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Ethiopia: Meles Zenawi's invitation to Camp David is an insult to Ethiopians



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Ethiopia: Meles Zenawi's invitation to Camp David is an insult to Ethiopians

Ethiopia: Meles Zenawi's invitation to Camp David is an insult to Ethiopians

By Tedla Asfaw

Reuters reported today that four African leaders including Meles Zenawi are invited to join the G8 Conference at Camp David session on "Food Security" on May 19 in Maryland. Food Security has been our rallying cry since Meles Zenawi sold or leased more than 2 million hectares for foreign landlords by forcefully removing farmers and indigenous people from their ancestral land. Its target is up to 8 million hectare for sale. It is Cash Security for the regime.

This is a good opportunity for all of us to sign the petition on forced relocation of Ethiopians if we he have not signed. Please go and sign it to give it as "Food Security Gift" on May 19 for Obama.
Woyane is now killing the people of Gambella and Afar to secure the land for its foreign buyers. Ethnic cleansing is underway in Gura Ferda to clear the land for new buyers. Beni Shanguel area is also targeted for possible ethnic cleansing to clear the land.

Meles Zenawi talking about Food Security is an insult for Ethiopians and we condemn the Obama Administration for inviting his Security Ally/Guard to Maryland. We will organize tens of thousands to expose the failed Obama Policy towards Ethiopia. Obama like Bush is using Meles Zenawi security forces it armed to fight war in Somalia and Sudan for its own national interest. For Obama more than 90 million Ethiopians do not deserve any say or dignity in their country. There has never been any public protest allowed in Ethiopia since 2005. Ethiopians are not allowed even to protest for bread. Where is the Food Security without the right to protest for Food ? Ethiopians only Security is to Die Hungry or Die Fleeing !!!

In fact USAID is encouraging Indian and Saudi landlords to come and buy land in Ethiopia while displaced and hungry people are put on welfare program run by USAID on designated reservation. We saw that in Gambella !!! Saudi Arabia ally of USA is free to buy Ethiopia's land at the same time allowed to dehumanize and abuse Ethiopian housemaids who run to Gulf Nations to realize "Food Security" for their families. We have to tell Obama that his closest allies Saudi Arabia and India have to get out of land business for Ethiopians to realize Food Security and live in dignity in their own country. USA seems encouraging "Food Security/Speculation" for these countries while sending tons of wheat to Ethiopia to quell public anger. Recent report by World Bank discloses that 8.5 million people need to be on food aid until 2015. This is what we have got after millions of tons of food aid beside pumping more than 30 billion in aid for the last two decades

The unelected regime of Meles Zenawi inner circle have stashed out more than 11.5 billion dollar in foreign countries. The studies are public and USA policy makers know about this. How comes the West did not call for such financial crime to be investigated ? Is that because these stolen money are used also to buy influence in the West ?. Any attempt to promote Meles Zenawi and his Mafia regime in the name of Food Security is not acceptable. What USA is prescribing for Assad of Syria is also good for Ethiopia, to step aside. Assad is killing so does Meles. Assad is corrupt Meles Zenawi is much more. Assad trust Russia and China Meles is playing the China card too.

The people of Ethiopia are now like a dormant Volcano not Extinct. We know the volcano is very close to erupt. The sign is there right in Addis Ababa. Millions of Ethiopian Muslims are coming out and telling Meles Zenawi to leave their religion alone. Ethiopian Christians are saying no to Waldeba Monastery land to be bulldozed to bring in Cash for Meles Zenawi. No to Money Security for Meles Zenawi !!!

Ethiopia is ready for change that change will surely bring Food Security to its people among freedom, equality and dignity. We are demanding the Obama Administration to remove Meles Zenawi from the list of guests on "Food Security". We will come in ten thousands to demand that in the coming week or weeks.

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Comment from: Alemu [Visitor]

The so-called Tedla Asfaw is arguing that PM Meles Zenawi’s invitation to Camp David is an insult to Ethiopians. What irronious logical contention. He has been embracing PM Meles Zenawi as his nation’s leader for over 20 plus years for so long. And now, after all thosee gone good old several years, he weaks up suddenly from his deep sleep; somewhere at his comfort zone; and jumps on the band wagon to suggest his poor and too simplistic petition signing solution. If petitions signed were to resolve the nationl problems existing thus far; then we would have seen so much remedies just doing their facinating miracles since long ago. All told, Tedla Asfaw is like Ivan Baatuta; suddenly weaking up after so long and uttering non-coherent statements at his half-sleep bedside. What a pitty.

05/06/12 @ 11:38



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