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Ethiopia: Of Egypt, gratuitous contempt and national identity



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Ethiopia: Of Egypt, gratuitous contempt and national identity

The Blue Nile River in Guba, Ethiopia, during its diversion ceremony last month Photo By William Lloyd-George

Ethiopia: Of Egypt, gratuitous contempt and national identity

By Teshome Abebe

June 12, 2013

Much has been said and written over the past couple of weeks about Egypt, the Blue Nile, Ethiopia’s determination and resolve, and the national identity. This article is not intended to add to the volumes of responses and musings, some of which appear to be giving advise to the Ethiopian government on how to respond to the provocative acts of an unreliable sisterly state. Others have simply taken to the feverish swamp of the Internet to respond to the barrage of insults and the perceived arrogance of Egyptian politicians who have yet to free themselves from the deadly grip of the 19th century.

The Egyptian response to Ethiopia’s Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) initiative has been confused, confusing and unfortunately, immature as well. From all indications, the Egyptians initially supported the initiative; then, at Ethiopia’s insistence, they agreed to the formation of a select committee drawn from experts from Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia and internationally renowned experts to study the impact of the dam. Though the initial framework called for a non-binding report, the Egyptians, true to their trademarked dilatory tactics utilized for ages, decided not to accept or even consider the report once it was finalized. In other words, they began trashing the work of the committee they themselves had a hand in constituting.

Over the course of a few days, Egyptian politicians, egged on by their chief cheerleader Islamist president Morsi, began trashing Ethiopia and its interests. Even beyond that, Egyptian politicians trashed Sudan, and by naming Eritrea, Djibouti and Somalia as potential partners in crimes against the Ethiopian state, set out to make official an otherwise secret but well-trodden tactic of subversion and destabilization against a sisterly country. In the opinions of some of Egypt’s politicians, what will hurt Ethiopia most is pitting one African country against another in such a way that, in the words of one politician giving advise to Morsi, “… the Africans finish off each other”. Sadly, this is a country that appears to know nothing of giving a little or has never ever learned to share. A message to Egypt’s leaders ought to be that Ethiopia and Ethiopians are no longer a people who want nothing more than we were able find! We wish to create, we wish to utilize, and we wish to prosper using our natural resources. Furthermore, Egypt’s leaders need to know that as citizens, our location in a particular place is our only distinction, and that otherwise, we are a people bound by one common bond: we are Ethiopians.

It is disturbing to note the gratuitous contempt Egypt has for Africans in general, and Ethiopia in particular. Perhaps, we suspect, Egyptians may not wish to be seen as Africans. Perhaps, this is a new development since the emergence of an Islamic government in Cairo. Perhaps, it stems from a sense of national identity crisis that has been suppressed by successive regimes only to manifest itself at a time of a national crisis. Whatever the cause, we as Africans, need to be quite alarmed that there appears to be forces within Egypt who seem to enjoy the gratuitous doling out of contempt for the people of the continent.

Satisfied and in harmony with the way the Ethiopian government has handled the entire situation to date, I will not comment further on Egypt’s belligerent behavior or on the ignorance of its leaders. Suffice it to state that the Ethiopian government has been exemplary in its response to Egypt’s manufactured crisis with regard to the GERD. From Dina Mufti’s responses [Ministry of Foreign Affairs] to Mr. Kebede’s eloquent statements [Prime Minister’s Office], Ethiopia has been respectful, firm, point-of-factly precise, and diplomatically dignified and impressive. The icing on the cake, however, is Prime Minister Haile Mariam’s observation that those in Egypt who wish to declare war over water must have gone mad! There is a Chinese martial art form called Tai Chi, and according to Tai Chi, “movement in one direction usually begins with a very subtle move in the opposite direction”. Let us just hope that the clumsy movement to the extreme position by the Egyptian’s is an episode of only temporary insanity.

The aim of this brief article is to humbly suggest a couple of ideas worth exploring. The first of these ideas, in view of the declared hostile acts by Egypt against Ethiopian interests, is the formation of a Select Committee for the Protection of National Assets (SCPNA). Ethiopia has been investing billions of dollars in infrastructure and related projects. Billions will be spent on the GERD itself; billions more on a national railway system; several other big and significant dams; major airports; power grid systems which will cost billions more; transportation networks; storage and warehousing networks; supply chain management networks, etc. All of these require billions of dollars of investment, and most if not all of these projects will be funded using borrowed funds. The borrowed funds are the nation’s liabilities, and must be paid back to the lenders with interest. As is the case with all self-funded projects, the money to pay back the loans is expected to come from the stream of incomes the projects are expected to generate. However, a disabled power line does not help generate income; a sabotaged power station does not generate income; a malfunctioning supply chain network is not only useless but also does not help generate income. It also undermines the confidence investors have in the system. A sabotaged railway network is only good as scrap metal unless repaired immediately; and an interrupted transportation network damages the profit margins of businesses, and makes the supply of essential materials and goods difficult if not impossible. For the cost minimizing entity, time is money.

To safeguard the nation’s investments, to react to and prevent perceived threats in a timely manner, and to coordinate national policy on emergencies pertaining to such assets, the SCPNA should be established and organized. It is possible that such a body already exists; in which case, this suggestion should simply be viewed as an endorsement of that effort. I envision a SCPNA with four distinct organs: a military, intelligence, academic, and civil society. Very briefly, the military unit will be composed of crack units with rapid movement and deployment capabilities and training to secure, prevent, and in the event of attacks, to eject or capture hostile forces. The intelligence unit will be an essential part of gathering, detection and analysis of security needs pertaining to the national assets. The academic unit will be composed of notable experts, scientists and practitioners in the particular areas that end up as being deemed or classified as national assets. Finally, the civil society unit will be composed of members of civil society who could assist in the coordination of related or connected activities. Simply relying on local militias and the federal police is insufficient in the face of a determined adversary.

In my opinion, Prime Minister Haile Mariam is making very subtle moves that, while similar in form to that of the late Prime Minister Meles’, are different in their nuances. For example, he has taken a very public stand against illegal immigration, while previous policy was essentially ‘good luck, and may you enjoy your journey’. From what we have seen with the Muslims in Addis, and with the Blue Party a couple of weeks ago, there seems to be some space allowed for people to demonstrate and protest. As Tecola Hagos has observed recently [to the chagrin of Shiferaw Abebe, I must add]*, these may not constitute as examples of the showering of democratic rights in Ethiopia, they are certainly indications of subtle differences in the governing of the country. I believe that a national committee such as the SCPNA will give the Prime Minster another opportunity to bring in both supporters and detractors into the fold at least in an area of national interest and concern to all. Like it or not, the GERD is an Ethiopian project, and as such, it has, by definition, become a national identity project. The national railway network, regardless of whom and what it transports will be an Ethiopian network. These are projects for which we are collectively responsible—we are all debtors for those funds that have been borrowed in our names! Moreover, there will be enormous additional costs in maintenance once the projects are completed, and if these are not taken care of in a timely fashion, in deferred maintenance costs. The Egyptians have publicly stated what they are likely to do to our assets, and no one is absolutely certain who might be recruited to assist and enable them from within. For our forefathers, life was not based on what they had, but on how well one used what they had. It is up to us to meet a similar but an even more taxing challenge. I believe the SCPNA or a similar entity will help overcome some of these challenges. In addition, it would eliminate ad-hoc responses as the country manages to move from one crisis to another. Beyond that, it is simply a very prudent way of managing a country’s critical national assets.

The second major point I wish to make is with regard to Ethiopia’s position on the waters of the Blue Nile [Abbay]. As I understand it, current policy is framed in the vernacular of “equitable utilization” of the waters of the Blue Nile. This framework acknowledges and cedes the point that Egypt has as much right to the Blue Nile as does Ethiopia. Many Ethiopians believe this is a winning strategy. This position would also gather more diplomatic support, as seems to be the case now, and might even be consistent with international law. The problem, however, is that Egypt is not only unhappy with this view; it wants to control the waters of the Blue Nile only for itself and Sudan. Moreover, Egypt seems bent on the idea of uniting its people by giving them a common enemy—Ethiopia. I am wondering, therefore, if the Ethiopian position should shift in its nuances to: ‘Egypt is entitled to the waters of the Blue Nile when it reaches her’? In my opinion this is an appropriate response to an adversary who has mishandled and mis-managed a golden opportunity to cement a lasting, stress/conflict free relationship with a reliable ally from whose territory the life-giving Blue Nile thunders down stream. Perhaps we are making it too easy for the Egyptians to define the terms of debate and engagement on this crucial issue. Ethiopia had not utilized the Blue Nile in the past not because it was afraid of Egypt, not because it was constrained by a treaty, not because it had no need for the waters of this river. It had not utilized the waters of the Blue Nile simply because it lacked the necessary capital to develop it.

The proverbial camel allowed to shelter only its nose eventually takes over the entire tent!! The Egyptians are surely behaving like the proverbial camel—with insults added for good measure. May be the camel ought to be kept out at a distance until those already in the tent have secured enough space for themselves!! I know I am reaching a bit too far with this argument, but the ungratefulness of Egypt and its leaders, and the attempts to assail Ethiopia’s good name and it’s generosity makes one wish to behave as selfishly as they have.

Teshome Abebe, who has previously authored the article titled “Not Just About Salvation or Religious Freedom”, resides in the United States, and may be reached at:


Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

More than what the leaked TV secrete from Egypt, I am flambergasted at the insanity of these poorl so called educated “Wayanethopians". What a loss. As any educated person would expect, a scholar need to respect the law. While we are chanting such brutal revenges against a perceived threat coming from a hostile country, what are we really suggesting for Egypt when it acted wild. Indeed, Egyptians have a reason to act unreasonable. I change my mind, as usual no highlander northern Wayanethopian is sane>”

If Egypt sleeps, then it is because of their leaders. If so called Ethipians get the technology they would have acted the most arrogant nation on the planet. Thank Almighty we remained poor.

06/13/13 @ 00:27
Comment from: Kerar [Visitor]

Egyptians will not launch any direct attack. They will not like to appear as aggressors to the rest of Africa and the world. They would rather pursue a proxy destabilization program. They will start fire in different corners of Ethiopia so that we can be distracted to abandon the GERD project. They will also try to blackmail us. The Ethiopian government need to begin to accommodate disaffected parties lest these groups be used of our enemies.

06/13/13 @ 00:54
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

The greatest joke is for the first time that the Bandits in power in Addis have finally found out how much they are despised by their Arab masters .Abay project is afterall launched by the late Crime Minister in order by creating crisis with neighboring countries ,to appear more patriotic to public opinions and legitimise his dying regime .The other joke is also the Criminal Shiferaw Shigute sheding his tears of Crocodile .While crying on the suffering of these poor Young men and women in Arab Countries ,does he meditate on the fate of the peoples that he did desplace from their lands ? Afterall the Amahara peasants victims of the Ethnic Cleansing Campaign of this evil guy ,masterminded by the Criminal Zenawi and Agazi Bandits ,deserved too the same consideration .The same as our bros and sisters who died in the Senai Desert ,Yemen ,Saudia Arabia ,Lebanon ,Putland or South Sudan .Tortured in Arab Countries concentration camps or mistreated by evil employers and slaves Traders .

06/13/13 @ 01:36
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

Yes “the camel ought to be kept out” and by saying so you are not going to far, this is what we should do. I am personally too tired of the Egyptian brag and bravado. They are behaving like a mad dog.

06/13/13 @ 02:10
Comment from: Mussie Tesfaye [Visitor]
Mussie Tesfaye

I am deeply touched by your tough, i rely feel the same way and we all need to support the out came of this dam for our future generation.

06/13/13 @ 02:12
Comment from: Kena Keb [Visitor]
Kena Keb

BRILLIANT! Yehager lij Teshome you have, with great precision and eloquence, elucidated the sky clear facts which the islamist government in Egypt is deliberately trying to twist in an attempt to win support internally and perhaps get the support of forces that wish adversity for our country. Now that Egypt has expressed its evil intent to sabotage and stop the construction of the Hidase Gidib, Ethiopia must leave no stone unturned to prevent anything of this evil plan from taking place. A national task force in line with the Select Committee for the Protection of National Assets(SCPNA) which you have suggested should be formed as soon as possible as these fanatics and extremists are not ruled by logic but favour destruction.
Thank you Teshome for upplifting the perservance and resoluteness of all of us who want to see Ethiopia’s national interest and integrity respected.

Ethiopia is prospering and shall continue to prosper!!

06/13/13 @ 02:59
Comment from: Jambo [Visitor]

Dear Teshome ,
Many thanks for this wonderful presentation and It sounds sense from my side./

06/13/13 @ 03:28
Comment from: toga [Visitor]

Our biggest strength in this conflict is the fact that we are the source country. Ethiopia should develop a contingency plan to manipulate the water flow in a way that would deliver a devastating punishment to them in the event Egypt attempts a foolish military adventure. Egypt will never be able to conquer and control nile source. Not in a million years. Then they will return to sanity.

06/13/13 @ 04:34
Comment from: Nenewe [Visitor]

Superbly written article.

Egypt’s inimical stance against Ethiopia is not helpful in resolving the outstanding issues concerning the dam.

The construction of the dam will go ahead regardless of what Egypt says. Destabilizing Ethiopia is one of the cornerstones of Egypt’s foreign policy for decades.

Egypt still thinks it has the final word on the utilization of Nile citing its historical rights and colonial era agreements which didn’t include Ethiopia, the source of the bulk of the water that feeds Egypt.

We stand firm and united in the face of this arrogant posture and thinly-veiled threat. Despite our differences we are one people and one country and nothing comes before the interest of the country.

I wish the government had not gone too far cozying up to Egypt by allowing it to invest in Ethiopia. Egyptians know very well that a stable and peaceful Ethiopia is their worst nightmare. Egypt is not as influential as it was before especially since the downfall of Mubarak’s regime. Time is on our side and the government must seize on it and keep up its diplomatic offensive to further ridicule Egypt’s ungrateful stance.

Judging by the news coverage and the accompanying comments & blogs not many people in the world aware of the fact that the blue Nile is not a mere tributary. It’s the source of 87% of the water that flows into Egypt.

Time to face the Nile nightmare and get over it.

06/13/13 @ 06:10
Comment from: Asmerom Tewelde [Visitor]
Asmerom Tewelde

This open order from Egyptian is it will be an end to Ethiopia the 3000 yrs bla bla can you think Weyanr can go to war with 4 milliones of his people?

06/13/13 @ 08:13
Comment from: C'est moi senait [Visitor]
C'est moi senait


Once a great USA leader said ” either you are with us or with our enemy” then a few weeks after ,he smoked every Arabs and talibans with all sorts of weapons. I am glad GWB burned those Arabs in bagdad and and still killing each other. They used to bleed us during Saddam time in late 70-80 by supporting shabias with his oil money. Now, look at where they are these arabs are heading……to hill. Every one who has a bad thought about Ethiopia will be punished in time. Egypt is playing with fire and they are not far from their grave. They have been destabilising Ethiopia for a long time, and we have been very kind and honest to them. But now it is time to pay back. One stupid move they take against Ethiopia will take them to their grave yard in deserts of Faron death valley . That will be the end of their century civilisation and we tell them to build a new pyramid with the last drop of Nile water with a big script saying “” here lies a great stupid Egyptian Muslim brother hood “".

06/13/13 @ 09:58
Comment from: john john [Visitor]
john john

If Egypt declare war against us with it’s large army who will protect Egyptian girls in Thairier square when they go out for revolution from rapist and pervert?.

06/13/13 @ 10:24
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

Gragn Ahmed

We know that this kind of unbiased and well writeen article is not going to make sence to you, because you are hooked up only to the preaches given to you by those Imams from Egypt. Boy, they must be so good to get your attention. They even made you to forget your country, and that’s why are hauling nonstop to support Egypt over Ethiopia…LOL. However, you have the right to love whoever you would like to love, but in a situation like this you better calm down, because you are coming treason…

God bless the world!

06/13/13 @ 10:29
Comment from: [Member]

Well written and far sighted! I encourage the writer to approach the leadership with his idea, I am sure someone is taking note-but in case.

06/13/13 @ 10:40
Comment from: goshu [Visitor]

Brilliant presentation and clear writing. You did it again. I never write here before. But I have to congratulate you. You present issues clearly and with emphasis. Thanks.

06/13/13 @ 10:43
Comment from: Faysal [Visitor]

We saw clearly what these bearded apes think of us Africans. Noone in his right mind would cut the branch he sits on. We must ignore their “Zenga zenga” cries and unite as one to bring our nation forward.

06/13/13 @ 11:40
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

Gragn Ahmed & like…

I feel sorry for you all wannabe arab poor African. The Egyptian must been super smart beyond your shalow brain capacity could hold?! They easly brainwashed you, and actualy they making you to believe that your black a***z belong to Arab…LOL. However, don’t relax to much, because you might be awaken from your deep sleep missing some part of your body organs…LOL. I mean, they will sell you are worth of something…

God bless the world!

06/13/13 @ 12:28
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Visitor]
Amhara Princess

Eloquently written piece.

Having said that, who would blame Egypt for displaying this level of contempt and disrespect against Africans? I say, they told the truth in that regard. From Egyptian’s experience, they were able to control and play the likes of Somalia, Ar’tera, Sudan and all sorts for centuries to keep their fellow African nation (Ethiopia) destitute to make Egypt prosperous.

Africa, more specifically East Africa is full of destitute, slime ball, traitor house ni**(&^ who are YET to figure out why their respective nations are bottom feeders of the planet despite being resource rich. They are being used as Arab doormats…and so, Egyptian politicians told the absolute truth when they said Africans will kill each other off! They have done in the past and still do. Time for African House Nig*&^%$ such as Grgan, EthiopiawiNOT, Ar’tera, Alshabab, ONLF etc to wake up and digest what their masters think of ‘em.

@ Gragn Ah’Morsi

Flabbergasted over what, really? We know you go crazy when you read magnificent, well balanced articles such as this one. Your kinds only want to clap, cheer when your fellow terrorists burn human beings. The Egyptians are obviously talking about your Kind of worthless, toe rag sad excuse for Africans.

06/13/13 @ 13:15
Comment from: [Member]

Go to sawa and eat your heart out. This sight is not for you!

Dear Teshome,
Our beloved mother ETHIOPIA needs you and your likes. Please keep on posting more references as to educate and equipe the major populous on facts to be ware on future occurences.

May the almighty GOD give you more wisdom!

06/13/13 @ 13:31
Comment from: fact [Visitor]

Egyptians not only disrespect Ethiopia but the whole African nation. Who the fuck they think they are? If they start a direct confrontation, It will be the second round of “the battle of Guraa” The only difference at this time will be unreversible damage to the arabs. I don’t give a damn who built or who get the credit; all I care about is our symbol Abbay to make a sense for his people! Any Ethiopian who align and bend his ass to Egyptians will be punished by the almighty God and will burn alive. At this time, if any one who thinks to join Egyptians offer should re think again and again. We are together on this for sure. Like Alula Abanega told Yohannes” Let’s take care of the outside and we will come to the inside!”

06/13/13 @ 15:00
Comment from: forward with comrade tamagne [Visitor]
forward with comrade tamagne

brilliant, balanced and educational.god bless you my brother.

where is Al mariam. is he waiting fpr instruction from issayas

06/13/13 @ 15:41
Comment from: Baku [Visitor]

Egypt’s options are severely limited when attempting to create trouble for Ethiopia this time around. Sudan just voiced its support for Ethiopia and Somalia sent a delegation to Addis and told the Ethiopian government that they are fully on the side of the Ethiopians on this matter. This development coincides with a group of about a dozen nations all concerned about Egyptian moves.

There is talk of Egypt possibly arming the Shabab but that group is a spent force and barely control any territory. There are hardly any operational armed opposition groups in Ethiopia for Egypt to exploit. And while the Egyptians knew of the Dam’s development for quite some time, their recent bellicose rhetoric is a testament to their very limited options which would eventually force them to accept the Dam.

The Horn of Africa isn’t the same anymore since the populations are tired of wars and misery. There is a growing optimism and no desire for anymore wars.

06/13/13 @ 15:45
Comment from: Kiru [Visitor]

I am wondering, therefore, if the Ethiopian position should shift in its nuances to: ‘Egypt is entitled to the waters of the Blue Nile when it reaches her’?

No, this will not work because I know what you mean, but its an invitation for war. Let’s stick to what’s accepted by international law. We are not and cannot afford to be the beligrant cuntry.

Let’s just develope our country, let them develop theirs in fair share to both countries.

06/13/13 @ 15:49
Comment from: [Member]

Dear and respected fellow home-boy Teshome,
here is the truth: your article made me so emotional (my tears could not stop flowing!!) Yes tears of satisfaction, tears of happiness, tears of admiration!! I have been so thirst of some truth-based and satisfying information about the blue Nile, especially the last two weeks. I have been so angry at those LOW level and childish Egyptian leaders and politicians. And here you are listening my heat-beat (reading my mind) and gave me and the other true Ethiopians a lasting and logic based relieving information about the damn Egyptian leaders and our deserving dam.
please accept my whole-hearted thanks and admiration. Me and I am sure other real Ethiopians are proud of you. We really need you
God bless

06/13/13 @ 16:22
Comment from: [Member]

Grangn Ahmed and Teddy
I have nothing to say to you, because, your hate and dirt contaminated brain has no room for any positive and constructive idea. All I can say to you is you are individuals who worth nothing. you are shameful and morally corrupt mentally ugly individuals. you are individuals with no hope and dark future. Sorry for those who call you brother or any kind of family member. Shame!

06/13/13 @ 16:41
Comment from: Marcus [Member]

Suppose after the dam is completed and becomes operational Egypt bombs it. Then this will flood Sudan and ultimately Egypt.

But the fact is that Egypt cannot fly to Ethiopia without aerial tankers since they do not have any, so they would have to place aircraft in Sudan. But that would place Khartoum in the sights of the Ethiopian Air force.

If they use Special Forces, dressed as rebels from Sudan or Eritrea to sabotage the dam then Khartoum and Eritrea can deny such acts but Ethiopia must exact revenge.

Hopefully, clever Ethiopia has already read the plan.

Never underestimate what Arab chauvinism and barbarism also called Islam could do.

06/13/13 @ 17:22
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]
06/13/13 @ 17:28
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

remove offensive article Amhara princess can not write an article without losing her emotions.

06/13/13 @ 17:56
Comment from: Rahel [Visitor]

This is a brilliant piece by an obviously brilliant person. I am so proud we have people like the gentleman who are so talented and well-informed. I am in owe of both the arguments and the presentation. Peace, and congratulations. May we expect more from you?

06/13/13 @ 18:16
Comment from: [Member]


06/13/13 @ 18:36
Comment from: challenger [Visitor]

Imagine government run by muslim brotherhood during crisis situation: allaahh fakbar! All jihadi hands on deck! All martyrs with vests assemble in the front parking lot. All other fighters load in SUV convoy. Run quick, get your AK47 and RPG. Alah willing there are enough virgins for everyone, lets go…..

06/13/13 @ 19:57
Comment from: True Ethiopian [Visitor]
True Ethiopian

Great Renaissance DAM will be an Aswan dam for us. Let’s think a long term national interest. This is a time when we all have to put our differences aside and build our coming generation’s future. Our internal differences shouldn’t be reflected on our common interest which is ensuring our people’s survival for century to come. Be part of history. Support the construction of GERD!!. —United , we will win!!!

06/13/13 @ 20:05
Comment from: Eritrean [Visitor]

If Ethiopian Government is smart, They will vacate from Badme (Already decided by the international court)and
if done so please give US Arms and We will help you fight the Stinky Arabs.


06/13/13 @ 20:05
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

What a sad history for Ethiopia. Why Museveni barks on Egypt. He should instead rob Ugandans. The Wayane government failing to rally Ethiopians now turns for outside help.

A disgrace to Ethiopia. Egypt will rally more support if need be. Do not be fools. This is purely not against Ethiopia it is against Wayane/

06/13/13 @ 20:34
Comment from: Feyisa [Visitor]

The Egyptians are often quoted as saying that the upstream riparian states have a lot of rain while Egypt solely relies on the Nile for its water needs. I have two points to make:
1. The rains in Ethiopia have failed cyclically to the point where over a million people perished of famine in 1984 alone. The cumulative human lose over several periods of drought before and after 1984, is probably in the several millions. In this day and age, only very few farmers world wide depend solely on rain. Irrigation is even more important to the Ethiopian farmer than anywhere else. This makes it imperative that, not only should Ethiopia build the GERD (which may have negligible effect on the flow of the Nile), it must also insist on an equitable use of the water as stipulated in the Nile Framework agreement.
2. Ethiopia may have rain, but it is uneven and subject to periodic drought. On the other hand, Egypt probably has the second largest
aquifers in Africa (next to Libya). It is literally swimming on a huge under ground lake that covers almost the whole country.
Therefore, the statement that Egypt has only the Nile as its water source does not hold “water". The information is deliberately suppressed by Egyptian politicians so that they can keep on using the question of the Nile as a tool of political diversion whenever there is internal opposition to their system of government.

06/13/13 @ 20:40
Comment from: Hydar Abdou [Visitor]
Hydar Abdou

It is time that the Egyptian regime respect the deliberation the African committee to all Ethiopia to construct the hydro dam. it is about time Egyptian stop blaming religious card as a Moslem I whuld not support such move – Ethiopia and Ethiopians have every right to protect their interest – plain and simple. way-to-go with Ethiopia. May Allah bless Ethiopia

06/13/13 @ 21:33
Comment from: [Member]

There is no better opportunity to reconcile among ourselves (Ethiopians) and proceed with building our infrastructure as well as safeguard our country and her national security.
Let us move forward to make it happen. Long Live Ethiopia !!

In solidarity,

Washington DC

06/13/13 @ 22:13
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

I am disappointed with myself for waiting this long to read this article. I agree with Nenewe, AP and other commentators here: This is a very timely, brilliantly written and brave article. I must say thank you, Teshome Abebe. I specially like the second point Teshome has raised. Ethiopia should and must take a hardline on this issue, but after the completion of the GERD or in the aftermath of an Egyptian attack on any of our national interests. I will explain a little later why not now, but before that as I and many other commentators have written here numerous times, Abay is a good part of Ethiopia’s sovereign resource and as such it belongs to Ethiopia only. It is our river, our water, and our resource! We are the source and owner of it! Egypt has kept saying “it will not give up her traditional share of the nile", but how could anyone “give up” anything without having something to give up the first place? Abay never was hers, and it will never be! For Ethiopia to have Abay, Egypt is not required to give it up first. It is Ethiopia who has to give it up first for Sudan and Egypt to have it. The shameful and hypocrite Arabs of Egypt have been telling the story the other way around. They are also very fond of reminding everyone how Egypt is the gift of Nile and how that makes Nile their own, but that is nothing more than a logical fallacy that can be originated only from a meat head like Morsi. The fact Egypt’s historical success was fully dependent on the availability of Nile does not make Nile Egypt’s property. The only thing Egypt owns in Nile is the passage way. Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya and the other upstream countries are the source of the water. With that said, let me try to explain why Ethiopia should avoid taking a hardline at the moment. First, we must avoid any one-on-one serious negotiation with Egypt. We must not sign any agreement what so ever. The Nile Basin Initiative must be the only channel of serious negotiation with Egypt. Right now, Ethiopia should continue the current friendly diplomatic policy and avoid any statements that could stir any military conflict. We don’t need to divert our resource to fight Egypt and her Arab allies. Building the GERD must be our priority, and we must show maximum patience and restraint not to fall victim to Egypt’s belligerence and go astray from our objective. It is after the completion of the project Ethiopia will have a clear upper hand. Our strength will be even much stronger if we start on the side another project that will enable us to keep Abay in side our country in the dry season. All we need to do is build a network of canals, not a dam, using our deep valleys. We don’t even have to build the canal the first place, just bore a tunnel a tsome point and change the course of the river. With proper study, it is doable and I believe is the only way our national interest can be secured and guaranteed. It will be our insurance against Egypt’s belligerence. We must have the means to keep Abay home if we want to, and only then we can take a hardline. We will have Egypt on our mercy if we make that happen, and Ethiopia will become the single most important and powerful state of the region after that.

06/13/13 @ 22:56
Comment from: [Member]

Agree with everyone this is a brilliant piece. I think the govt should heed this advice and immediately put in place measures to safeguard the country. I am beginning to feel uneasy about our timidness to warn Egypt that they will be dealt a swift response. Arabs are known for miscalculation. Don’t be too soft and make them think you are weak. SPEAK UP. I warn the government that they are letting an enemy threaten the county with attack and go unanswered. That is one strike against the Hailemarim administration. Please review materials from previous administrations on how to handle such direct threat. Saying “we are not afraid, it’s unhelpful, they will go mad, “etc are not the right responses. So far the govt has been playing its cards masterfully but after the Mursi’s televised meeting with the opposition in which they orchestrated an indirectly threat, the Ethiopian govt has been depressingly silent.

If you think that is smart, you are out of your mind. I am not saying you should be belligerent like Sadam Husien. But when another comparable third world power makes a direct military action threat you respond and you respond immidately and with a direct warning and the threat of the use of force.

I expect the Ethiopian govt to make a direct mention of the use of force against Egypt if Egypt makes any hostile move in the same manner they are letting us know. If this doesn’t happen, I think it’s time to replace this weak prime minister.

I wish Teshome takes on the challenge of analyzing the military capability of the countries, especially in terms of weaponary/aircrafts. I think that is the only department we lag in.

06/13/13 @ 23:44
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

If there is War, it is the fault of Wayanes. Read article 5 and see for yourself why Meles signed this accord in the name of Ethiopians. Only two years after he came to power, he signed this document. As one true Ethiopian, it makes me think why he wants to sign this accord without even be endorsed as Premier at the time. There was no mandate and there was no Parlama or constitution or any legal basis to sign this accord.

I suspect he rushed to sign it for his selfish interest.

So, I totally disagree with the author of this article once again. I remember this guy wrote very offensive things against Ethiopians before and he should one day be accountable for that.

Article five of the accord states that there should not be appreciable harm on the Nile river flow or volume. Yet, we see wanna be Wayanes advocating a complete shut down of the river.

Most of the people commenting on the Nile neither want to fight nor want to actually help their country except that they want to draw West and other Africans into unwanted wars. The irrational comments of Ugandan president is one such case.

West knows Egypt is much more important. That is reality. Syria fight is being helped by Egypt. Hence, do not be naives. I wish Ethiopia was as powerful. So, do not miscalculate and drive our country into unnecessary bravado @fitawrari. Your incalculable insult on Arabs and our own people who oppose Wayane is going to haunt you back. Everyone who opposes Wayane is a terrorist to you. But there are people who are going to be wise. At any rate, we should know that people like @fitawrari and diaspora Wayane must be held accountable for being reckless in their actions against our country and the people. Diaspora should confront these bandits. They have no mercy for any opposition.

Egypt on the other hand should push the envelop until Wayane is gone. Wayanes are very toxic and very aggressive warriors who do not tolerate others.

06/13/13 @ 23:49
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

Challenger, the following is from Forbes magazine if you haven’t already read it

Ethiopia’s initiation of a dam project on the Blue Nile has quickly drawn the ire of Egypt, which is critically dependent on it as a source of much of the country’s freshwater needs. As Egyptian Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr said June 9 following Ethiopia’s refusal to halt construction of the dam and ahead of his trip to Addis Ababa to discuss the project, Egypt will not give up a “single drop of water from the Nile.” ”No Nile, no Egypt,” he said.
Egypt’s Foreign Minister, Mohammed Kamel Amr a…

While Egypt has struggled to attract diplomatic intervention on its behalf to thwart Ethiopia’s dam construction, tensions have reached the point where Egypt has suggested the use of force to keep the dam from potentially lowering the Nile’s water levels downstream to unacceptable levels. There will be serious international pressure to keep the dispute over the dam in the realm of diplomacy, but there are also fairly significant constraints on the physical possibility of an Egyptian military solution.

It varies depending on the dimensions of the dam, but dams can be and usually are very tough targets to destroy. In World War II the British proved that it could be done despite considerable difficulties and were the first to seriously develop the art of dam busting. The British used delayed-action bouncing bombs from Lancaster bombers, but fortunately for the Egyptians, advancements in weapons technology would enable them to target the Ethiopian dam in a less risky way. The best way for Egypt to knock out a standing dam is to use retarded and delayed-action bombs deployed from very low altitudes, or even better, delayed-action joint direct attack munitions deployed at medium altitude. The difficulty is that the bomb needs to be deployed at the very base of the dam, underwater, where the concussive effect and pressure wave is greatly amplified. Preferably more than one bomb would be deployed in this manner, and the force would be sufficient to breach the dam.

To avoid the hassle of hitting a standing dam and creating major flooding downstream in Sudan and even potentially Egypt, Cairo would probably prefer to hit it while it is under construction. But it also has to be careful not to hit the dam too early, because then Ethiopia may not be fully deterred from restarting the project.

Distance is a major obstacle for the Egyptian military option. Ethiopia is simply too far from Egypt, and since Egypt has not invested in any sort of aerial refueling capability, it is beyond the combat radius of all Egyptian aircraft staging from Egyptian airfields. The only consolation for Egypt is that the dam is very close to the Sudanese border. Access to Sudanese airfields would place some of Egypt’s air force within range. However, operating from Sudanese territory could be politically complicated and would have international repercussions for Sudan along with Egypt. Sudan’s proximity to Ethiopia would also leave it vulnerable to direct military retaliation.

Another option is the insertion of special operations forces into Sudan. From there, the forces could move across the border and either harass the construction of the dam or attempt to sabotage the structure under the guise of militants. This would allow Khartoum to realistically pledge that it had no idea there were “militants” there. The harassment tactic by special operations forces or militants would likely only delay the project, not arrest construction.

Special operations forces teams would face their own series of obstacles in trying to destroy the dam. Dams are critical infrastructure and routinely protected relatively well in most countries by dedicated military units. Ethiopia would be no exception, especially with all the contention already surrounding the project. So Egyptian special operations forces would need luck and skill to gain access to the dam successfully. There is also the problem that a small team of ground forces, no matter how elite, would likely be physically unable to carry enough ordnance to critically damage or destroy the dam.

Egypt does have military options, but distance will heavily constrain its ability to project the full force of its military. Any option Cairo chooses to exercise will be risky at best and will also come with severe international consequences.

Sounds, Egypt doesn’t really have that many option to attack Ethiopia. Even finding a worthy traitor like they did in the past is going to be tough for them. Success by her “Special operations forces” will be almost fully impossible, simply because there is no way they can cross an Ethiopia defense line that will be stationed encircling the dam. Their only hope is using on air refuel, which the savages Saudi will offer dutifully. If and when that happens, our success will depend on the luck and skill of our SU-27 pilots? It will be a battle between the Russian technology against its American counter part. I hope Russia will provide kindly her better inventions such as the S-300 to defend our air space. Knowing this day will come, i have been insisting a much needed investment on our air force but I doubt the government has made any after the badime war. One thing the analysis above missed is the possibility of Egypt harassing our shipping line. The Egyptians will come to the sea to cash in the success of their past investment when we were left land locked. That will happen specially if we retaliate to any of their military provocation, which we will. If we are at war, there wont be any international agreement or navy to protect our shipping lines all thanks to woyne’s past treason.

06/14/13 @ 00:19
Comment from: Dagmawi [Visitor]

Well said and clear described like a mirror, but some like GRAGN AHMED did not understand it. They support enemies of ETHIOPIA and Ethiopians. Now he tries to insult Museveni, b/s President Museveni warns Egypt which is in Afrika, trink african water and discriminate black Africans. Is this man, Gragn, an Ethiopian, an African or is he someone who identify himself as an Egyptian and to be one of the colonizer of black african? anyway, if nazret block comments, his Grangh´s must be the first to be blocked!

06/14/13 @ 04:07
Comment from: Tolla Deme [Visitor]
Tolla Deme

Woyane cannot by its nature stand for Ethiopian peoples’ interest.
It is just another way of looting.

06/14/13 @ 05:03
Comment from: gudfela [Visitor]

Free, et al,

One thing you are missing is that, it is not that other Ethiopians are pro Egypt but what the consequence of war would be bigger than even Eritrea. It is a serious matter. One thing also NONE of you are taking into account is that this war is for Weyane/TPLF and nothing to do with Ethiopia. They want to rally Ethiopians for dangerous war in a divided society and eventually not to benefit from it. Rumors say that there are 7 countries who would be the owners of the Nile. I am pretty sure Ethiopians will not benefit from it. So either waay war will be fought if the so called “internationl groups” wants it and you cannot avoid it. Both Weyane and Egypt are advised when to strike and when not to strike. This is not something we control. Weyane has made itself pawn of foreigners including Arabs in order for it to survive. We have been burned serval times by TPLF and this will be the same thing and they have not changed their colors.

If what Gragn is posted, the article true, these Weyane/TPLFs have been fulfilling their debt to Eritra, Sudan, Somalia and Egypt therefore, if this article is authentic, then this is the tip of ice berg on the betrayal of Weyanes/TPLFites. Remember when they first got in, it was still is with anti Ethioipan stance and didn’t care what happens. So the advice of many intelligent Ethiopians warning the government into taking the caution when negotiation, perhaps there is still damage that TPLF/Weyane has done to the interst of Ethiopia so now they are leading us to the salughter house. No one can guarntee us the Dam is to benefit Ethiopi or this is not betrayal in the name of “development". What is the point of rallying behind when Ethiopians have no clue what is in the dirty laundy of TPLF/Weyane? Wake up!


Well, you are trying to be pro Ethiopia with anti Ethiopia nick name called Gragn so you will never be taken seriously in this site wit that name, no matter how much you talk.

I hope someone can authenticate the article Gragn posted above for our sake. Egypt can take this to interntional court and can win this. It is like Badme again guys, betrayal all the way!

On another note, I do agree Ethiopians just rallying around without knowing what is going on espcially when we are surrounded by Arabs and Muslims. I think you have a point here. We don’t know how legitimate the article is

06/14/13 @ 07:02
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

Gragn Ahmed

Give your evil dreams up, because there will be no war!

Can’t you see that Ethiopian are finally found the solution to all the problem that we have been facing for years? I know you and your likes biting your ward drum, and begging the Egyptian to distroy the Ethiopian Dam, but I’m sure you will get your answer from them soon that they will tell you, we can’t….LOL. Also, you have to know that the Egyptian will be forced to stop all the obstacles and distraction activities they have been doing against Ethiopia…

So, imam Gragn Ahmed, stop your day dreaming, and support you people? If you are from Ethiopia! Oh yeah, we all know that your problem is not with weyane, but you are trying hard to make Ethiopia an Islamic state…LOL. That is why I have told you, you must be out of your mind or you are hilusinting…

God bless the world!

06/14/13 @ 07:06
Comment from: Asrat [Visitor]

Wow, Wow, Wow. What an excellent writer. Great son of Ethiopia, Teshome.

With the exception of one or two food-stamp collecting rif rafs like Gragn Ahmed bin Morsi, this article has generated great discussion and education.

ፊታውራሪ has great ideas and he has added more information. The author of the main article–Teshome–has a style of writing that is mesmerizing. You can’t stop once you start reading his articles. He is balanced, accurate and has the ability to express ideas in one or two sentences what it would take others three pages. Al Mariam pay attention. Just look at the comments here. Peace and God Bless Ethiopia.

06/14/13 @ 07:45
Comment from: [Member]

Gudfela aka asmerom the asshole shabian,…

When are you getting a relief from your pain that the woyanes inflicted on your loser ass?
You keep crying woyane, tplf, in a never ending lamentations.
Is the wound that bad to make you cry for the last 22 years?
Give it up and get a life dude! Ethiopia is a country of democracy and freedom with people’s govt, by the people for the people named EPRDF!!!!
If you have a problem with that, just hang yourself. Stop torturing yourself, Loser asshole shabian!

06/14/13 @ 09:55
Comment from: Adane M [Visitor]
Adane M

A very uplifting and interlligent article.

Does anyone know what Teshome does. What is his field of work? I guess he must be a professor or something. He is humble and does not say ph.d after his name. My bro thinks well and he writes wonderful. Good gift. Some people on here must know him or heard about him. Impressed.

06/14/13 @ 11:00
Comment from: Benito Mussolini [Visitor]  
Benito Mussolini

The Egyptian military would have to march through two sovereign countries to get to Ethiopia.

It is a good thing that Obama gave Morsi 20 F-16s and plenty of military aid. Now Morsi can go mad and direct his air force to fire missiles at a dam in Ethiopia.Any responsible individuals, any responsible groups or who is responsible for this dam Ethiopia

06/14/13 @ 11:06
Comment from: oneluv21 [Visitor]

All Eritreans and Ethiopian opposition should back Egypt. Ethiopia is becoming the bully of East Africa and the partnership of Eritrea and Egypt could definitely bring down this fascist regime.

06/14/13 @ 11:43
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

I will ignore you since you are Wayane.


Points well taken. If there has to be war we can not avoid it. Bit the way @fitawrari is preaching it is really scary. For Ethiopia can survive if it is tolerant of different views and religions. Otherwise, we will never progress. If there is War it is due to Super powers not agreeing and is beyond you and me.

Well. It is enough for me and it is up to you to decide if I am Ethiopian. As long as Yohannes IV is Ethiopian Gran is Ethiopian too. I am not for Islamic state but there is nothing wrong with that.

06/14/13 @ 11:53
Comment from: isreal [Visitor]

“I wish the government had not gone to far cozying up to Egypt by allowing it to invest in Ethiopia".
I agree with you that is my concern too.
@C’est Moi Senait

You came a long way to reconcile yourself and I appreciate your support for the project,first thing is first.
@Gragn Ahmed

“remove offensive article nazeret .com”
I believe you are the number one candidate to be removed if that is necessary.
“Yet, we see wanna be wayanes advocating a complete shut down of the river”
You are misleading the public and finally I like to point out that, the statement of the Excellency of the President of Uganda to support the Ethiopian stand burning you alive and to the point you can’t hide you’re hatred for Ethiopia.

06/14/13 @ 11:57
Comment from: Kidane Asmarina [Visitor]  
Kidane Asmarina

Don’t worry morsi an earthquake will distroy the dam, Enshallah Ethiopia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When the Nile dries up they can get rid of the crocks and the hippo’s……………oops, and the Ethiopians too. Can anyone tell me how this dam can benefit Ethiopian people or how this dam can bring ethiopian people out of poverty or hunger? This dam is all about exporting electricity to neighboring countries and I don’t think it is worth dying for this dam.

[Lubaba Mubarek, Sultan Salman Kha, Osman Muhammed, 911 CALL Mohamed Morsi, Tesefalem Frewhini, etc. are all your nicks. Stop using multiple nicks you camel shit]

06/14/13 @ 12:07
Comment from: Tesfalem Freweini [Visitor]  
Tesfalem   Freweini

Egypt is ran by a radical Muslim government receives billions of dollars in aid every year from the US. Ethiopia is a majority Orthodox Christian nation but is ran by a secular government and does not receive. The money to build the dam is a part of Chinese investments and will help a LOT of Ethiopians.

With that being said, US aid to Egypt has given them a significant military advantage over Ethiopia. While the best planes the Ethiopians have are Su-27s (in small numbers), Egypt has a significant amount of F-16s and Mirage fighters. While Ethiopia has old vintage Russian vehicles, Egypt has over a thousand Abrams tanks and M113 APCs. While Ethiopia is doing the right thing by standing up to Egypt, I don’t think they stand a chance in a direct confrontation, as much as I hope they’d win.

06/14/13 @ 12:36
Comment from: SAMSON [Visitor]  

Seems like a much-needed energy project for Ethiopia…

Sad that Egypt may end up using the F-16 jets and 200 Abrams tanks that Obama GAVE The Muslim Brotherhood to destroy the dam or against Ethiopia…War is breaking out all over. Let’s give Obama another Nobel Peace Prize.

06/14/13 @ 13:44
Comment from: Bethithu [Visitor]

It wasn’t for no reason that Nebiyu Mehamed, has told his flowers to not mess with Ethiopia, but some of those fanatic imams are not following his order or his willing, and surly, they are receiving their well deserved punishment….LOL!

God bless the world!

06/14/13 @ 13:45
Comment from: getu [Visitor]

Both countries are trying to hype the situation for political benifits. Neither county will go to war!!!
I hope they will have a mutual agrement but let them turn back to their own people and deal their own domestic issue. Africa can’t afford a cycle of war and autocracy that benifits nothing for the poor! Let both nations go to their opponant and dig in for a lasting peace!!

06/14/13 @ 13:58
Comment from: Takela [Visitor]

Answer to one who called himself
Ahmed Gran. The Al-Qaida soldier.

We Ethiopians are united supporters of the government and opposition, when it cames to defense of mother
Nile is for Africa. We are source.
Rawanda,Congo. wether you like it or not. wether you cry or not. It is up to you.
Poor Arabs. your masters, who you pray their black stone in Saudi Arabia will die for thirsty and hungry and you their black Arab slave
wether you call yourself Ahmed Gran or Bilal no matter. You are just Arab’s slave. while you are enemy of your people Africans and your colour.
Not only Ethiopia but all other African countries will you use their water as Arabs use their oil. OK.
We you worship Arabs, when you go their countries to bow their black stone they put in jail and deport you. they beat you fuck your women and boys by force. that is culture of those who you worship as God.
Now, you carry Wayani, Wayani.
If wayani are good or bad they are Ethiopians. And it is not your business. We Ethiopian are enough to
sort out understand our own conflits, that is between us and when the conflict and attack is from outside foreign enemy such you Arab’s slave and Egypt.
The construction is going, Dam will be built no body can stop you or your masters The Egypt. even USA.

06/14/13 @ 14:29
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Remove the article on :Tekela.

He has no right to insult me or my religion.

06/14/13 @ 15:19
Comment from: Offended [Visitor]

Gragn Ahmed

If you feel offended because you are intruding on the civil discussions others are having, you have a choice: never visit this site or post your childish jibberish. Appearing on this site and leaving antagonizing messages to people you disagree with gives everybody the right to treat you as they wish. You gave the consent when you entered the site, ignoramus! You do not wish to be contacted or commented about, then you have a choice: stop showing up here and making useless comments on every topic and pretending to know a thing or two. Go collect your food stamps, send your wife to work, and be a burden both to her and society. Go find work instead. Stay away from this site if you do not wish to be commented about. Better yet, since respects your right to express yourself, abide by the standards and demeanor of the participants here. You respect and honor, then others will respect you in turn. How is it that a stupid sounding man has so much time to comment on every topic posted here, and comment hundreds of times on the same topic? One answer: he has no job and likes to see himself in print. If you like yourself in print, go to school, learn something useful, acquire a great deal of knowledge about it, then write!!! But don’t intrude where you are not invited, but once you intrude and start behaving badly, expect people to shun you, and if that fails (you do not get it), people will throw you out. It is possible that you are a good man and that you are capable of contributing something useful at some point. But please understand that not everything is about you, in fact it is never about you. You just enjoy injecting yourself into everything–you can’t help yourself! Please heed this unsolicited advice. Peace!

06/14/13 @ 18:29
Comment from: wepE [Member]

I must concur with the rest damn what a great read. Reminds me of this guy who wrote one of the greatest articles on nazret about GGIII, in such precise eloquence. Which reminds me of GGIII? Any news?

With regards to your first suggestion I think one thing the late Meles was smart and cunning I doubt he won’t have considered that Egyptians would entertain such a hostile action and when he did as treasonous as he was he most certainly have taken necessary action to prevent it. I suspect your second opinion have crossed some 80 people’s minds the last few days. Thank you very much for the refreshing article.

Finally Gragn has unravled himself to be an Ehyptian Arab, after so many years of deceptively clever disguises as an Ethiopian, Eritrean, Somali…we finally figured out who this really roach is.

Igzer EtyoP’yan And’ Yargat, Kek’fum YiT’ebikat.
Wakes up every day proud that I’m an Ethiopian.

06/14/13 @ 19:52
Comment from: Al [Visitor]

Good article. As an american of african descent, I hope Ethiopia continues to stand firm against the bellicosity of the Egyptian government.

06/15/13 @ 19:02
Comment from: Ethiopiawinet [Visitor]

I agree with your analysis about what you commented except in one case which put you on the spot as a feudal brain washed off springs.

Do you really thing Gragh(Imam) Ahmed is anti-Ethiopian name. If you think then you think Ethiopia is a one religion, one tribe country.

Gragn Ahmed represented 75% (2/3) of the population of contemporary Ethiopia even the 20% Amhara/Tigri oppressed Muslims.
He freed them from yolk of dark age oppressive religion of yours until Portugese invaded our country and brought back the suffering of Amhara/Tigrai Muslims of the north till present.
Gragn Ahmed never committed genocide on your tribe though you were under his mercy.
He burned coptic churches. Why? As depicted by historians that he believed you guys were worshipping idols like Ado Kabirie, Angeles, tabot, etc. This was the reason for the burn other than he was humane compared to genocider Yohannes.

Yohannes even was not Ethiopian for there was no Ethiopia at that time.
He massacred his own tribe for not believing in his religion.
He is anti-human beast.

Gragn Ahmed established a country but not Ethiopia. Ethiopia came into being by Menelik in 1887.

Read the real history. Imam Ahmed or for you Gragn Ahmed was and is a hero for not only the majority Ethiopians but for the world. He was the first hero to beat the super power Portugese but lost the second war because of stratigic errors. He refused to get help from Turkish for fear of the future coloney by Turks and end up with loss which resulted today’s sufferinge of Ethiopian Muslims by northern oppressors.
It’s very painful history.

Muslims were humane at that time too and now very secular, peaceful and hospitable compared to northern.

06/15/13 @ 23:29
Comment from: Nagawo [Visitor]

I read a woyane lunatic insinuation about the Ugandan air force coming to the defense of Ethiopia. Such writing is true to a character of a woyane, as they very well know what they have done to the Ethiopian air force. A woyane is an evil traitor. In fact the definition of a woyane should be a treacherous traitor. If you know anyone who is a treacherous traitor you can just call him a woyane!

Ethiopia once had a well-trained air force. Woyane and Shablia dismantled the entire institution. The dismantle order came from Shabia, and TPLF boot leakers implemented the order with great obedience. TPLF then tried to reconstitute what is left as a Tigre air force. They enlisted illiterate woyane foot soldiers exclusively to be trained as air force pilots. In fact, the current air force commander with a title of a senior general is one of them. The few remaining former pilots were forced to train this Tigre air force, and these pilots eventually have left the country and have recounted their ordeal in writings and interviews.

The current state of the air force is truly laughable. The whole base is run by TPLF and nothing but the Tigre language is spoken on the base. People in the area actually refer to the base as the Tigre killil in Oromia. The force is constituted of Tigre loyal to TPLF, and they still call themselves the front for the liberation of Tigre. This is the state of the so-called Ethiopian air force. Ethiopia is defenseless.

If anyone thinks that woyane will defend the country, just go back and see what happened during the Badme war. Woyane recruited thousands of Ethiopian youth to fight against shabia, and Eighty thousand of these Ethiopians were cut down. These fallen Ethiopians were thrown under the rug, and the woyane traitor leader Meles Zenawi ran to Algiers to sign a deal. They never, ever talk about these Ethiopians. How could so many perish in such a short time? How would one ever, ever trust a treacherous traitor? That is a woyane

06/16/13 @ 01:34
Comment from: afropolitan [Visitor]

This piece,not only brilliant in all its issues but olso shows how paramount importance Ethiopian stand together on the matter of national security.
Indeed, LIKE IT OR NOT THE GEDR IS AN ETHIOPIAN PROJECT ,AND AS SUCH. IT HAS, BY DEFINITION BECOME A NATIONAL IDENTITY” . Eye opener for those still groping in the dark. “ONE POLITICIAN GIVING ADVISE TO MORSI THE AFRICANS FINISH OFF EACH OTHER".This open humiliation and unscrupulous behovior should be food for thought for any selfwoth African citizens,expats and descendants of African in the whole wide world
Proud to be an Ethiopian and an African .

06/16/13 @ 09:29
Comment from: wepE [Member]

enkuan des yalachu Ethiopia just won. one more victory to go to history and make our mark in RIO 2014.

06/16/13 @ 11:28
Comment from: misrak [Visitor]

@ EthiopiawiNot

“Gragn Ahmed was and is a hero for not only the majority Ethiopian but for the World”
This assertion is an insult to sons and daughters of Ethiopia who preserve the country from untold slaughter and destruction by blood thirsty and a son of Lucifer called Gragn Ahmed.

06/16/13 @ 13:32
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

The kids have once again won the “GAME” .The way to RIO is widely open for them .VIVA ETHIOPIA!!!! LONG LIVE SEHUNET BISHAW !!!! BRAVO THE KIDS !!!!
You must Watch this :

06/16/13 @ 13:59
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

Ethiopian, Please don’t pay attention to those Egptian Imams, and to their brainwashed headles cadres? We all know that they don’t care about the well fair of the Ethiopian Muslim, but they are trying hard to poisoned the Ethiopian population with their “zemene ametash, ye-atfito tefi, sirachew” or terrorist activities…Gragn Ahmed and Ethiopiawinet have proved to the audience of this site that they don’t have any positive to offer, but they are advocating negativties that would lead division and distraction among the Ethiopian people…

God bless the world!

06/16/13 @ 15:09
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

Wagaso/Elias kiftam, the sellout Shaibia’s mouthpiece!

Look at you trying to fix your master, Isayas’ broken spinal-cord…LOL. The truth story about what happened in Badame is that the enemies/Shaibian forces got crashed by the galant EDF. Also, don’t undermine the intellect of the audience that we all know about what kind of EDF we had before and what we has now…

God bless the world!

06/16/13 @ 18:23
Comment from: Nadew [Visitor]

Dam or no Dam Egyptians are going to be hostile to Ethiopia . can any body give me an explanation which way is safe to handle this issue

06/16/13 @ 22:03
Comment from: Ethiopiawinet [Visitor]

What made you say the Ethiopian Muslims try to poison the population bla bla…
Do you want them to say positive things about your Woyane to praise them then. Wow.

You did not react when your likes insulted Eth Muslims or Gragn Ahmed as anti-Ethiopian. When Ethiopian Muslims exposed your evil dead they suddenly counted as terrorists just like Ethiopian government and ETV painted the most peaceful Ethiopian Muslims demonstrators.

Ethiopian government is begging those who are armed for negotiation and peace by calling them our cousinsn Al jazeera TV while the true native Ethiopian Muslims unarmed without a single stone labelled terrorists, extremist, minority.
What a crime! What a despise out of arrogancy and ignorant backward rulers. This is your true face that will be kept in history book.

Force talks while peace suppressed and ignored Egyptian Imam said on Youtube somebody posted.
May be he is right or wrong judge for yourself.

06/16/13 @ 22:12
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Nadaw ,the issue is simple and clear as a clean Water : THE END OF
THE AGAZI TYRRANNY replaced by a new
Administration accepted by the majority of the Ethiopian Peoples .Which would finally make accept the Egyptians and the whole world on the Rights of the Ethiopian Peoples to use the Nile Water Ressources .The crisis can be resolved peacefully in a civilised manner betwen democratically elected regimes .Than the usual ,despots and tyrants provocations exposing the peoples to more sufferings and destructions .You might Watch and share expériences how EU countries are sharing in common their water ressources without the single crisis .

06/17/13 @ 03:47
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Visitor]
Amhara Princess

Hahahaa! Gragn Ah’Morsi has a new style aka “Admin please remove such & such” Hahahaha! This site is a good source of comedy, entertainment too! Gragn says, Amhara Princess’s comment must be removed because? :)) Aren’t you the same IRRACTIC/EMOTIONAL Gragn Ah’Doma who dump the most nauseatingly offensive, treasonous essay after essay of trash on this site? WepE is 100% right. You are an Egyptian double agent. The love you have for the word “Coptic” gives a big clue ማሞ ቂሎ lol

@ EthiopiawiNOT

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“…እኔን ያየ ከኢትዮጲያ ጋር አይሳፈጥም አለች ጣልያን” ሲባል ሰምተሃል? I will change it to እኔን ያየ ከኢትዮጲያ ጋር አይሳፈጥም አለ ኢማም ግራኝ አህመድ from 6″ under :)

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Comment from: Marcus [Member]

A translation from Arabic:

President Mohammed Mursi (opening statement): We stand together facing the challenge…In the past weeks, we have seen the challenge in Sinai…and how we stood together, faced the challenge and came out victorious…and that was a good example of how Egyptians and Egyptian institutions, standing together, can overcome challenges…These days, the River Nile, its water…we have to be working with one hand to deter any threat of any kind which faces Egypt…As is well known, if Egypt is the gift of the Nile, then the Nile is a gift to Egypt from God, may He be glorified and exalted…and we must do everything we can to safeguard this bounty from God…And when it comes to even a drop of this water, we should not defer or postpone decisions. And that’s the purpose of this meeting.
It is the responsibility of all the institutions of the state—the president, the government, and all present who have responsibility for the security of the nation– to safeguard its security. Water security is part of overall security. All political forces and people must have a political opinion and a role in this… why aren’t we meeting on a Thursday or a Saturday [but meeting now] is because this is a national call, our first opportunity to meet and form your opinion and express yourself so we can search for a political decision… [he goes on describes his previous itinerary of meetings he has had with various committees and ministers, and the meeting of Egypt’s Prime Minister with Ethiopia’s Minister, his own meeting with the Ethiopian Prime Minister at the AU…].. You all know the relationship of Egypt with African nations in years past.. Our isolation from the rest of Africa, and specifically Ethiopia, is really worrisome. The Africans have [crafted] solutions among one another; they have an understanding among one another…And we are stepping into this with all our capacity…and it is highly competitive between South Africa and Egypt with respect to the Horn of Africa, and I want to change this [threat] into an opportunity, and not idle waste of time We co-operate with the President of South Africa, our relationship is satisfactory…we are part of Africa… Egypt, as you know, is the entry point for all companies who want to do business in Africa…[here he gives his itinerary to emphasize his seriousness about Africa].. in the spirit of co-existence…the Nile travels a distance of 2,000 kilos [kilometers], and within Egypt 1,000 kilos and from the Blue Nile we get about 86% [presumably of the total water Egypt gets]… the other 14% comes from Uganda and others..[this is followed by the different sources of electricity for Egypt, and how Ethiopia’s dam will impact it to the tune of 28%…. somebody jumps in and corrects the president’s calculations, the president insists his calculations are right… (@ the 12:50 mark)]… I thank you, I salute you, thank you so much.

Dr. Saad Katatni, (Freedom and Justice Party): … for us in Egypt the issues of life and death… we don’t feel the blessing of water like other countries that do not have water and don’t have resources. Water, for us, in a country whose resources are limited, it is really an issue of life or death. ..considering the increase in population, and under the shadow of our hopes to expand the agricultural land, our current needs of water, we also want to increase it. When there is a project like this one, and it has an effect particularly on water, the issue needs a position from all–political leadership, from all concerned in this country. This use doesn’t allow for political overbidding… Mr. President, we need totake all actions expected, that might happen. I heard from Dr. Essam Al-Hadad, Vice President, he said, we have a way to solve this issue through diplomacy. It is good to use soft diplomacy, and using international law, our right to water, is not for someone to abuse it. …this affects human beings, plants and animals…. I say all options, I say all options with no exception, and what I am saying is clear…all options are available, and we will support all the options, but in gradual necessary steps. If diplomacy doesn’t work, we will go for international law and ruling, if that doesn’t work, we will resort to all options that anyone can imagine, to protect out water security, because to us this is an issue of life and death.

Younes Makhioun, (Al Nur Party): …[the dam project] hurts Egypt’s interest before considering other developmental issue for Ethiopia. Basically, it is a strategic conflict. We at Al Nur party think.. consider Egypt’s agreement to building the dam a risky strategic mistake. Because it will offer Ethiopia and those who are behind it, Israel and America, a deadly leverage on Egypt… I believe Ethiopia chose this timing because it felt there is confusion in the Egyptian scene, a political friction. We have to unite the people to rally behind the national [cause]…. [we have to] reach to an agreement with Sudan, on presidential level, to realize a common vision for the two countries. It is clear Sudan has some benefits and interests from this dam. Therefore, its vision is not clear and its position is weak. Negotiations… Egypt and Sudan with Ethiopia, to immediately stop the construction of the dam and wait for the completion of the studies…and presenting to Ethiopia, in case… to find an alternative…they have eleven alternative rivers, not only the Blue Nile…

Also, moves by Egypt and Sudan on the regional and international levels, to stop any plans to fund this dam… a move to present complaints against Ethiopia at the Arab League , UN organizations and the African Union and international tribunal. The Gulf states have huge investments, Al Amoudi [Saudi-Ethiopian national] company and others, billions of dollars [worth] which will strengthen Ethiopia’s economic and financial standing… Enhancing the relations [Egypt’s] with African countries, particularly Eritrea, Somalis and Djibouti, and showing them the plans of the Ethiopian dams, and its aims…using pressure cards…for example, there are the Oromo people, 35% of the Ethiopian population, and they have a front called Oromo Liberation Front…the Ethiopian internal front is very weak, wobbly. Also the Ogaden Liberation Front, it is possible to support them. This is considered a pressure card on the Ethiopian government. If all these fail, there is no choice; we can use the last of cards, by using the intelligence, to destroy any dam that is erected if there is this certain risk to Egypt… Experts said this dam is considered a declaration of war on Egypt. The [Egyptian] minister of [water resources and] irrigation, his performance, I believe is very weak, and his statements serve the benefit of Ethiopians, specially his statements that came before the [issuing of the report] of the tripartite committee. He said that this dam doesn’t represent any risk to Egypt…
Unknown: We have to use the strategy that Meles [previous Ethiopian Prime Minister] had used to rally the nation…if there is a national rally.. This issue deserves [attention] to protect our interest even with the armed forces…there would be a national unity and a support for the presidency and all,.. and using force… there are issues that experts know about…frigates would go and visit Bab El Mendeb, Aden… The minister of defense would go and inspect the borders in Sudan near Ethiopia… there are message of this sort.. a preparation follows and here the hint of pressure, military pressure… there is public pressure that contributes to…. the consolations, [a colleague here] says the only strategy accepted in this situation is to prepare for all eventualities starting with the worst eventuality. The worst possibility is that the statements of the Ethiopian leaders would be strategic deceit and behind it there are hidden [intents] that would end up with the dams… being used, not declared, the dam would eventually be used to decrease Egypt’s share.. this cannot be ruled out… I also suggest that we form a public committee, of the people present [at the meeting] and those who are not present…to make public pressure, go and visit and report to the president…directly … we hint at military movement that would [make them feel] that the issue is serious not just wielding that would not be used, it might be used, I wish we don’t get there…but this would result in hastening negotiations, intervention by international entities to calm [the situation] and pressure for, and solution to accept what is possible to accept through negotiations…

Dr. Hassen: …allow me to regress back to history… Ethiopians are our brethren; they are African people, and we have a strong cultural and religious relations. But Ethiopia of late is under the illusion of [being] the regional police. I am not saying this in vacuum, but Ethiopia allowed itself to enter Somalia, which is a member of the Arab League, and to occupy it, or occupy part of it. Particularly, the disputed area in South Somalia for a long time. We also know that it is in a conflict over influence with Eritrea and Djibouti and what is called Somaliland is under the influence of Ethiopia… if the Nile is the stream of life for Egypt, …Djibouti is the stream of life for Ethiopia, logistically, as they say nowadays.

This position [Ethiopia’s] didn’t consider that its neighbors are eternal than external [entities], this time, it is testing itself with Egypt. I don’t say this to raise conflicts: May God curse those who stir it; I don’t even blame the Ethiopians for their economical position against their neighbors with whom they will live forever. We blame ourselves, that Egypt, once upon a time, during the Nasserite era, had a clear vision to strengthen relations with Africa, and it involved Egyptian blood: Kemaleddin Salah, Fethi Redwan were martyred in Somalia. Getting [Egypt] out of the region or closing to the region started from Anwar Sadat [era] but it festered during the demised era [of Mubarek]. People gave their backs to Africa. I remember the foreign minister of Ethiopia came to Egypt and mocked the Egyptian people. He said, the Nile doesn’t have wings to fly to Israel. But Egyptians and everyone else knows that the Nile could have wings [that run] under the ground–pipes could pass through the Red sea… and there are countries that import water through pipes. Unfortunately, Ethiopia under Haile Sellassie had a reasonable relation with Egypt and he opened with Abdel Nasser…Egypt should use in this matter all its soft power….Egyptian Foreign Ministry, Arab League and Muslim League, we have to embarrass those people because they have strong relations with Addis Ababa… Al Azhar, and I am confident the Egyptian national church would not hesitate and strive, with all its efforts, in this direction. And the UN, this is a work outside the parameters of law, it is a crime in assaulting the Nile, against the laws. We have to expose this… and the mutual interests etc….. Whoever violates international laws, his promises should not be trusted, at all. There should be clear agreements… and any nation should protect its interest… we were 15 million during the 1920, now we are close to 90 million and on the steps of 100 million…I hear the Ethiopians have plans for three other dams…we should not accept promises.

Abba Daniel [Coptic Church]: … I start with a small question …based on my little knowledge, the Aswan Dam is [a structure built of] dirt covered with rocks, while, as your Excellency said, the Ethiopian dam is made of concrete [the president explains the difference]. There is an effect that no one talked about: the psychological effect on Egyptians. Historically, it is known that the River Nile gives stability, and security, and the people enjoy peace because the water is guaranteed. I think the water problem is the fundamental problem and this will cause psychological instability to the people, because if the water [flow] is affected, the people will be agitated: would the water come? Would we drink, would we [be able to irrigate] our farms? This is a psychological point. I think one of the important solutions is dialogue with international guarantees– containing the crisis through international organizations that [should] participate with us in the dialogue to convince all parties. It is important for the common interest of all the states…

Dr. Amr khalid: … Truly I want to say that we need a comprehensive strategy, and what I mean by a comprehensive strategy is that we will not be able to deal with this issue but in five or six directions that work in tandem. First, I add my voice to that of Abba Daniel, it is the direction of dialogue and diplomacy; it is essential and it should be pursued forcefully; we [should] work in it through combined committees. The second point is, we need a lobby, an international lobby: an international Egyptian lobby. This lobby, our children abroad… I think Dr. Ayman Ali is present, our children aboard are able to participate in this lobby. Without this lobby… and we bring an international PR company and it would basically be Egyptian; and there are Egyptian companies with international dimensions. We have a historic opportunity, in the middle of what [is] happening in Egypt, and we unite the Egyptian people. This case is fit to make the Egyptian people rally behind [it], and we make it a case that is felt by all citizens… and, it is easy to sell it, and market it to the simple Egyptian: the Nile water. I suggest the second direction, pressure group, with strong powers, we bring …Egyptian personalities, who have international influence, who live abroad, there comes Dr. Majdi Yaqoub, Zweli, Amr Khalid, Dr. so and so Dr. so and so, we work internationally in a way, Dr. Amr Hazawi, comes and works–in unity, as a bee colony.
The third point that I want to mention, among the comprehensive strategy, Mr. President, [is against] limiting the relations, with Ethiopia and Africa, only on the Nile water. [That] hurts Egypt. We, in the last thirty years, we limited the relations [only to] give us our water and we do not want to see you because we see ourselves superior to you. Lets’ be frank and talk transparently. Yes, the Egyptians were looking [at them] like that; at Ethiopia and Africa….limiting the issue [to Nile water] would hurt [us]. The issue will not be solved in isolation of developmental aspects. The civil societies, the [ministry of] foreign affairs truly deserves an appreciation, it took the civil society and we went to Ethiopia and Uganda– I was part of that team, you wouldn’t believe their friendliness. When the civil society comes and tells them, I am not here to talk about water, how can we help you? Mr. President, we went and talked with Africans, in several countries, and when we returned, and we agreed, on agreements [with the African countries], but nothing happened…and the government is responsible. We agreed to have youth exchange [programs], and we invited five countries to bring 100 youth each for a camp in Egypt. We said we will [cover the cost and] be responsible for that matter, [but] nothing happened to this date. We said we will build schools and Egyptian investors were ready, and nothing happened. Therefore, the third point: developmental companies.
The fourth solution that I want to say [is] the role of business people and investors in Ethiopia. The hindrances are still great, Mr. President, on the exchange of trade. The UAE, Egyptian ceramics is exported to Africa through the UAE, who would like that? That is because the process is complicated in Egypt. So, for me [as an Egyptian] to export [something] I have to go to the UAE so that it can export [my products] on my behalf and I am an Egyptian investor? We need to expand in Africa. This is the fourth line.
The fifth direction is the role of the church. I visited the church in Ethiopia. The Ethiopian church loves Egyptians. Very much. It feels great respect and peace; they received us with a very superb reception. The Egyptian and Ethiopian churches, between them, is love and respect and admiration… The role of the Egyptian church.
The fifth [sic] and last direction [is] the Egyptian media which deals with the issue in a shallow manner, [with] racism and superiority. [The Ethiopians] read newspapers and they see what we say about them, and how we talk about them. Why can’t there be a media front–all the media that agrees with the presidency or has a difference with the presidency? This is a case of Egypt’s national security. Why can’t the media personalities meet? Imagine, Your Excellency, if we make these six lines work, how many Egyptians would work with the institution of the presidency so that we can save Egypt? How many Egyptians inside and outside [Egypt]? This is a case we can change to a national project… but it requires a specialized committee, Your Excellency, the president, a committee that works 365 days, 24 hours, always thinking on how to gather national forces and the Egyptians abroad and international powers: its preoccupation, this issue, PR. I think, we will all be soldiers for this matter and I think this comprehensive strategy would be a solution. Thank you.

Dr. Amr Hamzawi (Freedom Egypt Party): I think what was presented to us here should be presented to the Egyptian public, it is their right to know the truth of what is happening..the report doesn’t include information that would compromise Egypt’s national security [if released]….two, the people should know how the Egyptian government dealt with the issue during the last ten-months with the Ethiopian dam case. Third, the flow of statements from different places, different establishments of the government of the Egyptian state…my conviction is these statements don’t serve — we don’t need to rush [and state] that this dam hurts or this dam doesn’t hurt. The case should be considered a sovereign case, a presidential case… we also need to form a committee to manage the crisis, a group of experts, diplomats…..politicians and technical experts… Your Excellency, we have interests with states that are funding [the dam] through their companies and other means. We have interests with Italy, we have interests with China, we have Arab countries that are investing there…the worst thing is we might not know what the Ethiopian side is planning… Worst, there might be plans in [their] drawers that we have not seen yet. Worst is: while we negotiate and the report of the tripartite group is being prepared construction starts…. since the last part of the presentation says the study is not complete,… therefore the construction should stop…I request that we do not see this in a context of rivalry, or a zero sum game… [we should] take it away from the zero sum game into a situation where we can benefit from it in Egypt, economically, socially, and water security and we benefit the African side represented by Ethiopia… the Egyptian arrogance during the last three-decades…damaged the relations.. dealing [with Africans] with racism, we [should] transform it to [a situation] of benefit to all parties.
Abba Daniel (Egypt’s Coptic Church): … His holiness the patriarch of Ethiopia will come to Egypt within ten-days, and I think among the important issues that his holiness the pope is going to talk about with him. But I want to put two warnings: the state in Ethiopia is civil [secular] and it doesn’t have relations with the church [affairs], weak influence. The second thing, the Ethiopian society as we know, is agitated and has so many problems. Therefore, reaching an understanding is not easy in such matters…

Dr. Ayman Nur (Ghad Al-Thewra Party): …dealing with Eritrea, dealing with Djibouti, and dealing with Somalia is a card of great importance to pressure Ethiopia. Truly, we haven’t benefited from the change that happened after the passing away of this man [Meles Zenawi] who was very bad towards Egypt. He was inimical and agitated his people with grudge and hate towards Egypt. We haven’t invested on this change in a proper way, but I think the political changes inside Ethiopia makes me say that pressure from the neighboring countries is an important issue with another team that works with countries that have relations with the issue…Israel, America, China and Italy… the Ethiopian community… to delay funding, to delay execution to reach an alternative solution… There are many conflicts, there are many political forces, there are expected changes…and it is possible to deal with it.. we do not want an embassy in Ethiopia, we need a task force in Ethiopia…political, intelligence, to deal in all aspects with the Ethiopian reality, we have to have a role in it. I think this….to interfere in internal issues (I say this, contrary to what people say) there must be an interference in national affairs, and there must be an influence on decisions. And the choices in Ethiopia. The society there is worn to the extreme, we have seen this in our visit, it was a sorry situation. We can achieve a result, a very quick one. If we don’t achieve a result with change, we can with pressure….the third team is military…though a military solution is avoided, I beg you to read translations of Egyptian newspapers which focus on two things… the newspapers are saying there is not military solution and Egypt doesn’t have a military capacity, neither airplanes, nor rockets and the Sudan will not allow.. the Sudanese position truly…stinks.. it is very much less than what is was supposed to be… we are able to leak information, in the nature of intelligence information that Egypt is striving to purchase a certain kind of planes, to fuel airplanes in air and Egypt is striving to [this and that]. This is pressure even if it is not realistic, but it will lead to a result in the diplomatic channel. The direct diplomatic channel with the Ethiopians, I don’t think will bear results…

Dr. Mohammed: …I see that we have nothing in the flanks… Eritrea, Somalia and Djibouti, these are the ones who will finish [the job], inside. I mean all of them among themselves. This happens. It is our right. We don’t have to go directly, there are a hundred indirect ways… This is when we lose hope. When there is no hope.. and from inside Ethiopia… Ethiopia is a multitude of tribes, and everything, as Your Excellency knows, this is Africa and in Africa everything can be fixed, all works… and maybe do something on the way. This is a problem that requires us to see it seriously, because the issue is not easy, the issue is not a joking matter…

Dr. Sefwet: … We have neglected Africa…Ethiopia doesn’t have the money and they say that the financier is Israel. They also say: just like the Arab countries sell petrol we [the Ethiopians] will sell water to Egypt and others by the liter. Our economy doesn’t allow us to buy water for drinking in the house and for use in agricultural lands. …we have to work on awareness, people do not feel [our problems] they do not know that Egypt needs [every] drop of water, a cup of water….Our [Egyptian] children in Abyssinia, they have important position, as successful business people… as you know in Abyssinia, they are indispensable.. We have a number of Egyptians leading the Abyssinian economy…

Dr. Mejdi Ahmed Hussein: … I love battles, and I love battles very much. With enemies, of course. America and Israel. But it must be done wisely and patiently… prudence, secrecy, without much announcement. [Somebody interjects something…and he says, “ok, you said it.” ] What I will talk about is not a secret: our battle with America and Israel. [Somebody interrupts him and he says, “this is my opinion. What I am saying is done by every country. And said.”…]
This has been an issue since 1964…there is not going to be a day when a newspaper headline will say “today war was declared”… refusing to talk [candidly] about this is evading responsibility. We have ignored Africa for long…we focused too much on the west…thank God there is now some focus on Asia…but we forget: Africa is the solution. This is not just about water: obviously, we die without water. And why I say America and Israel: we are 80 million. What will happen to us if water is cut? This is a grave threat, and we must deal with it with exemplary patience…I have to emphasize what Amr Khaled said: we must return to Africa.
Sustained people to people campaigns… Official and unofficial… not the tours we do: go and return, which create more damage than benefit…We go to Ethiopia, make one trip and [imagine the Ethiopian reaction]: “you are here because you heard we are hungry… we haven’t seen an Egyptian plane in 30 years and you show up now? You are here to save us?”…This is the reaction. Psychologically. Your Excellency, ask yourself: how many [Egyptian] reporters have been to Ethiopia? Seven or Eight? But every single [Egyptian] reporter has been to America, of course, at America’s expense! And to Europe…Does a single [Egyptian media outlet] have a station in Ethiopia, I am sorry, I mean the entire Africa?… I was deep in Sudan and a kid asked me, “do you know Adel Imam?[Egyptian actor]” And I said, “no, but I know Nur Sherif” [Egyptian actor] and he said, “please say hi to him for me.” So, have we done any movie expos in Arab-speaking.. African countries? Do we have any research and translation services anywhere in Ethiopia, just like there are American research institutions talking to us day and night? Do we have a common market with the Nile countries? What is the role of Al-Azhar…we send teachers to Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone, Your Excellency! And this is a non-Arab country. I want to know how many Al Azhar teachers are there in the Nile Countries common market? Have we worked on a common electric grid? Airlines? Tourism? [Mocking status quo, he says “European tourists are fine, but the blacks, they are of no use!”]
Why don’t we have a citizenship naturalization process for the Sudanese? Don’t insult the Sudanese [directing his comments to the speaker who was offended by Sudan’s position regarding the Ethiopian dam]: the Sudanese is a serious man. The Oromo, the Ogaden…that’s not something that requires loud voice. I do not want open warfare declared against Ethiopia. The Ethiopian people are our friends. The African people love us. 60% of Ethiopians are Muslims. 50-60% are Christians… the church relations may have ended [the relationship between the Egyptian Coptic Church and the Ethiopian Orthodox churches that were altered by Haile Selasse I] but the spiritual connection remains. Before and after Islam and Christianity, they [Ethiopians] are the closest to our hearts. This talk [of war with Ethiopia] is dangerous…ok, if one or two of you say it…but please be cautious. It is wrong and it will not help us meet our goals. These are people who love us very much and love Egypt very much.. Finally, last point, in the past we used to say if you want to kill an issue, create a committee…but we are not in the government now, we have relationship with the government. I plead to you to create a bond with the African people… not just Ethiopia. I have confidence in your excellency that you will do that… I mean the whole of Africa.

Al Ab Refiq Rish (Catholic church): …We need a campaign in Africa.. and internationalizing the case…finally, no to military work… first we don’t know if we know the military capacity of the Ethiopians. Specially [since] they are specialized in guerrilla warfare…but it will certainly result in us to losing good will in [the eyes] of many Africans.

Muhandes Ehab: The report made me anxious… it deals with the case as a done deal that we have to accommodate with it as if it [the dam] is a reality…the study also mentions that the reports are incomplete, but it doesn’t prove they [Ethiopians] do not have studies, but they hid many studies from us and this causes us many problems…we should not be unaware of the main player in this case as also in the Sinai case, because [we know] the player, which is the Zionist entity, in the case of Ethiopia and in the case of Sinai, [its] main goal is to put the security and stability of Egypt in danger…Al Azhar and the church have a role, with consideration that [Ethiopia] is secular…

Rami: I tell you, Your Excellency, Ethiopia will not get any funding to build this dam… Ethiopia getting funds for this dam is impossible. Their priorities in Ethiopia are more important than building this dam…they need hospitals, schools, constructing residential building.. I think this dam is political, its use is political for internal reasons… we should send from this place a message of love and peace to the Ethiopian people and we tell them the Ethiopian and Egyptian people, even if it came after thirty years of injustice, we are with you to build a better future.

Mahmoud (representing youth group): I add my voice to Dr. Amr Khaled, Amr Hamzawi, Dr Aymen Nur for what they said and there is no point to add to that, but all options are open meaning they are open. … we need to change the value with which we deal with the consumption and wasting of Nile…The Sudanese and Egyptian position should be one and we work [together].. the dam cannot be separated from the Sinai case and its intent is to occupy Egypt with continuous crisis..

President Mursi (concluding remarks): I thank all of you… the meeting has confirmed to me of the necessity of having meetings. When we work as a team, the results will be better than when we work individually. I hope those who were not able to attend will attend future meetings. I have three points, which I will cover quickly. First, we may have differences of opinions, and it is a right, but we are all protective of the sovereignty of Egypt, and the security of Sudan and the people of Sudan, respect for the wishes of Sudan, north and south, and also the people of Ethiopia. We have no enmity to anyone. Or ill wishes to anyone. Categorically. But none of that precludes our desire to protect [our interest in] the Nile. Next, when we move, we should move with the spirit of the Egyptian people who have never been an aggressor against anyone in its history, but now is protecting its water security. Water and Nile are [the definition of] life. Not just irrigation and electricity but life…. the last point: energy sources.. we have three factors…and wide open opportunities for energy: one is material, which I am pursuing forcefully and with a sense of urgency, the second is solar energy.. we have a big project which we will present to you in the near future…a project no smaller than the Suez Canal project…in the western Sahara we have more opportunities for solar energies than anywhere else in the world…it should be no less than 10,000 megawatts…the third is wind energy..We have many locations for by the Red Sea… diversification will prevent us from over-relying on one source…this is not to minimize the significance of hydro-electric power: that is fundamental… one more time I thank you; this is one in a series of meetings we will have on this issue…an hour from now we will have a meeting with a Cabinet of Ministers…

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Comment from: Nagawo [Visitor]

Bethitu the Treacherous Traitor (woyane):

Obviously you didn’t have anything to say. That is OK, as none is anticipated from your like. Lying is an attribute of a traitor. Did you have anything to say about the so-called Ethiopian air force?

Let me tell you something. Ethiopians do know very well that corrupt woyane generals run the military. The so-called air force is in fact the worst case; it’s a sector completely (100%) controlled by TPLF. I ran into several of these illiterate woyanes with senior military rank during my trips home. It’s just beyond ones comprehension. The air force is not a national institute.

The same is true in the army, where almost 100% of the high-ranking officers are woyanes. Their loyalty is to the most corrupt faction of the TPLF. They have no loyalty to the country and the people. Their job is to steal as much dollar as they can.

Ethiopians will rise and defend the country as they have done in the past and as they did during the Badme war. This time the Ethiopian people are watchful and will not be cannon fodder and victims of treacherous traitors. They will not be thrown under the rug as it happened then. Remember this!

06/17/13 @ 09:40
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

“President Mursi (concluding remarks): I thank all of you… the meeting has confirmed to me of the necessity of having meetings. When we work as a team, the results will be better than when we work individually. I hope those who were not able to attend will attend future meetings. I have three points, which I will cover quickly. First, we may have differences of opinions, and it is a right, but we are all protective of the sovereignty of Egypt, and the security of Sudan and the people of Sudan, respect for the wishes of Sudan, north and south, and also the people of Ethiopia. We have no enmity to anyone. Or ill wishes to anyone. Categorically. But none of that precludes our desire to protect [our interest in] the Nile. Next, when we move, we should move with the spirit of the Egyptian people who have never been an aggressor against anyone in its history, but now is protecting its water security. Water and Nile are [the definition of] life. Not just irrigation and electricity but life…. the last point: energy sources.. we have three factors…and wide open opportunities for energy: one is material, which I am pursuing forcefully and with a sense of urgency, the second is solar energy.. we have a big project which we will present to you in the near future…a project no smaller than the Suez Canal project…in the western Sahara we have more opportunities for solar energies than anywhere else in the world…it should be no less than 10,000 megawatts…the third is wind energy..We have many locations for by the Red Sea… diversification will prevent us from over-relying on one source…this is not to minimize the significance of hydro-electric power: that is fundamental… one more time I thank you; this is one in a series of meetings we will have on this issue…an hour from now we will have a meeting with a Cabinet of Ministers…”

hence, Mursi did not say anything as crazy as Hailemariam. In fact, he said good things.

Now, let us leave our differences on religion behind.

Here is my advice;

1. Dam Nile. In fact, Dam all of it unitl no Nile flows to Sudan and Egypt. We do not care any more what the North does.

2. Egypt should find a way to divert Red Sea into inland.

3. Egypt totally should pull out any link with Ethiopia and even with African Union.

4. Muslims of Ethiopia should be given a chance to stay in that country as par the christian Ethiopia.

5. Do not mention religion from now on on this website.

6. From now on, we consider Ethiopia as enemy of peaceful Muslims.

This is the last time I will comment on the issue. All superpowers I say to you do not use religion to advance your new causes. It is very toxic. Find some other excuse.

I pray that Muslims of Ethiopia become as powerful as anyone in that country. But right now all the world has refused to put Ethiopian Muslims in their true perspectives.

What Allah has designed it will happen. But the days of bombing or suicide or any other in the name of Islam are things of the past. We all know now why Islam has been abused and used by superpowers.

Let us build friendship. As in the West all religions do work fine. So, we are all human beings after all. I urge Obama to follow his heart and not be guided by politicians who have their own specific interests which is to remove him from power. I hope that Palestinians and Israelis will live in peace and that region with much history needs to be peaceful so we can visit it whenever we desire it.

06/17/13 @ 11:57
Comment from: gudfela [Visitor]


Shame on you transfering the massacaring of Ethiopians by Gragn. Well, it is all relative, you believe Ase Yohannes did and we beleive Gragn was beast. First off, Ethiopia is/was a christian nation. Yes, the Muslim home is Ethiopia but by all means, Ethiopia is christian nation and you dare to say what Gragn did is good? How well do you know the story of Ase Yohanees and Gragn? Anything about Islam is by sword and conversion. Look around North Africa and Egypt Arabs colonizing Africa in the name of relgion Islam.

06/17/13 @ 16:42
Comment from: gudfela [Visitor]


At the time of such crisis being set up for us, let us wake up and not play by these groups who are trying to create problems among our people. These people are: fanatic Muslims will use this opportunity to support Egypt to take over Ethiopia, TPLF wants this instigation to divert attention from what they are doing, foreigners will escalate disagreements among us to create civil war other than what Egypt will do and Shabia will also isntigate our disagreements. Rather let us ignore these groups and focus how to unite, campaign, for Ethiopia and Ethiopai’s safety.

06/17/13 @ 16:51
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Atechemaleki. I do not need no comments from you. I will just ignore you.

Ahmed Gragn was perhaps greater than Alexander the Great. I have not read any hero in the history of West or East that is as Magnificent as him. So, we love him for his brevity and courage. No one is born yet like him.

06/17/13 @ 18:36
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Visitor]
Amhara Princess

@ Marcus

Thank you so much for that! Much appreciated.


Well, from all these embarrassing Egyptian garbage, what I gathered is that Ethiopians are the sharpest Africans who know exactly who this filthy people aka Arabs or the fake Arabs really are! Nothing new is being discussed that we don’t already know or have a clue about.

We all know what all these racist pigs, fake religious people aka Arabs/Egyptian politicians think of the rest of Africa and how these evil creatures always work to destabilize Africans, especially East Africa through proxy wars. It is no public secrete who is causing endless turmoil, conflicts in East Africa and making life unbearable, and awful in the horn.

Fake African nations aka (African Arabs) work 24/7 to destabilize the peace in Black Africa. They talk about Africans with utter contempt, racism! I hope the Ar’Terans, Somalis and Sudanese are paying good attention on what is being said here. House Ni*&^% East Africans now you finally heard it from the horse’s mouth that you are nothing but a tool, monkey, chimp, soccer ball to Arabs… You need to Read this again & again! Are you reading Gragn’Ah’Mursi and EthiopiawiNOT? Or in your deluded khat grazing brains, you are not Africans as well?

I really hope that Ethiopia will just ignore these goons and continues to work on the dam, hopefully large scale irrigation dams would follow on other sourcing rivers after the grand dam is completed.


* “I remember the foreign minister of Ethiopia came to Egypt and mocked the Egyptian people. He said, the Nile doesn’t have wings to fly to Israel. But Egyptians and everyone else knows that the Nile could have wings [that run] under the ground–pipes could pass through the Red sea… and there are countries that import water through pipes".

I wish he told us the name of that foreign Minster and from which era? A very clever man indeed :)

* “we do not want an embassy in Ethiopia, we need a task force in Ethiopia…political, intelligence, to deal in all aspects with the Ethiopian reality, we have to have a role in it. I think this….to interfere in internal issues (I say this, contrary to what people say) there must be an interference in national affairs, and there must be an influence on decisions".

GOE are you listening? All the Arabs you stashed in Ethiopia including Al Amoudi and Gulf states are potentially deadly weapons against our nation!!

06/17/13 @ 18:38
Comment from: Ethiopiawinet [Visitor]


Thanks to Egyptians for not mentioning about Ethiopian Muslims instead brashed about your religion.
Imagine if they mention it could have been a good amunition to Woyane drama making with evidence. The drama that was made with lie and without evidence embaraced them to their ass and the world laughed at them.

Ethiopian PrincessNOT

AP you are pathological liar when you said that Prophet Mohammed instructed you not to touch Ethiopia. Which Ethiopia were you talking about. The one built on the top of the hill(plataue) called Axum. Then He said do not touch Habesha (the Tigries not Ethiopia) at that time. Meles vividly told you that Ethiopia is 100 years old though he forgot the 20 years.
I know you are in denial stage until the cancer wipe you out. Distortor, hater exclusive narrow oppressor fanatic.

The Egyptian knows very well what’s going as USA regarding peaceful Ethiopian Muslim demands.
Don’t worry till the egg starts to walk. You can mock them intead of supporting them.

Abay or the Nile case can be solved easily unless you have intention or grauge to use it to extend your life.

06/17/13 @ 21:27
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Visitor]
Amhara Princess

@ Gragn Ah’Mursi

Dream on! Alexander the great is called the “Great” for damn good reason. There is also a good reason why your genocidal TRASH imam aka Gragn Ah’mad is a nobody and only heard of in Mogadishu and Tora Bora. That is where you find his ONLY statue in the entire world and you dare compare him with Alexander the great? You are Amanuel Hospital escapee for sure! Your roach imam has been 6″ since February 21, 1543 and that is where he & his bandit story will remain forever! Our forefathers made sure of it, we will make sure of it. A house negro will always be remembered as a house negro including yourself. Here is a line or two from Grgan Ah’mad’s story:

“…After Ahmad ibn Ibrahim al-Ghazi death in 1543, his wife Bati Del Wambara managed to escape the battlefield with a remnant of the TURKISH soldiers… Intent on avenging her husband death, she married his NEPHEW Nur Ibn Mujahid on condition that Nur would avenge Imam Ahmad’s defeat". Hahhaha!

Yeah yeah, I bet the sick lady always had her eyes on her hubby’s nephew who was young enough to be her grand child. That is when sick perversion of radical Muslims started ….

The end :)

@ EthiopiawiNOT

Now, you run outta things to say & started talking pure gibberish in a typical geriatric style. So Habesha only equates to Tigray now? Who said that? Your Mohammad? May I remind you that Axumites were NOT Tigrays? The Aximutes were Semetic Abyssinians who spoke Gee’z NOT Tigrays who spoke Tigrigna. However, it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out Tigrays, the Amhara, part of Eritrea, the Harari, the Gurage, the Bilen, the Agew etc etc are all direct decedents of the Semitic Abyssinians!! So, Mamo kilo is trying to split hair and tell us only none existent Tigrays during Axumite equates to Habesha? That is really retarded & typical sleepyhead radical Islam way of life. I believe being pathological liar is your way of life!

You are inferiority complex ridden, low self esteemed wishy wahsy clown. On one hand, you cry against TPLF 24/7 and on the other, you try to tell us every moronic thing TPLF cadres & their bosses come up with as credible piece of history i.e. mentioning the dead Tyrant’s deluded rant above and the the info you were blubbering about Amhara demographics the other day from Adgi forum?? :))

06/18/13 @ 06:04
Comment from: Ethiopiawinet [Visitor]

Ethiopian PrincessNOT

You really don’t get it unless i shuffle the matter into your throat. The habeshas you mentioned above
were not the one who made contact with the delegates. I know who is semetic and who is not OK child!

The Axumites are Tigries not Amharas or the above. So do not try to include or immerse yourself in everthing that does not touch you to score history. You are fake.

Regarding inferiority complex i rest this for you as you are suffering from this syndrome which is incurable.


Please stop this feudal line of stupidity saying Ethiopia was coptic (sorry you like to be called Christian) country.
You are not different from AP. Axum was not Ethiopia then for God sake.
Let me teach you real history which narrates that Axum was ruled by Coptic rulers starting 4th century prior to that was pagan town.
The rest of today Ethiopia was Muslim country means ruled, habitats were all Muslims in the 5th century without a single copts exist on that land for medicine.
Are you with me here or you ignore me for your Mamo kilo tert tert history book.

Coming to you point on Gragn Ahmed Vs Yohannes of Tigrai.

Gragn battled 210,000 Coptics(Orthodox)soldiers with 16,000 Muslims and won. Was this what you called it massacare or what are you talking about. Did he committed genocide on civilians who are not his tribe as Yohannes did on his own people with different beliefs? Big NO.
Gragn never massacared civilians but burned coptic churches for the reason I mentioned before.

To enhance your knowledge on this subject read the books written about Gragn Ahmed. To tip you how to get it. Just visit Liberary of Congress, UCLA University in Los Angeles, etc or you can purchase the book from book stores to keep it as Ethiopian history. This guy is world wide famous.
On Yohannes, may be the northern wrote a book for him other than that he is not knows that much beyond Sudan. He is well known for the genocide of his own people.

I have never taken side except reading the credible and true history which was hidden from you to cover up your ancestor’s crime.
Now time has changed. I myself was in the dark during your king Haile while I was attending high school. I used to admire Yohannes and curse Gragn just like the northerns do it forever.
Time has changed everything and showed me the real history.

It’s already recorded, written and kept as history. Nobody labeled you genocider or terrorist for your ancestors fault as you label all Muslims for few terrorists crime.

I hope you take my point sincerely and go on with your live.


06/18/13 @ 21:39
Comment from: Ethiopiawinet [Visitor]

Ethiopian PrincessNOT

Thank you for bringing up Gragn Ahmed’s wife Wambara. She was a worrior who avenged her husband’s death by cutting the head of treasonous Claudos who brought Portugese to destroy newly formed country now called Ethiopia.
Why you did not finish the history of this brave Harari woman. You are coward shintam fake Amhara Princess. You always reach for foreigners even today. Remember, Portugese, Yemenis, Cubans, Eastern Europe, etc.
You call yourself braves.
Why you always depend on outside forces? because you are oppressor so you don’t have support inside excpet your tiny tribe.
If you rule with just, equality, and freedom then the country will be stronger, proud, and prosperous. This is what Ethiopian Muslims were asking for since the country formed in 1887. Read about the root cause of the country’s problem which are:
1) Rigidnous, backwardness, fanatism of the northern trait. Hard to deal with this people. Sun for you is moon. Nobody can change this kind of mentality except real God.
2) oppression of other tribes and religion. ‘gizachew’, etc. Just rule forget about human rights.
The list is long enough for now.

06/18/13 @ 21:54
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Visitor]
Amhara Princess

EthiopawiNOT aka Plastic Arab

First and foremost, I would like to correct you that I am NOT Ethiopian Princess, thanks. I am “Amhara Princess". If I wanted to call myself Ethiopian Princess, I could in a second but I am happy with my screen name, thanks. There is a damn good reason why my screen name is here!

Secondly, you seem to be overly irritated, agitated and crying like a baby because no matter what you say here, you are showing yourself to be the most incompetent, mentally challenged, loser with zero confidence and self esteem. You can’t even put your head up and say YES, I am Ethiopian of this tribe? Hiding your identity, talking random Radical Islam trash and crying over Northerners 24/7 shows your feeble character, coward nature. Whether you like it or NOT, Northerner have always been and still are the movers and shakers of Ethiopia. Get over it. You keep crying here like the real loser that you are. You are too retarded to even identify which tribes of Ethiopia are of Semitic decedent. Retarded Geriatric trying to split hair before telling apart your mouth from your rare end. Keep on crying, telling yourself about the none existent Muslim religious oppression in Ethiopia. Muslims are no special case, they are NOT discriminated on religious basis at all.

Last but not least, the only Portuguese that Turkish/Arab worshiping pedophile/pervert lady killed is in HER DREAMS and in your fairy tell. Let alone avenge her husband, she retreated and had begged her Turkish masters to build a wall around Harar to run away from our gallant ancestors & hide! In the end, even the wall didn’t save those Turkish tools. End of.

Any fairy tell afterwards is your invention, a radical Islam way of life. However, that House Ni*&^%$ lady & her folks tried their very best to help the Turkish/Arabs colonize Ethiopia in all that they can, unsuccessfully! Apparently, her name is now only used to describe —— in Somalia. Ask Somalis what they use her name for?

The End :)

06/19/13 @ 07:55

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