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Ethiopia: Ato Seye and his politics



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Ethiopia: Ato Seye and his politics

Ethiopia: Ato Seye and his politics

By yilma bekele

Mr. Charles Krauthammer is an American syndicated columnist, political commentator and is considered a highly influential conservative voice. He is critical of President Obama’s policies and supports the election of Mr. Romney to be President. As a tradition if a candidate for the presidency does not have a thick resume when it comes to foreign policy issues they normally travel to friendly European countries to shake hands with the leaders for what is called a ‘photo opportunity’.

It is with this in mind that Mr. Romney flew over to Great Britain to rub shoulders with British Conservative Party leaders and attend the opening of the Summer Olympic Games. Unfortunately the trip did not go as intended. Mr. Romney got the British all pissed off by doubting their security plans and furthermore questioning if they were enthusiastic about the games being held there. It is fair to say all of Britain wanted nothing more than for Mr. Romney to pack and leave.

His ill manners in Britain were a source of unbearable anguish to his friends and supporters in the conservative camp. I very much enjoyed Mr. Krauthammer’s analysis of the unfortunate situation. He wrote “What Romney answered in that question, it’s unbelievable, it’s beyond human understanding, it’s incomprehensible. I’m out of adjectives,” Krauthammer said. ‘All Romney has to do is say nothing. It’s like a guy in the 100-meter dash. All he has to do is to finish, he doesn’t have to win. And instead, he tackles the guy in the lane next to him and ends up disqualified. I don’t get it.”

I brought this up because that is how his friends and supporters must have felt when they heard Ato Seye Abraha’s speech in Seattle a few days back. Fresh from his two years course at Harvard all Ato Seye got to do was utter a few smart sounding phrases and reintroduce himself into our politics. Just like Mr. Romney Ato Seye ended up putting his foot in his mouth. Mistakes like this occur not because the individuals are uninformed but rather they just happen to be clueless about their surroundings and lack common sense to fully understand what is expected of them to achieve the goal they set for themselves.

Mr. Romney goes to Britain and undermines his hosts and Ato Seye traveled to Seattle to insult the sensibilities of his fellow Ethiopian citizens in exile. Their action is what is called self inflicted wound. The fact that Ato Seye was invited by the same poor immigrants that left their homeland due to the policies put in place while he was part of the leadership is what makes the situation a little difficult to comprehend. I always say we Ethiopians are a marvel to watch and Seattle is the epicenter of that phenomenon. I do not know how to put it in English but in Amharic we say ‘teteketo asteki’.

At Seye is not an ordinary Ethiopian. He is one of the founders of the Tigrai Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) and was member of the Central Committee or Politburo of that infamous organization. Upon the defeat of the Derg and TPLF takeover of power Ato Seye has served his party as Defense Minister, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Endowment Fund for the Rehabilitation of Tigrai (EFFORT) and Chairman of Ethiopian Airlines.

After the war between Shabia and Woyane in 19998-2000 Ato Seye was accused by his friend Meles Zenawi of leaning towards Bonapartism and extreme corruption. He was expelled from the TPLF, tried by Ato Meles’s kangaroo court and spent six years in prison. One can say he is lucky because normally in the TPLF dissent can cost you your life. It is also good to note that unlike other prisoners taken by TPLF he did not have to ask for pardon to get his freedom.

Upon his release Ato Seye formed Forum for Democratic Dialogue (FDD) with the aim of bringing opposition activists together. Around this time Judge Bertukan Mideksa Chairman of Andenet Party was again accused of fabricated charges by Ato Meles and taken to Kalit prison. In her absence Dr. Negasso Gidada another former member of EPRDPF assumed the Chairmanship. Ato Seye joined Andenet Party. Please note his admission to the party caused such an upheaval that a few of the founding members such as Professor Mesfin and Ato Debebe Eshetu including quite a few young activists were driven away from the party.

This was also the time Ato Meles and his TPLF Party were holding elections. This was also the main reason Chairman Bertukan was removed from the scene. Our beloved leader was held in solitary confinement and subjected to psychological abuse and inhuman treatment with the knowledge of Meles Zenawi and his security department.

Despite the fact that their Chairman was in jail for no crime other than being highly popular and a proven leader, despite the fact that the so called ‘Election Board’’ was still under the TPLF, despite the fact that foreign observers were put on short leash and despite the fact that plenty Ethiopians advocated boycotting this election charade Andenet choose to give Meles Zenawi a cover of legitimacy by showing up to be humiliated. While the TPLF was holding election circus Andenet candidates were in North America holding ‘Town Hall’ meetings with the Diaspora that cannot vote.

It was not long after the 99% Meles victory Ato Seye came to the US to go to school. For two years he stayed out of Ethiopian politics. He did not involve himself in Diaspora politics either. Seattle is the first instance we hear from Ato Seye. He was representing Medrek with fellow politician Dr. Merera Gudina.

As far as I am concerned the timing is a little difficult to comprehend. Our country is on the verge of change after over twenty years of TPLF dictatorship. The Woyane kingpin has died unexpectedly and his Party is moving heaven and earth to find a formula to continue the misrule. Why in the world would an Ethiopian opposition leader hold a meeting in faraway USA is a good question to ask? On the other hand it fits the pattern. When there is vital burning issue at home the leaders travel outside to hold discussion with the non stake holders. It is definitely not to explain the situation to us. We have more unfettered discussion in the Diaspora. We enjoy free press. We have more Radio and television service. Our Web sites are unblocked and independent. What in the world can they tell us that we don’t know?

Ato Seye’s short speech ( in Seattle was a little short on facts and completely void of vision and historical accuracy. It can also be said that Ato Seye has Chutzpah or Cojones or in simple English balls to show up among the Diaspora and read eulogy for the person that caused so much hurt and agony to our people. Dr. Merera as usual served as a sidekick the role he has played the last eight years or so.

I am hundred percent sure he(Seye) is aware of the fact that our people were ordered to line up in the rain and forced to show grief but choose to tell us it was a voluntary action why? He is knowledgeable of the workings of the Woyane system he helped set up that practiced the art of control and coercion starting in Tigrai, why is he pretending otherwise?

I am one hundred percent sure he did not chastise his American friends when they celebrated the death of Osama Bin Laden whereas we are lectured to be ashamed of showing pleasure at the death of the tyrant why is that? Don’t we feel pain? Don’t we grief for the many thousands that were killed by TPLF army and security?

I am really surprised by his lecture regarding our lack of ‘diplomatic skills’. He brought the example of Armenians in the US that play a strong and vital role lobbying to steer American foreign policy to help their homeland. He also thinks our vehement opposition to Ambassador Susan Rice’s speech at the dictator’s funeral to be misguided and false. I beg to disagree on both points.

The first analogy is way off mark. Armenians migrated to the US a long time ago. About three generations back. In fact about twenty years ago the Governor of California was of Armenian descent. Ethiopians are still on the first generation. The fact of the matter is we are the most successful and vibrant group among the new immigrants. Our New Year events are attended by Governors, Congressmen and Mayors all across America. We have managed to schedule hearings in the US Congress regarding our country and even managed to present a bill to help assure Human Rights in dear old Ethiopia. No new immigrant has scaled such heights. We got work to do but we have not been idle. I do not recall Ato Seye giving us a hand the last two years he has resided in the US.

As for Ambassador Rice she was wrong. She made mockery of our people’s quest for freedom and dignity. She insulted us. We will not trade our honor to curry favor from no one. We vented our frustrations. Sometimes it is necessary to stand for what we believe to be right and she has to be told in no uncertain words that heaping praise to a human right abuser, denier of democracy and murder of our family and friends is never acceptable.

The Seattle speech was geared to lay a conciliatory tone to a certain wing of TPLF and also advise the rest of us not to look back. I don’t care about the TPLF part but I do agree it is a good idea to move forward. On the other hand there is this little thing called history. We learn from the past so we avoid certain mistakes. South Africans have managed to do that. They just did not gloss over past mistakes but brought it up in the open and dealt with it. That is what ‘Truth and Reconciliation’ is about. Air your dirty laundry for all to see and punish those that crossed the line and reform those that show remorse. Moving forward without doing that is like putting dirty cloth after a shower. The murder of Assefa Maru, the death of Professor Asrat the shooting of Shibre and others have to be laid to rest in a proper way.

I am not being uncharitable towards Ato Seye. As I said before he is not an ordinary Ethiopian. He was invited to Seattle because he is a political figure. He was one of the leaders of TPLF Party. He was present when Eritrea gained its independence a decision made behind closed doors, he was there when the current constitution was imposed on us, he facilitated the formation of Kilil Bantustans, he was aware that the so called EPDRF was nothing but a cover up for TPLF domination, he was the CEO of EFFORT which got its start by using the law to steal important businesses and properties that belonged to all Ethiopians to be controlled by a party and a family and today he is one of the leaders of the biggest and important legally recognized opposition party. This is the reason we should hold him to a higher standard.

Leadership is not an easy matter. That is why all the advanced democracies hold competition on a level playing field to pick the best among many. The leader can make or break the country. For every Nelson Mandela there is an Adolf Hitler. It is obvious we do not have the skills to choose a good leader. We haven’t had the experience. Our people have not yet chosen a leader thru the ballot. We must be among the very few in the world that have not enjoyed the luxury of deciding who the leader should be. Throughout our history leadership has been usurped by the strong and cunning.

Why is it so? Is it because we don’t question authority? Do we differ to other due to wealth, education, age or linage? Why are we so meek? When is this behavior going to stop? When are we going to stop being cheer leaders and start the real work of leading by example? The Diaspora has to stop serving as an ATM machine to those that use our kind heart to further their failed policies. The Diaspora has to stop being a door mat and learn how to say no. There is nothing wrong with that. Ato Seye has to stop treating us like imbeciles and go join his old party if that is what he wants since his nemesis is gone. One cannot be a supporter of a narrow ethnic based party while at the same time sitting as a leader of a multi-national organization. This idea of telling us there has been twenty years of peace and progress in Ethiopia should be laid to rest. It might have been so for certain groups but the majority cannot say that. This idea of lecturing us on how to mind our business sitting on top or the sideline is not acceptable. We got plenty of that what we are lacking is bold leadership that listens to our heart beat.


Comment from: ejole bishoftu [Visitor]
ejole bishoftu

Mr. Yilma,

You made sense about Seye.I personally believe Seye has lost the game in politics.How much some one is good in talking politics,all his dids in the past follows him.Many presidential candidates for USA have failed due to their past wrong dids.The same is true for Seye.I think he recognized what he did is wrong while he was in TPLF/EPRDF but failed to understand he is no more popular in politics for people like me.Better for him to confess his wrongs and start to lead his life out of politics.

09/21/12 @ 00:29
Comment from: CommasRfree [Visitor]

Your article could some commas.

09/21/12 @ 01:33
Comment from: Alem [Visitor]

“……We have more unfettered discussion in the Diaspora. We enjoy free press. We have more Radio and television service. Our Web sites are unblocked and independent……”

yilma bekele….you are patently and completly Idiot

You are so outdated. The above statements of yours clearly show that you do not have a clue how the new generation is enjoying access to information…..The new Woyane/EPRDF generation has access to more than 100 satelite TV Chanales (Dish - they call it in Addis) - better NEWS than Fuck/or Fox News……

Yillma the Dude…I think you are still in the era of EPRP…I bet you are still using the suit case you brought from Ethiopia in the late 70’s….Stop dreaming!!

09/21/12 @ 01:42
Comment from: Ayanaa [Visitor]

I don’t normally comment on this kind of trash filled article, but I just want to warn Ethiopians that this kind of character assassination may be from those who were affected by Siye’s 1998 patriotic reaction to Woyanee’s and Shabia’s joint looting of Ethiopia…Ethiopians be aware, Ethiopia does not have an enemy worse than Woyane and Shabia. The Likes of Negaso Gidada and Siye Abraha are the cream of Ethiopia who have learnt from their past mistakes and at least temporarily rescued Ethiopia from Shabia’s pre-98 plan of jointly destroying Ethiopia..That is why they are feared and the diaspora opposition is infiltrated by so called writers such as this one! pathetic to say the least!

09/21/12 @ 03:00
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

How can peoples can trust a guy who
by the past was one of the architects of the evil Ethno Despotism politics
based on the constitution of “Tigre Power” .Afterall Medrek so called leaders can not be part of the solution ,the country will be surely in need of a New Genaration Of Leaders .

09/21/12 @ 03:12
Comment from: Aselefetch Mengesha [Visitor]  
Aselefetch Mengesha

This is the right way to look at multnational state in the continent with multi different faces and wishes.
Well done
Aselefetch Germany

09/21/12 @ 05:07
Comment from: sf [Visitor]

Dear yilma bekele,

You have done a good analiysis in your observation.
You said that,"I am one hundred percent sure he did not chastise his American friends when they celebrated the death of Osama Bin Laden whereas we are lectured to be ashamed of showing pleasure at the death of the tyrant why is that? Don’t we feel pain? Don’t we grief for the many thousands that were killed by TPLF army and security?”
If Mr. Seye have the courage to say all about TPLF and his comrade Meles crime, we are ready to hear from him.
Bravo Mr. Yilma, this is a wel convincing argument.

09/21/12 @ 05:45
Comment from: Danny boy [Visitor]
Danny boy

Wow what a lie
here is what krauthammer said about romeny’s trip to london

lets not make stuff up please.

09/21/12 @ 06:02
Comment from: ashebr [Visitor]

Really? You are quoting Charles Krauthammer? You lost me. Mr Bekele, I thought you were a rational person.

09/21/12 @ 07:40
Comment from: NOT ACTUAL HARVARD COURSES [Visitor]


09/21/12 @ 08:12
Comment from: Belete [Visitor]

i watched the video and i couldnt believe seeing the people denying the fact there was/is a RELATIVE peace in ethiopia for the last 20 years. the truth is if there is no peace how is it then all these millions of diaspora ethiopians (including those in the meeting) visiting ethiopia as frequently as they do. this was not the case 20 years ago. we know no ethiopian ever set foot on ethiopia soil even when there is a death in the family. so why lie??? the same thing with your claim as to ordering people to go out and cry. do you honestly believe that?? i mean they can order them but how do people in millions follow that order like a cow and sob under a rain?? the only faul for seye could be being honest infront of angry mob who cant even speak a proper amharic, he should’ve known better.

09/21/12 @ 10:22
Comment from: Minyaregal [Visitor]

We are the fools as usual. Ebab yizo guzo. You don’t try to cross a river carryin a snake in your bossom.

Are we repeating the same mistake, trusting the untrustables?

Siye is no less a criminal than Meles. What a foolish thought we have that the jailing by a bigger criminal would cleanse a lesser criminal.

Even when he was thrown out by the bigger criminal Meles, the smaller criminal was advocating for Tigrean nationalism, not for Ethiopian nationalism.

He signed on the agreement to make Ethiopia landlocked and participated in all the criminal decisions of Woyane until his imprisonment.

Never trust those that can never be trusted!

09/21/12 @ 10:50
Comment from: C'est moi senait [Visitor]
C'est moi senait

Do not talk too much. ONE BULLET INTO THIS CHIGGARAM WEYYANY HEAD CAN BRING A BIG CHANGE. do not preach us a so called peaceful transitions, it is for pussy like you who talk 20 years to come. But I believe in BULLET in my enemies head without an mercy or hesitation. That is what I call change.
The new PM is a Protestant ,western spy to destroy Ethiopian orthodox Christianity . Time to wage war on these penty,gova a and Protestant a hom£&@mo, les&£@bian and phado&@Phile religion.

09/21/12 @ 10:54
Comment from: solo [Visitor]

Mr. Yilma said
“I am one hundred percent sure he did not chastise his American friends when they celebrated the death of Osama Bin Laden…..”
Ato Yilma or shall I say Ato Yitfa are you comparing Meles and Osama? All I can say is god save Ethiopia from you and other Kinijit types. Your hate has blinded you and you have become sick.

09/21/12 @ 11:12
Comment from: prince-somali [Visitor]

There is no mention of the atrocities commited against innocent civilians and carpet bombing of villages in Ogaden. The author is more concerned about his ethno-politics matters (particulaly Amhara) than those of the entire nation. What a shame.

09/21/12 @ 11:15
Comment from: [Member]

I can not agree more with yilma’s written article. I think, the diaspora of ethiopians have a keen understanding that they wanted to see their country Ethiopia to progress in social, economy politics,and to see their country succeed in its development. I believe there is nothing wrong with that mindset. But, its politicians play a bad game wanting only their interest to reflect their only ambition, and to guide Ethiopians to the wrong path. That’s what I can not comprehend and could not understand. God Bless Ethiopia and its People.

09/21/12 @ 11:35
Comment from: Dani [Visitor]

Ayeee Ethiopia, Siye the killer got back again to kill the survivors from his friend’s Meles ZenWi machine gun.
Was not Siye there when almost 100,000 ethiopians died for so called Badime?
was not Siye there when port of Aseb given away?was not Siye there when more than hundred thousands of political prisoners led to prison and locked at the quality and other unknown prison locations?
Now Siye Abraha telling us 21 years of peace we enjoyed. what peace? rather we have been pissed off.
Siye the killer, the Fox is coming back wearing the sheep skin.

Hmmmm Siye dreams to rule Ethiopia and it’s people again. Because we are living dead people that us why he ridicule on us. alagetebin eko.

Ethiopia hagere mogn nesh telala
Yemotelish qerto yegedelesh bela.

09/21/12 @ 11:48
Comment from: Alula Yemesker [Visitor]
Alula Yemesker

a barking dog–and the ugly one!
You missed the train–man! go back to your mother’s womb and be delivered again.

09/21/12 @ 13:21
Comment from: Observer [Visitor]

Fox in sheep’s closing. I will not believe any BANDA tigray no matter what he says. They all need to be send back to their CHIGARAM ager. The rest of Ethiopia is better of all Tigray speaking people, that include the Parasite Eriteria.

09/21/12 @ 21:46
Comment from: Ashebir [Visitor]

What a great analysis. I agree Ethiopia has been bleeding to death for the last 20 years. We are at war, hundreds of people are dying every day, the economy is going down hill (growing by double digit), infant mortality rate is decreasing (that is not good), Education coverage is over the roof (not good either) bla bla bla.
When will you guys start presenting the facts as we know them. Writers like you are making us wonder and ask ‘which side do we belong?” Do not distort the truth that we know. Blaming EPRTDF for what is not - is making me sick. Because there are a ton of things that EPRDF can blamed for. First and forest those who say EPRDF has been a democrat party - shame on you. You do not know what democracy is. On the other hand, those of you who say Meles was a tyrant - shame on you too. He was a really brave and visionary Ethiopian leader who was relatively successful in bringing economic changes to many Ethiopians. However, he miserably failed in building democratic institutions and protecting individual human rights in Ethiopia. Hence, if you tell me that he was a dictator - yes he was. Some how, I can’t blame him for the failure. It is the blind opposition and hatred of the so called opposition parties that made him the type of leader he became. BTW he didn’t start that way. You guys have this deep hatred of Tigrians and always want to cut corners to go to the palace. Trust me, taking power has never been easy as you might think. It is not even easy here in the US. We are witnessing how the Republican Party is trying to restrict voting – just to win elections. This is happening in the US. Do you understand that? No mater who said what, power will not be snatched easily. Get it. Meles was the best leader Ethiopia ever had. But, can’t we do better? I would say yes. Also, we may elect another party who may not be as good as EPRDF. But, if it our choice let be it. Can EPRDF continue ruling with “my way or the highway” mentality? I hope not. I have been waiting to see Meles leaving his power peacefully. That didn’t happen. That is probably the most tragic part of his death. Now that he is gone. I would like to see the current leaders to include more people – opposition parties. Something that I do not understand is that EPRDF doesn’t need 99% to be a majority. Fifty % is what they need. And, a majority is a majority. They can rig or fix elections. But winning 99% is fishy – to say the least. EPRDF supporters tell you bosses to grow up. In modern societies there is no such 99% vote. Sixty or seventy % is not easy to win. Nightly nine percent – that should be a jock! Why are EPRDF guys pushing everybody out of the political process? Is that the toxic politics of the opposition parties – specially Diaspora politicians? Or insecurity of the leaders? I think it is a little of both. Ma’selamkum.

09/21/12 @ 22:43
Comment from: gaziwa [Visitor]

The view from above and all sides show that it is most likely Mr.Seye will fail Ethiopians and himself,as well.We,all Ethiopians must remember that Meles Zenawi and Seye Abraha have shared meals from the same plate and took bath together in the same river;yes,Mr.Seye has been mouring the lose of his commrade that he met in the same organization they were memeber to.

We Ethiopians had more experiences in going through pain and suffering on account of the regime’s boss of the crime caused on than Mr.Seye has had a deep mourn to his friend,zenawi,the head butcher of Ethiopians of all ages and walks of life.Me.Seye had better known this fact;we are grateful to our dearest lord,God for having taken Zenawi away before this murderer kills more and more Ehtiopians and causes eternal suffering on all Ehtiopians;this is why we Ehtiopians are happy,delighted,and thankful to God for having quickly taken away and tossed the dead robber in in hell.

Dead or Alive,Zenawi the robber shall definitely stand for a trial and will for sure face the justice.Barakat Simon and his subordinates and partners in crime desperately attempted to undead Zenawi the criminal.Barakat Simon,confused,frustrated,and panicking,pulled out the dead robber from the hospital and hid him in a private morgue in the freezer that did not work;on having done that,Barakat Simon,half snake half human came on TV several times and spat his dirty lies on Ehtipians,and ordered the public to mourn for the murderer who swallowed our children alive.So in this case,why is that necessary for Mr.Seye Abraha to look at Ethiopians with cross eyes?

09/22/12 @ 00:45
Comment from: jazzman [Visitor]

Idiot and a fool is you…no room for compromise…but extreme view only.

09/22/12 @ 01:43
Comment from: Amare [Visitor]

I wonder why is a different ideology doesn’t have any place in the so called opposition politicians? Does politics mean singing the same phrase with the same sound? I didn’t find any wrong doing with this guy, he just said lets criticize based on real situations, not on blind politics. To me he is right! How do you really want to lead a nation if you didn’t have a space to accommodate different ideologies? God, pls get matured???

09/22/12 @ 03:30
Comment from: yehuna [Visitor]

why do we need tplf(tigrean people liberation front) as of this juncture?
…and effort?
…and all privileges tplf/epdrf members are getting?
… and the use of government arms to punish dissent?

Release all political prisoners now.

09/22/12 @ 13:27
Comment from: [Member]

Your analogy is the apple and orange story. Charles Krauthammer is an intelligent conservative who works for Roger Ailes / Rupert Murdoch for a pay check at Fox News. He has been advocating for the mana of tricle down economy which has devastated the Anerican middle class in the last 30 years.It is true that Mr. Krauthammer is a crafty writer who has to write one or two lines when some republicans put their feet in their mouth. Your anlysis is flwaed in that you are struggling to make Krauthammer “Yilma Bekele, Siye Abraha in the “image” of Romney and the opposition, the “Obamas". It is a theatrical piece. For your comedy, I say to you do not mislead the gullible. Wondime, “Yewah Ferenj Kes Bila". The current Ethiopian situation has accorded us an opportunity for peace, freedom and prosperity. This can only be achieved by working together, developing tolerance and standing against fragmentation and hate. We have to be careful and wise in sailing the boat under stormy wind in the sea. Wise and matured leadership must encourage more positive trends in Ethiopia.

09/22/12 @ 16:45
Comment from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]

I couldn’t agree with you more.. Seye Abrhaha is part of the problem. He is a Tplf man. If we are to forgive the evil of Tplf and move on, we must do the same to the killing era of the Derg. If so, what becomes of history then?

“….Ato Seye has to stop treating us like imbeciles and go join his old party if that is what he wants since his nemesis is gone. One cannot be a supporter of a narrow ethnic based party while at the same time sitting as a leader of a multi-national organization. This idea of telling us there has been twenty years of peace and progress in Ethiopia should be laid to rest.”

09/22/12 @ 18:15
Comment from: kitcho [Visitor]

This dude is a has been born again loser trying to rehabilitate himself by switching his alliance after his knee country man kicked him and throw him to jail. He forgot that third individual was instrumental in killing so many none Tigru just because they are not Tigru. with hell with him like the rest of them

09/23/12 @ 02:19
Comment from: Kebede [Visitor]

I think you need perhaps to learn positive criticism than attacking someone because he or she is from specific ethnic group. You have already put yourself in love& worship to Buritkan, Berhanu or Masfin. Your attack against Sye talk is emanating this love than contributing positive criticism. Continue to dream wrong way that never helps you and your companion Selam Byene to find space in the Ethiopian heart &soul.

09/23/12 @ 08:26
Comment from: Gondar [Visitor]


09/23/12 @ 12:03
Comment from: Belay [Visitor]

what this moron is telling seye-merara and other opposition leaders is to just “sing with the choir and to please the crowd by saying only things they like". that is sad and dangerous. to begin with why would any one even involve in politics if he/she cant speak her mind and has to please other people. seye and to some extent merara showed some courage for speaking the truth no matter how bitter it is for their audience. this is what was lacking from the shawel and co. in 2005 which led to the complete collapse of kinijit. the point is if you dont have the balls to face your own supporters how the hell are you gona stand against your oponnent???

09/25/12 @ 09:34
Comment from: Abebe [Visitor]

When Ethiopia and the Ethiopian people were suffering under the Derg military regime and when over 200 thousands of innocent Ethiopians were being slaughtered b and thrown on the streets like animals people like Yilma (the author of this nonsense article) were nowhere to be seen. Ethiopia was on a brink of collapse to disintegrate. Thank God to the great Meles, the TPLF, and the EPRDF, Ethiopia was saved. Meles and team did not just write and talk. They walked the talk and made untold sacrifices to liberate us. So what the Ethiopian people in Ethiopia are wondering about is that if Yilma and the opposition (and some of the commentators) think Ethiopia is in such a horrible situation why don’t they man up and do what Meles and team did …. go to the mountains and start an armed struggle. But all what we have seen them do for over 20 years is talk. But talk is cheap. Thank God to the wonderful Ethiopian people. When Meles died they spoke up in one voice and very loudly from one corner of the country to the other who they adored and respected and put the so called “opposition” to shame for ones and for all. Good opposition is healthy and needs to be cultivated and encouraged when properly done. But please the Ethiopian people, even the poor farmers are way too knowledgeable and smart to care about these guys. Please wake up and smell the coffee. Please stop advancing your own personal agendas and hate to divide people. It did not work for the past 20 years and it will never work. The Ethiopian people are saying, “Lets’ implement Meles’ vision. Let’s not go back.” So join them further developing the country. If the Ethiopian people (be it Oromo, Welayta, Amhara, Somali, Tigre, Gurage, Gambela, Afar, etc.) are saying they want to implement Meles’ vision, who are we representing? …. The 500 “opposition” members who live overseas?

09/26/12 @ 00:36



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