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Ethiopia: Behold the Tigray Republic is Laying the Foundation !



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Ethiopia: Behold the Tigray Republic is Laying the Foundation !

Ethiopia: Behold the Tigray Republic is Laying the Foundation !

By Girma Feleke,

“Overseas Infrastructure Alliance (OIA), an Indian company, was awarded a 78 million dollar contract for the design and survey of the planned Mekelle–Djibouti Railway Line by the Ethiopian government a month ago.”
Quoted from a pro TPLF web site Aiga Forum

Ethiopia is a country that collects 99.9% of its hard currency by exporting primary products that includes agricultural and mineral products like coffee, hide and skin, oil seeds, flower, gold, honey and others. As such, Ethiopia is expected to strengthen its link between the source of these primary products and the outlets through which these products are shipped to over seas. Be it air, sea, rail or cars the infrastructure has to kept developed and strengthened with all the capacity that it could in a wise and well planned manner. The ripple effect of such policy is clear, it would increase the volume and quality of export, and therefore, it increases revenue in hard currency. This is a rudimentary understanding shared by not only economists but also every sane and reasonable ordinary individual. This is not a realty somewhere but it is a realty everywhere on the globe, save TPLF led Ethiopia. The infrastructure necessary to promote export should target areas that are the source of these exports. I do not buy shoes for my hands; I buy it for my feet that take me to places. Our export commodity producing regions, not those that do not, should be connected to the outside world by road, air and rail in order to ship the products in quality and quantity.

The problem with TPLF is obvious and serious. Rather than developing the infrastructure of the areas originating the majority of the export products, like areas of the south and the south-west, it builds railway that connect Mekelle to the port of Djibouti. Such policy is a waste unless the intention is to realize what it had long sought :- founding the Tigray Republic. Because, if the region has no significant export that creates revenue then it would be a waste to use federal money to invest in that region. Such investment has to be diverted towards regions that produce the majority of the export that helped create revenue that sustains Ethiopians in every corner of the country. Out of the total hard currency Ethiopia obtains by exporting its agricultural and mineral products, 90% of it comes by exporting products obtained from Oromia region. Therefore, this area needs investing in roads and railways so as to maximize the income obtained from this region.

If wisely utilized, the revenue obtained from the export of primary products could create a spillover effect in generating and strengthening new areas of economic activity, including diversifying the export products and establishing agro-processing industries. It is using such strategy that a nation transforms from agrarian to partial or fully industrial economy. Using its hard currency, it would be capable to build small and medium scale multi-product processing industries. This is the strategy used by many nations, from Asia to Latin America, to transform their economy from agrarian to industrial based. TPLF itself propagates the policy of Agricultural led Industrialization where as in practice it is wasting the meager hard currency by investing on railroad in a region that has no export at all.

TPLF uses the meager hard currency the nation collects from loan, aid and by exporting products for the purchase of weapons and the build up of its military personnel that will protect the security of its absolute power. This is the reality but as this is another topic let me get back and stick to the idea I started. TPLF decision to construct railway connection between Mekele/Tigray and Djibouti port is a reflection of its arrogance that it can do what ever it wanted even if the right place to do it not there. That is why I am always arguing that TPLF’s policy is not only misguided and biased but also detrimental to Ethiopia’s future. In any sane person’s mind it would be expected that economic policies and strategies be taken based on the calculation that it will benefit the majority and the long-term contribution to the country at large. To use 78 million Dollars of the federal government to build a rail line in Tigray that has a population of 5 million out of the total 80 million with no export products is ridiculous tremendously. If the TPLF policy is to promote import to Tigray from outside and stagnate export in the rest of Ethiopia then it would be a good policy to support some at the cost of the majority of Ethiopians. No minority should be allowed to prosper at the back of the majority. TPLF has stood against Ethiopian interest repeatedly in the past and it will continue to do so until there is an Ethiopian opposition groups who stand together and say, Enough!

My point is simple and it should not be interpreted in any other way. I oppose the detrimental leadership and misguided policy of TPLF that is taking the country in the wrong direction. It is such policy decisions that prolong hunger, poverty, disease and illiteracy in Ethiopia. TPLF’s decision to build the railroad from Tigray to Djibouti could be motivated by the fact that it has a bias to develop Tigray as the regime itself is Tigre, or it could be because of bad policy decision that did not consider the realty on the ground. Either way the money is not well spent. Such project could facilitate import to Tigray region. Nevertheless, its role in increasing export and getting hard currency is very limited as there is no much product to be shipped from this region. However, if the money is spent in areas where the export product is found the benefit would be multiple. It would facilitate export in quality and quantity and helps to import machineries that will be used to build agro industry that will be built where the raw material is found and exported to the out side world. This would have tremendous and long lasting benefit to all Ethiopians. I want to remind all that I have no abnormal feeling towards any one as a people. My opposition is to the TPLF system that takes twisted decisions and policies that divides people and is destructive to the majority of Ethiopians.

The Tekeze hydroelectric dam that cost 360 million dollars was inaugurated just a year ago. The question is not why such projects are built in Tigray. After all, whether it was built in Tigray or somewhere it is still built in Ethiopia. If TPLF has the illusion that it can slowly lay the foundation for the future Tigray Republic then it should think twice as it will not let go with what it had looted and accumulated using the sweats and blood of the rest of Ethiopia. The question is why not such projects take in to account the need and long-term interest of the general Ethiopian people rather than being fixated in parochial self-interest to satisfy the group that they came from. I would like to suggest that TPLF should take lesson from Col. Mengistu Hailemaram and Emperor Haileselassie in this respect. Even though this people are considered Amhara they have not built anything that they did in the so-called Amhara region. They did not consider themselves as one to begin with and treated others in such light. Universities, hospitals, factories, roads, dams, public farms and other infrastructures were built through out Ethiopia based on realistic factors including size of the population, availability of water, economic importance rather than to please a given ethnic group.

It was not long ago that we heard TPLF has erected the first wind turbine tower of the wind farm project in Ashegoda/Tigray, some thirty kilometer from Mekelle. The project is contracted to Vergnet Groupe by the Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation (EEPCo) and costs 210 million euros. The money is obtained as loan from the French private bank called BNP Paribas. The TPLF regime beyond collecting aid and loan from different international and national organizations and governments it is engaged in taking loans from private banks in the name of the Ethiopian people and spent it on projects that benefit a minority 5 million people that do not even need it. Because, it has recently built Tekeze hydroelectric station that will fully satisfy the region‘s demand. Dear Meles, am sure you know how many times power outage occurs in Addis Ababa where there are many diplomatic and regional offices are located. Don’t you think that Addis Ababa deserve a second option more than any place in Ethiopia. I do not think that it is a good idea to take loan from a private bank in the name of the Ethiopian people and build wind turbine where as the region already has the biggest hydro station in Africa and it is the minority in number and contribution to the national economy.

As a people we have to wake up and question what is being done. Personally, as a citizen, I demand to be treated as an Ethiopian and as equal. When I am not I will demand it by all means necessary and the language the TPLF understands. TPLF should not wait until the anger of 75 million people explodes. It should get on the right track before it is too late. Because, it should be clear that the silence of Ethiopians is not an agreement to the injustice but it is an expression of resentment that will pour like a sudden flood in the middle of Summer.

June 22/2010


Comment from: koster [Visitor]

Meles is doing everything according its 1976 Manifesto to disintegrate Ethiopia and build greater TIGRAI while the Ethiopian oppositions are fighting each other. This railroad is part of the greater TIGRAI project.

06/23/11 @ 04:28
Comment from: Yonathan [Visitor]

‘’i will demand it by all means necessary'’blah blah….i tell you what so long as you never felt the pain they had to go through you will never make any change what so ever.
if you seperate the Tigray ppl from their brothers and sisters by makeing a so called percentage,i’ll tell you this Eritrea,Iran,Turkey,Sudan,ITalia,derg,Arabs……they tryied so hard even some of the enemy attempt genocide to the rigion,but you know what keep trying and let see if you can destroy the unseen development of our ppl and at the end pleas go to your ‘bokbuaka’ shbia village and leak a salt,we ethiopians will go up and up,keep burning your self/jelouse/.

06/23/11 @ 05:56
Comment from: Efrem [Visitor]

Dear Girma,

When I the first paragraphs of your “article", I was understanding it as a rational Ethiopian not as ethnocentrist. You may be right to invest on infrastructure than accelerate the spillovers. In fact, I have reservation with your view on the railway as such construction is planned not only in that line(mekelle-djibouti) but also in other lines with a total of around 3000km. This is the plan and let us see if that rout is the only line to constructed.

But, when I read further, I came to know that you are really “illiterate". I am sorry to say this. You know what the power system in Ethiopia is such that power is collected and distributed through central station. So, it doesn’t matter whether the dams or wind powers are constructed in tigray or as u wish in oromia or where do you want it to be.

Please don’t cry fool think twice before writing such emotional trash things.

06/23/11 @ 06:06
Comment from: selam [Visitor]

is meles ethiopian prime minister or Tigray kilil president. How come 5 million people take all these millions of dollard while 75 million people have no development or anything. wind turbine to tigray. even addis ababa have no such thing. now is the time to go to godar and fight the racist tplf bandits

06/23/11 @ 06:25
Comment from: Geb [Visitor]

Well, you might not know the detaits of the project or you try to invent something that is not there. Here are some facts about the railroad: the railroad is going to pass through major cities in the country. We should all be happy about the development that are happening throughout the county weather they are in tigray or other parts of the county because we all going to be benificial from it. For your information, the region contributes a lot to the the economy of the country especialy to the export sector.

06/23/11 @ 06:40
Comment from: whocaresmyname [Visitor]

Girma Feleke,how blind you are.why you are against the hero donot want to see them developed.

06/23/11 @ 07:09
Comment from: [Member]

Leaving all aside, just wanted to comment on the railway and wind farm.
Four areas have been identified to have the potential for the wind turbine installation. These four areas are:
1. Aksum - Mekele - Alamata - Dessie
2. Ginder - Bahirdar - Debre Markos
3. Diredawa - Harar
4. Addis Ababa - Nazareth - Shashemene -Awasssa. Does it not make sense then to start the wind turbine farm in this locations?
Regarding rail link between Mekele and Djibouti, I think it is part of the national railway system linking the whole region.

06/23/11 @ 08:15
Comment from: I_hate_Ehadig! [Visitor]

Girma Feleke,

Well written. But the more you sleep, the more you will be robbed. It is clear that with this going Tgray becomes Ethiopia’s Israel and that dynasty will never fall easily. Who do you think will change this? The military? Weyane by believing in election? Impossible. Recently I start to believe in “the only option is fighting this crooked serpent".

If not, just wait 5 more years. You will be slave in your country.

These days they start to do things boldly in the sentiment that f*** the people. Tomorrow, ,,,

06/23/11 @ 08:35
Comment from: Molla [Visitor]

Well – I must say that I am not surprised to read such a racially motivated article and designed to attack a single ethnic group. First of all have you seen the map and which cities and regions the rail lines pass through? Second, have you tried to understand what the motive behind having such a rail line was?

You always blame the government for being racist, but I see all the signs and attributes that one has to have to be a racist in you. Yet, you claim to stand for equality. By now, we all know that your (G7) problem is the people of Tigray and we heard that in your paltak rooms and websites.

To be honest, I am sure you do not say what you write in front of a Tigray man because you are too coward and has no self esteem to express what you believe in. All you do is, come here and vent your frustration and racist attitude. No wonder why, Ethiopia failed to develop for many years during Hailesselase and Derg having racist people like you leading the country.

06/23/11 @ 09:39
Comment from: mamo [Visitor]

Ato Girma,
Your hate to Tigre’s is over the line. It is laughable that you spend such a precious time to spew hate when you can spend it constructively. Tigre is Ethiopia and Ethiopia is Tigre. You chauvinist whore.

06/23/11 @ 10:12
Comment from: beka [Visitor]

first what you write is very interesting and curial. but how many people will understand what you wrote is clear that Ethiopians struggle to overthrow dictators is not done by only those who can use English language if Ur article is would be written in Amharic every body can read and understand easily. so as far as it is struggle it should be incorporated mass Ethiopians

06/23/11 @ 10:39
Comment from: Ambessa [Visitor]  

This is a trash of trashes.Do you know It is so difficult to improve the poor living standard of the people of Tigray without transportation. Remember Tigray is located 1600km or more far away from Djibouti, that means it is so difficult to import as much goods as the region needs. At same time Don’t forget there is a cement factory, skin or leather and textile products needed fastest transportation for export. So that it is not a crime if the railway originated from mekelle and it will also connects other cities as well. Please let us have a little intelligence to think as responsible citizens. You guys better stop ethnic based politics, focus on things which are helpful on the unity of Ethiopians instead of following the bad wind.

06/23/11 @ 10:58
Comment from: sosi [Visitor]


u r simply fueling hate!
U r undermining the people of Tigray, u writing about people u don’t know about!

ru pretending a first class Ethiopian!
go and learn History

06/23/11 @ 12:55
Comment from: girma [Visitor]

I’ll summarize Feleke’s article simply as “Greed & Tribalism". Why do you highlight only what’s in Tigray and not mentioning the other progresses in other states? By the way the $78million is for design and not for construction. Listen before you speak. Ginbot 7 clown.

People like you should be imprisoned for life because you are likely to commit genocide if given the chance to rule.

06/23/11 @ 12:58
Comment from: Efrem Tadele [Visitor]
Efrem Tadele

Comment on the Girma Felek suggestion
I am Eferem Tadele from Amhara Region Bahirdar.
By the way I would like to appreciate for the concern he showed on the Economy of Ethiopia. But my brother seems short sighted if not narrow minded. Before I go to the details ı would like to suggest that my brother according to his comment he has taken more time to describe the economy to suck and politicize it instead of showing what is the advantage and disadvantage of the road to that region in particular and the country in general. I share the idea that says the government should Prioritize and invest according to the benefited and interest of the country but the writer has unable to see that this road is under construction after the areas which are most important for the export commodity. However, I would like to ask my brother what the function of a road is. According to the writer it is only for exporting materials away from the country so there is no need of road construction if there is no export commodity from an area. But my brother understands the function a road only in one direction. On top of this my brother is really blind of understanding the importance of an area in a country according to him for an area to have facility of road it should produces export commodities. I feel shame for the idea you tried to describe that if an area is not export commodity producing area it should not have road and other developmental facilities shame on you. Do you think that all over the world every area in a country has to have the same use? And I think if you are not blind in your thinking a country has to have a land which can be used for different purposes including for technology, mining and geographic strategy use. But this cannot be implemented at a time because of our status of development.
I think the writer has got confused or wants to confuse others because the central idea of his jargons are asking why is the government constructing road and other facilities in Tigray and he has a ready decided and wants to show that the government is laying foundation for the formation of ‘’Republic of Tıgray’’. But on the other hand he says that I am not asking that why this construction in Tigray it is really confusing. As to my knowledge this is a secrete written by ‘An Erıtrean’ citizen to separate Ethiopians without any concrete idea. Because we Ethiopians do not believe that our Tigrean brothers do not want to separate from Ethiopia because they understand that Unity is strength. But the cursed, short sighted and jealous Eritreans are trying to separate Ethiopians and to consider themselves strong in the region. But we Ethiopians know before them how enemy comes starting from our brave leader Mınılık II. So, we support the government for construction of any facility in any part of the country. And we know the government is more or less far.

06/23/11 @ 13:21
Comment from: Mekelle [Visitor]

Grow up. Sleep well without dreaming hate throughout your life. If you target people, you are no more poletician.

06/23/11 @ 17:58
Comment from: Satenaw [Visitor]

Well the secrets of TPLF is in its name:

TPLF = Tigray’s Parasitic Looting Front.

Simply put: The Tigres have noting to contribute to the national wealth; yet they take the lion share of the nation’s wealth.

Sad but True!

06/24/11 @ 01:52
Comment from: Satenaw [Visitor]

The writer is simply reflecting the real nature of the present Tigrean xenophobic nationalism which Ethiopians all along have argued to be patently anti-Ethiopian since its inception as an outgrowth of the Tigrean Nationalist Organisation that was formed in the early 1970s. Today, Tigrean ethnic nationalism, whose ideology is shared by many Tigrean foot soldiers like Addis Zemen, poses the greatest danger to the continued existence of Ethiopia as a nation. Even under Italian colonial occupation, Ethiopia had never faced such an inimical force.

In actual fact there is no legitimate government in Ethiopia. We all know Ethiopia is controlled by a group of gangsters who came from a gutter called Tigray. It is time we call a spade a spade and realize we are under siege by anti-Ethiopian band of Tigre thugs who are exploiting and destroying a country. Please God! When will the Tigre goons come out from their jungle mentality? we all know they have no human characteristics - decency, moral and any human values -a barbarian is a barbarian - is value system is bestial and brutal mind ! God save Ethiopia from these evil creatures.

06/24/11 @ 06:29
Comment from: Facts [Visitor]

Ato Girma,

I don’t say this to people lightly, but I think I must say it to you that what you have “written” is a nasty, nasty article. The reason why people like you and your fellow “oppositions” won’t and can’t get any where is because you are filled with hate and resentment head to toe of those, who you don’t think are the “right” kind of people, and speak the “right” kind of language. It’s your kind of ethnic and group hate that resulted for extermination of thousands upon thousands young Ethiopians in the 70s. Your kind of hate is not a “normal” kind of hate, if there is such a description. Your type hate is beyond normal that is frightening. I can’t imagine what you’d do, should you be allowed to be in charge for one day in Ethiopia. Judging from your article, your type is a type that could order the whole Tigray people and the region to be burned to the ground. There so many projects in every corner of the country that are being done. You have no problem what so ever with anyone of them, do you? You have no problem with the Gilgel Gibe I, II and III dams. You have no problem of constructing and building other city like Bahir Dar, Awassa, Nazret,Gonder Dessie, Gambela or any where in the country. You probably are happy with the ever growing development in Addis Ababa. You might even approve the Abay dam. But you have a problem and you “demand” an answer about a railway from Mekele to Djibouti. Oh..Why could that be? Unless for feeble minded or for those, who are blinded by incredible hate like you, it’s very obvious. You hate “those” people. You always expect them to be at the receiving end, right? I believe so. Not to burst your hate bubble, but the rail way project is to be extended to other parts of the country, too. The Mekele-Djibouti is the first phase. Are you calm now? Will the foaming on the mouth stop, when you hear this? The good thing is you and people like you are not in a position of decision making in Ethiopia. If you were, the murder and mayhem would have continued forever….

06/24/11 @ 23:45
Comment from: Getachew Gemechu [Visitor]
Getachew Gemechu

I don’t blame Meles and his cohorts have been planning for a later day secession nor I was dumb founded by it. They had laid the ground for such ending including an etched-stone clause right in the constitution itself. Also, the hatred they are facing in other parts of the country is so malignant enough to push any one to think about leaving. They also have been working very hard in doing every thing possible to make their province livable and developed. They have pushed their children to go and excel in schools that gave them a good supply of intellectual horsepower. And, above all they have let people to their North who they can work out any issues go as they wished in 1991. The issue between Tigray and Eritrea is much easier to solve than trying to do the same with other nationalities. So it won’t surprise a bit if Meles says adieu to all of us in our lifetime.

06/25/11 @ 00:04
Comment from: ethiopiawew [Visitor]

መለስ ቅዘናዊ …በራሱ የማይተማመን: ተንኮለኛ:የማያውቀውን የሚቀባጥር: ውሸታም: ለትውልድ የማይኖር: ስግብግብ: ምሳሌ ሊሆን የማይችል: ራስ ወዳድ: ከንቱ ውዳሴን የሚፈልግ ግብዝ: የሚያራምደውን ፖለቲካ ያለ ጥቅማ ጥቅም በሰው ልቦና ማስረጽና ማሳመን ያልቻለ: ግትር: የአገሩን ጥቅም ለ ባ እ ዳ ን አሳልፎ የሸጠ: የታሪክ አተላ: እኔ ካልኖርኩ ኢትዮጵያ የምትባል አገር አትኖርም ብሎ የሚናገር ጭፍን:...አገሪትዋን ብሎም …የጎንደር: ነጻ የ ኢትዮጵያን መሬትን: አባይ:አሰብ:ኤርትርያ: በሃራጅ የሸጠ: በ ተሰው ታጋዮች ደም የሚነግድ :ዘራፊ: እስከነ ሚስቱ ህወአት በተባለው የግል ድርጅቱ የሚሸቅጥ: ዘራፊ ግለሰብ ነው:: ለ 21 አመት ጭፍን ግለሰብ !!

06/25/11 @ 00:42
Comment from: sinta [Visitor]


06/25/11 @ 00:43
Comment from: omo [Visitor]

When an argument is not the product of a serious research, the result is completely the opposite and it ends up being self-defeating. Mr. writer, there are so many glaring crimes committed by TPLF, with which you could condemn it day and night, and yet, you chose the developmental infrastructures in one of the regions of Ethiopia, because you are afraid that this could be a prelude to the creation of the Tigray Republic .
If electricity production, a railway line and selit from Humera can create a country, and a country could survive only on these, let it be so. However, things are not as simple as that. Factory products also need a market, which will not be there if Tigray leaves Ethiopia (see Eritrea).
Many areas of Ethiopia are not connected with the outside world. One of them is northern Ethiopia. A railway from northern Ethiopia to the port of Djibouti, as a railway from Addis to Nairobi, Addis to Khartoum and even to Juba are all necessary for the future development of Ethiopia.
A railway from Mekelle to Djibouti, is more or less, a death sentence to the port of Massawa; and on the day the railway starts to function, Ethiopia’s independence from the ports of Eritrea and unfortunately, its full dependence on the port of Djibouti will be fulfilled. As much as I am concerned, Eritrea should worry much more than Ethiopia.
A similar thing could also be said of electric production.
My friend, you should have chosen just one among the many crimes of TPLF to make your point. Unfortunately, you chose a point that does not hold water.

06/25/11 @ 00:44
Comment from: Eri-Bekentu [Visitor]

This ‘article’ sounds like straight from Eri-TV script..we have heard it before..Only an Eritrean or Eri-afliated person would go to such low.

06/25/11 @ 01:03
Comment from: Bekana Bekafa [Visitor]
Bekana Bekafa

This a wake up call for Ethiopians abroad and back home to join hands to fight against the TPLF separatist regime who desended to destroy Ethiopia.
Please all of us should mobilize ourselves together to destroy the TPLF security and financial institutions in order to creeple their pland and save Ethiopia from distruction by mersnary TPLF leftists.

06/25/11 @ 02:51
Comment from: Zurga [Visitor]

Well done!
It isn’t hate. But reality. Yes I hate TPLF. Ethiopians hate TPLF.
Only coward, traitors, oppotunistic individuals are TPLF sympatizers.
The big question is how long? The very skinny Melese Zenawi and his henchmen become fat. The majority of the Etiopian people cannot afford to eat three times a day, but TPLF and its die-hard Tigrean pseudo intellectuals glut themselves with rich food and live in luxury.

We shall kick them off!

Down with TPLF

Viva Ethiopia!

The great
Jole Sebeta

06/25/11 @ 03:34
Comment from: Zerayakob Yared [Visitor]
Zerayakob Yared

This DINGAY RAS writer must be biologically and mentally the son of that KE’HULET WOFTCHO BESTEQER MINIM YELACHEWUM!

Please, let us build Railways from Mombasa to Massawa, Djibouti to Port sudan and Assosa to Asseb!

And all those long lines must be connected with other lines to every village of Ethiopia.

All of that for the benefit of our people!

Then we are no more “LEMAGN ETHIOPIAWI”

And that Tigray Republic, bla..bla.. is simply a QIJET of GUG-MANGUGS! Tigray is mother heart of AABAY ETHIOPIA! This was in the past, at present and will stay also for the ever lasting future.

06/25/11 @ 04:43
Comment from: Setariat [Visitor]

Why Tigray would attempt to separate from itself, Ethiopia? The bulk of the present Ethiopian history that is thought to be close to 75 percent is directly or indirectly connected to the region of Tigray. The Ethiopian history is largely the history of the peoples of Tigray. TPLF won’t be able to change this historic fact. The name Ethiopia will immediately loses its meaning ones the north most state declares independence and start calling itself The Republic of Tigray or Abyssinia.

06/25/11 @ 04:57
Comment from: Heny [Visitor]

I am glad that you came forward straight and showed your unrestrained hatred to the people of Tigray. It is good that this has appeared on this blog. The more you envy the people of Tigray and want to see its ruin, the more energetic and determined we will be to further wipe you out. The diaspora losers are funny people.
On one hand they say that their enemity is with Meles and not the people of Tigray. On the other hand they take a U-turn and hate the construction of rail ways and HEP dams in Tigray where the people of Tigray live. Look how hypocrite they are. By the way, this man, Girma, must be a fool man. Does this mean that he does not know dams and rail hays are being biult in other regions as well, not only in Tigray? He must be a super fool to the that any sane Ethiopian will buy his claim.

Girma, If we have to go, we go with our real name, i.e., ETHIOPIA. We shall never leave that golden name behind for people like Girma and Feleke, as that name is trully ours and ours.
Bye Girma

06/25/11 @ 06:09
Comment from: Democrat1 [Visitor]

I don’t understand as to why Ethiopians and the entire opposition are sitting divided and making speeches for the sake of speech making as an end in itself while the cunning fox tplf tyrants dressed in sheep skins stole 99.6% of the 2010 Ethiopian parliamentary election, after that brought in super rich Indian Feudal land grabbers to produce primary agricultural products for export. Logically now building railway lines connecting with the help of the same Indian land grabbers and connecting Tigray with Djibouti for the secure importation of Indian military personnel and equipments as well as robbing and exportation of Ethiopian natural and agricultural products for the sole benefits of the Tigrian ruling elites who are currently monopolizing and controlling the military, the politics, thee economics as well as the entire country of some 90 million people only with a population base of some 5% Tigrian support.

The whole planning and implementation of the political, economic and military development/underdevelopment has the typical characteristic of a typical 19th century colonial occupation and planing in order to vacuum scarce natural, human and financial resources directly in to the bottomless monopoly vaults of the tplf minority dictatorship.

Only unity of purpose within the diversity of the Ethiopian people and through that struggling and bringing about a pluralistic, representative democratic system of good government and good governance will bring justice for all and get ride of authoritarian corrupt minority dictatorship. Enough is is enough! What we need is democratic change!

06/25/11 @ 06:14
Comment from: halle yusuf [Visitor]
halle yusuf

I do not know what, Tigray is in ethiopia, it is not in Sudan, so what, we want development in every region Amara, Oromo, Somale,Tigra and all others we all ethiopias let us stop being selfish, if we all come together we will win.

06/25/11 @ 07:36
Comment from: GebreBalcha [Visitor]

dear writer,

this is an old and rotten type of politics, same inherited from your dead Derg/centralist aristocrats, who believed nothing comes out of Tigray. You could come up with something better to criticize the TPLF than a developmental infrastructure built in one of the states of Ethiopia.By the way, if Tigray is to go on republic, that will be determined by the will of that people. But unlike your narrow imagination, Tigreans are never convinced of an Ethiopia without Tigray, and hence the sacrifice to maintain it.

No one cares on your poor “feeling", but this project will GO LIVE!!

06/25/11 @ 08:19
Comment from: Andom [Visitor]  

Ha ha ha……I really love to see bad Amharas crying. You made the country to cry for a century. Now you will cry for the eternity. Tigray, Oromo, Gurage, Kembata, Wolaita, Afar, etc… do not need to learn Amharic to be called educated, do not need to change their names to be called modern, and do not need to bow down to you to be an Ethiopian. I remeber days that you can’t join universities if you have less than C in Amharic on your ESLCE (matric) results. The reason is clear. No one other than Amharas or those who submitted to you (like Ras Gobena) can benefit from higher education. I tell you, your time has gone. Come down to the reality, aplogize your fellow Ethiopians and lets build our beloved country together. Meles has a dream to connect East Africa through COMESA; do not fool us he is narrowing down to Tigray. Look his closest friends and advisors, most of whom are Amharas, but the good and the rational ones. Cry bad Amharas!!! Cry!!! But you can’t fool us any more.

06/25/11 @ 08:23
Comment from: [Member]

This article has the hallmark of Shaebia all over it.If this Girma is really Ethiopian,I will simply say to him Shame on you.
Donkey minds like the author are the reason for lack of development and democracy in Ethiopia not Tigray.

06/25/11 @ 09:11
Comment from: Almaz [Visitor]

The primary objective of the article written by Girma is to instigate hate against the Tigrrean people. But, as has been getting clearer by the day, these haters are being marginalized. The bulk of comments written above demonstrate that nobody is paying attention to their divisive agendas. Of course there are a few Shabea dogs that cheer them on, but even some Shabeas are beginning to see the their follies.

06/25/11 @ 09:19
Comment from: Zemen [Visitor]

Girma and the likes,

I now understand why the Eritreans refer to Girma and others with similar psychological make up as Adgis/ donkeys. This is because the Girmas of this world lack intellect, data analysis and courage. All Girma can do is just like his uncle Mengistu Hailemariam spew hate and empty bravado and then run when a real fight comes. Then eat 100 lbs of raw meat everyday (Hodam) and sleep for 14 hours just like a donkey. That is why one goat herder from Mekelle can defeat 10,000 Girmas and Mengistus with their 3 billion dollar worth of guns, tanks and fighter airplanes. Girma, the history of Ethiopia is the history of Tigray and your little Bantu ancestors became Ethiopians some years ago when the Tigreans expanded the Empire and civilized you by bringing their alphabet, food, governance, religion, etc. to your ancestors

06/25/11 @ 09:32
Comment from: AGB [Visitor]

Dear writer, I really appreciate you not only for your valuable and professional article but also for your honesty and sincerity shown in your article to avoid possible misunderstandings.
You are absolutely right because I don’t want to go back and compare what has been done in Tigry in the past 20 years with what had acutally been implemented in the rest part of the nation. This is without considering the illegal and hidden tasks carried out by TPLF/EFFORT.
Those of you who are blindly opposing the writer, you are either mentally confused or you have an interest with TPLF.
I know there are genuine Tigrians who do not support what is being done.
But they should raise their voices together with the rest of the Ethiopian people to say enough is enough to dictatorship and ethnic politics.

06/25/11 @ 09:48
Comment from: Kinfe [Visitor]

The writer failed to mention the major developmental projects that are being implemented through out Ethiopia. Are railways only to be built to connect Tigray?Are dams only being built in Tigray? Are roads only being built in Tigray?The fact is the giant horn Africa nation has awaken under the able and visionary leadership of EPRDF and the multi dimensional projects are being implemented through out the country. Go to Tigray and you will see for yourself that compared to what is happening in the rest of the country the development has been slow.

06/25/11 @ 10:10
Comment from: Angelina [Visitor]

This article typifies the negative spiral the opposition in Ethiopia found itself in. The writer is a typical Amhara tribalist who is only cherry picking economic datas to justify his hate to other Ethiopians. Is this suppose to be a comparative study on economic distribution of the country. He didn’t mention once how much is spend or invested in other regions of Ethiopia. Everybody knows most investment is done in Oromo region followed by Amhara region. But the writer have BUDA eyes only to what is invested in Tigrai. If possible he wants 0 investment in Tigrai. This is the delema of the opposition. It is like a house of cards, no foundation, no truth and no intelectual honesty. In the real world people would be happy if their government build a dam or a railway but in the fantasy world of jelous psudo intelectuals it is seen as something sinful which might show their backwardness in a broad day light.

06/25/11 @ 10:15
Comment from: anon [Visitor]

What ever the mission of the railway connection might be it is a blessing if Legese declare Independence Tigray as far as I am conserned.I tell you this Legese has no friends any where in the region,Some might say how about Eritria,may be;Sudan doubtful.All the above nations are not strategical friends but temporal aquintances.On the other hand Legese have enemies that streach from the coasts of Indian ocion to the shores of Red see.If he ceed we will go and comp in his back yoard simple at that.
Let this TERATI take the last move and we will be the winners.

06/25/11 @ 14:40
Comment from: [Member]

This rail line between Mekele and Djibouti is the first phase of the nation wide rail network that is planned to be constructed. For a nation to be have a strong unity it has to be connected by all means of communication systems i.e..roads, rails,airways,waterways and new technologies.

I am hopeful the nation wide railway developments will jump start to some extent the healing process to the pain and resentment that was created among Ethiopians by the ill fated ethnic based divide and rule policies of tplf/eprdf over the past years.

GOD let your guiding light shine upon Ethiopia !

06/25/11 @ 14:40
Comment from: woldeyesus [Visitor]

I support the right to express one’s opinions with no restrictions and in that spirit I read the above article.

However, I must disagree with its messages. I am not a Tigre but I would like to see the northern part of Ethiopia as developed as the central or the southern.

Wind turbine in Tigray? Tekeze dam? Rail road to Djibouti? Come on! My only worry is these infrastructure buildings are not coming up as fast as I would like to see them.

As for Tigray becoming a republic of its own, why are you worrying about that much? When and if Tigray become a republic, there will no more be Ethiopia anyway. Ethiopia will go the way of Yougoslavia if that happen, God forbid!!!

God bless and protect Ethiopia!!!

06/25/11 @ 15:33
Comment from: abssinia [Visitor]

The writter is full hate. He is not the only enemy of Tigrian poeple but the enemy of the ethiopian poeple. Inaddition he is the enemy of development and change. He opposes every development activities of the country. I do not think he is an ethiopian or friend of ethiopian. Do not worry about the ethiopians. They know what to do and where to start it. There is no ethiopia without Tigrians if you understand.

06/25/11 @ 15:50
Comment from: Pharao [Visitor]


Absolutely you surely know the fact that foundation and structure of the government in Ethiopia wholly through rotten deep down to its bone marrows due to the tiny minority tplf elites militarily conquering, capturing and establishing a one party dictatorial tyrannical totalitarian bad governance who still monopolizes the states political, military, economic, social, etc. powers for the last 20 long years and at same time letting the 80 million Ethiopians starve to death while merchandising fertile farm lands to foreign colonialists.

And here you are cunning fox dressed in sheep skin and conveniently blaming victims dictatorship and human rights violators because you are eating from the hands that dictates, robs and starves the Ethiopian people.

Those useless status symbols that are being built by anti people pretentious corrupt tyrants for vacuuming material and immaterial resources both from the domestic as well as the international communities will be sooner or latter fast crumble like the house of cards as it happened Tunisia, Egypt, as well as happening in other areas too.

What we need is not manipulations and tyrannizations but genuine representative democracy and sustainable development and justice for all.

The opposition has no dilemma because it is seeking change in the direction of democracy, plurality, sustainable development, respect for human rights, justice for all and stable majority rule while rejecting minority tyranny and corrupt bad governance.

It is the tplf minority ONE PARTY dictators that are IN BIG DILEMMA due to their forcefully ruling a large country with medieval tyranny and dictatorship in this 21st century democratic and technological awareness which came as a wave in order to effectively wash away the chest pumping and established hard boiled tyrants closer to Ethiopia. The wave is coming, the wave is coming! :)

The 99.6% election victory of 2010 and filling the position of the to military leaderships by tplf cadres are direct insults to the dignity and humanity of the 80 million excluded and starving Ethiopians.

You cannot stop social change and the march time. We need democratic change here and now!

06/25/11 @ 16:22
Comment from: Amanda [Visitor]

Dear participants,

I have read the article and some of the comments people made. Some have suggested that the author of the article has hatred against tigre - a typical weyane accusation. However, let me ask you one question - do you think the M-D train line is in its best place? What is tigray going to use it for? Almost all of the Ethiopian export comes from the South, Western and Central states or killels.

I don’t have any opposition against investment in any region of the country. But, I tell you that the M-D train line is a bad investment, particularly considering the fact that there is none that connects the South to the export hub?

Besides, it would have been easier, I think, to connect the Tigray to Port Sudan, instead of Djibouti. Are you ready to hear the best option? Yes, you got it… It would have been better to claim Assab and Massaw and bring them to the rightful owners, Ethiopians. Massawa is just few miles from Tigray… Tigray and the rest of Ethiopia were using those ports for generations. But, thanks to weyane, we have now lost them at least for the time being. Adigi donkey weyane served shabia as a loyal servant in the latter’s attempt to dismember those ports from Ethiopia. Until Ethiopians wake up from their sleep, we will continue to suffer from the wrong policies of tplf weynae.

06/25/11 @ 18:58
Comment from: [Member]

Doesn’ t one need to sit back and read his/her article before posting it to the web?
What is intended to be achieved with this diatribe?
Hate? It doesn’t work.
People are smarter and they are much more suspicious of arm chair smart asses that are bereft of realities on the ground.
You should go and see the attitudes of the masses in the country side. You might learn something of value to reassess your views at least for the sake of being truthful to yourselves if not to others.
Fianlly what is wrong with developing Tigrai for God’s sake? It is the center of Ethiopia. Your history says it.
Give the government the benefit of the doubt. It has an improved track record in terms of considering the growth of the whole country in the last few years. This sholud count.

There are a lot of other issues they need to be harshly criticized for.
This article is too simplistic to even consider as an utterance from “worthy” opponents.

06/25/11 @ 19:28
Comment from: [Member]

let me say a slight correction to Mr. Girma Feleke’s article. This correction is that not all tigray people are behind the midget shifta. majority of them are as oppressed , unjustly treated as the rest of the Ethiopian population. In light of this, 80+ million Ethiopian are against the EPRDF looting machine.
The ultimate goal for this handful traitors is nothing but steal at any rate and any which way they can and run the hell out of Ethiopia.
ሌባው መለስ እና ግብረ አበሮቹ አላማቸው ታውቆባቸዋል ::

06/25/11 @ 19:36
Comment from: wanza [Visitor]


Stop harping at Amharas for every lunatic articles people post. The writer is ignorant still living in the past. I myself may be one of the people you classify as Amhara even though I believe that i am ethiopian first.

let me tell you i support the rail link it is part of a major railway network planned to be built around ethiopia. I also know and truly believe most Tigreans feel they are ethiopians even though i dislike their narrow ethnic affiliation.

I encourage you all to go and visit ethiopia and see for yourselves. The country is being developed all over the place. I do not think Meles and com are stupid people, Tigrai can not survive on its own. I am sure Eritreans are regretting that stupid move all years to come.

06/25/11 @ 19:58
Comment from: Meles [Visitor]

So you wanna talk smack about the TPLF or EPRDF that fine let the record show since 1991 the TPLF lead and founded the EPRDF to bring Ethiopian as on nation and so on. Read it up. But here is the crazy part in less then 20 years the EPRDF brought Ethiopia from famine, war, and complete loss of unity to one of the fastest and prosperous nation in the world. look it up. and the most amazing thing about all this is they did this with hardworking habeshas. How many disporas do you know that have made anything of themselves, 90 % of disporas work in parking, Hotels, and cabs. Good luck building a nation of cabs, hotels, and parking

06/25/11 @ 21:23
Comment from: Zegeye [Visitor]

I will be very surprised if Mr. Girma is an Ethiopian. His article is sickening. This person needs to see a psychiatrist, if he is Ethiopian. If not Ethiopian, then it is intentional to devide Ethiopians and drail developing their country. Ethiopians should say no to such nonsense

06/25/11 @ 23:52
Comment from: abyssiniangirl4life [Visitor]

I see you still remember the fairytale your mom used to tell you. LOL. Aren’t you supposed to have outgrown that stage? (I mean, believing in fairytales?)

The rest of you bandas and zere-bandas,
I see Amhara, after 20 years of trying to be like them, still scare you shitless, huh? Any guesses as to when you’ll get over your complexes so the rest of us can get a semblance of peace? LeNegeru, it will take a another millenium for you guys to complete your evolution to fully function as civil human beings. Why don’t you just secede and save us the trouble?

06/26/11 @ 00:28
Comment from: true [Visitor]

Can’t beleive our country is experiencing racism issue. Racism boldly was brought on to us by TPLF and when complaint is being made, that person is accused of racism. This is cycle of violence. TPLF created racism by isolating Tigrayans from the rest of Ethiopians and favoring them politically and economically and now when complaint is being made that Tigray is disproportionally being developed compared to the rest of Ethiopia, one must ask by how much. The issue lies here how disproportionately is development occuring in Tigray, if so, is this region with its development benefits the rest of Ethiopia and bring good income to the rest of Ethiopia as well as for its own self? Can you be silenced when cofee growing in Oromia, gets exported to other world via Tigray, during this process, the port brings in revenue for Tigray, which I am all for that, will the return from the export also benefit Oromia region, will the lives of farmers be improved and get a good return? We need to assess all these things. This kind of game is now being played by TPLF stooges such as on this site when concern is being raised it is easy to act like you are vicitimized because eventually people will be suppressed in addressing such concern. I have no problem Tigray developing, but TPLF regim lead by majority from Tigre should raise eye brows. Obviously, Coffee that is being exported has been benefiting the entire Ethiopia, one should be thoughtful does any revenue benefits Tigray region only or the entire Ethiopia, if none, then this issue should be raised because in fact racism is being done against the rest of Ethiopia. Those of you enablers of TPLF continue drumming the drum. It is very clear that since TPLF, Tigray has benefited the most and do study by how much. For instance, if scientifically found that wheat will not grow in Tigray but will in Arusi, am saying as an example and knowing this, TPLF will spend millions of dollars unecessary money to plant wheat and shows no yield, then we definitely should have concern. We should have a concern that TPLF’s interest is only in Tigray region and is striving only for Tigray should raise eye brow Tigray is striving to be self sufficient so that it doesn’t need the rest of Ethiopia until it stands on its 2 feet. Unfortuantely not only Tigray, Eritrea today is struggling to live without Ethiopia. Our fate is bound together whether they like it or not. Unfortuantely groups such as OLF the so called group claiming to protect Oromia while sitting idle overseas and claiming funds from outside, let us see how they are standing for Oromia as Oromo region is being exploited by TPLF, the so called OLF who conspired against the people of Oromia by collaborating with TPLF to take power. So, stop calling people racists when TPLF for the first time in the history of the world brought deliberate and blatant racism on Ethiopian people. We will not be silenced if there is unfair income distribution we don’t care who, indeed the Tigray is benefiting disproportionately and I am addressing this issue in fact, stop racism acts of TPLF on Ethiopian people!

That being said every regions of Ethiopia has its benefits that brings economic development to the entire Ethiopia while also growing its own region. Tigray is important as it is close to sea and therefore, ports and roads maybe important to increase trade to outside world (if this wasn’t TPLF government but a fair and balanced governemnt) and will have revenue for its own region, Keffa exports coffee and the money that comes should will have revenue for its development, improvement of cofee and export etc, the regions should be studied to identify their benefit for the development of ethiopia. Unfortunately, TPLF is blatant racist and this wil not happen.

06/26/11 @ 02:09
Comment from: truth1 [Visitor]

Mr Girma,
I am very happy and proud to see 98% of the comments get the intension of the article. Eventhough you( Mr. “writer") tried to fool and drive emotionally as usual by using the outdated trick, but you failed to convince one.
For sure he is not an Ethiopian by all the measures of the comments he tried to mention.This article looks a revenge for what the Ethiopian government stoped “Shaebia” from not trying to cheat any more on exporting Ethiopian coffee. Nothing else could be the reason, neither Ethiopian could stand against Ethiopian. If he was just from opposition party Ethiopian, he would not even mentioned as there is progresse in Tigray going on because that is old fashion passed in the early times of EPRDF.
The intension of the article is in the name of the title he use to fool some emotionals.We can see the phrases he used.
“75 million people” separate Tigray’s population.
He cut the whole rail road network from Addis to Tigray then to Djibouti and focuses only on the part of the Tigray.
Like Mengistu repeats the statement “What the region exports?”

06/26/11 @ 03:21
Comment from: truth1 [Visitor]

Mr. Girma,
If the Nile Dam was in Tigray region than in Benshangul, what you would say? or what could be the value of your aricle?Is that means Benshagul is preparing to be a Benshangul Republic? or when an infrastructure is building in other region then Tigray does not need? Don’t be nonsense selfish.

06/26/11 @ 03:31
Comment from: Zurga [Visitor]

@ Zemen!

You had better know who you are before characterizing other Ethiopians as ” Bantu".
Who are the the Tigreans?
They are the descendats of early Beja nomads.They are semitized Beja people who have settled in the Agau heartland not only south of the Mereb river but even north of the the river.
The Axumites were Geez speaking Agau people. This has been corroborated by many orientalists. When Axum was invaded and ransacked by the barbaric Bejas, the Axumites ruling class and its population migrated to southern and central Ethiopia.

The Tigre deny their Beja origin and instead trace their ancestry to the Sabean of South Arabia.
During the the Axumite empire in about 550, Cosmas, a Greek Egyptian monk who visited Adulis has left a recoreded history that the Axumites refered themselves as Geez.
According to Carlo Conti Rossinni, Tigre have been originally a semitized Beja, living north of the Geeez. Thus the Tigrai were the the Tigre who in the 7th century AD marched southward across the Mereb river over the highlands and conquered and occupied the Geez Axum.
The Tigrina language different from Tigre appeared centuries latter following Tigrai’s invasion and settelment south of Mereb and assimilation with the Agaw Geez.

Lingusts agree that Geez was built on Agau base populatiion, hence has an Agau Substratum, Wheras Tigre has a Beja substratum demonstrating that it was built on a Beja base Population.

Melese Zenawi told M. Gahdafi that he is an Arab from Yemen.
That cannot be true. He has not kept the memory of his Beja ancestry, and claims instead most often, a Sabean or Arabian origin. However, this claim is very commen in the Red sea regions of Ethiopia and the Sudan and Somalia.

Viva Ethiopia
the great
Jole Sebeta

06/26/11 @ 04:42
Comment from: Asteway [Visitor]

I’m really disappointed in some of the comments I’m reading about this article. I don’t think it’s fair to attack the writer for his opinions(to a point where one of the comments said that he should spend his life in jail because he COULD commit genocide in the future). Instead, I think we should criticize his ideas and even then provide constructive criticism instead of throwing hateful and profane comments. I disagree with the assertion that Tigray is trying to form its own republic by sapping away a significant amount of the federal budget. Girma Feleke himself pointed out that TPLF borrowed the funds for this project from a private bank. The TPLF is the only party that’s responsible to pay its debt and I’m assuming the federal government won’t have anything to do with spotting the TPLF in case they don’t pay the money back.
I do agree, however, that such a project should also be undertaken in places where most of our exportable raw materials are grown/produced. What efforts are being made by regional governments in Oromia to connect their region better to the external world? Most of the problems we’re seeing these days with rising prices stem from a falling Birr and the best way to deal with this from an economic point of view is to increase exports. Now more than ever, we need regional governments like those in Oromia to step up and do their best to support the economy. The Federal government ought to aid these regions in every possible way as well.

06/26/11 @ 06:43
Comment from: Satenaw [Visitor]

This is a glimpse into the inner workings of the TPLF Plc. - how the machinery has increasingly evolved into a business empire, corrupted by the convenience of power; lubricated by the decadent slogan that this is Tigray’s historic moment to prosper and the reckless greed that breeds more insatiable and bottomless want. What is sad is that the TPLF Plc. Is engaged in entrenching itself as the next class of Ethiopian capitalist at the catastrophic expense of the poor Ethiopian people in a manner only a colonial conqueror sabotages its subject’s wellbeing and wealth.

Aside from the addictive nature of corruption, the bottom-line for TPLF’s brazen exploitation emanates from two mistaken beliefs: firstly, now that the “Amhara system had been dismantled now is Tigre’s time (as they say Miller time hear in the US) and we shall make use of this opportune historic moment to lay the economic and political foundations that would transform us as Republic of Tigray or if that become ineffective to remain Ethiopia’s future POWER brokers. The other self-serving excuse is that “We have been working hard to fight and come to power and what makes exploiting a country that has been (3000) years poor such a big deal"?

Basically, these people do not consider themselves belonging to Ethiopia as such. They think the rest of the Ethiopian people as their enemies (at least potentially). For them it is always “us and them", and when they get the opportunity, they do not hesitate to attack their perceived enemies (usually quite unexpectedly). If we go back in history, that was what they did to Ethiopian patriots (including members of EPRP) during their guerrilla years in Tigrai, and the way they behave now is simply an extension of that. They are willing to work with “hodams” only temporarily to use them for their expertise in certain areas and for PR purposes. The “hodams” will be disposed of any time, very often disgracefully, when “qualified” TPLF members are ready to take over. (we all Remember what happened to Tamirat Layne?) The training of such Tigre candidates is now underway. So no Ethiopian is safe under the rule of TPLF, and it is insane to let it stay in power with all its crimes and destructive future plans.

Folks, our enemies (TPLF-Tigres) are a special kind of merciless cannibalistic beasts! We have treasonous traitors who should have been hanged and brought to justice. The fact of the matter is that these cannibalistic beasts continue to be in power for two decades, continuously terrorizing our people, selling our land to foreigners and pocketing the proceeds…! The North African Arab leaders who are being removed are corrupt and despotic, but they never sold their land to their countries’ enemies, they never betrayed their own countries as the Tigre tugs did and continue to do. Both their practices and their nature indicates that they, particularly Meles and his top henchmen, would care less if Ethiopia disintegrates, and in fact, they may even create situations for such sad scenario to take place if and when they come to realize that they are about to be removed from power. They would not hesitate to pit one religious group against another, one ethnic group against another, their mischief leading to (God forbid) to the massacring of each other!


06/26/11 @ 06:52
Comment from: Zurga [Visitor]

Dear G Gemechu!!
You got it. It is a grand plan to form “Greater Tigrai” in the North and ” Greater Somalia” in the Horn of Africa. This was desigened by the English colonialists in order to control the Red sea and the Indian Ocean trade roots.
The Tigrean and Somali Askaris and a bunch of their elites since the end of the WW2 have conspired with Arabs and Europeans to bring about the down fall of the Ethiopian government in Addis Ababa.
In the name of national question they waged war aginst the communist military junta. Westeren Countries spear-headed by US, UK, West Germany, Italy, etc. were the pay masters of TPLF and EPLF.
The US and UK supported EPLF and TPLF and other groups against the pro-Soviet Derg. They have financed, armed and supplied with uninterrupted political backing until their victory in May 1991. Thereafter, TPLF’s man, Melse Zenawi paved the way for the “Eritrean Independence.”
In order to make Eritrea a viable nation, Ethiopia must be reduced to such a lifless and superficial Bantustan arrangements. There is no problem in associating the present ethiopian ” ethnic Federalism” Bantustan dismemberment policy with the US policy for the Horn of Africa.
TPLF is instigating ethnic conflicts to dismember Ethiopia.
If the Tigrean regime of EPRDF secede from Ethiopia immadiatly, others will find better and democratic Ethiopia. Especially the Oromo people of Ethiopia have a long history of democratic tradition and institution.
The so called Tigrai is Ethiopia, Ethiopia is Tigrai is mere a Woyane hegemonic propaganda. TPLF is the cancer of the Ethiopian nation.
TPLF didn’t and doesn’t identify itself as an Ethiopian. TPLf and its running dogs are the most wicked, greedy and noisy rascals.
TPLF is a leech. If we get it rid of quicly, then Ethiopia will be free from poverity, cruelity, injustice, robbery, etc.

Ethiopia for the Ethiopians!!
Hell with TPLF

the great
Jole Sebeta

06/26/11 @ 07:50
Comment from: viva woyane [Visitor]
viva woyane

TPLF’s strenght is the ignorance and zeregnanet of Amharas.As long as you people stay hateful towards Tigrayans TPLF will always have the support of the majority of Tigrayans thus………

Keep your hate venom flowing.:)

06/26/11 @ 09:41
Comment from: Let us be responsible [Visitor]
Let us be responsible

Mr Girma,
My comment for you is go and live with Tigray people for 6months to one year.Then you will definitely apologize in public.
May God have mercy on you.

06/26/11 @ 12:29
Comment from: ET [Visitor]

My understanding is someone need to have a broad knowledge or need to do a research about the issue he/she is writing to the public. The writer seems to have none of this, neither a broad knowledge nor did do any research. The railway is part of the national railway development program and by the way there is a lot to be and being exported from the region. About the power generation, the power generated anywhere in the country is part of or will become part of the national electric grid. Let alone to be part of the national grid, a work is under way to make it part of a wider electric grid interconnection that will reach up to Spain. This is a public knowledge. Please do some research before writing such a hateful article, so that it will minimize the damage such a writing will do to our country unless your intention is to do so.

Thank you

06/26/11 @ 12:42
Comment from: Shewarega [Visitor]

Fact No 1: Blaming the entire people of Tigray for the actions of a handful is wrong. Some in Tigray might be hired and work in the factories built by TPLF. Some, those who are part and parcel of the rotten system, might benefit a few crums here and there. But the simple fact remains standing, i.e. the average Tigrayan still remains in dire poverty like any other of his fellow Ethiopians.

Fact No 2: For those from Tigray who come in here and lay down all kinds of insults at other people in Ethiopia, two wrongs do not make right, you are more stupid than the theme of the post above. Most of all, by doing that, you increase blind hatred against Tigrayans by other Ethiopians. Next time you open your stupid mouth, if everythingelse fails, remember one third of all Tigrayans who live all over Ethiopia, outside Tigray. They will be the first to suffer because of your words and actions.

Fact No 3: TPLF is nothing but a regional secessionist, inherently Marxist, hateful organization. If you go back to the days of Derg, Ethiopia had two kinds of political parties. The majority, who had sizable followers were multi ethnic, based on ideology or grand visions how the country should be. For example, the then very popular EPRP (ETHIOPIAN Peoples Revolutionary Party), EDU (ETHIOPIAN Democratic Union), even those who were with Derg like MEISON (Mela ETHIOPIA Socialist Nekkenakkae). The second group were regional like EPLF, TPLF, OLF, and WSLF. Now, most of the first group were either destroyed by or absorbed by DERG. The reasons for their failure was that like EPRP, they brought the fight into the cities, hence threatening DERG directly and DERG responding with all it had. They never had the option of running away to Sudan, regrouping and fighting back.

When looking at the second group, they all had grievances for their respective regions. EPLF, fought for the separation of Eritrea, it achieved that. Thou it was part of the pillage of Ethiopia, 1991 to 1997, it has not parked its militia in Ethiopia, or it is not occupying Ethiopians. If you also look at the OLF and ONLF, their beef is only directed at what they see as oppresions to their repective regions, nothing more. You can seek out the most extremist member of OLF, he has no plan in occupying Gondar. You can seek the most bitter and extremist member of ONLF, he has no plans in occupying Keffa. That simple fact is still standing.

But when it comes to TPLF, the same group that fought for the dismemberment of Ethiopia, today sits at the capital singing as if it is an Ethiopian organization. TPLF had no Democratic ideals, its has shown that zero sum game in the past twenty years. TPLF was established and was driven not by some greater good for all Ethiopians, rather by regional grievances, by expansionist dreams (Alewuha local stream and Assab port malt new). It only tried to morph itself into an “Ethiopian” organization when it realized the inevitable demise of Derg. That is when it, hastly created out of the blue EPRDF, with alliance to groups non existant before like OPDO, and that so called Southern party, and very marginal and minor once like ANDM.

FACT No 4: In the past twenty years, TPLF has tried its best, using state power/media, and looted wealth to completely reorganize and change Ethiopian society as a whole. That is why they wiped provinces that existed for Mellenium, and brought back the hated ethnic bantustan of Mussolini. Divide and loot, divide and conquer. But that, as the recent price caps, works only for a limited time. The Ethiopian people will never ever accept this ethnic bantustan. Its against nature, against decency, against the fundemental rights of those whose identity was destroyed. Ethiopia is one country, and any Ethiopian has a right to move within his country and live whereever he/she wishes without this crap of you belong to this ethnic or that region. Even in The United States where they have all kinds of people from the entire globe, they do not talk about “peoples of the US” rather than “People". Then why should Ethiopia do that.

Also, as I mentioned above, in 1991 a regional ethnic militia has entered all regions of Ethiopia and currently calls itself “the Ethiopian Army". The entire security apparatus is controlled by one party too. If that does not change, or at least someone from within, like Seye Abraha, comes to power, Ethiopians will forever feel being occupied, I will gladly say that out loud.

Also, TPLF should stop trying to control all aspects of Ethiopian life. Even those non TPLF government allies who are appointed to high offices have very little power. For example, when Abate Kisho led the so called Souther region, everyone knew it was Bitew Belay who was the power behind him. Now Haile Mariam is supposed to be the FM, but we all know he is nothing but an ashangulit to that “choma afe” Berhane GebreKirstos. I called him Choma Afe because he is even more capable of making a desert look like a green pasteur,lol than his friend Meles. Like he was asking Diasporan Ethiopians to advice those who oppose the regime to come back to Ethiopia’s fold. How short a memory he had, when he was Ambassador to the US, he called a meeting and let loose his cadres to beat up a house full of Ethiopians. I was there, I saw, I will never forget. BTW the worst dulla was reserved to Tigrayans who opposed the regime. Again back to that defecating regional stinking root of TPLF. If you are Tigrayan and you oppose me you are treator. In his little mind all Tigrayan should just be an instrument for his hegemony and control of 90 million Ethiopinas.

To be continued….le ahunu bezihu yebekka

06/26/11 @ 12:49
Comment from: Arkebe [Visitor]

What a Reaction!
Girma’s writhing and Woyanes Reaction very Funny
“Efrem replayed
You are really “illiterate". In Ethiopia power is collected and distributed through central station”. How about Tis Abay Hydroelectric Power? Do you know that it’s passing through Gonder from Bahardar Jumping Gonder! But Mekele gets it and Gonder has only Generator! Is that your Distributions?
“Geb replayed
We should all be happy about the developments that are happening throughout the county weather they are in tigray or other parts” Girma has explained it, he is not against it but why Tigray first? Priority to the Rulings region?
“Molla replayed
To be honest, I am sure you do not say what you write in front of a Tigray man”
Typical Woyane,(if you’re not with me then you’re against me) you mean a Tigray man in Ethiopia! Because out of Ethiopia you can do nothing, but in Ethiopia it’s your Family in Power.
“Ambessa replayed
This is a trash of trashes. Remember Tigray is located 1600km or more far away from Djibouti, that means it is so difficult to import as much goods as the region needs”. It is your own fault you gave Aseb for nothing and now you’re complaining. (Sedo masaded yamarew dorowun bekok yilwutal) Tigray is with 5 ml the lowest populated Area in Ethiopia, so give first the rest a railway.
Ginbot 7 clown. People like you should be imprisoned for life”. I’m sure Girma’s real name is Males Zenawi
“Efrem Tadele
I am Eferem Tadele from Amhara Region Bahirdar” Now because you gave you’re real name Woyane is going to give you a better position than you are now.
I really love to see bad Amharas crying” you mean Amharas who’re not leaking your ass? “Meles has a dream to connect East Africa through COMESA” How cam, a Man who wanted to liberate Tigray from Ethiopia have a dream to connect East Africa? Funny

06/26/11 @ 14:50
Comment from: Dallas [Visitor]


You and the writer are nothing but hate mongers. Whether you like it or not, the construction in Tigrai will continue, your anger lives on and EPRDF will govern the country as long as it continues to do the EXCELLENT work it is doing.

Long Live Meles and his Leadership!

06/27/11 @ 01:21
Comment from: JohnnyWalker [Visitor]

“Our export commodity producing regions, not those that do not, should be connected to the outside world by road, air and rail in order to ship the products in quality and quantity”
>>> This is your opinion. Not a fact.

As a people we have to wake up and question what is being done.
>>> This statement applies to you Ato Girma than most Ethiopians living back home or overseas.

Personally, as a citizen, I demand to be treated as an Ethiopian and as equal.
>>> Really??? Consider it a privilege you live in the West to write an article of such destortion. Even journalists in the West subscribe to good etiquette … try honesty and factual for a change.

When I am not I will demand it by all means necessary and the language the TPLF understands.
>>> You sound more like an activist or better yet the opposition party. What was the point of this article. I forgot, since your thesis and conclusion are convoluted at best.

TPLF should not wait until the anger of 75 million people explodes.
>>> Wow, you think 75 million support your ideaology. Keep dreaming. Ethiopia under PM Meles has been making great progress. It may come as a surprise to you that Ethiopians by large support PM Meles and his policies. Is he perfect, NO, neither is any leader in the world.

It should get on the right track before it is too late.
>>> Too late for what??? Where is your anger and resentment coming from? If I were you, I would keep myself busy with things that bring positive change in the lives of people.

Because, it should be clear that the silence of Ethiopians is not an agreement to the injustice but it is an expression of resentment that will pour like a sudden flood in the middle of Summer.
>>> Wow, are you also predicting the end of the world. You need help… attend a good church, find a hobby to keep yourself busy. Writing articles of no value wastes everyones time. If I were you, I would draft an apology letter for wasting everyones time.

cheers !!!

06/27/11 @ 01:37
Comment from: EthiopianChild [Visitor]

This websit is anti Tigray ,it’s
amazing every year there is rubbish written can you please also post whats being done a cross the country ,refresh our mind

06/27/11 @ 02:39
Comment from: sosicha [Visitor]

I can’t wait to see the independent Republic of the Tigray Nation.

Better to live alone!

06/27/11 @ 06:21
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Member]

In a civil society, people have every Goddamn right to express their opinions as in the case of this article. People also have a right to oppose, debate & challenge the views of such individuals/journalists/scholars etc preferably in a civil & intelligent manner however, civilized dialogue have become as challenging as a rocket science to most Ethiopians.

You can NOT simply attack the entire ethnic group this writer happen to come from. How does this individual represent the Amhara people such as myself? Not sure which planet readers come from. You need to get back to earth/reality and use your brains to reason. Ethiopians have become laughing stocks of the world through poverty, disease AND NOW we are adding mental impairment and irrational-ism to that list by behaving like mentally impaired spastics.

Coming back to this article, I believe developing infrastructures in any part of Ethiopia should be welcomed with open arms.

06/27/11 @ 12:26
Comment from: [Member]

I’m really surprised how people took this childish scribble serious.
“Aremenew” Girma is just one jealous, gimmo7 looser who is crying from his grave.
His anti Tigray people philosophy is derived from his masters, shabians’ envy of the tigrayans whom they believe out-smarted them and also think the Tigray people are responsible for eritrean demise.
So this looser “aremenew” girma is nothing but a failure. Anything he says is, to delight his master isayass in asmara, who is giving him and his gimmo7 group, a shelter, and some crumbs to survive.
They tried everything to instigate chaos in Ethiopia, from the beka movement to sending OLF foot soldiers with TNT and etc,..none of that worked. Now he is writing this childish, nonesense from his grave, to show he is still breathing.
The good thing is, with EPRDF under the great leadership of Pm Meles Zenawi, we are in good hands, and our state of unity is stronger than ever!!! Who ever is trying to challenge our unity is simplly digging their own graves.

06/27/11 @ 17:01
Comment from: Mimi [Visitor]


You must be an idiot man. The most rustic and racist man who hate the Tigray people, the land from the bottom of his heart.

Instead of advocating the other regions to be connected like Mekele plan, he is saying we must stop.

You idiots, you will never stop any development in Tigray. Last time, you toytoyed against the partnership of Mekele city with a German city? Today you are crying why the governmment propose a railway from Mekele to Djibouti?

You must a low life idiot who is born evil to your bones. Who told you there is not anything to be exported from Tigray? Was the rise buldings in Addis Ababa Built by Seasame export from Sheraro and Humera?

Girma, you have to die today, but rest assured, Mekele will be connected to Djibouti. This is a bad news for you primitive and for shabia. Shabai will sit with empty ports while Ethiopia uses Djibouti and you will die of jealousy too.

Girma, you must be the most wikced woman being on the planet? Are you not? You are the most wicked. There are people like you. No will listen to such low life, pritimive people.

You go to hell. But we will build a rail way from Mekele and to Djibouti. Not only that, we will connect all the federal states cities to Djibouti. You will die of insanity.

May God curse you to death.

06/27/11 @ 18:31
Comment from: [Member]

now I know why majority of Agames are burnt on their side temple hence “11″!!!
It is indeed news to me that those part of the Tigray population is just the Semetized Bejas huh !!! Wow.
ለዚህ ነው ማለት ተተልትለው አስራአንድ እያልን በልጅነታችን የምንጠራቸው ?
ለማንኛውም እ ህ አ ዴ ግ ይውደም ::
መለስ ተይዞ ለፍርድ ይቅረብ::
ህዝባዊ ትግል አሁን::

06/27/11 @ 20:28
Comment from: Tona [Visitor]

Ato Girma, You are the first person I read saying that mengistu Hailemariam is Amhara. you distort simple facts like this to prove your hate driven argument.You think a rail way shouldn’t be built in Tigrai beucuse the region has nothing to contribute.I belive tigrai has one of the hard working people of Ethiopia and what everhappens there benefits all ethiopians.Keep on Rambling but no one pays attention to your nonesense “article”

06/27/11 @ 20:59
Comment from: tj [Visitor]

Why is it if any thing is done in Tigray it is made in to a big deal. How come nobody writes about Awasa. Have you seen what it look like or maybe Baherdar do you think they want to sepret from Ethiopia.
Mr writer
Let me explin to you something you wouldn’t know. After the war with Eriteria was finshed and every thing was closed all the citys and small towns near the border and afar become like goust town. There was no commercial movement at all. Whiel the rest of Ethiopia prospered those people sufferd and still they are paying the price. Befor the war all goods has to come from the port and go throuh tigray and bussines was always booming. Now there is nothing every thing has to come throuh Dejbouti to DD to Addis then all the way to tigray by the time it gates their the price is so hgih no one could affored it. So my point is if this rail way can bring some relif to Tigray,Wolo and North Gonder where is the harm. Please stop writing staff that will harm millions of peopol just to make your point aginest TPLF.

06/28/11 @ 01:41
Comment from: Kambodia [Visitor]

The problem is not the people of Tigray. The problem is the TPLF that is a dictatorial front from day 1` of its inception. TPLFs constituency are very few who trade and enrich themsleves in the name of tigray. Of course they try to corrupt tigreans. They tell them ad infintum the amharas are heynas ready to eat tigreans alive, the oromos are wild people who should be caged while we take their gold and so on. TPLF tried to corrupt, corrupt and corrupt the people of tigray. It constantly sends the message to them i am stealing ethiopia and come and do the same. But the people of tigray have been cheated by tplf. They know the sin of tplf but have no option. Blaming tigrayans is not at all appropriate. The core of the tplf mafia group are composed of few criminals in the name of legesse(Adwa), woldesilassie nega(Adwa), the serevant embaye mesfin(Agamae), the power monger Getachew Belay(Adwa) and others. The rest carry the gun and do the dirty job. Know the tplf better now or never before it is too late.

06/28/11 @ 05:25
Comment from: addis [Visitor]

girma feleke,

qoshasha woyane ena lemagn tigren hulu asabedkew. tebarek

06/28/11 @ 05:51
Comment from: abyssiniangirl4life [Visitor]

johnny walker,
If, by all the cutting and pasting of his statements followed by your empty threats, you meant to rebuttal his arguments, you have a long way to go. You should start by googling the word “rebuttal” and then maybe enroll in grade school. I don’t blame you, though. You are probably a product of the agazi school system. No critical thinking bone in your body. All you do is spit out the same talking points like some broken record. Can you at least vary them a bit so we can pretend you are intelligent?

06/28/11 @ 10:11
Comment from: anon [Visitor]

This writer has every right to argue that rail way connection with djubti might signal tplf’s declaration on independent tigray state. Can anyone in his right mind doubt this knowing full well the mind set and devious nature of TPLF.After all, Is there anything predictable about tplf? Tplf is private mafia that uses political identity in order to advance the interests of its leaders. Such is the nature of TPLF.It starts out To liberate the state of TIGRAY.Then,it reached an agreement with Shabia to merge the two people after independence and create a state.Then,under the joint agreement of Shabia and weyane it was decided weyane to run Ethiopia while Eretria cede from the same. Both knew that without Ethiopian bulk resources Eretria and Tigre can’t stand in their feet. Fortunately, for Ethiopians the two hyenas were unable to continue in their cooperation because they soon become competitors, and bitter rivals. At this moment the weyane cadres and strategists think they have to play the Ethiopian card and they keep singing Emama Etyhiopia.Al this ploy is a survival mechanism intended to advance their grip.
I try to demonstrate the constant flux and unpredctable, illusive nature of the weyane cult throughout its history. Therefore it is not altogether naive for any Ethiopian not to hold weyane leaders in great suscpcion.If you don’t what guarantee do you have for not being cheated?
The good thing is that this godless cult no matter how strong it feels GOD has a way of humbling it that political affairs in Ethiopia is not entirely under the control of weyane.That is God intervenes in the affairs of men to check their motives and to cross their ways. If it was for weyane long ago it could have brought its dream in to frutation.However, beyond its wish it was forced to revise and prioritize its agendas. So long , circumstances permit weyanes will bring to pass what they have always dreamt. Currently we don’t see them pursuing their dream, not because they are suddenly seized euphoric love for Ethiopia, but because they are unable to do so.They know they, as someone rightly pointed out above, they have now more enemies than friends when they started out. As weyanes are continue hating and torturing Ethiopians their relationship with the people of the region will remain at low ebb.

06/28/11 @ 14:10
Comment from: Teodros [Visitor]

These people do not want to give any credit to any progress brought by the current govt. This is it!! Nothing more nothing less. I don’t know why people are wasting their time on reading & commenting their garbage articles.

06/28/11 @ 21:36



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