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Ethiopia: Meles Zenawi and the Weaponization of Famine



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Ethiopia: Meles Zenawi and the Weaponization of Famine

Ethiopia: Meles Zenawi and the Weaponization of Famine

By Alemayehu G. Mariam

Author’s Note: On June 16, 2008, I published a special commentary (reproduced below in its original form) explaining the sysetmatic use of disinformation by Meles Zenawi, the dictator in Ethiopia for two decades, to deny widespread famine in various parts of Ethiopia and insidiously manipulate famine as a political and military weapon to cling to power. I wrote: “Famine is not just about images of skeletal children gasping for their last breath of air as their mothers gaze into nothingness in the sun baked landscape. It is also a military and political weapon. Meles today is using denial of food aid to “rebel areas” in the south/southeast as did Mengistu to “rebel areas” in the north back in his day. That is the classic strategic lesson Meles learned from Mengistu. Famine can be used both as a tactical and strategic weapon against one’s opponents…” I offer that commentary which originally ran without a byline to my readers at this time in light of recent revelations by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism and the BBC showing that the U.S., Britain, the European Union, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund are still providing billions of dollars of aid to Zenawi's regime despite evidence that it is used as a tool of political oppression in Ethiopia.
Shame on them all!

Special Commentary: The art of denial (lying) June 16, 2008

Credit must be given where it’s due. And Meles Zenawi and his crew deserve full credit. For perfecting the art of denial (lying) just like the smooth career criminals who deny everything when caught: “Didn’t do it! Wasn’t there! Didn’t happen! Somebody else did it. Someone stole my fingerprints to make it look like I done it!” Deny, deny, deny!
Famine? What famine? That’s the response of Meles and his gang about the famine that is slowly enveloping Ethiopia, and swallowing its people region by region. A few days ago, the reptilian “Deputy Prime Minister” Addisu Legesse groused: “Institutions that exaggerate the food shortage in Ethiopia and report inflated figures of the needy are intent on belittling the economic growth of the country and calculating their interests.” According to Meles, Inc. Ministry of Disinformation, the whole famine thing is a figment of the overactive imagination of the foreign media and humanitarian organizations: “It is ridiculous and unethical that some media outlets are reporting as if food grain price hike is typical of Ethiopia, though it is known that the existing global price hike is a result of soaring price of oil and ever-increasing demand of food grain among the developing countries. The reporting of some media is very much exaggerated and far from the truth,” concluded the garbled statement of the Disinformation Ministry.

The bottom line from Meles Inc. is: There is no famine in Ethiopia. Just millions of Ethiopians who can’t afford to buy food because it is damn too expensive! But Meles runs a pretty slick disinformation campaign: Blame the international commodities markets for high food prices in Ethiopia, and demonize the foreign media and aid organizations for ruining Ethiopia’s image. Then dish out boldfaced lies to distract public attention from the raging famine, and promptly declare victory: “The country has registered during the last five consecutive years rapid double digit economic growth...”

The fact of the matter is that people in Ethiopia are starving to death, by the thousands every day. There is no question about that: “We’re overwhelmed,” said Margaret Aguirre recently, a spokeswoman for the International Medical Corps, a California-based aid agency. “There’s not enough food and everyone’s starving and that’s all there is to it.” Georgia Shaver, the World Food Programme’s director in Ethiopia, painted an equally bleak picture saying that while up to 14 million people needed food aid across six countries in southern Africa, “in Ethiopia we could have the same number in just one country."

Now, why would Aguirre, Shaver, the BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera… lie about famine in Ethiopia? What would they gain from “exaggerating” the famine?

Famine Facts

For over three decades, Ethiopia has been the international poster lady for famine and starvation. Images of throngs of skeletal children and their starving parents scratching the sun-baked earth are indelibly imprinted in the minds of people around the world. In 1974, mutinous soldiers deposed Emperor Haile Selassie after foreign reporters (“The Unknown Famine” by Jonathan Dimbleby) and some international humanitarian organizations revealed to the world that a famine of biblical proportion was taking place in the north of the country. Just like Meles today, Haile Selassie then denied reports of widespread famine and starvation, and tried to cover it up. When news of the famine shocked the world, Haile Selassie blamed the foreign media for exaggerating the scope of the disaster and for tarnishing Ethiopia’s image.

In 1985, after a decade of disastrous experiments in socialism, Mengistu presided over a famine that claimed the lives of nearly a million people. He also blamed drought and poor rainfall for the famine (but never his disastrous socialist policies) and set out to deal with the problem by putting into place a reckless policy of forced resettlement of hundreds of thousands of people from the north to the more fertile south. Like Meles today, Mengistu then, sat with his arms crossed waiting for massive international food aid to be delivered to his door. Meles today claims the problem of famine in Ethiopia, if it existed at all, is caused by drought and poor rainfall during successive seasons (but never his disastrous economic policies that give higher priority to growing roses than teff), and now expects delivery of massive emergency food aid from Western nations to rescue Ethiopia. Like Haile Selassie who blamed the famine, the high costs of imported goods, gasoline, and skyrocketing food prices, unemployment, etc., on the international oil crises of 1973, Meles today blames the oil crises of 2008 for exactly the same things.

Meles’ Fine Art of Denial (Lying)

Meles and his gang have perfected the art of denial (lying) and raised it to new heights. They have done it by:
Denial of fact: They deny undeniable facts with a straight face. Example: “Famine does not exist in Ethiopia. It is a story made up by the foreign media and aid organizations. It is all ‘exaggerated and far from the truth’."

Denial of responsibility: They deny responsibility in the event such a thing as famine should be discovered. Example: “There is no famine, but if, in the unlikely event it exists, it is first and foremost the responsibility of God. He failed in his divine duty to send the rains. He did not. Therefore, there was no harvest, which means famine. God’s co-conspirators include the oil cartels and the greedy manipulators of global food prices. Last but not least of the culprits is the West. They also failed in their duty to supply food aid as they have dutifully done for the past three decades. We had nothing to do with it. We were just minding our own business growing roses and making sure of double
digit economic growth.”

Denial of impact: There is really no famine as such in the country, just some pockets of grain deficits. Example: “With the exception of spot shortages in Oromiya and Somali regions, everything is hunky dory. There is plenty of food in the rest of the country, if people have the cash.”
Denial of awareness: We were so busy doing “double digit economic development” and tending to our rose gardens, we were not aware of any famine. Example: “It is impossible to have famine in a country that has been wallowing in ‘double digit economic growth for the past five years’. We’ve been so busy building office structures, luxury villas with swimming pools, world class hotels, exporting roses and importing French wines and champagne, we simply did not know famine was ravaging the countryside. Oops!! Sorry!”

Denial of recurrence: If there is famine, it just happened. Example: “We did not know this famine thing is recurrent. There were no early warning signs. No sentinel events to cause us concern that real famine was going to happen. Anyway, no big deal. We are in ‘double digit economic growth’ and this famine shall be over soon like all the rest. It is just once in a decade type of thing.”

Denial of denial: There is nothing that we must do to deal with the problem of famine, if it exists. Example: “The whole famine thing will take its own course. For decades, there has been famine in Ethiopia. It’s not like this is the first time. Nothing happened in the past from famine. There are a lot more people in Ethiopia today than were in 1974 or 1984. So, famine will have no real effect on the population. It is natural. We don’t need to do anything.”

Denial-by-admission: The whole famine thing is an overblown “exaggeration”. Example: “It is true that millions of people are at risk of food shortage. But what some describe as famine in Ethiopia is nothing more than food insecurity. Those skeletal children that are seen in the international media are just nutritionally-challenged, but they are, by no means, famine victims! Their parents are victims of critical food shortages for extended periods, not famine. At worst, the food situation in Ethiopia points to large-scale chronic food deprivation, which is not the same as famine.”

Why is Ethiopia Stalked by Recurrent Famine?
When Haile Selassie was deposed over the famine, the people asked: Why didn’t he do something to prevent it? When Mengistu celebrated the tenth anniversary of his socialist government and hundreds of thousands of people died in a catastrophic famine, the people asked: Why didn’t he do something to prevent it? Now, the same question must be put to Meles: Why didn’t he do something to prevent the current famine as he enjoyed his Millennium celebration in Pharaonic splendor? The answer to the question is very simple. Meles does not care! He doesn’t give a damn if famine wipes out half the population. (He might even shed a few crocodile tears!) He is concerned only with keeping himself and his gang in power, and making Ethiopia their playground. That is the absolute TRUTH!

We must go beyond the obvious to fully appreciate the severity of the current famine situation. The indisputable fact is that famine in Ethiopia is NOT a natural disaster. Certainly, it is aggravated by certain meteorological phenomena, but it is, and has always been, a preventable man-made disaster. So, we must ask some tough questions of those who have been feasting at the Table of Plenty for the last 17:

Has Meles learned any lessons at all from the Great Famines of 1973-74 and 1984-85 to prevent a famine in 2007-08?

Why isn’t famine prevention given the highest policy priority in the Meles regime?

Why is Meles so adamantly opposed to complete privatization of land, which by all expert accounts is the single most important factor in the food security of any nation?

Why is Meles spending millions upon millions of dollars in Somalia when millions upon millions of Ethiopians are starving?

Why does military spending consume nearly one-half of Ethiopia’s budget?

Why is exporting roses to Europe more important than raising teff and wheat to feed the starving people of Ethiopia?

Why hasn’t the Meles regime implemented a national family planning program in same manner as those countries experiencing high birthrates?

Why is Meles addicted to international food aid and rescue?

Why is Ethiopia listed 138/179 countries on Corruption Index for 2007?

The Weaponization of Famine
Famine is not just about images of skeletal children gasping for their last breath of air as their mothers gaze into nothingness in the sun baked landscape. It is also a military and political weapon. Meles today is using denial of food aid to “rebel areas” in the south/southeast as did Mengistu to “rebel areas” in the north back in his day. That is the classic strategic lesson Meles learned from Mengistu. Famine can be used both as a tactical and strategic weapon against ones opponents. It could be used to depopulate troublesome regions by creating refugees and eliminating hostile guerilla forces. Like Mao Zedong said, “Guerrillas are like fish, and the people are the water in which fish swim.” When you weaponize famine, it is like draining the water out of the lake. No water! No fish! No problem!

Famine can also be used as a political weapon of control and elimination of any organized opposition. For instance, by controlling and manipulating the supply of grain to the urban markets, the regime can effectively punish and bring that population to its knees while eliminating any capacity for organized political opposition.

But famine is also very good for business (famine profiteering). Regime-allied middlemen buy massive amounts of grains from farmers at low prices (by offering what appears to be a generous price at the time) and eliminate legitimate small businesses that deal in grain. When these middlemen have an absolute monopoly on the acquisition, sale and distribution of agricultural commodities, particularly grains, it not hard to imagine how profitable famines could be. It makes perfect economic sense from the perspective of famine profiteering to place low policy priority on famine prevention and control. It’s the old supply and demand curve. High demand for food and less supply on the market, and complete control on the distribution of international food aid equals to “mo’ money, mo’ money, and mo’ money” for Meles and his gang.

The Real Reasons for Recurrent Famines in Ethiopia

The prime reason for the current famine in Ethiopia is the misguided economic policies of the Meles regime. That is the judgment of the most experienced development economists. As Amartya Sen, the Nobel laureate and world renowned welfare (development) economist, observed, "There has never been a famine in a functioning multiparty democracy.”

In Ethiopia, drought and other meteorological phenomena are aggravating factors in the causation of famine, but their effects can be mitigated through effective policies, improved planning and better coordination in a functioning multiparty democracy. But there is no way famine could be effectively addressed in a one-party totalitarian police state that places a higher priority on the cultivation of rose bushes, coffee exports, tourism and construction of villas, resorts and unneeded office buildings than feeding its people. There is no way to overcome famine when artificially low prices are maintained for agricultural commodities (so that regime-allied middlemen could make obscene profits) and few incentives are provided to farmers for expanded food production. There is no way to rid famine from Ethiopia when fertilizer is used to blackmail farmers into voting for the regime. It is impossible to avoid recurrent famines when the regime relies on flawed policies promoted by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund which ignore the critical role of the private sector in food production. Famine will always rear its ugly head in Ethiopia so long as it is used as a military and political weapon. There will always be famine in Ethiopia so long as privatization of land is prohibited.

Stretching Her Hands Unto God

Let’s face the facts. For well over three decades, Ethiopia has been forced into recurrent famines by reckless, careless, heedless, feckless, aimless and worthless governments whose solution to the structural problem of food insecurity is to stretch out unbending begging hands to the Western countries. For well over three decades, the West has responded with kindness, goodwill, mercy, understanding, charity and compassion. Today, the limits of Western charity and generosity has reached its limits. For the first time, the West has come to the conclusion that it has no moral obligations to save Ethiopia when the Ethiopian “government” is sitting on its hands and doing nothing; or when it does do something, it is only to stretch out the hand that begs.

We must come to terms with the fact that the West is no longer willing to be blackmailed into accepting moral blame for Ethiopia’s famine. That is why it will be different this time. There will be no Bob Geldofs to save Ethiopia. No Live Aid. No Michael Jacksons singing “We are the World.” It will do us no good to stretch out begging hands to the Western Powers. This time Ethiopia must stretch her hands to a much Higher Power, the only Power that can save her. And Ethiopia will be saved -- let there be no doubt about that -- because we believe, as written in Psalm 68:31, “Ethiopia shall soon stretch out her hands unto God.” And He will hold and lift her tenderly by her hands and raise her from the depths of despair, privation and misery, and deliver her from the plague of oppression! This time Ethiopia’s children must not only stretch out their hands unto God, but they must also hold hands -- extend helping hands -- from across the globe and embrace their brothers and sisters who are dying simply because they have nothing to eat. No Ethiopian should die from starvation!

Food for Thought: How many Ethiopians died today for lack of food?

Previous commentaries by the author are available at: and


Comment from: chala [Visitor]

1.99%of Ethiopian who applied asylum know how to lie to get paper. All of the people who ask asylum family are killed raped and tortured so stop telling this bla bla lie for us because we all passed through this game.

2. The British media is only do this kind of program when they smell some oil talk. Other wise this is not the time to talk about 2005 problem.

3.they did play this on darfur and south Sudan and now they hear there is oil in Ogden and started the same game.

4. why don’t they report the London people uprising as democratic question instead of using the same word like Gaddaffy and call the people thief.

5.So this is not an answer for you lousy looser this for those who read your bull shit.

08/08/11 @ 03:46
Comment from: Truth be told [Visitor]
Truth be told

Simply an outstanding article painting the real picture of the situation on the ground. might be hard for some fools to swallow the real info but truth be told,this is the naked truth and what has so far being gained from the so called a decade long double digit economic growth. to me and most rational persons,an economic growth could only be said or talked about by the well being of the majority of the society and not by lucky well connected few who builds high scrapers here and there by affiliations. denials only lead to a fall.we’ll never be self suficient in food as long as the root cause of the problem is not dealt with.being in denial and an autocrat has something to do with it among other things. we’ll be witnessing skinny skeleton childrens and mothers for many years to come and one can only wonder where the blame game stops.

08/08/11 @ 04:43
Comment from: [Member]

Almaria is on a self destruction mode.
“Elihe milach yaswital”
“Baliwuan godahu bila minuan be enchet wogach”
“Ene kemotihu serdo ayibqel”
There are so many amharic proverbs which can describe the hopeless act of almaria & co. It seems the “what ever it takes” mentality of our enemys atlast taking a toll on them and speeding up their own demise.
Last week when the UN released the huge report on how eritrean regime was involved in terrorism and different shemefull acts, for almaria and elias KIFTAFF, it was a knockout blow.
Some how with the help of disgruntled and hardliner Brit, with the name of investigative reporter, brought unfounded aligation and old files of interviews, which were used two years ago for election campain of opposition groups, surfaced out of nowhere. And ofcourse the usual crybabies rallied around it and shabia and alshebab got the brake they needed, and temporarily they were off the hot seat.
But unfortunately for them, now shabia is back on the news, cornerd and on defensive mode, and alshebab on the run.
“A lie can travell halfway around the world, while the truth is putting on its shoes” Mark Twain
Ofcourse the defaming campain aimed on our govt has traveld all over the world in dramatic speed. As Micheal Jackson ones put it, “lies run sprints, but the truth runs marathon", truth is about endurance, slowly but surely will win the contest. Our enemys keep their campain of diciet, defame and discredit the hard working leaders of Ethiopia. At the end or on the finishing line, they wiil end up burnt out. Nowhere to be found.

08/08/11 @ 05:33
Comment from: Munir [Visitor]

I hope this guy is not paid per article, he’s going to bankrupt Eritrea.

08/08/11 @ 06:37
Comment from: YHD [Visitor]

Politics aside, what is obvious and alarming is that: frequent and cyclic draught has become a perpetual phenomenon affecting all countries in the Horn & East Africa. The main culprits are not actually the Governments in Kenya, Ethiopia, or Uganda as politicians tend to blame. The reason for the severe draughts in the region is the absence of rain due to climate change. Unfortunately, our region is one of the highly affected zones in the world affected by Global Warming, which is far beyond the countries and the inhabitants’ copping & resisting capacity. No one has clamed that the current economic, political, social affairs in any of the impacted countries are perfect. So, let’s avoid the political discourse & conflict for now and focus on the real issue of how we are going to help our compatriots, who do not have the privilege to share the political discourse.
99% of our basic and major problems are related to the deep rooted impoverishment and backwardness that we have been suffering for many centuries, and sadly, still today, and takes time to solve all of them. Tackling poverty and backwardness should be the number one task and goal of Ethiopians. The last thing we need is to allow an endless political conflict to seize a center stage in our life.

08/08/11 @ 07:08
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

What a jock ,the once TPLF bandits and
their Shabyan masters were accusing the Derg Junata Regime .The crime minister and his SS Agazis are using
foods as arms against the peoples of all the regions.they consider as hostile for them .A fact denied by TPLF Thugs ,by fool diaspora guys as Pig Ben and worst of all by Ignorant Western Diplomatic Corps .

08/08/11 @ 07:30
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Member]

Since the last honourable king departed from Ethiopia, dignity, nobility, respectability, self reliance, unity, enviable global reputation, national confidence, bread basket status, our natural port etc have all DEPARTED from Ethiopia!

Now, we are poster child for famine, disease, prostitution, women & child trafficking, mass immigration and what not!

Its funny how the tiniest of nations on earth like Djibouti blackmails a humongous country like Ethiopia in to paying an arm and leg for port fees while we happily signed our own outlets away. Also became laughing stocks of another tiny hell hole nation aka Eritrea. HIM King Haile Selasie left with more intelligent/educated Ethiopian work force than current day Ethiopia, efficient Army, naval, air-force structure, airline, reputable educational institutions, other major infrastructures etc on which Ethiopians could have built a strong and capable country.

Instead over 86% of educated Ethiopians were forced to flee & Ethiopia was left with moronic folks who can’t even maintain their own family structures let alone build a nation. The blame game continues now in the 21st century, seems more like cover up of failures by successive regimes. As long as Ethiopians concentrate on negative aspects of their past instead of positives, we will remain destitute nation forever!

… A west African college professor recently said to me, we learned Ethiopian history in west Africa, we looked up to Ethiopia, we longed to even have friends from Ethiopia growing up, we were proud of Ethiopia but “what a sad ending to once noble people & country"! I couldn’t agree more! We now have the lowest of the low in charge trying to punish citizens with starvation. Gross!

08/08/11 @ 09:00
Comment from: prince of konso [Visitor]
prince of konso

al al ala
another shout from a mad dog of west coast.

08/08/11 @ 09:06
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Here we are again ,TPLF thugs bunch of
useless society garbages and Social cancers and parasite are once again barking agains prof Al like satrving hyenas .By the way Adgi Banda ,since your leba master and his agazis have usurpated the peoples power the situation of the country is worsening
more than ever .It’s a waste of times
for your and your Thuggy bros to spread your tears of crocodiles .The other reason of Famine in the Horn of Africa is also because of evil regimes of your leba master and
his twin bros Issayas who instaure a
CANNIBAL SYSTEM of looting the country and starving the peoples for
the sake of Minority Tribal Mafia
Lobbyist Groups as TPLF and Shabya .
With the cooperation of Aderby Bandas ,Foreign looters supposed Investors and parasite coward fool
daispora guys sold for a glass of Whisky and a peace of Tchoma !!!!

08/08/11 @ 09:26
Comment from: true [Visitor]

Well said Amara Princess! As an Amaran, one thing Amaras know of is how to talk, yes we need empowerment. It is high time we recognize and demystify that the kings were bad. That is not true it is a cover up to hide their evil act and incompetence from both Mengistu or TPLF regime.

08/08/11 @ 09:38
Comment from: belete [Visitor]

if famine can trigger the removal of leaders in ethiopia as it did with the king and derg, then one can argue that it is a good tool for those who want to replace meles, so its in their interest to have famine not the other way around. one may say, but, these people do not have the means to cause famine, true but for a nation like ethiopia you dont need to do much to have a famine.

08/08/11 @ 09:51
Comment from: zella [Visitor]

Not to long a go I made a comment regarding the UN report asking Ethiopia to halt the construction of Gibe III project which is half way completed, and I sincerely invited Mr.Alemariam to give us his opinion on this issue.I predicted that Mr.Alemariam is not interested in what matter to the majority of Ethiopians,time and time again Mr.Alemariam demonstrated his hatred and antagonist talks towards the Prime Minister.
Mr. Alemariam always shunned from what is important for the country,and always the first one to inflame the hate politics among each other.
Why is the professor of a university in the United States so consumed in hate politics?.
Why he always one sided?.
Please, some one give us some insight who this guy was years back.
Shame on you Mr.Almariam.

08/08/11 @ 09:56
Comment from: men [Visitor]

To:Chala and..

The problem begin with your first history you said you passed your asylum by giving invented history making a big lie and for that the law will discover who are you and believe me you will have your justice ,. All that who defend Ethiopian children killer for sure you are direct criminal either you have strong connection with the Wayne criminal either you are naturally lier.

This respected professor are describing here what is known by the world eyes, the only thing he made is professional and deep analysis abut the Ethiopian children killer Wayane TPLF characteristic, so no need a lot of noise here.

You commented that the BBC is looking the oil of Ogaden, you are very poor that you associate all things with material perspective , didn’t you know that there are a lot of breve journalist who made big sacrifice to find the truth?, that was the BBC big work and this time Ethiopian people give very great acknowledgment for their best work that’s to be voice of for voiceless Ethiopian people like Prof.Hailemariam.
For that who want to give justification putting westerns, white mans,USA BBC, VOA .. are Ethiopian enemy, we Ethiopian don’t here and accept your false accusation, the Ethiopian people have located his all time enemy that’s wayane sub set mafia group and his lider Meles.

Wayane and his agents from the beginning are killers, arrogant, vulgar thieves, very dishonest, disrespected…. like CHALA, ADDIS ZEMEN…

Ethiopian will have very soon total freedom and all alliance hand with Wayane criminals will have the justice bench.

08/08/11 @ 10:50
Comment from: Mebrek [Visitor]

In an interview given to selam radio in DC, the shameless Girma Biru (EPRDF ambassador in USA) said that EPRDF should be applauded for starving ONLY 4.5 million Ethiopians because the remaining 76 million Ethiopians are not starving. I couldn’t believe when I heard him say this. What a low life!!!!!!

08/08/11 @ 11:03
Comment from: prince of konso [Visitor]
prince of konso

amhara princes
i really hope you dont mean what you wrote. if you mean it, you are just an idiot.
it is your incomptent, self serving, corrubt emperopr who is the source of all these demise.for the first time, ethiopia became a symbol of hunger in1973 under that man you call your emperor. you admire him just because he is you just hate the pm because he is tigre. let me tell you body. you amharas are wet pant, hodams,corrubt, incomptent,above all racists. give it up, your days are gone never to come back again. thank God.

08/08/11 @ 11:04
Comment from: Guta [Visitor]  

1.99%of Ethiopian who applied asylum know how to lie to get paper. All of the people who ask asylum family are killed raped and tortured so stop telling this bla bla lie for us because we all passed through this game.

2. The British media is only do this kind of program when they smell some oil talk. Other wise this is not the time to talk about 2005 problem.

3.they did play this on darfur and south Sudan and now they hear there is oil in Ogden and started the same game.

4. why don’t they report the London people uprising as democratic question instead of using the same word like Gaddaffy and call the people thief.

5.So this is not an answer for you lousy looser this for those who read your bull shit.

08/08/11 @ 11:07
Comment from: Gobez [Visitor]

Nothing new; the same old story!! Everytime you post an article, you show your deep seated hate towards one individual. Instead of focusing on the system, you waste time narrating about Ato Meles Zenawi. Politics aside, is there any way in which you can give us your scolarly analysis of the cause and solution to the recurrent drought problem in our country without mixing your emotional hate politics? I’m sure that majority of my country fellows would agree with me that you are not contributing anything to the well being of the people other than sawing divisions and discord among the Ethiopian people. Now, I concluded that you are a politically bankrupt person who is living in fantasy world.

08/08/11 @ 12:06
Comment from: chala [Visitor]

BBC are you going to say sorry again?
how can some one belive what somale saying? they can kill there mother if they think they will get some thing out of it.
we know what they did to somaila and now they want to do ethiopia the same.

08/08/11 @ 12:27
Comment from: gud [Visitor]

Amhara princess

that’s why the entire Ethiopian people sick and tired of feudal mentality and superiority are still believe that a few hodam feudal amharas should rule the country. that’s why you hate EPRDF because they change the country within 20yrs comparing yours 50+17=67yrs of misery.Ethiopians are not 500 people as you feudals claim we are 85 million. So if you can’t live equally with all ethnic group,hide your self in western country and keep hating EPRDF.You are nothing but yareje tirs yelelew ambesa.All what you claim such as starvation,prostitution,bla bla..happened since your feudal hero stop bull shiting.

08/08/11 @ 12:57
Comment from: visitor [Visitor]

Mr Chala
do you know about which Ethiopia are you talking about ?
it too difficult for me to consider Ethiopia is country ,
in 21 century personal identity gets
from kebele,in Ethiopia not now since
earlier times to today people killed
with out any justice.
no justice in Ethiopian history.if
this gives you meaning ok if not go and
meles fuck you.

08/08/11 @ 13:27
Comment from: Tulu Proud ET [Visitor]
Tulu Proud ET

From day one of the notorious TPLF creation, Ethiopia becomes the subject of famine.

Meles introduced famine and killed Tigreans when he was a rebel leader of TPLF and now it becomes the pivot of his power control.

Now Famine becomes the infamous word associated with Ethiopia. Meles and the international donors don’t care about who or how many are dying of famine.

The only time Meles and his money pumping machine will stop are when Ethiopians stand up for their right and dignity. When they say Enough to Meles! When they are ready to fight before they are killed by Famine.

Then all his money pumping machines will abandon Meles and will stand with the people of Ethiopia. Take Mubarak for example from a recent event.

Don’t expect fairness or action to come from outside. The power that no one can stop is inside Ethiopia.

08/08/11 @ 15:54
Comment from: RASTA KC [Visitor]


08/08/11 @ 16:13
Comment from: SELAMAWIT [Visitor]
08/08/11 @ 16:59
Comment from: red [Visitor]

prince of konso,

Likewise your love for banda Meles is based on tribal affiliation. You hate Haile Selassie because your hate for the Amhara is universal. But who brought Haile Selassie down? Never mind. You don’t have a rational mind to answer that question at all. You are made up of tribal cells. As someone said one time the “T” in tigre is synonymous with tribalism. You think tribalism is your passport to power. Rest assured. It will be the reason for your ignominious demise sooner or later. Yes, the 1974 famine was disgusting. So is a 2011 famine. The former affected 200,000 people. Now we are counting in millions (six million for heaven’s sake). Don’t try to hide in your tribal cage every time. Sometimes facing the reality is good. It will save you and your tribal gangs from gigantic disasters.

08/08/11 @ 19:16
Comment from: AGAZI TIGRAY [Visitor]

Shut your mouth diaspora adgi ,why would tplf/eprdf use food as weapon?we can knock out our enemies teeth on the battle field…

It is absurd for some cowards amhara diaspora to cry day in day out by fabricating lies…

Bastards learn from history,during 1984 famine derg tried to starve the entier tigray people by collaborating with EPLF, many innocent citizens perished.But nothing could stop the brave tigray people from destroying the largerst army in africa….

Unlike you daily cry babies let alone the government no ordinary peasant from tigray who sufferd the most,wants to see any ethiopians being denied of foods…This type of mentality have never existed in tigray people mind through out our history…

We fight our enemies,just like men and we have proved that for thousands of years…

08/09/11 @ 00:03
Comment from: JOJO [Visitor]

Please some body tell me if you know if this guy and Meles know eachother in ’60s or ’70s please tell us the history.

08/09/11 @ 01:14
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Adgi Tigray (AGAZY TIGRAY),keep on your silly jock
for yourself ,you bandit guys never won the war ,they entered into Addis just because coward Derg officials and
taitor Military Officers let them occupy the fields .Do not forget Mokadisho where your dirty Militias ran away defeated by bare footed children and women fighters so is with such “SHEPHERD” of so called fighters only good to kill inocent peoples and rape
women that you’ll govern the country for thousand years !!!!

08/09/11 @ 09:40
Comment from: George [Visitor]

I cannot read a line of this man’s desertation any more. It is always long and boring. These days no one likes to digest comments more than a page. I also see the prof. is obssessed and adicted to writing against the PM and his government. That is not sane by all means. You better see your Dr if you cannot treat your self. Because you are gifted to write I don’t think you should spend so much of your time scribbling, especially when the intention is not helpful for the country.

Long live Ethiopia and its people who work hard for peace, harmony and development.

08/09/11 @ 12:58
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Member]

@Prince of Barren land aka Mekelle

HIM King Selassie is internationally acclaimed, dignified, noble man
not a begging tramp, narcotic khat grazing, tobacco puffing, alcoholic
like your thug leader who is married to ex prime hooker of
Khartoum. No amount of weyane propaganda would rewrite history. Its like you are trying to invent the wheel, not possible!

The world honors, respects even worships King Selassie not because he is Amhara but he was an irreplaceable Asset Ethiopia and the entire black race lost! By the way your entire 5 million A*ame population don’t have an ounce of respect king Selassie commands globally even after 30+ years after his death. Amhara haven’t gone anywhere, we are still the elite, well educated, integral power to be reckoned with. Without Amhara No Ethiopia. Amhara would be main catalyst to your inevitable demise soon you know it damn well.

@ gud

As if you are living equally at the moment?? Not only Ethiopians are held hostage and living in Apartheid style of segregated system in their own lands, the A*ame thugs are also in every tribe’s business! Equality? You wouldn’t know about equality even it slaps you in the face :) you must be smoking something cheap or strong.

08/09/11 @ 16:18
Comment from: [Member]

It doesn’t get any worse than these rats like the EPRDF rep- Girma Biru.
If he said that he ought to be lynched at Meskel square along with his boss.
4.5 million souls is nothing to this idiot greedy hyena!!! what are these bunch of looters thinking or yet they must be hullucinating with some type of drug.

08/09/11 @ 16:27
Comment from: mebrek [Visitor]

The Chinese government created what is known as “the 50 Cent Army” of cyber warriors who infiltrate Internet forums to propagate the interest of the ruling party in China. Everytime a chinese cyber thug posts a comment on opposition website he/she gets 50 cents. Similarly, Woyane copied China’s technique of internet propaganda. EPRDF recruited several paid online woyane defenders whose main job is to comment belligerently on any genuine criticism of EPRDF. They unconditionally support anything EPRDF does even if the act involves killing innocent people or starving opponents for political reasons. They denounce any one who tries to criticize woyane.
Here are some of the woyane’s cyber buchilas:
Addis Zemen
Prince of konso
We know you!!!!

08/09/11 @ 16:32
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

My computer erased a long response that I wrote for you.

Here is a summary of it.

1. Amara has a bloody history and must be accountable for their past deeds. It is simply an infectious gene they have trying to control the lives of others. I may be a few of the exception as I am a muslim Amara.

2. Amare has hijacked Ethiopia in the name of unity but in fact no Amara ruler exists as Amara and no Amara people have done any thing that the country can be proud of. For example, Lalibela is the work of Agew people helped by Arabs. Fasiledes is an Oromo ruler who bult the Gondar castle.

3. Amara Princess you should find a pron room as your name does not suit the political discussion we have here. Even if I let you be here your racist comments on the people of Africa the Somali and other people of Ethiopia makes you an infantile baby Amara Princess.

I will leave the rest for your rat brain to ponder.

4. I am an African and I have same rights as you have to criticize the West policy.

5. I am not Arabish and Turkish but I am glad that Ethiopia was preserved through them by helping Gragn Ahmed unify Ethiopia from Ras Kasar to Borena and Somali. The largest territory Ethiopia had. Thanks to the Portugese christians and now Europe and West your barbaric copts have fragmented that one Ethiopia and brutalized the people of the South in the name of feudal coptic church.

6. Gragn Ahmed is the best General Africa has produced defeating a strong showing army of 200000 Libna Dengel copts versus with 12000 muslims of Gragn Ahmed. This alone should make our African brothers.

7. I may also suggest to Assta that Quran is a miracle by itself. Miracle can be performed by many deceiving preacher. But our Prophet was sent with a message and confidence no other Prophet had to convince his people of a miracle. A miracle is good for weak people or spirit like that of Assta Getu and Amhara Princess. By the way you should call yourself “Amara” not Amhara. You are retarded any way.

Islam does not believe in supersition but christianity does especially orthodox and pentes. No wonder they seek for miracles. Such people are controlled by bad spirit.

So before you tell us to be Ethiopian choose a name that stand for Ethiopia

Amara has nothing to be proud of except the bleeding of the people of Ethiopia. Then I see that.

Amara will not exist as ethnic if Ethiopia disintegrates because they will be land locked and right now they can not free themselves even from minority Tigrayans which is shameful for Amara.
Is this what you call Amara?
Also Amara spread the culture of begging. are you not a beggar? You inslut Somalis?? Absured. Evaluate your own culture. Somalis brave people.

08/09/11 @ 17:12
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Member]

Gragn Somali

Obviously, your computer recognises terrorist mutant well enough to erase your illiterate radical trash.

… Just go find mentally and economically challenged prick like you because you are very simple minded, dull, ill informed fool for me to debate with. I told you right up to your neck already hence no need to repeat.

I said enough, exposed your fake Amhara ethnicity, demented Islamic ideology, bogus imam Gragn Ahmed who was a trojan for Arabs and Turks sent to destroy Ethiopia but was killed like a REAL rat that he was and subsequently fed to rats by Amhara leaders. He never managed to convert North Ethiopia to Muslim as he planned nor did he succeed to Kill Atse Libne Dingel. He was eradicated from the face of the earth by Amhara leaders. So there you have it. End of.

I dare your skirt wearing Somali ass to bring a single Amhara to justice! If it wasn’t for Amhara, you would have been be a nomad, sand dweller like your ancestors, breeding with camels. You are lucky we made you human and not halfbreed with camels! ungrateful dimwit.

Amhara has the most fertile, beautiful, breath taking land, Intellectual and human capital, all the tourist attractions, the Nile, Lake Tana, temperature to die for! We don’t need nobody. No Amhara ever died of starvation except Wolo and that is because the usual drought magnet Tigrays FLOOD Wolo every time they are struck therefore draining Wolo. You ever heard of Shewa, Gonder, Gojam starve? I don’t think so. On the contrary, Somalis are prone to drought almost every 3 months and own desert for country.

Your sea ports are not stopping you from starvation and never allowed you to prosper? So what good is a sea port with moronic nomads incharge? Nothing but toxic dumping ground for Europe. Stop embarrassing yourself. If Amhara is landlocked so what? So is current day Ethiopia! I am not going to scream unity, you can go to hell for all I care. We’ve had enough of you & your likes so take a hike, good luck.

Amhara NEVER begged for food Aid or anything else for that matter. Ethiopia was known as bread basket of Africa, well respected, feared nation with noble citizens during Amhara rule. We commanded RESPECT and helped other nations in need including Britain during Amhara rule. We also helped your first Muslim clowns seek refugee in Ethiopia when they were getting their asses whooped by fellow Arabs! Not to mention utilizing your ancestors very well.

… Begging came after Amhara left power 30+ years ago hence it is Somalia and Tigray’s middle name! Somalia is hell on earth, begging Arab terrorists to kill their fellow Muslims, begging western world for food, begging Ethiopia, Kenya and the entire world to house their refugees so I suggest you concentrate on your Muslim Somalis and leave Amhara/Christians the hell alone. Take your garbage to Pakistani Terrorist chartrooms, I am a sharp, tough cookie for your rusty, old dysfunctional Somali brain. Ya hear? :)

08/09/11 @ 23:39
Comment from: Ordofaa [Visitor]

Where is comment? You have permitted insulting comment by such individuals as Gragn Ahmed but not my harmless one. Why? What is wrong with predicting independence of Oromiya, Amhara, Afar, Tigray, Ogadenia and Omotic people? What is wrong with that? I did not make it to happen soon whether anyone likes it or not. Whether I said it or not it is going to happen. The seeds are sown now which will not take too long to come to fruition. Such emergence of new nations back there will create an atmosphere where guns will be melted to make tools of industrial advancement. Fears and animosity will be replaced by respect to each other and harmonious inter-states living. I am telling it is going to happen so let my comments rip!!!!

08/10/11 @ 01:59
Comment from: [Member]

To Gragn Ahmed.
you claimed to be a Moslim Amhara and yet you bashed Amhara and Amhara culture just to justify the Islam religion vs Christianity. I beg to differ in your blogging since you contradict your own saying.

It seems you would rather affiliate with Somalis( which is nothing wrong )
instead of your own culturally ethnically Amhara being?
Does this mean you would rather help an moslim Iranian over loving and respecting your own Ethiopian citizen fellow?
I always think one’s motherland has greater impact over ones religion in as much as the land on which one lives has life preserving conditions versus a mere worshiping of any deity being.

08/10/11 @ 07:47
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Member]

Gragn Somali

On intellectual level, let me enlighten your very simplistic & contaminated mind regarding the Agaw People. Most current day tribes i.e. Amhara, Tigray of Ethiopia and Bilen, Kerren of Eritrea are the direct descendants of the Agaw people as the Agaw were the original inhabitants of much of the northern Ethiopian highlands. The Agaw Dynasty had nothing to do with Muslims as they were 100% Orthodox Christians. Though their language was “Afro Asiatic chushetic” based, you never find a singe Agaw in current day Ethiopia where majority Cushetic descendants reside.

By the way, the very few remnants of Agaw still live SOLELY in Gondar, Gojam, Wolo, Tigray and Eritrea and nowhere else. Therefore your demented ideology/fallacy trying to associate Agaw with Muslims in order to discredit Amhara on the basis of achievement of their own family is a bit desperate & Pathetic to say the least.

If we go by your ill informed, rotten Islamic concepts, then we can discredit the great achievements of say for EXAMPLE, current day Britain, USA, Germany etc based on their Anglo-Saxon, Norman, Viking, Franks, Celtic, Vandals, etc heritage from which they’ve all been descended from? Do you see how moronic you are?

As for Lalibela, it was Capital city of Ethiopia in the 12th and 13th century where King Gebre Mesqel reigned.

“Lalibela is said to have seen Jerusalem and then attempted to build a new Jerusalem as his capital in response to the capture of old Jerusalem by Muslims in 1187″. “As such, many features have Biblical names - even the town’s river is known as the River Jordan". Er’m did you say Muslims helped build Lalibela while remaining enemy No 1 to King Lalibela? You are a complete irrational moron.

Finally, the great king of Gondar aka Emperor Susenyos’s son Fassiledes, throne name (Alem Seged) who was a member of the Solomonic Dynasty and founder of Gondar is Oromo? Let me guess, his mother’s name sounds like Oromo, right? You better stick to your area of expertise i.e. the Quran or you need to hit your local mental institute ASAP.

The wheel has been invented ALREADY so no need to reinvent it. You know what I mean?

08/10/11 @ 12:12
Comment from: prince of konso [Visitor]
prince of konso

amhara prince
your responce to me witnesses that your trbe is chauvinist, aerogant, above all, tribal. on one hand you condemn the govt for being tribal, on the other hand you declare your self as being uber all the people of ethiopia. the best thing the greaat epdrf did to ethiopia is to set free the ethiopian people from your cockroach tribe. your emperor spent all his time and money to build his name and image. that is the very reason he is a popular dog in the western world.he is the first emperror to betray his people and run for his life .talk about begging, he is the first emperror who begged foreigners to free his country from the fassist occupiers.for you, he is a hero but for the rest of us he is a villan who is responsible for all this demise. once again you are wet pant with neither balls nor gut. the only sharp thing you dare to use is your tounge. you talk about hooker, the way you insult people, one can safetly conclude you were raised by one of them.

08/10/11 @ 19:58
Comment from: Berhanu [Visitor]

TPLF are purposely blocking food line to Ogaden land and south, rerouting it to northern garner for a rainy day to be used for them, it’s a shame.

08/11/11 @ 02:45
Comment from: Ordofaa [Visitor]

To all Amhara, Afar, Somali, Tigray and Omotic people of the Horn!!! Rise up! Rise up against the tyranny that has been bleeding and violating you!!! Rise up in unison and do away with a despotic one-party system and replace with a replica of an American democratic system!!! Let it be the Republics of Amhara, Oromiya, Afar, Ogadenia, Tigray (They may opt to go with Eritrea) and the Omotic People!!! And then let’s melt down all the instruments of war and political killings to make hammers and drills for our industrial projects!!! Rise up and send this cactus munching monkey face and his consort back to the joint they came from!!!
And these to my Oromo compatriots!!!!
What we freedom-aspiring Oromos need now is a reassessment of what has been done(both accomplishments and setbacks) and lay down a refreshed path. We all know that we are inching close to the bright day of emancipation. A congress should be called and held soon in order to elect new leaders in all echelons of our vanguard house. We should open offices in every continent and start preparing the world for the impending independence of Oromiya. We should keep our struggle clean of atrocities and being used by opportunistic forces. We Oromos have qualitative and quantitative assets. We should use them wisely and properly. We have more than 30 million Oromos behind us and fondly awaiting our arrival. And more than anything else, the arrival of our beautiful Oromiya. Just look at her. She is so beautiful and resourceful. She is old enough to be my mother and young and robust enough to be my much younger sister. The bells of freedom are tolling for home-coming of her braves and glorious people. God has set up a date of freedom with my beautiful Oromiya in 2014.
Rise up yo’ll!!! Rise up!!!!!

08/11/11 @ 19:31
Comment from: Tulu Proud ET [Visitor]
Tulu Proud ET

You are not speaking for me!!!

Your way of “Republics of Amhara, Oromiya, Afar, Ogadenia, Tigray (They may opt to go with Eritrea) and the Omotic People!!! “ is not acceptable.

The only way that will work and bring Ethiopia into a modern, civilized and stronger Ethiopia is a Republic of United Ethiopia.

Where all its citizens are united, respected and work together for the benefit of their country and themselves.

Also learn from the mistakes done by all “lf”s that brought the downfall of Ethiopia. From being the bread basket of Africa to the century’s fertile land retailer and Famine maker.

Where one ethnic groups bleeds and suckes the blood of all.

We have to learn from the progress of united citizens and countries like the United Kingdom/Britain and United States. They didn’t become strong nations by chipping into peaces.

08/12/11 @ 16:09
Comment from: AGEW [Visitor]

Apologies! There is a clear distinction between an articulated argument and a bunch of slur. Amhara, konso or gragn be it even you are a ‘Princess’ as you claim … you show me the FACTS. Or else please do your ownself a favour - engage it on something of use to itself. I am a proud amhara and I love tigre, oromo, konso, kunama, somali, yankee, and whatever have you. I did enjoy ‘p’ of amharas good rant (it really was good - i would also say gragn and ‘p’ konso will concur). Please if you are trying to respond to her rant (in my book a an articulated piece), you have to go one up either in FACTS or a cheaper flare. Otherwise, damagelimit and GIVE UP for heavens

08/13/11 @ 03:02



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