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Ethiopia: Herman Cohen says TPLF’s minority rule unsustainable



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Ethiopia: Herman Cohen says TPLF’s minority rule unsustainable

Ethiopia: Herman Cohen says TPLF’s minority rule unsustainable

By Abebe Gellaw, ESAT

Washington DC (ESAT)-- America’s top diplomat for Africa under George H.W. Bush has said that the hegemonic minority rule of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) is difficult to sustain as Ethiopians are demanding freedom and democracy. Former US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Ambassador Cohen, played a key role in Ethiopia’s transition from the military junta of Mengistu Hailemariam to the minority rule of Meles Zenawi in 1991.

In an exclusive interview with ESAT, Ambassador Cohen noted that the hegemony and authoritarian rule of the TPLF is a fact that exists in Ethiopia. He noted that Ethiopians should never give up on democracy and they need to continue putting pressure of the Meles regime until democracy eventually comes to Ethiopia. In the aftermath of the violent election-related crackdowns in 2005 that claimed the lives of nearly 200 civilians, Ambassador Cohen had told the Voice of America that Prime Minister Meles proved to be a failure.

“Mr. Meles and his TPLF party fought to overthrow a very dictatorial and tyrannical regime. Everything that Prime Minister Meles said at that time indicated that he was a true believer in the democratic process. But over 10 to 12 years, he has proved to be a disappointment…. They are condemned to rule the country as a minority and that is very dangerous for stability,” he said.

Ambassador Cohen pointed out that US diplomatic efforts in 1991 were primarily focused on saving Addis Ababa from destruction. “The TPLF was at the gates of Addis. We wanted to make sure that the war ended with what we called a soft landing in Addis and there should be no destruction….We didn’t say takeover the government. We said take over Addis,” he said. Ambassador Cohen also indicated that he tried to engage Meles and press him to implement genuine political and economic changes. He revealed that Meles had once told him that the reason why he would not implement land reform was because of his distrust for Amharas.

“He [Meles] told me that the federal system would work so that each region governs its own affairs. But it didn’t happen that way. And I questioned him about land ownership. I was promoting allowing the farmers to have ownership of the land. He said that was not good because the Amharas would come and take over and buy all the land; and these people [the farmers] would return to be serfs like they were under the Emperor,” according to Ambassador Cohen . The former diplomat said that after hearing such rhetoric it became clear to him that Meles was going to “impose the same type of authoritarian regime that Ethiopians has always had.”

Asked why the US is still supporting the Meles regime, Ambassador Cohen explained that after President Bush lost the election to President Clinton the later was “seduced by Meles” as he talked the kind of language that Clinton wanted to hear. “He spoke the language that Clinton liked to hear. We want free enterprise, we want democracy and so the Clintons gave him the benefit of the doubt.” He also indicated that Ethiopia’s position as a strategic ally has been another factor why the US still maintains closer ties to the Meles regime.

Ambassador Cohen also revealed that the US government had also given priority for the airlifting of Ethiopian Jews, also known as Felashas. During the last hours of the military junta, the government of Israel paid $35 million as ransom, which was deposited in the government’s account in New York. The former diplomat said that the money was not embezzled by Derg officials, contrary to popular belief.

Ambassador Cohen also admitted that the May 1991 London Peace Conference, which has been recorded as an America-brokered peace process in history, did not happen as it did not go far beyond a consultative meeting he held with EPLF representatives led by Isaias Afeworki and Meles Zenawi’s TPLF delegation, as well as OLF that had a minor role, at the Berkeley Hotel. It also emerged that the so-called “London Peace Conference” of May 27, 1991 under America’s mediation never happened.

Asked why it was necessary to hold a peace conference if there was no negotiations, Ambassador Cohen said: “We thought it was good for public consumption and to show that everyone was sitting around the same table having discussions. The British were there and we wanted to show that this was a true peace effort and that we were not doing everything in secret.” In his book Intervening in Africa, Ambassador Cohen candidly wrote: “The peace conference began the morning of 27 May [1991] in the conference room provided by the British Foreign Office. I opened the meeting with a statement urging the parties to work out a transition to a democratic form of government and to maintain a single economy of Ethiopia and Eritrea...After my statement, the three parties decided to continue on their own without a mediator…They repaired to a private room for their own discussions, which produced a short public statement. The statement said that a decision has been made to hold an all-parties conference in Addis Ababa no later than 1 July, at which time a transitional government would be debated and launched.

ESAT also enquired why Ambassador Cohen read the statement in front of the international media despite the fact that he was not part of it. “I read the statement [because] I did not have any problems with it. They told me the reason they wanted me to read it was that it would give it more credibility with the international community if the American government would announce it. So I felt that if it would promote true peaceful outcome, I should do that,” Ambassador Cohen said.

ESAT raised a range of issues with Ambassador Cohen related to Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa including US foreign policy toward Ethiopia in the context of gross human rights violations.


Comment from: Langano [Visitor]

If 2012 is not the end of Meles and Azeb, I personally don’t expect anything to change after that.

2012 is the end of Woyane monkeys.

01/08/12 @ 01:07
Comment from: Yirgacheffee [Visitor]



In 1991, Many of you coomplained that it was Herman Cohen that brought EPRDF’s victory over the Derg.

And now in 2012, you are actually worshiping the same man because you think he’s going to deliver you back to power.

Sorry UDJiboch, but it doesn’t work that way. No free ride back to the Minilik Palace. Your exit from Arat Kilo in 1991 was a one way ticket!

Melkam Ghena!

01/08/12 @ 01:26
Comment from: Martha La Bonne [Visitor]
Martha La Bonne

The Meles regime will continue to flich the Ethiopian People’s wealth and business and rape our country of resources until we are brave enough to say enough is enough. Azeb can then go to exile in China or India with all her ill-gotten gains. Meanwhile many people continue to die in Gambela because of this Woyani nightmare.

01/08/12 @ 01:29
Comment from: Real Ethiopiawian! [Visitor]
Real Ethiopiawian!


Thank you so much for reminding us this man’s ill advice he had for Ethiopia!

One more thing… Mr. Choen said also to the BBC that Ethiopians’ vote is irrelevant in deciding whether Eriterea should be an independent country or not! This man would love to see Ethiopia being divided! He has a lot of nerve to give his comment about Ethiopia’s internal affairs today.

Nazret, can you please include the link to the original source when you post any article/news so that people can post their comment on there too?

01/08/12 @ 02:49
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Tchiffenee ,Nobody specially the TRUE ETHIOPIANS ,whorshippe this guy.Of course none of us forget of the evil games he played in London to put your Leba Master along his Shabyan bros in power .By the way soon the State Department shall
paye for your leba master and his evil wife two one way ticket to Hague(Nederlands) .And make book
places at the ICC prison cells .At least the Ethiopian Peoples shall give them the chance by not roting
them at Meskel place or Hang them at
Menelike place gate !!!!

01/08/12 @ 03:21
Comment from: Heny [Visitor]

Do not rely on the words of this aging senile. He is too old to remember the strength of TPLF.He even does not seem to remember what he said during that trying moment. So those words are basically that of Abebe Belaw’s. This diehard enemy of Ethiopia has been stuffing words into the mouth of Herman the OLD.

Lanhano, promise to jump into Langagno lake and kill urself if Meles still keeps his head above the water during 2012.

01/08/12 @ 04:11
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

Keep burning ESATOCH!!

Even so, he seems to be clueless about the Ethiopian people, and the poletical affair, he told you what you would not like to hear!

He said “The ruling party members are getting old, and the emerging young leaders will be more democratic” interesting…..means, he have no power to remove the democratically elected Ethiopian government and replace them with the diasporas…LOL. Invest in agriculture….LOL.

All the hope you are all left with for the moment is, that the joint stagnant of the OLF & Gimbot 7 that dispatched from Asmera. And, get ready for more surprise and disappointment more to come in the future…

Peace and prosperous life to all the Ethiopian people!

God bless the world!!

01/08/12 @ 05:10
Comment from: halima mohamed [Visitor]
halima  mohamed

@ yirgacheffe learn from mass movement you never know and can’t stop this all over the world in one voice say enough OK time is vary close so if we have to we get back to 95 but this time it will be vary nasty then we see who look for one way ticket just for your info //
wody shermut yirgacheffe

01/08/12 @ 05:19
Comment from: C'est moi senait [Visitor]
C'est moi senait

Why do not you keep your dirty politics in Washington, we do not need your Devil White man politics in Ethiopia today. We know your evil thought to us and create havoc in Ethiopia and destroy us. we have wittness in the past where you financed and armed shabians,arabs etc to harm us……

You better take care of your hommoroide you Devil .

01/08/12 @ 05:50
Comment from: Ras Mitat [Visitor]
Ras Mitat

BIG JOKE…Herman Cohen in 1991:

1. Told TPLF to move into Addis Ababa, ending negotiations in London.

2. In televised Congressional meeting allowed TPLF to give away Assab, while Goshu Wolde pleaded not to make giant country land-locked.


01/08/12 @ 06:40
Comment from: true [Visitor]

One thing I don’t understand is that, if Meles and the so called TPLFfites hate Menilik, why are they in Menilik’s palace? kkkkk

01/08/12 @ 08:39
Comment from: Beza [Visitor]

Why he did not answer he was paid to appear on the show. Aya ABebe Gelaw what is the the interview relevance. The retired Bush ERA employee does not do sh_t in the Ethiopian Politics. He was saying about the opposition groups from Gonder like you “the warmongers and the remnants of Derg". So you better spend, the money you collect from hard working individials. Viki Hudlston told you ethiopia is the sixth fasteat growing country in the worls not in Afeica. Ay Yegondere. MIN TADERGU ENDEENANTE YYALE ETHIOPIAWI YELEM BILACHIHU SLEMTASBU LELAWN HULE ENDETESADEBACHIHU. I HAVE NOT SEEN ANY GONDERE BEING CRITICIZED BY YOU GUYS EVETHOUGH THERE ARE SO MANY INDIVIDUALS FROM GONDER SERVING THE ETHIOPIAN G OVERNMENT. YOU ARE CRITICIZING BEREKET BECAUSE HE IS ERITEAN, you are criricizng ADIAU LEGESE bexause he is Abay Mado Gala. You did not criticize Fikradis Nekatibwb for praising Meles and Millenium dam. If she was from the other part of Eth uopia you would criticize her.

01/08/12 @ 09:02
Comment from: Agenazbu [Visitor]

20 years ago he betrayed Ethiopians, and 20 years after he send us a very poisoned message.
Look what he said in relation to Ethiopians right to use the port of Asab? This old greedy man is extremely dangerous. He never liked Ethiopians. He is just like a serpent.
It is a matter of time, weather he like it or not the port of Asab will return to Ethiopia. Honestly speaking this video contains a very poisoned message and if I were the blog master I would have delete it.

01/08/12 @ 10:06
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Visitor]
Amhara Princess

It doesn’t matter which way you slice it, the DEMISE of A*ame totalitarianism is inevitable. You ask any non TPLF Ethiopian, be it in Ethiopia or outside & you will learn that you are the most shady, despised folks in Ethiopia/Horn (I am pretty sure you all know this fact) hence out to destroy Amharas, Oromos, Somalis and whoever it is that is a threat to your temporary squatterhip of Arat Kilo. It is impossible to destroy Ethiopia’s main tribes. People have had enough of your rotten regime. Accept that & try and mend your ways or face the eventual offloading off your likes to the jungle you were residing at. Does it matter whether it comes from this two faced GERIATRIC Herman Cohen or anybody else for that matter?

As for Amharas being out of Ethiopian politics forever, are you kiddin’? You will have to kill every single Amhara for that to happen. DREAM ON A*ames. As majority, well educated, balanced, positioned, diversified, alert, capable tribe, Amharas have every right to govern the nation. If you don’t like it, get the hell out of Amhara regions. Less than 4 million roaches can’t sustain power over 30 million Amharas, 36 million Oromos. As minority roaches, you would be thrown to your barren hills for life should your rotten dictator heads way for democratic, free election which is inevitable by the way. You know it, we know it, every single soul on planet earth knows it!

The only way that A*ames hanged to power by their skin is by being totalitarian, murderous but that had NEVER EVER worked for ANYONE in the long-term. If it didn’t work for super rich, dominant Gadaffi, powerful Mubarak, strong Ben Ali, mass murderer Pinochet, Apartheid leader FW de Klerk etc what makes you think it will work for lousy opportunists, beggar A*ames with an absolute minimum natural/human resources? Without the rest of Ethiopia & aid dollar/grain, you can’t even afford to eat once every six months let alone …

… As they say, “The higher they climb, the harder the fall". Barking at or degrading whoever it is that against your EVIL Zenawi & Co would NOT save you from crumbling. Tegbaban?

01/08/12 @ 10:38
Comment from: pio [Visitor]

Speak for yourself Ethiopians: this man does not have any credibility what so ever neither in US nor among Ethiopians. Would you present us something educational for God’s sake.

01/08/12 @ 11:31
Comment from: Zurga [Visitor]

Who is the senile Herman Cohn?

He is the descendants of so-called European Jews. So he is a bigoted Zionist. Zionism is fascism born Europe. The so called European Jews are ethnic Germans. They are called Ashkanazi. They are not Semitic people like Arabs and Ethiopians.

Zionist are the enemy of all Black people in general and Ethiopians in particular.
The Us government and many European states are the tentacle of the zionist conglamorate.
Mr. Cohn is a crook.
He lies a lot.

In May 1991, the BBC asked him why did you change the US long standing policy of not supporting sessetion of Erithrea?
He responed:
As long as the US does not send slodiers there, it is not my proplem……….

Thanks to Mr. Dima Negewo, he has told us the real story how Cohn has organised in Londom for TPLF and EPLF to take power in Addis and Asmara.
Since then Ethiopia became a western colony spear headed by the US adminstration.

the great
Jole Sebeta

01/08/12 @ 13:26
Comment from: Azeb [Visitor]

1)Mr. Cohen:
What you aid mostly is the truth expect, expect when you said TPLF did not get a support from the USA, this flat lie. What were those AID agency were doing in Sudan. They new or intentionally supported TPLF with food aid. How about Regan’s anti Soviet Satellites states like Ethiopia.
2)Mr Meles:
On the question of land ownership in Ethiopia, when asked why TPLF does not want to privatize land. According to the Mr Cohen, he said Meles told him he does not want the Amharas to grab farm land back. This is a lame excuse, ownership of land in Ethiopia is prestige and sign of wealth. Meles knows that as long as the state owns land, the people of Ethiopia are not empowered . This the same urban land policy that they want to impose now, on the property owners of Addis Ababa. Most of the this prime real-estate in Addis Ababa are owned by non-tigreans, namely Adreses, Gurages, Amaraha, Oromo and recently the new elites Tigreans which have now enriched them selves because of TPLF rule. Meles and TPLF wants to cripple the middle class, making them powerless. Yes he has deep hatred to the Amaharas as all and mention to Mr. Cohen. But the main cause Melese does not want non-tigreans with a little capital to organize themselves to purchase land or be land owners. Meles rather chose to continue recieving food aid, rather than empowering non-tigreans to own land and solve food deficiencies.

01/08/12 @ 13:39
Comment from: [Member]

The fact of the matter is not whether Mr. Cohen had just realized the “Shifta regime ” is there to loot,destroy and run the hell away.
It is how soon can we capture the “Baboon” meles ወዲ ጨናዊት .

Death to TPLF and it’s shadows.

01/08/12 @ 14:11
Comment from: meyisaw [Visitor]

Those of us who have been through all those decisive moments in Ethiopian history, can not forget or forgive this evil and dirty politic player called Herman Cohl.He will be remembered as the cause and effect of what has happened for the last 20 years in our country. Because of his bitter hate of Mengistu, it was an evil intended revenge against the whole nation. He designed Mengistu’s defection, indipendence of Eritrea and Woyane rule in Ethiopia. Once during Mengistu, he was sent from the US government as a secretary of African affairs to persuade him on how he may turn back from the Socialist camp. Mengistu knowing his coming, simply ignored him and went on his scheduled visit to south Ethiopia. Mr. Cohen was met by a foreign minister at the airport and returned back without any significant risult. This made him angry and from this time on he waited to bring down Mengistu at any cost. He was with a full knowledge during his consultation to Isayas and Meles what they intend to do but got his blessings as long as Mengistu is going to vanish from power. His finger print is on all the wicked plan of taking over for both bandits. Late also he was the one who claimed to say “the dynamic new generation leaders of East Africa” deserving the full support of the US government. Again as if things are forgotten, he tries to accuse his own making. This is double standard. Cohen is even the worst enemy than the woyanes themselves. I wonder why ESAT took time even to talk to such evil person and by doing this the station seems mindless of our enemies who are responsible for the long suffering of Ethiopians. He has no right or clear conscious to say or sympetheise with us. Not a single word coming out of his mouth is to be taken seriously. All of you who love Ethiopia, when you think of this ethnic biased woyane rule, remember Herman Cohen the one behind such dirty plan of destruction to our beloved country.
Shame on him to say whatever he tried to say and God forgive him for his unforgettable dirty work.

01/08/12 @ 15:38
Comment from: DAMO [Visitor]

@ ‘Yirgachefe’

Please, stop using the name Yirgachefe in your posting if you can. For those of us who are from that wonderful place, it is not only an insult to see the like of you use the name. It is also very annoying. You spew a lot of venom, which is anathema to Yirgachefians. What comes from your mouth is not fitting with the name. You may be a TPLF coffee exporter who happens to go to that area frequently. And yet it is annoying for us to see the name used by you. The more appropriate name and which I highly recommend you to use is “Dedebit.” The reason is that the name ‘Dedebit’ highly fits with your ideas, and people can easily understand your postings. I have read your posting for years, and they are nothing other than venoms that were made in ‘Dedebit’ snake holes. No hard feelings. Thank you for your understanding.

01/08/12 @ 16:13
Comment from: chefo beryhen [Visitor]
chefo beryhen

This man was play the big roll captured addis ababa by tplf rebels in 1991,this gay was play a key roll on the eretrians independent, the lost of assab port. now this gay want see more fight war ethnical division in ethiopia. for me he is no. 1 ethiopian enemy.

01/08/12 @ 16:54
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

The Ethiopian people are having respect and tolorance toward eachother now days. That’s why the country is moving forward in all aspect of development…….

Thanks to God those so caled educated…which are mostly expertise in telling or presenting their make up stories, are out of the Ethiopian society. Let them entertain eachother with their madness and insulting the the rest of the Ethiopian society wouldn’t agree with their evil egocentric dreams!!

You like it not, today’s Ethiopia is for all the nation and nationalities of the Ethiopian people, and there is no way he/she will go back to the past dark history…..go to see for yourself how the Ethiopian peoples are enjoying the freedom they have, and free will they have to eradicate poverty and the shovenist mentality or backwardness that have been the main enemies of our society. Sorry to see you that angry for nothing, but Just keep barking, insulting, and crying if that you would like to do for the rest of your life….

God bless the world!!
whatever you all cray

01/08/12 @ 17:37
Comment from: Imperial Body Guard [Visitor]
Imperial Body Guard

“We feel that the fragmentation of a nation along tribal and ethnic lines is contrary to the will of survival and to the force of logic, because even for the tribes to survive they must stand together. Hence fragmentation along tribal lines is contrary to the nation’s survival, for there is no tribe strong enough by itself to defend its interests. Fragmentation is indeed contrary to the laws of nature itself.”
Important Utterances of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I

“Unity is strength. No nation can divide within itself and remain powerful.” Important Utterances of HIM Negus Haile Selassie I, page 133

“The Federation instituted between the people of Eritrea and the rest of Ethiopia has tended to slow the speed of the economic and social progress of the entire nation, including Eritrea.
The Federation has increasingly been manipulated as a ready-made tool through which the enemies of Ethiopian and Eritrean progress and solidarity have endeavoured to further their evil designs.
The Federation contains the inherent danger of creating misunderstandings among people who have, for centuries past, experienced no problems in living together.
The Federation, by duplicating administrative apparatuses, has occasioned waste of both human and material resources which could have been otherwise utilized for development purposes.
One is accordingly fully justified in concluding that the unfortunate consequences of this particular form of federation and the needs of the age, and not any conscious effort on the part of the people concerned, have brought about its demise.
Any responsible person who has deliberated upon and examined carefully the unfortunate consequences flowing from the federal system under consideration will feel no surprise that the people of Eritrea, who have had the misfortune of being directly subjected to its adverse consequences, have urged and pleaded that it be eliminated and replaced by a unitary form of administration.” Selected Speeches of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I, page 474-5

“It is not necessary to enumerate countries where the people and entire country having lost unity, spiritual or otherwise, have become playgrounds and laughing stocks of outsiders. The historical events of certain countries bear witness to this fact. In our own times, there are those expansionists who by shedding blood, desire to achieve their ambition and by dismembering themselves they are seen as tools for alien interests. Our people from Ethiopia shed blood, to save them from disintegration. Those personalities who believe in freeing a country by secession are selfish and prey to outsiders. We will not accept their motives.” Selected Speeches of HIM Negus Haile Selassie I, page 426

“The wealth of Eritrea is the wealth of Ethiopia and the wealth of Ethiopia is the wealth of Eritrea.” Selected Speeches of HIM Negus Haile Selassie I ,page 429

“Man can only begin an enterprise, it is for God to dispose of it to a good end.” Selected Speeches of HIM Haile Selassie I, page 391

“Ethiopia must remain united, without dissention, like members of a family. She must be regulated by a Constitution of universal application and governed by an Emperor. The force of this unity must be based on community of interests, so that the individual, without as a result suffering neglect or prejudice, may understand the power of this unity and the advantages to be drawn from it in the protection of his personal interests, whilst at the same time renouncing all personal ambition which would be to the detriment of the common goal.” Selected Speeches of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I, page 389

Long Live the Constitutional Monarchy!
Long Live the Fetha Negast!
Long Live the Kebra Negast!
Long Live the United Nations Charter!
Long Live African Unity!
Fire burn down the neo-colonial witchcraft star of secession
Rise with the Lion of Judah!
Long Live Ethio-Eritrean oneness!
Long Live Independent Ethiopia!

01/08/12 @ 18:05
Comment from: john john [Visitor]
john john

This man was one of the evil who want dismantle Ethiopia once for good but failed now he is back to public to sell lie. Ignore this ignorant and arrogant he is no good at all.

01/08/12 @ 18:38
Comment from: [Member]

“He [Meles] told me that the federal system would work so that each region governs its own affairs. But it didn’t happen that way…” How is it happening then Mr Cohen? I don’t think Ethiopians will need anyone to tell them if the federal system is working for them or not. EPRDF’s opposition to private land ownership and its reasoning is not a secrete. Trying to create animosity among nations and nationalities based on cheap lies and oh by the way he told me this (20 years after)is sinister. According to his admission, this man was rendered irrelevant from day one. May be Mr Cohen need to increase his Alzheimer/Dementia drug dosage, his regression is evident!


01/08/12 @ 18:39
Comment from: Dagnachew Kour [Visitor]
Dagnachew Kour

Who is the Ethiopian people, for DC dogs? The Amhara tribe is out from politics for ever. They don’t understand, they are striping the politics naked by themselves. They are struggling by themselves (no body else’s tribe with them) in the name Ethiopia. The cause molral which intiated them for such elitiness mentality in name of Tewodros, Minilik, Haile is Silase, Quara, Metema gelemale…totaly notheing for todays Ethiopia.
We don’t care the neftegnas father told their toddler, unless, you died never leave Ethiopia for Ethiopians, it is your private property. What a shame idea?
My dad told me that, never give up until the Ethiopian people freed from neft, until they left Ethiopia for all Ethiopians.
We will liberate Ethiopia from neft forever and we will never leave neft until they bow down to the ground. The American are two sided, one week ago one person come up and said, Ethiopia is on the right truck, the other one who sold for DC dogs said that, Ethiopia is not on the right truck. And this is the so call USA? As I know Herman Khone is stupid the enemy of Ethiopia for long time, so, who cares?

01/08/12 @ 18:47
Comment from: Shewarega [Visitor]


Isn’t that what you stated in May 1991, Mr Cohen? What is the US doing twenty years later? Don’t blame Clinton etc etc, you Americans (I mean those in corridors of power) are the biggest liars on the face of the Earth. You have no friends, no principles, only interests. And you will burn the whole world, if that is what it takes to preserve your interest.

Meles Zenawi for Ethiopia, is no more than Louis Farakhan for the United States, a vicious extreme of the minority. Ever since he has arrived in Addis, he has shown that in the policies, hate speeches, and criminal deeds. But one truth shall remain. As the great Mhatma once told the stinking occupying AngloSaxon Lord Mountbatten, 100,000 Englishmen can not rule 350,000,000 Indians indefinitely, I tell you 100,000 dirty, hateful, racist, vicious Agazi killers can and will not rule 90,000,000 Ethiopians indefinetly. The inevitable day will arrive. The long oppressed, suffocated, looted masses will rise in rivers, waves, and torrents of human anger and take their destiny back into their hands. Until then, I suggest you stop ozzing rubbish out of your mouth, and keep your miserable self out of site.

01/08/12 @ 19:15
Comment from: Heny [Visitor]

Because the palace belongs to the people of Ethiopia, not to ur ugly ‘emye menilik’. So your question is just nonsense.As idiot as you yourself.

01/08/12 @ 20:23
Comment from: jemil yasin [Visitor]
jemil yasin

This confession by Mr. Herman Cohen is one more victory for the Ethiopian people and a testament to the evil deeds of this looter on the loose: meles-the traitor cum looter. Although Cohen was a state department official and entrusted to implement the American foreign policy dictation on Ethiopia, he was not necessarily a seducted woyane symphatsizer like the late Paul Henze was. Paul Henze was a hugely seducted woyane symphatsizer and has allegedly recieved a sexual bribe from tigrayan woman(ye tsota gubo) that made hime stick to woyane like a glue. The CIA was working day and night to clear the road for banda and traitorous woyane faggots to occupy 4 -kilo in a typical monkey fashion. I am disappointed that Herman Cohen failed to confess his crime fully and somehow justified his action in may 91. If he was a true jew ( and not a thief) , he would at least respect one of the 10 commandments in his dying age and tell how USA and he himself put Ethiopia in a predicament.

01/08/12 @ 21:10
Comment from: [Member]

“Strategic importance is more important than human rights” Period. That is it. Black people, please stop taking things personally. We should understand the name of the game so we can use it to our advantage. I admire Mr. Cohen for his honesty!

01/08/12 @ 22:30
Comment from: Lulee [Visitor]

I laughed when I heared Abebe say “repatration” of the felashas. I wonder what is really behind the use of the word. Is he repiting the word they use?

01/08/12 @ 22:47
Comment from: ene [Visitor]

Why do we need a validation from westerners?

01/08/12 @ 23:30
Comment from: i am somali [Visitor]
i am somali

hunt for justice,

01/09/12 @ 00:49
Comment from: The never learn TYRANNY'S failer. [Visitor]
The never learn TYRANNY'S failer.

Weyanes listened and obeyed Herman cain in 1991. Weyanes must listened and obeyed what Herman Cain said now. If weyanes do not listened and do what Herman Cain and British said now, it is the end of weyanes. The whole ethnic groups of Ethiopia will make weyanes to cry bloods. More than the same thing what weyane did against Ethiopians.

Meles zenawy chooses to hung in power until he die. He is not learning from others. The question is, how about if oromo or amhara was in power since 1991, and keep attacking weyanes? We know weyane would cry a lot. It will bug the international communities day-in and day-out.
Meles said, everyone must follow his arrogance and ethnic base fake Laws. Ethiopians seen the same stupid derg Government before. Mengistu did draft stupid Laws and he told Ethiopians to follow it. These Two stupid governments they make laws against the will of the majority, just to murder and dismantle Amharas. Mengistu the big layer, run away. And Meles the big layer will follow him soon.
Unlike mengistu, who was supported by the Southern mostly by Harrar people, Meles will leave big scars for Tigray people, specially for more weyanes. If Meles will not leave voluntarily, he will die with natural cause and the Ethiopian people will take total revenges against Meles cadres.

01/09/12 @ 03:06
Comment from: Anbesaw [Visitor]

You idiot white monkey (Cohen). Who are u after all to like or dislike our president. We Ethiopian are a sovereign country and people who decided who will be our leader not u. Shut your dirty mouth up. You will and cannot dictate us.

01/09/12 @ 06:32
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Hyena ,time to shut your poisonous mouth ignorant ilittrate moron KILIB
KEBT BANDA .Your leba master along his twin bros Issayas dispised Addis and specially Menelike Palace as Amhara Empire Creation .Their hidden Agenda was to destroy the
City and place the Capital at their fary tale city of “AXUM” .And you know the Final Result ,May 1991
they run to Addis as “CRICKETS”
and “HERD OF HYENAS” to “Menelike Palace” the same as did Facist Italian Troops and Derg Junta Officers !!!!!Dengayatchew ,who talked
about Amhara Empire ;Ignorant Lekami Banda why don’t you talk about your own Hidden Agenda to creat an Ethno Mafia Empire (Talaku Tigrai) by anexion Amhara territories (Already done in Nothern
and Western Gondar plus the Eastern Wello )soon including the Nile River Ressources and the Northern Shewa plus AFar lands !!!!SO WHAT YOUR LEBA MASTER ALONG HIS SUDANESE

01/09/12 @ 06:57
Comment from: prince of konso [Visitor]
prince of konso

after reading all your rubbish comments , i always suspected you are the illegitimate son of a tigre soldier. now the way you insult people specially our tigre brothers, one can safely conclude you dont know your real father. such vulgar words never come from a self respecting ethiopian. during your era,the we were your victims and now the tigrians. funny amharas. thank god your days are gone for ever.

01/09/12 @ 09:26
Comment from: Tefera [Visitor]

i realy dont know why some of you are worked up against this guy as if ethiopia was in good hands pre-1991. the man said it right when he said he doesnt regret what he did, because, mengistu would have been still in power and the civil war which consumed millions of ethiopians would have continued even leading the nation into disintegration and chaos like somalia.
stop being a selfish and for ones put ethiopia before your personal feeling and ego.

01/09/12 @ 10:04
Comment from: Yousuf [Visitor]

Ethiopia should be ruled by democratic process. I know Oromos are the # 1 ethnic majority, followed by Amharas, followed by Somalis, follow by Tegray. We have to share the country and the resources and we must have democratic government if Ethiopia want to be modern and peacefull. Also, Muslmis are majority in Ethiopia, therefore they should have big roles in the leadership.

01/09/12 @ 12:17
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

TPLF Thugs keep on barking as touthless dying hyenas .Herman Cohen
has simply revealed the “TRUTH” already known by all of us ,that your Leba master and his Agazis are :

01/09/12 @ 13:33
Comment from: Ras Thomas and Association of Patriots. [Visitor]
Ras Thomas and Association of Patriots.

We must define the personality of
Herman Cohen.
Who he is? Why he is saying, what
he is saying?
Herman Cohen is An American citizen. And by ethnicity he is Jewish. But, unfartunately, he did
not understand vital interests of
the USA. which is integral part of
Ethiopia to be United and strong.
that which necassary to interests
of Free World. So, of course our
great ally Isreal.
He is the one who engneered Ethiopia to be divided into two.
Ethiopia and Eriteria. He woud’nt
do that if he have knowledge that
this is not good in long term to
USA and Isreal because only strong
ally which have Judeo-Christian strong heritage is Ethiopia in East Africa. He is ignorant that Ethiopia was only country in Africa who was allied by sending troops to Korean war with side of
USA. Also, African country who fought sided with USA in second World war. and now fighting Al-Qaida in Africa. Ethiopia the first friend of Isreal in Africa.
Now,Mr. Cohen who is claiming as
its name as lineage from children
of Joseph the great prophet of God
as you can read from his name is
hurting again Ethiopia by damaging
stablity of true American Isreal
He is simply what jewish people like great leader called
His enemy of Ethiopia,USA, and also to biblical state of Isreal.

01/09/12 @ 14:40
Comment from: Aba kurat [Visitor]
Aba kurat

Bravo yergachefee !!!!!!!!!!!!

01/09/12 @ 15:51
Comment from: Someone [Visitor]

Former US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Ambassador Cohen, ………..

He is just “FORMER"….why don’t he say that when he was in power……

played a key role in Ethiopia’s transition from the military junta of Mengistu Hailemariam to the minority rule of Meles Zenawi in 1991.

….We didn’t say takeover the government. We said take over Addis,” he said.

Yemanim mechawech honen keren………
aye yegna neger

solong loosers

01/09/12 @ 16:33
Comment from: WHATEVER [Visitor]


I like u, u r intelligent, well spoken, analytical and u always speak the truth. R u single???????

01/09/12 @ 19:34
Comment from: Netsanet [Visitor]

Hi Diasporas, I think Kibebew Geda the comedian was right when he said the people in DC they have problem undrrstanding English. He is absolutely right even their best person Abebe Gelaw is giving the title which does not match with the story. I will advise Mr Abebe not to make himself foolish by interviewing seasoned diplomats like Ambassador Herman Cohin and Ambassador Vicki Hudleston. Both of them have told you in diplomatic language you guys are Maferiawoch. He understood the line of question you were trying to ask. The title of this interview should have been “The Ambassador stick to his words” that A is exactly what he did. You guys if you understand what he mean when they are getting they will put the younger ones in power but do not stop your dream. Keep dreaming. He told us that Mengistu saved his ass by escaping when he realized he was loosing the war. He told us t ha t America did not facilitate his escape.He told us EPRDF would have been in whether we told them or not to get in to Addis.

01/09/12 @ 20:24
Comment from: Shabbab [Visitor]

LOL…You think Col.Mengistu run away to Zimbabwe because this old guy/Cohen told him to do so…Please…lol

No your scary azz Deurg military as a national force was humiliated by rebels defeating you pussy cats and fags!

In order to cover up your fag behavior and characteristic, you all tend to blame Arabs/Europe/USA or even old man like cohen.

No, the tigres wacked your azz big time and forever !! talk is cheap and is for the fags…

@Ras Mitat & all Amaroch

Please Cohen is not an angel or the lord, you gave him much bigger position and power in your life may be next time you should pray for him to get better result.

Yamaldachu, Yileminilachu, Yikir-yibelachu

01/09/12 @ 20:49
Comment from: ZXAmiche [Visitor]

Cohen and Co are the responsible party that are responsible for the destruction of Horn of Africa in general and Ethiopia in particular. After Twenty years of ethnic cleansing, killing of innocent students and illegally taking power from Ethiopians in 2005, Cohen, now, has no credit to talk on behalf of Ethiopians. The truth however is clear that Meles will go soon, to the inevitables, a la Menge and Korit.
Aye “mama Ethiopia", third gov’t on its way out? diros timkihit ina gura yet yadersal, wurdet kalhone besteKer!

Peace in the Horn of Africa, devoid of Meles & Co and his Masters!

01/09/12 @ 22:03
Comment from: wepE [Member]

Why does this dumb ass keep interviewing these shameless century old crooks who toiled for dismemberment of our country? You love them that much, invite them to your home discuss whatever the hell you want but end your stupidity at your doorstep. Disgusting noob. Is there even some editorship over at the so called esat?
Igzer EtyoP’yan And’ Yargat, Kek’fum YiT’ebikat.
Wakes up every day proud that I’m an Ethiopian.

01/10/12 @ 03:51
Comment from: chikunu [Visitor]

It is good to see this Satan confessed to Ethiopian people even though,he has not show any sympathy or regression ,certainly shows his identity and similarity he has with the devil.

It is very sad to hear that who ever a professor/lecturer at Addis Ababa university “that the Ethiopian people deserved to be ruled by this brutal and subhuman regime, this man who has no moral or ethics.Satan Cohen a true Ethiopian would not dare to say this remark unless other than the puppet regime you install in our land.

I would not say this is an interview because,the journalist allowed him to be all over him,he should have grilled him with core question more his involvement on the distraction of the country and the displacement of millions.

Some of my Ethiopian fellow stated it and aware Zionist globalisation agenda to divide and rule which they are causing a covert war everywhere in order to control the world ,printing money out of thin air from american reserve bank which is privately owned by Zionist/Mafia organisation.and lending money to the american puppets in the third world country in order to get strategic interest.

This Satan assured it that humanity is become second compare to strategic is very disgusting to hear that but, what can we expect from devil?

as you looked down on us ,God might as well look down on you on his judgment.

most senator and minister when they retired and once they have realised that who were serving the Zionist, but not their country. they start exposing the dirty secret the Zionist regime full-filling.the senate who have a Jew blood and Zionist remain with their policy.
some of this people who are openly opposing the dirty american policy

non Zionist

general Wesley Clark

Jimmy carter………

The Zionist who are still supporting and still involving the dirty american policy


Henry kesing

Herman Cohen ……………………………

01/10/12 @ 06:21
Comment from: true [Visitor]


That is exactly what I am saying, Meles/TPLF hate Ethiopia anyways whether Menilik’s palace belongs to Ethiopa or not. Yet, you demonize Ethiopia and Menilik (ethnic divison) trying to destroy it and yet you use the palace. It doesn’t make sense at all. Maybe Meles should build his own palace perhaps in Adwa and better yet, like the fake our Orthodox pappas, install his statue? kkkkk The contradiction of TPLF and Meles is staggering.

Ras Thomas…

Well said. USA interest seems a quick fix without long term goal. Egypt hates Isarel, we love Israel I don’t know why they are going against the interest of Israel. In addition, U.S supports anti Ethiopian sentiment from Egypt, Meles,TPLFand Shaebia have been fully supported by Iran and Egypt. Today U.S and Israel are at the brink of war with IRan. Once, there was secret war against Ethiopia from U.S, Iran, Egypt working hand in hand with eachother. All this to get rid of the idiot Mengistu, to spread islam, etc…

In addition,

Those of you ranting against U.S and Mr. Cohen, whether they worked against Ethiopia’s interest or not, you are not helping the cause of Ethiopia. From this comment, the U.S can even support the disintegration of Ethiopia (which is actually written by one Amercian business man who predicted Ethiopia, Sudan and Nigeria has 5 years to break apart). Of course he must be the insider because Sudan broke, Nigeria will soon be breaking between Islam and Christian and Ethiopia is also on its way if nothing is done to stop it) We can’t do anything to stop it because the power of outsiders such as the West is much stronger. The TPLF and Shaebia, ONLF and OLF have become through the support of Arabs and West very strong to materialize the disintegration.

That being said,

01/10/12 @ 08:23
Comment from: wow [Visitor]


This explains why the Ambassador is staunch supporter of Eritrea’s break up. That is why I keep saying, TPLF does not rule by themselves. Eritrea has become part of fulfillling the interests of the West and Arabs. Yet, Ato Isayas was so confident in attacking the West when in fact TPLF, Shaebia, West and Arabs work hand in hand trying to change the geopolitical of Africa, especially Ethiopia. This article makes it clear why Eritrea is Eritrea Eritrea got its independence to end up being like it has been under Italian colonization the servers of outsiders. What a shame for them.

So those of you ranting against the Ambassador. Say good bye to Ethiopia. AFRICOM is on its way. That is why TPLF started arresting innocent Ethiopians under terrorism and the arrested journalists, teachers, etc. will be finished off by AFRICOM as “terrorists” to control our resources.

01/10/12 @ 09:20
Comment from: Belay [Visitor]

abebe gelaw summary of the interview contradicts the interview and this is not the first time he did this. the guy must think we are either too lazy to watch the interview or too dumb to understand what his guests are saying.because despite his hard push, his guests stick to their opinion and facts that most of the time disappoint him.

01/10/12 @ 09:54
Comment from: Delil [Visitor]

I think it is time to quit politics and go to their job, people like Abebe Gelaw, Tamagn Beyene/Mengistu Hailemariam/, Abebebe Belaw, Mirt yeGONDER LIJOCH. Please try another job. Yepoliticaw FILM BERTOBACHUHUAL. ESKISTA NEW YEMISMAMACIHU ESKISTA WUREDU.

When yoi interview this guy, Abebe, I think you did not do your Home Work period. Sometimes yoi say TPLF regime Sometimes you say the Ethiopian Govenment what’s wrong with you man? GET ORGANIZED.

01/10/12 @ 15:43
Comment from: Biru [Visitor]

@Agazi woman

The story you are telling us sounds like a fiction, as if no one remembers 1991, when the EPLF brought you to power.

“Ambassador Cohen also admitted that the May 1991 London Peace Conference, which has been recorded as an America-brokered peace process in history, did not happen as it did not go far beyond a consultative meeting he held with EPLF representatives led by Isaias Afeworki and Meles Zenawi’s TPLF delegation, as well as OLF that had a minor role, at the Berkeley Hotel. It also emerged that the so-called “London Peace Conference” of May 27, 1991 under America’s mediation never happened.”

We even know OLFs minor role played as well, so don’t be silly. You are exaggerating about TPLF beyond reality, EPLF like parent TPLF like a child and OLF like the grand child was the actual reality.

01/10/12 @ 22:21
Comment from: true [Visitor]

Agazi Woman,

Really? Your hole fight was to liberate Tigray, what does liberate mean by your definition since you seem to have more issues than just Derg? Treasonous? Wow, who is the treasonous, TPLF or Shaebia when in fact Shaebia’s treasonous should have been obvious to separate from Ethiopia and whether Shaebia is treasonous for Ethiopia or not would not have mattered. So, Shaebia was treasonous because they didn’t support TPLF and nothing to do with Ethiopia. Your goal is then, TPLF and Tigray why didn’t you say so. By your explanation, your heroism has nothing to do with Ethiopia but for Tigray. For us, we are still under occupation of a dangerous, pro ethnic, anti ethnic of all Ethiopians which is TPLF. Shame on you. The fact that what you mention and your way of thinking is treasonous. I wonder if Shaebia is better than the evil people like you, TPLF. It is one thing to improve and empower Tigrayan people under TPLF, it is another thing to destroy the lives of other ethnic Ethiopian people. That is treasonous and shameful. Your time is nearing soon.

Really, where did TPLF get their arms and support even many of your former TPLF members talked about how they received arms from Iran, Egypt, Shaebia and West. Actually you can’t control without any arms obviously you must have gotten it from somewhere else it doesn’t come out of thin air! Obviously you are disconnected from your other former TPLF members and spreading propoganda.

TPLF also had many support not only Shaebia but also Ethiopians ONLY because they hated Derg. Otherwise, believe me, you woulnd’t even step in one of Ethiopia’s regions with your Liberation Front name. Also the betrayal of former Derg politicians. You are insulting Shaebia who gave you this privilege to have power? You should thank them for brainwashing you to hate Ethiopia.


You are obviously Weyane and you make sure the TPLF name is not mentioned. You said “EPRDF would have been in whether we told them or not..” Was EPRDF formed when your rebels came in? ARe you now blaming ERPDF that is just a rubber stamp of TPLF and Meles? Keep saying TPLF TPLF TPLF TPLF because that is the party that is causing havoc not EPRDF. I got you!

01/11/12 @ 02:44
Comment from: Dawit [Visitor]


You are delusional. It took EPLF more than thirty years to liberate Eritrea while it took only 14 years to liberate Tigray from the Derg army. Even at its early stage. the TPLF had fought its own battles alone and alone successfully against EPRP, EDU and EL. TPLF already had a seasoned army in 1991 and it did not need the support of EPLF. After, TPLF/EPRDF won decisive battles against the Derg army in Gonder, Wolleo, Northern Shoa, ambo and other regions, true, hundreds of EPLF fighters joined to enter Addis to show their alliance to TPLF. That does not mean that EPLF brought TPLF to power. Rather, EPLF would have been annihilated, had it not been for the gallant TPLF fighters who saved their ass at the Sahel desert in the 1980’s. The TPLF battle sucesses has even been witnessed by some of their enemies. The people who try to undermine this and call names the Tigrean people do this out of mere jealousy (inferiority complex).

01/11/12 @ 04:46
Comment from: Santi [Visitor]

Cohen says do you think he is god stop asking white man about your own country i dont konw about you but we know about our country

01/11/12 @ 05:09
Comment from: Shanti [Visitor]

Sad story

01/11/12 @ 05:30
Comment from: Trueman [Visitor]

It is very easy for USA to work with dictators rather than working with democrats. USA loves dictators. Hmmm…it is excruciating to think how Mr. Herman Cohen found solace in the opinion of one political-slutt, a supposed “professor” of addis ababa university who said Ethiopians do not deserve democracy. This dead wood professor of AAU is looking for $$ leftovers from the USA as he wants to justify USA’s policy of self interest. Geleba professor.

01/11/12 @ 08:47
Comment from: anon [Visitor]

The illegitimate TPLF regime,beside looting the country’s resources has been for the last twenty years intensely engaged in human right abuse and genocidal murders against innocent Ethiopians. As a result of its destructive policies such as its right’s abuse, corruption, nepotism and looting its policies is closely being watched by diplomatic world. The wiki leak has repeatedly exposed its hidden agenda.

a) The secret transfer of large chunk of Ethiopian land for the Sudan, as a way of normalizing its future relationship and perhaps in the hope of seeking sea access if Legese chooses to secede.
b) It exposed Melese asking U.S to assassinate Sudan’s Bashir.

c) It exposed the Melese regime is engaged in heavy handed state economic development in cooperation with that of China. For instance the Chinas are in oil exploration and in as well as in the construction of infrastructure. As a result TPLF is forced to adopt hard ball politcs against the onlf. All this revelations are meant the relationship between U.S and Melese are waning in particular of his courting relationship with China. The only thing U.S is interested is in the fight against appears that even for this task U.S is sending signal to Legese that she can find other actors beside him such as Keny.His voluntary military expedition in Somalia is a tell-tale about his reaction for what he saw U.S abandoning him as a hot potato. Still, revelation of Herman Cohen about the unsustainability of the TPLF minority regime and its timing with the wiki leak revelation makes the matter crystal clear the days of TPLF leaders is winding up.
With this agree the general sentiment of the U.S public about expenditure and foreign policy. The public is demanding the U.S strictly follow a Foreign policy based on respect for American values and ideals such As respect for human right and democracy.

For instance, presidential
candidate Ron Paul made it clear if elected he will enforce austerity measure to Balance the budget.Specificaly he said he will close the department of Education, PA and will make an overall restructuring of government burocracy.Such is the current political wind. Under such condition It will be highly
Unlikely the global tug and tyrant Legese to
Acquire their usual handouts.

Added with this, perhaps,

Added with this, perhaps,the biggest headache of all to the small man ( small in vision) Legese is the fact the Ethiopian opposition is coming together.
All the abuse of the rights of Ethiopian peaceful citizens by the chief of criminals won’t go unpunished. Where can such a tug who would have the deplomatic cmmountity believe he was fighting for the rights of people
will be able to find hiding place for his crime? In retrospect the Clique chief will have no one to
Blame but his own prideful heart.

In the end it will be proven that Melese is a very small man, whose vision does not t pass far than the tip of his nose.He does not care for his people;He cares not even for his own very family. He believes only in the principle of the brute which goes as this
“Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die.” It has been well said to such a one.Looting is one thing but subjecting and abusing innocent citizens will not be tolerated.Such gross miscarage of justice will be met in like mannar.

This seems undoubtedly the direction of his end.

01/11/12 @ 12:12
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Agasess Woman ,you ‘re really unshamed LIAR when you dare to say such garbage words :"The TIGRAY PEOPLE LIBERATION FRONT never recieved aid,military assistance from the west,arab,and other countries” .For your Information your Leba Masters with all his ass holes bros were hosted ,financed and sheltered by
Arabs .And also the then Somali Tyrant Siad barre regime Diplomatic Passport HOLDERS !!!!Secondly it was the Despot Gadaffi himself who
paid the pickups ,the different arms including the Tanks driven by SHABYAns THAT YOUR LEBA MASTER used
.Secondly he did obtain political and diplomatic support from State Department and also from Israel to march into Addis_Abeba !!!KILETAM KERFAFA BANDA !!!!!!

01/11/12 @ 14:42
Comment from: woldeyesus [Visitor]

Ethiopians, you should thank Mr. Cohen for telling you the truth that you have no special friend anywhere in the world. It is you and only you who decide your fate. Stop whining about what happened. No one is responsible for your success or failure. In fact, you should thank God that no one was able to take advantage of your miserable situations. As much as possible, the super powers (Russia, the US, the Brits, and others) tried to assist as long as their interests were not compromised.

Mr. Cohen, thank you for being as truthful as humanly possible. Specifically, thank you for:
- Telling us about the care the Russians take in returning the damaged good Ethiopia back to the US that was treaded for Somalia around 1974.
- Clarifying the misconception that the current Ethiopian gov refused to take Assab supposedly when you ‘gave’ them. You just told us that there was no such discussion. Only that Asmara allowed Addis to use the port.
- Told us clearly and repeatedly that Ethiopians should not expect anyone else to decide for them.

01/12/12 @ 10:37
Comment from: Biru [Visitor]


WHATEVER ! teret teret ye lam beret.

01/12/12 @ 19:29
Comment from: Dokile Balcha [Visitor]
Dokile Balcha

@Amhara Princess I was wondering if I could marry you for those comments:)If you say no, well, I say “WHATEVER".

01/12/12 @ 21:10
Comment from: Netsanet [Visitor]

True, I don’t have time to teach you the cronological developments of events, but I want to remind you one thing, what was on the radio on ginbot 20 yeagotih gibeate meret ken?. “bisot yeweledew yeEhadeg serwit yedergin serawit bemedemses ethiopian tekotatere.” this one clicks in your mind or you were here. I know that you are one of the refugees who came to USA in the eighties and driving a cab. ehadeg malet EPRDF malet new kita ras. so when EPRDF was entering ADDIS it was EPRDF. THANK FOR CALLING ME WEYANE. YENIGUS ZER SILDERGKEGN AMESEGNALEHU. I can tell either you are SHAABIYA OR GONDERE. These are the people who hates EPRDF EXTREMELY,BECAUSE THE GONERES WERE EPRP THE SHAABIYAS THEY ARE KIKED THEIR ASS OUT OF ETHIOPA AND BADIME WITH HUMULIATION.. I am realy tired right now if I am not I would have teach you well about humbled EPRDF. EPRDF IS LOVE, EPRDF IS VISION, EPRDF IS HOPE, EPRDF IS PRIDE, EPRDF IS ETHIOPIA. EPRDF,EPRDF, EPRDF, EPRDF. LONG LIVE EPRDF.

01/13/12 @ 02:11
Comment from: Degone Moretew [Visitor]
Degone Moretew

Fellow brothers and sisters
Any politican works for the advantage of his poitics or government.Cohen did what was his mission by his boss.Now as rtired officer he wanted to tell us what is good and bad for us kkkkk
You people of that misfortune Ethiopia,pray to God for his intervention and learn tolerance and justice with in yoiur self.Woyane is an instrument of the mighty wetern nations.They know than Woyane crushed democracy and human right but they will never force woyane because their poitical and economical interest is more valuable than the lives of those massacred 193 demonstrators and the remaining tortured and killed by woyane regime as reprted by Amnesty International and Human Right watch.

01/13/12 @ 19:53
Comment from: Netsanet [Visitor]

Hi Yediaspra Tesfegnoch, people like true and Amarra princess/the famous SHABIAA on this website/, are trying very truly, the mission which was given by their mentor Shaabiya and Ginbot 7 the messenger. The trurh of this story by Abebe Gelaw is trying to degrade EPRDF struggle by informing to the people EPRDF entered to Addis with the help of AMERICANS for the followers of Albanian COMMUNISM come on yo. LIB YALEW LIB YIBEL. The fact is they kiked the aas of oppressive regime and force him to flee. Trust that same thing happens in Eritrea if Issayas does not stop mingling in Ethiopian affairs. He has no where to go, his friend Ghadafi has passed away in hummiliation.

THE JUBILANT FIGHTERS OF EPRDF, WHEN THEY ENTERED TO ADDIS THEY DIDN’T kill anybody out of fear or revange like Derrgue Serawit. Of course the majority of the army is TPLF. Do not blame them BECAUSE THEY DID NOT LeaVE THEIR COUNTRY FOR BETTER LIFE LIKE YOUR LEADER BIRHANU NEGA. They fought the fight up to the end. True the internet gorrella fighter, do not blame them for their bravery. You have to praise them for helping your family break their gan/Ensira/ and buy a fridge, throw their Kuraz and use Electricity, for letting them use the telephone instead of Meliktegna.I know that you have ill feeling because they kiked your ass from Assimba. But you could have fight in GONDER if you were realy thinking.about struggle. You were using the TIGRAY people to fight for you TPLF said no. You guys were not fighting instead you kill an official and hide inside the people that was your EPRP WAS DING. Now you are trying your fu___ng a__ off to take advantage of the succrificing Ethiopians. You followBirhanu Nega and pay him 500 dollar each. Sorry I don’t, I know better than that.

01/14/12 @ 11:02



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