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Ethiopia: FBI aware of TPLF's terrorist activities: Genocide Watch



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Ethiopia: FBI aware of TPLF's terrorist activities: Genocide Watch

Ethiopia: FBI aware of TPLF's terrorist activities: Genocide Watch

By Abebe Gellaw

(ESAT News)
--Genocide Watch, the Global coalition to end genocide and mass atrocities, says that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is well aware of the fact that the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) is a terrorist organization that the United States should label as such.

In an exclusive interview with ESAT, President of Genocide Watch, Prof. Gregory Stanton, said any specific threats from TPLF agents and operatives in the United States should be reported to the FBI right away. "The FBI has got the TPLF already in its sights. It knows very well that the TPLF is a terrorist organization," he said.

He also pointed out that the U.S. should declare the TPLF a terrorist organization and made clear that efforts would be exerted to bring that to the attention of the concerned authorities. TPLF is already registered in the Global Terrorism Database (GTD), kept by the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism, a center of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

He noted that TPLF's assassination plots and criminal activities in the United States would have serious ramifications on the questionable relationships it has with the Government of the United States. "First of all, FBI will try to hunt them down, arrest them and put them in prison. Secondly, it will have ramifications on the foreign policy of the United States towards Ethiopia because the TPLF is still in charge of the government there."
He urged the government of the United States to seriously review the assistance it gives to Ethiopia in light of the criminal activities of the TPLF. "Our government should have a hard look at the kinds of assistance we are giving to Ethiopia since it has a criminal regime in charge of the government."

Special FBI Agent Greg Comcowich told ESAT that the agency would take seriously any criminal activities that violate not only the civil rights of individuals but also the constitution of the United States.
“Anybody who threatens people’s lives because of their political views or attempt to usurp one’s constitutionally protected First Rights Amendment will be dealt with appropriately. That is not the way America works,” he said.
He also noted that the FBI takes allegations of being agents of a foreign government very seriously. He encouraged Ethiopians who feel threatened to contact their local FBI branches.

Prof. Stanton advised that Ethiopian exiles should not take any inkling of threats lightly. "The justice department has never declared the TPLF a terrorist organization the way it should but it is clearly the arm of a criminal government, which is the TPLF government in Ethiopia. The FBI needs to be aware of any inkling of threats against anybody, any Ethiopian. If they are threatened they need to report to the FBI."

He pointed out that it is outrageous to try to persecute and threaten anyone for exercising their constitutionally guaranteed rights of free speech in the United States. "We have perhaps the freest speech in the world here. It is not free speech to conspire to commit a murder. That is a violation which is not protected by our First Rights Amendment," he noted.

The Genocide Watch chief underlined the need for Ethiopians to get organized to fend off terrorist threats by the TPLF and its agents that are illegally trying to violate the civil rights of Ethiopian exiles by spying and intimidating them into silence. "It is helpful to organize to challenge an organized group like the TPLF. That is why we need organizations like FREE and solidarity movement...The best antidote to a criminal organization like the TPLF is a legal organization," he said.

The Forum for Rights and Equality in Ethiopia (FREE), a coalition of 18 international and local advocacy groups, is under formation to make a global effort to press for change in Ethiopia. Genocide Watch is among the founding members of the new international front that will be launched once all the groundwork is complete, it was learnt.

Regarding members and supporters of the TPLF that claim political asylum in the U.S. under false pretense of facing persecution in Ethiopia, he pointed out that if anyone becomes a member and supporter of the TPLF in the U.S., the main political persecutor and tormentor in Ethiopia, that person would lose his or her claim to political asylum in the Unites states. "That person should be sent back to Ethiopia because they would not be under any political persecution at all as members of the party that carries the persecution out."

In his message to Ethiopians, Prof. Stanton called on them to be steadfast in their struggle for freedom and justice and never lose hope. "Eventually the TPLF will fall. Those who are committing these kinds of acts of terror should also be aware that they are eventually going to be held accountable for their crimes. We are keeping their names. So don't ever be under the illusion that we will forget them," he said.

Professor Stanton, who was a Yale-educated lawyer, is globally recognized for successfully leading an international effort to bring leaders of the Khmer Rouge to justice for committing genocide and mass atrocities in Cambodia. He founded Genocide Watch in 1991 with a mission to predict, prevent, stop, and punish genocide and other forms of mass murder. Genocide Watch has already identified Ethiopia under the TPLF as one of the few countries in the world facing serious risk genocidal conflicts.

In his message to Ethiopian across the world, Prof. Stanton called on Ethiopians to be steadfast in their struggle for freedom and justice and never lose hope. "Eventually the TPLF will fall. Those who are committing these kinds of acts of terror should also be aware that they are eventually going to be held accountable for their crimes. We are keeping their names. So don't ever be under the illusion that we will forget them."

Meanwhile, a coalition of political and rights groups fighting for justice have issued a strong-worded press release condemning the recent alleged assassination plot in Boston. The group, Joint Actions Coordinating Committee of Ethiopian Political & Civic Democratic Forces, demanded the U.S. government to take appropriate measures against the terrorist regime in Ethiopia which has been committing gross human rights violation and extrajudicial killings.
“We also ask the FBI to investigate and expel agents of the Ethiopian government whose sole purpose is intimidating and spying on the Diaspora, and indulging in illegal activities including transfer of funds for top government officials to the U.S. and to offshore accounts,” the released said.


Comment from: Ahun [Visitor]

Shut the fuck up, you desperate crazy fool..Now, you go ahead and report me to FBI for telling you to shut the fuck up…

01/22/13 @ 20:02
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

Abebe Gelaw, what a laughing matter you are becoming?

For your information, if you really talking about the really FBI, they are well trained individuals that they take their job seriously and conduct their duty ethically without any discrimination to the sociaty they give service or provide protection. So, if I were you, I would continue to play the baseles diaspora politics that you may continue to fool some of the foolishes.

However, your recent baseless activists of blackmailing an inosent idividials will get nowhere. As matter fact, you will be liable in the law of the land for making a baseles accusations against those descent hard working TIGRAY /Ethiopian… Your joke becoming endless and please cut it off?

Most of all, please don’t wast the taxpayer’s money and the valuable time of those FBI officers. I would assume they have more important jobs to do than babysitting and listing to your failse claims..

God bless the world.

01/22/13 @ 20:47
Comment from: YD [Visitor]

It is clear to any body that TPLF/Tigre is a terrorist organization by any standard.

01/22/13 @ 21:06
Comment from: Sami [Visitor]

This site is now getting a propaganda field of Gimboat 7.

01/22/13 @ 21:08
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

Because of the great leadership of the current Ethiopian government and the nations and nationalities the Ethiopian people, all the terrorists are kept of guard from inflecting damage against Ethiopia…

God bless the world!!

01/22/13 @ 21:18
Comment from: G2 [Visitor]

Is TPLF liable terrorist?
Is OLF liable terrorist?

What about Ginbot 7?

01/22/13 @ 21:39
Comment from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]

If Tplf, as stated by many, is ordering hits on civilian opposition.. it is a terrorist organization. However, I still would like to hear a FBI report on this other than ESAT and AG, to say for sure.

Ahun [Visitor], are you sure you are not AZ #1?ekekeeeeee anyhuuuu, dude was threatened so, he is coming out with it. Best thing to do would be to advise your tplf to not murder anyone just because they disagree with them.

G2 [Visitor], what do you mean when you say “liable” pardon moi but.. I don’t get your point. G7 did not order hits on Tplf cadres.

Bethihu [Visitor], get real…

Sami [Visitor], its not as bad as Aiga..

YD [Visitor], Tplf is the organization they label terrorist.. not Tigre, they are Ethiopian people who live in Tigrai keflehager.. so that you know and keep it separate.

01/22/13 @ 22:11
Comment from: My2cents [Visitor]

It would be very stupid of TPLF to go after Abebe Gelaw or any other opposition figure whether within Ethiopia or abroad. There will be repercussion and unintendd consequences. And repurcessions and retaliations is someyhing TPLF should avoid at any cost. TPLF’s heart is where the money is at; plundering during a relative peace is what made TPLF very successful; just concentrate there. The conspiracy against Abebe Gelaw is the work of a hothead hotshot like the implicated dude from Boston. It is very unlikely that TPLF, the organization, would go after Abebe Gelaw, but if they had, then it is strong possibility that they killed the late Chief of Spacecraft and Satellite Systems engineer of NASA, Kitaw Ejigu (1948 - 2006)

01/22/13 @ 22:38
Comment from: G2 [Visitor]


Tigrie=TPLF, but called terrorist by Abebe Gelew
Oromo=OLF, but already called terrorist
Amhara=Ginbot 7, so not called terrorist?

01/22/13 @ 22:57
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]


What are you saying? I’m talking the truth man. I’m not one of those people who wouldn’t mind to say things to make a certain groups happy…

However, I would like to tell you that I like most of your inputs that you have been providing here concering on different ethiopian political or economical isues, and looking forward to hear more of your constractive feedbacks…

God bless the world!

01/22/13 @ 22:57
Comment from: My2cents [Visitor]

Something else, less readily apparent, may have happened as well. When the U.S. Forest Service looked at mortality rates in counties affected by the emerald ash borer, they found increased mortality rates. Specifically, more people were dying of cardiovascular and lower respiratory tract illness – the first and third most common causes of death in the U.S. As the infestation took over in each of these places, the connection to poor health strengthened.

The “relationship between trees and human health,” as they put it, is convincingly strong. They controlled for as many other demographic factors as possible. And yet, they are unable to satisfactorily explain why this might be so.-When Trees Die, People Die
The curious connection between an invasive beetle that has destroyed over 100 million trees, and subsequent heart disease and pneumonia in the human populations nearby.

01/22/13 @ 23:05
Comment from: addis [Visitor]

what a looser!! You are such a naïve misguided by some poleticians or you do not have a job in DC. I feel sorry for you. I do not think that you are qualified to be a parking attendant in DC, because a losser like is really hard to trust. Please if you decided to leave in the US, leave the politics to the Ethiopians who are living the real life in the country. Barking like you from your hibernation is just you wanted to take the advantage to make your life, other than that any one can judge that you will not and again you will not make an inch of a difference to make any ones life better!!!

01/22/13 @ 23:43
Comment from: Tesfaye Bikila [Visitor]
Tesfaye Bikila

The definition of ‘terrorism’ is still open for interpretation.But,one universally agreed definition of terrorism is to make life unsafe and unbearable for ordinary citizens.Life under TPLF rule has been extremely dangerous for most of the citizens of the country.It is against this backdrop that TPLF should fall or viewed in the category of state sponsored terrorist organization or not.

01/23/13 @ 01:00
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

It’s not a Secret to anyone of Agazi Bandits ,Tigre Mafiosis and TPLF Thugs Culture of Violence .Time to denounce these evil criminals to the proper Local Authorities .

01/23/13 @ 01:55
Comment from: [Member]

Almost all Ethiopian medias are occupied with the news about our national football team and reluctant to respond to your fake crying.That made you jealous, pissed off and severely depressed.You are now suffering in ASS ( Attention Seeking Syndrome ).
Would you please leave us alone? You are deeply annoying,we can’t take it anymore…Let’s enjoy the games.

01/23/13 @ 02:43
Comment from: Gueashu Abera [Visitor]
Gueashu  Abera

I love TPLF or you call them Weyane and I come with help of Ayat Sibhat Nega and Haleka Tsegaye Berhe to Amareka and I have job too.When I come in to my facebook Isaw Gala and I be angry of him bce he hated my leadre PM Meles Zenawi and I be too fedup so I said to him like that “We Tigria are very proug people like Alula Abanega and do you know Alula and we are well bold and we can kill you in any time if you have Mbl tlf no or address.I be so hungry ti kill him frunlky as I said.Don’t play with Tigria people and don’t call also Agame or Chegarum like this.Chaw

01/23/13 @ 03:03
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

Guys don’t wast you time commenting what ever this lunatic is saying.

01/23/13 @ 03:17
Comment from: Fana [Visitor]

What this looser is saying any body who is supporting the Ethiopian Govt is spy. Fu** even th US government is helping the Ethiopian govt. The professor also should not give interviews for one of the propagandist of genocide esat Abebe Gelaw. What you were doing when you were offendiding him by insulting his race and tribe with. Your accomplices on facebook. Now you are interviewing
genocide watch, human rights
watch and cpj. By the way who
are those leople your friends
trying to blackmail the Ethiopian govrnmemt. The professor if he did not inveatigate Mengistu Hailemariam genocide. For me he is not for justice. If he
advocator of this attention
seeker Abebe Gelaw they are

campaigning fundraiser of esat. We know this are not government organizations they live off of members contributions. I am telling you

01/23/13 @ 04:48
Comment from: heny [Visitor]

What I hate most in the look of this idiot you call Abebe is his horribly massive pair of lips.

BTW, are all the Abebe’s in the diaspora opposition camp as such bad by default?
Abebe Gelaw
Abebe Belaw
Abebe Belaw, the nose is now round yournake. Do not ssume that you will go away for free after smearingthename of an innocent citizen. The case is brewing in silence and you will soon end up in the court.

01/23/13 @ 05:22
Comment from: Meron [Visitor]

“Sew Tira Bilut Rasu Meta” ale yagere sew. Abebe Gelaw’s false claim of assasination by Abera Guesh has been proven false, and he is now coming to tell us that it was right. What a hypocrite. Abebe, you have to know that ESAT’s credibility is under question because of your false claim of “FBI foils an assassination attempt by Guesh Abrea", and what we are expecting from you is an apologize. Please, lets have the courage to apologize when we commit some mistakes. It is the sign of maturity. Now, what Dawit Kebede of said on ethio-civility paltalk room is right (please listen to it on youtube entitled “Dawit Kebede Comes out supporting TPLF n his Tigray identity"). Some of the politicians and political activists in the diaspora are more undemocratic than EPRDF/TPLF itself. What a shame!

01/23/13 @ 05:57
Comment from: Nenewe [Visitor]

Where the hell is Addis Zemen?

I can’t wait to see him go ballistic with all the usual innuendos.

01/23/13 @ 06:48
Comment from: Bon2 [Visitor]

TPLF cadres throwing mud on the victim.
The assassination didn’t happen b/c FBI aborted it. Imagine how many innocent people are dying in Ethiopia where FBI’s presence may not be as huge as US. Bring the TPLF terrorists and their leaders (who authorize such terrorist acts) to justice.

01/23/13 @ 06:59
Comment from: [Member]


Come on dude, the paranoid abebe gelebaw is just so humiliated, embarrasing his supporters, you and the whole diaspora FOOLS & IDIOTS anti Ethiopians alike by fabricating nonesense news which back fired on himself and the defunct youtube lie machine ESAT.
More embarrasingly for you, he continues to make an ass of himself by trying to look like he has an accuontable alibi, interviewing losers “ye ayitt misikir dimbitt” and puting words in their mouth. A kind of “scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours"!
What a disgrace to say the least! What makes me disappointed the most with all of this fiasco is that, after all said and done, there are still people who support abebe gelebaw and ESAT, no matter how their action and reputation show, that they are just a bunch of liar and thievs who hate Ethiopia and do anything in their power to distablize the nation.
How come we missed the ceremony of the coalition between and ESAT? All the news lately seems direct from ESAT amba. In a second thought, I would never imagine Nazrets to go that way. They seem playing and jocking on those losers, by posting their fiasco!

01/23/13 @ 07:49
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

I don’t know what is fucking Diasporas mind!!!

People like Abebe Jelaw are just doing a disservice to the opposition, this is not an agenda of opposition, this have nothing to do with building a nation or a strong opposition or change or democracy or truth.

If diaspora are intellectuals as they claim to be they should also show it in the real world.

Diaspora herd don’t be deceived this guys are not helping the opposition but harming them, worst of all you are developing a thuggish political culture of opposition. If you are diaspora and if you are an opposition tell the lies of Abebe Jelawe this is not what you want to see, tell them indignation, political gossip, lies, hate … is not an a political agenda or opposition or productive in any way. Why is that diaspora is always like kindergarten students, don’t you grow up?

An individual outrageous claims and reporting some embarrassing incidents about the ruling party BY YOUR OWN FEW MEN, YOUR OWN TV STATION, BY YOUR OWN ARTICLES THAT ALWAYS HAVE REFERENCE OF ITS OWN is not opposition, is not democratic struggle, is not helping the Ethiopian poor. I am not sure even it is helping you, I think you can do better whether to get money or attention than this.


Show us some realpolitik, some brain, some ideological enlightenment, some surprise, some thing the poor can hold and follow, some grass root level work and more than anything else some discipline as in political party discipline, to political agenda, constructiveness, enlightenment and maturity ….

Are you not pulling to your low level personality and thuggish politics this great nations people and government for too long?

Why is that you seems never to grow up year after year, decade after decade, Tamagne Beyene started political comedy (ye poletika fugera) DECADES AGO and still with gray hair and a father behaves like a 19 years old campus comedian in the real world and in the name this great nation. Don’t you people grow up?! Where is the line between real political agenda and political comedy?

The problem is not Tamagne or Abebe Jelawe but allowing this kind of people to take the central and forefront of the opposition political struggle, this is a disservice to realpolitik, the opposition, democracy and the Ethiopian poor. Do you really think what Abebe Jelawe trying to do will bring any benefit to the country?



01/23/13 @ 08:13
Comment from: Anonymous [Visitor]

It is better not to rest assured and trust, FBI, TPLF and the third party wisdom either. The latter instigates and enjoy its influence by hoax. One stupid who always wanted to be called intellectual Ethiopian, who never went to single day school and who never had trouble perpetrating any injustice by racketeering, wanted me to be his English class student after 40 years of business. They gave him every right. What do I really mean dude? You read me? Dirty plagiarizer! I am public.

01/23/13 @ 09:00
Comment from: Maritu Kebede [Visitor]
Maritu Kebede

Abebe JILO “seeamereh yeker” you have put yourself so high it is becoming difficult for you to come down and face reality that you are still at the same spot. Government of Ethiopia is too busy building and developing and they do not have time for the like of you lunatic. Some time I wonder if they ever remember who you are. Get a life and do something for yourself and your family because this darama is going to end soon and what NEXT!

01/23/13 @ 09:10
Comment from: Ts [Visitor]

When you see the topic like this, just joke and overlook. Abebe Gelew is Oratory. He even don’t know what the country is doing to improve the life of the citizen. The country is doing: road construction, industries expansion to increase employment and material availability, technology production and adoption, resource conservation, environment rehabilitation, education increases and producing skilled manpower, food production, service advancement like insurance, banking, security, law

However, if this Gelew had asked for any improvement, for example release of political prisoners, expansion of religious freedom, decentralization of economic activities, increase of regional autonomy and other gaps, we would talk what Abebe Gelew’s specific agenda and argue on that.

What is his Goal rather just crying to stop funding? If funding stop, is he promoting development? Though his breath will not have any effect, first, he has to smell what he breath to reduce foul on others.

Simply putting, he is oratory. Cheap talk has negative value!

01/23/13 @ 09:47
Comment from: berta [Visitor]

TPLF is ofcourse a terrerist organization but the cadres are evolved to know where to kill and terrorize. They are known for kidnapping Europian humanterian workers back then when they were fighting againest Derg. That was a good fighting strategy by then. TPLF as a head of a government, cautiously sponsors act of terrirosim. I don’t think the cadres are stupid enough to do it in Boston.

01/23/13 @ 09:58
Comment from: [Member]

Realy you are!!brave Ethiopian “NOT ABEBE GELAW… but…ABEBE GELAGLEW…TPLF is a TERRERIST

01/23/13 @ 10:35
Comment from: [Member]

It is official that now the number “One “Terorist group” in Ethiopia is the Shifta group called -TPLF.
Once this is registered as a known fact we see all its Puppets are barking on Nazret!!!!
This is expected of them for they are following their master order.
To all you weyane cadres, for all your “Barking” I say you all amount to nothing !!!

01/23/13 @ 11:29
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

Shame on you X-DERG officers that you keep scraching our wounds that you have had inflicted upon us all poor ethiopian people while you were in power.

If justice was served, you all criminals should have been paneshed for all the crime you were committing for seventeen years. Unfotunately, you all creminals are allowed to live peacefully among the diaspora Ethiopian cominty, and yet you wouldnt leave us alone that you are keep doing your criminal activties.

However, it is a walke up moment for all the peace loving diaspora communities that we will work hard to identify those criminals and we will make them accountable for all the crimes that the have had engaged in…

All the X-DERG officers should be brought to justice and make them accountable for all the crime they have had committed no matter where they sheltered!!! X-DERG = X_NAZY!!!

God bless the world!!

01/23/13 @ 11:38
Comment from: Nenewe [Visitor]

That is exactly what I was expecting.
But do not put all diaspora who oppose the gov’t policies in one basket.

One can oppose or have differing viwes on what is going on in Ethiopia. they are too numerous to list, you get the gist of what i am trying to say. Some people dislike the gov’t as much you admire it.
It doesn’t mean, however, that they are in bed with Abebe & Esat, G7, etc.

There are three major groups of diaspora:

- those who support the gov’tno matter what without ever questioning its policies and laws. You belong there.

-Those who do question its policies and seek a change in the form of all-inclusive & less intolerant gov’t which listens to the opinion of those who don’t support it, and opportunity for all regardless of one’s ethnic background. We differ a lot in this aspect, but we shouldn’t be at each others’ throats.

-Those who are against any initiative by the gov’t no matter how beneficial it might be to the country’s long term prospects. They oppose for the sake of opposition without suggesting any viable alternatives.Worse they blow out of proportion a minor issue and fabricate stories which suit their long term objectives which, in my opinion,do not represent the people. Abebe and Co. belong here.

01/23/13 @ 11:45
Comment from: [Member]


Bravo! Bravo!
Ausgeseichnet! Wunder bar!
You see, after all we are on the same band wagon! Really.
I don’t have any problem with people who have different opinion, so long if they’re willing to accept the reality on the ground, and who can be couragious enough to say a spade, a spade!
That’s a part democracy in progress. To open our eyes and think of only the poor Ethiopians. Never about personal grudge and hatred politics.

Veilen danke! auf wiedersehen!!

01/23/13 @ 12:53
Comment from: [Member]

You don’t seem to understand freedom, free speech and civil rights of individuals and the responsibility each one. What you did was illegal. You’ve abused/faked your credential to insult a leader, prevented others from listening, continue to motivate others to follow suit. You’ve orchestrated disturbances at all Ethiopians public meetings to prevent citizens from exercising their listening rights. If I were you, I’d simply keep quiet and not add more enemies by accusing/misquoting innocent individuals, agencies and govt. officials. When the time comes, you’ll get your chance of justice.
The fact is you’re scared!

01/23/13 @ 13:29
Comment from: Kena Keb [Visitor]  
Kena Keb

Good try Abebe! The damage is already done! You are wounded and all fabricated stories brewed and actuated by you and your buddies in ESAT has backfired disastrously. It will be a futile attempt to wriggle yourself out of this mess even with the support from Gregory Stanton, an arch enemy of Ethiopia, which you had hoped would rescue you. You made a fool of yourself on many occasions and it is a high time that you indulge yourself in some other fields of interest you may have that would be appropriate for you since your alledged journalist carrier died out long time ago and deserves a proper funeral. The Ethiopian people are by far more intelligent than you and can not be fooled by silly and fictitious stories of yours.

Ethiopia is prospering and shall continue to prosper!!

01/23/13 @ 14:01
Comment from: Agamino [Visitor]  

I know WHY that 99 old white supremacist has been crying since i know him.

Meles OUTSMARTED and told him GO TO HELL years back!

Now its personal! It has nothing to do with abebe Gelebaw, politics or anything else! Just personal.

These white run NGO’s (under different names)think, they can drive Africans one way or the other but Meles and his party told everyone of them to chew their tongue! we Ethiopians don’t need anyone to tell us what and how to do things!

These 99 years old shaky individual has a different intention than, the paranoid Abebe gelebaw is hoping to achieve!

Thanks to Meles his party…

Ethiopia has dismantled the a century years old trap! Ethiopia is now in a position to say go to hell to anyone!

So we don’t really care who says what!

01/23/13 @ 14:42
Comment from: [Member]


Exactlly, it is now all about their own broken personal ego!
I just watched the above video interview of the so called prof, wow! What a disgracefull act of deliberate deceit!
Abebe gelebaw keeps playing on this senile old man putting some words in his mouth. And the senile oldman is echoing whatever words he’s feed.

01/23/13 @ 15:19
Comment from: ETHIO.VISTOR [Visitor]

How many STINKY-@GAMES are crying like there’s MAMA PUssssssssssssssY! @ this ETHIOPIAN hero, who knocked out the hornless ADWA-SATAN below 3-feet pit. U TPLF idiots please FAK-OFF from him. Yeleba-Lijoche.

01/23/13 @ 15:24
Comment from: Zemen [Visitor]

Abebe is really embracing the moral, status, meto and trust of the so called true politicians in the diaspora. Everything what he did doesn’t hold water and maturity. He become a mess and making extra faults to cover up his prior wrong deeds. Get mature and learn from Tamagni and other matured calm people. You are too child and not solid, after all one can judge you are scared to death by ur deeds.

01/23/13 @ 15:37
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Betbethu ,XDREGS = AGAZI BANDITS = NAZIS . TPLF thugs ,Tigre Mafiosis the same as X DERG CADRES = WAFFEN SS .Tchinkilatebis Leffaffi Banda .
Adgi ,dinkem yegnia ye poletica Awakina ,Mehur ,Ke Laptuku Gare Tetabko Yekere ,Ye Amice Kuratchi Taffia BANDA !!!!!!

01/23/13 @ 15:42
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]


You are so funny!! You must be one of those loose head who would believe all kind of fake stories….if you really believe the recent clown or the fortune teller Abebe Gellaw is your hero, i have nothing to say, but good for you…

However, you need to wake up from your shitty hilusination that you shouting, because you sound like a lonely d***Head or un attractive P***hole…LOL.

God bless the world!

01/23/13 @ 15:46
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Adgi ,by the way what about you with your usual Motto Meles the Great and Meles The Best Repeating days and nights on this website continuesly without interruption .A good example of your so called Cicero quotation “OLD AGE IS BY NATURE RATHER TALKATIVE ” ….LOL !!!

01/23/13 @ 15:47
Comment from: ETHIO.VISTOR [Visitor]


Wha DA FAK u did? all u do is talking bullshit outta ur FAT-AZZ and preaching like “THE HAT TRICK WEYANE MAKAK", while the heroic ABEBE counter punched @ the most megalomaniac ADWA-SATAN, who is currently rotten in SATAN firedom due to the timely managed uppercut. Idiot!

01/23/13 @ 15:53
Comment from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]


Great breakdown of who is who. I agree somewhat because how does one know where AG belongs without direct interaction? However I see the AZ did miss where he belongs as I see in his reply based on the interaction here.

So AZ, you lie when you say “..I don’t have any problem with people who have different opinion, so long if they’re willing to accept the reality on the ground, and who can be couragious enough to say a spade, a spade!..”

That is exactly the problem you support. That is what your leaders are, that is what you are. You do not accept opposition, period.. just like your leaders. Or else, those journalists will not be locked up and you would not be shooting at everyone who has a different view than yours. It is also evident you are a no matter what supporter of the Tplf as witnessed by your #1 posts :).

I have stated repeatedly that I do doubt this little boy, the implied assassin’s, connection to Arat kilo. However, there is no proof he is not either. But as far as some of the opposition, I am aware of certain bias in retaliation to the perceived domination of the ethnicity of the Tplf. Based on that, AG and some others may or may not be. Can’t say for sure if one has no personal knowledge or direct interaction. Wouldn’t you guys say?

My point is simple. It is important not to classify people without direct interaction and clear knowledge of their intentions. Otherwise, we will just be as bad as the dictators we hate.

Just saying!!!!

01/23/13 @ 16:24
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]


It sounds like I touched your DERG nerves? ” Mobai Enda-Gerima Zebelies Bailu Yelefalef"…LOL. You should know that we can’t tolerate such kind of hate preaching, and a criminals activities from you all X-DERG officers no more!! We will do whatsoever it takes to protect ourselve and to expose you all criminals that what you have done against the inosent Ethiopian people while you were taking orders from Mengistu Hilemariam and you are continue to doing the same here in the diaspora community as we speak…

Surely, there are many of you x- DERG officers in the diaspora community that you need to be brought to justice …

Once again X-DERG = X-NAZI…

God bless the world!!

01/23/13 @ 16:26
Comment from: Observer [Visitor]


Why don’t you go ahead and threaten him that you will harm him on this website if you have the guts you assh@le. Saying just shut up do not count, go ahead and threaten him and see what happen to you.

01/23/13 @ 16:27
Comment from: ETHIO.VISTOR [Visitor]

BETHIHU bututo lebash tegre whoerver u are? I told u befor to Go get ur GED before u open ur pungent mouth. What does it mean loose head? BIIIITCH! What is this"HILUSINATION” Is it your MAMA side spanker FAG boyfriend from ZAMBIA?
All KEHADI tegre wonbedes like u are highly infatuated with the dead meat crime minister and his sibling alcoholic ISAYAS, therfore FAK OFF from non-agames! WATCH OUT! ABEBE GElAW, WIll beat u up BEJELAW!

01/23/13 @ 16:29
Comment from: Observer [Visitor]

addis zemen,

you fool, don’t you ever make any comment about the Diaspora because you are one Stinking Diaspora who just simply talk for the sake of talking. So, shut the fu@k up so we don’t have to smell you stinking Diarrhea mouth, Capiche?

You are like a blind monkey that follows its master no matter what.

01/23/13 @ 16:42
Comment from: Abyssinian [Visitor]

Ato Abebe:

I know exactly what kind of person you are.

First, you like drama. Drama is unnecessary gossip to create a false sense of importance regarding a person or event.

Second, you look down on the intelligence of your fellow Ethiopians.

Your article is totally absurd and meaningless because you state the FBI is aware of genocide by TPLF.

I can write the FBI today and tell them that ABEBE GELLAW IS A NAZI SYMPATHIZER THAT WANTS TO DESTROY JEWS!!! The FBI is now “aware” of you. Does that mean you are a Nazi?

Please go do something constructive because you have a lot of extra time on your hands.

01/23/13 @ 16:46
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]


You need to search where you can find your kind that may help you to calm down…I’m not a doctor to find your symptoms systematically, but unfortunatly we are observing such as you crazy or angry individuals increasing in numbers in the diaspora community, and i dont what might be your problems but you need help before to late…

God bless the world!!

01/23/13 @ 16:55
Comment from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]


Any one who does, or intends to do harm to civilians is a Terrorist. We have seen that in OLF, TPLF and yet have to see it in G7. I will go further to clarify my stand on armed opposition. It is just a way of replacing one dictator with guns, with another. I want to make clear from the get go, seeing that we may be doing this for a while, I am against change by the gun because it has always made matters worse. Hence I am against the G7 based on that.

from: G2 [Visitor]

Tigrie=TPLF, but called terrorist by Abebe Gelew
Oromo=OLF, but already called terrorist
Amhara=Ginbot 7, so not called terrorist?
01/22/13 @ 22:57


I am very happy to here you call it as you see it. So do I. I disagree with the Tplf Eprdf being a great leadership. It is a dictatorship as it is the only political force in the country. Hence, my “get real..” to you in my reply. NO ofence intended just stating the facts as I see them. Furthermore, I would like to say I do enjoy your constuctive inputs though we may disagree at times. It is great democracy in reality that we can do this free of influence. Would you not like that for our people back home?

Bethihu [Visitor]
“…Because of the great leadership of the current Ethiopian government and the nations and nationalities the Ethiopian people, all the terrorists are kept of guard from inflecting damage against Ethiopia…”

Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

What are you saying? I’m talking the truth man. I’m not one of those people who wouldn’t mind to say things to make a certain groups happy…
*** I am happy to know you are influenced by no one other than your thoughts.

However, I would like to tell you that I like most of your inputs that you have been providing here concering on different ethiopian political or economical isues, and looking forward to hear more of your constractive feedbacks…
*** I as well.. enjoy your inputs and know you are entitled to your opinions and respect them as well. This is what makes a democratic front possible. We must not accept any wrong doing by those who govern us. We must not be quiet when we see wrong, if we do.. we are as much if not more to blame as the wrong doer. At the same time, we must make sure accusations are not merely hate induced based on ethnic differences, hence my doubt of the AG issue.

Ah.. the best I can say is, it’s complicated :).

God bless the world!
God bless Ethiopia!

01/23/13 @ 16:58
Comment from: Fana [Visitor]

As most of you in this forum put it this Geleba is trying to mend his ego by asking this professor. He is asking him the question by giving him the answer.



01/23/13 @ 17:05
Comment from: [Member]

Observer ye wusha zer, the mozzafakka asshole shabian,…

Are you still alive? Whenever you come back from your long hibernation at sawa, your furstration shows a lot. Take it easy shabia dude! The sun will shine one day in that cursed artera of yours.
Ante arram lebba! HaHaHaHa!!

01/23/13 @ 17:15
Comment from: tazabi [Visitor]

I am becoming to sense, AG has a mental instability.

01/23/13 @ 17:25
Comment from: Tazabi [Visitor]


01/23/13 @ 18:33
Comment from: Nomad [Visitor]

Paranoia paranoia and Paranoia!

You can wet your pants whenever you see a guy with number 11 on his eyebrow!

The civilised American legal system shall never succumb to the sort of cry-fox you are trumpeting.

You know who you are. Did you forget it? A wannabe prince in that Junta’s kingdom-the DERGUE!

The ideology that you and your likes were pimping in those dark days was the cause of millions of unnecessary death.

Just shut it, moron!

01/23/13 @ 19:13
Comment from: [Member]

Reading through the comments here many things,

- Most of the supporters of EPRDF are Tigres and other jelaljil banda cadres making a living. These people (Woyanes) suffer from inferiorty complex regardless of where they live. Some of them do not realize that their unjustified support for this government would buy them enemies, especially from majority Oromos, Amharas and Somalis. TPLF supporters don’t just support or praise their people; they also work hard to make themselves feel good by hating on opposition and diasporas.
I, as an Oromo, have learned many things in the past few years,…Tigres are alienating themselves from the rest of Ethiopians which would cost them a lot. Just give ten or fifteen years…you will see people chase politicians and those stone head TPLF fools and chop their head. I have to stop!M

01/23/13 @ 21:46
Comment from: Mamo [Visitor]

I wonder when Abebe is going to learn from the mistakes of his father and grandfather being Amara always love drama. We watched u pushed Derge to the grave from inside. One thing is a fact Ethiopia is for all Ethiopians not for Amara only I know u can’t digest it any time soon so be it.EPRDF made that promise long before they arrived in Addis to break the cycle. Drama with ur people is
a common thing but we are not the grand son of Minillek Eyasu or Zewditu .

01/23/13 @ 22:35
Comment from: Helina [Visitor]

For the most part the term terrorism is controversial. Like beauty it is on the eye of the beholder. Terrorism is a relative term. A terrorist organization to some can be a liberation organization to others. Even the ANC and Nelson Mandela were labled terrorist by the USA. Nelson Mandela was not able to visit USA until President Bush issued an order have Mandela’s name removed from the terrorism watch list. However, there is a widespread consensus that the term terrorism comprises, among other things, an act with the intent to harm physically or mentally non-cmbatant defenseless civilians and perpetrating torture and atrocity and summary execution. Ironically, the now defunct Derg/WPE of Ethiopia, with unamatched records of atrocities, summary executions, and crimes against humanity, used to label the EPRP, EDU, EPLF and TPLF terrorist (shibrtegna wonbede). However, to their respective supporters they were freedom fighters. The TPLF when fighting as a guriella force had some incidents of alleged civilian killings and public property damage. However, for the most part, its fighting forces were the most descplined guriella fighters in the world. As compared to the Derg, the TPLF is a saint. No records of atrocities against civilians. Even enemy combatant captives were treated with dignity. As a result, many of the former derg soldiers joined the TPLF movement.

The DERG/ESEPA government on the other hand murdered more than half a million people through the red terror and other forms of mass murder without due process of law. It burnt crops to starve people. It used helicopter gunships and naphtal and cluster bombs against civilians including women and children. The Derg kill squads strangled firewood selling peasants and stabbed pregnant women to death in Tigray. This was an act of genocide when 100s of 1000s were annhilated. Where were you the good professor then? Why didn’t you try to bring Mengistu and his accomplices (some of whom are in the USA as sponsor of ESAT)to justice if you are a true human rights advocate and genocide watch person? Ironically, some of the toxic diaspora elements who are linked to ESAT were either backers or members of the DERG/ESEPA system who have not said a single word when the Derg/ESEPA was committing such gross crimes against humanity. Are such individauls morally competent to label another organization a terrorist organization?

01/23/13 @ 22:48
Comment from: [Member]


Wow! An eye opening reminder to these losers, the remnants of dergue, and the rest of FOOLS & IDIOTS of the diaspora. Also a lesson to the senile old man, so called prof. I hope he reads your remark, and buy some sense.

01/23/13 @ 23:07
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Betbetu ,keep on your silly fairitale for yorself .Those so called XDERGISTS are most of the times acyual Agazi Officials ,the likes Girma Girru ,Sehaye Debalke and Co .Recycled Bavdas as Neway Debebe ,don’t forget too the bunch of Agazi Criminals hidden all over the States with Fake DV holders ,Fake Businesmen ,Fake Community Webmasters ,you are one of these Agazi-Amice Bandits paid by
TPLF to infiltrate the Diaspora.
as you personally know XDERGISTS = AGAZIS =Nazis TPLF THUGS = Waffen SS . Zenawi = HITLER .

01/24/13 @ 00:51
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Betbetu ,keep on your silly fairitale for yorself .Those so called XDERGISTS are most of the times actual Agazi Officials ,the likes Girma Girru ,Sehaye Debalke and Co .Recycled Bandas as Neway Debebe ,don’t forget too the bunch of Agazi Criminals hidden all over the States with Fake DV holders ,Fake Businesmen ,Fake Community Webmasters ,you are one of these Agazi-Amice Bandits paid by TPLF to infiltrate the Diaspora. as you personally know XDERGISTS = AGAZIS =Nazis TPLF THUGS = Waffen SS . Azeb = Eva Braun and Zenawi = HITLER .

01/24/13 @ 00:54
Comment from: Dan [Visitor]

One thing I dont understand is that, the so called some diaspora of thinking while they live in the civilized country. We, here in Ethiopia are way advanced than some of you (Abebe Gelebaw), we saw you barking uncivilized way in the respected room other than that what did you do ? So just go ahead and wash your dish and make sure to not forget to say yes sir to the white man. We are busy here working …All you have to do is shut ur BIG mouth, open ur eye, ear and relax and watch how to taken care of buss. So please ask to ur self who am I ? that will give you all the answer. We are moving! Thx to Meles.

01/24/13 @ 01:32
Comment from: Yitshak [Visitor]

The Ethiopian government assigned a certain spy in the US to assassinate a certain individual who at one meeting heckled the late prime minister. Really? The alleged mastermind of the assassination conspiracy with a tie to the sophisticated government security agency publicizing the plot on social media. Really? The story is hard to buy.
If untrue, why did ESAT pass a verdict on the alleged plotter before he was brought to justice and found guilty? Why did ESAT target a poor young Ethiopian from Tigray who is not either politically savvy or articulate enough to defend himself with unfounded allegations as a spy and hit man?
Does this mean that ESAT is running out of an exciting news to sell to its listeners and supporters to justify fund raising and maintain the employment of its basement reporters? Why did ESAT pick on a naive poor inarticulate Ethiopian from Tigray who admitted to have a social media tantrum in response who posted to a hate message posted targeting ethnic Tigrays? In the end truth will prevail and time will tell who is truthful.

Additionally, ESAT reported inconsistent details about the alleged conspiring person. The individual being accused by ESAT said he is 25 years old while ESAT reported he is in his mid 30s. He said he came to the USA through DV lottery while ESAT reported he is political asylee. Does ESAT know about the individual more than the individual himself? Something is fishy here.

In his desperate attempt to damage control for this ESAT PR blunder, the heckler of the late prime minister interviewed some nutty professor who appears to be ill informed about the political history and current situation in Ethiopia.

However, the enitre situation is an attempt by ESAT and company to stay in business, to intimidate harass, blackmail and silence the Ethiopian government supporters who have every right to express their views peacefully by labeling them as spies or fabricated plot. Ironically, ESAT and co who claim that they are fighting for freedom of speech. However, even without seizing power, they are trying to blackmail, harass and silienc those who have opposing views to ESAT and toxic hate groups in the Diaspora. After seizing power, it can be imagined that they will not refrain from torturing and killing people for having a dissenting views.

01/24/13 @ 07:14
Comment from: [Member]

ሽበርተኛው ድርጅት - ቲ ፒ ኤል ኤፍ አሁን በ አራት ኪሎ ተሸጉጦ የመሰሪ ስራውን እንደሚሰራ አለም እያወቀው ነው !!

ሽብርተኛ ድርጅት በ አለማችን ቦታ እንዳይኖረው ማጥፋት የሁላችንም ሃላፊነት ነው::

01/24/13 @ 07:17
Comment from: Ethiofriendly [Visitor]

አበበ ገላው ያልገባህን የመብት ሃሳብ ሰውየውን ጠይቀህ ያንኑ ዜና ብለህ ማቅረብህ ይገርማል!!

Ethiopia Rise!

01/24/13 @ 07:37
Comment from: [Member]

Why is FBI silent about these individuals at ESAT anyway?
Do they’ve the right to defame a govt? Does ESAT have the right to defame individual’s name as being a govt spy and hitman?
Why is ESAT allowed to exist with those all kinds of fabricated news and lies, eventhough their address is in Europe.
Isn’t that a double standard to allow ESAT broadcast threats, false accusations, and defamation, while trying to silence others not to write their opinion even on their own facebook?
All the losers at ESAT are terrorists and terrorism sympathizers. And we know some of these losers are labled and even convicted terrorists by Ethiopian govt. Are they trying to play a REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY, why they call our govt a terrorist group.
I blame FBI for all this fiasco. FBI should not allow these groups to use its’ name to defame govt or indviduals with this kind of unfounded alligations.
When is FBI coming out and tell this terrorists ESAT and alike, enough is enough.

01/24/13 @ 08:11
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

Addis Zemen

It is a good question that why the FBI is silent on this issues and becoming part of those X-DERG’s or ESAT media?money making drama? However, i believe, it is up us all the peace loving and inosent Ethiopian diasporas to fights back lawfully against those enemies..

God bless the world!

01/24/13 @ 10:04
Comment from: kul [Visitor]

I have no doubt that Woyanes will want to kill Abebe Gelaw. Killing is in their DNA. But I am not sure what Abebe is trying to achieve here. Two weeks ago Abebe Gellaw wrote a similar article on his website Although no name was mentioned, I am sure Abebe Geleaw wrote it. If you all remember few days before the assassination plot story “broke” on ESAT, Abebe Gelaw was telling us that he will have“BIG” breaking news in the days to come. Then comes the “breaking news”. In his interview with ESAT, Abebe said the FBI told him that they were investigating a plot to kill him. Then, in that same interview, he said he was the one who informed the FBI about the plot. On the other hand, in his interview with VOA, Abebe said that he didn’t know about the plot until the FBI agents told him about it. He even accused VOA’s Henok Semaegzer of biased reporting. Henok reported that FBI confirmed that there was no evidence suggesting assassination attempt on Abebe Gellaw. But Abebe was furious at Henok. Abebe claims that Henok deliberately reported it as an assassination attempt while he (Abebe) repeatedly told him that it was only a plot. Ironically, Henok was only quoting actual words from the FBI.

አይ አበበ… አንተ አሜሪካ ሆነህ አንድ ጅል ወያኔ በfacebook ላይ ሊገለኝ ዛተብኝ ብለህ ታቅራራለህ በአንፃሩ ደግሞ የመለስ እና ጀሌዎቹን አምባገነንነት በዲሲ አዳራሽ ሳይሆን በኢትዮጵያ ምድር ሆነው በመናገራቸው በእስር ፍዳቸውን የሚያዩት እነ አንዱአለም: እነ በቀለ: እነ ሪዮት : እና ሌሎች ምን ይበሉ?!?!

01/24/13 @ 11:32
Comment from: Ahferom [Visitor]

Assasination plot? Really.? I am an asylum seeker TPLF supporter.Please give the professor my email address so I can give him my full name and I got my greencard 2 years ago and I am a die hard TPLF loyalist.

01/24/13 @ 11:54
Comment from: [Member]

What wastage of time. It looks Mr Gelaw has plenty of free time to write such rubbish sentences.

01/24/13 @ 14:32
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Adgi and Betbethu ,keep on fooling yourself .The response is clear as a Clean Water .Is Because they know perfectly who really are your Agazis Bros and Bandas . You are here and there laughing on yourself arguing that the FBI is investigating on your Boston Village Idiot Bros just because of ESAT TV journalists ,specially Abebe Gellaw ’s Informations .Even Pig Ben on his website is vomiting the same silly fairytale as Betbethu and Adgi .Maybe these bandas are the sellout fake journalists around the Agazi Capodastre Mimi Sebehatu …LOL !!!

01/24/13 @ 17:48
Comment from: jacobgabel [Visitor]

I was tortured for almost 3 years by the FBI and their friends only
because 85 years old man, Roland Sibens(chicago) convinced them that I
am a terrorist. I was tortured for working on my prosthetic legs in
the basement. I done absolutely nothing illegal or wrong. They thought
that in theory it is possible to hide bomb in them. They saw an
opportunity to get famous, so they were trying to torture me till I
sign their insane story. They tortured me using more than 100
different torturing methods and trust to me waterboarding is not how
they torture nowadays. I dont know where to find justice.

I think that after 9/11 things got out of control. Freedom fighters
became tyrants. In 1945, most Germans had an opportunity to learn about Nazis death
camps. I hope that one day American citizens will get chance to learn about people
like me, who were tortured with no reason for years.

01/24/13 @ 21:01
Comment from: yagerlif [Visitor]

ya just saying sheet Abebe is I think Pieng on his pants. he is just too scared. but no one is i think ready to do anyghing to him. who is he anyway. tplf is a much more big organization for this cheap guy. first amendment is also valid in the US and Ethiopia so y killing. he is just pieyig. demo ager netsa liyaweta? diros GOndere?

01/25/13 @ 23:43
Comment from: Dawit [Visitor]  

This idiot is seeking more & more attention from the goverment of the US & he is asking this lawyer an advice. We all know clearly every individual has a right for free speech. This particular man is scared for his life for the thing that he had done. I don’t think he will do the same in the future & now trying to get support from the people that they don’t have any basic idea about our country Ethiopia. I never knew that is part of this disfunctional political party ESAT.

01/30/13 @ 17:04



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