though he didn’t mention it his South Africa health treatment could be some sort of mental-illness…I hope…. After all he is one of the arrogant leaders of EPRDF.

01/05/12 @ 14:25
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Only the SHABYAN ASS HOLE adgi Banda with his Aiga Ass Hole Invader
Tchiffenee; the fake biography of this blood sucker interests “NOBODY”
By advocating his Eri Bros this Ugly guy along his stupid bros Adgi has already admitted his Eri Origin !!!As said our dear elders “Zemed ke zemedu Ahya Kamedu” .The other kersam Banda (Pig
Ben)is publishing his blogs inspired from “YOHANES ARAMDE” whisky bottles that he begs from his masters the Saudi Tycoon and
the Dedebit Bandits !!!!

01/05/12 @ 17:56
Comment from: Tom [Visitor]

Just like u did not read the book I am not going to read your article how stupid are you I read a few lines and I had to quit because u are a sell out first u said north corea don’t have enemy’s this people have been killed , reped,and humiliated and you say they are in hell because one family gave them honor and dignity and made them feared by the world they made a fucking bomb dude they are not on tv as a poster child for poverty like Ethiopia ( only people who understand the loss of dignity and humiliation only the civilized can live under cominuesim only the one who loves his country) u only hate socialism because people who brained washed u in to thinking capitalism is good and on top of that who do u corolate the great leader of coria to a book u have not even read ? Only the one who’s job is propaganda

01/05/12 @ 18:25
Comment from: john john [Visitor]
john john

We can’t tell Koreans how to live and what kind of leader they need none of our business its up to them what ever they choose let’s stop it right there.
Regarding Ato Bereket who care about what he want write if you like it buy and read if not leave it as is fool.

01/05/12 @ 19:10
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Member]

Oh boy! I have seen better looking chimps on Animal Planet than Meles Zenawi and the above gorilla and they dare call Amharas monkey?

“Cabinet of the apes". :):) Weyyyy Gud!

01/05/12 @ 19:57
Comment from: chuchu [Visitor]

we know about this man everyday life he dont need extra thing to tell about him. He is a murder, biggest layer,and cheater. I will tell you about his book everything all will be laying about what he did.

01/05/12 @ 20:03
Comment from: K. Mekdie [Visitor]
K. Mekdie

If the chief of Agazes Child killer MZ has any trustee? That would be misinformation minster Berket Simone is one of them. Let’s not forget the alcoholic & womanizer Old Abio Shibat, and the half-breeds Erteians around him who are worshiped by the inferior Tigrees. The midget would not blink his eyes around the tigres.

01/05/12 @ 20:41
Comment from: teshome [Visitor]

Who cares a bout his book. He can keep for restroom to clean his anus

01/05/12 @ 20:49
Comment from: Uloos [Visitor]

Bereket write a book?? That sucks. I feel sorry for his personal support workers who have to change his dippers 3 times a day.

He should keep doing what he does best : entertain Azeb Mesfin at the dinner table and sharpen Zenawi’s butcher knife.

01/05/12 @ 21:08
Comment from: mershiti [Visitor]

I smell envy or jealousy whichever is right.

01/06/12 @ 00:27
Comment from: Yoni [Visitor]

Mr Yilma

Tnx for admitting u didn’t read the book and have nonplan to…
You also admitted YOU ARE HATING…tnx for that too.

It’s called Ethiopian Diaspora Politics

They didn’t see
They didn’t hear
They didn’t read
They didn’t do anything
They never been there
They are not there
They never been there

And they want to represent…

01/06/12 @ 09:31
Comment from: [Member]

There is a saying in Ethiopia that goes like this.
“kezinjero qonjo mn ymerartu”
Why waste precious time in reading nonense from an idiot tyrant looter Meles’s right hand man named -Bereket/besbes?

01/06/12 @ 13:41
Comment from: Gebru [Visitor]

This is what is called Prejudice. Just becouse it was written by someone from diaspora,everybody from diaspora is critsized or praised. Just stik to a person who wrote the article when you comment. I know many in deaspora who have diverse opinion about this article. Respect

01/06/12 @ 14:12
Comment from: Respect and Responsibility [Visitor]
Respect and Responsibility

Everyone has a right to speak,write and listen.So does he.
God have mercy on us

01/06/12 @ 20:13
Comment from: [Member]

At least he admitted he is passing judgment based on hate. Yilma will be a model juror!

01/06/12 @ 20:58
Comment from: Kemal [Visitor]

“I have not read the book yet. To tell you the truth, I have no intention of reading it either. Judging from the inaugural ceremony when the book was made public I figured reading is not a requirement to talk or write about it”

01/06/12 @ 21:04
Comment from: stephen [Visitor]

Writing a book ?Lier and Murderer .. Number one Ignorant of all woyane He is print His Kale Gubae of meeting with his boss that it .

01/07/12 @ 08:24
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

TEDDY [Visitor]


Brother you use this word every time you comment and I am really wondering where this word “tchiffenee” comes from, is it English or Arabic or Amharic or Oromoiffa ??? what exactly “tchiffeneee” mean, this is the only thing I want to hear from you.

God bless you even if your a cursed one from inception, Tchiffenee ???!!! :)

01/07/12 @ 19:34
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Hey Extra ,hope you’re not as fool
to understand this word concerning your brain washed narrow minded
Thuggy Bros infecting this webside .
What can you call more a stupid guy
arguing that the best way for Ethiopian Peoples is not “DEMOCRACY”
but “DULACRACY” ,hope you really understand such silly word ,more than Tchiffenee !!!!!

01/08/12 @ 01:30
Comment from: Gondar [Visitor]

from: Gebru [Visitor]

He wrote a book about Eritrea or Tigrai ?

01/09/12 @ 08:36
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Hey Extra the way that you ‘re Admiring an evil blood thurst murderer .Shows your ignorancy and moron side from Inception .Dr Berhanu knows perfectly from the beginning who and what are they your

01/09/12 @ 14:12



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