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Ethiopia: Awramba Times: More Powerful Than Ten Thousand Bayonets



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Ethiopia: Awramba Times: More Powerful Than Ten Thousand Bayonets

Ethiopia: Awramba Times: More Powerful Than Ten Thousand Bayonets

By Alemayehu G. Mariam

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets,” fretted Napoleon Bonaparte, dictator of France, as he summed up his determination to crush that country’s independent press. For dictator Meles Zenawi, Awramba Times, the tip of the spear of press freedom in Ethiopia, is more to be feared than ten thousand bayonets. Two weeks ago, Awramba Times, the last popular independent weekly, stopped publication after its outstanding managing editor and recipient of the 2010 Committee to Protect Journalists’ International Press Freedom Award, Dawit Kebede, was forced to flee the country. Dawit was tipped off about Zenawi’s decision to revoke his 2007 “pardon” for a bogus treason conviction and throw him back in jail.

Needless to say, all dictators and tyrants in history have feared the enlightening powers of the independent press. Total control of the media remains the wicked obsession of all modern day dictators who believe that by controlling the flow of information, they can control the hearts and minds of their citizens. But that is only wishful thinking. As Napoleon realized, “a journalist is a grumbler, a censurer, a giver of advice, a regent of sovereigns and a tutor of nations.” It was the fact of “tutoring nations” -- teaching, informing, enlightening and empowering the people with knowledge-- that was Napoleon’s greatest fears of a free press. He understood the power of the independent press to effectively countercheck his tyrannical rule and hold him accountable before the people. He spared no effort to harass, jail, censor and muzzle journalists for criticizing his use of a vast network of spies to terrorize French society, exposing his military failures, condemning his indiscriminate massacres of unarmed citizen protesters in the streets and for killing, jailing and persecuting his political opponents. Ditto for Zenawi!

But enlightened leaders do not fear the press, they embrace it; they don’t condemn it, they commend it; they don’t try to crush, trash, squash and smash it, they act to preserve, protect, cherish and safeguard it. Enlightened leaders uphold the press as the paramount social institution without which there can be no human freedom. “Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without a government,” asked Thomas Jefferson rhetorically, “I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.” George Washington was no less enthusiastic in recognizing the vital importance of the free press in “preserving liberty, stimulating the industry, and ameliorating the morals of a free and enlightened people.” It should come as no surprise that the Frist Amendment to the U.S. Constitution imposes a sweeping prohibition: “Congress shall make no law… abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press…” NO government, NO official and NO political leader in America can censor, muzzle or persecute the press.

The American press, protected by the plate armor of the First Amendment, dutifully serves as the peoples’ eyes, ears and voices. In America, government trembles at the prospect of press scrutiny. In Ethiopia, government terrorizes the press. In America, government fears the press. In Ethiopia, the press fears government. In America, the press censors government. In Ethiopia, government censors the press. In America, the press stands as a watchdog over government. In Ethiopia, government dogs the press. That is the difference between an enlightened government and a benighted one.

Faced with a Jeffersonian choice, dictator Zenawi decided there shall be no independent newspapers or any other independent media in Ethiopia; and the only government that will exist shall be his own enchanted kingdom of venality, brutality, criminality and inhumanity. For years now, Zenawi has been shuttering independent newspapers and harassing, jailing and exiling journalists who are critical of his dictatorial rule earning the dubious title of “Africa's second leading jailer of journalists.” On September 29, 2011, The Economist reported:
An open letter by international journalists to the Ethiopian foreign minister highlights broader abuses: ‘Ethiopia's history of harassing, exiling and detaining both domestic and foreign reporters has been well-documented. Ethiopia is the second-leading jailer of journalists in Africa, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists. Over the past decade, 79 Ethiopian reporters have fled into exile, the most of any country in the world, according to CPJ data. A number of these have worked as stringers for international news agencies. Additionally, since 2006, the Ethiopian government has detained or expelled foreign correspondents from the Associated Press, the New York Times, the Daily Telegraph, Bloomberg News, the Christian Science Monitor, the Voice of America, and the Washington Post. We are also concerned by the government's recent decision to charge two Swedish journalists reporting in the Ogaden with terrorism.’

Zenawi has indefatigably continued to swing the sledgehammer of censorship and finally succeeded in smashing and trashing Ethiopia’s free press. On November 11, 2011, the Committee to Protect Journalists reported, “A judge in Ethiopia's federal high court charged six journalists with terrorism on Thursday under the country's antiterrorism law, bringing the number of journalists charged under the statute since June to 10.” On November 15, newspaper satirist Abebe Tolla, better known as Abé Tokichaw, fled Ethiopia fearing imprisonment in retaliation for critical news commentaries. On November 21, Dawit Kebede, was forced into exile. Zenawi had long dangled the bogus 2007 pardon as a Sword of Damocles over Dawit’s head.
Dawit Kebede
Over the years, I have written numerous commentaries in defense of the free press and press freedom in Ethiopia. A year ago this month, I penned “The Art of War on Ethiopia's Independent Press” predicting the eventual shuttering of Awramba Times and Zenawi’s final solution to his problem of press freedom in Ethiopia:

Against the onslaught of this crushing juggernaut [of press repression] stand a few dedicated and heroic journalists with nothing in their hands but pencils, pens and computer keyboards, and hearts full of faith and hope in freedom and human rights. The dictatorship is winning the war on the independent press hands down. Young, dynamic journalists are going into exile in droves, and others are waiting for the other shoe to drop on them. The systematic campaign to decimate and silence the free press in Ethiopia is a total success. One by one, the dictatorship has shuttered independent papers and banished or jailed their editors and journalists. The campaign is now in full swing to shut down Awramba Times. The dictatorship's newspapers are frothing ink in a calculated move to smear and tarnish the reputation of the Awramba Times and its editors and journalists. For the past couple of years, Awramba Times staffers have been targets of sustained intimidation, detentions and warnings.

Today Zenawi stands triumphant over the ashes of Awramba Times; and the destruction of press freedom in Ethiopia is now complete. There is no doubt Zenawi has won the war on Ethiopia’s independent press by total annihilation. But Awramba Times and its young journalists also stand triumphant. They have fought and won the most important war of all – the war for the hearts and minds of 90 million Ethiopians. Team Awramba Times fought Zenawi with pens and pencils and computer keyboards. They brought a ray of light into a nation enveloped by the darkness of dictatorship. They defended the truth against Zenawi’s falsehoods and exposed his lies and deceit. They stood up for the peoples’ right to know against the tyranny of ignorance. They made Zenawi squirm, squiggle, wiggle, fidget, twitch and go through endless sleepless nights. Zenawi persecuted and prosecuted them as enemies of the state, but they shall forever remain the true and loyal friends of the people. Zenawi accused them of being terrorists. That is true: They struck terror with the truth in the dark heart of tyranny. They unleashed terror in the minds of tyrants with demands for legal and moral accountability.

In the title of his commentary in the very last issue of Awramba Times, Dawit asked a simple but profound question: “Frankly, whose country is this anyway?” In the piece, Dawit explored many issues of vital interest to all Ethiopians. But in some of the most stirring words ever written against tyranny, Dawit informed the world why he decided to flee the country he loved so much:

When a man cannot live in his own country in freedom, faces privation and feels completely helpless, and where government, instead of being a shelter and sanctuary to its people, becomes a wellspring of fear and anxiety, it is natural for a citizen to seek freedom in any place of refuge.

Long before Dawit, Benjamin Franklin, “The First American” and one of the Founding Fathers of the United States and the man who declared, “Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God”, summed it all: “Where liberty is, there is my country.” So Dawit, welcome to America, the land of free press!

A Tribute to Awramba Times and Its Young Journalists

Standing R to L: Woubshet Taye (deputy editor of AT, recently imprisoned by Zenawi) , Gizaw Legesse, Nebyou Mesfin, Abel Alemayehu, Wosenseged G Kidan, Mekdes Fisseha, Abe Tokichaw and Mehret Tadesse. Foreground: R to L: Nafkot Yoseph, Moges Tikuye, Tigist Wondimu, Elias Gebru, Teshale Seifu and Fitsum Mammo.

I write this commentary not to denounce the wicked villains and enemies of press freedom in Ethiopia, but to praise and celebrate the heroes and heroines of Ethiopia’s independent press. I write this commentary not as a eulogy to the late Awramba Times but as a living and loving tribute to the heroic and dedicated young men and women who shed blood, sweat and tears and overcame daily fears to keep Awramba Times and press freedom alive in Ethiopia.
But how does one give tribute to the young heroes and heroines who risked their lives to defend press freedom and human rights in Ethiopia?

I wish I possessed the “eloquence of diction, that poetry of imagination or that brilliance of metaphor” to express my deep pride and joy in Awramba Times and its young journalists. I wish I possessed the talent, the insight and sensibility to tell the world of the sacrifices and contributions of these young people for the advancement of press freedom not just in Ethiopia but in all of Africa, and indeed the world.

Lacking that eloquence, I ask myself: What words can I use to express my gratitude and appreciation to these young people who toiled day and night to speak truth to tyranny? What can I possibly say to console these young truth tellers in a country that has been rendered the land of living lies? How can I show my respect, admiration and awe to these young people who soldiered for freedom and human rights in Ethiopia armed only with pens, pencils and computer keyboards? How do I acknowledge the historic contribution of the young journalists of Awramba Times and others like them who struggled beyond measure to keep the candle of press freedom flickering in the darkness of dictatorship?

Thank You Awramba Times!

Team Awramba Times[1]
Thank you Awramba Times! Thank you Dawit Kebede, Woubshet Taye (recently jailed by Zenawi), Gizaw Legesse, Nebyou Mesfin, Abel Alemayehu, Wosenseged G Kidan, Mekdes Fisseha, Abe Tokichaw and Mehret Tadesse, Nafkot Yoseph, Moges Tikuye, Tigist Wondimu, Elias Gebru, Teshale Seifu, Fitsum Mammo and [not pictured] Ananya Sori, Surafel Girma and Tadios Getahun. I thank you all; but I thank you not out of formality, obligation or courtesy. No, I thank you for being the voice of the voiceless, the powerless, the voteless, the nameless and faceless. You kept on preaching the good news even when the tyrant sought to replace the peoples’ courage with cowardice, their faith with doubt, their trust in each other with suspicion and their hopes with despair.
teaching us all the meaning of responsible journalism. You pages shined with integrity, accuracy and truthfulness. You informed us of the most pressing issues of the day. You offered us critical but balanced perspectives to make us think and understand. You did it all with professionalism, with malice towards none.
teaching us the meaning of ethical journalism. You revealed the truth and told the story without sensationalism and distortions. You held yourselves accountable by maintaining high standards and being responsive to your readers. You showed supreme moral strength in the face of corruption, preached truth to tyranny and made superhuman efforts to open the minds of the narrow-minded.

showing Zenawi what it means to have and be a free press. You have taught him that a free press is a mirror to society. Whenever he looked in the mirror of Awramba Times, he saw the image of brutality, inhumanity, criminality and venality. But the mirror does not lie; it only reflects what it sees. Smashing the mirror does not obliterate the image; it only fragments it into 90 million pieces.

giving us a platform on which to exchange policy ideas and discuss problems of governance.
being a class act! When the pathetic, vulgar, pandering and pitiful state media launched its vilification and fear and smear campaign and brayed to have Awramba Times shuttered, you responded with decency, civility, dignity, propriety, honesty, integrity, rationality and humanity. You even treated the tyrants with respect, honor, dignity and courtesy. What a class act you all are! I have never been more proud!

All of the young journalists of Awramba Times are my personal heroes and heroines. As I write these words, I am overcome with emotion of admiration, pride and joy; but Team Awramba Times does not need my praise or recognition. Team Awramba Times does not need my words to document their heroic struggle; they have inscribed their own glorious history of press freedom on the calloused breast of tyranny. Because of Awramba Times, generations of young Ethiopians to come will learn and appreciate the true meaning of human freedom and the need to maintain eternal vigilance over tyranny.

Awramba Times shall rise from the ashes of tyranny, and press freedom will be reborn on the parched landscape of dictatorship in Ethiopia. A new world rising over the horizon as the sun sets on tyranny and dictators sweat to cling to power in the Middle East. The wind of freedom shall blow southward from North Africa. A brave new world of knowledge, information, ideas and enlightenment awaits young people all over Africa. In this new world, ignorance, the most powerful weapon in the hands of African tyrants, is useless. It is easy to misrule, mistreat and enslave a population trapped in ignorance. But “A nation of well-informed men who have been taught to know and prize the rights which God has given them cannot be enslaved. It is in the religion of ignorance that tyranny begins.” It was the religion of ignorance and its high priests in Ethiopia that Awramba Times and its young journalists were sworn to oppose and expose.

I have never met any member of Team Awramba Times. But I have read every issue of Awramba Times since it became available online. Awramba Times was not only a source of news, informed analysis and opinion for me, I regarded it as the ultimate symbol of press freedom in Ethiopia. Those of us who are blessed to live in a land where press freedom is valued higher than government itself pledge to uphold our oath proudly inscribed on a frieze below the dome at the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C.: "I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man [and woman]." Amen!

Thank You Awramaba Times! Thank you Dawit, Woubshet, Gizaw, Nebyou, Abel, Wosenseged, Mekdes, Abebe, Mehret, Nafkot, Moges, Tigist, Elias, Teshale, Fitsum, Ananya, Surafel, and Tadios. I also thank the indomitable Eskinder Nega (recently imprisoned by Zenawi), Serkalem Fasil, the internationally acclaimed journalist, former political prisoner and wife of Eskinder Nega, Sisay Agena and so many others!
I salute you! I honor you! I stand in awe of your achievements and struggle for press freedom in Ethiopia!

Long Live Awramba Times!


Comment from: EPRDF [Visitor]

Yes. Long Live Amhara Times…delivering news from radical Amhara diaspora point of view since 1998. You won’t be missed my friends.

12/05/11 @ 03:31
Comment from: Heny [Visitor]

“Long live Awramba Times” Jil jilajil. Are you indeed a professor??

12/05/11 @ 03:58
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

More than bullets Tyrants have always
feared of bulletins .And more they are
fearing those who have only their pens to resist to their Tyranny and despoyism .Because most of the times they do not have the
arguments to counter them and in a
fear that “TRUTH” and “FACTS” been revealed, as a mad dog ,they finished
by desmantling the “FREE PRESS” in a wish that they could mussle “THE FREEDOM OF SPEACH AND WRITE” .Of course for the crime minister , his agazis ,the Tigre Mafiosis ,the TPLF cadres ,Thugs and Bandas “AWARAMBA"has become for them their daily “NIGHTMARE” !!!!!

12/05/11 @ 04:30
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

Meles it is time for you to step down!!!

You are the past!!!

12/05/11 @ 05:33
Comment from: Abdul Mejid Mustaffa [Visitor]
Abdul Mejid Mustaffa


All this lengthy diatriab is to simply harp your usual cry and hate song about Meles. We say to you: One hostile Meles is more to be feared than a thousand talkative bayonets like Arr-Maria and his cornies.

12/05/11 @ 06:02
Comment from: chala [Visitor]

Didn’t Almariam told us that there is no independet news paper in Ethiopia a while a go.

The funny thing is when addis neger journalist left the country we been told that the last free press is out and now he saying Awramba is the last free news paper tomorrow he will say another one. funny. all your rubbish you write in the internet been copy and pasted in Awramba times news paper. now i don’t know issayass will pay you as you become worth less.
the day you will ask forgive ness from melas is not far.
keep dreaming issayass is in his last day with UN ban.
So i feel sorry some on the co-owner of Eritrian reiview trying to teach us hear about free press.

12/05/11 @ 06:54
Comment from: Bulcha [Visitor]

The article is well written and it is sad the journalists are arested or forced to flee the country. But Awramba Times is not as good as the writer painted it to be.

12/05/11 @ 07:06
Comment from: Bulcha [Visitor]

Except the Reporter the free press in Ethiopia is known for trying to feed the public with hate propaganda rather than a fair and balanced reporting. It is not wrong to criticise the government as it is not perfect and ofcourse there is quite a lot that must be discouraged. But there is also so much that must be encouraged.

12/05/11 @ 07:21
Comment from: Adhanom Haile [Visitor]
Adhanom Haile

Ato Alemayehu G. Mariam,

As you have quoted what is inscribed at the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C.: “I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man [and woman].” Why not then dare write about the American Greed? Why not write about the pick-pocketing and sophisticated exploitations of the American masses by the gangs of Wall-Street? Why not write about the protests that go on all over the USA against Wall-Street greed and siphoning of the economy to the few wealthy at the cost of the 99% majority? That should have been bravery than to cry over issues that you know of by way of hear-say and fighting against the shadow of PM-Meles every now and then. I wonder how shaky and bogus you would be if you ware to face him in person. Gone are the days when the likes of you write hoch-poch articles striving for cheap populist audience. These days the public is well aware of what is going on far ahead of your types who monger over hate and harp the same old cries on Meles. It is better to have one hostile Meles Zenawi to be feared of than a thousand cDiaspora crying babies and funeral DJs and bayonets like Alemayehu G. Mariam and Gimmo-7 sympathisers like ESAT.

12/05/11 @ 08:27
Comment from: prince of konso [Visitor]
prince of konso

al the barking dog of vocal diaspor and the rush limbough of ethiopian politics barks again.your passion for hate has robbed you your human decency.yes! truth can defeat thousands of bullets, but your false truth cant do any thing except burning your self. Your orwellian interpretention of truth wont serve you because wrong is not right, and of course lie is not truth.

12/05/11 @ 08:50
Comment from: ethiopiawit [Visitor]

This is the reality in Fascist tplf thugs past and today a similar events as NAZI Germany was…. “In ethiopia, they came first for the OLF memebers, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a member of OLF. Then they came for the widely popular elected party Kinjit, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Kinjit memeber. Then they came for UDJ leadership and members , and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a UDJ memeber. Then they came for the few handeful FREE PRESS journalists , and I didn’t speak up because I was not a Journalist. Then they came for me, and by that time no one was left to speak up."…. our country is now a fascist concentration camp at large…where a bunch of unelected and outdated fascist tplf thugs rules the entire 90 million under a barrel of gun.

12/05/11 @ 09:00
Comment from: bika [Visitor]

…..what is very offending and saddening about these jerks is naming their dirty newspaper after a village called “AWRAMBA".It is an insult to the hard working people of Awramba.They have nothing in commen, in any aspect,with workholic people of Awramba….

12/05/11 @ 11:18
Comment from: isreal [Visitor]

“a hungry man is an angry man,a hungry journalist is a dangerous person".
“you cannot expect a hungry journalist to shun blackmail or to be fair in the presentation of facts,he is dangerous to democracy".

Nigerian Minister of information Dora Akunyi BBC

12/05/11 @ 13:50
Comment from: Salah Sabbeh [Visitor]
Salah Sabbeh

Ato Alemayehu G. Mariam,
Since you sympathize so much with Gimmo-7 executives like Birhanu Nega and Andargachew Tsigie; as well as Tamagn of ESAT, you don’t want to mention about your master by proxy but only about Meles. I have been urging you a lot to comment on your master Tyrant Isaiah Afeworki but in vain. Let me tell you now so that you know who your master is. Tyrant Isaiah Afeworki and piracy are synonymous. From day one, bandit Isaiah Afeworki has been professional on piracy not only with Al-Shabab but also with others in the region. Tyrant Isaiah Afeworki is known to make lots of defensive self-congratulations with the intent that he is not an outlaw renegade leader of an artificial–regime; but a leader of an institution with institutional processes. He wants to appear smart and he demands respect. The PFDJ-Mafia-Godfather has never been happy. And whenever the PFDJ is in trouble, it always discloses information that it had kept as a state secret. When it senses that it had overcome the challenge then it goes back to its secretive ways. Afeworki is pleading to be heard by the UN Security Council but was denied entry visa. Isaiah Afewerki is now sitting on the hottest-seat of an de-facto PFDJ-regime. He is a destructive bandit who cares most for his highlander kin. Like all strongmen who have reached the peak of their power before him, Afeworki is confronted with questions he thinks are too insolent for a man of his caliber. Whenever talks of ethnic equality regarding Islamic lowlanders like the Afar, Kunama, Beja issues are brought to his attention, his breaths get shorter, his nostrils flare up, he sits-up like a cobra ready to pounce and the poison comes fast and furious. As far as we observe, one thing is clear: National governments draw the attention of the UN when they become a menace to regional peace and security and on that sole criteria, the government of Isaiah Afewerki, just like the government of Muammer Khaddafi, has been found guilty enough to be sanctioned. And no glossy campaign paper will do much to impress the UN. Having served as an agent for arms marketing into Somalia and having deployed Shaabia soldiers as well as Eritrea trained boot-lickers who claim to belong to the Ethiopian opposition camp into Somalia Isaiah Afeworki manipulated the strategy for his army and for his boot-licking boys to fight side by side of the International Islamists (ICU). Isaiah Afeworki had thought Ethiopia was doomed to a blowing defeat and chaos through a proxy war in Somalia. When Mogadishu was captured by the interim government soldiers supported by heavily armed African Union soldiers including the Ethiopian military, it was clear for Isaiah Afeworki that things had not gone as he initially anticipated. Even though the ICU leadership from time to time announced, acknowledged, and directly pointed its fingers at Isaiah Afeworki as their strong arms delivery man, he and his PFDJ-cohorts denied strongly any such commitment. They even accused Ethiopia of making fake Eritrean passports for the dead Somali fighters at one point. Well, to the contrary some Eritrean-fighters were captured alive, and we have read the news that there even is an Eritrean prisoner with the rank of Colonel. Isaiah Afewerki is literary and figuratively a dictator. Those who believe otherwise or give a blind eye to this fact belong to the living dead. And those who belong to the Diaspora crying babies funeral home known as ESAT are nothing but talking drums good for nothing.

12/05/11 @ 14:53
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

TPLF thugs buch of Donkey Bandas the way you are fearing to challenge
Prof Al shows how much you’re more and more fearing for the future of your leba master and specially for your own .Wonder why you waste your time pasting on this website TPLF medias propagandas disguised in Oromo and muslim nicknames .For your Information only Aba Dula ,the
ignorant Girma Birru and their puppets none oromo peoples are supporting you .By accepting the true results of the 2005 election and steping down your leba master did have an opportunity to give a
Chance for a peaceful change based on mutual respects and Fraternity .
Unfortunatly for you and your relatives the Ethiopians shall be soon obliged to vote against you with their sticks ,machets and machinguns .

12/05/11 @ 15:26
Comment from: isreal [Visitor]

It is onething to sympathize and defend the “journalists” reputation but it is anotherthing to compare the infant democracy of Ethiopia with well stablished and grounded democracy of America.How the so called professor made that disparaging claim?
As long as there are people who instigate violence and encouraging instability under the pretence of journalism there is no way we can concentrate on nation building,they are a threat to the country and the country will better off without this foot soldier of G7.

12/05/11 @ 15:51
Comment from: Tulu Proud ET [Visitor]
Tulu Proud ET

The admirable Professor thanks again for burning EPRDF gangs with your knowledge and wisdom.

Thank you Awramba Times and Dawit for your honorable service.

Dictators as dumb and power hungry they are can never control people’s hearts and minds. Only intelligent government through intelligent means and open and fair action can do that.

Meles among the dumb tyrnat of the century is failing on every corner. His only supportess are those few TPLF and EPRDF goons. The whole 95% of population is extremely unhappy with Meles and EPRDF. The more people desire to be free and control their destiny the more we see the paranoia and repression from Meles and his gangs.

As we are witnessing here EPRDF goons can only throw slurs. That what they are equipped with not with intelligence.

12/05/11 @ 16:10
Comment from: Mekonnen [Visitor]

“Hodin be Gomen Bidelilut… Gulbet Daget lay Yilegimal”

This wise Ethiopian saying describes the fake heroes crafted by Almariam and Gimbot7 gangs. For those who follow and knew the in and outs of Ethoopian politics, its too easy to remember how Birtukan Midegsa was advertised as An San sushi, Mandela… Tayitu.. Etc. Even they tried to lobby EU MPs, bugged every Ethiopian to sign petition for her to win The “Saharov Award". But the fake hero don’t stood firm, she asked pardon and runs away to US.

The Awuramba Times… Dawit a former weyane also inflated by Almariam and Gimbot7 gangs..CPJ has been lobbied by those gang groups, to nominate a hero journalist and this fake hero end up running away?

Why Dawit left particularly at this moment? While Yeneneh Gebre heroic message is flaming all over Ethiopia. Gimbot7 gangs are advertising their fake heroes to divert the attention of international community from Yenenh Gebre issue.

Long Live Ethiopia! Long live Ethiopians!

12/05/11 @ 20:34
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Israel(Issist mewon Seraye)why you thuggy guys do not shut your sticky poisonous mouth full of lies .Defending the rights of the peoples opressed by an ethno mafia group under the order of an evil tyrant Couple is not instegating violence but a heroic action of patriotism .Your leba master and his agazis are reproaching Awaramba
and many other free press for not promoting their own images and publishing Fake informations based on TPLF and Tigre Mafiosis propagandas .ETV ,Aiga ,Walta , and many other TPLF medias of propagandas are certainly not
the good exemples of your so called
“Infant Democracy of Ethiopia”

12/06/11 @ 00:33
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Salah Sabet ,So Adgi Banda you’re finally admiting your Eri Origin .
For your Information ,you’re using
as a nickname the Identity of the Founder of the then ELF . To once again refresh your dying memories
Gadaffi was the Libyan despot for whom your leba master and his Agazis made their submission declaring themselveses as arabs .The eri Tyrant is afterall your own creator and protector who
did escort you on May 1991 into Addis-Abeba with Gadaffi paid tanks
and machin guns .Plus your suzuki pick ups offered by the same Gadaffi .Worst of all your leba master was a Somali Diplomatic Passport Holder .If you have the gut go and ask any member of the Diaspora about their opinion concerning your garbages medias of propagandas ETV ,Aiga ,Ethiopiafirst ,ENA and Walta !!!!!Time for you to shut your dirty mouth ,you and your thuggy bros and systs are more than ever disqualified .

12/06/11 @ 00:59
Comment from: Shama [Visitor]

These jouralists have come victims of that ugly tyrant regime because they spoke and wrote the truth.

The saying goes ‘’linegaga sil yichelimal'’. Will be soon.


12/06/11 @ 01:13
Comment from: Meb [Visitor]

OMG! Nazret is thoroughly swamped by the riff-raff Tigre goons.
To all the sworn Enemy of Ethiop particularly the riff-raff Tigre leeches: You can tell us so many and so much illusion, but you can, never, hide a single fact stated by the magnificent & the true son of Ethiopia professor Alemayehu G. Mariam.

Yes, So far, your midget-monkey-face-God Meles Zenawi has been “successful” because it has been able to defraud the donor countries & convince the rank and file (The Ambasha bunch of hooligans) that the very existence of the chigram Tigreans cannot be guaranteed without its monopoly of power by breeding rift and division amongst Ethiopians. Your Tigre wonbede bosses’ incessant talk of “The existence of Abbay Tigray” must have been a terrifying thing for you all Tigre Leeches, since apparently you have come to believe your own lies. Donkoro Tigre hulu…

As far as Ethiopians are concerned, Only TPLF (Tigray parasitic looting front) and its blood sucker cadres are the real impediment for peace, freedom, progress & unity. No enemy has done so much harm on Ethiopia other than the Tigre bunch of criminals’, and you-the blood sucking followers.

TPLF (Tigray Parasitic Looting Front) through its network of treacherous & exclusively Tigre Cadres are busy with their disinformation campaign against anyone in general & the prolific & remarkable commentator of Ethiopian politics professor Almariam in particular. Nothing new here! They are desperate and are firing in all cylinders from all directions which is a sign of an ultimate demise. I think there should be no room to bargain with a group whose exclusive aspiration is to build up hegemony of minority tribe over the entire nation. Murder and harassment has been taken up as models to impose their venomous ethnic rule over the Ethiopian people. Most if not all of the Tigre tribe are belligerently participating in a plan to impose their brutal rule and suppress the people of Ethiopia.

Just like the brave Ethiopian Diaspora, now Ethiopians at home are starting to defend their born right of living and working in peace and to fight the Tigre looters and murders. In this war for our national freedom what needed and wanted is every Ethiopian national without any limitation of the background to fight the evil Tigre leeches by all means necessary. I can not believe that there will be an Ethiopian with normal mentality who can be an obstacle and work against Ethiopia and Ethiopians in this war of freedom against the backward TPLF barbarians except the evils Tigres and their subhuman cadres. All Ethiopians from all corners of life, farmers, students, teachers, clergymen and women, soldiers and above all the politicians have the moral obligation and legal rights to fight for their right. Nobody on earth (including the USA) or in the sky willingly will give us our right; we only get our rights by fighting and challenging the Tigre scrounger looters & invaders.

Thank you professor for telling it as it is. As expected the paid agents & cadres of the Tigre robbery squad will be barking mad until the cow comes home. But the magnificent Al-mariam will continue exposing the crime of Tigre leeches. It seems that there is a basic shift in US policy for Africa. Promoting Democracy, Human Rights, and the Rule of Law etc. has been abandonment and accommodating Mercenary African dictators Like Meles and fascist regimes Like TPLF (Tigray parasitic Looting Front) is the new order of the day. African who had put a lot of faith in the new Obama administration may look forward to the return of the good old colonial days, with black and mixed bogeyman playing with their destiny.

We all know that TPLF (Tigray Parasitic Looting Front) came to power with a culture of ‘shifta’ (vandalism, terrorism, robbery, killing…), hate for Ethiopia and separatist agenda, helped by foreign powers who have their own interests. Despite a number of good opportunities to reverse direction, after nearly 2 decades this is still going on in a more intense and “advanced” fashion, without a shred of compromise. Central to all this is the hate for Ethiopia and separatist agenda the organization harbours and promotes. This is so clear that TPLF (Tigray Parasitic Looting Front) has not even changed its name from liberation (separation) front to something else which is more palatable. How come Ethiopians with good conscious and love of country lose sight of this fact and rationalize to work with these bloodsucking parasites? Who is: “The custodian of Ethiopia’s sovereignty today”? I would argue that a hyena would be trustworthy left with a lamb in the middle of the field than TPLF (Tigray Parasitic Looting Front) guarding the Ethiopian people and Ethiopia’s sovereign territories.

This way of ruling Ethiopians has worked for them so far and it is likely they will continue like this. Please don’t expect the Tigre Leeches will be ashamed. It is up to the rest of us to find out what would work for us & wipe them out. Basically, these Tigre cockroaches do not consider themselves belonging to Ethiopia as such. They consider the rest of the Ethiopian people as their enemies (at least potentially). For them it is always “us and them”, and when they get the opportunity, they do not hesitate to attack their perceived enemies (usually quite unexpectedly). They are willing to work with “hodams” only temporarily to use them for their expertise in certain areas and for PR purposes. The “hodams” will be disposed of any time, very often disgracefully, when “semi-qualified” Tigre bloodsuckers are ready to take over. The training of these Tigre parasites is now underway. So no Ethiopian is safe under the rule of TPLF (Tigray Parasitic Looting Front), and it is insane to let it stay in power with all its crimes and destructive future plans. TPLF (Tigray Parasitic Looting Front) is a deadly poison for Ethiopia and it has to go. The struggle against this organization should be intensified by all possible means. We do not have anyone on earth or in the sky to free us; it is up-to-us to get our freedom from the hands of the black colonizers-the Tigre Mafiosi’s.

12/06/11 @ 01:18
Comment from: Mo Ethio [Visitor]
Mo Ethio

Here we go again!!!! divide and rule sounds familiar right? What can I say to the self claimed professor formerly known as Mengistu’s poppet or cadre, still comments negatively about his former country Ethiopia. Al you are not some one spend time to write garbage opinion just to stay in limelight. We know you are a self centered Idiot who hopes some day to grab power. fortunately, you dream is simply a dream. in realty you need to wake up you have being dreaming for long time. your best bet is to move back to Ethiopia and apologize to Ethiopian people.I was wondering if you even have a job. it seems you spend more time thinking about Meles. Wake up Al

12/06/11 @ 01:46
Comment from: negaritoch [Visitor]

Freedom of press in Ethiopia does not exist. The most scary and life threatening act what Meles and Bereket can not stand is media. They both are scared to death and will do anything to control everything. Thank God this was not 15 or 20 years ago. This days hardly you can hide things. Check Iran, Syria etc.. a mobie phone can do a lot and awaken peoples awareness around the world. Our world is getting smaller and smaller every day. The government plot and dictatorship is exposed.
On the other hand, those who need to bring such freedom are also not smart enough to play the game slowly and deadly. Some times they run for “breaking news” without having proof or any confirmation simply feeling to expose the government. Such provocation can not last long as it is like playing with a hungry tiger devouring at his pray. Running out of the country can not be a solution too! Better stay and fight. Simply heard a rumor and AT editor fleed to DC! I can not understand such move if it is taken as bravery. No one dares to be a leader or an example of sustaining despite all the dark and gloomy situation and love to say whatever comes to his mind from outside of Ethiopia. Please let us stand together and fight where it is needed and bring down such brutal dictators.

12/06/11 @ 03:38
Comment from: moged [Visitor]

Prof Almariam, thank you once again for this excellent article. You always say as it is.

As for the Woyane/TPLF terrorists and EPRDF sellouts including Heny, Abdul Megid, Chala, Adhanom, Isreal, Mekonnen, Mo Ethio and the likes you can eat your heart out. Your master Mellesse and his Woyane/TPLF terrorists are scared of the media and specially those heroic journalists that expose Mellesse and his Woyane/TPLF thugs for what they are.

We Ethiopians know that Mellesse and his Woyane/TPLF thugs are nothing but liars and thieves with the track records for high level of deceptions. Mellesse and his thugs does know the truth and don’t want to hear the truth. One of their primary enemies is truthful and ethical journalists that tell as things are. Ethiopians have, for twenty years, seen and experienced Mellesse and his thugs’ cooked up false evidences, made up witnesses, and imaginary crimes against citizens. Mellesse and his criminal thugs have been lying, cheating, kidnapping, torturing, and murdering millions of Ethiopians.

Yes, Mellesse and his Woyane/TPLF traitors not only fought Ethiopians for the secession of Eritrea but campaigned and begged the UN to make Ethiopia a land locked country. Mellesse and his Woyane/TPLF traitors gave the inherent Ethiopian land of Assab Awraja and port to Eretria. Not only that, Mellesse sold and gave Ethiopian territories to Eritrea, the Sudan, Middle East, and Asian countries. The crimes of treasons and treachery Mellesse and his Woyane/TPLF traitors have committed and still commit against Ethiopia and Ethiopians is unheard of and the first in history.

Mellesse and his Woyane/TPLF criminal thugs have continued to commit crimes of kidnappings, tortures, murders, hatred, and terror against Ethiopians of every region and every background. Their crimes are ever increasing in brutality and intensity. We are very grateful for the many truthful and heroic journalists that tell us the truth, expose the dark secret and crimes of this brutal regime, and present the facts with integrity and consistency.

12/06/11 @ 15:13
Comment from: belw [Visitor]

Prof Al. I admire your perseverance and ditermination of continued contribution of interesting articles and informing the Ethiopian people in the mist of some undisplined feed backers who clearly are not willing to learn or know anything except blindly defending the dictator.
The other thing that amazes me is that those people who are asking you to write about Isayas or America which has nothing to do with criticizing Meles for being undemocratic, tyrant or dicator. Few years back, when Isayas was Meles’s darling, these were the same people who used to get a red eye when one speaks about how treacherous and heinous Isayas was. Now, weather we accept it or not, Eritrea is a country with its own people who by choice or force become Eritrean. It is their responsibility to write or criticize about their dictator. What we care is about our own country, Ethiopia and our dictator.
Thank you Al! Let your pen contnue to ooze.

12/06/11 @ 23:52
Comment from: [Member]

Unfortunately, Awaramba Times has been collaborating with Shabia agents by inviting Shaebia agents to write articles, which were published in the weekly journal. The article from Abraha Yaye, an eritrean who closely works with Issayas Afwerki, self-appointed chieftain of Eritrea could be given as an example. I wounder why TPLF-EPRDF did not bring the editor of Awramba Times to account for such acts of betrayal of Ethiopia. It seems both Meles and Issayas are working towards the justification and legalisation of the illegal secession of “Eritrea” from Ethiopia.

Awaramba Times was a provacative weekly. But it was not clearly pro-Ethiopia which opposes the secession of Eritrea or expose the eritrean clique illegal Led by Meles Zenawi & co. hold of power in Ethiopia.

12/07/11 @ 04:08
Comment from: Mehari [Visitor]

Salah Sabbeh!

I think the Professor has done a good job beside his intellingent writing for he is driving you nuts! Obviously you are woyane or ye woyane tultula. Because of your insanity whatever you are typing is an attack on such a great personality instead of his article. This is a normal daily practise of you the wicked, undeserving worobela behaviour. Whatever venom you spitting the great man of Ethiopia Prof. Al will touch your nerve and drive you crazy with his continous insight. You have the right to jump, shout or starting to fly naked along the street.

12/07/11 @ 09:10
Comment from: [Member]

In the current century mass media is the mightiest weapon against tyranny.
It even will be swifter if it had been through the internet, fax and text messaging.
With this note my ample thanks to Awramba group. You guys have paid great sacrifice for your mother land.
The more we utilize all means of mass communications the sooner we shall bring down these greedy hayenas at Arat Kilo.
Death to TPLF.

12/07/11 @ 16:57
Comment from: Tigraway [Visitor]

Your Articles are very exasperating. Actually, I have never read any of them!! But, my sixth sense tells me, you have no compassion and content. You are like a mad dog, who deserve immediate strangulation. I cannot tell you how much I abhor you and the way you think.

12/07/11 @ 21:33
Comment from: Heny [Visitor]

Mesfin B.
You said that slogan a million times in the streets of Washington DC, but to no avail.
No government will colapse by shouting, “Death to TPLF". Jil

12/08/11 @ 06:11
Comment from: jigjiga [Visitor]

Finally the Kenejit group,a frustrated ahmara in diaspora surrendered to the shabiya! kkkk, I love it man to see it in my live such thing is happening in the horn.

In this world live is unpredictable,a lot of strange and surprises would be happening.

Isn’t that strange the Ahmara now begging a help from Afworki,the enemy of Ethiopia!

Prof Al,get a live man and stop writing garbage articles.

12/08/11 @ 13:19
Comment from: [Member]

I will not thank you professor Alemariam enough as to how vividly explain the diference of free press between our Ethiopia and here in the U.S.of A. It is as different as night and day.
Things are reversed back in meles circle where the government( if one calls it really government, It should be named TPLF gnangster’s circle at Arat kilo) is forcing and terorizing and bullying the press.

12/08/11 @ 15:34
Comment from: ensmama [Visitor]

Alemih Yitfa,
Is there freedom of press in the USA?
Is there any news media, newspaper or magazine in US that opposes the US Government? If you know name one.
Then How come out of all these radio and TV stations,and other medias in the entire country have the same view and ideology? Is it because they all agree on every issue? I doubt it!!!
You try to oppose the US government openly or which ever country you reside I will gurantee you, you will be eliminated. You don’t even get enough news coverage. Fact!
We all watched when peaceful demonstrators have been arrested, pepper sprayed while they were sitting, some have received punchs with batons. So what democracy are you advocating about? You are in illusion, in a fantacy world.
You remember when you called out for Land Reform in the 70s, then the Military junta nationalized all Land. What did you do? Again, you opposed it. Right! The Meles regime started leasing land again? You are still whining. You are dilgently asking for full ownership, that is what it has been during HaileSellassie. Your article are all emotionally written without seeing the other side of the coin. You are blind-sided. You may be the same age as Meles, You may know Meles in Addis Ababa University, and you may have a serious issue with him, I am quite sure you have a Motive and personal agenda that you want to accomplish, but let me tell you something, Ethiopian people are way smarter than you think, only your kind of people who are close to retire are the ones becoming parasites to our society. They soon including you will be vanished by natural causes.
It is my observation that through out your writings, your conclusion always the same, i hear the same dog barking, sometimes louder, but it is the same dog with different topic. But you never throw any counter attack,response or try to convince someone with the follow up dialogue this makes me wonder either you are just a talker only, or you there to create illusion, or you are one coward individual who can only bark in the background.

12/08/11 @ 19:18
Comment from: [Member]

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በ ሌ ላ በኩል ደግሞ እንደ አገራችን ያለ አስተዳደር እኔው ወስጄ በልቼ ገፍፌ እኔው የ ፋብሪካው የ ሃብቱ የገንዝቡ የባንኮቹ ሁሉ ባለቤት ነኝ ባይ መንግስት አለን :: እንደዚህ ሲሆን መ እጅ የሚቆጠሩ ሰዎች ደልቶዋቸው ሲኖሩ ብዙሃኑ ደግሞ ሲማቅቅ ሲራብ ሲራቆት ይገኛል ::
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ለዚህም ነው እትዮጵያ የድህነት የበሽታ መናሀርያ እስክ አሁን ሁና ያለችው ::
ሞት ለ መለስ ዜናዊ እና ግብረ አበሮቹ ሁሉ ::
ሞት ለ ቲ ፒ ኤል ኤፍ
ሞት ለ እ ህ ኣ ዴ ግ
ህዝባዊ መንግስት አሁን ::

12/10/11 @ 11:27
Comment from: yefesese kibe aytafes [Visitor]
yefesese kibe aytafes

To ensmama,
I think the gentleman sounds rather confused.a) the democratic tradition in the US is over 200 years old b) The media is owned by a handful media billionaires who support the establishment, i.e, the financially powerful c) He seem not to have heard of any of the myriad laws, guidelines and regulations that control the activities of the media, for example the government has media controllers known as spin doctors who monitor what news papers can and can not say, particularly in times of war or national crisis they are expected to rally with the government even if the the action taken has negative impact to the lives of the people d) the objective of entering into the newspaper business is to make money and not to enlighten and inform the public. These kinds of things are done by specialist magazines and journals. That’s why most newspapers and Tv stations have nothing to offer apart from all sorts of entertainment, music, sport and fruitless discussions about domestic matters and fragmented news reporting..The author of the above article didn’t make any effort to distinguish between what was written centuries ago and what is actually in practice in today’s USA. From reading his article I couldn’t recognising the american press practice he is talking about. If he tries to write favourably about the Taliban or other terrorists the US is having problem with,or criticise US missions in any parts of of the world where it is operating, then he will know it will better for him to compare Ethiopia with Eritrea.

12/10/11 @ 20:50



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