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Ethiopia: Is Linking Democracy and Economic Growth Telling a Bedtime Story?



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Ethiopia: Is Linking Democracy and Economic Growth Telling a Bedtime Story?

Ethiopia: A Quick Look at Ato Meles Zenawi’s Assertion

Is Linking Democracy and Economic Growth Telling a Bedtime Story?

By Fekade Shewakena

At the world Economic Forum, conference held in Addis Ababa, in May, 2012 that some in the media dubbed the Meles Zenawi Show [1], Ato Meles Zenawi said “there is no direct relationship between economic growth and democracy, historically or theoretically…..I don’t believe in bedtime stories, contrived arguments linking economic growth with democracy”, He was even more unequivocal and emphatic when he added that “We need to democratize but not in order to grow”. According to him the only reason we need to democratize for is “in order to survive as united sane nation”. He didn’t care to elaborate on what he meant by surviving as united sane nation. Only God knows how he compartmentalized the usefulness of democracy for the sanity of a nation and how any such sanity doesn’t directly relate to economic growth. There is every reason to suspect that this was a strong attempt on the part of the Prime Minister to fend off the barrage of criticism coming at him these days about the closure of democratic space in the country, the abuse of human rights, the repression of civil society and free expression from his irate donors in the west. He was in effect saying judge me by the economic growth statistics I give you, not by my credentials on democracy and human rights. I suspect his experience of attempted opening of the country for democracy in 2005 has fatally blinded him.

If Ato Meles was opining as an academic and not as a head of a government, we could have taken his statement lightly and perhaps as something which is only academic, i.e., something that has value only in the exercise of thought with benign relevance to real world situations. But when such declarative statements as the Prime Minister’s, which are at best based on half truths, come from people in positions of power, it gets troubling and scary. It is even more troubling when the individuals are the kinds that pursue their beliefs with zeal and propensity to use the machinery of state force at their disposal in pursuit of their ideas. Anybody who lives the military dictatorship in Ethiopia remembers the deafening declaratory statements of Mengistu and his officials such as the “not only do we control the reactionaries - we will control nature too” slogan. A regime official who I once politely told that the Gambella plains were unfit to resettle peasants moved from highland Ethiopia, accused me of preaching cowardice and told me that I am confused by pseudo education. He said what is important is the belief and conviction, the rest is easy. I only told him that unlike the highlands, the flat plain in Gambella has drainage problems, and that the soil gets waterlogged and leached and not reach in soluble minerals that many crops need adding that the green forest should not fool us. I had to shut up my coward mouth and regretted for venturing into dangerous territory. The disingenuous project ended up in shambles even before it started.

Meles’s declaratory statement is also in the same tradition. It is an indication of a decision by him that the prevailing intolerance of dissent and civil discourse is going to be kept in place. I fear that this may lead to the intensification of existing conflicts and widespread discontent in the country. As someone who doesn’t prefer a violent or revolutionary approach to the solution of Ethiopia’s problems, I sincerely do fear.
The fact of the matter is that Mr. Prime Minister is half right. But his assertion seems to be based on linear thinking and selective reading of the literature on the relationship between democracy and economic growth. I am sure he has read the works of some in academia that do make similar generalizations about the relationship between democracy and economic growth. He has disregarded that in many cases even these conclusions depend on the measures they use and the context of their studies. Unlike the Prime Minister, many of these academics and researchers who do come to these conclusions are careful to add that the relationship between democracy and economic growth is more complex than meets the eye and encourage us to do more innovative examination and develop methodologies and do a more careful use of data. In fact, the literature of political economic thoughts regarding the relationship between democracy and economic growth is in many cases contentious and inconclusive and varies with the country or region considered and the kind of data used.

Yes, economic growth can occur even under tyrannical dictatorships. The world has many examples of places where economic growth and democracy even seem to relate inversely, so much that the linear thinker can conclude democracy affects economic growth negatively. Kaddafi’s Libya and many of the rich countries in the Gulf and Asia provide ample example of this. Russia’s transformative achievement in infrastructure such as the building of the world famous Moscow subway and other industries occurred under iron feasted Joseph Stalin. China’s one party rule hasn’t slowed its growth although many attribute the speed of its growth to liberalization within the party and managing conflicts including the country’s cultural context. That you do and don’t fit the variables in a linear regression model and predict an outcome may not necessarily mean a universal relationship does or doesn’t exist. Professional observers suggest the need for a closer examination of each country’s economic realities, resource bases, level of development and their socio-cultural environments more than accepting these observations as universal truth as our Prime Minister does. But none on all sides in the debate on the subject come to saying anything approaching what our Prime Minister said – that it is a bedtime story. Like all knowledge the enquiry goes on and on. Our Prime Minister seems to want to stop it.

If I am as selective as Meles, I can bring testimonies of non-armchair researchers who made many empirical studies that show the direct effects of democracy on economic growth and development using various components of democracy as measures. Scholars like Cooper Drury et al., who actually made hands in the mud kind of research as opposed to armchair contemplation, for example, argue:

…one of democracy's indirect benefits is its ability to mitigate the detrimental effect of corruption on economic growth. Although corruption certainly occurs in democracies, the electoral mechanism inhibits politicians from engaging in corrupt acts that damage overall economic performance and thereby jeopardize their political survival. Using time-series cross-section data for more than 100 countries from 1982-97, we show that corruption has no significant effect on economic growth in democracies, while non-democracies suffer significant economic harm from corruption. [2]

These individuals have crunched massive data across time to be dismissed as tellers of bedtime stories. Bringing
Nobel Prize winner political economist, Amartya Sen, who famously said democracies don’t starve, in this argument with our Prime Minister, may be like taking a gun to a knife fight. Instead, let me bring two other Indian professors, Sarbapriya Ray and Ishita Aditya Ray, who used a fairly sophisticated model to understand causality between democracy and economic growth. Here is what they say:

Using co-integration analysis for the period 1980-81 to 2009-10, we seek to identify the relationship between economic growth and democracy. Our empirical results suggest that there is a long run bi-directional causality between economic growth and democracy in India. Moreover, our statistical investigation confirms that democracy affects economic growth positively and vice versa both at regional level as well as aggregate level. [3]

There are actually many studies that show that India’s current leap to a newly developed country relates to its robust democracy. I could have gone on and on citing other studies that challenge the Prime Minister’s wild assertions that the relationship is a bedtime story. I believe Ato Meles is savvy enough to locate the materials if he intends to base his views in knowledge and honesty and doesn’t have an axe to grind against democracy.

In my view, there is perhaps no other country that needs democracy as the primary tool of getting out of its poverty as Ethiopia does. In the past we tried it through governments that tightly control the people and failed abysmally. Now we have to try a government where our people have at least some significant say in it. It is simple common sense to understand that economic growth and development in Ethiopia cannot be achieved and sustained in conditions where simmering political conflicts prevail, where there is little rule of law, where people have no confidence and control on what they do, where corruption and favoritism are rampant and government continuously hovers over the heads of everyone. The largely aid funded growth in Ethiopia in infrastructure and social services and massive Diaspora remittance are no substitute to what we can get out of building democratic institutions. The PM’s suggestion that Ethiopia doesn’t need to democratize for economic growth is not different from his now defunct idea of choosing Albania as our model. There is some weird picture we see in Ethiopia today when we juxtapose the economic gains over the past several years and the real life conditions of the Ethiopian people. How is it that the economic growth that Ato Meles brags about is related to more and more people becoming unable to feed themselves and their children?

The multidimensional conflicts prevailing in Ethiopia need a resolution through a democratic and transparent discourse. Suppressing them is guaranteeing the destruction of whatever gains we have made. We are already losing a lot of opportunity because of the closure of the political space in the country. Economic growth cannot be guaranteed under conditions where Ethiopia is losing its human capital at alarming rates. I see a massive wealth and potential of Ethiopians outside and inside Ethiopia not being put to use because of the democracy deficit. Ato Meles would help Ethiopia more if he becomes an expert of the art of compromise than a political economist.

[2] Cooper Dury et al. (2006): Corruption Democracy and Economic growth: International Political Science Review (2006), Vol 27, No 2, 121-136.
[3] Sarbapriya Ray and Ishita Aditya Ray (2011): Regional analysis on the relationship between Economic Growth and Democracy: Evidence from India: Afro Asian Journal of Social Sciences Volume 2, No. 2.3 Quarter III 2011 ISSN 2229 – 5313.


Comment from: Girma [Visitor]

At times Meles sounds like an academic, but other times his ill training in academics betray him. Take for instance, his assertion that we need democracy only to unite and make our nation sane. These are words that come from a not so literate person, which btw Meles is. Not recognizing the relationship between capitalism and democracy, denying or not appreciating the innate nature of the strive for democracy by humans over the centuries …etc is typical of imbeciles and arrogant illiterates like Meles.

05/31/12 @ 00:35
Comment from: hatamu [Visitor]

You guys are theoretical and western-biased! Try hard to look a bit deeper! When it comes to 3rd world countries “democracy” is a buzz word and a weapon used by the rich west to keep our countries unattractive for investiment at best or a reason to invade to take the resources for free.By their defenition, if you havent got the same arbitrary color of “democracy” by their arbitrary standard rightaway, your people should be kept in chaotic, food aid dependent etc by any means. So you see, when it comes to foreign policy, “democracy” is an effective weapone of the west in the 21st century.When you look a bit deeper, you see also that democracies came after the people have riched some higher level of prosperity and education. Both these took decaded and centuries to develope.Donnot forget, the material wealth of the west is accelarated and sestained at the cost of the poor by all undemocratic means.

05/31/12 @ 01:31
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Afterall this blood sucker Tyrant is
simply talking his own assertion .As
any despot he is synically inviting
western donators ,that he and his guys deserved their protection for the services he is rendering for them.Without this ,all are simple litteratures worst fairy tales concerning the double economic growth,the food security ,the chinese investments in Africa and the
new African development program .
A bed time story ,as he used to say,
dedicated to Mr Obama and Co.

05/31/12 @ 02:45
Comment from: Heny [Visitor]

At times Meles sounds like an academic,

Do you mean, “At times Meles sounds like an academician,…” instead? What a loser uneducated Girma!! Give sometime to schooling as well.

05/31/12 @ 05:18
Comment from: Abel Adem [Visitor]
Abel Adem

What democracy are you guys talking about?
Greek democracy,American, Russian, Chinese ,Indian or the Derg democracy…
Right now,We dont need either of them.
We need to learn to respect each other,to listen to one another,To learn to how to solve our problems and differences.Let us mature first.Dont sing others songs.We have our song, identity,pride , ways and means.This is what the PM of Ethiopia try to educate you.The problem is there are many lazy students in the class and online classes.Some times the teacher may be misunderstood by some students.And the students may not like him or defame him.That is what I see here.
So whether you like it or not take the course and graduate.
Student like Teddy, you better withdraw or drop the course and learn other easy stuff.
God have mercy on us!

05/31/12 @ 06:22
Comment from: [Member]

Are the communist era economists still kicking. Just wondering!! We don’t see any substantial arguments, but the same back and forth accusations based on word spliting, intended only to discredit the PM.
People who ever you’re try to be realistic. PM Meles is now an influential international figure. Shouting nonesesnse against him, or trying to discredit him with false accusattions, including word spliting like the above article takes you nowhere.
From now on, every move you make is being scrutinized by the international society.
The world has understood already what the diaspora loosers’ motives are. You cannot fool anybody again.
Abebe gelebaw has shown the naked truth and agenda of the diaspora oppositions, only hatred and jealousy filled cry for power, which has nothing to do with the poor Ethiopians, who are already halfway to eradicating poverty. And they have no time to waste looking back, not even for a second.
Keep what ever kind of democracy you’re looking for in your pocket. Ethiopia is already going through a democratic process. And that doesn’t come in an over night perfection. Democracy is a process. It takes time, especially in a country rich in tradition and culture, a diverse religion and most of all very poor. We need to develop our country, be stable and peaceful. Don’t expect the govt to tollerate terrorist figures in the name of journalsm and religion. And you cannot tell us “we don’t need food, we need freedom". A one convicted criminal journalist freedom doesn’t worth 85 m. Ethiopians lives.

05/31/12 @ 07:40
Comment from: FREEDOM!!! [Visitor]

Democracy = Order + Freedom

Freedom comes first and the rest will follow. Let Ethiopians be free to improve their life!

05/31/12 @ 08:48
Comment from: Abay Mado [Visitor]
Abay Mado

Yes, Democracy has nothing to do with Economic (growth).

-Singapore developed almost 40 years of under one president’s rule.
-Malaysian developed with 22+ year’s one president’s rule.
-Saudi and many other Arab nations in the 1960s, 75% the Citizens were backward and destitute Nomads. They were following camels in the desert. Look at them today with no democracy what so ever even like a tasty of little salt in the ocean.

In Europe and elsewhere, Election including with the participation of women, minorities and mass workers started in the 1920s. But, their capitalism started 100s years earlier while they even have no idea about the existence of democracy as a word.

Greek, Spain, Portugal and the likes had no democracy until 1970s. Today, they have democracy, but look at their economy. Eastern Europe had no democracy until 1990s. But during that time, they had only invisible unemployment (floating unemployment). Life back then was nice; with no crime, market was full with goods and commodities with low price and the society had no worry to the future but peace and Satisfaction. Look at them today while having democracy.

There are many facts showing democracy has no what so ever link with economic growth. India is the biggest Democracy as the English and USA are telling us using their own media saying world service while China has no democracy. But, look the Economic growth between these two nations for the last few years and prediction in the future.

USA has democracy. But it also has the highest number of crimes and prisoners in the world. England has democracy, but also has the highest crimes and prisoners in Europe. It also has high numbers of poverty in the west.

So, Democracy, if it exists, has nothing to do with economic growth. It has its own values, period. If democracy has a direct link with Economic growth, why the western Economy is now heading towards the unstoppable of melting pot until its era is over and replaced by new/emerged economies in China and elsewhere.
Good policies including peace and fair distribution of wealth has close link with economic…. The west is in war since 9/11 where trillions of dollars are wiped out even more than in the first and Second World War combined. The west has the worst and pure criminal type of distribution of wealth. USA which is the richest nation on earth has almost 50 million people under poverty line. What is better and fair to the people, Democracy or being out of poverty by having fair division of labor and distribution of wealth?

So, in Ethiopia at this moment, Fuck Democracy. Let it rests in deep hell i.e. in the west where the few are controlling the nations’ wealth under the name of democracy. The face book like propaganda Economy will slaps their face soon their criminal center command which is their bank must not allow to have anything in any normal society that thinks about its people and future. It is a criminal institute to loot the world illegally in a legal way.

05/31/12 @ 09:55
Comment from: Afarman [Visitor]

Mr fekade Shewakena, I read your article, its full of contradictions and fallacy.

There is a need to see things in a rational manner and come up to some kind of conclusion. Many economists have been trying to draw some kind of cause-effect relation between economic growth and democracy. Certain intellectuals from the neoliberal group have strongly tried to create a strong bond between economic growth and democracy, some others refute the claim and label it as bedtime story or a myth. Its up to the individual to assess facts and figures and reach in to some kind of conclusion. However even if its not like the water and air I breath its very crucial to survive as a nation

Right now one thing is clear, Ethiopia has become the third fastest growing economy in the world. Ethiopia has showed the rest of the world that with hard work and developmental policy agriculture can be transformed. The US president Barack Obama gave an exampl of how a small land holding farmer in Ethiopia has transformed his familys lives, there are millions of farmers in Ethiopia who have ensured food security.

The Ethiopian farmer needs certain things to plough his land and survive, this among others include the following..agricultural tools oxen, water, fertilizer, selected seeds, road, health station, school, etc, last but not least “democracy” This is the hierarchy of needs of an Ethiopian farmer. What does a Journalist need to survive..he needs microphone, note papers, pen and democracy. This is what we saw during the G8 meeting, the topic was about food security but an activist who calls himself a journalist attempted to disrupt the meeting with new agenda of ” freedom before democracy”

Mr Fekade Shewakena, what I wrote might look like silly, am writing it to let you and others know that you can not speak on behalf of the Ethiopian farmers. Our farmers need food security to open their mouth and shout at the microphone, they need clean water, their kids need to go to school so as they will be able to defend their rights.

This subject matter–the relationship between democracy and economic growth–has been researched to the point of becoming a cliche, but overall, econometric analysis yields a null result. There is, statistically speaking, no evidence that democracy has a direct impact on economic growth.

Do we need democracy ? If thats the question the answer is clear yes we need, a country like Ethiopia can not even sustain as a nation in the absence of democracy, as far as me is concerned there is no direct link between democracy and economic growth. None. Nada. Zip. Zilch. A paper that I can suggest for those unfamiliar with this area is Doucouliagos and Olubasoglu’s meta-analysis–or an econometric study of studies–that provides a similar conclusion. (There’s also a non-gated earlier version.) At best, democracy only has positive “indirect” effects, but it alone doesn’t make it significantly more likely that economic growth will occur.

As for the freedom-and-growth shtick, save it for Wolfowitz, Perle, and Feith. To state things correctly, authoritarianism may not necessarily be conducive to economic growth, but neither is democracy. There are many political recipes for economic growth, period.

WHETHER or not democracies grow more than authoritarian governments is an issue which has been extensively studied. The answer is clear: there is no stable correlation between democracy and growth. To put it differently there is no evidence that democracies grow more or less than authoritarian regimes. Some dictators have been “pro growth” (think of some authoritarian Asian governments), while others have destroyed their economies (think of some African dictators).

Some countries like Ethiopia which emerged from civil war have introduced a developmental state and the country has began to see tremendous growth in the last 8 years. The country has introduced the democratisation process in 1991, some critics in the diaspora do not want to accept facts and figures released by independent organisations. But the truth is this, Ethiopia as we speak now is the third fastest growing economy in the world, but when it comes to democratisation and good governance a lot needs to be done. The Ethiopian government is now trying to work on governance issues. The government is also working hard to consolidate the democratisation process. China is another example, there is no multi party system in china, there is one party rule, the communist party doesnt allow any opposition in the country, but china as we speak now is the fastest growing economy in the world. There are many factors which affects economic growth. An interesting research question is what makes certain dictators have shorter or longer horizons regarding their economies, i.e. which ones are pro-growth (and why) and which ones simply “steal” current resources. In any event, on average authoritarian governments have grown no more or less than the average democracy. I have no reason to believe that this (lack of) correlation will change in the near future. There is no way of predicting or expecting a difference between authoritarian or democratic regimes in future growth.

Currently western democracies seem to have the lowest growth in the world, how can one explain that..? is this because of lack of democracy? no it is not, democracy does have a role to play in the economy, but its not the only single determining factor for economic growth.

A different question is whether as countries become rich they tend to democratise. I think that the answer to this question is yes and NO, some nations have embraced the democratisation process and others have rejected it. Most countries in the middle East have enjoyed economic growth for years but they are still living under dictatorship, others in East asian countries have consolidated democratic process hand in hand with economic growth.

Mr Shewakena…..the opposition figures seem to have lost a credible agenda to mobilize Ethiopians at home and in the diaspora. Now every one is dragged into silly arguments here and there, what PM Zenawi said is shared by millions of us. When the opposition groups are splitting phrases and words the Ethiopian government is building the nation brick by brick. I will leave the debate for debaters but from what I saw Ethiopia is growing and the democratization progress seems to be going accordingly, the toxic diaspora is the only danger to Ethiopian growth and consolidation of democratic rights

05/31/12 @ 10:52
Comment from: Mechkenna [Visitor]

Labelling and naming calling are weapons usually used by the very weak and the hopeless ones in society. The Diaspora BOZENE individuals like Shewakena keep on tirelessly produce their parochial scribbles only lamenting about some silly episodes or events every now and then. Obviously the empty mind is nothing but the Devils workshop. So for those who are empty minded and daydreaming and lamenting idle in Diaspora; there is little or nothing to be occupied with meaningfully other than taking PM Meles Zenawi as their scapegoat; and keep on harping; and barking to fulfil their faithful loyalty to what has been instigated by Shaabia. Indeed, well-known Shaabia agents like ESAT, Ginbot-7, and the like are onetime EPRDF service men and loyalists to the same regime that is led by PM-Meles Zenawi. These hooligan gang leaders are not worthy keeping their families under proper livelihood; leave alone to take national responsibilities. It is easier said by grabbing fast food; or raw meat for same old chitchat about Ethiopian affairs from distance here in Diaspora; than doing anything tangible for Ethiopia. Well, grabbing a bottle of bear and chat politics over and over again like a disc with a scar; day in; day out until another incidence comes by somehow; has become the common routine. Chewing and spitting the same old chitchat like retired people who have nothing to do during a busy day is not of any meaningful value. Instead of gossiping and chitchatting over and over again on the some silly issues; doing something tangible for one’s people and country is a more concert reality to talk about. The hell with lazy talkative Diaspora prolitariat groups; who remain as lumped BOZENE at all times.

05/31/12 @ 11:53
Comment from: kul [Visitor]

Meles wants to hang on power by any means. He advances any philosophy that can allow him to stay in power. I read somewhere that back in the 1970s he was an ardent proponent of Albanian style communism. As we all know communist leaders are leaders for life. But Meles couldn’t hold on his ideology of Albanian communism for long. As the era of communism was fading away during the late 1980s he dramatically adjusted his stance. The communist Meles suddenly becomes a revolutionary democrat. After he took power in 1991 he started to appear as a liberal democrat. Not surprisingly he was able to deceive leaders like Clinton who went on saying that he and his cousin Isayas would be the future great leaders of Africa. Some ten years ago he was lecturing us on Bonapartism and rent-seeking. These days his talk is all about developmental state. Meles will do and say anything as long as he thinks it can help him to stay in power. Meles is allergic to liberal democracy for the obvious reason that in liberal democracy one person cannot stay in power for 21 years.

05/31/12 @ 12:25
Comment from: Tulu [Visitor]

Ato Fekade;
Thank you for your insightful analysis. Unfortunately; for illiterates, narcissists, and die-hard communists like Mellesse - “Linking Democracy and Economic Growth is Telling a Bed Time Story”. Sadly, Mellesse who dropped out of college, a person did not setup businesses, nor studied econometrics the phony and defunct Marxist theory of developmental economics is everything. Yes, I heard that people say Mellesse reads books. It seems, whatever he reads must have been fictions or he may be incapable of comprehending what he reads. It is easier to conclude that Mellesse does not understand what he reads. If he had read he would have known. If he knew he would have learnt from history. If he learnt from history he would have been a real leader. It seems, Mellesse is all about pretentions and no substance. That is why, the narcissist Mellesse makes the same mistakes again and again and again. Doing the same thing repeatedly expecting a different result is what we call utmost stupidity. Mellesse is neither a leader nor a normal rational person. He is a terrorist criminal.

05/31/12 @ 13:03
Comment from: kul [Visitor]

Can anybody tell me what happened to Meles’s book? Back in 2006, he told us that he was writing a book on developmental state under the title “AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT: DEAD ENDS AND NEW BEGINNINGS". He even released a 51 page monologue and gave some presentations using the extracts from the book. Some years ago, I heard Meles saying on ETV that EPRDF’s main job for the next 20-30 years will be copying (kureja). I wonder why he failed to publish it. May be the publishers found out that his book is copy and paste? I hope not. Is there any woyane insider who can tell us why he failed to publish this book? Last I checked, he said that he finished writing 19 chapters.

05/31/12 @ 14:23
Comment from: belay [Visitor]

Ato Fekade,
You can claim to be the wisest intellectual our world has ever seen and spray your confused thoughts all over our faces, but please stop pretending that you could ever have stood, let alone utter a word, against any of the Dergue’s policies. You, yourself, were them. My goodness, I’m the living witness who happened to know and become a victim of Sefera Villagization Program in Metekel as a freshman student in 1984/85. And you were a facilitator of this Campaign on behalf of the Dergue. How many lives of young students did you think we lost to malaria and other tropical diseases under your watch and supervision?! Stop pretending!!!

05/31/12 @ 14:53
Comment from: Belay [Visitor]

a very nice and well thought article by the writer,
i personally am not going to argue whether or not democracy is a pre-requisite for economic growth and development, i believe its more likely to contribute positively. but why would some one while ruling a nation for 20 years would say that nation X does not realy need democracy in order to develop?? what if not? what can meles do differently? i think this is a smart way for meles to admit that we as a nation are in capable of establishing a democratic system but fortunately it didnt stop us…..

05/31/12 @ 16:55
Comment from: Ask Italians what happened to their democracy? [Visitor]
Ask Italians what happened to their democracy?

Democracy is a facade. It is a gimmick. Italy is currently ruled by unelected Wall Street insider, after deposing the elected leader, Berlusconi.

05/31/12 @ 18:14
Comment from: q.domozai [Visitor]

Meles Zinawi is intellectual cancer who can not dare stand on stage to debate with anybody on any subject,at anytime,and in anyplace.Of course,democracy is not his field;therefore,he is a total failure.This arrogant survived in the so-called parliament,but terribly failed then became a laughing-stock and shame on himself and the fools fans of his who moment by moment reduced to the amount of his humiliation in international arena as it has been depitcted in the G8 international summit.

Meles Zinawi is not a democracy-minded man;he is just a criminal-minded man known,both nationally and internationally.In the G8 summit,he was found demonstrating himself as a lonely man who lucks credibility and respect;in the national arena,he has been a hated liar and one who has personal as well as identity crisis.When fact and truth is told,the democratically elected three gentlemen from Benin,Tanzania,and Gahana have nothing in common with Meles Zinawi,never had one before;they all were represented by their people to speak and listen on their behave;of course,they did and returned to their motherland with greatest pride and respect.To Ethiopians,Meles Zinawi is just nobody with zero justice and democracy credit.

05/31/12 @ 21:56
Comment from: sf [Visitor]

@ Mechkenna,

You said the diasporas are silly, lazy, talkative, bozene and more!!!
Fine, but what about you?
I see you as one of Woyanne Cadre, tirelessly try to justify the backward Woyanne ideologie only for your belly.
My dear, we are living in the West and we know better than you and your master Meles about freedom, justice and equality. For those who came from Dedebit, democracy is a complex matter. That is why he always speaks nonsense not as individual but as Prime minister.
We in the Diaspora and the Ethiopian people know better what is best for us. Therefore don’t give us advice about work ethics, b/c you don’t know it.

06/01/12 @ 07:23
Comment from: bika [Visitor]

….yes, practicaly ¨there is no direct relationship between democracy and economic growth…¨ , but there is a relationship between democracy andeconomic growth . A democratic society can not be built in one night or one year or a decade .It is a long process which demands the dedication and sacrifice of not only the government but of every citizen , and we do not have to starve to death until we get there…

06/01/12 @ 11:40
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

Al Marian, Shewakena &………enjoy your bedtime story.. Wegwegu tewegwugoal alu aba Gebre Hanna…LOL.

The PM Meles Zenawi’s particiation at the G8 summit, and his constractive discations to find a collaborative world body to the deep rooted problems that the Ethiopian people have been facing for years in particular, and the whole continent in general would sound only a bed time story to those selfish individuals-groups that they are sleeping with their big- full belly…..

However, the great leader of the Ethiopian people, PM Meles Zenawi the great is, well admired, respected, and appreciateed by the majority of the Ethiopian people for his hard works that he is tirelessly working to eradicate poverty and backwardness for once and for all from Ethiopia…….

God bless the world!!

06/01/12 @ 13:36



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