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Ethiopia: Meles's Shame and the Dead-End of Hatred



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Ethiopia: Meles's Shame and the Dead-End of Hatred

Ethiopia: Meles's Shame and the Dead-End of Hatred

By Messay Kebede

Meles Zenawi’s blatant hatred of Ethiopia is a puzzle that Ethiopian intellectual circles have in vain tried to decipher. While some propose the suggestion that the hatred betrays his commitment to his Eritrean side, others consider it as an expression of his ethnic racism. Still others remain baffled, unable as they are to understand how he revels in denigrating the object of his obsession, namely, state power. One thing is sure, however, they all agree on the idea that his overall policy and its day-to-day implementation make sense only from the vantage point of a project to ransack Ethiopia’s resources and leave the rest to the vultures of ethnic secessionism. Harsh dictators have ruled Ethiopia in the past, but all considered themselves as Ethiopians. What is new with Meles is his anti-Ethiopian stand and his open contempt for whatever is Ethiopian.

Yet, one important element liable to explain Meles’s hatred has been with us for quite some time. I have in mind the history of his family, which is a history marred by collaboration with the occupying Italian forces. Notably, his grandfather not only worked for the Italians, but he was also an appointee and an office holder. What this means is that Meles had to deal very early with this family shame, which according to testimonies brought scorn and isolation on his family.

Now, there are two ways of dealing with this kind of existential predicament. There is the positive way according to which the person affected by family disgrace tries to behave in such a way as to repair the fault. In the case of Meles, this would mean showing a renewed and active commitment to Ethiopia. This is the path of expiation, which requires a serious self-examination and, mostly, a great amount of courage. All the available and trustworthy testimonies about Meles agree on the fact that courage was and is not one of his virtues.
There remains the second path, which is negative and consonant with the lack of courage. It is the path of denial, that is, the denial of betrayal. In order to accomplish this metamorphosis, Meles has to demean Ethiopia and devalue all its accomplishments. The more he belittles Ethiopia, the more he weakens the gravity of the family betrayal, and the less guilty and stained he feels. There was no betrayal since what his family supposedly betrayed was just a trash.

The path of denial nurtures hatred for the simple reason that hatred is a self-defense, a counter to the feeling of being despised by others. When you feel that other people despise you, you react by developing an intense dislike for them as a way of protecting yourself. If you hate them, you get rid of all scruples and sensitivity and adopt the principle that all means are good to hurt them.

This hatred partially explains Meles’s rapid rise to the leadership of the TPLF. Who else could best express and incarnate the rage of the TPLF against the Ethiopian state and army but Meles, who in addition to sharing with other members the resentment against the marginalization of Tigray, had on him the personal scar of national betrayal. While anger motivated most members, Meles had a stronger torment: he was humiliated and could not rest until he humiliated the source of his own dishonor.

Meles’s characterization of the Ethiopian national flag as nothing but a trash, his persistence in reducing Ethiopian history to mere conquest and subordination, his delight in debunking Ethiopian heroes, his ritual of jailing pro-Ethiopian leaders and releasing them after forcing them to sign degrading letters, etc., are all part of his strategy to humiliate Ethiopia in order to feel good about himself. Add to this that his long-standing hatred has been reignited by his electoral defeat in 2005, which defeat he was quick to interpret as another attempt to humiliate him. Because the defeat revived an old wound, his crackdown on the opposition and protesters was bound to be brutal.

This is, then, an appeal to Meles urging him to psychoanalyze himself so as to become aware of the deep wound that constantly perverts his policy and contradicts his dream of becoming a great leader. As we all know, in matters of spiritual illness, awareness of the cause is an efficient cure so that the second path, the path of expiation through great deeds is still open to him. No amount of power can erase his shame so long as Meles continues to hang his rehabilitation on the trashing of Ethiopia. For the more he lowers Ethiopia, the less gratifying becomes his dominion. This contradiction is the reason why he wants more power, even though the discredit of the nation cheapens his power. In other words, the cure lies, not in the mistreatment of Ethiopia, but in its promotion, that is, in the commitment to overcome his shame through good works.


Comment from: Sami [Visitor]

I heard his father was working with Italy during Italy-Ethiopia war. His family were isolated in their village due to his father was Italy worker. Then he was out of collage for many years; hence he as complex feeling on educated Ethiopian. The most is when he was in gorilla fight all Ethiopian were united against his rebel. That hatred is in his heart and body until he gets killed. He is bad person….He has 3 faces: one for whole Ethiopian people, another to tigray people, and third to foreigner…his as bad as s**t.

01/06/12 @ 12:32
Comment from: Mesfin Abraham [Visitor]
Mesfin Abraham

Over the ferenji New Year weekend I finished reading Techane Jobire’s translation of “Yehabesha Jebdu” and was reflecting on the same issues Messay is dealing here. The original Czech writer, Adolf Parlesak, described in vivid detail the level of betrayal and hatred displayed by the Tigrayan elite during the anti-facist resistance, snatching victory from Ethiopian patriots by attacking them from behind. Of course there were others like the Duke of Tigray himself, Ras Seyoum, who struggled against the occupation of the Italians. But since the number and strength of the collaborationists was immense and beyond proportion, the whole week I was struggling with the idea of the implication of this dastardly act to the people of my generation. One question I wrestled with was that, how much of TPLF’s committment, propaganda, and ‘vision’ was grafted from General Debono’s pahmphlets that were disseminated all over Tigray in the Tigraway langauge. One stark similarity was the Facist General’s plea to Tigrayans to fight Amharas and Oromos who came to pauperize Tigray, and TPLF’s own propaganda of presenting the Adwa and Maichew anti-Italian aggression defensive battles as if they were primarily geared to pauperize Tigray. I came to realize that it is time that TPLF leaders deeply search in themselves how they came to hate Ethiopia, how their upbringing by shameful parents who collaborated with the Facists might have darkened their view of their country, and extricate themselves from this influence which victimized them in childhood. I really see no other way out rather than dealing with this important issue. I believe one can overcome it. But it needs a genuine self-talk and honest soul searching.

01/06/12 @ 12:41
Comment from: Wedi Hayet Gomorah [Visitor]
Wedi Hayet Gomorah

Dear prof. Mesay,

You have been given the golden opportunity of learning to bring change to the life of your own people. But you worked with a world- known brutal community regime while PM Meles who you tried to belittle worked all his life for the betterment of the people by stopping his education in order to topple down the very regime you worked for.
So it is rather ‘your shame and the dead-end of hatred’ not Meles’s. So silence you with your own ammunition, let me quote your own phrase of this article which explains your contradictory, paradoxical and idiotic or psychopathic mind:

“The path of denial nurtures hatred for the simple reason that hatred is a self-defense, a counter to the feeling of being despised by others. When you feel that other people despise you, you react by developing an intense dislike for them as a way of protecting yourself. If you hate them, you get rid of all scruples and sensitivity and adopt the principle that all means are good to hurt them.”

Your hatred or rather better said fear to Tigrayans cann only be better explained only with your own words. Tigrayans are used to treating their enemy by its won weapons.

As you are terminally sick, I wish you a speedy recovery.

Wedi Hayet Gomorah

01/06/12 @ 15:49
Comment from: KIN [Visitor]

thank you Prof. Messay

01/06/12 @ 23:52
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

The best solution is of course seccession for haters. But Messay never addresses that sometimes hate is legimately caused by others who are haters themselves. Why Amara copts hate every one else? Why they never have a culture of assimilation rather than domineering?

Having said that I am not exonerating Meles. Meles indeed has a deep hate for Muslims which only surfaced lately in reaction to an insult pointed at him by me against his wife who was heard to be saying that an Islamic hijab is unhygineic which was uncharacteristic of a first lady of a nation. To that I responded very pointedly to this lazy unrespectful as it may seem but deservedly for one who has little understanding of Islam.

Because of this Meles now is expressing his hidden hate for Islam deep inside him. He arrested a journalist Ezedin whose only fault was accusing the prime minister who said he believed Ethiopia was a christian nation with complete disrefard for Muslims. Hence, he arrested him because his deep fear of Islam and the challenge to power.

Mele’s only glory is revenging the elite and the symbols of Islam. In my mind I will never doubt Meles has deep love for the Axum church but not for the Axum Mesjid.

It is futile to expect change of heart from dictators. So Messay is again telling us another of his own dream.

It is good though we are not addressing the spiritual and psychoanalytical aspect of Ethiopians.

01/07/12 @ 03:54
Comment from: ETH [Visitor]

Al Mariam, You still mourning?

By the way, He is board member of ESAT - just in case you dare to know.

01/07/12 @ 05:35
Comment from: Dawit Ayena [Visitor]
Dawit Ayena

Well attack Meles Zenawi all you want but the worst Ethiopian leader I could think of is your own Atse Menilik II. He shamelessly sold Oromo people into slavery so he could buy weapons. He also shamelessly undermined Atse Yohannes’s reign by accepting weapons from the Italians. The Italians didn’t appreciate that Ras Alula was constantly attacking their position in Messaw.

It is understandable that those who want to return to the those would characterize Meles as anti-Ethiopian. If Ethiopia stands for Amhara domination then it is worth hating. But if Ethiopia could accommodate multiculturalism then no one would be stupid enough to set fire to the very house they live in. But I understand those who are Derge sympathizers would have an issue with multiculturalism. I also understand those who plundered Ethiopia during they the emperor’s era would have some reservation about ethnic federalism. THERE IS NO GOING BACK TO THE OLD DAYS MY FRIENDS!!!

01/07/12 @ 10:40
Comment from: ቤዛዊት እንድርያስ [Visitor]
ቤዛዊት እንድርያስ

ፒፕሉን እኮ inferority complex ሊገለው እኮ ነው።

You know once a person is bitten by a vampire and if that person survived…. what is becoming of that person? A vampire himself…

That is what happen with mele ; he was bitten hard and good by inferiority complex imposed on him on Italyans….. (he was the victim or he is bitten by the vampires) and finally he become more of a vampire and a hater of Ethiopia than the Italyans itself….. Got it?

Italyans should be proud…. kikikiki… they are a true vampire makers kikikikiki

01/08/12 @ 00:41
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Hey Dedebit Hyena ,what the hell are you talking about ,lekami kebt Banda .Menelike never miss treated
oromos peoples but on the contrary he was the first Emperor who integrated peoples more with their merits than their family ranks or Ethnical groups .Many of his close advisers from Ras Gobena Datcho to
the Great Baltcha Aba Nefesso all of
them were OROMOS !!!It’s not like your Leba Master where actually is
surrounded by SHABYAN BORNS ,AGAZIS ,TIGRE MAFIOSIS ,ADWA GANGS here is then your so called multiculturism system but just only an Ethno Minority Mafia Regime .By the way it was your bandit king the
looter Yohanes who comitted “GENOCIDE” against Ethiopian Peoples, better you revise
your own history about the mass killings he comitted against inocent peoples in the name of Christianity in Wello . What about the looting of Godjam comitted by his bandits .Also Napier Colonial Army conducted by his men to Mekdela.A traitor who paid sacrifice
for the sake of his British Masters
so what was your Taliban King the same as your actual Leba Master .An
Eri guy ,a Shabyan Ass Hole ,Arab Slave .KEHADI ,TSERE ETHIOPIA ANDENET,
YE TARIK ATELA BANDA !!!For your Information if you’re looking for Dergists once again we invite you to go and ask your Washington and New York Banda Ambassadors plus your kersam ass hole propagandist
settled in New York !!!!

01/08/12 @ 01:05
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Hey ETH (EThno Hates) and so what ?
If this man is a broad member of ESAT TV that means he is a patriot ,
a Nightmare for your Leba master and
his Agazis .Certainly not as your Ass Hole Aiga bros and the kertsm Pig Ben including Hypo Badaw Sele !!!

01/08/12 @ 01:16
Comment from: C'est moi senait [Visitor]
C'est moi senait

You all sound a TEJ bet politician,intoxicated with Cheap TEJ and Araiki ,talking like American president candidates as you all are made for a modern political prostitustion with no clients to attend your stinky bed room.

I see no any difference b/n weyannes dedeb propaganda and the writer here. They are all the same .It seems to me the writer has spend and wasted his valuable Chritsmas holiday by writing such a low value criticism. Man, you need to wake up from your coma and bring the change in to Ethiopians brain by exposing the weyannes looting that is going on rather than pointing your finger to an old hyena who bite you when you were in that deep coma.

01/08/12 @ 04:53
Comment from: [Member]


All so called diaspora educated opposition writers seem to have a blurry and confused thought about whatever they write. It could be deliberate act of deceit or may be a sign of mental confusion.
Whatever happend to them only God knows, but whenever I read the articles they write, it will make me happy and thankful to God, that these confused “intelectuals” are only harmless animals whose teeth and claws are plucked out and kept in check in their wild “wild” west.

01/08/12 @ 05:21
Comment from: Observer [Visitor]  

i don’t understand why people just talk and talk only from political point of view with little respect for truth! People, remember that all the stuffs written on this page, be it the article or the comments are dominated by personal political opinions rather than facts!

01/08/12 @ 06:08
Comment from: Kassu [Visitor]

Could it bring to any change in Ethiopia even though we insult Meles and co. on this site? We heared it many times, but couldn’t beyond that. The big problem in Ethiopia is how to change the way of thinking and behaviour of every Amhara. If their interest is not respected, the jump from the reality and insult everyone. Let each and every nation in Ethiopia think how they treated all of us . Is anyone can imagine why all these madness against the Tigrean, Oromos, Somali, Southern, Adere, Gambella…happened? This why we couldn’t find different way of thinking between their ordinaary people and intellectuals. This confusion and character assasination should stop some where and do the wright thing if we wish to see better.Ethiopia.This way the following saying become true. “yetemaren ena yaltemaren Amhara bemin tileyaleh sibal- bealebabes bicha."yetebalew.

01/08/12 @ 06:53
Comment from: Gemech [Visitor]  

Why is the Amhara elite not content with the Amhara identity? Why do they prefer to hide behind the Ethiopian flag and the Ethiopian name? It is baffling for those of us who are proud of both identities.
Ato Messay never once mentions the existence of other nations and nationalities in Ethiopia and their concerns but talks monotonously about his hatred towards Meles and woyane and by extension the people of Tigray. Why doesn’t he dare to discuss the policy implications of previous governments of the Monarchy and the Dergue periods on the nations and nationalities of country, if he so loves Ethiopia? This discussion will throw some light into our discussions to explore how every nation and nationality, regardless of size of land or population, can live together as an equal and free member of the Ethiopian union. Pretending to be a psycho-analyst and spend time talking about the person you don’t like is tantamount to hiding behind trivial issue to avoid talking about issues crucial to the future of Ethiopia and its peoples.

01/08/12 @ 10:09
Comment from: Dawit Ayena [Visitor]
Dawit Ayena

Dear Teddy Did I say something wrong that is upsetting you. By the way you are under the impression that I am tigrayan but I am not tigrayan. If you want independent verification that Menilik II second was one of the greatest slave trader in Africa, don’t take my word for it. Read the following article from but you don’t base anything on facts. Ask OLF whom you have fallen in love lately what they think of Menilik II. Actually ask the really OLF led by Daud Ibsa what they think of Menilik II then we could settle this argument. I didn’t call you names so I’d appreciate it if you don’t attack me personally dear Teddy. In addition ask the Arsi Oromo what they think of Menilik II. He had no problem cutting breast off captured Arsi Oromo women. He also didn’t have any shame in amputating legs of captured Oromo fighters.

01/08/12 @ 11:07
Comment from: Agamino [Visitor]  

“Meles Zenawi’s blatant hatred of Ethiopia is a puzzle that Ethiopian intellectual circles have in vain tried to decipher.”

I am glad I got the chance to live nearby where most of these shameless neftegna dwell. knowing who these crooks makes a whole lot sense why they shed tears whenever they got a chance.
These gray-haired, neftegna thugs had everything at their disposal during the neftegna era.They were the one who went to school, in and out of the country.Now we see 70 plus years old neftegnas everywhere, teaching at a community college and act as if they were the only one who got education.They sucked blood from each and every Ethiopian till death to lead their comfortable lives, yet they are still trying to keep the same trend.

embarrassment,humiliation,reproach,odium etc NEVER been in the neftegna vocabulary!
That’s why we see these senescent neftegna, regardless of their age acting like a bad boy.

The old fashioned way of degrading people’s dignity :calling names didn’t work then and it wont work now.
Calling Meles anti-Ethiopia is not just a laughing matter, but it shows how desperate they are.

By the way, Messay Kebede shouldn’t take the credit for these fiction. If anyone has to take any credit,it has to be Andargachew tsige (Ali): the shameless G7 guy who conspires with our number one enemy.It was written by him and broadcasted on ESAT TV (now just you tube file lol).

The aging neftegna still didn’t learn from their dirty history.

everything you have touched has fallen apart.
Lets forget your crimes and garbage history during your era, let me describe what you have been and still doing for the last twenty years.

1)Opposed EPRDF since day one! ( I can understand that why)

2)conspired with all anti Ethiopia elements!

3)hate mongering towards the very people who brought you to your KNEES!!!

4) when #3 didn’t seem working, you are trying to infiltrate the very people who made you feel worthless, by telling we know who killed this and that…bla bla…

Down with all neftegna!!

01/08/12 @ 11:20
Comment from: Wankobo [Visitor]

Dear Messay

Meles has shown his love for Ethiopia not only through words but above all through deeds.

Let me give you a biblical proverb

You judge a tree by its fruit.

When it comes to Ethiopia since 1975 until now the score stands Wingate 100% St. Joseph -10%.

01/08/12 @ 12:32
Comment from: meyisaw [Visitor]

One thing remains true. Meles has never loved the country he rules and will not be expected to love.He never fought for the betterment of Ethiopia, instead for separation of Tigrai in co-federation with the former province eritrea. Those of you who argue of the development during his rule should know matter of factly, had he not such policy of investment, Effort was useless and countless investment companies, banks, insurance and other privat companies owned and managed by “only tigre” owners had not millions and billions of dollar which they stashed in various banks around the world. We hardly find such a leadership looting his own country by depositing billions of dollars in various banks around the world. He was more concerned for the independence of Eritrea than Isayas. He is the one who land locked this country. He collaborated with Isayas for the first more than five years and gave them a blind eye while the eritreans did their best to impoverish Ethiopia and amess all what was useful for their so called free eritrea. If he is suffering of such inferiority complex, now, after twenty years the chance of finding a cure is in vain. Yadekone seitan saykesis aygelim ~~~!!!

01/08/12 @ 16:11
Comment from: Gobez [Visitor]

Dr. Messay,
I don’t believe you have any moral ground to criticize anyone for being not a hero or having hatred towards others. You are the one who have hate upto your nose towards other ethinicities. You are the one who served the butcher of east Africa - Mengistu Hailemariam.

01/08/12 @ 18:24
Comment from: Shewarega [Visitor]


100+10 = 110

There is no such thing as 110 percent. Its max 100.

Simple observation.

As for Meles, you are right, he loves Ethiopia, as long as he is in power, and loots everything he touches. That is as far as his secessionist, hateful roots allow him to go. The day he is removed from power, his Ethiopiawinet will cease to exist. BTW, its not the fake fruit hanging from the tree that matters, rather how sweet or bitter it tastes once it is in your mouth. And I guarantee you, with the exception of a handful beneficiaries of the rotten system like yourself, its been a bitter ride for the overwhelming majority of the Ethiopian people.

01/08/12 @ 19:45
Comment from: Dagnachew Kour [Visitor]
Dagnachew Kour

To Messay Kebede.
Your comment is the reflection of your hate against the rest of other ethnic group. Who is preaching the hater in Ethiopia?
1/ The Gonder Mahiber,
2/ The Amhara Mahiber,
3/ The Monarchy group.
4/ ECADF Amharas discusion forum.
5/ All kinds of books written by the vulgar Amhara tribe haters who are reflecting the superiority of Amhara tribe.
The Amhara tribe had educated before the other nations and nationalities by chance and an opportunity which they got by the maggot sick discriminate kingx. Any of the Amhara organization has never opened their eyes which they are left naked by themselves. Whatever their naked twisted mentality telling them that, like the US Republican, we will take back Ethiopia as our own property, is expired forever and for good. As an Ethiopian, I am advising them that they have to think new different alternate ways of struggle which can include all Ethiopians plus by recognizing all ethnic group as their own (ethnic fedralism).They have to recognize Ethnic federalism as their first choice to convince the people, if they want to grow as organization.

01/08/12 @ 22:36
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Visitor]
Amhara Princess

First of, Meles is NOT Ethiopian. As Eritrean, hatred towards anything Ethiopian is in his banda, Italian boot-licking DNA. Then, one needs to anticipate facts that children often lookup to their parents, especially boys regard their fathers as role models/heroes. Since Meles’s father was Italian donkey, who was determined to wash Italian a$$ at any cost, his son grew up emulating that, he is now a foreign worshipping gimp like his old man, who is determined to protect foreign interest starting from his country, Eritrea over Ethiopian’s.

To top that of, we have majority A*ames with deep inferiority complex, no matter who they are, what they have, how educated they get, they still carry burden of low self esteem, self depreciation and they vent that out by singing, boasting, making noise the loudest and continuously talking about the precious Amhara tribe who kept their banda, foreign worshipping ancestors’s a$$ in their rightful corner for centuries. They actully believe, destroying Ethiopia/Ethiopian’s interest is inflicting harm on Amharas, that is how retarded these Eritrean/foreign worshipping roaches have become.

As visible on this thread, one NEED not have super analytical skills to conclude these low self esteemed, self depreciating A*ames are hiding behind Oromo, Amhara or southern user names just so they could feel better by crying Amhara this & that 24/7. Little did they know, the new generation of Amharas will not take any crap from anybody in the name of UNITY. We will not baby or lift any low self esteemed A*ame or anybody else for that matter in the name of unity. We don’t give a flying **** about those who expect Amharas to scream unity while being degraded. We say “Mengedun Cherk Yargilachu", Hasta La Vista baby.

As for those imposters portraying Emperor Minilik as slave trader, how about picking up a decent history book and reading what went on in Ethiopia during Axum Kingdom eh? You would quickly realize that human beings were top export commodities during that era but you don’t catch Amharas trumpeting about it. Why? Because it is part of our history, good or bad. The very country you reside as refugees/Asylum seekers at,the countries your government currently tiptoeing around to beg for Aid dollar/grains i.e. (USA/EU)actually owned the entire Africa with the exception of Ethiopia, as slaves/colonial interests at one point. Ena Tadia Min Yitebes? Can you undo what happened? NO. I suggest A*ames better STHU & move on, leave Amharas alone.

01/08/12 @ 23:29
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Visitor]
Amhara Princess

@A*amino chief retard of Nazret

Again, a typical low self esteemed, inferiority complex ridden A*ame trying to belittle the achievements of the ever successful, educated, vocal intellectual Amharas. Brick heads like you claim to reside in the USA without even knowing simple fact that teachers actually retire at the age of 65 in the country but most of them opt out at the age of 60. So Mr moron, no such thing as 70 year old teacher, you don’t even know bare basics about the country you residing at let alone anything else. Almost all of you hide behind a handful of Adwa chimps who seem to have mastered the arts of looting but over 99% of you folks still live under total darkness, destitution so please spare us! Also, the Amhara elites you try to belittle own their hard earned, properties, businesses or whatever the hell they want, be it in the USA or back home and they are well off unlike you ghetto vulgar hood rat.

… Coming back to your retarded elementary school equivalent points:

1 - What is there NOT to oppose about TPLF aka EPLF’s creations? Of course we oppose you traitors. So?

2- Who exactly are anti Ethiopian elements? Eritreans? The very people you helped loot/land lock Ethiopia? The same people you fought side by side, you parted with for decades? Or Somalis who actually gave your Zenawi, Afewerki & Co refugee in Somalia & Somali passports while you bled Ethiopians? Are Oromos anti Ethiopian elements? I don’t think so! However, TPLF rats have worked and still working with every single anti Ethiopian elements under the sun just to make quick buck, stash away in offshore accounts.

3- You did NOT bring Amharas to their knees. Amharas were being prosecuted by Derg, their properties, homes taken away, being murdered & were fleeing the country. Ethiopians from corner to corner got rid of Derg by abandoning its cause. The soldiers Menge kidnpped were teenage kids from all corners of Ethiopia mostly from South, Oromia, Tigray & Eritrea! Stop fantasizing that you fought & won war against Amharas. DREAM ON. If Amharas were pro derg & fought for Derg’s cause, your a$$ would have still been scratching your lice infested heads in that barren hill of yours. Stop flattering yourself bozo.

4- Hate, scare mongering is A*ame’s middle name. In the end, the only folks on the receiving end of the hatered you’d encouraged, spread are yourselves! Don’t you dare pass your A*ame traits to Amharas.

Finally you brainlessly claimed:

“everything you have touched has fallen apart. Lets forget your crimes and garbage history during your era …” Ohhhh really? :):) As the saying goes ” Ye Abyen Le Emye"!

Er’m, lets see what has fallen apart (Not fallen apart more like) since you took power eh? Remind you a little home grown facts:

Eritrea & Ethiopia’s ports fell apart with your help leaving Ethiopia landlocked and forking out billions in port fees.

Every single public owned enterprise have slipped out of Ethiopia’s control, swallowed by foreign multi nationals. Almost all of Ethiopia’s fertile land fallen deep into foreign hands for decades to come reducing Ethiopia’s farmers to beggars, making Ethiopia’s strategic position extremely weak, Ethiopians unable to determine their own interests, rule their own destiny in the long run.

Zenawi & Co designed a system that makes future generations of Ethiopians nothing but contemporary slaves to China. India, Arabia, EU even Turkey!

The Moral fabric of Ethiopian society fell apart/disintegrated since you took power, you made begging so cool, turned precious women into prostitutes/ Arab slaves, flogging off children to paedophiles and what not, promoting homosexuality as we speak, replaced the nation’s gold reserves with tin can (Like ye mender Durye). A*ames turned Oromos & Somalis into Ethio hating LFs. Despite your bogus economic growth/hype, Ethiopia remains 2nd poorest on planet earth, the least developed according to Human development index. Under your rule, Ethiopia has become synonymous with anything & Everything horrific/miserable.

… It seems like you are ever so desperately trying to pass on your FAILURE, dirty, contaminated deeds to Amharas? Not too fast Prof A*amino! More like, every thing A*ames touch doesn’t just fall apart, it also becomes a curse to that land! Despite bragging about building hydro power, Ethiopia still remainls in almost total darkness with only 12% of the population access to electricity. So Mr A*ame, know YOURSELF, basic facts & your history first. Tegbaban?

01/08/12 @ 23:45
Comment from: Georgel [Visitor]

The claim is incredible. The credible fact is PM Meles loves his country and together with the EPRDF have done wonderful things fot the people and the country.

During the struggle against the military junta we know that PM had put the struggle in the right direction when groups in Tigray and elsewhere promoted their separatist ideas. During the 17 year-old struggle he joined forces with other forces that fought for Ethiopian unity, freedom and democracy.
Since the EPRDF came to power his party and him have continued to fight separatist groupd who wish to see the disintegration and destabilisation of the country while on the other hand promoting democratisation and economy of the country. Ethiopia today is a stronger country and a factor of stability in horn of Africa and indeed in Africa, thanks to his leadership and his party. There is no doubt that the PM will go down in history as a mordeniser of a nation. The claim that he hates Ethiopia is not credible given the positive development in the country. It is unfair of those who have personal disappointments in lifes to associate their problems with politics in a way that harms the country and its people.

Peace and development for Ethiopia and prosperity for its people.

01/09/12 @ 02:38
Comment from: Doyo [Visitor]

Action speak louder than words. Ethiopians don’t need a loosers sloopy explanation about who the PM is or what he has done. We have known Meles for 20 years now. What is true is that his action and his words go together. From creating a country that belongs to all of us (Oromos, Somalies, Afars, the south nations and nationalities etc…) to invisting extensively on grass-root level transforming the country socially and economically - Meles has proved himself to be not only a true Ethiopian but also the simbole of Ethiopan renasseance and a new Ethiopia.

01/09/12 @ 02:55
Comment from: Dagnachew Kour [Visitor]
Dagnachew Kour

Whose property taken by derg?
By the way, is it the Amhara’s property you think?
Long live Mengistu H/Mariam! For castrating such blood sucker Amharas who came from nowhere with their debelo and grabbed everybody’s land by the help of their midget king. Then they got chance to educate their people inside and outside the country, manipulating young students who cannot speak Amharic to change their name (yenesew gebre) and to accept the Orthodox religion by force otherwise not to be registered in school. The worst part of the Amhara regime is, a stupid church debtera, who came with his geeze tiny notebook had exploited the poor people’s fertile land as an educated teacher. The property which you are bragging is belongs to the Ethiopian people including the money which Mr. Ermiyas or wherever using in everywhere in the world. What is burning them right now? Power! NO, NO, NO, NO, NO and no power. Keep bragging and keep insulting, but you are very much naked!!! Alemayehu G/S will never free you from your evil did, what goes around, comes around? The Buddhist called it Karma!

01/09/12 @ 06:43
Comment from: Heny [Visitor]

Wedi Hayet Gomorah,
My hat is off for you, wedi hayet gomera. Sois for Addis Zemen anbesa who day in day out wrestles the senile neftegnas and confused Shaebyans

01/09/12 @ 07:27
Comment from: Heny [Visitor]

Look at the face of this senile. old man!! It is in teqateqo model. This dude must have eaten a lot of teqateqo banana….

01/09/12 @ 07:30
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Dawit Ayano ,where the hell have you
read me whorshipping evil movements based on Ethnical based ideology of Hates .Your so called Menelike “Trader of Slave” is the arguments always used by Euro Colonial Revisionists to insult the
Memory of this Great Emperor .I am not here to deny the harms done by selfish feodals and even Emperial Family Members against the poor Ethiopian Peasants .Not only in Arussi also into the Whole Country .
But the motto “Menelike Slave Trader” is one of the reasons mentioned by Facist Italian to invade Ethiopia .Secretly supported by French and British Governments while even abolished let slavery
continuing in their own African ,Asean and Carribean Colonial Posessions of
that Period .Always animated
by TPLF bandits and some of their puppets .Including the then OLF leaders of that Period .You know about the comedy played by the Clown
Tamrat Layne and co .in order to denounce the “GENOCIDE comitted ” by
Menelike in Harar .They did give the
order to dig the supposed Mass graves where the victims were burried .As you know they only found
animal bones not even a single Human
.But do not forget at the same Period by the order of this evil guy and his puppets inocent peoples had been killed just because they were Amharas .Of course Menelike made cut left legs and right hands not of inocent peoples but of Northern Traitors Bandas who did collaborate
with the enemy at the Battle of Adwa .

01/09/12 @ 07:55
Comment from: Tefera [Visitor]

this sounds like the thread where ethio-natzis of nazret forum will congregate. i dont know the guy hate ethiopia, maybe that is why he is qudrupling the nation road network, power generation and other things…. hmmm who else hate ethiopia?????please rise up and lead because those who claim to love her have nothing but fukera and hate to show for…..

01/09/12 @ 10:33
Comment from: Agamino [Visitor]  

Amhara Princess
(AKA confused barefooted wannabe princess)

I have no time and the desire to argue with such a brain washed neftegna.But I just wanted to remind you that I call neftegna people like you, not the poor Amara people.
If you can’t swallow it, i don’t give a fuccck.

As always you act as if you are an expert on every thing and now you are trying to teach me at what age teachers retire!

“no such thing as 70 year old teacher, you don’t even know bare basics about the country you residing at let alone anything else”

Don’t forget i am an Ethiopian. I think i know more than you do about Ethiopia. Let alone these ancient neftegna thugs, you may not even know your age for sure or you have lied about it.

Don’t even try to talk about it.
Lastly i am not going to respond on your unfounded claims/insults.Because I know the FIRST thing neftegn’s offspring learn is Name Calling and bragging.
So if these things make you feel good, feel free. This is internet.

BTW what was your worthless degree in? how about you age?
I am getting suspicious about you. you seem vain, every time i see you around.

01/09/12 @ 11:37
Comment from: gobena [Visitor]

Why all this evil minded Tigreans bring the blame to Amara. Count the number of Amara serving and advocating for Melese.
Thanks Mesay you Teach them they will not learn,but they will wake up in their grave.
Don’t spend too much time in teaching but organising by the way many thanks for serving ESAT I love it. IF it is true.

01/09/12 @ 12:20
Comment from: Wankobo [Visitor]

Dear Shewarega

My core message to Messay is that St. Joseph’s style of Ethiopiawinet is outdated.

Apropos the score my calculation is as follows:

100% - 10% = 90%

Meles would have scored 100% for Ethiopia if it wasn’t for those false witnesses against his government from assorted cohort such as some YETEDENAGERU AGERWEDADs, idle social scientists, holier-than-thou organizations financed by global speculators and monstrous rent-seekers (Those money sources are now drying up fast, thank to YE-ISRAEL ena YE-ETHIOPIA AMLAK!).

I do not know what you mean by ‘fake fruit’ but thank God all trees bear fruits for diverse purposes. I agree with you that some tests sweet like -MUZZ ena PAPAYA- and others test bitter like -LOMI ena KOSO- but all are there for a reason.

I assure you Meles’s amazing faith and his Ethiopiawinet is not only meant for this life but eternity.

If a fast, broad-based, sustained, decades long double digit developmental growth is a “bitter ride for the overwhelming majority of the Ethiopian people", then my friend you are living in a definition of an Orwellian world. May God help you overcome your blind hate?

01/09/12 @ 12:49
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Well said Dengayatchew ,after your
thuggy bros Adgi and your blood sucker hero Bereket who did admit their Eri origin ,and you come to admit your links with the then Derg junta regime .As your stupid commentary Mengistu never castrated
Amharas ,on the contrary the same as
did on May 1991 your Leba Master .He
was so fascinated by the Amharas the
first thing he had done was squatting Menelike Palace !!!!By adopting Amhara living style your
leba master along your as hole leaders has forgotten where he has come from .Dedebit actually is a Fary Tale for them comparing the comfortable life they have in an Amhara Empire City !!!!!KERFAFA KEFTAF BANDA !!!!

01/09/12 @ 14:54
Comment from: [Member]


Fyi, the amahra duriye wusha is a finnancial analist, as she told us sometimes ago. You’re right, now I am suspicious too, that she/he must be some confused “arrogit” trying hard to be something she ain’t.
As a matter of fact, she shows a deep admiration to mengistu H/M and HIM, as if she knows them by history only. And her usual mantra of amhara’s superriority, is making me to think and conclude that she is just some old dead feudal’s wife who is living with the past and forgotten glory.

01/09/12 @ 15:09
Comment from: Shewarega [Visitor]


I have seen plenty of your types as a kid too. They arrive at Haile’s airport, drive on Haile’s Avenue, get treated in Haile’s Hospital, and sing all day about the one thousand and one advancement Haile did. Let alone them, even their traces are nowhere to be found now. Therefore, as I mentioned in the first post, noone will stop you from saying all you want. A dog barks where it is fed.

Meles Zenawi is a Mongol secessionist tyrant. He arrived on our soil by hate, by lies, by deciet. No matter how much make up you paint a monkey, you will find her squeaking now and then, just can’t pass her for a Peacock. Its all bleached skin, painted eyebrow, and a series of long boring empty fake speeches. Ehhhh plus and minus, give and take.

Speaking of Orwellian World, I would suggest to you, first know on whose land you are standing on. You think you have subjugated the Ethiopian people by your vicious Mongol/Agazi militia. That your fake Nations, Nationalities menamen crap is the word of the Almighty. That you have a right to walk your stinking ass, defecating thru your mouth, telling us we don’t have a Shewa, standing on our land. That you can divide it as you please, take anything you want, remove our families from homes they lived in for generations, that way you can park your skyscraper from the looted wealth you gorged your mouth with. My dear Orwellian, its time for you to wake up. Know the facts, do not think for a second that people will stand idle for ever when they have been turned slaves on the land where their ansecstors bled for centuries. May GOD wake you up from your blind hatred, from your arrogance, your utter lack of humility. I repeat, know on whose land you are standing on first.

01/09/12 @ 15:19
Comment from: sf [Visitor]

@ Dear friends from Pro and Con camps,
This time, you all do some good thing:
that is HATE, HATE, HATE and HATE.
It is good to hate people in the other camp. This true hate will bring us freedom!!!
TPLF hate Ethiopia and Ethiopian.This is the histroy of of TPLF. They hate us for the last 35 years and they get what they want.
If we hate them as they do, i am sure we will get our freedom soon.
Therefor let us all hate TPLF for our FREEDOM.
Hate is stronger than steel.

01/09/12 @ 15:27
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

I considered Prof Messay as one of the most enlightened Ethiopian thinkers. I am grateful for his patriotic commitment and his brilliant analysis of the Ethiopian politics. Long before the Tunisians and Egyptians staged what is now become fashionable amongst the Arabs to put together a much heralded victories of civilians against their brutal oppressors, Prof Mesay has been advocating peaceful resistance to topple the dictator at home. He argued in his numerous articles for instance the necessity of public disobedience to secure the release of political prisoners such as Birtukan Mideksa. And today, he has successfully diagnosed the cancerous ills of Meles Zenawi to why he has become state enemy number one while sitting in our own palace. The history of his traitor parents was a serious matter and it is the root cause of his dangerous hate to wards our country Ethiopia. I and many other bloggers have stressed the fact that Meles is a special kind of breed with an Arteran and Ethiopian banda parents. How he happened to rule us from the millions of other citizens is truly a matter of holywood’s horror script coming a reality.

Dear Woyanes, your cheap shot against ethnic Amara and the professor cannot absolve you from the shameful fact that you have been serving an evil man from traitor parents in his mission to destroy your own country that was protected by your ancestors blood. Meles’s mother is an Arteran who has voted for the separation of her village from main land Ethiopia and his Ethiopian ancestors are a well known servants of fascist Italy that was murdering Ethiopians using mustard gases and bombs. Fact! Your devoted slavery to him is even more shameful and criminal than Meles’s unfortunate birth and his consequent betrayal against Ethiopia.

01/09/12 @ 16:37
Comment from: Dej.-Balcha-Aba-Nebso [Visitor]

@ Amhara Princess,

Just a couple of points are due to correct you …

1. Stop insulting and denigrating our dear Ethiopian compatriots in Adwa Awraja by calling them “Adwa Chimps"! In fact, they are your closest kins in blood and flesh.

2. I disagree when you falsely and wrongly claim that the Tigres of Ethiopia’s Tigray-proper as being ridden with deap seated inferiority complex bla bla …

This is simply an outright trash, a re-cycled rubbish creatively invented by the Dehumanised EriSlaves, namely: The inferior Tigres of AR’Terra’s KebesaTigray! These Tigrinya speaking EriSlaves do have an extremely fragile identity, they are weak in their inner psychological make-up, and true to their Treacherous nature they are just good at fabricating lies and spreading unfounded allegations to defame the Tigres of Ethiopia’s Tigray-proper. In order to compensate for their harsh treatment they sufferred at the hands of the Scilian-"settler Asmarini” in their own country, they all of a sudden found a God fearing & hard working people to be bashed incessantly since they discovered the Truth soon after 1941 that the artificially impoverished Tigres of Tigray-proper are in deed infinitely self-confident and live in Freedom with their untarnished Original Soul still intact. It is of course they the EriSlaves of KebesaTigray who were treated less than donkeys and pets under alien colonial rule - The scar is literally visible right deep inside their defiled soul. EriSlaves must somehow find a way and the means to contantly remind other Ethiopians “everything negative made-in-R’Terra vis-a-vis Tigrayans” lest other Ethiopians trust them, lest all Ethiopians get united and find the strength to chart-out their common destiny.

No other ethnic or cultural community in dirt-poor R’Terra, except the Tigres of KebesaTigray, invented such a despicable and denigrating by-word for its closest and nearest kin that lives direct across the border with Ethiopia!!! The Affars in R’terra didn’t do it and the Sahos in R’terra didn’t do it either nor did the Kunamas in R’terra do behave in such a self-destructive and self-depreciating manner/style towards their own kins who reside in Ethiopia.

What can be obviously said about the Ethiopian Tigres of Tigray-proper however is: Tigrayans were justifiably angry at their central government in Addis and deeply felt betrayed first by the Emperor and later by Fascist-Dergue for not according them the necessary means and instruments to rehabilitate/re-build their region thereby positively contributng to the long term interests of Free & Ethiopia!

Tigrayans in general are self-confident, they do possess infinte self esteem and are a “can do” committed Ethiopian Patriots!!!

Therefore, you need to cleanse yourself from such antiEthiopian prejudice and bigotry.

3. Your characterisation of Tigray as barren is absolutely outlandish, to say the leaset. Ethiopia’s Tigray-proper is in deed very rich in natural resources and fertile in farmlands. The facts speak for themselves: Under the Dergue, Ethiopia along with R’Terra used to produce only 60 million quintals of cereals per year, and back then Tigray used to produce a mere 4 to 5 million quintals of cereals per annum – But today’s Tigray proudly produces some 28-32 million quintals of agricultural cereals! Kudus to the hard working Tigrayan farmers, if the rains don’t fail us, Tigray aims to double its cereal production in the coming 5 years. This year alone feisty and self-confident Tigray expects to harvest some 40 million quintals of cereals.

A positive combination of a dedicated hard working farming and trading citizens, knowledge thirsty bright school children, a self-conscious proud cultural identity and a shining heroic legacy for Sovereignty and Freedom will definitely bring about a flourishing Tigray which will enrich Mighty Ethiopia in the 21st C.

01/09/12 @ 18:25
Comment from: Wankobo [Visitor]

Selam Shewarega

First I was surprised by your choices of words. Second it seems that a family member of yours was relocated due to city planning activities. The government plan to rebuild 80 % of Addis is without doubt a commendable task.

Whenever you think of your family member’s relocation due to city planning remember our young heroes sacrifices. They spelled their blood to keep our beloved Ethiopia free from internal and external mad tyrants such as Mengistu and Essayas. They gave everything they have so that we could live in peace and prosperity.

01/09/12 @ 19:47
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Amhara Pieces,

I wish I can read more of her worthless comments and empty ones so I can explain to her one by one as kindergarten kid how to understand basic facts about Ethiopia and its leaders.

What I would like to see, however, is how she can explain the lack of pride in the Amhara soldiers who they left and abandoned the Derg serawit and were eager to seek asylum in Yemen deserts instead of defending their country.

What also amazes me her boldness to defend flying soldiers into their hometown receiving aid.

Where are they now? the soldiers. Just bragging is not helping. Now no one is willing to fight and that has helped this Weyane criminals.

What amazes also his her flat denial of looting by the Amhara Neftegnas by Tigre Neftegnas by Gurage Neftegnas to loot the Ethioian people using religion as their under cover. Be it the poor Amhara or Oromo.

Indeed Neftegnacracy is based on coptic religion, fluency in Amharic language and dedication to its culture. This is now replaced by Weyanocracy but the only difference between it and Neftegnacracy is the use of Tigrina language and slightly the culture as a means of as a means of promoting Ethiopianess.
Of all this I have not seen Islam being used as neftegna or weyano cracy. So in all, Islam became the loser in Ethiopian politics. You are half Ethiopian if your are Muslim and you are not Neftegna at all if you are Muslim or you are half Weyanocracy if you are a Muslim.

The Muslims of Axum despite their Axumite origin are oppressed like a slave in their home town with no mesjid and no place to get buried.

01/09/12 @ 21:01
Comment from: voiceofreason [Visitor]

@C’est moi senait
If the writer resembles a tej bet politician, you ma’am would be the crazy old drunk lady in the corner who never shuts up. Let me start by saying I deeply disapprove of Meles and his authoritarian leadership. But any time I’ve seen a comment from you on this site, it has resorted to blatant rage, racism and excessive pessimism. Hopefully you are older in age and will not infect the young generation such as myself with such poison, the same way the likes of Meles seems to have infected you twofold. If I were you, I would channel my hatred into prayer and hope, sell my computer so I’d never be able to comment on nazret again and maybe go to college to get a degree in politics since you seem to know so much about it. while you are at it, an English lesson or two wont hurt either. And please don’t take this the wrong way but there is no place for hatred in the inevitable Ethiopian Renaissance. The sooner you and your likes understand this, the faster our country will change. If not, then kindly die away with Emperor Meles and his cronies.
Yours Truly,

01/09/12 @ 21:57
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Visitor]
Amhara Princess

@ Dej.-Balcha-Aba-Nebso

As they say, “Action speaks louder than words". What you wrote here & reality on the ground is as Far apart as planet earth & Pluto. A confident, high esteemed, self assured humble society need NOT degrade, trumpet around, lie through their teeth, desperately try & rewrite history while keeping their own just to feel good about themselves. Only inferiority complex ridden, lame folks cry/play victims 24/7 and blame & demonize others just so they could massage their egos.

You come across as one of the very few well balanced & sane Tigre individuals here and as such, I expect you to keep an eye on nasty comments coming from the other side instead of sticking your nose at my end. As long as I see senseless, disrespectful, degrading retarded trash coming from the likes of A*amino, you must NOT expect diplomacy from me. Be fair or keep your nose OUT as you are being a hypocrite.

As for the region, you & I know all too well what it is capable of. I would have run a little SWOT analysis to override what you wrote if you were one of these spasticated gimps that I was responding to.

@ Agamino the village idiot

It is not TIME that you don’t have/lack but the brain capacity to come up with sensible, well articulated, truthful,smart substantiated view re anything you spew here! You have plenty of time to spew lengthy, idiotic gibberish. Where I come from, a 7 year old can outsmart your trash in NO time let alone an adult idiot. I can bounce you likes like a basket ball, that is not being vain but simple fact.

Since you are overly concerned about my Major, I am Intl Business Major & Information Systems Minor (BA), have done that at the age of 21. Just finished MSc Management Economics with IR this passed summer. Now what? Any question? Yes, you should have known teacher’s retirement age before embarrassing yourself and if you think you know more about Ethiopia than me, you clearly FAILED to demonstrate your knowledge time & again. I can actually teach you your own history starting from 300BC, pre Axum D’mt kingdom centred in Yeha,Bronze age, all the way to your chimp Zenawi in DETAIL. I can recommend you internationally acclaimed books, pro/against literature to cross reference all in English! One NEED not be 1000s of years old to be well informed, you only have to be an avid reader, have interest for Intl/Ethiopian history/affairs. Don’t worry about my age, I am pretty sure, you are old enough to be my great uncle.

@ Rotten Zemen the GERIATRIC Durye

I don’t think there is a single Participant of Nazret who is older than you MR Geriatric shrink. closely followed by Ordoffa & Gragn Somali :):) Just remember, I have strong analytical ability, that is what brings food to my table! Tegbaban? I even sensed you were a bald egg head remember? Mankorkoria Ras Ye Shimagle Durye LMAO.

@ Gragn Somali

Oh, you still around? Long time NO read! I have no time for a wishy washy, wannabe neutral, light skulled, spasticated Muslim fanatic who doesn’t even know the difference between Sudan & Lebanon. You think I am in Nazret to correspond with every confused international clown such as yourself? My business is A*ames not Muslim clowns or religious hypocrites who don’t even respect/practice what is written in the Quran that they are blowing up themselves for. BTW, the only blond you know is your escort to your Ramadan festival.

… Why don’t you just hush up & go comb your beard smt, will ya? You were probably one of those Halal chefs to Derg troops, if they had such chefs of course :)

01/09/12 @ 23:57
Comment from: Brook [Visitor]

Dej.-Balcha-Aba-Nebso [Visitor] There was a saying in Amharic ” Afencha Semeta Ayen-Yaleksal”

Amhara Princess doesn’t look like she needs any correction from you sir. Save that to your boys in the hood. This is the second times you came at her as a friend while your foul mouth rude boys, utterly reckless are calling Ahmara all kind of names you were giggling behind your PC. It hurts you deep inside to your bone when she stated the fact don’t it? I know it does. You are Obviously agrees with your boys in the hood whatever trash they spewing, throw at Amahras? I have read your posts in the past and I was disgusted. You are the last person will advice anyone here defiantly not Amhara princess. You guys are the same across the board. You harbored a deep-rooted hatred against Ahamara. If you have a love for Ethiopia why not show us in action you wasted twenty years creating enemy for Tigree people. Your crimes are beyond measures. You blame Ahmara for your reckless deeds. If Tigree is so fertile land why does they steal land from Gondar, Wollo and Afar? Tell us…Majority of Bloggers are not fool who follows one opinion without any substance. You Sir. One radical self-ethnic glorifier individual here I could not accept you as Ethiopian. One of your utterly ridicules claimed was the victory of Adwa was gained by only Tigress bravery mainly Alula Aba-nega that has nothing to do with Minlik. You’ve said that right in the past? You do remember that don’t you? You deny major stoical accounts, which are recorded in many volumes and tells similar stories. Amahara princess is smart enough to see right through you and will not hesitate to call you who you really are.

01/10/12 @ 01:40
Comment from: Dagnachew Koru [Visitor]
Dagnachew Koru

Atalay princes, the above was for you ?
Whose property taken by derg?
By the way, is it the Amhara’s property you think?
Long live Mengistu H/Mariam! For castrating such blood sucker Amharas who came from nowhere with their debelo and grabbed everybody’s land by the help of their midget king. Then they got chance to educate their people inside and outside the country, manipulating young students who cannot speak Amharic to change their name (yenesew gebre) and to accept the Orthodox religion by force otherwise not to be registered in school. The worst part of the Amhara regime is, a stupid church debtera, who came with his geeze tiny notebook had exploited the poor people’s fertile land as an educated teacher. The property which you are bragging is belongs to the Ethiopian people including the money which Mr. Ermiyas or wherever using in everywhere in the world. What is burning them right now? Power! NO, NO, NO, NO, NO and no power. Keep bragging and keep insulting, but you are very much naked!!! Alemayehu G/S will never free you from your evil did, what goes around, comes around? The Buddhist called it Karma!

Mr. Teddy thank you for your insult I need more until you satisied your feeling. Way ane!

01/10/12 @ 06:49
Comment from: [Member]

This article is not trying to discuss about any other issues in the country but it solely is focused on understanding Meles as a person and his charachterstics and what shapes his attitude towards Ethiopia or Ethiopians. So let us read the article and focus on the insightful analyzation and discuss Meles as a person, after all everything that happens in the country is a result of the making of the people siting at decision making positions which is lead by Meles.

A good article all in all.

01/10/12 @ 11:55
Comment from: @ Dej. Balcha From Angesom WEDI EREY [Visitor]
@ Dej. Balcha From Angesom WEDI EREY

Anta Komal A*ame,

You critisised Amhara Princess because she tells here the truth and only the truth. What she said is right. It pains you very much, huh. You must live with this fact. The Adwa Chimps are real time baboon gorillas. The ugly Meles Chenawi is the original chimp. Everybody in Eritrea and in your stinky A**ame barren Albania knows this.

I checked today the Aigame website. They posted a link to a magazine with the title Renaissance. Inside the magazine there is a short information about the history and identity of the Kunama tribe. The old people of Kunama tell their history and identity. They said they were living in Aksum for many generations and they claim they have blood heritage with the Aksum rulers royals. The people of Adwa look very much like the Kunama. Accept this history.

You beggar Go and read it, this is the link evrrybody can read it too.

Also do not forget to tell your children the truth Dej. A*ame. During the Adwa war, many hundreds thousands of Ethiopians may be over 150,000 from the south and the Oromo, from Jima Aba Jifar land, from Wolamo, from Gojam, from Wollo from Shoa came with Minelik to fight the Italians. They camped there in Chenawi village screwing day and night Chenawi’s women relatives. Many thousands of children were born in Adwa 115 years ago. Accept this history.

01/10/12 @ 12:14
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

You miserably failed to respond to my accusation that the “the amhara soldiers are in shambles in these days and you are now a cyber warrior". Who listents to your diatribe???

I will not for one listen to that.

At any rate please be sure that the Neftagancracy are not around to mess up my country of course they don’t have the stamina to do that. You may find some of the drones to help you out with war in the air but other than that I beleive you deserve no comment from who ever it is.
The fact that you are using your neftegna name shows me you are one of the coptic fanatic and brainless people in the 21 century who deny their own kins the right to worship just because they are Muslims. It is indeed shame on Weyanocratists and neftegnocrasists.

The Amhara Nefetegnas are indeed dead. The only problem is we have the new neftegnas this time by Weyane elites, Weyanocrats.

01/10/12 @ 12:21
Comment from: [Member]
zerayakob yared

Hi all,

We can say every thing in the abstract world. But real, only:

“የሌላውን አይን ከማየትህ በፊት የራስህን አፅዳ!”

Brook [Visitor],

Adua 96 has nothing to do in this ንትርክ!

01/10/12 @ 12:48
Comment from: Agamino [Visitor]  

addis zemen

I don’t know about you, but i am laughing about this ignorant neftegna. LOL
Amhara Princess

“Since you are overly concerned about my Major, I am Intl Business Major & Information Systems Minor (BA), have done that at the age of 21. Just finished MSc Management Economics with IR this passed summer. Now what? Any question?”

Most probably you have it.SO what?
Will this automatically put you in the “intellectual circle?”

Everyone sees you here typing trash for every news you come across.
Intellectuals don’t do that: they are too busy.

you just exposed your ignorance. People in general and Ethiopians in particular, don’t like talking: i have this, I have that kind of cheap talk.

plus BA, MSc does not mean any thing, unless your mind is changed!
In my view you seem another immature die hard neftegna.

“I can actually teach you your own history starting from 300BC, pre Axum D’mt kingdom centred in Yeha,Bronze age, all the way to your chimp Zenawi in DETAIL.”

you are welcome.
I learn from don’t have to be sophisticated to teach me or anyone.
you just need be mature,respectful, humble.
And try to avoid your bad habit like:self-talk, hate, barg and so on.

01/10/12 @ 15:12
Comment from: Dej.-Balcha-Aba-Nebso [Visitor]

@ Brook

Instead of dwelling on tit for tat cheap shots, I would gladly prefer to concentrate on the core substantive issues to weather the dark storm of false history coming from your side from destroying the true history of Yohannes IV, Menelik II, Battle of Adwa and Arterra…

Part I: Historical Facts
About Menelik II
The Traitor and the Coward:

How Menelik II sold Arterra in his letter to King Umberto I of Italy.

Emperor Yohannes never ceded a single inch of Ethiopian sovereign territory to any power. Menelik signed the treaty of Wuchale despite protest of the nobility and his queen.

Emperess Taitu to Menelik II:
“How is that Emperor Yohannes IV never gave up a handful of our soil, fought Italians and Egyptians for it, even died for it, and you want to sell your country? What will history say to you?!”

This was in reaction to his signig of the Wuchale Treaty on 2nd of May 1889, less than mere 2 months after the heroic death (25th Martch of 1889) of Emperor Yohannes IV at Metema in an otherwise successful victory over the invading Mahdists. Unfortunately, the visionary and valor emperor fell victim to a stray bullet - An extraordinary Ethiopian emperor and selfless Patriot who never got the opportunity to prove his political skills and nontheless who singlehandedly achieved Ethiopia’s unity through innovative noble ideas!

Menelik wasted no time in inviting the Italians to the highlands of Arterra, i.e. the Tigrinya speaking nortthen part of Tigray aka KebesaTigray.

Adored as “Immiye Menelik", Menelik II wrote an official letter to King Umberto I of Italy vis-a-vis Arterra’s KebesaTigray:
“I would beg your majesty to give orders to all the generals in Massawa not to listen to the words of the rebels who are found in some parts of Tigre, and forbid the passage of arms … I would like the soldiers of your majesty to forcefully occupy Asmara and make sure that this route is well guarded and defended…”

Menelik had always made friends with the Italians, who were hostile to Emperor Yohannes who was perfectly aware of it) and he i.e. Emperor Yohannes also suspected him with good reason of also being friendly with the Dervishes as they were in the habit of sending people to Shewa vis the Blue Nile…

01/10/12 @ 18:22
Comment from: Dej.-Balcha-Aba-Nebso [Visitor]

@ Brook

Part II: Historical Facts
About Menelik II
The Traitor and the Coward:

In deed, Emperor Menelik II did betray his country Ethiopia so many times by siding with all of its enemies and he tirelessly conspired with European missionaries against both Emperor Yohannes IV and Emperoor Tewodros II.

The following quotatins from his own letters unequivocally show how treasonous he had been to Free and Sovereign Ethiopia …

a. To Napier
“I was first willing to send supplies to you in a suitable manner but my enemies are between us…Now I am far off but I have no hesitation to help/assist.”

b. To King Umberto I of Italy after Itöaly’s defeat by Ras Alulla at Dogali
“I can revenge the italians who have died … I have confided to Antonelli many things that i cannot write which he should tell you.”

c. To Caliph Khedive of the Mahdidts
“When you were at war with Yohannes, I was also at war with him. Between us (you and me) there has been no war.”

In fact, he avoided fighting the Mahdists twice, first with King Tekle-Haimanot of Gojjam and second along with Yohannes himself.

Cooperation agrreement related to the Egyptian invasion:
“The scheme was while the Egyptians were attacking Emperor Yohannes in the north, Muzinger Pasha and King Menelik were to attack from the south.”

A similar cooperation arrangement was made between King Menelik and the Italians, the former to attack Emperor Yohannes IV from the south and the later from the north.

At the Battle of Adwa, for the usual selfish motive, he wanted his some 25,000 Shewan armed fighters to come out intact. By divine intervention, he had to be persuaded to release them so that they can actively participate in the final assault. If it were not for his wife Empress Taitu and Ras Mengesha, who angrily intervened by giving the combat command on his guards, there would not have been an Adwa Victory in 1896!

The recorded historical fact testifies as such … Ras Mengesha shouted at Emperor Menelik II:
“For 8 years I have been fighting the Italians, and are you not even willing to try for one day? Then Taitu waived aside all official protocol and gave the command order for the royal guards to actively attack at the surging Italians. Oh boy, a hurricane of 25,000 troops launched themselves at Albertone’s brigade!

Key words here: “8 yeras” means between the year 1889, Emperor Yohannes’s heroic death, and the Battle of Adwa in 1896. Where was Emperor Menelik II during these crucial 8 years when the hereditary princes and aristocrats of Tigray together with the ever vigilant farmers of Tigray were fighting Italian aggression from across the Mereb??? Why did he wait solid 8 years until the Italians eventually reach AmbaAlaje and presented him with a fait accompli now directly threatening his own safe political power deep inside Shewa??? Did he ever send any reenforcements both in logistical resourrces and human fighters to defend Ethiopia’s sovereignty quite early at the banks of Mereb???

Who would dare to forget the heroic sacrifices of the powerful Oromo cavalary who ensured the shining victory to happen at great human cost?! Chief among the leaders of these Ethiopian Patriots was the one and only Dej.-Balcha-AbaNefso!

In any case, the battle was won “because of the Imperial Field Marshal’s, Ras Alulla AbaNegga, skilful dispositions and sleepless vigilance that the sweeping victory of the Abyssinians was largely due. Not trusting for safety to the temporary cessation of hostilities, Ras Alulla had taken care to be informed by means of his spies in the Italian camps of every movement of the invading army’s forces….”

01/10/12 @ 19:12
Comment from: Dej.-Balcha-Aba-Nebso [Visitor]

@ Brook

… cont’d …
Part III, Final

You raised about the 5 Woredas that are effectively re-incorporated into Tigray region in 1991/3.

Historically, these Woredas are by and large part and parcel of Tigray. They were carved out, snatched by arrogant force and pasted onto BegeMidir and Wollo Teklay-Gizatoch.

I have already dwelt on this issue some time in the past, therefore there is no going back to it now.

However saying that, I would like to inform you the fact that a very fertile and big chunk Woreda called “Kobbo” was justifiably left within the Amhara regional state although it was the larger part of Raya & Kobo Awaraja. Strictly speaking, Kobbo Woreda falls well within Tigray’s Allewuha river southernmost boundary which separates it from Yejju and Lasta Awrajas.

But then, why is that you guys do not complain about the fact that Gojjam has lost a third of its western part to BeniShangul-Gumuz regional state?

Why is that you don’t complain about the fact that Amhara regional state lost its fertile hinterlands to Oromoia regional state?

Why is that you funny guys do fail to acknowledge the fact that Tigray too has already lost a very big chunk of it’s geo-strategic part to the east (I guess, an approximately 50% of it) to the newly created Affar regional state??? Nonetheless, the 5 woredas are NOT re-incorporated as a factor of compensation for the part that was ceded to Affar region!

Why is that you guys do not complain about the fact that the combined big part of Harerghe, Bale and Sidamo was constituted together to form the Somali federal regional state???

Any answer, please … based on authentic historical facts, and not based on fabricated history that was creatively written by anti-Tigray partisan individuals.

01/10/12 @ 19:53
Comment from: Shewarega [Visitor]


Don’t give me that crap. Your young hero’s sacrifice for you not for me. It has not one thing to do about Ethiopia. It was all about dividing Ethiopia. It was all about hatred for certain ethnic groups (for example the dreadful Amara), or certain regions (Shewa). It has not one drop to do with Ethiopia. You know it, I know it, the whole world knows it. It was about some land to be stolen from neighboring provinces, remember the ALEWUHA dream? It was about stealing a port from Eritrea. It was about dividing Ethiopia and creating some Tigray Republic. Why do you lie? Why do you want to tell me what is false, when you know it is a lie.

And you tell me about some 17 years sacrifice, when we have bled for Ethiopia more than anyone else for seven hundred years? Who do you think quadrupled the size of Ethiopia? Who do you think was fighting in Harar, or Keffa, or Sidama, or Bale? Who do you think was bulldozed by Graziani’s tanks in Ogaden? On who do you think rivers of mustard gas rained down at Maychew and Ashengay? Who do you think walked hundreds of miles and humiliated the Italians at Adwa? Who do you think made them pee during the occupation of Mussolini days? The Italians probably dropped more bombs on one district of Bulga than Derg did on all of you. To get one single hero Abebe Aregay, the son of Gobena. Ante maneh ena sele tegel le enae taweraleh? Man bakkomew ager man yefesabetal? Man beseraw ketema man yarabetal? Be tsadekan semeatat ketema be abatochae be Abaebae Tuffaa, be Menelik meret tkkemetteh ante le enae sele “city planning” letenegeregne? Gud saysema meskerem ayettebame yetebalew teret.

You are the enemy. You are a hateful bunch of people. From day one, you came with hatred. You have humiliated our families. You have insulted the ancestors who created this nation out of dust (look at ekekam Agamino’s post). There is nothing between you and us. We have tried to be human, to try to get into your hateful heads and hopefully change things, to save Ethiopians from the abyss. All we hear is more hate, more arrogance, more insult, more stupidity. All we want is for you to leave. Invoke your article 39 and go. The problem is you can’t stand alone, your hatred and fear will not allow that.

01/10/12 @ 20:15
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Visitor]
Amhara Princess

@ A*amino the Spastic

As the saying goes ” Mashila Siyarer …". :):) Get Rotten Zelan to finish the quote & translate it for you. Amharic proverbs are his line of expertise. Frankly, the more you type, the more I realize that you are a very slow person. Highly likely, one of those folks with a mental age of quarter of your actual age. You kept pestering me about what my qualifications were AS IF it is a big deal. You kept asking the same question for months, you eventually got the answer. Now, you call it bragging/self talk eh? LMAO I like that, pretty hilarious if you ask me.

Don’t read lines that is NOT written here or put words in my mouth. As a confident person, I need NOT step into personal attack/character assassination to put anyone of you spasticated Korkoro Ras donkeys in your rightful corners, I am pretty sure you’ve noticed that by now. I don’t give a flying **** about your credentials, who you are, what you are, what you do, how busy you are, your village etc hence I never ask & frankly my dear, don’t give a damn!

Oh, btw, I am NEVER too busy to post here :) Judging others by your spastic standard appears to be one of your million & one shortcomings. I can actually do whatever the hell I like, when I like. Running around like a headless chicken is NEVER my thing. Now, stay in line eh? You got your a$$ whooped for your trash post, as always you crying personal. Get lost if you don’t have anything to say on discussions at hand. Punk.

@ Gragn Somali

As I said, I am not here to correspond with every clown in town, specially with an Amhara wannabe Somali religious fanatic. Would it make you happy if I say your issue is 100% religious fanaticism, which the honourable Asta B takes care of exquisitely here lol My expertise in religious matters is very limited. That said, I believe if over 99% Christian Axum, Gondar, Gojjm etc folks don’t want Muslims there, you ought to respect that & move the hell on instead of crying copts this, copts that 24/7. That is my personal view. Should Muslim Arabs allow a church to be built in Mecca for Christian Arabs? If you answer No, then you find your answer as to why you are NOT allowed to do whatever the hell that you like in Axum or other Northern towns.

The problem with clowns like you is that you DEMAND way too much religious freedom outside of your turf that you WILL never allow Christians to have in yours. If you can’t tolerate other’s religions, you MUST NOT expect others tolerate yours. Simple as really. Other than that, you & I have nothing in common, we don’t speak the same language, we don’t see same colours, our views are world apart. I wonder why you even bother.

… As for your silly question why Derg troops abandoned Derg’s cause, just ask your daddy/uncle/mama if they are still alive that is. Didn’t you claim you were Amhara? Or shall I say your ancestors owned by Amhara land lords? Either way, go ask them, chop chop … :):)

01/10/12 @ 21:25
Comment from: [Member]

You tried to be fair and square, by posting most of my comments. You tried your best, but atlast you failed and you can’t help it but show your nature by siding with the amhara durye wusha. You keep deleting words from my comments and atlast deleting the whole comments I wrote in two threads in a row.
Well, I don’t blame you. Atleast you’ve given it a shut to look like a democratic website.

01/10/12 @ 23:49
Comment from: Brook [Visitor]

Dej.-Balcha-Aba-Nebso [Visitor]

You can copy and past as many as articles you wanted to until you posted the source my friend until then you have zero credibility one bit. We all knows you guys have your own version of historical accounts of every events concerning Ethiopia the truth is the evident point out different direction. Like I have said before your deep-rooted hatred and re-writing history to message your egos won’t change passed events. You have been told by Nazret bloggers before and you run of not to answering his questions. Do you remember that too? Now you continued copy and past talking mumbo-jumbo Menilike this Tigree is hero amount to nada, absolutely nothing. It shows your overrated inferiority complex and deep-rooted hatred.

01/11/12 @ 01:56
Comment from: Brook [Visitor]

@Dej.-Balcha-Aba-Nebso [Visitor]

You raised about the 5 Woredas that are effectively re-incorporated into Tigray region in 1991/3.

Quotes “Historically, these Woredas are by and large part and parcel of Tigray. They were carved out, snatched by arrogant force and pasted onto BegeMidir and Wollo Teklay-Gizatoch.”

Exactly which Historical counts you are referring to? The map that shows you is indeed the original landowners? Fascism Italian Benito Mussolini/ De Grazia gave you a land to appease you for being used as a donkey serving your master? Or one of your neck o da hood village idiots coffee time story’s, I know you have a bunch of them?

Quote “I have already dwelt on this issue some time in the past, therefore there is no going back to it now.” That’s how you’re dogging a question, knowing good well you have no credibility.

Quote” However saying that, I would like to inform you the fact that a very fertile and big chunk Woreda called “Kobbo” was justifiably left within the Amhara regional state although it was the larger part of Raya & Kobo Awaraja. Strictly speaking, Kobbo Woreda falls well within Tigray’s Allewuha river southernmost boundary which separates it from Yejju and Lasta Awrajas.”

Exactly who crowned Tigree over us in the first place a barren landowner who gave you a right to tell anyone who belongs where/why and like everyone was lost/displaced? Who gave you a right? Oh, you claimed you left us land for feeling sorry for us, huh?

Quote “But then, why is that you guys do not complain about the fact that Gojjam has lost a third of its western part to BeniShangul-Gumuz regional state?”
That will be dealt with in due time for now our historian continue with your B.S.

Quote” Why is that you don’t complain about the fact that Amhara regional state lost its fertile hinterlands to Oromoia regional state?”

Like you cared? I told you that will be dealt with in the future Professor Debalke.

Quote” Why is that you funny guys do fail to acknowledge the fact that Tigray too has already lost a very big chunk of it’s geo-strategic part to the east (I guess, an approximately 50% of it) to the newly created Afar regional state??? Nonetheless, the 5 woredas are NOT re-incorporated as a factor of compensation for the part that was ceded to Afar region!”

You meant to say Affar’s land? Why don’t you ask your all-knowing chilled killer MZ? You guys are like a spoiled brat-little baby who plays with others kids toy and cries his/her heart-out claiming that was his/hers. That’s cute for babes, for you grown ups folks it really shows how greedy you are. Have you thought about that? Oh, you have no single shame culture.

Quote “Why is that you guys do not complain about the fact that the combined big part of Harerghe, Bale and Sidamo was constituted together to form the Somali federal regional state???
Any answer, please … based on authentic historical facts, and not based on fabricated history that was creatively written by anti-Tigray partisan individuals.”

I will answer your questions when you have proved me or presented your claims with facts that you Tigrees are the original owners of the land you have just so bizarrely claimed

Like you’ve laid out/ backed up your utter claims with a single authentic evidence/facts? Your clams has no truth to it, you have failed to present any single facts that is authenticated. You read?

01/11/12 @ 04:16
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Visitor]
Amhara Princess

@ Dej.-Balcha-Aba-Nebso

Here I was assuming you were a sane Tigray! Little did I know you are actually worst kind of geriatric who is trying to reinvent the WHEEL. Your posts on Emperor Minilek II appears to be that of the Banda Zenawi & Co’s accounts of events/rewritten version to suit their evil interests. Funny part is, it looks as if you were best pals with or a personnel to Empress Tayiyu at the time and overheard all the gossip at a coffee ceremony or at a Bazaar rather than one who is well informed on factual accounts/History!

The History of one of the most visionary, fierce, calculative, master of International Relations/Diplomatic, way ahead of his time, heroic the Diamond of Black History aka Emperor Minilek II is well accounted for, recorded to the tiniest details.

Do you have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what the intentions of Minilek were when he signed Trattato di Uccialli/Ucciall Treaty? Do you have to be a brain surgeon to figure out why the Treaty failed, why, how & when war broke out, better still why the Emperor disregarded the Treaty? Gossiping, hear say, myth, reinventing the wheel etc and trying to make sense of what happened 100s years ago and translate it in the 21st century mindset only makes you a retard.

REAL History of Black Diamond MINILEK II away from coffee ceremony, Tej Bet of 21st century Tigray Province, NOT MY WORDS:

Menelik’s reign (1889-1913) coincided with the European Scramble for Africa. After serving as governor of Shoa for twenty-five years, Menelik became emperor in 1889. During his reign, he doubled the area he inherited, incorporating vast areas of southern Ethiopia into his domain, mainly through conquest.

Always eager to embrace new technology in his quest to modernize ancient Ethiopia, Menelik’s innovations were unprecedented in Ethiopian history. Among these were first and foremost the creation of the capital, Addis Ababa, in the mid 1880s; construction of modern bridges and telegraph lines; concession for a railroad; establishment of the bank of Abyssinia, the first hotel, hospitals, and schools; national currency; mint; a postal system and national newspaper.

Italy, with a colony already established in Eritrea, had designs on Ethiopia. In 1889, Ethiopia and Italy negotiated the Treaty of Wuchale. Written in Amharic and Italian, the most significant article of the treaty was viewed differently by both parties. The Amharic text stated that Italy’s services were available to the emperor for all communications with foreign powers, while the Italian text made this compulsory.

Italy applied this article to claim a protectorate over Ethiopia, which was duly recognized by the European powers. To affirm their claim, the Italians, aided and abetted by the French and British, advanced into northern Ethiopia and, in January 1890, occupied the town of Adowa.

While the dispute was being debated, Menelik was simultaneously importing large amounts of arms from France and Russia, and continuing to expand his domain. Finally expressing his disapproval of the Treaty of Wuchale and Italy’s fallacious claim, he informed the European powers that “Ethiopia has need of no one, she stretches her hand unto God.”

Recognizing his country’s sovereignty, religion, and way of life was at stake, Menelik mobilized his army. The confrontation occurred at Adowa on March 1, 1896, where Ethiopia decisively defeated the Italian invaders. It was the first major African victory over an European Army since Hannibal’s time two thousand years before. On October 16, 1896, the Italians agreed to The Peace Treaty of Addis Ababa, which nullified the Treaty of Wuchale and recognized the absolute independence of Ethiopia.

Menelik maintained his independence and unified his country by defeating the Europeans. Ethiopia’s international prestige in the world was enhanced and its victory over the Europeans provided Africans in the Diaspora with a much-needed source of pride, inspiration and hope.

Menelik displayed great foresight in developing his military strength, which proved to be considerably superior to the Italian army he encountered, and also in using European trade and technology without yielding any political ground. In addition, his diplomatic maneuvers exploited the greed of Italy, France, and Britain and shrewdly played them off against each other.

For more REAL Accounts of Events in the 21st century, I recommend you take your time, read the following books, not just on Emperor Minilek II/Ethiopia but International Historical affairs re Africa from diverse view points.

World’s Great Men of Color, J.A. Rogers. Simon & Schuster, 1996.

The Life and Times of Menelik II: Ethiopia 1844-1913, Harold G. Marcus. Red Sea Press, 1995.

Africans and Their History, Joseph E. Harris. Penguin USA, second revised edition, 1998.

The World and Africa: Inquiry into the Part Which Africa Has Played in World History, W.E.B. DuBois.

A History of Ethiopia, Harold G. Marcus. University of California Press

The Campaign of Adowa and the rise of Menelik, George Fitz-Hardinge Berkeley. Negro Universities Press.

The Ethiopians, Richard Pankhurst. Blackwell Publishing.

… And countless books & publishings on the subject matter. My advice, DON’T TRY TO reinvent the WHEEL. Tegbaban?

01/11/12 @ 07:53
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Visitor]
Amhara Princess

@ Dej.-Balcha-Aba-Nebso aka Dej.-Haile-Selassie-Gugsa

Emperor of Ethiopia (1844-1913)

Menelik II, in a letter to Queen Victoria"I have no intention at all of being an indifferent spectator, if the distant Powers hold the idea of dividing up Africa, Ethiopia having been for the past fourteen centuries, an island of Christianity in a sea of pagans…”

Menelik II, Mobilization Proclamation “Enemies have now come upon us to ruin our country and to change our religion. Our enemies have begun the affair by advancing and digging into the country like moles. With the help of God I will not deliver my country to them. Today, you who are strong, give me your strength, and you who are weak, help me by prayer”

The Emperor ruled in the era of the Scrumble for Africa, Europeans didn’t need/require his permission to do whatever the hell they pleased in Africa. However, he was the ONLY visionary, way ahead of his time jewl of Africa to negotiate his way out using his brain capacity, diplomatic skills as well as fierce, heroic God given BRAIN.

BTW, why on planet earth are you calling yourself Dejazmach Balcha Aba Nebso who was actually one of Minilik’s right hand men, best generals who took direct order, advise from the Emperor himself while talking pure garbage about his boss aka the master mind?

Best suiting name for you is your fellow Tigray “DejHaile Selassie Gugsa” who was actually a paedophile, wife beating monster in modern day mindset, that is if we have to go by your ways of reasoning of course. Not to mention a traitor who fought side by side with Italy and had 1000s of Ethiopian’s bloods on his hand.

01/11/12 @ 08:35
Comment from: Shewarega [Visitor]

Dej Balcha Aba Nefso (again Nebso ayedelem)

I thought you were done with the battle of Adwa,lol. From all I see it seems you would have prefered all of our ancestors to stay away, and your Field Marshall take them all alone, and drive them across the Mereb river. But the reality is recorded in gadzillion books, both on ours and the Italian sides. Both he and his boss Mengesha had recklessly provoked the Italians, lost the battle, surrendered all of Tigray, and were temporary residents at the home of Ras Wollie in Yejju. It is interesting every single thing that you wrote was selective, one sided, extremely regional tainted with hate, with one ultimate aim. Yetem fechiew duketun amechiew.

I do not want to get into a long drawn back and forth with you. But I would like to at least scratch the surface and show to the public at large, what I mean by what I just said.

First of all, I want to tell you no matter how many times you insult and lie about Menelik, I will not do so against Yohanes. That is the core difference between you and I, between us and you (plural). What Menelik did to Yohanes, Yohanes did it to his brother in law TekleGeyorgis, and to the mighty Emperor Tewodros. Tewodros did it to his own kind and generous father in law Ras Ali. Do not get into a very intricate complex history of Ethiopian ascension to power, and selectively blame one for things every single one did for mellenia. It only makes you look little in the eyes of those reading your comments.

Also please stop this Menelik sold Eritrea song, even the Eritreans (which you hate more than all in here) have long ceased to sing it. Move on, Eritrea is Eritrea not some Gefersa or Kebesa Tigray. They despise you more than anyone else on the face of the Earth, because they know you more than anyone on the face of the Earth. Eritrea seceeded not when the Italians arrived in Asmara, rather when your Field Marshall lied to Embi ale Woldu, a thousand lies and promptly put chains on his hands when the latter showed up to seal the peace deal he was promised. Do not forget that, every single Eritrean chief (save Bahta Hagos) welcomed the Italians. You know why? Because they just couldn’t wait to get away from your treacherous self. As Ras Kassa (commander of the Ethiopian forces during the second Italian war once said) “Ke Shi Amara ande Aberra.” He was talking about his courageous Eritrean comrade who was helping him command his troops. Leave the Eritreans, they never lied. They said they want to seceed, they did and they are leading their life in their land. They are occupying nobody. You are the one who is refusing to leave.

For example, you asked “why didn’t Menelik do a thing to stop the Italian invasion from 1889 to 1896.”
The reply, may be he thought you guys are such a warrior class, that your Field Marshall will chase the Italians away with one finger,lol.
The simple fact, my dear, 1890 to 1893 was a time of great hunger in Ethiopia. They called it “ye keffu kken” one third of Ethiopians died (5 million). It would have made the famine of the 1980s like childs play. The reason was not lack of rain, rather the Italians poisoned the livestcok, to weaken us before the invasion. over 95% died. No livestock, all nomads died, all farmers can’t plough the land. This grave situation seems to skip your mind. Plus it seems you think they had the Ambessa Autobus then. Moving 150,000 troops and another 100,000 support is not an easy thing. Just to assemble them at Dessie it took months. Plus most of the South was just incorporated in the previous decade or so. They have to worry about that, the Italians could also open a second front from Italian Somaliland, they had to worry about that. Did that ever cross your mind?

I can dismantle what you said piece by piece and explain, but at this point of my life, as painful as it is I am beginning to believe the only solution for us is to divorce and separate from you. You are the once who are occupying our families. You are the once who are looting our wealth, you are the once who are desecrating the ancestors. But we have until now taken the high road, swallowed our pain and begged for change, to give a chance for the Ethiopian people. To live in unity and understanding. But all I see, esp from the second generation of Woyanaes is the usual lies, hatred, insult, arrogance, and pure stupidity. I think separation is better than living in this manner. When I say this, I want to make it clear not a thing will change about how I feel about great Ethiopians of past from Tigray. It also hurts greatly that I know some true Ethiopians from there are still doing their best to speak the truth, against all kinds of onslaught from all sides, GebreMedhin Araya, Mekonen Zellelew, Aseged GebreSellasie etc. Whatever I say, I always think of them. But the problem is as time passes bye their number decreases, as the number of the hateful mongols, Tehadiso fabricated Nazis increases. That is where my change of views arises from.

01/11/12 @ 11:32
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Amhara pieces,

What a falling apart personality you have. Indeed, you are such a despicable person. The reason why I came here is to teach people like with a mentality that they deserve. How on Earth you really compare our poeple of Axum who are indigeneous to claim the same rights in Mecca where is no single christian born and raised there. How studpi you are to even say Muslims should move out if they don’t like it. Is that not such fanatism as far as your contempt for Muslims is. May be some body needs to teach you a lesson.

Did you not say that you are the most knowledgeable person? Did you know that there is a church in Egypt and almost everywhere in 99.999999 % Muslim areas in the Arab world? For your information there are some 20,000 muslims of Axum out of 60000 total population. These people bled like the copts for their Weyane coptic leaders and not a single one of them were asked or invited to resolve their age old problem.

You are daring to evacuate the Muslims of the North. What a sick mind you have and yet you claim to be Ethiopian. I did know that you and Assta and many Ethiopian copts share the same thing. Did not Atse Yohannes do that for his own Muslim People? The thing you forgot is that the Harar areas where there are 100% Muslims were colonized by the womanized Menelik II who claimed the life of many at chelenko. So because I am a Muslim I will be evacuated from my Amhara born and raised places??

You are joking for yourself. So I have to ask my Harar brothers to evacuate your Kulibe church? Do I need to tell you the neftegans dont belong to the people of the South and Oromo?

Please add also where they should leave. We will be gladly leaving your stinky a… for good indeed. But rest assured that we are not going to be fools any more thinking that you are going to be giving us our freedom. When we build Axum it is because it is our rights.

01/11/12 @ 13:24
Comment from: Dej.-Balcha-Aba-Nebso [Visitor]

@ Anahara Princess

Well, I welcome your lengthy blog on the topic with regard to the history and legacy of Menelik II although most of it diasppointingly betrays addressing the core contentious issue with satisfaction …

First of all, Menelik II (b. 1844- d. 1913) was King of Shewa from 1866-1889, and Emperor of Ethiopia from 1889-1913 NOT as you wrongly put it from 1844-1913.

Let me just strike directly at the heart of the issue once again …

You eloquently explained that the Europeans were coming with the intention of colonially subjugating Ethiopia and Menelik recognised this evil agenda of the alien powers … Right. Then you went on to falsely lecture us that Menelik’s reign (1889-1913) coincided with the Europeans’s Scramble for Africa.

This is not new as such nor does it deserve to be qualified as something special to be added to our knowledge of Ethiopian history which is already recorded anyways. I am highly well aware of the then diabolic intentions of the Europeans, rather the Italians, in their quest for a left-over protectorate territories worthy of fighting in Africa.

The Scramble for Africa by the Europeans did in fact ignite much earlier long before Menelik’s ascent to the much coveted Axsumite Zion’s Throne, and the intense competition for the control of Africa’s human and material resources culminated in the Berlin Conference 1884-85 as organised/hosted by Chancellor Bismarck. Actually, the conference was just called to formalise/legitimise the looting lest the barbaric Europeans destroy eachother. In fact, the established powers did not have any incentive to attend it - They were there to appease inferior Prussia and wanted to know exactly what Prussia was upto. Moreover, it had the core agenda of satisfying expansionist Prussia’s ridiculous grievances and anti-peace criminal lust for “world domination” long term interests for it realised quite late that it was being dominated by the Anglo-Saxons …

Therefore, the Europeans’s Scramble of Africa didnot exactly coincide with Menelik’s reign as you claimed!

The question that begs still to be answered by you is:

Why did Menelik II sign the Wuchale Treaty in the first place??? Am least interested in the explanation of Article XVII of the treaty.

Please, get serious and be honest to spare me the traditional lame and revisionist excuse that I happen to get lectured at the AAU by the few liar professors of the History Department.

Was it not the whole agenda of the barbaric Europeans about landlocking Ethiopia by systematically carving out “historical Tigray’s Artera” thereby to render our Proud Ancient Black African Nation another giant vassal at their mercy?

I am not really interested in the later events what he hyprocritically did to appease the British sovereign monarch at her zenith.

The other 2 signifucant issues that must be addressed on your part are:

1. Why did he avoid to confront the Mahdists, not just once but twice?

2. Why did he want to wait until the culmination of Italy’s aggression i.e. 1896 against sovereign Ethiopia when they completely overpowered Tigray and reached Amba-Alaje now directly threathening his own very sovereign status as Emperor?

The 8 solid yeras between 1889-1896 he cunningly avoided to actively assist the resistance in Tigray must be accounted for as to what his intentions were in Shewa since in 1890 Artera had already been officially declared an Italian colony to which he was an equal signator!

Menelik’s desire and insatiable voracity to introduce modern technique and technology into Ethiopia was of course commendable but then that is not something extraordinary to be bragged about as an “innovation” - Such characterisation is simply dead wrong. Emperor Tewodros II’s voracity to let his own armours being produced at Gaffat in Ethiopia and the selfless Emperor Yohannes IV’s first ever innovative concept in war ridden Ethiopia of introducing a confederal empire to achieve her unity (and, luckily for Ethiopia, he did achieve it!). Your emotional generosity to your great uncle would have credibility if you were sincere enough to genuinely extend it to the above Ethiopian icons as well which I believe they deserve it without ifs and buts.

BTW: Thank you for your recommendation and get assured some of the aforementioned boks will be a valuable addition to my already modest private library.

I can only reciprocate by making available the list of the following very worthful history books which specifically and in detail record the legacy of Menelik II vis-a-vis Free-Ethiopia, Artera & Italy, Yohannes IV, Field Marshal Alula AbaNegga, Mahdists etc….

01/11/12 @ 18:50
Comment from: wepE [Member]

What a wonderful thread, somebody’s closet is falling apart. Maybe scientists should classify the people of Tigray as an endangered species, weyane is eating them inside out, converting every single one of them into a disgusting carbon copy of itself like virus. The ones resist gunned down like flies. Some body should make *save Tigres* group on facebook, anyone? I guess without the likes of the Brook, Princess and powerhouse of Ethiopian history, Shewarega yemanm ekakam would have rewritten history in no time.

Dej Adwa: Where’s your reasoning when you need it? Out of respect which I had for you, belonging to your other pen-name, I won’t say a word trying to disproof your bogus claims besides, it’s your lucky day, it’s raining like hell on your lying head so really no need at all. But what a thread! You truly are more spiteful than the tera cadres like zelan. First your bizarre comment on that OLF page and now this? What a pitiful self aggrandizing prick, shame on you! I never thought there would come a day I would admire Lekim, thank you for proving me wrong. I’m out, thank you everyone who participated in refuting pile shit lies put forth by non other but one graazmach Adwa.

Igzer EtyoP’yan And’ Yargat, Kek’fum YiT’ebikat.
Wakes up every day proud that I’m an Ethiopian.

01/11/12 @ 19:03
Comment from: Dej.-Balcha-Aba-Nebso [Visitor]

… cont’d …

@ Amhara Princess

Here is a partial list of the most invaluable books I recommend that you need to read them - I guess you would wish to add them to your private collection.

Jones, A.H.M. and Monroe, E. (1965), A Short History of Ethiopia, Oxford, The Claredon Press.

Portal, G. H. (1969), My Mission to Abyssinia, New York, Negro University.

Dye William, ME (1969), Moslem Egypt and The Ethiopian Empire, New York, Negro University Press.

Edmond, I. G., (1975), Ethiopia: Land of the Conquering Lion of Judah. New York, Holt Rien Hart and Winston.

O’Mahoney, Kevin (1987), The Ebullient Phoenix: A History of the Vicariate of Abyssinia Vol. II 1860-1881., and Vol. III 1882-1916.

Bairu Tafla (1987), ASMA Giorgis and his work – History of the Galla and the Kingdom of Shewa.

A Closing Remark:

On my part, this open forum discussion of ours here is not a (bitter) competition nor a (hostile) confrontation as to who is having it right or who beats whom. Rather, I personally put great value on it because we learn from eachother for we all have our dear Free-Ethiopia’s long term interests at heart.

By doing this, I believe we can relatively establish the truth into its appropriate historical perspective. There is no absolute truth as such.

First Ethiopia!
Live and let live.
Cheers :)

01/11/12 @ 19:23
Comment from: ቤዛዊት እንድርያስ [Visitor]
ቤዛዊት እንድርያስ


I know what you mean…. always watch out those who talk about “ohoooo harmony", ” ohoooo our Ethiopia", “First Ethiopia"…. you know those people who talk about ’sunshine’, ‘love’, ‘respect’.. are actually the biggest monsters…

This days if you watch ETV; as if they don’t hate Ethiopia; the keep saying 24/7 ኢትዮጵያችን.. bla bla bl… I am feeling nausea; sick bag please

01/11/12 @ 20:50
Comment from: ቤዛዊት እንድርያስ [Visitor]
ቤዛዊት እንድርያስ

@Amhara Princess

At time like this;

You gotta bloody laugh!! I for one laughing to the stomach….
ከነሱ ጋር ማሾፍ ነው Don’t take them seriously and waste your precious emotion, energy and most importantly your reasoning… save it for important and serious stuff…

They are nothing but a joke; you need to laugh in their face than bothering to replay….

How lucky we are to witness these JELS/ fools; they make a baboon more intellegent relatively … :D

ቢማሩ ዶክትሬት ቢጭኑ አይለወጡም ምክንያቱም ትምህርት እንዴት inferioriy complex እንዴት እንደሚወገድ አይነግርምና ነው

So ጓዶቼ just laugh; No sophisticated reasonings and crediable resources are enough to tackle an inferiority complex….

On a brighter note, ያው ሲሞቱ ይተዋቸዋል ።

01/11/12 @ 21:20
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

The Honorable Dej.-Balcha-Aba-Nebso [Visitor], I appreciate your forthrightness in expressing your presumed historical facts and grievances against the most respected and revered king of Ethiopia, Emmiye Minilik II, whose wise, methodical and victorious/superior political and military decisions have awaken and inspired [and still inspiring to this date] the entire black race across the globe. I admire your clear separation of the country Ethiopia from the government and/or its leaders of the time. Most, if not all, including the entire tribal LF denomination blames and curses Ethiopia for the wrongs, again presumed, that was done against “their people” by our dead rulers. Most also points their finger for ethnic Amara that was equally oppressed by the elite that was unquestionably comprised of from the major tribes of the nations. You have every right to address those issues, to express your opinion and bring forward your own version of historical interpretations. There is no a natural law or godly covenant that demands you to heed the most accepted historical interpretation and narration of one country so that you can be accepted as a citizen by the rest. You are Ethiopian by blood and, undoubtedly, at heart. Your and your tribe’s Ethiopiawinet cannot be questioned only because you, as a person or a group, have a deep seated historical grievance/s against the country’s most successful leader; Most importantly it neither can be taken or given by the whims of others. With that said, i would like to point out the fact that i don’t agree with most of your statements especially your slanderous accusations against King Minilik[May his noble and righteous soul rest in peace] when you count him as a friend of the Mhadists. You went farther and called him traitor and coward. The truth couldn’t be any farther even if i know that the truth, specially in political history, is TRULY what is the victors wanted it to be. From an Ethiopian point of view, that was blasphemous. Yes that Minilik shouldn’t have abandoned or refused, for the flimsiest reason, to give a helping hand to Atse Yohannis (May his noble soul rest in Peace) when he, the Ethiopian Emperor from Temben, the people and the country need it the most. He could have also refused to sign any agreement with the Italians after the Adwa victory. The country in general has become a loser at the end when the Atse has died in Metema[of course, that was undoubtedly a good thing for Minilek’s personal interest] and later on when the people in our renegade province started entertaining independence feeling betrayed by the king when we stop pushing the enemy past Adwa. However what Miilik has presumably done or refused to do for Atse Yohannis can be easily dwarfed by his own deeds against Atse Tewodros[May his Ethiopian noble soul rest in peace]. You have purposefully ignored this important and most factual part of our history, and it is very disappointing. I am sure you can do better. As of our tribally infused geographical competition, well it was created by Woyanes when they decided to introduce ethnic federalism ignoring its dangerous consequences for the unity and integrity of the country. We all know who woyanes are. We also know who is going to be the biggest loser if and when federalism is fully and truly implemented in the country. Those who love and admire Minilik always stands for the dismissal of Woyane’s ethnic based boarders, and any sane person simply understands that is in the best interest of every single person in Tigray.

Peace out,

01/11/12 @ 21:46
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Visitor]
Amhara Princess

Gragn Somali the retard Muslim clown

First of, where on planet earth did I say I am the most knowledgeable person retard? Stop lying through your teeth, even I know that being a liar is the biggest Haram in your precious Quran. I SPECIFICALLY stated that “my expertise on religious matters is very limited” Ouch.

That said, it doesn’t take rocket scientists to figure out that Tigray & all other Northern Provinces are almost ALL Orthodox Christian. Since your issue is with Tigray Province, here goes:

1 - “In Ethiopia, the Tigray Region is 95.6% Ethiopian Orthodox, 4% Muslim and the remaining 0.5% Protestant and Catholic". This means, in real democracy, they can actually VETO your a$$ any time, any day. If you don’t like how Christians operate where you are as minority as the Ibex, unicorn, too bad. You have a right to coexist peacefully but NO rights to override the decision of the majority. That is how democracy works.

2 - You need to be reminded that Muslims were NEVER indigenous to Northern Ethiopia or ANY part of Ethiopia for that matter. In fact, first Muslims were refugees from Mecca fleeing prosecution. Islam spread to Eastern Ethiopia & even Somalia afterwards.

“The first Muslims in Abyssinia aka Ethiopia were immigrants from Arabia/Mecca, persecuted by the ruling Quraysh tribe. They were received by the ruler of Ethiopia, whom Arabic tradition has named Ashama ibn Abjar, and he settled them in Negash. Located in the Tigray Region, Negash is the historical center of Islam in Northern Ethiopia and parts of East Africa. The Quraysh sent emissaries to bring them back to Arabia, but the King of Ethiopia refused their demands. The Prophet himself instructed his followers who came to Ethiopia, to respect and protect Ethiopia as well as live in peace with Ethiopian Christians. Islam later developed more in the coastal regions of the southern horn of Africa, particularly among the Somali".

3 - Egypt was NEVER historically Arab or Muslim country. Go read you brain dead spastic. Of course, there are churches in Egypt and else where in Arabia just as there are mosques everywhere. What is your point? Christians coexist with Muslims peacefully respecting majority rule/law where Arabs/Muslims are majority despite being abused, their ways of life restricted by hostile Arabs/Islam. May be you should learn a thing or two from civilized minority Christians who reside in majority Muslim turf and behave yourself like they do.

3 - I never said Muslims shouldn’t live peacefully where they are minority in Ethiopia or anywhere else for that matter, neither did I say they shouldn’t build mosques. What I am saying is, if they don’t like being minority where they are MINORITIES, they should MOVE to part of Ethiopia where Muslims are majority. Same thing applies to Christians in Harar or else where where they are minorities. That is my point but retards like you are way too short sited to get this very simplistic view. I bet when your Allah gave brains, common sense & civility to Muslims, you were right at the back of the queue lol

… Please read what people write here, befor you come up with outlandish claims. I know you are lonely in because everybody (Muslims/Christians)ignores your a$$ RIGHTLY assuming your are mentally impaired. Stop embarrasing yourself. If you don’t understand or in doubt of what others say, just ask or shut your face. Don’t drag me into your bullshit religious matters. I wonder where Asta is, I really want him to take care of you, get you off my case as I have better things to discuss with another brain dead A*ame aka DeJ-Haile-Selassie Gugsa :):) Adios Punk

01/11/12 @ 21:53
Comment from: Dej.-Balcha-Aba-Nefso [Visitor]

@ Shewarega

Of course, with regard to the Battle in 1896, I have enough of it too but then until many of you Idiots from central Ethiopia here enthusiastically started attacking my iconic ancesstors who singlehandedly defended the Sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ethiopia by mobilising the hard working farmers of Tigray.

I can’t stand-by and watch idly your pathetic defamations and blatant allegatiins against my people while you criminalise them day-in and day-out.

The few greedy arch conservative aristocrats of Shewa made sure to dominate the Ethiopian state alone, ensured a preferential access to the instruments of knowledge and skills to their own fellow kins and their children alone, these educated ones in turn wrote false history and made sure that all Ethiopian children learn these same adulterated history narrations and interpretations regardless of their own reservations, intentionally impoverushed the Ethiopians in Tigray and shut out the bright ones from attending to Ethiopia’s long term interests along with other fellow country men and women, took away by force Tigray’s agriculturally fertile parts to crash our self-esteem, looted the resources of other Ethiopians to buy bombs and arms to kill them for they revolted for social justice and equality to flourish within Ethiopia and the launched military campaigns against oppressed Ethiopians because they have had legitimate grievances against oppressive centralism, arrogantly dissolved the UN sanctioned federation with Arterra instead of introducing far-sweeping political T economic reforms into the whole Ethiopian state, refused to acknowledge that other Ethiopians do equally possess their own native languages and cultural identities which they wanted to develop and promote etc…The list of crimes committed in the name of Ethiopian unity and One-Ethiopia is obviously endless.

For example, why was that uinversity and college students were denied back then to learn about the history “Kedamai Weyane Uprising” inside Tigray?

The legitimate grievances of Ethiopians for equality and social justice is not exclusively confined to Tigrayans alone. It includes of course the vast majority of Ethiopians from coast to coast.

Nonetheless, it must be emphasised here time again that personally I do not have any negative grudge whatsoever against the innocent and hard working farmers of central Ethiopia for they were victims by default too!

You seem to be very much concerned about your Arterran friends and I guess you enjoy their diabolic courtship - This is how they cultivate unsuspecting fellow Ethiopians in their sworn drive to wage a hate campaign against Tigrayans and our social revolution WeyaneTigray!

“Mognu Berre, Ke’AraJu Yiwillal” - Keep on foolong yourself, Abeto Abuye.

Listen once again:

If you feel sorry about them of they being sorted out for who they are, then so bei it for I care less. My fundamental concern in my life is about the future well being of Ethiopia’s children and the long term interests of the hard working Ethiopian farmers!

In fact, we Ethiopia’s Tigres are the ones who despise them to the core more than the dirty pig. Arterrans are jealous and insecure people, deep down inside their soul they feel inferior to us we the valor and infinitely self-confident Ethiopian Tigres “The Walta of 21st Century Ethiopia"! You know why??? It is quite interesting you echo their spiteful agenda and manipulative lies. It is rather we the committed Tigres of Ethiopia who know them inside-out for they are treacherous and untrustworthy, for they possess a fragile identity, for they are the ones who were dehumanised more than anyone including donkeys and pets in their own inhospitable & barren village.

Yes, they deserve it in kind because that is how they the Arterrans were raised and nurtured to hate and insult anything Tigrayan and Ethiopian. These ungrateful backstabbers owe Tigray and the Tigrayan farmers so much. As a Proud Ethiopian Tigre and a son of a great BalleAbbat farmer family, I am defending myself and my proud dignity. Period!

Yoo are in deed aware of their destructive behaviour and unbridled attitudes when it comes to Ethiopians in general and Tigrayans in particular but since you yourself extremely hate Tigrayans it does not bother you at all. Moreover, to witness Arterrans’s round the clock 24/7 ruthless campaign of hate and defamation against Tigrayans and Weyane-Tigray, you do not need to go farther than visiting Fascist-Shabiya’s number one servant “” which is owned and run by none other than Tigres’s sworn enemy Elias Kiflom!

Look, you have exposed your anti-Ethiopia nature when you claim that Ras Mengesha provoked the Italians whom he heroically resisted solid 8 years alone between 1889-1896 when they marched south crossing Mereb to conquer Tigray and by extension Ethiopia. You do not have the slightest shame when you defend the barbaric alien Italians who came to extinguish the one last light of Black Africa.

BTW: You and Arterrans collaborating in complete treachery of highest order accuse Weyane-Tigray of wanting to steal their ports thereby render their independence null and void … I just ask you and Elias Kifle this simple question: If Weyane-Tigray were to decide to overpower tiny and hapless Arrterra tomorrow, would you move your azz from your comfort zone and show real time guts if you do possess real balls??? Attention: Your commitment as a dedicated Nech-Lebash to Fascist-Shabiya about to be paid for by precious blood won’t be done from inside “Ametsegnaw Washa” in central Ethiopia, rather it must be actively executed inside cursed Arterra. I am all ears, ok :)

Well, if there are however sufficient justifications and legitimate push factors for Ethiopians that we can’t live together, then obviously we will happily separate from eachother forever. It is always much better to amicably separate from eachother than to spill precious human blood of a single human being for the sake of fake unity.

Best of all, you are a disgusting idiot. Go back and re-read what you wrote above. Nonsense!

Eternal Glory to Weyane-Tigray with No Appology!
First Ethiopia!

01/11/12 @ 21:56
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Visitor]
Amhara Princess

@ Dej.-Balcha-Aba-Nebso aka Dej-Haile-Selassie-Gugsa

Weyyyyyyyyy Gudddd!

First of, let me start from the literature you’d recommended. I couldn’t stop laughing after looking into the list & noticed most of them actually Praise the Emperor and they are PRO Minelik II BOOKS. This is ever so hilarious. Unfortunately for you my dear, your list NEVER supports your outlandish claims, rather, mostly advocate Emperor Minelik II’s great achievements. Why on planet earth did you quote books that never support your claims, rather refute everything you copy pasted above & glorifies the very king you try to belittle? I know why. Er’m, because a fraudulent anti Minilik II & Pro Yohannes A*ame listed these books under his bogus article to mislead idiots like you & you copy pasted them here! Ouch.

I actually did a little research and it only tool 2 minutes to find the actual anti Minilek II page, highly likely A*ame page where you fished your gibberish from. There, all the books you listed are listed under “Biography” without any cross reference, page number, etc relating the literatures you copy pasted here to the actual books. OOps! It is more like a pentecostal preacher quoting the bible & explaining the meaning in his own words :):)

The author of your gibberish above is an armature sounding bozo called Ambachew Abebe, probably his pen name, who actually writes, reasons like a moron by the looks of things. Who is this man? I never heard of him. Could he be a TPLF roach trying to rewrite history, twist facts in his high school level writing skills & way of reasoning?

I was actually about to answer your dumb best as I can re why Minilek II signed the Uccali Treaty, what the Emperor was all about, Internal conflicts, reasons why he was suspicious of Yohannes, his short comings, why he was in good diplomatic terms with Italy and few other EU countries and how his diplomatic skills changed the course of history. Also, I was going to enlighten you on how the scramble for Africa, European influence impacted on Emperor Minilek’s leadership because you appear to be totally ignorant to this fact etc thinking you were a deserving legitimate person.

… All you are is a fraudulent like your author Ambachew Abebe. Let me know who he is, I will correspond with him. You are just a third party fraudulent clown.

01/11/12 @ 23:35
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Visitor]
Amhara Princess

@ Shewarega

You are a TOP man indeed, thanks for your highly intelligent, truthful, sensible, well informed, extremely eloquent post as ever. I totally agree with everything you stated especially your view re separation. It would have been a great idea if TPLF actually kept their initial/original manifesto & succeeded from ETHIOPIA. That would have been a blessing. I agree with that 100%.

01/12/12 @ 00:13
Comment from: Shewarega [Visitor]

Dej Balcha Safo,

It is interesting, to say the least, its the first time you admitted who you are. Its a good start, from your nickname, to the never ending insult to Eritreans, to your emama Ethiopia cries, one could be confused a bit. Thanks for making that clear, lol. Knowing who you are makes it easier to reply. I was also laughing how one sentence about Eritrea led you into twenty sentences of a mangled web of diatrab. Fes yalebet zelay ayechelem.

Back to core matter. Mengesha was not “galliantly” fighting for Ethiopia’s sovergnity for eight years, rather he was signing one treaty after another with the Italians, to undermine Menelik. He even at one point thought his ascension to the throne was inevitable, he started to travel under “a red umbrella.” It is at the last moment he changed sides, when he realized, first, that the ultimate aim of the Italians was to occupy the whole of Tigray, then the rest of Ethiopia. Second, that the balance of troops was more on Menelik’s side.
Therefore, stop attacking me for stating the simple facts, while you are trying to present to us fake history, accusing Menelik of this and that. Menelik brought all of Ethiopia under one umbrella. It was neither like Mekedela, nor like Mettema. Every single Etiopian that counted, the who’s who of those days showed up. From TekeleHaymanot of Gojjam, to Mengesha Atikem of Agew Meder, from Jotte and GebreEgziabher/Kumsa of Wellega, all of Hararghe, Mikael from Wello, Wollie from Begemeder, Gwangul from Wag/Sokkota, even those who went to the Italian side like Ras Sebhat returned. I think the most remarkable, Ras WoldeMikael of Hamassien, Hagos Teferi, Basha Awualom, why you think all of them showed up? Is it because Menelik was this monstrous Tigrae hater, child eater that you secessionist Mongol occupiers try to make out of him? Even a blind can see that it was the opposite. You treacherous people squat on our land, we marry with you, we went to school with you, we accept you, but that was not enough. You found an empty house, you raise a hateful militia, you occupy our people, that is not enough, you have to insult us night and day. Ye motew yeregemal, ye kkomew yesedebal. Then “chuhetaen kkemugne” you turn around talk about folks insulting you. Geraf erasu gerfo erasu yechohal yebal yelem.

Speaking of “berre” here is one for you…."be geza hageru babatu merete yetegnawun berre gosgusew gosagusew aderegut awurae.” My dear, it will not do you one good insulting Menelik. Because his history will live shining for centuries after you have been gone and forgotten. Only Shewa has twenty million folks, forget the South and the other Ethiopians, by insulting him zuriaw ttelat yehonebehal engi, ande yemetagegnew neger yelem. You can’t even remove his statue. Millions are watching. Last time you tried half a million came out.

“The few greedy Arch conservatives of Shewa made sure to dominate the Ethiopian State alone.” Really??? because they married from top to bottom, because they bled to death and quadrupled the size of Ethiopia? Because they marched by the hundreds of thousands and paid the ultimate sacrifice to defend the nation? Who do you think brought in eight provinces into Ethiopia? Was it Field Marshall? Or your great great gran father “Balabat farmer"? Was it the Imperial army from Gondar? Or a militia from Gojjam or Wello? The whole country was recreated by Shewa? I am old enough to reach those who were there. My own mother’s aunt once told me what they went thru to accomplish that task. Her husband was appointed Governor of Kulo/Konta in the 1920s. She said not even a single road, an entourage of several hundred marching, five persons with two machetes each cutting the shrub and forest making road as they went. When they tire another five replaced them. So many die of diseases, esp Malaria. She also spoke how difficult their life was once they reached there. But above all they could be called upon any moment to march all the way to the other side of the nation to defend her with their blood. It is this sacrifice, foketam ekekam seceesionist Woyanae dogs come in here night and they calling them Neftegna this and that. Enersu afer gettew bakkomut hager tegademo wefram engera eyebela, afer yebela ena.

My advice for you, you people as a whole have to really pose for a moment and look at yourself. More than anything else this acute “inferiority complex.” I am truly grateful to God, I am no rocket scientist, but he has created me free of that severe disease. Inferiority complex is not only a grave disease, its a stain on the soul of man kind. The most educated, well thought, sohisticated individual is not worth calling human if he is afflicted with this disease. One could see that in here a lot. The long list of “we are ze greatest, we are super human, yadi yad” from the Agazi poodle is a direct result of that. Even you when you began your last comment you stated “my iconic ancestors who single handedly defended Ethiopia” I mean what’s up with that. You trying to tell me only Tigrayans were at Mettema, Adwa, and Maychew? You grab, its more like swallow, a third of Gondar, and a fifth of Wello like a foreign occupier in broad day light, and turn around talking how your fertile lands were taken by others? When you were accepted in all parts of Ethiopia, and lived side by side of your fellow countrymen, you cry being denied education. I see a lot that among you. You guys can not live peacably with others, if you don’t change that. I will never forget what one Tigrayan said to me few years back. He is very well educated, PH D, married to my cousin. As a matter of fact since my parents rose her, she was more like my sister. This guy brought up the name of my father, who was killed by Derg some 37 years ago and said to me…"dero Ababa (he meant my father) ye neberu gezae bihon, ayederulegnem nebere.” It really shook me to my foundation. Because, first of all he never met my father to pass judgement. Second, my father did marry off plenty of my cousins when he was alive to both Tigrayans and Eritreans. But its always this disease, lek ende ttikur American. You blow your horn at him, because I am black, he has a crappy credit you don’t rent him an apartment, because I am black, you don’t hire him for a job, you guessed it, because I am black. Ser yesedede besheta. I am really sick of it.

I am an Ethiopian, I am a Shewan, I have all kinds of ethnic, Amara, Guraghae, Afar/Adal, all kinds of Southern roots, most of all I am Oromo. I even have a trace of Tigre since I am descended from Sehul Mikael. And Tigrayans of old were not like that. It is this Woyanae poisoned generation that is spitting hate. All the gura, we are like this like that, it comes from inferiority complex. That can be corrected only and only when you open your eyes and change. At least try.

End the ethnic bantustan
Freedom for the Ethiopian People.

01/12/12 @ 02:52
Comment from: Workeneh Bekele [Visitor]
Workeneh Bekele

THANK YOU Professor Messay kebede!

Thank you for once again sheding light on the un belivable but true current political situation of Ethiopia.

01/12/12 @ 08:49
Comment from: Dej.-Balcha-Aba-Nefso [Visitor]

@ Shewarega

I repeat time and again:

1. You are an Ethiopian, right? Would you dare to fight for hapless Arterra in defence of Fascist-Shabiya if Weyane-Tigray were to decide tomorrow for a military campaign to retrieve a Sovereign port for Ethiopia??? Would you??? If you ever would, I bet you even wouldn’t dare to control “Ametsegnaw Washa” for such eventual showdown in defence of Chiffra-Shabiya.

Of course, you wouldn’t!!!

2. You make too much noises about the dignity of your ancesstors and at the same time you insist on your revised edition of history about the role played by and the legacy of Menelik II …

Listen, Abeto Abuye:

Ye’Mann Tarik Linegger’na Likebber, Ye’mann Tarik Linegis - Ye’man Tarik Degmo Liqeber’na Liressa???

Ye’Mann Abbat Simm’inna Ye’Mann Abbat Jegninnet Be’Tenkol LiGodif’na LiTeffa, Ye’mann Abbat’s Simm BeBiltta-Bilttinet LiWedess???

I went to my dear Ethiopia in 2008 for a 5-weeks-long fall season holiday, and it just happened by pure chance that one evening I landed at Ghion Hotel’s Saturday Night entertainment evening. There were many Ethiopians and a couple of Amiche Arteranns (pretending to be Ethiopians but at heart loyal to their cursed land!)…

The acting Azmari was constantly asked to invoke the heroic history of certain Ethiopian patriotic individuals and glorify their names including about the Battle of Mekdella, Dogali, Gura’e, Mettema, Adwa, MayChew and of course about the trying 5 resistance years during the Italian occupation.

This is how he sang it in public, right there infront of them, and created an explosive storm from the inferior Tigres of Arterra - And the Ethiopian audience went literally wild with loud non-stop laughter…


Ye’Quarraw Anbessa, Teddiye Sinnessa
Ye’Dogalliw Anbessa, Allulla Sinessa
Ye’Metemaw Anbessa, Yohannes Sinnesa
Ye’Adwaw Anbessa, Emiye Sinessa
Hama’n Yasedege, Shewa Endet’Yiresa.


Attention: His reference with “Hama” was apparently about the Chingaff “Hamassien Arterrans” traitors!

You don’t dare accuse me now that the Azmari was a Tigrayan, rather he was clearly a fluent Amharic speaking Ethiopian from central Ethiopia. As I was together with 2 couple Ferenjjis who don’t understand Amharic at all, I was not supposed to seduce him with such elequent Sinignoch.

I raised the issue of the separation of Arterra as it had been tacitly approved by Emperor Menelik II quite early on before its establishment as an Italian colony in 1890, you and your likes still accuse Weyane-Tigray for Arterra’s eventual cessation back in 1993. The few idiot children of the Arch conservative Shewa aristocrats mismanaged the federation, arrogantly abused int’l law and refused to initiate far sweeping political reforms in Ethiopia.

In fact, the UN sanctioned federation had never been about Arterra as such for that was a foregone conclusion whether Ethiopia liked it or not. The psychological gap that was created between Arterrans under 50 years of colonial dehumanisation and the never colonised Free Ethiopians was so huge that even the magnificiently brilliant Aklillu HabteWold warned Emperopr HaileSelassie never and ever to tamper with it at all.

The cumulative effect of such incompetent political machination was obviously the unacceptable artificial impoverishment of Ethiopians in Tigray and landlocking Ethiopia by default. This is your legacy, live with it.

01/12/12 @ 09:52
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

First, you have no manners when you discuss manners.
Second,I said you claim you are the most knowledgeable person based on two things. One your outlandish and far off indulgemce in matters that never even concern you. You can read what ever you wrote on this website and see for yourself how people are bombarding you. If you don’t know just keep quite. Second, your supporters such as Assta have no shame when they called you the most knowledgeable person on this site yet you never stepped in to correct them. So that shows your own complacency to do just that.

I usually prefer to leave you alone until you showed your true weakness by your admission. Thank you you now opting out which is fine. But don’t put in your garbage comments disecrating my religion. okay ms lady.

Now, the last thing I want from you is to see lack of indeed logic in your reasoning. By Allah have some principles to live by in your life. You claim you respect humanity, Ethiopianism but your writings show your evil intentions and opportunist behavior. You are battling to save every thing you consider iconic in Ethiopia without any substantive argument. No wonder you have little time to save your arguments from falling apart as people are challenging you left and right. No wonder you are unable to reply to me. Please don’t give us wikepedia list of Books and tell us you read them.

Your lack of principle can be shown in many casees. One your hidden acceptance of dominance of Amhara culture and coptism. Your vieled acceptance of democracy to your own advantage with utter disregard to humanity. Third, your egocentric view of “Ene kemotku serdoaybkel".

I will try to show you some your inconsistencies:

1. You said majority rules. So muslims are minority in Ethiopia? Or are you buying Meles ethnic federalism which in the constituition brags about freedom of religion?
Do Axum people only have a right to decide for Axum Muslim? or Tigray only? or Ethiopians too? Does state law overrides local public vote?

I know you are full of falacies.

In that case Harar people will soon close down Kulubi as imposed by imposter Haileselasie and his master Menelik II as you wrote it your self:

Menelik’s reign (1889-1913) coincided with the European Scramble for Africa. After serving as governor of Shoa for twenty-five years, Menelik became emperor in 1889. During his reign, he doubled the area he inherited, incorporating vast areas of southern Ethiopia into his domain, mainly through conquest. “

Menelik was simply a brutal colonialist of South “Ethiopia".

3. You also said that Ethiopian first Muslims were not indigeneous?
What a stupidity. Are you saying the first christians were indigeneous? Who was Aba Gerima or Salama? They were Syrian monks and to this day Tigray has Syrian blood. There could be Saudi Arabian blood too.By the way one of the immigrants converted back to christianity as he was fond of drinking. Do you know that some of christian Tigrays may be descended from him I am sure he might have fathered one.

It is not that you have a brain or sense of principle that I am telling you all thos but you are helpless Amhara throne dreamer who refuses to accept that Ethiopian history is written by apologist and coward AAU professors. Weyane needs to change the ethnic proportion so we get balanced history of our past.

By the way Italy invaded Ethiopia very late in the struggle for Scramble of Africa when the idea was getting no wide acceptance. So to claim that we defeated Italy is such outlandish remark. The fact of the matter was those 8 years Menelik was trying to womanize our girls around palace.

I believe that shewarega also believed in Eritrean independence but refuses to see Somalia go or Oromiya.

I see a lot of double standard in this web site.

So, using Amhara pieces logic Ethiopia will be a muslim country soon Insh Allah.

Live with reality. Get iver with your fabricated census. Tigray and Amhara have more than 20 and 30 % Muslims respectively.

Also, most of the immigrants that came to Ethiopia left it. So, come on Axumites are pure Tigrays too.

Basic human rights issue is not a voting issue.

01/12/12 @ 10:13
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

If I were Tirge which I am partly I would think abot joining sudan or Eritrea than the ever self indulging Amhara which I am myself kin to. it is just bad culture to hate every one else not Amhara.

01/12/12 @ 12:03
Comment from: Agamino [Visitor]

ቤዛዊት እንድርያስ

ፋሕ ኢላ! what happened to your undercover hate mongering?
Do you remember when you were defending zerayakob yared?…and contuened to act as one of us?
አየ ናይ ዓንሰባ ነገር!you couldn’t even disguise yourself for one more month.
what is wrong with these ዓንሰባ fools?
ቤዛዊት እንድርያስ ዓንሰባ the damage is already done!we have destroyed you in ባድመ፣ ዛላንበሳ…
we occupied three fourth of anseba land with in weeks!!!
we are still occupying 25km deep and more than 1000km long of ዓንሰባ land.
we showed the world the ዓንሰባ fools are just talk.
we isolated you from the rest of the world- you had two sanctions and who knows what will happen next.
you are risking your lives to come to Tigrai!
we proved that your ports worth nothing unless you BEG Ethiopia to use them!!! its all about business!we are surrounded with countries that are eager to do business with us, unlike you fool ዓንሰባ.
some 20 years back, you had a bunch of gullible Ethiopians and other foreigners, who trusted you, that you were a “unique” people.
Now its time to enjoy a shame life that you have created for years.For us it time seat back and enjoy the show.
BTW even the white men have started to notice your clear image-Fool ዓንሰባ.

01/12/12 @ 14:31
Comment from: Dej.-Balcha-Aba-Nefso [Visitor]

@ Shewearega

Look at you, don’t mix apples with oranges please…QiQiqiqiQiQiqiqiqiqi

The legitimate grievances of African-Americans (American Blacks) has to do with quite another fundamental issue which the oppressive White European settlers don’t want to hear, see and address since the staus-quo favors them hugely.

Blacks are asking to have equal access to knowledge, technical skills, capital - instruments that are crucial to fighting poverty, and they demand too a fair health care and criminal-justice system for all before the law. They are complaining not because it their natural habit but because they are still disproportinately disadvantaged because the right access to wealth making and the right to earn a decent life based on merit are systematically controlled by hypocrite white Americans.

This same argument is valid for Ethiopians too. Up till 1993, the vast majority of Ethiopians were denied to access knowledge and capital because the rotten system of yesteryears Ethiopia was systematically controlled by a greedy clique which entrenched itself deep inside Addis Ababa.

What was the reason that Ethiopia was havin a single national university in Addis? A single commercial school in addis? 2 Tegbare-Ed technical schools? 1 poly-technical college? 2 medical schools? Yes, there were some half dozen affiliated colleges to the national university but Ethiopa is a huge country with a sizeable population to satisfy its development needs and modestly accomodate the ever swelling number of aspiring youth (new generation).

HIM HaileSelassie once came with the reigning British monarch to visit Axsum so that he can pass the mesaage to her that he was in fact of genuine royal blood and he along with her standing right in the middle of the home province of his ancesstors. For that occasion he even built the new all gender church to demonstrate his worthiness as equal to her. But in vain for all that was simply a pure hypocrisy! Tigray needed schools, clinics, roads, public libraries, fresh drinking waters, electricity and telecommunications like the rest of Ethiopians demanding social transformation, for a better quality of life.

In fact, he used to travel abroad with a Keretit of pure gold as a present to his rich and powerful hosts instead of earn a positive respect from them by expanding education and modern life style to his subjects.

You are really a funny person, dear Abeto Abuye … You raised the issue about Menelik’s statue infront of Giorgis church. Personally, I am against any such dumb initiative to remove it for he was the sovereign leader who led the resistance facing the aliens but my legitimate concern however is: Why HaileSelassie didn’t want to erect similar statues in big Addis Ababa for the rest of our Ethiopian heroes who stood with him shoulder to shoulder in 1896?

Why is that we didn’t have a landmark Tewodros square/statue at Tewodros Square? The reason why that was withheld as a secret away from the wider Ethiopian public is because Tewodros II’s father is a Tigre like me.

Why is that we didn’t have a landmark statue/square for Ras Alulla AbaNegga in Addis? Forget about the one erected by Dergue at Dogali.

What was the reason that Ethiopia doesn’t have a landmark square in Addis Abeba dedictated to pay our gratitude to Emperor Yohannes IV in appreciation of his innovative political vision, his sacrifice in uniting Ethiopia and heroically dying for his beloved Ethiopia at Mettema? He got only an obscure street named as “Yohannes Menged/Goddana” wickedly stashed away behind Afincho-Ber!

Such was the stupid system of control that did suffocate Ethiopia and nearly strangulated her to vanish that scholarships were by and large reserved only for the few from central Ethiopia. Despite your hypocritical insistence with reference to our melting-pot identity, many bright university graduates were denied to have access to knowledge to further their scholarly horizon.

In the ministry I once served, I had had many university graduate collegues from all corners of Ethiopia. The ethnic discrimination was literally visible and unstoppable. You land there if and only if one deserves it by merit and if you happen to score high CGPAs. Two outstanding mathematics graduates with distinction, one from Ghimbi another from EndaSellassie, must wait solid 10 years to go to abroad but another fresh graduate from Mehal-Meda was sent for further studies right after he completed 2 years service. Another intelligent Ethiopian expert on Remote Sensing and Satellite Imagery from Gardulla was sent to Nigeria for his MSc studies (after 12 years service) with a Nigerian governments grant while the former was awarded a UNDP fund. Because of the preferential ethnic discrimination, the guys from Gardulla, Ghmbi and myself never wanted to return home! Every year our office have got plenty of scholarship awards with no cost to the Ethiopian treasury - Most of these awards were simply made redundant by official sanction! I myself despite my talents and good qualifications, I was denied to assume a teaching profession at 2 of our great institutions (Ethiopian Air Force Academy at DebreZeit and Ethiopian Police College at Sendafa) as an under-graduate lecturer because I happen to be a Tigre - That was how I was told indirectly by the high official who interviewed me personally. Another charming Ethiopian again from Wellega was still left to rot in the ministry eventhough he was placed there by merit and his academic achievements in the first place …

In deed, Ethiopians are mixed people through and through from Badme to Moyale from Jikawo to Ayisha/Kelafo except the cultural factor as expressed in language and folklores. Our Ethiopia must be reconstructed to accomodate all of us on equal basis for nobody owns her as his own private fiefdom.

Have a great time :)

01/12/12 @ 16:07
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Visitor]
Amhara Princess

@ Gragn Somali

Sorry retard but I had to skip your last comment! It seems like you had wasted your time, next time eh? I promise to read your next gibberis, until you stack you ugly nose on mu business these thread, I haven’t even looked at your post let alone read it for way too long!

That said, I’d just read your very last post, Congratulations, you’ve now upgraded you dream ethnic group from full Amhara to part Tigray & part Amhara. LMAO! I still believe you are Somali though, nice try.

Two words for you (Mentally Impaired), NOW, for all I care, go read your Quran because you don’t appear to know or respect what is written in it, practice what you preach and then you can scream Allahu Akbar & blow your self away from Ethiopia/Ethiopians.

I told you I am here to correspond with worthy A*ames NOT Muslim radical clowns. When you bother addresing me, you will hear things that you wouldn’t like to hear because as I told you, you and I are from two completely different planets. I care less about your issues with Zenawi & why you are here screaming/opposing weyane one minute, bootlicking the next. Claiming to be Amhara one minute then mix the next. Just have self confidence, stick with your principles. I even doubt if you are Muslim at all. You are probably one under cover Weyane affiliated PAGAN pretending to be Muslim just to stir religious conflict.

…Confused, retarded mentally ill clown.

Sint Ayinet Cherkun Yetal Ebd Ale Bakachu :) Denez

01/12/12 @ 16:28
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Visitor]
Amhara Princess

Finally, ONLY couple of A*ames scream after my post RIGHTLY SO and as clearly visible on this thread, they have absolutely NO legs to stand ON! Including the under cover, fake Dej Azmach of course, who had just blown his cover all because of me :):) Now, that is quite an achievement because he’d fooled a lot of people here as neutral, concerned Ethiopian but NEVER this Princess.

… All along, I knew he was Zenawi’s chief Cadre out to disseminate wrong information, copy pasting from bogus website! Unfortunately for him, I happen to live in a house where, its entire massive basement is a Library full of books especially dedicated to Ethiopian/African/world history! Not mine of course but my fathers! Let him quote a single reference from the garbage he’d posted claiming to be from legitimate books that he’d listed above & he will see if I don’t have the BOOKS to cross reference and disprove his utter garbage word by word. Case closed!

01/12/12 @ 17:04
Comment from: Brooks [Visitor]

The past is just a memory/residue that exists now.Of course in a rapidly changing archaic world history holds an extraordinary power to shore up emotions making some revisionist their stomach to gurgle and grumble.This is true with those who worship their Motivated reasoning denying narrative history of Emiye Menelik who kept Ethiopian Sovereignty State system equally par with European States Westphalia principles which never existed in Africa and most of the world.

To some who accuse him of selling Eritrea should deeply understand the era power politics,balance of power influence as well as preponderance forced him to follow bandwagoning policy towards Eritrea.The British and European history is full of bandwagoning give and take policy used in building States.

I would say to those revisionist who personalize their multi tasked blossoming imagination and Rusty on their civic,it is dangerous denying narrative history where you find understanding time in human experience.It is dangerous writing Virtual(counterfactual ) history,Digital history and Secret history.Take a note,in historical terms(not in economic) every past historical events are ======Path dependent. Thanks.

01/12/12 @ 20:15
Comment from: ቤዛይት እንድርያስ [Visitor]
ቤዛይት እንድርያስ


Your mind is so busy to classify me but not to understand me. That is the problem of EHADEG—classifying everything….but don’t have a slightest interest to understand. What is wrong with looking at things as they are without labelling classifying, categorizing, tribalzing? Stop looking at people as a package… look at people as individual…. or have you already got the communist mind set?

I have respect for some people in this forum… for their ideas and their wit that includes Zerayakob yared and OMO. These two individuals have courtesy when they are even anonymous… and I have respect for them….. However it doesn’t mean I agree with them…..NOR I am projecting my imagination on them… I have my mind they have their own too….. and I amn’t here for them…… so give it a rest; will you?

As I mentioned earlier I am just someone who likes to think aloud. PERIOD. NO DRAMA. NO AGENDA. I don’t have any affiliation to any political thing or party…..; I am just an individual who is writing what I thought in crude form. In a crude form because I like to see and experience FREEDOM without the bar of political correctness and political attachment

I amn’t afraid to change my thoughts
I amn’t afraid to fight
I amn’t afraid not to fight
I amn’t afraid to admit that I am afraid of violence
I amn’t afraid to admit that I am scared of wars
I amn’t afraid to be in the side of Ethiopia
I amn’t afraid of ethnic federalism
I amn’t afraid of a nationalistic Ethiopia
I amn’t afraid to say Ethiopia’s or every politics is a game
I amn’t afraid to admit that I am playing the game too

How do you know you are TIGRAWAY ? Eh?


AND at the moment I am having an experience of being AMHARA. So what?

For one ETHOPIA’S HISTORY IS ALL WAR. ETHIOPIANS are warriors; SO soldiers used to live wherever they colonize and marry with the local women and settle and this has been the cycle of ETHIOPIA FOR AT LEAST A MINIMUM OF 600 YEARS so?… this is why tribe is just a game… but if you are wise like MELES AND ISAYAS you can play the game soooo good and become A LEADER OF A MOB……Provided that you got a Zombie to play with

How could you say to people that you are a TIGRAWAY eh? Is that your whole identity? Can you prove me with DNA testing? Eh?

You see friend when your life revolves with your supposed ethnic identity instead of experiencing a broader you and an infinite you; you become what er’m…. what can I say it… er’m… let’s put it this way….you won’t win the brain of Ethiopia….. That is why most tribalists are narrow minded I MEAN LITTERALLY NARROW, they are experiencing a very faction of their being and potential of their country…….

Culture and languages are different; we all can adapt that…. that shouldn’t define you as your ultimatum being to the point spilling blood and wage war to other tribes…

Look on Ertrians; they used to have some intelligent folks who contributed for ETHIOPIA AS WELL AS others…. but now due to the lack of freedom and lack of experiencing themselves in a broader sense they become literally Zombies ( I amn’t a racist but I purposely avoid Ertrians — I don’t even want to sit next to them in a plane—- this isn’t because they stink…….. Do you get me?) Because they have reduced into some kind of zombie who can’t think except some written propaganda

I am afraid that is becoming the situation in TIGRAY and tigrayans… with the lack of freedom in the region and binding tigriyans with the fear factor; TPLF is reducing them into a mindset of a communism——- you know “Your state is your GOD” kind of mind set……..they are basically in prison as you may know the best prison is without bars……….BECAUSE OF THIS; I AM SO SURE you ARE GOING TO WITNESS the gap between Tigrayans and the rest of ETHOPIANS let us say in 10 years time…… personally the suspense is killing me…

01/12/12 @ 21:23
Comment from: Shewarega [Visitor]

Dej Balcha Safo.

Everything you say comes back to two themes. First, hatred for Eritreans. Second, either “we are ze greatest of the greatest (aka gura)” or “we have been discriminated against etc etc. (aka inferiority complex)”

First I want to tell you, don’t count on my support for any quarrels, battles, or port retrievals or any type of tug of wars you have with Eritrea. I have abundantly made it clear in here many times, what Ethiopia lost by Eritrean secession is the people themselves, not some stupid port. I have gone even further and respected the constant pleas of our Eritrean brothers in here who have told us, all they wish is to be left alone. If future generations, on both sides, wish to come together great. If not, im content to leave things as they are. But it is utterly stupid, for you who sent your militia to Eritrea and fought for the dismemberment of Ethiopia, for you whose family voted for that dismemberment, to turn around and invoke some kind of call for Ethiopian unity against them, is pure simple laughable. My dear, in Shewa, we don’t see it that way. It is also stupid to call Eritreans names as “banda” and associate them with Ethiopia’s past struggle against colonialism. How can we forget Abraha Deboch and Moges Asegedom? What about Zerai? Born under Italian rule, he never set foot in Ethiopia. Yet, he could not carry the burden of seeing Ethiopia’s humiliation. What he did for Ethiopia, he didn’t do for Eritrea. What about Aqua Seleba, Assefa Bahta, what about Lorenzo and Efrem TeweldeMedhin? I am not tinish sew, and I will not fall into that trap. Traitors and heroes were on all sides. I have a graphic picture from those days. It was taken around 1939, outside the Italian governors bureau in Addis (Weficho politico). There were several Italian Generals, among them stood The Amara Prince of Gojjam, Ras Hailu, next to him stood, a short bald guy in European dress with round spectacles, Gedey GebreIgezi, the translator. In front of them was this handsome tall dark guy in Solato Uniform, Kedidaa Gurmesa. An Amara traitor, a Tigrae traitor, an Oromo traitor all standing together, eating crums, thinking the sun will never set on the thousand year Roman Eagle. At the same time countless Amaras like Belay Zelleke, Tigraes like Abay Kassa, Oromos like Geresu Dukki, and Shewans like Abebe Aregay were fighting to regain our independence. Therefore, again stay clear from this “gemela chefchefa” it only makes you look small. That was an advice.

Telkke sew Telekke new adego yasadegal,
Tenish sew tenish new aneso yasanesal,
Ahun keman gara abero yelekesal.

With regards to this never ending “we are discriminated against” eyaeyae and errorro, I have to say to you two things.

First, it seems you forget one critical point. A statue was not built for Tewodros, a road was named for Yohanes at afencho ber, so what, it is in our land Shewa, and as such we have a right to do as we please. Do you see us crying you don’t have a statue for Menelik in Adwa? Kubur Teklay Minister endalut, ye ayenachew Kkelem alamarenem belen yemaswetat mebet alen eko,lol. Ersachewunem chemero malet new.

Second, it is so disgusting and stupid for me to see you complain about a hundred things from the 60s,70s, 80s, but are completely blind to the things you are doing now. How in the world you expect me to listen to you, when you have parked a vicious secessionist, racist militia on my land dehumanizing and humiliating my family? Hama’n yasadege Shewa endet yeresa, can you show me where Shewa is? You people just don’t get it. Which past regime be it Imperial or Derg said Tigray does not exist? You sit on our land, you spit on our family, you steal our property, you divide our people, then you wipe our name from the face of the Earth, and you want me to listen to your beef then and now? Wake up from your daze and change before its too late.

Fear not what past discrimination brought today, fear what today’s discrimination will bring tomorrow.

01/12/12 @ 21:49
Comment from: Shewarega [Visitor]

Amhara Princess,

Thank you, yalewun yewerewere feri ayebalem. I am merely trying to put a dent on this mountain of lies they throw in here. As for seceeding, they will never do it, as the people in Tigray will never accept it to begin with. Even with forty years of stocking hatred, churning lies, and state sponsored division, what has existed for thousands of years can not be undone in a few decades.

Other than that, what ever I say is also a testament to those I call “the elders” who have passed before us. My growing up was done during those awful years of Derg. But one thing that turmoil gave me was the ability to come at par with the elders, whose status has dwindled due to the changes after the Revolution. Most had their properties taken, their families killed, and the only thing they had left was each other. I was only 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 then and whenever I was not in jail, or in school, I was always around them listening carefully to all they said. I have met the daughter of Ras HaileMelekot from Eritrea, listened to the daughters of Ras Kassa from Shewa, of Ras Seyoum from Tigray, Ras Hailu from Gojjam, Ras GebreHiwot from Wello, Ras Wollie from Gondar, and many many more. Their forefather sometimes fought huge battles where many died, and the destiny of the nation was changed, but I always saw no matter any regional rivalry, no matter what differences they had, it never affected their long standing friendship and love to each other. Just as their warring fathers and grandfathers closed rank and stood as a single person when their country Ethiopia was threatened, they always stood together as Ethiopians. The problem now is this Koshasha Woyanae dogs are doing their best to change that. People are being defined not by their Ethiopian identity, but little regions, rivers, streams and what have you. All done to divide, and loot the long suffering people of Ethiopia. That has to be challenged. It has to be replied to. At every corner, at every forum, at every occasion possible Ethiopians have to respond. Again many thanks, all I want to say is they fear you.

01/13/12 @ 00:09
Comment from: Asmerom [Visitor]

I am glad the Ethiopian people finally seeing these agameis as we see them. They are the worst king of breed selfish evil ungrateful liars. Agaimes have very dark heart mind personality pretentious self praising lemagn people have inferiority complex with anybody. Hating on Eritreans or Ethiopians or anyone is in their genetic make up simply because they won’t measure up. Dispicaple low life komal. I thank God everyday that we don’t share the same nationality with this dirty back stabbed derg collaborator agamies! We made u and we will break u fucking hiding behind Ethiopian ppl then disrespecting the same ppl!! And they freaking call themselves humble religious ppl. U only crowd churches to beg mercy for yr satanic inhumanity mature assholes. Fear not Eretreans but the Ethiopian ppl that u dividing and setting against each other and in the process digging yt graves! Agamies were never victims in history they were deep part of the monarchy the dej azmach, shum,shamble, ras and the atses now playing victims!!!!!!! Agamies forget they were tiny minority throughout and still are couple of million so how can u compare yourself with biggest tribes Amaras and oromos in education ? Even if u educate all 3 million agamies u will still be not as educated as promo and Amaras!!!! You were deep rooted part of feudal era and Orr feudal era even during derg u had many educated business owners and poor like the rest of ethiopia and Eretreans. God hates liars dishonest dark ppl that Is why he punish u with made u low life lemagn rehabtegna komal dirty ppl. Eretreans have there dignity self respect unity we live in harmony with 9 tribes equally love care and most of all respect! We Eretreans will build good relations with ethiopians we can be good neighbours stop bragging and wishing ill for us cuz we doing just fine!!!!! Have some respect to yr kins even if we don’t like to admit Amaras are backbone and lifeline of yt fucking country and with out them and promo there is no Ethiopia but Ethiopia can Always survive without u komal Erkus ppl always camping to victims when u were not and liberators when u are not, hero when u are not. Leave eres alone we are not selling our country prostitute our ladies sell babies cultivate house maids to middle east we are not bashing our tribes or bending to lick some ass we are not begging we just leaving peacefully enjoying our country. Scum of the earth agamies can’t even live peacefully with kins.

Gragn Ahmed

Why are you trying to be bully the girl? Can u read? I think u are agamie posing as Amara Muslim!!! It is clear that you pretentious to oppose and hate meles zenawi yet you seem to try And bully the princess in to religious confrontations despite her telling u she didt know or care for religious matters and here as weyane opposer nut u Finally I admit u are half Agaime!!!!!!! Well done for princess exposing u as well. U are no Muslim or Amara but religious conflict creating propaganda section of weyane. Also how u exposed yrself is by saying everybody oppose her posts??? Like who? Agamies? Lol u don’t have to be psychic or astraunut to know the girl is the sharpest knife in the pack!!! Be truthful to yrself. As weyane u purposely f
Drag ppl into religious issue when no body is talking religion we Eres know who u really are. Last if u Islam do I think Islam is indigenous to Mecca and medina or Arab? No so u have no logic. If pp don’t like living among majority they have a choice not to do this is not for just religion but anything! You as weyane are here to hate Amaras also pretentious to hate tigrays. The same Yohanes u claim to have slaughtered then u side with agame. Give it up u have unmasked yrself like dej azmach!!!!!!!

Amhara Princess,

I truly enjoyed yr debate
on this page though I don’t
Agree with some of yr stance on Eres but you made a lot of intelligent points. What flawless communicator indeed I love strong minded, smart confident femalesyou came out star from this discussion on my eyes demolishing illogical liar lowlife agamies! They should have more intelligent females like u in Ethiopia. Halas.


U better fucking lay off brave confident Eres! We made u fragged u to 4 kilo we fed u when starved gave u water to wash nefat agamie! U had over 200000 Ethiopians killed for no cause but nobody will be fool make the same mistake for u. We will eradicate yr dirty agaimr ppl from the map of the horn now that u have no support from Ethiopians sewage ppl.

Dej azmach aba nefso,

You fucking komal resah Eres will piss on you fucking dirty beggar, u are cadre may be anti Eres propaganda and fake history section oh cadre office. How stupid u thing Ethiopians are???? Your fucking Yohanes was the most dispicable traitor who slept with Britain to get his kin killed help loot the country dry!!!! Why the fk u need statue for killer treasonous man u fkn hypocrite! With the same mouth u diss other royals except fkn agamies! U are so transparent u idiot! Before asking where is statue for yr agamie traitor ask where Is statue for most past leaders! Before claiming king tewodros half agamie hence no statue learn how deeply respected tewodros is even in Eretrea let alone Ethiopia u fkn asshole. Where is statue for king selassie?? He is icon of yr fkn country like it or not stop playing victims and lying you dirty agaime!! Stop writing Sewage material and answer what the question by Amhara Princess and others? WHERE IS YR REFERENCE for yr fake Agamie made history??

01/13/12 @ 03:52
Comment from: [Member]
zerayakob yared

ቤዛይት እንድርያስ aka ምቅርቲ፣

ሃገር የጋራ ነው፣ አቁዋም የግል ነው! As we say it over there, አጆኺ !!!

01/13/12 @ 06:05
Comment from: Shameful [Visitor]

Balcha is trying to manupilate Amhara brain and make them the fodder on his gun, send them to war against INDEPENDENT Eritrea and go through the back door to fulfill his Greater Tgray dream:):):)
On the process Amhara die TWICE :)
One, lose his life for woyane’s dream and two lose its territories to Greater tgray:)

Balcha said to Shewarega,,,,,,,

You are an Ethiopian, right? Would you dare to fight for hapless Arterra in defence of Fascist-Shabiya if Weyane-Tigray were to decide tomorrow for a military campaign to retrieve a Sovereign port for Ethiopia??? Would you???,,,,,,,,

Thats how the twisted hearts play Ethiopians for decades with their unfounded lies make them hate all surrounding them and fight endlessly:)

Lets take an example of the present war on the excuse of “AlShabab” how many Oromo, Beshangul, Gambela, Ogadenya are at this very moment dying in Somalia to fulfill woyane dream? I do not think a single tgraway die at the war against alshabab right now, but the poor and oppressed Ethiopians are either abondoning their country and end-up at seas and shores as deadbodies or marching to their death raw in neighbouring Somalia:):):)

How far is too far for Ethiopians to comprehend and learn who their real enemies are? Damn!

You people must have a vision of a Peaceful Ethiopia that would create harmonised and peaceful environment of the Horn of Africa. On its turn you still have the opportunity to cooperate and secure your neighbourly rights peacefully with Eritrea and peaceful Somalia in the longrun.

01/13/12 @ 09:03
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Sorry but I believe that insult must be answered with insult. You are going to tell me what it is in my QuraN? Funny you are.

Let me see if this works for you. But read your own Bible and let me see if your jesus approves what you are writing about the different people of Ethiopia.

Yo neither christian nor atheist. You are just wanna be defender of Neftegnocracy. You neither represent Amhara. Only the aristocracy. If you are really concerned about your people you will not be ashamed when they are getting so much responses from everywhere about your cases.

I am not even your level to even mention your name. You better write soemthing concrete to even be considered to my level. What you write is “sedeb” which tells me you are out of any ideas.

Other than that I believe that not only are we different, we are not even on the same planet. Your planet is the cyber planet.

No wonder you indulge yourself in every thing.

Omar Idris

01/13/12 @ 11:21
Comment from: Dagnachew Koru [Visitor]
Dagnachew Koru

Bezawit Endreas.
I assure you that you are the worst person who need anger management course. You seemed a strong person to advise your likes. As I imagined, I have never ever seen politician named Bezawit Endireas, but I know somebody who serves in protestant church. If you are one of them then, don’t bother yourself rather than singing in the church, you made to serve in that church, you never made to insult people like that, and I guess, your personality is not as evil as Amhara princes, etc… I think I am right.
Don’t even talk about the support of neft, Neftegninet was real and it was hurt 95% of Ethiopians including your 20% Amhara tribe. You should accept the reality, and say God please forgive us our for fathers deeds. Please give us chance to bring peace to this land. This is the right way how to bring peace to the country.
If you brag like:- The Imperial body guard, Amhara princes, Shewayitfa, Brook, WePE, etc… in Ethiopia the glowing anger is deep deep rooted in the people’s heart could swallow you in a second. Still the time is not too late to save your a… Hence, in the future the advance of science and technology with the computer system will bring more and more hater to your tribe, before it is to late Caring is better than curing.

01/13/12 @ 13:36
Comment from: Dej.-Balcha-Aba-Nefso [Visitor]

@ “Aragabiw” Shewarega

Here we go again … QiQiQiQiqiqiqi

Sometimes I feel kind of you are mentally so impaired and intellectually impaired, you don’t really know what you parrot…

You as a hypocrite have the nerves to blaber about “inferiority complex” bla bla - nice try though, Abeto Babush Abuye. And disgusting of all you upped the stakes as if you have the guts and the vision to lecture us about “Ethiopiawinet” …

As such, your ludicruous claim of having to share a genealogical linkage with “Arterans” - Hopefully, the Arterans you are talking abut include the Kunamas, Sahos, Ancebas, asaburtas & the like. Forget about such fake lineage, you must first accept your core identity which is Oromo instead of denigrating & dehumanising them as “Galla sub-humans"!

No matter how much you pretend to care for them, speak for yourself first for you are not called for to represent them nor do you possess the decent moral authority to represent them and speak for them, I mean, on behalf of the inferior KebesaTigre Eri-Slaves.

I myself do have close geneaological heritage with the Tigres of Artera’s KebesaTigray but then we both live under 2 different sovereign countries and we both have diametrically opoosed agendas & visions for our respective states.

You can’t be more closer to them than the PM of Ethiopia, and in fact nor do I! As far as, inferiority complex is concerned, the following public pronuncement of Meles Zenawi in a philosophical sharpness will suffice to scatter your moribund third rate retarded brain … I quote:

“…because Arterans were colonised by the Italians, they are the ones with an inferiority complex, not Ethiopians, and certainly not Tigrayans, who have always lived FREE to rule themselves.”

He went on to eloquently explain further in a poetic manner & style …

“People say that Ethiopians are in general a proud people and people associate this woth the fact that Ethiopia has been independent while the rest of the African continent has been colonised. Now if colonisation is a Dehumanising experience, we in Ethiopia – Tigray or otherwise – have been spared that dehumanising experience. Our cousins across the border in Artera, unfortunately have not been spared this anti-human experience. If on the other hand, there are those who believe that colonialism, particularly the Italian variant of it, is a redeeming experience, a cause of celebration, a cause for pride, then obviously in view of the fact that we have been spared this Dehumanising experience, we can only be inferior.”

IDIOT, there you have it in black & white!

You were curious enough to know wher I might locate and delineate the geograhical expanse of tiny Sgewa - Right? I have already told you what the true definition of historic Shewa, i.e., a relatively small, rocky, barren and infertile political principality that encompases Merhabete, Menz’na-Gishe and Tegulet’na-Bulga Awrajas! In fact, if I have to remind you here, Ethiopians in general and your rival counterpart in BegeMidir don’t accept your criminal territorial definition of Expansionist Shewa at all that was created by brute force with the grabbed lands taken from the native Oromos (of Selale, Jibat’na-Mecha), Chebo’na-Ghurage, native Affars (of Yerer’na-Kereyu, Yifat’na-Timuga), natives of Kembata’na-Hadiya (whom you baptised them as “Gudellas"), Haykotch’na-Butajira …

Moreover, your extreme hatred of the Tigres of Ethiopia’s Tigray-proper is despicable! With your rotten and visibly decayed “Shewa centred” tiny brain, you tried in vain to drive a wedge between the 2 Tigres – Until the end of the 17th C., the trans-Mereb cultural community was within imperial Ethiopia one single political principality with 2 tiers of administrative acciuntability. This single political entity within Ethiopia was entrusted to “Tigre Mekonnen” with an executive political power by the central state while directly subordinated under him there was actually a tiny autonomous entity under the overlordship of “Shum Bahri” who is a feudal hereditary overlord from KebesaTigray responsible to look after the sea coast. During that time the whole trans-Mereb political entity was called Tigray, and its language was known as “Zereba Tigray".

Threrefore, we are of course one people and I for one do not hate the ordinary masses as such for they were (because of unfortunate historical fate) dehumanised and made to hate themselves. My problem is obviously with Fascist-Shabiya clique, a Chiffra clique which is Chauvnist through and through!!!

BRW: What do the Tigres of Artera’s KebesaTigray call you??? Just curious to know :)

01/13/12 @ 15:49
Comment from: Dej.-Balcha-Aba-Nefso [Visitor]

@ Shewarega
@ Brook

… cont’d …

With reference to the recently re-incorporated 5 Weredas into Tigray-proper …

In 1894, the top echelon of the Tigray heredatory (royal) princes and aristocrats led by Ras Mengesha paid an official visit to Menelik II with the intention of sealing peace and reconcilation – They did decide to ask for official forgiveness too for they recognised the authority of his sovereign.

But before they get an official pardon, Menelik II & the cunning Shewa arch conservative aristocrats demanded from The Tigrayans that they must first officially sign certain specific requirements … One such chief among 4 crucial pre-conditions for pardon was to the effect that the Tselemmti territory that was hitherto being governed by Ras Hagos must be completely relinquished and be wholly transferred to Empress Taitu’s jursidication. Originally, the entire Welkayit-Tsegedie region used to be known as “Tselemmti", and until such time it was part and parcel of the Tigray political principality. This is how this same region was first grabbed by sheer arrogance and carved out from Tigray. Later during HaileSelassie’s reign, it was given the name “Semien", pasted onto the exising BegeMidir, thus establishing a new TeklayGizat that used to be called “BegeMidir’na-Semien". During the Dergue’s regime, because of the inherent derogatory nature of the name BegeMidir explicitly denotes, the TekleyGizat was re-named into “Gonder” KifleHager – Along with Arusi into Arsi, Gamgoffa into Gamo-Goffa and Tigre into Tigray.

Basically, the term Tigre doesn’t carry any derogatory denotion for it simply means “Trader". The few dumb-ass elites of Shewa made it to appear like that in the hope of implicitly denigrating Tigrayans. At one time before the region was officially called as Tigray, sporting students of Tigray came to compete to Addis Abeba, and they carried a placate high with a text reading “Tigray". Certain Chauvnist elements of the Dergue publicly intervened the Tigrayans’s “live” parade at Addis Abeba Stadium and ordered them to change it into “Tigre” right on the spot! Such was our ugly experience with you Idiot folks from central Ethiopia who now parrot “Ethiopiawinet” in a hypocritical manner & style.

As to the 2 fertile Weredas that are re-incorporated from Wello into Tigray, these weredas were until 1949 part and parcel of the “Axsumite ‘Deki Seb-Felema’ descendants” Raya province ownership and they were being governed under official jursidication of the hereditary princes of Wajirat % Enderta whose official southernmost boundary extended as far as AlleWuha (some 5 kms north of Weldiya town). The native farmers are Tigres with Axsumite cultural identities and traditions. Ofla Wereda with its centre at Korem was carved out from Tigray and given the hereditaory prince of Wag, and Alamata Wereda with its centre was carved out from Tigray as well and given to Crown Prince AsfaWessen. The larger fertile Kobo Wereda which earlier formed Raya’na-Kobo Awraja together with Alamata Wereda was left with Amhara regional state although it was well within the historic territorial expanse of Tigray.

If and when these historical facts are in doubt, then I recommend both of you to go on fact finding mission and make a meticulous research in the archives of the defucnt imperial “Ye’Hager Astedader Ministier".

Case closed, KeTaffi Leboch!
MiHret Yewredelikhum Antum Dinzuzzat :)

Eternal Glory to Hizbawi-Weyane-Harestay-Tigray with No Apology!
First Ethiopia!

01/13/12 @ 16:39
Comment from: [Member]
zerayakob yared

ውዲት ቤዛይት እንድርያስ,

ይሄ ያለሁበት አለም ከሚላቸው ጥልቀት አዘል አባባሎች፡
“Die Kraft kommt aus der Ruhe!”
ማለትም “ሃይል የሚመጣው ( የሚዘገነው ) ከመረጋጋት ነው!” ለማለት ያህል ነው።

Never be hasty like some others in here!

Thank you

01/13/12 @ 16:46
Comment from: Agamino [Visitor]  

ዓሻ ትግራዋይስ ልቢ ከምሃገሩ!
Most probably, you are still Fool ዓንሰባ፣if not ትግርኛ speaking neftegna.

Are you still trying to maintain your cover? too late!
when Zerayakob yared tried to defend the one who act as if 90% falasha, 5% neftegna and 5% some kind of weird creature, you sided with him.
That should be more than enough to know you were just one of the hate mongering ዓንሰባ/ነፍተኛ.
But now you proved it with zero uncertainty .You are dancing with Amhara Princess (immature ነፍጥኛ with an impressive resume) and her cliques.

what are you tying to say with “Your mind is so busy to classify me but not to understand me. That is the problem of EHADEG—classifying everything….but don’t have a slightest interest to understand.”

My answer for this bullshit is ዝአክለን ጥሒነንስ በአለማሪያም ዪብላ or እንኩዋን ሲሸጡ ሲያስማሙ እናውቃለን.
Go back and read your trash.
“Your mind is so busy to classify me but not to understand me”

you are right. First i have to know with whom i am speaking, then talk.Don’t you think, it is smart idea to identify who is who, before you open your mouth?
“You see friend when your life revolves with your supposed ethnic identity instead of experiencing a broader you and an infinite you;”

Even though i still believe you are one of the Fool አንሰባ or ትግሪኛ speaking ነፍጠኛ, I can’t see the logic behind your “experiencing broader” bullshit.( you are one of us for sake of argument)

If you don’t respect and be proud of for being who you are, then who is going to respect you or believe in what you are saying?
You are clapping for the die hard neftegna, just because they insulted “your identity” openly.

Finally I know there were Tigreans, who were the worst enemy of the Tigrai people! and still there are some running around, but i have doubt if you are one of them.

01/13/12 @ 16:48
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

You are typical Shabiya, Asmerom.

How can you belittle the struggle of Ethiopian Muslims as if it is minority issue? Excuse me? Where do you think I should go?

Clearly you are shabiya with Amara Neftegna cover.

01/13/12 @ 19:18
Comment from: ቤዛይት እንድርያስ [Visitor]
ቤዛይት እንድርያስ

Dear zerayakob yared;

Thank you and and I have noticed you are a member to now; congratulation

01/13/12 @ 19:23
Comment from: Dej.-Balcha-Aba-Nefso [Visitor]

@ All Deki-MinnTessennot aka …
@ “Asha Ghebray” Asmerom
@ Rightly Shameful EriSlave
@ Inferioro Angesom Wedi Erey
@ Dehumanised Asini

Antum Dirbayatt! What are you sniffing at around here, please???

I know what is really unsettling you folks. You Super Idioti thought in your wildest fantasies that you were too smart to fool the ever vigilant galant Weyentti so that you can ride on our backs freely and establish your Horn of Africa’s Singapore at the expense of the hard working Ethiopian farmers’s destiny.

It is effectively over, give it up!

By taking Tigray as a hostage you tried in vain to blackmail other Ethiopians. The first of the two parasitic agendas in your diabolical speculation was such that Tigray would always need a direct access to the sea through Massawa port, hence Tigray would eventually succumb to your indirect overlorship for centuries to come.

The other one being:
Barren, Dry and unbelieveably inhospitable more than anyone can imagine, Artera would always have unlimited access to our material resources and import freshly harvested agricultural produces, milk and meat in token cents per kg from inside Tigray and Gonder, those unfortunate Tigrayans by their hundreds of thousands by and large from Zalanbesa, Senkata, Inticho, Wukro, AdiGrat & Adwa localities would always work as impoverished migrant “modern day slave” labourors in your factories /villages inside your cursed country and ultimately Ethiopians including Tigrayans would always import & consume your processed canned produces in masses whereby you will control our markets in utter monopoly – Eventually earning billions of dollars through such a colonial-style relationship and port fees, you build your glittering cities and shining towns and present yourselves as “a unique black African success story ever” in front of a marvelling international audience and equally dumbfounded Ethiopian citzens!

Then We Ethiopians (read: Tigrayans!) will live shamed, cursed, despised, defiled and literally dehumanised by you Arterans like no one before in this world of ours till eternity!!!

Both agendas are dead!!!

Massawa??? Thanks, NO Thanks! Free & Mighty Ethiopia’s fesity and self-confident Tigray is about to build a direct railway line from Shiraro through Mekelle to the port of Tadjura which will of course be an integral part of the vast national network. Ethiopia does not want to be constantly intimated and blackmailed anymore because of the camel holes.

Out-smarted, out-classed, out-shined and out-excelled by all measures – Now please dispear out of here and lick your self inflicted wounds, you greedy & sickly jealous lice!

Good Luck “Asini” with Chauvnist Fascist-Shabiya :)

01/13/12 @ 19:42
Comment from: [Member]
zerayakob yared

Hi all,

Lange Rede, kurzer Sinn እንዲሉት፣ let us summarize:

ሰሞኑን ተጠናቀቁ እንኩዋን ባይባልም ሁለት ጉዳዮች አንድ እርምጃ ወደፊት ገፍተዋል።

1.“የሸዋ ዲናስቲ” ወደ አሜሪካ ይዘዋት አሻግረዋት የነበረችውን ቀለሃ ባለፉት ጥቂት ቀናት ተሰባስበው ተኩሰዋታል፣
ከዚህም የተነሳ ባህርዳር-ጎንደር area ክልላዊ አመራሩን ተጀምሮ እንደነበረው ለወድያውኑ ይይዛል።

ምናልባት እስከ ሃይለመሎኮት ድረስ እንደነበሩት አይነት የፅዮን ልጆችና የልብነ ድንግል ዘሮች ሸዋውያን ትንሳኤ እስኪከሰት ጊዜ ድረስ ሁናቴው እንዲሁ ይሰነብታል። እግዝሄር ብሎ ትንሳኤው ከተከሰተ፣ የንግስናና የareaም ጉዳይ ዴሞክራቲካሊ ይወሰናል።

2.ማሌሊት ከእንግዲህ ወዲህ በሻዕቢያ syndrome ተሸካሚ ካድሬዎች ልትገለገል እንደማትችል ግልፅ ሆኖላታል፣ ምናልባትም ከዚህም በመነሳት ማሌሊት እድሜዋ ትንሽ ይራዘምላታል።

ከዚህን በውሃላ እኛ ሁላችንም ያለብን ሃላፊነት የተሞላበት ተግባራት ቁጥር የለሽና ብዙ ይሆናል።

ግን እስኪ በሚቀጥሉት እንጀምር፣

ሀ. የዓቢይ ዓዲ-ሽረ-ጎንደርን ጎዳና ተቀላጥፎ መስራትና ህዝቡ እንዲቀራረብና እንዲጎበኛኝ ማስቻል።

ለ. አሜሪካኖች ከእርስበር ጦርነታቸው በውሃላ እንዳደረጉት፣ ወይንም ፕሮይሰን በጦርነት ሌሎች ጀርመኖች ካሸነፍዋቸው በውሃላ በአዲስ እንዳካሄዱት የህዝባቸውን ማስታረቅና ፖሊሲ አይነት ተግባራትን በምድረ ኢትዮጵያም እንዲከሰት መራወጥና መቀላጠፍ።

01/13/12 @ 19:45
Comment from: ቤዛይት እንድርያስ [Visitor]
ቤዛይት እንድርያስ


Ok Agamino; you win….;
Let’s agree to disagree and move on with our comments..; looks like we are in a different frequency…. However it might help to tune to other frequencies to broaden your view…..

@Dagnachew Koru

I don’t know how to understand you seriously…. what is up men?
I don’t understand your hatred… but I amn’t here to threaputize you either…. so all I can do is LAUGH.

FYI I amn’t pente… I am orthodox TWAHEDO so please leave the poor women in your church alone….;

01/13/12 @ 19:47
Comment from: Yared [Visitor]


Eritreans were enslaved by Europeans. The resentment that we notice from Asmerom’s tone of words foul and dirty language posted above is a testimony to the fact that how much Eritreans were sodomized by the Italians and they were made to hate themseleves. Of all people in the entire world, the closest kins to the Tigrinya speaking people of Eritrea (be it historically, linguistically or culturally) are the Agames. However, due to the slavery effect, they were made to hate everything Ethiopian (especially, their closet kins) and accepted being enslaved by the Italians as a previlege. Due to the enslavement mental syndrome that they have developed over the years, they developed a deep rooted phobia over the Agames in particular and Ethiopians in general.

No healthy and sane people can have this much hatred to any fellow human being let alone to a close kin. That is a sikness. Asmerom and others like him should seek mental health help before they kill themselves.

01/13/12 @ 20:22
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Visitor]
Amhara Princess

Gragn Somali aka Amhara wanna be A*ame Pagan

NOT here for religious garbage hence don’t have to prove to you that I know what is written in the bible AT ALL. I am not about religion, neither do I have religious issues/problems with anybody. For me, whether you are Buddhist, Muslim, Christian, Hindu, pagan etc you are DECENT worthwhile, precious human being as long as you BEHAVE & REASON like HUMAN & not like mentally impaired spastics like You & the folks you working for undercover, A*ames.

Don’t write trash if you don’t want to read same thing back. Don’t trade insults if you don’t want insults back and most importantly, don’t talk to me, if you don’t want to hear back from me. Don’t be hypocritical clown and cry over injustice done centuries ago while putting a blind eye on what is going on in 21st century Islamic states. Undemocratic, Barbaric, cruel, self-righteous monsters. Worry about what is going on in the 21st century Muslims states, while keeping in mind Muslims were Numero uno slave traders through out history be it Arabs, Ottomans etc. They thought Christian wannabe PAGAN Caucasians the art of slave trade, mistreating human beings & here you are crying (Copts this, copts that like a Goddamn fool).

I don’t give a damn about how you practice your religion, your numbers etc as long as you are not forcing your beliefs on me, affect my life negatively, try to tell me how I should operate in my own yard, Change my way of life, accept your Sharia Law give you special treatment when you don’t even try to acknowledge other’s religions/human rights! I don’t have to listen to your never ending hypocritical rhetoric, complaints, non stop bashing.

You as fake Ayatollah wannabe Muslim radical, need to go read your Quran and practice what you preach!

… I am from planet earth while you seem like an alien from outer space or planet of crazed wannabe Ayatollahs living in some kind of confused, deluded fantasy planet, thinking Islam is indigenous to Ethiopia & pretty much everywhere you reside as refugees. Islam isn’t even indigenous to your holly land Mecca as some sane individual mentioned above, that is why early Muslims of Ethiopia were chased out of Mecca by non Muslims/pagans. Tegbaban?

Just get off my case, find your own types from Cyber planet aka “coo coo", which they seem to be occupying in full force with the help of their petrol dollar. Go pour your unjustified, hypocritical grievances to them.

“Practice What You Preach”

01/13/12 @ 21:38
Comment from: Shewarega [Visitor]

Dej Wushetam,

Abeit wushet, abeit kketefet, had you lived in the 30s you could have been appointed second in command to Joseph Goebbles. It is so striking the pile of trash you dump in here word by word is a carbon copy of the filth that used to come out his mouth.

Shewa is small,kikikikiki, Tigray is very large. Shewa is some rocky land, kikikikiki, Tigray is lush and green. Ere gudu beza ere gudu beza begelba teshagero Abeshan ligeza, lol. My dear, Shewa is not small. Shewa is one and united, no matter how many times you divide it, spit on it, humiliate it, or drag it thru the mud, it will rise up ten a hundred times fold. Its kinda like Germany, gebah, always at the center of things. Your dedeb Prime Minister you love to quote, was a nobody in Mekele, he became that, PM that is, after he arrived in Shewa. Remember that. Also remember May 08, 2005, that sea of humanity. Don’t think for a second it is defeated. It is there, like a dormant volcano, waiting to unleash its fury. It has multiplied, quadrupled, under the suffocating occupation, thievery, and murder. No tower of Babel will keep on standing for ever. The day of judgement will arrive. Until then ateramse. Mamtatat ena mekefafel, mewashet kkewami newari tegbareh new ena. You tell the Eritreans, Wedi Adae you and I we are ze same, ze root is the same, let us go kill those Amaras, then you eat your word turn around and hide your askeyami yellow flag, shed your seceesionist kkefafi tegbar, pick up the green yellow and red cry emama Ethiopia, agereh Badame tewesedech, hollow wailing. You send tens of thousands to their death because you are a coward s o b. You talk night and day about those “Aretrans.” Can the real Dej Wushetam please stand up. we are dying to see you,lol please stand up.

Let me repeat again, when I see you empty diatrab in here, it is so striking to what the Nazis used to say to justify the crimes of their murderous expansionist, looting machine. First, they want to settle their ethnic militia in the Rhineland. When that was done, they wanted a third of Czeckoslovakia (Sudetenland). Then they want to swallow the rest of Czeckoslovakia, then they showed how ethnic Germans were being oppressed in Poland, with little blond babies sitting on their lap crying to the top of their lungs. But the whole world knows it was an exuse to invade subjugate and loot Poland. Then they wanted a third of Russia. They thought they were the invincible race. They were intoxicated and drunk with “National Socialism” as you are with “Tehadiso Kemalamism". But we all know the end of the story. Those who subjugate others by deciet, those who annex other peoples land, those who try to hide their crimes under a mountain of lies are always defeated in the end. ALWAYS. Go ask Mussolini, go ask Hitler, go ask the creator of your Nation nationality menamen crap Joe Stalin. They are gone gone gone gone forever. Let alone your fake occupation their’s did not stand.

I do not wish to address anything you wrote, because it is nothing but all fabricated lie. But I will mention one simple thing to show what I mean to the bloggers in here before I leave. You said that the “Tselemt territory administered by Ras Hagos should be turned over to Empress Taytu.” First everyone knows that Ras Hagos is from Tembien, then how in the world does that make Tselemt part of Tigray. Do you know the entire Gondar province was administered by Ras HaileMariam Gugsa, nephew of Atse Yohanes. Does that make all of Gondar part of Tigray too? Ras Mengesha Yohanes adminsitered Sidama during HIM, is Sidama part of Tigray too? Dej Solomon Abraha adminstered Wello, is Wello now part of Eritrea too? What your dedeb Tigre centered, suffocated tiny brian does not understand is those Ethiopians who administered the nation then were not little village idiots like you. That is why the same Ethiopians who love and respect Atse Yohannes despise and abhor you. Be it during Tewodros, Yohanes, Menelik, or Haile Sellasie it was very common for them to appoint a person from one region to aminister another. Either those who adminstered or the population at large were not like now ethnicized. Why don’t you find older Tigrayans say 65 and up and ask them about Yemane Hassan, he was a Shewan who once adminstered there. I know you don’t even know his name but they will tell you who he is. This stupididty so and so adminsitered it therefore now it is mine will not hold water. It is also laughable how you tried to belittle Semien. The simple fact remains, during the zemene mesafint a battle took place. It was between Dej Sebagadis of Tigray and Ras Yimam of Yejju/Were Sheik, both died in the battle. That created a vaccum, and the shrewd governor of Semien (which was an Amharic speaking region by itself) Dej Wube HaileMariam, came out of Semien and brought all of Tigray and Tigre under his rule. He is the father of Empress Terunesh (of Tewodros) and uncle to Empress Taytu. That is how you saw the other side of Tekezae. He taxed Tigray so much when he was defeated by Tewodros the Emperor did not tax Tigray for years, he saw the damage done then. Even the educated Tigrayans use that as an excuse to claim this land. Not the opposite where you try to make it look like Semien is some little tributary of yours. But keep on lying, nobody can stop you. You will find out the end result the hard way.

01/13/12 @ 23:00
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Gragn Somali aka Amhara wanna be A*ame Pagan

And then, you wrote I don’t care about yourreligion.
What is wrong with you when you can not have enough words toinsult me. I could not find any words that makes sense except some insulting garbage.

I dont for one expect any Amhara to speak such degrading comments,,,,
You have lost any of your senses. I am not here to force no pne. First I am so called Ethiopian of Menelik. I am no Arab agent. Raising my own people’s problem makes me Arab, so be it. Was not your clown Weyane an Arab agent.I dont hate Arabs though. Don’t bleed Ethiopia by pretending you work for her instead you are western slave. I have no problem with West but a slave like you, is pathetic.

I am not here to respond to your illiterate comment about slave trade. I am not oromoting Arab interest. I am promoting Muslim Ethiopians interest who for the las 1000 years lost their power.

I am not worried about your tactic to divert my topic away from muslims of Ethiopia.

As to your apethite for Ethnic politics you have nothing but problems to all of us. Ethnic issue of Ethiopia is never separate from religious issue.

Before I forget, the first Ethiopian slave was freed by our Prophet. Islam is for freeing slaves. The 21 century is not about ethnic issue and bragging about some old shemagele Menelik history.

All I read from you is some Amhara clownish song. Know that your dream Neftegna land is no more around. So p;lease dont waste your time.

You are a self contradicting agent of Eritrea. I know you are you want to take our country into such sily conflict.

Change your name or I will not respond to you.

Sick mind.

Ethiopian need freedom. And definetly you are not one of them.

01/14/12 @ 01:59
Comment from: Shameful [Visitor]


BTW put that dejazmach thang into your broken pocket:)

You said that the products of tgray will get market in Eritrea?No thanks we have the ability to produce our own FRESH food, unlike yesterday:)

And you said you would have Djibouti port direct to MEKELE (NOT to Ethiopia ofcourse:)
Good luck with your Mekele and tgray but get off our back.

Do not forget to Import some SELF-ESTEEM together with the raw materials from abroad :):):):)

AND Stop forcing your supposed to be “landsmen” to LOVE you for your CRIME of discrimination, loothing, imprisoning them for their ONLY fault of being born from other REGIONS. Thats if you really mean for common good. Let the people of Ethiopia ENJOY their God-given right to own their forefathers ownership and right. Let them share the good-life in their home country, inside their territory. Let them have a choice of whom to sell (lease) their properties.

Okey for Eritreans, we were forced to leave the country emptyhanded leaving our Millions and Billions of Dollars ownership behind us, just because we had our choice of FREE ERITREA. But where do these poor people of Ethiopia go when you lease and sell their properties to foreigners? Isn’t that double crime?:):)

Neibourly advice:)

01/14/12 @ 03:32
Comment from: Brook [Visitor]

Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]

Nobody gives a damn about your Muslim radicalism believes here you retarded moron! You are a devil worshipper if you ask me; Mohamed was a child molester, criminal-murderer, and looter. Anybody want to read about him can find that out you go on and worshiper him! Don’t come over here again with that nonsense you clown. Get the hell out here! Amahara princess told you numerous times to leave her alone you miserable wont listen. Are you crazy? Are you clinically insane? What parts of her respond you are having a problem?

01/14/12 @ 05:51
Comment from: Asmerom [Visitor]

Dej azmach Agazi,

Keep lying and fooling yourself.. Eretreans decide for themselves, live with their own rules and regilations while agamies are going to be international slaves for centuries to come!!!! U deserve to be slaves of course but the poor Ethiopian pp who never voted or decided to be slave don’t deserve it. Eres are not proud of being or have no intention of becoming international toilet sewage like u where Chinese Indians west and everyone urinate on while we starve live in dire poverty citizens eating from garbage dumpsters!!!!
U think u outsmart Eres? U must evolve for few more centuries for that chimps. Smart society starts from living side by side respecting acknowledging your fellow Ethiopians!!!! Smart is not scribbling rubbish from yr koshasha barren vicious trenches of agamie land . Where is yr back up???? Where is yr reference??? Where are factual books u said u read it from???? Why not answer brook princess and others they challenged u on yr rubbish but failed to back up yr nonsense!!!! Anybody can bring their village gossip terret terret but who is stupid enough to believe u !???? Nobody! Even ur fellow agamies are ashamed to back u up it appears!! We Eres gave u fake history to use u as derg bomb shields and u believed us lol now u tying to tell us same terret terret call yrself smat?? Komal wedi sebeyti. Look at agamie land at the moment nothing to show for just liar evil cardes speaking on starved tigreans behalf. Ere and her ppl are not for sell!!! Eres not prepared to become Chinese Indian European sewage!!!!
Komal wedi sebeyti.

Gragn Ahmed

Nobody suggesting u move away suffer or be descreminated. You must stop your insult to our orthodox religion first if u want to be heard. Muslim brothers live with their Christian kins in comfort in previous Eretrea all beautiful citizens with respect. Do the same to get respect we respect our Saho BilenJeberti and
all Muslims they respect Christians it is mutual. If u here to teach ppl u must start by dropping yr cruel insult towards our omniscient orthodox religion, otherwise yr agenda becomes worthless attract hostile counter attack. As u see commentators u the only one speaking hate to orthodox encouraging ppl to attack islam. As devout orthodox must tell u yr tactic of teaching is wrong. U funny any way reading what princess is saying and yr version of her comment is interesting. She say banana u say apple. For example where did u read the line she didn’t care about her religion or forced u to read her comments? Even after she made fun of yr comments and moved to agamies u pester for response. Now u complain as victim??? You got to admire her strength knowledge style of communication and sharp response . I know what the say about females ability of multitasking??? U try to bully her may be thinking she will be weak cuz she is debating with multiple agamies??? Lol looks like the girl can triple quadriple task hehehe!!! If she muted the agamie dej azmach u got no chance bro.


Call me shabia or anything if u must I was born raised in yr capital so I know ins and outs about yr country and history Nd ppl. Im not here to degrade Ethiopians but u evil agamies who divide and rule and wage war against Ethiopians drag Ethiopians into yr hate against the ppl who made u!!! Go cry river somewhere gmatam koshasha. I told u that I’m sooo grateful , thank the almighty God that I don’t share same nationality with you sewage rats!!! I feel sorry for Ethiopians! We doing just fine ok!

01/14/12 @ 07:09
Comment from: Ayalew [Visitor]

Amhara Princess: I second that emotion about Brother Shewarega. Dear, you are one tough as a nail, wise, skillful and witty sister we are blessed to have you. The thugs Weyanne scared the heck of you since you becomes a regular blogger here N. COM I witnessed a change. Some of the thugs crawl back under the rock others disappeared without a trace at last you uncovered this clown calling himself Dej.-Balcha-Aba-Nefso . GOD bless you and the people who raised you.

Dej.-Balcha-Aba-Nefso [Visitor] Aka Dej. Tigree

Bandas brought to light…. You need to be registered with Nature and agree to our Community Guidelines to leave a comment. …What you became some things never change. We learn from All Your Hates. Your cover is blown out & you’re starting to sound like the mentally deranged (Agaze Women) with all your listed B.S. As far as Ethiopians are concerned, Only TPLF Tigray Parasite Looting front and its bloodsucker cadres like you are the real impediment for peace, freedom, progress & unity. No enemy has done so much harm on Ethiopia other than the Tigre bunch of criminals’, and you-the blood-sucking follower. 
You keep pulling ridiculous Historical claims out of your A$$. I just finished reading one of the books you have listed. I have to agree with Amhara princess it actually praise Minelik. Why would you even give a reference for us to read it is mind bugling? Have you read it yourself? Reading your nonstop B.S. I’m beginning to feel sorry for you. You are a victim of hatred and massively inferiority complex without that you could have been somebody. But now you are a slave dwelling on a bunch of lies to massage your egos and you could not find a final remedy for your condition to mend and move on. We all know that TPLF (Tigray Parasitic Looting Front) came to power with a culture of ‘shifta’ (vandalism, terrorism, robbery, killing…), hate for Ethiopia and separatist agenda, helped by foreign powers that have their own interests. Despite a number of good opportunities to reverse direction, after nearly 2 decades this is still going on in a more intense and “advanced” fashion, without a shred of compromise. Central to all this is the hate for Ethiopia and separatist agenda the organization harbors and promotes. This is so clear that TPLF (Tigray Parasitic Looting Front) has not even changed its name from liberation (separation) front to something else, which is more palatable. How come Ethiopians with good conscious and love of country lose sight of this fact and rationalize to work with these bloodsucking parasites? Who is: “The custodian of Ethiopia’s sovereignty today”? I would argue that a hyena would be trustworthy left with a lamb in the middle of the field than TPLF (Tigray Parasitic Looting Front) guarding the Ethiopian people and Ethiopia’s sovereign territories.

You keep saying Amhara stolen land from Tigress; why did not Amhara build a statue in A.A. for Tigres because of hate; The teachers in AAU lied to you about the History of Ethiopia you sat there with a preconceived idea in the class room; you went on and on complaining about a whole lot of things. It is a shame that so much hate is sprad regarding the Nobel Amahara people in your neck-of the hood. Given the fact that this gentle and foresighted Tribe Amahara who has kept the country intact has been demonized by so many hate-mongers, liars Tigree like you apparently you have come to believe your own lies. Donkoro Tigre hulu… What are you going to prove with this pilled up lies here? Do you think your B.S. will persuade anyone of us or changes the reality on the ground? You are one of those who massage Melse Zenawis toes. You are one of the inside man. You are cold busted!

[Ayalew aka Brook, No multiple nick name pls and it is better u find ur own alias since there is a regular blogger with the name Brook: the one with a comment @ 01/12/12 @ 20:15]

01/14/12 @ 14:47
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

shintam Orthodox. You feel nothing when Axum muslims get no place to get buried. No you pretend you like us. You degraded every soul of Muslim to this day. I have no respect for this lowly orthodox paganish religion founded by the homo Paulos and the peter the sinner.

I dont need any respect from you because you dont have it to begin it. dont ever believe that Muslims will stay as they were as before. They are no more afraid of nothing not even Israel.

We know what Meles is looking for. The Baptize Muslims. We dont need no sympathy. We waited 1400 years and now I get respect from you?

I know Amhara pieces is a simple Shabiya. I know her from another comment not this blog in partiticular. She used to respond to me of her ideas on Islam.

Brokk you are a son of devil and the Satan Paul. I really dont think you are sane person may be you are a riff raff from Europe.

Let it be known that Orthodox is uncivilized for the 21 century which forces you to worship three gods. What kind of “kel” eras are you guys to even worship a taboot?

I dont insult no one but my pateince is now over the limit. Ethiopia will soon be in turmoil and you will see the Muslims coming to power . talk to me then.

Allah is great.

We are not anti West. But we are anit Weyane, anti Amhra elites, anti Neftegnas, antiShabiyas, and we are anti zionists the blood suckers.

01/14/12 @ 17:35
Comment from: Dej.-Balcha-Aba-Nefso [Visitor]

@ Falsifier and Retard Shewarega

Exactly, now surely but slowly you are though still limping along you seem to approach the kingdom of truh – even if that is still in relativ terms for there is no absolute truth.

It was very unfortunate of me to undress you naked as a dumb hypocrite for what you really are by labelling you as an idiot who is intellectually challenged but now you seem to be a good researcher hence found out the historical fact by going back to the beginning of times where it all started, viz. the Era of the Regional Princes (aka Zemene-Mesafint).

Now you are perfectly trapped, Liar!

Exactly! It was definitely at that time when the victorious Dej. Wube who eventually prevailed over the feud, extended his overlordship in Tigray and took over Tigray’s “Tselemtti” as his own domain. In deed, it is due to this fact that Menelik II demanded from the hereditary princes of Tigray to completely relinquish the whole of “Tselemmtti” region altogether and revert over to Taitu’s jursidication since the case for the case for it was founded on one single historical incident taken as fact that Dej. Wube who took it by brute force was the uncle of Taitu, therefore she have got the right to own it.

But this act was not legitimate at all. Later, in order to destroy the evidence vis-a-vis the original ownership of it by Tigray feudal lords and aristocrats, the Tselemmti region was further divided into 3 administrative weredas, together forming a new Awraja named “Semien” with administrative accountability to BegeMidir’na-Semien TeklayGizat.

This is how the issue about Welkayit-Tsegede was creatively twisted by you moribund folks ever since Shewa gained prominence by accident of history. It is on this above half-baked historical fact of yours that you are basing your arguments all along.

How does it feel now that the legitimate owners of Tselemmtti , the descendants of the first Tigrayan farmers are administering it – “Be’Seferut Kunna, Meseffer Ayikerim” Honne’Ekko Giddayu :)

Moreover, how come then almost all of “Tselemmtti” localities are named after Tigrinya language, and not Amharic? Ayeeee, Ye’Neftegna Hattetta’na Mekebatter bla bla….
You shameless history twisters have no self-dignity that you started re-naming other native peoples’s grabbed lands with Amharic words, like: original Tselemmtti came to be known as Telemt, iriginal Tsegede as Tegede, Fin-Finne as Addis Abeba, Khelte-AwLaeLo as Hulet-Awlalo, Grat-KaHssu as Alamata-Terara, Hagere-Hiywet as Ambo, WeLisso as Ghion, Sawla as Felege-Neway, Adama as Nazreth etc …

The most disgusting of all about your decayed brain is when you declatred that you can do whatever you want to do in Shewa with reference to erecting a statue and naming public squares for Ethiopian freedom leaders and heroes … By your own admission, We thought and believed you were/are promoting “Ethiopiawinet"! Little did I know to comprehend, despite WoldeAb WoldeMariyam’s insightful warning, the extent of Neftegna’s outright Wushet that you folks are extraodrdinarily excellent at spewing twisted logic as long as it always suits your slfish interets. The aforementioned outspoken and talented Ethiopian once remarked to the effect that reflecting the inherent wicked nature of the merciless liars of aristocratoc Shewa: Shewa, let alone you govern them with utmost civility and care, sensibilities, reason and wisdom, they can never and ever feel comfortable as rulers over you. Although originally he hailed from Tigray, he dedicated most of his adult life for the eventual independence of his Artera from power hungry and usurper-Shewa.

Then if you are truly loyal to your inner regionalist principles which betrays your fake Ethiopiawinet, then you are promoting regionalism by default in the first place dear Abuye. When you base you folks your arguments on the legitimate ownership of a sovereign sea port for Ethiopia, your deafening cry is by invoking the ethnic Affars while you don’t first fully accept the Affars as equal human beings in the first place. Contrary to you fake Ethiopiawinet promoters, I do however accept the Affars as equals regardless of they as rightful and native owners of a sea port/s.

Regionalism & ethnic identity were being systematically promoted by Shewa elites in a very well crafted style and subtle manner with the false hope of ruling over and at the same time oppressing other Ethiopians for centuries to come. It nonetheless backfired with a powerful popular usprising shaking the anti-Ethiopia Shewa elites to their foundation. You reap what you sow, folks.

Love it or leave it: BiHerawi & HaGerawi equality for all Ethiopians without any qualifications :)

BTW: Who is afraid of the talkative and high-sounding-nothing, the pretending fake princess??? She is just an ordinary chatter-box with a past nostalgia, and suffers from yesteryears hangover! The genealogical heritage of hers she is pretending to represent is based on hear-say, unsabstantiated and unfounded myth creatively invented by the Debteras of political power hungry expansionist Shewa after the true and legitimate hereditary Axsumite prince left his temporary safe haven in Shewa for good heading north to his ancesstors domain. I just ignored her for good like a dropped Wushimma - Wise of me to challenge her on another hot thread next time around. Case closed, Idiots!

01/14/12 @ 20:48
Comment from: Dej.-Balcha-Aba-Nefso [Visitor]

@ Abeto Shewarega
Fake Aristocrat of “Shewa”

… cont’d …

A frustrated public cry with a fake solgan about Ethiopiawinet is effectively over. Get over it!

In deed, the artificially impoverished farmers of Ethiopia’s Tigray have always been believing in Ethiopiawinet unlike you who manipulatively uses it to stifle the legitimate Biherwai and Hagerawi equality grieveances of all Ethiopians.

Just let us take your solgan at face value and proceed from there for sake of facilitating the discussion on this particular thread …

No shilly-shallying, no wishy-washy here you anti-Ethiopians aka 3rd rate parochial shilly shallies :)

Since you few rascals insist and argue for a majority rule, then by that logic which I am fully content with it anyways, which official language do we need for Ethiopia as a lingua franca, please? Since the Oromo are the single largest cultural group in the whole of East Africa, why not then “Oromiffa"/"Afan Oromo” as a lingua franca for Ethiopia??? It will take us just a generation to establish it as such if we start as of 2012 to make it obligatory for all school children throughout Ethiopia. Any problems, hypocrites??? Since you don’t accept the Oromo, the Somali, the Hadiya, the Weyto, the Agew, the Kayla, the Kimant, the Kunama, the Anuak, the Shinasha as equal human being to you, you won’t accept this legitimate demand of the Oromo. Do you??? Your false sense of pride built on Habesha myth is destroying you from within and denying Ethiopia stability as well. Don’t cry Weyane Beyene bla bla – Hizbawi-Weyane came into existence because Ethiopiawinet had been exclusively used by a certain section of the Ethiopian society and by a few greedy elites of central Ethiopia to oppress other Ethiopians from realising their full potential to the full in building a prosperous Ethiopia at peace with itself.

Since you Chauvinist Ye’Neftegna grand children don’t accept this legitimate and innovative idea because you falsely and wrongly despise the Oromo as a sub-human, then just by simple logic: Let the Oromo promote their cultural values and language exclusively limited to their own Oromiya National Regional State and let us adopt the English language as a working lingua franca for all of Ethiopia.

I feel very sorry for your confused and vacilating stand, lol

Once you remarked saying that “Oromo Tillik Hizb Neww, and went on further personally apoligising for the anti-Oromo. anti-human and anti-Ethiopia despicable crimes committed against them by none other then the very Shewa elites of yesteryear expansinist Shewa you try to defend in vain. Despite your sugar-coated crocodile tears you hypocritically shed for them, look you failed the Oromo Ethiopians miserably. The reason why I say this is the following, Abeto: If you have real guts, if you are genuine enough in your remorse for the crimes committed, if you are sincere enough you care for Ethiopia and all Ethiopians, then it is absolutely necessary that you start as of today to tell your children, relatives and by extension your community in Shewa where you came from first about the discriminatory and dehumanising crimes, admit to them that lots of false history about the Oromo and other Ethiopians have been written and wrongly taught in schools/universities, then building on it to teach them the true history of the Oromo vis-a-vis their cultural values, virtues and identity.

By the way, what sort of crimes did you in fact commit against the Oromo that you emotionally reacted like that? I kind of wondering if your denigrating crimes against the Oromo have similarities to the ones committed against other Ethiopians in Welayita, Hadiya, Tigray, Gambella, Ogaden, Affar and elsewhere…I am informed too that you once admitted to being yourself an Oromo. Then, what initiates someone who happens to be an Oromo to go against his own roots and his own self, his own closest kin??? I know it is haunting you to the core but then this is the single wise thing to do: redeem yourself and accept the Oromo, the Welayta and the Somali as equals to Amharic culture and identity!

Look, my good enlightened Oromo friends from central Ethiopia make a very strong case by arguing to the effect saying that since the yesteryear oppressor by virtue of the psychological happiness it feels good inside his soul does NOT have the incentives to redeem himself by still teaching his children a false history of Ethiopia and the Oromo, we want to expose our children at home and within our family to the false history of Ethiopia as narrated by expansionist Shewa elites and teach them too about the true and positive history of the Oromo in Ethiopia.

The same argument is valid for other Ethiopians too. Ethiopiawinet is owned by no one – It must be reconstructed on just and equal foundation.

Biherawi’na Hagerawi Equality for all Ethiopians!
First Ethiopia!

01/14/12 @ 22:04
Comment from: Shewarega [Visitor]

Dej Wushetam,

This is really getting boring. Why don’t you drop being a history teacher, and find another profession, fit for your type. A sharpshooter killer, or deputy Agazi torturer at Maakelawi. Every thing you say is mutually exclusive. Plus your expansion did not stop at Semien, it even got as far as Humera,lol. Do I smell some $$$ Sesame $$$.

On one hand you tell us Wube ruled the entire Tigray and Tigre, yet you claim he took over Tselemt from Tigray. You also tell us Tselemt was forcefully taken from an imaginary Tigrayan Lord and given to Taytu, and renamed Semien. All completely mutually exclusif.

The simple fact remains all land north of Begemidir and west of Tekezae was ruled by hereditary rulers of that region under the name “Semien” for centuries. The last major ruler of that area was Ras HaileMariam who was one of the major power brokers during the Zemene Mesafint, like Sehul Mikael of Tigray, Zewde of Gojjam, Gugsa of Yejju, Ali of Wello etc. Haile mariam had three sons. Wube, Betul, and Merso. Wube is the father of Empress Terunesh (wife to Tewodros), Betul is the father of Empress Taytu and Ras Wollie. Merso is the father of Beyenech, grand mother to Dej Ayalew Biruu (enkwan kkomo sihed kuche belo mamaru yetebalew).

Now, Wube replaced his father and ruled Semien for a long time. He constantly waged war against the major Lord Ras Ali and accumulated great wealth, succeeded in bringing in the first Patriarch from Egypt in a while, Abune Selama. He also built Deresgae Church, very pretty built by outside artisan. He also as I mentioned before, brought all of Tigray and Tigre under his rule and strengthened his power base. Unlike the other chiefs who were content at insatlling fake Kings in Gondar, he was planning to take the throne for himself. But Tewodros changed the whole equation when he defeated Ras Ali and brought Gondar town under his possession. The day he arrived in Gondar his troops repeatedly asked what they should call him, meaning his Imperial name. He was still Dej Kassa Hailu then. He replied “Semaen (my name) Semien enegerehalhu.” In short, he knew without defeating Wube in Semien he was still not in power. My dear, that is how important Semien was. It was not created out of the dust later on at Menelik’e time as your dedebit expansionist revisionist history is trying to tell us. Tewodros marched against Wube, he defeated him, and was crowned in Deresgae Mariam Church (built by Wube), annointed by Abune Selama, the Bishop Wube brought from Egypt. Go find a book written by Alekka WoldeMariam, “Ye Dagmawi Tewodros NeguseNegest Ze Ethiopia Be Ande Abenet Yemigegne Tarik.” The man was alive at all Tewodros’s, Yohames’s, and Menelik’s time. It is first hand info not some fake history sang to legitemize an illegal occupation.

Therefore my Agazi brother, you can not give Taytu Berhane Ze Ethiopia, land that is her hereditary home to begin with. Plus she has all of Ethiopia as her own. She created and left us behind our beautiful Addis Ababa, she was the grandest respected soul that showed unbelievable courage at Adwa. No amount of lies, and ethnic fascism can change that.

Whatever you say about me or Shewa, I could care less. Wusha bekeddedew geb yegebale new ena teretu,lol, be thankful to Derg that got you that far. Finfinae is AddisAbaba, Adama was called Nazreth, keep singing this Apartheid Boer Keffafy Tanskei, Ciskei, Bhoputatswana song, because that is what kept you leeching this far on the neck of the Ethiopian people. But soon, they will stand up as a single person. Ye zan kken anten ayadergegne. Until then keep on dividing, Oromo this, Amara that, Tigre this, we know you. The Tower of Babel is the central instrument that is keeping your khoshasha bloodsucking regime on the back of Ethiopians. Ke ante gara sele Oromo ayatochae sawera, yuck. You are nothing but a pile of hate. Ke ande genda yetekkeda racist tella. That is why you can not open your mouth without talking about ethnic. We simply don’t see it that way because we have it all, gebah?

01/14/12 @ 23:41
Comment from: Got Crush On Royal Highness [Visitor]
Got Crush On Royal Highness

Lord have mercy!!

Hope I am not too late for this thread … Just finished looking at some comments … this is getting really stupid and desperate from the Oromo namesaked Royal servant or general Dej Balcha Aba minamintise … For starters, let me start from the article … this intellectual professor made his way of analysis as to why Ato Melese Zenawi turned out the way he did … what the TPLF,EPRDF woyane Tigree camp should have done is disprove the writer by putting forward reasons why they won’t agree with his analysis … this could be done No one, by putting forward the humble Ethio priented side of Legesse Zenawi … two by giving exaples of his behaviour which make him opposite to what the professor just said and take other directions … What the Legesse camp did is No one insult the hell out of the writer … two degrade the hell out of the wise jentle Amhara Tribe …three insult the hell out of those who posted agreeing with the professor …for insult the hell out of the fudal system whcih Tigrees were integral part of and served for centuries as rulers or royal warriors or royal servants … and finally they insult the hell out of one of the most honored, respected, charasmatic intelligent leader King Minilik. Fof me as Ethiopian forst and Gurage next this does not make sense one bit … reportu lela, Woyanewoch yemiyawerul lela ye ebd ena techebachnet yelelew koshashs ye mender were! …I will give example why I said this, if for instance somebody calls you stupid and to prove you are intelligent you will try and take measures to prove your brain capability …you don’t say such and such persons are stupid so your stupidity is ok. Get my drift?

The Amhara tribe shaped our history to whatever it is now along side with Tigree and the Oromo and other tribes … for that as Ethiopians we should be forever grateful for what our ancestors have done … yemen mekebater new? yesew hager lay tekemto yesew hager taric ena chilota eyadeneku yerasen history ena fellow Ethiopians matatal ye wusha dirgit new, yihen yemlew le maferia wonanewoch new .

I bet you idolize George Washington, Abraham Lincold, Roosavelt, even Bill clinton and many top foreign philosophers, intellectuals scientists balh blah … What we must realize is that all these iconic historic or present day figures have done dispicable things as well as honorable deeds … what we must judje them on this by their Merit not by their overall mistakes, private affairs, short comings what they did when they let down their guards …Ethiopians especially the fuckin woyane camp better realize this and drop all these history bashing except Ezana, Alula, Yohanes … you know what this kames you look like? Ye zingero torkimkamiwoch ena ye mender alubalta anafash ahiyawoch. Ethiopians not just major tribes Oromo, Amharas are geting disgusted with Woyanes behaviour… whenever we speak out we are shouted down as Amhara, Derg and all that kirakimbo ye wusha were … Metfo yemider Zekach hula tesebsbo … Tinesh shame yelachum ende? Especially the fucking racist trash can calling himself after the the Emperor Minilik servan trusted fighter? What kind of desperate moron are you? Wey Ayafer wey Ayakom ye mender Tirkimkami wusha dedeb kef afe … additionally fuckin Dej Azmch sounds like a very old man from his information, even wish age comes wisdom dignity honor respect but Tigree people sem to be more shameless and liars as they grow older? Maferia Hulu Betam yasaznal … Not too long ago the fuckin cadre Dej Azmch was undercover pro harmoney and Eritrean hating old man …Now his cover blowen baraly reduced to the most shamful cadre ever and he would stop? Lord have mercy on you old man for you are sewage rat sewage thinker as Asmerom rightly called you. Ye shint bet metach mekina ke ante yemitseda yimeslal sasbew and I mean that … Demo ayafrem ende learn how to learn from your total shabmbles of a garbage post & disappear … the more you post, the more you desplaying your extremely ugly filthy brain … also learn how to reference your village cultivated idiotic trash you call history … when you say, claim something you must be able to back it up or else it become an absolute trash okay? The princess embarassed you and you are purposely avoiding her, brook and many others put you to shame but you still coming back with more trash with no back up … you are not fooling nobody, nobody is buying your hate towards Amharas when your ancestors were top fedal opprosors, killers from early history to date … you either have to disregard every fudal, past ruler or zip yout trash mouth for it is showing you extremely racist tendencies and most are calling these racist behaviour inferiority complex …Wusha ye wusha Zer wushetam ketafi banda … Why you hate on Eritreans??? from your posts I prefer any Eritrean any day because you sound danger to Ethiopia/ethiopians than Eritreans … for one I never reda any Eritrean hating out past leaders or Ethiopians like you do … Leave them alone asshole gay fuckin baboon… where is your brain? You say Eritreans call us names? You think? I prefer their name calling than your total disregard, contempy, hatred fucking empty bravado. Who appears to be more anti Ethiopian you fucking undercover? Eritreans or you? I will leave that for you to cintemplate on and please use your own fucking banda, Agazi, Askari ancestors as nickname for Dej Balcha Aba Nefo respected honored, took pride in and served the mighty balack lion of the black race Emperor Minilik … you are not fit to lick his horse’s ass fuckin scumbag… now that your cover is blown thanks to my exquisit Princess Amhara, you ought to take it easy and go dissapear …Asedabi ye banda zer diros Ethiopian ena hizbocuan ke Italy gar honachu endascheresach eko hager yemiyawkew ye alem hizb tenkeko yemeyawkew neger new!!!!! Wushoch

Princess Amhara,

Always at forefront of heated up interesting, intelligent dialog you are the best of the best … elegant, full of grace knowledge you must upgrade your name to Queen of Amhara my queen.

Gragn Amhed,

Are you real human being ?…real religious person? real Muslim? …you say you are here to teach people but your actioin smells like conflict loving person and most prbably erashen Tenesh shewed ayareghal ayidel? You ain’t normal in the head and your post has crazy all over it. How dare you disrespect Orthodox religion like that and claim you will liberate muslims? You know what? As Gurage Ethiopian over 50% of my relatives, coworkers family are all muslim having travelled and lived in Ethiopia all my life I have never seen such Ethiopian muslim. I don’t won’t to say much as the precious Princess Amhara sorted you out good but before you talking about historical crulty injustice open your eyes to current injustice … You say you don’t represent Arabs but Arabs define your religious identity … isn’t mecca & medinna that you hold as holly? Are christians and other non muslims can step and foot in mecca & medinna let alone get burried there? the answer is absolutely not!!!!!!! … I never heard such bullshit muslim Tigrays cant get burried in Axum but if it is true ideed you must and you are obliged to understand where they are coming from, get me? it is their holly city. Where is the justice for Christian arabs from being forbidden to enter mecca & meddina then? Same logic applies to your complaint, don’t give me we are indiginous people bullshit because so are Christian Arabs to Arabia. Nobody is scared of fanatic cowards like you portraying ethio muslim as victims, isolated tortured souls …. moron they are they most comfortabley living, loved and respected, richest, humble, intelligent Ethiopians deeply intergated, linked with every tribe. If politically dominant Orthodox christians hated muslims ethiopians as u claim, they wouldn’t even allow them the licence to trade, orgive them the many other privillages … fact is that the muslims are very nuteral when it comes to politics because it will affect their trade, they prefer money than political privilages … that is why they stay the hell out of politics ante doma ras. Even our Gurage folks muslim or other wise stay away from politics because we feel our part in ethio society is not being too political and that is actually mistake in a sense that it makes us look abit selfish to be honest with you … our country must be safe, stable for us to trade who are we burdening that on to? Be logical, try to make a little sense … leave Princess Amhara the fuck alone not that she needs protection but as male it makes look like a fuckin chovinistic bully dragging her in to your dirty islam christian conflisct whcih she managed to put you in your filthy hile.

Maferia Aheya demo tenesh atafrem ende Amhara negn kalk behuala demo mix tigray negn setil? Tadia endet new Muslim negn setil sew endiyamneh yemtfelgew? betam asekaki sew neh tiru zemedoch kaluh ke mental hospital ayawetuhem neber

Nazret moderatots,

Religion is very sensitive matter … religious conflics is last we need in ethiopia’s society, as democratic as you are please, you need to take responsibility … take your time to pay attention to religios conflict creators and try to delete or edit or sensor such posts. my two cents

01/15/12 @ 04:56
Comment from: Brook [Visitor]

Amhara Princess: I second that motion about Brother Shewarega. Dear, you are yourself one tough as a nail cookie, wise, skillful and witty sister we are blessed to have you. The thugs Weyanne scared the shadow of you since you have becomes a regular blogger here N. COM I witnessed a change. Some of the thugs crawl back under the rock others disappeared without a trace at last you uncovered this under cover clown calling himself Dej.-Balcha-Aba-Nefso. GOD blesses you and the people who raised you.

Dej.-Balcha-Aba-Nefso [Visitor] Aka Dej. Tigree

Bandas brought to light…. You need to be registered with Nature and agree to our Community Guidelines to leave a comment. …What you became some things never change. We learn from All Your Hates. Your cover is blown out & you’re starting to sound like the mentally deranged (Agaze Women) with all your listed B.S. As far as Ethiopians are concerned, Only TPLF Tigray Parasite Looting front and its bloodsucker cadres like you are the real impediment for peace, freedom, progress & unity. No enemy has done so much harm on Ethiopia other than the Tigre bunch of criminals’, and you-the blood-sucking follower. 
You keep pulling ridiculous Historical claims out of your A$$. I just finished reading one of the books you have listed. I have to agree with Amhara princess it actually praise Minelik. Why would you even bather to give a reference for us to read it is mind bugling? Have you read it yourself? Reading your nonstop B.S. I’m beginning to feel sorry for you. You are a victim of hatred and massive inferiority complex without that you could have been somebody. But now you are a slave dwelling on a bunch of lies to massage your egos and you could not find a final remedy for your condition to mend and move on. You Tigrees tend to be blind to what goes on outside of our own tribe, which has caused us to have a rather isolated view of the country (yes I said it). This is a generalization of course, but this is generally how it is.

We all know that TPLF (Tigray Parasitic Looting Front) came to power with a culture of ‘shifta’ (vandalism, terrorism, robbery, killing…), hate for Ethiopia and separatist agenda, helped by foreign powers that have their own interests. Despite a number of good opportunities to reverse direction, after nearly 2 decades this is still going on in a more intense and “advanced” fashion, without a shred of compromise. Central to all this is the hate for Ethiopia and separatist agenda the organization harbors and promotes. This is so clear that TPLF (Tigray Parasitic Looting Front) has not even changed its name from liberation (separation) front to something else, which is more palatable. How come Ethiopians with good conscious and love of country lose sight of this fact and rationalize to work with these bloodsucking parasites? Who is: “The custodian of Ethiopia’s sovereignty today”? I would argue that a hyena would be trustworthy left with a lamb in the middle of the field than TPLF (Tigray Parasitic Looting Front) guarding the Ethiopian people and Ethiopia’s sovereign territories.

You keep saying Amhara stolen land from Tigress; why did not Amhara build a statue in A.A. for Tigres because of hate; The teachers in AAU lied to you about the History of Ethiopia you sat there with a preconceived idea in the class room; you went on and on complaining about a whole lot of things. It is a shame that so much hate is spread regarding the Nobel Amahara people in your neck-of the hood. Given the fact that this gentle and foresighted Tribe Amahara who has kept the country intact has been demonized by so many hate-mongers, liars Tigree like you apparently you have come to believe your own lies. Donkoro Tigre hulu… What are you going to prove with this pilled up lies here? Do you think your B.S. will persuade anyone of us or changes the reality on the ground? You are one of those who massage Melse Zenawis toes. You are one of the inside man. You are cold busted!

01/15/12 @ 05:21
Comment from: Shameful [Visitor]

@ Gragn Ahmed,
My question to you is,
Do you have any agg with Eritreans?

As I could notice here, you are claiming your Ethiopian rights as -Moslem Ethiopian-. You have all the right to claim for your right, but draw Eritrea (Shaebia) into your claim is not clever step. Because if you ask me (as Moslem Eritrean) I fought for my right and I do have the right to practice my religion as moslem and I do have all the rights as a citizen of Eritrea but meantime I do respect my landsmen to practice their religion/rights as well. For the reason we have all harmony and brotherhood of ONE PEOPLE.

For your advice, as religion is very sensitive and personal issue, you do not need to belittle other religions when claiming for your right. But you have all the right to claim to be treated equally.

Unfortunately, Eritreans can not help you on your claim but as we believe on EQUAL RIGHTS we wish you good luck on your endavours:)

So you better point your fingers to the right direction when claiming for your rights and leave Eritrea and Shaebia alone:):)

Itmenalek kulu kheir ya jirani:)

01/15/12 @ 05:22
Comment from: Shameful [Visitor]

Balcha said,,,,,, to shewarega last sentence…..

BRW: What do the Tigres of Artera’s KebesaTigray call you??? Just curious to know

LOL… what a mixture of no-ending empty words:)

Tigres of Artera’s ???

What does that mean?

Maybe Balcha want to glue his a¤¤ with Eritreans, as if he is part of kebesa Eritreans.

Imagine, if this tigres (across mereb on our south) would mean that they are part of the parcel of kebesa Eritrea, why would they kill and torture us together with all Ethiopians?

Ofcourse there are honest and innocent tgrays as there are innocent and honest, loving and caring Ethiopians towards Eritreans. We feel the warms and respect we use to get from our Ethiopian cooexistent neighbours.

But No Ethiopian be it Oromo, Beshangul, Amhara, Somali play it like the dirty liers who speak our language.

If Balcha mean of the common language and culture, the Ogadenya have lot in common with Somalis and Beshangul do have lot in common with Kenyans, does that make them one people? If thats the case you need to disseminate part of Ethiopia to Eritrea, part to Somalia and the rest to Kenya and Sudan:)

Balcha need to make his mind, he cannot have it both ways, confusing Eritreans and Ethiopians with his evilish games. He cannot be brother to both sides while lie to his teeth to both parts and make them fight for decades.

I call this is the main problem with tgray people lack of confidence, because they do not know where they belong for the reason they will always remain hated and suspected by both people for ever!

The main reason of their dirt fight for Abay Tgray could be the same sickness, which will be blown in thin air:)

For Shewarega and his likes,
We call them – Our well respected, dignified, people with intellect and good moral. Our well admired neighbours who are presently challenged by the temporary torrenado of ill-wishers begamindo. The people who fight for rightous case would tactically and surely overcome the test and enjoy their peaceful and god-given homeland in near future like Eritreans.
God is nothing but TRUTH!

01/15/12 @ 06:24
Comment from: Yared [Visitor]

Dej. Balcha,

I salute you for your eloquence, facutal historical analyses and civility when communicating with those Neftegna ghosts and the delusional Eritrean ex-Italian slaves with identity crisis.

With the power of your mighty truthful pen you single handedly touched the nerves of all the extremists from Neftegna ghosts to Shabia moron Italian baboons like Asmerom. You made them lose theiry sanity and use all the curses and insults (which are best weapons for the coward and evil). When they run out of susbstantive ideas they had no option but to unleash all the curses and name calling which also a testimony how uncivil and barbaric they are.

You told them the truth and the truth sometimes hurts. You can measure the sucess of your blog message by the amount of noise that these evil extremists make.

You are a hero like Ras Alula Abanega. Keep up the good job.

Your brother Yared.

01/15/12 @ 11:07
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

[No spamming]

01/15/12 @ 13:48
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

Aboy Balcha,
I must admit you are the first cadre who has meaningfully articulated the presumed grievances of the Tigre elites of Ethiopia, and for that i congratulate you. However, after firing all your bullets and exhuming your truest character through so much hoots and booms, all you have achieved was burning the bridge that connects you with the rest of us. In fact, i was wondering whether what i am reading is from ZxAmiche or a citizen with a patriotic Ethiopian alias. You have all the wickedness and terminal defect associated with every other LF hooligan including the Shabian dogs. After spewing so much hatred against the Shewan dynasty and in the process against ethnic Amara Ethiopians in general, you have proved a loser not because you lacked the intellectual flare and the intelligence to twist our history rather due to the falsehood of the basis for your argument. Hence, you couldn’t stand a chance against the honorable and calm wise man from Shewa, Shewarega, and his factual historical narrations and reasonable interpretations. His evidence comes directly from the history makers, the people of Ethiopia themselves, not from a third party western writer with a hidden agenda. The case of Wube of Semein is Exhibit A. I advice you to put a break on your dangerous delusion and face reality. Accept defeat gracefully and move on instead of ridiculously demanding Shewarega to accept Oromo, Hadiya, Somali, Afar etc as “equal human beings". What the hell!? The last time i check, olf, onlf and so on are fighting with your bosses, and of course Ethiopia. It is you who is murdering and torturing the Oromos and other Ethiopians in the country’s ever expanding prison camps, not Shewarega. If there is anyone who must accept all Ethiopians as equals with the constitutional and natural right to live and prosper in their own country, it is you the treasonous woyane criminals, not Shewarega. Further more, your attempt to exploit the existing historical differences between the two biggest ethnic groups of the country will never materialize. If anything, it shows your fear and despair that comes with the possibility of a united front against your unelected therefore illegitimate woyane government. It is time you move past the Zemene Mesafint and smell the realities of today. Close your eyes and think a bit hard. What do you c? I see students in Tigray studying Oromigna and Amarigna within a bilingual Ethiopia. Asa gorguary Zendo yawetal yiluhal yehe new.

01/15/12 @ 14:57
Comment from: Dej.-Balcha-Aba-Nefso [Visitor]

@ Ketaffi-Washo Shewarega

Don’t be childish. Don’t pretend as if you are capable of imposing your tiny and baren “Expansionist Shewa centered” Ethiopiawinet which is in fact inherently anti-human & anti-Ethiopia for it advocates a subtle system of hierarchy among Ethiopians! Look, you are no more in a position nor do you have any capacity whatsoever to effectively reverse the freedom of the vast majority of Ethiopians’s “BiHerawi & HaGerawi Equality"!!!

A Hadiya or an Oromo from Jibatt’na-Mecha is no more a Baytewar to Ethiopia, a Somali from Kellafo is no more an alien to the Ethiopian state, an Agew or a Weyto or a Kimannt is no more a second class citizen of Ethiopia, a Tigre is no more to be considered by sheer narration of invented false history as an enemy of the Ethiopian state!

In deed, Hizbawi-Weyane-Harestay-Tigray knows very very well how that anti-Ethiopia, anti-human and oppressive Shewa-Neftegna-centered Ethiopian state structure had been subtly constructed with the servitude of and in close collaboration of the Treacherous inferior Arterans. The 60,000 Harbegna Tegadelltti sacrifices with precious blood is not “Deme Kelb", the 40,000 and so freedom fighters’s physical damage is not in vain if their struggle were not to bring about BiHerawi & HaGerawi equality, if it were not to expand education and social justice throughout Ethiopia.


You mentioned Humerra, Selitt produces too? Absolutely right, now you are getting Libbam to realise the extent of the whole machinations of your fake Axsumite ancesstors to keep Ethiopians in Tigray artificially impoverished – It was cynically done by denying them the right to feed themselves, by denying their Ethiopian children to access knowledge and capital so that you planned for another 100 years to keep them weak and vulnerable. Why all that despite the hypocritical Ethiopiawinet, what was the purpose and what were you aiming to achieve??? The Throne, just that Axsumite Throne – Ethiopia and Ethiopians did NOT matter at all to you.


At one time during HaileSelassie’s reign, a group of Ethiopian farmers from Tigray set out themselves to kickstart a new life in far away Tselemmti region (of their ancesstors) because their native locality was severly affected by re-current drought. Despite their hard work and efforts to satisfy the well being of their family. Soon after they arrived there, they were asked to produce the reciepts of their local Wereda office that they have already paid the annual Ghibbir. The farmers as innocent and God fearing as ever, they openly admitted to the new authorities in Welkayit Humera that they did not pay any since the rains had failed them again.

And what did the Amharic speaking Neftegna settlers in Tselemmtti do to these apolitical Ethiopian farmers??? They told them to piss off from the new area they were about to settle and cultivate and pay the arrears some time later!

Translation: A death sentence had been passed on the spot. Why? Because they happened to be Tigres!

Where is now Ketaffi and Wushetam Shewarega’s Ethiopiawinet? Liar!


How is that one can with naked insincerity pretend defending Ethiopia’s national interests and territorial integrity when at the same time the very Ethiopians who are about to protect Ethiopia are kept under darkness and abject poverty by the same anti-Ethiopians oppressive Neftegna clique??? You can NOT protect Ethiopia when you at the same time disenfranchise its very citizens who are the sovereign and legitimate owners of it.

Again with respect to the fake Ethiopiawinet…

There is a public knowledge throughout Ethiopia what every Oromo knows very well about ethnic discrimnation practiced by the few greedy Shewa-centered elites. This authentic story is about General Taddesse Birru as told by himself to his beloved Oromo close relatives and buddies. The core fact was about denying the Oromo accessing knowledge and education for he simple reason that they did NOT belong to the chosen Amhara elites of expansionist-Shewa – Denying them the opportunity to have the instruments of knowledge in fulfilling their full potential for Ethiopia to flourish. Ask any sane and educated Oromo you happen to encounter - He/she will candidly narrate this historical fact for you on the spot :)

@ Asino Brook
@ “Asha Ghebray” Asmerom
@ Komal Shameful
@ Sahsah Angesom

Yeah, my warmest greetings to Chauvnist PFDJ aka “Paupers’s Front for the Dehumanised Janitors” of the Jealous and Paranoid Kebesa Eri-Slaves!

You are being effectively dealt with the right dosage of “Weyannay Fewssi” that is being administered in clinical precision :)

@ anti-Ethiopia Liars

You Idiots countered to present you specific and pointed evedinces by citing the pages for my quotes regarding Menelik II’s duplicity from the reference books which I recommended to you to read … Right?

You are not only Dumb, dummy and mentally impaired but also you are extremely Lazy folks … *ROFL* … However, I am going to do that for you high-sounding-nothing Abuyes when you are being ruled by a Hadiya, an Oromo and a Welayta whom you considered them as non-Ethiopians the last 100 years, when Ethiopia rises from the ashes like Phoenix you cynically buried 100 years deep.

So long …

01/15/12 @ 15:39
Comment from: Shewarega [Visitor]


What I want to say, you said it better than I. Wondemae, kenegeru hulu bettam yeselechegne hulet neger ale. First this “gemela chefchefa.” Like he calls all Eritreans “Banda", all Amara’s “Neftegna", etc etc, reason why I brought up the story about that picture clearly showing Ethiopians serving the Fascist occupiers. Second, how he skillfully divides Ethiopians to draw advantage to his side. State sponsored “kefafeleh gezachew.” Its like a cancer amongst our midst. Were Ethiopians like this 20, 25 years ago? How can one forget the struggles against Derg, all those thousands of youth who were gunned down in the cities, in the countryside? They were all from different regions, ethnics, yet they worked together to overturn tyranny. Now, everything ethnicized. An old man I once knew used to say, people are a direct reflection of those that adminster them. This racist regime has done its best to divide people, to keep its tower of Babel intact. And we also see how their supporters come in here night and day, use different names from different regions and insult other groups to keep the hatred alive. If I apologize to my brother “Kuma” in here it was done to give him a second thought about the extremeist views that he hold. I apologize because I am capable of doing so. I apologize because I believe it will do good for my eternal home, Ethiopia. But look how he seized that twisted and turned it, to stock his fire of division. He also asks me about making Oromiffaa a national langiage. Little did he know majority of the people in Shewa already speak both Oromiffaa and Amahric. Both my parents spoke it fluently, and they did hire tutors to teach both me and my siblings as a kid. Derg came everything was turned upside down and as such I never got a chance to further learn Oromifaa. It is also interesting how it skips his mind what his own boss Seeye Abraha once said, that the prisons speak Oromifaa. These Woyanae dogs are really funny. The more they open their mouth, the more they expose who they are. But one thing is sure, sera leseriw, eshoh lattariw, pay back time is close. They can not park their secessionist, racist militia on our land, divide our people, loot our wealth, insult the ancestors and humiliate our families for ever. The Ethiopian people are patient, but misreading patience as fear is a grave mistake.

01/15/12 @ 16:32
Comment from: Dej.-Balcha-Aba-Nefso [Visitor]

@ Free

Despite my strong reservations you presumably think of me, I however appreciate your wise words with full grace to leave it as it stands now.

Nonetheless, I do NOT have any sort of grudges whatsoever as far as the innocent and apolitical poor farmers of central Ethiopia who happen to be victims by default too by yesteryear’s cunning Shewa-elite.

It must be emphasised time and again that the long term interests of the Ethiopian farmers in Affar, in Somali region, in Borena-Oromo, in Tigray, in BeniShangul, in Itang, in Dangilla and in Amharic Shewa are fundamentally identical.

I fight Chauvinism tooth and nail, hence my unflinching tenacity against the ruthless Fascist-Shabiya and the die-hard rascals of yesteryear from central Ethiopia! I am NOT a cadre because my individual talents, thanks to the Ethiopian farmer my enlightenment through academic and professional achievements and my infintely positive self-esteem do not allow me to be one and act as such – But I do have immense respect for our ordinary Hizbawi-Weyane-Tegaddeltti whom I revere so much.

Well, I wholeheartedly welcome the establishment of a just and prosperous bi-lingual Ethiopia – Never forget, though, children who are raised up and nurtiured with multi-cultural languages are by far much better disposed to achieve in life than mono-linguals :)

Thank you.

@ Yared

I appreciate your candid words of encouragement in fighting fake Ethiopiawinet. Stay vigilant to expose it! As to the Jealous Asini “DiRbayatt” inferiors, in fact I do just disgard them.

Cheers :)

01/15/12 @ 16:43
Comment from: Shewarega [Visitor]

Dej Wushetam,

Anchi enaen kkettafi malet, “semun aweresew lesew” kikikiki yetebalewun teret yasetawusegnal. Ebde bechemet eske ekulle kken, as usual it seems the blood vessels on yoru forehead are bulging up, a bit.

I did not impose any type, kind, or form of Ethiopiawinet on you. Rather, you abandoned your Ethiopiawinet, when you spat on the green, yellow, and red and worshipped some stinking yellow flag. Let me ask you Mr wise guy. TPLF was in control of Tigray for year and half or so before Derg’s collapse, did you have any Ethiopian flag flying in Mekele then? Yes or No, don’t wabble like a seasoned politician,lol. Your Ethiopiawinet began when you reached Addis Ababa, Shewa. Your Ethiopiaiwnet began when you climbled on the backs of the long suffering Ethiopian people. It will cease when that inevitable day arrives and you are removed from it. Gabito? I was watching Izvestia/ETV recently. They were talking with some getata Woyanae TekleBerhane WoldeSeyttan, of some Fake Federation Tsefet Bet,lol. The kersam was talking about the flag, how it meant oppression for him before, and how he loved and honored it now, KIKIKIKIKI. What a stupid moron. He respects the flag as long as he is in power and sucking the blood of Ethiopians. It is these kinda of mongrol haters that claim to administer this nation. Tsadekku Yohanes, Emiyae Menelik, menew kkena belo yehaenen gud betemelekete.

Ante Koshasha, ante eko sele Oromo le enae ande neger menager atechelem. Ye Seraw balabat Abaebae Tuffaa lij negne. He was the chief of Oromo of Finfinae, brother in law to Menelik. His house stood where the Sheraton is now, he is the one who gave the Land to Menelik up on the hill, where this kkedada hater Wedi Banda Asres is squatting at now.

Abaebae Tufffa, Tuffaa Jarso, Jarso Robaa, Robaa Butta, Butta Guduru, Guduru Germo, Germo Amoo, Amoo Gebetu, Gebetu Illu, Illu Abado, Abado Degnu, Degnu Abetti. Abetti is the son of Barattumaa. Shintam kezenam, zetet teshekami, lemange settler. Adaa ye Demo Bunae, Deraa ye Assenu Odai lij negne. Assenu Odai yejegenaw gora gedel sededdew yan hulu Amara eyale Amaraw yezefenelet. Ere ante man abatke neh ena yesew ager tarik anbabi yehonkew. Zeregna kkefafay banda. Get the hell out of our land. Don’t lie, you are a secessionist, what you stole for twenty years is enough, just grab your kkerakenbo and get out of our site.

01/15/12 @ 17:01
Comment from: Got Crush On Royal Highness [Visitor]
Got Crush On Royal Highness

Dejazmach banda aka the Teret teret specialist!!

Once up on a time, king Selassie went to Humera …Once up on a time King minilik’s wife said such and such garbage …Once up on a time the traitor Yohanes did blah blah etc etc etc

Where is your source from? Back your village gossip or just fucking quit! You sound very mad, losing your mind but

a- Quote your source
b- who is your historian
c-Reference, back up your claims

Other than that your fudal ancestors, killer traitor people and leaders, oppressor Atses, Ras dej azmach etc etc have no moral authority to claim victims! Give it up! We understand you are fuming upset but, it is best you drop it. The more you open your mouth, the more mentally impaired deluded you sound.

01/15/12 @ 17:06
Comment from: [Member]
zerayakob yared

Hi all, ብፍላይ ‘ንደቂ ሓትኖ፣’

Lange Rede, kurzer Sinn እንዲሉት፣ let us summarize: (2)

Dej.-Balcha-Aba-Nefso [Visitor] በርግፅ’ውን ከምቱይ ልዕል ኢሉ ሓደ ካፍቶም ብአንፃሩ ኾይኖም ዝነታረኹዎ ዘለዉ ከምዝበሎ፣ “INSIDER” እንተድኣኾይኑ፣

“However, I am going to do that for you high-sounding-nothing Abuyes when you are being ruled by a Hadiya, an Oromo and a Welayta whom you considered them as non-Ethiopians the last 100 years, when Ethiopia rises from the ashes like Phoenix you cynically buried 100 years deep.”

ንዝብል ውጥኑ፣ ንስኻትኩም’ውን ነዙይ ሓበረትኡ’ዙይ ፂን ኢልኩም ንኽተማፅውዎ ይግብአኩም!

01/15/12 @ 17:54
Comment from: ቤዛይት እንድርያስ [Visitor]
ቤዛይት እንድርያስ

Now we are making progress—BILINGUAL SOCIETY—- that is it!!!!!!
BILINGUAL it is…. that saves Ethiopia if Ethiopia has to be saved….

I can’t wait to have Oromiffa and Amharic as ethiopia’s national language…. hooray!!!

01/15/12 @ 20:51
Comment from: Dagnachew Koru [Visitor]
Dagnachew Koru

Ewunetim ante qetafi ywushet papas neh. Ante ke poleticawu alem wuchi mehon yemigebah dekama qes neh, mindinew yemitseraw ezih kene dawitih? Ethiopia is not belongs to you ante dedeb. We will never and ever give back Ethiopia to you and your likes, we leave Ethiopia for all Ethiopians. In your insane dream, yes it would be?

01/15/12 @ 22:19
Comment from: Brook [Visitor]

@Dej.-Balcha-Aba-Nefso [Visitor] Aka Dej.-Haile-Selassie-Gugsa

This clown starts to sound like a broken record and his hypocrisy has no boundary. Just look at his utter nonsense.

Quotes:” I fight Chauvinism tooth and nail, hence my unflinching tenacity against the ruthless Fascist-Shabiya and the die-hard rascals of yesteryear from central Ethiopia! I am NOT a cadre because my individual talents, thanks to the Ethiopian farmer my enlightenment through academic and professional achievements and my infintely positive self-esteem do not allow me to be one and act as such – But I do have immense respect for our ordinary Hizbawi-Weyane-Tegaddeltti whom I revere so much. “

Can a normal & intelligently sound person will make this much blunder at the same time? In one side he is fighting chauvinism, and the same line he showed his unwavering alliance for neo-chauvinist Weyanne. I better let him say it for you please don’t laugh people its not even funny.

Quote, “But I do have immense respect for our ordinary Hizbawi-Weyane-Tegaddeltti whom I revere so much.” There you have it people.

Are you Login from North Korea? I have to ask after watching those people crying/weeping the way the did for their “dear leader.”

Do you hang out with Abio-Shibit Nega the alcoholic and womanizer old fart chief of chauvinistic? I figured you might have. All the lies he told you might have while he was dead drunk don’t know what he was talking about other than that nothing you said makes sense for sober people. You are full of fairytales has not put forward any authentic claims with its truth and source for that matter your nonsense will not be valid because You can’t back them up with truth/facts.

The laughing humour part was the way you quote EteGe Taytu talking to Aste-Minilk word-by word for the moment I thought you yourself were there in present listing every conversation. Then I said he couldn’t be that old, Maybe Abio-Shibit Nega himself told you he heard it while he was drunk & knocked-out inside Minliks Palace. Maybe you might have heard it from child Killer Melse Naziew & Azeb Mesfine talking inside Minlke palace? I can’t speculate from where you heard it, but you heard something. Try Ye-entoto-mariam Tebel the voice you are hearing immediately will cease. Be courteous and bring some for Agazze Women, Addis Zeamen and Gragn. I better ask him first he was mad at me last time Gragn Tebel-Tefegalhe weey…. lol Mechee-neew-ebeed mabedune Yemyaminew Ametaleet…

This will gives a final remedy to a dragging dispute.

01/16/12 @ 00:45
Comment from: Brook [Visitor]

Somebody said this, “Asa gorguary Zendo yawetal yiluhal yehe new.”

@ Dej.-Balcha-Aba-Nebso aka Dej-Haile-Selassie-Gugsa

Quote” Why is that you funny guys do fail to acknowledge the fact that Tigray too has already lost a very big chunk of it’s geo-strategic part to the east (I guess, an approximately 50% of it) to the newly created Afar regional state??? Nonetheless, the 5 woredas are NOT re-incorporated as a factor of compensation for the part that was ceded to Afar region!”

In the above statement he was complaining about why is it we (non-Tigree’s-Ethiopian) he referring to particularly (Amharas) had failed to acknowledge Tigre has also lost part of Afar to Eritrea. We all knows how it all went down and dealt with I am not going to talk about that. Yes, he was ferociously arguing and bluntly claiming Afar was Tigree’s province. Now, directly below by his own admission stumbled himself with facts admitting Afar is a non-Tigray region.

Quote “It must be emphasised time and again that the long term interests of the Ethiopian farmers in Affar, in Somali region, in Borena-Oromo, in Tigray, in BeniShangul, in Itang, in Dangilla and in Amharic Shewa are fundamentally identical.”

You believed your neck of the hoods gossipers without any shredded evidence and you would like us to be deluded like you? You are like a cult religion follower do you know that? Your History has no source, has no credibility, no facts.

Treat your own facts with care. If you’re planning to call someone a liar, guard your own credibility like a fragile treasure. Don’t stretch it, scratch it, bruise it, or chip it, and don’t let it out of your sight but now oops it’s too late. You are busted! Ouch!

01/16/12 @ 03:23
Comment from: Shewarega [Visitor]

Dagnachew Koru (whatever that is)

Well spoken, like an orphan child soldier killer mercinary. All you know is to loot, murder, and kill. You are not even human. You are a typical bloodsucking leech, what I refer to as the second generation “Amharic user, curser” Woyanae. All you deserve is to be shipped off on cattle trains some far away place stripped naked and gassed. Ethiopia belongs to all, but Shewa belongs to me, gebah? dedeb wusha. Isn’t that what your daddy has been preaching to us for twenty plus years of occupation? Regionalism, division, and hatred. Ethiopia belongs to us to you means, Tigray yebechachen, Shewa yehulachen. Ante getata hater first know on whose land you are standing on. No amount of lies, no amount of mamtata will stop it from being what it is, SHEWA. We will never accept this hateful occupation, we will never surrender our rights. We will never accept the division of our land. END

01/16/12 @ 07:49
Comment from: Shameful [Visitor]

Balcha call Eritreans qmalam? Lemagn? LoL
What can I say hehehe no words.

Eritrea never stretch hands left and right for daily portion and never snatch others property to bring home like you guys take loads to Mekele:)

You are done and exhausted of your lies. Give it up my neighbour cuz you are exposed to your naked bone. Thanks for your babycry you make my day:)

Beware! Do not try to Master something over your IQ. Do not MISS/OVERUSE ur stay/power in Menelik Palace. Its not easy when a slave play Master over the poor and easygoing creatures. Try to Be yourself, Balcha! LOL

Neighbourly advice:)

01/16/12 @ 10:55
Comment from: Emebet [Visitor]

Dejazmach Balcha

My daughter is a good girl and she works as a exiskutiv secretary. You have a good son? You are a gobez yetemark Abesha neh. Gin selam lageritu.

Your sister


01/16/12 @ 12:23
Comment from: Got Crush On Royal Highness [Visitor]
Got Crush On Royal Highness

Must read Article:

“From the International Slave Trade to the International Maid Trade” – by Alemayehu G. Mariam … depicting woyan’s Ethiopia, which they claim liberated and made progressive,comfortable, high growing economy. New commodities of Woyane!!!!

Until nxt time.

01/16/12 @ 19:06



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