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Ethiopia: Occupy Arat Kilo - We are the 99.6%



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Ethiopia: Occupy Arat Kilo - We are the 99.6%

Ethiopia: Occupy Arat Kilo - We are the 99.6%

By Tedla Asfaw

We are not 99 like here in America and UK but 99.6. It is also true an average Ethiopian makes a dollar /about 99.6 cent a day back home. The Club of 99.6 are almost all Ethiopians who go to bed empty stomach. The double digit growth "makers" are the 0.4 Club who took control of all Ethiopian resources and do as they wish with no accountability. Here in America the Nobel Prize winner Economist, Joseph Stiglitz, coined the 99 percent on his book to expose the income inequality that has been exasperated by uncontrolled Wall Street which many rally now under the banner of Occupy Wall Street(OWS), "We are 99", still alive and will be a force in the 2012 presidential election. Watch Obama !!!

Unfortunately Joseph Stiglitz when it comes to Ethiopia he "joined" the club of his "analytical" student Tyrant Meles Zenawi, Ambassador Vicki Huddleston, Can you hear me ? You may agree with me if I combine it and call him Analytical Tyrant. Meles Zenawi is the leader of the Club of the 0.4 who have not slept well in 2011 but still score a double digit growth again.

Well, some of the loot registered "double digit", 11.5 billion dollar gone out of Ethiopia never to come back. I wonder people like Joseph Stiglitz who condemned the bailout of the Wall Street by the Federal Government and stand with the middle income Americans promote the club of the Super Looters in Ethiopia. Is what good for America is not good for poor Ethiopia or we should not complain after all Ethiopia has been on food aid assistant, bailout for more than a decade by USA tax payers money.

The Club of the 0.4 has foreign "guests"/landlords led by Sai Ramakrishna Head of Karuturi, Gambella and dual citizen Sheik Al Amoudi and some thirty or more. Their Wall Street Equivalent "Globalization Inc. " is facilitating 300,000 hectare/30,000 sq km of arable land with huge water from poor Ethiopians for yearly rent to be deposited on foreign account of EFFORT led by Meles Zenawi's wife Azeb Mesfin.

Al Amoudi the Gold Medal Winner of our Millennium four years ago is the "Lung" of the 0.4 club while Meles Zenawi is the "Brain" to quote Joe. Azeb Mesfin is CEO. No wonder, Growth for this camp is double digit. If you include the Loot, 11.5 billion dollar out of Ethiopia, Miracle might have been registered in macroeconomics as a possible candidacy for Nobel Prize. Sheik Al Amoudi must have Haile Gebreselassies' Lung to give sufficient Oxygen for this miracle.

The 99.6 Club 90 million members half of which less than 14 years of age only know TPLF/EPRDF and a product of poverty and exclusion. While our Rich and Corrupt enjoy their lives the rest will be given once a year an "opportunity" to say a word of "protest" thanks to the Great Run in Addis Ababa. Ethiopians respect the founder Haile Gebreselassie and understands also why he is forced to join the Club of the 0.4 by praising our Analytical/Brainy Great Leader Ethiopia has ever seen.

The year 2011 is going to end with peoples victory, from Tunisia to Egypt, Libya and now is knocking Syria and Yemen. The people of these countries were in much better shape than our people by any measurement and yet people rose up for better life and accountable government and the 0.4 Club in Ethiopia will get its 2011 in the year of 2012.

The mass movement in the above countries also benefited from the information infrastructure. Poor Ethiopia is poor in all measurements including opposition parties back home and here in the Diaspora. We should not worry about it too much. It was not from top to bottom what has happened in North Africa and Middle East, it is from bottom up. We do not need to wait TPLF coronation every five years and the mobilization of our people has to go on. It is paramount that those opposition movements who are not the member of 0.4 Club to begin the year with a rally for justice for all detained for writing and speaking the truth. Demand the release of Eskinder Nega, Reyot Alemu, Andualem Arage and others who are paraded on a make believe justice.

Diaspora thanks to the information infrastructure is doing its job. Radios and ESAT TV are doing their part. Do not forget, Ethiopia's 83 percent still live in rural Ethiopia where electricity is not available. Sending batteries and radios to our people is a job we can and must do. Programs on DVD can be shared by our people back home and we can afford to send them DVD/CD players. Diaspora should be practical in addition to doing a wonderful job of exposing the West/East collaborators of Meles Zenawi. Our protest made it hard for the Club 0.4 members to dine and wine with their foreign partners.

In the year 2012 the 99.6 Club will take back Ethiopia and the majority of Ethiopians in the Diaspora will go back home and build a strong prosperous Ethiopia for all. For that to happen Diaspora should demand all nationalist movements like OLF and ONLF to come to their sense and drop their demand of cessation as their right enshrined by Article 39 of the TPLF Constitution. Ethiopians will write a constitution by the people for the people. The beneficiaries of Article 39 are solely the members of 0.4 Club, few thousands.


Comment from: Ewnetu Ferede [Visitor]
Ewnetu Ferede

This is just another nonesense. Train your mind to be a littlebit creative. Stop coping inrelevent things. Can you go to Arat Killo and occupy it rather than sending innocencent people to die for your limitless ego?

12/30/11 @ 00:00
Comment from: Demelash Wendu [Visitor]
Demelash  Wendu

Tedla my man if you go to addis and lead the occpy aratkilo i will follow you.

12/30/11 @ 00:22
Comment from: alex [Visitor]

I did not know there is 4 kilo in Dubia :d

12/30/11 @ 00:29
Comment from: ABC [Visitor]

Hate monger diaspora will never build Ethiopia’s economic prosper. Change will come only from in-land coupled with few determined diaspora nationals. Reconciliation can be achieved not by badmouthing. Civility is what the current Ethiopia looks for. As for the occupy Arat kilo, it’s a mockery from the states. I bet you to come home and try it!

12/30/11 @ 00:40
Comment from: ♥ ❤ ❥ ❣ ❦ ❧ [Visitor]
♥ ❤ ❥ ❣ ❦ ❧

ኦኮፓይ አረጋለሁ ብሎ ኦኮፓይ መደረግ አለ kikikiki

12/30/11 @ 02:46
Comment from: [Member]

This is another fanatic like almaria and eliass kiftaff who likes to fantasize nonsensical wishes.

12/30/11 @ 05:49
Comment from: sosicoetico [Visitor]

Here we go again, why i say Ethiopians like Tedla and their nighbours have low IQ!

simply copy past!

12/30/11 @ 07:17
Comment from: [Member]

Yes to Occupy Arat kilo and kick the midget “Chimp” out of Addis.

The meles goons always are here on Nazret trying their best for their master.
They cry,insult and vomit on their master’s behalf. But the 99.6% of Ethiopian will squash them and their master sooner than they imagined.
United we shall build a better Ethiopia.
ሞት ለ እ ህ አ ዴ ግ::
ሞት ለመለስ ቅጥረኞች::

12/30/11 @ 07:53
Comment from: Heny [Visitor]

Tedla telala,
Just be the first on the operation you are talking about and we will line up behind you. You are simply a loser tortoise, clumsy.

12/30/11 @ 07:59
Comment from: Gorraw [Visitor]

Tedla Asfaw,

Ethiopia is not Egypt, Libya or Syria. We have had such mass histeria funs in the 1960s and early 1970s; much earlier than those singing about the Arab Springs today. After all the EPRDF regime claims that it was recently ellected by winning 99.6% of the popular votes in Ethiopia. So how do you think these same voters would suddenly turn their backs and fight against it?

If at all occupying Arat Kilo is that easy, why don’t you go home, take the lead in starting the occupation? Then we may follow you and dance behind you as it suits your dreams best. What do you think? We are not yet at that age where youcan stear revolt by remote-control from some corners in the Diaspora.

12/30/11 @ 08:07
Comment from: mamite [Visitor]

you stupid narrow minded.who always enjoy on the distruction of ethiopian development keep on advancing stupid ideas. stick to your taxi job that you know best and live the polatics to us who are living in ethiopia. you run out becuase you where not good enough to challenge the growth.why ask somebody else to disrupt there life for you. we know you will never come becuase your friend and neibhours are doing much better in ethiopia than your taxi driving ass . jelousy jelousy jelousy. look into your fellow friends who work hard and return to there country .mind you will be left out .

12/30/11 @ 08:11
Comment from: mamite [Visitor]

you stupid good for nothing, narrow minded diaspora. you want the poor ethiopian youngster to waste there time without any cuase because you feel jelous of you friends and neighbours who are doing much better than your taxi driving ass. get a grip be a man and if you have to do something like this come and do it yourself instead of asking other to do it for you. infact you should really forget it things like this will happen becuase everybody in ethiopia is busy building there country and making wealth well you will be left out jelousy jelousyjelousy. you wont be able to come with you debth ridden laptop and few dollars for a week and be like a king here that day has passed . most of your friends are probably making better than you now. so it will be just a couple of years rom now where you will be begging to come back home . soinstead of wasteing your time in simple s**** learn fromall those hard working diasporas and contribute something to your country.before it is too late

12/30/11 @ 08:22
Comment from: tazabi1 [Visitor]

what is this???

12/30/11 @ 09:50
Comment from: prince of konso [Visitor]
prince of konso

i always wonder when will ethiopian so called intelligentsia will be original. you always have been the coat tail of the west. whenever the west does something , you have to copy and pest the same action.all actions and reactions are totally dependent on the reality of the country,. the last time we try to copy others (socialism) look what we got.You went to school to lead not to blindly follow. besides the occupiers have gut which you don’t have. please learn from the past and get involved in building your country

12/30/11 @ 10:04
Comment from: derege [Visitor]

Ewnetu, ABC et. al
why are your responses filled with anger while also preaching civility? The diaspora is not an exotic animal like Meles puts it. The diaspora is of brothers and sisters of all Ethiopians. The diaspora, however, enjoys freedom of speech/expression which haunts Meles & Co. This is what is being expressed here. Instead of providing an intelligent cirtique of the content of the writing, each of you are angry against the expressed view. Or at least you shouldn’t care unless you belong to the 0.4%.
Melkam Gena!

12/30/11 @ 10:56
Comment from: Yirgacheffee [Visitor]

Tedla Asfaw,

So you want to reocumpy the same Arat Kilo you vacated in 1991?,..

Well I’m here to tell you that it want happen because in 1991, there were half a million of you fully armed and yet you surrendered and vacated Arat Kilo.

I think you better keep occupying your lap top while TEDDY occupies his parking lot.

12/30/11 @ 11:19
Comment from: Solomon [Visitor]

Ato Tedla Asfaw,"The confused is trying to confuse”

Bizu Bazenk, ye Arebin le Areb… Hizbachin ye tigil tarikina temokiro alew, Ahunim betiglu newu Andinetun tebiqo yeqoyewu!

I don’t consider you as a patriot individual after you advertised Tamagn Beyene as a national hero on your past article. We know how this individual became a mouth for OLF, ONLF, shabia and gimbot7. On his recent esat style Akildama, he tried his best to cover the crimes OLF committed in Bedeno, Arbagugu and South Ethiopia

You yourself is occupied by diaspora weyanes (gimbot7, OLF, ONLF) former weyane allies who are still living with Backward ethno-centric mentality. So how could you call the people to occupy 4 kilo?
Ato Tedla you are confused and don’t try to confuse the public. There will be a day to over through weyane/EPRDF regime, on our way, Ethiopian style

God Bless Ethiopia and Ethiopians

12/30/11 @ 11:34
Comment from: OccupyShlt [Visitor]

Anyone who looks to the so called Western Occupy movements for inspiration is dead inside.

‘Nuff Said.

12/30/11 @ 11:39
Comment from: Mulleta [Visitor]

In the past 40 years, while other countries build their country, we have transformed our nation from bad to evil, from unity to disintegration, from honor to shame due selfish, shortsighted individual, brutal, and tribal politics. After these all damage, still we are talking nonsense, narrow uncivilized things. p/s respect others right and try to express your idea and ideology in a civilized manner.
Death to tribal dictator and glory to Ethiopian people!!!

12/30/11 @ 11:58
Comment from: Enough [Visitor]

What words can reveal our abnormal behaviour as Ethiopians?

What will re-instate our sanity as a Nation?

As history reveals, being in a state of severe calamity and brink of distruction…ready yourself its coming.

Sad but True.

12/30/11 @ 12:26
Comment from: Respect and Responsibility [Visitor]
Respect and Responsibility

I hope Mr Tedela you learn a lesson from these responses Who May be the majority?
But the issue is not that,in my opinion this Govt is doing what they can do.
Let us give them appreciation and think of the future Ethiopia.How we can continue this vision to even better one.

12/30/11 @ 13:24
Comment from: Respect and Responsibility [Visitor]
Respect and Responsibility

To Derege,
No one hates freedom of expression.But what is expressed by most Diaspora is provoking races, hatred,blind opposition.
I also don’t agree with the idea of blind support.
By the way I live in USA.and enjoy freedom of speech but I don’t expect Ethiopia to be like here in states.But I appreciate what has been started in my country.
My opinion is let us appreciate to what is done good.Let us oppose to what shouldn’t be done.
Issue by issue

12/30/11 @ 13:37
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Hey Adgi Banda ,the shabyan ass hole
agasess Banda .Concerning the Lunatic ,full of illusion stupidities of your leba master ,his
agazis and bandas including yours .
You are the other fanatic like Negesti and Pig Ben who likes to fantasize nonsensical wishes of your Fake Renaissance Dam and your Talaku Tigrai baseless Fairytel . Such lies relied by anashamed bandas
as the Hypos Selomon Tekalign and the parrot Tsehaye Deblikliku .

12/30/11 @ 14:09
Comment from: jemil yasin [Visitor]
jemil yasin

Heny (Dureye-ab)u must have suffered mental breakdown after trying to read this article. It is too complex for u. u are the disciple of meles who professes in revolutionary vulgarity, like father like son. If u only could get access to some of the 0.04% of the contribution for the HIDASE dam, you would have bought the ticket and suit needed to get access to dating that open-ended Azeb. Vulgar Heny: make some effort towards that.

12/30/11 @ 14:20
Comment from: mamite [Visitor]

Dear derege
it is not that we hate the diaspora they are our brothers and sister. the one we dont like is those who preach voilance and voilance day after day while they dont want to participate in anything. there are a million things the the epdrf do wrong. but there is also a billion thing that they aredoing for the country so instead of sitting there and asking people to waste there time while they are in there comfort zone why dont they come and it it themself time has change nobody is going to be fooled by those kind of bs

12/30/11 @ 17:23
Comment from: gobena [Visitor]

It is great to tell the whole truth. Even if I know since you were in AWCSS
You have never impressed me so. Good job. No body can stop the route of history, hide truth and stay sucking the blood of a poor nation and nationality.

12/30/11 @ 17:44
Comment from: ensmama [Visitor]

Mr. Tedla,
By just reading your first paragraph I concluded that you are one of the old timers who came to this country during Hailesellassie when a Kuli was hired for a Buck a day. You see your mind is at stand still at that period like the Arat Kilo Clock.You may have never gone back to see the development of Ethiopia under this regime. You left Ethiopia when the population was only 28Mil. and yet there was Famine. Today Ethiopian population is close to 80mil. No Famine!!! Isn’t that wonderful?
You said “an average Ethiopian makes $1.00 a day,” are you talking about the present Ethiopia or the Old Ethiopia? Where in the world you come up with that figure? You nonesense banda? Tired of you and your brother Almariam coming up with all kind of last minute cry.
The more you tell lies and write biased articles, the more you make me support this Government. And you know what you are exposing yourself to readers how pitiful you are.
We are all capable of finding facts through different medium, therefore you can not convince anyone by speading your Mesheta Beth gossip.
As much as you have the right to oppose genuinely, I have an absolute right to support this regime also, if we are talking about equal democracy.
Alamoudi, one indivdual has done a great deal to his country. God Bless Him!!Does he have to like or dislike what you like? Doesn’t he have the right to support any party any government he likes? You see you are all one low class people who think you know all but you know nothing.
Let God forgive you.

12/30/11 @ 18:45
Comment from: solomon [Visitor]

Democracy is a talk of the truth. Please, if we are not talking the truth about the things happen every day, where we are? Leading the people, how? Remember, we are not talking about someone passed; we are talking about the person what he is doing today! Remember again, Ethiopian passed with the disappointment of many smart talkers. Support the good work and stand against the bad always. Otherwise don’t scrim on my ears. Always support the dams and all growth and development Ethiopia, no matter who is doing it, better than talking life time. One day it will stop millions of our people from sleeping with empty stomach.

12/30/11 @ 20:07
Comment from: Imperial Body Guard [Visitor]
Imperial Body Guard

“In our own times, there are those expansionists who by shedding blood, desire to achieve their ambition and by dismembering themselves they are seen as tools for alien interests. Our people from Ethiopia shed blood, to save them from disintegration. Those personalities who believe in freeing a country by secession are selfish and prey to outsiders. We will not accept their motives.” Selected speeches of HIM Negus Haile Selassie I, page 426

“Civilization is by nature the victory of persuasion over force.”
Selected Speeches of HIM Negus haile Selassie I

“It is important, however, to remember that leadership does not mean domination. The world is always well supplied with people who wish to rule and dominate others. The true leader is of a different sort: he seeks effective activity which has a truly beneficient purpose. He inspires others to follow in his wake, and holding aloft the torch of wisdom, leads the way for society to realize its genuinely great aspirations.” Selected Speeches of HIM Haile Selassie I, page 14

“The aim of those leaders that is based on ambition for power and personal gain is one with no firm foundation and will, consequently, crumble easily.” Selected Speeches of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I, page 471

“We feel that the fragmentation of a nation along tribal and ethnic lines is contrary to the will of survival and to the force of logic, because even for the tribes to survive they must stand together. Hence fragmentation along tribal lines is contrary to the nation’s survival, for there is no tribe strong enough by itself to defend its interests. Fragmentation is indeed contrary to the laws of nature itself.”
Important Utterances of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I

“Ethiopia must remain united, without dissention, like members of a family. She must be regulated by a Constitution of universal application and governed by an Emperor. The force of this unity must be based on community of interests, so that the individual, without as a result suffering neglect or prejudice, may understand the power of this unity and the advantages to be drawn from it in the protection of his personal interests, whilst at the same time renouncing all personal ambition which would be to the detriment of the common goal.” Selected Speeches of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I, page 389

“Those that have fallen in the battle-field have sacrificed themselves so that Our future would be more secure. And we living have the responsibility of living up to the sacrifice that they have made, and to this all Ethiopians must dedicate themselves. In all your undertakings through your career, base yourselves on greater knowledge, courage and determination. For, if you base yourselves upon these values, you shall not fail but you shall forever go from one victory to another.” Selected Speeches of HIM Haile Selassie I, page 612

Long Live the Constitutional Monarchy!
Long Live the Solomon Dynasty!
Long Live African Unity!
Fire burn down the satanic star of secession
Rise with the Lion of Judah!
Long Live Ethio-Eritrean oneness!
Long Live Independent Ethiopia!

12/30/11 @ 20:27
Comment from: john john [Visitor]
john john

Hahahahahahahah sound good to your master in Aretera Eritrea leader.We go forward not backward.

12/30/11 @ 21:08
Comment from: Mo'a Anbesa [Visitor]
Mo'a Anbesa

Comment from: derege [Visitor]
Ewnetu, ABC et. al
why are your responses filled with anger while also preaching civility? The diaspora is not an exotic animal like Meles puts it. The diaspora is of brothers and sisters of all Ethiopians. The diaspora, however, enjoys freedom of speech/expression which haunts Meles & Co. This is what is being expressed here. Instead of providing an intelligent cirtique of the content of the writing, each of you are angry against the expressed view. Or at least you shouldn’t care unless you belong to the 0.4%.
Melkam Gena!

12/30/11 @ 10:56
trust me when I say this as I myself am a diaspora: the diaspora are not the true Ethiopians with love of country in their hearts as you picture us to be. May be a few out there as I too like to think of myself truly Ethiopian. Most of the diaspora are hate mongering fools who only have ears for bad news back home. Now that finally we have less and less of bad news and more and more of progress, they have taken it upon themselves to be the source of all the bad news. However, it comforts me to see most readers can see the truth through all the barrage of made up bad news. On a related note: this is what makes it hard for me to protest for the jailed journalists and writers. How can I when all they do make up stuff and make connections when there is none as long as it resulted in a barely plausible bad news critical of the government and call themselves journalists!?AAAAhhhhhhh…..

12/30/11 @ 21:09
Comment from: Ewnetu [Visitor]

What is wrong with you guys. Tedla, there are a lot of ethiopians who support you. Why not? If arbs can make why not us. Tedla, you should ignore these nonsense comment here, afterall they are not ethiopians, they gimatam tigreans.

12/30/11 @ 21:10
Comment from: Neway [Visitor]

To: All Tigre/agame/ the only woyane supporters

Go separate yourself or get your independence now !!! and leave us alone.

Get out of Miniliks town and go to your rubish dusty province where you belong. Cowards ! how long you will pretend as Ethiopian citizens and rob us, just stop the pretends and leave Ethiopians.

death to all of you supporters and stinky woyanes.

12/30/11 @ 21:43
Comment from: Gobez [Visitor]

Ato Tedla Asfaw,
May your dream come true and lead us to the throne of Arat Kilo!!!
Man, if it was as easy as you explained, why don’t you become a role model by torching the struggle in Addis Ababa instead of barking from across the Atlantic?
Not a good idea at all. We’ve heard it before so many times and it didn’t work in the past and it doesn’t work in the future either.
Happy new year to all.

12/30/11 @ 23:43
Comment from: Ewnetu Ferede [Visitor]
Ewnetu Ferede

Thank for your comments, despite the fact that it lacks common sense. In the first place, I am one of the so called the Ethiopian “Diaspora”. I clearly understand the value of freedom of speech and the accountability it involves. What I wanted to say to Tedla and his friends is that to take a step to sharpen their thinking pattern before it is too late. It is unfortunate to see that most of the Diaspora Ethiopian intellectuals are mentally colonized to the level that they can’t come up with their own innovative thinking. For us, Ethiopians, it is sad to witness this to happen in our time on our own “intellectuals.” Our own “Diaspora intellectuals” have been heavily defeated and surrender their capacity of thinking. We are against any form of colonialism and capitulate. We value innovations. Innovation is our heritage. Second, the freedom of speech you have mentioned doesn’t warrant doubling-up extraneous activity and put on the shoulder of your beloved family for the sake of putting you in the Minilik Palace. Think, think, and rethink about your thinking pattern.
Thank you.

12/31/11 @ 00:10
Comment from: Mo Ethiopia [Visitor]
Mo Ethiopia

Did this writer knows the different between .04 and .4? if you are the 99.6% , therefore you can say the others are .04 or 4%, when you use .4 , this means 40% any question? I will be more tahn happy to see you at 4 killo…good luck!!

12/31/11 @ 02:39
Comment from: Uloos [Visitor]

Mr. Asfaw____ Please be realistic. Occupy the White House by Ethiopian-Americans is more realistic than occupy Arat Kilo.The present occupant of Arat Kilo, Meles is a ruthless dictator who has a license from the White House to kill as many people as he wants in the Horn of Africa, whether it is in Ethiopia or Somalia.See how he has been using “terrorism” to put in prison all the journalists and the opposition leaders. These innocent people are rotting in his jails with no help from the Obama Administration. I think we should organize Something dramatic in Washington like peaseful marsh, roadblocks,protest votes registration against president Obama re-election

12/31/11 @ 03:11
Comment from: hager [Visitor]

I’ll never have the gut to support any diaspora political group who seek n dream to over come the existing gov by the blood of the poor who are suffering in Ethiopia, n want to seat on power,? These are ” ye dil atebya arbegna” just come home dont try to keep ur self hiding in the safe tin and out speak by the blood of z poor, u knw I ’salute’ Meles n his party whatever the end story is they were suffered with the poor people on the struggle against ‘Dergue’ but one who believes to eradicate the existing government must be through non viloence resistans, u ppl must look back it is enough blood in the land, dont push the poor and dont use as a stair for ur blind love of power, I wish a good heart for z existing n opposition

12/31/11 @ 04:02
Comment from: mekdela [Visitor]


“you know best and live the polatics to us who are living in ethiopia.

Oh! what a comment! you are out there simply to vomit!

first try to spell politics correctly and Ethiopia the “e” in capital!

by the way how long is your tongue! thanks God I am not to be at your neighborhood!

12/31/11 @ 06:02
Comment from: Gorraw [Visitor]

Breaking News!

General Tedla Asfaw has now succeeded in his ransacking to occupy 4-Kilo by mid-night yesterday, December 30th 2011. Tens and thousands were out on the streets cheering General Tedla Asfaw who was on a show case parading across main streets of Addis Ababa. The General was escorted by no less than Birhanu Nega, Andargachew Tsigie, Tamagn Beyene, Elisa Kifle, Alemayehu G. Mariam aka Ali Ahmed Abdu, the PFDJ-information minister and other crying babies representing the Diaspora crying babies of Ethiopia. General Tedla Asfaw will be delivering his victory speech on Occupying Arat Kilo on December 31st 2011. Meanwhile the members of the incumbent regime are said to have fled and barricaded themselves at Debre Zaiet Air Force base.

12/31/11 @ 09:17
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]

Ethiopia is under a dictatorship goverment. If you try to do what ppl did around the world you will be occupying a jail cell very fast.
Having said that i like most of Meleses economic policies.

12/31/11 @ 13:25
Comment from: Yirgacheffee [Visitor]


You are da man of the day my friend!

Neway [Neft]

Listen to Gorraw cause it will kick-start your rehabilitation process. He seems to have the ‘zero-siltan’ solution for you and others whom we evicted of Arat-Kilo back in 1991.

TEDDY [unwanted visitor]

The only thing yoou will be occupying is your parking-lot booth in Verginia, MD.

12/31/11 @ 14:55
Comment from: mamite [Visitor]

sorry for my mistake i didn’t use spell check like you .
and for all the rest of you who think Ethiopia is in the wrong path. i some times think there is two Ethiopia. because of all those lie you talk here. sorry guys what ever you are talking is not happening there . we are doing fine medre ye deha lij hula mechem dehna mekiyenetu aylekewem . if you think i will be ashamed of making money in Ethiopia . think again and i am enjoying it to the max . not like you ye firinj ashker hula

12/31/11 @ 15:36
Comment from: Fikade [Visitor]


“Well, some of the loot registered “double digit", 11.5 billion dollar gone out of Ethiopia never to come back.”




Twenty-five-thousand-truck loads of coffee disappeared from the government warehouse this year and Meles Zenawi’s explanation was: “let’s forget about it” Of course he knows, and we all know, who stole the coffee. Can ytou imagine 10,000 TONS of coffee?
Twenty-five-thousand-truck loads of coffee ?
I don’t know how anybody can get access to this much coffee or trucks . This must be a lie. The coffee is still in the warehouse . It is just the Meles Zenawi’s way of confiscating the coffee by saying it has evaporated and let us not mention the coffee anymore.


01/01/12 @ 01:16
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Tchiffenee keep on laughing on yourself KERFAFA ,LEKAMI BANDA !!!
So finally you’re admitting that you
belong to the Teeny Community of TPLF Thugs and Tigre Mafiosis of Virginia .The bunch of KILIB Bandas barking for the sake of the Lebaw Zenawi !!!I mean the Aiga
Forum Gangs infecting this Website with their usual GARBAGES .GO BACK TO
YOUR STUPID WEBSITE WITH YOUR THUGGY BROS GORGARAW (ADGI BANDA)because a Free Democratic Forum is too tough for an Ethno Kilib Banda
mafioso only used of Heineken bottles based political rumours !!!

01/01/12 @ 06:58
Comment from: Teko lema sedi [Visitor]
Teko lema sedi

‘The Club of 99.6 are almost all Ethiopians who go to bed empty stomach.’
Are you kidding? where did you get this statstic?
You’re another loser from the losers-club.
You have to lead the people to occupy 4-killo mr. cyber-general.Just shame on You.
Nobody is gone fight for your power-thursty.

01/01/12 @ 13:44
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Tchiffenee it’s yours daily deleama searching Hypotetic Supporters in the Diaspora for your leba master and his Agazis .NOBODY DOES NOT GIVE A DAMN CARE OF YOUR BERE WOLEDE ,MOGNI YAYEW FELITI ,STUPID CHILDISH FAIRYTELS OF
I know you’re loosing most of your times masturbating on your laptops
wandering what’s more to publish on your dirty website even abandoned by your own supporters only good for
“NOTHING” but full of lies and childish propagandas as : A 100 000
places Olympic Stadium to be built in Mekele ,the Herd of Elephants at Tembien ,Free medias
TV channels ,and Free Press Networks
never seen in Africa launched in Tigrai ,the Tekeze Hydroelectric Dam
built in Tigrai (one of the biggest in the World)daily BLA BLA …And recently Tigrai a SELF SEFICIENT region which has the capacity to feed other
regions and export the excess of its production DAILY TULTULA PROPAGANDAS !!!!!while you and your
thuggy bros are publishing your daily lies and propagandas on Aiga Forum and Infecting with
your usual garbages ,those who you
are supposing laughing on “The parking lots and Taxis” are only those who are helping their families
and relatives in the country indirectly contributing on the economic activities .KEEP ON BARKING SHABYAN ASS HOLE ,ZERAFFEWA AZEB MESFIN’S KILIB LEKAMI BANDA !!!!!!!

01/01/12 @ 14:39
Comment from: Vote for Mo Ethiopia [Visitor] as 2011 Maths Lectrurer [Visitor]
Vote for Mo Ethiopia [Visitor] as  2011 Maths  Lectrurer

Mo Ethiopia [Visitor] wrote in his above post the following:
“Did this writer knows the different between .04 and .4? if you are the 99.6% , therefore you can say the others are .04 or 4%, when you use .4 , this means 40% any question? I will be more tahn happy to see you at 4 killo…good luck!! “
Don’t you think this new finding would win him/her a prize?

I hope the web owners would work hard, in the new year, to improve the quality …. I don’t think that in the name of FREE SPEECH CHARACTER ASSASINATION WOULD BE TOLERATED.
Offensive words/phrases are being used repeatedly_
There must be a way to filter such words….

01/01/12 @ 16:30
Comment from: David Makuria [Visitor]  
David Makuria

Dear Tadele,

I would like to begin my thought by saying your article worth reading until after I find out that you are here to represent the Habesha’s propaganda. It is true that the Weyanes are the worst evil we all ought to fight. However, let’s not make any mistake; we the Oromo people won’t go back to what has been the case in Ethiopian empire in the past century and a half. One thing you have to realize is that the question of self determination is not a gift given by the Weyanes or any other group for that matter, but rather it is entrusted by the United Nation, and more importantly it is an inalienable gift bestowed on us from God Almighty. If we the Oromo people demand separation, I can assure you there is no force which can stop us. I know what is bothering you, the flourishing Oromo nationalism throughout Oromia and elsewhere in the world. Our languge is flourishing, our culture is reviving througout Oromia. But, let me remind you one more fact, the Oromo people as proven throughout its history knows how to respect, treat-well and live with its neighbors.
The other important point I would like to make here is that if you are truly concerned about the people who are being incarcerated in various prison camps in Ethiopia, you would have mentioned some Oromos who are taking the brunt of Weyane’s brute physical and psychological abuse.
Before I rest my case, I would like to make one last point. The history of the Ethiopian empire was all about you the northerners. But guess what, the Oromo’s constitute more than half of the Ethiopian population. Even more so when it comes to our natural resources. So I advise you not to repeat the same mistakes your ancestors were making time and again because as they said, “those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it”.

Take care!

01/02/12 @ 21:44
Comment from: Bulga [Visitor]  

Mr tedela
about 11.5 billion dollar you talking about is called elicit financial flow which is affect many developing countries like china, India and almost all African countries, its an effect of many many things for example money exchange, tax avoiding, corruption, money transfer etc but you misleading people by saying weyane looted it and when you fabricate or mix up stories to your advantage, you will lose creditability.

01/04/12 @ 08:21



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