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Ethiopia: Not Just About Salvation or Religious Freedom



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Ethiopia: Not Just About Salvation or Religious Freedom

Ethiopia: Not Just About Salvation or Religious Freedom

By Teshome Abebe

It has been suggested that of all the ideologies that sprang up during the 20th century (Communism, National Socialism and Islamic Fundamentalism), none are more toxic than Islamism. Islamism or Radical Islam or otherwise also known as Islamic Fundamentalism, driven by Islamists, is an ideology designed to use religion as a means of acquiring state power and forcibly converting those in its path to accept Islam as their religion. Islamism is different from the ideologies of Communism and National Socialism in that in the later two, those intoxicated by the ideology are the elite and the leaders. The masses figure out pretty quickly that there is not much in it for them after a while. Under Islamism, or Radical Islam, those forced into an intoxicated state by the ideology are the masses—the followers. The leaders simply wish to use religion as a tool to acquire power, and having accomplished that, they wish to rule their conquest by placing it under one law—Sha ria or Islamic Law. It is impossible to find the prevalence of democratic rights in those Moslem countries that are not declared secular societies.

Much has been written and said about the weekly protests in Ethiopia by Muslim citizens. For its part, the government has arrested those that are allegedly the ring leaders of this ‘movement’ by claiming that laws have been broken, and in a country where every one is free to choose his or her version of any religion, the demands being voiced are simply an entre to something else. For their part, the leaders of the ‘movement’ and their Diaspora supporters claim that the cause of the unrest is the interference of the government in the religious affairs of Muslims through out the country. And as a result, the government has violated the Constitution, and unless it relents, the protests will continue as there is no force that can stop them. They cite the Arab Spring movements in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and other places as an example of what can be accomplished when a determined public rises up against its oppressors and mobilizes its energies to control the outcome of events, and by definition, the future.

Let me acknowledge first, that Islam and its followers in Ethiopia have coexisted with Christians and Jews for centuries though there have been tensions between the religions from time to time. The one major exception of great consequence was the Muslim offensive and subsequent conquest of most of southern and western Ethiopia in the 15th and 16th century, notably during the merciless offensives of Gragne Mohammed (Mohammed the Left Handed). Secondly, one needs to be very careful not to confuse Islam and its followers with Islamists. The followers of Islam are peace-loving people just like the followers of Christianity. Islamists, on the other hand, want to use religion as a tool of government—as a means of subjugating the conquered and forcing their will on the vanquished—all in the name of religion. They wish to dry out the roots of all other forms of religion including any form of spiritual life. Their aim is to conquer the world; abolish politics as such and run the world by men trained in Islamic law; and abolish national states. They wish to annihilate non-believers and non-followers. They are, in short, genocidal. One need not look too far in the distant to see what sort of rule has emerged whenever and where ever Islamists have taken over state or governing power. Thirdly, to use the Arab Spring movements in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya as an example of movements for democracy is, at best, a misreading of events, and hence, a wrong interpretation of history. The Arab Spring has been less about democracy and freedom than about corruption, abuse and despotism. The people of Tunisia did not revolt in the name of democracy. They revolted against a despotic regime that was squandering the wealth of the nation; they revolted against an uncaring regime that was bent on amassing family wealth rather than improving the lives of a relatively highly educated citizenry. The youth in Cairo, Egypt did not revolt in the name of democracy. Instead, they revolted against the despotic regime and the abusive treatment it meted out to its citizens. They revolted against a regime they perceived relegated the interests of their country to that of Western interests; they revolted against a regime that failed to look South to its African brethren rather than just east to the center of the Middle-East in search of cash. The people of Libya, egged on by outsiders, revolted against a despotic regime that had lost its ways and had awfully squandered the wealth of the nation. They revolted against a regime that failed to find a pathway for the employment of the youth. As a result, these are hardly examples that should be cited to equate the situation of the Muslim concerns in Ethiopia.

I grew up in the center of a vast ‘awraja’ in Ethiopia whose inhabitants were about 90% followers of Islam. Many of the small towns in this part of the country had at best, one mosque and a church or two. Unlike the assertion by some, including the politically motivated functionaries of the government, the number of mosques or even churches was a function of finances rather than active prohibition by the state. True, the growth of Christianity was encouraged either directly through the provision of finances (endowments and gifts by the royal family) or indirectly through the encouragement of missionary settlements where such existed. What was very different then was the fact that there was no practical separation between religion and state even though there was an explicit declaration that ‘religion is personal, country is for all’. In practice, however, the king not only had to have a bona fide bloodline, but must also be a Coptic Orthodox. The Ethiopia of today is much different than the one in which I grew up. The late Prime Minister, Meles Zenawi, had disavowed religion publicly, and current Prime Minister Haile Mariam Desalegn is reportedly a protestant!

Any one visiting Ethiopia today will witness the multitude of mosques all over the land. There are mosques in the cities, mosques in the countryside, mosques near deserted highways and hamlets, and mosques next to churches and schools. In 2000, the noises blaring out of loud speakers in the cities of Addis Ababa, Nazret (Adama), Dire Dawa, Mekele and Harrar was deafening, and if Ethiopia had the equivalent of an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), it would have banned such practices. Today, the public loud speakers have been dialed down because of the noise pollution, but the number of mosques has multiplied even more. If this is not an illustration of the progress that has been made by our Muslim brothers and sisters, it could be cited as an example of the level and degree of tolerance exhibited by non-Muslims as well as by the government. As a matter of fact, one of the wisest concepts enshrined in the new Ethiopian Constitution is the separation of religion and state. It is forbidden by the Constitution to mix religion and political activity. While this by itself does not equate to religious freedom, it is an expression of both the intent and the willingness of the signatories to acknowledge the sensitive nature of the issue in Ethiopian society.

So, why are Muslims in Addis Ababa protesting every Friday after prayers, and why has the government allegedly locked up some of the ‘leaders’ of the Islamic movement in Ethiopia?

Ethiopia, a land-locked country by choice, has a large population of Christians and Muslims. It is a country immediately surrounded by Muslim countries: Somalia, Sudan (with the exception of South Sudan), Djibouti, and Somaliland. There is a sizeable Muslim population in Eritrea, Kenya, and Uganda as well. Ethiopia’s traditional antagonists have been Egypt—a stone throw away, and Saudi Arabia--across the Red Sea, and Yemen. Although Yemen has had very close relationship with Ethiopia for centuries, the relationship between Ethiopia and Saudi Arabia can be said to be more utilitarian than close. There are other countries of import in the region that have had designs on Ethiopia not as an adversary but as a country that could eventually be taken over by Islam. And indeed, for Islam and Islamists, Ethiopia could be viewed as the crown jewel of an Islamic conquest were it to become an Islamic country. A simple look at the regional map would support the point just made. As a result, there are a number of countries that wish to stir up trouble in Ethiopia. Many attempts have been made over hundreds of years to effectuate such conquest. The Ottoman Empire, the Egyptians and the Dervishes have all attempted to change the course of history in this part of the Horn of Africa. Egyptian attitude towards Ethiopia is driven by its unfounded fear of what might happen to the Nile should Ethiopia ever become an unfriendly source of the longest river and it’s lifeline. What has changed, however, is that, today, the conquest is not to be effectuated by an invading army, but if possible, by the misguided, the disgruntled and the religiously intoxicated citizenry itself.

That there is an unnecessary schism in the relationship between Ethiopia and Egypt is testimony to the colossal failure of Egyptian vision and policy with regard to, and jingoistic attitude towards Ethiopia. Egypt should have strived to form the best of relationships with Ethiopia, and should have cultivated a policy of mutual cooperation and development instead of belittling Ethiopia’s ambitions and aspirations. There could be no better ally to Egypt than Ethiopia. We drink the same water (our Um al Dunya), both have a long and proud tradition of early civilization and the people are closer to one another than their leaders admit.

As the self-appointed keeper of the faith, Saudi Arabia has interest in expanding Islam where ever conditions permit and its vast resources allow. The recent outburst and unprecedented rebuke of Ethiopia by the Deputy Minister of Defense should be seen in that light. By cracking down on the self-appointed ‘leaders’ of the Islamic movement, the government of Ethiopia is viewed has having frustrated the efforts of Saudi Arabia to achieve its goals surreptitiously. Earlier, and as a sign of their frustration, the religious police in Saudi Arabia had arrested 53 Ethiopians while they were praying in a private home. Yes, they have religious police in their country but wish to export religious fundamentalism to other lands!

After decades of civil war, the government and people of Ethiopia have a nation to re-build, and a huge as well as very diverse country to manage. Arguably, the government has allowed both for freedom of speech and freedom of religion although there is considerable debate if that had been achieved in reality. The government is not blameless. It believes in the principle of group rights as opposed to individual rights, and courted the Muslim community by making concessions to it while it was consolidating power. Many argue that, in the past, the government had manipulated events, and some see more effort at manipulating public opinion here as well. Misguided but well-meaning friends of the protestors have labeled the recent public release of a film about Islamists and terrorism as a public disinformation campaign—a form of propaganda. Yet, none have condemned the sinister propaganda of the Islamist leaders themselves and their Jihad declaring friends in suit and tie. Even beyond that, and incredibly, none have come to view the issue within the context of the international contest for religious superiority. It takes a bit of mental exercise to recognize that terrorism and Islamic radicalism have to be fought precisely with the same weapons and instruments it chooses to wage its wars: propaganda with propaganda, and when it chooses to engage, regrettably, with massive engagement.

Today, the tolerance of moderate dissent is an essential part of governing. But the religious and ideological dissent must not be allowed to go on forever and simmer. It is not a violation of religious freedom to prevent extremists from using religion as a cover for sedition and criminality. To combat radicalism in any religion or any form, governments have a duty to remove legitimate grievances and reduce or eliminate resentment where possible. But no one should expect this to succeed in an environment where the actors are more loyal to external influences, or where they hold entrenched positions that make compromise difficult. It seems to me that radical Islam has set out to make Ethiopians strangers to one another. Knowledge of each other and respect for one another was what made us one family, one country. Some of that has been lost now for a number of reasons. But tolerance for intolerant groups is very foolish. Indeed, it can be deadly!

There are extremists in all religions and in all ways of life. This is due partly to ignorance, selfishness, or passion. At the very least, inordinate passion and ignorance lead to violence, and the most disturbing of all violence is the one that seems to justify itself in the name of peace and/or religion. Radical Islam, just like radical Christianity, is less about salvation and religious freedom. It is about control, conquest and subjugation.

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Comment from: Elders of Zion [Visitor]
Elders of Zion

Trash article

03/11/13 @ 23:57
Comment from: kelifa [Visitor]

“the government has allowed both for freedom of speech and freedom of religion although there is considerable debate if that had been achieved in reality"please dont talk about freedom of sppech there is no freedom you are woyane or hodam cadre

03/12/13 @ 00:03
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Aye Teshome, the new pente wayane in town. You show no humiliation for torture of our best leaders to be derided in state owned TV while you scorn at them and mock at them using your spy interrogators. You have no remorse for locking up our leaders, for looting our properties and raping our girls in broad light. You killing our young, drive them out of University. Let it be known that this gross violation will bring your end. No doubt about it. We will touch you with the fire you touch us. We are ending to hear from any Wayane any sense of logic. A protestant Prime Minister will be hel accountable. You preach love but you bring hate. We know your mission is to subjugate Muslim to their kneels. It will not happen. Your hate is unimaginable. You try to impose restriction on peaceful movement. You ridicule Egyptian movement as less democratic. You clearly fear change, look back into Kenya and you will be defeated.

By exaggerating events, you are taking my country into chaos. Wayane is the worst agent of foreign power who sold Eritrea so shut up, mr Teshome. We know who you people are, opportunists.

03/12/13 @ 00:07
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

Teshome Abebe

I read your article and know that there is absolutely nothing you haven’t touched about Ethiopia, almost everything but in all of them you remained Ethiopian.

You are wonderful and man and true Ethiopian, thanks for this mesmerizing article, hope you will wright more and more.


03/12/13 @ 00:15
Comment from: This article is a scam [Visitor]
This article is a scam

Orthodox Christianity has been intolerant to islam forever. Look at serbia massacring bosnian muslims, russians massacring chechniya muslims, ethiopian tewahedos under yohannes massacring wello muslims and forcefully converting them. Haile Selassie planned to wipe off Islam from Ethiopia. Still u backward idiots wont let us build 1 mosque in Axum. Ethiopia has had religious tolerance because Ethiopian Muslims put up with ur abuse for too long (one of the reasons Ahmed Gragn is so celebrated by ethiopian muslims).

This propaganda to divide muslims into islam and islamists is doomed to fail on arival. Only ppl who fall for it are ur puppet dogs of israel who invented the term post-911. Take ur crude propaganda and shove it.

03/12/13 @ 00:18
Comment from: Shocking Truth [Visitor]
Shocking Truth

The real reason why Eritrea & Ethiopia governments aren’t actively trying to implement regime change on each other is due to the fear that the muslim majority would take power.

03/12/13 @ 00:44
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

This forum has slowly began to form its self as Islamphobic, Christian terrorists breeding ground, and bloggers and now article writers. hhmm. What is cooking for Ethiopian Muslims? You tell us we are happy, we say we are not happy. You tell us you loved us, we tell you no you did not. You tell us, Muslims were treated equal and fairly we said no that is not true. You tell us Axum, Muslims are not happy. You tell otherwise. How can a Christian tell me if I am happy or not?? How does it make sense for pentes and fanatic orthodox to tell me I lived in dignity? You tell us we built mesjids, have we asked you to build Mesjids in the middle of no where, in the desert? While you prevent us one small Mesjid in Axum? Your Axum is holier than out Harar city? How are you looking at us, down? Only some coward Ethiopian Muslims will believe your story for fear of being labeled terrorists. Otherwise, the majority of Ethiopians can not forget what Yohannes IV did to our Wollo Muslims, and what Meles did to Assasa Muslims right before his death and now a Pente sworn in Prime minister is killing the Wollo Muslims by receiving instructions from Yohannes IV follower Dr Debretsion and Dr Shiferaw. We have not forgotten the brutality of Menelik II against East Muslims of Harar and Oromos. We have not forgotten the Shewa nobility who chased and terrorized Lij Eyasu the son of Menelik II as being prop Islam or Muslim. Ethiopia has used Muslim and Islam as a curse word. We put up with you too much, it will flare up now. We are not going back. Bring it on. We will not stop until we get you to respect us.

“yekebere Bahitawi Hula". Do not ever belelieve orthodox will grant us our freedom. We do not need Mesjid. We just need the occupation of Christians over Muslims to end. If you do not believe me, look at how this forum has transformed. Copts never loved their Muslim Ethiopians as being Ethiopian and being leaders. We know this fact, but you are now exposed to the world.

03/12/13 @ 01:20
Comment from: [Member]

Thank you for the very enlightening article. The only article i know, dare to tell islam what it is. I am very disturbed by the false western propaganda to paint the middle eastern disturbance as a spring revolution. There will no revolution\transformation in islamic society. These people will not survive with rule of law or order. It is just like to wish a fish to live outside ocean.

03/12/13 @ 01:25
Comment from: Scooby doo [Visitor]
Scooby doo

Azeb /TPLF owned “Mega books” has been printing all kinds of weird books translated from Arabic to major Ethiopian languages. So it is fair to say that all this wahabi protests and brouhahas are not unexpected. The good thing is that this is only a big city problem, not a rural problem where 90% of Ethiopians live.

03/12/13 @ 01:27
Comment from: lebona [Visitor]

Very interesting but fact-wise empty article. Making general statements about how religious extremists operate and think is one thing, providing facts about the specific protagonists (in this case the Ethiopian Muslims who perceive the government is interfering in their affair) is another. Where is the evidence that these religious people are/were engaged in subversive activities? Making a statement about how bad the Saudi theocrates are ruling does not have any relevance to the questions the Ethiopian Muslims are asking (be it right or wrong), unless of course the writer believes these Ethiopians should not have any rights at all as long as the Saudis do not allow (as they should) non-Muslims to practice their religion(s) freely. This article is nothing but an attempt at fear mongering.

03/12/13 @ 02:00
Comment from: C'est moi senait [Visitor]
C'est moi senait

How about we build an orthodox church in meca Saudi? Or why not a Jews temple next to meca.? I have no problem with true Ethiopians Muslims to build a mosque in Axum but our problem is this rapied fire toxic mujahidd shirittam extremist who want to spread their stone age Saudi imported terrorist religion to Ethiopia and as far as to western Europe . This is a new virus that is spreading as speed of light from Afghanist,Nigeria,Yemen Saudi Iran and Pakistan to rest of the world . Saudis are the birth place of this extremist new type of terrorist religion. These are not a true Muslims rather a radical political groups. They are nothing to do with Islam. We have even witnessed a new type of new generation fanatics Ethiopian who have been bought by Arabs and sold their mothers soul…….WE HAVE TO KEEP OUR EYES ON THESE FANATICS PIGS AND SHAVE THEIR BEAR, BURN THEIR SHIRITTAM , AND DROP THEM INTO ACTIV VOLCANO A LIVE.

03/12/13 @ 05:37
Comment from: Lobby [Visitor]

Another version of CANCER Alemayehu G. Mariam, in fact, a Wahhabi international terror sponsoring version! Enemy of humanity just like CANCER Alemayehu G. Mariam!

03/12/13 @ 05:53
Comment from: heny [Visitor]

Teshome Abebe,
“Ethiopia’s traditional antagonists have been Egypt—a stone throw away". Abet wishet abet wishet abet wishet abet wishet abet wishet abet wishet.
Any one who has the name Abebe is deemed to be a pathological liar?? I think It sounds fair to generalize with the presence of names like
Abebe Gelaw
Abebe Belew
Dr. Abeba —-

And now another super liar Abebe Teshome.

Since when is Egypt a stone’s throw from from Ethiopia????

03/12/13 @ 08:27
Comment from: Mekonnen [Visitor]

Agree or disagree this guy can write. Very intelligent article. What does um al dunya mean?

03/12/13 @ 08:58
Comment from: stopzhypocracy [Visitor]

An Ethiopian all the way through. Used his ability to write to defend Ethiopia. Not government not Arabs.

Please teach Al Mariam what it means to be a patriot.

03/12/13 @ 09:18
Comment from: Alem [Visitor]

The question every thinking person should be asking is this: how was it possible for “extremist Islamists” to grow so vocal and bold under the nose of Meles’ government? How was it possible that so many mosques were built all over the country in so short a time? Knowing what we know about Meles and his party it would take a leap of faith to not suspect the government has its hands in this staged demonstrations for purposes of making itself indispensable to the US and UK governments and in the process continue to receive aid and also do what it pleases to citizens who speak out on corruption, loss of freedoms and/or challenge unworkable policies.

03/12/13 @ 09:29
Comment from: Bebiased [Visitor]

Then what is the point in this article? There are extremist Muslim and Christian. Then what?

03/12/13 @ 09:30
Comment from: Goota Oromoo [Visitor]
Goota Oromoo

What I am always amazed of the Islamic religious channels is that, they always teach what they believe are faults of Christianity, because their main aim is to dominate Christianity; not to cure its followers. When you come to christian channels, it is full of witnesses that show how Jesus saved the world and still curing. Muslims cannot do that because is not religion; it is all politics. They always use it to conquer and kill civilians.That is what they are doing in Ethiopia. Christianity has expanded and still expanding by far in Ethiopia-be it protestant or Orthodox and they couldn’t coup this because they have nothing as a religion. Due to this this evils are exaggerating the number of Muslims even if we are not witnessing any conversion to the religion. Rather the followers of the religion are converting their faith to Christianity. Due to this they want to preach hostility just to keep them away from Christianity. They blame a muslim with christian friend, what a shame!

03/12/13 @ 09:47
Comment from: Dan [Visitor]

The problem with the Islamists in Ethiopia is not because they are not preaching this or that religion. Rather it is that they don’t believe Ethiopia is their country, atleast in its current multi-religious form. They want to change the country into a Saudi-style Shekdom. at the end of the day Saudi cannot be the best example interms of democracy and there is no way we are going to emulate their way of life. Period!!

03/12/13 @ 10:37
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

c’mone senait,
Your emotion will not take you any thing. Now, you saying out of bounds. We are not talking about Saudi. We are Ethiopians. If you have a church next to Harar why not next to Axum. Do not take our question out side of Ethiopia. Otherwise, you believe like fitawrari does we ate coming from Saudi? To build a Mesjid is not the question Saudis ask, it is the question asked by Ethiopians. When you are full of stupidity, you can not think right. I love Ethiopia, but not the Ethiopia you dream about.

Shut up lady, you can not touch any Muslim let alone shave their beard. If so, you playing with fire.

03/12/13 @ 10:49
Comment from: [Member]


This author cannot be related with the likes of abebe gelebaw. The difference is like night and day. Not even close!
That figurative writing was just to show that Egypt is so close to Ethiopia as a neighbor country.

As for the whole article, it is decent and honest writing. He’s telling it all as it is!
I’m happy to know there are actually people who see these religious fanatics situation in Ethiopia in different perspectives. not with the eye glass of the hateful diaspora politicians, who wanted to use it for their own cause, Politics or otherwise.
Especially the diaspora hopeless losers the likes of almaria, etc, were licking their chops to make the extrimists movement in Ethiopia as their own cause. They were ready to do whatever it takes to add fuel if in case fire started by these islamist extrimists.
Luckily, thank God, our govt handled it very well by taking effective measures.
And ofcourse we are still wittnessing the diaspora losers the likes of almaria, abebe gelebaw and the rest of ESAT crew, shading their crocodile tears and shocked in disbelief for losing their last hope of creating chaos and unrest in the name of religion!

03/12/13 @ 10:50
Comment from: [Member]

Very nice article!!..I liked it!!…joro yalew yesma!!….

03/12/13 @ 11:16
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

We have had enough of haters and a so called scholar coming with his sword is one of the most low and blind hate historians can have on Ethiopia’s future. This guy is no match for Al Mariam or Prof Mesfin in caliber. Yet, with his little education, he is bent on tarnishing Ethiopia as land of terror. Yet, Wayane is torturing illegally our citizens, raping our girls, dragging our people on streets, searching our houses in the the dark under masked liyu police, and the spying agents. We are just watching the heinous crimes of Wayane supported by the well educated yet blind Abebe Teshome, the blood thirsty Islam hater. How can he not write a balanced article? Is he the mouth piece of Wayane? Shame for those Wayane so called educated people.

03/12/13 @ 11:37
Comment from: Nostra Daimus [Visitor]
Nostra Daimus

Well written Teshome Abebe, you touched all the points.
What intrigues me is that why America haven’t realized this yet when a lot of ‘Prayer Halls’ Disguised Mesgids are being opened in America everyday as usual financed by the Saudis. Even after 911 allows this, makes me think if it is a Unified Plan.

Well said. How about a Church or Sinagouge in Mecca.

03/12/13 @ 12:10
Comment from: MohammedAmin [Visitor]

Jihadawi harakat and other propaganda of TPLF miserably failed. this another harakat which is bound to fail

I think this site sympathies too much for woyane. never seen video footages of peaceful demonstration held by Ethiopian Muslims for the last 14 months, but they posted the footage of Shaik shakir’s speech, to contest that the movement is linked to foreign interest
most comments made by few full time employed lematawi cadres.

Victory to Ethiopian Muslims
and Death to their enemies

03/12/13 @ 12:32
Comment from: [Member]

Garbage ahmed, the bokko arram terrorist’…

I’m sending senait to shave your long due beard. You better behave you stupid amdam jihadist!

03/12/13 @ 12:47
Comment from: gelan tito [Visitor]
gelan tito

u so called writter just to remained u Ethiopia is multi cultural this country is not only for Christian or Muslims u still think that Ethiopia is orthodox island
Muslim is 30m
orthodox is 40m
protestant and others 10.5m
Ethiopian Muslims does not ask for Islamic country we ask for change of corrupted leaders
ur article is just point less and pleas separate fundamentalism and extremessim fundamentalism is taking ur religion seriously but extremessim is selfishness heating others religion
and ur talking about speech freedom ha ha ha ur stupid really in a country of 1 state media and no critic of government yante amelakaket yetabela new i think dat u are orthodox extremis t
idiot don’t assume ur self as a writter
ur just an educated

03/12/13 @ 12:54
Comment from: [Member]

The article is full of mistakes and out of context ideas. The biggest mistake of this article is
“……they cite the Arab Spring movements in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and other places as an example of what can be accomplished when a determined public rises up against its oppressors …..”
There is nothing wrong with rising up to to change the regime , but the Muslim ethiopians did not rise, or in any way cite for a change of a regime rather to practice their faith without gov. Involvement. The question is as simple as respecting the basic right that is clearly written in Article 27 of the constitution.” Freedom of Religion, Conscience and Thought”
Now the action of the GOE with all the oppression, propaganda of hate, quarrel and supported and echoed by individuals like the writer, the Radical Islam will have a chance to breed.


03/12/13 @ 13:04
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

Gashe mamo [Visitor]

It is not government interfering in religion, the history of the separation of state and religion come about because of religion interfering in government and that is what is happening in Ethiopia. Sold out radicals are preaching people not to pay tax’s and also kill, beat people, burn mosques and religions artifacts and also threaten religious leaders.

Simply put similar type of movement by radicals is working underground and is also manifesting in protests.

We know radical Islam is on the move, it is Ethiopian Muslims who saying this. It is not the government who is suffering most but liberal Muslims in the hands of radicals and the government have the responsibility to protect.

Even a small child will laugh if you tell him the movement going on underground is about rights and peaceful.

03/12/13 @ 14:07
Comment from: Wolo [Visitor]

Toshome: Very well written article.
Down with mohamod grangh who dearms the destruction of our country in any aspect in the name of onest islam who is tue islamist fundamental.
we muslims respect our christian Ethiopians like the Muslims in Egypt who live together with christians. They teach us we muslims are one in the world but they kill muslims who are migrant from Eritrea so our country is first and the our din.

03/12/13 @ 14:09
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed


We are coming to see who is the problem. Extra Ass is a clear supporter of Wayane.

1. Wayane is the one who is preventing Mesjid in Axum not the Axum Christians.

2. Wayane is the one who imported Ah Bash from Lebanon no the Ethiopian Muslims.

3. Wayane is the one who is closing Muslim Banks. Wayane is the one who is closing News papers.

4. Wayane is the one who is cutting beards.

5. Wayane is the one who is touching the lives of many Ethiopian Muslim girls for wearing Hijab.

6. Wayane is the one who is burning Mesjids.

7. Wayane is the one who is manipulating religious divisions to its political score.

8. Wayane is the one who is touching the life of Axum Muslims.

9. Wayane is the one who is torturing Oromo and Somali Muslims.

10. Wayane is the one who is recruiting cadres inside the Mejilis.

11. Wayane is the one who is preventing Muslims to be in the Mejlis.

12. Wayane is the one who is humiliating Ethiopians on national TV. We do not want to see or hear any thing that is related to Islam in a negative way. Period. The Wayane project is to make Muslims feel scared by airing “jihad Harekat". Its aim is not to attack terrorists but to attack the whole Muslim who demand change of the system for mistreating Muslims.

13. Wayane is the one who conducted “kebele” election not “masjid” election. Kebele is run by Wayane. Mesjid is by the people.

Now, here is my message to Wayane:

1. Release all our leaders.

2. Answer their questions.

3. Hear the plight of Axum Muslims.

4. Stop harassing our people.

5. Stop Mejlis reform. Stay out of their problems and let them debate.

6. Do not label Muslims as terrorists.

7. Do not call Merkato den of terrorists.

8.Stop scaring people on TV.

9. Stop raping Muslims.
10. Reverse your interference in freedom of religion and newspapers and Banks.

Then, we have no need for your power. The power belongs to both Muslims and Christians.

If not, whether you like it or not, Muslims and Christians are coming together for change. This time it will be for real change.

Our action may go from being purely spiritual to becoming revolutionary.

03/12/13 @ 14:32
Comment from: [Member]

Why do you to have always call the diaspora Ethiopians crazy, toxic,fools, idiots,…etc when they are not? You seem obsessed with it. The only people I know who don’t like the diaspora are the EPRDF cadre’s and Tigre’s. Thank God! Without the diaspora, the only TV we would be watching is ETV. You should be thankful to the diaspora Ethiopians who are working for twenty thirty years in foreign lands in hope of bringing wealth and change our country when banda Tigre’s and EPRDF cadre’s on the other hand send their money overseas. It is true my sister! As a businessman and blogger, I travel frequently between Addis and US. The diaspora’s are building factories, hospitals and bringing in technologies. Contrary to this, the EPRDF cadres are leasing country’s fertile land to enemy Arabs and Indians. They claim they created jobs…what a joke! A former land owner is now a security on the farm and his wife is a weeder(Arem taremalech). Let’s accept this, but are these foreign investors selling the crops in Merkato or Adama? I doubt so. Are these Indians and Arabs building their residence and saving their money in Ethiopia? We all know that they are not. What an investment?
@ The Rest of Woyanes,
Stop barking like dogs please! At least read articles like this instead of calling the respected professor names. We all know that Woyanes hate Amhara’s. By the way, I am pure Oromo and proud of it. So, stop labeling all opposition dergue member. I am 24 years old, and I don’t know what the f…durgue is ok. ” Mognena wereket yeyazewun aylekim newu yetebalew!” …This cadres are the same…they call everybody dergue even if the person is 10 years old.
Go Ethiopia!
Death for banda OPDO’s
Death for TPLF!
Death to all woyane condoms!
Send all woyanes suffering from inferiority complex back to Asmara and re-unite them with their causins!!
Go Ethiopia!
Injole Ambo!

03/12/13 @ 15:02
Comment from: [Member]

Donate $100
Deport all woyanes back to Eritrea and re-unite them with their causins.
No more banda’s!
They will be free of inferiority complex once they join their causin’s in Asmara!!!

03/12/13 @ 15:09
Comment from: Gud saysema [Visitor]
Gud saysema

To all my Ethiopian muslim brothers and sisters.

With regard to the question of Axum- that is what we consider as our holy city, as muslims (Ethiopian or otherwise) consider Mecca. There is no restriction on building mosques other than Axum. You have all the rest of Ethiopia. So for the sake of peace leave Axum and enjoy the rest (For the sake of peace)

With regard to the Ethiopian muslim protests

I believe the questions Ethiopian muslims are raising are valid. We have seen the government interferring in our Orthodox church since they first took power. So it won’t surprise me if they do the same with the muslims.I have lots of muslim friends with whom I even celebrate both christian and muslim holidays. All tell me there is ahbash. I believe them, even though I just could not comprehend why these crazy people in power meddle with such sensitive issues.
But I would also like to ask my muslim brothers and sisters a question. I have witnessed first hand when churches were being burnt down in Jimma (I know there is controvery here). But even worse I have heard Ethiopian muslim Radicals such as Abu Hyder speaking explicitly of takin over the country to the extent of even changing her name if need be on Paltalks, I have heard Ethiopian muslims over paltalks suggesting such scary deeds as blazing down churches, not trading with christians, jihad etc. I know that most muslim are well meaning. But history can show us that it is usually a few who change the course of history and cause sensational events.
So my muslim friends do you blame me for being a bit uneasy about muslims in Ethiopia, even as I know that your current questions are legitimate???
I know that Ethiopia through out its history hasn’t been fair to muslims, obviously because the kings were christians and the kings were the law. But now I believe we have achieved an awareness that we need to respect one an other and that the nation should be equal to all. But if muslims in Ethiopia say ‘tits for tats, we need to avenge the past, we want to take over the country and not co-exist’ like what some of you say here, then well and good. We are also prepared to die!. Either we co-exist with respect or else I am prepared to die!
That said, I again claim that your questions are all valid and legitimate. But I am worried about the ‘possible’ extremism that lurks behind not necessary the leaders but a group that want to use this as an opportunity to push for the total islamization of Ethiopia. i hope all well-meaning muslims will block this. But if not…..then we shall see the outcome.

03/12/13 @ 15:15
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Ethiopia is not anymore for the Ethiopians: Ethiopia is for the Saudis, for the Somalis, for the Sudanese, and for many other Islamist countries that train and finance Jihadist Muslims to conquer Ethiopia, an “island of Christianity,” thanks to the insensitivities of religious freedom granted out of political insecurity and immaturity by the past and the putative Ethiopian government.

If Ethiopia, God forbid, falls into the hands of the Islamist Jihadists, the Wahabbists, the Al Shabaabists, the Boko Haramists, and the Gragn Ahmadists, the Ethiopian government will be accountable for allying itself with Muslim countries that export Jihadist Muslims and dump them into the land of peace-loving country, Ethiopia, we all love and die for.

The multiplicities of the houses of the devils – the Mosques throughout the Ethiopian regions – indicate the Ethiopian government has had a long interest in changing Ethiopia from Christian government to an Islamic government so that it will have no more fear for its survival in power as far as it has satisfied the Arab-Muslim long-awaited desires to bring Ethiopia into the Ummah, the Muslim community, a community of subjugations, hostilities, deceptions, lies, confusions, and immense insecurities.

When the government of Ethiopia declared religious freedom in a country where religion had never been a great issue in solving the country’s immediate problem – hunger, it did not recognize the devils have also their own religion to conduct freely in the country without any government interference. They want their Hanifs (religious leaders) to be granted the highest religious status in any Muslim or Christian communities, and the government of Ethiopia caved in to their demands and incurred a long lasting and excruciating pains.

Once the Jihadist Muslims in Ethiopia have achieved their demands to be treated equally or more highly than the other religious leaders, they are now tormenting the Ethiopian government to share its power with them and finally to overthrow the current government and establish their own Islamic state with its own constitution – the barbaric Sharia law.

There is a common adage that says, “Give him an inch and he will take a mile,” which is exactly true with the demands of the Jihadist Muslims in Ethiopia. They demanded for religious freedom, for equal treatment, for higher status, and for building more Mosques and they got all of them, but these are not the only demands they have had in their malicious hearts. Their exact demand is to put the entire country under the Sharia law; however, the gullible Ethiopian government that gave them religious freedom and the rest that goes with it has never realized or read history how the Muslims conquered Egypt, Turkey, Iran, Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, North Africa, and the rest of the ancient Christian nations.

The Jihadist Muslims in Ethiopia have fooled the government of Ethiopia by telling it they are law-abiding citizens with no ultra motive to overthrow it and to convert Ethiopia to Islam. The government believed them until recently; then it started showing the public some damaging documents that frustrate the Jihadist Muslim protesters in Addis Ababa and in the Washington DC area.

Though it is too late to counter attack the Jihadist Muslims in Ethiopia and abroad, the government of Ethiopia still has enough time to stop the one-year-old Jihadist Muslim weekly protest, but, for fear of North Sudan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and other Islamic countries, the Ethiopian government has failed to stop the Ethiopian Jihadist Muslims from protesting every Friday and from praying in the streets of Addis Ababa.

In this case, I hate to say, the Ethiopian government is irresolute in dealing with its own citizens: it has failed to bring to an end the Jihadist Muslim protest, and it has failed to regret for meeting most of the demands of the Jihadist Muslims in Ethiopia. It has given them building permits to build thousands of Mosques everywhere in Ethiopia; it has allowed them to bring Wahabbists from Saudi Arabia; it has given them freedom to convert Ethiopian young Christian boys and girls to Islam; it has said okay for each Muslim man to have more than four wives; it has allowed them to breed like rats or bereros; it has allowed Muslim women to go to schools in their hijabs; it has permitted Muslim men to wear their Thobe and to grow their beards, and it has allowed Muslim holidays to be observed by all Ethiopians.

At this particular time, any person who visits Addis Ababa will mistake it for one of the Muslim cities in the Middle East. To convert Ethiopia to Islam, Jihadist Muslims don’t have to go to war with the Ethiopians. They can easily conquer Ethiopia with their foreign cultures, with their high birth rate, with their Muslim charities, and, of course, with their deceptions that easily attract the Ethiopian young men when a Muslim imam tells them about the houris – the beautiful virgin girls – in paradise waiting for them if they convert to Islam and kill some kafirs in the name of Allah.

Hypnotized by the Arab Spring, the Jihadist Muslims in Ethiopia have succeeded, to some extent, in humiliating the Ethiopian government, for the government has given a deaf ear to the debilitating changes these Jihadist Muslims are introducing into this ancient and historical country of ours. These hostile Jihadist Muslims in Ethiopia will never stop their protest until they have finally achieved their main goal – to make Ethiopia like one of the Arab-Muslim countries, such as Pakistan or Syria.

As we know, Islam is a religion of chaos, and it has never been a religion of peace as some naïve Muslims claim; hence, the Ethiopian Jihadist Muslims want Ethiopia to be a land of tumult, a land of protest, a land of blood shed, and a land of the jinn.

It is beyond my comprehension why the Ethiopian government is waiting to see to happen in Ethiopia what is happening in Pakistan or Syria! It seems the government of Ethiopia is satisfied with the arrest of the 29 Islamist terrorists. In fact, the arrest of these 29 Islamist terrorists will further encourage the Ethiopian Jihadist Muslim protesters unless the government takes a drastic measure against the Jihadist Muslims in Ethiopia, measures such as shutting down the Anwar Mosque, invalidating all the Muslims’ holidays, deporting all the Wahabbists, and prohibiting Muslim girls from wearing hijab and Muslim men from wearing their detestable thobe.

Mr. Prime Minister of this great country, Ethiopia, are you planning to render Ethiopia a Muslim country, a Jihadist country, an Islamist terrorist country by allowing Muslims to build thousands of terrorist-hiding Mosques in every Ethiopian cities, towns, and villages? The whole world is watching you very closely how you deal with this difficult issue – Islam. As you know, Islam cannot be reformed or compromised with; therefore, it should be discredited.

My dear Teshome Abebe, thank you for writing such an enlightening article I have been waiting for to see for a long time. Finally I got it from you, and may the Almighty God bless you and your family!

03/12/13 @ 15:26
Comment from: Fairness [Visitor]

Know that:

Assat B. Gettu is Gragn Ahmed.

03/12/13 @ 15:30
Comment from: Nostra Daimus [Visitor]
Nostra Daimus

Gragn Akmet the Terrorist,

1. Wayane is the one who is preventing Mesjid in Axum not the Axum Christians.

……Can’t you get it through your thick skull?
Go tell your HANDLERS the Saudis, tell them that Axum is Holyland just like Mecca is to you.
Tell him a Church in Mecca first.

03/12/13 @ 15:32
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Gud saysema [Visitor]

To all my Ethiopian muslim brothers and sisters.

With regard to the question of Axum- that is what we consider as our holy city, as muslims (Ethiopian or otherwise) consider Mecca. There is no restriction on building mosques other than Axum. You have all the rest of Ethiopia. So for the sake of peace leave Axum and enjoy the rest (For the sake of peace)

You sound reasonable person. We gave you all the power you needed. In return Muslims expected no interference in their religion. We stayed out of politics. We stayed out of school. We went with business. We helped you when you broke.

We really do not want to build Mesjid in Axum. But the reason we want to build Mesjid in Axum is our own city Harar is a holy city which was 100 % Muslim and yet there is a Church. So, my friend that irritates us. Plus, it also irritates us when you link Axum with Mecca. In that case, it sounds Ethiopian Christian really have an ambition to change Mecca. Mecca is not a city in Axum. No Christian in the world prays toward Axum. Even a Christian who lives in Ethiopia does not believe Axum is holy. There are also many reasons why we are asked to first build church in Mecca before we get Mesjid in Ethiopian Axum. This is not about changing Axum. It is about being a citizen.

So, fair solution would be:

1. Remove Kulubi from the outskirts of Harar. So, we will have two holy cities in Ethiopia.

2. Build Mesjid in Axum.

If not church in Mecca no Mesjid in Ethiopia is the logic that is used by Wayane politicians and not the people of Axum. As citizen, you should not link Mecca with Axum. However, you can say that as you stated it clearly, Axum is our holy city. Fine, then I say Harar is my holy city. So, no church in Harar area. Period. In the bible there is no talk of Axum as holy city. There are many sinning things in Axum like bars and alcohol. If you allow Bars in Axum, I see no reason for Mesjid. Why you hate Mesjid so much? If you really love us, that is real love. If not then we have no choice but to struggle for equally in any form.

03/12/13 @ 15:43
Comment from: Observer [Visitor]

Listen people, Islamism, communism or any other isms are all disguises the west is using to create evil and in the name of evil they are trying to control or intrude in other countries business. If there is no Islamism then there is no way the west can just go and invade another country. It cant because of its so called democratic government. Its people will not allow its government to go and invade another country with for no reason. Because of that it has to create some smokescreen to justify its action. This is the drawback of Democratic government. It has to get popular support to be able to do what it want to do. 2nd world war Perl harbor has to be bombed intentionally for to sway popular support for US to be involved in 2nd world war. Vietnam they have to scare the public how communism is going to take over the world, the same for Korean war. Iraq we know about the mass distraction fabrication related to Muslim fundamentalism. The west have to create the boogey man or group to create an evil so they can go and do their evil did. We know who the evil is.

03/12/13 @ 16:07
Comment from: Aman [Visitor]

This article letter or essay is an insult to all ethiopian. This is not Arab spring or Islamist movement this is holding the rulling party accountable to respect and adhear to the constitution of Ethiopia. The difference in the mind of those who support the government blindly like a cult and those millions of muslims who come out to protest every friday allover the country is when one persons right is taken away for whatever reason for the government and its supporters that’s is ok because its just one or few. For us muslims that is not good enough anymore. Because we were quiet for 20 + years do not take it as a validation or an approval to the government at all. The mischief was done to all. This time we the muslims just said to the government you went too far and correct your self before its too late. Just remember our fathers generation gave a fair warning to the thron in the 1970. Their has been enough warning to this government too. If they keep going the way they are now the red card will come out on the next election which is in 2years. And we will not stop until our basic 3questions and rights are answered. That’s is the only way out at this time. The government shot itself on the foot when they took the public for granted thinking the population will remain in the darkness of the past century mentality but the public is well in the 21st century and will not sit and absorb the misuse of power. People are aware and up to date with information. The government is living in deninal that it can crush the constitutional right questions.

03/12/13 @ 16:09
Comment from: Mohammedawel [Visitor]

This is what one expects from Aiga Forum writers

“Teshome Abebe” is one of the soldiers of Aiga Forum, that has a mission of spreading hate, revenge, dividing Ethiopians, creating confussion and scaring people into silence.

For those who are aware of the stupidity of Teshome Abera, this article is nothing but the reflection of his immaturity.

Believe me, Teshome is the man with the mission of spreading false information, hate and killing peoples with words.

If you do not believe me, I invite you to read one of his idiot works titled “Lidetu the Inquisitor and the Quest for accountability!” (07/20/09) at Aiga Forum.

Finally, Teshome can be reached at NOT

03/12/13 @ 16:12
Comment from: Observer [Visitor]

It is amazing how the west trying to make us believe that some unknown turban wearing Islamic group that floats around the world that coordinate all the Islamic activities by going from country to country and terrorizing the world. If you believe that I them I am Albert Einstein. Let alone some third world tugs even CIA will not be able to have that kind of organization to coordinate and manage around the world. It is possible Russia or China is behind it and what we are seeing is a proxy war between the West and Russia or China. That is possible but I don’t think that is the case. The same Fundamental Islamism was used by the Germans in early 1904 to destabilize the middle east to control some of the oil fields. The US is using the same strategy the Germans used at that time. If you can Google and read about that. What you see from outside is not what is going on. All you have to do is read history. History will tell you about all the criminal activities the west have done in the past so you know the true nature of the west.

03/12/13 @ 16:21
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Gragn Ahmed (visitor),

You know we don’t love you; we don’t have anything in common with you: you belong to Egypt or to Mecca; then go to either Egypt or Mecca and build your Mosque there. You have no right to claim Harar is a Muslim holy city. There is no such a Muslim holy city in the Christian land of Ethiopia. I have reminded you building a Mosque in the holy city of Axum is a dead issue, and don’t bring it again. You don’t deserve to have a holy city because you are not a holy people: you are a blood-thirsty nation, a terrorist nation, a Jihadist nation, and a nation of child abusers and women subjugators. You are not a blessed nation like the Jewish nation. You are the children of the slave woman, Hagar: you are not born like Isaac from Sarah, the legitimate wife of Abraham. Therefore, the promise of God goes directly to Isaac and to his descendants, not to Ishmael.

Pack up your belongings and leave Ethiopia and don’t bark on this web site day and night for a lost cause. You better fight for your survival rather than fighting for building useless Mosques in the Christian land of Ethiopia. We are determined more than ever to kick you out from this land of honey and milk and send you to the Arabian Desert.

We know the politics of building a Mosque: Whenever you build a Mosque, you always think you have conquered the area where your Mosque is erected. You may have built millions of Mosques, thanks to Al Amoudi and the Saudi government, in many places in the Christian land of Ethiopia; therefore, in your lust for power belief, you have conquered all those Christian lands. Don’t fool yourself; all the places where your Mosques stand with their moon-god crescents still belong to us, not to you. You want to conquer Axum by building your dirty Mosque there, but you will never conquer Axum or Harar.

Fairness: I am Assta B. Gettu, not Gragn Ahmed the house nigger.

03/12/13 @ 16:33
Comment from: ejolemekenisa [Visitor]

I am confused, befuddled and ashamed about the response to a magnificent article. The only thing Ethiopian intellectuals get is abuse from an illiterate public. No wonder Ethiopia remains so backward. What a bunch of idiots who neither can read nor think. The only sharp part on their body is their tongue! Meles and Mengistu have taught them well.

03/12/13 @ 16:44
Comment from: [Member]


Extraterrestrial - Assab [Visitor]

It is not the first time that the regime violate its own law and constitution for its ambition to control everything from economy, …., military to religion.

Months or years are passing by, but we are not to forget, those who are being killed, imprisoned, tortured and or humiliated will finally be labelled as terrorists, a Shabia agent, a bank robber or etc…..
The same regime and the same officials are in charge of handcuffing and showing us on a TV screen, individuals admitting to working and collaborating to bring a Muslim gov. This just reminds us of the Amharic proverb “close your eyes & let me fool you ” . To that matter, by depriving the religion right, the danger of radicalization has only been aggravated.

Contrary to what we see all around the world ,until now, the muslims are demanding their right peacefully. It’s is the regimes force who are wearing masks to violate more laws, brandishing weapons to threaten the public, infiltrate to throw stone, motivate to quarrel with Christians, change the subject to radicals, talk about jihad Harkat or something…. etc…..


03/12/13 @ 16:54
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

But even worse I have heard Ethiopian muslim Radicals such as Abu Hyder speaking explicitly of takin over the country to the extent of even changing her name if need be on Paltalks, I have heard Ethiopian muslims over paltalks suggesting such scary deeds as blazing down churches, not trading with christians, jihad etc.

Abu Hayder is expert on religion, he is not politician. Why you bring him here? That is why even most reasonable Christians never see clearly about Islam. You are not different from Christian terrorists like Fitawrari only softer toned.

03/12/13 @ 16:55
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Above comment is for Gud saysema.

03/12/13 @ 16:56
Comment from: ethioson [Visitor]

Finally ESAT exposed Working with Egyptian Muslim brotherhood was A BIG MISTAKE……Ethiopia will never believe you your plan to destabilize will not work……working with those people Arabs who hate ethiopians was not a good move ESAT === a foreign AGENT lights lit in darkness image exposed now we see the emperors clothe the Zionist and Egyptian Muslim brotherhood FUND ESAT NOW WE KNOW THANK YOU….

03/12/13 @ 17:01
Comment from: Nenewe [Visitor]

Gragn Ahmed [Visitor],

What are the basic criteria for a place or town/city to be considered as holy? Like Mecca, Jerusalem and lot of towns in palestine.

03/12/13 @ 17:01
Comment from: Nostra Daimus [Visitor]
Nostra Daimus

Gragn the Devil.
You and your kind has desecrated Jerusalem by building a Mosque Al Aksa directly on top of The Holy Temple of Solomon by saying that Mohamad horse jumped into heaven. God knows what else you will invent? your goat jumped from Axum or Kulubi?
Thank the Israelis for having so much patience of not demolishing this Eye Sore in Jerusalem.
I do not hate Muslims. My beef is against those Muslims that impose their will on others.

03/12/13 @ 17:49
Comment from: Giingoo [Visitor]

I don’t understand what all of these people are bickering about since there is nothing new in the dumb article.

It is the same old long standing Naftagna liturgy and self serving propagand claim, “Christian Ethiopia in sea of Islam” and then run to the western Christian powers for guns, money and strategic support to massacar non Christian genuin Ethiopians. Persoanally i am a christian myself and as such reject backward feudal Muslim powers flirting with our good Ethiopian muslims if they are attempting that at all. Otherwise Ethiopian muslims deserve the same full rights on their own affairs just like Christians and all the other religions in the country. Only equality and justice for all will bring lasting peace, sustainable development and welfare for all.

What is the big deal if Ethiopian muslims may build their mosques just like Christians also building churches here and there according to need in their own country simply because even minority of Muslims in Europe and the Us can build their mosques here and there and even get payed by the respective governments for teaching their faith communities. One should promote peaceful and managed evolution and cultural changes rather than always diametrically opposing necessary small changes and waiting for violent and inevitable forceful changes.

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, will make violent revolution inevitable.”
~John F. Kennedy :)

03/12/13 @ 17:54
Comment from: united Ethiopia [Visitor]
united Ethiopia

Ethiopian Muslims have the right to practice their religion as they see fit. We do respect them as fellow Ethiopian who is against theme is also against the rest of Ethiopians . Having said that Ethiopian Muslims have to frame their struggle for their democratic right within the context of Ethiopiawinet. Ethiopia has many enemies from Arab countries that seek her demise. So we have to cut any relation ship – both financially or other wise from those countries who are trying day and night to use this movement for their evil purpose. The lead to stop that kind of conspiracy in the bud should be taken by Muslim Ethiopians. Any apprehension you see from other Ethiopians is that we know how the enemies of Ethiopia want to destroy us. The movements aim has to be questioned and once its proved it is democratic and no one is using it as torjon horse – then there is no question we all join in –actually most Ethiopians took our Muslim brothers and sisters demand as a democratic – but if there is any foreign connection to this movement –it has to be severed. but the movement for democracy has to continue till all Ethiopians regardless of their religion or ethnic origin achieve equal right under the law.

03/12/13 @ 18:50
Comment from: heny [Visitor]

Gragn Ahmed,
Looks your brain components are getting looser.As a terrorist,you deserve to die the way your Osama Bin laden died. Fandya

03/12/13 @ 19:42
Comment from: Ts [Visitor]

Assat B. Gettu is one of the the most dynamic person. He changes his name to Grang Ahmed, writes in this forum and replys back to his own writing. Why is he doing like this? This is really more funny things.

03/12/13 @ 20:25
Comment from: Axumawit [Visitor]

“The government apparently is showing complete contempt for Ethiopian Muslims by inviting an Israel Zionist to help its nefarious project.”
“Furthermore,the racist zionist project has as part of its satanic agenda to destroy the dome of the rock and Masjid al-Aqsa,the third holiest religious site in Islamic world.”
“The Ethiopian government apparently is courting disaster and preparing for its demise.The Muslims of Ethiopia,particularly the youth,are not going to sit idly by in the face of this horrendous insult.”
“The Oromo,who have historically been victimized by earlier Ethiopian regimes,instinctively stand strong against any government decree they perceive as threatening their culture and religion as they wish to practice them.”
“The city of Harar is generally regarded as stronghold of ethnic Harari-also known as the adere-although it is inhabited by other ethnic groups,including the Oromo and Somali.”
“It will not be long ,if not already taking place,before the drones coming out of Arba Minch will be used to kill hundreds of innocent Muslims in the Horn-in Ethiopia,Somalia and Kenya-in the name of fighting “Islamic terrorists” and"Islamic fundamentalists."And there is no doubt that the American and Israeli governments are financing all of this mayhem”
“Is there some kind of power struggle going on between the mostly Tigrean government of prime Minister Meles and the National bank of Ethiopia ,dominated at the level of control and power by the mostly Amhara monarchists who are,for the most part,christian fundamentalists of Orthodox Coptic sect?”
“Federalists versus Monarchists Every Ethiopian Muslim-and many honest Ethiopian Christians for that matter-know that all of the important institutions in Ethiopia-finance,business,industry-are controlled by certain fanatical fundamentalists of Ethiopian Coptic Orthodox christian church.This same is also known as the monarchists;they look back with nostalgia to"the good old day"of the rule of Emperor Haile Selasie.”
“IF truth be known,these fanatical christian fundamentalists,the ones who are often behind the scenes and in control,do not want to see Ethiopian Muslims even with the crumbs from the loaf of bread,let alone equitably sharing in the wealth.”
“This enfranchisement of non-Amahra ethnic groups is what the monarchists hate vehemently. It diminishes the hegemony the Ethiopian Coptic Orthodox Christian had under the monarchy.This poison of christian fundamentalists in Ethiopia broke out into the open for the world …”
“They flaunted the lion of judah flag of the old Ethiopian monarchy,chanting incessantly"one nation,one language,and one religion".That one religion of course was the religion of the former Ethiopian monarchy,the religion of the Ethiopian Coptic Orthodox christian church.”
“In other words ,unity and democracy for the CDU meant a desire to take the nation backward to the days when Muslims officially did not even exist in the eyes of the Coptic Orthodox Christian monarchy.”
“The late Emperor Haile Selassie,protector of the Orthodox church in his capacity as absolute monarch,was known to have said when asked about the condition of the Ethiopian Muslims that there are ,in reality,no such thing as “Ethiopian"Muslims because all Muslims in Ethiopia were ,in fact,foreigners!…The great pity is that there are still Christians in Ethiopia who will repeat this fiction publicly even today.”
“there appears American support behind Arba Minch and American-Israeli support behind al-Ahbash.”
To Ethiopian Muslims!
It is your responsibility to weed out some of extremist MEHURAN who claim leading your movement.
It is your responsibility not to put your movement threaten the national security of your country.
It is your responsibility not to allow outsiders exploit the the situations.
Abebe,well are true Ethiopian and friend of Ethiopian muslims

03/12/13 @ 20:38
Comment from: werner2010 [Visitor]

@ grang ahmed
This is a reply to the points you made above.
1. I understand the people of Axum if they don’t desire a wahabist mosque in their neighbourhood. Wahabbists are as welcome as an asteroid.
2. Ah Bash are Ethiopians and have all the right to stay. You better challenge them spiritually.
3. Muslim banks make profit, but just call it something else and want to be exempted from tax or inspection. That is illegal.
4. There are many people that run around like bearded apes in pyjamas, and nobody cares.
5. Muslim girls wear Hijabs, and nobody cares.
6. No mosque has ever been burned in Ethiopia, but provebly 59 churches on one incident alone.
7. Muslims seem to be the ones that find it increasingly difficult to live with infidels.
8. A big lie told often enough will become the truth. That is what you learned from Hitler, your mentor in hating Jews?
9. You are just trying to incite hate among nationalities.
10. Stop mixing religion and politics, and you may have a peaceful life.
11. How come that there are thousands of people in the mosques every Friday?
12. This terrorists need to be exposed. We Kufaars are not willing to see you ruin our nation? Dream on!!
13. Since when is islam a democratic institution?
1. Criminals and terrorists must face justice.
2. Cry-babies do not deserve attention.
3. We have more than enough terror camps already.
4. Stop being a nusance.
5. See point 13.
6. We must call a spade a spade.
7. See point 6.
8. Have you just dicovered TV-Phobia? Like your fictious islamophbia?
9. What?
10. You need to be ready to live as a citizen, and stop making special demands.
Power belongs not to muslims or Christians. It belongs to all citizens. Religion is a private matter.
If you think that is too much to ask, Mengedun Cherq yargilih!!.

03/12/13 @ 20:41
Comment from: Concerned [Visitor]

It always intrigues me how Ethiopian Christians behave as if they have more rights than non-Christian Ethiopians. Guys get real! I know we have been discriminated to the max and always made to feel like second class citizens and I believe this is where all these arrogance is coming from. I am old enough to know in the old days Moslems, to be accepted at Universities in Ethiopia, they had to change their names. This is a Fact! Whether you like it or not and it’s sad to see the current ENLIGHTED generation still perpetuating the same treatment of Indigenous Ethiopians who happened to be non-Christians. Sooner or later this has to come to an end. Enough is enough! Please don’t think of us as some kind of aliens, we are Ethiopians as much as you are and we will defend our rights peacefully or forcefully. We have been tolerant for centuries and this has to stop. Most of the derogatory comments are coming from the privileged Amaras and people of Tigre who have enjoyed the status of the chosen people. We from the Easter states, Somali, Oromo, Harari and Afar, who have been extremely patience with your oppression and Malice towards our religion would rise up and unleash a force you’ve never seen before. We are nomadic people who are very strong and determined people. Please tell me who helped Haile Selassie to escape the country when chased by the Italians? Again, all we’re asking is for our rights to live and worship to be respected without interference! We do not interfere on how you worship, live or do your business so please leave us alone, or else. No one should live in a state of utter subjugation for ever! This is from personal experience! We will claim our Rights! All you want to see is the continuation of the status quo, which is dominance over the Ethiopian Muslims forever. We won’t let that happen. We seek peace, dignity, coexistence and strive against oppression and persecution.

03/12/13 @ 21:18
Comment from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]

What is wrong in Ethiopia is the Tplf GOE in my view. However, this guy seems to either be a Tplfer or one who benefits or one who knows the Muslims of Ethiopia are really infiltrated by foreign agents. Well, taking all that into consideration, he is a damn good writer.

My view on this is, the GOE has a legitimate concern but they are going at it the wrong way. Do not ask me how they should do it, Ash amedo, because that is the GOE’s job to figure out.

So, I say.. what has happened to Ethiopians who opposed this dictatorship, as Ethiopians and not as Christians, have suffered a much more worse fate while they were standing up for the rights of “all” Ethiopians. Muslims included. Where were the Muslims then? Did freedom not concern them until now? Did they not feel Ethiopian enough to participate in the effort when others of non-Muslim fate were being beaten, tortured and killed? If this was a question of infringement of their rights, puuulease, that happened back in 2005. Where were they then? Where were you grang?

Today, we have Muslims up in arms, not as Ethiopians but as followers of Islam who are demanding.. what now?

Helooooo Mr. grang, all Ethiopians are subjected to this abusive dictatorship. ALL Ethiopians. Best way for Muslims to go forward will be to drop the attempt at taking over political power supported by the Saudis and to seek what all Ethiopians seek. Freedom, equality and justice for all and not only for Muslims. Otherwise it becomes a question of an Islamic dominance. When you.. grang, and Muslims speak, yo’ll speak as if you are more Arabs than Ethiopians. My advise to you all, shut the noise. Become more involved in the loss of freedom for all, stop this religious supremacy shit, cut your ties to terrorist states such as Saudi.. you will live longer. Trust me when I tell you if you, Muslims, start a religious conflict in Ethiopia.. you will lose the most.

As they say to move on, put your best foot forward. In this case you best foot will be to drop Islamistic tendencies and to adopt a political opposition. Stay cool Mr. Complainer GA, or you will burn out along with the Arab Spring.

03/12/13 @ 21:51
Comment from: Abyssinian [Visitor]

I must congratulate Ato Teshome for an excellent presentation based on historical, religious and political facts. It is very refreshing and rare not to see accusations and venom which serves no purpose but divide the great people of a great nation.

Whether one agrees or not, it is a fact that religion is a powerful and, unfortunately, an effective tool that has been used to amass power. Although one can break the requirements into many categories, generally speaking there are only two requirements

First, of course, there has to be at least two religions.

Second, and more importantly,there has to be a group who want to exploit this difference of religion to accumulate power. This group is almost always supported by a country that either is a historical enemy or, as Ato Teshome states, mistakenly assumes the affected country to be an enemy. I sincerely believe that the Egyptians do know this but are nevertheless powerless to stand up against the Saudis.

The Ethiopian government has, even before the Dam became public, assured the Egyptians that Egypts’ interests will not be affected negatively. Meles did not have to do this but not only is it cordial and diplomatic, but necessary as they have a vested interest. In the event that Egypt became belligerent, he got the assent of all the necessary Nile Basin states to show unity in our rights to this God-given resource.

The issue is water but somehow religion becomes part and parcel of our problems with Egypt! This religious fervor then blinds our judgment and all Muslims even the ones that eat injera with us and as Ethiopian soldiers protect Ethiopia become our enemy.

When we walk out of our house in the morning, we need to leave religion locked in the house.

03/12/13 @ 22:02
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Gragn Ahmed who wrote the following statement, “Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Saudi and Egypt should annex Ethiopia not if or buts other wise they will continue to burn as Wayane smuggles armed terrorist pentes and orthodox into Saudi. Right now a lot of Christians were caught with armed guns in Saudi.
03/02/13 @ 21:23,” has added another new screen name and that new screen name is “Concerned.” Hence, he has now 16 screen names.

1. Gragn Ahmed

2. Ethiopiawinet

3. Woyane is evil

4. Bitter truthes

5. Seattle

6. Jesus wife

7. Dagnachew Koru

8. Shewa Mote

9. The Black God

10. 1000 Wives

11. Against-Injustice

12. Axumite

13. Fairness

14. Fairness-Demestifier

15. yenurenaemero and many others I have forgotten to mention

16. Concerned

Stay tuned!

03/12/13 @ 22:23
Comment from: Ethiopiawinet [Visitor]

(Dr) Teshome Abebe

An aparthied racist, islamophobist fascist Yohannes offspring attacks the religion that is known for its fastest growing in the world (despite billions of dollars spent on defaming the religion) without missionary or bribery unlike your toxic oppressive killer uncivilized coptic religion.

Let me retrieve your crime prior to establishment of Ethiopia in 1887. Do you really remember who committed genocide against his own people who share same DNA except religion.

Your region king the fascist Yohannes.

The Tigrian coptic king, the killer religion massacred 50,000 Tigrians/Amahara Muslims.

Would you dare deny this.

What was the crime of those slaughtered citizens of your own tribe?

Serbiana whose religion is like yours showed the world the ugliest and cruelest side of your religion. Do you remember every human beings on earth used to curse and hate Serbians in the 90’s. They left dark history for humanity.
You are not different from those beasts may be worst.
World war II started because of Serbians.

Have you ever seen or heard other religions that is barbaric backward traditional uncivilized religion like yours that committed genocide against their own tribe in Africa?
Only Coptic Serbia and Coptic Tigrai has this history and will be written in detail in the future.
In the mean time you can write/teach the world about Islam in the way you see it from your confined cave.

But now you want repeat the history of genocide to the south/East/West of your northern border because you grapped the power from lazy, ’sekaram’, intoxicated, fanatic and extremist Amhara rulers.

There is evil fascist cruelity in your DNA. Nothing will stop you unless defeated.
Imagine millions of peaceful Ethiopian Muslims cry on you for their right. Look how you despised them. Look how you torture, jail and kill them. Now you rape their woman, steal their property, etc. even planned to tax Muslims more as Ethiopia review reported unlike nazret. You started spy cell 5 in 1 to make their life miserable as Axum Tigrain Muslims for 1400.
Remember Imam Dr Shakir’s advise.
This time you will never succeed in committing genocide.

Nazret posted your barbaric, toxic, poisonous, divisive, war-monger, hate-monger, rigid dry ARTICLE with pleasure. Why?
Because you insulted the religion nazret hate the most to his bone. Islam.
Why hate Islam? Ask him and see it in your eye here.

Thank you nazret for being human. Ethiopian Muslims have no human blood so enjoy loss of souls to quench your thrust of hate. The sufferings will be temporary and not like the Axum Tigrai Muslims.

Post more of the kind of Articles that take Ethiopia to hell such as this.

03/12/13 @ 22:33
Comment from: Ethiopiawinet [Visitor]


This Gragn Ahmed act like real Imam (gragn)Ahmed? What does he think of himself?
Real Gragn Ahmed who fought 215,000 coptic soldiers with 16,000 and won.
Gragn Ahmed on this web site is alone and yet fighting all of you and he never give up or tired.
He gets energized when he takes on each of you and see himself like African hero, unbeatable hero of Sultanate who defeated for the first time the super power of the world but lost the second time by making stratigic errors.

Now Muslims are sufferings on their own lands because of Imam Ahmed’s that strategic error.
Who knows the second coming of Gragn Ahmed because of you guys working toward that prophecy by enraging and pushing the Muslims to the limits who called now 2nd Ethiopian citizens with all new labelings post 9/11.

Continue with your ugly attack on them. You are doing good job for the country you control except Professor Al who is far sighted, intelect, wise whose brain is on his shoulder.
You have no brains. You learn how to write ABC English and you feel great as if everything under your control.


03/12/13 @ 22:53
Comment from: Be fair! [Visitor]
Be fair!

How can you people compare Axum with Mecca?

Saudia is OWNED by ONE AND ONLY RELIGION which is ISLAM so is Mecca too.

Unlike AXUM inhabitants are a mixture of CHRISTIAN and MOSLEM Ethiopians.

You can not deny the Moslem AXUMITED their rights to practice their religion in their own birth place.

Mark my words, Ethiopia is erapting Religous War soon if we do not handle this with care. Not to mention the outside influence and attention our moslems get from Somalia, Djibouti, Yemen and Saudi Arabia. Morally our moslem Ethiopians are encouraged to confront the Christian radicals face to face as you can witness on fridays. No way back!

03/12/13 @ 23:03
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Ts, the Arab fes, the mucous, the charlatan, the graduate from the top schools in the developed countries (visitor),

On February 10, 2013, Mr. Ts the mucous made the following false statement to the readers:

“As I informed you… I had attended top schools in developed nations.”

Can a person who attended top schools in developed countries possibly make the following numerous mistakes in writing in the English language? You judge!

On February 9, 2013, he made the following English blunders:

1. “writing with English”: say writing in English.
2. “This also include word” : say includes
3. “For example, rather you says” : say you rather
4. The word “declare” is stronger than the word “interest”; therefore, you must learn diction.
5. “I am interested to testify”: say interested in testifying….
6. “I have the will to declare Jesus Christ in every subject area, relevant or irrelevant” is perfect English.
7. “have no problems to express yourself” : say in expressing yourself
8. “The point is no whether we knew this language” : Say the point is not whether we knew….
9. “O,” : say O without a “ ,”
10. “You are one of respected person” : say one of the respected persons
11. “most participant in this forum has an impression to see” : say most participants in this forum have….
12. “Since you like wordy” : say words or new terms
13. “Do you still implacable with my expression”: implacable is not the right word to use here, and it is an adjective, not a verb or a noun. You better say “love” or “like” my expression
14. “you are extremists”: If you are referring the word “extremists” to me, then you better say extremist because I am just one person.
15. “By the way, why do you appear to defend for Ms. Agazit Women” : say defend Ms. Agazit, not for
16. “Are you appeared to write on her behalf for her to have such good English composition as well?” : say are you willing to write on her….not are you appeared

On February 10, 2013, he made the following mistakes:

1. “fields of specialization was”: say were, not was

2. “fail into fallacy”: say fall into

3. “with many subject of studies”: say many subjects of studies

4. “grade 2 person express”: say expresses

5. “one’s idea”: say his/her ideas

6. “ill-tempered and criticize”: verb confusion

7. Most people need a conversional skills”: say skill or skills if you drop “a”

8. “a person should specialized”: say specialize

9. “needn’t to deny”: say needn’t deny

10. “your short come”: say your short coming

11. “cannot be a president; and cannot be legible”: Say “and” without “;”

12. “You are extremists”: say extremist because you are referring the word “extremist” to me

13. “others right”: say others’ right

14. “what ever religion they wish it”: say they wish, not it

15. “orange with appeals”: say orange with apples, not appeals

16. “flattery person”: say flattering person

17. “meritorious”: say meritorious work or meritorious achievement

18. “Enjoy this”: vague! The word “this” refers here to nothing; therefore, it remains without antecedent.

19. Your entire statements under “d” are absolutely wrong. No one can make those kinds of awkward sentences.

20. I have made the following statement: “I have the will to declare Jesus Christ in every subject area, relevant or irrelevant.”

On February 11, 2013, he continued doubling his errors in writing his comments in the English language:

1. “Enjoy this”: Enjoy what? vague

2. “I wrote you that”: You wrote me what? vague

3. “I wrote you that…including yourself”: “You” and “yourself” – same thing

4. “English language was not my fields of specialization”: Say my field of ….

5. “clue,”: no comma after clue is needed

6. “that I, myself….”: No comma after “I” is needed

7. “will never learns”: Say - will never learn

8. “in a belligerent ways”: Say- way

9. “Oh!”: wrong place for “Oh!”

10. “mistaken sentence”: Say- wrong sentence

11. “relevant or irrelevant” describes subject area

12. “Continue to deny!”: To deny what? vague

13. “intelligentsia”: bad diction

14. “his/her ideas preferable to one’s ideas

15. “scatterbrained knowledge”: wrong terms

16. “you are extremists”: Say- “you are an extremist” since you are referring the word extremist to me. Learn subject-verb agreements.

17. “for you have multifaceted delusional disorder, for you had expressed being in the mode of hopelessness”: too many for’s in the wrong sentence that does not have any clear meaning.

18. “I urge you to go to”: Say- go and drop “to” after “you”

19. “That is it! The only useful advice! I can give you now!”: Say- that is the only useful advice I can give you now.

20. “You are liar.”: Say- you are a liar

21. “Why you failed to stop responding to my comments so?”: Say- Why did you respond to me after you promised not to respond to my comments?

22. “neither you able to validate your inquiry”: Say- you are….

23. “Don’t speak false! Wrong phrase

24. “You again don’t have a means to testify….”: Say- a fact, not a means

25. “You are such liar….”: Say- a liar

26. “If I were you, I would bring any criminal person irrespective of their religion….”: Say- irrespective of his/her religion

27. “I would wish a removal of human being”: wrong sentence and misuse of the word “wish”

28. “You are incapable to deride PM DHM.”: Say- You are incapable of deriding PM DHM.

29. “Assta B. Getta?”: Say- Assta B. Gettu, not Getta. Of course, I am your English Getta!

30. “How we know that he has these problems?: Say- How do we know…?

31. “What happen to his….”: Say- what happened

32. “None but he is a keyboard tiger.” Say- Wrong sentence! What is the position of “None”?

33. “Is he being Christian make him bad person?: Say- Does being a Christian make him a bad person?

34. No, he has right to follow whatever he likes.”: Say- He has the right…..

35. “What happen….”: Say- What happened….

36. “with confusion of understanding and composition”: Understanding and composition don’t go together in the awkward sentences of yours.

37. What is his real contribution to Ethiopia development?: Say- to Ethiopia’s development

38. No one knew”: Say- No one knows….

39. “Why is he trying to be faultfinder? That is it! his capacity to do”: Say- Why is he trying to be a carper? That is what he knows!

40. “Why he is not PM?: Say- Why is he not a PM?

41. “Who baby is he?: Say- Whose baby is he?

42. “Is he really baby?” Say- Is he really a baby?

43. “These are challenging now.” The demonstrative “these” stand for what?

44. Why this elder person does not deserve respect?: Say- Why doesn’t this elderly person deserve respect?

45. “Yap!” You are not fit to use the word “yap” yet, and you do not know how to use it.

46. “Why these all? Wrong phrases and wrong question mark.

47. “angry management”: Say- anger management

Do you think this deluded individual had ever attended, as he claims, the top schools in the developed countries? I doubt it! Had he not boasted he had attended the top schools in the developed countries, I wouldn’t have posted his numerous grammatical errors. I am the ruthless enemy of those who conceit, lie to, and deceive others.

My dear Ts the mucous, you must review all the grammatical errors you have been foolishly and carelessly committing and you must study them very carefully. Next time, you may write, at least, one sentence with less than five errors. I know neither English nor Amharic is your mother tongue, but you have to learn both if you want to have a descent job in this global world of ours.

Go to school and learn the English language; then you can ask question; other wise, no one understands what you are saying or asking about because of your poor writing?

03/12/13 @ 23:10
Comment from: Ts [Visitor]

Assat B. Gettu is Grang Ahmed. Grang Ahmed is Assat B. Gettu.

03/12/13 @ 23:25
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Ts, fes, (visitor),

You got my advice to write only a short sentence like you did here:

“Assat B. Gettu is Grang Ahmed. Grang Ahmed is Assat B. Gettu.”

Even in writing short sentences, you are still making mistakes:

Correction: Assta

Correction: Gragn

03/12/13 @ 23:54
Comment from: Concerned [Visitor]

I sincerely believe that if we all want to live in peace and harmony the status quo should no longer be tolerated. Unfortunately, for those of you who have chosen to neglect the fact that nearly half of the population have been marginalised for so long, the inconvenient truth is you need to change. Otherwise circumstances no matter how ugly will bring about changes to the current. I will tell you my own story when I used to hide who I was or pretending to be someone else. Completely dominated, harassed and humiliated because of who I was in my own land, Diredawa. I look back and think how awful it must have felt. We have been called all sorts of names by the Elites (Amhara & Tigray) people just because of our ethnicity or religion. I accept and indeed can forgive because that was then. But it’s completely unacceptable in this day and age for the same kind of mentality and practice to prevail.

03/13/13 @ 00:19
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed


From Somalian anarchy to Eritrean and Sudanese tyranny and civil strife, the Horn of Africa has long been a turbulent region. A notable exception has been the nation of Ethiopia.

That might be changing.

From December 15 through December 19 of last year, I was in Addis Ababa heading a delegation from the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF). We met with a wide range of people, from the American ambassador to Ethiopian government officials, religious leaders and nongovernmental human rights and interfaith representatives.

Prior to our trip, we had seen reports about violations against Muslims, especially since July 2011. This was when the Addis Ababa government first sought to change how Islam was practiced in Ethiopia and began to punish those resisting its new policy. Our findings confirmed the assaults on religious liberty and their negative impact—both as a human rights issue and a potential security matter.

Until July 2011, Ethiopia’s government largely respected the religious freedom of its people, including Muslims, who are mostly Sufis and comprise one-third of the population. Article 27 of Ethiopia’s constitution guarantees religious freedom and “the independence of the state from religion.”

Four factors have fueled a shift away from honoring this right. First, in neighboring Somalia and Sudan, violent religious extremists pose a security threat. Second, within its own borders, Wahhabism—imported from Saudi Arabia—also poses a danger. Third, Ethiopia’s policies have undermined civil society. Its government has imposed draconian limits on foreign funding for human rights, democracy promotion and conflict mitigation, leaving many NGOs with stark choices. They can work with the government—foregoing their independent status and drastically curtailing their activities—or they can close up shop. Consequently, there are no independent groups in Ethiopia that can monitor religious freedom or undertake interfaith cooperation or intra-faith conflict resolution activities. Finally, Ethiopia’s government is perpetrating religious repression, purportedly in response to Wahhabist threats.

Starting in July 2011, Ethiopia’s government decided that the way to fight the Wahhabism of some Muslims was by limiting the freedom of all Muslims. It imported imams from Lebanon representing the al-Ahbash movement within Islam and compelled Ethiopia’s imams and Islamic educators to embrace and mirror their teachings. The government began dismissing dissenters by firing imams and closing their schools. This effort was conducted not only through Ethiopia’s government but also through the Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council (EIASC).

When it was launched, EIASC’s members had been appointed by the government rather than elected by the community, thus depriving Muslims of a recognized, independent voice. By December, the attempts to impose al-Ahbash triggered protests outside of mosques.

In the spring of 2012, an Arbitration Committee of 17 Islamic scholars was created by the protesters to negotiate with the government about respecting religious freedom guarantees such as ending the imposition of al-Ahbash, reopening schools and restoring dismissed imams and administrators. The Committee also asked for new EIASC elections.

By the end of July, negotiations had failed, protests increased and the government began conducting house-to-house searches. The government arrested 1,000 protestors, along with all 17 Committee members, eight of whom it later released.

In October, the government charged 29 protestors, including the nine Committee members it was still holding, with terrorism and attempting to establish an Islamic state. Thus far, it has offered no evidence that these people are terrorists.

We met with attorneys for 28 of the 29 who reported that their clients were tortured and that they’ve had trouble meeting with those imprisoned. The government prevented us from meeting with any of the prisoners directly.

Meanwhile, officials denied any role in the al-Ahbash trainings, rejected our concerns about foisting a particular belief onto a religious community, insisted that they do not meddle in religious affairs unless “red lines” are crossed—a which term they neglected to define—and blamed the EIASC alone for the al-Ahbash trainings, even though EIASC members were initially government appointees and remain entirely sympathetic to the government.

In our meeting with newly elected EIASC members, they reiterated the government’s talking points supporting separation of religion and state while labeling the demonstrators “terrorists,” even though some of its members had joined in protesting. Members kept deferring to the Council’s vice president, whom we learned is close to Ethiopia’s ruling party. We also learned that the Council’s president previously served in senior governmental postings. Finally, the EIASC members ominously said there would be no divisions within Ethiopia’s Muslim community and that dissenters would be “brought into the fold.”

What does this all mean?

While Ethiopia’s government fears violent religious extremism from Somalia and Sudan and the influence of Wahhabism, the way to counter religious extremism is not with religious repression but through religious freedom. It is not by manipulating outcomes in the marketplace of ideas, but supporting a marketplace that encompasses all ideas, including religious ideas. It is by trusting in the common sense of its people, believing that most will reject not just government repression but religious extremism and the totalitarian control it seeks over them and their families.

Indeed, across the world, study after study affirms that where there is religious freedom, there is stability, harmony and prosperity, and where religious liberty is lacking, so are these blessings.

Thus, the only way the radicals can win is if governments, in the name of fighting these extremists, repeatedly abuse their people’s freedom.

In Ethiopia, as elsewhere, freedom, not just for the sake of human rights but for peace and security as well, is the antidote to extremism.

M. Zuhdi Jasser serves as a Commissioner at the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF).


03/13/13 @ 00:19
Comment from: chemoga [Visitor]

“when the messenger saw the affliction of his companions and,though he[himself]escaped it because of his standing with god and his uncle Abu Talib,he could not protect them,he said to them:"If you were to go to Abyssinia it would be better for you,for the king [there]will not tolerate injustice and it is a friendly country,until such time as God shall relieve you your distress."Thereupon his companions went to Abyssinia,being afraid of apostasy and fleeing to God with their religion.”
“Abyssinia had long since embraced Christianity,a religion to which Muhammad may have felt an affinity.”
“The Negus asked if they had with them which had come from God.When Ja`far said he had,the Negus commanded him to read him a passage from the sura called “Mary"[19].The Negus wept until his beared was wet and the bishops wept until their scrolls were wet,when they heard what was read to them.Then the Negus said"Of the truth ,this and what Jesus brought have come from the same niche.You two[Quraysh]may go,for by god,I will never give them [the Muslims up and they shall not be betrayed.”
Judaism,Christianity,and Islam

03/13/13 @ 00:35
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Where did I say Muslims want to dominate Christians of Ethiopia? muslims ask to be equal to Christians. If there is Church everywhere in Ethiopia, there should be mosque everywhere in Ethiopia including Lalibala, Debre Damo, Axum, Debre sina if people living there want it. If that makes you cringe, reevaluate yourself and decide to live on your own.

Violence breeds violence.
I love Arabs. I have no reason to hate Arabs. All Arabs I met are good hearted. But some of you hate Arabs, well that is your right. Only, we have to find a common ground so we can live together. But do not go beyond that and tell me I love Arabs more than Ethiopia. Unless you hate me more than Arabs hate me. That is the real problem.

03/13/13 @ 01:01
Comment from: Seattle [Visitor]

“This article was brought to you by Walta communication in cooperation with ETV.”

They are losing in public opinions at home and abroad, that’s why you see the propaganda machine heating up.

When someone makes an excuse to quote the deceased head Woyane, that is the tell tell sign of paid cadre writing in disguise.

03/13/13 @ 01:55
Comment from: Originality [Visitor]

Whoes ORIGIN is more Ethiopian?

The Islam?
The Felasha?
The Gambela?
The Amara? or
The Tgray?

If we perform a righteous studies about the above you will find out that the tgray people are the ones who stand on the bottom of the list because they are refugees and are settlers from the northern border of Ethiopia. Tgray been slaves of the turkeys and yemenis and followed their masters as slaves to serve them during the occupation. Afterwards they came to Ethiopia as laborers and made their stay comfortable. Tgray people never had a true origin, because of their unknown origin they been haunted allover the place from Saudi Arabia to Yemen and Libya. They are mixed with all race and arabs as well (remember that they cannot deny their true story when calling the Yemeni Queen of Sheeba like part of the history) but been denied their origin like Kurdistan, at last they found a safe heaven in the monastries of Ethiopia to hide themselves enslaving the amara monks. Slowly but surely they settled and got mixed with all race in Ethiopia to create own territory called tgray. Tgray people been killed and their churches been burned to ashes by Gragn Ahmed. From that era the tgray people fear and hate the Arabs to death and christianised themselves to gain sympathy from their Amara Masters. Until now the black lace in their neck and the cross on their forehead is to draw Christian Amara’s attention.
The question is why are the tgrays hated allover? Because of their ugly nature of betrayal that they cannot cure for generations. They know it and everyone knows it, but unfortunately there is no cure. Not even Qulubi or Debre Damo holy waters could cure the tgrayalogy. For the reason they are ready to create confusion among the people of Ethiopia until we endup as Israel/Palestine enemies forever.

03/13/13 @ 02:28
Comment from: Ts [Visitor]

Assta B. Gettu, I know that you merely substituted your nominal name for Gragn Ahmed, which makes ascribing your internal feelings.

Now Prof. Alm. has posted a higher level of manuscript than his previous article. I have been looking for your comment under that recent article–about the Dam–though, I know that you were sobering for low quality comment that you gave on the previous of the Prof. Alm’s article. Your foul-ups of the disorganization are making you invisible and the forum participants are looking for your inputs rather you remain in the hideout that under the cut of Muslim-Christianity issues that may seemingly serve your purpose on the cover rambling in the preexisting knowledge of religions, by using multiple names such as Assta B. Gettu and Gragn Ahmed. If you understand what I am writing you and if you are capable, you can do it now.

03/13/13 @ 03:11
Comment from: Reality [Visitor]

Ts you are Betihu (woyane stooge) so shut up! You cannot cheat Ethiopian people.

03/13/13 @ 06:45
Comment from: Woloye [Visitor]


wey wey wey…. mn ywaTen zendro

03/13/13 @ 07:02
Comment from: Ethiopiawinet [Visitor]


You are really sick.
Who gave you that absolute right to ask if Muslims are more Arabs or Ethiopia?
Why don’t ask yourself if you are more foreigner slave or Ethiopian?
You are succumb to foreign propoganda and you deafen our ears and blinded our eyes with your stupid little child logic.

Muslims demands always tailored to Arabs or Islamist or Terrorist or Extremist or Islamic state as this hater islamophobic writer Abebe Teshome fed you.

Do you think this pretext will extend your oppression on Muslims by silencing them with labelings? No. Instead it will unite them more.

Now the same Arabs you hate the most who are our neighbors related to us in blood and flesh are following the case closely. They were oblivious about Ethiopian Muslims plight before. All over the world now they know northern coptic who have same trait like Serbia for oppression and killings control the lands of Muslims since 1887.

That’s why you received the first alarm from Saudi and the West.

The struggle will go on like Mandella, Marthin Luther King, Ghandi till free at last from the bondage of those stone head extremely backward northern people.

You are shortys with big tammys malnourished brains who think in very straight line without looking right and left also around.
We are really tired and exhuasted with you. We hardly wait Eritrean and South Sudanse day to come.
Leave us alone and then talk about our religion and Arabs 24/7 in your northern cave as part of your religion ritual as usual. Just leave us for God sake. Without foreign help your are dust in the wind.

Prof. Al
He just wrote about truth in moderate not absolute regarding dam and Muslim movements. Being coptic and Amhara himself you could not tolerate him. You were short of labeling him Terrorist as you do on any Muslims name you here or see.

If Amhara and Coptic Prof. Al of your kind not trusted Who else on Earth will convince you to show you the right path.
May be the famous evil Tigrian ASSTA B. GETTU.
You chose evil and you become evil burning in fire for the rest of your short life. You will never have life except hate and hate for others as your pleasure.

Free (member)

free(member) blasted Prof Al for telling the truth. He thinks Prof Al is interested to become famous via Arabist bla bla… Al jezeera, Muslims bla bla…. even called him unEthiopian.

Ato Ethiopian free(member) started to give and deny Ethiopiawinet. He alone own that country.
He hates the Muslims and Arabs to his bone. His heart is prone to love of other religion.
He has theory of his own about those groups. Only he that knows them well in bad way and nobody else in this world.
He once said that he will choose Russia than barbaric Arabs neighbros.
He forgot that already chose Soviet Union for 17 years and he became starved country known in the world wide. One of my Western friend told me one joke about “northern” Ethiopians. He said that Ethiopians when they take shower they never come out of it? I asked why? He said they squeeze in that tiny holes which meant for dirty water to pass or drain.
This is what Communist Soviet Union gave you weapons to control and not food. No you get help by using this decade problem. Muslims.
This time the West and East will punish you for your evil deeds to committ crime against humanity using religion.

May be he thought the Russian will teach him how to go to the moon. He needs this techonology to say he is number one and unique country in the world for doing this, for accepting coptic, and so on. Funny people.

What a loss. What a shame to live with such!!!!!!!! people in one country.

03/13/13 @ 10:52
Comment from: Ash [Visitor]

Gragn Ahmed

Why not tell them to go and ask Saudi to build church in macca… Ethiopian Muslim are not Saudi so why ask foolish question.

Beside do this poor people have money to buy land In macca and left over money to build church… Even let assume they build church are they going to go to macca every years….

Mind u a beggar come to u to give him coffee money…. U told him u have no money, but the beggar protest that how come u drink for urself and u told me u dont have money to buy me..

Example 2:-

G.Amhad give $100 loan to Assta B. Gettu personal use

HagereEthiopia ask Assta B. Gettu a loan for $100 and

Assta B. Gettu give loan to HagerEthiopia

Now month pass and

G.Amhad want his money back and ask Assta B. Gettu to give him his money

Assta B. Gettu said he can’t give him his money because HagerEthiopia couldn’t give him the money…

Is that G.A business A.B?G lost the money…

If u want to build church in macca….build church in macca but don’t ask me I am Ethiopian… Macca is not in Ethiopia.

03/13/13 @ 12:03
Comment from: Ash [Visitor]


Dear when Muslim north Sudan oppressed the souther Sudan the whole world get help out including Ethiopia… Now the north Ethiopia Christian oppressing the south Muslim Ethiopian… Just like south Sudan muslim should go their separate way…to this end if Saudi help they will be rembeber as liberator by south Ethiopian. Push more u break up Ethiopia for two u already lost Eritrea and Djibouti don’t try ur luck to much

03/13/13 @ 12:10
Comment from: Seatle [Visitor]

The author Teshome is a very clever writer. His style is mesmerizing and he makes sense with every word and sentence. I like it because he shows true Ethiopiawinet. He will be a hero to moderate Islam, a hero for telling truth, and hero for saving secular Ethiopia. Too many a******* here because don’t understand his sophisticated English. You my hero bro. prof.

03/13/13 @ 12:19
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed


I ask Germany not to be heavyhanded like dictators it will back fire on Germany.

Ash and Ethiopiawinet,
Yes, North is brutal. But we love the North history including the good King Asmha. But the descendants of the North love their religion than the people or their country.

We have options to exist:

1. Democtratic and just ruled system

2. Break up into South versus North.

North will split into Tigrai and Amhara.

South will split into:
Somalia- Afar,
Southern peoples.

We will have five ministates. Addis Ababa will be slitted between Gurage, Shewa Amhara and Shewa Oromo.

I ask the international bodies to take this matter seriously. We were forced to live in fear and oppression. This is too much to take. We are tired, exhausted, and bombarded by lies of harmony and fake glorified Ethiopia. We just can not take it. In addition, Muslims of the North should be given special protection. The Arab League should take the case of Ethiopia to the highest level. We do not need hate any more. I ask the UN Human rights commission to just do that. These people do not love their own Mandela-like Personalities like Prof Al Mariam, Professor Mesfin Woldemariam, Artists Tamagn, and many brave Ethiopians.

Believe all of these people are being given names as if they are Sheikhs, Imams or Terrorists. There is no chance that the Northern copts could listen to our pain. They do not even listen to their Papas. If they do not listen to their Papas, who will they listen to? I do not see an interfaith working in Ethiopia. They want Muslims to show patience more than the copts.

Option two is the only choice we have. We do not need to argue for Axum Mesjid for ever. We will take care of Harar Church our own way. Period. The time is not that far. We need to help Prof Al Mariam to the lgal issue to bring the issue to the highest UN body. we need peace.

Almariam has been called terrorist, Arab lover, etc..
Taman Beyene has been called, Imam, Sheihk, terrorist.
and so on.

What else do we need? Fitawrari is the number one hater of people that are Mandela-like in Ethiopia. Professor Mesfin was blocked from entering the Wabishebele conference for dinner with Semay party.

Look how stupid they are.

Ash, I argued with these people over Mecca to show them that even with any illogical argument I was ready to uselogic or illogic to join them half way.

Rember Ethiopian copts mean harmony when a Muslims builds a church for a Christian not when a Christian builds a Mesjid in that case he is named a terrorist.

03/13/13 @ 12:43
Comment from: Nostra Daimus [Visitor]
Nostra Daimus

You stupid Eritrean.
We know Saudi is not Ethiopia. The Freakin Devils the Saudis have invaded Ethiopia with their instigations to destabilize the Peaceful Government of Ethiopia.
The stupid Saudis are going against the Quran because Mohamad had said not to bother Ethiopia or Ethiopians. That is HARAM in your Religion.
Why is there not Religion Freedom in Saudi Arabia? Human Rights are blind when it comes to Saudi Arabia. Why are Human Rights blind when Christians are killed in Saudi Arabia every day?
Human Rights you are a piece of ARR when it comes to this, or are you bowing down to their Dirty Oil Money? Today it could be Ethiopia but tomorrow will be the USA.
Ash as an Eritrean why did your Government denied Alimudi to invest in Eritrea? Why don’t you let pepper Asmara with hundredth of Mosques?
If you got any balls answer that without beating around the bush.
Ash, also get your ass out of Ethiopia, go to Aba Shaul thets where you were born.
We already have a Church in Mecca you fool.

03/13/13 @ 12:43
Comment from: Nenewe [Visitor]

Ethiopiawinet [Visitor],
Your emotionaly charged tirade is robbing you any rationality if you ever have one in the first place;

Hatred and emotional tirade make other wise smart people look dump.

Who are these northern people you lash out on? Have you got problems with non muslim Ethiopian in general? Or are you against the regime who is increasingly dictatorial. That screen name you use cuts both ways and don’t try to appear to be true Ethiopian.

One can easily deduce from your bitter diatribe against non muslim Ethiopians that your allegiance might be to anything but to Ethiopia.

You woudn’t care less for the suffering of Ethipians under a repressive regime except your brothers (as you call each other.

I do take comfort in that you are in tiny minority. don’t use terms you wouldn’t like when directed to you.

03/13/13 @ 13:02
Comment from: Bekele [Visitor]

I never post on this site. But given what was written by the author and what has been posted by ‘joroyalewyisma’ above regarding what just happened in Germany, I am willing to accept that the writer Teshome Abebe knows something that I do not know. His article is convincing and very well written. But now I know that what is happening in Ethiopia is not isolated–it is also happening many other places. Germany also. Thank you Teshome for telling the truth. You are an excellent writer and thinker who brought me back to my senses.

03/13/13 @ 13:31
Comment from: mohammad [Visitor]

These days people are talking of the construction of mosque.They forget that we are in our country and we have the right to build as much as needed.
I am a lowlander ,in our small villages you find mega church,where there no christian population i am talking of lugya in afar state.In Dire Dawa,mega church were built by halrseallse in the best places,and you will never see any muslim talking about all these construction.
So WHY are you protesting when we built mosk ? It is the orthodox Menedlik who invade our muslim kilil,it is Haile selasse with his policy of mega church building who change ajerso goro the Bethlem,ADAMa TO NAZRET,bishoftu to debrezit.

So please keep religions out of politics.Muslim is peace.We have to fight all the exremist like alshaba and stop imposing alahbash and fee the innocent prisoners

03/13/13 @ 14:18
Comment from: C\'est moi senait [Visitor]
C\'est moi senait

The NeXt pope is from south America. This is a top secret that I revile to NAZRET. The time is now…. I gave you all this top secret before the world.

03/13/13 @ 14:57
Comment from: C'est moi senait [Visitor]
C'est moi senait

What was I said a few minutes ago before any one of the media world know and announced who will be the next pope. I told you all,I knew things before any one of human beings know . Now, cheq the time I announced who will be and the time the CNN and BBC or an media announced.

You wan to know who is behind Obama bod guard, ? A White woman is always behind him, tall and she is not a security or his body guard but some thing else…. She is ….xxxxxx well… Have a picture of her….. And guess who she is.

03/13/13 @ 15:29
Comment from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]

Ethiopiawinet [Visitor], aka Ash amedo, Aka Grang..


You are really sick..”

Really Dr? Since you know that I am sick but did not name the sickness, let me tell you what it is I’m sick of.

I am sick and tired of religious complainers. I am sick and tired of dividers, looters, religious fanatics, mofo woyanes, kehadi bandas like some who admire a dictator just because he wants to build a dam without weighing the consequences. All in all I am tired of the enemies of Ethiopia and her 14 kefle hagers. I am sick of ethnic federalism which is the cause to all this ethnic division, I am sick of how Ethiopians find the smallest reason to create disunity. Dude, I am sick and tired of religion and the mess it created. I hate it more than I hate Meles. If it were up to me, 90% of the churches and mosques will be converted to schools, homeless shelters, clinics and so on. Get it. I have said it many times before, pay attention.. I do not give a shit what religion you are, you are Ethiopian first. However, the problem is with religious extremists, like you & Asta, ethnic political extremists like Meles, and all the lebas who use these fanatics to push their agenda. GA, if you are an Ethiopian, you will not be making remarks like..
“.. 2. Break up into South versus North.
North will split into Tigrai and Amhara.
South will split into:
Somalia- Afar,
Southern peoples.

GA, These are trying times. But folks like you.. are firing squad material.&#59;) Lucky for you Derg is.. gone. Too bad.
All you have been talking about is Islamist issues, dominance or separation. As an Ethiopian, I say Tplf is a political issue and not a religious one. Again, war is a biach but… those who seek it, will lose big time. What I hear you say is nothing short of genocide. You, bro.. are a terrorist. Has nothing to do with you being Muslim, you are just a sadistic person who uses religion, is on the opposite side of the road from Asta, the other religious fanatic. Are you him? If not, you guys must be lost twins, related or shabia.

Read again @ posted on.. 03/12/13 @ 21:51

Helooooo Mr. grang, all Ethiopians are subjected to this abusive dictatorship. ALL Ethiopians. Best way for Muslims to go forward will be to drop the attempt at taking over political power supported by the Saudis and to seek what all Ethiopians seek. Freedom, equality and justice for all and not only for Muslims. Otherwise it becomes a question of an Islamic dominance. When you.. grang, and Muslims speak, yo’ll speak as if you are more Arabs than Ethiopians. My advise to you all, shut the noise. Become more involved in the loss of freedom for all, stop this religious supremacy shit, cut your ties to terrorist states such as Saudi.. you will live longer. Trust me when I tell you if you, Muslims, start a religious conflict in Ethiopia.. you will lose the most.

As they say to move on, put your best foot forward. In this case you best foot will be to drop Islamistic tendencies and to adopt a political opposition. Stay cool Mr. Complainer GA, or you will burn out along with the Arab Spring.

03/12/13 @ 21:51

03/13/13 @ 15:46
Comment from: Ash [Visitor]


If u hate relgion more then anything else then u give them freedom of relgion… And the problem go away…

I know this high level thinking u will not understand…

If u hate separatest such as OLF,ONLF, then u give them more right and freedom so that u kill their cause…the rallying cry…

For example if OLF say they want OLF flag u give them OLF flag….not to separate them but to remove their crying cause if they have no cause to cry no one follow them…

The Muslim crying cause is let us elect our own leaders… U give them that freedom and u remove the cause of their cry so no body follow them if they don’t have any problem….

I know u will not understand but I try… Because I saw ur pain

03/13/13 @ 16:09
Comment from: Nostra Daimus [Visitor]
Nostra Daimus

Well, just came on the news that the Saudis executed some criminals.
Does anybody know if some of them were Ethiopians, Somali, Eritreans?

You know it is illegal to reveal ID’s of Obamas detail. If you have Clerance it will be withdrawn immediately.

03/13/13 @ 16:26
Comment from: NothingNew [Visitor]

Senait is just another person who wants to put price on herself. She wants to inform as Obama will meet with an Ethiopian, Mssss…. in Israel. An ordinary but politics views!

03/13/13 @ 17:34
Comment from: C\'est moi senait [Visitor]
C\'est moi senait

There is a very speciall rum in Vatican city very close to collage de etiopico , there the new xxxx will stand/stay /sleep naked surrounded by a very old wood with mirror that reflect nothing at all. Xxxxx pray naked and reborn again with message from xxxxxxx. He will not tell what he saw or heard from that mirror. Things you do not know!!!!!!

Do you know that there is a secret underground door in lalibela? Things you do not know!!!!!

I will tell you who that woman is behind Obama . Thing you do not know!!!!
Thanks to an old wise Israeli man who thought me and a very few about the scret of this world.

03/13/13 @ 17:58
Comment from: Nostra Daimus [Visitor]
Nostra Daimus

You are living us wondering.

What does that door look like under Lalibela?
Did Israel mount an operation during Derg and took the Ark with them?

03/13/13 @ 18:48
Comment from: Ethiopiawinet [Visitor]


Are you psychologist. You are confusing the hell out of this nared, fanatic, hater, islamophobics northern.
All you get from them not civil communication but this:
We are first in everything
They praise the evil and curse the angel, the norm and the intelect.

Prof Al now labeled as their enemy.
Nobody on this earth will convince them except Eritrea type ‘harakat’ to free oneself from them.

Ethiopian Muslims do not need help from outside. They need leadership and now they have it like Grang of South Sudan, Meles of TPLF and Esyias of Eritrea.
In the mean time copt of the north keep pushing the Muslims to the limit of no return and you will fasten their freedom for once and for all.

Do you think ever justice, freedom and equality surf in Ethiopia even if the radical fanatic extremist copts use secularism.
If not do you think outside powers will stand against freedom for Muslims like they brought East European, Yemenis, Cubans, to fight a small country Somalia in 70’s and in 15th century Portugal.
They are very weak when they exposed alone.

Mali is different case here because they are extemists. They have harish law like cutting hand for stealing, and so on.
France as post colony did good job by interfering.

I don’t mind if extreme religious man grew his beard as much as he likes or hate uncovered women, etc as far as did not interfer to stop the freedom of individual. He has absolute right too.
This kind of freedom is practiced in USA.
France practices Secular extremism which is dry and uniform. No diversity so lacks beauty in it.

Turkey lately moving toward USA secularism.

Ethiopia is moving toward Lebonon of 80’s into turmoil, hate, extremism, and God for bid into lawless state.
Why? the breeding tools are in the makings unless stopped.
The government involved in religion instead of development by attacking the victim religion for over a century and 1400 in the north and yet respecting other religions.

The government introduced mega billionair rich religious institute into Ethiopia and they are preying on everyone with bribery if not by desicrating their holy Quran. If the victim fights back Simon Bereket and Dr Shiferaw will put them in jail for decades as in Jimma case. So the new religion has absolute power to prey on illiterate, child, poor, old , women, etc and nobody questioned them.
The list is long.

I feel bad for this country which lacks even a single intelect or Mandela or Marthin Luther, or Ghandi or even like Prof Al.
They run the country by chance blindly taking order from outside.

The haters keep mocking us for they are ignorant of the situation and care less for feedom, justic and equality and unity of the country at large under the pillar and umberalla of the above.

My true intention is like late Tilahun Gizaw a country for all like USA so that we will have abundence in nature, human, intelect, in everything. In other words true Nationalism felt by all and not by Amhara and now by new rulers Tigries.

Swallow the sour truth and donot regurgitate it out.

03/13/13 @ 18:53
Comment from: Ethiopiawinet [Visitor]


Seatle with capital “S” is not seatle. Seatle is a banda in seatle ship cloth.

Nullefile or drop his statements. He/she wants you to believe the another band in Amhara ship cloth who wrote the rubbish article which is full of lie and hallucination.

Please go to Ethiomedia and must watch the ex Swedish detainees statements on Youtube.
EPRDF made drama on them too and aired it on drama ETV.
Enjoy another drama and will continue. This people are just funny.

03/13/13 @ 20:02
Comment from: Ethiopiawenet [Visitor]

Sheep not ship.

03/13/13 @ 20:03
Comment from: werner2010 [Visitor]

@gragn and ash,
there is nothing called islamophbia. wahabists like you have invented such a term to make us kuffars feel guilty of a non existent wrong-doing. I personally cannot stand intimidation and bullying by religious fashists, and I really believe that we infidels should strike as hard as we can those idiots who wish to destroy us.
I am sick and tired of this cry babies that tell me of islamophbia. I rather have islamophbia-nausea.

03/13/13 @ 20:14
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

C\’est moi senait (visitor),

I admire you for knowing something in advance before it happens: you said the next Pope will be from South America, and it happened as you predicted.

Can you tell me if you have some kind of hereditary line with the Endorite women whom Saul, king of Israel, tried to destroy from his kingdom (1st Samuel 28:1-25)?

03/13/13 @ 21:32
Comment from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]


you forgot to switch to your other name, grang ahmed.

Ash [Visitor]

If u hate relgion more then anything else then u give them freedom of relgion… And the problem go away…”

03/13/13 @ 22:13
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Tedhome Abede,

You have now been caught red handed. The following document showed no sign of terrorism but instead shows the works of Pentes infiltrating Muslims and how it turned awry. One portion states that we need to infilterate the leaders of Muslims and divide them. This is how
“ager yegara nat , haymanot yegele naw” is applied?kkkkkkkkk

Meles acknowledged that he made a mistake by importing “ah bash” from Libanon. We will hunt the likes of pente akraris.

03/14/13 @ 00:14
Comment from: Seattle [Visitor]

Fake Seattle,
Riff raff you are not man enough to use your own nickname so you used mine to spread your venom just like your cadre bro Teshemo Yewoshet Abebe. I bet his real name is Hagos from Adwa.

03/14/13 @ 00:21
Comment from: Suffocated [Visitor]

The result of renaissence dam and moslems protest

You got all reply from the Prof.

03/14/13 @ 02:49
Comment from: Ash [Visitor]

I was looking who understand what I was saying guess what two house nared wrmonger2010 and HAGERislamophobics making the same mistake I told them they are going to make

Ethiopiawinet. Said it good

“I don’t mind if extreme religious man grew his beard as much as he likes or hate uncovered women, etc as far as did not interfer to stop the freedom of individual. He has absolute right too.
This kind of freedom is practiced in USA.
France practices Secular extremism which is dry and uniform. No diversity so lacks beauty in it.”

U see u allow extreme religion view not to encourage them but discourage them

Extreme religion believe is not physical being… U can’t see it, u can’t touch is just like Love or hate…. U can’t arrest ghost the same way u can’t arrest extreme religion view by arresting the physical being that is the person…extreme religion view is I someone mind… How in hell u make some one love u by arresting him, killing him..

In every Muslim mind there is a drop of extreme religion view…. We start killing, jailing abusing and arresting Muslim… Yes u might arrest few people but can u arrest the mind of 30 million people? The pain and suffering u caused those few Muslim leader felt by 30 million people them u turn them full fledged extremes

Let me try one more time we all feel pain want the Arab abused our women we are not physical there or we are not physical hurt but we all connected with our mind feeling the pain those poor Ethiopia feeling the same pain we feel even so we are 4000km away…

I know there is tendency to say what warmonger1010 saying

” I personally cannot stand intimidation and bullying by religious fashists, and I really believe that we infidels should strike as hard as we can those idiots who wish to destroy us”

Can u destroy ghost by killing the person, religious fascists his not a person it is a believe live inside one mind by killing that person that was the tendency u are creating more religious fascists Keep on doing the same thing then u will create enough extremist to destroy u..

Then what is the solution it is a mind and heart game…when u deal with mind u have to use ur mind not physical action…

For example if u face with extremist view the first tendency is to kill that person or to jail that person… If u resist that tendency and allow this extremist view to express him view openly without fearing being jail… Right there u win over him… The extremist can’t say the government arrest us… Kill us or prevent us practicing our religion If u see him practicing his extreme religion without being jail.

Next u fight mind with mind u invite this extreme religion guy and challenge him….mind u u have to give him first freedom of speech to speak freely to know how he think once u know how he thinking then u tell him u said this and this and u are wrong on this and that…

But if u ban him his extreme view will not be exposed those Muslim leaders who are now jailed might have extreme view we don’t know because they are not exposed to public … Even if they are dangerous people we don’t know they are not allowed freedom of speech…

Again when faced with extremist view u give them more freedom and right to kill it but the tendency is to take away more right and freedom away , such us killing them, banning them, jailing them, abusing them this will have negative result…

03/14/13 @ 05:50
Comment from: FakeSeatle [Visitor]


Ante bilo tenagari. Yegimatam lij. Walk the streets in your neighborhood. That is what you are good for.You are the first in your family born without a tail. A guy with your IQ should have a low voice too!! Take this to the bank.

03/14/13 @ 10:07
Comment from: Seattle [Visitor]

FakeSeatle [Visitor],

I have no time for idiots with low esteem\inferiority complex,like you.
Tomorrow is Friday and we all know where to find you. Hush it up and beg. Ye Mesgid Lemange,

03/14/13 @ 18:09
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Amoraw (visitor),

It will not be too long before you are being kicked out from the Christian land of Ethiopia: you cannot continue spinning your body like a spider, opening your mouth and barking like a dog, and shouting hundred times “O Jesus, O Jesus, O Jesus…” just like the Muslims who repeatedly shout “Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar…” You are simply a spiritual and worldly idiot.

Dear readers, the Pentes in Ethiopia are misleading the indigenous Ethiopian Christians by spreading their poisonous teachings:

1. They reject the Holy Trinity.

2. They discard Matthew 28:19 that say “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

3. They prevent their members from activities such as theater, dances, mixed bathing or swimming.

4. They prohibit women from cutting their hairs, from wearing make-up and any apparel.

5. They abhor worldly sports, amusements, radio programs, music, having television sets in one’s home.

6. They prevent their members from bearing arms and from going to war to defend their country against an enemy.

7. They do not affiliate with any union, boycott, or any organization.

8. They want the government under which they serve to live according to the Pente faith.

9. They believe the military personnel should live according the Pentes’ religious tenet.

10. They discourage their members from having any fellowship with non-Pentes. (The Quran says the same thing)

11. They prohibit their students from attending shows, dances, dancing classes, theaters, engaging in school activities, and from wearing gymnasium clothes.

12. They frustrate their school students from taking coeducational classes.

13. They prevent students from taking sex education.

14. They recognize Pentecost Sunday as the only religious holiday for the Pentes.

These are some of the misleading teachings of the Pentes in Ethiopia and in other parts of the world. Fortunately, the Pentes in Ethiopia are losing many of their members because of their preterist teachings, which means, the Pentes teach that all prophesies had been fulfilled including the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and the last resurrection during the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD. As they recognize that they are losing members, they are now changing their views on their preterist teachings.

It looks to me the Pentes have many similarities with the teaching of Islam rather than with the teaching of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church.

03/14/13 @ 22:01
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

The Pentes should not be regarded as Christians because they believe that for a person to be saved he has to be baptized by emersion in water; he has to repent his sins; and he must speak in tongues. If he cannot speak in tongues, he could not be considered as a saved person.

The sign of baptism in the Holy Spirit, according to the Pentes, is only when the person speaks in other tongues.

The Pentes emphasize justification by faith alone: they overlook St. James’ words that say: “For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also” (James 2:26).

Almost all the Christian Churches, except the Pente Church, recite in their services the following Nicene Creed:

We believe in one God,
the Father, the Almighty,
maker of heaven and earth,
of all that is, seen and unseen.
We believe in one Lord, Jesus Christ,
the only son of God,
eternally begotten of the Father,
God from God, Light from Light,
true God from true God,
begotten, not made,
of one being with the Father.
Through him all things were made.
For us and for our salvation
he came down from heaven:
by the power of the Holy Spirit
he became incarnate from the Virgin Mary,
and was made man.
For our sake he was crucified under Pontius Pilate;
he suffered death and was buried.
On the third day he rose again
in accordance with the Scriptures;
he ascended into heaven
and is seated at the right hand of the Father.
He will come again in glory
to judge the living and the dead,
and his kingdom will have no end.
We believe in the Holy Spirit, the Lord, the giver of life,
who proceeds from the Father [and the Son].
With the Father and the Son
he is worshipped and glorified.
He has spoken through the Prophets.
We believe in one holy catholic and apostolic Church.
We acknowledge one baptism for the forgiveness of sins.
We look for the resurrection of the dead,
and the life of the world to come. AMEN.

The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church calls the Nicene Creed “Thelote Haimanot,” which means the prayer of faith. Every deacon and every priest of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church memorizes this creed by heart. We recite this creed in our daily prayer and in our Church services. The Armenian Church, the Greek Orthodox Church, the Eastern Orthodox Church, the Roman Catholic Church, and the Church of the Reformation recite this creed in their Church services, but the Pentes never recite this important creed in their services: I think, the Pentes are very occupied in the speaking of tongues even though they include to their doctrine some of the Nicene Creeds.

Note: The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church and some other Churches believe the Holy Spirit emanates from the Fathers only. Other Churches believe the Holy Spirit issues from the Father and from the Son. The Pentes’ position on this issue and on the doctrine of the Trinity is not yet clear. The Pentes do not belong to the early Apostolic Churches, and they don’t have great theologians such as the early Church Fathers. The Pentecostal Church is full of worldly and uneducated pastors who want to make quick money by performing a fake healing and a fake speaking of tongues and deceiving the Ethiopian people.

The Pentes in Ethiopia believe, in order water baptism to be valid, one must be baptized in the name of Jesus, rather than the mainstream baptismal formula in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church baptizes her children in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Many Churches do the same thing except the Pente Church.

The Pentes in Ethiopia reject the Trinitarian doctrine as I explained before, but at the same time they recognize that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are the great roles that God has carried out in redemption. You can see now how confused they are! Sometimes, the Pentes in Ethiopia call themselves “Oneness Pentecostals” because they think they believe in one God since they lack adequate training in understanding the doctrine of the Holy Trinity. All early Apostolic Churches believe in the doctrine of the Trinity, and it is very essential. Several Churches who believe in the doctrine of the Trinity dub the Pentes “Modalists, Modalistic Monarchianism, Arianism, patripassianism,” and “Cultists.”
We should not allow these cultist Pentes to teach our children in the Christian land of Ethiopia. The Pentes in Ethiopia are now stealing some worship practices from the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church so that they could influence members of the Orthodox Church to their cultish Pente worship.

By associating themselves to the Ethiopian orthodox Tewahido Church, they claim the Pente Church in Ethiopia is one of the earliest Churches in the world. The fact is that the Pente Church started in 1913 in California, but the Pentes compare themselves with the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church members in being the first Christians to accept Jesus Christ as the only Savior of the world.

Dear Ethiopian Christians do not recognize the Pentes as legitimate Christians: they are with you to deceive you, to steal your Christian children, and to rebaptize them not in the name of God the Father, and of God the Son, and of God the Holy Spirit but only in the name of Jesus. They force your children to pretend they speak in different tongues and heal the sick.

03/15/13 @ 08:54
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Seattle, the house nigger (visitor),

When did you start to be a friend with the Pentes? You have been complaining the Pentes are stealing the Muslim kids and baptizing them to Pentecostalism, a new formula of faith that started by some homosexual, jobless, and outlandish Californians in 1913 in order to exploit the innocent people like the Ethiopian Muslim and Christian children. In fact, it was you who complained to me to do something about the Pentes who are taking the Orthodox Children and rebaptizing them into Pentecostalism.

I fully understand my Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church is being attacked by worthless, faithless, and greedy people – the Muslims and the Pentes in the Christian land of Ethiopia. Both of you have the same doctrine, the doctrine of the false prophet Muhammad, and the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church rejects your satanic doctrine. When a Christian person, anointed by the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church, assumes power, we will clean the mess you have left behind and destroy your cultish religion. I have never thought the Pentes would come to Ethiopia in the name of Islam so that in collaboration with Islam they could be able to destroy the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church whom they think their worst enemy.

We have already identified you as the malaise of the indigenous Ethiopian Christians and as a subcutaneous disease we have to deal with. It will be our priority to silence you, remove you, and expel you from our mother land, the holy land of Ethiopia. We know the Ethiopian Pentes’ honeymoon with the Ethiopian Jihadist Muslims will not last long. In reality, the Ethiopian Jihadist Muslims have started burning and destroying the Pentecostal Churches in the Oromia region, and from now on I will encourage the Ethiopian Muslims to get rid of the Pentes from the Oromia region, and later on I will get rid of the Jihadist Muslims from the entire Christian land of Ethiopia. Finally, the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church will be again the undisputable queen of Ethiopia.

Pentecostalism and Islam are the excruciating headaches of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church that I have to work day and night to relieve My Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church from these debilitating headaches.

03/15/13 @ 10:49
Comment from: Ethiopiawinet [Visitor]

The power of great ideas expressed eloquently,as was done by Teshome Abebe in his article, produces actions like the following:

A+ A A-
Shakir Elsayed’s recent opinion unacceptable among Ethiopian Muslims

Written by Ben
Sunday, 03 March 2013 00:29
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(ENA) - Addis Ababa March 02/2013 The recent opinion of an Egyptian Imam Sheik Shakir Elsayed on Ethiopia is unacceptable among Ethiopian Muslims residing in foreign countries and also here, Presidents of Islamic Affairs Supreme Councils said.

Presidents of the Federal, the Addis Ababa City Administration and Oromia State Islamic Affairs Supreme Councils, Sheikh Kiyar Mohammed, Dr. Ahmed Abdurahman and Sheikh Mohammed Amin Jemal respectively said on Friday that Shakir Elsayed does not represent the Muslim community.

Accordingly, Sheikh Kiyar Mohammed said a religious call is made for peace and love, however, the individual declared jihad on Ethiopia, which is against the teachings of the Islamic religion. Sheikh Kiyar said the individual is attempting to create chaos in Ethiopia under the disguise of religion.

Dr. Ahmed on his part said the Muslim community are living in peace in Ethiopia, a country which enshrined freedom of religion in its constitution. In particular the increase in the number of mosques to more than 220 from only 12 before 23 years indicates the freedom of religion and belief enshrined in the constitution, Dr. Ahmed said.

Sheikh Mohammed on his part said the constitution respects freedom to religion and belief and ensures equality of all religions. The Presidents said that the individual lacks the basic knowledge of the Islamic religion and he is engaged in political mission. The individual is promoting and advocating jihad on Ethiopia, the Presidents said and called on the Muslim community not to be confused by his opinion but focus on the national development endeavors.

03/15/13 @ 14:06
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Ethiopiawinet aka Gragn Ahmed aka Seattle (visitor),

If these treacherous and sulky Muslims you have deceptively posted to get some kind of support from the Christians believe there is a religious freedom in the Christian land of Ethiopia, then why are the Jihadist Muslims in Ethiopia continuing their defiance to the Christian government of Ethiopia by protesting every Friday and by praying in the street of Addis Ababa? What kind of freedom they did not have before do they want from the government of Ethiopia?

It is a lie the number of Mosques in the Christian land of Ethiopia is only 220; it is more than that, perhaps about 2020 or more. A Muslim, whether he is a doctor or a lay person, lies to and deceives the non-Muslims every single day because their religion allows him to cheat the Christians and the Jews.

Read the following short article:

Islam Permits Lying to Deceive Unbelievers and Bring World Domination!

By Don Boys, Ph.D.
Published Nov 17, 2004

“It is impossible to understand Islam and Muslims by listening to their protestations against terror and their proclamations of patriotism for America. Usually, it is wise and fair to give people the benefit of the doubt but when it comes to national safety and the future of America, we had better look twice, even thrice at Muslim patriotism. Why? Because Islam permits lying! It is called “Al-taqiyya.” One Muslim said that Al-taqiyya means dissimulation then he expanded it to diplomacy but he should have gone further to deception. Now some Muslims who do not follow the Koran are as faithful Americans as any of us, but the problem is, we cannot know.
It seems our President and his advisors are clueless as to the desires, doctrines, and distinctives of Islam. While I feel a little audacious in giving advice to national leaders, it is necessary since no one else is doing it. Muslims lie not because they are liars by nature but by choice. Systematic lying as a religious policy is deadly, and if our politicians do not understand this, thousands could die.
Muslims lie not because they are liars by nature but by choice. Systematic lying as a religious policy is deadly, and if our politicians do not understand this, thousands could die.
Muslims lie when it is in their interest to do so and “Allah” will not hold them accountable for lying when it is beneficial to the cause of Islam. They can lie without any guilt or fear of accountability or retribution. A lie in the defense of Islam is approved even applauded in their “holy” books.
Muslims are permitted to lie: (1) to save their lives, (2) to reconcile a husband and wife, (3) to persuade a woman into a bedroom and (4) to facilitate one on his journey. Muslims are even permitted to disavow Islam and Mohammed if it is not a genuine heart-felt rejection. Muslims will tell you that concealment of a truth is not an abandonment of that truth if it benefits Islam.
Mohammed gave permission for a follower to lie in order to kill a Jewish poet who had offended Mohammed. I could provide many examples of permissible lying from the Koran and Hadith and will do so when my critics accuse me of hatred and bigotry because of this column. My motives are not important but the truth is. However, many unprincipled people do not consider truth important. It is political correctness that sits on the throne to be worshiped.
Muslims may appear very sincere; in fact, they are sincere, when they lie for their own protection or in the cause of Islam. They have permission to lie. Yes, Christians have also lied but never are they given permission to lie. However, a Muslim has no guilt since the Koran and Hadith permit his deception.
They will lie to make Islam more attractive to potential converts as they speak of “no compulsion in religion” while all of them know that verse was abrogated by later verses. They will quote verses that speak of tolerance and kindness knowing that those verses were written when Mohammed was desirous of “tolerance and kindness,” but when he climbed into the catbird seat, everything changed and he became a terrorist.
Muslims have no hope for eternal salvation without their good works, so they must keep working to advance Islam. If a few lies will accomplish that goal, then lying is not bad but good. If they can get good publicity for Islam by lying, then lying is acceptable, even desirable.
Muslims have no hope for eternal salvation without their good works, so they must keep working to advance Islam. If a few lies will accomplish that goal, then lying is not bad but good. If they can get good publicity for Islam by lying, then lying is acceptable, even desirable. The Muslim is earning his way to heaven by lying to a non-Muslim.
Unlike Christians who are saved once for all by the grace of God through faith in Christ’s propitiatory death, no Muslim knows for sure if his works are good enough for Heaven. The only Muslim who knows for sure that his eternal destiny is secure and he will drop into a delightful garden filled with 72 virgins on soft green cushions is the one who dies while “taking out” unbelievers in Islam.
Most Muslims will not have the “opportunity” to become a martyr in this war between Islam and the rest of the world and make no mistake every true Muslim must be involved in making America (or the nation where he lives) a Muslim nation. Since Muslims are limited in their ability to die for the cause, they can help the cause by supporting terrorists with money, succor, and cover. Sure, they are aiding terror against the U.S. but since they believe they are doing Allah’s will, then any deception is acceptable.
How should this affect America’s war on terror? Officials must look closely at every Muslim chaplain in the military and in our prisons; also look at those involved in the CIA, FBI, and other sensitive areas; look at all Arabic translators, military or civilian; look at all Muslim employees at the Pentagon, White House, atomic power plants, and in Congress; look at all civilian Muslim pilots; look at Muslim clerics in all U.S. mosques. In other words, get serious about this war before our cities are rubble.
Our President must stop playing the game of “Let’s Stop the Terrorists” and get serious by going to the heart of the matter. This war on terror is a religious matter and could become a Hundred Years’ War. To resurrect an old slogan: You can trust the Muslims to be Muslims. They are lying their way to world domination!”

03/15/13 @ 15:00
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Assta aB. Getu,

I only want to say I agree with your analysis of Pente.

They are worldly people. But they easily deceive the young because they carry the Bible and go door to door and are a bit modern looking with no Tabot in their arm pit.

But they seek more of aggressive persuasion and harassing.

I had one experience with Pentes. I had to find an apartment to rent or lease in Addis. So, we went to this one residential compound and we secured the place by depositing two months rent in advance. But later me and my uncle decided not to rent it. When we got back we asked the person. He refused to return our money. That was the same day. Earlier we had to do the same thing with a person who was an ex Derg official to rent his house. He never asked a question. He gave our money back.

I said, where is the faith of the Pentes. From that day on I have my suspicions about Pentes. As to Orhodox they are trust worthy. But the problem is they are too closed minded and they never hesistate to harm Muslims.

Assta you read too much of those people who hate us. Why you go there? They will never give you any thing for your life.

“Muslims have no hope for eternal salvation without their good works, so they must keep working to advance Islam. If a few lies will accomplish that goal, then lying is not bad but good. If they can get good publicity for Islam by lying, then lying is acceptable, even desirable. The Muslim is earning his way to heaven by lying to a non-Muslim.”
Are you stating Martin Luther King does not say lie for a good cause which is to expand the hegemony of fake Christianity? Or Paul who stated I will promote the work of fake God and I would not mind lying?

The truth is every religion allows lying to protect the good messages of Allah. That is only when life and death matters. And not in situations as stated above. Muslims will be held responsible for their lies if their aim is to spread falsehood. But to keep truth hood and you are forced under the circumstances that are not conducive.

03/15/13 @ 16:20
Comment from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]

As one who cares not about religion but understands the rights of choice of the individual, I suggest those of you who practice and respect your religions, do the same to others. In short, Asta and Grang.. glad to see you guys are coming together here but Pente is as good a religion as both yours to those who choose it. Respect. A very special action. If you all desire it, you should give it. Like the good man said.. “haimanot yegel new..” Respect the religion of others if you want us to respect yours.

03/15/13 @ 22:41
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Amoraw (visitor),

For continuing misleading the Ethiopian Orthodox Christians and deceiving especially the young high school students as well as the Addis Ababa University students, the Pentes in Ethiopia will certainly be confined to their underground meetings they are used to perform their cultish activities there.

In 1976, the Pente Church suffered religious persecution and this religious persecution will hunt them again because of their peculiar religious practices such as shucking their bodies, like a person with a Zar, in their Church services and speaking in obscure tongues no one understands; even the person himself/herself who is speaking in tongues could not understand what he/she is saying in the middle of the Church services.

The main purpose of the Pentes’ cultish activities under ground or above ground in the Christian land of Ethiopia is to simply undermine and enervate the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church, and finally to destroy it. After they have destroyed this historical Church, then Ethiopia will be vulnerable to foreign powers. Once the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church is deracinated, there will be no more Ethiopia’s glory because the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church has been the glory of Ethiopia for thousands of years.

The Pentes in Ethiopia have no history of their own; in fact, they are claiming that their ministry starts from Philip the Evangelist who baptized that Ethiopian man. The Ethiopia Orthodox Tewahido Church has been claiming that the Ethiopian man who met Philip the Evangelist was the one who brought Christianity to Ethiopia. How come then these Pentes who were born in 1913 on the street of Los Angel trace their cultish religion to Philip the Evangelist? What a distortion of Biblical facts by the money-lover Pentes!

The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church has been warning the Pentes for many years to stop deceiving the young Ethiopian Christians and separating them from the true Church of their Christian parents.

We members of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church will not sit back while the American-born Pentes are destroying our ancient and historical Church that has glued the unity of the Ethiopian people for centuries. We will write some pamphlets that expose the cultishness of the Pentes’ worship to our Church members to rise up and burn down the Pentes’ illegal houses of worship built in our Christian land.

We have now different groups of people that belong to the Pentes, value the culture of the Pentes, act like the Pentes, and worship the Pentes’ god, which is not the Christian God. We followers of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church believe in the three God-heads: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, but the Pentes do not believe in the Trinitarian doctrine.

Religious division is bad for the existence of the unity of our country; of course, Islam has been with us for a long time, and we know these Ethiopian Muslims very well; we can coexist if the Ethiopian Muslims behave the way their ancestors did. The ancestors of the Ethiopian Muslims did not know Wahhabism, did not know Jihadism, and did not know anything about Mecca or the Saudi kingdom. The only kingdom they knew was the Ethiopian Christian kingdom.

These new comer Pentes are coming to our country claiming they are Christians and distorting in the name of Christianity our Church services, our religious holidays, and our faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. When these Pentes are persecuted for converting the Ethiopian young Christians to Pentecostalism, the media announces the Ethiopian Christians are being persecuted, instead of identifying the Pentes by name or by their denominations.

When the media says the Ethiopian Christians are being harassed or persecuted, it seems the persecuted Christians are members of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church. To avoid such confusions, the media must do its journalistic work properly and vividly.

The people of Ethiopia do not like the Pentes and that is why the Pentes were beaten up in 2002 by the people of Gurage and the law officers did not help them. Another sad story is that there was an incident in 2003 where the Pentes or the Protestants buried a Pente child in a local burial place; however, it was reported that the Muslims dug up the body during night time and threw it away in the nearby town.

Generally, the Pentes have a hard time to bury their dead in a cemetery given them by the government because the Muslims and the Orthodox Christians do not allow them to bury their dead there. Such actions by the Ethiopian Muslims and the Ethiopia Orthodox Christians demonstrate the Pentes are not welcomed in Ethiopia; therefore, they must leave Ethiopia and go back to America where their new religion was born one hundred years ago.

Christianity in Ethiopia is over 2000 years old but Pentecostalism is a recently fabricated cult for making money, not for preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

One can easily see the confusion, the fear, and the horror the Pentes bring to the Ethiopian children as well as to the Ethiopian adults by watching the following video:

This kind of madness and mindlessness has never been seen in the history of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church.

The shaking, the falling on the floor, the kicking of feet, the weeping, and the calling of the Holy Ghost have only one purpose in common and that purpose is to persuade the members of the Pente Church to empty their pockets and give whatever they have to the greedy Pente pastors so that they could buy a brand new car and enjoy life in one of the best hotels in the city with some prostitutes or shermuthas.

03/15/13 @ 23:56
Comment from: Ethiopiawinet [Visitor]


Religious Rights have respected in Ethiopia


Many religious fathers calling for unity against movements under the pretext of , religion. They underlined that anti development activities undertaking in the name of religion must end. All Ethiopians need to come together to fight poverty instead of creating a room for terrorists in the name of their religion.

Indeed, the existed religious tolerance must be kept and strengthened. It is time for all the Muslim community to investigate what a few terrorist individuals have been doing and condemn them seriously. Besides, they have to strengthen their smooth and brotherly relations with other religion followers in the country.

The peaceful religious coexistence in Ethiopia is beyond all telling; a unique feature. All religions in Ethiopia have been living together with unity and tolerance. That religious tolerance and mutual understanding among the Ethiopian people has been existed since time immemorial.

However, there are some recent occurrences with some hidden agendas under the pretext of religion. It should be comprehended that the recent ill-activities in connection with the Islam religion has no real relevance with the religion. These activities have a very different agenda being galvanized by religion.

Ethiopia should continue as a religious harmonic model country. The people and government of Ethiopia must take the necessary measures to make hay efforts exerted to disintegrate the unity of the believers. It is also of paramount importance for the Muslim Community to identify those ill-activities taking place under the cover of their religion and fight those individuals who have been running that agenda. The already existed religious tolerance in Ethiopia should be maintained by the consolidated efforts of the believers, the government and the people of Ethiopia.

03/16/13 @ 03:07
Comment from: Ethiopiawinet [Visitor]

Crrection: the editorial was on Friday March 15, 2013 (not Wednesday, as stated above).

03/16/13 @ 03:20
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

It is better for Muslim Ethiopians to live oppressed under Orthodox people and kings and get killed and persecuted like they did under Yohannes IV or Menelik II than be liberated under Pentecostals who have no shame in what they do by desecrating their religion and Quran.

Ethiopia Orthodox people respected our religion and revered our Imams and Sheiks. They feared our anger. Of coursed, they killed us or called us names. But not the Quran. They even accept it when we called them Kuffars.

At least Ethiopian Christians defended our country and expanded the country. But not until the Wayane pentes took power some 21 years ago that we saw a disrespectful Pente. Pentes burned our Mesjids. Pentes burned our Qurans. My question is why did not Orthodox Priests burn our Mesjids and Quraan when they had all the power. Yes Menelik II built a church on a Mesjid in Harar. So did HAILESALASIE. Yes Haileselasie did say we are not Ethiopians. But he also did somethings good like Quran in Amharic and Menzuma Program every Thursday. Yes, he excluded the Muslim Eritreans and put Christian Eritreans.

Yes, Christians love to fight and we Muslims gave them all the power. Yet, we got all the economy and all the power to be freely worshiping wherever we want except Axum. Yes, to build church in Harar was wrong. But still look at Nigeria and other cities, they are trouble areas because of Pentes. After Pentes came to Nigeria, Nigeria became a Christian dominant country in the last 60 years alone from 75% Muslim dominate country. Now only 50% Muslim. The same will happen in Ethiopia to Muslims.

Yes, if I have to choose between Orthodox versus Pentes, I love Orthodox. Orthodox are sociable except for their religion. Orthodox slaughter our own lamb or cattle for wedding ceremony. Orthodox invite us to their weddings, and other events. Orthodox, welcome us as their guests. Orthodox stand with the truth and never side with Orthodox in case of dispute with a Muslim. Orthodox never complain of our economic power instead are happy to appreciate our effort and even come forward when they need help or during teletone. Orthodox never forced us to believe in imported fake Islam such as Ah Bash". Orthodox never banned us from marrying their daughters. Orthodox never abhor going to Saudi Arabia. Orthodox never stab the people of Ethiopian Muslims in the back except for their religion.

So, judging from my experience, we say no to “pente". It should go back to where it came from “Los Angeles". Pente is a modern form of paganism. If you know how paganism influenced Pentes you should read about “the Priority of Scion brotherhood” or the story of Leonardo Davincci, and Isaac Newton". Pagans believed in making women superior over men. Women are like symbolized as life givers and goddess status. Read about the Egyptian pagans who call them Isis. Read about the “Yahwah, men symbol". and Shakina “the women” symbol goddess of the pagan Europe.

Read about the history of “horny” or horn’ and Ram. Why Ram is a symbol of fertility. The pagans believe in “fertility’ of god.

03/16/13 @ 12:57
Comment from: Mario [Visitor]

@Teshome Abebe:

The current Ethiopian Muslims protest against the government interference in their religious affair is nothing but a counter reaction against the act of the criminal regime that backfired and blew in its face.

Please help us telling the truth here. We all know (heard, read and saw) what was going on for the last one year in Ethiopia. No one is a toddler here to buy your argument. The unfair treatment of Ethiopian Orthodox Christians and interference in their religion by the government lasted for over 20 years and that of Ethiopian Muslims was going on for over 5 years until the tension exploded like a volcano a year ago. The government wished it plugged the volcano to stop the heat, but it cannot. If it cannot stand the heat, it should get out of the irruption!!! The volcanic eruption will take its own course.

Unlike your distorted comparison, Ethiopian Muslims quest for their constitutional right is not dissimilar from that of Tunisia, Libya and Egypt.
You said (I paraphrase), “The people of Tunisia, Libya and Egypt did not revolt in the name of democracy. They revolted against a despotic regime …” OMG!!!
If revolting against a despotic regime is not in the name of/for democracy, what is? What you are telling us is pure insult and dishonor to Mohamed Bouazizi who sparked the revolution and freed Tunisian people from the despotic regime. No one is a toddler here and no one is buying your assertions.

Ethiopian Muslims are far from what you are beating about the bush to label, call, name, or shame them. You are clearly in the business of scare mongering. You are here to reflect back what the regime in Addis is telling us day in and day out for the last several years.

Teshome, you are not “flowering” as your name suggests. Please tell us the truth. That will free you from being the devil’s advocate. Also, it is worth remembering the old adage, “Ewnetun tenagro yemeshebet mader".

03/16/13 @ 13:30
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Gragn Ahmed (visitor),

I can see your hatred toward the Pentes is deeper than your grievances toward the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church that, like a hen which gathers her chicks under her wings and protects them from the predatory hawks, falcons, and other ferocious birds, has protected you from foreign enemies, cherished you for over 1400 years, and given her daughters to your sons and her sons to your daughters in marriage. This generous Church of mine should be considered by all the Ethiopian Muslims and the Ethiopian Christians the caring mother of the entire Ethiopian people and must be revered all the time.

Her enemy is your enemy and your enemy is her enemy!

Two of us have finally identified our common enemy and the enemy of the Ethiopian Christians and the Ethiopian Muslims, and that common enemy of ours is Pentecostalism. The Pentes who believe in false exorcism, in speaking in devil tongues, in prophesying misleading prophesies, in laying-on their fortune-gathering hands on the heads of their members, and in spreading concocted testimonies are agents of the west, not agents or ambassadors of Jesus Christ.

The Ethiopian Muslims’ weekly protest, unlike Professor Alemayehu’s weekly article that attacks the Ethiopian government and supports Ethiopia’s historical enemies, should change its course and direct it to the destruction of Pentecostalism in Ethiopia, and members of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church will support such noble ideas and march together with the Ethiopian Muslims to the battlefield to fight the Pentes. I know the Pentes will not show up in the battle field, but we will go to their hiding places, to the caves, to the valleys, to the mountains, to the jungles, and to the underground tunnels where most of the time they hide, and we will bring them out, punish them for misleading our people, and disqualify them from preaching disturbing messages and from collecting a large amount of money from the deceived Ethiopian citizens.

One thing I admire the Muslim prophet is that he had never claimed that he would perform a miracle like Jesus Christ; however, the Pentes claim they would open a blind person’s eyes, a deaf person’s ears, and would cure any diseases. One of their tenets is healing the sick, but has any person witnessed a genuine healing performed by the Pentes despite all their mumblings, rumblings, name callings, and collecting offerings in their Church of daily dramas, wailings, dancing, and clapping hands?

We know they have the right to do whatever they want, but they don’t have any right to mislead our innocent children by telling them not to bear arms to protect their country from invading enemies. The Pentes don’t believe in protecting one’s country by defeating and killing its enemies. The selfish Pentes would like to live in a country where others shed their precious blood for that country while the Pentes would never send their Pente boys and girls to the battle arena.

The Ethiopian government must read the Pentes’ doctrine of faith that prohibits the Pentes from sending their members to fight Ethiopia’s enemies. The Pentes believe in the following doctrinal statements of theirs:

“Therefore, we propose to fulfill all the obligations of loyal citizens, but are constrained to declare against participating in combatant service in war, armed insurrection, property destruction, aiding or abetting in, or the actual destruction of human life.”

I teach my children to bear arms, to fight Ethiopia’s enemies, and to die for their country, but the Pentes teach their children never to die for their country, but at the same time, the Pentes share the wealth of my country and live in comfort while my children are dying in a battle field, defending their country.

There are over five million Pentes in Ethiopia, and these Pentes are not willing to go to war to defend Ethiopia; therefore, the Ethiopian government must strip all the Pentes of their Ethiopian citizenships. The problem is the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, as I have been told, is a Pente himself. If that is the case, then Ethiopia has a big problem with the five million Pentes unwilling to serve her in a battle field, and her problem becomes even bigger, if, indeed, Desalegn Haile Mariam is a Pente, who has to abide by the Pentes’ doctrine of faith that prohibits the Pentes from going to war in case a war starts between Ethiopia and Egypt because of the Renaissance Dam.

O my Lord! Why is Ethiopia in such turmoil and uncertain future?

03/16/13 @ 20:20
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

We are the people Orthodox and Muslim. Teddy afro music: Islam christianu, is on.

No to imported religions that cause havoc in our dear Ethiopia, the ancient land of justice.

03/16/13 @ 20:45
Comment from: Ethiopiawinet [Visitor]

ETV and Teshome Abebe

Fake Ethiopiawinet
The last two comments are not mine but ETV and T. Abebe & co.

Extracted from EThiomedia
The (Woyane) regime in Addis Ababa survives not by suppot of the people but by multitudes of spies or undercover agents under its payroll.
The job of cyber agents in the Diaspora is to discredit any article critical of the regime in power.

That’s what we witness here and on ETV, nazret, and articles written by cadres like Teshome Abebe, and so on.

03/16/13 @ 21:05
Comment from: Teshome [Visitor]

TO: Mario [Visitor]

If you read the article carefully and use the word in its proper context, you will realize that the term ‘despotic’ was used in its most pejorative form to stress cruelty and even enjoyment therefrom. Furthermore, the term has had many meanings and interpretations throughout time, and can not be described by a single definition. I believe that your rush to judgement may have tripped you somewhat!! Thank you, Sir.

03/16/13 @ 21:39
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Mr Teshome just because you learnt English from some missioneries does not make you expert. I doubt you have any expertise on Islam. I urge you to remove the article which is a real shameful act to belittle the most organized movement on the planet. We want to discredit the regime by showing our peaceful nature and the cause for real democracy. Not long ago Arabs used to be labeled anti democratic and incompatible to it. But Arabs are changing and you followed your Master’s footsteps to wedge your false propaganda. History will judge people like you. I am hoping what happened to South African blacks will finally happen to all Ethiopian oppressed. The first peaceful transition of power to the people. What we want right now is free people. Then our development will come like never before later. We stand joined hands.

03/17/13 @ 01:00
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Dear Teshome Abebe, author of the best article, “Not Just About Salvation or Religious Freedom,”

I admire your talent in crafting such a persuasive, informative, and ennobling article at this crucial time when Jihadist Ethiopian Muslims, driven by the failed Arab Spring politics, are relentlessly hammering the innocent Ethiopian citizens with their unlooked-for weekly protest to join them and finally to bring down the Ethiopian Christian government to its knees.

The only person who opposes your balanced views is Gragn Ahmed aka Ethiopiawinet aka Seattle. He uses different screen names for his own advantage in order to avoid detection; therefore, you must ignore his tendentious comment. As a Muslim, he doesn’t like any person to criticize his misguided view, his religion, his prophet, his imam, his Quran, his Hadith, his salat, his wudu, his Ramadan, and his Mosque. If someone criticizes one of his belief systems, he would be dubbed “Islamophobic.”

No person with high expertise is needed to understand Islam that simply says terrorize them, harass them, expel them, cut their bodies into pieces, and throw them away to the wild beasts to consume them.

When Gragn Ahmed says, “I doubt you have any expertise on Islam,” he thinks Islam is a sophisticated religion that cannot be understood by any person. That is not true at all! Books of facts may be hard to understand, but books of fictions are easy to comprehend: Islam has come out of fictitious books such as Quran and Hadith, so it is very easy to understand Islam. Islam’s sophistry is its deception, its shenanigan, and its cruelty on human beings, especially on minors and war captives.

Hence, my final advice to you, Mr. Abebe, is to disregard Gragn Ahmed’s comment based on skullduggery, not on facts and honesty.

03/17/13 @ 12:38
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Copts want power, ego, dignity, and greediness. We have seen this over and over. We simply can not trust and copts. We are against all of these heretic people like Assta who only lounge for glory. I simply say we are tired of you and if you listen listen or I will bring Saudi and you will be decimated. Feri hula. We simply are no longer interested in your mantra coptism or penteism. You can love each other who cares. Assta can get married to Teshome according to their religion. We do not want to see that happening in that country. You will submit to Islam. That is even very polite.

You terrorized us for 1400 years and when we demand freedom you label us terrorists. What a mockery to freedom. We are marching every week and no one can stop us from freeing ourselves from occupiers. North has occupied the south. Time for referendum.

03/17/13 @ 13:27
Comment from: Teshome [Visitor]

To: Ato Assta B. Gettu,

Thank you so much for the kind words. I normally don’t respond, and do not intend to respond to the likes of those who think that they are more right than any other. Besides, you have summarized things much more better than I could ever have. You and I will continue to move forward knowing for certain that, when you move forward, you always leave something behind. Thank you, Sir.

03/17/13 @ 13:29
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Mr Teshome,

We will expose the likes of you. We are going to hunt you down for being an ally of one of the lowly creatures who insults our religion and our Quran and our Prophet. Indeed, you are one and the same. By the way, your English now sounds better than the original carefully written one or someone must have helped you.

“Besides, you have summarized things much more(sic) better than I could ever have. “

“more better” is redundant. It should be corrected as “much better than".


Islam needs an expertise to study its laws because it is not Bible where everything is confusion.

So, Mr Teshome. Be a man and tell us if you also agree with Assta Getu when he wrote “Islam is fiction".

I am eager to see who you truly are. Are you going to stand for what you believe? You normally do not respond but you responded to Mario and Assta because Mario frustrated you with our peaceful movement but Assta gave you some console.

Let it be known that we Ethiopian Muslim will not give up our power to some riff raff Pente thugs who call our religion fiction. By the way, I kept it as exhibit. I hope you will tell us your true self. By the way why you did not give us any background information about your work. Are you one of those cyber thugs. Again, be professional and tell us like Prof. Al Mariam who is not afraid to die for his cause because he is a well known public figure. So, at least tell us who you are.

You can not hide and poison the world.

You are real danger person indeed to Ethiopia’s peace.

03/17/13 @ 14:03
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Gragn Ahmed (visitor),

You stated, out of your frustration because I have told you Islam is a fake religion that came out of a fictitious Quran and a false prophet Muhammad:

“Islam needs an expertise to study its laws because it is not Bible where everything is confusion.”

If you believe everything in the Bible is confusion, then why did Muhammad the false prophet plagiarize parts of the Bible? Why do you claim Deuteronomy 18 is about Muhammad the Prophet? If the Bible is corrupt, then your Quran is also corrupt. It was a Jewish culture to stone an adulterous woman, but the Jews don’t do such things anymore, but you are still using that old Biblical punishment in this modern age of ours. If your Quran is put into a percolator, no purity can be found in it; however, all the words of God in the Holy Bible are pure and safe to use as St. Paul stated:

“All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness” (2 Timothy 3:16).

Therefore, Islam needs no expertise to understand its law because Islam doesn’t have a law. If you believe Islam has a law, then that law is the law of the jungle, a law that stones an adulterous woman to death, a law that allows Muslim men to beat their wives, a law that treats woman as domestic animals and as sex objects, a law that says it is lawful if a Muslim man rapes a Christian girl, a law that permits its adherents to lie to and to kill the kafirs. And the name of this barbaric Islamic law is the Sharia Law, an internationally hated and condemned law!

Engulfed by a violent flood of anger, you wrote down haphazardly something that explains who you are:

“I simply say we are tired of you and if you listen listen or I will bring Saudi and you will be decimated.”

Gragn Ahmed, I am listening, go ahead and bring Saudi Arabia to the Christian land of Ethiopia. You just don’t read the news; Saudi Arabia is already in Ethiopia, milking the south and shipping the milk back to Saudi Arabia because the Saudis don’t raise cows only camels, and they are tired of drinking camel’s urine every day; thus, for a change, they need the best cow’s milk, and the best cows are found in the southern part of Ethiopia. The Saudis don’t have to come to Ethiopia with machine guns to fight us: they have more sophisticated weapons than machine guns, and that weapons of theirs are deceptions and lies meticulously recorded both in the Quran and in the Hadith.

We Ethiopians have never surrendered to those who fight us openly with their weapons in the battle field, but we have always been vulnerable to those Arab-Muslim nations who come with their lies and cheatings to fight us.

Understanding the effective power of lies, the Ethiopian Jihadist Muslims are protesting every week without using weapons or violence to some extent. And that is exactly what the Saudis are doing in the southern part of our country. Their war of lies strategist is Al Amoudi, who supervises the gold factory in the region of Oromia. Without knowing what is going on in the south, we are being invaded by the Saudi greedy merchants, and our Churches are also infiltrated by the Wahabbists.

Do we have a leader who knows the sophistications of the Saudis? Only God knows the answer for the question I have raised.

My dear friend, Gragn Ahmed, your prediction may or may not happen when you confidently and authoritatively asseverated your point of view:

“You will submit to Islam.”

If not, what will happen to us? Whether we submit to Islam or not, we will not escape the dagger or the sharp sword of the Jihadist Muslims since you have already falsely accused us that our Christian Emperor Yohannes and Ate Menelik II had committed crimes such as killing 20 million Muslims and cutting off women’s breasts respectively. The choice for us then is to fight the Muslims and kill, and kill, and kill all of them until no Jihadist Muslim is left on this Christian land of Ethiopia.

You continue charging us by making false statements:

“You terrorized us for 1400 years and when we demand freedom you label us terrorists.”

The plain fact is we have fed you, protected you, educated you, and allowed you to roam in our Christian country freely for 1400 years, and there is no need for you to demand freedom from us because we have never put you in bondage; nevertheless, when we see you abusing or misusing the freedom we granted you, we have the absolute right to call you terrorists, Jihadists, and extremists. I still don’t understand why you are protesting every week and praying on the streets of our City.

As a pugnacious Muslim, you finally concluded your threats by dubbing all of us who oppose your misguided comments:

“Feri hula.”

Are you sure we all of us but you are cowardly people, diffident people, timid people, moonstruck people, and indigent people with myctalopia and malaise while you are a mufti – a professional jurist who interprets Muslim law, the law of the jungle? Time will tell!

03/17/13 @ 20:25
Comment from: Ethiopiawinet [Visitor]

The bigot, arrogant, ignorant, childish, hater, poisonous agent of destruction.
Nazret is the only web site that gives you room to spread anti-Islam and hate. He will not post Ethiopian Muslims article even if it is positive. Long live other Ethiopian web sites like Ethiomedia, EthioMuslim media, gulele, ECADF, Ethiopian Revies, etc
Only one web called nazret spread/ entertain freedom of bigot, hate and turmoil on Muslims.

If you think you are expert on Islam then why don’t challenge any Muslims scholars or even Coptic like Prof Al who stands tall with his picture on the web site while you are like a shadow hiding from your own people. You are liar and paid agent.

You can write whatever you want. You have freedom of speach. Hate also is freedom of speech if not freedom of bigot then come on confront and convince us and then we will convert from secularism and Islam to your traditional, rigid, uncivilized coptic religion that killed hundreds of thousands in Balkans, over 50,000s in today’s north Ethiopia by your village kings.

We will see which religion is toxic, fascist, ruthless rigid, cave menatality who worship cave, cave god, Angel Gabriel, all of those pagan religion, tabot, tree burinings, etc

03/17/13 @ 22:55
Comment from: Aster2 [Visitor]

Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]

You could neither match the brilliant intellect nor wit of the good writer. So you turned to name calling and trash–typical for you guys. You are so frustrated that the writer would not acknowledge your existence on this planet. Please don’t harm yourself.Shiritam Wosek. If idiots could fly, this would be an airport for you.

The writer said what every good Ethiopian would love to say but could not. He is our modern day Negadras Tesema Eshete.(Oh I forgot, you won’t read except trash.) You are afraid that the truth came out. Now go shit on yourself. You guys are good at that.

Isey, Isey, Isey, wonde lij Tewelede.

03/17/13 @ 23:23
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed


I do not understand how you trash Prof Al Mariam and yet glorify Mr Teshome.

Oh well, “you are brought up from the same river". You call him brilliant? oYes, if he is fabricating it. How can he jump from Nigeria to Ethiopia with out any organic link? It is easy to fabricate stories. Meles used to tell us there is terror cell in Arsi. No one can challenge him. I challenge the author to bring out any single evidence against those innocent leaders he is accusing. To bring evidence that there is terror. This is the highest form of accusation and we will not allow him to spread fabricated stories. First, this man must be a known person. He should reveal his background. I will press on to reveal the identity of this person. We need to know him so we can for sure know he is not one cadre or if he is cadre he should tell us so. It is upto us to be real believers in the freedom of press. Otherwise, I can come up with any type of accusation and escape the scrutiny of the audience.

I am not going to let this person brand our Muslim movement as such like the “deluded court” of Wayane. This is again the highest level of accusation while our people are languishing in the cruel hands of the regime he is admiring.

Aster2 instead of supporting a delusional person, I beg you to stand with the people of Ethiopia not the rotten system of Wayane. You are going to be a collaborator of the corrupt regime who never stop until they black mail an innocent person. That is a signature of terror state. TPLF needs to go, so should Teshome and his likes.

Mr Teshome, let us see your picture and read about your personality.

03/18/13 @ 00:05
Comment from: Ethiopiawinet [Visitor]

What’s that convinced you “every good Ethiopian would love to say but this trash guy said it". Was it to label, to kill, to torture, to jail, to bring Axum kin of excurciation oppression to the rest of the country specially to Muslims, and so on that you were not able to say and heard from this bigot.

This is what you stand with just like neo-nazis of this century advocates against colored, Jew, all who are different from them.

Prof Al, has your religion and your tribe but surpassed your dark age brain and entered into the reality of this world. You can not see what he sees because you are at the bottom of the world in everything as I mentioned it before.

How come one expect good things from good Ethiopian like you except misery, oppression, killings, torture and jailing.

You fight the right with wrong. You support the continuation of Axum kind of oppress for thousand years.

Guess what! This population is different. Huge and strong.
You may mock, joke, laugh and write article temporarily but you will grief and saddned for the rest of your life.

Where is Assab today. Good Ethiopian like you love to say but this guy, I hate to mention his name (he is bigot, arm of oppressor killer) Teshome will write an article of hate, bigot, wage of war on Eritrea to calm you down. Empty vacuum in the space—trash article.
This is what stacked in your trash brain and you think like trash and 8 years old child.

It will take you millions of years to dare and stand on the right side and see like Prof. Al. It’s easy to run down hill but hard to go up. Takes longer time and fatigue some so you give up on the mount Everest climbing. Prof Al did not. That’s why you line up with trash hater, confused, radical, fanatic extremist copt who hates Muslims.

Prof Al and the rest of us stands for human rights and not supporting one religion and oppossing others.
If your religion and your followers killed and jailed we will stand with you to you free yoursef.
This is the principle we stand for.

03/18/13 @ 10:12
Comment from: Aragaw Belihu [Visitor]
Aragaw Belihu


You must be a historian. You reminded us of our past when you mentioned Negadras Tessema Esheta (1877-1964) who wrote:

Ledifine Abesha Tiru Tej Tilehi
Masalef Alwik alik, man yikebelihi

He insulted the emperor by telling him that he could not improve the lives of his people–(roughly translated)!

We are a modest country but have had a tradition of excellent writers who would even insult the emperor in his own presence. The writer Teshome was not insulting any one, but his ideas were so cogent and powerful, they resonated with many. Of course there are the crazies who just shout out and lash out because they have been exposed. However, I would like to see more from this author before I can compare him to the late Negadras. But his skills, abilities and style are tops. Ideas are difficult to suppress, and he has expressed what others would have liked to express–just like the late Negadras. Sometimes, aggressive and obnoxious people need to be told they are just that!

03/19/13 @ 11:36
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed


People like you who compare noble people with terrorist people like Mr Teshome who is blind to the rule of law and who is accusing innocent people for just doing nothing is one of the most hateful crimes you can present. I would admire this person if he revealed himself.

03/19/13 @ 12:09
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Let me summarize my objection to Mr Teshome: Can you elaborate how you arrived at this conclusion? Let me help you: Ring leader? Who is the ring leader? Is this a narcotics ring? Terrorist ring? Even at aigaforum some writer acknowledged that the people who were accused had done nothing wrong.

You also told us they want to rise like the Arab Sping? Will that be illegal to rise up against a corrupt regime? But that was not what they asked for. To restate what the protestors demanded was:
a- Remove Ah Bash from Ethiopian Muslims back.
b- Remove corrupt Mejlis people.

c- Give Awolia its independence.

Everyone know how Ah Bash was imposed on our people. This is the second attempt by Tigre origin Kings/Leaders to come to the the faith matters of Muslims. Yohanness IV tried to convert Wollo Muslims by killing close to 50 000 Muslims in a single day. That is not mentioned in your mantra.

How is Mr Teshome a genuine person when he wrote this? In comparison to Mr Negadras or so.

Read again your statements.

“Much has been written and said about the weekly protests in Ethiopia by Muslim citizens. For its part, the government has arrested those that are allegedly the ring leaders of this ‘movement’ by claiming that laws have been broken, and in a country where every one is free to choose his or her version of any religion, the demands being voiced are simply an entre to something else. For their part, the leaders of the ‘movement’ and their Diaspora supporters claim that the cause of the unrest is the interference of the government in the religious affairs of Muslims through out the country. And as a result, the government has violated the Constitution, and unless it relents, the protests will continue as there is no force that can stop them. They cite the Arab Spring movements in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and other places as an example of what can be accomplished when a determined public rises up against its oppressors and mobilizes its energies to control the outcome of events, and by definition, the future.”

If you want me I can come up with more. The above whole paragraph is hotchie potchi with no substance at all in it.

Do not play with people’s lives. If you are a hired agent let us know you. Otherwise, you can not be grouped among the best intellectuals of our modest country. Even for one rubbish article you are good for nothing.

03/19/13 @ 12:22
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Gragn Ahmed (visitor),

You lack skills to summarize an article authored by a person with the highest quality of education, judgment, wisdom, the value of justice, freedom, and the power of ignoring obscure ideas that emanate from people like you.

Mr. Teshome Abebe has no time to respond to a fool of your kind, and responding to such a fool is like throwing one’s valuable assets to a worthless person.

The Holy Bible, not the fictitious Quran, says: “Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces” (Matthew 7:6).

Mr. Abebe’s article are sacred to us his readers and they are like precious pearls; therefore, he is right in ignoring your comment. Responding to your comment is like throwing something precious to the dogs and pigs. I can tell you that you are one of those pigs and dogs. If someone responds to a fool, he makes himself a fool as the wise man says: “Do not answer a fool according to his folly, or you yourself will be just like him” (Proverbs 26:4).

Don’t cross the red line, please! Stay in your dark room of ignorance with your family until Judgment Day!

03/20/13 @ 10:42
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Correction:article is sacred to

03/20/13 @ 10:46
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Correction: say: articles,not article

03/20/13 @ 10:49
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

We already know who Mr Teshome is a coward, inept, whiner and not steadfast. That is typical of Northern copts. Time and again I asked him to reveal himself and I am still waiting to no avail.

I have no business with these kind of people who have no principle. I know copts are mainly emotion driven people. So, it is not unexpected to see Pente followed does the same thing.

Keep writing because we know you are hiding as is typical of a terrorist christian.

03/20/13 @ 13:35
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Gragn Ahmed (visitor),

You want Mr. Teshome Abebe to reveal everything to you: You want to know his social security number, his ID number, his telephone number, and his zip code so that you could send a death squad to assassinate him because his scholarly written article has created hysteria in your head.

Is it your business that he should reveal himself to you? If you were an intelligent person, I am sure he would reveal himself to you, but you are a person determined to destroy innocent lives like your prophet Muhammad, the number one assassin and abuser of children.

Christians are peace-loving people, but Muslims are the children of evils and the killers of Christians, Jews, Hindus, and many other non-Muslims. Peace doesn’t belong to Muslims, and when they say Islam is peace, they are telling a lie because, as we all know, Islam is the source of hostility, animosity, and brutality.

I don’t know why you hate the Northerners; you have told us your imaginary hero, Negash, was from the North, and you are still fighting to build a grand Mosque in the north, particularly in the holy city of Axum. If you continue hating the Northerners, then you are not going to build the Mosque.

03/20/13 @ 16:19
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Assta Getu,

By the way, Northerners still abuse my Axum people. They continue to view us with second class. That is the pain we have right now. We want to continue to struggle for our rights. You denied our King Negashi was Islam, you denied our people in Axum Muslims. We are not the same people for you.

03/20/13 @ 16:38
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Gragn Ahmed (visitor),

Are the Axumites the only people you have? What about the Amharas, the Oromos, and the rest? Aren’t they your people too? I thought you have the Amhara blood: Any person who has the Amhara blood cannot get out from Ethiopia and move to another country because the Amhara blood is like a strong gravity that attracts every body to its center. You are caught by this invisible gravity, and there is no escape from it. The only time you get out of it is when you die. During the resurrection time, you will come back to life in the body of the Amhara people and then you will go to your destiny with that same body. The good thing to have the Amhara body is that you will never go to hell; therefore, I advise you to have someone to give you an injection with the Amhara blood in case you are not sure you have it since you came to this country in the 7th century.

03/20/13 @ 20:55
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Assta, yes if you are Amara and Muslim, then heaven is for you.

03/20/13 @ 21:55
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Gragn Ahmed (visitor),

You don’t have to be Amhara and Muslim to go to heaven: you must be an Ethiopian; an Ethiopian is an Amhara, and an Amhara is an Ethiopian. There is no Amhara who is not an Ethiopian, and there is no an Ethiopian who is not an Amhara. Did you get it?

03/21/13 @ 16:33
Comment from: Seattle [Visitor]

Assta Ebdu,

Time for your medication my dear. You’ve been skipping you P$ozac a lot lately.

03/24/13 @ 01:36
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Seattle aka Gragn Ahmed, the thief, and the plagiarizer (visitor),

Time for wudu for you! Time for salat! Time for the noisy “Allah Akbar!” And time for Jihad if you want to meet those virgin girls in the brothel of Muhammad’s false paradise! Above all, it is rally time for chewing the poisonous kchats like Janamora goats!

03/24/13 @ 14:29



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