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Ethiopia: Green Justice or Ethnic Injustice?



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Ethiopia: Green Justice or Ethnic Injustice?

Pollution in Ethiopia's Lake Koka Photo Al Jazeera

Ethiopia: Green Justice or Ethnic Injustice?

By Alemayehu G. Mariam

Last week, dictator Meles Zenawi hectored his rubberstamp parliament in Ethiopia about the forced expulsion (or as some have described it “ethnic cleansing”) of Amharas from southern Ethiopia and zapped his critics for their irresponsibility in reporting and publicizing it. Zenawi denied any expulsion had taken place, but explained that some squatters (he described them as “sefaris from North Gojam") had  to be removed from their homesteads in the south purely out of environmental conservation concerns for the area’s forestlands. In a broadside against organizations “that promote the view that our collective identity is Ethiopianity,” Zenawi harangued:

… By coincidence of history, over the past ten years numerous people -- some 30,000 sefaris (squatters) from North Gojam – have settled in Benji Maji (BM) zone [in Southern Ethiopia]. In Gura Ferda, there are some 24,000 sefaris. Because the area is forested, not too many people live there. For all intents and purposes, Gura Ferda is little North Gojam complete with squatters’ local administration. That is not a problem: There is land to farm [in BM zone], and there are people who want to farm it. Everybody wins, no one loses. There is only one problem: The squatters did it in a disorganized way. The squatters settled individually and haphazardly and in an environmentally destructive way. The settlement was not based on a sound environmental impact study on the destruction of the forest. The pristine forest in the area must be protected. The squatters want land that can be easily developed and cultivated. They don’t care if it is a forest or not. They cut the forest and used the wood to make charcoal to aid in their settlement. As a result massive environmental destruction has occurred…. Settlers cannot move into the area and destroy the forest for settlement. It is illegal and must stop. Those who try to distort this fact are irresponsible. It is necessary to filter the truth. The rights of all Ethiopians must be protected on equal footing. Those who allege persecution and displacement of Amharas are engaged in irresponsible agitation which is not useful to anyone…

Stated more simply, the “sefaris of North Gojam" are environmental criminals who deserved forcible expulsion; and they should thank they lucky stars they are not prosecuted criminally. 

Africa’s C.E.O.  

When it comes to defending the African environment, no person has more expertise or passion than Zenawi who, after all, is the anointed C.E.O. (Chief Environmental Officer) of Africa. In 2009, Zenawi headed a delegation of African negotiators to the Copenhagen Summit (2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen) to morally and financially hold accountable the wayward West for its environmental destruction, climate change, global warming and all the rest. In the run up to the Summit, Zenawi threatened to bring down the Summit if the West did not do right by Africa and cough up $40bs:

We will use our numbers to de-legitimise any agreement that is not consistent with our minimal position... If needs be we are prepared to walk out of any negotiations that threaten to be another rape of our continent... Africa's interest and position will not be muffled as has usually been the case... Africa will field a single negotiating team empowered to negotiate on behalf of all member states of the African Union.... The key thing for me is that Africa be compensated for the damage caused by global warming. Many institutions have tried to quantify that and they have come up with different figures. The sort of median figure would be in the range of 40 billion USD a year.

A day into the Summit, Zenawi was ready to cut a deal with “Africa’s rapists” for a cool $10bs. He told his African brethren cold cash is better than talking trash:

I know my proposal today will disappoint those Africans who from the point of view of justice have asked for full compensation for the damage done to our development prospects. My proposal dramatically scales back our expectation with regards to the level of funding in return for more reliable funding and a seat at the table in the management of such funds.

In October 2011, in a speech before the African Economic Conference, Zenawi lectured:

Much of our land has been cleared of tree cover resulting in massive land degradation, soil erosion and vulnerability to both flooding and drought. As a result of the global warming that has already happened we have become more exposed to strange combinations of drought and flooding.  The resource base of our agriculture is very seriously threatened. 

In other words, we need to go back to the Western rapists and squeeze some more cash out them.

Zenawi’s Stewardship of the Environment in Ethiopia

Zenawi is manifestly the go-to expert on the impact of climate change and global warming on Africa. But does he have a clue about the environmental destruction, and particularly, the deforestation of Ethiopia? By 2020,  Ethiopia is expected to lose all of its forest resources according to the Ethiopian Agricultural Research Institute (the foremost agricultural research institute in the country):

Ethiopia's forest coverage by the turn of the last century was 40%. By 1987, under the military government, it went down to 5.5%. In 2003, it dropped down to 0.2%. The Ethiopian Agricultural Research Institute says Ethiopia loses up to 200,000 hectares of forest every year. Between 1990 and 2005, Ethiopia lost 14.0% of its forest cover (2,114,000 hectares) and 3.6% of its forest and woodland habitat. If the trend continues, it is expected that Ethiopia could lose all of its forest resources in 11 years, by the year 2020.

According to a 2004 study, Ethiopia has some 60 million hectares of land covered by woody vegetation of which nearly 7 percent is forestland. Some 63 percent of the forestland is located in Oromiya, followed by   Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples region [SNNP] (19%) and Gambella (9%). It is remarkable that Zenawi decided to draw the line on deforestation in Benji Maji/Gura Ferda in 2012 given the worsening nature of the problem in that region as a result of uncontrolled foreign commercial export agriculture. It is equally remarkable that he chose ethnic removal as a tool of reforestation and land reclamation.

But is Zenawi’s claim of environmental concern and forest protection for the expulsion of the "North Gojam sefaris” supported by evidence? Or is he using an environmental subterfuge to evade controversy and withering criticism?  Over the past five years, Zenawi has “leased” (sold) some of the most fertile land (much of it forestland) in the country to the Saudis, the Shiekdoms, the Indians, the Chinese and Koreans (SSICKs) and anyone else sporting a crisp dollar bill. According to the respected Oakland Institute [OI], beginning in 2008, Zenawi’s regime has

transferred at least 3,619,509 hectares of land to foreign investors although the actual number may be higher… The Ethiopian government insists that for all land deals consultation is being carried out, no farmers are displaced, and the land being granted is “unused.” However, the OI team did not find a single incidence of community consultation… There are no limits on water use, no Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), and no environmental controls. It is alarming that investors are free to use water with no restrictions. Investors informed the OI team of the ease with which they planned to dam a local river and of the virtual lack of control and regulations over environmental issues. Despite assurances that EIAs are performed, no government official could produce a completed EIA, no investor had evidence of a completed one, and no community had ever seen one…. Displacement from farmland is widespread, and the vast majority of locals receive no compensation…. Displaced farmers are forced to find farmland elsewhere, increasing competition and tension with other farmers over access to land and resources.

The bottom line is that the SSICKs who slash and burn pristine forests for large-scale commercial export agriculture are called investors. Ethiopians who clear small plots of land to feed themselves and their families are called “sefaris” (squatters).  The SSICKs are  given 99-year leases to millions of hectares to “develop”.  Ethiopians are forcibly ejected from their ancestral lands and tiny homesteads to make way for the SSICKs. The SSICKs are allowed to grab as much land as they want for pennies; Ethiopians are grabbed and thrown off the land and lose every hard earnerd penny they have invested. The SSICKs are welcomed with open arms at sunrise; Ethiopians are kicked in the rear end and told to get out of town before sundown. The SSICKs have property rights in land; Ethiopians do not have a right to own land. The SSICKs are treated like royalty; Ethiopians are given the shaft. The shame of it all: Ethiopians are “hunted down like animals where they are constantly asked if they support these [SSICK] plantations” according to the Oakland Institute study.

Welcome to SSICKistan.

Are there Environmental Laws the "North Gojam Sefaris” Could Follow?

Zenawi claims that the expulsion was necessary because many of the "North Gojam sefaris” engaged in a pattern and practice of settlement that is disorganized, haphazard and environmentally destructive. But does Zenawi’s regime have policies that would facilitate an orderly, systematic and organized settlement of rural areas or ensure sound forest conservation practices?  For instance, the seminal law on the subject, the “Rural Lands Administration and Use Proclamation No.456/2005”, authorizes free access to rural lands for all who intend to engage in farming activities; but it provides no clear direction on how settlements are to be established or administered. It leaves implementation of the Proclamation entirely to the “regional authorities” who often do not have the expertise or capacity to implement it. To be sure, Proclamation No. 456 is virtually silent on the use, conservation or management of forestlands. In fact, it makes only three passing references to “forestry”, “forest degradation” and “forest land.”

The Revised SNNPRS Determination of Executive Organs’ Powers and Responsibilities Proclamation No. 106/2007 [Southern Nations, Nationalities' and Peoples' Regional State], purportedly aims to implement Proclamation No. 456, but the region has no environmental protection agency. The task of implementing Proclamation 456 is apparently given to the region’s Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Development which purportedly has oversight authority over conservation of natural resources and wild life, but no specific responsibility to undertake forest conservation or management. Land use restrictions under SNNPRS Rural Land Administration and Use Regulation No 66/2007 does not deal with forestlands at all; it is principally concerned with the use of wetlands and sloping lands. Simply stated, there is no regional law that deals with deforestation or clearing of forests for settlements or farming. What are the “sefaris” to do?

Similarly, the “federal” “Forest Development, Conservation, and Utilization Proclamation No.542/2007” is so vague and general as to be nothing more than a statement of policy orientation. The Proclamation recognizes “government” and “private” forests, but provides no indication on how the forests can be developed or where individuals could apply to get authorizations. Incredibly, the Proclamation catalogues the obligations of private forest developers without enumerating any of their rights. The bulk of the Proclamation is not law but aspirational policy statements about what ought to be done in the future. 

Zenawi secondary argument is that the Amhara “sefaris” settled in Benji Maji/Gura Ferda without the required environmental impact assessment (EIA) presumably pursuant to Proclamation No. 299/2002 (“Environmental Impact Assessment Proclamation” [EIAP]). That Proclamation requires an assessment to “identify and evaluate in advance any effect which results from the implementation of a proposed project or public instrument”. As a technical legal matter, the “sefari’s” pattern of homesteading falls outside of the EIAP’s statutory definition of “proposed project” or “public instrument”. In other words, under the present language and definitions in Proclamation No. 299, the “sefaris” would be exempt from performing an environmental impact assessment. Rather, they would be subject to Proclamation No. 456 (Rural Lands Administration and Use ).

But all of the technical legal analysis and arguments aside, the fact of the matter is that a tiny percentage of all private sector projects are subject to the EIAP because of exemption loopholes and political decisions that override the technical merits of such reports. As the OI report has shown “despite assurances that environmental impact assessments [EIAs] are performed, no government official could produce a completed EIA, no investor had evidence of a completed one, and no community had ever seen one….” The regime’s “environmental impact assessment” on Gibe III Dam demonstrates the pro forma nature of such undertakings when it is politically expedient. 

Ethnic Cleansing or Forest Conservation?

There is no question that tens of thousands of Amharas have been forcibly removed from Benj Maji/Gura Ferda in southern Ethiopia, and not just from "North Gojam". Numerous interviews of victims by the Voice of America provide substantial evidence of forced expulsion.  So we must face the unavoidable question: Is the forced expulsion of the “sefaris” a form of ethnic cleansing or the consequence of the unintended effects of routine ecological remediation? The evidence on this question from the two individuals who are in the best position to know is rather curious to say the least. Zenawi says the "North Gojam sefaris" were evicted solely because they were destroying the forest in their haphazard settlement patterns. But in  his written order, Shiferaw Shigute, President of SNNP, does not not mention a single word about deforestation or harm to the environment in the expulsion of the Amhara “sefaris”. Goodness gracious, who to believe?

“Ethnic cleansing” does not have a specific formal legal definition. A 1993 United Nations Commission defined the phrase as, “the planned deliberate removal from a specific territory, persons of a particular ethnic group, by force or intimidation, in order to render that area ethnically homogenous.” A UN Commission of Experts established pursuant to Security Council Resolution 780 held that the practices associated with ethnic cleansing “constitute crimes against humanity”. Others have defined “ethnic cleansing as the expulsion of an ‘undesirable’ population from a given territory due to religious or ethnic discrimination, political, strategic or ideological considerations, or a combination of these." Article 7 (d) of the Rome Statute declares that “deportation or forcible transfer of population”, (defined as “forced displacement by expulsion or other coercive acts from the area in which they are lawfully present, without grounds without grounds permitted under international law”) is a “crime against humanity”. Whether the expulsion of the Amhara “sefaris” is part of a deliberate and systematic policy of “ethnic federalism” in which ethnic purges of a civilian population are undertaken to ensure the ethnic homogeneity of the southern part of the country to the detriment of other Ethiopians of a different ethnic stripe will bear significantly on the question of ethnic cleansing.

Be fair to the people! 

Previous commentaries by the author are available at:  and


Comment from: Namara [Visitor]

I think this article would give some basic education, for Ethiopians who would like to know the hidden aim of the current government of Ethiopia. Under the TPLF regime ethiopian people clearly lost the follwing basic human and political rights:
1.Ethiopian has lost ther freedom momvement in their onw country
2.Ethiopians lost the oppurtuinity to work or choose working region or area , they have no the right to get job out of his/her region or /on the other hand she/he would job the job only in his/her region (Kilil)
3. National Identitity (Ethiopianism)Ethiopwinet,
4.Self confidens as Ethiopian national
5. Ethiopians are aganist Ethiopians. This is officially implemented by the authorities of our country. The autor the acticle mentioned some statments from the international Human Rights Law, as fara as I know that Ethiopia did not sigen the AU or the UN convention or universal Human Rights decleration, and never ratified by the ethiopian parlament . It means that the UN Human Right convention is not concerened Ethioipia.
Ethnic cleansing is a purposeful policy designed by one ethnic or religious group to remove by violent and terror-inspiring means the civilian population of another ethnic or religious group from certain geographic areas. The Ethiopian regime are purposfully deporting people from one area to another area. shuch action is very important for TPLF regime, the regime is not happy when didffrent nations and nationalits are living together in peaceful manner. Because, peace, stability, and economical self depaendent is not the aim of the regime. TPLF is the implementing pratner of the EPLF and never think for the development of Ethiopia,. Deforstation would continue and may be within the camming few years Ethiopia would lose all forests, you have to rememebr the buring of the Ethiopian national park undre the TPLF regime brought to the region a climate chang and starvation.
TPLF never take frutful action on the protection of forerst since it control Addis Ababa. On the contirary TPLF continue its distrctive methods anganis the Ethiopian forest and Ethiopian people, hunger, famin and starvation is still continiue dispite of the internationl intervention.
I would come back on this matter in the nearst future. For now I would like to say, deportation of the Amhara nation from the other part of Ethiopia is the begnning the full scale of ethinc confilict in Ethiopia, we have to tell our people to think more before takeing wepon at hand to kill your Ethiopian fellows.

04/23/12 @ 14:50
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

Meles as the leader of TPLF has never had the interest of Ethiopians at heart. His ethic based politics is in his DNA. The only cure for him is to forcefully oust him so Ethiopia can move forward.

04/24/12 @ 00:47
Comment from: Snif it! [Visitor]
Snif it!

Our people need to ask the government to deport all tgrie from all regions back to their barren land! like they do it to our Amara people. They are milking our blessing with their corrupted local administrations. All regions need to be lead by the people of the region! No more woyane officials to decide for me among my own people! We know better what is best for our region! We need to fight back woyane gangsters! Our moslem Ethiopians has all the right to claim of equal treatment. I would prefer Woyane to practice what they do to others on their tgrie region as well. Otherwise it is unfair and they are belittling our intelligence when they look down at people of Ethiopia from their throne as far as we letting them.

04/24/12 @ 01:00
Comment from: [Member]


The street lawyer [AMBULANCE CHASER] almaria has gone wild and became complitlly mad and jealous of PM Meles. he even couldn’t understand how insignificant he is in today’s Ethiopia. somebody should tell him to wake up and smell the coffee. none of his blabber matters. only making an ass of himself.

There is no Alternative. {TINA},
this was a slogan which Margaret Tatcher “Iron Lady", the conservative British prime minister used often.
In economics, politics and political economy, it has come to mean that “there is no alternative” to economic liberalism, that free markets, free trade, and capitalist globalization are the best way for modern society to develope.
the phrase “there is no alternative” became something of a rallying cry of arguments in favor of free markets, free trade, and capitalist globalization, with Tatcher and her followers believing that it is the only way which modern society can advance themselves.
many intelectuals these days believe that, much of how the world is curently organized today is as result of her strong belief.

today in Ethiopia case EPRDF and our brilliant leader is the only choice and the only way to go forward. and this is well known even in the minds of our enemies. but they will never swallow this reality as long as their main agenda is to see a poor disintigrated Ethiopia. we cannot be surprized to see the likes of almaria accusing and discrediting our leaders. and we won’t expect them to stop their cry anytime soon. they will continue to lament till death.

04/24/12 @ 01:07
Comment from: bk [Visitor]

Dear Ali-G

Part of south region where the settlers are located is called Bench Maji not Benj-maji or BM.

04/24/12 @ 01:08
Comment from: nuetral [Visitor]

I just want to ask TPLF supporters, still you guys support this mad person meles , i don’t think so.
guys do you see the future of our country ? What
Will be our country fate in the future?

04/24/12 @ 01:36
Comment from: Addis [Visitor]

on the same token, Let’s evict the Tigre “Sefaris” from Addis Ababa. These squatters are a threat to the Envirnoment and they have no prior permit to be there.

04/24/12 @ 02:08
Comment from: Aida [Visitor]

@ Assta B. Gettu

Where are you guys ?? what would you answer now???

04/24/12 @ 03:20
Comment from: Heny [Visitor]

Yes we support TPLF till death do part us. TPLF is the people and the people TPLF.

04/24/12 @ 03:43
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

Addis Zefen

Brilliant? lolllll

You are a simple head and a village clown who rants uncontrollably out of fear and despair. Time to move on buddy a new chapter in Ethiopian history is going to begin. It is time for Meles to step aside!!!

04/24/12 @ 05:22
Comment from: Gondar [Visitor]

we Amhara people first must come together and strong each other,to deport all Tegrees from our land,

we Amhara people have no enemy except
TPLF and Tigray people,

04/24/12 @ 05:40
Comment from: Hagos [Visitor]

No Ethiopian will benefit from this kind of ethnic politics lead by Meles Zenawi. Tigrians will become the first victims if this trend continue. Integration is what we need, not segrigation.

04/24/12 @ 05:45
Comment from: YHD [Visitor]

Ms Almariam as usual is rushing to conclusions and making the familiar politically motivated allegations without having all the facts as he is allergic to the existing Regional Administration and Federal System of Governance in Ethiopia. The fact is that about 24,000 people from North Ethiopia have moved and settled in Gura Ferda locality within the past few years and are still living there. However, some of the new comers have been alleged by the Regional Administration to involve in illegal settlements, without following the proper procedures and without acquiring the required permits from the local and regional administrations. It is true that people have all the right to live in any parts of Ethiopia as long as they respect and abide by the local and regional laws and procedures. For example: here in the US where the writer of this article resides, no one has rights or entitlements to go wherever he wants and clear forest, build houses or utilize the land for personal or commercial reasons unless he owns it. A settlement in any regions of Ethiopia requires obtaining the required permits from the local region. No dispute on that.
The local administration in Gura Ferda is entirely run by the new settlers who are originally from the Northern part of Ethiopia. This fact refutes the cynical claim of Ethnic Cleansing made by the author of this article.
According to the South Regional Administration all new settlers who made it at Gura Ferda after 1999 are illegal and that they were told to go back to where they came from two years ago. The local administration in Gura Ferda has stated that some settlers were expelled because they were involved in destruction of the local forests and illegal land transactions. Another concern by the Regional Administration is the fact that due to the disorganized pattern and practice of settlement large area of land is grabbed by the settlers dislocating the original inhabitants. So, it is clear that the entire settlement process needs restructuring and managing to make it orderly and reduce its impact.
In my opinion, both the local administration in Gura Ferda and the Regional Administration of the South People Nations & Nationalities have failed to carefully investigate and address the ongoing concerns related to the settlement in a timely, fair, and less punitive manner.
In lieu of taking a sever action of uprooting and expelling people, why is that the region unable to devise less punitive measures, such as relocation, monitory penalty etc. And, also implement strict monitoring of future settlement activities?

04/24/12 @ 06:05
Comment from: Tommy Welayta gamo [Visitor]
Tommy Welayta gamo

Ethiopia would prosper if only racist Amaro could be transformed in to rational humans being. Or if they choose to be regresive monkey like their grand father Minelic we have no chose deport out of our country so Our great leader Meles and every Ethiopian nationalist help eradicate poverty and develop out country. All the regressive Moncky talk about is destroying our peace, and stability. The political strategy of regressive Money is to ride any social unrest be it religious, social or economic to over through our stable goverent and destroy millions of life. Any ethic group in Ethiopia who thinks Melese is bad, you have short memory, have you forgotten how you were treated? Like a second citizen in your own country. Any opposition political organization who partner with the Amhara political party, should be asked one simple question which is ? Don’t you understand the fact that you are partnering with ideologs who want to regres the social gain that is gained with the curent government. The best solution for every nation and nationalist in Ethiopia is to partner with our goverent and improve our life and the life of our family.

04/24/12 @ 08:52
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

Heny the idoit!

I guess you show your immaturity and your suicidal nature by proclaiming you are a supported of ethic based group like TPLF which is no different than OLF and ONLF by the way.

Now if you don’t like Ethiopia then I suggest you should look for a place to move to since Tigray is part of Ethiopia and it belongs to proud Ethiopians which you aren’t!!!

04/24/12 @ 12:38
Comment from: Tulu Proud ET [Visitor]
Tulu Proud ET

All the well preserved forests, virgin fertile lands, rivers, lakes are known to be deforested, polluted and lost since Meles Zenawi grabbed power.

He is happy when foreigners are defrosting woods and, polluting rivers as long as he is paid cash up-front but when it comes to Ethiopians he is out to expel them. This man is known to be the worse kind of Yodit Gudit ever to have reign in Ethiopia.

When there are may remedies that could have been used to address his problems if there was any, he jumped to use forceful expulsion of Amaras from a place they lived peacefully with people and nature.

No one heard their history. It is all a one man show.

He tried to silence his criminal news but when the news got out of his control he came out to defend his indefensible crime against humanity and Amaras .

The specificity of his wording “ north Gojjam” itself speaks to his ethnocentric nature and hatreds to Amaras. Why not call them just Ethiopians as they are free to go or live anywhere as long as they did it in a peaceful way?

This stupid criminal failed to see what is coming to Tigrayans next. He thinks Tigrayans will be immune from expulsions. They are all over Ethiopia milking and amassing wealth. They will be forced to get out and to be confined in their zones since ethnic zone is their thing while the rest of Ethiopians will live freely, side by side and together.

04/24/12 @ 13:18
Comment from: Toga [Visitor]

I used to appreciate prof Al until I read his article, a couple of weeks ago, campaigning against the Gibe 3 dam. Mr Al probably sends his kids to top ivy league schools. On the other hand he lectures environmentalism to Omo Valley kids who can’t afford to listen to his fancy theory. Those kids need schools, clinics, etc. I am disappointed with you, professor.
Now he jumped on the ethnic politics wagon forgetting that the centre of his opposition to woyanes was ethnic politics. I am kind of disappointed, and awakened too. If it is ethnic politics, it is ethnic politics. Looks like, Meles won the debate.
Meles should have roughed up Amharas a long time ago so that they would jump on tribal politics; would have saved himsel a lot of headache from unity nonsense.

04/24/12 @ 13:40
Comment from: Samre [Visitor]

Addis Zemen

It looks like they have locked you in the liberary you are using big words this days. But your stupidity still shows….

04/24/12 @ 16:02
Comment from: nuetral [Visitor]

Good luck bro , This is not brilliant idea.

Things are changed by itself or naturally .

If you have seen our country for twenty years
That is enough , just check every corner of our
Country the whole and compare with the rest of
the world with politically and economically ,

look our people how they are living now , life is vey hard and hard in ethiopia , Ethiopia is not like this before , All these are the fruits of TPLF we are the last even from Africa. I know , You are the beneficiary of this corrupt gov’t , so it is very hard to accept the reality but take and swallow it, bro !!!

04/24/12 @ 16:34
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Adgi Banda ,you and your thuggy bros are pathological liars ,Village Idiots pathetically barking as mad
dogs for an evil looter Tyrant .Your
leba master is the last for your mafiosis and bandas surely not for the Ethiopian peoples !!!!

04/24/12 @ 16:36
Comment from: Kumarra [Visitor]


You are just a fake lill propagandist.

Why don’t you eat your beloved Ethiopiawinet and leave the rest to manage their own business. Wushetam brainless naftagna. I hope Wayane will keep pumping the fat out of your big belly so that you will stay only as an eternal angry fake parrot alone.

04/24/12 @ 17:04
Comment from: Tulu Proud ET [Visitor]
Tulu Proud ET


You nailed it. That is what Meles the leader of Tigray People Libration Front (TPLF) who is the mentally enslaved scum bag is trying to create in Ethiopia.

Meles and TPLF regime is trying to start placing RESTRICTIONS on movement and taking away our freedom from working, getting jobs, living, visiting our loved ones, speaking our languages, marring each other, gathering, living with their long time neighbors, be proud of our nationality and all in all our Ethiopiawinet.

Caging us and our people in primitive and Bantustan apartheid is never the option and people must rise up and defeat TPLF colonialism.

Ethiopians have defeated and put to shame the mighty Italian fascists and same bravery is should be used to put to shame TPLF fascism .

We know the whole purpose of TPLF is to divide our people permanently so Tigrayans will stand in our throats, chocking up our peoples lives and wealth for ever.

Down with TPLF and Meles!!!!!

04/24/12 @ 19:47
Comment from: AdamaEthio [Visitor]

Very insightful. People have to look in evey angle before accepting what tplf thiefs preaching.

Addiz zefen, Are you trying so hard to compete with that Milach princess???? I dont blame you coz she makes you sound like a minor all the fucken time. You are strangly trying to sound more like her but it is not working pa pa!! You Lacking authenticity big time. trying so desperatly hard to come across intelligent??? Not your larea my friend lol fakery is not the way no no no be yourself!

Tommy wolayta, why does it feel like you are one of those bitter Agazis from Mekele? Stop pretending to be oromo, south Somalian, Eritrean? Whats up with using your own identity to confront Amaras? Oh let me guess???? Trying to incite genocide in the country? Trying to pretend Amaras are despised like you? Slow mfuvkers! You have no idea how transparent you Tigris are like clear glass

04/24/12 @ 19:53
Comment from: woldeyesus [Visitor]

Prof. Alemayehu, thank you!
Some gave woyane the benefit of the doubt for too long, more than 20 years now. I think this scourge has been tolerated or feared for too long. It has to go and for that to happen all of us have to stand up to it together like one person, regardless of our differences.

May God bless the decent people of Ethiopia!

04/24/12 @ 21:11
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Temtamaw Wuchaw ,the fake welayeta guy in fact one of the Aiga (TPLF Radio Mille Collines )cricket propagandist .You are not smart enough to advocate the case of your
leba master .In the name of multi ethnic federalism ,your Agazis have
instituted an Ethno Mafia Firm .Based
on dividing to reign evil Ideology by
masterminding GENOCIDE into which your kersam bandas are executing the
dirty jobs of Ethnic Cleansing as has
done recently the blood sucker banda
Chegute .By the way doesn’t your leba
master by promoting Tigrai Power is
regressing the rights of other Ethnic

04/25/12 @ 01:01
Comment from: Taye [Visitor]

It seems jealousy on brilliant leadership of Meles has blinded Almariam eyes .

04/25/12 @ 02:19
Comment from: obsaa [Visitor]

The question one must answer is why Amharas want to occupy fertile lands else where in the country while other Ethiopians stay with in their own region. Do U see Wolayitas, Somalis, Sidamas, Afars, Oromos,…occupying fertile lands in Amhara region? I think the current move by some groups of Amharas from Gojjam to Oromia(Wollega) and South Ethiopia(Gura Ferda) are politically motivated. The opposition in the diaspora and Hailu Shawel’s organization are financing these group. It is legitimate for the government of SPNNR to evict them.

04/25/12 @ 05:38
Comment from: Dagnachew Koru [Visitor]
Dagnachew Koru

If any Amhara is not happy means not all Ethiopians. Two weeks ago the so called Teddy Afro who is trying to be Minilik was praising the so called arrogant Niger Minillik as a hero; and the Fasika celebration had successfully enjoyable with his song especially and Only in the Amhara tribe,they made their day with him. “TERAWO ESKIDERS BEFESIWO YIZNANU”
If Amhara eviction from where ever stolen land without paying penny from the locals had nothing wrong, Minlik would pay them back; and when all Burjis come back from Kenya then we will take them back the evicted Amaharas from where ever they are. The bottom is the ethnic cleansing of Minilik’s era.

“Emperor menelik ruled Ethiopia between 1890 and 1913. At the beginning of his reign, Ethiopia comprised of four provinces of Amhara, Shoa Tigre and Gojjam and by the end fo his reign, the Kingdom had been extended to more than twice its original size. Between 1890 and 1900 the territories of the Galla including Burji were subdued. When Menelik sent his General Ras Gadi and the souldiers to the Burji country in 1895, Guyo Aba Gada was the ruler of Burji. Firmly convinced that it was pointless to resist, he adviced his people to exercise restrain and they yielded without resistance. The Burji did not suffer destruction, but they gradually lost their freedom. After Menelik’s historic victory over the Italians at Adowa and signing of the peace treaty in October 1896, the generals became ruthless in their dealing with the Burji people. And in a very short time the Burji were reduced from proud independent people to the humbled status of Gabbar or Ser (loosely translated as slaves). The entire population was rounded up and counted, dived and allocated amount the generals as forced labour. The Chief of rulers became the agent through whom their authority was exercised. Land was seized and declared crown land and it was on this that the Burji toiled.
According to Mr. K. A. Mude a former Kenyas’ Ambassador to Sweden, on top of the services they were rendering, the people were forced to pay tribune (Gibira).
Sadly, Burji were by no means alone in suffering from meneliks aggression. As narrated by Sir Arnold Hodson who was Consul at Gardulla in his work ‘Where the Lion Reigns’ and ‘Seven Years in Southern Abyssinia’, London, 1927 explains how the king sent his generals to the south to conquer and subdue the region.
As the Burji could not rise and revolt successfully, many people decided to move away and began to disperse into the territories of neighboring groups. Some migrated to Konsos and Darasa country, while others went to Yabalo and Agar Maram. This is also supported by Sir Arnold Hodson, who was Consul at Gardulla, not far from Burji, in his book ‘Seven Years in Southern Abyssinia’, page 102 wrote: ‘Burji had been sadly devastated quite recently, and very few natives were left there. The responsibility for this rests with a former Governor of Sidamo, named Ato Finkabo, who appears to have carried on a very flourishing business in slaves from these parts. In fact, he became so enterprising that most of the natives who were left fled to Konso and Boran to escape falling into his clutches’. The population dropped to a paltry twenty thousand.”
What you call this? More and more to come including some documets from Orthodox church secret files.

04/25/12 @ 07:03
Comment from: Berhan [Visitor]


GIVE US A BREAK! May be dead tyrant Menelik might have farted on your face.

Diversity in all of its forms is completely natural and desirable beyond any reasonable doubts but all of these NAZI anti diversity small soul 17th century tyrants like you will either accept the reality of justice for all or else be forced to accept reality by all means possible. :)

04/25/12 @ 07:34
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Visitor]
Amhara Princess

Well well well,

Ethnic based displacement of the country’s MAJOR tribes is a very dangerous, detrimental move. Amharas are NOT a couple of million, they are MIGHTY tribes who are well organized and structured, much better than any given ethnic group. That is why the the Adwa chimps have been desperately trying to weaken Amharas for 20 years but whether the A*ames like it or NOT Amharas are bound to take over, rule their own destiny as we have always done for centuries! Zenawi and Co are sprinkling gasoline on themselves, it only needs a tiny sparkle of fire to ignite the whole lot of them, which will be INEVITABLE of course. They must realize that they will be burning their own people for generations to come!

If you make rule for one, don’t forget your rule applies to another. Meaning every Dorze, Welamo Tigray etc must also be deported back to their regions from Addis Ababa, Shewa and surrounding towns, Oromia, Amhara regions, Harar etc? This simply does NOT make sense. You better refrain from such retarded practices or else you will be burned. Simple as.

Ooohhhhh Rotten Zemen

I can’t help but respond to your unusually brainy post above :)):)) Guess who is quoting the most disgraceful, disastrous Brit who ever lived in British history and her undeserved “Iron Lady” status from the at most Xenophobic conservative society of Britain? ROFL! Margaret Thatcher is nothing but SUPER short-sighted old witch, who had wrecked the British economy beyond recognition. Brits are where they are (laughingstocks of EU) thanks to this geriatric. She is responsible for the DEMISE of great Britain’s NICHE, lucrative economic model (Manufacturing/Engineering/Education) & killed the country as we knew it. Thanks to her, the entire North of the country is mostly unemployed to this day, God knows how many years after her well deserved demise. Successive central governments failed to revive the North’s economy afterwards, even though they kept outsourcing government service based jobs, various central government department branches to North, it never helped revive the once vibrant, extremely successful manufacturing/Engineering sector of Britain.

Thanks to Thatcher, Brits have no major manufacturing plant to call their own today out of a million and one! Thatcher is solely responsible for killing the hopes of majority working class citizens, shifted the whole lot of them onto the welfare system while selling their social housing to private conservative business men, weakened the labour UNIONS that protected the working class. As a result, she widened the class/wealth gap massively. She was eventually thrown out of office like a rotten piece of sausage crying her eyes out after imposing some ridiculous retarded tax on the poor. I believe modern Britain has never seen so much chaos, demonstrations, disorder, public dissatisfaction like her era.

… Whoever told you TINA was her best policy, then you are as retarded as TINA itself. There is ALWAYS another better alternative to policies, political parties, decisions, economic/business models etc. Don’t let Meryl Streep/Hollywood version blind you from bare facts about this conservative geriatric witch. It is the minority mega rich conservatives that she helped who are constantly propping up, giving her positive media coverage using their money. Know your facts before trying to regurgitate other people’s thoughts, writings. Tegbaban?

Oh, I do expect your usual Sherm***, Durye, Shabiya, blah blah yari ya response btw :) No fun on this site without poking you.

04/25/12 @ 08:19
Comment from: heny [Visitor]

Haha you said Ethiopia is for you and so is Tigray? Haha how loser you are to try to deny me my citizenery right? Both belong to me, sir. Am from Tigray, and then (YES AND THEN) I am from Ethiopia. One cannot know the compound where one belongs to without knowing the specific house (room) he/she was born.

04/25/12 @ 10:03
Comment from: wedi Etopiya [Visitor]
wedi  Etopiya

This voodoo worshipping Gojammes are not only the enemies of the peoples and nationalities of ethiopia but they are the enemies of mother earth.laziness is in their dna.Neftegnaisms motto is always looking for a short cut.steal,cheat,lie,pillage,murder,enslave.
Get rid of them.

04/25/12 @ 11:45
Comment from: Ethiopiawinet [Visitor]

Are you crazy? you dare to mention these names? Drop them to the hell fire because they are racist, low level creature who believes in no right, equality and freedom to others. They want all human beings to have one religion….Coptic.

By the way Assta is a neocon foreigner not Ethiopian.

Agazit woman is Yohannes progeny who believes in no merci to minority Tigrians and Wollo moslems for not accepting her religion for 1400 yrs. She lives in the past.

The prof.Al always fights for his right(you know what I mean) and not for the rest.
Imagine this huge moslem demonistration did not touch him a bit. What is in his mind only God knows and we know only his one sided articles.

What a country!!!

04/25/12 @ 11:51
Comment from: Dembi [Visitor]

Alemayehu G. Mariam, a self proclaimed “professor” in the studies of Law asks: Green Justice or Ethnic Injustice? It is futile to observe how green and uncultivated his jurisdiction knowhow is. The elementary notion on law states that: ‘Justice has no colour, creed, or cowardice’. Justice is simply abstract notion in the minds. It is a path of logical thinking taking us from point A to point B. Alemayehu seems to have lost all the trades of his professional background and drowning in a field of argument where he has no calibre to speak of. For him, it is better to shut-up than to mingle matters in a twisted language. I feel like hearing him talk Esperanto.

04/25/12 @ 15:15
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Visitor]
Amhara Princess

@ Tommy Welayta

aka Hagos Kiros Aregawi WeldeTsadiq Tesfazgi or whatever :) yeah yeah

@ Dedebachew Korukonch Brain

Please be assured that His Imperial Majesty Emperor Minilik II the great’s HORSE had better brains, coordination, sharp edge, alertness etc than you dull zombie like Dorze wannabe A*ame trash can. Emperor Minilik II was NO spineless wimp or cry baby like your sad excuse for human ancestors. He was fierce, Intelligent, way ahead of his time warrior, strategically enlightened mighty king. Hence he had achieved what he’d achieved, placed himself at the top of heavy weight global historical icons. Most importantly, he was a CONQUEROR, if you know what that means!!

Emperor Minilik II was NOT a docile zombie-like FOOL like you and your ancestors, he was there to fight, conquer, expand his rule and declare united, strong Ethiopia. His vision of Ethiopia was NOT a zombified, primitive divided village ruled by village chiefs/Idiots from the neighbouring Kenya, Sudan, Somalia etc. He was a visionary King that NO current leader of Africa/The black race globally can come close to.

… And so, you MR Dedebachew Korokonch brain ARE NOT FIT ENOUGH TO BE THE GROUND EMPEROR MINILIK II had walked on, let alone anything else. Do you know if you auction your trashy A$$ to any given Pentecostal Homosexual on planet earth today, you would not bring 0.5 cent, right? However, Emperor Minilik II/ HIM King Haile Selassie’s IMAGE alone is a multi billion dollar global industry. You are simply a worthless, broke a$$ House Nigger, bitter NOBODY crying for your OWN personal failures, shortcomings, stupidity and abnormal genetic make up.

As for the Mighty, sophisticated, sharp artist Teddy Afro, well, talk is cheap. His “Tikur Sew” Album, dedicated to the Mighty King Minilikk II has sold MORE in few weeks than any living or dead Ethiopian artist had managed to sell in a life time!! This shows, how House Niggers, mercenary Pente tools, History revisionists, Village Idiots have ABSOLUTELY no place in today’s Ethiopia.

You & your riff raff buddies are out of touch with reality and burning with inferiority complex and jealousy of the historical, precious, graceful, intelligent, beautiful, visionary, patriotic, fierce, proud diamonds of Ethiopia aka the Amhara Tribe. I bet during Minilik II, idiots like you were rightfully used to plough the land, next to the Oxen :):) Denezzzz

04/26/12 @ 07:28
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Visitor]
Amhara Princess

For all the House Niggers of Oxfam, red cross feeding centre products/ generation as C’moi refers to you:

Emperor Minilik II - Strategically, Diplomatically Enlightened, Modernizer of Ethiopia, he was a fierce warrior, conqueror, shrewd, visionary man that none of the contemporary slaves & Oxfam gen’ of 21st century Ethiopians are fit enough to clean his horse.

Menelik II
Emperor of Ethiopia (1844-1913)
From Black History Pages -BHP

Enemies have now come upon us to ruin our country and to change our religion. Our enemies have begun the affair by advancing and digging into the country like moles. With the help of God I will not deliver my country to them. Today, you who are strong, give me your strength, and you who are weak, help me by prayer.
—Menelik II, Mobilization Proclamation

Born in 1844, Menelik II was one of the most celebrated of Ethiopia’s rulers, and led the most successful campaign of African resistance to repel the onslaught of European colonialism.

Menelik’s reign (1889-1913) coincided with the European Scramble for Africa. After serving as governor of Shoa for twenty-five years, Menelik became emperor in 1889. During his reign, he doubled the area he inherited, incorporating vast areas of southern Ethiopia into his domain, mainly through conquest.

Always eager to embrace new technology in his quest to modernize ancient Ethiopia, Menelik’s innovations were unprecedented in Ethiopian history. Among these were first and foremost the creation of the capital, Addis Ababa, in the mid 1880s; construction of modern bridges and telegraph lines; concession for a railroad; establishment of the bank of Abyssinia, the first hotel, hospitals, and schools; national currency; mint; a postal system and national newspaper.

Italy, with a colony already established in Eritrea, had designs on Ethiopia. In 1889, Ethiopia and Italy negotiated the Treaty of Wuchale. Written in Amharic and Italian, the most significant article of the treaty was viewed differently by both parties. The Amharic text stated that Italy’s services were available to the emperor for all communications with foreign powers, while the Italian text made this compulsory.

Italy applied this article to claim a protectorate over Ethiopia, which was duly recognized by the European powers. To affirm their claim, the Italians, aided and abetted by the French and British, advanced into northern Ethiopia and, in January 1890, occupied the town of Adowa.

While the dispute was being debated, Menelik was simultaneously importing large amounts of arms from France and Russia, and continuing to expand his domain. Finally expressing his disapproval of the Treaty of Wuchale and Italy’s fallacious claim, he informed the European powers that “Ethiopia has need of no one, she stretches her hand unto God.”

Recognizing his country’s sovereignty, religion, and way of life was at stake, Menelik mobilized his army. The confrontation occurred at Adowa on March 1, 1896, where Ethiopia decisively defeated the Italian invaders. It was the first major African victory over an European Army since Hannibal’s time two thousand years before. On October 16, 1896, the Italians agreed to The Peace Treaty of Addis Ababa, which nullified the Treaty of Wuchale and recognized the absolute independence of Ethiopia.

Menelik maintained his independence and unified his country by defeating the Europeans. Ethiopia’s international prestige in the world was enhanced and its victory over the Europeans provided Africans in the Diaspora with a much-needed source of pride, inspiration and hope.

Menelik displayed great foresight in developing his military strength, which proved to be considerably superior to the Italian army he encountered, and also in using European trade and technology without yielding any political ground. In addition, his diplomatic maneuvers exploited the greed of Italy, France, and Britain and shrewdly played them off against each other.

04/26/12 @ 07:50
Comment from: Aida [Visitor]

@ Ethiopiawinet

Yes Dear !! you right!!

04/26/12 @ 08:10
Comment from: Ababu [Visitor]

” But in his written order, Shiferaw Shigute, President of SNNP, does not not mention a single word about deforestation or harm to the environment in the expulsion of the Amhara “sefaris”. Goodness gracious, who to believe? ….

Which letter is the writer refering to? If it the letter by Shigute of 2001, I think it was targeted to other settlements then, not the current one. I wish I could agree with the writer but his argument fails me. Sorry!

04/26/12 @ 17:26
Comment from: Tulu Proud ET [Visitor]
Tulu Proud ET


No Oromo tolerates your xenophobic TPLF, greedy and violent Woyane sentiment. You are a 100% a Woyane cadre with huge appetite for money and power !! You are a danger to society.

Only Tigrea power and money greed’s share your feeling because it helps them to get more money and power.

We will not be on each others throat because Woyane wants it. Amara and Oromos are the most mixed people to have lived harmoniously for centuries. It is only Tigrayans who found that very strange to see other Ethiopians living and intermarrying with one another with out making ethnicity an issue.

TPLF just come out of their cage only 21 years ago and started to see how Ethiopians live as Ethiopians. We are not like Tigrayans who are

After all Tigreas are dispersed all over Ethiopia Occupying and grabbing land and house by force, become coffee exporters, taking over farms and business out side of Tigray zone.

Now after evicting Amaras it is either to grab that land for TPLF cadres or to sell it to foreigners that is all to it.

At the same time they are trying to confine people by zones because Woyane hates united harmonious Ethiopia.

We are tatally against Woyane narrow-minded, anti-Ethiopiawinet and undemocratic rule.

04/27/12 @ 14:52

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