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Ethiopia : On The Brawl Over The Nile Waters



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Ethiopia : On The Brawl Over The Nile Waters

Ethiopia : On The Brawl Over The Nile Waters

By:  Seid Hassan*    



Professor Seid Hassan

I lived in Egypt for about five and a half years (from late 1979 to the first few months of 1984) as a political refugee doing my undergraduate studies at the American University in Cairo. Just like any stateless Ethiopian who escaped the Derg’s murder, my 5 ½ years of stay in Egypt were filled with many ups and some downs. Speaking about the downs, two of them stood out of all. One of the nauseating and vexing issues had to do with listening to the constant barrage of negative campaigns carried out against Ethiopia by the Egyptian government, in which we felt was a deliberate implantation of “natural enmity” between the peoples of the two countries into the minds of the Egyptian people. On the other side, Mengistu Haile Mariam, standing on Maskal Square, and while mounting the “Red Terror” campaign against his opponents, was smashing bottles filled with “blood” to demonstrate the fate that his opponents, Egypt included, was awaiting them. Mengistu’s madness aside, I wondered why Egypt could have found it useful to instigate enmity and intensify the conflicts between the two nations instead of being thankful to the gift that both God and Ethiopia were giving her- the waters if the  Blue Nile. Amazingly, the enmity barrage and the constant negative campaign did not stop within the sphere of international politics. In fact, it was very irritating to me and other true Ethiopians who observed the constant enmity barrage hurled against Ethiopia (and not Mengistu H. Mariam). The whole affair used to be broadcast live on TV as a staple recitation of Egyptian religious leaders during the Holy Friday Prayers. The constant rancor was being recited by the religious leaders irrespective of the fact that Ethiopia was the country chosen by Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) when his companions needed protection and freedom from oppression and persecution. Never mind that, in recognition of the kindness that the Ethiopian king who saved his followers, the Prophet had offered the first funeral prayer in absentia for a Christian. Never mind that the Prophet himself is known to have said:

“They were generous to our companions, so I wish to be generous to them in person….”

Never mind that the Prophet himself is even known to have personally served them meals when a Christian delegation from Ethiopian churches visited Medina. 

The other was the two kinds of discriminatory treatments the Ethiopian political refugees received while in Egypt. On the one hand, those of us who claimed to be Ethiopian were not received well whenever we presented ourselves within the Arabic diplomatic circles, in general, and the Egyptian diplomatic community and officials, in particular. On the other hand, one could observe an unbelievable friendly reception being extended to those who claimed to be non-Ethiopian – nearly all of them being members of Liberation Fronts – the TPLF followers and “delegates” included. The recognition they received was comparable to the diplomatic immunity and extra-territorial status which is only extended to those who are friendly or allied militaries, foreign heads of state, ambassadors and diplomatic agents. I cannot help but just cringe wondering how on earth we let such groups and individuals, who wandered around the capitals of the Middle East, claiming to be partly Arabs, that they don’t belong to Ethiopia, and that they were fighting to secede from Ethiopia, smuggling and selling priceless Ethiopian religious relics along the way, be our rulers!? This absurd reality aside, which speaks volumes about the current generation of Ethiopians, please allow me to make my first point here: that Mr. Zenawi’s accusation of Egypt for backing anti-government rebels is quite accurate for he speaks from his own practical experience.  Moreover, the historical enmity between the two nations, a substantial portion of the hostility originating from Egypt and Ethiopia’s neighbors is real and despot leaders such Messrs. Mubarak and Zenawi have a built-in tendency to exploit it. For picking a fight against both traditional and concocted enemies is a tool used by dictatorial and illegitimate regimes who are seeking unity in a highly fractured society.


Given the deeply held unholy Egyptian bitter resentment against Ethiopia, what would democrats, who happen to disagree with the current regime, do if Egypt launches punitive actions against Ethiopia’s newly built projects? Would the democratic forces ally themselves with Mr. Zenawi, even though they know that he is a despicable despot and has committed several treasonous crimes against the interests of their beloved country, if Egypt happens to trigger havoc against Ethiopia? My answer: “All things considered, and when push comes to shove: You Betcha!” They do so irrespective of the fact that the deeply rooted and historical enmity is being orchestrated by Meles himself, or, as Jawar aptly stated it, they know that “Meles is ratcheting up the rhetorical confrontation mantle in order to gain popular support” - ..  They do so not because they are convinced treasonous and allegedly genocidal Meles has overnight turned to be a patriot when he tells them, via Reuters, that “I am not worried that the Egyptians will suddenly invade Ethiopia….Nobody who has tried that has lived to tell the story… I don’t think the Egyptians will be any different and I think they know that.” Instead, they are angered by the carefully orchestrated deception and placation. They will defend Ethiopia and its interests because they are fed up with the unjust animosity that Egypt harbors against Ethiopia for too long. They do so because they are tired of witnessing Ethiopia’s sovereignty and rights being infringed by its traditional enemies. They do so because, the position taken by Ethiopia and the other upper Nile riparian countries is just- an equitable distribution of water sources. They do so because they don’t want to set a precedent- since allying with Egypt and stopping the construction of the projects would be tantamount to Ethiopia’s fate being decided by foreigner elements rather than its citizens. For some of us who strongly believe that Ethiopia is better off by building smaller dams and/or who detest the non-transparent manner by which projects are implemented, we do so because we just don’t want to “throw the baby out with the bath water.” We do so because…, well, we are placated (duped) by Meles’ merciless Machiavellian tactics. Help! Unless Ethiopians come to together and find ways to disentangle the web of traps that Ethiopia and its people have been logged into, their fates will be at the mercy of despots of Mr. Zenawi’s type.

There are several factors which indicate to me that hostility between Egypt and Ethiopia is likely to continue and I will mention just a few of them to save space. First, a significant portion of the Egyptian populace erroneously believes (or is made to believe) that the Nile waters belong only to them. As a result, they believe that dam constructions in Ethiopia are tantamount to crossing the “red line.” Second, the growing political uprisings of the Nile delta provinces of Kafr al-Sheikh, Gharbiya, Alexandria, Giza and Marsa Matruh due to water shortages indicate that, as argued by Lutfi Radwan and others that Egypt was facing severe water shortages (about 20 billion cubic meters per year) even before power dams were built in Ethiopia. The causes of the water shortages are known to be many- some of them being population pressure, life-style changes, the effects of global warming, the gradual changes of crop patterns such as the increased production of water devouring crops of rice and sugar cane. This suggests that, as correctly articulated by Alya Kebiri, water, which is becoming increasingly scarce, is not “priced and managed properly. Proper pricing could have been more efficient and sustainable. Moreover, the Egyptian government monopolistically controls the distribution and management of water, with a lot of subsidization, bureaucratization and inefficiencies involved.” A government which is not willing to communicate with its people about the current realities will have a tendency to find scapegoats. Experts who have advised the government of Egypt to give up its production of some crops (or change some of the crop patterns) have indicated that the government is not willing to do so. Such irrational usage of water may have corrupted that nation and its farmers and such spoiled attitudes involve negative repercussions. Add to this the war mongering rhetoric of Mr. Sadat, the late president of Egypt and Butrous Butrous Ghali, the former Secretary General of the United Nations who played a role, in collaboration with the treasonous regime of Meles Zenawi, for the break-up of Ethiopia- both Egyptian leaders known to have said that  "The next war in our region will be over the waters of the Nile, … “  Wasn’t it Egyptian Mr. Ismail Serageldin, who was vice-president of the World Bank, who told the world that future wars would be mostly about water? As John Vidal informs us,  nations already are sparing over rivers and dams such as India and Pakistan over river Indus; China, Nepal, India and Bangladesh over the rivers originating from in the Himalayas;  Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan over the Amu Daria and Syr Daria rivers; Argentina and Uruguay over the river Plate; Iraq and Syria over the Tigris; Israel, Palestine, and Jordan over the Jordan River watersheds and other water sources; Iraq and Iran over the Shatt al-Arab waterways; Botswana, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe, over Zambezi and its tributaries, etc.
But I seriously doubt that Egypt will invade Ethiopia for Egypt can create enough havoc by doing what it knows best – supporting disaffected insurgent groups and perhaps even using individual terrorists. If Mr. Zenawi knows that Egypt uses disaffected Ethiopian insurgent groups to attack Ethiopia, wouldn’t be wise and less costly for his government to deny Egypt and other Ethiopia’s enemies by finding solutions to the causes of (reasons) that such groups are forced to be used by Ethiopia’s traditional enemies? Unfortunately, this is not possible for it is not in the nature of undemocratic rulers like Mr. Zenawi and the TPLF/EPRDF to look inside themselves. They would rather opt for the ultimate placation of patriotic citizens. Let’s face it: the fact that I and other patriots, such as Messrs. Jawar Mohammed, Robele Ababya, Girma Kassa and others are calling for unity among Ethiopians when it comes to the Nile may indicate that the placation and Mr. Zenawi’s shrewd Machiavellian plans are already underway.  Some of us had seen this ultimate placation coming for quite some time, and a precedent was already set during the Ethio-Eritrean war. The costs associated with the impending hostilities and placation, particularly in terms of treasure, would be incalculable. It is for this reason that I call upon politicians, intellectuals, political scientists and all patriot Ethiopians, to design mechanisms (responses) so that we are neither placated nor the hostilities get intensified, while at the same time standing together to protect Ethiopia’s rights to use its own waters.

Note: As soon as I begun disseminating the first draft of the above write-up, Professor Minga Negash, professor of accountancy at the Metropolitan State College of Denver and the University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa who has been following the issue for many years sent me a couple of important email messages. Below, I present to you one of the messages and I thank him for allowing me to share it with you.

"It is a well known fact that Egyptian policy towards Ethiopia is primarily driven by the politics of the Nile water. This policy goes back to the antiquities. TPLF's ill trained diplomats are incapable of understanding the historical complexities. As we have seen in the case of the Algiers Agreement they have also a poor understanding of international law. Egyptian support for the separation of Eritrea and now its alleged support for other separatists show the consistency of Egyptian foreign policy towards Ethiopia, and it can be explained in part by the politics of water. In other words, Mr. Zenawi is facing the same problem that his predecessors were facing. 
 “What makes TPLF's policy scandalous is Zenawi's Zenawi's letter to the ex foreign minister of Egypt, Boutros Boutros Galli to legitimize Eritrea's separation through the UN system. In addition to diminishing Ethiopia's profile in the Horn of Africa, Ethiopia's loss of its coastal territories gave Egypt the role of being the dominant naval power in the Red Sea. Egyptian support for Eritrea's policy towards Somalia is yet another evidence of reducing Ethiopia's influence on the Horn of Africa. TPLF's official scandals with regard to the Nile officially started in 1991. Ethiopia's useless foreign minister, Seyoum Mesfin bowed to the Egyptian demand for the removal of the CEO of the Valley Development Authority. In the confusion, confidential rain fall data was lost and some suspect that the data was stolen by Egypt through a student who was studying for his Masters degree in Belgium. TPLF then signed the infamous treaty with Egypt, which the Egyptians feel is a useful diplomatic weapon. Zenawi's poor understanding of water policy was rectified by the creation of a new regional organization that advocates for the equitable and fair sharing of the waters of Nile river system. The success of this organization has yet to be seen. This progress, however, is frustrated by another incoherent policy of the TPLF. According to some reports, Egypt is a beneficiary of TPLF's wholesale of farm lands to foreigners. The report suggests that the National Bank of Egypt has leased a large tract of agricultural land in the Afar region. Another report suggests that an Egyptian company has established a factory in Bahir Dar, the source of the Blue Nile. Zenawi's recent press statement is coming in the middle of these complex relationships between Egypt and Ethiopia."   


Note: This article can be considered as a rejoinder to the recently published commentaries made public by Messrs. Robele Ababya, Jawar Mohammed, Girma Kassa, and Asrat Abraham.

Dr. Seid Hassan is a Professor of Economics at Murray State University in the United States.


Comment from: Molla [Visitor]

sensless and filled with usuall insults!!!

01/01/11 @ 20:19
Comment from: obsa [Visitor]

I think by Ethiopia U mean Abysinia, in this article. Becuase oromos, Somalis, Anyuaks, etc. have never said Egypt is our enemy. Our (Oromos) real and greates enemies right now are Abysinians. We shall discuss about Missir (Egypt) later on!!!!!!!!!

01/02/11 @ 05:19
Comment from: washeraw [Visitor]

Wondeful article. The message to Melles has been there since 1991; but he wouldn’t listen.

What can we do to draw his attention?

01/02/11 @ 07:53
Comment from: Woletta Selassie [Visitor]  
Woletta Selassie

There is one thing we have forgotten…these are not “egyptians” they are arab colonizers of the ancient land of Ethiopia…"egypt” was an Ethiopian colony…secondly the Aswan dam has changed the spiritual nature of the Ghion/Nile…so that the delta which was designed by God Almighty is now drying up…these people know they are not “egyptians” for “egptians” and Ethiopians are the same people in ancient sharing common langauge, culture and religion or spiritual way of life… the Aswan dam should be dismantled for it is drhyi8ng up the delta, but new methods of water usage for all countries in the nile basis and great lakes region must be decided by all by the best engineers and geologist from all countries in the Nile regionso that they can design the best ways to share the sacred waters..equally…for the benefit of all; anything short of this will not solve the problem but will only create more tension…

01/02/11 @ 11:24
Comment from: bika [Visitor]

… the past the egyptians have tried and done whatever they could to distablize ;disintegrate or weaken ethiopia.what more can they do?
and you are telling us to bow before them.
you are advising us to accept what our historical enemies(the egyptians) are doing to us because meles zenawi is a must be from the new found tenth planet.
if they are ruled by a dictator or a democrat ethiopians are one againest out side better tell your masters that they are trying to stop the unstopable….

01/02/11 @ 14:11
Comment from: Maebel [Visitor]

Arabs neither hear nor listen nor see nor undestand.

The Ethiopian government has to change its home and foreign policies.

1. The Ethiopian government must unite the country and throw away the policies which is diving us and making us prey to Egypt . These include the ethnic federalism and the policy that says Ethiopia has to be land-locked. These needs to change if we have to unite. Otherwise, if the regime in Ethiopia continues to divide its people Egypt will continue to dance on our dead bodies.

2. The regime in Ethiopia has to say one thing and that is it. Ethiopia never subscribed to colonialsim and it will never do in the future. Ethiopia needs no permission from any one to use its water resources. The regime must stand solid on this issue. The regime must go bend to Colonialism as it did when it was dealing with Shabia. I am affraid this despicable regime will do another blunde by licking the asses of colonialists.

3. Ethiopians, we need to stand together on this isssue but our unity for isssue does not require compromise with the regime. The regime has to change its policy that is dividing its people. The policy of EPRDF did not only divide the majority Ethiopians. The Meles policy has divided even the TPLF party itself. If Meles has learnt any wisdom he has to change his self-bleeding policies he has forced on the Ethiopian people. Then leave alone Egypt, anyone on the planet can come to stop us from using our waters.

I see now why Meles started buidling dams in is own time. Egypt will sabotage any dams we will try to build. That is why Meles went his way. They are saying they own the water and no country can use the water. They are bloody cruel human. If we do not do anything now, they will continue to dance on our dead bodies forever.

01/02/11 @ 21:21
Comment from: Ogbe jegna [Visitor]
Ogbe jegna

Ethiopians have a natural laziness, with so many lakes and other water bodies, you don’t need the Nile, you are just causing unnecessary friction with hardworking egyptians.

Do you really believe you can survive a war with Egypt? Look how Eritrea destroyed ethiopian woyane army in bademe killing close to 150,000 Ethiopian sodiers and wounding 400,000. Egypt will destroy addis ababa and free the oromos from captivity.

The days of the nationhood of Ethiopia are numbered unless change is brought. All ethnic groups fighting to seccession, poverty disease, unless killers woyane go out of power the Ethiopian country might not exist after 2020.
Then the flag will really be just a cherk.

01/02/11 @ 21:25
Comment from: One [Visitor]

Mr. Obsa you are just a dreamer you deam about oromia the last 20 years . You are no where you don’t do shit you are just a number kit lash we don’t even need you ferii . The Heros are Tigray & amahara and the rest ex cluded olf you will never ever separet from us instead we ship you back to madacascar where olf came from we are the home of Ethiopian not oromia . You don’t even have no idia how we Ethiopian hate you .dream dream. Out side Ethiopa you say that feri in Ethiopa you say I am Ethiopian.

01/02/11 @ 21:27
Comment from: Gezaee H. [Visitor]
Gezaee H.

A Message to Meles Zenawi:

1. Stop land grab noe

2. Stop baby business now

3. Expell Egptian investors in 12 hours of Ethiopian time

4. Reform the ethnic federalism to non-ethnic federalism

5. Take over Massawa and Asseb rebuild the Navy you have stupidly destroyed.

6. Mobilize the nation right now. I swear I can move to Ethiopia to work for free for the entirity of my life wih no pay. If there is a patriotic govenment, why not? Life is short I could die any time without doing anything for my country. Meles Zenawi must know he is keeping us outsidee the country because of his wrong policy.

Meles Zenawi has never requested Ethiopian to unite and he has never done anything the people wanted except his own repeated mistakes of his own 100 times.

Meles Zenawi, you have had 20 years for yourself, give the people now the chance and do what the people wanted to be done. If you do what our people wanted to be done and if you corrected all the mistakes of the past who cares who rules Ethiopia?

Please , please Meles supporters twist Meles Zenawi’s head and ask him now to listen to the people.

01/02/11 @ 21:37
Comment from: philyboy [Visitor]

Very good analysis by a true Ethiopian .For those of you, the so called OLF and other liberation movements, the issue of Nile is not only for the Amhara people , it is for all east African people including the oromo .Unless we united and defend our natural right over Nile by any means now , in the future the Egyptians will continue to keep all people under poverty including oromo and other east Africans through their divide and rule tactic .


01/02/11 @ 22:05
Comment from: Ras Thomas (Patariotic Abyssinians). USA [Visitor]
Ras Thomas (Patariotic Abyssinians).  USA

Before we read this article, we should
look the writers face and his name.
Who he look like ethinicaly, what is his name: Sead Hassan.
What he is talking is history of his own experience partialy. I can remember
at that time of Derg. Everybody who fled from Mingistu and chose enemy of Ethiopia, Egypt as place of refugee and support was wrong, and when he said ” Egyptians used to welcom and value any from Ethiopia but not Ethiopians” is half true, it is true Egyptians don’t like Ethiopians but they love Ethiopian with such a his name and welcom them as Muslims” because Egyptian goverment considers itself as Muslim
nation although there is 10 millions
Orthodox Christians.
Mr. Sead Hassan whom I knew at that time was one of those who always declare his Muslim idintity before and after his Ethiopian idintity.He was one of those who imitate as an Arab. Now, he come back to deceit us to show us Males Zanawi and his regime, in order to instigate us to one an other. Males Zanawi is one of us and his name is Ethiopian wether he is bad or good, he is ours, he is on the chair today tommrow an other Ethiopian will be there. But, We, realy Ethiopians must be alert and vigilant to enemies who want to destroy us because of our resources.
No differece between Sead Hassan, Siad Barre or Issias Afwerk.If we lose because we listen those enemies then Males Zanawi will lose but he is one person 80 million Ethiopian will lose. We say to Saed Hassan,
and those like him who run away Siad
Barre attacking our country:
Shame on you at that time and shame on now you came back with you cheap

01/02/11 @ 22:07
Comment from: Divert Nile [Visitor]
Divert Nile

If we are attacked by Egypt you bet your ass we will invade and bomb all of Eritrea just like badme war when we killed 200,000 Eritreans and wounded countless others and occupied 1/3 of your territory.

01/02/11 @ 22:12
Comment from: Fitawrari Habesha [Visitor]
Fitawrari Habesha

Obsa I am laughing my ass off here…..HAHAHA!!!!!!!!
Wow you declared your enemy? You old lazy f*** (OLF) have been barking barking barking like dogs with rabies for the past 40 years about liberation separation bla bla and never for a day have you controlled a region, a town or even a city woreda.
Wow I’m soo scared!
You are just Kenyan jungle monkeys who call your selfs oromos. You live in Minnesota project houses while complaining and complaining about oromia but never get up and do anything.

All Oromos are Abyssinians, oromos are Ethiopians and oromos are united to fight Egypt. These OLF losers are less than 1% of total Oromo population mostly based in Kenya.

The commenter named “One” is right! Cowards like you mr obsa can say all the filthy OLF garbage about Oromia, Abyssinia, from the safety of your Internet keyboards in Minnesota but you are feri outside! In Ethiopia you all keep your mouths shut! FERIOCH!!

Ethiopians we must unite. We can do this. Everyone who has a skill a talent to help Ethiopia or create division amongst Egyptians should use your potential for us. we should create a Egyptian coptic orthodox rebel group, we should cooperate with Israel who would gladly give us all the info there is on destroying Egypt. We need spies in Egypt, ppl who can help us bring down the Egyptian nation from within, keep egyptians demoralized. Come on now let’s be brave we can do this brothers and sisters.


01/02/11 @ 22:22
Comment from: Some One [Visitor]
Some One

Gezaee H. [Visitor]

AGAIN I had to come to your level just to shut you off……….

First, try to be polite…. ohhh you are “Wedi Bidama” you can’t sorry……

Second this website is for Ethiopian… no SHABIA or ITS AGENTS should concern in Ethiopian affers……Go to your website……..oooobs sorry again …YOU DON’T HAVE ONE………

what should I expect from Mossoloni’s chin gerd lig……….

Like your fathers and forFathers, you can jump up and down of jelousy… but you want go no where except in “Independent” Aretera……
Please go to somewhere even to your Masters website…Italians or Egyptian……incase you got some leftovers

Solong looser

01/02/11 @ 23:52
Comment from: ejole bishoftu [Visitor]
ejole bishoftu

Good article!We need to unite in this aspect. Mr. obsa,you have the right to express your feeling.But you must know that most OROMOs like me,feels we are true OROMO people then abyssinians/Ethiopians!You better change your mind set up.We don’t have any problem to live with our brothers and sisters in Ethiopia.The problem is bad governance starting from those old times the so called Astes!!

01/03/11 @ 00:27
Comment from: john john [Visitor]
john john

You make me lough with your long article do you know prof. Al ? you both have something in common sick Egyptioan slave.

01/03/11 @ 00:53
Comment from: ohyeah [Visitor]

I have always said Meles is a complete idiot or an absolute evil. Then again, I find it very difficult why a person would be so evil, especially when it comes to their country.
On many issues, Meles made very damaging calls to the country, such as pushing for Eritrea’s independence in collaboration with Egyptian butros butros gali. Not making a deal to create a corridor to the sea for ethiopia. Stopping the army from taking assab during 98/2000 war. Not making the assab port of the court dispute at the Hague after the war, etc. Only an idiot could make so many critical errors. I refuse to believe Meles is so evil that he made all these damaging errors purposely.

01/03/11 @ 01:02
Comment from: accept-truth although bitter [Visitor]
accept-truth although bitter

little correction,

“…funeral prayer in absentia for a christian” i think should be replaced by “…funeral prayer in absentia for a christian reverted to Islam” as he accepted the message of Islam from the Prophet. no funeral prayer for some one who died as a non muslim

01/03/11 @ 05:47
Comment from: [Member]

realy, me, as intellectual the writer isa true Ethiopian!!

01/03/11 @ 06:49
Comment from: rashiada [Visitor]

Mr sied you must be enjoying the few birr the woyane has paid you to print this rubbish of an article,tell me when you were in egypt benefiting from their welcome guest and attending one of their colleges did you happen to see meles visiting the war ministry to beg for more weapons to be transported through east sudan???or maybe the 1000’s of eritreans and ethiopians who their family were massacred and their little borthers or sisters getting run down by derg tanks simply because they lost a battle against one of the “PLF’S",Egypt Right to the nile has exactly the same merit as ethiopian soverignty of all regions outside amhara and tigray region,i don’t know what you learned on your stay in egypt but if you agree on the oau border colony agreements you must also agree with all other oau treaties including river and maritime agreement,you cant pick and choose the mintue you want to disagree with the 1929 nile basin treaty you might as well give up all non habesh area’s of ethiopia because you would lose in any international court,and by the way the first migration to east africa was to eritrea no ethiopia maybe you should listen to the latest saudi islamic press releases hence the sahaba mosque build in eritrea you claim the first migration was to axumk a city that a mosque is not allowed to be build while all the sahaba narrators claim the refuge was a town called debarwa,one more thing i also happened to stay in egypt and saw many east african people there while i was studying and by far the most disrespecting,ignorant,dumb arrogant students were the ethiopians,seriously the egyptians feel sorry for the dumbness of ethiopians there on first day seeking refugee from the hailselaise/derg or woyane regimes and the next day badmouthing them while they are sheltered there,the 1998 war between eritrea and ethiopia was the making of the americans,too sad meles fell for it even though he knew better of the plot,but thought isias would be removed,little did he know that the war was just to create bad blood between the nighbours and leave the status quo as it is so the region doesn’t progress and reliance on america is more,YOU KEEP TALKING ABOUT ETHIOPIA OR FAKE ABBYSINIA,YOU KEEP TALKING ABOUT THE NILE,BUT GETTING TO MATTERS YOU HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT IS SAD,THE MOMENT EGYPT DOESN’T RECIEVE ITS 5% GURANTEED QUOTA AS IT WAS ASSURED BY MELES LAST YEAR IS THE DAY ANY OGADENI,OROMO,WOLAYITA CAN EASILY GO TO COURT AND CLAIM THEIR REGION TO BE SEPERATED FROM ABBYSINIA DUE TO THE BREACH OF CONTRACT ON ETHIOPIAN BEHALF TOWARDS THE 1956 OAU TREATIES.if you have problem with this its britian who you need to take to court not threatning egypt,at the same time this treaties were happening your late emperor who loved little muslims like you im sure were very cosy while his stay in england,maybe he should'’ve shared his concern then but maybe freeing you from the italains was enough,you want someone to blame???halisalise and take britian to court,you do know that large percentage of the blue nile do come from eritrea and east sudan right???is it ok then to divert all that water and send it to egypt instead of ethiopia???or maybe maniuplate the clouds and weather by chemicals given to us by the chinese so no single high pressure cloud from the red sea would arrive in ethiopia and your lake tana will be dry due to no rain????that can easily be done the cloud come through our territoy so does 30% of the water which pours into lake tana,THEN WHAT WILL BE YOUR ESCUSE???EGYPT GETS MORE THAN TRIPLE OF ITS QUOTA AND BLUE NILE WILL BE NO MORE IN 5-10 YEARS.your dams will be as good as a one legged person in a kick a** competition.EGYPT HAS PLEDGED $6 BILLION DOLLARS IN “AGRICULTURE” AND OTHER INVESTMENT IN ERITREA,WHAT DO YOU THINK THE OTHER INVESTMENT IS???REMEMBER YOU ARE THE MIDDLE MEN BEHAVE AS SUCH.

01/03/11 @ 07:51
Comment from: satenaw [Visitor]


01/03/11 @ 08:42
Comment from: Maebel [Visitor]

Dear Ethiopians,

I must tell you force is needed when it must be applied. All those anti-Ethiopians including Meles has to be smashed once for all and power in the hands of Ethiopians.

We cannot afford baby sitting Shabians forever. Meles and Shabia ahs to be finished once for all.

01/03/11 @ 10:15
Comment from: henok [Visitor]

You should be ashamed of yourself old man. Why did you hide the point that you were a mercenary of Egypt against Ethiopia? Also why did you ay in your class that you are an Egyptian? When your students complain that your voice is raucous and difficult to hear, you said that ” I am an Egyptian and my Arabic accent influences me".
wishetam ketafi

01/03/11 @ 10:29
Comment from: Sad [Visitor]

Mr. Professor who tought you this history of your own version “the Prophet had offered the first funeral prayer in absentia for a Christian.” please go back to Islamic bppk don’t facken invent your own story

01/03/11 @ 12:15
Comment from: yoni [Visitor]

By reserving that much hatred to the GOE and th PM hismself puts you in the same gloves as those who are trying to deter Ethiopia via Assmara.

Blindily suggesting TPLF and EPRDF dont have Ethiopian supports puts you in the same gloves as those who try to deter Ethiopia via Assmara.

Egypt’s half purpose is fulfilled via you yourself as you are showing that you incapble of stading with Tigreans who supprt Meles and trust him with their lives.

I would not stand with you or let you stand with me against Egypt as your hatred toward the current GOE and Meles personally could not be seen within the vicinity of Ethiopia’s interest.

A true assessment of Ethiopia’s interest does not isolate a specific group Ethiopians who happens to support a party you personally dilike or hate.

A dilusional opposition/harter of GOE or a Shabiya agent disguised as Ethiopian always blames the separation of Eritrea without mentioning the 100 year miscalculations and blood spilled to keep Eritrea.

You dare to put the label on Meles disregarding


you cant have it both ways…your reasoning is wack!

01/03/11 @ 14:30
Comment from: abc [Visitor]

@one yes stupid guys like you are the one ingniting division among Ethiopians. the solution for the current racial division in ethiopia is not to insult each other. you ignorant if you want unity it’s not with this shit idea, Don’t forget and if you have the gut you can say this in real time in Ethiopia. they will chope you down. and you will also be deported to Yemen.

01/03/11 @ 17:05
Comment from: Enigma [Visitor]

I suggest a 35-35-15-15 solution to the share of the Nile waters problem.

Egypt should get 35% considering
1. its relatively large size of population
2. its relatively high dependency on the Nile

Ethiopia should get 35% considering
1. its relatively large size of population
2. its relatively high contribution to the Nile waters

Sudan should get 15%,which is slightly less than its present share

Uganda,Kenya,Tanzania and the rest should get 15%,which is equivalent to white Nile’s contribution to the Nile waters.

This could be what one would understand as equitable use of the river.

Of course the amount of the available water of the Nile could vary, and there is a possibility that it could increase when countries manage to reduce loss of water through evaporation,some 30 to 40 billion m³ annually according to some estimates.
In addition electrification through hydro-generated power in the region will help to preserve trees or even plant more with the effect of increasing the water volume of the Nile by increasing the rain volume in the Nile basin region.

But if Egypt and Sudan are not willing to accept this 35% and 15% share respectively the upper riparian states have no other choice but to go ahead with their own projects.

01/03/11 @ 20:01
Comment from: Asfaha Tesfai [Visitor]
Asfaha Tesfai

Professor Hassan,

This is a well written and timely article. This is a highly complex issue that needs a well thought and deligent work by all involved. Both Ethiopia and Egypt have to find a way to nrgotiaite and reach a reasonable settlement taking into consideration the wellbeing of about 160 million people in the two countries. Egypt with much more advanced and developed economy and infrastructure has to start developing ways to develop generating drinkable water from sea water as other countries in the middle east and north Africa are doing. perhaps it can gradually raise water production from desalination coupled with conservation as well as selection of crops as suggested in the article can reduce the demand for water from the nile by about 30% or so in the coming 15-20 years. What is needed is reasonable expectations and keen desire by all sides to resolve this issue on a timely basis.

01/03/11 @ 21:37
Comment from: Tizita [Visitor]

for obsa and other primitives.
stop dreaming and take action.
look guys instead of calling your self oromo and try to confuse the oromo people,you better get up and show your gut by fighting whom ever you want.I know you don’t have a gut just talk and talk habit. No defference between Ethiopians whether from south,north,east, and west. They have oppressed equally and they were struggling together to deafet their enemies.Oromo,Ertrea,and others just same people except political desease which spread in some idiots brain like yours to lead you to advocate division. Please learn from your previous mistakes and try to cure your infected brain with HIV and this political syndrome. You said obsa oromo name but your deed is like osama bin.oromos are nice Ethiopians to live with but you are a vonomous snake to bite and poison innocent Ethiopians.We all know you if you have a gut get up and show how brave you are to defend your race from what ever you think is your enemy-I think no one except your own brain. All Ethiopian children live together with peace and prosperity.

01/03/11 @ 21:54
Comment from: Ethiopians [Visitor]

This article is excellent. I learned a lot about the enemy.I agree with you unity is the main deterent to the enemy.
Eritrea is a puppet of Egypt, and that must also be clear to all.
Thank you for your time to educate us.

Note: All the negative comments toward your article is made by shaebians, not Oromo.

01/03/11 @ 22:36
Comment from: LeColonel [Visitor]

A muslim Ethiopian who studied in Egypt is a professor in the US of A. Yet, Egyptian learining instititution don’t have Coptic profs or administrators, Egyptian sport national teams, Egyptian army and police doesn’t even allow Coptic Christians as a member. What a sick world!

01/04/11 @ 09:06
Comment from: Zerayakob Yared [Visitor]
Zerayakob Yared

Just a responsible and balanced article with good intentions. first time i could read a long article with out being bored or angered.

To be true, in content, that article from that tiggi, or some thing like that,on “black Nile” had also a content, but with evil intentions. So, “molla and Ras Thomas (Patariotic Abyssinians). USA [Visitor]", you can bring your comments as it is in here, to that tiggi(?), but not to this article from Seid Hassan.

Please people, we should not lose our HILINA, for the sake of money or ideology.

01/04/11 @ 10:01
Comment from: Enigma [Visitor]

FYI the Nile might be the longest river in the world but its annual water discharge is only about 100 billion m³.
In comparison the Congo river with 1000 billion m³ annual discharge is 10 times larger.

The central African Congo region being the water richest in Africa can export water to thirsty countries in North Africa such as Egypt.
The Arabs need only to build thousands of kilometers long pipelines across the Sahara desert and we can forget this problem related with water shortage.
There is no shortage of water resources in Africa, we only need to know how to use what is already there.

So instead of war threats the Arabs would do better if they use their petrodollars to build a network of water pipelines in Africa.

01/04/11 @ 10:21
Comment from: Bole [Visitor]

Please Oromos don’t believe the likes of the ignorant ones that comment on this and other sites. Truth is Oromos have been part of the ruling elites in our beloved Ethiopia for quite some time. For Oromos to think of themselves as victims of a systemic oppression plot by Amaras is totally misleading. There was a land grab expantion from Shewa downwards to beat the Europeans to it by these Elitist Oromos and Amaras. And during that time as in any war wrongs were done in the name of good.Take for instance the Atse Haile Selasie paternal blood line; his great Jegna Father was Ras Mekonen WeldMikael Gudissa a shewan Oromo. And His Mother also part Oromo from Wollo. Our Great King Atse Ras Menilike was also an Oromo on his Mother side. Where do you guys get off excluding yourselves from our beloved Mother Ethiopia and claim victimization. If anything we should all know and aknowledge that there is a common enemy. And it’s not Tigre or Amara or Egypt …. It’s poverty and with it comes ignorance. We need to all come together as a Nation not as individuals. We need to quite the ” ene kemotkugne serdo aybkmel” mentality and educate ourselves and the future generation about the Beauty of our diversity and what it means to us especially now.
So please my beloved Ethiopians look up the facts before going about accusing a whole group of people of unfound truth. As for the Egyptians and Nile if you get a chance to look at the Kebre Negest (one should always look at different resources not just one) you will see how the King the high priest and the nation as a whole delt with it in prayer in the past when Egypt did not adhere to Ethiopia’s taxation demands. The flow of the nile was actually stopped with prayer according to Kebre Negest until they came to terms with our demands. Now this might seem impossible today but do not underestimate the power of prayer especially as one Nation. We are all children of God with needs and demands, let’s face things with humility and compassion.

01/04/11 @ 11:03
Comment from: Eyob [Visitor]

The solution some of u guys proposing and the ideas u put on this site is very short sighted. Nile should be the list of our worries right now. there are a lot of issues like poverty that we need to deal with rather than worry about a single river from among like thousands. why cant we focus on using other far important rivers like Shebele and Baro? i’m not saying nile is not important, but is it worth getting in trouble for? can we aford a full fledge war with egypt or a war that is fought through proxy(terriorists)? i dont believe we can and some of the posters here believe that patriotism is a solution to a problem that has got nothing to do with patriotism… in my opinion for egyptians it is not about hatin us, it is about survival for them and we should feel and understand their needs and think about Nile as a last option.and if i am honest Abay has and never will be a priority for us because we have a lot of other rivers that we can utilize effectively with out going to dispute with neighboring countries( or countries we can afford to go in to dispute with). But if we are to decide to use NILE then we should be ready to deal with every scenario that might surface through the course of time. it is like a boxing match between a feather weight and middle weight fighters. there is no way the feather weight boxer is ever going to win the match. the only way for the feather weight boxer to come out of this is to work on his weight and reach middle weight to have any chance of winning or become heavy weight for there not to be any contest… and in this scenario Ethiopia is the feather weight fighter and u can guess what egypt is.

01/04/11 @ 14:10
Comment from: Enigma [Visitor]

you are either an idiot for saying Nile should be our last priority and that we should rather worry about poverty. Or you were trying to fool us in a very childish way.

The fact is for Ethiopia use of the Nile waters and fighting poverty are one and the same. Thanks God Ethiopia is not like Egypt, it is a potentially rich country.But until now it was the Egyptians who benefited from our resources,not only water but also billions of tons of fertile soil washed away by the Nile, while our own farmers were forbidden to use water from a river that flows only dozens meters away from their homes because of a so-called agreement from 1929 and 1959 gregorian calendar.The river does not have to be Abay or blue Nile,it can be any river that is a tributary to the Nile. And Nile tributaries are distributed in an area about 30% or more the surface area of Ethiopia from North to deep South. So in all those areas farmers are forbidden to use their own water for irrigation and are forced to depend on rain that has become unreliable in recent years due to droughts.

Therefore Nile is a priority and we should no longer allow Egypt to block our economic development as it has done in the last decades. We should say enough is enough and if necessary defend our right with our blood.

01/04/11 @ 22:57
Comment from: yoni [Visitor]


Wake up bro…we haven’t utilized Nile yet and Egypt has been detering us for mellenium now…
U look like like u r ready to throw the towel and we are just starting with our historical enemy egypt.

I can’t believe u stated that its not worth getting in trouble?
Since wen utilizin ur own resource will get u in trouble.
I never witnessed ethiopian shiit on his pants the way u just did.

U r diluting urself by an outdated boxing class weight theory..its MMA era now bro where small guy can tapout the big headz…
Has ur theory been true..Adwa would been italys victory…infact africa had chickens like u preachin its imposibble to defeat colonial power.

Sit and enjoy the brawl u will learn a thing or two on how to win.

01/05/11 @ 18:44
Comment from: Megersa [Visitor]

Show Respect to the wise and prudent; and learn! It is so sad that it became part of the culture we inherited from the 60s generation not to listen and analyze.You are nothing but the victim’s of Babylon, and you still don’t get. Give thanks professor! you truly profesoed your observation to the best you can. Nuff respect!! One Love

01/06/11 @ 15:30



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