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Ethiopia: Land of Blood or Land of Corruption?



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Ethiopia: Land of Blood or Land of Corruption?

Ethiopia: Land of Blood or Land of Corruption?

By Alemayehu G. Mariam

Lately, the portrait of Ethiopia painted in the reports of Transparency International (Corruption Index) and Global Financial Integrity shows a “Land of Corruption”. That contrasts with an equally revolting portrait of  Ethiopia painted in a recent broadcast of a fear-mongering three-part propaganda programentitled “Akeldama” (or Land of Blood) on state-owned television. The program aired on November 26-28 was intended to be a moral, and to some extent legal and political, justification of dictator Meles Zenawi’s “anti-terrorism law”. The program begins with a doleful narrator setting a doomsday scenario: 

Terrorism is destroying the world. Terrorism is wrecking our daily lives, obstructing it. What I am telling you now is not about international terrorsim. It is about a scheme that has been hatched against our country Ethiopia to turn her into Akeldama or land of blood. For us Ethiopians, terrorism has become a bitter problem. In this regard, I have three consecutive programs prepared for you my viewers. 

Displaying photos of alleged terrorist carnage and simulated blood droplets falling from the title of the program -- dead bodies of babies and little children lying on the ground, fly-infested corpses of adults oozing blood on the asphalt, severed limbs scattered in the streets, burned vehicles, bombed buildings, doctors treating injured victims, a crowd of wailing women mourning at a gravesite, an old man crying his eyes out over the death of his wife at the hand of "terrorsits" and footage of the imploding Twin Towers in New York City on September 11, 2011 and on and on -- the narrator accuses “ruthless terrorists” for having “destroyed our peace” and “massacring our loved ones”. In a plaintive tone the narrator  exhorts: 

“Let’s look at the evidence. In the past several years, there have been 131 terrorist attacks; 339 citizens killed; 363 injured and 25 kidnapped and killed by terrorists. 

By displaying grisly spectacles of acts of alleged terrorist atrocity, cruelty, brutality and inhumanity from years past and by describing those acts with  deceitful, deceptive and distorted narrative, “Akeldama” hopes to tar and feather ALL of Ethiopia’s opposition elements, inflame public passions and offer moral justification for Zenawi’s recent crackdowns and massive and  sustained human rights violations.

The propaganda objective of “Akeldama” cannot be mistaken: Zenawi aims to vanquish from the active memory of the population any traces of popular support or sympathy for his opposition and critics by demonizing, brutalizing, dehumanizing, “villainizing” and virtually cannibalizing them. He wants the population to view the opposition as bloodthirsty gangs of conspirators blowing up defenseless babies, children, women and innocent citizens and unleashing terror and mayhem in every street corner in Ethiopia. The revolting and gruesome scenes and sequences of carnage and destruction stitched into the video are intended to lump together all of Zenawi’s opponents with Al Qaeda and Al Shabbab terrorists in Somalia.  

“Akeldama”: Dictatorship, Lies and Videotapes 

On the surface, few inquiring minds would disagree that “Akeldama” is sleazy melodrama. It has an exalted hero, dictator Meles Zenawi, the knight in shining armor, waiting in the shadows armed and ready to impale the wicked terrorists with his piercing lance. There is a damsel in distress, Lady Ethiopia. There are an assortment of scheming villains, conspirators, mischief-makers, subversives, foreign collaborators, and of course, terrorists who are cast in supporting roles as opposition leaders, dissidents and critics. It has a sensational and lurid plot featuring cloak-and-dagger conspiracies by neighboring countries, clandestine intrigues by Diaspora opposition elements, sedition and  treason by local collaborators, and of course terrorism. Naturally, in the end, good triumphs over evil. Sir Meles Zenawi, knight errant, political wizard, archer and swordsman  extraordinaire, delivers Lady Ethiopia from the clutches of the evil and sinister Al Qaeda, Al Shabbab and their minions and flunkeys, namely Ethiopia’s opposition leaders, dissidents and critics. Hollywood’s worst horror shows have nothing on “Akeldama”. 

It is easy to dismiss “Akeldama” as dimwitted and ill-conceived horror melodrama. But that would be a mistake because as lame and as cynical as it is, its manifest propaganda aim is to present a morality play for the masses in an attempt to drum up support for Zenawi and preempt, prevent or stall the dawn of an “Ethiopian Spring”. Careful review of “Akeldama” suggests that Zenawi aims to accomplish a number of propaganda objectives: 1) tar and feather all who oppose him as terrorists, terrorist sympathizers and fellow travelers, war mongers, blood-letters and genocidal maniacs, and inflame public passions, promote hatred and incite distrust and suspicion against them; 2) create a climate of fear, loathing and intolerance and trigger mass hysteria against the opposition by concocting a crude propaganda brew of mass deception, mass distraction and mass demoralization; 3) divert the attention of the population from the pressing economic, social and political issues of the day by feeding their fears, accentuating their anxieties and concerns and encouraging them to passively accept Zenawi’s rule, and 4) provide justification why Zenawi has a moral imperative to ruthlessly crackdown and clampdown on his opposition. 

The fact of the matter is that every major international human rights and other independent organizations dedicated to good governance has condemned Zenawi’s regime for gross human rights violations, corruption, lack of transparency and accountability and suppression of press freedoms. Zenawi understands that he has no moral legs to stand on and that he is running out of options. He rules by fear, intimidation, lies and deceit. Lacking any moral standing and little public support in the country, Zenawi now seeks to  capture the moral high ground by presenting a pathetic and cynical melodrama.

His strategy is simple: To canonize himself, he demonizes his opposition and critics. By casting the opposition in the moral sewer, he hopes to capture the moral commanding heights. By portraying the opposition as bloodthirsty terrorists and baby killers, he hopes to mask his own bloody hands. By showing gruesome pictures of alleged atrocities by his opponents and by creating a message of fear and loathing, he aims to manipulate and frighten the population into supporting him. Ultimately, he hopes to  create the public impression that all of the crackdown and clampdown on dissent, the violence against opponents and the complete closure of political space is  morally defensible and necessary as measures needed to protect the population from “terrorism that has destroyed our daily peace” and “killed our loved ones”.  Simply stated,  “Akeldama” is Zenawi’s slick moral justification for his two decades of dictatorial rule, shutting down every independent newspaper and exiling journalists, jailing dissidents, muzzling critics and thumbing his nose at the rule of law and international human rights conventions. 

The Strategic Use of Propaganda by Dictators 

Hateful depiction of opposition elements by dictators is nothing new. In fact, all dictatorships in modern history have employed the media -- everything from posters and newspapers to films, radio programs and now internet technologies -- to moralize and pontificate about their rule while demonizing and mobilizing against their opposition, dissidents and critics. Joseph Goebbles, the grand master of propaganda, undertook a massive media campaign of fear and smear against the Jews which led directly to the Holocaust. The communists used “agitprop” (agitation and propaganda using drama, film, art, music) to win the support of the masses and to rail against the evils of liberal democracy (“neo-liberalism”), capitalism, human rights and so on. Agosto Pinochet’s coup against Salvador Allede in 1974 was followed by massive media propaganda campaigns depicting the liberal opposition as a bunch of communists and terrorists. Over 130 thousand Chileans and foreigners were tortured, imprisoned, killed or disappeared by Pinochet’s security forces. 

For decades, South Africa’s Apartheid regime successfully used a slick propaganda campaign against the African National Congress (ANC) by "convincing" Western governments that the only choice to be made was between ANC communists and terrorists and freedom-loving Apartheid racists. Both John Vorster and P. W. Botha had the mindboggling audacity to portray the Apartheid system as a victim of terrorism, turning logic and facts on their heads, in their efforts to build and maintain Western support. They succeeded for a long time, but in the end their propaganda effort to delegitimize the ANC by legitimizing their illegitimate Apartheid system failed totally. “Akeldama” is no different. Zenawi portrays his regime as the victim of terrorism unleashed by the opposition, neighboring countries, Al Qaeda and Al Shabaab to bolster domestic and international support. He undertakes a fear and smear campaign aimed at tarring and feathering specific journalists, opposition party leaders, critics and dissidents as terrorists and enemies of the state while seeking to conceal and absolve himself of any culpability for massive and comprehensively documented human rights violations over two decades. 

Dictators and Propaganda 

But why do immoral and amoral dictators seek moral redemption? Political psychologists who have studied dictators point to a number of factors. One major reason is that all dictators are self-delusional and narcissistic (afflicted by morbid self-absorption and an over-inflated sense of self-importance). They believe their own PR (press release). They conveniently "convince" themselves that they are loved and venerated by their people, destined by Providence to save their nations and usher in a new era of freedom and prosperity (some call it a “Renaissance”). Gadhaffi swore until his last breath, “They love me. All my people with me, they love me. They will die to protect me, my people.” Gadhaffi was so narcissistically delusional that he declared, “I am the creator of tomorrow, I am here, I am here, I am here…. Libya is my country. I created it, and I can destroy it." Rarely, if ever, was it about Gadhaffi’s love for Libya or Libyans. 

All dictators see outside conspiracies being hatched against them every day. If there are protests, it is not because “my people no longer love me” or “they have come to outright hate me”, rather it is because outside agitators are making them do it. Gadhaffi was so detached from reality that he claimed the young people protesting against him were doing so because they were taking drugs. Mubarak, Gadhaffi, Ben Ali, Assad and Gbagbo claimed the protests in their countries were guided and manipulated by evil outside forces. Before his swift fall from power, Mubarak appeared on state television and accused foreign journalists, human rights activists, and foreign hands for fomenting the unrest. Assad in Syria blamed “saboteurs” backed by foreign powers for fomenting widespread civil unrest and chaos. He claimed the unrest were the result of “conspiracies designed outside and perpetrated inside Syria.” Gbagbo accused foreign envoys of seeking to turn the military aganist him. Ali Saleh of Yemen accused foreign agitators for protests that were taking place in the country. In a speech on Libyan state television, Gadhaffi declared al-Qaeda was responsible for the uprising in Libya. Likewise, Zenawi’s message in “Akeldama” is that the people love him, and the mischief-makers are primarily outside agitators, namely Diaspora opposition leaders, neighboring countries, Al Qaeda and Al Shabaab terrorists and their local minions and collaborators. 

As I have previously argued, 

Dictators see only what they want to see; and to avoid what they don’t want to see, they create their own convenient world of illusions cut out of the whole cloth of their personal beliefs, opinions and fantasies. As they continue to abuse power without any legal restraints and convince themselves that they are above the law and accountable to no one but themselves, they transform their world of illusion into a world of delusion. In their delusional world, they become both the “lone ranger” of the old American West “cleaning up bad towns and riff-raff” and the only custodians of the Holy Grail, with miraculous powers to save their nations. In their delusional world, there is room only for themselves and their cronies….     

 “Akeldama” II: Let Us See All of the Evidence of Atrocities Committed in Ethiopia  

If “Akeldama” is indeed an accurate depiction of Ethiopia as the “Land of Blood”, it is manifestly lacking in evidence. That is why we MUST follow the exhortation of the narrator in “Akeldama” to take a "look at the evidence in the past several years." It may be true that there were "131 terrorist attacks in which 339 citizens were killed; 363 injured and 25 kidnapped and killed by terrorists." But is that all the body count? Let us really look at the evidence -- not in bits and pieces, not in slivers and shreds, not in fragments and scraps -- but the whole body of evidence, the totality of the evidence. Let us have an “Akildama II” and examine 

the evidence of  post-2005 election massacres of June and November 2005, documented by the Inquiry Commission appointed by Zenawi, in which at least 193 persons were shot and killed, 763 wounded and 30,000 imprisoned by security forces under the direct command and control of Zenawi; 

the December 2003 massacre, 8 years to the month, of the Anuak in Gambella in which 424 persons were massacred and some 16,000 displaced to the Sudan.                                                     

the extra-judicial killings in the Ogaden including reprisal  “executions of 150 individuals” and the killings of at least 37 others in Labiga, Faafann Valley and Hunjurri, and the burning of the villages of Daratoole, Qamuuda, Neef-Kuceliye, Laanjalelo, Aado, Jinnoole among many others in 2007; the October 2006 alleged terrorist deaths of three individuals; 

the status of numerous detainees in three documented secret jails where they were held without due process of law and in flagrant violation of international human rights conventions; 

the Treatment of “desperado terrorists” in 2009; 

the use of foreign aid as a weapon of oppression and starvation of                       the opposition into submission; 

Etc., etc. 

Let the truth be told about ALL atrocities committed in Ethiopia, without exception. Let the chips fall where they may!  

Never Missing an Opportunity to Miss an Opportunity 

Instead of wasting time and resources hate-mongering and demonizing the opposition, critics and dissidents, Zenawi could have used the opportunity to highlight and brag about his achievements and accomplishments over his two decades at the helm. Instead of showing mayhem, dismembered bodies, dead babies and destruction, he could have showed the people what he is doing (and has done) to bring down inflation and eliminate economic privation. Instead of promoting national enmity by depicting brutality, he could have used the opportunity to promote national unity. Instead of spreading a propaganda of hate, he could have been a peace and reconciliation advocate. Instead of demonizing his opponents, he could have humanized them. He could have showcased all of his achievements in eradicating extreme poverty and hunger, establishing universal primary education, promoting gender equality and empowerment of women, reducing child mortality, improving maternal health, combatting HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases and ensuring environmental sustainability. Exhibition of such achievement could discredit any opposition claims and actions to legitimacy than the display of gratuitous horror, carnage, mayhem and destruction. But it seems Zenawi never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity to do good, the right thing, the moral thing, the compassionate and humanistic thing. 

It is not clear if “Akeldama” is the first in an endless series of melodramas calculated to demonize and dehumanize the opposition. It would be great to have an “Akeldama II”. But that is unlikely. There is little evidence to show that the lame and cynical piece of propaganda has gained any traction in the public. There is substantial anecdotal evidence which suggests most viewers in Ethiopia and the Diaspora are turned off by the gory scenes and deceitful exhortations of “Akeldama”. Even friends of Zenawi are said to have raised eyebrows by the excessive and extravagant display of gratuitous violence in the program.

At any rate, Tamagn Beyene's masterful review of “Akeldama” delivers a totally devastating critique by pointing out numerous lies, factual errors, wholesale fabrications, distortions, exaggerations and fallacies. But credit must be given where it is due. Zenawi has once again succeeded in distracting us all from the real issues. Now, can we get on with the discussion of the issues that really matter such as of inflation, corruption, arbitrary detention, intimidation, maladministration, truth adulteration, balkanization, and the need for better collaboration, improved harmonization, effective communication and, most of all, genuine reconciliation….? 

Land of Corruption or Land of Blood? 

 This past Summer, Zenawi, responding to an interviewer’s question about his feelings concerning the use of the word “famine” by the Oxford Dictionary synonymously with Ethiopia, said: 

It is a mixed up situation. On the one hand, like any citizen, I am very sad. I am ashamed. It is degrading. A society that built the Lalibela churches some thousand years ago is unable to cultivate the land and feed itself. A society that built the Axum obelisks some 2-3 thousand years ago is unable to cultivate the land and feed itself. That is very sad. It is very shameful. Of all the things, to go out begging for one’s daily bread, to be a beggar nation is dehumanizing. Therefore, I feel great shame. 

It is a crystal clear situation for me. I feel great shame that a society that built the magnificent Lalibela churches (one of the great wonders of the ancient world) and the obelisks of Axum should be known throughout the world not only as a “beggar nation” but also as land of corruption, land of blood, land of famine and land of living lies. 

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Comment from: Toga [Visitor]

I simply laughed at the childish drama by Melese Zenawi. He rather added more crime to his list of crimes. The more he engages in such acts the more he encourages us to remove and bring him to justice. He won’t stop at anything until he is removed. By the way, most of the bloody, gruesome images were taken from the people he massacred throughout the years. I recognized some of them from the Addis Massacre videos.

12/19/11 @ 11:55
Comment from: Alemie [Visitor]

Ato Alemayehu G. Mariam,
When would you take a break? We are tiered of your endless and lengthy home coocked rubbish every Monday. We start the week with depressive messages pulled from your backpack.

I strat to suspect you for having a hidden agenda for committing yourself so seriously and keep on writing such fiction-filled stories all the time?

12/19/11 @ 14:47
Comment from: Banjaw [Visitor]

Thank you, professor Al. Do not stop writing and exposing the crimes committed by Weyanes. You have many, many more admirers than you think and who love you and stand by you. Keep up the good work and never be get discouraged by those who spit out sewer vocabulary.

12/19/11 @ 22:16
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

Unfortunately dictators don’t seem to be interested or are not willing to look at themselves and correct the path until it is already to late.

The fate of Meles will be the same as any of the other dictators before him. A violent end to violent way of life.

12/19/11 @ 22:24
Comment from: ethiopiawit [Visitor]

how on earth a terrorist organisation tplf can come up with this low level,immoral amateurish & sarcastic claim to silence the mass by fear and intimidation ???I hope to see soon ETV librated and given back to the rightful owners the ethiopian people.such mediaevial dramatised unethical and unethiopian shows will never get a chance to be altered and made up to serve the fascist nefsegeday bunches this way.the sun will be out for all soon!…ethiopia will be librated from the unelected tplf thugs…then the true AKALDEMA will be made by the public live on ETV..rather than cut and paste ..turinafa!!!

12/19/11 @ 22:29
Comment from: C'est moi senait [Visitor]
C'est moi senait


You seem to be forgetting weyannes Meles and his wife’s last Sapper which is to say Meskel sq. and one way ticket to Al shababa capital in Mogadisho where he will see the last light before be headed by Al shababe and his wife breath the last Addis air before hang there.

Forget about Human right ,Amnesty or UN etc. I have kept a secret deal that is signed when it comes to Meles,all weyannes Hoddams. those parasites charities and NGO . And even pol pot issayas faith.

There will be No Mercy.

12/19/11 @ 22:33
Comment from: [Member]


Almaria, as the saying goes back home “min yalebet zilay aychilem” you’re concerned about that particular alert message to warn Ethiopians from any terrorism plot.
As you’re the one advocating and even ploting with shabia to destroy anything Ethiopia related.
Nothing about you surprise us anymore. You are out there showing your true face of #1 enemy of Ethiopia.
Are you sure you wanna deny the UN report of ertrea shabian plot of terrorism? Are you telling us not to protect ourselves from any of those terrorist plots and just die like a sucrifficial lamb?
Well, your reputation always follows you like your shadow which you cannot avoid. And your character is your nature which consists of lie and deceit. However you talk about reconcilation your serpentine self cannot allow you. A snake is a snake!

12/19/11 @ 22:43
Comment from: ejole bishoftu [Visitor]
ejole bishoftu

Land of corruption!!!If you are not a party member,you will be demonized and treated like a citizen with no right.So sad!!!People who are rich are not those who performs very well but those who have links with the corrupted officials.Prof. Al Thank you!!!!

12/19/11 @ 23:33
Comment from: Truth [Visitor]

It is Monday. Time for Zenawi to come out here and scream under different nicknames.

The truth hurts so much.

To this day no woyane has bee able to refute the good professor’s articles. Screaming here means nothing. Tell us your point of view in a calm and rational manner. This is not your rubber stamp parliament.

12/20/11 @ 00:35
Comment from: truth [Visitor]

It must be Monday. That means more agony to the boot licking Bandas.

12/20/11 @ 03:20
Comment from: Anti Meles [Visitor]
Anti Meles

Is it just me or Meles Zenawi is becoming more and more like Isayas? After the 99.6% debacle, I have a feeling he won’t even bother holding elections next time and just like his fighting comrade he labels anyone that dares criticize him as an enemy of the state and locks him up. If it wasn’t for the international goodwill in favor of Ethiopia the two would really correlate.

12/20/11 @ 03:39
Comment from: [Member]

መላጣው መለስ እብዱ ዝንጀሮ ዜናዊ ስለ አጼ ቴዎድሮስ የተናገረው ቃለ መጠይቅ ጊዜ አንስቶ የ ኢትዮጵያ ደም እንደ ሌለው ተገንዝብያለሁ :: ሰውየው ከዱር ከበረሃ የመጣ ሽፍታ ከመሆኑም በላይ እፍረተ ቢስ ቀጣፊ አጭበርባሪ ከሃዲ አረመኔ መሆኑን ማንም አገር ወደድ ሃበሻ መዘንጋት አይኖርበትም:: አሁን አንገብጋቢው ጥያቄ :ፈጥነን አንጠልጥለን ከ አራት ኪሎ ማውጣት ይኖርብናል ::

ሞት ለ እ ህ አ ዴ ግ
ሞት ለ ቲ ፒ ኤል ኤፍ

12/20/11 @ 08:05
Comment from: Hullish [Visitor]

Aya Kedado Al-Maria,

Paper tigers can bark but not bite. Keep on barking as no one pays attention to your junck messages.

12/20/11 @ 08:12
Comment from: nbefekadu [Visitor]

What a professor, you always spend writing your long articles riducling your own country and your country men. I wish you were able to use your time for something positive and constructive. Ethiopia is a country of hope even when the situation looks dark. It is God loving country!!

12/20/11 @ 09:11
Comment from: obsaa [Visitor]

Thank U professor. You are fighting WOYANES continuously. I like your article because:
1. It doesn’t meddle into religion and rationality/ethnicity matters

2. It is so powerful that it burns WOYANE tugs

A pen is mightier than sword.
Forgot WOYANE thugs barking at you and go on fighting them by your pen.

12/20/11 @ 10:03
Comment from: Bulga [Visitor]

Mr. Al-Mariam. You left Ethiopia before one generation. I am not in your generation, I belong to the new dynamic and educated young one. unfortunatily, your way of thinking the youngesters and the citizens living in Ethiopia is just like the way you had been before 20 years. Now, there is a visible gab between the new and the old obscelated generation in Ethiopia.
Among those who fled the country in fear of the brutal military junta regime , some had returned back to the bushs and desearts to fight agains the regime and realize thier idology, and Al-mariam, Birhanu and his colligue setteled in a luxury and comfortable lifes in Western countries enriching their financial and educational status.
After all the bloodshed and miserable wars, those who paid their precise life, physical and mental resources for their idiology and country has succeded.
During the 1983/4, when EPRDF establish a transitioal government,all the narrow minded hatred elements came to the power to exercise thier poisnous and arogant politics in the country. OLF, had moved to separate Oromo and deport all ‘Neftegna’ back to their mountain, the Oromo ISlamic movement moved to set up islamic Oromia state, and some other feudal residuals also had attempted to re-establish a centralized state neglecting the diversified people nation in terms of language and culture. Those residuals, they had forgotten the root cause of those miserable, divastating, bloodshed and internal conflicts that has made the country poor and the people to be seffured.
Then EPRDF automatically vanished those virus out of the country and realize the federal state that comprise and accept the diversified nation and nationalities of Ethiopia by giving them a limiteless freedom, respecting their identitiy culture and language, and enabling them to directly involve in the countries national affair and participate in the process of building the country.
EPRDF, in the 1997E.c had tried to introdue a real and visible democratic election allowing all political parties and oppositions to exercise and campaign their own policy, and ideology in almost free and fair way. But, the arogant individuals, who always strive to promote their own interest and personal status came up with a motion to lead 80 million people with hate and a coalation being created only in a principle of ‘the only enemy is EPRDF’, but an ocean of crirical idiological difference that might have led the country unto a devastating social unrest and conflicts.
After all those bloods and stone being thrown to our own public properties and citizens, those worthless immaturead full of hate minded politicians started to fight each other in their own office and divorced their unatural mariage, not even lead and prosper the already distructed Ethiopia.
After all the 21 centuries miserable political game by those selfish individuals, EPRDF gain the responsibility of transforming the country and alivate the deep root poverty.
Now, we Ethiopia see, touch, feel and at least hear the real and tangible growth and development in our home. Ethiopia is now the 4th largest economy in sub sara countries and the fastest growing non-oil producing country.
At the same time, we are educated enough to understand the consequences of economic growth and the challenges. We don’t expect Meles to bring us a magical formula that alivate the overall problems over night, nor a European democracy and Americans’ humberger.

Those crybabies and loosers, hiding under the everytime Ethiopia and Ethiopian enemy Isayas like Al-Mariam posts a trash articles worth nothing for the country. Egyptians never critisize and block halls when Aswan Dam was being built, though their government was a dectator. Chiness spy Western countries to exploit the technologies and to bring it back to their country, though still China is a one party non-democratic country. But our special, allien politicians are in Asmara to blow up the Dam and roads being constructed by a resource contributed from ‘tsedat serategna’ 3 birr salary, while they live in a luxury western countries.

What a cursed people! ‘Yemiyaregutin ayaqum ena yiker belacheew…..’


12/20/11 @ 11:49
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

Al Mariam,

Why should you care about Ethiopia anyway? You are living your whatever life outside of Ethiopia like those X-enemies of the Ethiopian people, and you all are hilusinating againist econamic development, and againist the security actions that the ethiopian government - people taking to secure-protect the well being of the citizens of the country…

One thing you have to undestand though, the Ethiopian government and the Ethiopian people will never expect any empathy or blessing from you all diaspora idiots. So, stay at wherever you criminals are…your crying and hilusinting are precieved like a annoying songs by the majority of the Ethiopian people…LOL..

Peace and prosperous life to all the nation and nationalities the Ethiopian people!!

God bless the world!!

12/20/11 @ 13:25
Comment from: Ras Thomas and Associates of Ethiopian Patriots [Visitor]
Ras Thomas and Associates of Ethiopian Patriots

Mr. Alamanyehu Ethiopia is not now
the land of blood but it used to
be land of blood. When your uncle and boss was there Mingistu Hailu.
and his red terror campaign against Ethiopian.
Now. Ethiopia is land of peace and
growing economy which building bridges,trains, dams etc.
But, land of blood shed, all Ethiopians to became refugees and
burn your aunt home in Addis is what you are working for !!!!
You want Ethiopians to be against each other just like Somalia.
But let tell you this: Ethiopians
has civilazation of 3000 years and
faith in Judeo-Christianity. which
makes them not like a savages.
So, your dreams are in vain.
Ethiopia is building to prosper.

12/20/11 @ 13:40
Comment from: Alemie [Visitor]


Your diatribe sounds like the kettle calling the pot black. How about your deal with Afeworki in Asmara to transform his mission of havoc in Ethiopia. Your commarads in talks like Birhanu Nega, Andargachew Tsigie and Elias Kifle were bowing low in Asmara and licking Afeworki’s boots not long ago. How about that type of hidden plot? What do you call it?

12/20/11 @ 13:48
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]  

Ethiopia Land of Blood ,of the blood
sucker Devil Zenawi and his Tcharak Agazis used to kill and slaughtered of peoples .Land of Corruption of the Lebaw Zenawi with his Zerafew Mistu Azeb including the looter Tigre Mafiosis owning iligally everything while the peoples are starving .The greatest Joke is that a Shabyan Prostitute dares to publish the saying of a wise more of than patriotic personnality trying to fool peoples :Abraham lincoln said, “CHARACTER IS LIKE A TREE AND REPUTATION LIKE A SHADOW, THE SHADOW IS WHAT WE THINK OF IT; THE TREE IS THE REAL THING".Typically describing the Image of such evil Banda .In his days to days stupid speech this banda is supposing defending the unity and sovereignty of Ethiopia .
But in fact the Tree representing this evil Banda are the sets of collection of lies ,Propagandas that he is daily used to denigrate the patriots and insulting the unity
and sovereignty of Ethiopia .

12/20/11 @ 14:09
Comment from: Ethio Spring, 2012 [Visitor]
Ethio Spring, 2012

Time for Ethio spring.
Only a revolution can remove dictators.
Sofar arabs are leading Ethiopia in terms of dismantling their dictators.
Libia-Ethiopia, 1:0
Tunisia-EThiopia, 1:0
Egypt-Ethiopia, 2:0
Yemen-Ethiopia, 1:0
Syria-Ethiopia (almost 1:0)

12/20/11 @ 14:29
Comment from: Realty [Visitor]

This man is obsessed with hate toward our intelligent leader. Ethiopia never made this kind of enviable progress under your naftagna leaders. Please stop your meaningless hate and find something better to do. I can’t thank enough Ato Melese for what he did for Ethiopia particularly the somalistae of Ethiopia. If you add all minilik, hailesilase and mengistu (Amhara leaders) they give us 2 high schools today we have 42 high schools. I leave for this hateful naftagna to compare objectively and stop insulting our good leader.

12/20/11 @ 15:05
Comment from: Heny [Visitor]

C’est moi senait,
You overused slut, first of all go to the nearby school there and learn how to write in good English. “last Sapper"? It is last supper anchi arogit. Bututo neger

12/20/11 @ 15:37
Comment from: Mehari [Visitor]


The honorable Professor is not a paper tiger. No, never. He is the voice of the mass. He is the one strong voice heralding at all angels for those who are burning with anger in regard to the sanity of the woyane rulers. He reveals things as they are. It is well researched,objective and well mannered insight.

No wonder if it does not fit into your head.Either you are among those woyane leftover collectors or you seem to be blinded with hate.

Professor, thank you again regarding “Akeldama” what the woyane was trying to portray those opposition parties. What woyane has to ask themselves is: “If everybody who is not collaborating with them is wrong and terrorist, then they are the only the right one. What a shame!

Keep on the good work dear Sir!

12/20/11 @ 17:20
Comment from: Dagnachew Koru [Visitor]
Dagnachew Koru


Esayas Afworki and his group Almariam had no bed to sleep; because something is coming faster than they expected. Eritrean will fall very soon. The Esayas Afworki group working hard to topple Meles but we will make his first. We Ethiopians will protect Meles Zenawi forever, who protects the peoples democracy and right. We will see if the only Amhara tribe can topple him from the power?
If the Amhara people don’t want the ethnically established government, then let them stay away from the rest of Ethiopia, Ethiopia is not given gift for them. Ethiopia is belongs to all Ethiopians. We don’t want sugar coated democracy like Birhanu Nega and his likes.
This is the war between Amharas and Tigres; so, whom we are going to support? We are going to be with Tigres, because they are much better than scrooge Amharas. We have enough experience for Amhara administration. They killed our future and life. They stopped us from learning; they tortured and imprisoned our people. They looted 11billion dollar to Swiss bank, while our people are dying of hunger. What else’s are they going to do? Still the looted money working all over the world, pretended as true owner of the property. Why the Amharas never complain about such looted huge money? That money is belongs to Ethiopians. They never said single word. All are looters and killers.

12/20/11 @ 18:03
Comment from: ensmama [Visitor]

Mr. Alemih Yitfa,
I remember way back one of the most intellectual of all, highly honorable, well respected Journalist and Great Interviewer Ato Asaminew Gebrewold Said ” To be a successful journalist one must know how to use Propaganda.” Propaganda works both ways You are continously using it.
Dear Alm Yeleh, your propaganda is endless, it is your nightmare that wakes you up every night. Are you telling me to listen to your fabricated collections of articles written by your masters?
The following is your own statement that I substitute the subject and it seems it works out perfectly to describe you.

Alemayehu sees only what he wants to see; and to avoid what he does not want to see, He (Alemayehu) creates his own convenient world of illusions cut out of the whole cloth of his personal beliefs, opinions and fantasies. At any rate, Alemayehu G Mariam’s masterful review of Meles delivers a totally devastating critique by pointing out numerous lies, factual errors, wholesale fabrications, distortions, exaggerations and fallacies.
Ethiopia needs proactive people, visionaries, gogetters and ambitious people. Ethiopia does not want side liners, Spectators and retrogressive and retarded people like you. I give a credit for your Cap and Gown that you worn that suppose to express your higher level of education. Unfortunately,you are more like a Bookish, Talker, Bitter, envy. Nothing good comes out of your breath. Every thing we see has always two sides, unfortunately since your views are only one sided it taste like Igi Igi and Koshasha.
By this I do not mean that this Government is all the way good, there are mistakes and wrong ideas. We as Ethiopians could address our opposite views in a proper way using the proper channels. Not by instigating wars and chaos like this ignoramus Almariam.

12/20/11 @ 18:28
Comment from: mmm [Visitor]

atlist some thing for your blood thrist mind. what you want to see and hear is blood…. so you may find it hear. Don’t bother about the development and true reality of Ethiopia. One thing is real for sure, Ethiopia will never will go back forward. “Weshaw Yechohale Gemelu gene mengedu yeketlala”

12/20/11 @ 19:32
Comment from: [Member]

Ethiopia is a multicultural and multiethnic society. The overall picture is one of a fluid, plural and complex society, with a majority of the population positively accepting of the ethnical diversity that is an increasingly routine part of Ethiopian life, although some are still uncertain or ambivalent about ethnic diversity.

In practice, most Ethiopians, from whatever background, live and breathe cultural diversity, actively engaging with goods and services/activities from many different cultures and ethnicities.

Cultural and ethnic mixing and matching is almost universal in Addis, Nazreth/Adama, Debre Zeit, Hawassa, Jimma, Dire Dawa etc, although I found where there is still however some evidence of exclusive ethnic enclaves in their midst.

This mixing and matching is also evident in the ways people use the limited media in the above mentioned localities. Some groups of older generations tend to be entertained with the mainstream and culturally specific media, while, in general, younger generations seem to easily balance and enjoy both their ethnic centered programs and other multicultural programs.

This means that younger Ethiopians live hybrid lives involving influences from many cultures. Moreover, young people tend to have more positive views in this respect than older people, which can be taken as a clear indication that multiculturalism will be even more mainstreamed in the future. This will be enhanced by the growing numbers of second and third generation Ethiopians in our midst.

This is only just my observation through my few recent travels and can neither be presented as a formal research nor should be taken as a fact. I may add, this is where the good Professor Alemayehu and others in the field could study further and present us what the current situation and future trend is.

Currently, every classified similar ethnic group has its own flag and territory, except Addis and Dire Dawa with their city emblems as an independent territory. Do we have any other option and if so what are they?

12/20/11 @ 20:53
Comment from: Yoni [Visitor]

This guy had gone from pointing fingers to Fingering Points lol

12/20/11 @ 21:33
Comment from: [Member]


LOL! Ante tejam, let me know which tej bet you spend the whole day drinking your tej. I’m just wondering how the hell they let you out from that psychiatric ward.
You’re a total NUT CASE!!!!!!

12/20/11 @ 21:58
Comment from: [Member]

You are just angry old man about something; I don’t think you care for Ethiopia or for the people of Ethiopia you just barking to all subjects every time which I’m sick about your BLBLBLBL !!.. Every time I see your name on Nazerat .com. I’m not even politician or supporter if you really Passionate about your country do something what your country needs not writing 10 pages helps the country or the people..

12/20/11 @ 22:04
Comment from: Gobez [Visitor]

I completely disagree with Professor Al Mariam. Politics is one thing and reality is another thing. Let us assume any accusation coming out of the Ethiopian government is totally a lie and rubbish. How about the recently published report by the Somalia-Eritrea Monitoring Group of the United Nations? Are you telling us that they are all liers, too?
Hate EPRDF and Ato Meles but please inform your readers the truth.
By the way, have you ever composed any positive article about Ethiopia? I’m sure that most of you would agree with me that the situation in the country is not 100% doom and gloom; there is some hope that our country will emerge better than yesteryears.

12/20/11 @ 23:49
Comment from: Uloos [Visitor]

Happy holidays to you and thank you Professor Al for waging a campaign against the corrupt dictator in Ethiopia. The good news is that your sustained campaign of exposing the crimes of the regime is bearing fruits already.Heavyweight lawyers in Ottawa have filed a lawsuite against Canadian Government for financing repression in Ethiopia and are asking the courts to block any aid to Meles’s regime. The Lawyers’ arguments are similar to the cases that you have been documenting tirelesly overtime. The ripple effect of this court case will have a widder implications in other jurisdictions

12/20/11 @ 23:54
Comment from: eselem [Visitor]

This mercenary and his vampires are sucking the blood of the Ethiopian people. The Country is also bloated with corruption. The corruption is the main goal of this mercenary’s regim.

12/21/11 @ 00:02
Comment from: Asiqign [Visitor]

@ Dagnachew (agamew),

Did you say…..
1. We Ethiopians will protect Meles Zenawi forever, who protects the peoples democracy and right. We will see if the only Amhara tribe can topple him from the power?….

Esti sle gorobetochu yqrna slegna inawra. So what you mean is ONLF, OLF, Gambela Hzboch are all Amara?
So new to my ears:)

2.We have enough experience for Amhara administration. They killed our future and life. They stopped us from learning; they tortured and imprisoned our people. They looted 11billion dollar to Swiss bank, while our people are dying of hunger. What else’s are they going to do? …..

11Billion deposited in foreign banks? I know that, but what didnt know is that Meles is from Amhara tribe? lol

Where did Ethiopia go wrong?

12/21/11 @ 01:23
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Adgi Banda ,you guy seem to have enough time to waste your precious times vomiting on this website .Wonder what’s your real job “Paid TPLF banda prostitute Cyber cadre” ,or “Shiwawa banda as Pig Ben
begging Azeb mesfin and the Saudi’s Tycoon moneys” .The only anti Ethiopian elements are your own leba
master with all his Agazis and bandas bleeding the country .KEEP ON

12/21/11 @ 01:33
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

TPLF parasites jamming this website are once again barking against Prof Al . Aiga bandas and boys ,why don’t
you stay on your Tigre Mafiosis website good for “NOTHING” than masturbating your usual stupidities on this website .Prof Al publishings have become your each Monday’s Nightmare !!!Now the Truth has been already known by all of us ,you have nothing to do than barking as thouthless dying shiwawa . KERFAFA LEKAMI BANDAS !!!
As said our derar elders ” Le humsa gan ande alolo !!!” .

12/21/11 @ 01:41
Comment from: Ashu [Visitor]

Prof. Al article is like a holy water(tsebel). A demonized person resist to get close to the water and even a drop of the water makes him nervous and start to speak and meferaget. Likewise whenever this man’s article pops up weyane cadres even can’t go through the article. His very name disturb them and get them out of their mind. Then they don’t know what they are talking…they start insulting him without reading his article. eked eked seitan/meles belachehu jemeru….

12/21/11 @ 03:55
Comment from: Alemawo(r)k [Visitor]

This is why a thriving democracy should include contributing voices of the opposition like Al, that relentlessly present the other side of the story with alleged supporting data to the people. I am not in the business of choosing who is right. Categorizing groups or individuals into an enemy and a fellow supporter group, just because one stands for a differing opinion shrinks the potential the country can have in advancing its political maturity so that a wider perspective of views prevails. It is good for peace, stability, and avoids multiplication of the so called enemies.

12/21/11 @ 10:54
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]


“You overused slut, first of all go to the nearby school there and learn how to write in good English.”

I tell you in good English you are a brainless moron!!!

What an idiot poor man….

I am laughing at you!

12/21/11 @ 11:23
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Debdenatchew who the hell might be more as Issayass ashker than your leba master with his Agazis .More than two decades your leba master and his agazis were advocating Shabyan hidden agenda as a pure colonial affairs .By the way healing for the
creation of Shabyan Empire and the desmanteling of the Sovereignty of Ethiopia .Worst of all for the sake of Arab Invaders dreaming to transform the Red Sea as Arab lands
Internal sea .Unfortunatly for
brainwashed Thugs and Bandads .FREEDOM means submission
for the TPLF bandits and Tigre Mafiosis certainly not being a political activist defending the rights of the peoples !!!!

12/21/11 @ 13:49
Comment from: warya [Visitor]  

Ato Alemenyuhu,

Why are you adding right now the Ogaden region problems in your recent articles and keep taking the suffers and human crime atrocities at this late time? It’s because of that you heard the undergoing peace negotiation btwn ONLF and EPDRF?
You are so naive my friend!and your support to Ogaden people or the ONLF is too late my friend.
Am I wrong guys? The professor thinks that he could fool the people by his stupid articles.
it’s a shame and a narrow mentality that to think you are smart and thus blindly go while underestimation others capability.

Well,Prfo.Al, the ogaden region conflict hasn’t begun yesterday and you knew that it was began from your Neftenga warlords and since then the region conflict wars were continual and of course that our civilians were enough suffered in the military occupations.
These,war crimes and civilians atrocities of course not begun with Meles regime and that back dated in 1940’s with your feudal kingdoms invasion and captures of the Somali regionsd.Of course,the Somali Ogaden human atrocities started with Amara army invasions into our peaceful lands.My friend the Ogaden problem is not something new and begin with Melese regime.History of that the Ogaden Region and the past Amara Military occupation,oppression and crimes that committed your chauvinist Ahmara basters is unforgettable.In each Somali Ogaden family who lived there, I believe was effected and still lives with scars of the agony.However,you know that our people never kneel down to the Ahmara.They had-been resisted and fought until that all oppressed Ethiopians,up rises and removed the Neftengna parasitic regimes.We won!My friend on those wars and thus,liberated to all oppressed 78 ethnic and national Ethiopians.To day,those ethnics whose suffered for years obtained their self righteous and that exercising freely their culture,religion and shares the leadership of the country.Having said that,yes there are still conflicts,hanger and poverty and other problem existing in Ethiopia.But the question that first to be asked and begs the answer is who created rather than keep blames the Tigray ethnic.The Tigrays were too,the victims of your ancestors leaderships.In Ogaden,yes the war conflict had been dragged and ravaged many lives of innocent civilians but again we knew the root of the coz was not the Regime that you are blaming to every things that past ahmara warlords caused?
on the other hand,Almariam,you might thinking that you are enough smart but believe it or not you are Meskin and so naive politically.You should change your political game if you smart.It’s my first time reading that you are commenting about the Ogaden suffers.Not bad but it’s too late my friend.Because,we understand the reason and that unlike you we are not locked in their circled box.We see from far and I know that you heard the progressive peace negotiation btw ONLF and EPRDF.kkkkkk Prof Al,thank you anyway but your support towards ONLf is too late. Sorry my friend!

12/21/11 @ 14:22
Comment from: Gemech [Visitor]

Mr. A.G.Mariam

Few weeks ago I read your article, well, if you can call it that, which was in essence a comparative work on the practice of democracy in the United State and Ethiopia. And you blubbered at great length, to expound how good US democracy was compared to that of Ethiopia. What a waste of time that was? Any high school student would have told you that in the time it takes to raise her hand up. That would have saved you the time you spent googling for vocabulary and ideas to help you say what you wanted to say. But you carried on, nonetheless.
I asked you if you really took into account the age difference between the two democracies you were comparing. But you didn’t bother to defend yourself from my accusations. You see, US democracy has been fermenting for quite a while before it assumed the shape it has now. Democracy is like our tella, or tege, or the European wine. They mature and grow strong as they get older. While Young democracies like that of Ethiopia are still young. Or in tella parlance, it is in the dif dif stage and a bit rough. In other words not yet ready to use. A country that has been denied of any form of self-expression for centuries apart from song and dance is not suddenly to be expected to perform like the US. You didn’t even care to take note of how that same matured democracy behaves at times of national crisis, such as terrorist attacks or financial and banking crisis. I thought that was what learned people are supposed to do, consider the pro and cones of the subject and discuss both sides of the coin.
The fledgling democracy in Ethiopia needs nurturing not bushing at each stage of its development. Of course you are in constant denial about the existence of democracy in Ethiopia, albeit, infant. But at the same time you contradict yourself when talking about how the free press in Ethiopia is under stress from terrorism laws and from the ministry of information. But let us not talk about that as it is the characteristic feature of your articles.
The sum total of your messages, week in week out, have been to tell those who worship your messages that Meles is a dictator, there is an apartheid system in Ethiopia, there is no terrorist threat on Ethiopia etc. All these accusations are labelled without a shred of evidence. And finally, soothing that has become the flavour of the season, after the plot to bring about Orange revolution and the Rwandan Massacre failed to materialise, is the call for Arab Spring.

a) Meles is not a dictator. If consider all governments and parties that have been in power for over three terms look at the number of years US congressmen and European parliamentarians have been coming back term after term to serve the same party. The fact that the leaders of the parties are changed every two or three terms has fooled you into thinking governments are changing.

b) Please don’t belittle the sufferings of the people of South Africa under the apartheid system by equating it with Ethiopia where the process of freeing people from poverty and from age old traditional oppressive systems is underway and it is clear for everyone to see.

c) The world, through its UN offices, is well aware of the real not imagined terrorist threats Ethiopia is facing. Eritrea, a declared Enemy, Alshabab, OLF and ONLF have all pledged to bring destruction to Ethiopia and they have done it. When Ethiopia hits back at its enemies it doesn’t make sense to cry foul. Are you going to tell the Americans and the British who have suffered from terrorist attacks to stop making documentaries in order to raise their public’s awareness and to make them vigilant? Try it and see what happens.

d) No amount of English words copied from the Thesaurus, no amount of comparison and no amount of campaign to invite foreign forces is going to help you settle your argument with Meles. As it happens it was the earliest Ethiopian Spring that drove Mengistu and his gasha jagres running out of the country. It happened without the ugly aftermath of fundamentalism and militarism that we see in Libya, Egypt and Tunisia. It is even making the West rethink this strategy as it didn’t pay off in terms of installing other yes men in power.
e As to corruption I am yet to find a country that has managed to devise a means of fighting it successfully. Some are making in roads but not the developing countries. What is the system you would like to see in Ethiopia to combat corruption? Think Positive brother and Merry Christmas ans Happy New Year

12/21/11 @ 17:35
Comment from: Anonymous [Visitor]

Why does everyone think meles is a terrorist?!


12/21/11 @ 18:27
Comment from: Hullish [Visitor]

Dear Mehari,

I assure you Ato Alemayehu G. Mariam is a paid agent working hand in hand with Elias Kifle of ER. They are both editors of the ER aka Ethiopian / Eritrean / Review. These two fellows together with Birhanu Nega, Andargachew Tsigie and LFs stand since long time by the side of Tyrant Issias Afeworki. Ato Alemayehu G. Mariam, just like Elias Kifle simply come up with home coocked and unfounded defamation campaign simply to fulfill their oath and promise to Issaias Afeworki. I assure you, in due time you will observe why these fellows are consistently involved in defation camapign. The whole truth will come out. For that matter I’m neither EPRDF supporter nor supporter of any of the above named (G-7, OLF, ONLF, etc.) as I see no hope in their efforts. These are only good to talk and not to come to something useful for Ethiopia. Simply sitting at their comfort and compose hate mongering tales does not do any good. It harms us all in different forms. Ato Alemayehu and Elias are among us simply to spread hate. This is not expected of any thinking rational person. Let us cool down and control owr emotion and start thinking rationally for favorable solutions. Distruction and distructive thinking has not done any good to any society.

12/21/11 @ 19:12
Comment from: Eynawta [Visitor]

Alex z Crazy
I think you are addicted to lies and you have stopped everything else than to devote your time and resurce in everyday lying. sorry and God Bless

12/22/11 @ 01:28
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Dengayatchewn Koteru ,you are fooling yourself by your own childish “BERE WOLEDE” “TERET TERET” ,go back to school and revise your own history about the origin of your eri guy shabyan ass hole master ,your Taliban traitor King ,Queen’s Victoria Slave ,Yohanes .The Facist Italian ass hole Banda Haile Selassie Gugsa before vomiting your usual insanities against Prof Al .

12/22/11 @ 01:43
Comment from: Dagnache Koru [Visitor]
Dagnache Koru

I never and ever talked single lie, the story which I am telling you is 100% truth.
Again it is true.
Sidib ayigebahim, alsedbihim. ant edeg bicha!

12/22/11 @ 11:44
Comment from: Mehari [Visitor]


It is with regret and sorrow that I may ask your forgiveness for the undesirable words I chose commenting on you. Many we are who say things filled in anger and frustration and the flood may have pushed me a bit along!
I am also not in support of Ginbot 7 or any so called opposition groups for I have not marked any sign of effective leadership among them except division, inability of leadership. Just because we are against woyane does not make us friends with the lunatic shabia leader. It is ugly politic and a corrupted tactic collaborating with a man who even is no good for his own people.

Regarding the Professor, I mostly see his blog revealing the wrong doing of woyane and a well researched source of information. As you said, we need to have a cool head and have our discussion in a constructive manner. Such exchange of slander and rudeness will not bring us no where.

You deserve to raise my hut for your attitude!

12/22/11 @ 16:26



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