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Ethiopia - Meles Zenawi and his health



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Ethiopia - Meles Zenawi and his health

Chinese President Hu Jintao (R) meets with Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi in Los Cabos, Mexico, June 17, 2012. Photo Xinhua

Ethiopia - Meles Zenawi and his health

By Yilma Bekele

Ato Meles Zenawi, Chairman of Tigrai People Liberation Front (TPLF) and Prime Minster of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia is not in good health. I became aware of that fact after watching the video of a news clip made during his meeting with the President of China at the G8 meeting in Mexico. The last time we saw Ato Meles was during President Obama’s food conference and he was in perfect health. In fact he looked jovial with a new haircut and was dressed in his customary five to ten thousand dollars Italian or English suit. That was until Ato Abebe Gelaw of Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) gave him the scare of his life and he was forced to flee the continent. Things have not been the same ever since.

When he surfaced in Mexico it was obvious he had some medical issues in the interim period. His expensive clothes did not fit him right, his face was ashen and hollow and it was clear he has lost plenty of weight. I was forced to conclude we got a problem. Normally the fate of one individual should not be such a source of drama or wild speculations. But Ato Meles is not just another Ethiopian. He is the Country, Nation and people all rolled in one. The state of his health and well-being is not just idle speculation. His friends, Party or those close to him are not forthcoming with the cause of his illness. We are left to speculate, guess or are being forced to search for a fortuneteller and reduced to read the remains of his coffee cup or consult a palm reader.

We do that because whatever happens to him affects all of us in one-way or another. In the Western countries the health of the leader is an official record. If the leader dies or is incapacitated there are rules and systems set in place to assure smooth transition. Most African countries including ours lack that. In our case there has not been a natural and predictable manner of passing the mantle of leadership. In fact the last four instances have been a source of agony for the unfortunate leader in power and our poor Nation. That is why Ato Meles’s health is an issue we should all fret and worry about. We definitely do not want a surprise.

I am sure his family is worried. His friends are concerned. His Party is alarmed. The Ethiopian people are watching this drama with keen interest. No one wishes him ill but I doubt any body in Ethiopia is praying for his recovery either. It is fair to say the whole Nation is trying to figure out what his untimely demise will bring to our poor old country. What ever ails him is not a simple disease. That is why he is being cared for in Europe with top-notch specialists in an expensive private hospital. No amount of money will be spared to keep the green reaper at arms length.

Sooner or later we all die. We just do all we can to make it later than sooner. Our state of health and longevity is affected by all kinds of factors including a few we have no control on. Genetics, style of life and pure luck plays a big role. We try to eat right, exercise and avoid stress to increase our odds of a long happy life. There are a few things we know about the ‘Leaders’ life style to be able to make an educated guess on what is ailing him.
We know that he smokes, that is cigarettes. We are told that he enjoys chewing Kat with his buddies. His politburo friends are known to enjoy expensive liquor thus we can safely assume that he probably joins them in this past time. All three habits are considered forms of substance abuse and have ramifications on vital organs such as lung, heart and liver. It is fair to say that the last few years, palace living has resulted in weight gain resulting in added girth.

Most leaders keep a busy schedule and have no time for exercise. We know that Ato Meles is studying for his PhD in addition to his duties as the Prime Minster and that leaves him with no time for the gym. We have heard antidotes about his tennis matches but judging from the way he came down the airplane steps during his trip to Philadelphia to one of his meetings one can tell he is not in good shape. He was laboring to walk down while his agile wife descended swiftly even in her high heels.

There is no proof that Ato Meles is suffering from a terminal illness. On the other hand there is no information to say that he just caught the common cold either. As I said due to the nature of the totalitarian system that values secrecy we are left to speculate. We worry and stress because history teaches us that the demise of a dictator, which Ato Meles is, brings all sorts of unforeseen complications on the Nation they leave behind.
Whether they commit suicide like Hitler, are hanged like Mussolini, die in their sleep like Stalin, face a firing squad like Ceausescu and wife, hunted down, sodomized, pistol whipped and shot like Gadaffi or face the International court of justice like Charles Taylor dictators all leave a trail of destruction behind them. That is why Ato Meles’s illness becomes our concern and worry. We think about it to try to figure out how to avoid chaos due to a power vacuum.

This sort of power vacuum attracts all kinds of good and bad characters that would want to capitalize on the empty space created and might be tempted to fill it with something other than people’s power. We do not want that. So what are the forces arrayed to replace the one man, one party rule currently dis-functioning in the land of the Abeshas?
The TPLF party is the premier center of power. Ato Meles and his associates control the Military, security service, the mass media and the economy. What is there left is a good and valid question. Technically Ato Meles is the de-facto head of all these powerful organizations. He is a hand on manager. The different entities are foreign to each other but all report to him. That is how one-man dictatorship works. Some countries like China practice group dictatorship. The Central committee of the ruling Communist Party functions as a group. While others like North Korea or Ethiopia rely on the benevolence of a single individual. The question arise is the TPLF Party capable of functioning as a single entity without the head? Or would the different departments that were designed to look at each other with suspicion coalesce to form a united front? It is highly doubtful.

There are various centers of power within the organization. Queen Azeb the wife is in charge of the economic section. Due to her high visibility and negative press any one group is willing to sacrifice her to save their skin. The internal security is a force to recon with. Would the Generals trust this hi tech mercenaries is a question to consider. The original TPLF functionaries like Sebhat or Abbay are rendered toothless but still operate behind the scene. Why any self respecting Woyane will ally with these old fashioned kitchen conspirators is something to think about. The new upstarts like Tewodros Adhanom or launderer Gebre Kristos have their feet on both camps always ready to abandon ship if the situation heats up. No one trusts the duo. The likes of Seyoum will not come back for all the tea in China.

The military is the most logical center of power that is capable of using force to usurp power. In the current situation of Ethiopia that scenario is a little complicated. Due to the nature of the use of ethnic affiliation used by Ato Meles the military is not a cohesive force. All the top leaders and commanders are from one ethnic group while the rank and file is a reflection of the country. It is fair to say both OLF and G7 are present and functioning creating further uncertainty. Uncertainty is not good for conspiracy. The role played by the top Generals in the economy has isolated them from the average solder. Is it a professional army or peasants in uniform is a valid question. Does one fight to attain power or save his investment creates split personality.
I don’t mean to forget those organized as EPRDF. There are plenty but the Amhara and Oromo stand out at least on paper as the most likely group that will refuse to die quietly. Their puppet leaders are faced with a real dilemma. Divorced from their people they have no base to appeal to. Rendered powerless by design they have no army or security to fall back on. The TPLF mafia that is running them now does not harbor any respect towards their outfit or intends to include them in the deliberations. They are left between a rock and a hard place. For all practical purposes it is easier to ignore and discard them.

Where does the opposition fit in this picture is a good question. The major opposition, the nightmare of the ruling group is of course Ginbot7. G7 is the enemy they know is around but are unable to touch and feel. It is the cause of their blind fury. I will take their word for it G7 is everywhere. Of course G7 could be the figment of their imagination, the result of their paranoia then again why would they allocate so much resource to hunt down a ghost? In my humble opinion G7 is EPRP and Kinijit on testosterone! We all know what those two groups are capable of.
There is also the on and off legal opposition. That is a tricky animal to deal with. At the moment Andenet is the only one with any amount of dignity and respect. The Ledetus and the Chammisos are rendered useless and will most probably hide out the chaotic period and pray for dear life since all opposition groups will be hunting them down for the stray dogs they have become. That leaves us with the Beyenes the Meraras and the Hailus, the darlings of the civilized West. Those are the people our benefactors will try to parade out and use. They will become pictures of civil society. Believe me they will play their choreographed part to the hilt. They cooperated and served Ato Meles, no reason to think they will be allergic to the West for a promise of visibility and fist full of dollars.

The West led by the US is the wild card in this scenario. They very much like stability and the status quo under their guidance. Their interest at the moment is having a strong foothold in the Horn of Africa to prepare for the coming war for resources. Governments like the TPLF mafia are their preferred arrangement. A weak and divided country is their choice. I do not think they go out of their way to create those conditions but on the other hand they do not discourage such reality. Our neighborhood is a fertile ground for contention by the big powers. Except for Kenya and Tanzania we are surrounded by weak, divided and civil war prone countries that exist from day to day with no guarantee of tomorrow. The US, the Europeans or the Chinese are not about to discover their moral compass and save us from our selves. Expecting them to do so is the height of foolishness or a result of extreme poverty of self-esteem.

As I write this Ato Meles is in Europe being healed and the factions he left behind are shell shocked and in a daze. A few will have some reliable information but the vast majority will be operating in the dark trying to figure out this brand new reality in the midst of dis information, mis information and foggy information. Plenty will be sending their family to far away places and moving vast amount of money out of the country. Some will lock their doors and hunker down until the storm settles while a few will search for new alignments and future partners. The kilils will take the opportunity to assert their newfound power and create further complications to the beleaguered party. It is possible organized criminal elements will take advantage of the uncertainty and intensify such activities as bank robbery and hijackings. The Amharic saying ‘ye wedke zaf mesar yebezabetal.’ Is being played live in our country. It is highly possible the different factions will begin to duke it out prematurely. It is conceivable they will end up doing the dirty part of the job for the rest of us. As I see it not matter what this down ward spiral will continue for the forcible future.

There is a silver lining in all this scenario of doom. It is the strength and unity of the Ethiopian people that have shown resiliency for thousands of years. Every attempt that has come our way to divide us, set us up against each other has always failed. We have survived and no one can deny that. The current bosses have left no stone unturned to weaken us, break our will and marginalize our country.

There crime is too much to numerate but I will mention the few ugly ones. Kilil was their first salvo. It was meant to make us strangers to one another. No matter how many ways they tried it failed miserably. Today we have come full circle and no one talks ethnic politics except hired cadres. They spoke ill of our common language, drew ugly symbol on our flag and sold our land to foreigners. Our language is still intact, no one carries their flag and land sale has become a hot issue that makes our blood boil. Our old religion was not safe but thanks to our gallant Abunes both at home and in exile it has managed not only to survive but as a matter of fact emerge stronger. Their attempt to create division with our Moslem brothers is uniting us on a higher level and showing all the commonality of our struggle for freedom of religion and love of country.

As you can see from the current turmoil their evil scheme is showing signs of what is called the boomerang effect. It is backfiring on the evildoers. The current drama played in North America and the emergence of the new ESFNA is living proof that all is well and Ethiopia is rising once again.


Comment from: obsaa [Visitor]

The death of Melles for that matter dissolution of EPRDF cannot solve the century old political problem in Ethiopia. Dismantling the Ethiopian empire and freeing the non-Abysinian Ethiopians from the collonial yoke imposed on them by Abysinia is the only ultimate solution for the problem.

07/08/12 @ 00:36
Comment from: mesfin [Visitor]

It is hard for me to believe that someone who spent 17 years fighting a guerrilla warfare against one of the largest Armies in Africa and someone who witnessed thousands of his people die from starvation and thirst during the famine of biblical proportion in 1984 will have a serious health problem because he got hackled by communication challenged leflafi and Azmari from Gonder. But it is ok to wish and dream but if you are sick minded and you take pleasure in wishing and thinking Meles Zenawi was disturbed and psychologically tormented by leflafi and Azmari Abebe Gallow and that is the weapon of your choice then I am sure Meles is gleeful in giving you that moral psychological victory. I highly doubt a heckle from Gonder leflafi and Azmari is that significant. Meles Zenawi was been in charge of one of the poorest, chronically drought plagued, war torn, desperately poor country on earth. If his mental strength is anything like yours he would have been in Insane asylum by now. He is walking on egg shell and walking through political landmines every day he wakes up so pleaseeeeeeeeeeee pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Abebe Gallow???? C’mon. That brainless imbecile who shouted we don’t need food. This is shameful, in case he forget famine that took place in 1984 took the lives of million yes millions of our citizens. While the people of Tigray and Eritrea were dying in thousands Abebe Gallow’s president Megistu Haile Mariam used similar language. He declared I am paraphrasing but he spoke in Amharic. This is what he said “There is no famine in Ethiopia, the people that are starving originate from two provinces Tigray and Eritrea” and he went on to state “enezi hizboch chigram nechew” Thanks to Youtube you could still find this clip on the internet. We will never forget those remarks and Abebe Gallow showed his true color that day. So he having a thriving toxic and hateful tabloid in Addis Ababa text precedent over whether or not chronically food insecure people eat or not. This is what you all celebrate as a victory. You celebrate a man who could careless whether or not people eat food as long as he gets to have it his way. He has made it abundantly clear the reason he hates EPRDF is because they shut down his toxic, poisons and hateful tabloid and if he is allowed to do that and millions of Ethiopians starved to death then he is perfectly fine with that outcome. I cant believe people could celebrate that.

07/08/12 @ 01:36
Comment from: Daniel [Visitor]

If you’re talking about the health of the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, why do you need to mention how much his suit costs? How is that relevant to the story you’re telling?
And then In one paragraph you say “No one wishes him ill but I doubt any body in Ethiopia is praying for his recovery either.” Huh? that’s most contradictory thing I’ve read. Ethiopians are decent god-fearing people and they will always strive to help and pray for anyone in need.

This is article is just a silly and speculative rambling of a bitter man passing himself of as a journalist. If you’re going to write about the PM’s health, reach out to health officials, interview government spokespeople and tell us what’s really going on. If you can’t, then say, you can’t. But you can’t just make stuff up.

Meles Zenawi is the prime minister of Ethiopia. That is a fact. And under his leadership the country’s economy has skyrocketed, now the number one non-oil economy in Africa. Foreign investments are through the roof, all of this, while people like you do nothing but complain and scream in the dark to no avail.

If there is something wrong with the PM’s health, as an Ethiopian, I wish him well and hope he feels better soon.

07/08/12 @ 02:01
Comment from: Really?? [Visitor]

Yilma Bekele, you should be ashamed of yourself. I blame for allowing you to write such a stupid article. if we can tell if a person is sick or not by just looking on a video, we could treat millions of people around the world. I should not surprise because most the articles on are senseless and one sided.

07/08/12 @ 02:31
Comment from: Abebaw Gondare [Visitor]
Abebaw Gondare

Ok ait mesfin… Disliking someone is something but when u generally mentioning the origin of the man is a different thing.
As A Gonder lije I am ashemed of u… Trying to degrade my beloved Gondar. For ur information when ur QIMALAM Tigre yohannes betrayed JEGNAW TEWODROSEN we GONDAREWOCH did not cry about it and never forget about it either. As the bible said ” their is a time for all” yes we will have time to shut ur and ur cronees mouth with ruling ETHIOPIA with a full territory including port access. Now that is called good Ethiopia. U and ur QIMALAM tigree’s job is break up Ethiopia in pieces, sell lands to foreigners, control everything economy, minitary.
Real Ethiopian are waiting for the day that God is going to give us the change. U worthless a piece of shit, who don’t have a religion and conviction to ur country: your time is coming to an End and when the time comes u wish u where not born in to this world.

07/08/12 @ 02:34
Comment from: melkamu [Visitor]

Dear Mesfin, Meles or the TPLF are not as hero as you painted them to be. They were piggy bagged by Shabia and marched to control the country in order to “liberate” Eritrea. The heroism of Meles came after he got in to 4-killo palace in a way of back stabbing his master, Isaias and using ethnic politics to benefit him self and the TPLF cadres. But as for what TPLF is army contributed to the fall of durge, I would say not much and specifically Meles was not regarded as a brave leader even by the TPLF thugs. I hope this openes your eyes my dear brother Mesfin, who is probably given 3000 hectares of coffee land and owns a mansion in Adwa:)
History repeats itself and we will withness how your chapter closes:)

07/08/12 @ 02:42
Comment from: Mo Ethio [Visitor]
Mo Ethio

“In my humble opinion G7 is EPRP and Kinijit on testosterone!” Yilma Bekele I hope you are old enough to know EPRP and what the organization stands-fore. if the so called G7 are the resemblance of EPRP, god help me.I lived long enough to see how EPRP destroyed young Ethiopians with false hope and fabricated philosophy that never exist. if you ever wonder what ever happen to the EPRP fighters ? if I am not mistaken most of them joined TPLF fighters and some of the EPRP fighters are in power representing Woyane.

07/08/12 @ 02:44
Comment from: Concerned [Visitor]

I can’t wait until I hear them say he died. Oh, I am sorry he should be jailed then hunged!

07/08/12 @ 02:47
Comment from: HalfTigreHalfAmhara [Visitor]

Dear Yilma Bekel
I have read your article and it did catch my attention. If infact Ato Meles is ill and dies of natural causes in my view that is one less jungle animal to worry about. so I dont know what you meant when you said “No one wishes him ill". Did you mean no Tigray ppl, his family, his TPLF banda, or the Ethiopian people in general? If you mean the people in general, I dont agree on that assessment because i wish him nothing but the worst of ill you can think of.Here is a man that has worked hard to disintegrate Ethiopia and humiliate Ethiopianess soley driven by an ethnic hate agenda. Today every Ethiopian except those of his own tripe ofcourse sees this man as a trator and wishes all sorts of evil upon him, his wife and the rest of the Leba-bandas. So Mr.Yilma again I dont know who you are refering to when you made such a statement. If anything I wish him HIV/AIDS, Cancer,Anthrax etc etc…hahahaaaaa

07/08/12 @ 03:25
Comment from: danny [Visitor]

May God that evil man down and smile upon Ethiopia. We all pray for hos death. Cosmic justice reaches Ethiopia.

07/08/12 @ 03:26
Comment from: dani [Visitor]

Dear Writes and commentators,
You always speak of silly words,hatred politics,nightmares,…
If you are a loyal one,why don’t you write the possible options for Ethiopia.Any people can never be against any other people but you are totally lacking tolerance.Do you think you can convince people and make your sympathizers to your ideology? So,I humbly request you to argue all with tolerance.

07/08/12 @ 03:30
Comment from: The Future Is Ours [Visitor]
The Future Is Ours

The day banda mels dies, is the day his qimalam supporters will pay the heavy price for selling Ethiopia! Because Enezi Hizboch Chigram Nechew!!! :D

If you cut off the snake’s head, the whole snake dies! TPLF is like a snake! :D

death to weyane and its supporters! glory to ethiopians!

07/08/12 @ 04:41
Comment from: bendo [Visitor]

i dont blame you yilma… you and your freinds Elias, Birhanu and Abebewoch only live in a dream world. you want to get something you didnt work for it and wish miracle to happen in ethiopia and you loosers to go back as a hero.
Melas sacrifaied his young life fighting for change while you and your friends choosed talking …
He is not one any more he duplicated himself with millions so your dream to see addis is just like
any hoo dream like that and make this strusfull life give some hope.

07/08/12 @ 04:53
Comment from: Gondar [Visitor]

Extremely long and nonsense article,
Recently in a secret visit Crime Nazi
Eritrean citizen Meles was undergo for
serious medical check up in royal care
hospital Khartoum Sudan, before some weeks ago,
Good riddance in advance crime Nazi,
dirty and nasty century cancer
disease ,

07/08/12 @ 05:37
Comment from: Brook [Visitor]

@ Gonder, dani, benedo, Really, Daniel, Mesfin obviously no doubt I don’t think I missed any Weyanne Tigray above if I did can you stand up and come forward? All the above individuals are Tigray TPLF surrogates. As expected they don’t like anybody to talk about their slowly dying god chilled killer haters of Ethiopia Melse Naziew! Unconfirmed report saying he is in a coma within the last 24 hours! All the crying of our people those who disappeared without a trace, those who are rotten in jail for no reason because of these devil man called Melse. People humble yourself before the living GOD. The dictator thought he was god and could do anything! As the stubborn Pharaoh tormented GODs people Israel. So is these devil man did to us! Alas may you rotten in hell!

07/08/12 @ 06:17
Comment from: Hagere [Visitor]

what good we get from meles’s bad health. Infact we should pray for his health.

07/08/12 @ 06:36
Comment from: miss ethiopia [Visitor]  
miss ethiopia

whom ever talking -ve about my beloved Meles Zenawi, would have seat for a single minuet on his chair, definitely would start losing his weight with out being sick. “letekemach semay kirbu” Melese has done a lot of good things to his country. while he is on his duties he has made some wrong and right decisions so what?
off course if some body is stand idle how can he make a mistake or no mistakes? I love my Prime Minster, I wish him long life with perfect health. btw i am a business women, i have no thing to do with politics and even my tribe is Kembatta. honestly let us start giving some value for what he is doing.

07/08/12 @ 06:42
Comment from: yilma [Visitor]

You know no one is happy when someone dies but on the death of Meles Ethiopia will dance!!! I have never seen or heard of when a leader dies people rejoicing. This will be the first in history!!!

07/08/12 @ 06:52
Comment from: Gondar [Visitor]

rom: Brook [Visitor]
@ Gonder, dani, benedo, Really, Daniel, Mesfin obviously no doubt I don’t think I missed any Weyanne Tigray above if I did can you stand up and come forward? All the above individuals are Tigray TPLF

Mr. brook i respect your comment,but i am not TEgee

07/08/12 @ 07:20
Comment from: DT [Visitor]

I regret the time I spent reading the first couple of paragraphs of this total garbage.

You need anyone to believe that the PM is sick following the foul-mouth of the so called journalist who, by the way, is a disgrace to all Ethiopians.

We pray for our PM and for our beloved country while you death-wishers and hate-mongers keep crying wolf as you are surely deprived of your senses and have lost track of reality.


07/08/12 @ 07:22
Comment from: Gondar [Visitor]

rom: Brook [Visitor]
@ Gonder, dani, benedo, Really, Daniel, Mesfin obviously no doubt I don’t think I missed any Weyanne Tigray above if I did can you stand up and come forward? All the above individuals are Tigray TPLF

Mr. brook i respect your comment,but i am not TEgree,once more read my comment,

07/08/12 @ 07:23
Comment from: hailu kassaye beshir [Visitor]
hailu kassaye beshir

what you are talking about Ur fuck dreams. you lead a mere life with foods dumped in to rivers and sleeping in a verandah and wanna to serve as missioner of shabia government.u never support the miserable Ethiopian but to get the name of freedom fighter hiding your family in the USA- WE KNOW YOU are the causes of thousands of pure bloodshed in collaboration with SHABIA AND OLF.

GENERALLY,melie is a man who spent his golden age to fight against brutal and killers for many years but you abscond to USA with frightful sound of missiles fired thousands of miles away from you. you always fan up the miracle governing system of America upon the world. melie is well and at normal you could put a powder of pepper on your eyes so that u will get dead melese so u will cry because it is known you will feel sorrow for him.

long live meles zenawi

07/08/12 @ 08:08
Comment from: Heny [Visitor]

Yilma ugly teqara,
People say that is because of your ugliless coupeld with dark pitch colour that your wife abandoned you.

07/08/12 @ 09:45
Comment from: Dedeb Hisb [Visitor]
Dedeb Hisb

Reading the comments of Ethiopians to any article is sad proof that no matter who the leader is, we as a people are so ignorant, so backwards that it does not matter. Why don’t people think before they right something?

07/08/12 @ 09:49
Comment from: Mesfin [Visitor]

I understand some of us are nostalgic about the way things used to be and I understand that Meles has to trample on few toes as he put it to start undoing centuries of injustices perpetrated against the people of Ethiopia. Someone just mentioned Emperor Tewodros to make a point. In case you didn’t know Tewodros was a shifta, In other words he was a war lord who even prosecuted the Ethiopian Orthodox church. In addition, the old political systematically suppressed different cultures and languages such as the Oromo. The Oromo people weren’t even allowed to sing in their language and if you think I created this out of a thin air then all you have to do is talk to Ali Birra who was once thrown in jail because he dared to sing in Oromiffa. Haile Sellasie was lavishly celebrating his anniversary to the throne while millions of his citizens were dying in Wollo. The butcher Mengistu Haile Mariam wanted a revenge on rebellious provinces of Tigray and Eritrea by withholding food aide to those provinces and as a result of his evil policy close to a million of our people died. He was celebrating the ‘revolution’ while this was happening, and he spent millions of dollars on extravagant celebration as people of Tigray, northern wollo, Afar and Eritrea were dying. Mengistu Haile Mariam stood on Meskel Square and threw a bottle containing a blood like liquid and smashed it on the asphalt to demonstrate how he would crush the reactionaries. And I again urge you all to go to youtube and find a video where either a gambella/benishagul/gumuz soldier with thick accent confronting Mengistu Haile Mariam or the evil deeds that were being committed for the sake of Ethiopian unity. Don’t convince yourself that you have the high moral ground by writing an article wishing and praying evil deeds. There is a better way to demonstrate that you have a moral high ground other than by shouting ‘we don’t need food’ for a country that lost a million people to famine less than 30 years ago. We don’t need food could only one thing and one thing alone. If People are serious about democracy, accountability and prosperity for Ethiopia, we need to acknowledge past injustices and recognize the root causes of our problems are extreme hunger and abject poverty. I suppose it is easy to shout we don’t need food living in USA and eating three four and five times a day if you are a pig like Abebe Gallow then you might even eat kitfo and Kurt Siga every meal thanks to thousands of dollars of ESAT money. I would like to see what those millions of people who died of the famine of 1984 would think about what he said. I’d like to see what a starving kid of 1984 would choose between, a meal that could save his life and a toxic, poisonous tabloid written by Abebe Gallow we could then decide who have the moral high ground.

07/08/12 @ 09:53
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

Mesfin the Brainless TPLF

I moron of your capacity will never know if the truth hits you in the face. I suggest you go back to tigray and enjoy your life there.

07/08/12 @ 09:59
Comment from: Mesfin [Visitor]


Ok please go to the following link on youtube to see what i am refering to. Please fast forward to 6 minutes of this video and watch the rest of the video. I am sure you will bring back warm and fuzzy nostaligic emotions back about the crimes of the past. This is what EPRDF fought against. Those days are long gone and arent coming back.

07/08/12 @ 10:55
Comment from: Abebaw Gondare [Visitor]
Abebaw Gondare

Well, now ATO mesfin u r trying to be an Ethiopian and wanna lecture us our beloved history. For ur information ur stupid Yogannes was a shifta too. As far as the Amhara leaders did this, haile selassie did this or even the derg did this to the people of Tigray or any other minority in the country is a nonsense propaganda used by the Tigre QIMALMOCH for the last 21 years. When u guys got the power what did u do to our county, of course u where a slave of Shabia, a merssionary of Arabs, so what did u do? Yes u succeed Ertria from the motherland. What did u do to help the people of Tigay and Erteria, wollo to help the starved people? O ya after 21 years Ethiopia is still begging food from international community. So I said to u! Please stop trying to tell us woyane difited hunger in Ethiopia when the result is the other way around. Eritrea is worest than befor and the poor Qimalam tigers is still poor except the regime juntas. In case u forgot Mr. Mesfin! When ur qimalam hizb suffered from hunger they use to come to GONDAR and spent the worest of times with us. No u and ur jeneration forgot our humanly contribution to the people of Tigray, what we got was ur kinds of stupid mouth and fight us with the enemy of Ethiopia mainly with shabia. All of u made the worst mistake and u can not be real Ethiopian when u damage The emage, reputation, the territorial integrity of Ethiopia. For ur information ur yohannes was the one whe lead and assist the British troops to take all our Orthodox church manuscripts, TABOTAT, disrespect and killed the Muslim of Wollows. Wow to u and to ur banda people’s?

07/08/12 @ 11:20
Comment from: Bekele [Visitor]

Abebe Gelaw(Gelawun metateb yemaychil) leflafi Gondere, first he need to teach his tribe “Sanitation". Gondere lefukura, leshlela, lezefen,lewere, azmarinet new enji, Ethiopia yemiasfeligat “yemisera” sew new.

07/08/12 @ 11:22
Comment from: Mesfin [Visitor]

Why is it that every journalist wanna be extremist is from Gondor. What do they put in their water?? Here is the list of so called journalist wanna be’s from Gondor.

Abebe “we don’t need food” Gallow
Abebe Belew
Tamagne Beyene
or this guy tops the list
Mirchaw Sinishaw.
Mirchaw Sinishaw the spokesperson for Hailu Shewal who was once Derge cadre and has a bloody history and by the way even Elias Kifle another extremist once wrote a scathing article about him.
see the link below.

07/08/12 @ 12:09
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]


Dude what is your point? I seem to have missed your point or your message and propaganda is one that makes sense to you and your type TPLF’s and no one else.

Mengistu is a killer and a savage and a coward let there be no mistake about it.

As for Meles and TPLF read what Abebaw Gondare wrote above I agree with most of if excluding calling names of any tribe.

Meles has been a failure since the beginning and for the record Ethiopia will prosper economically at a greater level without him. He is a dictator and an obstacle to true progress and democracy. Let there be no mistake about that.

No the Ethiopian people are telling you they want to move in a different direction. Stop coming here trying to chock of change and fruitlessly attempt to manipulate. It won’t work. Good day!

07/08/12 @ 12:13
Comment from: Abebaw Gondare [Visitor]
Abebaw Gondare

Really,,,,, is this ur answer? Ait mesfin, When people Questioned ur Ethiopianism? U have to give us an answer that u hate GONDRE!!! Is that what it is? Of course when anybody asked u about Ethiopia and her integrity? Ur answer is, all this Questions comes only from GONDRE, instead of giving us a good reason why u and ur stupid TEBAB astesaseb put Ethiopia in great deal of danger. Just to be clear I am not a journalist or those people u mentioned. Just because u hate this people it doesn’t necessarily give u a right to insult all GONARE. Stop putting shikor Fabrica from WALDBA. I know u may not have a beliefe in GOD, since u all are communist but one thing I know is that U all are messing with the almighty God. This tells me ur time has come to an end.

07/08/12 @ 12:34
Comment from: Danny [Visitor]

Lets celebrate his death!!!! :) &#59;)

I dont do the politically correct, we should not talk ill of the dead or pray for someone to die. NOT when the person is evil and is directly resposible for millions of deathsdue to pointless wars,ethnic hatred, treason and humiliating famines. FAMINE, disgracing our people around the world.

Meles’s death is the greatest gift god can give us. WHat our countrymen should have done a long time ago will be gods will.

I for one will be dancing in the streets.I HATE THAT EVIL MAN.

07/08/12 @ 12:58
Comment from: Mesfin [Visitor]

@Abebaw Gondare: So God instructed us all not to farm huh?? WALDABA is your response to everything. You know and I know WALDABA is never going to be affected by the sugar development that is like 20 kilometers away from it but this is a classic case of using a church to silence political oponents. The case of Waldaba is purely an attempt of economic sabotage. The danager isnt that you will be able to win political point using Waldaba now but what if you were to win and rule the country then others will use religion to score political point against you and it will be a vicious cirlce of poverty and conflict. The extreme opposition is using the same tactic that the Republican party uses to demonize Democrates. If you you remember a few month ago the big political debate in US was about birth control and how Obama was infringing on the catholic church on that issue and Rush Limbaugh made a hay out of that so Abebe Gallow and company are using the tried and true religion to score political point which will fail. There is no where in the bible that says you cant farm. In fact we were told the opposite go form and work hard and eat for the sins adam and eve committed not the other way around. The Egyptians coptic popes used the same tactic against Ethiopia for centruries telling ethiopian farmers not to touch the water of the nile because it would be against the church. There are still people in Gojjam that make annual sacrifies to the water of the nile because of this supersition that they were taught by imported Egyptian coptic popes. So your economic sabotage will not work.

07/08/12 @ 13:08
Comment from: Abebaw Gondare [Visitor]  
Abebaw Gondare

I agree that we need development but the point is why the government consult the people? Is their no land enough in Ethiopia For shikor fabrica instead of disturbing the hermites of the monastery who always pray for Ethiopia!
Can u show me or suggest me a book or some kind of resources u have, that say Egypt Coptics was telling the people of Ethiopia not to utilize the river of Abay?
I am sick and tired of u guys telling us example from the western world. Ethiopia is different, all kinds of development should be considered with the respection of our culture, religion and way of life. Ur generation ways of doing business with Ethiopia is by input western value over a country which has its Owen uniq culture.
This is really sad….. Wake up people

07/08/12 @ 13:37
Comment from: Bekele [Visitor]

EPRDF has to many heros like Arkebe to replace meles and they are ready to go any time. Goderem bihon selebratio sinor azmarino hono zigigitun madmekia yihonal. betornet gizem befukera ena beshilela hizbun lemanekakia yitekmal(even if they have poor sanitation). Azmarino(Gonder) keftgna yeturist meshibm chimr new. lik ende Konso turibe Azmarinom be Unesco yalem kirsnet memezgeb alebet.Angebgabiw guday gin ye “Sanitation” ena “Education". bihonm, be 5 ametu ye edget ena ye transformationu ekid siletekatete bekirbu ende tigrian (Educated and well sanitation) yihonal. i wish Azmarino all the best.

07/08/12 @ 13:59
Comment from: Abebaw Gondare [Visitor]  
Abebaw Gondare

Aye ait bekele!!!! Please…. When u know better,,,,
Of course Gondar was African Camelot, who had the best and brightest KINGS And QUEENS, artist and beautiful city. I said except a good and highly educated who believe in Ethiopianism
Tigrians…. People like u who do not have education and do not now the history of Ethiopia would like to open up ur mouth and said nasty things about Amahara specially about GONDAR. O yes TIGRE knows the best sanitation, that is a big lough on u. When ur mom, dad, sister, brother…. Was starved to death and where on the picture of time magazine all over the world, now u are trying talk about sanitation. First of all find a food to eat then talk about sanitation. Remember ur family was once in GONDAR begging for food. We are not like u guys we fed u. But u and ur bandas family when u get the power what did u do? Y become friends with shabia who hates ur guts. What did u when ahabia invade ur stone bademe? O ya,,, u came back
And beg Ethiopian people to help u fight shabia. This is the woyane and ur Tarik. So first get some food in ur table to wipe ur ass then u can talk about sanitation.. U starved big belly tigre.

07/08/12 @ 14:25
Comment from: Goitay [Visitor]  

Neither yilma Bekele´s trash and wishful thinking nor Abebe gelaws barking like mad dog as if he were immersed in a hot water doesn´t flinch the graceful PM Meles Zenawi even an inch from his fight against poverty and the remanants of derg who he burried 21 years ago. PM Meles lead the only successful revolution in the history of Ethiopia, eradicating the chauvinists and leading the country to a new chapter of renaisance. Thanx to PM Meles and other selfless personalities of the EPRDF leadership who overcome all enemies of Ethiopia like derg, Kinijit, OLF, Shaebia and so on. Ethiopia is blessed to be administered by PM Meles and Co in this transitional period of history in Africa.

07/08/12 @ 14:49
Comment from: Bekele [Visitor]

Azmarino betornet gize Dem kaye “Enate Enate………” chuket. Beselam gize demo Jegna yimesl fukera kiwt yaregatal. Bemilas 1st betegbar girn “0″.

07/08/12 @ 14:59
Comment from: Dachew [Visitor]

I bet this article is written by a child. What a garbage!

07/08/12 @ 15:06
Comment from: Abebaw Gondare [Visitor]  
Abebaw Gondare

Yenante gigninet Ethiopian madmate, maqusel, but when enemy comes from outside u and ur people like to fight ur Owen matherland. Let me remind u if u know history….
Haile silassie gugsa grand son of yohannes betraid Ethiopia for Italia…. RAS wolde Micael went to the egyptians wearing a muslim close….. We Godare put an end to the zemene mesafint by Jegnaw atse TEWODROS. The Shewa Amabara come to sa e ur ass from Italian invasion jegnaw MINILIk. What did tplf did was, once they want to be separated from Ethiopia… But u guys realized that u got nothing to eat or sestain economic power. So u chose to be a litch of Ethiopia. If u want to talk about JEGNA all Amhara kings defend the territory of our country including haile selassie. If u call yourself JEGNA bring back Ethiopian right to have a sea port back, at list show something u defend Ethiopia the I will call u JEGNA. But u fought ur country men and get the power by colaborating with the enemy,,,,, u never fought a war like adwa to make u ( woyane ) Ethiopian JEGNA. So Feri malet endante Yale QIMALAM new. Betarik enenten ende Tewodros ena Minilik JEGNA belo yemiterachu yelem.

07/08/12 @ 15:31
Comment from: tessema [Visitor]

There are a lot of issues I disaagree with Meles Zenawi and still wish him good health. Those who utter hate politics always are short of alternatives. Always barking at bringing one down but never look at who or what replaces.. If Meles died today who in the opposition going to replace him? Before we wish the demise of Meles we should look at ourselves and clean our act.. Look there is no Tigrean blood in me. If one has to be identified by ethnicity I am 100 percent amhara. I am an Ethiopian above anything else. One reality is very true Meles is a better leader than Mengistu or even Emperor Haileselassie. It is there to be seen in Ethiopia unless one is blinded by hate politics. I disagree with Meles policies of targeting Amharas as responsible for everything that went wrong in Ethiopa and above everything the loss of Assab which is an Ethiopian out let to the sea. Beyond that Meles is truly a builder of modern and economically successful Ethiopia. I wish him good health. I don’t wish his position, running Ethiopia is the most difficult job on earth…

07/08/12 @ 17:12
Comment from: Nero [Visitor]

As I was reading the title at a glance, I thought it red “The death of Meles Zenawi"!!!

07/08/12 @ 18:01
Comment from: Beza [Visitor]

I am sick and tired of reading articles and responses at any time. When are we going to mature? Even if the person is evil you do not wish his death.
Up to now, I didn’t see any one who has solutions and alternative suggestion just to trash what someone said and worked hard for. Third thing every leader has a positive and negative or (not good accomplishment) A mature person will give credit where credit is due and criticize on the things that the leaders do not accomplish well, constructive critsizem. When you trash everything it looks to me because you do not try the only thing you do is trash people’s name or name calling

07/08/12 @ 18:02
Comment from: Tarid [Visitor]

I wish long live with perfect healthy for Meles but EPRDF has strong internal structure and will stay longer even after Meles retire.

07/08/12 @ 18:21
Comment from: Ethiofriendly [Visitor]

Amonth ago it was Esaias and now it is Meles, sounds the new is paid by Esaias Afewerki to avenge for what was siad on his health.

Then it puts the ‘article’ and its ‘author’ in a question of getting paid by the Eritrean dicator for doing so.

I stopped it just with the title, it is just so light and diltued ‘truth.’

07/08/12 @ 18:26
Comment from: Sam [Visitor]

Just as a fellow countryman and human being, I wish the PM well and hope he recovers from whatever it is. Wishing someone’s death is inhuman and not condoned in any religion.

And no I have no association with EPRDF.


07/08/12 @ 18:53
Comment from: Heny [Visitor]

Deadly enemies of Ethiopia, didyou read this? We will start to pick you from the Bole Airport one by one. የግንቦት 7ቱ “ሙሽራ” በአዱስ አበባ!!!!
ዯረጀ ዯበበ ተሰማ የተባሇ የግንቦት 7 አሸባሪ ዴርጅት ከፍተኛ የአመራር አባሌ በሰርግ ሽፋን አዱስ
አበባ ገብቶ በቁጥጥር ስር እንዯዋሇ የኢትዮጵያ የፀጥታ ምንጮች አረጋግጡ፡፡
ነፃነት ታዬ በሚሌ የኮዴ ስም የሚጠራው ይህ የአሸባሪው ቡዴን የግንቦት 7 ከፍተኛ የአመራር አባሌ
21 ሰዎች ያለበት የግንቦት 7 ምክር ቤት አባሌ፣ የመካከሇኛው ምስራቅ የዴርጅቱ ሰብሳቢ እና
የግንቦት 7 ዱያስፖራ ኮሚቴ አባሌ መሆኑን ያመነ ሲሆን እስከአሁን በተካሄዯው ምርመራ ከምክር
ቤት አባሊት ቃላ በሚሌ የኮዴ ስም የሚታወቅ የምክር ቤቱ ሉቀመንበር ስዊዴን አገር የሚኖር፣
ዋዯይ በሚሌ የኮዴ ስም የሚታወቅ የምክር ቤቱ ፀሃፊ አሜሪካን አገር ዳንቨር ከተማ የሚኖር፣
ሚያዝያ 30 በሚሌ የኮዴ ስም የሚታወቅና ቀዯም ሲሌ አዱስ አበባ የሚያውቀው እንግሉዝ አገር
ሇንዯን የሚኖር እና የላልች በርካታ የዴርጅቱ የምክር ቤትና የስራ አስፈፃሚ ኮሚቴ አባሊት
እውነተኛ ማንነት በተመሇከተ ዝርዝር መረጃ መስጠቱን የኢትዮጵያ የፀጥታ ምንጮች ገሌፀዋሌ፡፡
ከዴርጅት ጉዲይና ከዱያስፖራ ኮሚቴ ከፍተኛ የአመራር አባሊት መካከሌ ውቤ በሚሌ የኮዴ ስም
የሚጠራ የዴርጅት ጉዲይ ሃሊፊ እንግሉዝ አገር የሚኖር፣ መሸሻ የሚባሌ ስዊዴን አገር የሚኖር
የዱያስፖራ አሇምአቀፍ ኮሚቴ ሰብሳቢ እና ላልችም የተሇያዩ አህጉራት የግንቦት 7 ሰብሳቢዎችን
የጠቆመ ሲሆን ከዚህ በተጨማሪ ራሱ የሚመራው የመካከሇኛው ምስራቅ የግንቦት 7 መዋቅር
ውስጥ አሳየው (ደባ&#4845&#59;) ፀሃፊ፣ ሚጣቅ (ዯማም ሳውዱ አረቢ&#4843&#59;) የዴርጅት ጉዲይ፣ ናዯው (ዯማም
ሳውዱ አረቢ&#4843&#59;) የህዝብ ግንኙነት፣ አዯራ (ደባ&#4845&#59;) የህዝብ ግንኙነት ረዲት፣ ሙሳ (ሪያዴ ሳውዱ
አረቢ&#4843&#59;) አባሌ፣ ታገሌ (ጆቤሌ ሳውዱ አረቢ&#4843&#59;) አባሌ፣ የተንቢ (ጅዲ ሳውዱ አረቢ&#4843&#59;) በሚሌ የኮዴ
ስማቸው የሚታወቁ አባሊት ዝርዝር ማንነታቸውን በሚመሇከት ሇፀጥታ አካሊት መረጃ መስጠቱን
ሇማወቅ ተችሎሌ፡፡
ነፃነት ታዬ የተባሇው ይኸው የግንቦት 7 አሸባሪ ከፍተኛ አመራር አባሌ ወዯ ሃገር ውስጥ ሰርግ
በሚሌ ሽፋን ሲገባ በሃገር ውስጥ ከሚገኙ የቡዴኑ አባሊት ጋር እንዱገናኝ ተጨማሪ ተሌእኮ
ተስጥቶት እንዯነበር ማመኑንና የዴርጅቱን እንቅስቃሴ የሚያረጋግጡ በርካታ መረጃዎችም ግሇሰቡ
ይዞት ከገባው ኮምፒዩተር ውስጥ መገኘቱን የፀጥታ ምንጮቹ በተጨማሪ አረጋግጠዋሌ፡፡
የኢትዮጵያ የፀጥታ ምንጮች ዯረጀ ዯበበ (ነፃነት ታ&#4844&#59;) በሳዑዱ አረቢያ ስሇነበረው እንቅስቃሴ እና
ወዯ ሃገር ሲገባም አስቀዴመው ያውቁ እንዯነበረ ጠቁመው አገር ውስጥ ገብቶ የሚያዯርጋቸውን
እንቅስቃሴዎችና ግንኙነቶች ሇአራት ቀናት ያህሌ በጥንቃቄ ሲከታተለ ከሰነበቱ በኋሊ በቁጥጥር ስር
እንዱውሌ ተዯርጎ በመጀመሪያው ዙር በተካሄዯው ምርመራ የግንቦት 7 ከፍተኛ አመራር መሆኑን
ሙለ በሙለ አምኖ ቃለ መስጠቱን ገሌፀዋሌ፡፡
የሰርጉ ቀን እየዯረሰ ሲመጣ በእሱ ሊይ እምነት በማሳዯር እና ከፍተኛ ወጪ በማውጣት ከአሜሪካን
አገር ኢትዮጵያ ዴረስ ጋብቻ ሇመፈፀም ሇመጣችው እጮኛው እና ሇሁሇቱም ቤተሰቦች ሲባሌ
የአሸባሪ ቡዴኑ አመራር አባሌ የተያዘው “በስህተት” እንዯሆነ ቤተሰቦቹን እንዱያሳምን በተዯረሰው
መግባባት መሰረት በዋዜማው ተሇቆ በክትትሌ ጥሊ ስር ሆኖ ሰርጉን እንዱያሳሌፍ ማዴረጋቸውን
የፀጥታ ምንጮቹ ጠቁመዋሌ፡፡
ግሇሰቡ ሰርጉን እና መሌሱን ያሇምንም ችግር ካሳሇፈ በኋሊ የፀጥታ ሀይልች ግሇሰቡን በዴጋሚ
በቁጥጥር ስር እንዱውሌ በማዴረግ ሚስቱን በመጥራት እሷ ዯረጀ ዯበበ በሚሌ ስም የምታውቀውን
ሰው ግንቦት 7 የተባሇው አሸባሪ ዴርጅት ከፍተኛ አመራር አባሌ መሆኑንና ሰርጉን ሇሽብር
ተሌእኮው በሽፋንነት እንዯተጠቀመበት በዝርዝር እንዴትረዲ ማዴረጋቸውን ገሌፀዋሌ፡፡
እጮኛው የፕሮቴስታንት እምነት ተከታይ በመሆኗ ዯረጀ የሚባሇውን ሰው የምታውቀው
ቤተክርስትያን ውስጥ መሆኑንና ከ115 አመታት በኋሊ በፌስቡክ ፈሌጎ አግኝቷት ሇተወሰኑ አመታት
በስካይፒ ግንኙነት ሲያዯርጉ ቆይተው ሇእውነተኛ ትዲር ፍሇጋ እሱን አምና ከመምጣትዋ በቀር
ስሇግሇሰቡ ፖሇቲካዊ ህይወትም ሆነ ስሇመጣበት ዴብቅ የሽብር ተሌእኮ ምንም ዓይነት እውቀት
እንዲሌነበራት በመግሇፅ ሰርጉ እንዲይበሊሽ በመንግስት በኩሌ ሇተዯረገሊት ትብብርና ዴጋፍ ከፍተኛ
ምስጋና ማቅረቧን ሇማወቅ ተችሎሌ፡፡
በዚህ የግንቦት 7 ከፍተኛ አመራር የተጀመረው ምርመራ እንዯተጠናቀቀ ተጨማሪ መረጃዎች
እንዯሚወጡና በእሱና በላልች የግንቦት 7 አመራሮች ሊይም ክስ እንዯሚመሰረት የፀጥታ ምንጮች
በተጨማሪ ጠቁመዋሌ፡፡
የኢትዮጵያ የፀጥታ ሀይልች በተሇያየ ሽፋን ወዯ አገር ቤት በሚመሊሇሱ የአሽባሪው የግንቦት 7
ዴርጅት አባሊት፣ ቤተሰብ፣ ሃብትና ንብረት ሊይ በፀረ-ሽብር ህጉ በተቀመጠው መሰረት ህጋዊ
እርምጃ መውሰዴ መጀመራቸውን ገሌፀው የአሸባሪ ዴርጅት አባሌ ሆኖ በላሊ በኩሌ ዯግሞ ሃገር ቤት
መመሊሇስም ሆነ በሃገር ቤት ውስጥ ሃብትና ንብረት ማፍራትና ማንቀሳቀስ በህጉ መሰረት ፈፅሞ
እንዯማይቻሌ ሉረደት እንዯሚገባ አሳስበዋሌ፡፡ በመሆኑም የዚህ አሸባሪ ዴርጅት አባሊት እና
ቤተሰቦቻቸው ከሰሊማዊ ህይወትና ከሽብር መንገዴ አንደን መምረጥ እንዲሇባቸውና አሁንም ጊዜው
ሳይረፍዴ የገቡበት የጥፋት መንገዴ የሚያስከትሇውን ህጋዊ መዘዝ እንዱረደ በጥብቅ

07/08/12 @ 19:12
Comment from: soda [Visitor]


The picture is manipulated to make the Ethiopian prime Minister look sick. The picture is about 11% stretched vertically to make him look like thinner and about 25% darker (colorless) to appear sicker. The sad thing is they did such a bad job of faking it you can easily tell the difference between the original where they said they picture is from and the one they have posted on the article.

Here is the direct link for xinhua, you can copy and paste it on your URL and see the original photograph for your self. Cheers

07/08/12 @ 19:17
Comment from: essu [Visitor]

one thing really amazes me. people who support meles. Ethiopian ppl suffering. Tigray people are Ethiopians why supporting meles blindly?

07/08/12 @ 19:30
Comment from: BAYAE [Visitor]

I stongly pray for his better health. The PM death is the down of Ethiopians and all her belonging. He is the one who fights against poverty. U stupid fellows, i recommed u to predict what will follow after his death. Long Life for the PM.

07/08/12 @ 19:58
Comment from: Tazabi [Visitor]

What a shame! It is evident that your article is based on hatred and wild wishes. There is not an iota of substance in your “gutter” article. Your wild assumptions and ill wishes are characteristics of that of a desperate and hopeless man.
You have far out done some of the tabloids filled with lies…
By the way, when was the last time you visited your doctor?

07/08/12 @ 22:00
Comment from: [Member]

I love Gossip. This is not a news.

07/08/12 @ 22:50
Comment from: Shone [Visitor]

Meles will not die, but he will live longer. I am not interested in politics, but I am telling you the truth. Forget not what I write.

07/08/12 @ 23:56
Comment from: Tazabi [Visitor]

I think those of you who thinks this PM’s leadership is the worst must be ignorant and blind. In which history of Ethiopia did we have so many higher institutions, graduates, health institutions etc? Under whose recent leadership did we economically perform as good as or even better than many many African countries? You may ask about quality, but I would argue that quality will come with time! Under whose leadership did we have so many roads and to be constructed (hope you believe) railways…Had it not been for TPLF, our usual ‘elite’ leaders would have kept that country in darker conditions than it is now, for SURE. How are you crying too much of few guys in the prison? Our past ‘elite’ leaders loot the country to send the money to Swiss bank, ruined & left the country without any significant economical improvement, KILLED so many bright opponents of their awkward administration! At least wayane left most of the looted country’s money in the country, is keeping the country out of the mud and dust that they received from our past ‘elite’ leaders, and keep the leaders of their administration in Kality, stationed at their home, or in PA or Asmera. Our past ‘elite’ leaders hung the opponents in public or draw their bodies on the street! YOU MUST BE BLIND AND IGNORANT TO DENY HOW MELES IS LEADING TO BRING THIS COUNTRY OUT OF MUD AND DUST IN EVERY CRITERIA. How do you wish him death! For me this is to wish ETHIOPIA death. There could be brighter people than Meles but wish Meles to finish the good work he started first and let the brighter one take over after that! NB: I am not Tigre but just tazabi. GOD BLESS ETHIOPIA AND ITS PEOPLE. MAY GOD REVENGE FOR THE POOR AND WEAK.

07/08/12 @ 23:57
Comment from: john john [Visitor]
john john

Those delusional element claim PM has health problem ? Absolutely no he is in perfect and a good health. Regarding the picture with Chains leader the picture was rigged by pro Washington gangs by shrining the image of PM look as sick and weak the hint is Isseya Afeworki is dying slowly he wont make next year for sure so his supporter and the opposition working hard as usual miss leading and distraction,

07/09/12 @ 00:32
Comment from: GUD [Visitor]

What the f@#k is going on with the gonderes mind?why do they call them selves a journalist when we all have their video as esksta woraj and yemender leflafi? talaqua america hulunem bagdami wonber askemetech.yegermal. god forbid, if something happen to our hero we have more heroes behind don’t be foolish wishing the end of EPRDF. JIB YE BERE KOLET YEWODKELINGAL BELA SETKETEL TEWLALECH!!!

07/09/12 @ 00:49
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Hyena ,keep on your childish bla blas for yourself !!!Afterall this poor guy has come to his country as
any simple cityzen to pay a visit to
his family .It’s not a secret to anyone that your looter Agazis are actually in lack of currencies .To celebrate his wedding with his family he’s surely come with more moneys !!!Today even
bringing 1000$ is considered by Tigre Mafiosis as a means to be strown into prison !!!!By the way the crime minister is on the chapter
of his final days .He surely had a heartattack by the last Washington
public slap that the great Abebe honored him !!! Hyena for your Information your leba master has proposed to President Obama that a
Grammy Award being specially accorded to Akeldama ,surely your ETV
donkey journalists are the surely the best!!!!

07/09/12 @ 00:57
Comment from: Mo Ethio [Visitor]
Mo Ethio

Tazabi [Visitor] thank you I couldn’t say it better than you did. When a person express his/her opinion with facts, someone automatically call him/her tigray. the truth is most people like Al Mariam and others knew the truth. during the time of Haileselassie and Mengistu what have we accomplish as a nation? during haileselassie our country was divided by ethnic and religion. during mengistu, so many young & educated people was killed. Yes we have a right to call Meles what ever we want but the facts are clear. and again you can go ahead call me names but the truth always will come out. let us open our mind. even if Meles dies, there are others waiting to take his place. we have to give credit when credit is due.

07/09/12 @ 01:35
Comment from: bruck [Visitor]

Boring article and boring comments. i think some peoples have SCHIZOPHRENIA OR BIPOLAR DISORDERS INCLUDING THE WRITTER???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

07/09/12 @ 02:07
Comment from: EWUNET-YASHENEFAL [Visitor]


07/09/12 @ 02:15
Comment from: John6 [Visitor]

The reality is that the transition of leadership in Africa is almost always is not smooth. If an african leader dies, many innocent people also get killed as The Generals fight to consolidate their power. According to WIKiLEAKs, Ethiopia’s Meles Zenawi health has been deteriorating. The irony of history , the health of president of Eritrea is in bad shape too.I don’t know if all Ethiopians want meles die BUT i can tell you most Eritreans want to see isayas afewerki dead since isayas is no#1 enemy of Eritrean people.

07/09/12 @ 02:23
Comment from: netsanet [Visitor]


07/09/12 @ 02:28
Comment from: [Member]
michael sa

This is interesting and i like it because some people are just boiling with anger so they take it out here,the fact is even if he goes there is always someone else to replace him but it will be sad to loose such an incredible mind that will be a big loss for our country
having said that many of Meles haters try every thing to defeat him but they couldn’t now they start to wish him death and some even start asking the Almighty God to kill him God doesn’t answer for such request and Mr writer are you a prophet? how can you tell if the person got time to live or not just by looking his picture on a tv. it is just wishful thinking. call me weyane for you information i am born and lived in Jimma not every one that support this gov’t tigray or may be this gov’t gave me farm but unfortunately i am in South Africa how about that?

07/09/12 @ 02:32
Comment from: Proud Ethiopiaweeee [Visitor]
Proud Ethiopiaweeee


Thank you so much for posting the link! We, Ethiopians, need to speak the truth regardless of what the Woyanes do to our country.

Nazret is becoming “Ye Boona Bet” for posting garbage articles like this one…And it is not the first time!

Do Yilma Bekele & Abebe Gelaw know the difference between an activist and a journalist?

07/09/12 @ 02:38
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Hey Michael if you are born and lived in Jimma ,nothing proves that you are not a TPLF Thug or an
Eri amice .As you know many from your rocky lands settled in this city for coffee business .There are also many Tigre Mafiosis ,the evil Azeb ’s protégés settled in South Africa .The same as those who tried
with the complicity of TPLF Ambassador in Johansburg to sabotage
ESAT TV Fund raising and the visit of Artist Tamagne .If you are really
not one of them or an evil kersam
Banda so what the hell are you supporting such a dying looter Tyrant !!!!!

07/09/12 @ 02:52
Comment from: Gondar [Visitor]

from: GUD [Visitor]
What the f@#k is going on with the gonderes mind?why do they call them selves a journalist when we all have their video as esksta woraj and yemender leflafi? talaqua america hulunem bagdami wonber askemetech.yegermal. god forbid, if something happen to our hero we have more heroes behind don’t be foolish wishing the end of EPRDF. JIB YE BERE KOLET YEWODKELINGAL BELA SETKETEL TEWLALECH!!!


07/09/12 @ 02:55
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Shamefulethiopiawee and Canadadry the picture of your leba master with
the chinese President dated from the last year G8 summit !!!For your Information the Ethic of journalist is simply to inform the public not being a mouthpiece of the Tyrant as you are used with Agazi Bandit and Tigre Mafiosis medias of hates !!!

07/09/12 @ 02:59
Comment from: desta [Visitor]

Look at the list of Erterian Financed and with Ginbot 7 and Esat related persons who are banned now by US Gov.

07/09/12 @ 03:14
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

A little correction :The picture am
I mentioning is the one that Soda is refering as being published by the Chinese news agency .

07/09/12 @ 03:15
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Dedebu Desta ,where the hell have you read on this list Ginbot 7 and esat Tv related persons on the list .By the way have you noticed that the Eri officers accused for having links with Al shebab ,one of his nickname is Mequelle !!!Another
proof how much you Thuggy guys are linked !!!!

07/09/12 @ 03:25
Comment from: Hailu [Visitor]

Ante Afer-fit amedam belesam ebid. Get yourself treatment for insanity before you coement on the great yilma and his looks. Yilma belongs to the solomonic dynasity. You belong to the zenjible faced race that is havocing ethiopia.

07/09/12 @ 07:06
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

Heny the Idiot TPLF

Not only can you not pick up anyone at the airport you yourself may be picked up on the streets of Addis and kicked around until you cry for help. A coward of your caliber is just a mouth and no action!

07/09/12 @ 08:14
Comment from: Belew [Visitor]

May God protect you Melese! I will always pray for you!

07/09/12 @ 09:24
Comment from: Alem [Visitor]

The guy could be ill, sick or healthy…he is a human being…you call it whatever makes you happy but one thing you should take a note of: see the picture of prime miniter Meles Zenawi with Chines president in the link below against the one posted by the nazret blogger (indeed they are from different angles but.. ). So sad depiction.

07/09/12 @ 10:08
Comment from: Bex [Visitor]

@ Yilma Bekele sorry for you Rubish articles, the sound like to me you are one of G7 supporter or may be you are one of Amhara’s origin who try to rule the country once again” Amhara dreams is End even if wayanes leaves Power ” you guys just use less and keep parking from Every where around the world ” TPLF 100% better than Amhara who rules countrys for a century’s ” but it’s not true What Mr Bekele talking about Ato Meles ” he is extraordinary Strong and power full leader Africa never produce ” keep crying with your dogs like G7 , Kingit ‘ etc. they are use less and small minded all of them even if Melse leave Ofice you will never ever rule the country again in your life time Melese already decide who want the rule the country After TPLF leaves and thats only one nation who represents Ethiopia 45% guess who ? you called them animal unfurtunately human being is never called in anima we are all animal but we are different than animal okay” any way that’s animal want to rule Ethiopia after TPLF leaves ” all Amhara party are stupid and they are still try to keep playing old card ” Im sorry for them” Oromoia the only the one who rules the country in the near future” they are also indpedent from From Ethiopia just like Ertrians does in 19th ” Death to G7 and all Kingit or other Amhara parties don’ t dream it Melse is Strong than ever our strong leader live for ever ahahahaha

07/09/12 @ 12:13
Comment from: ahay [Visitor]

I don’t think the illness of both Isayas and Meles is coincidence. Do you see the pattern here? What is the likelihood that this is coincidence? This means some wants them dead. This plan could be for better or for worse for both Eritrea and Ethiopia. This is what people are not seeing this happening within 3 months difference when Isayas and Meles all of the sudden fell ill. If they survive this, perhaps the odds are for them while we wish them dead. I doubt the death of both of these leaders necessarily will bring positive. It could be chaos, good or bad.

07/09/12 @ 13:24
Comment from: GUD [Visitor]

@ name less or nazretoch

how come you left a comment with out identifying your self ye shermuta lij.
bututo lebash have nothing to say because we kick your ass mercilessly. now we are dealing with a new generation witch is more productive and have no time to sing all day long for nothing like his/her father dedebs go to school and get journalism degree.There is no short cut!!!!chemlakoch.

07/09/12 @ 13:49
Comment from: GUD [Visitor]

@ henny

thank you for your info. i know those losers will end up one by one at a kaliti prison because they are Ethiopian Talibans/terrorist

07/09/12 @ 14:00
Comment from: [Member]

***to Brook, Ment4you, Teddy***
I have noticed there is a new Cyber cadre named - Mesfin(BTW name sake hahaha!!!). He sounds like he runs the information sector of Meles the Shifta.

***To Heny***
please do not mess the beautiful Amharic language. I forbid you to resort to your English. I had “headache” trying to understand your “scribble". If your intention was to impress the rest of Nazret bloggers as being fluent in Amharic language, you have failed big time!!!

Going back to the article topic, I wish I can hear the “Big News” not only to me but to all Ethiopians, Freedom lovers, Democratic people on the globe that the “Tyrant,Shifta, Meles” is on his “death bed"!!!

let us all rejoice with the good news


07/09/12 @ 14:54
Comment from: QIMALEM TIGRE [Visitor]  

Wow,,,, the starved QIMALAM tigre infested all the comments.
Gize yesetew QIL DIGA yeseberal. The fact is still ur QIMALAM Tigre Mengist is begging food aid. The fact is still starved Tigree is coming to ADDIS ABEBA and begging everywhere. When we the AMHARA come back to the power as usual we will starve u to death again.
Agame shermuta Ye shabeya slave.

07/09/12 @ 15:11
Comment from: getu [Visitor]

I wish meles health. It is sound to beg the Waldiba Saints forgive him and pray for him. Aba paulos an old gang cannot do this for meles. This is the time for him to repent. When you fight with the king of kings, the Almighty this is the consequence. No gun, no stick, no propoganda.

07/09/12 @ 15:11
Comment from: T7 [Visitor]

July 8, 2012
A New Treatment’s Tantalizing Promise Brings Heartbreaking Ups and Downs

Beth McDaniel’s oncologist, a bear of a man, hugged her and twirled her around. “Holy cow, Beth!” Dr. John J. Gohmann exclaimed. For the first time since a rare cancer appeared eight years before, her lymph nodes had shrunk to a normal size, her skin was no longer bright red and inflamed, and the itchiness that plagued her had subsided. Mrs. McDaniel, the 69-year-old wife of a retired corporate executive, had gambled on the ultimate in personalized medicine, an approach known as whole genome sequencing, and it seemed to be paying off. Scientists had compared the entire genetic sequences of the tumor cells invading her body with those in her healthy cells, searching for mutated tumor genes that could be thwarted by drugs approved for other cancers or even other diseases. That had led them to give her an expensive drug approved just a month earlier for melanoma patients. It had never been given to anyone with a blood cell cancer like hers. In theory, the drug should have killed her. Instead, it seemed to have halted or even reversed her cancer. But would it last? And what would it mean if it did not? In the end, Mrs. McDaniel’s journey to the edge of genetics research turned out to be a decidedly mixed experience. It was hard — much harder than anyone in her family had imagined — to get the sequencing and analysis done. It was breathtaking to see the results, which indicated that her cancer was driven by a strange gene aberration that could be attacked with a new drug. But it was heartbreaking to see how quickly her cancer recovered from the assault, roaring back in a matter of weeks. Mrs. McDaniel’s story offers a sobering look at the challenges for this kind of quest for a treatment, even for someone like her, who had both the means and the connections to get the intricate geography of her cancer charted. Her husband, Roger McDaniel, was a former chief executive of two companies involved in semiconductor manufacturing, and the family could afford the approximately $49,000 that the search would cost. They had expected to pay much more, but to their astonishment, Mrs. McDaniel’s insurance company covered almost all the drug costs. And the scientists who did the data analysis did not charge. From the start, the family knew the odds were against Mrs. McDaniel, but she thought she had little to lose. “You cannot feel bad if this doesn’t work or I die,” she told her son Timothy, a molecular biologist. “I would have died anyway.” Scarlet Skin and Infections Beth McDaniel’s cancer began with itching all over her body. Then her skin turned scarlet and started becoming infected. In 2005, after she had spent more than a year going from specialist to specialist, a dermatologist figured it out. Mrs. McDaniel, then 62, had Sezary syndrome, a rare T cell lymphoma, in which white blood cells become cancerous and migrate to the skin. All her doctors could tell her was that the disease was incurable, that there was no standard treatment, and that on average patients at her stage die within a few years. “Of course I was shocked,” Mrs. McDaniel said in an interview last September. She wept that day as her husband drove her home. And she asked God to help her cope. Before cancer, she had had a vibrant life, hiking in the mountains, traveling the world, entertaining her wide network of friends. Her disease destroyed all of that. She could not even enjoy her luxuriant garden because sun on her inflamed skin was agony. Although there is no standard treatment, for five years chemotherapy held her disease at bay. But in the summer of 2010, she got worse, much worse, with hundreds of tumors popping up under her skin. Some grew as large as kiwi fruits and split open. Her son, Dr. McDaniel, decided he would orchestrate the use of the most advanced techniques of gene sequencing and analysis to take on her cancer. Because of his job — he works for Illumina, a company that does DNA sequencing — Dr. McDaniel had read scientific reports and gone to medical conferences where he heard talks on whole genome sequencing. He noticed that the patients all seemed to have rare cancers. “Every time I heard one of those stories, I thought, ‘That’s my mom,’ ” he said. For now, there are not many drugs that can target specific gene mutations in cancer cells. But the hope is that when more is known and more drugs are developed, doctors will treat cancer by blocking several major genes at once. With several escape routes barred, the cancer will not be able to break free of the drugs stopping its growth. Full-Time Help From a Son In theory, it seemed straightforward for Dr. McDaniel to help his mother. The technology for getting and analyzing DNA sequences has advanced greatly, and the cost has plummeted. In fact, Dr. McDaniel said, the price of sequencing has dropped so fast that if the work were done today, it would cost just $26,200 instead of the $46,280 it cost last year. The first obstacle was just getting a sample of Mrs. McDaniel’s cancer cells. One doctor told her the odds of success were so slim that she would be better off spending her money on a vacation. Another seemed interested but did not follow through. A third did two biopsies but was unable to get usable DNA. Finally, Dr. McDaniel and his wife, Gia, decided he would make helping his mother a full-time job. He took a leave of absence from Illumina, and he, Gia and their three young children moved from San Diego to Lexington, Ky. “I have not been a particularly humble person,” Beth McDaniel said. “That humbled me.” Dr. McDaniel’s parents had two homes in the Lexington area. One, on a horse farm, was vacant, and he appropriated a bedroom on the second floor for his office. He treated his work like a regular job, driving to the office each day from another house where he and his family were living. He dressed in his normal work clothes, slacks and a collared shirt. Meanwhile, his mother’s cancer was erupting. “She was covered in tumors, almost like cobblestones,” said Dr. Fernando R. de Castro, her dermatologist. “They felt like marbles and pebbles all over her skin.” Large ones on her arms and legs had burst open. “We started talking about hospice.” Mrs. McDaniel said she was not a vain person, but with red lumps all over her face, she was embarrassed to go out. She slept on a cooling pad and carried one with her to relieve the constant itching. Every evening around 5:30 when the itching became most unbearable, she would lay her head in her husband’s lap as they watched TV in their great room and he would gently tickle her back for hours on end — trying to ease her discomfort. The disease continued a relentless course until finally, accepting what seemed the inevitable, Mrs. McDaniel gave away her clothes, planned her funeral and wrote notes to a few people she thought she had offended in her life, asking them to forgive her. “She believed, we all believed, she would die before we got the sequencing done,” Dr. McDaniel said. Then, in January 2011, Dr. de Castro got a tissue sample from a tumor and, for comparison with normal cells, her saliva. He had removed a plug of tissue the size of a pencil eraser from one of the hundreds of tumors on Mrs. McDaniel’s skin, frozen it in liquid nitrogen and shipped it overnight to the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Ariz. By April, scientists at Illumina and TGen, a nonprofit research institute, had completed the genetic sequencing of the samples. Next came the hard part — the analysis. With time short, Dr. McDaniel worked on it himself and recruited two small biotechnology companies and TGen to help. Three Billion Symbols in a Cell John Carpten, an oncologist at TGen, and David Craig are accustomed to working with gene sequence data, but it is hard even for them to get used to the scale of such a project. The hard drive containing Mrs. McDaniel’s genetic data arrived in the mail — it had too much data to send electronically. It took a full day just to pull this terabyte of information off the drive. Dr. Carpten explained that there were three billion symbols, made from four letters — A, T, G and C — in just one cell’s DNA. If those letters were printed on paper, they would fill a medium-sized elementary school’s library. But there are unavoidable errors in sequencing, so to be sure the data is correct, researchers repeat the sequencing 30 times — 30 libraries’ worth. They do this for the normal cells, too — another 30 libraries’ worth. This kind of data, though, does not come in neat genetic words and sentences. Instead, Dr. Craig said, “It looks like it’s been through a shredder.” “It is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle that has a billion pieces,” Dr. Carpten said. Finally, they compared the sequences of normal cells and cancer cells. They found about 18,000 differences, most with no known significance for the disease. At last, the work was done, and on May 18, Dr. McDaniel flew to TGen. The researchers noticed an intriguing aberration in Mrs. McDaniel’s cancer genes. But they were uncertain what it meant. It looked as if two genes had fused to each other in Mrs. McDaniel’s cancer cells. The result was that the cell growth signals in the cancer cells were reversed, like crossed wires. The research team theorized that every time those cancer cells, T cells of her immune system, got a signal to stop growing, they reacted as though they had gotten a signal to grow. And every time they got a signal to grow, they responded by stopping their growth. If they were right, the way to stop her cancer’s growth could be to signal it to grow. And that was what a new melanoma drug — ipilimumab, its trade name Yervoy — was designed to do. It spurred the growth of normal T cells. But if the researchers were wrong, the drug could kill her. They spent two hours at a whiteboard on Wednesday, May 18, trying to understand what the fusion really meant. Then Dr. McDaniel took the data home and asked a colleague at Illumina to try to fish out a handful of crucial genetic sequences that were buried among 50 million others. On Sunday night, May 22, Dr. McDaniel had them and began trying to decipher them. By 10 p.m., he had it figured out. The TGen scientists’ findings were real. “The brake pedal had been wired to the accelerator,” Dr. McDaniel said. He worked all night, found a paper by scientists who had deliberately fused those very genes and discovered that, yes, the genetically altered T cells had their growth signals reversed. At 5:45 a.m. Dr. McDaniel sent an e-mail to his collaborators. “I was so tired at that point that, believe it or not, I had forgotten about the drug,” he said. He fell asleep and woke at 11 a.m., rushing back to his computer. The melanoma drug he had forgotten in his exhaustion should hit that target. And that could stop his mother’s cancer from growing. “My jaw was just hanging open,” Dr. McDaniel said. “The implications were so tantalizing that I didn’t dare believe them.” A Remarkable Turnaround Mrs. McDaniel had her first infusion on July 28, and the result seemed remarkable. Her oncologist, Dr. Gohmann, was overwhelmed. Her son, who had been terrified that he and the doctors might have made a terrible mistake, was overjoyed. Mrs. McDaniel, who had not left her house for several months except to see her doctors, began going to movies and restaurants every day. On Sept. 2, she and her husband went to the Heirloom Restaurant, in the middle of horse country, to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. She had given away so many of her clothes when she thought she was dying that she puzzled over what to wear. She had a favorite blouse that was loosefitting and comfortable, but Mr. McDaniel recalled, “It was long gone.” She could not drink wine with the medicines she was taking, so she and her husband sipped iced tea in the quiet dining room. “We reminisced, but also talked about the future as we hoped it would be,” Mr. McDaniel said. But the reprieve lasted only weeks. By the end of September, the cancer was back. Dr. McDaniel did not want to give up. Mrs. McDaniel’s tumor was sequenced again, looking for a new mutation, but there was nothing striking. As Dr. McDaniel sifted through the data, he called his parents every day. They began calling him the governor, hoping he would bring his mother another stay of execution. The doctors considered a less appealing target, a mutated gene that T cells use to stop growing. Unpublished studies in mice suggested that a kidney cancer drug might stop the growth of T cells with this mutation. By then, Mrs. McDaniel’s body was ravaged by the cancer and her treatments. She had entered hospice care, with a hospital bed in her home and a nurse and an assistant to help. “We had this shaky evidence, based on the genome and on unpublished data,” Dr. McDaniel said. But the drug’s side effects were mild, and her family and doctors decided she should try it. “If we do nothing, she will be dead in one to six weeks,” Dr. McDaniel explained. Mrs. McDaniel took the drug on Nov. 26. But she was so ill that she was unable to get out of bed, unable to drink from a straw. Her son Tim took his children to her bedroom one at a time so they could say goodbye. “She wasn’t talking, but her eyes were open, and she acknowledged each one with a weak chuckle,” Dr. McDaniel said. Three days later, she briefly rallied. Her husband held her hand. “She said, ‘I love you,’ ” Mr. McDaniel said. “She then repeated it twice more. I kissed her forehead and told her that I loved her. Those were our last words to each other.” The next morning, Nov. 30, Mr. McDaniel woke early and went to his wife’s room. Her breathing had become erratic. Worried, he stepped out and asked the hospice nurse to call the doctor. “In the seconds that I was absent, she died,” Mr. McDaniel said. The team that tried to save her was heartbroken too, and was left with a long list of what-ifs. “If you really look at it, what did we buy her?” Dr. de Castro asked. Mrs. McDaniel was dying last January. Yet would she have survived as long even without the sequencing or the drugs? Did the team make a difference? “I hope we did,” Dr. de Castro said, “but it’s hard to know.”. Tuesday: What a tumor holds in store.

07/09/12 @ 16:10
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07/09/12 @ 16:22
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July 9, 2012
A Game Changer in Revealing a Cancer’s Prognosis

In May 2011, Cassandra Caton, an 18-year-old with honey-colored hair and the soft features of a child, suddenly went blind in her right eye. Five months later, an ophthalmologist noticed something disturbing. A large growth in the back of her eye had ripped her retina, destroying her vision. He sent her to Washington University in St. Louis, a three-hour drive from her sparsely furnished apartment in the working-class town of Sedalia, Mo. And there, Ms. Caton, mother of a 2-year-old daughter, wife of a chicken factory worker, got almost incomprehensibly bad news. The growth was cancer, a melanoma, and it was so huge it filled her eyeball. “Am I going to die?” Ms. Caton asked. “Is my baby going to have a mommy in five years?” It is a question that plagues cancer patients. Doctors try to give survival odds based on a tumor’s appearance and size, but often that is just an educated guess. But Ms. Caton had a new option, something that became possible only in this new genetic age. She could have a genetic test of her tumor that could reveal her prognosis with uncanny precision. The test identifies one of two gene patterns in eye melanomas. Almost everyone in Class 1 — roughly half of patients — is cured when the tumor is removed. As for those in Class 2, 70 to 80 percent will die within five years. Their cancers will re-emerge as growths in the liver. For them, there is no cure and no way to slow the disease. No test has ever been so accurate in predicting cancer outcomes, researchers said. The data from studies of the test are “unbelievably impressive,” said Dr. Michael Birrer, an ovarian cancer specialist at Massachusetts General Hospital. “I would die to have something like that in ovarian cancer.” While for now the ocular melanoma test is in a class by itself, cancer researchers say it is a taste of what may be coming as they continue to investigate the genes of cancer cells. Similar tests, not always as definitive but nonetheless able to give prognostic information, are under development or starting to be used for other cancers, like cancers of the blood. Having a prognosis allows people to plan their lives, but most do not want to know if they have a gene for an incurable, fatal illness, like Huntington’s disease or early onset Alzheimer’s. The eye test raises a similar choice, with an added twist. This is not a test offered to healthy people, but to patients who have just gotten the news that they have cancer. The results will either give them reassurance that they will survive the cancer — or near certainty that they will die from it. Can patients in the throes of getting this terrifying news really make an informed choice about whether they want the test? Are they able to understand at such a fraught time that, for now at least, there is nothing that can save them if they get the bad prognosis? Some doctors do not offer the test, reasoning that there is little to be gained. But other doctors, including J. William Harbour of Washington University, who developed the test (but does not profit from its use), encourage patients to have it. And probably because of the way he describes it, Dr. Harbour says his patients almost always want it. Ms. Caton was no exception. Without the test, doctors would have had to guess her outcome based on the size of her tumor. And the conventional wisdom is that people with growths as large as hers have a slim chance of surviving. But perhaps, her doctors hoped, the genetic test would come up with a different answer. Heralding the Future Dr. Harbour, a genial and burly man with salt-and-pepper hair, has a way about him that relaxes patients, makes them feel everything will be O.K. “I give them as much information as I think they can handle,” Dr. Harbour says. And he’s an optimist. The ocular melanoma test is just the beginning, he believes, of a new understanding of that cancer — and perhaps other cancers as well — and why they spread. About 2,000 people a year, or about 5 percent of melanoma patients, have ocular melanoma, a tumor of the dark brown melanocytes that forms a sheet much like a photographer’s backdrop behind the retina. Those with very large tumors are most likely to have a bad prognosis, but patients with small tumors also can have the deadly type. Often there are no symptoms; the tumor may be discovered by an ophthalmologist during a routine exam. Other patients, though, lose vision or see flashing lights or a sea of floaters in an eye, all signs of damage to the retina as the tumor encroaches. Most get radiation, a highly radioactive disc placed on the surface of the eye that destroys the tumor in a few days and then is taken out. But those with huge tumors, like Ms. Caton, must have their eye removed. Ocular melanoma specialists had long noticed that some patients did well and the rest did not, but Dr. Harbour wanted to know why. Then he saw an opportunity. Ever since he came to Washington University in 1996, Dr. Harbour had been storing bits of tumors from ocular melanoma patients and keeping track of what happened to the patients. Working with his colleagues at the genome center, Dr. Harbour looked for genetic differences in tumors that spread and those that did not. The genes themselves were no different. But a group of several hundred genes that looked the same in cells from patients in Class 1 and Class 2 were acting differently in the patients who did poorly. The genes were churning out many more proteins in the cells of patients in Class 2. Dr. Harbour found that he could look at the activity of 12 of those genes and predict how well a patient would do. After a rigorous study to confirm that the test worked, the university licensed it to a small company, Castle Biosciences. They bill more than $6,000, with the price depending on the quality of the sample. But the company has programs to make sure that the poor or uninsured can receive the test, said Derek Maetzold, the company’s president and chief executive. Some cancer specialists, though, ask what is to be gained by using the test. When it comes to dividing patients into two prognostic groups, “the data are really astonishing,” said Dr. Keith Flaherty, a melanoma researcher at Massachusetts General. Yet, he added, “There is no treatment yet that will alter the natural history of the disease.” “Why would you want that information when we don’t have anything we can do for you,” Dr. Flaherty asked. “That is the fundamental question that has caused people to pause.” For the majority treated with radiation, having the test requires a biopsy of the tumor before treatment. After going through that, those in Class 2 have no real options other than to wait for the inevitable. Nothing has been shown to prolong the lives of Class 2 patients, said Dr. Evangelos S. Gragoudas, an ocular oncologist at Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary. Not more frequent monitoring of the liver, not more aggressive or earlier chemotherapy. Nothing. Dr. Gragoudas tells patients that the ocular melanoma test is available. Then, he said, “I tell them that I do not do it at the present time. But if you want it, there are people who will do it.” “I had only one patient tell me, ‘I want to know,’ ” Dr. Gragoudas said. Dr. Harbour has a different view, and conveys it to his patients. He tells them that if they are Class 2 he will monitor them closely, doing liver scans every six months and blood tests in between, and will treat metastases with chemotherapy, delivered to the site of the cancer’s spread, as they occur. Patients sometimes think that means they can be cured, Dr. Harbour confesses, adding that he makes a point of repeating the information about what the test results mean on several different visits to be sure it sinks in. Dr. Harbour says he believes that frequent monitoring and prompt treatment of the cancer may be extending some patients’ lives, although that has not been rigorously established. Dr. Gragoudas says a study he did found that early treatment made no difference. But Dr. Harbour says his approach means patients have a different sort of death. Before the gene test was developed, patients would not know their cancer had spread until they were at the end stages of their disease. Then they would suddenly shed weight, lose their appetite, fall ill and their skin would turn yellow from liver failure. Within a few months they would be dead. Now, by finding the cancer as soon as it spreads to the liver, it often can be controlled, at least for a while. The cancer then tends to spread to the lung or bones, where it can also be controlled. Death still tends to be from cancer in the liver, but even if it occurs at the same time, it may be less painful, Dr. Harbour says. “Would you want a horrible death that is relatively short,” he asks, “or a death that is slower?” Dr. Harbour thinks there may be ways to impede the cancer’s progress in Class 2 disease by blocking a gene, BAP 1, that seems to be driving the cancer’s spread. That is his hope for clinical trials with one of two drugs: a histone deacylase inhibitor, a class of new anticancer drugs being tested against a cancer of white blood cells, or valproic acid, an old drug used to treat epilepsy and other disorders. But then again, if Class 2 patients, most of whom are doomed anyway, find out about valproic acid, which is cheap and easily available, would they really wait for a clinical trial, taking a chance they could be randomly assigned to take a placebo? Yet without a rigorous study, it will be impossible to know if the drug helps Class 2 patients. ‘Praying for a Miracle’ Cassie Caton and an older man came in for their biopsy and treatment on a frigid morning in early December. Both would have to have their eyes removed — their tumors were too large for radiation. First was Joe Ritter, age 70. “We are praying for a miracle,” his wife, Judy, said that morning, as Mr. Ritter sat silently in his bed, waiting to be wheeled into the operating room. At 11:30 that morning, Ms. Caton’s surgery began. Dr. Harbour looked at her dilated eye. There, visible behind her blue pupil, was a brown halo, the melanoma. He began to work, carefully and efficiently, preserving and pinning back the muscles that control her eye’s movement. About an hour into the surgery, Dr. Harbour removed Ms. Caton’s eyeball, cutting the optic nerve with a scissors. Her eye looked like a white marble with a blue pupil on top and a little white wicklike stalk on the end, the stub of the optic nerve. He took the eyeball to a metal table and cut it open. It was filled with what looked like slices of brown olives, the melanoma. A fluid squirted out, the vitreous. Normally it would be clear and jellylike. But cancer had made it liquid and the color of weak tea. Some of that cancer tissue would go to Castle Biosciences for analysis. The rest would be stored for future research. Then Dr. Harbour covered a plastic ball about the size of Ms. Caton’s eyeball with the outer layer from a cadaver’s eyeball, and put it into her eye socket so the ball would move like her eye. Finally, he carefully sewed the controlling muscles in place. In about six weeks, an artist would paint a thick contact lens to match Ms. Caton’s remaining eye, giving her a prosthesis that would be all but indistinguishable from her healthy eye. Mr. Ritter would also end up with a prosthetic eye that would look and move just like his healthy one. Both Ms. Caton and Mr. Ritter would return in about a month to find out if they were Class 1 or Class 2. Awaiting the Verdict On Jan. 9, they arrived to hear their verdicts. Mr. Ritter went first, bringing his wife with him into the small windowless room. After a few pleasantries, Dr. Harbour delivered the news. “Based on what we found from your biopsy result, it was Class 2,” he said. Mrs. Ritter looked stricken, her eyes filled with tears. She crossed the room and hugged her husband. Mr. Ritter grinned nervously while Dr. Harbour explained how he would like to monitor him. And, he said, he planned to start some clinical trials to see if he could slow the cancer in Class 2 patients. Perhaps Mr. Ritter could join one. Then Dr. Harbour stepped out of the room, allowing the Ritters to compose themselves. Mr. Ritter reflected on how the news about his eye had steadily worsened. “I started out thinking it was a cold in my eye,” he said. “Then I thought it was a cataract. Then they told me it was a torn retina. That turned into a tumor. Now it’s a Class 2.” Mrs. Ritter tried to be positive. “Maybe we caught it in time,” she said. “We’ve got a lot of prayers coming our way.” Ms. Caton and her stepfather came in next. He had driven three hours from his home in Kansas City and picked her up in Sedalia. The two had arrived in St. Louis the night before. She had been too nervous to sleep. With few preliminaries, Dr. Harbour told her what the test showed. “Your test result,” he said, “was very good.” Her tumor was not only Class 1 but it was a subset of Class 1 that had an even better prognosis than Class 1 in general. It was Class 1a. “That is very, very good news,” Dr. Harbour said. “In the old days, the size of a tumor was the best indicator,” he told Ms. Caton. “People would have told you, you were at very high risk,” he said. “Your tumor was almost an inch in its largest dimension. Pathologists’ eyes widened when they saw it. But molecular testing trumps all of that.” “If you did not have this test you would have walked away being told you have a bad prognosis when you actually have a good prognosis,” he added. Ms. Caton could not stop smiling. Then, still grinning, the 18-year-old asked her next question. “When can I wear eye makeup again?” This article has been revised to reflect the following correction: Correction: July 9, 2012 An earlier version of this article misstated the given name of an ovarian cancer specialist at Massachusetts General Hospital who praised the accuracy of a genetic test to determine the course of ocular melanoma. He is Dr. Michael Birrer, not Matthew. An earlier version also misstated the five-year mortality rate from Class 2 eye melanomas. It is 70 to 80 percent.

07/09/12 @ 19:35
Comment from: david makuria [Visitor]
david makuria

Is this truely, as the writer pointed out, about the health of Meles Zenawi or a mere propaganda by one of the keep-the-fake-Ethiopian-unity by whatever means? The more I delve into this writing, the more I understood it is just one more Habesha’s mumbo-jembos trying to demagogue the rest of us.
Primairly, where do you get the thousands of years of Ethiopian history? Ethiopia in its current from has a mere 130 years of sad histroy and its seems like you are proud of it. Secondly, do you truely believe that G7 is the major opposition, the nightmare of the weyanes. If that is your reality, you live in a fantacy world drinking your cool-aid. The fact of the matter is it is not G7 who give the weyanes sleepless nights but rather the truely geniune and quintessential Oromo organization, the OLF who is giving the opressor and the invador army frightening sleepless nights. Last but not least, you are claiming that federalism is not working for Ethiopia. But one thing is for certain, we will not go back and undo what we have achieved so far. In your world you wanted to force my kids to learn a foreign language such as Amheric. That is not going to haappen. We will recalim our fatherland and make a decision on our destiny.
Oromia shall be free!

07/10/12 @ 00:11
Comment from: ABEBE [Visitor]


07/10/12 @ 00:50
Comment from: Gondar [Visitor]

from: ABEBE [Visitor]

About which Ethiopia you are talking about ?
where have you been all this time ?
go and teach your fucken master TPLF.
Ethiopia will be divided in to many many parts for the interest of western countries,

07/10/12 @ 01:49
Comment from: JOHN [Visitor]

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07/10/12 @ 01:52
Comment from: Gondar [Visitor]

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07/10/12 @ 01:59
Comment from: fact from canada [Visitor]
fact from canada

How many of you wish to hear the news that he is dead? But the fact is he is a butcher and also a great leader; simply it is impossible to make every one happy. Do not forget that the weynes have accumulated enough wealth by corruption through the past years and now they are investing it back for development. But you lalibelas do not understand that. It has been more than 12 years since I left Ethiopia but this is my understanding

07/10/12 @ 02:02
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Gudgwad and Hyena ,do not forget not
to go back to the homeland with your
laptops .Because they will be consulted by your Agazis bros !!!Eventhough you two are their Thuggy supporters they will not apreciate the way you were connected on this website and other patriotic websites which they consider as a Threat for them !!!As semien Adgis if they pick you at the Airport your next destination shall not be Kaliti but Mekele Agazi Concentration Camp confined days and nights into a dark underground Prison cell !!!LEKAMI PARASITE BANDAS !!!!!As said our dear elders
“ye berenda beg belayu bilawa eyetessalebet sarun zem bilo yamezegnical ” !!!That’s all you are

07/10/12 @ 03:02
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stranger in the midle of desert

Non of us are as good as some of us.Late death take it course by normal way. we should not think of killing or praying for the death of our leaders. There is time for everything. Be smart upstairs and put good governours in place without descriminating any tribes or religion. let freedom of speeches and collective decsion making should be practised without suppriority complex. when time comes whoever takes the leadership shouldn’t be a revange mission but good gorvnornance. concerned african

07/10/12 @ 04:37
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Some will have fancy cocktails immediately after the eulogy is read and the funeral is done;no question about it,zinawi will be done in just few monthes,and madame Azeb will officially be a multimillionair widow.Has Azeb Mesfin ever anticipated or thought about the current situation that one day would happen or simply was she content with what zinawi offered her life and fame?

By now she must have been preparing to do one or two things as immediately as possible:one,to leave zinawi in God’s hand and pack up and leave the crowd within the Hiwhat circle and depart to a destination where no one but herself and the three children enjoy the saving.plan B,It is tough,but it must have been done long ago,if she were smart enough to have had one young man ,not as sugar-dady because money is at her finger tip,but as a wise kougar beside her husband just in case something like the one now would have happened she would have no a worry,just burry zinawi and move on with her life far,far away from where she is now.How smart she is or how a good thinker and planner is she,is the question.

Definitely,azeb golla might have been take by surprise by the situation that occured right now,but how did she react to or act on this unexpetcted situation will be seen in just few weeks.Clearly,romance or bondage between her and zinawi will come to the conclusion very soon;not because of family fight or something other than the thing that is going round right on her face currently,it is just God decided to call zinawi for a never ending interview.Well,what God would ask in the interview is between zinawi and God.God’s interview doesn’t need a lengthy explanation or is not complicated;it is just a yes or no answer requires the candidate from.Does zinawi need facelift before done before he appears before the interview?

Azeb,long time agao,declared to the world that her husband,the dying zinawi could have held any type of high-paying job anywhere in the world,and if she wnated,she would have him quit this low-paying job,the one he had for the last 20 years and had him corporate job,something like that she said.But,coming back to her sikill and knowledge,how good is she at cooking and blending?

Two hours later after zinawi was home,Azeb was crying uncontrollably and asked those who brought him home,"What have done to him?” asked.She looked through the window down the driveway,cars were parked with motors running.She went back to the kitchen and brabbed an apple and took a bite and walked towards her man,and leaned over and kissed on the top his head;asked him,"what is going on,what happened?” No answer she got.Then came that morning and made a call to Sibhat to race in as soon as possible.He got nervous and didn’t show up."What is going on? miracle ro scam.” she pondered.

07/10/12 @ 08:48
Comment from: heny [Visitor]

ante wisha yewisha lij. why noy you die 101 times b4the death of the brilliant Meles? we can see how much hard Meles the supreb is givining you.

07/10/12 @ 09:40
Comment from: Nero [Visitor]


Don’t forget your Meles is a human being mortal and in his case seriously facing a health problem. I am not one of those who wish his death which God forbid might lead us to a serious calamity as all the pigs under him are bound to eat each other. But please leave your emotion and the usual hotheaded behavior and think in a realistic way. He will also die one day, but I pray for the restoration of his health and betterment. May God help him to be wise enough to make a smooth transition of power while his heart is beating.

07/10/12 @ 13:53
Comment from: WINDFIREWATER [Visitor]


Why don’t u have a baby? before the WENBEDE-ADWA-MIDGET pass out? get some MAKAKS, CHILADAS and BABOONS @GAME babies as surrogacy transexual WENBEDES breeding grandma..

07/10/12 @ 14:57
Comment from: medina abebe [Visitor]
medina abebe

Meles is a great guy. He did nobody has done for Ethiopia in the past 3000 years. He however, is responsible for creating the world’smost populated land locked nation on the planet. I travelled to mother land after ten years and what I have seen was a miracle for me because the nation is booming beyond words. It is like a dream and you think you are going to wake up soon. So he is blessed for the booming and deserves crediet. Meles should know one thing for real, no Ethiopian will be on his side until he brings the sea outlet back to the people and I believe he is the one who has the brain and the power to do that

07/10/12 @ 15:18
Comment from: [Member]

Ato Yilma,
I admire your writing skill. I listened to it via a listening device and it was like music to my ears. Your analysis is coherent and the overall writing is highly convincing. Thank you sir for taking the time to compose such an artistic writing.

07/10/12 @ 21:43
Comment from: Senait [Visitor]

Meles Zenawi is in deep love with his mistress supermodel Liya Kebede.
Azeb Mesfin and his family members really are angry at him about it. He don’t even spend quality time with his family anymore. He do not sleep , eat or spend time with the mother of his kids. This is having a big toll on his well being. Liya is his only cure.

07/10/12 @ 22:36
Comment from: Hoy [Visitor]

Almost everyone above lowered him/herself beyond any expectation. None of you, on either side of the aisle measure to provide any substance that is beneficial to the politics of Ethiopia. May be, one who said no matter how hard anyone tries, Ethiopians will respect and take care of each other/ live together. We never had a democratic leader so why giving bad examples of Haileselassie, Mengistu, or Meles. They do not represent the people of Oromo, Amhara, or Tigray. Let us think a little further than this. Honestly, Melese’s accidental death could be bad and good. If he dies accidentally, it could lead to chaos. If he stays, we will die off before we see the power of the people to elect and bring one to power and to bring him/her down. I would like to see everyone to live fearlessly, invest without the scare of losing it to the authorities or without the fear of change of policy to benefit someone or group. If there was a rule of law in Ethiopia, where the court was independent even to drive out the premier (like Pakistan??), the country could grow like a miracle. Remember, present and past leaders are/were all bad but the ordinary people are still humble and love each other. So, stop being short sighted. We still have hope to see a democratic government in our life.

07/10/12 @ 23:04
Comment from: Gudu fela Woyane [Visitor]
Gudu fela Woyane

When he dies I will but the most expensive champagne out there and pop it in front of his fans!
Mele moto punishment yameltal. How about the bandas? haha Woyne gude fela…
Rest in hell (R. I. H.) MELE!

07/10/12 @ 23:24
Comment from: woldeyesus [Visitor]

Meles Zenawi is not a super man.
Like anyone of us he will pass away at some point. But he is still at a ripe age and he is getting into that age range when people usually become considerate. His experience in matters of state can be valuable.

The best outcome for Ethiopia can’t come from the death of Meles Zenawi. The best would be Meles and TPLF led reformation, the same bravery they showed at the numerous battle fields if repeated in changing course, lead Ethiopia to a true multi-party democracy.

In any case, I wish the Prime Minister a speedy recovery. I also wish he be considerate of the call by the majority of the people. That he realize free democracy can’t harm ‘his people’. That he still has all the opportunity to change the course of history and present to all Ethiopians a long lasting monument - Democracy!

07/11/12 @ 11:12
Comment from: oneluv21 [Visitor]

First it was Isaias now the rumors are Meles… please people stop this agame is not dying anytime soon.

07/11/12 @ 11:44
Comment from: Andom [Visitor]

Which one do you want for the next 25 years? In accordance with the Manifesto, our beloved Meles have some greater duties to accomplish at Mekelle. We have some 44 in line, all good enough to keep you between life and death. When we are done, Oromo will be ready. Make sure you start to learn the language from now and naming your kids accordingly, as you were doing it for a century. Cry bad Amhara!

Seyoum Mesfin
Arkebe Equbay
Abay Tsehaye
Tewodros Adhanom
Abay Woldu
Abadi Zemo
Tewodros Hagos
Tsegaye Berhe
Sibhat Nega
Mulugeta Alemseged
Azeb Mesfin
AddisAlem Belema
Birhan Gebrekirstos
Gobezay Woldearegay
Fetlework G/Egziabher
Wolderufael Alemayehu
Meseret Gebremariam
Kiros Bitew
Mengisteab G/Kidan
Getachew Belay
Fisha Zerihun
T/Woyni Assefa
Roman Gebresilassie
Zereay Asgedom
Kidusan Nega
Hish Lemma
Amen Tewelde Gebiru
Gebreab Bernabas
Getachew Assefa
Birihane Kidanemariam
Telahun Tarekegn
Daniel Assefa
Hilemichael Abera
Debretseyon Gebremichael
Alem Gegrewahid
Adhana Haile
Beyene Mikru
Asmelash Woldesilase
Trefu Kedanemariam
Nega Berhe
Niguse Gebre
Desta Bezabih
Michael Abreha
Esayas Weldegiorgis

07/11/12 @ 12:27
Comment from: dindina [Visitor]

Can all of us recall the personal history of Meles? What will come first? Autobiography or Eulogy?

It seems zinawi’s life history is a snapshtolike events;in short,it seemes more of dooms day for the man who has been arranging his own personal security lineups against everything and anything that might evoke fear and insecurity.In just a week time,the parliament will be recalled,but it won’t be about anything of equiping the maniquins with motors and so that they will turn into taliking human beings,and pose questions to zinawi.The parliament is ready just for one thing;that is, Zinawi must say something to them either everything and aynthing about him is well and good,or must tell them something has gone wrong with him.Period.The question is,will he be specific about his health and goes in detail to fully explain what exactly triggered him flying to Europe? But,zinawi can hide a great deal of the issue of his health but not his physical appearance,at least.Or will he show courage and tell the more than 500 handpicked members of parliament the exact sequences of events that lead him to losing weight,speech impairment,restricted body movement,loss of sleep,cooked up brain.

Or,will zinawi forcefully tell the members of the parliament to reject what they have already heard or got tipped of or even watched on TV or heard on radio,whether as rumors or trusted news and information from social meadia and the likes but accept what he tells them for granted?

But what will happen,if there is no ample justification for the excuses that he would tell the parliament?

To repeat,Zinawi is currently suffering from cronic anxiety and phobia;every little movement around him or surrounding him makes him extraordinarily nervious.However,that doesn’t mean he will not tell harmeless lies;he will.Causes are described as neurological and chemical disturbance and imbalance.Will there be a doctor or in the parliament?

07/11/12 @ 12:41
Comment from: woldeyesus [Visitor]

have you noticed that all the 44 you listed have Amhara names? I don’t see many ቚቛቜⷔⷕ characters in the listed names. That means, if changing our children’s names are in our future, your kids will not be excluded:-) And if other tribalist in the form of TPLF arise (be it Oromo or others), they will not differentiate between አጋሚዶ ወይም ጤነኛ ትግሬ like there is no good or bad Amara.

07/11/12 @ 15:04
Comment from: daniel [Visitor]

dear, are u seriously allowing this guy to write this nonesenseless article on your web?? this truly shows who u guys are and thanks for leting me know and from now on I will never and ever check ur website. how is it possible for this guy to write about some one health just by watching video? shame on you guys and telling us all the negative stories about meles? stop being stupid and think smart. what’s is the point of talking about his suit while ur head line is about his health? denkoro balager.I know u ain’t got nuthin to do so all u do is just talking shit about people.

07/11/12 @ 17:53
Comment from: woldeyesus [Visitor]

the author of the article, Yilma Bekele said “Sooner or later we all die.” That means he wasn’t taking any delight from the rumor of whether Meles is dying. Rather, if you were able to read the article in its entirety, he was taking this opportunity to try to prepare us to the dreaded day, sooner or later, when our beloved dictator departs.

To quote from the article, although I think this is the part that send you guys off:

We worry and stress because history teaches us that the demise of a dictator, which Ato Meles is, brings all sorts of unforeseen complications on the Nation they leave behind.
Whether they commit suicide like Hitler, are hanged like Mussolini, die in their sleep like Stalin, face a firing squad like Ceausescu and wife, hunted down, sodomized, pistol whipped and shot like Gadaffi or face the International court of justice like Charles Taylor dictators all leave a trail of destruction behind them. That is why Ato Meles’s illness becomes our concern and worry. We think about it to try to figure out how to avoid chaos due to a power vacuum.

Now, who is the “denkoro balager"?:-)

07/11/12 @ 18:54
Comment from: sf [Visitor]

@ Woldeyesus [visitor]

I have read most of your comments in this web-site.
Well by now i can say something about you and your ideas.
You are matured, well read, positive and open to discuss in any subject.
At the sometime, you are a bit naïve knowingly or unknowingly via –à –vis Woyanne [TPLF].
When you said, “the best outcome for Ethiopia can’t from the death of Meles ……………………..
The best would be Meles and TPLF led reformation, …….. lead Ethiopia true multi-party democracy.”
Here is the problem between you and the rest of us. For the last 21 years each of us and the international organization asked Woyanne [TPLF] to transform itself.
The real problem was/is Meles and Woyanne Cadres; b/c they all are communist who think in ONE-BRAIN.
You can’t transform a communist my friend Woldeyesus instead we have to fight them to their end.

07/12/12 @ 09:02
Comment from: Andom [Visitor]


My dear, all the above listed 44 are pure bred Tigraian. Names can be deceiving. Good example, [Legesse] Zenawi.

As you know we have culled the contaminated ones back in 2001. Clear, right?

07/12/12 @ 09:57
Comment from: woldeyesus [Visitor]

Dear sf,
I agree that TPLF and company has squandered their opportunity this cycle of ‘I win you lose’ game. They had the opportunity to take the higher ground and stop this madness and lead all of us to a dream system based on the people’s uncensored right to elect its leaders - democracy as we know and cherish in the west. That would be the best out come. But, I am afraid we are to do it one more time, kick them out and establish what the people desire and deserve.

Dear Andom,
so you are conceding that there is no need to change our names in the future, specially since all of you guys seem to adore our names to the extent that almost all your leaders happen to stick with it:-)

Regarding the ‘contamination’, be careful not to offend Ato Legesse Zenawi and W/ro Azeb Mesfine. I heard W/ro Azeb doesn’t have a drop of Tigre, but is needed to give you guys the gut to sit and rule from Minilik’s palace. If the trend of dictators hold, your next leader will be their offspring too. Auchhh! that must be hurting:-)

07/12/12 @ 13:00
Comment from: Stop Supporting Dictator Meles [Visitor]
Stop Supporting Dictator Meles

The Adwa Wenbede Meles is in deep sh..t.

All his Adwa Wenbede friends in crime are in deep sh..t.
I happened to see Wenbede Meles in Chinese Television and he looks like a ghost. He has lost a lot of weight in a short time right after Abeba Gelaw took the life out of him with sucked in jaws and eyes popping out ghostly. His $50,000.00 Italian suit is hanging by itself as if Wenbede Meles is not in it.

07/12/12 @ 18:20
Comment from: Nebro [Visitor]


Reading from your comment one can easly notice that you are a street vulgar and illitrate man. The author of such objective and well sentenced article can not by any standard by a person like you to be commented as “denkoro” inaddition to what you said about Nazret. Your stupidity took you to far and revealed how ignorant and lack of dicipline you are. Shame on you. By the way I fully agree if you keep your promise not to check this website which will save our time of reading such filthy comment.

The status of Meles’s health condition is displayed on photos and video watched all over and no one denies his condition is severe. We only pray not to be replaced again by any unpredictable dictator so that the suffering of our people will come to end. Let God furnish us with visionary, country and people loving opposition party who will fight not for their own success and power but for Ethiopia and the Ethiopians. Amen!

07/14/12 @ 04:47
Comment from: fundassa [Visitor]

What if Azeb Golla trips,slips,and falls? How well Azeb Golla is ready for all eventualities?

Let’s not forget it;Azeb Golla was smuggled out into the Sudan at age 15 and walked straight into Red-District;there,she sharpened her skills and became a handy-woman.Too often,a woman of this kind,who used to dig into the pockets of drunks,don’t much know about the world beyond the nightlife she was totally accustemed to;now a multimillionair she is,how well did she handle the windfall and the sick man whom she is not with at this moment?

Can she live without her man?

Can she live without the robber,but with a lot of money at her finger tips? Even minor complaints and worry of Azeb Golla’s have not been reported in order to safeguard the secret from leaking out.What is that secret she was told must be kept in a vault that she was not even to say little concerns and express her pain? The department supervisor did not update her about Zinawi’s bank account for the last nine weeks period however hard she reqested the update be sent to her.When it comes to her personal millions of dollar worth bank account,she has no clue of the current amount as everything of this nature used to be updated by robber himself and was he the one who whispered to her the amount in question.Very recently Azeb Golla was told,"Don’t tell us what to do with regard to Zinawi,in particular.” That is it!

Yes,there might be doubt,but no question she has been a wife and a mother of three children;which one was questionable and insiders in the family have begun seeing her in contempt? being a mother of the robber’s children or being a wife of the robber? Things could easily be turned ugly if these questions were raised either from zinawi’s loved ones or from the major players in the circle.Well,from the other side of the corners of the camp,some are have been saying that Azeb Golla will never know why Zinawi pickws her as a prtner and a wife long time ago,in the first place.These same people are also saying that,if Azeb Golla thinks a little with little effort out of red box,she will find out why the robber picked her from among many other ordinaries.

Again,zinawi picked Azeb for purpose.Did Azeb Golla arrange contacts just in case? Right now,she is like in a wharehouse where there is no enough headroom.As situation shows chaos of all sorts,it is likely Azeb Golla will walk away empty hand.

07/15/12 @ 18:50
Comment from: selam [Visitor]

This is a disgraceful article that violates every basic principle of journalism. We do not come to to read the blabberings of a prejudiced so called reporter. I just wasted 10 MINUTES of my precious life that i will NEVER get back. I don’t mind people expressing their ideas infact it is the very basis of democracy so yes go ahead and put your ideas out in the world. But you best use an appropriate channel or at least allow you audience some room for choice by letting us know what your agenda is or where your sources are.This “article” is not a journalistic report it is a personal opinion. There are no sources that validate any of the statements made in it. So please in the future take into consideration that some of us are interested in getting FACTS weather we like them or not.

07/15/12 @ 19:00
Comment from: M Zandberg [Visitor]
M Zandberg

Thank you, Selam. Your assessment of the “article” is spot on. The tragedy, however, is all of the ranting that followed.

07/16/12 @ 03:47
Comment from: almule [Visitor]  

Breaking news:
Prime Minister Meles Zenawi has been chronically poisoned by his wife Azeb. as the result of the unknown poison he developed brain tumor.The motive is suspected as to take his place and as a revenge of the death of the security chief (her original lover), Kinfe.

07/16/12 @ 17:54



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