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Ethiopia: Behind the Ethnic Cleansing in Benishangul-Gumuz



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Ethiopia: Behind the Ethnic Cleansing in Benishangul-Gumuz

Ethiopia: Behind the Ethnic Cleansing in Benishangul-Gumuz

By Fekade Shewakena

The despicable and barbaric action of targeting, evicting and deporting ethnic Amaharas from the Benishangul-Gumuz ethnic state in western Ethiopia is a horrific crime and a crime against humanity by any measure and the outrage of Ethiopians across the world is justified. The stories we hear from the victims themselves and the witnesses who saw it are heart wrenching. Thanks to social media and communication technology, we are hearing from the victims themselves and seeing some of their tragic pictures in real time irrespective of where we live. Thanks to the folks at ESAT TV and Radio for the relentless coverage. I have even heard many supporters of the Ethiopian regime, at least those who live outside of Ethiopia, condemn this barbarism. They should be applauded for that. What kind of sane person cannot be outraged when watching this replay of a Nazi pogrom that targets an ethnic group who were literally frog-marched and, in the words of the victims themselves, told to go to “their country” and “wherever their ancestors were born”? What do you feel when you are told this nonsense in your own country, the country your fathers and forefathers defended and died for? The victimized ethnic Amharas were beaten, violently dragged off their homes and forced to pay for the trucks that packed them inhumanely, transported them out of the Benishangul Gumuz state, and dump them at the edge of another ethnic homeland without anything to help them stay even for a day. The government has not even denied or confirmed reports that one truck loaded with more than sixty people had overturned at night and fifty nine deportees were killed. We heard that women were giving birth in the wilderness and children died of suffocation. What kind of decent human being would watch this unconscionable action of a government do this to its own people, particularly to the most vulnerable and not get outraged?

While we are at it, it is good to know that this is a part of Ethiopia where even Sudanese nationals related to tribes inside Ethiopia freely move in and out as they wish and depending on the season of their comfort. Note also that the Amharas are not a minority in this ethnic region. Based on the 2007 census, Amharas with 21.8% are the second largest ethnic group among six other ethnic groups inhabiting the area. The largest ethnic group, the Berta, is only slightly larger than the Amhara at 25.4%. Important to note is also that the Amhara are allowed only to elect officials to all levels of government but cannot be elected themselves - democracy Ethiopian style. And lo and behold, this is the area where we are building the huge Nile Dam that we are being asked to contribute money for and that Sudan and Egypt hate like the plague.

Only the Ethiopian government media thinks it is hiding this horrific story. Embassies of Ethiopia’s donor countries in Addis Ababa, who tirelessly tell us how they care for civilization and human rights, have also chosen to look the other way. This barbarism is theirs too as they are underwriting it in so many ways. That may partly explain their silence. The only silver lining I found in this whole sad story is that the local, indigenous tribes and ethnic groups have not joined the officials in this crime. Many, we even heard, were sympathetic to the victims. We all need to be proud of them. They have not lost their senses even as their chiefs lost theirs.
But here is the major point. Many Ethiopians seem to miss the root cause of this crime and get outraged at the chaffs. The root cause of this ethnic cleansing and the factor that created it is embedded in the vision set out for Ethiopia by its rulers, the TPLF/EPRDF, as soon as they took power. The officials of the Benishangul-Gumuz state and those in Guraferda, Bench Maji Zone, in the Southern Ethiopia Regional State, were executing a Grand Vision imbedded in the creation of the ethnic homeland – the Killil. That is why some officials seem to be surprised by our surprise and were giving incoherent responses to some media interviews. In a way, you can argue that the local officials who are doing this crime are also victims of the Grand Vision which they were told was a good official policy.

The Benishangul officials somehow failed to learn from their comrades in the Southern Regional State in Guraferda Bench Maji who as we speak are doing the same thing. Had they done it a few victims at a time, the outcry would have been easily muted. In the Guraferda case, they seem to get smarter after doing a massive eviction when they started out last year. Now they are doing it on “a smaller group of victims at a time” basis. They seem to have learnt that the larger their victims the louder the visibility and outrage. Other than that, the local officials are doing their job prescribed in the Grand Vision.

When Meles Zenawi said, “what is Axum to the Wolayita and the Castles of Gondar to the Oromo”, he may have spilled the beans quite early in his tenure, but he was not saying it out of ignorance or saying anything outside of what he believed. The suggestion was to create a psychology among people that anybody born outside of your ethnic homeland does not belong with you - that Ethiopia’s numerous ethnic groups are mechanically joined units that share very little among one another. The Grand Vision stipulates that the best way to divide and rule Ethiopia, and fight age-old and powerful Ethiopian nationalism that stood on their way, was to reduce it to divided units and inward-looking ethnic nationalism. Of course, this was not an innovation by Meles or TPLF. It was first invented by the Italians who twice invaded Ethiopia and, to their unforgettable surprise, found out that Ethiopian nationalism is more powerful to tear down, and that it is hard to divide Ethiopians along their ethnicity and conquer their country. A version of the current ethnic map is first made by Italian strategists and visionaries, if you can call them that.
Please don’t get me wrong. I am all for the rights of ethnic groups to promote their cultures, languages, etc., and believe that any attempt at democratizing Ethiopia should do its best to do away with ethnic inequality in the country. I also know it is a challenge for any government trying to address it. I have monkeyed with Marxism- Leninism when I was a collage kid. When I began to see and understanding my country fully, I found out that any solution for Ethiopia’s ills can only be based by studying and understanding Ethiopia and its complexities and devising indigenous solutions and not by importing European ideas. I believe we can find our own solutions.
Anybody who thinks that the motive behind the manufacturing of the “killil state” by the TPLF/EPRDF was to empower ethnic groups and help them promote their language, culture etc, and do away with ethnic inequality, was apparently taken for a ride or has not paid attention to the philosophy embedded in the formation of ethnic homelands – the killil. The fact is you don’t necessarily need the ethnic killil to make ethnic groups or so called “nations” and “nationalities” and “peoples” equal. In fact, for ethnic groups to be equal citizens in the country, you don’t necessarily have put them inside a geographic enclave. I am a student of geography. I can make you digital maps of ideal federal states that can be optimally used to help avoid inequality between ethnic groups, fight poverty, and strengthen the Ethiopian union, all at the same time, by crunching hundreds of variables on a computer. It is even possible to avoid the current ridiculous hierarchical classification of ethnic groups into “nations”, “nationalities” and “peoples” which inherently perpetuates inequality.

The current practice only exposes the regime that it does not have even a slight commitment to the rights of ethnic groups. I know many have come to this conclusion by looking at what the regime is doing to the Agnuak in Gambella. According to current practice in Ethiopia, you will lose your citizenship rights, if you are a citizen at all, as soon as you move from your designated ethnic homeland and move to another. Think about it. In the country where I currently live, the son of a Kenyan immigrant is the President of the country. When I think of it, it painfully reminds me of how far in the past my beautiful Ethiopia still lives in. My children and grand children can become presidents or senators in the country that gave me refuge. My relatives who live outside of their ethnic homeland in their own country are not allowed to run and hold even a “kebele” office. It is simply unconscionable that this is happening in the twenty first century. Has anybody wondered why individuals of mixed ethnicity, which probably number more than thirty million, are forced to choose between their father’s and mother’s ethnicity when they are issued ID cards? Isn’t this a crime against an entire people?

So please don’t tell me that the ethnic homeland states of Ethiopia are set up with the good intention of helping ethnic groups achieve equality. Ato Meles Zenawi and those who shared his Marxist- Leninist views very well know that there cannot be a sustainable oppression of one group of people by another without an economic basis. The only economic basis with which the ruling classes in Ethiopia in the past, be it Amahara or a multiethnic class, was able to oppress another group for a long period of time was because of unequal land ownership. But the dergue, Mengistu Hailemariam’s government, has done away with that seventeen years before the TPLF took over. The dergue also targeted Amharas and killed many. In the absence of an economic basis to point to as the basis of oppression, TPLF leaders have to manufacture some tool. The only tool they found in their tool box was linguistic differences and the hatred of the “other”. People were encouraged to hate one another and feel their differences with others more than what they share in common. That was why they dismissed Ethiopia’s long recorded history, the very thing that joins us in pride as Ethiopians as “Teret” (folk tale). I see many countries use even mythologies to help them promote their union. In Ethiopia we are asked to despise even the facts on our record.

It appears that this hate is bearing bigger fruits with time and that is exactly what we are seeing in Benishangul Gumuz and Guraferda now. What we are reaping is what has been sawn, and I am afraid this is not going to be the end of it and may not stop at the Amhara. We are hearing that some of the Benishangul deportees are now allowed to return. Most probably this is due to the need to mute the worldwide outcry and appease some donors but not out of the realization of the wrong they did. The damage is already done. I have no idea how this traumatized people would live a normal and secure life even if they are returned. Some who are very traumatized are even saying they will better die on a street anywhere than return back.

If Ato Meles Zenawi was alive today, I am sure he would pull all his word-craft to justify the crime in Benishangul-Gumuz. He already did justify the deportation from Guraferda in front of the “parliament” last year by saying that the Amhara “settlers” were destroying forests and doing unplanned use of land. He didn’t even care his justification run in violation of the constitution. You see, in civilized communities across the world, the constitution is meant to protect the people from government excesses and the power government holds over people. In Ethiopia it is only quoted when there is a need to protect the government from the people and often to intimidate and throw critics and opponents into the kaliti dungeon.

The whole idea and talk about oppression of nations and nationalities, as they call them, was propagated only to patronize the ethnic elites and facilitate their cooperation in the Bantustanization of Ethiopia and reduce the country to units manageable to rule. That was how you could manufacture surrogate ethnic parties. This was the reason the multiethnic Ethiopian People’s Democratic Movement (EPDM) was forced to become an ethnic Amhara party overnight, though it is obvious that none of it looks like a party created to help Amharas.

Folks, whether you like it or not, this is the vision that will definitely challenge Ethiopia’s survival as a nation in the future. And this is the vision that all of Ethiopia’s officialdom and party cadres are swearing to preserve. Be afraid not only for the Amhara, this poison embedded in the philosophy of our government’s ethnic policy can destroy Ethiopia if left unreformed. This fire will catch more forests. You ain’t seen nothin' yet, as my American friends would say.

Yes, we are witnessing a painful tragedy in progress and I understand why many of you are crying. I myself did shade some tears when listening to the voices of the unfortunate. But don’t let your tears cloud you from seeing the real reason. There is a need for a huge change in Ethiopia.


Comment from: Habeshian [Visitor]

Well, well, well

TPLF’s ethnic federalism, which was an idea originally conceived by Woyane and their former comrades in Shabia is the cause to all this mess. TPLF clearly knows the problem but the reason they are not doing anything about it is because they want to divide and rule the rest of Ethiopia’s ethnic groups. What TPLF failed to understand is: if things keeps getting worse causing Ethiopia to end up like Yugoslavia, the former East European country which disintegrated after a lengthy ethnic turmoil, Tigrai and Tigrains will pay a hefty price. I wonder how in the world Tigrai is going to survive without the rest of Ethiopia. Here you have a province like Tigrai which has no natural resource, which has no a fertile agriculture land, which has no advanced manufacturing industry….Zilch…Nada… but here they are, the TPLF cadres going around rural Ethiopia inciting ethnic division and hatred. TPLF’s narrow minded ethnocentric cadres are using their power to destroy and abuse poor and impoverished Amara peasants but what they failed to understand is that what goes around comes around. If Benishangul-Gumuz’s EPRDF powers decided to kick out ethnic Amaras, praise God that there is plenty of fertile land in Gojam for them to settle. What TPLF did to their Eritrean cousins is now systematically being done to the Amaras. In the near future the same thing will happen to Tigrains living out side of Tigrai; wait and see!!!! GOD IS WATCHING YOU TPLF

04/17/13 @ 21:31
Comment from: mohamed yohannes [Visitor]
mohamed yohannes

Shame on EPRDF….they are good at hiding things… Diaspora power up!

04/17/13 @ 21:39
Comment from: [Member]

I will start by congratulating the author of this great and powerfull article. I am an accountant by trade, therefore, to be honest, I am not much of a writer. I do follow the situation back home closley and when I do catch an article, news, or any political debate, I step in to appreciate.

What can I say! It is very rare to find an article about Ethiopia or Ethiopians, that one can say is interesting,and to the point. “I” found the following to be very true: Fekade Shewakena wrote:
“Anybody who thinks that the motive behind the manufacturing of the “killil state” by the TPLF/EPRDF was to empower ethnic groups and help them promote their language, culture etc, and do away with ethnic inequality, was apparently taken for a ride or has not paid attention to the philosophy embedded in the formation of ethnic homelands – the killil. The fact is you don’t necessarily need the ethnic killil to make ethnic groups or so called “nations” and “nationalities” and “peoples” equal” (Paragraph 6).

04/17/13 @ 22:21
Comment from: soso [Visitor]

The following video from Youtube titled “How Ethiopian scholars years back questioned Meles Zenawi’s highly divisive policies.
” should be attached with this article :)

Very sick story but some people with righteous indignation need to check their own little history. The author of the above article wrote

” in the words of the victims themselves, told to go to “their country” and “wherever their ancestors were born”? What do you feel when you are told this nonsense in your own country, the country your fathers and forefathers defended and died for”

I am not arguing with what was done to those individuals but what was said above is what was and still being said about Oromos by Amharas. You know the saying

First they came for the jew
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a jew.
Then they came for the Catholics
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Catholics.
Then they came for the Protestant
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade Protestant.
Then they came for me,
and there was no one left to speak for me.

Where were all the people when they were kicking out Eritreans from their homes and land across Ethiopia most of the people probably thought they had it coming to them? Do you remember the family being forcefully separated?

04/17/13 @ 23:09
Comment from: [Member]

The FOOLS & IDIOTS of Diaspora oppositions and stupid crybabies, what happned to the muslim extrimist cause? Didn’t work as you expected it, ha!
Now looks like you people totally lost your mind.
Do you really know what the meaning of ethnic cleansing is? If you are sure that ethnic cleansing to exist in Ethiopia, you need to complain to ICC, at the Haig. Even if one person is killed for the purpose of ethnic cleansing, it is a big crime.
But, unfortunetly as usual, you’re just showing your hollowness and hopelessness, as long as you make noise for few days.
Try to make sense losers!!

04/17/13 @ 23:10
Comment from: C'est moi senait [Visitor]
C'est moi senait

I am just laughing at this article . May be he just graduated from tusi and Hutu genocide cleansing propaganda university .
A primitive propaganda by those shimagile party called Ginfot or what ever they call themselves. A welawayee part.
I hate weyannes too but to write such radicules accusation in NAZRET com and believing that we buy your primitive story is like putting back the newly born child into his mothers womb back . Haaaaa. How deep can Ginboot a shimagile and now full of illiterate tusi and Hutu graduate party go? Haaaaa. I hate weyannes and I hate primitive propaganda too.

04/17/13 @ 23:14
Comment from: asteway [Visitor]

A wonderful and powerful piece, Thank you!!! BTW, Instead of geography, you better major political science.
As we all know, from the beginning,, Shabias’ main agenda is/was to destroy Ethiopia. That’s why they created an anti Ethiopian organization called TPLF. Soon after, the young, arrogant and confused TPLF cadres were brainwashed (by the shabias’) the importance of destroying Ethiopia and , to do so, the need for the system called “ethnic federalism”. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand why TPLF cadres (after seizing power) created ethnic based territories, parties, identification cards, and even license plated. In short term this might help them to maintain the divide and rule policy to cling to power. In general, this is going to be a great danger to the existence of Ethiopia as a whole, In particular, however, this will be a grave mistake for minority ethnic groups such as the Tigray. This system needs to be reversed as soon as possible, otherwise as Mengistu Hilemariam once said “ABIYOT LEJOCHIWAN TEBELALECH”. Ethnic federalism might eat Tigres themselves alive. We saw a glimpse of that in the 2005 election, some innocent Tigres were burned alive in Addis.

04/18/13 @ 00:51
Comment from: Imperial Body Guard [Visitor]
Imperial Body Guard

‘In our own times, there are those expansionists who by shedding blood, desire to achieve their ambition and by dismembering themselves they are seen as tools for alien interests. Our people from Ethiopia shed blood, to save them from disintegration. Those personalities who believe in freeing a country by secession are selfish and prey to outsiders. We will not accept their motives.’ Selected speeches of HIM Negus Haile Selassie I, page 426

“The aim of those leaders that is based on ambition for power and personal gain is one with no firm foundation and will, consequently, crumble easily.” Selected Speeches of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I, page 471

“Every structure must be built on a solid foundation, for those constructed otherwise would soon collapse. The proclamation by which We made land grants to the entire Ethiopian people is the foundation of this scheme.” Selected Speeches of HIM Haile Selassie I, page 487

Long Live the Constitutional Monarchy!
Long Live African Unity!
Long Live the Charter of the United Nations!
Fire burn down the alien imposed federation star of secession
Rise with the Lion of Judah!
Gasha for Ethiopians!
Long Live Independent Ethiopia!

04/18/13 @ 01:00
Comment from: Seattle [Visitor]

Although I have sympathy with those uprooted Ethiopians with no reason, whether they are Amharas, Gambellas, Afars, Oromos, and Somalis etc… In a country where a foreigner can get a hectare of fertile farm land for less than a dollar, But I have no regard to those who cry loud only when their tribe is affected. Please be consistent across the board, don’t come here and shout only when Amharas are the victims.

04/18/13 @ 02:11
Comment from: Retta [Visitor]

1. መለስ ዜናዊ፣ በአባቱም በእናቱም ሕዝብና ሃገር ያጠፋ የባንዳ ዘር ኤርትራዊ
2. ስብሃት ነጋ፣ በእናቱ የባንዳ ልጅ ኤርትራዊ (በናቱ በኩ&#4621&#59;)
3. አባይ ፀሃየ፣የባንድ ልጅ አክሱም
4. ሥዩም መስፍን የባንዳ ልጅ ኤርትራዊ
5. አርከበ እቁባይ፣ የባንዳ ልጅ አድዋ
6. ዶ/ር ሰሎሞን እንቋይ፣የባንዳ ልጅ ኤርትራዊ (በአባቱ በኩ&#4621&#59;)
7. ጸጋይ በርሄ፣ የባንዳ ልጅ ኤርትራዊ
8. ጻድቃን ገብረተንሳይ፣ የባንዳ ልጅ ኤርትራዊ
9. ቴዎድሮስ ሃጎስ፣የባንዳ ልጅ ኤርትራዊ
10. አባይ ወልዱ፣ የባንዳ ልጅ ኤርትራዊ (በአባቱ በኩ&#4621&#59;)
11. ቴዎድሮስ አድሃኖም፣የባንዳ ልጅ ኤርትራዊ
12. ደብረጽዮን ገ/ሚካኤል፣የባንዳ ልጅ (የሻእቢያ ፈዳያን የነበ&#4648&#59;) ኤርትራዊ
13. አዜብ መስፍን፣ እድገቷ ኤርትራና ሱዳን ፀገዴ (ጸረ-አማ&#4651&#59;) 7

04/18/13 @ 03:19
Comment from: EndWorld? [Visitor]

How many evil people are walking as human beings?

In Ethiopia, TPLF of the Tigree are grabbing resources, killing people, deterring students from University particularly of the Oromos. Amharas are also feeling the same pains from the TPLF. Why Oromo and Amhara so far failed to unite and throw the devil? A single suggestion: don’t criticize and fight Benshalguli, Gambela, Afar and so on being inflicting any conflict on Oromo and Amhara. Rather, unite and act to remove the source of the Satan, the TPLF.

In the developed country, people try to take the live of others like by using “ricin". Why do the evil people like to inflict pains on the innocent people? More than to hear even the existence of such type: “ricin", it is even shocking to hear how poisons would send with letter. Even why those poisons are allowed to be produced? Another odd! Then, what would be happen to those who don’t have a mean to detect such poisons but may be getting with letter?

04/18/13 @ 05:43
Comment from: hoho [Visitor]

You’ve made your bed, now lie in it.

you wasted time lecturing us how and why TPLF is the enemy of ethiopia than how to cut it down before it grows.

another long winded piece fit for those who treasure being the victimised.

TPLF is serving you right.

04/18/13 @ 05:59
Comment from: [Member]

ትህ ይለናል አንድ ግዜ በ ክዊሃ ከተማ ሳለሁ ከ መቀሌ አካባቢ ያለች ትንሽ ከተማ ነች : አንድ ትግሬ ምን አለ የ ሸዋ በሬ እና የትግራይ በሬ የተለያየ ነው አለ!!!
ገርሞኝ አስከ አሁን አስታውሰዋለሁ::
የ ቲ ፒ ኤል ኤፍ ወንበዴዎች ከመጀምርያውም የ ጥላቻ የ መለየት ጠባይ እያሳዩ ነበር ትግላቸውን የጀመሩት::
እንዲያውም ከ ኢ ኤል ኤፍ ጋራ ስምምነቱ የጋራ ጠላት የነበርውን ደርግን አብሮ በመጣል ብሎም ኤርትራን እንድትገነጠል አድርገው የራሳቸውን ክልል ማካበብ አላማ አርገው ነው የተነሱት:: ይህ በ አካባቢው ባሉ በሰሪ አረቦች ገንዘብ የተደለሉት ሃማሴኖችና ትግሬዎች መስልዋቸው ይሀው ኤርትራ ተገንጥላ በድህነት ስትማቅቅ እነሱም ይህን ደረቅ መሬት ይዘው ለብቻቸው ለመሆን ሃሳብ እንዳላቸው አልጠራጠርም::
ሃቁ ግን ይህ ደረቅ አገር ምንም ያልለማ ሲሆን
እድገት የሌለው ቦታ ሁኖ ህዝቡ በረሃብ የተቀረው ወደ አዲስ አበባ ለልመና ይሄዳል::
ጋድያ በ ስልጣን ላይ ያሉት ጥቂት ሽፍታዎች ብቻ ነው የተንደላቀቁት::
ኢሳይያስ አፈወርቂም ሆነ የ ኢ ህ አ ዴ ግ አባላት ይሀው እየጨቆኑ ይኖራሉ::
መላው 90 ሚሊዮን ኢትዮጵያዊ ግን ይማቅቃል::

04/18/13 @ 06:45
Comment from: Metekel Awraja [Visitor]
Metekel Awraja

First big thank to ESAT and lots of Ethiopians that are exposing the woyane atrocity targeting the Amhara.

More than half of Beshangul-Gumuz(woyane created fake territory) was part of Gojam for centuries. The people lived in the area behalf the Amhara were/are Nilotic people learned how to dress, eat and be civilized by the Amhara. It is a Joke and Satanic Act bunch or criminal woyanes are able to behave the way they are doing including against the brave people of Gojam.

Berta which is the biggest Ethnic group with 20+ came to the area 70 years ago from Sudan. Read history. They are forced to immigrate in the area.

Who is behind the ethnic cleansing?

For sure not the local people but woyane including Sick, mad and crazy, old Sebhat Nega and Bereket Simon and the Kilil Officials including the president.

There is no doubt that there is/are foreign forces behind. That is no evil and criminal that the English foreign policy.

The English aid is intended to divide and quarrel Ethiopians based on Ethnic policy their agent woyane is implementing.

In Kenya and other English speaking nations they are financing children to be learned in English. If the Children what to learn in their native language based on Ethnic, they will not finance it. Instead they are giving lots of incentives/gifts to students/children that are studying English.

When it comes to Ethiopia, they are intentionally financing and giving lots of efforts including financial and secret advice to the woyanes in order all children including from the smallest ethnic groups to get education in their own language. Because they know people would choose Amharic than English.

Not long ago a woyane media (Ethiopian TV) has announced in Beshangul Gumuz children are getting education in their native language. Do you know who was in the ceremony? an old and look like child molester English man wearing like natives as his country men and women are doing all over Ethiopia including in the Omo area.

The reason why they do this is not because they do care about the children education, but they know this is the perfect strategy to destroy Ethiopia in the long run which is their policy and woyane is there to work for them. The English are doing this in the name of aid which is slaping in teh face

If learning own native language is so essential, why is England not allowing the 1.3 million Pakistani, 1.5 million Indians, 100s thousands of Greeks, Turks, Arabs, Polish, Nigerians, Somalians and other living in England to learn in their native language. Only in London there are more than 200.000 Bangladesh. Yet they don’t allow or give money to get education in Bengali.

But in Ethiopia they come from far and doing lots of effort to Educate Ethnic groups in their own language despite some of them are not even 20.000 thousands.

However, the silent is broken. From now on Ethiopians must have the right to live, work and have equal right as Ethiopians in any place within the country. In Beshangul which is half it is part of Gojam, Amhara or any Ethiopian must have the right to feel at home including the right to vote and being elected.

Woyane is sick and crazy. They are asking foreigners to get 4 million hectare of land while the great Amhara Farmers are not allowed to get their own country land.

The matter has to reach at UN, AU, ICC and other places exposing woyane responsible about. Enough is enough.

04/18/13 @ 07:10
Comment from: Nenewe [Visitor]

Ethnic federalism has been a hoax. What we are witnessing is more than eviction of settlers. The hatred woyanes have for Amharas run deep in their psyche they still see them as a threat to their hegemony of power. Their struggle from the outset was based on hatred of Amhara people. They used this hatred to deceive Tigres to join the guerrilla war to liberate Tigrai.
The only way to stay in power indefinitely, they reasoned long time ago, is to divide the people along ethnic lines and play one off the other. Amharas have taken the brunt of this inhuman treatment to such an extent that they are not allowed to live wherever they wish to in their own country. Woyanes dictate their policy which always is designed to consolidate their grip on power and the country they never considered their own in the first place. People are treated second citizen, or worse in their own land.
Those Amharas who joined the war against the Derg and hold positions in the gov’t are equally responsible for the barbaric acts being perpetrated against innocent people of Amhara. These traitors are sitting in parliament and regional offices and watch the unfolding crisis of their people without doing anything about it. They are part of the grand scheme of dismantling the social fabric of the society. The president of Amhara region is not even an Ethiopian, let alone Amhara.
The late tyrant would feel proud of his disciples for following through his master plan of ethnic federalism, which can easily be translated into ethnic ghetto.

C’est moi senait [Visitor]

You must have confused the article above with whatever you were holding in your hands or watching Hotel Rwanda. Either way, you shouldn’t be laughing unless you’ve lost your marble? The author superbly put in perspective the machination of Woyanes to accomplish their evil agenda of seeing the country break apart to rule a divided country indefinitely.


You forgot to use your creative acronym FIDO. Were you told not to? Too creative for their tastes.

You can’t lose your mind if you don’t have one to begin with. One can use different term to describe the mistreatment of these people. Must have taken a long time to find the meaning of it hence lost the battle for posting your mindless comments first. Nothing of substance is expected from you given that your primary source of info. and inspiration, not your own free choice, are ETV, Tonline, Adgiforum and the rest which are fit for trashy cadres devoid of any compassion.

04/18/13 @ 09:12
Comment from: Mario [Visitor]

soso [Visitor]said:

“Where were all the people when they were kicking out Eritreans from their homes and land across Ethiopia most of the people probably thought they had it coming to them? Do you remember the family being forcefully separated?".

Are you blaming Ethiopian people for the expulsion of Eritreans? Where you on planet earth when that happened? Please don’t pretend here you don’t know who the perpetrators were at the time.

And, where were you when Ethiopians were expelled from Eritrea? Where you on Mars? Ethiopians do not blame Eritreans for that, but hold Essayas and his regime accountable.

Are you afraid to tell woyanes and Essays ethnic cleansing is a crime against humanity and punishable by at least international law.

Tell the truth. It won’t at least kill you like Essays.

04/18/13 @ 10:06
Comment from: Tefera [Visitor]

i found it very hard an ethiopian will evict another ethiopian simply because of his ethnic, specially when that tribe is as strong as amara in ethiopias case. there has got to be more to the story. people like shewkena should becareful and weigh the consequences of their message, if they truly care for ethiopia and all of her people.

04/18/13 @ 10:26
Comment from: Mario [Visitor]

This time, it is the Amharas. The question is, who is next? Any non-Tigrayan ethnic group that is not favored by woyanes is a potential target for ethnic cleansing. This is based on the over 20 years of track record of woyanes!

Do you know that all persons ID card in Ethiopia shows their ethnic identity as Amhara, Gurage, Oromo, etc? Why? Why?Why?

When Woyanes implemented “Killil” and fake federalism, it was meant to divide and conquer/rule the people. When they made “ethnic ID cards” a must on holders, they were preparing the ground work for ethnic cleansing. When the time is right for them, all they do is check for the ethnicity of the card holder and send him to his/her “birth place” or “place of origin” or death camps. Where on earth is that “place of origin” or “birth place?” for all those poor souls? For woyanes, it has never been Ethiopia.

Ethnic cleansing is something that is circulating in Woyanes blood. The expulsion of Muslims from Ethiopia in the name of purifying Christianity by their “blameless” emperor, Yonannes IV is a good and a living testimony. With this crime, they did not get away with it. The emperor paid the ultimate price for his crime. Is history going to repeat itself in the form of ethnic cleansing this time? As far as we Ethiopians are concerned, it is happening right now in front of our eyes. At this rate, it is not going to slow down or stop soon. Am I going to wait until the cleansing affects my only ethnic group? I will leave the answer to readers.

At this juncture, I remind readers to visit what Pastor Martin Niemöller wrote on ethnic cleansing:

With our persistence and resilience, Ethiopia and Ethiopians will survive!!!

May wisdom/rationality outlive human stupidity!!!

04/18/13 @ 11:07
Comment from: warya@5 [Visitor]

My sympathy is the displaced Ethiopians,but blaming all the wrongs on the Ethnic federalism is great mistake and misleading.
While this system is not perfect ,we have to fix and if necessary accommodate special ethnics who are already spread across the country.We will always have ppl displace for development,here and there.
We will always have ethnic clashes among us, neighbors in rural fertile lands.
Some Ethnics are already have more wealth than the others,and more political weight than the others.
The gab between the rich and the poor is growing, and inequality is growing as capitalism is growing too.
As an Ethiopian who has seen how wars and narrow nationalism destroy the stability of peaceful communities,I pray we use our brains not only the emotions.

04/18/13 @ 12:21
Comment from: [Member]

An action taken by irresponsible regime officials to dislocate thousands of people should be condemned. We expect someone to take responsibility.

The gruesome actions can only bring hate and longstanding conflicts. Officials who are in charge of this ethnic cleansing should read history and learn from fascists, nazis, Hutu and Tutsi genocide. Finally, all responsible parties have paid the price!…..


04/18/13 @ 14:13
Comment from: Bahre [Visitor]

Another bootlicker of the west Obang Metho, After his diatribe on the all famous accusations towards the government, forwards recommendations to the US and other donors:


“Put pressure on the Ethiopian government to recognize human rights and provide social and environmental safeguards in land investment practices. Ethiopia is dependent on international aid and as such, donors are in a powerful position to demand that Ethiopia lives up to its international obligations and implements the above recommendations. Aid flows should be restricted if Ethiopia is not living up to international human rights, good governance, and indigenous rights standards.

Ensure that not aid monies are going into any project that will be involved in land investment in its present form. Aid monies should not be funnelled towards projects that will make it easier for land investment in its present form to continue to take place.

Aid flows be considered to aid and assist Ethiopian government in achieving the above goals. Many of the above recommendations will more easily be implemented if the financial support is available to support them.”

Down with traitors!!

04/18/13 @ 14:59
Comment from: Ras Thomas and Associates of Ethiopian Patriots. [Visitor]
Ras Thomas and Associates of Ethiopian Patriots.

I am in USA, and I one of the Benishangula community that you are talking about. I am also, member of the societ of Ethiopian Patriots.
Mr. Fakeda you are lier of lies.
We know Mr. Almanyehu works for Eritrea. Just, we are asking you who you work for ? Egypt or Eritrea?
Fakeda, What you don’t know those who you are working are your enemies, but unfortuntely, you are ignorant about that. Those Eritreans and Egyptian have dream to see Ethiopia all burned by civil war and the want to see your mother and sisters refugees in Sudan or Somalia to be fucked by Muslims, as happened every day to our those poor Eritreans
in Sinai desert.
Mr. Fakeda, you are fool !!!!!!

04/18/13 @ 15:36
Comment from: [Member]

To Addis Zemen
what an amazing and well educated person you are. My admire to you you have said it all noting to add

just thank you
you are a true Ethiopian
death to ethiopia’s enemies

04/18/13 @ 15:53
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Very Well Adgi ,many opposition patriotic groups whether in the Diaspora even inside the country have already organised themselveses to make filed the cases of the Crimes of your Agazi Masters to the ICC .You and your Thuggy bros must consult Lawyers and even prepare your defense ,cause you will soon be convened by the International Judicial System as an accused or a witness for ,Advocating Advising ,Masterminding ,even participating on the Crimes of Genocide against the Amhara Peoples .

04/18/13 @ 15:59
Comment from: [Member]


Blamming local and regional officials for the injustice made on amhara settlers was the right thing to do. But going to the extent of rejecting the current federal state arrrengement exposes your hidden agenday. We all know that the Amharas are not happy with federalism. Now, most of them are trying to pursuade us beliveve that a unitary government is best. My question is “best for who"?

Fekada tries to make a point that the amaharas are many in number, and they should take the leadership in Beninshangul. This sentiment would remain on paper. Gone are days where the Chika shuum, local chiefs, provincial representatives, etc were only from the Amhara. This is absolute infringement of indigenous population- and you can’t sell this idea to the west and south people of ethiopia.

04/18/13 @ 17:32
Comment from: Mario, the child! [Visitor]
Mario, the child!

I have sympathy with those deported too, but WHERE were you when more than 500 oromos were killed in a single night and more than 15,000 displaced in 2008 from the same region? No you cry because you think Amharas are better humans than non amharas! Application of the logic of Benshangul means we have no choice but deport every ethnic group other than oromos from oromia, beginning with Finfinnee, and you know where it ends. If oromos are displaced from other “states” naturally they have no choice but resettle in what is said Oromia and all others have to leave oromia. I am tired of reading your bulls##t cry only when Amharas feel hurt and you don’t care a shit when non-amharas are displaced and massacred in Dhedhessa, Omo, Awassa, Hararghe, Anuak, and so on… I think that is why most people have reservations against you!

04/18/13 @ 18:29
Comment from: soso [Visitor]

@ Mario said

“And, where were you when Ethiopians were expelled from Eritrea? Where you on Mars? Ethiopians do not blame Eritreans for that, but hold Essayas and his regime accountable. “

When that happened i wasn’t even a teenager what did you want me to do, go on a hunger strike lol better yet i could have cried nonstop.

Anyways thanks for the history lesson i didn’t know Ethiopians were kicked out of Eritrea I didn’t even ponder the possibility there were Ethiopians living in Eritrea .

Anyways my point was most of those people crying foul didn’t say anything when they were prosecuting other ethnic groups and calling them names. They probable concluded it was for the betterment of mama Ethiopia. Two wrong don’t make it right. What is happening if true is wrong. Evil never goes unpunished either in this life or the next.

04/18/13 @ 19:06
Comment from: Ayelech [Visitor]

Thanks ESAT for exposing this heinous ethnic cleansing crime on Amharas.

Alas Amharas have no choice but to fight and defend themselves and to bring those TPLF criminals to face justice. From day one Woyane has been engaged in ethnic cleansing of Amaras, Oromia and Gambellas because they devoutly love their country without whining and complaining why they are poor or not. Woyanes always complain about everything and they think we are obligated to cater to Tigras needs as if the rest doesn’t matter.

The Benishangul tragedy is not the first one but the one that caught our attention. Millions of Amahars have been silently killed in Gonder area to take their land, in the south, east, west and in Addis Ababa.

Anti- Amharas sentiment was the organizing factor of Woyane. The are taught to hate Amharas from child hood day in and day out. They will never change from being haters. It is ingrained in them and becomes part of who they are.

They are very dangerous people that should never be trusted stay in power.

All houses demolished houses in Addis Ababa and around the country were owned by Amharas and there are more homes targeted under the same ethic cleansing scheme. The plot is to make Amharas, Oromos and Gambellas landless, homeless thus will be easy for Woyane to keep power to itself.

State Land ownership equates to TPLF ownership.

More on this ethinc cleansing plot can be seen on you tube under ” The Silent Genocide on the Amahric Documentary".

04/18/13 @ 19:27
Comment from: Ittu Aba Farda [Visitor]
Ittu Aba Farda

I am not surprised by this story showing the ugly face of human behavior. The hate/war drum on a specific ethnic group has been loudly played since the mid 1970’s. Even children used to be given wooden guys in Tigray and urged to shout ‘Tokuus Amharai, Tokuus Amharai’ for a long time. I was told this story by a long time Tigryan friend who was disgusted by such bad upbringing of innocent children. Such foul behavior by the young generation of Benishangul region shows their graduation from such academy of hatred and bigotry conceived and perpetrated by these goons who came out of the joint called Dedebit. They had told my own misguided individuals in Oromia to go out and just kill/drive out so-called Neftegnas. And history has it on records that it had happened in Bedeno and other places. I have told you before how a small town I was born and grew up has changed and lost it rainbow beauty. Now it is a monochrome town virtually cleansed of all other ethnic groups. I don’t call that liberation when a village is made 99.99% unitary by forcefully throwing out others. I am afraid such ugly behavior is going to escalate unless an outside pressure is exerted on these hooligans who now call Arat Kilo home. It is a shame to see our people are being pushed to go asunder. It stings to high heaven!!!!

04/18/13 @ 20:03
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

The uprooting and eviction of ethnic Amaras from their homes and land, just because they are Amara[which is by definition ethnic cleansing] was indeed an act of savagery perpetrated by the overzealous henchmen of federalist woyanes. I understand the government has decided to put the blame on its low level cadres this time around, but as we all remember the late Prime minister’s speech in the parliament right after the eviction of ethnic amaras from the so called Debub Kilil, under ethnic federalism, Ethiopians have lost their birth right to live and work anywhere within their sovereign country. Shiferaw Shigute and Meles Zenawi were adamant in their refusal to admit any wrong doing when they decided to uproot the Amaras out of Benchi Maji zone. Therefore, the problem is not the obvious rampancy of ignorance and incompetence amongst the woyane/eprdf cadres in this case. Ethnic Federalism is the culprit.

Once the woyanes have divided the country into ethnic enclaves, an incidence of this kind is bound to happen sooner or later. In other word, ethnic based mass eviction is a natural consequence of the system the woyane’s have designed and implemented allegedly to end “the oppressive rule of the Shewa Amaras", as Meles stated repeatedly in his rebel years, on Ethiopia and Ethiopians. Evidently, the mass eviction and maltreatment of Amaras were what have soon followed the downfall of the Derg regime. Ethinc Amaras have been forced to leave their property and land in current day eritrea, harari kilil, oromia kilil, debub kilil, somali kilil and now benishangul kilil. They have been harassed and murdered all under the watchful eyes of the government. That, of course, is a violation of the Amaras’ constitutional right to live and work within their own country. It is ethnic cleansing.

Ethnic federalism violates the sacred nature of the Ethiopian citizenship and renders it useless within the country. In Southern regional state for instance, a kebele’s id from that region is more important than the Ethiopian passport. In other word, the Ethiopian passport has strangely more currency outside than inside the country today. It is in that wickedly laughable spirit the cadres in Benishagul told the Amaras “to go to their country". That is also the ridiculous reason why ethnic Amaras are not allowed to run for office in Benishangul Gumz even if they are the second majority in that Kilil. Contrary to that, the current president of the Amara region, Ato Ayalew Gobeze[a well liked honest man btw as far as i know], is for instance an Agaw from Gojam. Why is it possible for an Agaw to lead a region that is named after the Amaras but impossible for an Amara even to live outside the woyane-designated Amara kilil? If we are to apply the policy in Benishangul, there is no place for someone like Bereket Simoen for instance to live let alone practice politics within Ethiopia. In short, the system woyanes prophesied to cure the illness within Ethiopia has only created more problems, brought a plague for the Amaras and dictatorship to all.

04/18/13 @ 20:39
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Association Of Bandas ,you have never been a beneshagul a shenasha ,nore a gumuz guy ,but a simple
Agazi sellout ,Northern Amice Banda .Your then Looter master and all his Agazi-Amice bros are all known as Shabyan Products ,enslaved by Arabs to desmantle and destroy the Unity and Sovereignty of Ethiopia . Certainly not Prof Al and the True Ethiopian Patriots .

04/19/13 @ 00:12
Comment from: George [Visitor]

You nailed it again, they are indeed jumping from one issue to another paint a negative image of Ethiopia and dedicated leaders.

All this rubbishing business has of course no truth. It is indeed devilish to think about ethnic cleansing going on in Ethiopia today. That was during the Derg regime when the likes of the owner of the article and Almariam the traitor never cared to mention to any one let alone voice in any other way. I suppose at that time the people who were threatened by ethnic cleansing were not his people, evethough they were displaced in their thousands and deprived of food to sustain their lives.

I do not believe neither TPLF, nor PERDF nor Meless alone planned a federal system for Ethiopia. Back in 1991 when the Derg abandoned the country leaving to the mercy of those with separatist agenda. At the time some parties headed by Shaebya wanted to disintegrate the country. So the country-loving parties dedicated to keeping Ethiopia united believed that freedom of nations and nationalities through a federal system should satisfy everyone and to keep the country united. For the last 20 years it is evident that the country remained united and peaceful than ever before. This shows beyond doubt the system that has been working in other countries is also working in Ethiopia. Despite this reality the owner of the article is painting a negative image of the system. What is wrong with giving nations and nationalities their God given rights to develop the area they live in, to develop their culture and to enable them to elect their own local leaders under the umbrella of their country? In this process it is naive to expect everything to be smooth going.

Incidents like what is reported in Gambella happens even under the best arrangements of governance. Those who write so badly about every aspect and incidents in Ethiopia are only bent to causing mayhem of the likes of yugoslavia, Rwanda, etc. But God is with Ethiopia and those who are working hard for lasting peace and prosperity of the country deserve some credit. You can see and hear on the world media that God has continued to bless Ethiopia. Doomsday mongerers would never see their bad dreams realised in Ethiopia.

Peace and prosperity for Ethiopia

04/19/13 @ 07:32
Comment from: [Member]

I have sympathy to all displaced populations.

But we support ethnic federalism,it is important our ID shows who we are first afar,amara,oromo ,somali,sidama….Up to this day Ethiopia is well known all over the world but not the real inhabitants why? For how our nationalities,language,culture,be hidden?

04/19/13 @ 07:46
Comment from: The goverment is right on this!! [Visitor]
The goverment is right on this!!

The only difference between Zimbabwian “white owned” land and Ethiopias “Amhara owned” land is in the skin color of the “owners". Otherwise they are both ILLEGAL settlers in the first place. Do you have any sympathy with the indigenous people the Amharas had displaced and settle on their land? or What did the Amharas bring to the people on whose land they forcefully settled??

We plan to do the exact same thing in oromia, very soon. Thank you EPRDF, but it needs to be expanded, not only limited to Benshangul!!

04/19/13 @ 12:47
Comment from: Mario [Visitor]

soso [Visitor]
@ Mario said:

“When that happened i wasn’t even a teenager what did you want me to do, go on a hunger strike lol better yet i could have cried nonstop".

You see Soso, I did not blame you for being a teenager or expecting you to shade tears. I am disagreeing with what you said (opinion). FYI, that is actually very healthy as far as debating is concerned.

Before you comment the way you did, you need to wise-up first. Get informed and be knowledgeable about your mama country. That’s all we all need. Wise up first and foremost!!!

Now I know you are a teenager. Do I need to accept all you write? Absolutely not. We all have the obligation to tell the truth and educate each other. Don’t we?

Most of all, thank you for letting readers now you know Ethiopians were also expelled in their thousands from Eritrea. I hope this will trigger you to read, ask and know more about it and educate us too.

May wisdom outsmart human stupidity!!!

04/19/13 @ 13:16
Comment from: Mario [Visitor]

Stop your double standards!! [Visitor] said:

“If oromos are displaced from other “states” naturally they have no choice but resettle in what is said Oromia and all others have to leave oromia".

OMG!!! You are basically not against ethnic cleansing as a crime against humanity, but a supporter, an advocate, a campaigner, a believer, and a sponsor of it. What you wrote above says it all!

FYI, Amharas are not voicing for your sympathy, but voicing against a crime of highest degree. You are telling readers Oromos were/are victims of ethnic cleansing and at the same time blame Amharas for not voicing against their agony.

I don’t think any sound minded Amhara waited until his/her turn of cleansing is right. They were voicing against the divisive federal system (ethnic politics), partiality, corruption, economic and political dominance by woyanes since they grabbed power. Now you read and hear more about Amharas ethnic cleansing because of its increased force and intensity. Nothing less, nothing more. And you call this “double standard". What kind of nonsense is this? Please come back to your senses.

I lived in Europe and I am living in the US now. I worked and made a living in any part of the country I lived in Europe. I now have the right to live, work and make a living in any state of my choice here in the USA. Does this click something in your skull at all? Contrary to human rationality and wisdom, you advocate for ethnic politics and cleansing. Is this the best and right thing that makes sense to you in your life? Or, revenge is sweeter than sweets to you?

Mr./Ms., this is not a time for blaming each other. It is a sign of stagnation and will not get us any where.

Think about it buddy.

May wisdom/rationality outlive human stupidity!!!

04/19/13 @ 14:09
Comment from: Jackson [Visitor]

Land must be owned by citizens not by TPLF profiteer goons.

Land right now is controlled by one Ethnic Tigrea TPLF mafias not by a government.

Profiteers and predators controlling power is not a government but a group of Tigre occupying force that is there to satisfy their economic needs .

Government should always includes various ethnic groups based on their experience and ability and this is not the case in Ethiopia.

Ethnic cleansing has been the top priority of TPLF Tigreas since the inception of TPLF. Amharas were the first target because they are the majority that proved to keep the country safe and lived peacefully with everyone storing pride and making everyone live any where and the way they want to.

Besides the hate for Amharas and ethic cleansing the other reason behind this forceful eviction and relocation based on ethnic fences is to get cultivated land from farmers to:

1- to make Amharas destitute and starved after losing their farm land and livelihood

2- to sell land to Saudi Arabia government so TPLF get its profit.

3- to drive out its people so only Tigreas will occupy the land

Same as in Gambella, Omo, now in Ogaden, Sidama, Harere, Gonder and all over Ethiopia.

04/19/13 @ 15:14
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

To the Agazi parrot advocating his master’s Crime of Genocide against the Amhara Peoples .First of all the Zimbabwan lands owned by white farmers had never been returned back to the black farmers but simply given to Mugabe’s Family members and to the ZANU’s nomanclaturas . Displaced Amhara farmers from Benishagul never occupy
illegally a single hectar . This is the land that they did own for centuries ,afterall a part of Benishangul was the then known Metekel Awradja which was part of Godjam where peoples of Amhara and Benishangul origins live side by side in harmony .When you call ,your looter masters to commit Ethnic cleansing against the Amharas,by the way what about the half millions of Tigrai Invaders settled in Welkaite Tegedde ,invading Raya’s and Afar’s lands .What about Northern peoples with the help of TPLF and EFFORT who own
many business in many parts of the country .For your Information Shashemene is not in Tigrai ,nor Awassa ,nor Gondar ,even not Addis nor Jimma where many Tigre Mafiosis owwn illegal business .And what about Anuyak lands after the Indegenous have been desplaced by force ,today occupied by Northern Invadors next to the Hindus and the Sheraton Sheik Farmlands . This guy is no more no less the Amice Parrot AZ ,whom disguised with ethnical based fake identities is trying to spread the poison of his Agazi masters .

04/19/13 @ 15:49
Comment from: soso [Visitor]

@ Mario

well said.

But i am not a teenager anymore. there is a saying from the bible
1 Corinthians 13 :11
“When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me.”

04/19/13 @ 16:16
Comment from: Tulu Proud ET [Visitor]
Tulu Proud ET


Thank you. That is the paradox EPRDF Tigres live under.

In short organized Tigrea mafias want Ethiopia without Ethiopians.

On one hand they gave themselves unlimited rights to go and confiscate land and property and on the other denying the same right to citizens.

This kind of unjust and immoral law or ruling should faced with civil disobedience and uprisings.

No one should be afraid to stand against unjust, predatory regime and immorality. Soon everybody will follow.

Like the saying “ ye leba ayne Derek meliso lebe yaderk”. It is a new lesson we have to learn and update our systems with what we are faced with.

Tigres and their cronies know what they are doing and they like it because it is what they planned to do. But they hope it stays covered until we wake up one day with tragic surprises ( after it is too late to change the course) no home, no land, no family, no neighbors and no country.

It is only Tigreas live and own land and businesses all over Ethiopia while the century residents are forced to vacate.

Only Tigreas are free to own land but not Amharas, Oromos, Gambellas and so and so forth. Ethiopia is a country where citizens right is violated by the occupying EPRDF regime.

04/19/13 @ 17:42
Comment from: Mario, the child! [Visitor]
Mario, the child!


First lets think about victims of terror for second! Look what terrorists did in Boston. They came from most troubled regions of this world as children (like many of us), asked asylum (like many of us), lived best cities and got education in the most prestigous universities (like many of us) and all of a sudden blew up not only the very people who fed and raised them from misery but also everyone under the sky, including children and our own athlets (unlike any of us). In my case they effectively prevented me from celebrating my favourte athlet as I usually do. I don’t Know what is running in their brain. But, there must be something we don’t know. But what justifies targeting everyone under the sky? I see none.
Can you imagine this happening in Ethiopia? Hope no.

So, lets get back to your topic, Amhara “deportation".

You must be living in a fools paradise, Sir. You just can’t go anywhere and settle as you like any more. Even columbus had to some fighting before conquring america. try to go to any country without legal papers and hope you wont be surprised if you end up in jail.

Or better still, try camping for a day on someones yard without permission and lets talk the next morning how you were treated.

Answere this question: Did the settlers get permission from locals, yes or no? To my knowledge the Amharas don’t even speak the local language of people on whose land they settled illegally.

Writing a text on a computer is one thing, reality is different, Sir.
I assume the amharas settled there because its fertile land and none is left in their region. but that land is already being used by locals, for grazing and the forst the settlers destroyed is vitally important for the locals. If you like Ethiopia and Ethiopians as you want me to believe, then recognition of the rights of the rights of non-amahras is the FISRT step for peaceful co-existence. Otherswise, you are inviting for nasty things.

04/19/13 @ 18:24
Comment from: guta [Visitor]

How about chasing out all TPLF gangs and their supporters from Addis Ababa, Dire dawa, Harar, Hawasa, Bahir Dar, Adama/Nazret, Bishoftu/DZ, Desie, Jimma, Gondar…? They can go to wherever they came from. Just a thought saying.

04/19/13 @ 22:11
Comment from: Afarman [Visitor]

Fekade Shewakena, why do you keep on stirring trouble ?

Do you understand what the term ethnic cleansing means ? you will be better of reading about the former republic of Yugoslavia and the 1994 Rwandan conflict. Have a look at the ICTY and ICTR statute which were established to try those who perpetrated ethnic cleansing and genocide in recent times.

The illegal displacement of certain ethnic groups by ill oriented low level cadres does is not tantamount to ethnic cleansing. The incident in Ethiopia was just a criminal act committed by some low level government officials, the regional government has taken administrative measures on the officials, and they have been removed from their posts. Those who got displaced have received an apology from the regional government and have been asked to return.

What does Fekade Shewakena want from this incident ? this is the question we need to ask, Fekade Shewakena is trying to exploit the suffering of Ethiopians to promote his ragtag political agenda. The opposition groups are working hard with enemies of Ethiopia to create chaos. These forces know one thing for clear, They will not get power through democracy, and they are making efforts to use peoples suffering to gain political support in Ethiopia.

If the writer really cares about Ethiopia he should go there and fight for peoples right, hiding behind Laptop and stirring chaos in Ethiopia wont be helpful. The writer needs to learn from history, great men and women who changed their nation did all the hard work based in their homeland.

What the writer is doing is very cowardly act, the opposition don seem to be prepared to pay sacrifice for Ethiopia, they want to live abroad comfortably and make money spreading venom on Ethiopia. The Big bellied members of the opposition groups will continue to collect money from the diaspora and continue to eat till they drop dead, most of them are already suffering from coronary disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and other diseases related to obesity and lack of exercise

Mr Shewakena, its time to wake up and smell the coffee, start going to the GYM, enjoy walking and stop stirring trouble. These are the recipes for prolonged and happy life.

04/20/13 @ 05:51
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

To the agazi boy supposing ridiculising Mario ,the deplaced Amhara peoples have never occupied any single Benshangulese lands .As I have stated above Metekel was part of Godjam ,a region which by the past lived together the two peoples in total co-existance based on mutual respect .The fairytale that Amhara Peoples invading indegenous territories by destroying the eco system was as usual chaneled by the Agazi bandits and Tigre Mafiosis .Time to talk about the Crimes of Tigre Invaders with the blessing of their Agazi Sons who are actually occupying “ILLEGALLY” amharas ,afars ,rayas ,Oromos and Anuyaks Fertile lands throwing out local peoples by exposing them to Famine .

04/20/13 @ 09:02
Comment from: Mario [Visitor]

from: soso [Visitor]
@ Mario

Thank you Soso for the understanding. This is the beauty of healthy debate. There is no winner here, but agree or disagree without being disagreeable.

BTW, I loved the biblical quotation you sited. “When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me.”

04/20/13 @ 14:16
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

Mario, the child! [Visitor], the so called Benishagul Gumz region, which is formerly known as Metekel as Teddy pointed out above, is a sovereign part of Ethiopia. If it is going to be referred as someone’s backyard, Amaras would be one of the main shareholders of the land. They are native Abyssinians or Ethiopians hence Benishangul Gumiz along with the rest of the country’s territory is their backyard. As such, they do not require any special legal permits from the local authorities to settle in that land. After all, it is their birthright enshrined in the constitution. The day tribal village idiots claim victim and demand special treatment is over. We will not put “the recognition of the non-Amhara Ethiopians right FIRST", as you have demanded above. Your rights are not anymore important than ours. You will be treated only equal; nothing more, nothing less.

04/20/13 @ 17:54
Comment from: gudfela [Visitor]


Eritreans even from individual point of view have declared they are not part of Ethiopia. So you can’t equate the ethnic cleansing of other Ethiopians such as Amaras within Ethiopia is also the case of Eritrea. Eritreans and their elite created this problem themselves. So stop equating Ethiopia’s plight as Eritrea’s plight. You are now completely different country and make things clear where you stand. You can’t have it both ways where you are growing Eritrea by exploiting Ethiopia that is why you are against Eritreans’ deportation why you are not allowed to economically benefit and develop Eritrea that is why you are crying.

I am also sick of many Ethiopians neglecting the Eritrean influence withinj TPLF. It is time to get rid of them or shut up. The elite Tigrays and Eritreans are ruling Ethiopia. So identify the real enemies and get rid of them or shut up.

What people are not getting is that the problem will get worse and not reduce. Unless Ethiopians get involved and nip in the but of this ethnic cleansing that is supported by evil foreign groups, the problem will continue and even get worse. We are basically waiting for Rwanda style and other type of genocide that will increase and later blame the crime on Ethiopians. As someone said, we must stop this plan and evil things that is ticking internationally, campaigning constantly.


Great Message and very insightful you are!

To those TPLFites/Shabians, extremist ethnic background who support ethnic Federalism. Think about it, if Amaras were extreme as you were in their leadrship past, they wouldn’t have left the region as is and let people live in their ethnic region or move as they please. Why would TPLF believe in ethnic cleansing but Tigrayans and ERitreans are roaming around owning the coffee businesses, the flower businesses, buildings through out the Ethiopian region where they consider it is non Tigrayan? Why? Stop perpetuating ignorance. The next step for TPLF is support one region over the other with weapons and economy and kill off the regions they don’t like. Besides, how can you support this foreign based type of ethnic killil that was attempted under Italy? Don’t start the fire that you can’t burn off. We know TPLF is relying on foreigners because they think the same.

04/21/13 @ 04:36
Comment from: tigray_luv [Visitor]

Fekade, why are you and your neftegna buddies trying to stir up problems? As everyone knows, Tigray is the birthplace of Ethiopia; thus we were destined to rule Ethiopia. We have contributed 100x more to Ethiopia’s development in the past 20 years than Amhara neftegnas have in 3000. So either contribute monetarily to Tigray or shut your mouth

04/21/13 @ 10:42
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Afagniman ,whether at high or low level Authorities ,the recent crimes
of Genocide against the Amhara peoples are the products from your Agazi Masters evil Agenda .Since its creation ,by the past 17 years and now in power since 1991 your Ethno Mafia Firm (TPLF) has declared Amhara Peoples as the main enemies of Tigrai .As did Hitler on his evil Mein kampf by stigmatising Jewish Peoples .During the Yugoslavian Civil wars ,the then Serbian Authorities did argue that they had never been aware about what was really happening in Bosnia ,Kossovo and Croatia ,telling that it was just because of Low Level Authorities who did commit such evil acts against civilians .As the same in the Rwandese peoples Genocide cases too where evil criminals, as the Tyrant Widow ,are still denying the naked facts .What so ever the level of your Futile Lies and propagandas ,soon or later your Blood Sucker Masters with their bandas shall be accountable for such evil crimes infront the proper Judicial System .And even to the ICC. Tigray-lefafew ,Bandanet ,Kehi det ,Tsere Ethiopiawinet these are your only heritages than your baseless childish Bla
Blas ….LOL !!!!!!

04/21/13 @ 14:13
Comment from: Gudu Kassa [Visitor]
Gudu Kassa

tigray_luv , how you relate ruling Ethiopia and forcefully evicting Amhara. We will defeat you. Idiot.

04/21/13 @ 19:03
Comment from: RasTeferi [Visitor]

Its not Chritmas, but Hoho and Ho’ again. No one needs to lie in Tplf made bed. The intent is clear, of Tplf that is. If some still don’t get it, I can only say… how stupid is that? Anyhow, I’m in agreement with those who say be concerned for all bad happening to Ethiopians as a whole and not your ethnics. I also do not consider this ethnic cleansing for reasons the accusers seem to miss. This is Tplf in action, creating hate between Ethiopians which by the way, has nothing to do with the Tigrian people. My question is, what does this or any action of the GOE has to do with the Tigrian people? Those of you here who claim of ethnic division/cleansing by the Tplf speak of the Tigre ethnic as if responsible. Well, you tell me what the difference is of what you say as to what Tplf does?

The point is, one can not accuse others of stuff then turn right around and do/say the same shit. Wise up people. This so called attack on the Amhara is not an isolated incident affecting only your tribe, it has happened to others as well. So, what It is, is not an Amhara problem but a problem for the existence of the nation, Ethiopia, as we know it.The only way to defeat this is to.. ‘Unite.’

Get it right. Organize as Ethiopians and not as ethnic groups and in that, we will all find the solution. I for one will leave America and join the fight for Ethiopia free of ethnicity.

Long Live Ethiopians United…!

You know who loves yo’ll:)


04/21/13 @ 19:39
Comment from: RasTeferi [Visitor]

A prime example of an idiotic woyane, an ethnocentrist, an ignorant dictator enabler.. among many choice words I could have used here..

“tigray_luv [Visitor]
Fekade, why are you and your neftegna buddies trying to stir up problems? As everyone knows, Tigray is the birthplace of Ethiopia; thus we were destined to rule Ethiopia. We have contributed 100x more to Ethiopia’s development in the past 20 years than Amhara neftegnas have in 3000. So either contribute monetarily to Tigray or shut your mouth..”

04/21/13 @ 19:46



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