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Ethiopia: Change is Inevitable



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Ethiopia: Change is Inevitable

Ethiopia:Change is Inevitable

Ethiopia: Change is Inevitable

By Zelalem Eshete

In response to my article, Ethiopia: Time for a Paradigm Shift part 2, the pro-government (Ethioadvocate) boiled down everything therein to one simple question: “Paradigm Shift for Whom?” (Which was posted on Aiga Forum). The answer is this: it is for all of the Ethiopian people without exception. We all should be in this together.

The argument that PM Hailemariam Desalegn should keep business as usual is flawed. I make the case that change is inevitable whether you initiate it or not. We always need to change if we want to progress towards new frontiers. The old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is a breeding place for mediocrity and complacency that ends with a disaster. Even if you claim that the system is working well for you, it is all the more reason that you should strive to make it better through change. You need to listen to others instead of being totally lost in your own world. Ethiopia becomes better for it.

What is the point to transfer power to the new generation; if at the end of the day, the new generation should act just like the old generation? There must be a purpose behind the plan to transfer power from the old generation to the new generation that is more than a show of mere formality. To say that there is no substantive reason for it would not only do injustice to Ethiopia, but also void the legacy of the late PM Meles Zenawi on this matter. You cannot run the country on autopilot. PM Hailemariam Desalegn must lead as he is by bringing new dimensions of the new generation.

Instead of proudly thinking that you have the people on your side, you need to become cautious and avoid taking the people for granted. You should not assume that you have mastered the game so well that you do not need to change. Instead, it is better to learn from one’s drawbacks and improve by embracing change as normal. Settling for more of the same is a recipe for becoming stunted and eventually come tumbling down.

You should not brag, claiming that the majority is with you to the point that you ignore the minority as insignificant. Instead, you should accept change to try to win the hearts and minds of all. You do that by demanding more than the status quo as you strive to become a better servant of the people with each passing day. Change is a good thing.

Believe that the best is yet to come – do not live in the past. Embrace change. Otherwise, you become irrelevant. Proactively bring change that suits the time rather than becoming a victim of your indifference. This is an independent voice of truth in love.

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Comment from: [Member]

LOL!! Another delusional lunatic loser in diaspora, hallucinating his own unrealistic wish. Very interesting though to see him so excited, because some one read his previous article and responded.

11/13/12 @ 02:10
Comment from: Gecho [Visitor]

Good Points. Your thinking is conciliatory and mature. People should stop “living in the past” and get to work on solutions that will be beneficial to all. Unfortunately there will always be people who think the current reality is the best for them/Ethiopia and who vow to protect it at any cost. OUR reality is much more complex to be glossed over by half baked programs and imported ideologies. Let’s all seek for solutions with humility and respect for one another.

11/13/12 @ 02:21
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

In General what Zelalem saying is not bad, again it is also true that change is inevitable but, his call for paradigm shift to all groups is not fair. It is also faulty to assume power transfer to new generation as nothing. A good Ethiopia student the other time in this forum analyzed for us the transfer the Great PM Meles did was not only to new generation but also form “political career’s” to “technocrats".

I have no problem with this advice from Zelalem to the GoE but, I have a problem with the way he grouped all Ethiopians together in one bundle, if we are talking about paradigm shift we are talking about a fundamental change in the way we think and that can’t equally apply to the GoE as it does to Ethiopian oppositions who intoxicated and brain washed by Diasporas bandits, traitors and demons.

One of the biggest problem with the old generation Ethiopians school of thought is every change should be revolutionary in a sense of overthrowing the government and replacing it with a new one: new government, new constitutions, new military, new economic and political system, new diplomatic policy, new new new ad infinitum; in short destroy what exists and build a new one on its graveyard.

This school of thought is now outdated with the communist ideology that elevated it. Today intellectuals argue that a revolution exist without a major drama and destruction, asserting that revolution is a continues process as the micro seconds are ticking. Neither the belief in revolution is enthusiastic as it was in the cold war era. The recent lesson from the so called “Arab Spring” is that the worst dictators are coming to power using the revolutionary vehicle after a major destruction. There are also arguments that evolutionary changes are more preferable than revolutionary changes when there are political space those changes to occur.

I do believe EPRDF is the strongest, effective and well organized political party in Africa which can be compared with the few on the planet. I do believe EPRDF is capable of correcting and transforming itself in an evolutionary manner to bring the development in all its senses: human flourishing.

If Zelalem have a plan to write a separate heavy handed and deadly critical article calling a paradigm shift for the evil Diasporas herd and oppositions who are lead by this old school of thought, I think this is a great article but, grouping all in one basket is misleading and deceptive.

My take and hope about change in Ethiopia is this old fashioned oppositions lead by Diasporas hate ideology are leftovers from the communist era belongs to the old generation of the “revolution” types. If no major natural disaster occurred in Ethiopia and if no super power invade Ethiopia the country will continue marching towards human flourishing. As this is taking place in Ethiopia then nature will catch up on diasporas “fools and idiots” like Al Mariam, the stupid parrots like Elias Kiflom, the fake journalists like Abebe Jelawe and the country side comedians like Tamagne Beyene to take them to their grave with their old school of thought.

psychologists and Anthropologists believe that major beliefs and characters change are hard to occur when a person is above 35 years old, I think our old fashioned politicians will go to their grave with their hate politics, and the political squabbling will rest ones for all.

11/13/12 @ 05:45
Comment from: Ash [Visitor]



in Ethiopia then nature will catch up on diasporas “fools and idiots” like Al Mariam, Elias Kiflom, the fake journalists like Abebe Jelawe comedians like Tamagne Beyene with their old school of though


I was laughing because that was my wish… They like it or not nature will catch up with them…

But Al Mariam, Elias Kiflom, Abebe Jelawe and Tamagne Beyene are not fool or idiots. Al Mariam make $ 200 dollars per article that means if there are 50 radio and newspaper in America 50 state at would be 10,000 dollars by article even Tamagne charge $5000 dollars per talk they are living like American movie star I want to see Elias kilom house I want same one to show me picture how high life he is living while telling other to die for him.. This re criminal living high… Otherwise Elias have to show us how much money he. Get from every sources and how he us it must be public recorded I think America tax form he fill must be public knowledge someone with skill should ask for it and get the info out..for all to see.

11/13/12 @ 07:48
Comment from: Alem [Visitor]

Dear Zelalem,
It is good to see you write more pieces. And I am getting to know you a lot better. In this piece you tell us “change is inevitable” and nothing more. I want to surprise you that every body knows that change is coming one way or another. We grow older, we move, we begin a new chapter, etc. So where is the content? You seem to indulge in snippets and tired cliches. “Believe that the best is yet to come – do not live in the past. Embrace change. Otherwise, you become irrelevant. Proactively bring change that suits the time rather than becoming a victim of your indifference.” Sounds like a self-help program to me. And then your trade-mark “This is an independent voice of truth in love.” You need to put more thinking into what you write in order to go beyond warm and fuzzy exhortation.

11/13/12 @ 09:03
Comment from: Samuel [Visitor]  

I am sick of what the gov’t, etv, the new PM, etc… saying after pm meles died. In every statement there is a phrase ‘meles’ legacy’ and every meeting seems to have ‘meles’ vision’ in its motto. So I am about to eat dinner and i devised a motto to celebrate the occasion. It goes like ‘’Upholding meles’ vision, I will go and eat dinner'’

11/13/12 @ 11:43
Comment from: Gebru [Visitor]

@ Zelalem Eshete

One thing I can see clearly from your article the changes of tune after the U.S Election. no one deny the goodnes of change yes ! you are correct, but you have to be a part of it, seeking for change by living in The diaspora and by experiencing other countries political process will not help for the change in Ethiopia. It’s is impossible. I never heared before change without participation. I also believe we will never reach to a common ground by blaiming every syatem, and by standing out side. I belive the main problem with the change seekers opposition groups the diaspora is selfishness, and playing a dirty game of politics. My advice to you be a part of the process not an observer…

11/13/12 @ 12:18
Comment from: Gemech [Visitor]

Extraterrestrial [Visitor]

Well said. What you said is an apt response to Ato Zelalem’s article.

Like you I also read Zelalem Eshete’s article positively. Unlike the usual diaspora rhetoric, which is always one sided and accusatory of the EPRDF by way of revenge for removing them from power, this one is trying to see things from both sides.

What I might add to what you said is that, the paradigm shift he is promoting is similar to the monotonous cry for “reconciliation” and “power sharing” we have been hearing from the likes of Kinijit/G7 ever since EPRDF came to power.

Here, under the disguise of “paradigm shift, He(Zelalem) is asking the EPRDF to invite the groups that have so vociferously been campaigning against Ethiopia for power sharing.

Why should EPRDF share power with people who strive hard agains Ethiopia’s interests in all conceivable fields?This group of people,in addition to many other criminal acts, is bent on committing terrorist act against their own people, while living at a safe distance. They also t boast of having an armed wing operating from Eritrea,

Anyways,I don’t thing the writer realises that the diaspora opposition , Mainly G7 doesn’t want power sharing. If they did they would have taken the seats the had won in the 2005 election. Power sharing is a trojan horse,they want to rule by themselves and change everything and start from scratch.

As you said, the change, which is inevitable in any society will cometo Ethiopia, just as it has been doing in the last 20 years. and it will come as a result of internal evolutionary process. Change is not going to come in a package from abroad.

The natural processs is for the opposition to continue denying any posiy=tive change taking place in Ethiopia and and praying for an"Arab Spring” type caos and distruction.and for the forces in Ethiopia to continue with their economic developement and thand the building of democratic institutions

11/13/12 @ 17:35
Comment from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]

Loser Diaspora or not, change is inevitable. Nothing stays the same, nothing is forever.. and I see a very violent end to the Woyane leaders. Mark my words.

That’s just the way the world is and they are out growing their stay in power.

11/13/12 @ 19:21
Comment from: Teka [Visitor]

Zelalem is trying to teach us for a need to paradigm change.Indeed he is right.First and foremost,people like himself,who barley understand the situation in Ethiopia,need a paradigm change.Those who talk about Ethiopia but with little or no touch with the need to make paradigm shift and be side of the people.Those who claim that they are voice for voiceless need a paradigm shift to listen what the people of Ethiopia has to say.These people need a dire paradigm shift from considering the people of Ethiopia as ignorant and subject to be moved by EPRDF aneed paradigm shift to have respect to the people of Ethiopia.
I agree with Zelalem in that there should be change,altough he is not clear what change he wanted,in Ethiopia little by little to the further the good deeds of the FDRE.
All in all,a paradigm shift for diaspoans is important.They need to be on the side of history –not against history.They need to be on the side of the people–not against the interest of the people.

11/14/12 @ 01:33
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

Gemech [Visitor]

Yes indeed I forgot that unrealistic and opportunistic idea of “power sharing” lol

Yes you are right why should EPRDF share power with its defeated and defunct enemies who only exist in the cyber world?

11/14/12 @ 11:54
Comment from: gudfela [Visitor]

Liberation Fronts, mainly TPLF, Shabia, Western and Arab countries have finally succeeded into strategizing to set Ethiopia an Islamic nation. It is done! The signs are there. Orthodox is fragmented and is too weakened. The appointing of deputy prime minister as a Muslim, the normalization with many Arab nations, the creation of mass refugees to Arab nations and yemen, the enslaving of Ethiopian women in Arab nations is alll a sign. It has been planned. However, can Shabia and TPLF as its people as Orthodox christians survive in an ocean of Muslims with no solidarity? Do they really think the West will protect them? They wlll no longer be relevant they have done their homework! Like other dictators, they will be discarded by the West if not ICC. What of the favor tplf and shabia have done for Arab nations delivering Ethiopia into their hands? For sure they will get many rewards. However, is this tiny groups of Shabia and TPLF and their people survive in the Ocean of Muslism around them? For how long? Or as it has been proven, Issayas and Meles have sworn by the Quran to Qadaffi and the likes that both Meles and Isayas are Arabs as well as their peoples.

I guess TPLF and Shabia have sold their souls for the hatred of what Mere hatred for Amaras and Ethiopia. Amaras better regroup and protect themselves. This will be happy show for the West and Arabs, their work since they supported the down fall of Haile Selassie is finally materializing. Indeed change is inevitable.

11/14/12 @ 16:42
Comment from: gudfela [Visitor]

One of the tactics of foreigners is also when trying to disintegrate or destroy the cohesiveness society is exactly what is going on in Ethiopia. They go into ethnic, religious, culture and traditions and destroy eachother to destroy a nation. It has worked all the time, read around such strategy. They had more than willing parties and that is Shabia and Liberation Fronts the major being TPLF.

11/14/12 @ 16:48
Comment from: sf [Visitor]

To all,
Did you read this?
This is what Dr.Merera Gudina said about WOYANNE.
“And you know that, out of the so-called opposition political parties operating in the country, more than 90 percent are created to oppose the opposition. These 90 percent are on the payroll of the government. These parties are created by the ruling party to oppose the opposition and not to oppose the EPRDF. We know very well that they are paid by the government. To my knowledge, the real opposition parties in the country, out of more than 90 parties, could only be from 10 to 15.”
This is the evil WOYANNE!!!!!!!

11/16/12 @ 01:06
Comment from: C'est moi senait [Visitor]
C'est moi senait


You gather all the so called opposition in that stinky parliament and close the door tightly and burn them alive.

11/17/12 @ 00:56
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Gemed ,Extrapente ,Adgi and Co .It’s noy only because just the wish of patriotic Diasporas ,but the wills of the Ethiopian Peoples oppressed by your Afazi Bandits Bros .Whatever said ,thinks and acts your Mafia Firm (TPLF) there shall be SOON A CHANGE ,the real one and surely the BEST on your “Grave Yard” …LEKEMKAMMI DEDEB BANDAS !!!!

11/18/12 @ 02:09



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