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Ethiopia: Let’s Not Fall on the Trap of Meles Zenawi’s Illness



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Ethiopia: Let’s Not Fall on the Trap of Meles Zenawi’s Illness

Ethiopia: Let’s Not Fall on the Trap of Meles Zenawi’s Illness!!!

By Samson Gebremariam

These past weeks all our attention was focused on the former “Rebel” the current “OPPRESSOR” of all time in our beloved Ethiopian history. TPLF/EPRDF and its dictator leader Meles Zenawi know how to shift people’s mind from one critical spot to another that seems important; however, has nothing to do with what we all need. I will leave to the readers that how many times we fell into such traps and we forgot our main agenda. Had it not been for the regime and Meles Zenawi’s cruelty all Ethiopians would have been shocked and concerned about his bad health condition. We also would have been in deep prayers for him to recover from his illness soon rather than wished him death. However, the way we heard of his illness through foreign sources and wrong handling of the issue by Ethiopian government left us in limbo. Citizens have been denied their right to know about their leader’s whereabouts and health condition even though his medical expenses are covered with their money collected as tax or donations made in the name of Ethiopian people.

Our constitution has also fuelled the confusion as it does not include the succession process if the prime minister dies, resigns or is removed from office, though the last two options are unlikely to happen in Ethiopia. Was it forgotten? Or Ethiopian leaders were assumed to be immortal? Not at all, TPLF immortality was the basis for the constitution. How? To whatever extent the coalition parties of EPRDF could share power with TPLF; the Prime Minister position is reserved only for someone from TPLF. The President, Deputy Prime Minister and other positions are open to all EPRDF coalition parties. As we all may know, the most common trend in power succession so far is deputies to take over the next higher position in such emergency situations. Had our constitution adopted this healthy trend either we would have seen deputy from TPLF or the party would lose this key (PM) position, the unlikely scenario. If he had died or resigned his position would have been taken over by non-TPLF member, which would cause a major crackdown within the ruling party and the whole country. But the “smart” move was taken by head of the TPLF Meles Zenawi and left it wide open for his party to fight and keep it within themselves. That is what we are witnessing right now. Meles Zenawi has failed to save the lives of millions of Ethiopians from poverty but helped TPLF stuck in power.

Having said that, planned or coincidence I found this situation as a trap too and EPRDF is buying time to sort out its internal problem. Let’s not give them the time they needed rather unsettle them and push them out of office. Let’s unite ourselves and organize the people to peacefully demonstrate and get rid of this tyranny regime. Two decades of oppression creates unbearable pain in the hearts of all Ethiopians. The time has come and it’s NOW! We need to act as a unit and brainstorm to devise the best action plan that will force TPLF/EPRDF share power or leave office. There should not be any violence or bloodshed as we have already scarified many lives in the civil wars we were forced to go through. We need to act cautiously not to trigger their brutality to kill our people. We may also need to use diplomatic pressures as additional force showing we have the will and potential to lead our country in a better way. For all these to happen we have to put aside our differences and build our relationship on our common goal. We all know life is full of compromise and that is exactly political activities should accommodate. So let’s be part of this historic moment and contribute our share as we did in the 2005’s election. We are now given a second chance to free our beloved country from TPLF/EPRDF and get our freedom back. Let’s organize ourselves and move on as a united force before this golden opportunity vanishes. This is a crunching time to worry about our beloved country ETHIOPIA and leave the tyranny to die!!!



Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Men malet naw? ordinary comment?

Please no amhara dominated party is welcome.We don’t need haileselasie is our hero mantra. History of Ethiopia needs to be changed or rewritten completely. Then we will joing Ethiopia anew.

07/28/12 @ 01:44
Comment from: Bakst [Visitor]

As a previous person commented, there will be no more oppreser coming to power. Which includes all the pro minilik, seilase, or Abysinia. When you write an article the author should point out who is talking too?? In this case the author of this article is talking to Amhara or kinijt party and it’s supporters. I Think the era of abysinian leader has come to an end. History is on the side of oppressed people. Don’t forget the hungry lion that is ready to revolutionize the people. Put end to ETHIOPIA because only 40% of the country’s population claim this name so think of the OGADEN, OROMIA, change policy or the end is soon.

07/28/12 @ 03:13
Comment from: The lion [Visitor]
The lion

I really appreciate the idea of the first writer, Ethiopians should think together in building the great country!!.
I really don’t understand why some of us still thinks like those who had been in the 17th C, pls this is the 21C and try to adjust your thought accordingly.

07/28/12 @ 04:34
Comment from: koster [Visitor]

we should not be a victim of fascist Meles Zenaw divide and rule. All anti-fascist forces including those geniune Ethiopians from Tigrai should unite and build a free and democratic Ethiopia where all live freely and democaratically. The fascists may rely on their guns but they should not forget a united Ethiopian force is stronger and killing or destroying Ethiopia like Syria or Libya does not benefit the fascists or the rest of Ethiopians. Please let us think twice instead of blinded by our greed or ethnic love.

07/28/12 @ 04:38
Comment from: aba tatek [Visitor]
aba tatek

The author of this article needs to read more and to cleanse himself from abhorence. At the beginig he said that this is the worst time in the history of Ethiopia. This is simply not true. It is also an insult for those who lost their beloved ones by the RED TERROR of the derg. Young women were raped and dry wood was inserted to their womb by the derg cadres, mothers and fathers were forced to say a slogan over their kids body. If you dont understand that, either you were one of the killers or you are deliberately distorting the truth. By all measures this article lacks balance of truth and the writer is less knowledgeable and biased about Ethiopia. Probably he/she is not Ethiopian or is one of the residues of history, like those who were BANDAS during the invasion of ethiopia.

07/28/12 @ 08:10
Comment from: NAKUPENDA [Visitor]

i think all of us will miss meles. people are just complaining about his dictatorship. it happens because he has been in power for a long time. otherwise he has done a lot for his country. question for all of u fucked up ethiopians or eritreans, can you exactly tell me whats wrong with your prime ministere? i tnik you will not. if so, am ready to hear..

07/28/12 @ 08:16
Comment from: Mesfin [Visitor]

To aba tatek, I think you don’t seem understand what the author/articles all about. It has nothing to do with comparing the previous regime, it’s simply about what this current regime has distroy these great nation and it’s time to change. Please re-read it before jumps to hasty comments.
Thank you.

07/28/12 @ 10:02
Comment from: The Truth [Visitor]
The Truth

‘Samson Gebremariam- - you are just another EPLF propagandist or power mongerer. EPRDF/TPLF/Meles are Ethiopians and never attempt to create rift under disguise. You talk wide mouth about the 2005 election? Can you tell us how a 1 year old opposition which was not even able to put candidates and witnesses in most election spots win an alection? Kinjit’s leaders were just in towns with their mobile phones and they never went to the Tigrayans, Afars, Oromos, most of Amara, Benishangul, South, Somalia, Harari, Gambella, etc. Winning an election requires more time and effort!!!

07/28/12 @ 11:33
Comment from: [Member]

If you believe or .or he is very good leader than previous leaders. He have many good qualities and Allwayas he traied to avoided his weekness addition he is not devaine he have some mistakes and hewill a avoid in the feature remain times or three years. Therefore don’t talk too much.God bless Ethiopia!!!

07/28/12 @ 12:16
Comment from: Eyasu Merga [Visitor]
Eyasu Merga

One thing I agree with is that whatever is said from the so called “ellits” of Amahar, TPLF, OLF, ONLF, or future oldish ?LFs, or DLF (diaspora liberation front), extra extra…..please give chance to the people power, the will of your beloved people. If the people love and sustain whatever party to be in power, whomever to rule as a prime minster, please allow and abide by that. I hope everyone agrees that freedom does not mean freeing people from their will……let’s make democracy a rule, and not an exception/favor to Ethiopia (the great one!)…let’s give space to our ordinary citizens
Eyasu Merga

07/28/12 @ 16:29
Comment from: WoyneToHell [Visitor]  

As much as I don’t agree with the current “OPPRESSER” I hate to think what will happen if we go back to the same idea of “one nation,one language, under one God” (orthodox). Hailessilasie,menelik and the rest should and must be potreyed as nothing but murderers and oppressors.Their must be a separation between state and religion other wise history will repeat itself. Their is a huge potential for the country if we leave behind our petty politics and religious bigotry. I am sorry to say it but the days are long gone when you have to be Amhara ethinic group and orthodox to be an emperor.GET THAT INTO YOUR HEAD. we want Ethiopia where muslim, Cristian and the rest can leave together side by side without being a second class citizen.

07/28/12 @ 17:20
Comment from: dere [Visitor]

what was it you “against” Melese wantted him to perform?change your diapers!is it not time for us to recognise leaders effort and cooperat to bridge gaps !what is the media doing? insult who ever !is that why you are traind. most articles are out puts of YECHAT MIRKANA not that of a rational thinking and cbility.

07/28/12 @ 19:17
Comment from: Asaminew Alula [Visitor]
Asaminew Alula

By the way you are not a good man and not positive thinker becouse your post is empty and useless for all ethiopian people .if you belive God, at this time you must be pray to God. For meles healthy,for others ours leaders ,for the whole ethiopian people.meles and others leaders arenot fashishit or enemy for us they are your brother ,blood etc ok!GOD give power and potential for meles but he has his own mind .HE has three sons just like that I am sure he likes ethiopia and peopel like his son .he is not created from davil ok. Always God bless ethiopia,people ,ourleader.then don’t write emotionaly ok.exuse me

07/28/12 @ 19:44



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