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Ethiopia: ESAT and Messengers of Peace in California



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Ethiopia: ESAT and Messengers of Peace in California

Ethiopia: ESAT and Messengers of Peace in California

Ethiopia: ESAT and Messengers of Peace in California

By Yilma Bekele

Tamagne was here. I wrote that and felt I have said enough. Well since you asked I guess I will tell you the rest of the story. I thought by now you would know If Tamagne was here something big and important regarding Ethiopia happened. You know Tamagne; he does not do things little. He does not think of neighborhood, not even a region Tamagne goes the whole nine yards and dreams of a nation. Tamagne does not fly to Atlanta or Houstinn from his base in DC, our Tamagne crosses a continent all the way to California to spend an evening with his people. I am afraid he is outgrowing even that. Now we see Tamagne in New Zealand or Norway. I don’t need a fortune teller to predict we might hear from Tamagne from outer space. I will just sigh and mumble he must have found a lost Habesha that just don’t know when to stop and settle.

He has developed a new habit too. He does not travel light no more. As if the one man army is not enough he is accompanied by some heavy guns all around him. I am not talking about a bazooka or tank. No Tamagne has found the ultimate weapon disarm his enemies. He is accompanied with the messengers of love, brotherhood and tolerance. How I envy Weizero Mamita and Grazmach Beyene because they have given us such a precious gift. May God bless them.
I am sorry about my sloppy writing but you can’t blame me. Right now I am levitating and I am afraid it will take a while to bring me down to earth. I am floating with joy, happiness and hope and it is all due to Tamagne and his associates. I also noticed most of the folks I spent the evening with were a little delirious and as the evening went on the love and peace was infectious with Ethiopians spontaneously clapping, laughing and hugging without abandon. I told you, you should have been there.

What were all these people doing on a beautiful Saturday afternoon is a good question? The only explanation I could give you is to say they are committed, they care and they just acted on it. Lots of people worked hard to make the event a success it was. They all have one thing in common, they were all Ethiopians. What brought them together is their love and concern for their homeland.

First were the organizers of the event. It took time and effort to find a good safe location. They have to arrange transportation and accommodation for their guests. Flyers and pamphlets have to be printed to advertise the event. The posters have to be distributed in the community, published on our Web sites and the tickets have to be sold door to door. Without them there is no event. Thank you my beautiful young friends. I am happy your effort was gladly embraced by your community.

Then there were our guests that have to travel far and close to spend a precious day with their people. They are all busy and successful people that are willing to share their views and stick their neck out for all of us to dissect and parse. They were chosen to sit on the podium because they have earned the respect of their community by their work and deeds and we all want to hear from them, meet them and share our views with them.

The most crucial element in this gathering are the guests. Their presence is what makes all that effort worthwhile. I always think it is beautiful to have plenty of people but even the attendance of a single individual to me is a success. We have to show respect and do what has to be done. Coming to an event is not easy. It requires planning commitment and energy. We have to juggle so many responsibilities in our daily life and spending a whole afternoon and evening attending an event is not an easy matter. There is work, family responsibility and other commitments to take into consideration, not to mention paying for the ticket, arranging transportation etc. etc.

All three actors in this important function have something in common that makes them special. They all love their country in a positive way. They value the importance of getting together and trying to find a common solution to make their ancient country a better place. They are not just talkers but doers that go the extra mile to make things happen. It is what is called a symbiotic relationship. One cannot survive without the other. One needs the other to grow and thrive.

Our guests made all of us proud. They said many important things and it is beyond this little presentation to do it justice. There were so many standing ovations, plenty of laughter and the evening went so fast our poor organizers were forced to rearrange their program to fit the occasion. The two young people assigned to lead the ceremony were consummate professionals that made it look so easy I even thought I could do that. Dressed in the splendor of our national colors they set the tone in a positive manner. The sound and video was perfect showing the organizers commitment to excellence.

Abatachen his Holiness Abune Melkesedek General Secretary of the Holy Synod-in Exile, Archbishop of Medhane Alem Cathedral in Oakland was sitting in the middle. That sight by itself was enough to make ones heart swell with pride and joy. He started the assembly with a prayer. I don’t know about you but I knew things were going to get better and better. How could anything go wrong when Abatachen gives his blessings?

I hope you don’t mind me paraphrase and put their speech in my own words. Abatachen spoke about the importance of faith and responsibility in our daily life. He gave us perspective regarding our ancient history and the crucial role religion has played in the making of our country. He thought us how respect for each other’s religion and tolerance of our differences has played an important role in forming the Ethiopia we know now. Then he looked at us and asked a crucial question. What makes us different from animals? He said we are born, we grow up we have family and we all die. He explained we humans are different because we determine road we travel. If you take an animal far from where he was born and give it the comfort he/she needs they will not leave but stay put. It will form a family take care of its offspring and die. But we humans are different. There should be more. We think about the future. What we leave behind for our offspring is a very important consideration of being a human. Life is not about a simple comfort for oneself and one’s family but thinking of the greater family is a crucial aspect of living a successful and whole life. Something to think about, what do you think?

My dear brother Sheik Imam Khalid is not a complicated person. He speaks clearly, forcefully and in sharp short sentences. He does not leave much for ambiguity. In this time of misinformation, propaganda and rumors it is a relief to listen to someone that does not beat around the bush and states his case in a clear manner. His love for his country and religion just oozes out of him. He laid to rest the fact that our Muslim brothers struggle is for the rights of their religious independence despite the many insane ideas being thrown around by the illegal regime in power. In simple words he wants the government to stop meddling in his religion. I loved the way he started his speech. His observation was regarding the duality of our personality. There is the family you, the work place you, the you that is routinely presented among friends and the Mosque or Church you. Why so many faces? That he said is the central problem. We have to resolve that issue within ourselves and come out clean. It is not complicated is it?
We also heard from our local Mosque religious leader and he spoke about the importance of working together, the culture of unity of purpose our people have developed thru out the years and that spirit that is still leading our struggle forward. Shamble was the person that gave color to the event. With his Masinko and beautiful voice he took us back and you can see the audience mesmerized with everyone going home in a mental trip. Thank you Shambel may be next year we will meet in Addis. As the Jewish saying goes “Lashanah haba’ah biy’rushalem’ I say to you ‘ ýememetaw amet biáddis abeba’

Our hosts had a surprise guest for us too. I told you they were firing with all eight cylinders. They brought us none other than the dragon slayer himself. My friend Abebe Gelaw in person. The assembly went wild. Who else to elevate our spirit and remind us of the importance of sticking out for our people when the time requires it. He defines the meaning of seize the time.

It was time for Tamagne to come to the podium. You can hear a pin drop. The anticipation was overwhelming. As I have said before Tamagne don’t have to do anything to paint smile and joy on our faces. He has this ability to channel our energy and magnify it back at us. Some shout, some clap the men whistle and the women ululate. Pandemonium in the house is what it felt like. The fire alarm was triggered by the noise, the earth shook and the security showed up in force. I am exaggerating a little aren’t I? Well I don’t have a video and this is the best I can do. You get my meaning.

I will not even try to tell you what Tamagne presented. I don’t really know for how long but whatever it was it was short. Time has a tendency to flee when he is on stage. His simplicity is what makes the situation complicated. He disarms you with the strength of his presentation. It is audio, video and god knows what else. My suggestion is do not at all challenge Tamagne, he carries this thumb drives full of facts and figures. For a person with a death sentence hanging around his neck he seems to be relaxed. If only Ato Meles has allowed him to present his defense when accused of being a terrorist I am sure the court would have thrown the dictator into Kality. Poor Meles he died knowing Tamagne has another date to clear his name in a real court of law. You know me I will be in that jury.
So what did we accomplish? A lot my friend. We showed we cared. We proved Abatachen right by working together to leave something behind for our country and children. We rose up to the occasion when called for. The idea of the gathering was to raise money so ESAT can continue the job of being the independent ‘eyes and ears’ of our people. From something like three hundred people we raised over thirty thousand dollars. The investment we made was not to realize profit. Our reward comes when ESAT uses the fund to do the job we have entrusted them with-faithfully and
truthfully inform our people. I am absolutely sure they will do that with determination professionalism and purpose.
If not we all are here to watch and speak out when both things go right or wrong.

As I said it was a festive afternoon and evening. It was nice to see Ethiopians gathered to show concern and love for country and each other. I said many good things about our guests. I put them up on a pedestal. It is not about hero worship or excessive adulation of individuals. To me it is all about giving credit where credit is due. The tone set by the late dictator was constant put down of our country, people and culture. He wanted to shine all by himself. That is not good. We have plenty of good things going for us. We are blessed with ancient culture that is built on love and tolerance as a foundation. We have lived for eons as a nation state due to that. To me our guests were building on that tradition. If we don’t put them up on a pedestal who would? If we don’t celebrate their accomplishments , if we don’t appreciate their sacrifice who then? None were paid to be there, no one made a penny of the event and no one was compelled to come. That is all commitment is about. May God and Allah bless them all and protect them and shield them from harm for they are our national treasure.

I am sure my cousin Fekreye will ask me “why do you make it so long’ I thought I should be faithful to such an important gathering of honorable people and it just kept coming out. Take your time and read it please, won’t you I worked hard on it.

By the way the next day Tamagne presided on another gathering in Seattle and you know folks of Seattle are a show off and they collected close to sixty thousand dollars. Seattle congratulations, we will meet again and we will be ready. We accept the challenge, we got work to do. Finally look at the picture below and see Tamagne at work-the power of love!


Comment from: Beza [Visitor]

Tamagne entertaining the derg remnants and his likes at the church. This is his income, if he doesn’t entertain how he can survive? The answer is easy, this is his job. Who is going to pay his morgage? If those people don’t pay no one. Alamodin has stop the fund . I wish him good luck.

But Yilma the praise you gave to Tamagne was marvelous with your nostalgia talent of English to capture the heart of the miliking cows/FIDO DIADPORAS/ DID YOU HEAR THE INTERVIEW OF MENGISTUS ON YOUTUBE BY TAMAGNE TALKING LIKE MENGISTU?. You gave the praise more than Jesus by the the spelling of Huston is not like you wrote. Who you responding to on your praise letter.


04/25/13 @ 01:45
Comment from: Aethiops [Visitor]

The dertiest game ever in history is politics. It’s the most sophisticated way of manipulating the Ethiopian history, culture, tradition, religion, wealth and the Ethiopian people. One might say it’s a joke, but the truth is the people who are in power in Ethiopia, people who are working day and night in the name of human rights, freedom of speech and democracy and leaders of religious organizations are the same people with the same ultimate hidden agenda. The people behind this dirty game are the super elite people who are running the world financial sectors, banking system, the world media, military institutions, UN, educational institutes, medical fassilities, world business, natural resources and oil productions, regional organizations (like AU, EU…. etc) and finally the entire world system. This secret elite people are behind all wars the last 300 years among nations and people for their hidden agenda. Time will reveal everything soon and it’s just a matter of time. They are at their at last minute to declare “Mission Accomplished". Who conquer the world? Armed dealers!!!!

Meles Zenawi
Bereket Simone
Abune Paulos
Hailemariam Dessalegn and all Woyane elite leaders,
Birhanu Nega
Alemayehu Gebremariam
Tamagne Beyene
Abebe Gelaw …..etc. They are working for their masters and they are all same people. You might think it’s just a fairy tale, believe me it’s true and you will see it in your own eyes soon.

It’s our leaders and activist duty to make sure they are on the right truck to achieve their target. Nobody, I said nobody would believe that because we’ve all been set up and brainstormed to worship the media and we’ve decided to close our eyes and eras. But we can’t afford to pay the ultimate price.
There is no time to waist, everything has been done. It’s my duty wake you and warn you. Stop being ignorant.

04/25/13 @ 07:33
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

What a joke!

This article shows us that how those fools could get entertained by the valueless cheap jokes presented by Tamagn…LOL..yet, they shamelessly preaching us that Tamagn Beyene, the once use to be Melaku & Mengistu’s wiggling tail entertainer, and now he perceived by those idiots as God sent Angel to save them from from depression…LOL. That’s why the reasons that the diaspora politics has no object but jokes…LOL.

God bless the world!!

04/25/13 @ 09:53
Comment from: Kena Keb [Visitor]
Kena Keb

The sayings “yayit misikir dinbit” and “birds of the same feather fly together” perfectly describe Yilma Bekele’s futile and hollow attempt to extol an individual whose reupation Yilma seems to utterly deny or is just flatly lying about. Groomed by Kinet band during the horrid days of the Derg, Tamagn had relentlessly campained for the Derg and until this day retains Mengistu Haile Mariam’s style of speaking, who he has perfectly mimiced. No wonder Yilma Bekele member of the editorial gangs of the anti Ethiopia website “Ethiopian Review” who named Eritrea’s Isias Afeworki as Man of the Year not long ago glorifies Tamagn Beyene who travels all over the places campaigning against the Ethiopian government who deposed the DERG Tamagn had adored to the core. Be not mistaken though, that Tamagn Beyene is not traversing because of the love he has for ESAT but he is earning his living from the 30% of the income which the hard working Ethiopians in the diaspora are contributing from their sweat-earned kitties for ESAT. Trained and groomed as an entertainer, Tamagn seems to have lost the limit of the political capability he can grasp and is as a result misled of the undeserved attention, compliments and glorification he has been receiving from the toxic diaspora community.
He, as well as Abebe Gelaw and other so called “activists” may delude and humbug innocent Ethiopians in the diaspora but their deceptions and mendacities are short lived. The truth will prevail and they will all be rejected by the same community that has been lauding them limitlessly.

04/25/13 @ 10:24
Comment from: Simple [Visitor]

Let me make it simple clear cut for you Ato Yilma Bekele, all of you and your hero Tamagne want to do it to bring back the old style, which is to bring back the Amhara, specially the Orthodox follower to the top of the food chain. I have bad news for you brother… that time is past 20…some years ago. It will never be back, Period. Thanks to EPRDF,I know you call them tyrant TPLF. Whatever you call them, it does not matter they took the 105 years of the Amhara’s only rule. Oh, I forgot your hero Mengisut was appointed divers military officers as well as civilian ministers, it’s all for public view only but behind the door who has the ultimate power? The abunaas and the hodam Amharas. Don’t be try to twist the short time history as you used to. Everything is recorded. When it comes to Mr know it all “TAMAGNE” he might be your hero just because he is fighting for the Amharas and ultimately for orthodox church let me tell you a little hint…he don’t even get his high school diploma. Yes he is heavy weight politician in DC area for some dump Cabbis and parking lot attendants. Not for those who has a logic and reason. By the way I live in DC area as well. I know what kind of people is behind this moron illiterate guy .Some time it is so funny to see in ESAT or some other media, whenever the Ethiopian culture is introduced here we go only the Amhars, the Orthodox followers would be upfront. You wonder why the rest of Ethiopan have anger towards the ruling class of Amharas, make no mistake there are lots of innocent Amharas, I am talking about the hodams,the TIMKITEGNAAS, the GUBEGNAAS..etc. Last but not least,your hero Tamagn Beyen( the azmarry) will not being back the old days for you . Suck it up move on. Yes he can travel the four corners of the world with your hard earned money, I remember one summer day in DC Cabbis and some idiots gathered in Marriott hotel and collect around $75,000 for him just to keep in their side…I said does this guy don’t have any principle??? I forgot he is Tamagn.What a name. Anyway, I did not an intension to write this long but I have to respond to this nonsense. Yes I am Amhara not Hoddam , definitely I finished my high school and not working as a parking attendant, just to steal other people’s money ( Nothing wrong with working as a parking attendant, this implies for those MY HABESHA brother s and sister) and not a Cabiii . See yaa
Thank you,

04/25/13 @ 10:40
Comment from: [Member]

This shows how a common concern for our motherland gets us together.
It is the binding glue of our nationality, the oneness of our culture.
How it is beautiful to be at an Ethiopians gathering when we can easily engage in conversation from the moment we greet each other.
The national tongue we possess, our social events are unquely rich and bring the inquisitive mind from the surronding.
The main reason of such gathering is a bit far from the usual feastivity. This time we are deeply concerned about the growing trend of criminal activities by the “de facto” regime in our homeland.
The ever-increasing brutality of the police force against our own brothers & sisters is beyond belief.
The habeshas present at the event had expressed their utmost
love for our motherland hence the meeting atsuch crucial time.
Of course such type events does not get a good reception amongst the pro-weyane opportunists.
To them it is the beginning of the demise since their masters will be booted out sooner.
These group of bloggers will lament, jok or critisize the article above out of pure jelousy or pure hatred to greater Ethiopia.

04/25/13 @ 12:50
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Beza ,who is the hell in this gathering a Derg Remenant ,for your Information :NO ONE . Aba Melkesadik was languishing in Derg Prison for more than 8 years .The others were youth and Tamagn artist and music performer .By the way don’t you know who were ,during Derg era ,the actual Agazi representants in USA ,the likes Tsehaye Debalkaw ,Girma Birru ,Tekedda Alemu and Co .the Truth Derg Remenants and even Mengistu’s former Close Advisors…LOL!!!!!!

04/25/13 @ 13:59
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Berthihu ,what about the bunch of banda artists parading infront the cofin of your looter Master ,hypocritically performing
the “Minew Teleyehen Meskerem Sayteba ” ,shading fake tears .A fake reporter from the Diaspora running in each corner of the country chanting his fake praises to the Agazi Bandits and the Sheraton Sheik ,calling the evil widow Ye Kibert Emebet ,interviewing the Dead CM asking him if he was able to cook some meal in a kitchen than asking him on the situation of the country and the peoples problems ,the Dead CM widow recently anouncing that her dead husband was so poor ,and the most FUNNIEST THING
the Double Digit Economic Grow the same as the Rivers of Honey and Milk
,the rain of Gold ,FAIRYTALES from our dear elders…LOL !!!!!!

04/25/13 @ 14:31
Comment from: sosena gedamu [Visitor]
sosena gedamu

long life for tamage all of you a bove are dirty woyane dikala we as Ethiopians getting more stronger ever just watch no talk
again tamage is clean ethiopiawi yesterday today and forever I heard him in Germany in one point talking about our port of assab everybody almost cry you all need to open your eye and watch to soon there will be great change in Ethiopia for good time is up

04/25/13 @ 21:03
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Long Live The ESAT TV members .Once again you have gained more respect and admiration from the Ethiopian Peoples .For having telling the naked Truth concerning the Amhara Peoples Genocide in Benishangul ,denied until yesterday by Agazi Bandas and Supporters .Never
anounced even reported by any TPLF mouthpieces medias ETV ,Aiga ,Tigrai online ,Walta ,Ethiopiafirst . Now the Fact has been proved ,wonder what will be the point views of evil opportunist Agazi Supporters and propagandists like Mimi Sebehatu and Co .Who have willinglt advocated such evil Crime .

04/26/13 @ 08:55
Comment from: Simple [Visitor]

Sosena… don’t be ashamed of wrting those sentences. Becasue of people like you we were dommed for centuries. Open my eyes?? what a Jock. Is it rational to talk about a port than its people… we were told we lost our port…. we don’t really care about its people. You are one those HODAAMS.

04/26/13 @ 13:32
Comment from: Beza [Visitor]

Teddy, they are your friends and members of ESAT I know that the coment you made express that. But Abune Melketsedek, if he is affliated with Abebe Gelebaw and Tamagne Beyene he is polititian, he is not religious person. We have to be clear om that, additionally the coments he is making on different occasions absolutely, put him in that category. I don’t know if he went to prison in the Dergue era, may be you are mixing the story of Aba Paulos the 5th patriarch of Ethiopian Orthodox Church. All the people you mentioned I have no clue about them being Dergue, except hearing from Your Esat MEMBER, Tamagne Beyene. If you know them, that means you were working them. As a SELF CLAIMED JOURNALIST AND RADIO HOST IF YOU KNOW THEM AND YOU HAVE THE EVIDENCE LET’S hear it on Saturday. By the way what happened about Abebe Gelebaw case, in London, you promised us to bring the news.

Sosena Gedamu you Grandpa name must be Waldba. You are telling us about Tamagne make you cry when he was mentioning about Asab. Would you tell us what made you cry? Instead of crying why don’t you join Gim Bboat 7 army and liberate Eritrea with Birhanu Nega. There is no way he can mention about retaking Assab. Do not try to fool us you ignorant nonesense Diaspora Fool. These people are doing this for tjeir survival as long as they have followers and advocates like you. Their mambo limbo type Esat news will never have place in Ethiopian politics. I felt sad when you mentioned about crying as a humanbeing._,qa

04/26/13 @ 21:54
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Simple Mind ,before treating others us cabbis and parking attendants ,why don’t talk of your own job .First of all ,you are not an Amhara ,but a simmple Agazi Bandits ,Northern Village Idiot or Amice,Whorshiper ,suffering of Inferiority Complex against Patriot as Tamagne Beyene .With your Limited Vocabulary of Thug ,you sound more Little Ethiopias’ Did Astchi Bozene than a supposed Intelectual or a Businesman.
But a simple DV guy ,Moferunena Congohun Tetto Mettetto ,as a new recycled Agazi Cadre ,you are dreaming conquering USA for the sake of your Bandit Masters .DEDEB MORON FIDAB !!!!!

04/27/13 @ 02:32
Comment from: [Member]

I have lived long enough to witness what Tamagn has to say in the past and in the present. Unfortunately, I have never seen what he has DONE, but talk. I wonder if I would ever see him do something as it requires a lot more to do something than joking around.

04/27/13 @ 08:28
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Beza ,don’t make us laugh with your supposed proof .First Aba Melkesadike
is a religious who has never sold his soul and pride to anyone ,always assuming his firm conviction .Not as the evil Paulos ,actually roten in hell with your Looter Master .Who ,after serving his term in Derg Prison , had served the regime for ten years . Then became Agazi Mouthpiece, after benefitating the Scholarship offered by
the Aba Teklehaymanot Sinode to study Theology in Princeton .Aba Paulos was not a relegious ,but an Agazi cadre ,worst CIA Agent disguised as a Bishop as the actual one who was ,by opportunism former Derg Ye Lawt Hawarya Cadre ,then Agazi Bishop in Exile .As you see in the Picture ,Abe is very well ,and as you and your Thuggy bros know perfectly those who have threaten him and his family ,whether have already run
away or still shiting on their pants ….LOL !!!!!! Have you ever been ,at the Gush Aberra Funds raising night where tens of your moron bros and sists were performing their usual Keberro Dilekka ,by the way Gush was never there and not even
leaving a message from where he was .
As the TPLF supporters membes you really might know of his whereabout.And also concerning the guys from London and Minnesota.Are they already in “JAIL” ? Or smuggled to Ethiopia under the protection of your Agazi Boss ?…LOL !!!!!

04/28/13 @ 07:59

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