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Ethiopia: Can the Ethiopian change his skin or leopard its spots?



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Ethiopia: Can the Ethiopian change his skin or leopard its spots?

Ethiopia: Can the Ethiopian change his skin or leopard its spots?

By Yilma Bekele

Is Meles Zenawi dead or alive has become the burning question of the day. It is sad even in death or near death the tyrant does not get any respect. You would think after dominating the Ethiopian scene for over twenty years the individual is entitled to some love. I am afraid all he has harvested in this short life is a lot of hate and loathing. He lived a violent life and his current condition whatever it is has turned up to be more violent than most of us dreamt of. Tumor in the brain is not a simple matter. Blood cancer is terminal. Chemotherapy treatment is a painful process. He came suddenly into our life and he is leaving us before sundown afraid of what the night might bring. It would have been better if he was made to answer for his crimes. That would have brought closure. As usual the coward is trying to slip away without accountability. Good riddance!

It is a sad ending and we all feel the pain. The situation creates all kinds of conflict in each of us. No one relishes pain and suffering on a fellow human being. But Meles Zenawi is not an ordinary human being. I have been reading all kinds of obituaries written both by foreigners and fellow Ethiopians the last few days. The analysis written by our foreign experts verges on the border of incoherence, are mostly disjointed and full of what I consider to be a sloppy cocktail of cultural bigotries.

The article by The Atlantic magazine and the attempt by AFP to do analysis are both poorly researched shameful works that will never be presented regarding events in any European country. It is Africa and all westerners are considered experts. What is surprising in both instances is their constant use of the term ‘intellectual, technocrat, sharp witted’ to explain Meles. If you notice no one calls Mr. Obama an intellectual or explain any of the Western leaders by the number of degrees they hold. In fact leaders like Mr. Obama or David Cameron go out of their way to present themselves as ordinary citizens. African leaders on the other hand are judged by the diplomas they hold and the size of their library rather than their work in the service of their people. It seems to shout ‘see he has a degree from one of our Universities thus he is not just another African savage, but an educated baboon’

The best Obituary is written on Aiga by someone named Aesop. Of course after the customary lauding of Meles as an intellectual, voracious reader etc. Aesop wrote the following: “Some of the “past leaders” managed to identify “some” problems but failed in action. But most have failed to even identify the problem and waited until the problem (or natural causes) consume them. Haile Selassie knew what the youth wanted and what the military was conspiring upon. However, he failed to reform- hence, was toppled. Tewodros identified “backwardness” but failed in action. Mengistu’s failures were in both fronts-a schizophrenic “little Tewodros” who left for Zimbabwe when reality hit on May 1991.” See what I mean, they have to knock all others down to lift their midget. I have no idea why he is not judged by his own deeds with out making those who came before him bad and unworthy?

This is the beginning of Woyane style of revision of history. Good try but that won’t happen. This time all his victims are present and accounted for. Today we write our own history. Twenty-one years ago most of Ethiopia was not aware of Meles Zenawi. We knew more about his mentor Isaiyas Afewerki. Meles and his TPLF group were a footnote. An after thought in the separatist war that has been going on forever in the northern part of our country. The emergence of the ill prepared junta leader Shaleka Mengistu created an opportune moment for the northern warriors to flourish. The demise of the Soviet Union, enabler of the Derg assured even for Meles to shine.

With the help of the US Woyane marched into Addis victorious. Some could consider that day the start of the degradation of our motherland. Woyane did not come to build but to destroy, not to plant the seeds of love and harmony but ready to harvest hate and animosity. During the dark days of living in caves and tunnels Meles and company were not dreaming of building a prosperous Ethiopia upon victory but rather were burning the midnight oil designing maps of separation and drawing flags of a different kind. For over twenty years they have been implementing the destruction of the country that nurtured them.

Meles Zenawi and his Woyane accomplices are responsible for the death and destruction of over one hundred thousand Ethiopians. I did not weave that figure from thin air or imagined it to hate on a dying or dead person but my assertion can be proved without much digging. In fact I believe I erred on the conservative side. The figure is much, much higher. I did not include those dead during the war with the Derg. I believe that was a legitimate form of uprising against a ruthless regime. I hold Meles and his Woyane friends responsible on what they did after they assumed power. Gambella, Hawasa and the Ogaden are the places we are aware of where Meles sent his Agazi forces to massacre citizens that were only asking for their god given right to live free. I am not going to argue the numbers but I believe the death of one Ethiopian is one too many. A sane and responsible government does not resort to using lethal force to silence its critics. Our Somali citizens in Ogaden have paid and are paying a heavy price for no other reason other than Meles’s desire to curry favor with the US.

The unnecessary war with Eritrea brought about by the behind the scene dealings between the two mad leaders has resulted in the death of over eighty thousand Ethiopians and Eritreans. Meles Zenawi and his Woyane party were not even respectful of the death of our solders to give them a decent burial nor gave recognition for their sacrifices. They were left to be eaten by wild animals and rot in the mountain and valleys of the Semen plateau. In early 2001, a concerned Ethiopian woman asked Meles as to the whereabouts of her son who did not return from his war with Eritrea. Irritated by the tone of her question, he said: "Lady, if your son does not return in 6 months time, then you'll have your answer!"

We are not even told how many of our people died in the desert of Somalia fighting a phantom army conjured up by the US and Meles Zenawi. In addition to the death of our young people our country harvested hate and animosity with our brothers across the border for generations to come and money that could have been used to build schools, hospitals and infrastructure was wasted by Meles and his Woyane enablers.

I am not even going to mention what the mad criminal did when he lost the election in 2005. The whole world was a witness to that naked use of force to murder, intimidate and bully eighty million people to submission. Meles Zenawi was not a good human being. He was curse on our country and people. Building shoddy roads using borrowed money that we have to pay, building useless condominiums that look good on the outside but liable to deteriorate before the year is up using hard earned Diaspora money is not a sustainable economic development to crow about. Meles Zenawi spends more money on his personal security than all budget allocated to two of his Kilils.

The title of this article came from the Holy Bible. It goes “can the Ethiopian change his skin or the Leopard its spots? Neither can you do good who are accustomed to doing evil.” Jeremiah 13:27
It struck me as the best lesson to describe our current situation. So the prince of evil is on his way to receive the ultimate judgment. Who do you think is scrambling to inherit the crown? It is no other than the same Woyane thugs that have been part of the criminal empire as lieutenants or enablers. It should be obvious that they are going to continue the process of marginalizing, bullying, exiling and killing of those that do not see eye to eye with them.

Again I am not just making this up. Why you doubt me in the first place is not clear to me but I will give you evidence. The tyrant has not been seen or heard the last four weeks and nothing has changed in the land of the Habeshas. The rubber stamp Parliament was called into session and dutifully approved what was explained to them as the budget. The Moslems cry for justice was answered by jailing of their leaders and harsh beating of all those that dared not to disperse when told do so. The one and only independent newspaper Feteh’s edition dealing with matters not approved by the Communication department was confiscated. It looks like things are going to stay the same. This is what is known as ‘meet the new boss same as the old boss’ situation.

I believe it as about time we stop this game of good Woyane and bad Woyane, Woyane with an ounce of Eritrean blood and pure Woyane nonsense. We have to stop this insane discussion of the Constitution and the rules of succession of the mafia outfit. It is imperative that we define exactly what we want and stick to our demands until all are addressed. Compromise on certain principled issues is not the way to achieve success. Key issues are not open to negotiation and give and take. There is nothing wrong with standing firm on issues that are vital for survival and are the foundation stone for building a strong, free and democratic society. This half baked idea of accepting a piece of the pie has not taken us anywhere except see our country sink lower and lower in any index that measures human achievement. What exactly do we want? I am glad you asked.

First thing that is key and vital is a Constitution that is drawn by all Ethiopians and that reflects our dream and wishes for a united, strong and prosperous Ethiopia. A house without a solid foundation how pretty it looks is not a viable structure. A foundation with cracks, fissures and sub-par concrete mix or recycled metal will not be able to carry the weight of the building for long. The current Constitution was drawn by the dictator and his friends to serve the needs of the TPLF Party and his ethnic group. It has been revised time and again to serve particular situations that arose during his reign. Case in point is the amendment during his tiff with Ato Seye Abreha, his paranoia of Ginbot 7 that brought us terrorism and his attempt to outlaw the free press with the communication amendment.

The demise of the current Constitution is not a negotiable item. The new Constitution to be drawn after a lengthy discussion in the absence of coercion and open transparent debate will go along way to correct the many imperfection built in to Meles’s evil scheme. True Federalism that respects our diversity without creating a Chinese wall between us will put the concept of Kilil on the right path. As the concept of Apartheid as conceived by the White South African was smashed by Nelson Mandela our new document will place Kilil in the trash bin of history.

Again learning from the experience of South Africa under Mandela that prohibited establishment of political parties based on ethnicity, we in Ethiopia will put this toxic idea to rest once and for all. The TPLF party that has been one of the most evil organizations that has caused so much misery to all Ethiopians including the Tigrai people will not be allowed to ever raise its head in our ancient land. As the Germans got rid of the Nazi Party, as the South Africans marginalized the National Party so would Ethiopians will the TPLF out of existence. Doing away with Kilil and ethnic based parties is non-negotiable item.

I believe the opposition has to clearly present its wishes for the future Ethiopia to be built on the ashes of the current rotten system. There is no room for equivocation, sophistry and dead end short cuts. There is no room for generalized statements and debate on peripheral issues. Any opposition worthy of its organization has to tell the current legitimate wanna bees that are trying to build a new structure on the old, cracked foundation in no uncertain terms that the fate of Mubarak, Gadaffi, Ben Ali awaits them around the corner. No one predicted Meles would be faced with terminal illness at the young age of fifty-seven. No one can predict what the Ethiopian people will do when their anger boils over. No amount of arms, sharp shooters on every corner, spies in every household will contain the wrath of the people when they declare ‘Beka’ ‘Gaye’ ‘Bass’ ‘Yiakel’!


Comment from: JOJO [Visitor]

Sorry he did better than you at least by the way you did not finish your big Mac. He is the only leader chalenged westerners the way they try to prescribe a solution for africa he chalenged them they can not impose but find solution with africa when did you think they started changing their out look after he chaleng them in every meeting some of you are jelious by his achivement therfore you admire other people instead your country are a disgrace to Ethiopia.

07/25/12 @ 07:57
Comment from: Nebro [Visitor]

Ato Yilma! a well written and readable article. Our problem is still no one is brave enough to stand against the continuity of the bandit woyane rule and ready to pay the price. All those movements in north Africa were a struggle for freedom with determination and well motivated, organized and the fire burninng from all sides. We on the other hand are not good enough to raise in unity and determination. Though many call themselves as opposition party, we rarely see them with any vital action plus vision. It is sad and shame of the century, if this bandits who abused power for the last twenty something are going to continue plotting to replace the “dead or alive” ex PM. We have to rise and say beka is beka!!!

07/25/12 @ 08:09
Comment from: Hagos [Visitor]

We know the game of the current government. After some time they will come out to tell us Meles was recovering very well but his condition got worse lately and died of his sickness and Ato Arkebe or Ato Gebrekristos/Sebhat/… or someone has been appointed by the party central committee to lead the government as an acting prime ministre. EPRDF we know all your lies!!!!

07/25/12 @ 08:14
Comment from: Ahun [Visitor]


You think yourself very highly, don’t you? You’re eating up your miserable life and aging to the fullest, yet your best accomplishment is churning out your long ass article and now and then. Meles Zenawi? Well he has been leading 80million people for the last 21 years, and his name will be forever written in history books as one of the most domineering figure of that ancient country’s history forever. Two minutes from now, no one remembers or would know who the hell you are. See the difference? You are nobody, while he is somebody…

07/25/12 @ 08:14
Comment from: lulish [Visitor]

I don’t see the point of the article. starts with hate and finish with hate.
It is loudly laughable that a person who claimed to be struggling for democracy is already prescribing what ethiopia needs . he wants to tell us which party are eligible and which are not eligible even to have a chance to stand in elections.
This reveals your true colour .you guys are the most undemocratic authoritarian wanna be poloticians . we saw that in the dissolution of kinjit in the aftermath of 2005 elections .Now you stand here and tell us boldy eprdf won’t be allowed even to conetest an election if your wild dream of sitting in arat kilo is achieved .
Let me tell you the people of ethiopia have the ultimate say who will run this country .
Your dream of an amhara dominated politics is long gone and will never come back .

07/25/12 @ 08:18
Comment from: reg dunmall [Visitor]
reg dunmall

Meles has done more for Ethiopia development than anyone else. You choose to ignore the fact that at least 60% of Ethiopians in Ethiopia support him. Stay in the west where democracy in the US means no one gets elected unless they have millions of dollars, where in the UK the leader can get in on 34% of the vote, and is then a dictator for 5 years and can take the country into a war that 80% of the population disapproved of. Long live the EPRDF, far from perfect but prerable to all the opposition at home or abroad !! You are doubtless one of those upset Amharas who wish to return to a period of total Amhara domination rather than our happy peaceful federal country where Afars, Oromos etc have far mor respect and say than they did under the previous regimes.

07/25/12 @ 08:29
Comment from: temaru [Visitor]

Your hate is so boiling over that you even want to accuse the highly reputable magazines like the atlantic and afp just because they are praising meles.
It is so common to use such adjectives when reffering leaders in so many standard publications .It just came to me that your anemic reading won’t give you the chance to have this kind of experience .
That is the strong reason why reasonable ethiopin doesn’t want to have anything with you gusy here in north america .the average ethiopian in north america doesn’t want to reach where you are going .
the reason being your motto starts with hate and ends with hate .you don’t have any other strategy in place .you will use any means to acheive your goals .the person who is filled with hate does anything to harm his opponent . he/she doesn’t have any goal to reach or achieve .
Look the things you guys have cling to in the last few years .it ranges from the death of one psycho in jimma by the name of yenesew to muslims issue to the health of meles .one issue is forgetten when the other comes . you are like a mad dog who doesn’t have the slightest clue to what he is doing .you cling to every issue whom you think is going to harm your opponent whether is the issue at hand is in line with your principel or not

07/25/12 @ 08:32
Comment from: temary [Visitor]

Sorry the above post was written in a hurry on a way to work .I obviously don’t have to much time as the feudal loser yilma who have all the time to sit in dc bars and edit his writing all day long

07/25/12 @ 08:38
Comment from: Mj Tyson [Visitor]
Mj Tyson

Ignore this article the central message has nothing to do with promoting peace,unity or overcoming obstacles, its simply one story tellers biased and exaggerated view, a waste of time to read.

One thing is to never trade your sense of humanity for anything the above illness that he mentioned can happen to anyone(God forbid). I can rejoice at the passing away of someone and if I do, I hope the all mighty will forgive me. God be with Meles Zenawi and God be with Mengistu Haile Mariam.

07/25/12 @ 08:44
Comment from: Mj Tyson [Visitor]
Mj Tyson

Correction- I (can’t) not (can) rejoice at the passing away of someone.

07/25/12 @ 08:47
Comment from: Maritu Yilma [Visitor]
Maritu Yilma

Ato Yilma you are a shame to Ethiopia and Ethiopians. Your hate has blinded you so much you do not know what you are say. Yikre Yebelot.

07/25/12 @ 08:51
Comment from: flulu [Visitor]

The thing that amuse me the most is those aspiring intellectuals sitting in western countries and want to copy every inch of western style of democarcy .
In this article the writes accuse meles of going to war for a sensible reason .actually meles is very restrained guy.if a crazy guy or party like those of the so called oppostion are in power they would have put ethiopia into endless war . meles and eprdf are patient enough to make sure that all growth trajectories are kept intact.
Let me just mention to this author to what happened in the USA as he seems to be a big worshipper of their way of governing .The leader of this nation put the country at war against the will of the nation and cost the country trillons of dollar and even more countless lives of young people .This is even without counting the hunderand of thousands of childern and mothers who are killed in irag and afhganstan .
That is how western leaders do without the will of their people to satisfy few oil companies .At least our leaders did the most painful thing by going to war of necessity unlike your cousin mengistu who bleed our motherland ethiopia massively that it takes more than 20 years even to stablize the vital sign of our nation.

07/25/12 @ 08:53
Comment from: Million [Visitor]

I do not have respect for an individual who flatten human dignity by ordering torturing and killing of millions of citizens. I do not regret to state my pleasure for a death of a tyranny and a torture and killer. All of us ultimately die and feel sorrow when loved ones depart from this world. I love for this tyranny phased out when he openly took charge of torturing and killing his own people. So, I do not feel sorrow rather be happy when his day comes. His death would show closure for those who suffered tortured, affected so much by the death of their loved ones. Forgiveness is a good thing but this guy have been ordering torture and suffering until his apparent last day, never heard of apologizing. If anyone of you felt sorry for peoples honest reaction about a tyranny, you would probably did not felt for million tortured and killed by this region led by Melese Zenawi. I suspect some of you, who felt sad because people expressing their honest feeling about the tyranny Zenawi, might be among those who were torturing and killing people.

07/25/12 @ 09:25
Comment from: Wetu Enewta [Visitor]
Wetu Enewta

Yilma has written a great piece though I must admit that the piece is both sad as well as wonderful.

I say sad because of the enormity of the damage and destruction that Meles and his TPLF gang has wrought on the nation. I say wonderful because, thanks to Yilma, it is all in the open now. As they say, sunshine is the best disinfectant. Yilma has skilfully aired the grievances of every Ethiopian, and in doing so, has revealed how much Ethiopia and Ethiopians detest Meles and his ethnocentric gang of all-time-losers. It would be nice if we could haul these guys into a court of law so that they are made to account for the shame they have brought on the nation as well as the crimes committed. But for now, let the tears drop and the cleansing of the Ethiopian spirit begin! Bravo, Yilma.

07/25/12 @ 09:42
Comment from: NAKUPENDA [Visitor]

thanks to one fact as stated by one smart individual.

this world is suffering not because of the violence of bad people, but because of the silence of good people.

i dont know how stupid is this bekele. but those who feel better for ethiopia should try to correct the likes of bekele. they need some help. it is not a problem to explain your feelings; but actually it is when being used wrongly like bekele. this very kind man tried to analyse about things, politics, what even he doesnt understand at all.

07/25/12 @ 09:48
Comment from: ejole bishoftu [Visitor]
ejole bishoftu

Mr. Yilma

You are in human!!!Meles is a dictator but he has so many credits.You always see the darkest side of it.Can you tell us what you have contributed to this country except talk behind the computer.Try to look inward.all your articles are outward!it is boring!!!

07/25/12 @ 09:49
Comment from: UNITY [Visitor]

Many thanks to the Author. You hit the nail on the head. I am proud of you!! THE UNITED ETHIOPIA is coming!!

07/25/12 @ 09:53
Comment from: Mesfin [Visitor]

Comments made by TPLF cadres are rubbish !

07/25/12 @ 10:00
Comment from: Daniel [Visitor]

Wtf man?! Mengistu’s war with Somalia, and the rebukes in the north were a war of necessity. Where as the Meles war with Eritrea was a senseless war.

The rest of you who would like to take out your hate on the Amhara people in general are so ignorant that you don’t even know what you are barking for. You are narrow minded and very tribal. Amhara this and Amhara that. Enough is enough. Amharas suffered more than any of you for the independence and sovernighty of Ethiopia. Amharas massacred by both Mengistu and Meles. The Derg junta has nothing for the Amhara people except sending his Kilb Tor to kill Amharas in Gonder and Ankober. Stop crying and be proud of your identity. Amharas have a vast region which is enough to accommodate all of the if needs arise. They don’t need your shitty places. If need arise Amharas will retain the name Ethiopia and walk away from your ever nagging cry.

07/25/12 @ 10:47
Comment from: Mohamed Husseon [Visitor]
Mohamed Husseon

Meles Rest in Hell! U killed so many Somalian Innocents! I wish u dead on my hand

07/25/12 @ 11:11
Comment from: Somalilander [Visitor]

Excellent hard hitting article. One of the best I have seen from the Ethiopian writers.

Meles is either dead or slowly dying in his Tigray cell. For 20 years he never left the spotlight, he loves attention more than movie stars and for him to be away this long only means a serious illness or even death.

Personally I wish death for him so oppressed people in Somali region can join their Somalia. Oromia can gain their own nation and Afar can master their own destiny while Gambellas seek their own statehood.

It’s game over however you put it and whatever angle you look at it from. If this does not happen in post-Meles, then it will tomorrow.

Ethiopia should begin celebrating and must get rid off the Tigray junta currently trying to loot Addis Ababa.

07/25/12 @ 11:13
Comment from: Somalilander [Visitor]

As a Somali, I can tell you that the Somali region was more free before Meles than under his fascist rule. Before, sure it was less developed and so were the rest of the world, but at least I used to go there during wet seasons and do as I wish with relatives there.

Today, I cant go there with a camera, phone, anything and every KM, your asked why your here. It is a disaster.

This is what Somalis need to know. The Tigrays burnt all the Somali villages to the ground and they continue to blockade all food aid for the region.

Amhara are much closer than Tigrays and they are far more educated and ignorance is always an enemy in any society.

I do not want to work with Amhara but if given a chosen, they are better option.

Tigrays have no body today and Meles is gone, they will go back to their camps where Bob Godalf used to sing them anti-hunger songs.

20 years of sucking blood and robbing came to a quick and unexpected end.

Thats why I believe in God. Thank you God for taking Meles to his sick bed.

07/25/12 @ 11:22
Comment from: Loongalee [Visitor]

The writer of this article said, “Woyyane did not come to build but to destroy". I do not know if Yilma Bekele knows the meanings of build and destroy. I think you have not been in Ethiopia after the downfall of your grandfather Haile Sellassie in 1974. For you the only born leaders are the royal families and their worshippers of northern Ethiopia.

Do you remember what you used to say when you were younger? “Gaallaannaa segera iyyaader yigemaal". Even if Oromo or Wolayitta take the position of Meles, you are going to say the same. For Ethiopia to be good for you, your family should hold the position of Meles. Haile Sellassie enslaved the people and led to poverty and famine. Even Derg was better than your grandfather when it led the people to equality though it jumped to killing. For those who have eyes positive changes can be seen in Ethiopia both socially and economically. But the eyes of Yilma do not open to see the changes. Even if Meles dies today, you will never ever take power in that country again.

07/25/12 @ 11:27
Comment from: oneluv21 [Visitor]

Nothing but another Amara trash article. We did not see this kind of article when the butcher Mengtu baria was running like a rat or when the midget Hailesslassie was starving and killing people of the North but when it comes to the Tigrian leader all Amahara are running their mouth like rats. All this man did was freed you from the looney Baria Mengstu, built your city, built your economy, feed your people and earned the respect from the most powerful countries in the world for Ethiopia. I am from Eritrea and he did a lot of bad things to us but I don’t even think he deserve to be treated the way you people are treating him

07/25/12 @ 12:16
Comment from: belay [Visitor]

You would make Ethiopia a big favor if yourself die without bothering us too much with all your half-inch thoughts.

07/25/12 @ 12:22
Comment from: [Member]

I pray for PM Zenawi and I am sure 80% of Ethiopians. I feel so bad for those people like Yelma. Thanks to God for given us EPRDF. Imagine if people like Yelama in power. God thanks again. Please do not tell us what we need, we know exactly what we want.” You can’t even mange your family let alone 85 Million people"We check you on fire but you failed to be gold….
Please Ato Yelma shut the fuck up and take your income support or Welfare…..long live EPRDF and God bless Ethiopia.

07/25/12 @ 12:34
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

TPLF Thugs time for you to post your coments of Morons on Pig Ben facebook pages called “Wellwishmeles” next time he
will call you to buy a special bond to paye the medical treatments bills
for the poor crime minister .Why not a one way ticket and first class room places to Haven .Morons and village Idiots as you are ,you are swallowing
childish lies from evil “Delalas ” and oportunis Bandas as this parasite guy !!!!

07/25/12 @ 13:56
Comment from: Ethiopian at heart [Visitor]
Ethiopian at heart

Another great analysis and article, thank you Yilma! From the hatred comments, you’re on the right path. Ethiopia needs more intelligent men and women who are not afraid of walking through adversity.

07/25/12 @ 14:37
Comment from: Researcher [Visitor]

Is Meles Zenawi dead or alive has become the burning question of the day. Why this question becomes burning question?

It seems that it has some link with the death of the leader of Ghana. I do believe this guys knew something wrong in both leader while they were in US for the meeting in may 18, 2012. I think this kind of sentence need further research. The main cause of the health problem with PM Meles should be investigated deeply ….

07/25/12 @ 15:07
Comment from: Dachew [Visitor]

To the most part, all this negativity is about race rather than the character and accomplishments of the man. Mengistu left Ethiopia with a load of debt. Meles worked hard to get most of the loans forgiven. Mengistu left Ethiopia with 16th century Infrastructure. Look at how much progress has been achieved in that regards during the Meles era. How about institutions of higher learning, health facilities and private investment in general? The differences are day and night.

We may criticize Meles for things that he really didn’t do but to trash everything that he did is simply evil and has no explanation other than racism. It is so sad that some of you don’t see how racist you yourslef are when you continue to accuse the man of racism.

07/25/12 @ 16:01
Comment from: Geremew [Visitor]

For those of you who labeled yilma as amahra, you are wrong. He does not have any amahra blood in him as you would like to divide us. People like Yilma are nightmares to those who would like to divide Ethiopia using the Amhara card. First, majority of Amahras suffered under all previous regimes just like any other Ethiopians. There millions of non-amhars like yilma who beleive in the unity of Ethiopia. Whethe you agree or not Meles has made Ethiopia week and unstable. Please stop using the nonsense amhara card and stop making a loosing argument. Meles is going to die making Ethiopia weak. I guess all cadres attacking Yilma would like to see Ethiopia’s demise. Please identify the points made in the article and critisize with facts. Don’t just make unwaranted comments claiming amahara bla, bla.

07/25/12 @ 16:25
Comment from: Heny [Visitor]

“Beka’ ‘Gaye’ ‘Bass’ ‘Yiakel’”
maferya asqeyami. derg 17 amet mefekir asemtu EPRDFn alashenefim.

Yilma, you indeed are the droppings of a chicken. After all, you are a loser ugly as I said it time and again B4. “Yemilushin besemash gebeya balwetash", alu ema tirfe.

melke-tifu neh arfew tebkeh nur.

07/25/12 @ 16:39
Comment from: Dachew [Visitor]

Ok, if Mr. Yilma Bekele is a man of substance, let him give us more detail on what he means by “True Federalism that respects our diversity without creating a Chinese wall between us will put the concept of Kilil on the right path. As the concept of Apartheid as conceived by the White South African was smashed by Nelson Mandela our new document will place Kilil in the trash bin of history.” He should tell us how his vision of “True Federalism” differes from what is implemented by the current government. What does it look like? Do we have existing models for it? How does he know that his idea is superior to what is going on in the country today?

07/25/12 @ 16:41
Comment from: Salam [Visitor]

This is an incoherent diatribe from someone who is not very smart. I couldn’t finish reading the article for two reasons: I have more important things to do; and I started laughing out loud in a public place and I don’t want people to think I am nuts. I would like to give you a simple tip for future reference. (I do hope you stop writing, though. It is not your calling.)
You have to get your facts straight and provide sources instead of saying sources are available. That is just plain silly if not idiotic. You criticized Atlantic Cities and AFP for not writing based on facts in the same article! Your audacity by the way is… I mean how old are you?
Your funniest line though is this one: “Again I am not just making this up. Why you doubt me in the first place is not clear to me but I will give you evidence.” To desperately want other people not to doubt you is very undemocratic. I thought you were criticizing the undemocratic practices of a ruler?
In any case, to have the delusion that you can write, with your obvious lack of critical thinking is sad. But not so much as you won’t be able to understand how sad. Good luck!
By the way, your title and your explanation of it is quiet hilarious. Thanks for the laughs, man.

07/25/12 @ 17:50
Comment from: jo [Visitor]

Meles Zenawi, if not the best, he is much better than u deaf Diasporas!! Go to hell those diasporas who hate to see the development of Ethiopia!!

07/25/12 @ 17:51
Comment from: To-Oneluv21 [Visitor]

You silly women…you said,

“All this man did was freed you from the looney Baria Mengstu, built your city, built your economy, feed your people and earned the respect from the most powerful countries in the world for Ethiopia.”

Are you for real? First off you are not Eritrean….no self respection Eritrean would worship a chimp.

2nd. As far as building Ethipia economy…you need to re-educate yourself about the basics of Economics…

60% of the economy is based on beggery, money given to Ethiopia by its Masters, USA and other countries

In 21 years he couldn’t feed his ppl. Mind you he has been getting billions of dollars in aid…

You need to stop singling out Amhara ppl and focus on your real enemy Agaminos…u fken loser

07/25/12 @ 20:27
Comment from: oneluv21 [Visitor]

First of all I am not a woman you chimp… secondly, Yes I am Eritrean and proud of it, finally, yes Meles did grow the Economy of Ethiopia compared to the old rat leaders but since you are blinded with hate you can’t see it

BBC Ethiopia: One of the world’s fastest growing economies

07/25/12 @ 21:34
Comment from: NAKUPENDA [Visitor]

dear bekele

i think u got some lesson from the comments and u will come with another article best fit for u like listing out some poems, commedies and some plays. i am telling u this because i have understoond that u have passion of writing. ur problem is ur wrong direction towards things that u dont know.

wish u good luck with ur future career.

07/26/12 @ 01:37
Comment from: Abebe [Visitor]

Ato Yilma Bekele is probably an aspiring politician who is eying Melesse’s position or at least get in the favor of the next team preparing to exploit Ethiopia at their advantage. He probably is a remnant of the old feudal system (look at his facebook)who wants to bring back the Kegnazmatch and Degazmatchs, like if they didn’t exploite and kept Ethiopians into the darkness of feudalism system.
During the 3000 years history legend, you kept Ethiopians in a slavery bond with your god given right to have life and death power on every Ethiopian. The problem here is not Amhara, Tigray, Oromo… The problem here is people like you and your kinds wanting Ethiopia and its people to be your puppets. During Haile selasse’s corrupted regime kept Ethiopia knew only famine, ignorance and servitudes. Mengistu after killing so many Ethiopians and most of our young intellectuals (EPRP, Meison) is having the time of his life in a golden retirement plan. Did any of your friends do anything to at least bring him to the international court? No, but may be you use to be also a supporter of the Derg, who knows, once opportunist, always opportunist. To the credit of Mengistu is of course the fact that he brought “land to the tiller”, huge credit that took the land from your aristocrat friends to bring it the people. How about Meles? Did you say why should we compare Meles to the past regime; whether you like it or not, you need to have a reference to compare apple to apple. And the result is highly in favor of Meles: you say he is here to destroy, he is building roads, train stations and railways network, universities in every remote area of Ethiopia. Improving health system, improving the economy, improving the image of Ethiopia all over the world, imposing Ethiopia as the leader of Africa with Au, Ethiopian Airlines….I could go on and on.
There is also the problem of individual right and freedom of press. But hey, you need to do some sacrifices, you can’t make omelets without breaking eggs and if you want to catch up to the world you better do fast and ignore some lunatics in their dreams of heaven on earth. At least he doesn’t kill them.

07/26/12 @ 10:20
Comment from: freedom [Visitor]

I think you are also a polarized man. More than any ethnic group in ETHIOPIA, Oromos (the largest ethnic group) are suffering by this TPLF regime but you didn’t even touch this and you are talking kilil and ethnic group which implies that you are Minilik ideology supporter which can never resurrect unless diablose (satan) resurrect like Jesus. So I believe TPLF is the bad regime but the worst one is the ideology you are following. We will see together what will happen in this country throughout the generations, no more biltabiltee!

07/26/12 @ 19:23
Comment from: Mesfin [Visitor]

I am ashamed that I was born in this hopeless, miserable places called Ethiopia.
Jesus son of David where are we heading?? Please save us from an Imminent calamity. Please heal us from hate, prevent us from becoming like another Yogoslavia or Somalia.

07/27/12 @ 00:07
Comment from: zilquoil [Visitor]

Time favored the robbers and entered Ethiopia with a lot of guns and bullets to loot and kill Ethiopians;they then scattered and dispatched allover and accross the country and moved quickly into villages,towns,cities,communities,neighbournoods,and broke into homes and vandalized the lives of families.

The man who was born in unfortunate time disguiesed himself as somenone else and entered Ehtiopia.This man was born and lived without any fixed identity;before entered Ethiopia he picked dead man’s name and gave it to himself.Although he was born to hate Ethiopians,he lived the life of bandit,robber,and was extremely coward and venomous.Born and reared in hate manufacturing house was grown up without a man to look upto for proper direction and guidance.As a little boy,he was lonely and wasted,but surprisingly he was turned into adult very quickly,and was later released beast and cruel ,hazardous and disordered to the external world.He hates fish and frogs,but likes khat and blood.One result of this was that he was instigating ethnic conflict among people,communities,and sub-regions and regions both inside and outside the borders.Fully became dangerious to the safety of people and known in Moqadishu streets and surrounding neighbourhoods as double grinder for his voracious addictive apetite,and once is he on khat,he would get into argument with God and denied his existence.He would not resolve argument and skirmishes with gentleness;when when noght returned and the neighbourhoods became quiet,he wouldn’t sleep;just closed eyes and masticated till sun- rise;slowely,slowely this man became self-distructive and dangerious to the safety of humankind.Gallons and gallons of blood in his hand,this man has been a fugitive for decades.injury on the soul and fracture on his manhood,this man is right now fatally consumed by assortments of diseases and sins.This man is Legesse Meles Zinawi.Dead or alive,will face justice.

She was in Roma for a day and had visited Lambardo to purchase decorative urn;in Sicily for two nights and a day looking for adopted realatives or the oldest member of Legesse families for tradation reason and for memorial services.Who stole the deam man’s body?

07/28/12 @ 00:27



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