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Ethiopia: OLF drops secession, embraces Ethiopian unity



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Ethiopia: OLF drops secession, embraces Ethiopian unity

Ethiopia: OLF drops secession, embraces Ethiopian unity

By Abebe Gellaw

Washington DC (ESAT)
–The Oromo Liberation Front has announced its historic decision to drop its long-held secessionist agenda and to embrace the unity of Ethiopia under a genuine federal arrangement that must guarantee the rights, equality and liberty of all Ethiopians.

In a historic press release, the OLF, led by Brigadier General Kemal Gelchu, issued at the conclusion of its extraordinary National Council plenary, held on December 30 and 31 in Minnesota, the front spelt out its new vision in an unprecedented clarity. The meeting was also open to any non-Oromo Ethiopians for the first time.

According to the press release, the OLF National Council has examined the struggle of the Oromo people, the political program of the front, the prevailing conditions that the Ethiopian people suffer under the dictatorship of Meles Zenewi and the necessity of working with all democratic forces in Ethiopian to end the untold misery of Ethiopians under the tyrannical regime.

“The OLF National Council also focused on the timely demand of working with other democratic forces in forming the new Ethiopia that will guarantee and protect the fundamental rights of all peoples in Ethiopia. The new social contract will and should be based on the free will and consent of all peoples in Ethiopia. The previous style that claims “I know for you” should be abolished and replaced with a new vision that is based on peoples’ consent and free will,” the release stated.

The historic statement further noted that OLF would struggle not only for the Oromo people but also the people of Ethiopia suffering under the tyranny and oppression of the TPLF regime. “To fulfill this vision and play crucial roles, not only for the Oromo people, but for all Ethiopian people, the OLF National Council pursuant to the power vested to it by the OLF National Congress effectively amended the OLF political program today, January 1, 2012,” the front said.

The release underscored the fact that the revised OLF political program will “accept the new federal democratic republic of Ethiopia that will work for the betterment of all of its citizens, neighboring countries and international communities.” It also said that the OLF would honor and respect the decisions of the Ethiopian people would make exercising their will under the new federal republic of Ethiopia.

OLF also urged all democratic forces to work in tandem to make Ethiopia a common home for all its people. It also called on the international community to desist from supporting the tyrannical regime of Meles Zenawi that is “engaged in terrorizing the Ethiopian people, selling the precious resources of the country to the highest bidders, and the government that does not respect the principles of democracy, human rights and rule of law.”

In an interview with ESAT Radio, Dr. Nuro Dedefo, OLF Executive Committee member, has explained that the front has charted out a new vision based on the reality on the ground. He said the new vision of the OLF aspires to liberate the Ethiopian people from the brutal minority rule of the TPLF and establish a new democratic Ethiopia based on the free will of the people to live, work and set up a common country for all. He pointed out that previously OLF used to advocate for the establishment of an Oromo state. As per its new vision, OLF now aspires to establish one country with other Ethiopians, he explained.

Dr. Nuro also underscored that OLF rejects the bogus federal arrangement that has imposed the hegemony of the TPLF on the rest of Ethiopia. According to Dr. Nuro, the OLF wants a real and genuine federal system which clearly shows that OLF broken with the past and embraced Ethiopian unity. “In order to change the racist minority rule of the TPLF and form a new Ethiopia that will be free from absence of the rule of law and rampant abuse of citizens… OLF is ready to work with all Ethiopian democratic forces,” he declared.

He noted that TPLF’s so-called federal arrangement has been designed to divide and rule the people of Ethiopia and impose its hegemony using its servile puppets and messengers. Dr. Nuro has underlined that that OLF’s new vision will put an end to TPLF’s propaganda against OLF, which it tried to present as a secessionist force. “That will put the scheme in the coffin once and for all,” he said.

The OLF official also called upon fellow Ethiopians to work with the OLF in a spirit of trust in order to establish the new Ethiopia, where democracy, justice, respect for human rights and rule of law will be the founding values.

Dr. Nuro told ESAT that the meeting, which was also open for non-Oromo Ethiopians, was exciting to so many Ethiopians that have already endorsed OLF’s new vision that it adopted to end dictatorship, suffering and lawlessness in Ethiopia once and for all in collaboration with any democratic forces.


Comment from: አለምነህ [Visitor]

እስካሁን ኦነግ አሉኝ ካላቸው አባላት ውስጥ ትንሽ ማሰብ የሚችለው ከማል ገልቹ ብቻ ነው። ዛሬ ያወጡትን መግለጫ አንብቤው የዞረበት ነገር ሆኖ አግቼዋለሁ

01/02/12 @ 01:32
Comment from: Bulga [Visitor]

We will see them! They have to accept the Oromo as a pure owner and citizen of Ethiopia. No Oromo, no Ethiopia. Plus they have to avoid a century old hate against Amhara and Tigrie. These are inocent people never been involved with the feudals to oppress or discriminate oromo. I know some of the feudals in South and also like Ras Balcha, the heart and soul of Minilike II were from Oromo.
Anyways its an update for a new version of political version and should be downloaded and run over all ONLF followers throughout the world!! Long live Ethiopia

01/02/12 @ 01:50
Comment from: Ababu [Visitor]

Then OLF is no more! How about Oromo Peoples Congress for a name?

01/02/12 @ 01:57
Comment from: [Member]

Ere!! Alqerebachihuma!
Sillu semta dorro tanqa motech!
So they said Lucifer was one of the angels, the serpint was Adam’s friend, Judas one of the disiples of Jesus christ. The hayena crying for the death of the donkey,
What is new?
Ayenen atasqiw terses lemadu new!
The top funniest story of 2011!!

01/02/12 @ 02:05
Comment from: Ras Mitat [Visitor]
Ras Mitat

Who cares??!!

Oromo, Ogaden, Derg, Shabia…Rats can all stay frozen in Minnesota.

01/02/12 @ 02:13
Comment from: Jacob [Visitor]

If OLF drops secession, then EPLF will cancel the referendum result. This is a total bullshit. Hey guys,You can not fool us. We Ethiopians are not that naive. Dear fellow Ethiopians, please stay alerted! The NEFTEGNAS can never been more dangerous to Ethiopia than this if they start cooperating with these anti-Ethiopian, anti-oromo OLF terrorists.

01/02/12 @ 02:18
Comment from: Dagnachew Koru [Visitor]
Dagnachew Koru

This is foolish and selfish diaspora’s decision, which is arranged by Esayas Afworki, Ginbot 7 and ESAT’s fake agreement. OLF will never get better opportunity to establish their ethnic identity. OLF will be fall if they refuse to solve the miner problem with existing government. The rooted neft scrooge mentality, is ready to push the Oromo people in a new trap, which they have failed in the past to make the co-existence with other ethnic group. They have to open their eyes to make such decision.

01/02/12 @ 03:14
Comment from: Tezibt [Visitor]

Sirotu yetatekut suri sirotu yifetal. What is wrong with you OLF people. Hold your horses, haste is waste. When you rush like this no one is going to believe you. One can only believe your press release as a major strategy to attain your goal. Take it from me, people are going to say that you are doing this because your organization is spineless and you are decaying. How about taking it slow and work on grassroot level. Earn the trust of Ethiopians including those with oromo heritage who are not sure about you. Then when the day comes you could use your last weapon of dropping your quest for independence. In my view what you did is very childish. Is Dr. Berhanu to blame for this ? No you have to blame your self. I can’t wait to see those oromos who fake not to understand Amharic talk sum ena work again. I love love love that, specially, an oromo speak like gondere. Can’t really wait to see that. I hope OLF turns from an organization of misery to the oromos and the rest of Ethiopia into an organization with vision. Good luck to the good people with in OLF.

01/02/12 @ 03:16
Comment from: Uloos [Visitor]

Very GOOD news for all those who love Ethiopia. Very bad news for Meles and TPLF and ONLF crooks

01/02/12 @ 03:21
Comment from: bona [Visitor]

‘ hezibu begeza fekadu ……’ Is what he said, what is new? Right of self-determinatin is the log of OLF since its establishment! And these guys were lost their membership 2years ago, they cant represent the organization

01/02/12 @ 03:42
Comment from: wolayta [Visitor]

Great news.
But the kind of Ethiopia in the process of being built is Ethiopia where number is not going to count any more.
Being majority should be the only requirment to lead,we are witness to the damage the people in union had at the time of the majority rule before mengistu regime(Minority rule began from mengistu-ethnic wolayta).

what all should focus is better tommorow,which entirelly depend on the entire ethiopians not just on the majority and their kingdom supposed to come.

01/02/12 @ 03:52
Comment from: wolayta [Visitor]

Lets remember some facts about feudal era.
feudal system was implemented in the entire ethiopia including Amhara,Tigray,Oromia,Wolayta,etc
majority of the feudals where amharas in amhara,tigray and the rest of Ethiopia.Inspite of these each area had its own ethnic feudals.In wolayta i know more tha 50 ethnic wolayta feudals though the amharas outnumber.

my question to you mr bulga is..
1.are you telling the people of oromo that they had representatives who worked with Menilik(the hiostorical enemy of oromos)
2.are you telling the ormo people that they had local feudals even out of the region of oromia.
3.are you trying to reconstruct the oromo History
what is your comment all about ?

01/02/12 @ 03:59
Comment from: Zemedkun [Visitor]

Why is this bad news to Meles Kezenawi? Why is his tugs barking like a mad dog? OLF decided to fight for the freedom of all Ethiopia and dropped its sucssessionist agenda. This should be good news not only to Ethiopia but to all of Africa!!!!!
Be very aware the next card Kezenawi will play is religion decision in a biger scale! Be aware and stay guard, TPLF will start burning churches and mosques just to devide people and leave in power for few days longer. At the end the regime will fall down as all dictatorial regimes fall down. God bless Ethiopia!!!!!! And thank you ESAT for bringing this good news!

01/02/12 @ 04:09
Comment from: tazabi [Visitor]

Leba!!!Tell to issays to your Boss!!

01/02/12 @ 05:03
Comment from: wepE [Member]

Guess they foresaw the gruesome future waiting as an independent country, which no part of Ethiopia would be able to survive. Anyways this is one timely and great news for any Ethiopian. Great start for emama at the European new year, 2O!2. Just waiting ONLF to join the Ethiopian club. But they need to be better organized, a strong force to reckon with for the occupying evil weyane, both in terms of military and political power. Ethiopia never lacked soldiers or political leaders, we just needed to come to an agreement. Weyanes and Ordaffa (or is this the plan for 2014?), time to eat your hears out!

Igzer EtyoP’yan And’ Yargat, Kek’fum YiT’ebikat.
Wakes up every day proud that I’m an Ethiopian.

01/02/12 @ 05:09
Comment from: Gold [Visitor]

This move should be welcomed. True Ethiopians in this forum, please be responsible and refrain from attacking this decision.

01/02/12 @ 05:14
Comment from: William Aaron [Visitor]
William Aaron

I am so glad OLF think this good way for the Ethiopia people.Woayne take the OLF free land bad poltic advantage but now the claim as Ethiopians and fight to Woyene full with his blood and tears.
The Merdream for Tigre Weyane is the People of Oromo anti anti Tigria Politic.I will be there.

01/02/12 @ 05:23
Comment from: Tola [Visitor]

The Real OLF is not the part of this deal. The real and core OLF is the one which is lead by Daawid Ibsa. It is this part of OLF that has a real legitimacy and majority. The OPDO general is not even a recognized leader among OLF. So please slow down and see what will happen soon. Habashas are the real enemy of Oromo people not only TPLF.

01/02/12 @ 05:28
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Let’s wait and see ,only the FUTURE shall tell the TRUTH .Don’t forget that Agazi bandits did have the same languages in the 80th .And you know what did they did after controlling the power ,Sovereignty
on the Red Sea offered on a Silver Plate to Shabya ,Ethno based evil politics of Division in the name of
Federalism !!!The “Talaku Tigrai” project never abandoned but always accelerating with hidden evil agendas !!!!Does it really mean that OLF
finally renounces on the preservation
of Article 39 the day that the TPLF bandits stupid constitution shall be abolished ?

01/02/12 @ 05:56
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Hey Bull Guy what the hell are you talking about .What about your fake oromo bandas as Aba Dulla and Bultcha Demkessa and the whole OPDO
bandits seving your leba master .These criminals are also accountable for the GENOCIDE comitted in many parts of the country ,along your leba master and his Agazis .

01/02/12 @ 06:03
Comment from: south Africa [Visitor]
south Africa

It’s v.good news for everybody but for TPLF and the supporter is bad.

01/02/12 @ 06:16
Comment from: omo [Visitor]

This is groundbreaking and mesmerizing news. This is a sign that a new chapter is opening in the history of the Ethiopian people and the mountain of division and disillusion is leveling down and is becoming a flat land on which friendship, brotherliness and cooperation is going to flourish. The foundations of divide and rule is shaking and it is about to collapse.

Those who always aspired for the unity of Ethiopia, see this news and 2012 as the year the light of hope for one united Ethiopia is starting to cast its first rays on the faces of all Ethiopians, Oromos-Amaras-Tigres and the rest, excluding of course those individuals who have to lose from this unity of opinion and heart of our people. Uniters, accommodators and peace-lovers are happy today, while haters, dividers, exploiters, and the disdainful are unhappy and scared.

There will be many, especially those who have invested on hate, discord and empty bravado, who would be questioning the genuinity and trustworthiness of this new air of hope coming from OLF. Whatever they say, we are hoping that this is going to be the beginning of the end of hegemony, exploitation, and divide and rule by a strictly tribal regime. One thing is for sure, OLF has come to understand that its aspiration should be for an equal, free, prosperous and respected Oromo people within a united Ethiopia.

Can haters, dividers and the boastful, change their nature and become part of the new trend of unity and fraternity, or are they going to continue to say total power or death. TPLF and its supporters should know that the biggest stumbling block for the last twenty years concerning the emancipation of the people of Ethiopia from dictatorship had been the secessionist stand of OLF and ONLF. If Oromo elites say NO to disunity today, ONLF will soon follow suit and it will take a similar step.

Can a fish live in a sea that rejects it? Can a ruling class survive for long when the people say NO to its hegemonic rules, when democracy, the rule of law and human rights are tramped upon by rulers of the land, when everybody who dares criticize the regime is labeled a terrorist and is put in prison, where tribal identity is a license for so many illegal benefits (military and political power and economy affluence), and when a regime says power belongs solely to those who have the guns?

A wind of change is coming to Ethiopia. MZ who is revered and praised by his cronies will be judged by the way he handles this change of the status quo; if he is going to be part of the solution by accommodating the opposition and the Ethiopian people, by respecting their flag and the boarder of their country or if he is going to say things will continue as usual. This is the time for serious thinking and not empty bravado by TPLF, the time when it should realize that economic development is not sustainable for long without the democratic rights and participation of the people, that they cannot build and at the same time destroy, and they cannot depend on the support of one ethnic group, and even for that, nobody is sure if it exists.

TPLFists should be aware and take in to consideration the power of the united people of Ethiopian. They should invite the whole nation and create a genuine democracy, free of vote rigging, incarcerations, intimidations, and economic, political and military hegemony. This is not a naivety, it is a possibility. If TPLF continues to say, power or death, then one is forced to leave the answer to them, so that they can find out by themselves in due time. I am sure they will be extremely disappointed.

01/02/12 @ 06:30
Comment from: girma moges [Visitor]
girma moges

This is a very wise move from OLF. Wel come back to mamma :) Now you guys should abandon the pathetic use of European alphabets in Afan oromo, and get back to your original geez fidel. It is yours pride.You should be proud using your own unique heritage. At the same time that will prove us, you mean business and we avoid any doughts about your statments. Love all Ethiopians!!

01/02/12 @ 06:36
Comment from: alemu kebede ( ye azeb mesfin Pimp) [Visitor]
alemu kebede ( ye azeb mesfin Pimp)

thats how u win against woyane,i am oromo on my mothers side , but i have always believed that OLF should unite with other ethiopians to topple the tyrant woyane rejime , otherwise woyane is very happy when ethiopians are divided , if oromo & amhara ,gurage,gambella,benshangul,debub ,afar ,also tigray ppl unite against woyane , meles & his kadres will be out of addis in less than 4 months .. God bless ethiopia , ONE ETHIOPIA against WOYANE .

01/02/12 @ 06:46
Comment from: Damo [Visitor]

This is a very scary development for TPLF mercenaries. Their biggest card they have so far used to divide Ethiopians has crumbled. All Ethiopians against Woyane is big. OLF, ONLF, GINBOT 7, MEDERK and Shabia on the sane side aganist Dedebit mercenaries is realtime huge.

It is beyond me to see a minority from a baren land and with AK 47 has been allowed to kill and loot Oromos, Amhars, South for such a long time. It is time to move swiftly to dismantle the shifta group ones and for all.

01/02/12 @ 07:00
Comment from: Yitbarek [Visitor]  

You like or not this is the best option for you guys. Oromo does not exist with or with out the so called ETHIOPIA period. We still not trusted this OLF they are trying to trick us but you cant get through otherwise surrender yor self to true Ethiopian son. Cheers guys!!

01/02/12 @ 07:07
Comment from: obsaa [Visitor]

Go and fool your dogs. This is the wish of Habashas/Amharas who are attempting to create OLF version of their own led by Gamal galchu. The real OLF willnot do this.

01/02/12 @ 07:18
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

This is a dramatic change and a good one. However, there are many things need clarifications. For example I am not understanding while listening the interview in the last part when asked if OLF have dropped its secessionist agenda the answer was yes but, again seems to say secession have never been the tendency of OLF. This is not a good start, you need to admit the past if you want to make genuine change for the future.

If the OLF is saying they never have an agenda of succession then what is new?

I think there are a lot of things OLF need to clarify, the first and most important of all is to clearly state what was their agenda in the past if it was not for succession and more so what kind of political struggle is in their new vision: armed or peaceful and also what kind of relationship they are going to have with the bastard state of Colonialism and Arabism/Eritrea.

Don’t make a blunder again we want to hear what is your policy towards Eritrea, ONLF, Al-shababe and other Ethiopian based organizations who embraces violent struggle in Ethiopia.

I personally admire the move but, I want OLF to revel to the Ethiopian people all the evil strategy of Eritrea to destroy Ethiopia as they have been working hand in hand and a clear statement denouncing Eritrean evil motive in Ethiopia. OLF should make a U turn not a zigzag tricky one.

Love it, I can see Eritrea getting lonely on a daily bases :)


01/02/12 @ 07:21
Comment from: I_hate_ehadig! [Visitor]

Good news for all Ethiopians! I expect the same from ONLF and join the strugling force to over throw the dectatorship ruling party

01/02/12 @ 07:31
Comment from: qorqoro [Visitor]

Bad news for Agames

01/02/12 @ 08:21
Comment from: Belay [Visitor]

this is a step in the right direction, if it is true and genuine. but think about it, OLF not only dropping its long fight for “REFERNDEM” of oromos but also joining the very group that oppose even the very federal system that OLF wants to maintain and even improve on….i know its easy to throw suspicion and insults at a time like this but doesn’t this make you think????

01/02/12 @ 08:41
Comment from: Ayanaa [Visitor]

As an Oromo who has always been advocating for the importance of Ethiopia’s unity to the Oromo people I am torn appart between wellcoming or rejecting this news. Given the fact that OLF is based in Eritrea (assuming they are true Oromos not Oromo speaking Amiches), it would just be stupid to see this move as any thing other than a tactical Eritrean move to tempararly buy the hearts and minds of Ethiopians and achieve their long held dream of weakening and looting Ethiopia. Even if we have to appriciate Eritrea’s understandable economic and hegemonic ambitions , there is just no reason to believe a country that bases it’s identity on the antagonism it has over Ethiopia will want to bring any thing positive to Ethiopia. I am of the oppoinion that Eritrea itself should not have been worth loosing all the lives and resources they have lost for, if it wasn’t for the misguided dream they had to have their cake and eat it., in other words they hoped to gain political independence but economicaly and militarly remain dominant in Ethiopia. Hence any one who has ethiopia’s best interest at heart should examine every intention of every group that claims to bring change to ethiopia specialy when it is intiated by non other than Ethiopia’s traditional enemy. That said, I am rather surprised it took OLF so long to fugure out why there can not be Oromia without Ethiopia or ethiopia without Oromia. wasn’t one of the longest running empires Abysinia compromised for the sake of Ethiopia which comprises not only Oromia but many other ethnicities? So why is that difficult to compromise imaginary entitities that never existed such as Sidamia or Oromia and instead live in peace with other ethnic groups that embraced ethiopia and ethiopianism? I am not saying this out of the sentimental value i give to Ethiopia but leaving the rights and wrongs of Ethiopia’s domestic politics aside, there are just so many geoplitical impracticalities that will only work against the interest of Oromo people if seccesion ever happens. one just need to look at a physical map of the region and see how rivers and resources connect us and give us common enemies and common reasons to stay united. enough said.

01/02/12 @ 08:48
Comment from: Derege [Visitor]

Excellent news!
This is going to be a nightmare for Meles!

01/02/12 @ 09:45
Comment from: Amoraw [Visitor]

At face value, this is good news. OLF has never been politically mature since its inception. In 1991 OLF had two programs. The declared program was to remain within the union as far as OLF’s hegemony is maintained. The hidden agenda was to go astray if it feels that its role is diminished.
From the interview, the man tells us that OLF made the u-turn not because unity is a value that it fights for but because it wants to “snatch the propaganda tool of EPRDF” since EPRDF portrays OLF as a force of separation. Politically, this is a tactical move for PR consumption. OLF should not have changed its stand based on the behaviour of EPRDF. The unity issue has to be resolved in an absolute sense irrespective of the conditions on the other side.
Finally, the moment OLF leaves the separation stance; it will lose all of its reasons of existence. And it will not be too long before we hear another decleration.

01/02/12 @ 09:47
Comment from: obsaa [Visitor]

It is a pity that still Oromia is manufacturing new Gobanas like Kamal Galchu. Oromos all over the world especially the intellectual part have better watch those who are attempting to eliminate the leading political organization of the oromo people (which is OLF). We have to defend OLF. Amharas have already created a second OPDO of their version, which is the OLF led by Kamal. The real OLF is still in its place and we will not be deceived.

01/02/12 @ 09:50
Comment from: [Member]

The INSIGNIFICANT OLF is trying to make a headline from its grave. Very intersting.
The main author of this nonesense “manifesto” being birhanu nega, it is always funny and child play whatever Ethiopian enemys sort out and claim to be.
One thing to notice though, this kind of tactic and strategy is used on the pakistan and Afganistan border by the talibans, whenever they loose ground claiming a cease fire and some kind of agreement, and coming back scoring a big sucide attack. They might have been successful in their own back yard, so long some people of afgans and pakistanis are surrendering to them in fear and intimidation. And most of all, they are in war front.
But our “heros” of OLF “wanna be talibans” from the burger joints of minnessota, who have nothing to show except their bitter hatred to Ethiopia and Ethiopians, are trying to cheat themselves, by creating an alliance group with ginbot7 “the wanna be BOCO HARRAMS” of Ethiopia.
“They have formed their own 4-H club: the HOPELESS, HYSTERICAL HYPOCHONDRIACS OF HISTORY,” Spiro Agnew.

01/02/12 @ 10:01
Comment from: Yirgacheffee [Visitor]

The only armed opposition worth talking to and negotiating with in Ethiopia is ONLF. OLF, on the other hand, is nothing more than a paper tiger that changes its position every few month.

01/02/12 @ 10:41
Comment from: Heny [Visitor]

hahahaha wedew aysiku alu ye General Gelchu ayat. When OLF sees that it is on its last leg, they chose to say we are still alive and strong and want to drop our quest for sessesion. say this to the fool. We know very well how shaebya is maipulating this 40 or so years old OLF. You rediculed yourself OLF hoy.

01/02/12 @ 10:54
Comment from: Balcha [Visitor]  

Very good decision. In fact is the type of decision i had always ask my friends. The bigger the force, the easier to get rid of this tyranny TPLF regiem and form democracy to all Ethiopians. The people of Tigray also need true democracy. We are now under the rule of Eritreans and that is very sad. Also, I ask you OLF people to stop hiding behind SHABIA because he is the one getting your back stabbed. Please don’t believe TPLF and Shabia are enemies. They create that fake animosity so that OLF gets to eritrea get training but your information is out there to TPLF at the end of the day. Please trust other Ethiopian lover forces, work with them and then all will be easy to get rid of TPLF. Trust me on that.Again, congratulation on your milestone decision!!

01/02/12 @ 11:01
Comment from: [Member]

This is the first step towards “Ethiopian Spring", among a few more.
Let us all genuine Ethiopians unite under “One umbrella” - Mother Ethiopia .
I am elated with such great news,
Soon we shall liberate the great land of ours-እማማ እትዮጵያ
ድር ቢያብር አንበሳ ያስር እንዲሉ በመተባበር ትግላችን የጋራ ጠላታችንን- TPLF እናሸንፋለን::
ጀነራል ከማል ገልቹ ምስጋናችን የላቀ ነው::

01/02/12 @ 11:06
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

If OLF had the support, and was perceived as a credible organization poletical party by the Ethiopian people, they could have achieved their mission long ago…

They are even becoming more laughable and a shame political party for all the Oromo - Ethiopian people, that they have no their own clear poletical stand, but just they are doing what they have had told by the mad man of east Africa Isayas Afrwerki (Wedi Medhin Berad).

Therefore, keep fooling around and serving your master under the name of ORMO people, as if you are moran brainless idiots…

Peace and prosperous life for all the Ethiopian people!!

God bless the world!!

01/02/12 @ 11:12
Comment from: Shameful [Visitor]

Once upon a time…Meles called OLF as terrorist group, so how come Meles is into agreement with “terrorist group” OLF now while fighting another so-called “terrorist group” in Somalia?
What is Woyane by the way? Soon woyane will make peace with Ghost.LOL

01/02/12 @ 11:16
Comment from: Amhara, Oromo, Guragea, Tigray, welayta, etc. [Visitor]
Amhara, Oromo, Guragea, Tigray, welayta, etc.

2012, Free Ethiopia from Psychotic and Nazi leader.
This is it!
Waiting for it!

20 + 17 Years imprisonments and murdered by juntas. Enough!
Look around and get back to your fox hole. Oh sorry, you get fat since the last 20 years. It does not fit you. No other fox hole is available. Kill yourself! You never had any brain left, even before. You lost it when you were in fox hole. What you have was weapon to murder. You murdered too many innocent Ethiopians. OLF policy was not to kill civilians. TPLF the parasites, where you going now? You got fucked! For big time.

Unexpected, heroism movement comes to your door like Earth quake. Where you going? Where you going? Where you going? WHERE YOU GOING?

W H E R E Y O U G O I N G??? No places for Nazi!

YES! No more division!
United, we stand! For freedom! No more TPLF!

01/02/12 @ 11:33
Comment from: asheber tariku [Visitor]
asheber tariku

what are you people talking about? there is no grant that the Ginbot 7 and other opposition leaders would not be dictators if they clinched power. Everyone remembers how they were fighting to each other during the the 2005 election. It seems political leaders are working for their own power not for the betterment of the Ethiopian people. These power hungers are trying what ever is possible to help them to come to power. In my opinion, there is no need of rebels to fight the Ethiopian army, what they need to do is trying teach the people and get as much vote as they can to get majority in the parliament. Then show the people their potential, if they perform good then they will win the parliament 100% for the next election. This is how it should be. Let say these oppositions groups form a coalition force and toppled the government(which i doubt) they will act the same way the EPRDF did long time ago. Therefor, what we need is peaceful opposition with out bloodshed.

01/02/12 @ 12:06
Comment from: derege [Visitor]

It is a good news! This will greatly help in creating a unifying front against the dictators. It is the unifying power which is much more potent than than anything else here. We really need to cultivate this HUGE GESTURE. I appreciate the courage of the leaders to choose a path that will bring a practical and quicker stride towards the real goals; fighting our dismal economic status and ensuring the rights of the people.

I call on all democratic groups and individuals to hail this decision.

01/02/12 @ 12:34
Comment from: Selam Naw [Visitor]
Selam Naw

It is laughable. The joke of the year from Abebe Gallaw.

It is like the dead animal skeleton scattered all over the place is saying “I’m still alive".

Before saying about the OLF secession. You have to see the composition and structure with in the Oromo.

In the Oromo are:

29 clans while Somalia has 5 and look at them.

There are 3 different and distinct one another groups namely Mecha and Tulema that are very close with the Amharas including their look. Arisi, Negele and Jiru is another group look like Somali. And Boren which is close more to the Bantu people in Kenya or elsewhere in Africa than in Ethiopia.
To me Amhara, Tigry, Gurage and the likes have more in common (100% history and 99, 9% culture and tradition) than between the three oromo groups.

Religion is another and big factor with in the Oromo. 60% are Muslims. 35% are Christians and the rest are animates. Somalia is 99.9% Muslim and look at them.

Language is another factor. Wolega Oromigna is different from Boren and is difficult to understand one another. It is the same between with in other regions too. Those speaking Amharic and Tigrigna can understand one another than between the Oromos while speaking oromigna in some regions.
In Oromo Kilil, there are more than 67 Ethnic groups while in Amhara Kilil there are only three; namely Amhara, Oromo and Agew. There are many issues to mention with in the Oromo Kilil(administration)

Therefore, even if all Ethiopians work together to facilitate the OLF secession joke, it will not work. There is no historical justification and practical environment Oromo killil to become a state. In history it never been and it will not happen. There situation will be worst than Somalia is if there is any worst…

The only and best solution to all of us is being good Ethiopians and work together for peace, unity, development and benefit together. This is a modern era and we must think and do things based on our common good and mainly to the mass. Clean your sick brain from old habit that is and will not work. Together as Ethiopians with peace, unity and development, we can make our country the place to live and make the living.

OLF is already dead. Desperate Diaspora stop crying. You are already mentally dead too.

Ethiopian are united more than ever. The brave govt policy is working this way. Have you seen the people unity and power to benefit together the biggest and long term Ethiopian people wealth, Abay? You can cry in abroad about Ethnic and other shits in your sick brain. But Ethiopians are working day and night together for better tomorrow in Ethiopia. Your brain is 20 years behind and its lacks everything happening in Ethiopia.

01/02/12 @ 12:38
Comment from: Minyaregal [Visitor]

This is great news. There is no Ethiopia without Oromia and there is no Oromia without Ethiopia.

This decision I hope is permamanent and irreversible for ever.

The ONLF Ogadenis also should embrace this principle if ever they want to avoid the narrow nationalism and divisiveness that has plagued them since their establishment.

ONLF will never make it with a secessionis agenda.

Now I can proudly speak of my Oromia blood as well as Amhara and Tigre blood without hesitatation, since all now are Ethiopian!

God bless Ethiopia!!

01/02/12 @ 12:45
Comment from: yoni [Visitor]


EVEN if shabiya lives a little longer…I sincerly dont know why some of you think this is bad news for EPRDF.

Watch the drama unfold and EPRDF capitalize on this progress.

-Soon OLF and ONLF will drop their armed struggle, and it will split in the process…HOLD ME ON THIS!

-After the split the remaining OLF and ONLF will once again debate weather to join the parliament or not…this will put them at odd with their master Esayas and their new boy Birr-Ahununu Negade which eventually lead to their final rest place. HOLD ME ON THIS TOO!



01/02/12 @ 12:52
Comment from: Shewarega [Visitor]

Oromo telekke hizbe new. Oromo deg hizbe new. Oromo kkena hizbe new. Thou many bad things have been said and done against the Oromo in the past, the core of Oromo’s culture has always survived. Oromo, is the stem/gende of Ethiopia. Those at both political ends know this very well.

I think this is a good start, but I also wish, first the two sides of OLF narrow their differences and come together, and second that the part of OLF led by Mr Ibssa realize the importance of unity and change their views as well.

As the old saying goes “der biyaber anbesa yaser.” And trust me Meles Zenawi is no lion, rather a fake tseguram poodle. Once the hair is removed, its just a whiny skinny dog left within.

01/02/12 @ 13:13
Comment from: Afe_Gubae [Visitor]

I like to congratulate the OLF’s National Council on this historic decision for setting higher goal for them. You should be proud of yourself for being visionary, realistic and heroic. It is a very crucial and ground breaking step toward eliminating primitive secession request from Ethiopia for good. By responding to the request of the time and to the fact on the ground you became a precious symbol of radical reformation and modification.

The reformation is overdue. Your four decade struggle has not borne any significant result because you had set impractical and divisive goal. Now you started the right journey with the right mindset. Your goal is more attainable. In the coming months many opposition forces sees you suspiciously. The majority comments in this trade indicate that. It is expected and understandable. Make your exhaustive journey to ARAT KILO through Ethiopian roads instead of via Asmara. The Asmara road is a road to destruction and no where.

You need face uplift using effective public relation means. More than any front in Africa you recognize that there is no shortcut to freedom. So the tough job of earning the trust of the nation and playing the leading role in building democracy and economic liberty is ahead of you.

Due to the modification soon few rigid fans abanden and many will come aboard. So brave Oromo soldiers’ together with the rest of the nation keep on marching toward higher, common and more rewarding goal. Yes we/you can do it!

01/02/12 @ 14:13
Comment from: [Member]

Shamefull shabian,…

Stop spaming Ethiopian websites. I see you blogging in different pen names, crying and barking like a rabid dog. This doesn’t bring any relief or freedom to your eritrean poor people languishing under the brutal dictator easy ass aforki. As a matter of fact you’re hurting your own people by covering up all the crimes of easy ass aforki. Their soul is calling for your help, they’re crying, why God forsaken them to be tortured and left out to die by their own sons and doughters. Think about it. Its never been too late!!!
You can do something for your eritrean people, instead of barking at the wrong tree.

01/02/12 @ 14:16
Comment from: Oromia [Visitor]

Guys cool down
Who is this person giving the decree?
Who is Kamal Galchu? or Nuro?
They are not the ligtimate leaders of OLF, they are the minority, of the displaced OLF members formed into a small group. I wish this news came from the bigger and legitimate OLF but not. So it is not time to celebrate. Wait in quite.

01/02/12 @ 14:17
Comment from: Ale [Visitor]

This is good news and a very good beginning. A change is needed and it time for Meles Zenawi to slip away.

01/02/12 @ 14:40
Comment from: elcad [Visitor]

Some times getting from here to there is progress if not surprising. If, this happens to be genuine, OLF just made the most practical and progressive decision in its Thirty some thing years of endeavor. This is not only a step forward to the right direction; it is also a start of journey to victory. I always believed for Ethiopians to become successful against any tyrant whether it is TPLF or DERG, the full blessing and participation of the Oromos is vital. The question was forming a credible and reliable front which believes in working with the rest of Ethiopians to bring justice, democracy and economic development. With its long history and the sensible decision just added, OLF can easily fill those shoes to move forward and defeat the Woyane hooligans. This is certainly very bad and scary news to Woyane. That’s why we are seeing the Woyane rats in full swing to discredit this rational move by OLF. A united Ethiopia always has been a nightmare scenario and a threat to the very existence of Woyane.

For those of you, who expressed skepticism about OLF’s motive, please save your breath! Yes, OLF has been a misguided front for long time however we have to believe that change and reinventing self is a norm in any political course. Time it self would enforce change. Again, let’s hope it is real.

01/02/12 @ 14:57
Comment from: gadaa [Visitor]

It never go beyond fake political consumption. It will never reach and mobilize both Oromo and Amharas at home and remains in DC or Minesota. If they aimed for real unity, why didn’t they creat the national unity party under one culture, language religion and history as Amharas sruggle for?

01/02/12 @ 15:04
Comment from: Mehari [Visitor]

Good news and we all Ethiopian has to follow the outcome carefully. Also, Every Ethiopian have to work hard for a good outcome because the only way out of our misery for all Ethiopian to work together. Please for the sake of ur country, stop exchanging non-sense arguments and exchange constructive ideas.
God bless Ethiopia.

01/02/12 @ 15:25
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Wait a minute. I have advocating this. But who is in the process? I hope the people in Current Affairs I am talking about the hard core one hate any thing Islamic. That is to say Oromos Somalis Afars who have been demanding seccession because they were viewed by the North Supermacist copts as low class as uncivilized and since Menleik have become no more than a tributary to this akraris.

So, who will be in charge this time? We all know that the Lencho Letta OLF group was invited to the Addis Ababa 1991 conference on transitional government until the Weyane group dismantled it for fear of over throwing it. Now we see another political gimmick or is this real one?

I hope this is the start of negotiation which will really mean a democracy based on real guarantee for the future of Islamic states. If this is the deal it will not be hard to help the Afar Eritreans to overthrow the last remaining serpent:Esiayas the devil.

Arab Spring will come only when Muslims rise up. But the copts should beware that we are not going to allow them to hijack it.

Ethiopia is land of Muslims with christianity in it. If that is what OLF going to do I will give it my full support.

We have to see how ONLF fits into. Let us not forget that OLF bled to death as well as ONLF and some hard core Amharas want to hijack it by jumping into the band wagon. I suspect there was jubilation in current affairs room which tells me they over played the whole dance.

Slow down and work out differences. Where are the Muslim leaders in high OLF position? Are they as much concerned when Axum Muslims are being persecuted while Harar people are enjoying church services at their pleasure..

It could be the Oromos this time who will take the torch lit by Ahmed Gragn the magnificent but I have yet to see them control, the yeju, bati,kemissie, kombolcha Wollo Oromos and tigres oromos who want to speak the language and practice the religion they love, and reach out until they meet the Beni Amir, the Tigre People the Afar people, the Asawrta and Hamasein Eritrea and go as far as Zeila and Mombassa and Djibouti and Kenyan boreders along Borena.

That is the land of Gragn Ahmed until the coward Menelik lost it all and his copt soldiers.
Time for Muslims to lead and not to be lead. Otherwise, I smell something fishy.

01/02/12 @ 15:35
Comment from: peace234 [Visitor]




01/02/12 @ 16:06
Comment from: Afarman [Visitor]

OLF doesnt exist, its been obliterated by the EPRDF forces, the remnants of OLF are now under life support machine in Asmara.

OLF is in a vegitative state, its brain dead.

funny news, a dead organistaion cant opt unity or secession, its a brain dead political group, the shaebiyan regime will bury them, we will soon hear about the funeral ceremony of the OLF.

01/02/12 @ 16:29
Comment from: [Member]

OLF is an anti Ethiopia separatist group. On New Years day 2012, there was a meeting in Minnesota. Only oromo’s were allowed to stay while other Ethiopians were told to leave the conference room. kemal geltu also spoke live from eritrea to the audience in the conference room.

Traitors like birhanu nega and andargachew tsige are trying to make OLF look like an angel but the fact is OLF is anti Ethiopia, SEPARATIST and criminal group.

01/02/12 @ 16:46
Comment from: Imperial Body Guard [Visitor]
Imperial Body Guard

The whole ethnic divisive agenda of ethnic federalism must be eliminated, including their fake constitution which promotes secession.

“Unity is strength. No nation can divide within itself and remain powerful.” Important Utterances of HIM Negus Haile Selassie I, page 133

“It is not necessary to enumerate countries where the people and entire country having lost unity, spiritual or otherwise, have become playgrounds and laughing stocks of outsiders. The historical events of certain countries bear witness to this fact. In our own times, there are those expansionists who by shedding blood, desire to achieve their ambition and by dismembering themselves they are seen as tools for alien interests. Our people from Ethiopia shed blood, to save them from disintegration. Those personalities who believe in freeing a country by secession are selfish and prey to outsiders. We will not accept their motives.” Selected Speeches of HIM Negus Haile Selassie I, page 426

“We feel that the fragmentation of a nation along tribal and ethnic lines is contrary to the will of survival and to the force of logic, because even for the tribes to survive they must stand together. Hence fragmentation along tribal lines is contrary to the nation’s survival, for there is no tribe strong enough by itself to defend its interests. Fragmentation is indeed contrary to the laws of nature itself.”
Important Utterances of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I

“Ethiopia must remain united, without dissention, like members of a family. She must be regulated by a Constitution of universal application and governed by an Emperor. The force of this unity must be based on community of interests, so that the individual, without as a result suffering neglect or prejudice, may understand the power of this unity and the advantages to be drawn from it in the protection of his personal interests, whilst at the same time renouncing all personal ambition which would be to the detriment of the common goal.” Selected Speeches of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I, page 389

“Those that have fallen in the battle-field have sacrificed themselves so that Our future would be more secure. And we living have the responsibility of living up to the sacrifice that they have made, and to this all Ethiopians must dedicate themselves. In all your undertakings through your career, base yourselves on greater knowledge, courage and determination. For, if you base yourselves upon these values, you shall not fail but you shall forever go from one victory to another.” Selected Speeches of HIM Haile Selassie I, page 612

Long Live the Constitutional Monarchy!
Long Live the Solomon Dynasty!
Long Live African Unity!
Fire burn down the satanic star of secession
Rise with the Lion of Judah!
Gasha for Ethiopians!
Long Live Ethio-Eritrean oneness!
Long Live Independent Ethiopia!

01/02/12 @ 16:49
Comment from: Solomon M. [Visitor]
Solomon M.

Dear Nazret,
Here is an interesting post in ETHIOPIAN RECYCLER that I thought might interest your viewers. Thanks.

It does not take much to send the headless and herd-like opposition to run with what it wants to hear. The big news for the New Year is, “OLF drops secession, embraces Ethiopian unity.” It could be the media agents were too eager to give us a scoop without checking its veracity or who might be dispensing it this time. The obvious question is three-fold: Did the Oromo Liberation Front [OLF] drop secession? Did it embrace unity? And what did it mean by unity? So far, the evidence is a 1-page communiqué by OLF National Council located in the state of Maryland [USA] and an ESAT interview with OLF defector General Hailu Gonfa residing [would you believe this] in Eritrea!

We may be back to a repeat of the flopped 2006 Alliance for Freedom and Democracy [AFD] initiated and promoted by the government of Eritrea and by Ethiopian Review. OLF spokesperson, Dr. Beyan Asoba, at the time called AFD “our hope” which in reality turned out to be no more than a hopeless point of dispute and distrust.

The Achilles heel for the opposition continues to be a piece-meal approach to complex issues. Each seems concerned about its own little agenda in disregard for the big picture and its synergistic value.

Three things have to be considered if one were to make sense of today’s “big news.” First, none of the major Oromo websites [,,] offered an explanation for or against the news at the time of our writing this post. Second, this just goes to show why Oromo leadership continues to be clueless about what it wants and hence is preyed on by Meles and Isaias [who we have contended are two-faces of the same coin]. In fact, we would go as far as making the statement that Oromo leaders are working against the interests of the Oromo! Imagine, if you will, a brief story of student Gamachis. Gamachis graduated from high school in Oromiyya region and came to Addis Ababa for his university education. Because Meles’s language policy was sold to Oromo leaders as establishing their identity Gamachis’s education was in English and in Latin alphabet. Nothing wrong so far. The problem is that Gamachis is unable to converse in or read/write in Amharic. You could say that is no big deal and you may well be right. But think again the implications of your judgment. Gamachis is now in university with students who hail from different regions and in an environment that will impact his future in a globalized world where to manage differences and get across civilly one’s own ideas is of paramount importance. Instead he finds himself locked up with Oromo students only, suspicious of others and wasting the opportunity to broaden his worldview. In other words, a young man with so many possibilities ends up being a victim of a policy that locks him up both physically and in his mental development.

The third consideration about today’s “big news” is a tactical one. There is an Oromo group that is supported by Eritrean government [similar to Ginbot 7] and whose goal is to remove the government in Ethiopia by force and later negotiate power-sharing; the irony that the Eritrean government is not democratic and the partnership seeks to establish democracy is not lost on any one]! Another Oromo group wants to work within a federal frame with the assurance that ethnic identity for each is kept sacrosanct [the Seye group]. Finally, an Oromo group that will not recognize the present Ethiopia and whose goal is to either replace, respectively, Abyssinia and the Amharic language with Oromiyya and Afan Oromo or declare a nation similar to Somalia, Kenya, and Eritrea!

Questions worth asking are as follows: Could the “big news” be a ruse by the combined forces of OLF? Could it be the recent coming together through democratic election of opposition groups in our homeland is worrying the Eritrean government? Why was it that a group supposedly opposed to the government in Eritrea met in Ethiopia just last month? Why did an Eritrean speaker use an Oromo proverb in Afan Oromo on one of those moveable inter-opposition conferences? Why is Dr. Bereket Habteselassie so eager to see Ethiopia and Eritrea come together before he died? Is it not interesting that the new developments all occurred before the year 2011 expired?

01/02/12 @ 17:20
Comment from: Tefera [Visitor]

good news but the unity of ethiopia has never been in eplf, tplf or olf’s hand. it has always been in the hands of those who are governing/leading/ruling the nation.
but i have one concern here why did abebe gelaw delete the term “self determination” from the OLF release. read for yourself and judge.
” …… the OLF will respect and honor all decisions the Ethiopian peoples will
make using their right of SELF-DETERMINATION.”

……isn’t self determination what OLF has been fighting for the last 40 years???so what changed? and what is the reason to delete it?i am all ears.

01/02/12 @ 17:20

(1). Any polical force which has a legitimate ground saying on one hand it stands for the very cause of the people, and at the same time denouncing their very quest, should go thoroughly through its program and try to show the real commitments it takes to represent them/people.
(2). To you guys, who are preaching democracy and justice for the Ethiopian people and at the same time do not want to consider or denounce the legitimate quest for freedom of the people, are saying to these same PEOPLE, “I KNOW FOR YOU” and know that THIS WILL NEVER GET YOU ANYWHERE. Because, these people know what they want; it’s LOVE, JUSTICE and FREEDOM.

Long Live FREEDOM!!!

01/02/12 @ 18:16
Comment from: habesha [Visitor]

The first job should be now is to get back all Ethiopian churchs and mosques from the hand of TPLF agents into diaspora hands.

01/02/12 @ 19:07
Comment from: visitor [Visitor]

Andinet hail new,Ager Yegara new.

01/02/12 @ 19:10
Comment from: visitor [Visitor]

I am afraid this is Eplf/Tplf plan and background work to prolong their power through the Oromo’s people name, when another election is approaching.
We should be all vigilant and work for the true unity and trust.

01/02/12 @ 19:16
Comment from: Mela [Visitor]

O Happy day!!! This is the best news I have ever received. Thank You, thank you to all that worked hard to unite us.

01/02/12 @ 20:03
Comment from: ቤዛዊት እንድርያስ [Visitor]
ቤዛዊት እንድርያስ

Dear OLF;

Don’t expect me to leap with joy… cause I don’t give a shit if you embrace Ethiopinism or Kenyaism, Ugandaism Minnesotaism for that matter

ኢትዪጲያውነት ሲመቻችሁ የምትጥሉት ሳይመቻችሁ የምታነሱት ሸቀጥ አይደለም። So you are more than welcome to go to the ultimatum and jump from the hill….. I actually give you more respect if you stick with the session agenda than this fake ethiopinisam mask…

Here is the ugly trtuth..

You have been a tool and you will never stop being a tool.

Ethiopia is much better without you…. and please stay as non Ethiopian cause it is helping Ethiopia a great deal…. YOU AREN’T ETHIOPIAN.. LEAVE ETHIOPIA FOR ETHIOPIANS. WILL YOU? Thanks.

01/02/12 @ 20:06
Comment from: john john [Visitor]
john john

We all know they were heading to the wrong direction lost all support and isolated for thing they have done terrorizing innocent civilian for nothing but hate.

01/02/12 @ 20:07
Comment from: ShameOnYouGuys! [Visitor]

Shame on you guys!
to all confused or have misunderstood or are stubbornly ignoring the legitimate quest for equality and freedom,
(1). Any political force which has a legitimate ground saying on one hand it stands for the very cause of the people, and at the same time denouncing their very quest, should go thoroughly through its program and try to show the real commitments it takes to represent them/the people.
(2). To you guys, who are preaching democracy and justice for the Ethiopian people and at the same time do not want to consider or denounce the legitimate quest for freedom of the people, are saying to these same PEOPLE, “I KNOW FOR YOU” and know that THIS WILL NEVER GET YOU ANYWHERE. Because, these people know what they want; it’s LOVE, JUSTICE and FREEDOM which has been imbedded in their blood for centuries .

Long Live FREEDOM!!!

01/02/12 @ 20:12
Comment from: Mela [Visitor]

Mehari, We need more people like you. I am so sick and tired of the division and hate mongering. Wake up people! wake up !

01/02/12 @ 20:15
Comment from: [Member]

Make the dictator sleepless night until his cadres figure out their next move. OLF for making a historical decision to bring an end of division by ethnic groups, it is the greatest good news I would never imagine. For years OLF fought for Oromo people rights not realizing they are the majority of the population in Ethiopia which could represent all Ethiopians under their umbrella. Even the TPLF the least number (less than 2 million)of ethnic groups could make suffer 80 million Ethiopians. You can only imagine the mindset of the smallest minority group could make life a living hell for millions of people. I hope this unity brings some hope for the fallen Ethiopians who paid the ultimate price with their life for the love of their people and country. All groups should realize that the only way can fight Meles regime through united front.
Viva OLF!


01/02/12 @ 20:47
Comment from: Afarman [Visitor]

Abebe Gellaw and the leftovers of the dergue who ended up being shaebiyas servants need to read this interesting comment. I got it posted in aigaforum, hope the losers diaspora and the naked emperor of Eritrea will understand where I am coming goes the comment

Ethiopian extremist elements in Diaspora are in love with Isaias Afeworki in Eritrea! So much is their love for him they are willing to be his clowns no matter what. Ever since Isaias Afeworki became a naked emperor he has been trying all kind of tricks to resuscitate the dying Ethiopian oppositions in exile. One of his latest tricks is creating an OLF that smells and feels like Ginbot 7. He does this while keeping a separatist OLF at home as you can see in the two press releases below! The gullible foot soldiers of Birhanu Nega who are in love to death literally with Wedi Afom have been raising the Champagne to welcome the latest news from the other OLF! The Diaspora extremists were full of Drs and Engineers and yet they cannot see the game plan from Asmara! sad sad!

Eritrea’s servants are rebels with no cause, they will continue going down the drain, a lot of people have now lost trust with the OLF, OLF has become a slave of Shaebiya and G7.

OLF is brain dead, it keeps on changing its goals and policies depending on shaebiyas mood, the OLF is hijacked by shaebiya and is divided into 3, and it will keep on dividing like amoeba

01/02/12 @ 20:56
Comment from: Andenet [Visitor]

This is good news & move to all Ethiopians, but bud news to Banda Meles & his TPLF members. However, OLF have to be more open & strength as real advocate of Ethiopian unity to its member & take the responsibility of united Ethiopianizem. Most importantly OLF has to create unity with the Ethiopian Arbegnoch ginbar fighters which they are currently making great progress to Put down wOyane in all means & armed struggle. Of course, Ethiopian Arbegnoch Ginbar is the only strong army struggling against woyane for one & united democratic Ethiopia. Meles will never let have democratic election & give or share his power to the people’s choices. Therefore, united armed & all means struggle is a must to dismantle wOyane rigim forever. All political parties also need to WAKE UP & create one strong party & make connectIon or unity to Arbegnoch Ginbar, OLF, & others who stand for Ethiopian unity. We can’t afford any more to listen & follow Woyane’s dividing policy and fighting one another to him in power. We need to wake up. Enough is enough. The only thing we make our country & people better in all aspect & get out of long-lasting crises is stand together in all means, respect each other, avoid narrow mindness & racisem. We have learned the consequence & damage of woyane policy by applying these evil things in the last 20 years. It wouldn’t have take us too long to reverse the current overall crises if we have been united earlier against this minor TPLF Banda group who exploited over 80 million people. Moreover, you guys who have been & still posting racist comments need to stop doing this. We need to be matured & take responsibility to build & unit our people and Ethiopia. Posting negative & immoral comments & fighting each other of one ethnicity with other will not take us in better future as we have seen in the past. Instead it will help woyane to stay in power in future & leaving us in the worst miserable condition. TPLF leaders & the members should be the one who be responsible for all crime, corruption,… in our country, but not other innocent & real Ethiopian Tigreans who are standing against Banda woyane. We can’t blame all Tigreans, but Banda TPLF heads & it’s members who still can learn & take responsibility to stop their crime & respect our people as one Ethiopian.

01/02/12 @ 21:09
Comment from: elcad [Visitor]

Yoni –


You are one shameless Woyane maggot. I wish some one put a plug in your lying stinky mouth. For your information - Ethiopian cause was nurtured by Shabyans 20 years ago when your traitor freaking masters turn a sovereign nation in to a land locked closed home to its demise. Ethiopia’s dignity, integrity and economic advantage were compromised to the delight of the former masters of your masters. No one kissed Shabya’s rearend better than Woyane. Now you the barefaced, lying Woyane rats are first accusers of others for being Shabya’s accomplices? Isn’t hard to add up even in your twisted Woyane mind??

01/02/12 @ 21:20
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Visitor]
Amhara Princess

This was inevitable, OLF was bound to FAIL. OLF has super impaired vision, lack common sense and have crystal clear strategic flaws from inception hence it’s eventual demise. If anybody doubted the secessionist stance of OLF was remedy for disaster then they need their heads examined. Just take a look at the map of Ethiopia, tell us how on planet earth is it possible to form clean cut Oromia without involving majority of Ethiopia’s other tribes that actually live within/around regions where Oromos reside? Even if it was feasible to succeed some Oromo towns, how about millions of Oromos who actually live in close proximity with other tribes or spread across the entire country? What will happen to them? Very weak, ideology. Fallible.

… That said, OLF was 100% the creation of A*ames, that got out of control. Zenawi & Co promised them “pie in the sky", initially armed them to their teeth, flushed article 39, gave them the green light to murder & demonize the Amhara tribe. However, majority of Oromos only ended up being headache to A*ames, continue to live in peace & harmony with Amharas & other tribes as they’d eventually realized what A*ames are trying to achieve. The saying goes:

“Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me"!!

Ohhhh, Gashe Ordofaa, you need to sack your fortune teller/psychic ASAP. Try Mystic Meg or find any surviving relatives of Edgar Cayce :):)

01/02/12 @ 21:22
Comment from: ቤዛዊት እንድርያስ [Visitor]
ቤዛዊት እንድርያስ

Dear OLF

Just for the record, does this mean you stop being emotionally charged? That screming…. “Neftenga” when your train is late…. and when your tea is cold………? kikiki.

እኔስ ኩርፊያችሁ ነው የሚመቸኝ፤ ማስመሰል አልወድም፤ ከውሸት ወዳጅ የምር ጠላት ይሻላል።

ኩርፍያ ግን የመጨረሻ ነው የሚያምርባችሁ, not sure this one….

I always thought OLF was doing well; NOW this news makes me feel sooooooooooooo good cause it exposes OLF as a collection of some high schoolers starved for limelight and action; even NOW wearing a new Ethiopianism brand for the event is quite a desperate move….kikikki.

Stick to your secessionist agenda as if it matters……………

Who cares if you are for Unity or disintegration……kikikiki……….Doesn’t matter…. Just stick with your OLD SONG called “Free Oromiya” and “Neftenga” kikiki

ማንም ክልል መገንጠል እንዳያምረው ኤርትራ የመቀጣጫ ምሳሌ ሆናለች፤ በአሁኑ ሰአት የኤርትራ ዜጎች ኩላሊትአቸውን በመሸጥ ነው እየተዳደሩ ያሉት …..

ዋ!ኤርትራን ያየህ ተቀጣ is the new single released….. OLF must heard THIS to make such a U TURN.. kikiki

Thanks to the guardian angel of Ethiopia…

01/02/12 @ 21:37
Comment from: ibssa [Visitor]

There we go again!! back to the squre one. first of all who are these so called “OLF representative” did they ask the will of the oromo people. They are not diffrent than the current Finfinne occupied dictetor. They operate in the same mind set of those of “woyanea” based on “I know what is best for you. you just follow the order” attitude. The only way forward for Oromo is a refrendum held under international observer and free of any armed force infuluence. I am not naive to think this will come about with out a true sacrifies of oromo blood and treasure.The regim will not let that to happen becuse there will be no country no people no natural resource with out Oromiya. As a result, it is clear that the only way “woyanea’ will hinder our natural right to own our country and decide our desteny is by arm struggle.
We will never be tired, We will never serender our right, We will never folter.
The struggle for our home land will go on for generations until we achive our goal!!!!

01/02/12 @ 22:03
Comment from: obssa [Visitor]  

There we go again!! back to the squre one. first of all who are these so called “OLF representative” did they ask the will of the oromo people. They are not diffrent than the current Finfinne occupied dictetor. They operate in the same mind set of those of “woyanea” based on “I know what is best for you. you just follow the order” attitude. The only way forward for Oromo is a refrendum held under international observer and free of any armed force infuluence. I am not naive to think this will come about with out a true sacrifies of oromo blood and treasure.The regim will not let that to happen becuse there will be no country no people no natural resource with out Oromiya. As a result, it is clear that the only way “woyanea’ will hinder our natural right to own our country and decide our desteny is by arm struggle.
We will never be tired, We will never serender our right, We will never folter.
The struggle for our home land will go on for generations until we achive our goal!!!!

01/02/12 @ 22:14
Comment from: mamo [Visitor]

The question should be, “Did Ginbot 7 change its stance on Nation-Nationalities?” Ginbot-7 is an Amhara gang using the Oromos to defeat the Tigres. We know these people. They deceive day and night.

01/02/12 @ 23:39
Comment from: hass [Visitor]

Next, ONLF? guess TPLF is here to stay. OLF, now stop saying you are from the west, and may you join OPDO? kkk

01/02/12 @ 23:49
Comment from: Fikru [Visitor]

Extraterrestrial [Visitor]

Who the hell are you asking the question in the first place? You Tigres are the ones who need to give answer to for the Ethiopian people how you aspired to build up hegemony of minority tribe over the entire nation. Murder and harassment has been taken up as models to impose your venomous ethnic rule over the Ethiopian people. You have an audacity dare to question anyone. Flip the script and answer to the Ethiopian peoples the entire question you’ve asked? I thought so….

Oromo is more Ethiopian than you bandas. I am a proud Ethiopian born in Addis Ababa Both of my Parents are Oromo’s and Proud Ethiopian’s. Get it down you banda. My great grandfather died fighting Italian invasion while yours used as donkey. They raised me to fear GOD, to love my country Ethiopia, respect elders and work hared. Which is very hared for you banda’s to understand: You have a begging start up and to hate anything and everything Ethiopia is, complain as a victim in your entire-life, pan-handling, begging that is. To my surprise still begging while you are stealing more than you can chew you could not break away from bad habited it is in your blood. I think you begged while you are in your deep sleep too .lol I also thinks you steal from your own damn self. Know your self first bandas, and traitors you are. Don’t take yourself very seriously as a kingmaker soon you’ll lick a dust. Have you had any idea how much you are hated by the entire nation even by your cousins who used you as a donkey to accomplished their fake independent? Since its very hard for you to grasp the reality on the ground because its very hard for you to transcend from your ethnic identity association that unable you to see what’s happening around you. You are blind to see the realty. You guys are loosed criminal will be judged for mass murdering/massacring Oromo, Amahra, Gamble, Somalia, in general Ethiopians .You are a white man boot-liquor; its in your blood you cant do nothing about it. Let me remind you facts, when your cousin’s start bombing you in 1998 who has come for your rescue? The proud Ethiopian Oromo and Amhara died more than you bandas as their peers have done before them defending their country. You shameless looters kills innocent Oromo and Amhara student who has asked you to respect your fake constitution.

01/03/12 @ 00:26
Comment from: ቤዛዊት እንድርያስ [Visitor]
ቤዛዊት እንድርያስ

Dear obssa;

You said

“The regim will not let that to happen becuse there will be no country no people no natural resource without Oromiya.”

That is what the Eritreans thought they thought— No Ethiopia without Eretria… they thought Ethiopia without ports( as if port was a big deal) is a fish out of water…. But we proved them wrong!!! SO DON’T THINK THAT ETHIOPIA CEASES TO EXIST IF ORMIYA IS GONE….

So correct yourself dear; Ethiopia continues without oromia; Ethiopia and Ethiopinism even continues without any land to call Ethiopia…. SO PLEASE CALL FOR THAT referendum…… that is actually a big relief…. sick and tired of babysitting you…. IF YOU WANT TO GO; GO!!

We are the descendents of lion of Judah[Amhara]; it doesn’t matter if we are scattered or no land to call our own; it isn’t the land that makes Ethiopinism alive; rather the belief and ideology is what keeps us going.

01/03/12 @ 00:53
Comment from: George [Visitor]

I for one thank God for those groups and individuals whose first choice is peace, and who give peace to Ethiopia. No one is a winner but mother Ethiopia. If this move is to defeat EPRDF in a democratic and peaceful way, that should also be fine as long as such groups embrace the laws of the country and abide by them. As far as I can remember EPRDF’s position on OLF and other separatist groups was to work together and address our grievances, and if necessary to examine the need to secede through the right to self-determination. But OLF opted for separation by waging a war against the will of the vast majority of the truely Ethiopian Oromo people. OLF has been listening to the mistaken guidance and analogy of the Eritrean Goverenment when in actual fact there no pararells in the historical backgrounds of Eritrea and Oromia. So history has shown that EPRDF’s stand against separatism was right and deserves to share the good news with the good people of Ethiopia. On the other hand if this announcement is for temporary gains to overthrow the EPRDF by uniting with other forces whose aim is to destabilise Ethiopia, OLF will again be proven wrong, because a stronger Ethiopia led by EPRDF will defeat all anti-Ethiopia elements.

Peace and development for Ethiopia now.

01/03/12 @ 01:14
Comment from: Netsanet [Visitor]

OLF-Jijjirama (Amin Jundi, Kemal Gelchu, Dr xxx,,,) need to free themselves from the influence of ESAT, Ginbot-7, Ze-Habesha,..etc before they start working on their objectives (what ever so). I can see that their talk are hijacked by their allies. Let me give you some examples. Amin Judi clarified in his recent talk that their political agenda (OLF) had never pursued secession . Furthermore, Dr Nuro clearly explained the same facts to Abebe Gelaw in his interview during the recent meeting. However, ESAT claimed that ” OLF drops SECESSION, embraces Ethiopian unity”. What unlucky OFL-Jiijiirama!!!, You end up in unity that even don’t respect your statements!!!. They are claiming what you didn’t claim!!!!. If someone check the news on ze-Habessh, one can easily see that how much they are desperate enough to erase the crime committed by Aste Minilik and Hailesellasie. I am also suprised how far they can go and try to tell to Oromo people that their centuries struggle was not told the reality. Ofcouse oromo was not fighting for Unity, nothing is hidden, it is clearer than the water you drink!!!. This context was hijacked also from Kemal Gelchus discussion. I am eager to see how this new faction of Oromo will continue to work with such block-minded people, who are not ready to accept the facts and wanna go on with their own dream.

01/03/12 @ 01:35
Comment from: Gebre [Visitor]

How many dead brains has that country produced?

Oromo is huge, and everyone of you knows that Ethiopia is meaningless with Oromos. I would only hope that those of you with silly comments come to your mind that there many many views and groups within oromo. But the future is intimidating— many oromo are now educated, gone are the days when few gets most and many get nothing. The tide of Oromo changes will come in 15-20 years. Mark my word!

01/03/12 @ 03:20
Comment from: Heny [Visitor]

General Geltu,
“Sim yimerho legibir” ale Geez? yale miknyat aydelem abat enath Geltu bilow sim yesetuh.

01/03/12 @ 05:15
Comment from: Sharp [Visitor]

OLF is playing childish politics.

01/03/12 @ 05:48
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

Fikru [Visitor]

It doesn’t really matter what your tribal identity is, it is your monkey Amhara brain shall be measured as a value and will be dumped in the garbage as usual. You are not an Oromo but, a monkey Amhara pretending like an Oromo.

01/03/12 @ 05:53
Comment from: Mortar [Visitor]

History Repeated itself:

1st.Gobena Dace sided with Minilik to kill oromos and empower Amharas.
This is oromo speaking wing of neftegna.

2nd. OPDO assisted Woyanes to empower them. This is Oromo speaking wing of TPLF.

3rd. Kemal Galchu is working with Ginbot 7 to empower Gurages. This is oromo speaking wing of Ginbot 7.

01/03/12 @ 06:08
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]

Nonsense shabia politics,
silly eritrea cant solve its problems rather

01/03/12 @ 06:13
Comment from: Thank you bezawit, I am Negasso [Visitor]
Thank you bezawit, I am Negasso

Bezawit indrias,
I swear to God I am an Oromo who hates cecesion but I can’t help but love your comment. I think it is always better to call a spade a spade rather than beggeing people to be what they don’t want to be. As some one rightly said We mis-lead Eritreans to think we can not live without them to the point they dreamed to build a Burlin style wall once the sesede from Ethiopia, but look now what is happening they are actualy jumping over explosives to snick back to Ethiopia let alone to build a wall. In fact people don’t understand that the current dispute Eritreans have nothing to do with land but rather Eritrea’s way of covering it’s inability to servive without looting Ethiopia. As you rightly said we should not care even if every house declares indipendence and hangs diffrent flags on it’s roofs as long as it brings peace but the problem is as we have seen from Eritrea’s so called indipendece it has not achieved peace. secesionism or seperetism only serves those foriegn forces with vested interest to weaken and keep the region in constant termoil. often the leaders of most secesionist groups tent to lead a good life in the west without having to do any formal job but the ordinary people don’t understand what is behind every secesionist agenda…If you ask any Eritrean today what they have achieved from the so called indipendece they have nothing TO SHOW YOU other than the ID CARD AND the pleasure they got from land-locking Ethiopia. but i am sure it is a huge stratagic achievment for egyptians who rape and sell Eritrean body-part in Sinai desert.

01/03/12 @ 06:58
Comment from: Tsegaye [Visitor]

‘…..the unity of Ethiopia under a genuine federal arrangement that must guarantee the rights, equality and liberty of all Ethiopians.’

If that is true it needs to rename “Oromos Front for Democracy & Equality” (OFDE, no more OLF)

01/03/12 @ 07:36
Comment from: Wetu Enewta [Visitor]
Wetu Enewta

Simmer down, every one! The declarations on paper by a yet fully unrecognized entity amount to a hill of beans. It would be historic as well as correct if all groups, including the ‘OLF’ were to accept the unity of Ethiopia, for without that, there will never be peace in that land. The paper declarations are meaningless as well as irrelevant. It is the deeds of an organization that should serve as a litmus test of its true intentions. Look at what the TPLF did to Ethiopia; look at what the Oromos did in Bedeno, Deder, Dire Dawa, Gelemso, Burka, and other places controlled by them; look at what the Harrari are doing in the city of Harrar; look at the sad and angry faces of people in Nazret (Adama); look at the desperation of the huge majority of the people of Addis Ababa; look at the continuing misery of the people of Amhara region outside of Bahir Dar; look at the huge migration of people to Addis from Jimma and the surrounding areas as a result of the religious brutality inflicted upon them by muslims; and look at the brutal nature of both the denuding as well as looting of Ethiopia by a group determined to slay our Ethiopia once and for all. One would think that there would be a small iota of common sense applied by all political parties to set aside secession and work for the common good. Sadly, there is not. Parties as well as individuals in Ethiopia only wish to line their pockets and that of their collaborators. The Somalis are corrupt, the Oromos are decidedly vengence-oriented and cruel; the Tigreans are selfish, racist, and untrustworthy; the Amharas are absolutely clueless; and the Harraris have become leaches robbing everyone else of their hard-earned living. The creators of this state of affairs are the current leaders, and the Oromos, regardless of their current declarations, are a worst bunch who have absolutely no regard for the value of life. Should we begin crying for Ethiopia?

01/03/12 @ 07:53
Comment from: meraraa [Visitor]

Deronwan sishewuduwat, wahawun yemimokew le gelash new alwat…..just wait and see!

01/03/12 @ 07:58
Comment from: nana [Visitor]  

OLF Statement on a Bogus Press Release in the Name of OLF
“A naked butterfly dresses a stone” runs an Oromo proverb. We read with amusement a ‘press release’
from Minnesota USA by a group that claims to be OLF claiming to have reviewed the program of the
organization and defining a new vision for Ethiopia. An outlaw splinter group from the OLF cannot
undertake a venture that in itself is unconstitutional in the organization.
The group that calls itself OLF and issued a ‘press release’ on Jan. 1, 2012 to the effect of amending the
organization’s program is a minority splinter group that has no legal or moral basis to claim the name
OLF as we have stated on our previous statement. According to the organization’s constitution and any
organizational norm it is the decision of the majority that has to finally prevail. This negligible minority
group negate this norm and the organizational constitution to which they were a party and try to usurp the
name OLF itself.
While they themselves are illegally using this name they made further unconstitutional decision by
amending the Program of the organisation. Amending the Program, the Constitution and election of
members of the National Council is an exclusive prerogative of the National Congress which meets
periodically, not the National Council as they wrongly state.
More than that, the right to self-determination up to and including independence is the right of any nation
enshrined in the UN charter that no entity can negate or abridge other than the concerned people
themselves who can decide through free universal suffrage. Anything short of acceptance of this right
will only prolong the agony of the peoples in Ethiopia who have been victims of the conflict between
those who want to perpetuate the conquest under the phoney unity and those who want to reverse the
Finally it goes without saying that neither unity nor independence can be imposed by force or by
deception if what we need is peace, freedom and democracy, which are prerequisite for development and
prosperity. We have to believe in, trust and accept the free will of the people as the final verdict on this issue The OLF hereby states that the group that issued this press release is an outlaw and the press release is
null and void which does not represent the OLF, OLF members and the Oromo People at large who are
in bitter struggle for more than three decades against the Ethiopian State for their rights to selfdetermination to be respected.
Victory to the Oromo People!
Oromo Liberation Front
January 2, 2012

01/03/12 @ 08:38
Comment from: Asmelash Nigusu [Visitor]
Asmelash Nigusu


You have got the point or HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD. :) Personally I would like to deal with Amharas too because we have many things in common, are experiencing similar injustices for the last 20 years, are geographically contiguous.

But the stark reality about Amhara elite motives, covert and overt behaviors and actions is to simply work very hard to bring back the same brutal Amhara minority dictatorship based on a highly centralized unitary authoritarian system of governance benefiting ONLY Amhara elites like always in the main with other tokens and tokenism ethnics sprinkled here and there just for the publicity and propaganda show business purposes. NO BUSINESS IS LIKE SHOW BUSINESS!

When an Amhara says, “Let us unite and work together” he/she means that you must work for them alone. That is deep down their genes based on their long experiences. OLF faction is only an opportunity and an instrument for them to bring back Amhara minority tyranny by other means. They have always used brave Oromo fighters to defeat their opponents and then after that isolate, enslave and brutally exploit the same Oromos who brought them to power and glory. That has been their politics in the past and their active politics currently.

They have already put multiple words in to the mouth of the desperate OLF faction in order to ride them for free and enter Addis Ababa under the cover of the new Trojan horse.

Amharas may need some 150 years of more softening and educating on the practical application of equality, justice, democracy and respect for all and dealing with others on the basis of win-win give and take principles. We have currently starving and wretched mother mother Ethiopia on its death bed being held alive with the help of life supporting artificial breathing machine due primarily to the long standing pre-tplf authoritarian Amhara system of tyrannical dictatorship.

But look at their equally despotic and authoritarian finger pointing cadres endlessly blaming the victims in order to cover up their world known long standing master crimes. You start appreciating the tyrannical tplf whenever you happen to go a little bit nearer to the even triple tyrannical Amhara conspirators get on to your nerves. But still we have to find a way of dealing with each other for the good or for the bad.

01/03/12 @ 09:19
Comment from: James Baldwin [Visitor]
James Baldwin


You said it all. It seems that Eritrea is using them as game board token just to play its own regional politics for its own self interest alone.

I don’t believe that secession or no secession is any problem in practice if Oromos are openly communicating and are not regionally, religiously, etc. divided and keep habitual power mongering.

Any individual or group may surely choose freedom/divorce and session instead of being helplessly living under an overwhelming constant brutalities, insecurities dehumanization, slavery and occupation with NO any other choice being made available at a particular given time. That is only natural declaration for the one experiencing brutalities as it is also natural for the brutal to oppose to the death such intentions. The north American civil war was about such issues of liberty versus slavery.

On the other hand it is also true that one may unit and struggle and passing times promote his/her liberty and freedom as to become a master of his/her destiny, being epowered/empowering self to have control over his political, economic, social, identity,language, culture, etc, both at an individual and group levels even without needing to secede. For the reasons you have mentioned and others I think that it is much more better for the Oromos to stop divisive useless ideological bickering and take up pragmatic politics as to unit and struggle for equality, liberty, true pluralistic democracy and justice for all. Under the current economic and geopolitical, social etc. conditions there is no benefit for Oromos from secession. But Oromos MUST NECESSARILY UNIT AND LEAD THE DEMOCRATIZATION process by all means available otherwise they will be brutally cheated like always and robbed by some of those Dr.feel good small and big tyrants preaching democracy while they mean absolute autocracy for fooling Oromos and slowly but surely showing them their already known place and role of sweaty slave workmanship. Those guys/gals have lots of secret cards to pull out of their sleeves and play them at the right time and place. Hmm… :)

I am not a politician and that is also why I say it as it is just to be frank but not to be beating about the bush and remain vague.

01/03/12 @ 10:09
Comment from: Didi [Visitor]


Is a person called “Geltu” just when he starts working for himself not when he was in practice the true and real Geltu working for your tyrannical self? Abeet, abeet wushet!

What is wrong if your brother in Eritrea may have a little bit of breathing time? hah! :)

01/03/12 @ 10:17
Comment from: YENE SEWU [Visitor]

Folks just like we all have eyes, ears, hands,… we all also have language, religion, tradition, etc…but our politics doesn’t need to be based on those differences. Oromo, Amhara, Tigre, Sidama, etc… is our ethnic differences. But thank God we are all human beings. HUMANITY IS OUR COMMON IDENTITY!!!! We can’t achieve peace, democracy,justice, equality, freedom, unity and progress which we all want by estabishing ethnic political groups. We need to do away with tribal thinking and focus on the fact that we are all humans. Eritreans have tried it where are they now? are they really free now? Did we see them enjoying democracy,peace & development? Would Oromos live in peace and prosperity forever if the real dreams (nightmares)of OLF come true? Being governed by your own ethnic group doesn’t guarantee peace and prosperity in that ethnic group. look how Egyptians are suffering. So my people if we want peace and prosperity let us stop being selfish and confine ourselves in Ethnic politics. Let our humanity reign above all. Let us live in harmony. I am a human being please see me as such. Not as an oromo or Amhara or Tigre..bla bla…Until we unite Africa and you start seeing me as an AFRICAN, please consider me at least as an Ethiopian Human Being!!!!!!! give me justice, freedom, democracy, and stop narrowing my border by Ethnic KILIL……..Can somebody say AMEN?

01/03/12 @ 10:24
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

If they really meant it, Good for them! But, i doubt any good comes from the pawns of Shabia. This i believe is a trick that was cooked in Asmera to hoodwink Ethiopians. As a matter of fact, if you read the press release more closely, they actually haven’t changed anything. Tefera[Visitor] is right when he said what olf was fighting is for self-determination and that cause haven’t changed now. Of course, we know what this self-determination is as we all have witnessed during the illegal creation of Artera. My guess is, Shabia is scared of the future, and it is playing the usual deceitful tricks. Recently, its spoken person was pledging to let Ethiopians use Aseb. He said we are brothers who have cooperated to topple the Monarchy, our monarchy of course, and Derg. That was the same person who was defiantly claiming ‘eritreans will never kneel down…’ not long ago. The bottom line is, there is nothing new here. I do not trust anything out of Shabia and its right hand pawns. Of course, accepting the sovereignty and unity of Ethiopia is the only course of action that can alleviate olf to relevance. As we all know, the self hating and deprecating tribal group has been the most irrelevant political force in our modern history due to its unrealistic and stupid objectives. Nevertheless, this baby step is still a progress for olf and its next step should be liberating itself from Shabia. Anyway, i too expected better report and analysis from Abebe Gelaw. He should not report what he want to believe.

01/03/12 @ 11:02
Comment from: guzguzza [Visitor]

Our common vision is to establish a democratic Ethiopia for all of us.To attain our vision,we must have solidarity among ourselves.Solidarity is not partnership;rather,it is more than unity,and must be strengthened with objectives that we have to be able to priortize according to our common goals.

First,what do we have the enemy doesn’t have?

What are the weaknesses and the strengthes of the enemy?

How did the enemy build its strength?

What is the best approach to solve our problems? And what is the outcome of our problem solving ability?

Are we committed to defeat the enemy,and how can we achieve victory?

Communicaions among Ehtiopians throughout the world is very,very important,as unity and soldarity among Ethiopians both at home and abroad are.

We don’t negotiate with the enemy,we do fight the enemy because the enemy, it is what it has been.It is good OLF is now in new position to align itself with the rest of Ethiopians in the fight against the enemy;therefore,once we align our vision,our solidarity will be strenghtend,and the fight aginst the enemy will be intesified.

01/03/12 @ 11:02
Comment from: oneluv21 [Visitor]

This news smells like a fish… what does not make sense is that thousands of young Oromonian died think that they will be independent and suddenly the leaders are having a change of heart? No, this is pure politics with hidden agenda.

01/03/12 @ 11:37
Comment from: omo [Visitor]

I for one am ready to give OLF the benefit of the doubt and I would not want to act as “the Unbelieving Thomas” right from day one. I have condemned OLF’s secessionist stand on many occasions, but I do not want to dwell on it forever. I do not care at all about what it said yesterday, but what interests most, is what it says today and will do tomorrow. If we are concerned about the things it has done in the past, in Ethiopia so many crimes have been committed by so many, that it is of no use searching for a skeleton in the closet.

Good wishing Ethiopians should not create an obstacle for OLF because of its past stand. TPLF cadres and diehard Oromo secessionists are doing that, because Ethiopia’s unity is against their interest. Let us wait and see what it will do tomorrow. Its next step should be severing all sorts of cooperation with IA, the number one enemy of Ethiopia, and entertaining the possibility of peaceful struggle, although the platform for democratic procedures is very narrow in Ethiopia.

One thing is for sure. OLF is facing a mountain of difficulties, failures and disappointments. I think that it has come out of its forty years of illusion to the real world. I believe that it has made a lot of soul searching and it has come to the painful conclusion that secession is NOT a possibility whatsoever. Another forty years of “secession hallucination” is more than OLF and the Oromo people can take.

Therefore, let us not play TPLF’s game without our knowing, by doubting and even condemning right away OLF’s new stand on Ethiopian unity. Let us all give it the benefit of the doubt, until we are proved wrong. I am ready to wait and see.

01/03/12 @ 12:23
Comment from: ( I am Somali) [Visitor]
( I am Somali)

It is TPLF conspiracy and propaganda,

01/03/12 @ 13:11
Comment from: ( I am Somali) [Visitor]
( I am Somali)

It is TPLF conspiracy and propaganda,

01/03/12 @ 13:27
Comment from: Derege [Visitor]

Asmelash Nigusu [Visitor] aka Hagos ethnic equality my foot.

Speak for yourself the last twenty years you have reveled your ill motive about Ethiopians and hated agenda what the country means to you. Selling lands, Land Locking, Looting the country dry, Dividing it within ethnic line so that it is easy for you to loot. Amhara defended the integrity and kept the country intacte while you Tigres bandas secessionist fight along with Italian, Brithish, Shabia now you are in the business of selling lands for Arabs, indians, China, stole land from Wollo and Gonder. Speak for yourself banda Tigre so much love for Federal Ethiopia huh? Why are you pretending to be Ahmara? Hopping to hide your evil self. Tigre, your kind, is the most hated in the entire country right now. Nobody call you for Wedding celebration or any social life gazering that much you are hated. You know that and all this bravado will last and you will be kept into you barren land. Amhara is noble people not a Banda like you aligned always with Ethiopian enemy. I have to brake it down to you, I have no Hero from your midst, Yohaness who kissed a Brithsh ass and collaborated with the enemy was the main cause Aste Tedrosse death. At the end got what he deserves. As far as I’m concern you guys are a burden for Ethiopia and it is better for you to exercise your libration and leave us the hell alone. You contibute what but missery? We shade no tears.

01/03/12 @ 13:57
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Gragn Ahmed (visitor),

Yes, anything Islamic is hated, detested, ridiculed, and thrown away into the garbage can because anything Islamic has always been a hindrance to progress, to change, to innovation, to invention, and to many other productive issues in the Christian and non-Muslim world. Anything Islamic is a taboo, an abomination, an insult, and a disgrace to look at it, to observe it, to feel it, to smell it, and to touch it with one’s own hand. If, by accident, someone smells what is Islamic, it will turn his/her stomach upside down, and he/she will have the feeling of throwing up or vomiting; therefore, it is better not to see, not to touch, and not to smell anything Islamic in one’s own area or environs.

You are trying to expose members of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church as the oppressors of the Oromos, the Afars, the Somalis, and the rest of the other Ethiopian tribes. You are, as always, deadly wrong in your uncalled-for statements because, in all its glorious history, the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church has helped, protected, and defended all the children of Ethiopia by anointing and appointing great leaders such as Emperor Yohannes, Emperor Tewodros, Emperor Menelik II, and His Majesty, Emperor Haile Selassie to lead, to educate, and to defend the Ethiopian people, and they did their duties remarkably.

Frustrated by the sudden move the OLF has made, you asked a childish question that has the mark of hatred, quisling or treason. You said: “So, who will be in charge this time?” You know it; I know it, and everybody knows it the mighty and God-loving Ethiopian Christians have always been in charge of their country, and this time of the year will not be different from the other years, and the Ethiopian Christians will always be in control of their Christian land – Ethiopia, an island of Christianity in the seas of multitude of Arab Muslims surrounding her. If you want to leave Ethiopia because a Muslim person has no chance to be the prime minister of the Ethiopian people, and Ethiopia will never be an Islamic republic, I have good news for you: Ethiopia will never be an Islamic Republic; Ethiopia will never vote for a Muslim person to be the first Muslim prime minister of Ethiopia. Remember, Ethiopia is not America to have a Muslim president or a Muslim prime minister; hence, the sooner you leave Ethiopia the better for your life and for the lives of your Muslim friends if you have some in Somalia. I know the Ethiopian Muslims are used to live in peace under the leadership of the Ethiopian Christian kingdom, but any Ethiopian Muslim who challenges the Christian kingdom of Ethiopia is not welcome to live in this Christian land of Ethiopia.

The declaration of the OLF to completely erase its secessionist agenda and to join and work with other Ethiopian movements does not guarantee the Ethiopian Muslims to form their own Islamic states as you blindly believe it does. There is nothing in their declaration that says so. The main reason the OLF has failed to accomplish its goal – to liberate Oromia only and to declare Oromia as an independent Islamic state is simply that such agenda is unacceptable to the majority Christians in Oromia.

Hijack it or not, the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church is not interested in that bloody Arab or Muslim Spring. That chaotic Arab Spring is only for the Arabs and for the Muslims in the Arab-Muslim world, not for the Ethiopian Christians in the Christian land of Ethiopia. The Ethiopian Christians are able to bring to their country a bloodless change, a change the Arab-Muslim world has never seen before. Human life for the Ethiopian Christians is very precious; indeed it is useless for the Arab Muslims, and that is why thousands of Syrians are being slaughtered every month if not every hour. Ethiopia, as a Christian country, wants to avoid this type of Arab Spring, a spring of blood shed, rape, abuse, and confusions.

No one has ever said Ethiopia is a land of Muslims; in fact, the opposite is true that Ethiopia is the land of Christians with few Muslims living under the protection of the Ethiopian Christian kingdom. That is the fact, and that is what the history books tell about.

What is your evidence that the Axumites have persecuted the new comers, the Arab Muslims, in the Axumite lands since their settlements in that holy land from the beginning of the 7th century? Of course, the law-abiding Christians in Harar rejoice serving God in their Churches as well as the Harar Muslims and the Axumite Muslims enjoy their Friday services in their Mosques, so what is the big deal here?

The Oromo Muslims are not ignorant like you to follow the footsteps of the evil Gragn Muhammad, your magnificent master; even though you urge them to do so for your own Islamic agenda, they know the consequences they incur; therefore, they will never follow your divisive advice. Gragn Muhammad had no place and had no land of his own, and when he started war to take the Christian land of Ethiopia, he was miserably beaten up and defeated by the courageous Ethiopian Christians, Christ’s soldiers.

There is no hope for the offspring of Gragn Muhammad to establish a Caliphate in Ethiopia, to burry their dead in the holy compound of Axum Zion Church, to appoint a Muslim prime minister, to declare the Sharia law as the law of the Christian land of Ethiopia, to exact a heavy tax (jizya) from the Ethiopian Christians, and to rename the Ethiopian Christian Kingdom as a new Islamic Republic of Ethiopia.

01/03/12 @ 14:13
Comment from: [Member]
zerayakob yared

Fikru [Visitor],

ይሄ ESAT የምትሉት ነገር፦ አልቦ ትሕዝቶ፣ kitsch, boring, banal,ከአውሮፓው T-V Talkshow ሺህ ጊዜ የባሰበት የሰው ልጆች ማደንዘዣ! እየሆነ ስለተቸገርኩኝ፣ ብዙ ጊዜ ለማየት ሞክሬ፣ ገና ስከፍተው ያለው ጋጋታው ሁሉ ያደነቁረኝና እዘገዋለሁኝ።

የአንተን ለተቀማጭ ሰማይ ቅርቡ ነው ጋጋታዎችን አየሁኝና፣ ቃለ መጠየቁን እንደገና ከራሴ ጋራም እየታገልኩኝ እንደምንም አይቸው መልስ ልሰጥህ አስቤ ነበር። ግን እስኪ ከዚያን በፊት ለመሆኑ “Extraterrestrial"ሉ ምን ቢለው ነው ይሄን ያህል ከ DC አገር ሆኖ Atlanta እንኩዋን የማይደርሰውን፣ ሽረ ያስደረሰ እያስመሰለ በትግራይ ህዝብ ላይ ያለ የሌለውን ‘ሽለላ’ እያበዛበት ያለው ብዬ፣ የEx…ውን አነበብኩና፣ በሁለተኛው ጊዜ የሰጠህ መልስ የማያዳግም ሆኖ ስላገኘሁት ከዚያ መለፋደድ ቪድዮ ጋራ ከመዳረቅም ተገላገልኩት!!

ግን ባክህን ለወደፊቱ ሻፅቢያ ’syndrome’ነቱን ትተህ በሌላ መንፈስ ለመግባባት ብትሞክርሳ!?

ምናልባት ካሁን በፊት ለመስጠት የሞከርኩትን ትርጉም አላየህ እንደሆን፣ ይሄው በድጋሚ ላንተ፡(ሻፅቢያ syndrome = ራስዬን ስለጠላሁኝ ሌላውን ዘንጥዬ አጎደፍኩኝ )

01/03/12 @ 16:08
Comment from: Visitor [Visitor]

War of math and plagiarism is over!God bless Hamara, Meskel Beth Sera, Te Hager’e and Haram’a. Dege Haboor and Deke Mehari coupled with Ahn’e Mor/mehari are kind of Pythagoras….

Now, go down and play Te’ Hagede..Tsegede and find me the most important red brick bullshit.

God bless Horomo and Hazmaj Al Mariam.

Goo La!

01/03/12 @ 16:17
Comment from: [Visitor]

What always surprises me is the number of comments under news of oromos or OLF. Many of these comments are arrogant and respectless to the oromo people as usual. No habesh wants geniune freedom, to inslave others. In this case alliance of any kind with abyssinians has no value. Both groups, the amharas and tigres wants to use oromos as a laddar. They this tactic a centuries ago by keeping oromos in the dark,denying education. But today that is not the case. Some of you says OLF is dead, OLF means oromo ppl, to kill OLF, u have to kill over 35 mill ppl! That includes OPIDO!!! As MZ one said, OPIDO is also like’fetan lotery’. So the freedom of oromos is a time bomb!!!! And we dont need alliance of habeshas but that of oppressed peoples of nok-abyssinians!!!!!

01/03/12 @ 16:19
Comment from: berta [Visitor]

This is the smart way to get to Arat Killo Palace. Once there who knows……….. go OLF. Meles Never planned to rule 25 years. He just manipulate the situation. He is almost there.

01/03/12 @ 18:05
Comment from: Ras Thomas and Associates of Ethiopian Patriots [Visitor]
Ras Thomas and Associates of Ethiopian Patriots

Congratualations !!!!

Oromo is heart of old Abyssinia.
There is true honest EThiopian citizens.
We hope this organization realized the truth about what is good for them
and their homeland the Great Ethiopia. We hope that they are honest about them. that they are not
playing game or lying.
Let those who lost from their main
stream Somali ethnic people of Ethiopia who called themselves just
Ogadens came back also. those who got
lost from their main stream Amhara people who are setting in frenji
bars in Washington came back and say
like:"We are a lamb who lost from her
flock of sheep.” and repent to their
country. Also, the Tigreans few who
got lost from their people and country came back say the same words.
Then fallow your people and take part
its developement of motherland.

01/03/12 @ 18:07
Comment from: terefe [Visitor]

We have lots of politician who are opening their wide mouth. Are you guys able to lead your own family ?

01/03/12 @ 18:08
Comment from: Respect and Responsibility [Visitor]
Respect and Responsibility

The real issue is not whether oromo or other ethnic group decide to go or come.But it is how we can live with our differences.How we respect each other no matter how we have different opinion .Our unity should reign on the basis of our differences.Let us admit the reality.There is no Ethiopia with out Oromo Amhara,Tigre or other Ethiopian ethnic groups.
Let them be proud to call themselves their identity.If our eye is not healthy could our whole body fully healthy .No way
Let the eye help the hand so that the hand work properly.Let the ear be appreciated so that our foot can function and the body protected.

My point is ,There is no one Ethiopia unless we recognize,show ,love and respect them all.
God bless Ethiopia and all Ethiopian

01/03/12 @ 18:19
Comment from: Dej.-Balcha-Aba-Nebso [Visitor]

Not so fast, folks!

As long as OLF does not cleanse itself from its radical agenda and militant strategy, and as long as its leaders completely free themselves from the manipulative machinations of Chiffra-Shabiya, I don’t believe in this honey-coated-Merz report.

The one noble cause what Fascist-Shabiya fears most is the unity of all Ethiopians in an all-inclusive “Big Pan-Ethiopia Idea/s” which promotes, protects and advances Ethiopia’s long term interests!!!

In this regard, I just happen to concur with the insightful opinions of “Ayanaa", the ever brilliant “Free", “Extraterrstrial” and “Bethihu” – just to mention a few Ethiopian Patriots.

Jealous Chiffra-Shabiya knows very well that it can no longer loot the Ethiopian farmer’s resources while its erstwhile Masters, namely the ever vigilant Tigrayans, are the active & effective integral part and parcel of United Ethiopia!

Fascist-Shabiya still believes in intimidating and blackmailing the Ethiopian citizens in Tigray federal regional state in order that it can get unlimited access to Ethiopia’s material resources and huge market so that it would eventually control the destiny of Ethiopia’s future generation.

I for one do NOT trust Chiffra-Shabiya for it is antiEthiopia and antiTigray to the core – Never and Ever!!!

If OLF is sincere in its heart of hearts and genuine in its “One United Ethiopia” political policy, it must first completely vacate its head offices in “inherited Asmera", declare that it has now severed its political and military cooperation with Fascist-Shabiya with immediate effect and finally make a public statement to Ethiopians to the effect that it has now abandoned without ifs and buts its goal of seceding “Oromiya” from Ethiopia.

01/03/12 @ 18:29
Comment from: Garii [Visitor]

hay Absynians,
Nothing is changed. Kamal Galchu does not have his personal freedom since 2008. They are few individuals and lost 95 % of his group due to this statement. his decision to aboundan Oromoo cause cost him his entire supporters who has been cheated to follow him. In recent days he will be expelled from the group.

01/03/12 @ 18:59
Comment from: ቤዛዊት እንድርያስ [Visitor]
ቤዛዊት እንድርያስ

Anyone who opens their mouth on Amhara think twice…; Amharas are the most smart, wise and educated people…….

Most Amharas in this forum are welcoming OLF with open arms while they know the depth of OLF’s hate to Amharas… You see this who we are—-Amharas—– we put our own interest aside just to see Ethiopias as our wise wise forefathers made it……

But here is the trick…..

The new generation of Amhara…. actually embraces being Amhara as well as Ethiopianism….. therefore your old trick to make us feel guilty and “Amhara did that; bla bla; loser mentality doesn’t work on us…; it could actually fire back…….
ብሄርተኝነት ከሆነ ፍላጎታችሁ እኛን አይገደንም። እሾህን በሾህ እንዲሉ ማለት ነው

I amn’t going to apologize for being Amhara and for having a colourful history made by my forefathers…

The new generation of Amhara is preparing for the ultimatum we are so proud of our forefathers and we embrace and honour them even if they were right or wrong; you can’t change that no matter how you rewrite history; menlik did this, haileye did this…….. they give us the love of Ethiopia which most of you can’t even understand….

So Amhara haters; we and you are in a different wave length and frequency….. if you still driven by the hate of ETHIOPIA like ertrians; that is fine with us….. if you are so desperate to cease the existence of Amhara by destroying Ethiopiansm… think again……. it is in our soul….

I already started fantasising the idea of having an Amhara state with the green yellow, red flag with menlik in his horse in one side and St. George on the other side……; and a place we honour our forefathers with no harassment..; where we study all Amhara wisdom; orthodox Christianity, kene seme; we keep our amazing treasures and relaxing in our Abay river and lake tana………………hmmmm; it isn’t too bad actually…….

01/03/12 @ 19:33
Comment from: woyanen Enatifaw [Visitor]
woyanen Enatifaw

This really a respectful beginning to abolish killer meles and establish new democratic Ethiopia. We heroic Ethiopians, we are still the model of freedom from wild colonialism in the world. Let us stand together, let us keep our name, Overall let us establish new democratic-MODERN Ethiopia.
I heard a surprising ramor from woyane propagandists who share from the stolen money from poor-peasants around US$11 billions, undermining the number of great Oromo people to change the political situations in Ethiopia. Woyane doesn’t understand the reality, itself as a minority colonilized the whole ethiopia, Woyane wants the ethiopian resource wthout ethiopia and ethiopian people unlike Italy that It wants ethiopia without ethiopian people. We have to respect those who sacrifice their time and all to establish new Ethiopia. We have to respect General Kemal, Dr. Birhanu, etc , Their leadership is really a role model……
It is time for us to engage materially in the democratic process rather than expecting change at the expense of others.
Unity is power— V for the Ethiopian people!!!!

01/03/12 @ 21:04
Comment from: Fikru [Visitor]

Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Visitor]
Fikru [Visitor]

It doesn’t really matter what your tribal identity is, it is your monkey Amhara brain shall be measured as a value and will be dumped in the garbage as usual. You are not an Oromo but, a monkey Amhara pretending like an Oromo.
01/03/12 @ 05:53

Obviously it does matter for you when all of you Tigres jump aboard with thugs Weyanne killing, looting Ethiopians. How else you explain your total unwavering supports for the looting, killing, Land locking, land selling and imposing apartheid like system by thugs Weyanne.?Isn’t it amazing how you guys always labeling anyone Who differ with Thugs Weyanne’s Ahamara or Shabia? The indication is that all of the rest non Ahamars Citizens of Ethiopia don’t matter or aligned by your side. How pathetic is that? I don’t prove a damn thing to no gooder, baren land owner Banda Tigre does question my loyalty for my county Ethiopia. Ironically you are the one who does have a long banda History. You thugs landlocked my country, selling lands for foreigners disgrace my country and still threatening to do more damage. That is the History of you people. You must have very short memory it was yesterday you and your founder Evil Shabia looting the country and mocking our History you thought we have forgotten that? Ideologicaly you two enemies of Ethiopia are identical, inseparable the only time you showed contempt was sharing your loote. You two are descending up on Ethiopias in wide range of looting apart from that you are the same embrace it that is your history. How dare you question any ethnics loyalty? Who the hell are you again? What what…. a Banda and enemy of Ethiopia that’s what you are.

01/03/12 @ 21:29
Comment from: Andenet [Visitor]

OH MY GOD, the unity of working together is blocked because of Ginbot-7 . This is a great mistake. They try to lie and deceive Oromo People. Sorry for Ginbot-7. You are out of the game in Oromo Politics!!!. Good luck, go and try with the oromo’s who gave you the green light.

01/03/12 @ 21:30
Comment from: Yoni [Visitor]

e-clueless (ungrateful monkey)

The independence of Eritrea was to cause The disintegration of Ethiopia…that was guaranteed by Shabiya and its sponsors.
Unless Ur behind is shabiya u need to re-check facts…

01/03/12 @ 23:12
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

Fikru [Visitor]

Thanks monkey Amhara for removing the mask, masquerading as an Oromo. Now you can continue your mambo jumbo. No hard feelings, I love it when monkey Amhara chatter, keep it up.

For the record am an Oromo and a proud one.

01/04/12 @ 05:13
Comment from: Galgaloo [Visitor]

As an Arsi Oromo I am ashamed of this splinter OLF group, which is dominated by Arsis. How can they form alliance with Amharas who killed thousands of Oromos(especially at Calanqo in Hararge and Annole in Arsi )during Minilik II. An oromo political group forming coalition with Amharas and tigres can never attain any thing good for Oromos. Better form alliance with somalis, Afars and Southrerneres.

01/04/12 @ 06:41
Comment from: Netsanet [Visitor]

THIS IS THE MAIN REASONS WHY OROMO DON’T WANNA WORK WITH AMHARA. Still there is no possibility to work with them. Why? Here it goes…

In the current announcement it was indicated as if Oromo struggle was not supportive of working with other nationalities, they claim that OLF has changed this strategy now. However, if you review any OLF faction’s objective/mission you will see that ..”….and to FORM, where possible, A POLITICAL UNION WITH OTHER NATIONS on the basis of equality, respect for mutual interests and the principle of voluntary associations"..Actually, it is Neftegna’s argument that contributes to Ethiopia’s backwardness. Still they couldn’t train their mind. LAYMAN CANNOT SWALLOW THE LAYMAN APPROACH!! Go ahead with your UNITY, Oromo will go on for EQUALITY!!

01/04/12 @ 09:03
Comment from: mohamed [Visitor]

Salaam to all,

I would say it is a good move by OLF for its own good but all those OLF members who have blood on their hand should be put to task. No one has the right to kill others and go free. Be it The Government, OlF, Shabia, TPLF or Lucifer himself the only final way to join Ethiopia is if you are clean and no blood in their hand.
I would suggest that they first themselves should tell all what they have done in the name of whatever they say were doing, then the government should come up with whatever information they have on them then we will see and think and come up with a country wide decision either to prosecute them or forgive them. That way we will behave in a matured and advanced society. Short of that it will be a joke.

Salaam to all

01/04/12 @ 09:15
Comment from: elcad [Visitor]

Yoidiot –

You are about as smart as a box of paperclips. What ever non sense you posted above doesn’t even good enough to read let alone to understand. Your little soul is a living example to proof, all the recruiters to be Woyane’s day time cadres are a bunch of dimwitted Hodams. You talk about others behind? Don’t forget, just few years ago your mouth was at the receiving end of the shit coming out of Shabya’s behind. You just clue less enough not to understand what went on in your life then.

I hope this be helpful to you to shut up and stop proving how unintelligent you are. Good luck Bozo!!

01/04/12 @ 12:12
Comment from: Tulu Proud ET [Visitor]
Tulu Proud ET

Here we go OLF. I am 1000% for it. Great move my people.

That is what Ethiopia needs to grow and get out of the tyranny of dictator Meles.

Now victory will be in the hands of Ethiopians.

01/04/12 @ 14:13
Comment from: Tati [Visitor]

Yechegerew erguz yagebal
Setweld gedel yigebal

If you can understand this show’s how desprate you are Gimbot 7 shamless. hahaha

01/04/12 @ 15:41
Comment from: hass [Visitor]

bezawit, will u marry me? just kidding. I love the way you tell them in their face. Anybody who want to go, better go sooner, and they must be so boneheaded, they can’t ever learn from our neighbors in the north. Bless you.

01/04/12 @ 15:54
Comment from: [Member]

Ethiopians should unite and lead Africa and all blacks in Diaspora. It is a good news that some section of the OLF is ready for unity with the rest of our people. Behind all this is, the secessionist and neocolonial slaves led by Issayas Afwerk. We should be cautious. However we have won for today and we should try to persuade all oromos to stand for the unity of Ethiopia. Secession is not the solution. We have to establish a democratic government where every ethnic group is treated equally. This we should do and can do.

We should also never accept Eritrea as a country. “Eritrea” should be seen as a territory of Ethiopia that has to be liberated. It is occupied by our enemies. Issay is a traitor Habesha and has has legtimacy to form any government in Eritrea. he can of ours as Habesh participate in our politics for the unity and benefit all Habeshas.

01/04/12 @ 17:18
Comment from: SHAMA [Visitor]




01/04/12 @ 17:36
Comment from: Geta yirdan [Visitor]
Geta yirdan

From all the comments, I only see how my fellow people are full of divided and retarded thoughts.

It is really so sad!!!!!!May God give us merci and get us a pure heart and developed mind.

01/04/12 @ 17:40
Comment from: ayan [Visitor]

a long overdue statment which shoulbe proved by action

01/04/12 @ 19:32
Comment from: Sahel [Visitor]

@ Negasso

First of all, no need to swear to be an Oromo or @game, we all can tell from the way you process politics. You said,
“If you ask any Eritrean today what they have achieved from the so called indipendece they have nothing TO SHOW YOU other than the ID CARD AND the pleasure they got from land-locking Ethiopia”

Lol, As an Eritrean all I say is thanks to God we are seperated forever, for many many many many reasons, which I would not bother to explain your moron head.

But, I wish you worried about your own ethnic tribe. Instead of wondering about Eritrea, just try to admin your monkey ppl out of misery and slavery. When you ppl starve, Eritrea did not, and one achievement is to work and feed yourself it’s called self reliance.

Back into the “land-locking Ethiopia", Why are you shefafa Amharas,@games and dumb galla’s want port as if you have an export based industries and manufactories, starving monkies thiny Djibouty is accomodating your crumb economy and donation you receive forever, please create another port through Somaliland, leave us alone forever, No love exchange or hate exchange let’s maintain neutral but closed borders forever.

Lemanay @game! holding a phobia on Eritrea. It’s about Oromo deal with them the way you want to, just don’t mention others!

—-Sick people make me sick—azz holes, Believe me Ethiopia is a cursed land, and God will punish you all more and more as he is al’ready starving you.—it’s on the bible too.

01/04/12 @ 22:49
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

The stack-market of OLF under the ownership of Isayas Afeweki in Asmara is flat… and he is trying hard to sale them with an added package of Ginbot-7 to diaspora….

This is one of the smartest move that Isayas made! He knows that the diaspora part time politician want be, wouldn’t mind to invest their hard armed money on those kind of fabricated stories, and Im sure he will cash out a reasonable amount of money out of this trick…LOL. I’m afraid to say this, but he will use those groups and will throw them in the garbage as used condoms….

However, most diasporas are more concentrating how to concur 4 kilo by any means, but I believe that we should to concentrate how to serve our all Ethiopian people. We shouldn’t make the same mistakes again & again..

Ethiopia is a good enough for all her children and we all her children should have respect toward each-other regardless our ethnic backgrounds. Insulting and looking down at each-other is unwise and backwardness…I might have negative opinion toward others’s political views, sorry, but I have love & respect to all my beautiful Ethiopian people!!

peace and prosperous life for all the Ethiopian people!!

God bless the world!!

01/04/12 @ 23:52
Comment from: kuma [Visitor]

To all of you who hate OLF or oromo people —1) who is a true OLF ? go read what OLF said about those who called themselves OLF but they are not OLF, like Kemal Geltu and others , they are not OLF, they got fired from true OLF, please guys go read all about OLF from what the president of OLF( dawied ibsa) said about those people called themself OLF
2) OLF means all oromo, which means 99.999999% of oromos are OLF that means more than 40 million oromos are OLF, so dont get happy by these false statements from x-OLFs
3) we oromos know who is our enemy or friends, the good examples look all of you what you are writing on blog so go flool yourself not oromos and you will not get what you are wishing for it is just cloud for you.
4) we oromos hate you(Habesha- koshasha) you know that, that why you guys get freaked out when you heard the name OLF or oromoo.
5) you hate our language, culture ….. why we live with you ? so you should go back to your Arab country which is Yemen that why we called you “ye arab sharmuxa"( Abesha- koshasha), we are very proud of our language and culture and it gonna live for every. i know you wish if there is no Afaan oromo but your wish is again cloudy, it will not happen afaan oromo gonna be official language in oromiya.

01/05/12 @ 05:05
Comment from: obsaa [Visitor]

To: mohamed

would say it is a good move by OLF for its own good but all those OLF members who have blood on their hand should be put to task. No one has the right to kill others and go free. Be it The Government, OlF, Shabia, TPLF or Lucifer himself the only final way to join Ethiopia is if you are clean and no blood in their hand.


01/05/12 @ 05:44
Comment from: bex [Visitor]

Im so confused. Pls people don’t waste your time by reading this fake propaganda wow! The real Olf is never ever said that this garbadge is delusion for Madras and others who is reading this nonsense propaganda sham on general Canal and followes. Aris and bale Promo is never present all majority oromo’s. This pepople never represent the main Olf l never represent ever represent, i think the general is just try to get the job from kitchen porter from US to get job the job real Olf is never eve change their own goal to Sepsrate from the rest of ethiopia becuse because we WilNever deal with nafitagns amharas oagain okay watch out Dawi Ebssa

01/05/12 @ 06:58
Comment from: Yoni [Visitor]

Clueless B

Ofcourse u don’t understand that’s why u vomitted the same shiit again…

01/05/12 @ 08:13
Comment from: oneluv21 [Visitor]

Yohannes IV & Tewedros II

Are you on some kind of drugs? Eritreans fought for 30 Yrs and voted 99.9999% what are you saying those people 99.9999% are your enenmy? The UN and other important countries including Ethiopia recognize Eritrea asd other powerful countries, are you saying you will fight all this people? Also you said Ethiopia should lead all black people you… to make them beggers like Ethiopia? Ethiopia beggs from the white man every year to feed her people. I think you need reality check, Ethiopia is at bottom of not not only in Africa but in the world, checked out. Do me a fever, clean your dity backyard first which is flee infested, hungry, divided, and backward Ethiopia.

01/05/12 @ 12:01
Comment from: Qiqi [Visitor]


Please add to your asshole chauvinist list of criminals such as Menelik, Haile Selassie, Mengistu amd the ruling Meles if you are not Meles himself.

01/05/12 @ 14:17
Comment from: Dhugaasaa [Visitor]

I do not see the point of rejoicing at another false start except for those who think that the latest action by a few members of a splinter group is good to weaken the OLF, the organization that embodies and symbolizes the legitimate aspirations of the Oromo poeple for freedom, peace, equality and democracy. The splinter group has all the right to form its own independent organization and draw up its own strategies and struggle as it sees it fit. What it cannot do for me is it cannot snatch and use the name OLF to promote itself and its agendas. The Oromo people are not monolithic. There is a number of views regarding the goals and strategies of the struggle of the Oromo people for freedom and democracy. I also understand that no one has a monopoly of any of the goals and strategies. What I do not understand is why the splinter group consisting mainly of newcomers and led by a runaway TPLF general from the despised
OPDO try to snatch the name OLF and declare to have rewritten its political program. Is this a hidden mission the runaway TPLF general has joined the organization in the first place? Do not trust the runaway TPLF
general. He might run away back to his TPLF masters once he thinks that he has accomplished his mission he has been assigned by his TPLF masters. We all support genuine and freewill union of people. We support genuine coordination of the struggle of the various sections of our society to get rid of terrorist Meles and cronies that are terrorizing the Ethiopian people. But it must be done the right way with the right people. Otherwise we will still be wandering in the same circle and we cannot break out of it. Genuine Unity of Peoples for Genuine Freedom and Democracy.

01/05/12 @ 14:39
Comment from: Jiksa [Visitor]

Kamaal Gantu is an OPDO general not OLF general. He become general by killing Oromos to secure Meles on power. Brahanu Nega and Andargachew Tige have allready committed sucid by making allience with"Arusi galla” not with OLF that represent the real Oromo people’s interest.

01/05/12 @ 16:59
Comment from: Fikru [Visitor]

Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Visitor]
Fikru [Visitor]

Thanks monkey Amhara for removing the mask, masquerading as an Oromo. Now you can continue your mambo jumbo. No hard feelings, I love it when monkey Amhara chatter, keep it up.

For the record am an Oromo and a proud one.

01/04/12 @ 05:13

I thought you were from China?
Men, I was way off.

01/05/12 @ 17:50
Comment from: Tulu Proud ET [Visitor]
Tulu Proud ET

It is time for UNITE AND CONQUER Woyane looters instead of Meles’s divide and conquer.
Ethiopia will prosper instead of the few greedy Meles and friends in crime.

All Woyane supporters are burning in jealousy and anger by the unity of Oromos with their brother and sisters of all Ethiopians especially Amaras.

Time for new united and democratic Ethiopia where all its citizens are respected and treated with dignity and equality. Thank your my people for acknowledging the weakness.

01/05/12 @ 17:52
Comment from: Proud Ethiopian [Visitor]
Proud Ethiopian

Where is Agazi Woman right now?

DO NOT TRUST THE OLF! The Oromo people (particularly those who wanted to get their independence) need to learn about who they are, where they came from and most importantly the history of Ethiopia!

By the way, Ethiopia does not need any OLF fighters to protect its people. Everyone knows that the Oromo people are not good at fighting! I do not understand why they are so angry at Minilik. He did not force them to join the army when Ethiopia was invaded by Italians…Most of the fights were done by the Amharas! So why are they barking now? If you are angry about the feudal system, it was oppressive to those who are economically poor (that includes the Amharas, Tigres, Oromos, the Southern and so on…)

Having said that, it is nice that the OLF came to its senses! But what is going to happen to the rest of Oromos who all of a sudden were identifying themselves as ONLY OROMO and ashamed of themselves as being called as Ethiopian?

Whether the Oromos want to get their independence or not, Ethiopia will not be sold by parasites and bandas (i.e. The woyane, OLF, the Ogaden Liberation Front and others who try to destroy the unity of Ethiopia —that includes the Amharas too)!

01/05/12 @ 17:57
Comment from: Wishful thinking!!! [Visitor]
Wishful thinking!!!

The biggest thing mankind has ever wished!!
In the absence of a united OLF making this statement,
any thought of OLF dropping secession (self determination for oromos) is as good as thinking the sun stop setting or rising.
Berhanu simply spent the night with a whore camouflaged as “OLF", delighted him for the night and made him pay his bills in full! HIV was only laughing!
You never, ever find oromo youth who don’t think liberation as their religion and habeshas as their enemies.

01/05/12 @ 20:44
Comment from: viva ethiopia [Visitor]
viva ethiopia

ነጻነትን ሰላምንና ዲሞክራሲን የሚያፈቅር ሕዝቡን ይወዳል ፣ ነገር ግን ስልጣን የሚያፈቀር የሚወደው አራሱን ብቻ ነው። አትዮጵያ ለዘላለም ትኑር

01/06/12 @ 00:25
Comment from: Mecha-Tullema [Visitor]

Some Questions for the Splinter OLF

a) How can U bring unity among Ethiopians? You have failed to unite even your own mother organization, OLF?

b)What kind of federal structure will U build? How do U put Oromia in that federal structure? Will U expand or shrink the current territory of Oromia?

c) How will U address the problems with Eritrea and Ogadenia? How do U address the questions the OLD OLF and the oromo people will ask U about selfdetermination?

d) How do U overcome the political game Abyssinian shroods will might play?

e) What will be the language of Ur federal government?

f) Howd

01/06/12 @ 02:50
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Hey Adgi banda ,you’re talking as
a RECTALLY CONNAISSOR OF SHABYAN GUYS,afterall you’re the main ERI guy
banda infecting days and nights this
website by your usual insanities against the “TRUE ETHIOPIANS!!!” .

01/06/12 @ 05:22
Comment from: tigray qillo, kimalamo. [Visitor]
tigray qillo, kimalamo.

@ Extraterristral

1/4/2012 @ 05:24
you said, “for the record I am an oromo and a proud one".
What a fucken layer you are. Now, Agazis shifting themselves to be oromo? You think the Ethiopian people are foolish like you. Right now the Tigray mafiost and agazies are recruting other oromos by saying, “we will give you independent". Fool agazis, no one will listen to you anymore. You are lier and crap. You are Monkey.

01/06/12 @ 10:34
Comment from: anon [Visitor]

Omo and others who whis a better Ethiopia for tomorrow,I wissh your assesment of this issue to come true.However I think the most important question to be asked is this.How realistic is this move how is it to be implimentde?This even becomes important when we consider the fact not only the Gen.Gelechu’s OLF but Dr.Ibsa’s OLF and G-7 are under the control of Hamassen leaders.
My begist concern is this- we Ethiopians fail to learn from our experiance and past mistakes.

For me the most important step is to these organizations need to disintangle themselves from Hamassen politcal leaders.Instead they need to invision a strategic plan based on self reliance upon on the support garnerd from Ethiopian public. It is undenible fact in all this that the two leaders are not and have never been mortal enemies.They must by necessity peacefully co-oxist than to give vent to their personal rivalery.This explains why the many organizations who come in contact wiith EPLF and TPLF such as EPPF and the so called Eretrian oppostion in the country did not materilaze.Many of the Eritrian oppostion in Ethiopia contrary to what we asume appear to be comfertable and making a permanet settlement in the country.

Bottom line the Olifits and all Ipsits,Gitits, need to extract themselves from Hamassen leaders before thy embarck on meaning ful course.I think concerning this even Fitawrari seems to have the right perception and decernement.If these organizations refuse to operate independet of Asmara leadership it is only amatter of time before their demise be made clear for the public.So why do we prolong the agony of our people by entertaining false hope?

01/06/12 @ 12:18
Comment from: wepE [Member]

Extra dingay ras: you being oromo must be some bad opening joke at some raw comedy club for weyanes. You jack ass should try Amhara or Tigre which are not because as far as we are concerned a weyane is a tribe itself. Go tell that to some of your conscienceless asama friends at the zoo. laughstock

01/06/12 @ 21:41
Comment from: Andenet [Visitor]
01/06/12 @ 23:00
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

wepE [Member]

Is it your Gojamie mother predicted through witchcraft or your debtera father discovered it through magic that I am not an Oromo.

Monkey amhara get civilized and stop speculating through witchcraft.

It doesn’t matter what your evil witch guiders are telling you, an Oromo and a proud one, period.

01/07/12 @ 07:25
Comment from: Dhunffaa [Visitor]

thank you all! please, do not joke to the royal name of ABO. its the name mingiling with name of our heros brothers and sisters. we have to protect and respect it as well as we live in this world. so i would like to say you do not be cofuse with Kamal, the man recently left TPLF and joined OLF. he wants to back to his party TPLF, this is normal for abnormal, to those who wait for the freedom of Oromo people, be struggle and continue to be free. our principle will live for ever. time never change ABOs freedom mind! believe! we shall be free!!!!
LONG LIVE ABO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thank you! I like if you stop communication about this baseless propoganda! yours in struggle for freedom ,

01/07/12 @ 07:42
Comment from: wepE [Member]

Extratrash: Sorry to disappoint you but no Gojjes or Debteras in my family you ugly shit, pure Ethiopian blood running through my veins right here unlike evil blood sucking occupier belonging nowhere inside Ethiopia. Also how about you leave my family alone and throw your best shots at me instead dirt bag? I suggest you do that or you won’t fancy the outcome, you will pay through your nose in humiliation, I’ll have to drop to your level for that but I’ll survive. You’re excused for now!

01/07/12 @ 09:39
Comment from: elcad [Visitor]

Yoni = Yo-idiot -

The only time I understand you is - when you bite your self & choke, because I always think a dead IDIOT Woyane is much better than the one who is trashing my home land just because he is good enough to breath. You are one clueless rat who deserved a good spanking for lesson, otherwise I don’t want to elevate such a second tier wanna be like you. Go suck your finger as*hole!!

01/07/12 @ 13:54
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

wepE [Member]

Don’t worry of me being disappointed of your or anyone’s amhara ferie kersekie (mumbo jumbo), I am used to it, please don’t worry.

I wish you answer and explain what does “occupier” & “occupation” mean to you and how is that it can be expressed in today’s Ethiopia?

I think the word ‘occupation’ belong to interstate relationship and then how is that you explain this word you simply and ignorantly through it out to express your understanding of current Ethiopian situation.

Then again in your comment this “occupier”
- “blood sucking occupier belonging nowhere inside Ethiopia” is a concept really hard to understand for me or for all Ethiopians (with the exception of Ethiopian parking lot attendants), who exactly is or your reference to the “occupier", in short, what do you mean by occupation?

wepE are you really denying the relationship in between the amhara and the witchcraft and magic culture? Are you really serious or you are simply denying it for the sake of winning the argument?


The best way to fight for freedom in Ethiopia is to fight amhara: language, culture and ideology
(wanna be Zionist-the super-race).

“In the long run we learn a short cut.” Thomas Hardy, in Tess of the D’urbervilles.

Cool bro and think twice and understand the greatest struggle awaiting history in the would be famous battle between the MONKEY amhara and the Ethiopian people; bro join the battle of history and the poor and the oppressed and forgotten, come on bro join the party to liberate all the discriminated and outcast-ed people of Ethiopia.

Can you hear the bell?!?!?!

01/07/12 @ 17:14
Comment from: Belay [Visitor]

“If you ask any Eritrean today what they have achieved from the so called indipendece they have nothing TO SHOW YOU other than the ID CARD AND the pleasure they got from land-locking Ethiopia"”

Sahel the truth hurts doesnt it, by the way let me add to negasso beautiful articulation of your banana nation dilemma,,,it goes like this “yefatiman tebassa yaye besat ayichawetm"..yibalal. i hope my oromo brothers get it.

01/07/12 @ 17:20
Comment from: Shewarega [Visitor]


I truly understand you anger. I am born of those who led the system that did untold wrongs to Oromos (as a group) in the past. For whatever it is worth, one Ethiopian to another, I would like to apologize to you. I think for the future of our country, our destiny, what truly matters is to listen to the will of the people. As the statement from the other OLF group clearly stated, either unity or independence can not be imposed by force. What is done by force, will unravle by force. What we as far thinking individuals have to do is think for the long suffering, oppressed people we call our families back home. To give them full freedom to decide their future and that of their children. Again, I ask for your forgiveness.

01/07/12 @ 17:49
Comment from: wepE [Member]

Extraterrestrial: Trying to draw a parallel between Zionists and any group of people, Amhara or else is just stupid. Doesn’t make sense but then again making sense isn’t exactly your signature. You’d have made a lot more sense if you tried aanglo-saxon since a big part of our vastly globalized world adapted their language, culture, ideology, tradition…but whatever makes warm at night. Also I find your new found fix with Amharas quite interesting, just hope that you’re aware repeating some words say something about you in relation to that word ;-) Don’t worry you’re not inferior compared to Amharas alone but every and any Ethiopian. Never mind I never said a WORD concerning the matter in my earlier reply, that you read something written nowhere to be read but your delusional mind but the q you raised associating witches with the aforementioned tribe should you throw at Amharas here at nazret, and if its your lucky day I’m sure someone will make a swift and quick one on that, they are more than capable handling your kind, a weyane that is. Finally I think you know exactly whom/what the word “occupier” stares at, if not take a good and long look at your ‘Oromo’ mirror, I’m sure you’ll find a clue or two. If it’s the word itself you’re wondering about, I hear some giant named Google makes miracles, good luck.

What the heck is: “ferie kersekie” anyway?

01/07/12 @ 18:49
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

wepE [Member]

Here you go again to your amhara ‘ferie kersekie’ no substance but, amhara seme and worke lol

The question to you but, also to the entire world is what is “occupation"?

Then again in your comment you said this “blood sucking occupier belonging nowhere inside Ethiopia” who exactly are you referring to when you used the sentence “blood sucking occupier belonging nowhere inside Ethiopia"???

lol what is occupation or occupier, do you relay know what it mean?

Be a real Monkey amhara and answer this question using your baboon like Lucy brain :)

Tata amhara…

01/07/12 @ 19:55
Comment from: ቤዛዊት እንድርያስ [Visitor]
ቤዛዊት እንድርያስ

I think in mathmatcis…….

Amharic = the second spoken language in Isreal

Amharic = the largest spoken language in Ethiopia

Amharic= the second largest semantic language next to Arabic

Amhara = Ethiopia

No Amhara = No Ethiopia

No Ethiopia = an Ethiopian Amhara state

Amhara = Superrace

Amhara = No neck + No face; therefore you can’t cut it( e.g; my kebele Id card says my tribe is otherwise other than Amhara) so what it tell you? People? AMHARAS hide their neck so that they are invisible but they are putting you in a floor without your knowledge….. Get it? Amhara wisdom? It is deep!!! Kikikikiki ? be careful of the invisibles! kikikiki

Conclusion; AMHRAIC is an influential language let alone in Ethiopia but also in a middle east… we have Israel;so we don’t care if you change the national language to whatever Jibberish…. do you know Ethiopian flashas identify themselves as Amhara? So we have Israel support too….. errerrr; ketele belu……….

Some facts:

A new indpendet study showed that the highest developed region in Ethiopia are KELILE 4 followed by KELILE 3 then KELILE 5…. Do you get the joke people?

01/07/12 @ 21:06
Comment from: ቤዛዊት እንድርያስ [Visitor]
ቤዛዊት እንድርያስ

Hey people; do you want a peaceful struggle? Here are the best things I come up with…… ENJOY

1- Burn your kebele ID

2- THEN ; don’t give your real tribe identity when you take out a new Kebele -ID ( as if they check it with DNA kikiki you know what I mean)

3- They know more than us that tribe is just a game… that is why they are playing it soooo good….. ( e.g putting an amhara as a presidant in Oromo region ) and assigning an ertrian as an amhara region representative ( e.g bereket simion)… therefore people let’s play this tribe game good then…
እኛስ ለምን አናሾፍም ? you know what I mean? kiki

if you are amhara say what ever but not Amhara cause that is what they want to caught Amhara in its neck and cut its life line…. DON’T!! even if you have 1/25 th of other ethinic blood claim that as you are that after all…. it doesn’t matter? does it? that is how you defeat your enemy… by being invisible then BAM!!!

“you can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it.”
Albert Einstein

01/07/12 @ 21:48
Comment from: wepE [Member]

Extraterrestrial: I’m assuming you miss an eye and maybe both so I won’t bother answering your q for a second time wasting my time. Not that your garbage is worth a reply but one thing struck me; when you call Amharas monkeys, while crediting them for imposing their culture language and what not, do you know that you’re actually positioning and trying to shove the rest of Ethiopians into a category not only inferior but far down the ladder of the fake evolutionary chart? worse than a monkey? just a thought…how does your ‘Oromo’ ass feel right now? yegna Oromo yilquns afshn zgi ena wedemeTashbet temelesh, you occupying leech.

01/08/12 @ 04:59
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

wepE [Member]

You don’t know what “occupation” mean :)

01/08/12 @ 06:59
Comment from: Poverty-Legacy of Woyanne [Visitor]
Poverty-Legacy of Woyanne

From the outset woyanes are grown up eating ‘belese’ no more. So their brain is very retarded much below the lower limit.

That is why they have now dare to ill-advice the people of oromo (OLF) to stick to the abandoned sessesionst agenda and accussing them for being a close allay for Shabia.

Apart from that they are insulting the Oromos with a diregatory words on every opportunity.

All these crap is signs of disperation. Because that is the people of one small and unfertile region tigray inhabitants are sole responsible of all the mess during the last two decades.

Thankfully, now the time is very imminnent they will be tried by the oppressed people of Ethiopia.

01/08/12 @ 10:42
Comment from: Belay [Visitor]

exactly how many beers did you have prior to writing your last comment about you being ok with allowing people to choose unity or independent…i want numbers…

01/08/12 @ 13:22
Comment from: Shewarega [Visitor]


The beer and kkerari I leave for you.
I think you also need a new pair of spectacles as it seems you have trouble reading sentences that do not exist. Can you please show me any place where I said the will of the people should not be heard? Please, which thread, which day, which month? You are assuming, and assumption as always is a very dangerous game. Plus for me listening to the will of the people means, the will of the Ethiopian people as a whole. For you, since you are regional, it automatically means, the red people, the blue people, and the x/y/z peoples menamen.

To tell you the truth, as much as I try to put my pain under the rug if it does good for my country Ethiopia, seeing you and your kind repeatedly, I am beginning to believe the best solution is a simple divorce, the problem is you can’t leave, you have to leech on others neck to survive. That was the reason the day after your ethnic/secessionist militia arrived you declared my home Shewa, null and void. Its the only way you can control and loot it. But let alone you occupy, divide, and loot us, it did not work even for the far complex, advanced Boer/Afrikaners of South Africa. Change will come, freedom will come. Its just a matter of time. That part is guaranteed.

01/09/12 @ 18:22
Comment from: Fikru [Visitor]

My beloved Ethiopians brother/sisters leave this buffoon called Extraterristral alone. We all know who this sucker is a Banda Tigree. Not only him I can assure you all theos who posted under Oromo name critsizeng the OLF new approach embracing Ethiopian are non other than The TPLF thugs. Don’t be taken back with names understand the content and read between the line then you will know who’s behind it. As the buffoon Extraterristral he is not going to fool nobody here. Weynnes is a group of Tigrees who’s main aspiration is to loot and destroy Ethiopia within period. No Ethiopian citizen support this group in clear conscious except a Banda soulless Tigree. This is the group landlocked our country, selling land, robbed the nation dry from elders to young ones has no ethics moral-believe, neither a fear of GOD is not found in them. They must be identifies who they are if not all majority of them involves and sympathize with the group and benefited through looting and spying on Ethiopians. As Ethiopian we must identify the core of the problame that’s it. Counting them as fellow countryman has been a taken as a defeat while their action proves otherwise always aligning themselves with every enemy our country have. They take our trust as a defeats.

01/10/12 @ 05:58
Comment from: Belay [Visitor]

are you saying my assumption of you being against article 39, that give people the right to choose unity or independent, is wrong. well let me appologize if that is true. but i will let the readers judge you. by the way why should i leave, why not you. usually the one that ask for divorce leaves…

01/10/12 @ 09:41



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