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Ethiopia: Game Changer?



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Ethiopia: Game Changer?

Ethiopia: Game Changer?

By Zelalem Eshete

It seems there is no choice for Ethiopians to be independent on the matter of politics. Our political culture demands one to be for the ruling party or the opposing team. I would like to express the voices of what I think are the silent independent Ethiopians. When I do this, I am very well aware that both groups on the opposite political spectrum may not like what I have to say, but cannot deny the fact. Who knows, you may find it refreshing to hear a neutral perspective if it finds its way past the Internet publishers. It’s all about the game changer in how we do politics now that we have witnessed never seen power transfer in our land.

Knowing that there is no one who is perfect, the silent independents do not wish to demonize or glorify either group, be it the ruling or the opposing. Instead, we tell the truth without giving loyalty to a given group. Here is the case in point.

The ruling party appears to put forth a game changer by making a peaceful power transfer to the new generation. This act never happened before in Ethiopia. We have a moment now, giving us a window of opportunity, unlike any time in the past to pause and wonder what comes next. This gap in time needs to be seized by all of us to express our good will and optimism. At this sacred moment in our history, let us keep hope aflame and fill the air with great expectations as we continue to pray for our leaders in both camps.

It is also exciting to witness the opposing team raising its optimism about PM Hailemariam Desalegn. While the opposition is giving valid demands to the new PM Hailemariam that are long overdue, it begs the question that the opposition also put forth a game changer itself. What is it that the opposition can do upon its own initiation that is also a first? Correct me if I am wrong, but I am thinking of supporting the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. I am not in a position to lecture anyone, for I myself am debating on its validity as an independent. Considering the optimism in the air, what else can we all do in the name of Ethiopia and in cooperation with the government as a game changer?
Ethiopia is not blessed so far with the civilized political culture we observe in USA. That is okay, for we need to work to make it a reality in Ethiopia. We all would have been happy if we only make progress to the aspiration of getting there someday. The issue is not about the magnitude of progress we make toward our democratic goal either, for all steps begin with baby steps. The problem is that we are not even progressing in the right direction toward our aspiration, as both groups are not finding a common ground to foster a civilized political culture.

One may be tempted to go to the past and make a case for the behavior of its respective loyal group. However, the silent independents that felt hopeless in where Ethiopia was heading finally see an opportunity and choose to look forward now. What transpired in Ethiopia on this momentous occasion may be heaven’s gift for all of us to get moving in the right direction to our democratic dream.

One has a choice to believe or doubt the impact that the new generation (PM Hailemariam Desalegn & DPM Demeke Mekonen) would bring in Ethiopia. Regardless, we can choose to put our trust in the Almighty who has put the new team in power, without the new team forcefully grabbing power in the first place. The game changer event that transpired in our land demands that we change the way we do politics now. It will be sad if any of the groups hold tight to the old playing book. A new dynamic has presented itself, and how we respond to it will make or break the hope that is on the horizon. It is a time of high expectation for all. If the political parties in opposite spectrum adopt the new game plan: the ruling party opens its door for all opposing parties, and the oppositions embrace the open door with a long journey in view, there is a greater miracle that awaits us in the future. That is, the peaceful transfer of power from the ruling to the opposing dictated by the choice of the people becomes normal.

The fact before our eyes made us pessimists about our future to the point that we braced ourselves to wait for decades if not centuries to see any significant change in the political culture of Ethiopia. However, what is happening now gives us a glimmer of hope and brings the Scripture to our remembrance: Who has heard such a thing? Who has seen such things? Shall a land be born in one day? Shall a nation be brought forth in one moment? Isaiah 66:8 ESV


Comment from: tesfa [Visitor]

Zelalem, thank you for your positive note.. I like this approach. It is a constructive attitude… Let us build on this!!! Can we build a democratic state in one day?

09/24/12 @ 03:58
Comment from: Ma [Visitor]  


09/24/12 @ 05:06
Comment from: Kebede [Visitor]

This is positive thinking to move forward if our country continues sustainable development and it will be lifted from the hell of chronic poverty by the continues efforts new generation. Our Nation have untapped natural resources. The only way to use these resources for development dream is smooth power transfer and contributing in issues of national interest without political, religious and other differences. That is the road leads us to strengthen national unity for the Great African Nation. The aspirations of many of Ethiopian come to reality and democratization grows if we change the status quo maintaining behaviors. As a device, dynamism in political campaign is a key to give priority for the national interests than hurrying to grub people power by any cost. The past good and bad history is become simply bed-time-story unless it teaches us to learn something new. The new must something contributing for our national unity, sustainable development and to growth infant democracy the country planted since 1990’s, which is not more than two decades old. I am now in optimism the recent smooth power transfer a good start anyone will come in power in the future.
I greatly appreciate particularly the Ethiopian people how they waited in civilized way despite there were dram beating to provoke chaos by many short-sighted and self-interested individuals, groups and some enemies of Ethiopia during late PM was sick and deceased. The second big triumph is for the TPLF who wanted to change in the status quo. It did not want replace someone from its members as it was speculated by many Diaspora who has no in-depth knowledge about the EPRDF plan set in advance, how the power torch to pass from the generation that fought and brought peace to the country to new generation leaders. Third civility is the EPRDF. Its top officials managed to bring smooth transition never we have seen in the history our country politics.

God May Bless Ethiopia

09/24/12 @ 07:54
Comment from: Takele [Visitor]

Thank you Zelalem for your deep thought and analysis. Enabling people read such ideas is a blessing by itself while most of the people affiliated with political dominions claim that they knew every priscription to remedy political sickness; and yet digging vocabularies of differences and expanding the gaps between the political parties and the people. If every individual or group begins to think honestly positive to one onother, plan and communicate genuinely for mutual goal, it is very possibe that the culture of our politics will change for better. Let us learn to positively correct, compliment, appriciate, and amend so that others can share our ideas and and create a friendship with us rather than maintaining hatered and conflict. I do not think any normally thinking individual or a group can assume their enemy to agree with their ideas and do good for them. Let us force ourselves to become friends of others whom we want to change to our way of thinking and doing things; rather than condemning and repelling them. Let us remember the saying of the great Civil Rights Movment leader, Martin Luther King Jr.: ” Love Is The Only Force Capable Of Transforming An Enemy Ito A Friend.” Let us love one onother, respect one onother, care for one onother, regardless of who is who, and see how thing work in our favor. Another Civl Rights Movement great leade Mahtama Gahndi said: ” A victory attained by violence is tantamount a defeat because it will not last long.”
Thank you.
I would like to thank again Zelalem Eshete for stirring my spirit with his positive thought helping me to share my feeling to his thought and others.
God may bless you all.

09/24/12 @ 14:33
Comment from: good [Visitor]

I always think how and where to express my independent view. We always hear negative ideas when one group write about the other group and that may not benefit our people and country. I thank you for your real independent views and we need more from you and others. Shall we establish the independent view party… hahahaha

09/24/12 @ 15:52
Comment from: Sam [Visitor]

What a great view and I always wonder how in the world I could express it. Zelalem, this is a great start for Ethiopia and Ethiopians. Now, we are learning to build on things instead of demolish and rebuild view. I have no affilation to any party/ group but i would like to see things objectively and here comes a time where we can discuss ideas without insult and one sided views. Halelluya.

09/24/12 @ 16:36
Comment from: Azeb Mesfin [Visitor]
Azeb Mesfin



09/24/12 @ 18:59
Comment from: Solomon [Visitor]

Zelalem: your attitude is very good. The ruling party does not have any problem to work with independent people like you, to the extent of relinquishing total power to you. However, the group of toxic diaspora and Shaibia agents will not like your idea. For them the slogan is “boycott the great Renaissance dam (a.k.a. Meles Zenawi dam)","boycott the great Ethiopian Airlines", “boycott the great investor Al Amoudi", “boycott the great Ethiopia….”

Good luck to you and God bless Ethiopia.

09/25/12 @ 02:09
Comment from: Tesfa [Visitor]

@azeb pls do not try to ignite ethnic conflict. i am sure you do not represent Tigres …you make the comment for fun but you cannot imagine the negative implication…Please tsebe atchari!,,, Ethiopians won’t listen to your nonsense anyway. The Ethiopians have shown to the whole world that they work hard to build the nation joining hands…respect ethnic equality!
…don’t be fooled !!!,,

09/25/12 @ 02:37
Comment from: Dave [Visitor]

@Azeb SHEEEE!!! Quite Pls.
@ Dr. Zelalem ,write more please

09/25/12 @ 10:39
Comment from: Eyayu Gedel [Visitor]
Eyayu Gedel

When i read this kind of positive thinkings just feel happy.

Thanks alot DR.Eshete 1000 amet yanurilin.

with the nick azeb mesfin aka banda shabia blog refugee.No-more place or space for people like u sawa-rats.

09/25/12 @ 12:23
Comment from: belesa [Visitor]

I don’t think the writer is helping at all by depicting the abay dam issue as political. It is economic, environmental, security…etc that should be studied and debated by professionals not by politicians. I don’t think any one who calls himself an Ethiopian would oppose abbay dam on political grounds. But Meles Zeawi used it as a propaganda platform since he pulled out of his sleeve. That is short sightedness of monumental proportion that characterised his entire tenure. For the sake of the future the Abbay dam has to be stopped and re studied openly and evaluated and debated by experts before building such colossal dam if it turned out to be a mistake would cost us dearly.
That does not mean we should stop building dams. We can build hundred of smaller dams on the tributaries that are efficient, cost effective, can be used for multiple purposes such as irrigation and do not cause catastrophe if some thing goes wrong.

09/25/12 @ 14:26
Comment from: Abebe [Visitor]

Keep dreaming on Zelalem. Who put the new PM in power? Who is well the most organized like the Mafia? Who do you think this new PM will serve? The answer is definitely the Weyanes. They had fought Ethiopia for 17 years to disintegrate and divide Ethiopia just so we could be so weak that we will perish from this earth. They had fought us so that Asab and Massawa will fall under the Shabia rule. They had celebrated in the Emperors palace when we got landlocked by the. That dead midget Eritrean monkey was instrumental for the surrender of our right to our see port. What Weyane Bandas do not understand is that they are the Most Unti-Ethiopian. Zenawis legacy is that of land locking Ethiopia and we will dig his grave out and send it to Eritrea so he will join his brothers. They are not going free until we get them to the court of the people.
So this new PM is the extension of Weyane even worst he is the extention of Zenawi. Zenawi left Ethiopan without a sea port and when he went under the Kehadi wanted us to feel sorry for his death. We tell you Weyanes we are so happy we could not hold our exitment back. Then the adultrus Abune Paulos hopefully the other Weyanes will follow.
Death to Weyanes
Democracy now.

09/25/12 @ 22:38



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