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Ethiopia in BondAid?



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Ethiopia in BondAid?

Ethiopia in BondAid?

By Alemayehu G. Mariam

“Bondage” is the state of being bound by or subjected to some external power or control. When people are bound by debt, they are in “debt bondage”. When they are held in involuntary servitude, they are in “bondage slavery”. Before much of Africa became “independent” in the 1960s, Africans were held under the yoke of “colonial bondage”. "International aid" addiction has transformed Africa's colonial bondage into neo-colonial bondaid. Could it be reasonably argued that Africans are sinking deeper and deeper into a quicksand of “bondaid” (to coin a new word) in the second decade of 21st Century?

In 1989, Graham Hancock wrote the “Lords of Poverty” scrutinizing the international aid “industry” including U.N. agencies, USAID, the World Bank and the IMF. His withering criticism infuriated many in the “international aid bureaucracies”. But his incisive analysis could not be easily dismissed. His basic argument is that international aid “has financed the creation of monstrous projects that, at vast expense, have devastated the environment and ruined lives; it has supported and legitimised brutal tyrannies; it has facilitated the emergence of fantastical and Byzantine bureaucracies staffed by legions of self-serving hypocrites…” It is a “a waste of time and money” and harmful to poor recipient countries ($60 billion in 1989). “Aid is not bad because it is sometimes misused, corrupt, or crass; rather, it is inherently bad, bad to the bone, and utterly beyond reform…. It is possibly the most formidable obstacle to the productive endeavors of the poor. It is also a denial of their potential, and a patronising insult to their unique, unrecognised abilities.”

Hancock views “international aid” as an elaborate “game” in which “public money levied in taxes from the poor of the rich countries is transferred in the form of ‘foreign aid’ to the rich in the poor countries; the rich in the poor countries then hand it back for safe-keeping to the rich in the rich countries.” He debunks the myth that “international aid works” and “must not be stopped because the poor could not survive without it.” He argues that “if the statement that ‘aid works’ is true, then presumably the poor should be in a much better shape than they were before they first began to receive it half a century ago. If so, then aid’s job should by now be nearly over and it ought to be possible to begin a gradual withdrawal without hurting anyone.”
The message of Hancok’s analysis is that the lords of poverty make up an invisible army of faceless, nameless, heartless, thoughtless, merciless, gutless, clueless, conscienceless and feckless "international civil servants, development experts, consultants and assorted freeloaders" unleashed on Africa to perpetuate and sustain a culture of poverty and beggary. Hancock points out

… the ugly reality is that most poor people in most poor countries most of the time never receive or even make contact with aid in any tangible shape or form: whether is it present or absent, increased or decreased, are thus issues that are simply irrelevant to the ways in which they conduct their daily lives. After the multi-billion-dollar ‘financial flows’ involved have been shaken through the sieve of over-priced and irrelevant goods that must be bought in the donor countries, filtered again in the deep pockets of hundreds of thousands of foreign experts and aid agency staff, skimmed off by dishonest commission agents, and stolen by corrupt Ministers and Presidents, there is really very little left to go around. This little, furthermore, is then used thoughtlessly, or maliciously, or irresponsibly by those in power — who have no mandate from the poor, who do not consult with them and who are utterly indifferent to their fate. Small wonder, then, that the effects of aid are so often vicious and destructive for the most vulnerable members of human society.

A decade later in 2009, Dambissa Moyo, echoed similar views: “Aid is an unmitigated political, economic and humanitarian disaster…. Over the past 60 years at least $1 trillion of development-related aid has been transferred from rich countries to Africa. Yet real per-capita income today is lower than it was in the 1970s, and more than 50% of the population -- over 350 million people -- live on less than a dollar a day, a figure that has nearly doubled in two decades…”

Hancock indicts the international aid industry as unaccountable, smug, detached, self-aggrandizing and paternalistic:

… At every level in the structure of almost all our most important aid-giving organisations, we have installed a tribe of highly paid men and women who are irredeemably out of touch with the day-to-day realities of the ... underdevelopment which they are supposed to be working to alleviate. The over-compensated aid bureaucrats demand -- and get -- a standard of living often far better than that which they could aspire to if they were working, for example, in industry or commerce in the home countries. At the same time, however, their achievements and performance are in no way subjected to the same exacting and competitive processes of evaluation that are considered normal in business. Precisely because their professional field is 'humanitarianism' rather than, say, 'sales', or 'production' or 'engineering', they are rarely required to demonstrate and validate their worth in quantitative, measurable ways. Surrounding themselves with the mystifying jargon of their trade, these lords of poverty are the druids of the modern era wielding enormous power that is accountable to no one…
BondAid: “Legitimizing Brutal Tyranny in Ethiopia”?

My reference to Hancock’s book above is not merely academic. I have been following reports on therecently announced $1.54 billion USAID assistance program in Ethiopia and studying other USAID reports on Ethiopia in light of Hancock’s arguments or hypotheses on the role of “international aid” in “legitimizing brutal tyrannies in Africa”. Is there an unhealthy bonding between dictators and donors?
Thomas Staal, the USAID Mission Director in Ethiopia, said the $1.5 billion assistance program “will transform our relationship with Ethiopia from one of assistance to one of economic and social cooperation, trade and investment.” In 2011-2012, “USAID assistance grants to Ethiopia will total USD 675 million” and support four specific priority objectives, including “education, health, agriculture and good governance”.

The fourth objective of “strengthen[ing] good governance practices for improved social accountability and conflict mitigation in programs in every sector” is the focal issue here. Could the $1.54 billion in USAID assistance serve to legitimize the brutal tyranny of Meles Zenawi and undermine the establishment of “good governance” in Ethiopia?
In an interview Stall gave before his reassignment to Bagdad, Iraq last week, he made the stunning admission that “with respect to political participation, we have not done a good job. Specifically, with respect to the election that took place two years ago, we have not done much to promote democracy. Customarily, USAID in various countries engages in election education with non-governmental organizations. It works to empower all political parties without preference. We support the local media to analyze elections and give information to the voters. But all these things are prohibited in [Ethiopia]. This is a hard situation that causes us to despair. We will try to talk to the government authorities…” (Frankly, one could get the “government authorities” to listen good and hard by practicing the old saying, “money talks and… walks.”)

In March 2012, USAID Ethiopia published a 72-page Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS) (2011-2015) report entitled“Accelerating the Transformation Toward Prosperity”. The following excerpts from the CDCS report are offered below to the reader to undertake a preliminary evaluation of Hancock’s hypothesis on the relationship between “international aid” and the legitimization of tyranny, particularly in Ethiopia.

… After the shock of the relatively free elections in 2005, in which the EPRDF drastically overestimated its popularity, much democratic ground has been lost. Subsequently, the opposition groups were divided and crushed, and the size and control of the ruling party was increased immensely. Legislation was introduced to limit and control the space for civil society and media, and wide powers of arrest were included in the “anti-terrorist” legislation. In 2010 the ruling party “won” 99.6% of the Parliamentary seats… (p. 8.) Limited political space, crushed opposition, 99.6 per cent win of parliamentary seats in 2010, wide powers of arrest and still pouring in $1.5 billion in aid? $3.8 billion in total development assistance in 2009?

… In the areas of democracy, governance, and conflict resolution, USAID is already working well with the Ministry of Federal Affairs (MoFA) on conflict management, mitigation and reconciliation issues,… Now that the May 2010 elections are over, there is an apparent relaxation of political harassment, and a major opposition detainee has been released… (pp. 11-12.) Apparent relaxation of political harassment? A major opposition detainee released? Forgot the thousands of political prisoners, hundreds of journalists, dissidents and opposition leaders rotting in Zenawi’s dungeons?

…The strong donor consultation and coordination on the critical issues of democracy and governance has not always resulted in a willingness to take a strong, united stance against clear abuses of constitutional commitments, legislation, or democratic processes. The DAG [Development Assistance Group] includes the World Bank, UNDP, DFID, CIDA, UNICEF, EU, SIDA, Ireland and Germany among others… (p. 13.) No willingness to take strong, united stance against clear abuses of constitutional commitments because…?? Say what!?!
(In October 2010, I wrote a weekly commentary entitled,"Feed Them and Bleed Them" and observed, “Huddled together in DAG-istan, the poverty pimps have collectively resolved to continue to do their usual aid business in Ethiopia because “broad economic progress outweighs individual political freedoms”.)

… Largely as a result of USAID support, first state and local governments and finally national level institutions (particularly the Ministry of Federal Affairs) are abandoning inclinations to respond to local conflict primarily through security forces, and are increasingly developing and applying capacities to assist conflicted communities with local government support to negotiate and consolidate local peace agreements and ensure that their own administrative actions at a minimum “do no harm.” …On the practical side, the GOE is making progress through the gradual rolling out of its “good governance” trainings around the country…” (p. 55.) Excuse me, but is “good governance training” for brutish dictators the same as obedience training for vicious dogs?

… The donor community is torn between the competing objectives of engaging with and assisting Ethiopia as a high profile example of poverty and vulnerability to famine, and addressing the major challenges and constraints to democratic space, human rights abuses, and severe restrictions on civil society and constitutionally guaranteed freedoms of speech, association and access to information. The GOE does not make this any easier, waveringbetween seductive and sophisticated rhetoric on development and economic topics on the one hand, and political repression, state dominance over the economy, and outright downplaying of humanitarian emergencies on the other hand. Added to this double-edged sword is the GOE‟s extreme sensitivity to any direct or even implied criticism, and its willingness to actively punish the criticizer, including members of the international community… (p. 53.) Ah! Beware the seductive and sophisticated rhetoric of the silver- tongued devil with an angelic voice, as Shakespeare might have cautioned.

… In the absence of competitive elections and other democratic processes, governance that is responsive to the aspirations and needs of its citizens and the knowledge and perspectives of stakeholders provides an important alternative release mechanism for political frustrations that have no other constructive outlet… Ethiopia’s new five year GTP [Growth and Transformation Plan] contains explicit commitments and targets to improve governance. However, traditions, capacities and resources to conceptualize and implement bottom-up accountability are lacking in a country where good governance was not a high priority during the imperial and communist periods and is only becoming a priority but constrained within the ideology of Revolutionary Democracy... (p. 58.) After 21 years of Zenawi’s iron-fisted rule, still blaming H.I.M. Haile Selassie and the Derg for the withering of democracy in Ethiopia? Give me a break!

…Understanding that faith in the efficiency and impartiality of the justice system is a key factor in the risk calculations that govern investment decisions by the private sector, individuals and donors,… Another concern is that politically favored businesses or sectors are able to leapfrog over methodical and inclusive planning processes and legally required contracting procedures. Expectations are more modest here, recognizing that the system itself is thoroughly under the control of the ruling party. The Mission will develop programs that promote the rule of law for sustainable development practices… (p. 59.) Modest expectations for justice and democracy because the system itself is thoroughlyunder the control of the ruling party! Heard that!

… USAID/Ethiopia recognizes that there is no policy space to conduct programs focused on competitive elections. Instead, the Mission will focus primarily on tackling the deeper issues of governance by aligning its focus with the achievement of the OE’s GTP sustainable development goals and commitments to improve accountable governance and conflict reduction… (p. 61.) So reward dictatorship with more money, mo’ money and mo’ money?
…With the increasing 'land giveaways' to private, foreign agricultural investors, policy efforts will be undertaken… to support land use planning and natural resource management thatavoids displacement of existing communities and helps ensure balanced development… (p. 19.) Increasing 'land giveaways' to private, foreign agricultural investors! Heard that!

Back to 2004: The Good Old Days of Telling It Like It Is!
In 2004, USAID issued its CDCS entitled “Breaking the Cycle of Food Crises: Famine Prevention in Ethiopia.” Andrew S. Natsios was the Administrator of USAID at the time. Here is an excerpt from that report:

… Ethiopia does not stand at this precipice of food insecurity and instability alone. And, it did not get there by itself. Ethiopia, its neighbors and its development partners have collectively failed to break the downward spiral of hunger, poverty and recurring food crises, which is a critical first step in improving the health and economic conditions of present and future generations of Ethiopians…. [S]uccessfully addressing this challenge will require Ethiopian leadership, commitment and the will to change.Evidence on Ethiopia’s performance is compelling and clear. The country has performed badly over the years, even relative to most other African countries, and to East Africa specifically. Gross per capita incomes are a fifth of the African average, declining about 40% between 1990 and 2000 ($160–$100), relative to a smaller decline of 13% for sub Saharan Africa. The poor performance of the economy is not due to drought, but results from the weak economic policies of the country over a sustained period—characterized by low rates of investment in economic growth and agriculture by both government and the commercial private sector, low levels of capacity, and low rates of agricultural and nonagricultural growth. In turn poor economic performance has led to worsening social standards, and created an increasingly fragile state that lacks the resiliency to manage through shocks (environmental, economic, political) that induce crises… (p. 5.)

In May 2012, Rajiv Khan, the current USAID Administrator moderated the G8 Food Security Summit in Washington, D.C. In his ingratiating introductory remarks to Zenawi, (grandiosely stroking Zenawi's ego) and using the usual “mystifying jargon” of the international aid industry, Khan inquired:
… So many people have associated a mental image of hunger with Ethiopia and at the same time because of actions in the public sector maintaining strong public investment in agricultureyou were able to protect millions of Ethiopians during the recent drought from needing food aid and food assistance. Could you speak to, even as we are launching a new food alliance, to engage the private sector, could you speak to some of the comments you have shared with us privately how important it is we live to our commitments to invest in public investment, in public institutions?
Meles was speechless!

Ethiopia has been the recipient of all kinds of aid from the U.S. over the decades. She has received “economic aid”, “development aid”, “military aid”, “technical aid”, “emergency aid”, “relief aid”, “humanitarian aid” and aid against AIDS. She has also received “BandAid” and “LiveAid” from others. Today, Ethiopians are afraid. They ask, “Is Ethiopia permanently trapped in “bondaid!?!” They pray for deliverance from the twin Lords of Tyranny and Poverty!

In all of Africa, USAID arguably has the largest aid program in Ethiopia. There are some who are skeptical about USAID’s claims of program effectiveness in Ethiopia. One can fairly judge the efficacy of USAID programs and the credibility of its asserted achievements in Ethiopia when the facts and data are made available for critical analysis and evaluation by intra-institutional authorities and other concerned communities. Unfortunately, facts and data appear to be the Achilles Heel of USAID/Ethiopia. This issue was made clear to USAID mission director Staal in 2010 by the Regional Inspector of the U.S. State Department Office of the Inspector General in his “Audit of USAID/Ethiopia’s Agricultural Sector Productivity Activities (Audit Report No. 4-6663-10-003-P (March 30, 2010)”. In that Report, the regional inspector informed Staal:

…The audit found the program is contributing to the achievement of market-led economic growth and the improved resilience of farmers, pastoralists, and other beneficiaries in Ethiopia. However, it is not possible to determine the extent of that contribution because of weaknesses in the mission’s performance management and reporting system. Specifically, while the mission used performance indicators and targets to track progress in several areas…, the results reported for the majority of those indicators were not comparable with the targets. Moreover, the audit was unable to determine whether the results reported in USAID/Ethiopia’s Performance Plan and Report were valid because mission staff could neither explain how the results were derived nor provide support for those reported results. In fact,when the audit team attempted to validate the reported results, it was unable to do so at either the mission or its implementing partners (pages 6-12)…

While some may rely on intuitive analysis and inferences from anecdotes to draw conclusions about USAID/Ethiopia, I much prefer evidence-based policy analysis. Hopefully, that body of evidence will be made readily available not only to dispel doubts, discredit rumors and enlighten critics of USAID/Ethiopia, but most importantly, to enhance and reinforce “the growing emphasis within USAID on transparency, accountability, and results.”


Comment from: bendo [Visitor]

Another Monday another rubbish talk from rubbish person..
The last Seven years more than three hundred fifty Mondays lost with this guy wasting his time and most importantly so many Ethiopians time by writing rubbish and posting it in all over the websites.
Can any one tell he is worst than those old woman’s who talk the whole day drinking coffee back home.
the Country need some one who does some thing even if it is small not some one who spent the whole week writing rubbish and wasting so many peoples time.
Get life men.. if you are not happy with your wife or work try to change it don’t try to take out your depression on us.

07/09/12 @ 05:57
Comment from: Teddy [Visitor]

PROFFESOR ALMARIAM we always miss your comment, opinion & advice.
We love & respect you PROFFESOR
You & you the only one scollar Ethiopian shire us your deepest knowledge every single week .
I personally Proude of you & respect .
God bless you more
Long live Pro ALMARIAM
keep it up we Love you

07/09/12 @ 07:28
Comment from: Ewket [Visitor]

You can’t turn the clock 40 years back. Wake up and run as fast as you can to catch up with the reality and join the crowd.Ethiopia you dream about where some are respected as prince and princess just because they were born form some family and the vast majority is denied all their right is gone forever. It only exists in your brain.

07/09/12 @ 07:44
Comment from: Mesfin [Visitor]

Dear Professor/Lawyer,
This time I am going to try being nicer to you even though I disagree with you almost every time you utter/write anything at all but you are older than me and you are more educated than me. So I am going to try not to have an emotional response to what you have to say, but it is hard you see because you do some sinister things. The reason why I say this is because you are one of the founding member of ESAT and you live in California and International RIvers is also located in California bay area. For those of you who don’t know what international river is, it is a tree huggers ‘non profit’ advocacy group for well basically rivers. These folks believe that the natural water flow of rivers should never ever be altered so they oppose any dam construction in large or medium scale on all rivers. Ironically, they are doing this now once most of Europe, Asia, and latin America have already finished building their dams. But now that Africa is building dams they are engaging in economic sabotage. Why is this relevant to you, well you are collaborating with international rivers to stop the construction of both Gilgel Gibe III and the new dam on blue Nile. Why do I say that? First you wrote vitriolic article criticizing the building of Gilgel Gibe III and I am waiting for your article condemning and criticizing the dam on the Nile because it is coming I am sure.

Second your collogue and another founding member of ESAT Abebe “we don’t need food who cares if children starved to death so long as I have a toxic, poisonous, hateful and thriving tabloid in Addis Ababa” Gallow interviewed one of the tree huggers from International Rivers and he was throwing her a soft ball as well, quite a coincidence huh. I may not hold PHD but I could read between the lines to figure you and Abebe Gallow out and understand people motives. Please see the link below I found this international rivers website, they are touting the interview conducted on ESAT. This lady makes things up out of thin air, like she said that water from Gilgel Gibe III has been promised to Saudi Star?? Really how does she know that??? Oh I forgot she is white then she must know what she is talking about.

I looked for other videos conducted on any other African television network to see if this one normal but I had no success whatsoever. Why do you do this?? Do you get paid for doing this?? Does International Rivers cut you and ESAT a check monthly. I could understand you disliking or hating your political opponent Meles Zenawi but why engage in economic sabotage that will have severe economic consequence for the generation to come??? Most importantly, if you engage in Economic sabotage then doesn’t that mean that it would be much harder for Ethiopians to wean themselves off aide?? The danger isn’t that you will succeed in your attempt in economic sabotage to try to topple Meles Zenawi but others who are badder/meaner than you or Meles Zenawi will use it against you if you were to succeed in toppling him. You know who loses in the end? The Ethiopian people they will be forever condemned to poverty and conflict and that is truly something I don’t want for the Ethiopian people.

Professor I disagree with you but God bless you and please for the sake of our people don’t engage in economic sabotage. Please don’t collaborate with international Rivers for the sake of our people and their development.

07/09/12 @ 07:54
Comment from: [Member]

Thank you professor Alemayehu for your precise analysis of the “Aid Shackle” that had chained our Ethiopia.
Our homeland has been squashed by the two Elephants namely “Tyranny by the weyane group at the helm” and the other “Poverty".
These two are and can be replaced by Democracy, Economic independence.
I look Tyranny and Poverty as two sides of the same coin.
We children of our mother land have to think outside the box and show our utmost effort in building Democracy and Economy in our motherland.
ድህነትን ለማጥፋት ሰባዊ መብትን ለማስከበር
በ አንድነት አገራችንን እንገንባ !!!

ድር ቢያብር አንበሳ ያስር


07/09/12 @ 07:57
Comment from: Mesfin [Visitor]

By the way although it is true not every dollar of aide makes it to poor countries there are countless examples of success stories such as the ones listed below so it isnt all doom and gloom as you like to portray it.

07/09/12 @ 08:11
Comment from: Mesfin [Visitor]

@Teddy: My compatriot Teddy, how have you been?? I am going to try to be more civil so greetings to you sir. We have had quite a few bruising battles here for a change I will try to be positive. Let us see how long that last.


07/09/12 @ 08:23
Comment from: Gondar [Visitor]

By Alemayehu G. Mariam

I respect you, please try to precise your idea and article,

07/09/12 @ 10:14
Comment from: Zulu [Visitor]

I have one suggsetion. Please, try your best to write in a simple english so that all Dedebits can easily understand and appreciate. You can also write in Tigrigna so that the TPLFites understand your message.These morons can undersatnd nothing other than violence and intimidation.

07/09/12 @ 10:17
Comment from: kul [Visitor]

Dear Prof. Al Mariam:

I know you are professor. I also know you are a lawyer by training. I can also see that you can write. But I always wonder whether you actually know why you write. Seriously!!!! Do you write for the sake of writing or you write to convey a message? If your aim is the later, I think you failed miserably. Writing a long article filled with big and fancy words may show that you are well versed in the English language. But it cannot make you a good communicator. If your main purpose of writing an article is to convey a message, I think you should keep it short, simple and direct.

07/09/12 @ 11:14
Comment from: sali [Visitor]

Dear Prof. AL,

am just admiring for the series of comments, defamation and calumniation from the dumb-minded prof. (of which his brain is full of hatred..), week-in and week-out.

Had he shown us, what a person contributed for his society, land, etc, he may have a moral to criticize. But,
practically he has done nothing for his country Eritrea or Ethiopa?.
To tell you the truth they need nothing from the far-spoiled guy and of his outdated know-how and comments.

A well-articulated English of the Prof., does not mean by far, the critics well-founded, rather it is fully-biased, unconventional; unfounded and in a nutshell rubbish (all rubbish, sorry to say that dear Prof.)

Your contribution emanated from hatred of yourself and others.

Stop to confuse people with your title, you are one of a person with ill-minded and full of jealousy.

You are nothing but a horseman of the Apocalypse.

Ethiopia will prevail and flourish day by day!!!!!!

God bless you!

07/09/12 @ 11:40
Comment from: NoStRaDaMuS [Visitor]

Did anybody else notice the change in the tone of Almariams writing? I usually start reading his article and stop by the second paragraph since it is there where it starts the nonsense. But today; although I disagree with him, he tried to put his arguments in a civil manner. And he wrote how he respectfully disagrees with the program of aid to Africa in general and USAID practices in Ethiopia in particular. I will say well done professor. But I still think you are wrong.

07/09/12 @ 11:42
Comment from: GlobalBelaiMariamJesus [Visitor]

RE: Globalize fast with Win-win public and private enterprises!

Renaissance, transformation means change! and change demands criticism, improvement and development!

Yes we need good governance and that means we should entertain transparency, accountability from every one including our critics.

In this week of of July 04, 2012, it it time to learn from the success and enterprise of The United States of America. A country that renews itself with new Diaspora and new Foreign investors and new technologies.

In its 236 years of independence, it has built the strongest nation that is dynamic, diverse, creative and prosperous than any before it.

Now, Ethiopia should do the same!

We need to use international investment and technology expertise to build our energy capacity.

It is common practice for others to criticize when we do something good.

The critics are from within and without.

Be worried if there is no criticism, that means we are doing nothing!

Let the critics say their bit and let us continue to build public and private partnerships across all sectors of our lives.

However, we should demand for irrefutable evidence to be provided from our critics.

Remember: We improve because we are able to criticize ourselves first and allow others to criticize us.

with regards and seeking your alternative perspective

Belai Habte-Jesus, MD, MPH

07/09/12 @ 11:59
Comment from: werner2010 [Visitor]

Coining one meaningless word after another, quoting himself, bad-mouthing everything in mother Ethiopia -from the ECX to the dams-

07/09/12 @ 12:09
Comment from: Zeab [Visitor]

It is mainly a strategic alliance that is taking USA and the west to our country. What do they gain from putting hard bondage of aid on Ethiopia? It is justifiable that they need a strong ally like Israel for their own security reasons. It is worthless to cling to a weak Ethiopia. Sometimes the belief that they come to exploit our natural resources or make us their puppet is over exaggerated version of our low self-esteem and fear.
Ethiopia needs aid, to build infrastructures and for other important developments. Off course it is critical that the every one, including the donors need to know where the money goes and how it is spent. Ethiopia is still not one of the highest aid recipients. Many countries receive much more aid from USA or the west than Ethiopia. We need someone to provide the data.
It is true that development means a fruit or an outcome of a process. In this case Ethiopia needs to organize and implement a wide public participation in the process. And to shake and put the sleeping Ethiopian in motion, development cooperation and assistance is very important. Now days, even the European countries, like Greek, Spain, Italy… are receiving Bailout from Germany, France and other European countries.
Because Melles Zenawi is ruling the country, everything can not be demonized, including the pioneer investor Alamudi. All want Alamudi on their side; the problem is we can’t cut up him to have our own versions of Alamudi.

07/09/12 @ 12:15
Comment from: C'est moi senait [Visitor]
C'est moi senait

The weyanees morality and justice are simply devices of the Hoddams rich to deceive the poor. That means the justice and morality are no more than the invention of skilful chigaarams politician. The competition among the newly greedy weyannes and Hoddams has driving the Ethiopia economy into who to live and who to die. The west continuously to give aid to these chiggarams weyanne that ends up being spent on corrupt regimes of melese.

By all means we have to get ride of these parasites charities and NGO out of Ethiopia soil. We are better without them. Only these chiggarams weyannes who need free food year after year like kooomatams.

07/09/12 @ 13:32
Comment from: yhd [Visitor]

Not so surprising, the delusional Al Mariam thinks that he has the cure for the recurrent drought – his solution is to cut aid to Ethiopia.
The horn of Africa is a climate change hot spot as a result of years of environmental degradation and an ever increasing global warming phenomenon. On average, six to seven million people are affected by recurring drought and starvation every year. Last year, up to twelve million people were impacted by drought in Somalia, Ethiopia, South Sudan and Kenya. It is not a simple problem that can be solved overnight; it needs a major transformation in all areas, requires the allocation and implementation of significant amount of resources; needs a peaceful environment and stable government, etc. Mr Mariam is consistently petitioning and discouraging anyone who is providing assistance to our people at the time of their needs. In the above piece of garbage he wrote, he argues that the best way US and others assist Ethiopia and other affected countries is by cutting aid. In face of the millions of people who still depend on some kind of assistance, writing such a piece of garbage with intent to discourage those who are extending help and assistance is no less than adding an insult to injury on those whose lives depend on the assistance. There is no argument, those affected by drought need short-term and long-term assistance, more than anything, in order to relieve their sufferings and help them transform their lives. It’s a pity for an Ethiopian to criticize others who are extending support and assistance to our people at the time of their needs. Mr Mariam seems to be totally insensitive and inhuman to the sufferings and needs of millions of affected Ethiopians who depend on some kind of aid. Politics aside, the reality is that resolving this deep rooted problem that we have inherited requires a lot of hard work by us and a considerable amount of long-term developmental assistance from our partners.

07/09/12 @ 15:31
Comment from: Abebe [Visitor]

Mr. Al. Mariam You are so confused, the Ethiopian Government is trying to get out of foreign Aids. To do that the Government has to build the economy by inviting investors, open different factories, building Dams to have enough power to run the factories, open more Jobs, build more schools and universities by presenting bonds is not a crime. Also buying bonds for your country is the best thing do and it is not getting into BONDAGE. When you buy a bond no one forces you. You buy it for your own advantage and also help your country. We know your problem, your problem is why the EPRDF, or why in Meles time (or these Tegrie ) build this Dam. Too late!! My friend now it will be done. Meles’s name will be in this glorious history of Ethiopia. Therefore Ethiopians need a strong Government like EPRDF. This Government is trying hard to build the county, and to take it out from all Foreign Aids. Therefore Al. Mariam wake-up from your Sleep. The Government of Ethiopia and the poor people are working hard day and night to get out from backwardness, and begging from foreign countries. Also Al Mariam I wish you good luck for your ridged ideology, but the country will go for ward with out you and the enemy of the country.

07/09/12 @ 15:52
Comment from: Tiru new [Visitor]
Tiru new

Agazi woman

Good job!! tell that shame of human race in the language she understands.
Her brain doesn’t understand decent language.

07/09/12 @ 16:14
Comment from: Tarid [Visitor]

This guy is totally driven by hate.

07/09/12 @ 16:41
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Wonder what the hell are each time
prof Al writes a single line on the sad situation of our peoples ,TPLF Thugs spreading their usual tears of crocodile .Of course the evil game played by the state department financing the Agazi Bandits under cover Humanitarian Aids must be condemned .By the way the Fake Mesfin ,I have no more time to respond to your useless propagandas
advocating the case of an evil Tyrant .Prof Al has never argued nor Abebe Gelaw that the poor Ethiopian
Peoples to be denied socio economic assistance from Donator Countries .They are simply denouncing that these aids have been
a means to enrich the Tyrant couples and their puppets !!!With the complicity of some Western leaders who sinically link regional stability with the preservation of
the powers of local despots and Tyrants .By the way as you know ,eventhough your daily lie of the building of the great Dams the majority of the peoples are living under candle lights .As one of your
moron bros ignorantly has stated recently that peoples in Addis are suffering of Obesity ,you are not finishing by telljnd us that Addisans prefer candle light for the energy savings
and for for the fight against climate change !!!For your Information nobody shall regret your
leba master the day that he will step down ,deposed or simply passing away !!!!

07/09/12 @ 17:11
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

Online Class…LOL.

Almayoh Gebremariam’s once a week hate propaganda online preaching class againist the Ethiopian people, and government is only attract to a handful of hopeless individuals. His countless pages of propaganda or lies are increasing from time to time, but the number of his sstudents are getting fewer and fewer from time to time….LOL. All he left with for the moment are Teddy, Mesfin Be, Brook… They just make fool of themselves by responding thank you…bla..bla…To his trash hateful weekly propagandas…

We will see how far they will go whir their nonsense and trash cyber comedy…. LOL.

07/09/12 @ 17:30
Comment from: Heny [Visitor]

“Thank you professor Alemayehu for your precise analysis of the “Aid Shackle” that had chained our Ethiopia.” says mesfine B. the moron. he does not seem to know what the word “precise” means. hahahahaha

Agazit anbesit. belyom nezon jajewti.

07/09/12 @ 17:36
Comment from: Alula Yemesker [Visitor]
Alula Yemesker

Please know that I am with you. No more insult from these shintam and kezenam whatever.
I am tired of hearing and reading the degrading, slandering, and insulting People of Tigray. What did people of Tigray do to the Amhara’s? Except helping them getting rid of their Mengstu the stupid?
Tigray fought all fights defending Ethiopia—mention it—all battle ground tested Tigrayan blood. Without Tigray, Amhara is a widow-this was witnessed by their own Haile Selassie himself.

You know me–I do not hasitate to do tat-for-tat with these shintam amharas. count on me.
In fact, I like when they start opening that stink mouth of them against Tigray—then I get good reason to urinate on their head. This is the only way they can understand–no more respect and passivness.
cheers AGAZIT—

07/09/12 @ 17:52
Comment from: Al Zew [Visitor]
Al Zew

Hi!Professor Al. I have profound respect for you and enjoy reading your article. By the way, is Hancock an angle or a human being like us? You relied too much on his writing like more than we do on the Bible and Koran.Rich countries give out money in many forms,with a lot of baggage, as long as that leader is useful to their economic and security interests. It is obvious that the money is given for that purpose with no accountability. I admire the honest answer of the PM “It is tempting.” The problem is, we the so called supporters the and PM don’t speak same “language”
Is the aid money good for the country? Yes it is.After waste, At least 50% goes to its intended target.God bless that is enough.

07/09/12 @ 18:01
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

What a “JOKE” Agasess Woman is telling us that she has a Felasha Blood !!Who can teach this moron lady that Gafat it’s not in Tigray and Amhara Sayent where felashas also came from is in Wello !!Oh I see she means the fake Asylum seekers after crossing the Sinai Desert who are actually trying to settle in Israel disguised as Felashas Muray ,Eri guys or Darfurans !!!!By the way we invite you to pay a visit to your bros and ststs settled in Canada ,Sweden ,Nederlands ,Norway ,
Germany living on welfare system
unshamessly with their bad behavior
make categorised by local peoples Ethiopians as “Lazy” !!! Haven’t you noticed that most in little Ethiopias Ded Astchi and Serafet Tenkeratatch are 99 % from your own rocky land !!!LEFFAFFI KILETAM KEFTAFF BANDA !!!Anchin bilo degmo ye tarik awaki ye Azebn Mesfin terefraffi temeswatchineten allami ;
Anchina serafet Durye wondemochisch
little Ethiopias lewerena le gurra yatchaletachiwutun ye birra Termisena
Tassa bidemeruna andu bandu layi bikemeru Abayin yemigatta gimb behonu !!!!

07/09/12 @ 18:04
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Hey Al Yemen ,Dinkem Yegnia Amharan
Hizb Tessadabi !!!Ante Ye Shabya wusha ye areb butchela banda !!!Abaten enatehn ke Talian hulet gize be korattenet Nessah Yawetut Djegnotchu Ye Amhara negestat endji
ye enatema Negestat e le Telat barenet mertaw menged merina ewkulal
akebai neberu !!!Endawunu leba merih
ye shabya gan teshekamina le Areb Agobdadji !!!Ye china ,ye hindena ,ye turk genseb temeswarchi !!Aho Alula Yemesker eneman endeneberu Ye Adwa Djegnotchu
Ene Gebeyehu ,Ene Aba Nefsso ,ene Aba
Kagnew ,Aba Mella ,ene Gobena Datchew !!!!Ye nantema erkus meriwotch ene Yohanes Aba kehadihu ,ene Mengesha aba rutche ,ene Haile selassie gugsa aba
Banda medre ye tarik maffaria tebiawotch !!

07/09/12 @ 18:27
Comment from: Melo [Visitor]

Thank You Prof. Al.

As always, your article is spot on. it is filled with facts from the past to the present. It gives us an idea of what is coming ahead.

This article is long as any of previous Prof. Al’s articles. It is intended for Oxfam fed woyane cadres here on who are suffering from attention deficit disorder caused by of course genetically modified Grain AID from UASID. It’s a fact,…woyan is a product of Oxfam farms. Hooked to the bone. That’s why AID grains are going to be traded at ECX.

Prof. Al. has to go great length to help you(woyanes) understand what had happened in the past and what is happening right now because you, TPLF cadres, have short attention span. And you complain about the length of this article??? You supposed to thank Prof, Al. for educating you tplf thugs. It is important to remind woyane who they really are whenever we get a chance….. Komatan Komata kalalut……..

07/09/12 @ 18:52
Comment from: Abebe [Visitor]

AGAZT WOMEN:- I know how you feel, we know these people who calls us a lot of bad names. These are the sons of Derege’s, and the elite of Amhara. But the mass or the majority Amahara are suffering with us. Their children gave their lives at the war with us. Any ways they paid a high cost with us to get were we are now. Do not forget these people also need as much as we need to develop their states. We know the sons of Dereges, they have big mouth, but they never use it for progressive words or to do something to develop Ethiopia, they use it for ZLEZLE SEGA OR TERE SEGA, OR TEJE BEBERLE. It is too late. The power is gone, no more power; the power is under the hand of the people of Ethiopia. Long live to those who give their life for their people and their country. Long live the people of Tegray who gave their life, and brought the beginning of Democracy to Ethiopia. Tegray will live with its proud and rich History.

07/09/12 @ 21:13
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]


The reason why most people are not interested or opposing the weekly preaching or presentation of Alemayoh G/Mariam’s is not because of being log, but it’s contents are just repeating of hate - negative propaganda against everything that going on in Ethiopia…..As an opponent of the current government, he could been an asset to the opposition camps if he had known what to oppose and what to support. However if he is against food aid, hydroelectric power, agricalture developments….I don’t know about you, but he is not deferent than the other enemies of the Ethiopian people who would love to see us always poor……

God bless the world!!

07/09/12 @ 21:52
Comment from: [Member]

*** heny***

ፕሮፌሰር አለማየሁ የሚለውን ለማወቅ ገና ኮሌጅ ገብተህ ምናልባት ካለፍክ ሊገባህ ይችል ይሆናል::
አንተ እና መሰሎችህ የተመረቃችሁት በ ስድብ በመዛለፍ ስለሆነ የረቀቀ ትንታኔን ያዘለ ጽሁፍ ቢግትዋችሁም አታውቁም!!!
እናንተ ( ማለትም የመለስ ዜናዊ ምልምሎ&#4733&#59;) ናዝሬት ላይ እየመጣችሁ(ዳሩ አትከለከሉ ፍትህና ነጻነት ያለበት አገር ብሎግ እያደረጋች&#4609&#59;)ሰጠጥ በል; ዝጋ; እና የመሳሰሉትን የዘለፋ ቃላት እየወረውራችሁ ያወቃችሁ ይመስላችህዋል !!!
እኛ ግን ስንገመግማችሁ ለጥቅም አዳሪ ሃቁን የምትክዱ ዘመዶቻችሁ በረሃብ እየማቀቁ የማታዝኑ ግብዞች እንደሆናችሁ ተመልክተናል::
አገራችንን የረሃብተኞች መከማቻ ያደረጋችሁዋት በልመና አንደናታችሁን አስመስክራችሁ ይሀው የረሃብ poster child ሁና እንድትቀር አርጋችህዋል::
ሃያ አመት ጌታችሁ ሽፍታው መለስ ሰይጣናዊ በዝብዞ አሁን ሲወጠር ስልክ መጠቀም የለም ማለት ጀመረ:: ነገ ድግሞ የራሱን ጥላ እንደሚሸሸው ርግጥ ነው::
በሰለጠነው ዲሞክራሲያዊ አገርማ መሪው ህዝቡን ሳይፈራ እየጨበጠ እያውለበለ ህጻናትን እየሳመ ያልፋል ::
አረመኔ ጨካኝ መሪ ግን እየሾለከ በድብቅ ሲሮጥ ነው እድሜውን የሚጨርሰው::


ህዝባዊ መንግስት አሁን::


07/09/12 @ 22:22
Comment from: [Member]

Is Alemayehu G. Mariam a real professor or someone from the pit ?

07/09/12 @ 23:49
Comment from: [Member]

Mr. Mesfin “ኮሌጅ ገብተህ” are you a colleage grad. ? I do not think so….

07/09/12 @ 23:54
Comment from: john john [Visitor]
john john

This man is indoctrated for only one thing for miss-leading and distabilazation this nation at any cost the trainer are the same people who breed Isseya Afeworki of Artera at KAGNEW station in mid 70’s in oreder to fulify their mission,

07/10/12 @ 00:03
Comment from: [Member]

By the way I am not siding with any one. But I am tired of reading negative things day in and day out. As professor he shouls have some kind of constractive, posetive idea bringing people togather, i do not thik crying like proffessor is going to produce result other than division, we alredy have enough of that…………

07/10/12 @ 00:06
Comment from: Alemawo(r)k [Visitor]

With all due respect to the almighty contributor, I wish Mr. G/Mariam realizes designing the future of the 80 million people in Ethiopia is not as easy as using the almighty pen. So, let’s come up with the solutions in unison rather than wait to see the irresponsible side of our bickering.

07/10/12 @ 00:26
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Hyena you are kidding !!!You surely means Agazit Anbetit ,belom
Nazi Djenjawit !!!And you can add Tawakit BANDIT !!!!

07/10/12 @ 00:37
Comment from: Melo [Visitor]

To Bethihu

I don’t think Prof. Al is preaching hate. He is just stating FACTS, TRUTH. To get Prof, Al’s point, I am sorry to tell you this but you HAVE to read his article. And not only read it but try to understand it. It’s easy if you are focused. I Understand Fasts are not woyyane;s best friend but give ‘em a try. You will like it.

Prof Al’s articles are 95 % spot on. Sure I do not agree with him some times but I do agree with him most of the time. That’s the difference between sane people and not sane creatures. Sane people don’t have talking points to follow like TPLF cadres do from their HQ every single day. Sane people have a mind of their own. I told you, if you are exposed to that medically modified UASID grain for a long time, your way of analyzing information could be affected which leads to short attention span which leads to being cook cook…or loco or ebd

You wrote, ‘However if he is against food aid, hydroelectric power, agricalture developments….I don’t know about you, but he is not deferent than the other enemies of the Ethiopian people who would love to see us always poor……’

Ethiopia has been in the receiving end of genetically modified food for 20 years now on the daily. Thanks for the baggers in chief himself…… ..These food AIDs have been used by woyane as political weapon to solicit vote… how satanic is that??? And you are proud of that??

Ethiopian fertile land is now owned by Saudi, Egypt, India, etc etc…….. I cannot be proud of that in my right mind. How could any sane person?

For the Hydropower,… I like the idea/ let’s see how it ends. I hope the Ethiopian people will benefit from it when it’s all done, fingers and toes crossed……BTW.. Even Muhammad Gadhafi build the longest man made river in the world for Libya and he was a dictator just like meles zenawe. The longest river that he builds didn’t come to the rescue when the Libyan people say enough to Ghadafi. When the Ethiopian people tell meles to bit it, the dam will be there, if it is done by then. So either you build it or NOT your master will be removed. Be damu atamehagn.

07/10/12 @ 00:48
Comment from: Mo Ethio [Visitor]
Mo Ethio

surprise!! regardless how long the article written by Al Mariam, there will be someone up there to salute him.I clearly understand how stupid those Ethiopians who live abroad are. wake up people if Al is not advocating hate, why is everyone calling names? I don’t care if you are from Gonder, Tigray, Gojam or Harar you are still Ethiopian. After all you all Niggers regardless where in Ethiopia you come from including Al Mariam. you are not going to remove meles by enjoying life in California. yes we all have a right to post stupid opinions but make sure if you claim to be Ethiopian, you must respect every Ethiopian. Mr Al we don’t need quotation from law books. if you care, write from your heart. we don’t care about Hancock views or others. what is your opinion and what are you offering as a solution? no one cares about Dambissa Moyo all we care is Ethiopia with all its people. Get real

07/10/12 @ 02:24
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

To Melo

Even so, I’m not a medical professional that to support you 100% to your impressive argument about how genetically modified foods could affects our way of thinking or metal activities, you might have a poit that this days there are so many things that man made problems could afect not only our mental capacity, but with general our way of existance on this earth..

My question to you then, what kind of food you guys are taking?! If you have to label all the people whom consuming genetically modified on daily base are shallow thinkers, we all diaspora should check with our doctors….just kidding…LOL.

However, as far to my perception of Alemayoh G/Mariam, he is just confusing people, and contrbuting much to the divion that reflecting among the different groups of our Ethiopian diaspora communities….

You may not agree with me, but we all Ethiopian have good and bad tradition. One of our bad tradition is I would think we trast those people with some kind of title unconditionally, and sometimes we end up taken advantage or mislead….so, my brother MELO, it is good for you that you are so into his articles, but you have to understand that your way of thinking or analyzing on different issues may be better than some of the professors…… what I’m try to say is, try to use your mind and please stay away from genetically modified foods….LOL.

God bless the World!

07/10/12 @ 02:25
Comment from: C'est moi senait [Visitor]
C'est moi senait

Agazi woman.

Did you run out of oxfam food? Whaaaoo. The entire world know you as a chigaarams and here you are bluffing as a proud beggar to us. Come on lady, have a look at your picture of 1984 in that dry dusty camp with flies roaming in your face…..uppssse ,now I wake your memories and I am not sure f you are going to sleep these two to three weeks. Better run to one of red cross or oxfam camp to get shelter upppss I mean your daily shot ……

I am preparing my DDT to spray all over your stinky and chiggaram body before you put your tiny feet in land of freedom and hony…..u know….heheheeee.

07/10/12 @ 02:33
Comment from: sf [Visitor]

@ To all cadres,
What more contribution do you like to have from our respected professor AL?
He is fighting for DEMOCRACY, FREEDOM, JUSTICE, and EQUALITY for all.
Do we have democracy, freedom, justice, equality in our country?
No we don’t have it!!!!!!!
If we have one, tells us all without insult, intimidation strait forward without [ALUBALTA]. Otherwise please stop all your nonsense PROPAGANDA which consume time . If i see cadres without any prejudice you people have a problem. As someone said,” Facts are not Woyanne’s friends.”
What is wrong with you CADRES? Please grow up my UNFRIENDLY WOYANNE friends

07/10/12 @ 02:49
Comment from: [Member]

***To sf***
ቦታ ሳልወስድ አንተ ያልከውን ትክክል መሆኑን እጠቅሳለሁ::

***to Thad***
M.Sc. Computer & Information Science/ Software Engineering.

የመለስን መርዶ ዜና በቅርቡ እንሰማለን ::


07/10/12 @ 07:19
Comment from: Real Somalilander [Visitor]
Real Somalilander

A Call to the Horn of Africa Diasporas:

First and foremost, to be taken seriously; be counted on, and to survive with dignity in both your new country of residence and country of origin (dual citizenship), it is essential that you be:

a) mindful of your roots, steadfast on your good culture and traditions and customs, and live in accordance with the Universal Divine System of Morals, Ethics and Laws

b) politically, economically and socially conscious, knowledgeable/educated, flexible, careful, civil, hard working, progressive, and law abiding citizenry

c) nationalistic and patriotic to both your new country of residence and country of origin, and

d) in good standing with the peoples, governments and countries of your dual citizenship in order to benefit from both

Secondly, for those individuals; groups, organizations, and communities in the Diasporas who thinks that they have what it takes to bring about positive change anywhere or are in a favourable position to be leaders, activists, advocates, and champions of the various worldly causes such as in political, economic, social and military matters, you must:

i) consider to channel your wit or intelligence, time, and efforts in unity (at the community/public level) in order to be able to meaningfully contribute to, raise awareness of the existing and future problems, provide necessary information, donate to, and guide and protect your own unestablished, small, scattered, and vulnerable communities in the Diasporas particularly the innocent women, children and the frail elderly

ii) be reasonable, logical, and be able to criticize constructively if needs be. But, always seek to positively influence the prevailing domestic and foreign affairs of your new country of residence and country of origin in order to successfully bring about the desired/yearned for change in a peaceful, democratic and civil manner

iii) stay close to and be loyal to and coordinate your issues with the foreign embassies of your country of origin so that they too may become aware of the plight of their subjects and be in a position to assist and protect them. This kind of a close diplomatic relationship and cooperation will certainly further empower and improve the existing state of affairs of the Diaspora communities i.e. if you wisely make use of your nationalism, patriotism, and dual citizenship.

In other words, your tasks and endeavour to influence domestic and foreign policies as per your dual citizenship, will be much easier since you already have the support, good standing, and healthy relations from within and without.

Whatever the case, as an example, in order that you may further understand how to make use of your dual citizenship status to the advantage of your communities in the Diasporas, I would like to bring to your attention the following paper in regards to how in the 19th Century my civilized Isaaq Clan in the Diasporas made use of their dual citizenship in order to better themselves within the colonial British East Africa and elsewhere in the world:

“THE ISAQ SOMALI DIASPORA AND POLL-TAX AGITATION IN KENYA, 1936-41” by E.R. Turton, University of Zambia.

Oxford Journals: African Affairs:

So this is how things can be coordinated, within and without, to your advantages and welfare. That is the civilized way. And the Real Somalilanders way.

As a result, I hereby advise the individuals, groups and communities in Diasporas from the Horn of Africa region to conduct their affairs in their respective countries of residence in a civilized, peaceful, democratic, legal, and civil manner in order to save their skins and to achieve their aspirations.

Note: Had it not been for the sheer bias, envy, and bigotry of the Caucasian Colonial Governors in British East Africa and Yemen and specifically King George VI (father of the current Queen Elizabeth II of U.K.), the Somalilanders particularly the Isaaq Clan could be have long been classified as Asians and not Africans!

07/10/12 @ 07:37
Comment from: heny [Visitor]

Mesfin B,
ኣንተ ጉፋያ ጅላጅል እያለህ መለስ ማርሽ ቀያሪው ለምን ይሙት?
listen Mesfin wht are you up to? Do you go to school? I mean something grand like Masters or doctors’ degree? Just go to school and find out yourself in comparison to others. For most of us here who spent brawling with you and your kinds, this stuff is a secondary even pasttime task. We are refined doctors and professors ready to uplift Ethiopia into the heavens. But you like a moron spent 24/7 spewing filthy here. Dude, go out for a while watch some film. That would, I am sure, relieve you from the intense hatred sundrome incukcated in your mind. If you do not heed my advice, that will rot in skull and will kill you in the end. That is, it will shorten your life from the ideal upper age limit there at least by 3 years. Is it 80 or 85? Demo ezih mefokir atasema. mogn ayhun. If you have the slightest ball in tact, go to the bush in Ethiopia and say “zeraf zeraf zeraf yematreba fyel zetegn tweldalecg lijochwam yimotalu eswam tmotalech” hahaha that is what you guys are known for. hahaha. And that is what the idiot derg was saying

07/10/12 @ 09:25
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Visitor]
Amhara Princess

My Goodness!
Professor Al.Mariam

Without any doubt, this article above is by far the most substantiated, sophisticated, well balanced, well argued, extremely FACTUAL, precise, to the point piece and I for a change agree with Prof Al 500% this time. If I decide to read Prof Al’s articles, I really take my time, if I don’t have the time to sit & read it all in one go, as I usually get interrupted, I do it in parts. I often read it, line by line (every word) & scrutinize every sentence and often, I may agree with Prof Al to a certain “higher or lesser extent” but never completely. This time, NOT just AGREE completely, it is way beyond that.

I have repeatedly expressed my distaste, dismay, humongous suspicion, at most disappointment etc of most mega Aid Organizations (Including Bill Gates & Co, USAID), BASED ON THEIR REAL TIME ACHIEVEMENTS PAST FEW DECADES or so. One have to have deep interest first then look into the countless readily available publications, research materials, books, many reports from the world’s top thinkers, researchers, economists etc re the impact of Aid Dollar/Grains in Africa and figure out, how AID is just a business proposal/transaction. Quite the contrary, Africans are in fact the real time Donors of AID to the rich world! They amass trillions from that continent, not only by reaping it off & corrupting dictators to the max, brain drain, but also by restricting real time competition from Africa (Unfair trading terms/policies) are effectively used to shackle Africa with metal chains from head to toe, while the rich nations do whatever the hell they desire.

One needs NOT be rocket scientists to figure out the consequences of DETRIMENTAL actions of AID organizations & Co on Africa’s grim reality, distractions, underachievement, failures etc. Their trillion dollar aid, in fact, NOT only made Africa totally dependent on Aid dollar, it Also created culture of handouts, dependency, complacency, self doubt plus low self esteemed, unmotivated, shortsighted, underachieving African Society and Graham Hancock’s the “Lords of Poverty” and many other similar publications are what every AID dollar aspiring African dictators & Co MUST read.

I simply can NOT believe we have grown a$$ Ethiopians in the 21st century who ask the most retarded questions i.e. “what would USA/EU/The rich world gain from Ethiopia, except strategic alliances to protect Israel"? :):) I wonder where on planet earth such folks live at? Buried under the rocks may be? Ethiopia is a MASSIVELY resource rich country with untapped resources, on strategic location that is kept in turmoil for good reason. Your masters do not think for today & tomorrow like you blind bats. They often Strategize for the next 500 years or so and that is specifically how USA, CANADA, UK, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, SOUTH AFRICA, the Caribbean, South America etc came to be as we know them today.

By the way, this is NOT just about Ethiopia you DUMB folks. It is about the entire continent, hindering that MIGHTY, resource rich, mega continent to BREAKTHROUGH at any cost! Do you know what it means for the RICH world, once Africa becomes capable, competent continent & starts to Process Africa’s raw materials in Africa? Better still do you know what it means once Africa manages to rule its own destiny? That my dear dumb folks is the beginning of the end to those who leverage on, prosper, live in luxury & undertake trillion dollar worth space program projects on the poor African’s expense. (how many African lives perish every second again)? Go figure. These ginormous AID agencies & their respective governments “can alliterative poverty from Africa within few years if they wanted to” (Bob Geldof). NOT just by donating money but by lifting all the restrictions & letting Africans be. Simple as that really.

… And you wonder why IMF, World bank, USAID & CO are happy to give Ethiopia billions in Aid dollar/Grains on (specific terms & conditions) all for free YET not only hellbent to stop Ethiopia building desperately needed dams but also refuse pointblank to LEND/LOAN Ethiopia $5 billion for the grand Renaissance dam?

07/10/12 @ 10:32
Comment from: Mebrek [Visitor]

The begging continues:

here is one more evidence from reuters today.

Ethiopia issues new tender for 35,000 T wheat

Tue Jul 10, 2012 8:44am GMT

HAMBURG (Reuters) - The Ethiopian government has issued a new international tender to purchase 35,000 tonnes of milling wheat, European traders said on Tuesday.
Bidding deadline is July 19. Origin was optional, traders said.
The grain is for the country’s strategic reserves and finance is being provided by the World Bank’s International Development Association and other aid organisations, traders said.
Ethiopia has issued a series of wheat tenders this year which have all been financed by international aid agencies.
A tender for 30,000 tonnes was issued on June 18 and closed on July 3. A tender for 35,000 tonnes was issued on June 11 and closed on June 19.
It was unclear whether purchases had been made.
On May 25, the Ethiopian government purchased 35,000 tonnes of optional-origin milling wheat in a tender which closed on May 15.
Shipment in Ethiopian tenders is one month after opening of a letter of credit on the purchase, dealers said.

07/10/12 @ 10:58
Comment from: Melo [Visitor]


Are you telling me that you don’t know the difference between food sold in America and food from Oxfam farm? Get real. You have eaten them both. You should know the difference between the two.

I don’t need to see a doctor,…. I am healthy as they come. I eat right and exercise,… I buy my produce from small farmers here. Freash and testy. The only thing is that it is a little bit pricy compering to other alternatives but it’s worth the price.

Look, you can eat your AID Grain and be as miserable as you want to be, the bottom line is , AID grain encourages people to expect handouts and welfare all the time sitting on their butt. and when is it going to be enough to receive AID? 20 years pass, non-stop AID…. It makes a society DENEZ. You can see the symptoms on woyane cadres, and your master meles himself. I am sorry to say that but it is

07/10/12 @ 11:05
Comment from: [Member]

***To melo***
The response to the cadre named, Bethihu is hilarious!!!LOL
I was laughing like I was tickled!

All weyane cadres they dont “See"for they are blinded,they don’t “Hear” for they are deaf.


07/10/12 @ 12:12
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Visitor]
Amhara Princess

@ Real Somalilander

What you had discussed is all full of substance, grand & tackles certain core issues. However, where is your contribution in relation to this article? While you are too busy telling people, us, the diaspora, what we must & must not do, how we should & should NOT function, act, behave etc, I believe, you took your eyes off the bigger picture, which Professor Al, discussed in detail for instance. What is your take on that? That is what we expect from an intellectual man like yourself. We have plenty of retards as you can read, telling us what we should or should not do, how we must think, function, breath, behave etc without even reading a paragraph of this heavyweight article. Stay inline please, as I am am quite sure you are beyond capable of shading some lights on what the subject matter really is? Thanks.


Now, on a lighter note, seriousness aside

@ Agazi filthy & Co

Oh, did you just wake up from your vegetative state of mind & discovered that your TPLFs & Co actually haven’t bothered to invest 0.0000000000000000000001% of the looted $19 billion to rehabilitate your Tigray eh? R O F L.

I have been to that region many times, also fairly recently, trust me, nothing MUCH has changed for you & your trumpet likes “to the better” except trumpeting, hatred towards Amharas who did absolutely NOTHING bad to you. Despite being told Amharas themselves were MAJOR, much worse victims of Feudal era, Derg genocide, you retarded folks keep your head buried in the sand & refused to listen FACTS yet invent new MYTH every second to make your brothers & sisters, neighbors, your fellow Ethiopians aka Amharas look like Monsters. Only you dumb folks can not see how your myth, fairy tell & comedy script is making the nation very entertained!

Your bosses are currently in Amhara, Oromo, South & West regions looting and their tool EFFORT is NOT about building your Tigray, as they fooled you. It is just a mask, you have been hijacked by Eritrean mafia cabinet of yours with massive identity crises, jeopardizing your region’s future and the sooner you knock their teeth out the better if you can. However, I believe you are 20 years too late! NOT only they will knock your geriatric teeth out, they are also rich enough with their loots to dissolve your tiny population and change you to a liquid form :)):))

By the way, even if Zenawi & Co try to develop that region, there is only so much they can do with barren regions! If you took a bus further down to Bahir Dar, Gondar, Wollo for instance, you will see how they are flourishing with little effort, little funds available to them despite being the second richest regions next to the VAST Oromia region. They are shinning like STARS. Imagine if real efforts were made to develop these towns, specially Bahir Dar? It could qualify as the Nation’s capital & far beyond in no time. If you go to Arba Minch, Aawassa and surroundings, Nazreth, Debre Zeit, Sululta etc etc they are shining with minimum efforts because these are blessed regions.

What you people need to do is scrap all these empty nonsensical bravado, bigotry aka Tigray ginormous Tefalati, Trqorarati, Jeganu blah blah yari yari ya fairy tell and see how you can benefit yourselves by thinking nationally rather than ethnic retarded politics? Why not venture OUT from that rocky land & settle with your fellow Ethiopian brothers & sisters for a change eh? (Not just go to Dondar, Wollo, Gojam, Afar to claim what doesn’t belong to you, just go there as Ethiopians & try to live, benefit from your country (Ethiopia). That seems to be what Zenawi & his crew are currently doing actually, never stepping a foot into Tigray region to live but sticking to the Amhara, Oromo, South regions! Also, what can Meles possibly do to farm, turn green or further your region even if he wants to? Very little.

… BTW, Most of you people started all these madness by making it crystal clear that if Ethiopians oppose, insult Zenawi & Co, they are insulting you. And so, people have stopped caring which one they throw their insults towards because you made yourselves punch bugs for Zenawi & Co voluntarily. Please be assured that majority of Ethiopians/Amharas are NOT against Tigray people but Zenawi & Co! You retarded folks need to differentiate between Zenawi & Co and ordinary Tigray people. Because you yourself Weizero Agazit, said many times on this site that, if Ethiopians oppose, insult Zenawi & Co you take it personally and we say “SO BE IT". :):) End off

07/10/12 @ 12:21
Comment from: C'est moi senait [Visitor]
C'est moi senait

To Agazi woman.

You see the difference b/n you and us is that the day you were born the first thing you saw was those FLIES roaming in your starving face while I the first thing I saw was my beloved smiled mother and father surrounded by FLOWERS that was planted in a heaven, the smell of the thousands ADDIS flowers, a birds singing , and more, that was closer than one can come to heaven. But look at you. Worthless chiggaram who grow up in those oxfam and red cross flea infested camps with those shabia mad dogs sleeping in dusty Sudan with all sort of charities who feeds you to be come anti Ethiopia element which is wha you are. Even in thousands year or if you re born again and again you will never be like us. You are in today’s wold dictionary just look it at,,,,beggars and we have pupelished the new Ethiopia dictionary and guess what chiggaram means…….there you are with your face full of flies and fleas from those starving camp weyannes.

The new dictionary of Ethiopia written by c’est moi senait

Weyannes .- meaning a worthless human being who can never be trusted,,,,,beggars of planet earth…..chiggarams.

CHIGGARAMS-: Failty weyannes who beg the entire world for food like kommatams , grow up in dusty flies and flea ,aids infested camps in Sudan ,who served as a sex slave to Sudan Arabs and shabias…. A simple word ….PARASITES to ethiopianisem.

Hoddams- : typical old men and women of Ethiopia with all ethinic groups, who eat more than they can chew, and their bells full of tape warm , sleep with all of prostitute ,liers,cheaters, Kuutarams , ,,,, a simple word….. The worst Ethiopian poisenes generation with no humanity and these ppl. Have to be eliminated from mother Ethiopia soil. We should get ride of them and use their bodies as a good fertiliser.
More to be add….

07/10/12 @ 13:09
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

Look at the future prudcts of Almariam’s weekly hateful preaching class that how his students are excelling on their studies…LOL. I’m sure he is proudly smiling behind his PC, looking at his breads like C’est Moi Senaits shifting with thier mouth……. LOL. All I have to say is you, and your students of hate preaching are kicked your idiot hateful a***s to where you belong to by the freedom fighter of WOYANE, the representative of the tigrai people… Just keep vomiting….LOL.

God bless the world!!

07/10/12 @ 14:04
Comment from: Daweru [Visitor]

@C’est moi senait,
Agazit nailed you very well and she is hot and knows how to express her emotion from inside.I love to read her comment.Yanchi enchet enchet eko naw yimelew.Weze yelewem. Ayanadedem

07/10/12 @ 14:44
Comment from: Nardos [Visitor]

Pr. Al Mariam

No substance in his long worthless boring article. He doesn’t even know how to put together the skeleton of his article. He is also showing lack of critical thinking. He is just writing elementary thoughts. He must have been living in the old days. I think the professor is suffering from dementia. There are plenty Ethiopian political and social scientists. We hope, one day, we will be blessed to read their comments.

Al Mariam time to retire!

07/10/12 @ 14:44
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

Oh yah, one more thing to all of you coward barking dogs, you know that you have no guts and dare to say such kind of badmouthing of your unguided street growing behavior against our people in a present of any Tigreway or Tigrawiati, no matter where you reside…I’m sure some of you got bitten up so good before…because you no that we don’t take no shit….LOL.That is why you smile and say hello politely when you see us, but you acting fool behind your PC, gutles cowards….

God bless the world!!

07/10/12 @ 14:49
Comment from: Shalom [Visitor]

Agazit Woman

I’m really sorry for the pain some Ethiopians caused on my Tigre brothers and sisters. I’m not a Tigre/Tigrawi(as you love to be called) but my 15 years old son is from a Tigre beautiful. I’m divorced with hiscan mom sometime back due to my own issues. But, I want to testify that what great experience I had with her and her family and relatives. It doesn’t mean all were perfect but i have nothing but respect and love to all Tigrayans. I’m now happily married to another Ethiopian, different ethnic group from mine though. Please don’t be bitter with some dirty comments on Nazret about Tigres. It’s coming from idiots. You cannot afford to get as low as they get. LOVE.

I wish I give you some comfort with some hug and kisses.

07/10/12 @ 14:54
Comment from: selamta [Visitor]

It is really sad to see people come here to insult each other. It is even mindboggling to read comments which applaud others for badmouthing. I truly feel sorry for my fellow Ethiopians When I read comments saying “your “ስድብ” is not as irritating as hers” . I am posting this comment knowing that some one will badmouth me for saying this.

07/10/12 @ 15:36
Comment from: Goraw [Visitor]

Prof. Alemayehu has to be commended for his very timely, insightful, and brilliant analysis.

Unfortunately, the Woyane/TPLF cadres and thugs are in full force in this site trying to defame the Professor. Their main problems are that their delusional mind, elementary school English, and utter ignorance are all conspiring on them. As it is, they are incapable of understanding what they read and they can’t comprehend nor analyze what is written. Because of their frustration they start and continue to blabber all nonsense. Indeed, from educational, intellectual, and experience perspectives these thugs and their masters are entirely in different planets from that of the Professor’s and 99% of Ethiopians.

By all measures, international aids, in all its forms, are not designed, planned, and administered to bring real development, progress, and growth. In fact, the later three are not part of the motivations and objectives of international aids. International aids are temporary fixes, design to sustain existing status quo, and minimum levels of safety net to save people and countries from the specter of hunger or disease. Real development comes from the individuals’ ownership of their life, future, and destiny and their motivations, decisions, and actions to create, generate, and grow wealth and livelihood.

Unfortunately, no one can find these core motivations in Mellesse’s and his Woyane/TPLF’s world. Today, Mellesse and his Woyane/TPLF/EPRDF terrorists have made Ethiopia a permanent addict to “international aid”. This is a disgrace, degrading, and perpetual slavery that Ethiopians are subjected to. Unlike Mellesse’s fake development policies, no nation has ever had freed itself from the permanent state of economic bondage, misery, and poverty by being dependent on “international aid”. It is very sad to see that the delusional Mellesse and Woyane/TPLF thugs continue with their utmost stupidity of exercising the same stupid, nonsense, and dead-end experiment while expecting different results for more than twenty years.

07/10/12 @ 15:50
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

Goraw/Nadew the X-DERG officer…

There is nothing new or timely abou you, Almariam & cos…. You all have been nothing, but the same shit barking dogs…since the time you left Ethiopia hiding your tell between your legs…..kizenam hula….

God bless the world!!

07/10/12 @ 16:15
Comment from: Ras Thomas & Associates of Ethiopian Patriots [Visitor]
Ras Thomas & Associates of Ethiopian Patriots

Hello Mr. Alamanyehu
Can we ask you, what do you want?
what is your goal?
We realized your ulitimate goal is to
get Males position? or put there some one from your tribe.
We think this absurd.
Males Zanawi is one person, one man.
if you like this or not, he is orginal
Ethiopian. if he is sick or health that is what all human being are.
he will be there for sometime and will leave as others who were there before him. You yourself will leave as anyone will do. it is horrible to hate somebody such a way. you better wait your chance be good citizen. But, I will curse and hate if I am not in ruling position is wrong and working for you.
We know you hate country because of one man and that is wrong and all Ethiopian will not agree with you, except few holligans (DURIYOOJ).
Repent to your good be friend to your brother.

07/10/12 @ 17:01
Comment from: Goraw [Visitor]

Bethihu, and the other narcissists and delusional Woyane/TPLF terrorists;

It seems I just knocked you off your dead state of existence or probably zapped your debilitated mind??? Everyone except moron like you know that “once a Woyane/TPLF terrorist you are always a terrorist”. That is why there is no hope for your type of dummy, dumb, and puppet robots. Instead of reading, comprehending, and intelligently responding to issues at hand you resorted to the basic animalist nature of blabbering all nonsense. This shows that you don’t have anything to offer. Indeed, you are like an empty jar that sounds the same irrespective of the types and effects of forces applied. Your typical gibberish, incoherent, and meaningless elementary English depicts your retarded, illiterate, and mentally challenged existence. In short, you are a group of mentally, intellectually, and physically challenged Woyane/TPLF zombies.

As typical puppets of Mellesse, your blind and hopelessly delusional support for the psychopath terrorist Mellesse is beyond everyone’s imagination. By trying to defend Mellesse Zenawi, and his Woyane/ TPLF terrorist group you displayed a very disturbed, mentally challenged, highly dishonest, and psychologically unstable personality. You, as your master Mellesse, Woyane/TPLF terrorists, and EPRDF slaves are low lives, delusional, and psychopaths that are useless and worthless creatures.

As far as I am concerned and unlike your delusional dreams, the Derg, Woyane/TPLF, and EPLF/Shabiya are all the same delusional narcissists, psychopaths, and criminal murderers curved out of the same mold of mentally challenged, highly dishonest, extremely disturbed, and psychologically unstable personalities that belong to mental institutions. They are all killing machines, they kidnap and make disappear nationals, enjoy the torture and suffering of citizens, and indulge in high level of treacheries and treasons. They have left and still leaving legacies of tortures, murders, death, and destructions.

If you are an Ethiopian, you should never, ever forget that your master Mellesse and his Woyane/TPLF terrorists fought the Ethiopian army for seventeen years in support of Eritrea’s secession from Ethiopia, begged the UN & AU to recognize the independence of Eritrea, and sold/gave the inherent Ethiopian territories of Assab Awraja. Don’t ever, ever, forget that your master, Mellesse and Woyane/TPLF terrorists gave to the Sudan Ethiopia’s inherent territories in Gonder including parts of Metema, where Emperor Yohannes the IV was skilled.

Let me give you some type of shock therapy and refresh your deluded mind.
1. Mellesse Zenawi and his Woyane/TPLF terrorists fought the Ethiopian people siding with EPLF/Shabiya for the secession of Eritrea.
2. Mellesse and his Woyane/TPLF thugs planned, coordinated, and perpetuated kidnapping, murderers, and state sponsored terrors against Ethiopians.
3. Mellesse and his Woyane/TPLF thugs facilitated and coordinated ethnic cleansings, genocides, and violence against Ethiopia and Ethiopians.
4. According to an Ethiopian patriot from Tigray, Mellesse and his Woyane/TPLF boss Sibhat Negga planned, orchestrated, and coordinated the bombing of Hawzen in Tigray, Hamusit in Gonder, and Merssa in Wello by previous Ethiopian Air force in late 1980s’.
5. Mellesse, Sibhat Nega, and his Woyane/TPLF terrorists sold millions of bags of donated grain, took the money, and made millions of bags of grain to rote in 1985 leaving millions of Tigreans to die of hunger.

All the above five are high crimes of treason, genocide, and crimes against humanity according to the laws of all member countries of the UN and the UN Human Rights laws. These are universal laws endorsed by all countries in the last two centuries. Yes, Mellesse, Sibhat Nega, and the Woyane/TPLF terrorists and their EPRDF slaves are fully and directly responsible for the above crimes of kidnapping, imprisonments, tortures, repressions, murders, ethnic cleansings, genocides, hunger, pandemic diseases, and ultimate death of millions of Ethiopians throughout the country.

These are the everyday realities, facts, and events that Ethiopians from Tigray to Borena and from Gambella to Ogaden know and lived thru since the inception of Woyane/TPLF. Mellesse and his Woyane/TPLF terrorists are the embodiments of the darkest evil, serial killers, treacheries, treasons, hatred, psychopaths, and genocidal maniacs. That is the reason why Mellesse, Woyane/TPLF, and people like you must be stopped by any and all means necessary.

07/10/12 @ 19:01
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Visitor]
Amhara Princess

This site have become comedy venue with many TPLF stand ups lining up to perform every day.

The most Tribal, core racists anti Amhara TPLFs from Adwa have now morphed into non Tigray, became Welamos etc over night! The funniest part is “the persons crying FOUL” & “feeling disrespected, insulted” are those:

“Betam Kemigebaw Belay Balege, Betam Metfo Kefafi Tsebay Ena Chinkilat Yalachew Semay Ena Midir Yezorebachew Ayitoch Ena Enkuraritoch Nachew". R O f L.

The filthiest, most vulgar, rudest, most TRASHY folks who nonstop degrade, belittle Amharas, Ethiopia’s history, past leaders etc and those on this site who actually made a hobby of insulting Amharas, call people all sorts of filthy names under the sun have become so hurt & insulted? Awwwwwwwwwwww Ayzoachu Eshi? Miskin Totawoch.

… That said, which one of you have actually read, understood and commented on the article itself, which has absolutely NOTHING to do with hate campaign, insult as you claim by the way. It is rather an intelligent, priceless piece to enlighten your gray minds. Quit crying & get thinking folks.

Thanks for the laugh Nazrets.


07/10/12 @ 19:26
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

Goraw/Nadew the X-DERG officer…

Your baseles stories about the great men and wonen of the brave Tigrain freedom fighters is fabricated stories that you are just shamelessly trying to hide all the ethnic cleansing crimes that had been committed against the Tigrai people for seventeen years….

Your lies have no limit that you are telling us Sibhat Nega ordered the DERG air force to bomb the inosent people in Hawzien of Tigrai region or in Hamisit of Amhara region?!! As if any one with the right mind would buy your fake stories…

However, If anyone had to be blame about the Eretrian issues, we should point our fingers at the mistakes that our forefather did historically, and at the Eretrian people whom betrayed their mother land Ethiopia foolishly believing what they have told by their masters that they are different than the rest of her people…

Therefore, stop your crocodial cry, and fabricated story that will get you nowhere other than you are just going to keep fooling yourself…

God bless the wirld!!

07/10/12 @ 22:00
Comment from: john john [Visitor]
john john

Teddy and the the rest of Artera elite you spend your apple time talking trash read the latest newa at aljezera web site under the title African migrants “tortured in Sinai”

07/10/12 @ 23:31
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Jiljilo ,your news concerned your leba master ,his Shabyan born, eri
guys like him ,close advisors .And all the Amice bandas all around him !!!

07/11/12 @ 00:36
Comment from: True Ethiopian [Visitor]
True Ethiopian

Amazing how stupid the self claimed Amhara Princess [Visitor] and the dumbest person on earth C’est moi senait [Visitor]. I am glad you have disposable time on your hand to spend time writing garbage comments. well the term chigaram implies to you because if it was not for welfare you probably will die. why don’t you disappear for a while so we can have a decent conversation. we don’t need chigarams from spend all your life begging in Washington and now you calling the Ethiopian people chigarams? you got a nerve

07/11/12 @ 01:42
Comment from: Alula Yemesker [Visitor]
Alula Yemesker

Amhara Princess
You better shut up this time–you know what I am going to say.
for your information, I am in Tigray at this first moment. We are doing a lot of development, call education, reforestation, agriculture, infrastructure and what not very quietly. Quietly; because everything you see some new things in Tigray you cry.
Unlike you, Tigray people do everything by their own will and power. As I told you, we Tigrayans, neither we do dance at every trumpet’s noise nor cry at every sadness. Rather, we swallow our pride and do things with priority and cooperate coherently.
Soon, you will be witnessing the progress and the change in Tigray—and I beg you not to cry and claim everything is yours.
On the record: please investigate the geography of Tigray in your spare time. I am sure you have nothing to do and have plenty of spare time—-I mean beside your unquenchable and voracious sexual act.
Tigray is not that dry as you portrayed it or wish to make people believe that it is.
Tigray has three major bread basket areas: Shire (Western Tigray); Raya-na-Azebo-Michew (Southern Tigray) and to lesser extent Enderta’s plain central Tigray.
These areas’ agricultural production is growing and every year. The need for external food supply is tapering down every year—-thanks God for the peace and tranquility came through its own sons and daughters.
To your surprise, as your mouth getting wider and wider, Tigray’s problem narrowing down.
I know you perfectly for I grown up with you all my life—your parents:
–feeding a false history;
–telling you to claim that is not yours;
–filling you with empty pride while you have nothing;
All of a sudden, Derg opened all your cover and here you are——stinky and ugly backwardness from your ass to your mouth.

07/11/12 @ 02:07
Comment from: sf [Visitor]

@Amhara Princess [Visitor]

Wow, I love what you said for @AGAZIT WOMAN filthy & Co.
From now on, I call you my beautiful Ethiopian Princess.
You give @ agazit & co a good lesson what Ethiopia means for Ethiopian.
Bravo, My beautiful Ethiopian sister. I would like to see more Ethiopian sisters like you.

07/11/12 @ 04:06
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Visitor]
Amhara Princess

@ True Ethio aka True Adgi-rat

First of, why don’t you take off your mask eh? C’moi & I just replied to idiotic trash from the ever retarded, air head TPLF camp as we often do, otherwise, I personally often concentrate on topic at hand.

You said, “why don’t you disappear for a while so we can have a decent conversation"? Not a chance! Hahahahhaaa!

… Er’m, but I seem to be one of the very few persons here who happen to have read the article & commented appropriately/decently, while you retards just spew trash & cry so you better zip you mouth, take off your mask & come with your regular user name :):) C’moi & I are doing just fine, we ain’t going NOWHERE to give retards breathing space to degrade Amharas no more! That my dear is SPECIFICALLY why I decided to comment on this site; sick of your endless trash against Amharas.

BTW, DC is NOT known for welfare or begging. Only hard work, business, $$ and good life. Go tell that to you know who. Hahahaa

@ Alula Yemesker aka Top LIAR of Nazret

For starters, is banned in Ethiopia so the probability of you being in Tigray right now is highly improbable moronic liar :)):)) then again, you inherited that TRAIT from Zenawi & Co so you folks don’t know truth even if it slaps you on the face. Just take a look at what you wrote 500% lies, lies & more lies!

Er’m, didn’t you also get caught cheating, lying the other day here when you accidentally posted same comment using Amhara user name? Now, you expect me to believe your hypothetical Tigray region that I visit from corner to corner? As I said, very very little progress was made in you region past 20 years & I saw it all. Most importantly, nothing is done in Tigrayi by yourselves, NONE. You have no such vocabulary called “by yourselves". What do you think the looting EFFORT & Co are there for? To throw some trivial stuff at your region (bare minimum progress) and keep their loots in offshore accounts OR reinvest in viable regions of Ethiopia. Unless there is another Tigray you are hiding somewhere under the rocks, I haven’t seen much. Few housing complex in Mekelle & surroundings, University, overall, nothing much contrary to what you grand trumpets have us believe. And the three fertile regions you mentioned are quite dusty actually, only Axum, Mekelle were a little impressive.

Now, I am not against any development in Tigray region none what so ever, if you followed my posts, I am NEVER ever one to oppose any form of development in Tiray or anywhere else in Ethiopia. I was just highlighting FACTS that you zombies have been taken for a ride, Agazit for a change told the truth!

Your TPLFs looters are currently too busy developing fertile regions for that would earn them more loots. Amharas & Oromos are blessed, that is not just empty pride or phantom story as you jealous folks would often belittle, take a look at your TPLF reports & you will know what we are talking about. There is still way too much to be done of course but with little resources available to us, we generate the highest revenue in the land & it is not a lie but recorded FACT, all is there for you to see on your TPLF financial reports. Almost all viable things pretty much come out from these two regions and party south. If you haven’t sold Gambella, it would have been viable too. You Mr Alula are top liar of Nazret, cheat, always talking trash, “imaginary axis lines” equivalent stuff on this site. That is why I never respond to your trash until you address me personally. Tegbaban? Even though I was so tempted to slap you after reading you previous post on this thread re TPLFs being better than Mengistu myth? I ignored your a$$ but you came towards my way with the usual myth/trash.

BTW, who dances & makes the most noise at any given trivial event/issue? YOU guys! Why are you trying to push all your negative traits towards Amharas I wonder?

Who tells the most retarded fairy tell, myth lies, phantom stories about Tigray region? Your Tigray society do!

Who is stuck on 1st century Aximite ear pride, false ego? Who talks about, we the grand Tigray people, we the super men, Hercules of Ethiopia, we the heaven on earth, we this & that? You do!

Every line of your above comment is filled with lies, the whole lies and nothing but the lies! Go tell that to your likes, I know your region 100%, I saw it, been there, done that & I never saw all these phantom stuff you are talking about. I saw EXTREME poverty, worse than other parts, I saw miserable looking people every where, even the wealthy look so poor. And off all the regions I often visit in North, Tigray is barren, rocks after rocks, hills after hills, dusty towns after dusty towns. Very uncomfortable place to exist there hence my advice for people to relocate to better regions like your TPLF elites did. They are nowhere to be found in Tigray. Most even moved their grand parents, extended family members out of Tigray & off to Amhara, Oromo regions mostly :):)

Cyber chimp telling me he is blogging from Tigray as we speak, when the whole world knows is BLOCKED in Ethiopia, LIAR. May be you are posting from the imaginary Tigray region you so perfectly described above? Hahahahaaa!

07/11/12 @ 04:41
Comment from: woldeyesus [Visitor]

Professor, as always you are doing a good job showing concern for Ethiopia and revealing what you know.

Although it would have been very difficult for countries like Ethiopia without US AID, Ethiopia must find a permanent solution to its problems. That will all depend on the establishment of a free democratic system that enables to unleash the entrepreneurship spirit of the people and puts checks and balances on power that corrupts people. Until then, I think we can’t blame those who are trying to feed our hungry and care for millions citizens ravaged by the AIDS epidemic.

Professor, until all is sorted out, I think we need be careful not to completely demonize the hands that are feeding our people. The donors are not to be blamed. We are!

07/11/12 @ 09:24
Comment from: Mebrek [Visitor]

@Alula Yemesker

Did I hear you say that you are now located in Tigray?? Are you sure you are posting your comments on this site from Tigray?? Really?? This is very interesting. I know that this website is blocked in Addis. I tried to open it several times while I was there. But I didn’t know that is not blocked in Tigray.

07/11/12 @ 10:00
Comment from: Mulat [Visitor]

Yes, this sounds like another Dambissa Moyo book “Dead Aid". Looking for answers for our lingering misfortune just by merely blaming the messenger is a common thread to dodging the problems. It creates more conspiracy theorists than bringing true solution to the table. If your point is only to blame the recipient (the government and so on), we need to talk about transparency and accountability. From “Point Four” to “USAID” and many more, people and governments extended their hands in gesture and should not be counted as immoral.

07/11/12 @ 10:03
Comment from: Goraw [Visitor]

Bethihu, the narcissist and delusional Woyane/TPLF terrorist;

Thank you one more time for verifying your delusional and debilitated state of mind for everyone to see. You see, as I said before, in addition to being delusional you are also quick and dumb to show your sick and psychopathic existence. First, let me advice you to go back to school and learn the English language so that you can express yourself properly. From my observations, both your ability to construct sentences and spell words properly is very limited and displays the work of an illiterate elementary school graduate. Secondly, you proved one more time that you have hearing and reading impairments and is deaf and blind. Unlike your continuous lies, deceptions, and narcissistic denials let me try one more time to drill the historical facts and irrefutable evidences to your dumb and debilitated mind:-
1. The role of Mellesse and your uncle Sibhat, the two terrorist leaders’, in planning, orchestrating, and coordinating the bombings of Hawzen in Tigray, Hamusit in Gonder, and Merssa in Wello by the previous Ethiopian Air force in late 1980s is witnessed and documented by Gebremedhin Araya, who was also the CC member of Woyane/TPLF and Chief Financial Officer at that time. Gebremedhin was only one of the Woyane/TPLF leaders who gave eye witness accounts and attested to this truth.
2. Exactly as Mellesse and as a typical narcissist you try in abject futility to project and blame others including our forefathers and Eritreans for the crimes of treasons and treacheries committed by Mellesse and the Woyane/TPLF terrorist hordes for the secession of Eritrea. This may only convince sick minds like yours and works in the delusional words of yours, Mellesse’s, and his Woyane/TPLF terrorists.
3. Your master Mellesse and his Woyane/TPLF terrorists fought the Ethiopian army in support of Eritrea’s secession from Ethiopia, begged the UN & AU to recognize the independence of Eritrea, and gave the inherent Ethiopian territories of Assab. This is high crimes of treasons. Plain and simple. Your masters cannot change it and nothing can change this fact. Face up to the facts of your national crimes and take the full responsibility.

As I said before, people like you, Mellesse Zenawi, and his Woyane/ TPLF terrorist hordes continue to display a very disturbed, mentally challenged, highly dishonest, and psychologically unstable personalities. You, as your master Mellesse, Woyane/TPLF terrorists, and EPRDF slaves have reduced yourselves to being low lives, delusional, and psychopaths that are both useless and worthless creatures. All this is because of what you do and what you have become. As far as Ethiopians are concerned and unlike your delusional dreams you are all delusional narcissists, psychopaths, and criminal murderers that belong to mental institutions.

07/11/12 @ 12:55
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

Goraw/Nadew the x-DERG officer..or the english professor want be lair..

I’m just responding or chatting back to you just using my phone to let you know that you are a hilusinating looks like you spending a caple of days to fabricate lies, and good for you… I mean, you are not that a big of a deal or a worth of sepending time…I just see you as one of your barking dogs, politician want be diasporas whom spending their time on manufacturing lies….You sound like you got my point and that all my intentention was…LOL.

Howeve, I may not exell on English langue as you claim to be, but I can assure you that you are not smarter than me, what so ever. On the other hand, You are the one proofing to the nazret avoudiance that you are one of the those idiots whom try to be that are not capable of….LOL. Keep fabricating baseless stories that you are only good at….

God bless the world!!

07/11/12 @ 14:56
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Alula Yemesker (visitor),

Like your cousin Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi) and like your aunt Jezebel (Azeb), mendacity is your natural trait; robbery your biological mother; pugnacity your step father; malice your camaraderie, and mendicancy your daily life you learned since the inception of your desolate land. Prosperity, education, ingenuity, generosity, compunction, and ዩሉንታ - all these are foreign elements to Alula Yemesker, to Hagos, to Meles, to Azeb, to Agazit Woman, to Al Amoudi, and to Aba Paulos, patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church at home.

Alula, you shamelessly threatened my sister Amhara Princess to shut up from exposing the mismanagement of the Ethiopian wealth by your native swindlers – Meles, Azeb, Al Amoudi and all the criminal Tegaru families. She will never shut up, and she will continue telling the truth Tigray is not a good place to establish descent families who demand good education and high paying jobs for their children.

You must accept the truth, even though it is hard to chew it, to swallow it, to digest it, and to get some benefit from it, there is no enough resource that sustains life in that arid land of yours – the cursed land of Tigray that produced Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi), the tormentor of the Amharas, the Oromos, the Somalis, and the rest of the Ethiopian tribes but (except) the Tegaru, his preferred and chosen people.

I have been to Tigray several years ago and visited Sherie, Adiarkai, Indasilassie, Mekelle, Adwa, Adigrat, Axum, Debre-Damo, and many other small villages, and the information I gathered from most of the people was shocking, frightening, and disturbing. Three meals a day are rare in most of the Tigray villages, but one meal a day is very common with many of the Tigray families. I have met a family in Tigray with five children: the children sitting around a big and very colorful መሶብ. Their mother took off the covering of the መሶብ, and inside the መሶብ there were five or more ደረቅ ዳጉሳ እንጄራ. The children, well behaved, ate the ደረቅ ዳጉሳ እንጄራ and went to bed. I asked the mother why her children ate only the ደረቅ እንጄራ without ወጥ on it. She responded to me that she didn’t have all the ingredients to make ወጥ.

The story of this Tigray lady may be an isolated or rare story; however, the Tegaru are the poorest people among all the rest of the Ethiopian societies. Knowing their desperations for food and for survival, Meles Seitanawi annexed some of the most fertile lands of Gondar and Wollo provinces into the Tigray province, and no wonder why the Tegaru are doing much, much better today than the rest of the other Ethiopian tribes. Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi) has also diverted, perhaps, half of the Ethiopian wealth to his destitute homeland – the Tigray province.

After I visited Tigray, I drove back to Gondar city and saw on the streets of Gondar many braided-head Tegaru women with little kids, begging every-passers-by and running fast to a spot if they saw some one was handing out food or some drink to other beggars.

Mr. Alula, you boasted: “Unlike you, Tigray people do everything by their own will and power.” It is true and I will witness for that kind of inane pride; however, you are absolutely right that it is the Tegaru by their will and power that they are abusing their undemocratic power and holding 90 million Ethiopians hostage and at the same time looting the wealth of the Ethiopian farmers and selling their land to foreigners in order to feed the hungry Tegaru at the expense of the other Ethiopian tribes. Yes, you have the power and you have the will to deracinate the Amharas and the Oromo people from their god-given lands.

You have made the following meaningless sentence as most of your sentences are: “As I told you, we Tigrayans, neither we do dance at every trumpet’s noise nor cry at every sadness.” Which one is the main verb of your sentence? Don’t tell a lie! Didn’t you dance when the city of Addis Ababa fell into your hands? Didn’t you cry when there was a food shortage in the province of Tigray? You have nothing to be proud of, and you have nothing to swallow except the looted breads, wine, butter, milk, coffee, honey, meat, and fruit from the fertile lands of Oromo and Amhara regions.

What do you mean by “unquenchable and voracious sexual act”? Any healthy and well-fed human being always has an urge to sexual activity, a divine free gift from the Almighty God. Since some of the Tegaru do not have enough food to feed themselves, they are not expected to have sexual impulse or sexual appeal at any time to any body. They are tinny, skinny, boney, and almost lifeless creatures. They have just started showing some kind of life after they have started taking someone’s property by force.

You continued lying again and again when you asseverated: “The need for external food supply is tapering down every year….thanks God for the peace and tranquility came through its own sons and daughters.”

Big liar! Tigray has always been in need of foreign aid, and the only reason why the food aid to Tigray is subsiding is simply her native son Meles is robbing the other provinces and giving their hard-earned money to the desperate Tegaru. The sons and daughters of poor Tigray Province have never brought peace, prosperity, order, justice, and tranquility to Ethiopia: what they have brought are hostility, injustices, arbitrary imprisonment, execution with out trial, selling over 25,000 Ethiopian girls every month to the Arabs, and humiliating the Amharas, the Oromos, the Somalis, and the rest of the people of Ethiopia. There was peace; there was freedom; there was no ethnic cleansing, and there was no religious war during the reign of His Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie. Millions of Ethiopians prefer Emperor Haile Selassie to the dictator Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi) and his wife Jezebel (Azeb).

Don’t curse Amhara Princess, and she is telling you the truth you are an empty vessel, ready to be pulverized into fragments and thrown away into the trash can. You have a nasty mouth that does not distinguish between a highly educated girl, Amhara Princess, and a low level one, your Agazit Woman.

After you cursed Amhara Princess, you commended her “Cheers!” What kind of cheers is this?

Jesus said: “Judas, are you betraying the Son of Man with a kiss?” In the same way, Alula, are you betraying Amhara Princess with fake cheers?

07/11/12 @ 15:13
Comment from: Goraw [Visitor]

Bethihu, the ever illiterate, narcissist, and delusional Woyane/TPLF terrorist;

I now arrest my case, for your latest response proves beyond a shadow of a doubt as to who you really are. Your response speaks volumes of what sort of illiterate, pathetic, and delusional thug you are. The content, presentation, and reasoning of your comment is so incoherent, gibberish, confused, and convoluted for anyone to make sense or understand what you tried to say. It seems the English language is out of reach for you. Why don’t you use your local language to express yourself.

07/11/12 @ 15:43
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

Goraw/Nadow the X-DERG officer…

Keep fooling youself as if you have achieved any valuable things to proof to the world. All I see is that you are nothing, but fabricated story teller lair…LOL.. Once againe keep on fabricating baseless stories and tell it shamelesslly…LOL.

Good bless the world!!

07/11/12 @ 16:26
Comment from: Challa [Visitor]

Very good article from the Prof.
Done a good job of writing the “BondAid” issue very explicitly.
But the “BondAid” will always be there for generations to come, as long as we Ethiopians and Africans in general keep hating and looking down our own.

07/11/12 @ 19:10
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

Almariam G/Mariam the hateful propaganda cheerleader,

What is your next class’s of hate preaching topic? You know those headles barking dogs diaspora are wating for you, and I’m sure you will not disappoint them that you will come up with something hateful materials or the same things that you have been preaching for years…..LOL.

God bless the world!!

07/12/12 @ 12:29
Comment from: micheal [Visitor]

to all amhara shentume People
my godness what is the word your rat leader mengistu hailemariam,we will fight until we have one blue and one person,suddenly when tplf close to capture addis ababa,he run his ass to zambibawe.ha ha ha what you are trying to be hero write comments behind computer in nezret.kikiki.what kinds of shame when amhara shentum people talk about Ethiopia.this site just for shameful amhara people

07/12/12 @ 13:20
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Visitor]
Amhara Princess

@ sf

You are most welcome my brother, thanks.

@ michael

Only in your fairy tell, MYTH ridden Tigray region that Mengistu was Amhara leader. Any way, heroic, patriotic, intelligent, gracious TOP class, wise, noble, cool, calm & collected Amharas ruled over ETHIOPIA for thousands of years and 1992 was the FIRST TIME IN ETHIOPIA’S 3000 YEARS HISTORY that we had TIGRAY leader. Where were your brave people for 1000s of years again? Where were your fighters, Tigers, lions, cheetahs etc? Better still, where were your leaders eh? except Bandas after Bandas, British, Italian, Somali, Eritrean TREASONOUS bootlickers?

The Axumites were not Tigrays as we all know so cancel that out as Tigrays being on top once up on a time! Now, who are you guys keep calling Shentam Amhara after being in power for 2 minutes? :):)

Le Komata And Tat Birku Nat!

Le Amhara Siltan, Merinet, Jegninet aka REAL TIME war/battle field Birku Aydelem! We fought and won (Italy twice, Turks, Arabia, Gragn Ahmad, Egypt, Sudan, Siad Bare you name it). Heroism, battle field, war, sacrifice etc Le Amhara Birkachin Aydelem. That is OUR IDENTITY. We are known for kicking a$$, being kings, queens, noble men, artists, writers top people plus participate in any given top profession in Ethiopia to GREATER extent to this day!

The only reason TPLFs came to power was simply because Amharas, Oromos & others abandoned DERG. THEN YOU SAW WHAT HAPPENED WHEN YOU GAVE AMHARA LEAD OPPOSITIONS A CHANCE IN 2005! We knocked you off. What does that tell you? It tells you that you are not worth am much as you think you are, in fact you are despised nobodies. Don’t over inflate you balloon heads as there is a real danger of bowing it up.

We didn’t even boast & claim to be super humans after ruling over your a$$ for CENTURIES. Now you have been in power for 2 minutes, with your leaders hiding from Ethiopian citizens like RATS from day one, unwanted, unsuspected, hated for all the 20 years & you wanna talk about bravery? Call Amhara Shintam? :)):)) Give us a break, will ya retards? Have you all been living under the those barren rocks for centuries until 1992 or what? Delusional, clowns bragging over nothing really.

07/12/12 @ 16:57
Comment from: Charles Pergiel [Visitor]
Charles Pergiel

The story starts well, but it is too long. I lost interest after a couple of pages. But the comments! Boy-o-boy, you guys are worse than Americans arguing about National politics.

07/13/12 @ 02:44
Comment from: Dallas [Visitor]


Be assured that many people have told him to stop writing negative articles related to our premier and our country. However, this Armariam guy is hell bent and hence, does not want to listen. Once hater all ways hater!!

07/15/12 @ 09:54



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