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Ethiopia Inflation Rate Climbs to 38.1% in June From Year Ago, Agency Says



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Ethiopia Inflation Rate Climbs to 38.1% in June From Year Ago, Agency Says

Ethiopia Inflation Rate Climbs to 38.1% in June From Year Ago, Agency Says

Ethiopia’s inflation rate climbed to 38.1 percent in June from a year earlier as food costs increased and the central bank boosted the money supply.

Inflation accelerated from 34.7 percent in May, the Central Statistical Agency, based in the capital, Addis Ababa, said in an e-mailed statement today. Food prices surged 45.3 percent in June after rising 40.7 percent in the previous month, it said.

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Comment from: Tulu Proud ET [Visitor]
Tulu Proud ET

The crisis of Woyane and Meles continues.

Inflation, starvation, land garb, no electricity, no media, no freedom, repression, a place of modern day enslavement by foreigners, Chinese, Indians, Turkish, Saudis, Pakistanis and so on.

Hell for Ethiopians, a place of gold digging for Woyane ethno fascists, and a land of breadbasket for foreigners!!

07/12/11 @ 17:41
Comment from: Derese [Visitor]

The mentally sick idiot Melesse is not capable to lead this great nation. He is not Even good enough for his mother’s birth place, Eritrea.

07/12/11 @ 19:05
Comment from: [Member]

“A people who have nothing to eat will eat their leaders.” – Dr. Merera Gudina

07/12/11 @ 19:54
Comment from: Shewarega [Visitor]

It is interesting that the cyber cadres are no where to be found these days. Inflation, drought (I mean playing down with the extent of it), the few that are around are busy attacking poor Al Mariam, lol. Like that will silence him or change anything he will do or say. What a bunch of morons.

07/12/11 @ 22:19
Comment from: Minnesota [Visitor]

hahahaahahhaah i couldn’t stop laughing. ye Ethiopia neger tenegro ayalkim. it is time to learn some thing from Eritrea

07/12/11 @ 22:39
Comment from: awramba [Visitor]

ADDIS ZEMEN’S propaganda swelled by 38% as the inflation skyrocketed. Good for both of you guys. Bed bugs!!

07/13/11 @ 01:09
Comment from: C'moi senait [Visitor]
C'moi senait

Weyannes muschirom economy that grows one night and dies the next night. 10% growth hehehehe…..they can not even feed one millions ppl. These gimmatam. Chiggaarams weyannes are now begging the world for food year after year.

Who are the weyannes economy advisers? Imf,UN,USAID,REDCROSS, OXFAM all begger charity etc.
Now look at where the inflation is heading ,,,,soon 50%.
Even the city Listroo know their money and manage their econmy better than weyannes economy.
Ask any uragi Liistro how they spend their money. A lesson to weyannes …..

07/13/11 @ 02:03
Comment from: woldeyesus [Visitor]

I am no economist but people, this is part of the development process coupled with the dynamic population growth. Here is what is happening as I see it:

1) The country is undergoing a significant infrastructure building which pumps a large amount of money in to circulation. I recall when a budget of 2 Billion Birr was considered huge during the Dergue era. Have you heard this year’s budget? something like 117 Billion? Goodness!!!

2) Because a significant number of the population, at least town dwellers, start to live like other human beings live elsewhere, they start to consume relatively larger amounts of everything as well as in a lot of varieties.

3) The population growth is amazing. In the last two decades, more than 30 Million new mouths added.

Therefore, all these reflect in the price inflation being observed. If you guys have a magic bullet to alleviate the pain of the population, please share your constructive thoughts. And please stay clear of aiming to sit in the palace. That space is filled for at least the coming decade.

God bless Ethiopia!

07/13/11 @ 10:59
Comment from: [Member]

How many stupid people are here on this website? I mean do this diaspora loosers who are spewing their hatred towards Ethiopia day and night follow up any news all over the world?
-US government to shut down next month if congress fails to approve…..
-Italian govt on verge of collapse if they don’t get a bail-out money from the EU….
-Greece, Ireland, Portugal…etc, etc….
You moron loosers in the diaspora. The whole world is in economy crisis. Our economy is OK. The flactuation of inflation or any up and down is part of the process. What counts most is we have an accountable and strong govt, EPRDF with the determination of the whole people of Ethiopia, working hard to the next level. And transformation we have never seen before, which will surprise the whole world.
Diaspora stupid loosers and envious shabians, take it easy on yourselves!! Stop the stupidity!! Because you don’t matter in Ethiopia’s progressive developmental journey, which is already in successful motion also crushing all our enemys on our way.

07/13/11 @ 12:27
Comment from: Daniel [Visitor]


I am confused, are you trying to say we are better off or what? Specially item #2 confused the hell out of me.

07/13/11 @ 15:02
Comment from: WHATEVER [Visitor]

Wow, how can people suvive under these conditions?? My comming up vist to Addis will be short due to the economics, spending dollars in America is now equal to spending in Ethiopia.

07/13/11 @ 16:52
Comment from: [Member]

To Weldeyesus.

Derg era 2 Billion birr has more exchange rate than the current pile of paper!!. Soon we will be forced to shell a wheelbarrow full of birr to buy one quintal teff.
So this is not development. It is called hyper inflation. For your information you can buy sugar at cheaper price in Europe than in Addis. This is the funniest thing that one can observe. Mind you guys we are one the 13 poorest nations on this planet yet commodity prices are so high they are beyond the reach of average Ethiopian citizen. Only Meles the Shifta and his cohorts are the ones that could afford.
ይህ ነው የ አገር እድገት የሚባለው ? ሰዉ የወር ደሞዙ ካላኖረው ምንድን ነው የኑሮ እና የመስራት ትርጉሙ ?
እ ህ አ ዴ ግ ይወደም አሁን
Down with the Tyrant meles and his mafia club now.

07/13/11 @ 17:24
Comment from: Chala [Visitor]

Addis zemen’s pocket grows 38% every year. Meles and Azeb are now #1 in the shadow forbes list of thieves and robers. No surpise inflation reached 38%. i was expecting even more seeing how woyane is plundering Ethiopia big time.

07/14/11 @ 03:08
Comment from: Selamu [Visitor]


You just saved your work by commenting on this article. You know it is your full time job. So, you said you want a soulution, and your bosses are ‘listening’. What a joke! Have you read any of the essays from Pro. Hussien. Parrot, you just said what your PM has said this past week. What would you do when he is in “Mikana” and say something else.
For sure, you will repeat it.

07/14/11 @ 09:48
Comment from: Tulu Proud ET [Visitor]
Tulu Proud ET


4.5 million people dying of starvation is not a laughing matter as Woyane is trying to down play it.

For you and Woyane dogs like “addis semen/ addisu fat that how has no time to think but fatten” is all about money.

Your assertion of the “country is undergoing a significant infrastructure” has not saved any starved Ethiopian life but made life a living hell for the whole population.

The fact is building useless buildings is a cover up for the bad economic policy. It has worsen the problem even further because it is all from borrowed money from the IMF.

This loan is going to haunt Ethiopians for years to come even after the fascist ethnocentric TPLF is gone.

The growth in population don’t surprise you. It is all over the world but no govern’t expect Woyane is starving people.

07/14/11 @ 13:42
Comment from: Tulu Proud ET [Visitor]
Tulu Proud ET

addis zemen

The clueless Woyane thug. The Diaspora is helping Ethiopians by sending them money. What have you contributed expect looting them?

Don’t compare Greece, Ireland, Portugal… with the poorest country, Ethiopia where people are already dying of famine.

It is you and your likes who are over fed and fattened at the expense of Ethiopians life and dignity.

The government of Ethiopia is living on begged and borrowed, stolen money/land from citizens and by selling fertile land to rich countries while starving its subjects. Then it turns around and beg for hand out of processed food. That is what your clueless banda govern’t is doing!!!

Try to go to Church or Mosque if you have any religion at all and get sanity. You have a long way to go.

07/14/11 @ 14:28
Comment from: woldeyesus [Visitor]

Yes, I meant that the country is better of today than at anytime in the past. #2 means that the society (at least those that think they can afford) are consuming larger amounts of everything today than in the past. Have you ever been to birthday parties for little kids in an average home in Addis recently?

Mesfin B:
I am not denying the pain on the population at large. But the country in general is registering significant positive changes. And I see a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs who see the problems prevalent there and help solve them and make money at the same time. I agree the political system may not be still conducive for large scale participation by the diaspora. But there is still room to participate and help.

I am no slave to any man or group or entity in Ethiopia. I was born free, and praise the Lord, I remain free in the US of A. However, I still am in love with the country of my ancestors and what I see is not totally catastrophic. In fact, for the first time in the history of Ethiopia in a long time, there is hope it will be getting back to its glorious ancient past. As I noted elsewhere, I am no Tigre or woyane. But I do appreciate what the woyane team has accomplished in the last two decades. Their only crime: they refuse to share power in a meaningful way although I heard they start to do that, albeit slowly:-)

May God bless Ethiopia!

07/14/11 @ 14:28
Comment from: Yonas [Visitor]

Woldeyesus and Addis Zemen

why don’t you go back to dedebet
donkoro tigere

07/14/11 @ 15:32
Comment from: negasi [Visitor]

addis zemen, the moron belto qizen cadre, when will you ever get it through your thick skull that your maffia chief’s policy is ruining our country? arram, all you are trying to do is find a scapegoat in eritrea (zemedochih). Everytime someone slams your thug leader, you put the blame on sha’ebya. Can’t you see that the eritreans are better off even with crazy Isayyas at the helm? Qichamam woyane, for once, admit that your khat-chewing zemedochih are not acting like true leaders. They are becoming a bunch of yemender duriye. Qimalam hula!

07/14/11 @ 16:18
Comment from: Mebrek [Visitor]

addis zemen

Last time you told us that the starvation of 4.5 million Ethiopians is “nothing unusual”. You even tried to compare the drought in Texas with the drought in Ethiopia. Today you are telling us that the Ethiopian economy is “ok” even if the inflation rate is 38%. It is really embarrassing to know that people like you call themselves Ethiopians. What a desperado!!!!

07/14/11 @ 16:47
Comment from: [Member]

Negasi, yeqomata kalsi,..

Don’t bring your dead land eritrea here. There is nothing to talk about a dead baren land. You’re dead before you’re born. Shintam woshelam!!

Tulu proud EriTrean, EsheTU biqiLU,

Take it easy, I got you coverd. BTW, where is your beka, gaye, bla bla?
Qiletam looser!!

07/14/11 @ 22:11
Comment from: JonesHenry [Visitor]

“If you guys have a magic bullet to alleviate the pain of the population”

Stop raping women under “traditional marridge” Stop making big families “trendy and dynamic”

07/14/11 @ 23:48
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]

It is very difficult to live in this

07/15/11 @ 06:53
Comment from: Mola [Visitor]

Hiding the severity of draught is not new in Ethiopia, Haile Selassie did it in 1974, Derg did it in 1984 and now Woyane is doing it in 2011. As the first two regimes the Woyane regine will also fall soon.

07/15/11 @ 07:33
Comment from: Daniel [Visitor]


You can’t be serious. Would you say that the so called people that you said think can affordit are probably less than 1 percent of the population, a lot less in my opinion? In other words, you are satisfied that the rest of the people are suffering with a dim future not having anything to look forward to except a brick wall infront of them. This is really progress to be proud of. I think not my friend!!! I do not like comparing past regime with present when both are wrong and like they say ” two wrong don’t make right” Please remove the blind from your eyes so you can see what we see.

07/15/11 @ 07:50
Comment from: abel [Visitor]

Forget about Addis Zemen, “a dog bark to get a piece of left over skeleton form its own master". Do you guys expect Woyane idiots and fervent supporter would admit to the dooms and glooms of the country’s economy? I don’t think they care much for the dying citizen by hunger as long as they insatiable belly keep getting countries scarce resources.

It require humane attitude to visualize and admit what is happening in the country. No one object to the betterment of the country as long as the living standard and moral of the citizen better than yesterday.

Unfortunately, it is getting worse.

07/15/11 @ 10:47
Comment from: Tatek [Visitor]

Wow !!
In the land of Woyane/TPLF 40% inflation, hunger of 4 million Ethiopians, and back breaking poverty are all signs of economic growth. How pathetic? This show again Mellesse and his cadres don’t have any conscious and lost their minds. They are probably living and hallucinating in a dream world of their dark imagination.

07/15/11 @ 13:13
Comment from: Tulu Proud ET [Visitor]
Tulu Proud ET

Although you are trying hard not to look as stupid as “addis zemen” you are dancing around your lies.

You can’t be nothing but a Woyane or TPLF cadre who is trying to deceive by trying to appear as an honest commentator. But you are adding other lies on top of your lies.

20years of brutality by Woyane ethno-fascist has thought us enough. Nothing will work to deceive us.

Meles will not try to share power but trying to buy time to strengthened his power grip that is crumbling down from within and from his outside support.

07/15/11 @ 16:46
Comment from: what [Visitor]

Aroge Zemen
your masters in 4 kilo aka Meles & Co
are living on borrowed money. It is surprising that you are following the european news. What you can see there is only countries that took toomuch money as loans and now are bankrupt. Meles & Co is doing the same. So insult your own intelligence and not ours. Thankyou smart aroge zemen. you must be one of the diaspora elites all gheto kings and queens who think they can tell us anything and we will listen

07/15/11 @ 22:15
Comment from: negasi [Visitor]

addis zemen, ante shinfila woyane, eritrea yante ena yeqimalam zemedochih zemedoch enji yene meseluh? Leave the eritreans alone. It’s not them that are begging for alms, year after year. Sometimes, you have to get it through your moronic brain (if you have one) that we cannot still feed ourselves whereas your brother Isayyas is. Wosfatam hulu!

07/16/11 @ 00:26
Comment from: woldeyesus [Visitor]

thank you for chipping in. However, Ethiopia have seen its most severe famines long ago before its population even hit 10 Mil. Therefore, we don’t believe population is the problem. I fact, population is power just like the Lord our God says - “Be fruitful and multiply. Fill the earth and govern it.”

In fact this so called ‘planned parenthood’ craze is the doom of western world, unless the west wake up and smell the coffee:-)

07/16/11 @ 15:14
Comment from: Tsubuk [Visitor]

Wow this story fabricated by professor Alemayehu and Mengitu. I bet you I have been in Ethiopia and there is no reportable inflation as such. Thanks for TPLF a killo of meat is 25 birr and a kilo sugar is 5 birr. why on earth those people lie to diaspora people. This propaganada manipulated by mainly mengistu and Alemayehu.Thanks to TPLF the Ethiopian Economy gros even faster than Brazil, China , India etc. This is proved by IMF and WORLD BANK

07/16/11 @ 22:31

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