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Ethiopia: Beware of the Wolf in Sheep's Clothing !



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Ethiopia: Beware of the Wolf in Sheep's Clothing !

Ethiopia: Beware of the Wolf in Sheep's Clothing !

By Lebenu Feleke

Recently, I came across with tactics and dangerous disguises some people attempt to use in the cyber world by writing and publishing articles that are hypocritical and loaded with political agendas that they officially appear to oppose. The case in point is an article written by a man named Tadeos Anteneh and posted on Ethiomedia and under the title "Is Tigray the Problem?"

Although we can all agree on the idea that every person and website have the right to write and publish anything they wanted, it is also expected that they present complete and credible news that is in line with the political opinion that they officially promote. However, the attempt by the writer mentioned above and those who published it to covertly promote certain political agenda by falsely attacking the opposition using fictitious information and naked deceit is very sad. Such attempt to use scare tactics is simply intended to propagate the idea that Tigreans are in danger and the only shelter they have is getting behind TPLF. This, however, is the most dirty politics that one resort to and it is condescending in every aspect. I have long worked in the TPLF led EPRDF administration, and therefore, I have the information that enables me, and as a result others, to differentiate fiction from reality; propaganda from truth, and what is from what is not based on the points raised in the article Is Tigray the Problem?

Misrepresentation of the article,

The writer claims that Diaspora opposition groups and anti-government websites promote the idea of Tigray ethnic group domination of the socio-economic and political life of the Ethiopian state which in turn is used as a means to the development and growth of the greater Tigray region. Refuting such arguments as “misleading and inflammatory” the article suggested that Tigray region is still underdeveloped, and even compared to other regions it is still less developed. Furthermore, the article pointed out “… focused and single-minded attack (against Tigrayans) also validates widespread myths about how a particular ethnic group (in this case the Tigrean ethnic group) is forging way ahead of the rest of the country in infrastructure development, health care, employment, agricultural production and other spheres of national life at the expense of the rest. This is of course not true.”

To begin with, it would be reasonable to suggest that the article is written proactively rather than as a reaction, which the writer attempt to convince us, with the intention of accusing some opposition groups and web sites for being anti-Tigray for the simple suggestion they make that TPLF has dominated the political and economic spheres in the central government, which in fact is a public knowledge. I am saying this because of two reasons. One reason is that the article is very weak in terms of reference and completeness. The writer have not mentioned cases where by opposition groups and websites bashed Tigray in general for what has happened and/or happening due to TPLF led EPRDF rule. It did not even mention the parties or web sites who suggested the idea that Tigray region has developed well ahead of other regions due to TPLF rule. If the initial reason to write this article was because other opposition groups and web sites are wrongly bashing Tigray in general, then the first thing the article should do is provide cases by which opposition groups and web sites have done that and when. The only clear reference the writer mentioned in this respect was at one point and that says “Such indiscriminate and purposeful targeting probably reached new heights when in May 2009 Ginbot 7 accused the whole of the Tigre ethnic group of dominating key posts in the Ethiopian army.” The rest of his reference is general and with out a clear example. The second and even ridiculous reason is that on the quoted statement the writer mentioned May 2009 information to charge Ginbot 7 as being one of such opposition groups engaged in Tigray bashing. If the article were written reactively to current developments, as it suggested, then it would have been expected that current data would be used. Owing to these facts one can simply realize that the article is written to accuse others of being anti-Tigray, and therefore, be able to mobilize Tigreans behind TPLF using the usual TPLF scare tactic.

Before the article charge the opposition as having been engaged in “anti-Tigray hype” and “anti-Tigray” sentiment it should have asked who the source of ethnic based hatred and political culture in Ethiopia is and who is resorting to incite ethnic conflict for the sake of political expediency. The answer is simple, the mother of ethnic politics in Ethiopia and the responsible group who would take the blame for all the destruction that comes along with it is non other than TPLF. It is a party that was conceived and developed on the idea of ethnic liberation, as it is still called, by regarding other ethnic group, Amhara to be specific, as an enemy of Tigray and the entire Ethiopian people. This strategy was designed with an intention that it will easily help to mobilize the mostly uneducated Tigray farmers under its control. But TPLF was aware that their problem was the socialist military junta, the Derg, rather than Amhara in general. Nevertheless, the politically expedient option was the latter and that is what TPLF propagated and it has still continued to promote when ever they have interest to do so. TPLF’s political culture is defined by one that is dependent upon ethnic identity and allegiance. The basis used to create and measure loyalty and commitment in the TPLF dominant political culture is ones ethnic background.

Every time TPLF has a political agenda it will use ethnic basis and labeling with the intention to divide others and build its strength. To garner the support of other ethnic groups, for instance the Oromos, TPLF propagates the idea that they should fight the return of Amhara Neftenyas who oppressed them for hundred years. This same tactic is used by TPLF in the 2005 election. Simply because CUD or Kinijit was a multi-ethnic party TPLF used the idea that CUD/Kinijit is an Amhara party that will reinstate hundred years of Menilik II, Haileselassie I and the Derg’s Neftenya system. Ever since it came to power, TPLF has propagated the idea that those who believes in the idea of one united Ethiopia and one flag, Amharas in particular, as chauvinists who are nostalgic of the past. I remember, one time when I traveled in northern Shoa I saw a sign that read in Amharic as Ye Amhara Biheregnanet Yilemlem which in English meant “Amhara Nationalism Shall Prevail.” TPLF hardly wants to see a group that believes in a greater united Ethiopianist idea that embraces all. Such a mentality is what TPLF fought from the start and attempted to obliterate with harsh force and propaganda. The above slogan was part of TPLF mental campaign intended to weaken the sense of Ethiopian nationalism and build petty Amhara sentiment in the people. This is one of the jobs some Amhara Hench men in the region are ordered to do by their TPLF masters. Similar reality prevails in other regions too. Lets take the Oromo. When analysed by the TPLF mind the Oromos problem is narrow mindedness because of the fact that if they let loose they are mostly supportive of the OLF. Similar to the Amhara Hench men there are also those Oromos who would propagate and kill people suspected of supporting OLF.

Following the fall of the military junta in 1991, the power that significantly controlled the central power in Addis for last twenty years was TPLF led EPRDF forces. Although it is said that TPLF is one of the parties that formed EPRDF the reality is not hidden from any ordinary Ethiopian. The creation of one umbrella party that will involve other ethnic based parties was intended to give the appearance that other ethnic groups are represented and TPLF is just one of them. But as we all know, all the individual parties, except TPLF, that formed EPRDF were neither institutionally strong nor have they any strong military backing as TPLF has. They were more like nominal representatives who at anytime will be hired or fired depending on how much loyal and committed they are in implementing what TPLF told them to. We all know how OPDO was made like mud statue by TPLF using surrendered Derg soldiers like, Aba Dula Gemeda and Kuma Demeksa, who latter used as henchmen to TPLF in subjugating their own Oromo brothers and sisters. The same is true with the Amhara region too. Tamrat Layne, Tefera Walwa, Hilawi Yosef, Adissu Legesse are used the same way as the OPDO Hench men to control and subordinate the Amhara people.

The hegemonic status and make and break role of TPLF in Ethiopian political arena can be easily exemplified by the TPLF long time leader Meles Zenawi, who is Ethiopian President and Prime minister for the last twenty years and counting. Despite TPLF has joined other parties to form EPRDF it has never abandoned or compromised its guerrilla years agendas and doctrines. Due to the fact that the union is among groups who are not equal TPLF does not find it hard to implement its interest using EPRDF as an instrument. The other member parties of EPRDF are simply there to endorse and accept TPLF’s views and agendas, as they have none of their own, and impose them on the people they illegitimately represent. Among others, the long held TPLF agendas still promoted under EPRDF include the ethnic partitioning of the country, the idea of self determination up to and including secession, the opposition to the idea of one united Ethiopia, the promotion of the idea of national oppression by Amhara, its defense to Eritrean interest opposed to that of our own, its disrespect to Ethiopian history and flag etc.

So, it is not hard to realize the political domination of TPLF in the entire Ethiopian political sphere. Due to its military superiority and the arrogance that is rooted in its long years of struggle against the Derg, TPLF believes that it has the right to rule. The only thing they needed was disguise, so as to fool some foreign donors by trying to appear that the government is truly representative of the entire Ethiopian political groups with the same power and voice. Locally, it will also be used to deceive some light-minded people to believe that they have a representative in EPRDF. But Ethiopians, by and large, do not buy the argument that TPLF and other ethnic based parties have the same political weight and it will be pathetic to think otherwise. I am a witness myself to the degree of TPLF control of many offices of government, which includes the Ministry of National Defense, Prime Minister Office, National Intelligence Agency, Customs Authority, Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the embassies and consulates.

TPLF members are apparently Tigre, and the suggestion that people who are Tigre have controlled the central political and economic structure can not be regarded as untrue. But, it does not mean every Tigre is involved. That is neither feasible nor sensible. Tigres who controlled many sectors in Ethiopia are those Tigres who are members of TPLF and others who are connected by blood or money. If any one believe in fair and rational representation of all ethnic groups in every aspect of the Ethiopian socio-economic and political system then it will be time the minority domination ceases to be the rule of the day. The system of using hench-men to subdue others to the hegemony of minority system should be broken. It is only then that Ethiopia will live in peace and economic development and we can confidently say there is no minority domination of the Ethiopian socio-economic and political landscape. So, there is no doubt that because of TPLF rule those connected and party member Tigres have benefited disproportionately at the central government. But I would like to reiterate that the majority Tigres are still destitute like their other fellow Ethiopians and they should never be regarded as an accomplice in any way.

The source of ethnic hatred, TPLF or Opposition?

The article published on Ethiomedia and is simply intended to charge some opposition groups as being engaged in general ethnic hatred towards Tigrayans. Such attempt by the writer and the web sites who promoted it is intended to take the blame from TPLF to the opposition. However, it is not hidden from Ethiopians that the party and people who was/is inspired by and institutionalized ethnic identity and who as a result created constant enmity, distrust and conflict among different ethnic groups since its formation till it came to the helm of central power in 1991 and up until now is/was TPLF. The history books will keep telling the world and future generations the atrocities and mass murders committed as a result of TPLF ethnic policy and propaganda in many parts of Ethiopia including Bedeno, Arbagugu, Assosa, Eastern Wollega, South Ethiopia, Gambela and Jimma. Tens of thousands Amharas, Agnuaks, Nuer, Guji and Borenas were killed as a consequence.

Ethnic institutionalization that resulted in such inter ethnic contradiction in many parts of Ethiopia is the result of TPLF making not that of the opposition groups or web sites. Not only Ethiopians, international organizations like, International Crisis Group, have pointed out that the TPLF strategy of ethnically dividing the nation has led it to an ever-increasing ethnic animosity, hatred and mistrust. Therefore, the question is not is Tigray the Problem? Except in the mind of the writer Mr. Tadeos nobody in the real world has questioned whether Tigray is a problem for the economic and political problems that existed in Ethiopia. Tigray is a proud family of the Ethiopian socio-economic, political and cultural fabric. Other than those TPLF Tigres and their accomplices the rest of the Tigrean People are broad minded and pro Ethiopian. Their contribution to Ethiopian independence, sovereignty, development and cultural values through out history can not be erased by anyone. When I was once traveling as a government worker in the remotest part of Tigray I never forget what I witnessed. People going to a funeral to rest the body of one of their member they had carried one Ethiopian flag of Green, Yellow and Red hanged on a slim stick. That is the level of Ethiopianism that proud people still possess. TPLF is not a representative of that proud and glittering allegiance and history of the majority Tigrean people.

In light of the atrocities committed because of the policies and political decisions of the TPLF junta in Ethiopia posing the question Is TPLF the Problem? Fair and easy question to answer with a big Yes. But the attempt to mix up things and present the twisted idea that the opposition, like Ginbot 7, and other web sites harbor anti-Tigray sentiment is completely ridiculous and bone headed accusation only a buffoon believes it makes sense.

God Bless Tigray and God Bless Ethiopia


Comment from: Degu [Visitor]

Poor Lebenu are you telling us TPLF has introduced the name GALA for our Oromo brothers? What TPLF has striven for and ensured is all nations and nationalities are equal. The message of TPLF is clear stop insulting and undermining any ethnic group. If this is bad thing for you it is your problem and deal with it!
Besides, it is crystal clear that most of the opposition parties which are the shelter for bunch of derg remnants and chauvinists have been waging hatred propaganda against Tigreans although the Ethiopian people has given them a deaf ear.

06/08/11 @ 02:56
Comment from: Miheretab [Visitor]

Dear Mr. Lebenu:

While i respect your point of view, I differ on the following aspect. Tigrains are a partners to the woyane regime like the amaharas, oromos and others who keep silent and continue to be enslaved. That is true when you like your meat too much rather than your soul. At least we have to accuse the tigreans on the basis of morality and humanity. But what makes the tigreans dfifferent is they are humbled by tplf’s military prowess and their ethnic alligiance to the tplf and are thus collectively silent except for the handful of genuine tigrayans who speak their mind rather than fall in to ethnic politics propoganda. On the other hand woyane actually depended largely on the uneducated rural tigrean peasants for its war and therfore the urban tigre population has to be subdued and should follow tplf whether they like it or not. Just like the humble oromo and amhara who are looking for civil rule, the urban tigreans see tplf imposes itself on them. If they speak against the regime the same fate awaits them like the amahara and oromo. Except for the few opportunists the majority of the people of tigray are not racists but they are now forced to wear the yellow and red ethnic apartheid cloth as they have no escape. So then problem is mainly woyane and particularly Legesse who has to go. otherwise, the die hard ethnicist he is, ethiopia continues to suffer from the wrath of ethnic unrest.

06/08/11 @ 03:53
Comment from: Molla [Visitor]

I was wondering what the writer that you are accusing has said anything different to what you have said below?

“and the suggestion that people who are Tigre have controlled the central political and economic structure can not be regarded as untrue”

06/08/11 @ 03:56
Comment from: heny [Visitor]

Lebenu Feleke,
“The answer is simple, the mother of ethnic politics in Ethiopia and the responsible group who would take the blame for all the destruction that comes along with it is non other than TPLF.”
What destruction are you mummbling about, Mr. Lebenu? Do you mean CONSTRUCTION instead? How blind you are to fail to see this reality? Was it after seeing people like LEbenu (YOU) that the saying “there arethose who have eyes but cannot see” was coined?
You like it or not, it is a finished business that Ethioiopia is a conglommerate of ethnics and nations/nationalities. This will be the defining irreversible realy of our modern Ethiopia.
As to your intention to blame the people of Tigray and its vanguard TPLF to be cause fir this, so it be. We are extremely proud of that.

06/08/11 @ 04:00
Comment from: [Member]

Ye “CHUHETEN TEQEMAHU” kind of lamentation, which keeps contradicting itself by trying to isolate a certain tribe, “tigray in this case” by calling the govt TPLF. Yet the author keeps denying what the reality is on the ground.
There is nothing diffrent here. This is the same cry by the diaspora loosers, who lost hope, but still cry from their graves just for the sake of making noise.
The usual tactic of calling the govt woyane govt, or TPLF govt, by the dispora oppos and websites continues, as long as the enemys of Ethiopia have nothing tangible to present to the people of Ethiopia.
All in all the diaspora oppo politicians are dead, still there are some “ALMOT BAYY TEGADAY” who deny their lose, and continue their smear campain and hopeless isolation tactic.

06/08/11 @ 06:01
Comment from: mamo [Visitor]

I can tell that you are ‘ye showa Amara’ who is just angry. YOur argument does not hold any water. Go back and re-read what you wrote

06/08/11 @ 10:00
Comment from: Woldu Girmay [Visitor]
Woldu Girmay

TPLF didnot create 80 different etnics . They were there for many years hiden and exploited by the Tigrayan and Amhara elites.Now where there you like or not the whole world know Ethiopia is not made of two etnics.The rest is history not story stop bashing 6 million tigayan and 35 million Amhara people.In my book that is called insulting.Go ahead work hard if you want Ethiopia to benefit . I will tell you to read the true history of Ethiopia not the fake one that you know.

06/08/11 @ 11:08
Comment from: Amara from Dessie [Visitor]
Amara from Dessie

This author is very racist and uncivilized. He is the one using ethnicity in his article.

TPLF-EPRDF gave us all freedom and opportunity.

you are unemployed uneducated refugee who cant find good work in Western country so you have to blame Ethiopia for you personal problem.

You can’t raise a family how can you control the country you loser!

06/08/11 @ 15:07
Comment from: balew [Visitor]

It an excellent insight. We need to distinguish those who write to encourage dialogue, understanding and a commonground among citizens of diverse background and those who dissiminate the seeds of hatred/counterhatred under the guises of ‘genuine concern.’ I know of no party/opposition having an agenda against Tigreans. I think the majority of Tigreans are taken hostage by TPLF. This is not hidden from the majority of Ethiopians be they in Ethiopia or diaspora. I think the presentation that Tigreans are targeted by the opposition misrepresents the reality. It undermines the struggle for freedom. it simply is a strategy of sustaining the dictator regime by creating and propagating mistrust, suscipicion, division among freedom loving people. We all are ethiopians. We have differences. We can build one strong nation founded on equality, liberty and social justice.

06/08/11 @ 16:46
Comment from: john john [Visitor]
john john

We hear you loud and clear the only people who like to rase ethinic tension in Ethiopia are true Shabia and opportunist opposition (Hodam) too.
God Bless Ethiopia

06/08/11 @ 21:08
Comment from: [Member]

The truth is EPRDF, is compromised of former shiftas who are now outright greedy dogs gnawing on the Ethiopian people’s rather starved flesh.
these Weyane cadres try to defend their Mafia master in all events.
To these bunch of cyber-spies he is the economic builder(what economy !!) to these fruit-flies meles is their Nelson Mandela( wow such democracy in Ethiopia!!)
እነኚህ ስማቸውን የጠቀስኩት ቀንደኛ የመለስ የጭን ገረዶች
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5ኛ - ሄንይ
6ኛ - ቄና ቄብ
7ኛ - ሉል ቆጮ
በማንኛውም የድረ ገጹ ዜና ላይ ሳይጠፉ እረ ጎራው እያሉ ያቅራራሉ ::
አካኪ ዘራፍ ይላሉ
ድንጋዩ ዳቦ ነው ብለው ልያሳምኑን ይቃጣሉ
እ ህ አ ዴ ግ ይውደም
አትዮጵያ ለዘላለም ትኑር

06/08/11 @ 22:00
Comment from: Satenaw [Visitor]

This is a very interesting analysis of the general state of Ethiopia under the brute Tigres. Under the guise of a “coalition” government dubbed EPRDF, Meles Zenawi’s Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) has operated very much like a mafia organization. Many of the top leaders are connected by blood or marriage. TPLF/EPRDF has stifled private initiatives by monopolizing land ownership, major businesses, telecommunications, the media, even fertilizer import and distribution, and allowing corrupt and incompetent party functionaries to run the bureaucracy.

All of the intelligence services, the militia, political cadres, and the regime main machinery are manned by Tigrians. Of the State owned entities they control fully the Central Bank, the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Development Bank, and sundry financial Institutions, Electric Light and Power, Telecommunications, The Petroleum Corporation, Ethiopian Airline, Ethiopian Shipping Line, the Railway and so forth and so forth. They have monopoly on the import and distribution of fertilizers, and most of the export business.

Every aspect of the national resources are favourably made available to The “Republic of Tigray", as it is known in TPLF die hard circles. And the “Tigray republic” receives a generous endowment from the national budget. The cover used for the remittance of a lion’s share of the national budget to the “republic of Tigray” is to rehabilitate regions affected by war.” The questions that beg for answers are: who waged the war in Tigray? What other regions that equally suffered by war receive similar money for rehabilitating and help people affected by war waged by Woyane itself and EPLF? Who destroyed bridges, bombed people in schools in Asossa, burned crops in cooperative farms, stole machinery and equipment and sold them in the Sudan? Apparently TPLF die hard supporters believe we have forgotten the destruction carried out in Wollega, Gondar and parts of Western Wollo. No money was raised for these regions although the wanton destructions were greater than in Tigray.

Under the semblance of a “coalition” government hailed as EPRDF, Meles Zenawi’s Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) has an unconditional & absolute power over the rest of the phoney tribal stooges. There are several facts that can validate the veracity that there is indeed only TPLF. It is now twenty years since TPLF claimed that it has formed an “alliance political party” that represents “every ethnicity” in the country. However, those TPLF leaders who came in as “liberators” two decades ago are still clinching the power not giving a chance to others at all. In fact they have created a domineering system in which they can manipulate the whole aspects of political and economical well being of the country. They have power over a constitution they have written and they can arrest or even kill any one who questions them. They control major businesses of the country and when they make economical policies they shape it to the best interest of their businesses not to the country.

in conclusion: Here are some of the very vital questions Ethiopians have been asking and seeking to get CLEAR and DIRECT answers from TPLF leaders who have been bragging about “EPRDF":

- How come, almost after two decades, over 99% of key military positions are still held by TPLF members?

-How Come a TPLF leader has been ruling the country for 20 years and still unsure about giving a chance to other so called EPRDF members?

- How come a political party involves in a multimillion dollar business against the country’s constitution?

-How come TPLF is still a Liberation Front?

-How come TPLF by itself makes decisions in the name of EPRDF, including terminating, arresting, and torturing opposition members, business associates, and even EPRDF members?

-How come the billion of dollars worth political partiy’s business (EFFRT) blong only to TPLF?

Conspicuously, it has been very difficult to TPLF members and its EPRDF agents to give clear answers to these questions as there are no legitimate answers. Again, if there is indeed EPRDF, then what are the legitimate answers to these questions?

That is why we are calling the united forces of all Ethiopians to evict the unlawful landlord TPLF (Tigray Parasitic Looting Front) from our country.

06/09/11 @ 06:11
Comment from: Konjit [Visitor]

“Beware of the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing !"what a great title. We don’t know anyone other than you, Eyasu , a real wolf in the sheep clothing. You were the one who was working with TPLf in looting the country and prosecuting the people.Now, when they fire you, you tell us that TPLF is criminal. You said “Wolf in Sheep". What a name you gave to yourself.

06/09/11 @ 10:22
Comment from: Tulu Proud ET [Visitor]
Tulu Proud ET


I see so many TPLF wolfs in this forum dressed as Ethiopians and Amaras.

Are you telling us that Oromos are treated and respected as your empty words?

Now Galas are called Oromos and what do they get? They are killed, tortured, imprisoned and harassed by TPLF cadres day in and day out.

It is only a name change which is your TPLF game.

When we were called Galas the government never killed or abused us. We were part of the government but now the government is totally controlled by one ethnic group, TPLF Tigreas.

By the way, Gala is not an insult or an inferior name. It means happy but it was twisted badly by Shabia and TPLF to incite hate among our compatriots Amaras.

I rather be called Gala thousand times and let me live peacefully and equally like we lived before the Woyane regime!!!!!

06/10/11 @ 18:25
Comment from: alemu [Visitor]

what an article what a sad reality in ethiopia. people like you are the one who will free ethiopia lebenu. geta yirdah

06/10/11 @ 23:54
Comment from: abebe [Visitor]

you have pointed out what is sick about this racist and narrowmined regime. people should differentiate between TPLF and Tigray. the ruling elite is a narrowminded group that adopts policies thatdestroys ethiopia, including tigray. the fight should continue to save our homeland. god bless you lebenu and keep on the ggod job. don’t bother about those TPLF dogs who comment attacking you because they are paid and are members of tplf.

06/11/11 @ 00:00
Comment from: AWETASH [Visitor]




06/12/11 @ 03:44
Comment from: degu [Visitor]

God bless you lebenu feleke !
people like you will bring change to ethiopia if you keep the struggle in this manner. you have no idea how much you inspired us to fight TPLF poisonous policy and deeds. ethiopia will be the home of all not the stage where minority dictatorship prevails. lets keep the fight and lets fight those hypocrites too.

06/12/11 @ 13:51



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