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Ethiopia: I Remember! Never Again



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Ethiopia: I Remember! Never Again

I Remember!

Never Again

By Alemayehu G. Mariam

On June 6-8 and November 1-4, 2005, following the Ethiopian parliamentary elections in May of that year, hundreds of citizens who protested the theft of that election were killed or seriously wounded by police and security personnel under the exclusive command and control of the late Meles Zenawi. An official Inquiry Commission established jointly by Meles Zenawi and the Ethiopian parliament documented that 193 unarmed men, women and children demonstrating in the streets and scores of other detainees held in a high security prison were intentionally shot and killed by police and security officials. An additional 763 were wounded.
The Commission completely exonerated the victims and pinned the entire blame on the police and paramilitary forces. The Commission concluded, “There was no property destroyed [by protesters]. There was not a single protester who was armed with a gun or a hand grenade as reported by the government-controlled media that some of the protesters were armed with guns and bombs. [The shots fired by government forces] were not intended to disperse the crowd but to kill by targeting the head and chest of the protesters.”
[Important Note: The Commission's list of 193 victims includes only those deaths that occured on June 6-8 and November 1-4, 2005, the specific dates the Commission was authorized to investigate. It is believed the Commission has an additional list of victims of extra-judicial killings by government security forces which it did not publicly report because the killings occured outside the dates the Commission was authorized to investigate.]
I remember...
Rebuma E. Ergata, 34, mason; Melesachew D. Alemnew, 16, student; Hadra S. Osman, 22, occup. unknown; Jafar S. Ibrahim,28, sm. business; Mekonnen, 17, occup. unknown; Woldesemayat, 27, unemployed; Beharu M. Demlew, occup. unknown; Fekade Negash, 25, mechanic; Abraham Yilma, 17, taxi; Yared B. Eshete, 23, sm. business; Kebede W. G. Hiwot, 17, student; Matios G. Filfilu, 14, student;Getnet A. Wedajo, 48, Sm. business; Endalkachew M. Hunde, 18, occup. unknown; Kasim A. Rashid, 21, mechanic; Imam A. Shewmoli, 22, sm. business; Alye Y. Issa, 20, laborer; Samson N. Yakob, 23, pub. trspt.; Alebalew A. Abebe, 18, student; Beleyu B. Za, 18, trspt. asst.; Yusuf A. Jamal, 23, occup. student; Abraham S. W. Agenehu, 23, trspt. asst.; Mohammed H. Beka, 45, farmer; Redela K. Awel, 19, taxi Assit., Habtamu A. Urgaa, 30, sm. Business.
Dawit F. Tsegaye, 19, mechanic; Gezahegne M. Geremew, 15, student; Yonas A. Abera, 24, occup. unknown; Girma A. Wolde, 38, driver; W/o Desta U. Birru, 37, sm. business; Legese T. Feyisa, 60, mason; Tesfaye D. Bushra, 19, shoe repairman; Binyam D. Degefa, 18, unemployed; Million K. Robi, 32, trspt. asst.; Derege D. Dene, 24, student; Nebiyu A. Haile, 16, student; Mitiku U. Mwalenda, 24, domestic worker; Anwar K. Surur, 22, sm. business; Niguse Wabegn, 36, domestic worker; Zulfa S. Hasen, 50, housewife; Washun Kebede, 16, student; Ermia F. Ketema, 20, student; 00428, 25, occup. unknown; 00429, 26, occup. unknown; 00430, 30, occup. unknown; Adissu Belachew, 25, occup. unknown; Demeke K. Abebe,uk, occup. unknown; 00432, 22, occup. unknown; 00450, 20, occup. unknown; 13903, 25, occup. unknown; 00435, 30, occup. unknown.
13906, 25, occup. unknown; Temam Muktar, 25, occup. unknown; Beyne N. Beza, 25, occup. unknown; Wesen Asefa, 25, occup. unknown; Abebe Anteneh, 30, occup. unknow; Fekadu Haile, 25, occup. unknow; Elias Golte, uk, occup. unknown; Berhanu A. Werqa, uk, occup. unknown; Asehber A. Mekuria, uk, occup. unknown; Dawit F. Sema, uk, occup. unknown, Merhatsedk Sirak, 22, occup. unknown; Belete Gashawtena, uk, occup. unknown; Behailu Tesfaye, 20, occup. unknown; 21760, 18, occup. unknown; 21523, 25, occup. unknown; 11657, 24, occup. unknown; 21520, 25, occup. unknown; 21781, 60, occup. unknown; Getachew Azeze, 45, occup. unknown; 21762, 75, occup. unknown; 11662,45, occup. unknown; 21763, 25, occup. unknown; 13087, 30, occup. unknown; 21571, 25, occup. unknown; 21761, 21, occup. unknown; 21569, 25, occup. unknown; 13088, 30, occup. unknown; Endalkachew W. Gabriel, 27, occup. unknown.
Hailemariam Ambaye, 20, occup. unknown; Mebratu W. Zaudu,27, occup. unknown; Sintayehu E. Beyene, 14, occup. unknown; Tamiru Hailemichael, uk, occup. unknown; Admasu T. Abebe, 45, occup. unknown; Etenesh Yimam, 50, occup. unknown; Werqe Abebe, 19, occup. unknown; Fekadu Degefe, 27, occup. unknown Shemsu Kalid, 25, occup. unknown; Abduwahib Ahmedin, 30, occup. unknown; Takele Debele, 20, occup. unknown, Tadesse Feyisa,38, occup. unknown; Solomon Tesfaye, 25, occup. unknown; Kitaw Werqu, 25, occup. unknown; Endalkachew Worqu, 25, occup. unknow; Desta A. Negash, 30, occup. unknown; Yilef Nega, 15, occup. unknown; Yohannes Haile, 20, occup. unknown; Behailu T. Berhanu, 30, occup. unknown; Mulu K. Soresa, 50, housewife, Teodros Gidey Hailu, 23, shoe salesman; Dejene Yilma Gebre, 18, store worker; Ougahun Woldegebriel, 18, student; Dereje Mamo Hasen, 27, carpenter; Regassa G. Feyisa, 55, laundry worker; Teodros Gebrewold, 28, private business.
Mekonne D. G.Egziaber, 20, mechanic; Elias G. Giorgis, 23, student; Abram A. Mekonnen, 21, laborer; Tiruwerq G.Tsadik, 41, housewife; Henok H. Mekonnen; 28, occup. unknown; Getu S. Mereta, 24, occup. unknown;W/o Kibnesh Meke Tadesse, 52, occup. unknown; Messay A. Sitotaw, 29, private business; Mulualem N. Weyisa, 15, Ayalsew Mamo, 23, occup. unknown; Sintayehu Melese, 24, laborer; W/o Tsedale A. Birra, 50, housewife; Abayneh Sara Sede, 35, tailor; Fikremariam K. Telila, 18, chauffer; Alemayehu Gerba, 26, occup. unknown; George G. Abebe,36, private trspt.; Habtamu Zegeye Tola, 16, student; Mitiku Z. G. Selassie, 24, student; Tezazu W. Mekruia, 24, private business; Fikadu A. Dalige, 36, tailor; Shewaga B. W.Giorgis, 38, laborer; Alemayehu E. Zewde, 32, textile worker; Zelalem K. G.Tsadik, 31, taxi driver; Mekoya M. Tadesse, 19, student; Hayleye G. Hussien, 19, student; W/o Fiseha T. G.Tsadik, 23, police employee; Wegayehu Z. Argaw, 26, unemployed.
Melaku M. Kebede, 19, occup. unknown; Abayneh D. Orra, 25, tailor; W/o Abebch B. Holetu, 50, housewife; Demeke A. Jenbere, 30, farmer; Kinde M. Weresu, 22, unemployed; Endale A. G.Medhin, 23, private business; Alemayehu T. Wolde,24, teacher; Bisrat T. Demisse, 24, car importer; Mesfin H. Giorgis, 23, private business, Welio H. Dari, 18, private business, Behailu G. G.Medhin, 20, private business; Siraj Nuri Sayed, 18, student; Iyob G.Medhin, 25, student; Daniel W. Mulugeta,25, laborer; Teodros K. Degefa,25, shoe factory worker; Gashaw T. Mulugeta, 24, student; Kebede B. Orke, 22, student; Lechisa K. Fatasa, 21, student; Jagama B. Besha,20, student; Debela O. Guta, 15, student; Melaku T. Feyisa, 16, student; W/o Elfnesh Tekle, 45, occup. unknown; Hassen Dula, 64, occup. unknown; Hussien Hassen Dula, 25, occup. unknown; Dejene Demisse,15, occup. unknown; Name unknown; Name unknown; Name unknown; Zemedkun Agdew, 18, occup. unknown; Getachew A. Terefe, 16, occup. unknown; Delelegn K. Alemu, 20, occup. unknown; Yusef M. Oumer,20, occup. unknown.
Mekruria T. Tebedge, 22, occup. unknown; Bademe M. Teshamahu, 20, occup. unknown; Ambaw Getahun,38, occup. unknown; Teshome A. Kidane, 65, health worker; Yosef M. Regassa, uk, occup. unknown; Abiyu Negussie, uk, occup. uk; Tadele S. Behaga,uk, occup. unknown; Efrem T. Shafi,uk, occup. unknown; Abebe H. Hama, uk, occup. unknown; Gebre Molla, uk, occup. unknown; Seydeen Nurudeen, uk, occup. unknown; Eneyew G. Tsegaye, 32, trspt. asst; Abdurahman H. Ferej, 32, wood worker; Ambaw L. Bitul, 60, leather factory worker; Abdulmenan Hussien, 28, private business; Jigsa T. Setegn, 18, student; Asefa A. Negassa, 33, carpenter; Ketema K. Unko, 23, tailor; Kibret E. Elfneh, 48, private guard; Iyob G. Zemedkun, 24, private business; Tesfaye B. Megesha,15, private business; Capt. Debesa S. Tolosa, 58, private business;Tinsae M. Zegeye,14, tailor;Kidana G. Shukrow,25, laborer;Andualem Shibelew, 16, student; Adissu D. Tesfahun, 19, private business; Kassa Beyene Yror,28, clothes sales; Yitagesu Sisay,22, occup. unknown; Unknown, 22, occup. unknown.
Government security officers killed by friendly fire (security officers killed in crossfire): Nega Gebre, Jebena Desalegn, Mulita Irko, Yohannes Solomon, Ashenafi Desalegn, Feyia Gebremenfes.
List of prisoners massacred while trapped in their cells at Kaliti Prison on November 2, 2005:
1. Teyib Shemsu Mohammed, age unknown, male, charged with instigating armed insurrection. 2. Sali Kebede, age unknown, male, no charges indicated. 3. Sefiw Endrias Tafesse Woreda, age unknown, male, charged with rape. 4. Zegeye Tenkolu Belay, age unknown, male, charged with robbery. 5. Biyadgligne Tamene, age unknown, male, charges unknown. 6. Gebre Mesfin Dagne, age unknown, male, charges unknown. 7. Bekele Abraham Taye, age unknown, male, charged with hooliganism. 8. Abesha Guta Mola, age unknown, male, charges unknown. 9. Kurfa Melka Telila, convicted of making threats.
10.Begashaw Terefe Gudeta, age unknown, male, charged with brawling [breach of peace]. 11. Abdulwehab Ahmedin, age unknown, male, charged with robbery. 12. Tesfaye Abiy Mulugeta, age unknown, male, charged with instigating armed insurrection. 13. Adane Bireda, age unknown, male, charged with murder. 14. Yirdaw Kersema, age unknown, male, no charges indicated. 15. Balcha Alemu Regassa, age unknown, male, charged with robbery. 16. Abush Belew Wodajo, age unknown, male, no charges indicated. 17. Waleligne Tamire Belay, age unknown, male, charged with rape. 18. Cherinet Haile Tolla, age unknown, male, convicted of robbery. 19. Temam Shemsu Gole, age unknown, male, no charges indicated.
20. Gebeyehu Bekele Alene, age unknown, male, no charges indicated. 21. Daniel Taye Leku, age unknown, male, no charges indicated. 22. Mohammed Tuji Kene, age unknown, male, no charges indicated. 23. Abdu Nejib Nur, age unknown, male, no charges indicated. 24. Yemataw Serbelo, charged with rape. 25. Fikru Natna’el Sewneh, age unknown, male, charged with making threats. 26. Munir Kelil Adem, age unknown, male, charged with hooliganism. 27. Haimanot Bedlu Teshome, age unknown, male, convicted of infringement. 28. Tesfaye Kibrom Tekne, age unknown, male, charged with robbery. 29. Workneh Teferra Hunde, age unknown, male, no charges indicated.
30. Sisay Mitiku Hunegne, charged with fraud. 31. Muluneh Aynalem Mamo, age unknown, male, no charges indicated. 32. Taddese Rufe Yeneneh, charged with making threats. 33. Anteneh Beyecha Qebeta, age unknown, male, charged with instigating armed insurrection. 34. Zerihun Meresa, age unknown, male, convicted of damage to property. 35. Wogayehu Zerihun Argaw, charged with robbery. 36. Bekelkay Tamiru, age unknown, male, no charges indicated. 37. Yeraswork Anteneh, age unknown, male, charged with fraud. 38. Bazezew Berhanu, age unknown, male, charged with engaging in homosexual act. 39. Solomon Iyob Guta, age unknown, male, charged with rape.
40. Asayu Mitiku Arage, age unknown, male, charged with making threats. 41. Game Hailu Zeye, age unknown, male, charged with brawling [public disorder] 42. Maru Enawgaw Dinbere, age unknown, male, charged with rape. 43. Ejigu Minale, age unknown, male, charged with attempted murder. 44. Hailu Bosne Habib, age unknown, male, convicted of providing sanctuary. 45. Tilahun Meseret, age unknown, male, no charges indicated. 46. Negusse Belayneh, age unknown, male, charged with robbery. 47. Ashenafi Abebaw, age unknown, male, no charges indicated. 48. Feleke Dinke, age unknown, male, no charges indicated. 49. Jenbere Dinkineh Bilew, age unknown, male, charged with brawling [public disorder].
50. Tolesa Worku Debebe, age unknown, male, charged with robbery. 51. Mekasha Belayneh Tamiru, age unknown, male, charged with hooliganism. 52. Yifru Aderaw, age unknown, male, no charges indicated. 53. Fantahun Dagne, age unknown, male, no charges indicated. 54. Tibebe Wakene Tufa, age unknown, male, charged with instigating armed insurrection. 55. Solomon Gebre Amlak, age unknown, male, charged with hooliganism. 56. Banjaw Chuchu Kassahun, age unknown, male, charged with robbery. 57. Demeke Abeje, age unknown, male, charged with attempted murder. 58. Endale Ewnetu Mengiste, age unknown, male, no charges indicated. 59. Alemayehu Garba, age unknown, male, detained in connection with Addis Ababa University student demonstration in 2004. 60. Morkota Edosa, age unknown, male, no charges indicated.

On 11/11/11, Yenesew Gebre, a 29 year-old Ethiopian school teacher and human rights activist set himself ablaze outside a public meeting hall in the town of Tarcha located in Dawro Zone in Southern Ethiopia. He died three days later from his injuries. Before torching himself, Yenesew told a gathered crowd outside of a meeting hall, “In a country where there is no justice and no fair administration, where human rights are not respected, I will sacrifice myself so that these young people will be set free."

I remember...
“I remember the killers, I remember the victims, even as I struggle to invent a thousand and one reasons to hope. Because I remember, I despair. Because I remember, I have the duty to reject despair. Hope is possible beyond despair.”
Elie Wiesel, Holocaust Survivor and Nobel Peace Laureate

For a complete list of victims released by the official Inquiry Commission investigating the post-2005 election violence, see:


Comment from: [Member]

The senile old man almaria run out of articles or his decayed mentality gave up on him to write any new ideas or couldn’t find any crying materials. So he sorted out to pull out some lamentation from his old files.
Looks like he is suffering from dementia. He said I R E M E M B E R¿o¿o

11/18/12 @ 22:51
Comment from: eselem [Visitor]

The blood of these inocent, true citizense not yet dry in the drain. The mercenary who orchestrated this massacre paied the price by the hands of God.

11/18/12 @ 22:55
Comment from: [Member]

But very sad , you and others like you are still alive ,with a big mouth. You are trying to look you cares, have you tried to help one of their families. praise to God you have no body in politics.We are tired of you.

11/18/12 @ 23:15
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

The Monday stinky shit of Aram-Mariam.

11/19/12 @ 00:25
Comment from: ayan [Visitor]

aye prof aremariam
its sad those people have to die they died again when their names beind draged to the mud by you and your kinds who their goal is just to get attension
please find another hoby we etopians are not gone fight against each other so you can watch us on tv and and laugh with your white handlers.
try like peaceful way to get attention like pamela or britney show your —— you might get watchers in nursing homes seniors places.

11/19/12 @ 00:39
Comment from: meles zenawi [Visitor]
meles zenawi

Thank you professor!!! These men and women are patriots who died for Ethiopia. Their names lives with us forever and they are in history books for coming generations. For woyane and thier cadres, hearing this names send them a shiver in their skins, and these names keep’em awake at night as long as they live.
Long live Ethiopia!!!

11/19/12 @ 03:05
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Adgi and Extrapente the “Daily Stinky Shit” bandas…LOL !!! You
and your Thuggy bros are really suffering of loose of memories .History has never stoped from your usual crying “Hawzen” ,your criminal blood sucker dead master with his Agazis has comitted 1000th
Hawzens in the whole part of the country .Eventhough the UN disillusioned
US ignorant diplomat to the Yohanes Aramde Addicted stupid banda diasporas were denying the naked facts .TPLF with affilated bandas is a criminal Mafia Firm that ought to be eradicated for the sake of the Ethiopian Peoples and the regional stability .ayanawtaw what the hell are you talking about when you dare to vomit such stinky word “we etopians are not gone fight against each other ” that means for you that your murderer bandits agazi bros must be spared .KEEP ON DREAMING LEKAMMI WUSHA BANDA !!!!!

11/19/12 @ 03:34
Comment from: Ejole Ambo [Visitor]
Ejole Ambo

R.I.P. all innocent victims( husband,wife,sons,daughter,mother and father.)I wish a single life were not lost.If the writer aim had been to honor the victims and keep their memory alive,to be aware and to keep such a thing from happening again he should not have forgotten about the thousand of innocent people who were murdered by opposition groups in ogaden,oromiya,amhara,gambella and other part of the country.You too have not forgotten.May God truly bless the souls of those innocent people who rest in the ground of all part of Ethiopia.

Poetry for innocent victims ( by unknown writer):

What turns men into killing machines,
That blow apart lives and destroy innocent dreams?
Look into the eyes of a child and may the pain that you see,
Haunt you as much as it haunts me.
Feel the pain of the child who has lost a limb,
Can you explain the reasons for this to him?
Or the little girls weeping beside her dead mother,
While the others try to save her brother.
Look at the orphans that this conflict did create,
And you’ll see another generation will learn how to hate.
For as a heartbroken child cries in the still of the night,
He dreams of the day when revenge he will fight.

11/19/12 @ 03:54
Comment from: Wodajo [Visitor]

The tagays spent most of our adult life fighting wars. All we know how to do is how to kill and we attribute all the success we got in life to plain old war game.
If anyone whether civilian, soldier, opposition, rebel and so on gets in our way we go to the only thing we know best i.e. armed fighting. Some of us are still wishing the war with Mengistu was not over so we get to continue the guerrilla fighting.The fighting we know best.We miss our hub in Sudan where we used to hide from Mengistu,we miss how when derg thinks we were finished then we come out from Sudan and surprise attack the unsuspecting soldiers. Samora was good at taking us safe to Sudan and bringing us back undetected right to the soldiers partying.The 2005 protest was designed the same way.It felt good to attack the unsuspecting fools.We will do it anytime again without hesitation if the need arises. We fought to get where we are.We will for sure fight to stay where we are so the next generation gets to advance more and keep their quality of life.

11/19/12 @ 05:02
Comment from: Tamrat Tamrat [Visitor]
Tamrat Tamrat

Yes! We remember them! As long as we have hope for democracy and justice our heroes shall be remembered always.

In a country where shabis bombed and massacred innocents school children of Ethiopians and live in in Ethiopia with prosperous and respect by tplf, it seamed our democracy fighter are forgotten for the time being.

But in this upside down of my country things happen but not for long. Justice will be served like it was served for derg. We can not run from justice. If you dont believe me then try the sleepless night in 7 years a row like those police men who shot dead the demonstrators. Either you pray to you gods to make your life short like the one gave order or make the judgment day as short as possible.

11/19/12 @ 06:21
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Hey Woshwashu ,you mean the goat herder fake general stuffed with Ketffo and Yohanes Aramde plus his
bandit colleagues .After two decades ,these bandits used of the comfort of Addis have already forgotten what’s really look like a battle field and even the colour of AK47 rifles…LOL !!!

11/19/12 @ 06:25
Comment from: yazo enba [Visitor]
yazo enba

of course you remember them! you sent them to their death to bring down the regime for you. their family and the rest remember too!

11/19/12 @ 10:57
Comment from: [Member]

Thank you Professor Alemayehu for the grim reminder. Indeed it was one of the “Sad Days” of Ethiopian history.
These martyrs for our beloved motherland will have their sacrifce paid tenfold by the Genuine Ethiopians. We will never ever forget the blood that was shed by the Tyrant Looting TPLF group.

When such sad news is reminisced those whose job is to “Worship TPLF” are here with their usual “insults". If they can refute the great professor’s article with some fact-based arguement, it would have been a lot better.
Since they can’t do such intellectual blogging all they come up with is redicule, blasphemy or down right “rudeness".
When we see such type of blogging we either laugh at these bunch of “Cyber cadres” or pass it without reading.

The People’s sacrifice will bear fruit in the very near future!!!

11/19/12 @ 11:40
Comment from: heny [Visitor]

hahahahaha you remember for it was you and your likes who casued the death of these people. Ante agecham. why do not you tabulate it so that their profiles can easily be read? You do not know how to make a table? hahaha

11/19/12 @ 12:50
Comment from: Yihdego [Visitor]

The day those rats were crushed was one of my happiest days. Instead of taking the more than 100 seats they won, they went for the jugular. Aram hula chaka atgebim nebber adame. Tset let bilesh megezat new. Kalhone chakaw tementro sayalk megbat. Endetelemedew Kitshin besanja eyewogan enastedadershalen. Wodedshim telash!

11/19/12 @ 12:57
Comment from: [Member]

It is a very good thing that Alemayehu and his cohorts remember the people they led to death. If it were not for the cowardly strategy of KINJIT( the then party of Alemayehu and Birhanu) There would not have been this tragedy. When the professor remembers the people he also has to remember the role he played to misguide the people. The professor may try to blame the death of these people on someone but the fact points to his participation in the tragedy. Maybe the professor wrote this list out guilt. It is the professor who encourages people to rise and sacrifice themselves so people like him sit on power. Truly the professor besides living in a democratic country he has nothing democratic about him. I

11/19/12 @ 14:32
Comment from: yehuna [Visitor]

Yes, I remember the stolen election.
yes, I remember people shot dead like a target practice.( By the way what happened to the shooters?)
Yes, I remember the empty feelings, the grim faces, and the bullet riddled bodies.
I remember the judicial system abuse. I remember the political prisoners who are languishing all over and their families and the feeling we have regarding the process.
I remember the legislatures who look humans but do not act like one.
I remember the hypocrisy, nepotism, and corruption from the bottom to the top.
I remember the ill equipped bureaucracy:
its blindness to the truth,
No spine at all, they looks and feels like the table and chair they use in their fancy office.
Fears their own shadow but always walk in the dark,
Knows that they can go to Khaliti any time if they do not talk the talk or walk the walk(‘fat wallet Syndrome‘)
its appeasement policy to the ruling elites,
Making ‘decision in the interest of our country’ a bad line,
Full of inefficiency and wastefulness,
staffing their fat wallet,
totally ignoring our people and our country.

I remember the table of food with our people hands tied, their mouth shut, and allowed only to smell.
I remember when the word national unity get a bad rap and planting national division for evil purpose became a norm.
Yes, I remember the student leaders in the 60’s who were fighting for an absolute right of the people became political leaders and used the same play book from the previous governments to silence their critics.
They found out that:
Power create addiction,
My way or no way is sweeter,
create more lies after lies is the norm and found out that they are not bad at all,
Power looks different when you see it from the top; You always wants to have more and keep it by any means.
Lost is Working together, inclusion, tolerance, uniqueness, respect, humanity, humility and national welfare.
Let us wake up and do the right thing. Let us stop recklesness. Let us come to the center where all can work together.

If you think you are doing a good job as a leader, kudos for you. Leaders are supposed to do just that. Do not expect to get reward if you are genuine. Definitely, you can not build $100 millions birr of property with your $6000 birr salary. It is a foul.
We all have to stop those type of experiments.

this is my five cents.
Take care.

11/19/12 @ 14:43
Comment from: Afarman [Visitor]

Prof Alemayehu…when are you going to set yourself alight, I hope you will burn yourself one day. I don understand why you try to capitalize on the death of a poor Ethiopian named Yenesew Gebre. If committing suicide can make a change let the professor who lived above the average life expectancy of an Ethiopia commit suicide.

This good for nothing professor keep on encouraging others to pay sacrifice for the nation hiding behind his PC. kkk this is hypocrisy, if the professor has the ball he needs to go out and challenge the regime face to face, there is no need to hide in USA and spread hate propaganda.

I wonder how Ayatollah Alemayehu Gebremariam’s brain work, is it powered by diesel, petrol, wind or solar…? he keeps on moving in international waters which is beyond his control.

Ayi ayatolla Alemariam

11/19/12 @ 16:07
Comment from: Anbessaw! [Visitor]

I was in Addis Ababa around Legahar when the city was burning on these days: public buses burning, telecom. infrastructure destroyed and robbed, local shops….a city heading towards Moqadisho in few more days if it were not for the decisive action of Meles Zenawi.

And of course some were people were armed with gejeras and even guns. And that’s how the security forces were killed. It’s a stupid lie to described those deaths as friendly crossfires-LIE!

You can not just run to the palace with few uninformed and unprepared vagabonds. That was the plan of the orage revolution right from the beginning because they know they were not gonna win an election.
So, I believe both sides could have done better at saving lives but finally, the government was left with no much option.

This professor is simply a copycat of Elias Kifle. No balance in what he writes-reduced to another hate-mongering blogger with completely colored stories-HUGE SANDWICHES of LIES wrapped with some truth. No credibility at all.

11/19/12 @ 16:33
Comment from: Alula yemesker [Visitor]
Alula yemesker

Can you enumerate the people that were killed by your brother Mengistu? Can you do that? I know you can–for you were one of the killers—right?
Perhaps, start with your self—how many did you kill? What is your score?

Tedy–segera afe, please take care of your sick mother. Do not vomit on us either. You need to read and learn, man. Jackass.

11/19/12 @ 16:43
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Anbettaw before opening your stinky mouth full of lies .Better you read the raport of the then Inquiry Commission into which it is proved that none of the manifestants carried
any sort of arms .LEKAMMI DEDEB BANDA !!!!!Ahya Degdego ,thinks twice before vomiting your insanities .And don’t forget that it
was the happiest day for more than
99 % of the peoples to learn the DEATH of your leba master and will be the REBIRTH of the country the day that
the END of your Mafia Firm (TPLF) and your Goat Herder Milicias finally happens .TCHINKILATEBIS WUSHA BANDA !!!!Be Alubalta Yamenzer , take care of your ASS HOLE destroyed by your shabyan masters than jerking for “NOTHING” on this site .YE SHABYA TCHINGERED

11/19/12 @ 18:26
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Yazo Enba ,a very dedicated nickname for an Agazi ass hole .It’s really a waste of times for idiots like you to advocate the already lost cause of your Dead Leba Master .The TPLF Tyrant gave the order and the Agazi Bandits with their bandas shot inocent peoples .LEFFAFAFFI DENGAY GATCHI BANDA !!!!!!Hyena you with your Thuggy bros are the only accountable for masking and denying the crimes of the Tyrant Zenawi and his Agazi Bandits .LEKAMMI SHELLE BANDA !!!!!

11/19/12 @ 18:33
Comment from: Yuya Joseph [Visitor]
Yuya Joseph

Peace be upon these souls. May Ethiopia learn from the divisions and heal in unity in the coming months and years. The tragedies of Spring and Autumn 2005 reflect incredible optimism in the process of democracy, and thundering overbearing depression when widely disparate opposition forces were declared winners in only about 160 seats, or 1/3 of the Parliament, even though this was actually massive progress from the previous 12 seats. The opposition claimed they won the election (because they won so overwhelmingly in the cities, they assumed rural areas were also theirs, which was not always the case), but uniting after a vote doesn’t count. Sure most people voted against the Government, but they voted for 30 different parties.

Meles’ response was violent and out of proportion, and out of character with Ethiopia’s people and history. Let us all work for a lasting peace, and in the name of John Hoy, strive daily to ensure that peaceful civilians are never again killed on Ethiopian soil.

11/19/12 @ 21:48
Comment from: We remember, too [Visitor]
We remember, too

Thanks Prof. Alemayehu. I remember too. Still fresh in my mind.Those memories will never fade away. RIP all innocent lives!!!If it were not for TPLF gangs, you would have been with us today. But You did not die in vain. You are our heroes and we will remember you forever. For the monsters who cold-bloodedly shot dead our best and brightest,there will be a time to pay dear price in front of the peoples justice.WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND. GOD BLESS ETHIOPIA AND HER CHILDREN!!!

11/19/12 @ 22:16
Comment from: [Member]

Alemayehu, don’t kill your time just bullshitting every week writing sixteen pages of none sense, what have you done to the country or to the people beside your crap none sense noble writing. You are just angry old fa*t that you missed the boat. Good luck to your blabla and supporters.

11/20/12 @ 00:09
Comment from: warya [Visitor]

we should remember too those millions of Ethiopian killed during Ahmara on the power.

11/20/12 @ 01:11
Comment from: warya [Visitor]

Prof Almenyeh,do you think also that Ethiopians forgot their loved pple killed by your fkn ahmara leaders.

11/20/12 @ 01:27
Comment from: Friew [Visitor]


11/20/12 @ 01:58
Comment from: Gondar [Visitor]



11/20/12 @ 05:26
Comment from: Gebru [Visitor]

@ Alemayehu G. Mariam

My question to you, How many family members did you support finincially ? with how many family members you establish close connection ? I bet you “0″ Instead of putting your meaningless garbage here you should do something for those family you think you care.

11/20/12 @ 12:58
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

We all remember what happened!

The bunch of criminal opposition groups were gathered and participated in the election not honestly to address the country-people’s affair, but were formed in the notion of my enemies’s, enemies are my friend to grasp power by any means under the KINjJIT Party.

The big mistake was that the ethiopian people and the EPRDF were foolishly perceived them as ligament patties who would work for the Ethiopian people interests, but it became clear to all that those idiot were taking orders, and evil advises from all directions os an Ethiopia’s enemies that they told them not to take the parliament seats that they won, and they did exactly to what they have been told just to satisfy their masters….

People like Alemayoh G. Mariam were the major players, who were the mouthpieces of the enemies to mislead some people in the capital to go out and to creat distractions on public and government’s institutions- properties…then the rest is history.

Therefore, Almariam, you should know that you all have chosen to be the mouthpiece of enemies for the rest of your life and keep crying behind ur pc your evil crocodile tear that will never benefit Ethiopia at all…

God bless the world!!

11/20/12 @ 13:05
Comment from: Bacha Birhanu [Visitor]
Bacha Birhanu

Yes we remember them,we also remember you all nonsense articles almost all written by you . I also remember when we grown up and you always negative side.
by the way, when is you day to die? saw mot ayimegnim newir naw gin gin gin….yante stihum minim haq yelewim, tilacha bicha.

11/20/12 @ 13:17
Comment from: [Member]

One thing you failed to Remember-YOU, you an escapee who still wishes another killings and blood shed in Ethiopia.

FYI: Ethiopians are leaving the painful past behind and marching forward. Why are you still preaching hate and anarchy?

11/20/12 @ 14:57
Comment from: Emunate [Visitor]

I agree with Addis Zemen 100%. I might also add, this is just another rehashed polemic narratives that has gone overboard many time over.It’s best to ignore the never ending schandenfeud approach to any stories he has written wether they are factual or not. I can cetainly say that most of his writing has alway been saturated with bias toward the late prime minister and not so much about the government he was in charge off.
No matter what your views are about the late prime minister, you should aspire to do somthing good for your country if you are that patriotic instead of criticizing the uncriticizable.

11/20/12 @ 18:36
Comment from: sf [Visitor]

@To all,
Most Cadres are trying to defend themselves and their criminal government.
The crime committed by this government and their Cadres will not be forgotten.
This is our history of crime and intolerance!!
When time comes every criminal will be asked for his crime against the Ethiopian people.
One thing should be clear for all criminal and human rights violators:
Nobody forget your criminal act, even if you repent it now or in the future.

11/21/12 @ 00:49
Comment from: sf [Visitor]

@ Bacha Birhanu [Visitor]

O, O Bacha Birhanu and the CADRES,
The entire article which was written by our dear professor Al will be
a testimony for the crime committed by TPLF and their CADRES.
His articles and your comments will serve the next generation historians as a first hand document.
Therefore my friends, do not write trash, because you will be examine critically by the next generation how brainless, foolish you are.

11/23/12 @ 08:07



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