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Ethiopia: Open Letter to Professor Stiglitz



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Ethiopia: Open Letter to Professor Stiglitz


Ethiopia: Open Letter to Professor Stiglitz

By Ethiopian Economists

Professor Joseph Stiglitz
University Professor
Economics Department, Columbia University
814 Uris Hall, MC 3308
420 West 118th Street
New York, NY 10027

February 15th, 2011

Dear Professor Stiglitz,

First, we Ethiopian economists and scholars express our sincere admiration for and recognition of your distinguished work in advancing the frontiers of economic thinking and your world renowned contributions to the theory of information which earned you and your colleague (Professor Grossman) the highest esteem, the award of the Nobel Prize in economics.

In light of your stature, it will not come as a surprise to you that those of us who hail from developing countries follow what you say very closely. In this regard, we kept a keen eye and learned a great deal of your interest and involvement in matters of development in the Third World over the past few years. You will agree with us that all people—irrespective of race, religion, age or other attribute-- aspire to be free of oppression, poverty and corruption. The monumental changes that are taking place in Tunisia and Egypt which are now raging in the rest of North Africa and the Middle East are illustrative of the human passion for freedom and dignity. Given this emerging trend, we were astonished by your recent interview with Bloomberg (2. February 2011, “Real Risk of Spillover from Egypt Unrest”), in which you discussed the situation in Egypt. When the journalist asked what advice you would provide to the Egyptian Government you said that, “at this point they have to open up and democratize; I think there’s just no choice; I think they’ve been very slow at doing this […] they ought to follow what’s going on in Tunisia”. We would like to inform you how elated we were to hear your unconditional support of the democratic aspirations of the Egyptian people. The first important step toward democratization took place on February 11 when a peoples’ led popular revolution forced President Hosni Mubarak to step down from power after ruling Egypt with an iron fist for 30 years.

What we find baffling is the contradictory signals you voice. Your appreciation of the importance of democratization in Egypt clashes with your long-held posture with regard to the application of the same principles in Africa in general and Ethiopia in particular. On a closer look, your critical approach to repressive governance does not appear to be applicable to Africa. We say this with justification and with the hope that you will reconsider your stand. In the past two decades you lent incalculable support, through your words and your actions, to Ethiopia’s minority dictator, Meles Zenawi, who has ruled Ethiopia for 20 years. We would like to draw your attention to Peter Gill’s book Famine and Foreigners. This insightful analysis provides the world with a detailed account of how you developed a warm and intimate friendship with the ruler of Ethiopia, and how you and Mr. Meles became brothers-in-arms against the operations of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in the country. Our concern is not about personal friendship but about the policy implications the friendship implies. We are talking about the legitimacy that your warm friendship and endorsements gave to the head of one of the most repressive regimes in Africa today.

The Ethiopian ruler to whom you lent your undivided attention and support is the same person who has inflicted untold brutality and pain on innocent civilians, communities and the country through acts of alleged genocide, crimes against humanity and human rights violations. Mr. Meles Zenawi has stolen elections repeatedly; massacred hundreds and mass-detained over 40,000 citizens in Addis Ababa and other cities in 2005/06. Genocide Watch, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, the New York Times, the State Department’s annual human rights reports and many other media, public, and human rights agencies have given careful account of these and other atrocities. The independent Global Financial Integrity group has documented billions of dollars of illicit outflow of funds under his watch.
You will agree with us that there are real consequences when internationally known intellectuals with power and influence provide legitimacy to dictators such as Mr. Meles Zenawi. On the ground, the lives of ordinary Ethiopians who are denied livelihoods, suffer from unemployment, live with hunger and face the indignities of living under a repressive system each and every day tell the real story. These Ethiopians have been caught up between your policy/ideological preference on the one hand, and your delight in finding an African ruler who is happy to play the African anti-neoliberal Robin to your Batman. Don’t you think this is unfair and unjust? We regret to say that, in your ideological and intellectual battles with the IMF in collaboration with Mr. Meles, you gave a dictator the benefits of your global status as a leading economist. He has used this to polish his international image. The cost to the Ethiopian people has been high. African intellectuals, academics and fair minded leaders find this kind of affinity with African dictators regrettable and unbecoming of leading economist like you. What saddens and amazes us is your endorsement of Mr. Meles Zenawi’s knowledge of economics and his intellectual acumen. This, we find utterly irresponsible and intellectually dishonest. Ethiopia has many intellectual leaders scattered around the globe. Mr. Meles Zenawi is not one of them. This disservice to the Ethiopian people and to the rest of Africans is contained in your book, Globalization and its Discontents, in which you state that Mr. Zenawi “demonstrated knowledge of economics—and indeed a creativity—that would have put him at the head of any of my university classes”. You speak highly of the way he rules the country, saying “Meles combined these intellectual attributes with personal integrity: no one doubted his honesty and there were few accusations of corruption within his government.”

How do we reconcile your assessments and conclusions with other experts and global institutions such Human Rights Watch, Transparency International, Global Financial Integrity, Mo Ibrahim, Oxford University and even the World Bank? . As far as we are concerned he has several times failed his economics tests miserably. His economic policies and programs have brought untold suffering to the Ethiopian people. In the event you are not aware of his many failures, we would like to identify a most recent one. Recently he imposed price caps on a dozen or so goods. When imposing his ill-fated price caps measure, Mr. Zenawi told us that he was doing it in order to curb the month-to-month double-digit inflation that the country was experiencing. As any student who has taken principles of economics course would have predicted, the colossal failure of the price cap measure has not only backfired on his regime; it has also brought untold suffering to the Ethiopian people. As we predicted, every negative and secondary effect of price caps that any economist would theorize has been realized in Ethiopia. Mr. Zenawi’s price caps measures qualify to be cited as lessons in how to mismanage an economy. As if this is not enough, Mr. Zenawi tried to shift the blame on the Ethiopian entrepreneurs and merchants. A few days before imposing the ill-fated price caps measure, he gathered about 584 businesspersons and accused them of price gauging, hoarding and engaging in unhealthy competition. He told them that he would “cut their fingers” unless they cooperate with him. For anyone who watched the entire taunting process (and the ones before it) and Mr. Zenawi's rants and the stunned faces and silence of the 584 businessmen and women, it was clear that the attendees were scared and did not know what to say. He met with and freighted the business community despite the fact that he had been informed (see, for example, that the root causes of the price hikes and runaway inflation were the supply rigidities brought about by the opaque system that he imposed on the country. These include the creation and support of party-owned conglomerates which have dominated the vital sectors of the country’s economy, expansionary monetary policy (accompanied by negative real interest rates) and government spending- both of which have played their part in injecting liquidity into the system; lack of productivity; continuous devaluation of the birr - the latest one being the 20% devaluation announced on September 1st, 2010. To make matters worse, the latest information we have indicates that Mr. Zenawi’s government is contemplating to expand the price caps. The piling of mistakes continues unabatedly despite the fact that some of us had illustrated the negative ramifications of price caps (see, for example, ahead of time so that lessons could be learned.

The world knows Mr. Zenawi as articulate when speaking with foreigners. Ethiopians know him as sinister and cunning, brutal and repressive. For these reasons, we are puzzled by your unreserved praise of his economics. It is a disservice to the majority of Ethiopians for you to give legitimacy to a leader whose family, party and endowments control the economy with an iron fist. He runs a party owned and controlled business empire through his wife, decimates the private sector, and instills fear into farmers of losing their land, and access to inputs. Worse, if they complain about unfairness in rural service provision they will be punished. Like us, the Economist magazine strongly differs with your assessment about Mr. Zenawi’s economics acumen, stating that the Ethiopian Government is “one of the most economically illiterate in the modern world”. A Wikileaked cable from the US Embassy to Berlin also stated: “Germany reported addressing Ethiopia's economic situation, namely hard currency and the poor investment climate, with Meles directly and being struck by what they described as Meles' poor understanding of economics”.

In no small part to your contribution, Mr. Zenawi’s appearance at Columbia University on 22, September, 2010, shocked the Ethiopian community in the Diaspora and in the country. His speech, the essence of which was the condemnation of neo-liberalism, was preceded by your warm welcome and introduction. You invited Mr. Zenawi to speak at World Leaders Forum at Columbia despite the fact that you were amply informed of his regime’s atrocities by many people of Ethiopian origin. Letters were sent to your institution via Lee C Bollinger, President of Colombia University, the student paper at Columbia, Columbia Spectator, and through several faculty members at Columbia. Your University’s website initially carried the following scandalous statement about the visit. We presume that you were not unaware of the statement.

“Under the seasoned governmental leadership of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, now in his fourth term, and vision of the Tigrai Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) and Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), Ethiopia has made and continues to make progresses in many areas including in education, transportation, health and energy.”
Mr. Meles Zenawi is hardly a “seasoned leader.” Ethiopians and most objective observers know him as a brutal dictator and his regime is one of the most repressive and corrupt regimes in the world today. We would like to draw your attention to the latest Freedom House report which downgraded Ethiopia’s position from “Partly Free” to “Not Free.” Using the newly installed “Anti-Terrorism Proclamation” and “Charities and Societies Proclamation” law (CSO law), the regime has muzzled freedom of expression and criminalized human rights activities. Yes, progress has been made in infrastructure projects but at the expense of quality and fairness. For example, some of our own research and the researches of others indicate that, thanks to the huge sums of donor funds, student enrolment ratios have improved but quality has deteriorated. This fact has been acknowledged on August 26, 2010, when the Ministry of Education issued a directive that categorically banned all public and private higher learning institutions from running distance education programs, and all private higher learning institutions from offering on-campus law and teachers’ education programs.
In light of the above and the ample reliable documentation of repression, gross human rights abuses, alleged genocide, single party and endowment command and control of the national economy, massive unemployment, land grab and mismanagement of the national economy, we urge you to no longer give legitimacy to the dictatorial regime led by Mr. Meles Zenawi. We believe that your past support and endorsement may have overlooked the real facts on the ground. As a Nobel Prize winner and a reputed leading economist you have provided Mr. Zenawi status and legitimacy he and his regime do not deserve. He is universally identified as one of the worst dictators in Africa today. The democratic wave that brought down dictators in Tunisia and Egypt is not likely to stop there. Foreign Policy magazine reported that the Tunisian and Egyptian ex-presidents are not alone. It provided a line-up of the eight worst dictators that fall into this category. Meles Zenawi makes this membership. (“America’s Other Most Embarrassing Allies”.) Your video of February 2, 2011 has shown that you are able to see the downfall of autocratic rulers who choke their country and economy.

We urge you to be part of a legacy of prominent voices around the globe who believe in human freedoms and possibilities. At the end of the day, economic development is about people. You will agree with us that the nexus between economic development and good governance is so compelling that any form of dictatorship can’t be acceptable in North Africa, the Middle East or Sub-Saharan Africa.

We thank you in advance for your attention.

On behalf of Ethiopian Development Policy Focus Group

1. Getachew Begashaw, Ph.D. Professor of Economics, W.R. Harper College, Chicago, IL (Member).
2. Aklog Birara, Ph.D. Senior Advisor (recent retiree, World Bank) and Adjunct Professor, Trinity University of Washington D.C. (Member).
3. Seid Hassan, Ph.D. Murray State University, Murray, KY (Member).


Comment from: Dave [Visitor]

bla bla….

We know all these people had connection with Derg. Sorry, but no-one listens you.

Plz with all respect don’t publish such rubbish ” YE BOZENE” article.

02/17/11 @ 00:03
Comment from: Rahel [Visitor]

U the so called “Economists” you are nothing for Ethiopia men!!! May be you have one single job that’s CRYING……Nothing more nothing less!!! Long Life to the Intelligent P.M Meles!!!!!

02/17/11 @ 00:24
Comment from: Sodo [Visitor]

It is rest assured that this professor is a very shallow minded person. Probably took a bribe by the way of Woyane lobbyists. Most probably by Dick Armey, the former Congressman from Texas who is paid handsomely by the rich Woyanes . I think Mohammed Al Alamoudin is spending a few millions for this guy.

02/17/11 @ 00:41
Comment from: [Member]

The ethiopian economists exposed only the current situation in Ethiopia. Meles Zenawi’s political crimes have no precedence in history. Zenawi made Ethiopia landlocked even though Ethiopia has been part of the Red Sea since time imemorial. Meles Zenawi mascarred 200 unarmed civilians who demonstrated against election fraud in 2005. Meles Zenawi orderred in 1991 the shooting of students from Addis Abeba University who were demonstrating against the secession of Eritrea ( the students were shouting and crying that democracy should be able to resolve the eritrean issue in equality and unity with Ethiopia). The crimes of Meles Zenawi are well documented.

Professor Joseph Stilglitz should be made responsible for he has been actively supporting the Zenawi regime, which has actively operated against the territorial integrity and unity of the ethiopian nation since it came to power in 1991.

02/17/11 @ 01:28
Comment from: phinhas [Visitor]

Be rational and logic, don’t be governed by your feelings.
To tell you the truth, the professor is 100% right, ethiopia was saved by the federalism. In our life we have seen, the time of the empror, the derge, and EPRDF. Any one can see it. How many people died and were killed during the emperor, and what about during the time of Mengistu ask if you do not know it. The EPRDF time is much much better than the past times. Look the development ethiopia is achiving ,in education, health, transportation, agriculture, in hydroelectirc power, in telecommunication in almost every sector. This development is the begining you will see where ethiopia will be in the future. Just we have to respect each other. We have to love each other. Our problems and difficults will be solved when we are educated and develop our country in every corner, then the filling of ethnisity will be eliminated.

God bless ethiopia.

02/17/11 @ 01:46
Comment from: Zilzil [Visitor]

Why do you beg and plead if you have a Prof. mind ? I just don’t get it-
What have you cntributed to speak to the distinguished Prof. like this ??Walk straight and make things happen-
If somebody think you have a good idea (like Meles), you’ll be invited, take time to think a little deeper !

02/17/11 @ 01:57
Comment from: Mazengia [Visitor]

We know these so called economists reflect the existing realities of the country…They have never returned back to their country, after they were expelled by Durge…All are remnants of that brutal military government…or relatives of the overthrown and disgraced King Haile Selassie…hehehe they are now trying to teach the noble economist..Keep on barking, those who are suffering from missing the old regimes!!! Ethiopia does not want to look back, as you do!! The future is bright, though you are blinded to see it!!!!!!!!!

02/17/11 @ 03:17
Comment from: Kena Keb [Visitor]
Kena Keb

Who is Professor Joseph E. Stiglitz?
He is.
-University Professor, teaching at the Columbia Business School,the Graduate School of Arts and Science(Department of Economics)and the School of International and Public Affairs.
-Co-founder and President of the Initiative for Policy Dialogue(IPD).
-Chair of Columbia University’s Committee on global Thought.
-Chair of the Management Board and Director of Graduate Summer Programs. Brooks World Poverty Institute,University of Manchester.
-Member,CFTC-SEC Advisory Committee on Emerging Regulatory Issues
-President Elect of the International Economic Association.
-Co-Chair of the Commission on the Measurement of Economic Performance and social Progress.
-Chair of the commission of Experts of the President of the United Nations General Assembly on Reforms of the International Monetary and Financial System.
He is also a recipient of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economical Sciences and the John Bates Clark Medal. He is also the former Senior Vice President and Chief Econmist of the World Bank.
Seid Hassan, who in his article about the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange “The Dangerous Hype Behind the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange” wrote in 07/30/09, “"It is about time to recognize that Millions of Ethiopians get hurt with such gimmickry and uncalled for hypes…Let it be known that the ECX is another well orchestrated gimmick, one of those government set up mega projects which are designed to control both the outputs and prices of the Ethiopian farmers, particularly the commodities which are the source of foreign exchange. Let it be known that , as the saying goes:"all that glitters is not really gold"". His credibility on making such a bold statement is, as we all know disastrously shattered as the ECX in its 1000 days’ performance has traded over a billion dollars worth of commodities including four million bags of goods graded, handled, stored and delivered, involving 69,000 transactions, traded by 450 members. Thanks to the Brilliant work of Dr Elleni G/Madhin.
Aklog Birara, after having worked in the World Bank is now criticizing the very office he served (for 30 years or so)and whose policies he obediently carried out during the years of his service. The data on which the Bank gives approval to economical growth in Ethiopia are figures collected by “cadres” serving the ruling party and therefore are not credible, says Aklog. Why didn’t he raise his voice on how the Bank collects its data when he was still an employee of the Bank??
Getachew Begashaw, like his friends Seid and Aklog is a die-hard opponent of the Ethiopian government.
The role the diaspora elites played in the aftermath of the fall of Emperor Haile Selassie is still in the minds of millions of Ethiopians who outlived the horrid days of the DERG. Very oblivious to the realities in Ethiopia then, “revolutionaries” like Negede Gobezie,Senai Like,Haile Fida and others declared marxism-lennisism and to achieve their goals the Red Terror was the order of the day. Hundreds and thousands of Ethiopians were massacred and their bodies laid for many hours on the streets of Ethiopian cities. Some of these criminals are still residing in European and US cities and are still heard to unashamedly criticizing this government who liberated the Ethiopian people from the tyranny,genocide and terror which these elites masterminded.
The writers of this letter to Professor Stiglitz, through some anti-Ethiopia forums like ESAT and amharic VOA radio stations have repeatedely made comments far from what a sensible economist would utter. One can clearly hear the political motive that drives them to rabidly accuse the Ethiopian government in every opportunity they can lay their hands and mouths on.
The everyday realities in Ethiopia are very far from what these individuals who have left our country years ago are trying to tell us. Prime Minister Meles Zenawi lives in a real world of the every day lives of Ethiopians and does not base his policies on text-book theories. Descrbing Prime Minister Meles as the “minority dictator” shows the tone of bigotry and narrow-mindedness combined with fume that is simmering in the minds of these individuals who are covetous of his outstanding achievements on the economical front in our country and the recognitions he has received from the international community. Addis Ababa has become the capital city of the African Union and our Prime Minister has taken a leading role in the affairs of the African continent. Far from the adjectives these individuals and others like Human Rights Watch etc lash on the Prime Minister, we who love our country and the Ethiopian people in general do want to continue with the leadership role Ethiopia has in Africa as well as the
peace,stability,economic progress that we are witnessing in Ethiopia. That is why the very renowned Professor Stiglitz looks at Ethiopia in a positive way and can not be lectured on his opinions by very hateful individuals.
The problems that the feudal and communist regimes have left behind them are still with us and much work is left before the shackles of poverty will be history. In the process, there will be numerous ups and downs the remedies of which need not come from remote-controlled hollow verbiages by individuals who want to see a defragmented Ethiopia to quench their political power thirst.

Ethiopia shall prosper!!

02/17/11 @ 03:21
Comment from: [Member]

You people should be ashamed. you are a bunch of feudal scholars who has been advisors to the Haileselasie and Derg adminstrations. During your watch the country has been spiralling downwards.Thousands were randomly killed and imprisoned and millions were forced to leave the country. You were part of the Ethiopian problem.It was people like you who have no vision for the country who were bleeding the country. Phd my ass, so far I haven,t seen your diploma solving anything . All you have been doing is braying about I am a doctor of this and a doctor of that. I will ask you a simple question what have you done to your country beside demanding big pay a feudal respect. You know what? people like you make me sick.Iam sure you have no mastery of anything beside the few books you have studied by rote. Shame on feudal “scholars” like you.

02/17/11 @ 05:09
Comment from: teshome [Visitor]

You don’t even know how to budget your own house hold.Losers!!

02/17/11 @ 05:31
Comment from: thomas [Visitor]

Very Comprehensive And Timely Article. Thanks for sharing. Ethiopia needs such kind of economic experts.

02/17/11 @ 06:10
Comment from: seni [Visitor]

Ayyyyy yegna Economists,
Abo tinish atafrum ende? You should be ashamed of yourself. “Af sikefet chnklat yitayal” yilal yagere sew. We saw each of you speaking on many occasions. You do not know 1/4 of the knowledge that Meles ammases. The man on the picture, Seid, you should be ashamed of yourself, old man. When I saw you on the what you called Peace for East Africa and Ethiopia conference last year unable even to read conclusions of the meeting and drentched in sweat and fear, taking pauses of 1-2 minutes to find out the lines of your reading… ahh God please leave us alone old derg leftovers. You are economists with a stagnated brain. We also saw/heard these two stale elderly men Getachew Begashaw and Aklog Birara on the TV of fabrication, esat. I swear they are useless. They even cannot make one viable sentence in their native language.
Poor trio elderly men, I am sure you will die salivating for power from Washingotn DC. You shall not see Power even in your dreams.

02/17/11 @ 06:31
Comment from: LeColonel [Visitor]

Wooow, Al-Kassim is back, today with the signature of his four thieves…where are the other 36?

Mr. Economist, while you are enjoying the M & M’s in the kafir world, why don’t you tell us how much Gold and Money your guardian brothers, Mengistu & Mubarak stole from their impoverished nations?

Once upon a time, Ali Baba’s wife said, “Cassim, your brother is richer than you. He does not count his money, he measures it.” …..Then Cassim grew so envious that he could not sleep, and went to his brother in the morning before sunrise. “Ali Baba,” he said, showing him the gold piece, “you pretend to be poor and yet you measure gold.”

Kassim rose early next morning, and set out with ten mules loaded with great chests. He soon found the place, and the door in the rock. He said, “Open, Sesame!” and the door opened and shut behind him. He could have feasted his eyes all day on the treasures, but he now hastened to gather together as much of it as possible; but when he was ready to go he could not remember what to say for thinking of his great riches. Instead of “Sesame,” he said, “Open, Barley!” and the door remained fast. He named several different sorts of grain, all but the right one, and the door still stuck fast. He was so frightened at the danger he was in that he had as much forgotten the word as if he had never heard it.

Mr. Seid, you’ve picked the brilliant individual, Joseph Stiglitz and began attacking him because he is a Jew. Where did you learn to hate a Jew? In Christian Ethiopia you were tought to love every human being, but you went to the islamic world where you faced the truth and learned that Mohammed and the Quran hate the Jews. You learned Arabic and saw with your own eyes that the demonization of Jews and Christians dominates the Qu’ran. Virtually three fifths (60%) of the Aya or verses, nearly half of the Suras (50 out of 114 Chapters) deal with Jews and Christians, explicitly negative.

Only Ethiopians are called to deal with Ethiopian affairs. We urge all the agents of the Ummah to stay away from our country.

Now, please shut up, Sesame!

02/17/11 @ 07:48
Comment from: richard [Visitor]

Meles is LEBA!!! Derg did not steal from Ethiopians Mengestu is not worth 1.6 billion dollars thief what do you expect from him any way please pass on this link to all Ethiopians they need to know who is stealing their money

02/17/11 @ 08:00
Comment from: MulatwaD [Visitor]

Why don’t you so called educated people with your phds and degrees come together and advise the best way to lead Ethiopia and Ethiopians with the current gov. instead of trying to execrise your English language on us. Come together and creat some kind of system to united us and solve the problems you have (mind you most of do not have any problem). bla bla bla gurognoch!

02/17/11 @ 09:16
Comment from: queen [Visitor]

Learning makes the wise wiser and the fool more foolish. –John Ray

Such educated Bandas are the one who are responsible for all oppression in Africa.
He is a professor by learning but he have no wisdom by nature and will never acquire it either .

02/17/11 @ 09:36
Comment from: Mihretab [Visitor]

Come on Mr. Stieglitz, you are being a mercenary intellectual. Where have you got all these filthy admiration for a rotten little-minded dictator who is committing brutality round the clock and turned a poor African country in to police state? your DNA is surely traced back to the academicians who supported Hitler, Mussolini and the many inhuman fascists that ruined the world. Mr. Stieglitz you have joined voluntarily the anti-democratic polemics for what ever reason that may have been. Your claim of Legesse as an economic top class student is pure crap and very imperious, as Legesse is desperately trying to command respect with a future job in sight as a pseudo professor of economics in mind. Legesse is truly a failed case of the mad economist whose hallucination has little connection to the real world. Mr. Stieglitz, the human mind is corruptible, who said it is not, and here you have become despots bed fellow. It is oxymoron of you Mr. Stieglitz to say of what you said of this idiot, clueless dictator. Legesse left the Addis Ababa university because he could not progress in height and in academic grades although the high school leaving exam prize he got inflated his ego too much. The university was a totally different academic domain to the high school. Legesse who used to introduce himself as a proud Eritrean in the university started blaming Amhara lecturers for his predicament and started developing ill-feel towards them. Now Legesse is walking here and there with the poor Ethiopian people money to prove his intelligence which simply speaking is not good enough to be an academician and let alone a good academician. Mr. Stiglitz it is a dishonourable, an embarrassing and shameful act that you have in the end become the devil’s advocate.

02/17/11 @ 10:00
Comment from: ETHIOPIAWIW LIDG [Visitor]

I am NOT surprised about the blood sucking the so called ‘Ethiopian leader’. Rather what surprised me is his coworker that not only sucks but rather tears the flesh of Ethiopian poor. You Nobel price owner, Professor Joseph Stiglitz, does such economist like you sucks blood of victim poor Ethiopians just like ticks/lice/flea and tear their flesh. SHAME ON YOU!!!

02/17/11 @ 12:15
Comment from: kul [Visitor]

Meles and cronies used Commercial Bank of Ethiopia to pour out several millions of dollars to foreign banks. All the money generated at the Djibouti branch of CBE has been directly deposited to personal accounts of Meles and cronies. Many bank employees who opposed such unlawful practice were sacked and imprisoned. The so-called Nobel winner economist knew all this. But he chose to keep quite. He never hesitated to call Meles an “honest” man. He even called him an accomplished economist. Shame on Prof. Stiglitz !!!!

02/17/11 @ 15:46
Comment from: [Member]

Whoo said that professors have actually to do something about anything zilzil, that is uneducated thinking, an intellectual is here to comment and object not act… Acting is the citizen’s obligations your’s as it is the professor’s equally… Second an economist is not a politician he ca,n support devellopement in Ethiopia even if this one is undemocratic, it is not for him to comment on politics… Ethiopians will need 50 years of education at least to do their jasmine revolution of their own… Today, like it or not, status quo is convinient for everybody… The most structuredd opposition in Ethiopia is OLF, which will split the ethiopian state so status quo is better for the sake of everybody… All the ginbot and UED and KINIJIT nonsense we have seen that say can’t even lead their own party let alone a country…

02/17/11 @ 16:10
Comment from: kul [Visitor]

“The 10 percent growth for each of the past four years puts Ethiopia towards the top of the growth league tables.” Prof. Stiglitz

“Somehow I was given the wrong number for Ethiopia’s flower exports. They were $60 million last year, not $160 million as I stated in my last posting.” Prof. Stiglitz

“Ethiopia has one of the most egalitarian distributions of income in the world” Prof. Stiglitz

02/17/11 @ 16:11
Comment from: Yepmachu inteligence enanten mafratu... [Visitor]
Yepmachu inteligence enanten mafratu...

I’m afraid,because we’re not ready to take his post and his cronis too are not ready for the post , malas would be disappointed by his cronies comments and resign from his post.
How come none of his cronies couldn’t benefit from his “inteligence"? Instead of arguing based on facts name calling is their tool.
Interestingly, one of the commentators (Kena Keb) wrote: “…Very oblivious to the realities in Ethiopia then, “revolutionaries” like Negede Gobezie,Senai Like,Haile Fida and others declared marxism-lennisism and to achieve their goals the Red Terror was the order of the day….” as if Malas WAS and IS free of such political stand or being oblivious to the realities in Ethiopia_ to use the commentators phrase.
Did malas stop megemagem? I enjoy malas cronies comments. You know why? If you have ever watched the Three Stooges you know what I’m talking.They’re 21st century Stooges.

02/17/11 @ 17:28
Comment from: Aberaham [Visitor]

Where is the economics? One can imagine what a monumental task that you three are facing in trying to write about economic analysis, in any topic, challenging the world renowned and eminent economist, such as Professor Joseph Stiglitz is. If truth should be told and given your accomplishments in economic fields, one even wonders if your knowledge of economics helps you to read and understand some of Stiglitz’s breakthrough articles in American Economic Review, Econometrica and other popular economic journals. To your credit, just as the other ‘Three old Wise Men’ you were wise enough to indulge yourselves into writing what you are known for – not economics, but attacks against Prime Minster Meles based on hearsay because of hatred.

02/18/11 @ 00:03
Comment from: Kiros [Visitor]

Pseudo economists. Please come to the villages of Ethiopia and get the ABC of economics from the peasants on the ground.

02/18/11 @ 09:12
Comment from: Yineger Ewnetu [Visitor]
Yineger Ewnetu

I am writing this comment with one critical idea. I think humanbeings are created with a mind that equiped them with the ability of reasoning than being instict, impulsive, and irrational. In other words not like animals. So our words needs to be selective in words we use to be tasty and sound to others.Let us be not wildy in te 21 Century. We need to learn from the way civilized nations people way of commenting and arguing. For a rational man a regime hated by close to 77 million people one can’t stand guard for such failed state.Going astray to this reality is to be like that animal which always looks after its own green medow olny. So let us be humanbeing. The reality at the moment was clearly spoken by the interview on ETV on a day or two before Christmas. People told stright that there is no distnction between life and death in Ethiopia right at this moment. abdicate poverty is rampat in the nation. Even the spoken developed infrastructures are failure. You can take the cross region road from Addis through Bahir Dar. Now already after several times salvaging it is turned out to weather road. The eduaction good number with mediocre out put. So nothing and nothing and nothing to boast with. Finally let be civilized as a creature with a mind than an ox with horn and head for fighting alone. Chaw. God Bless Ethiopia.

02/19/11 @ 05:41
Comment from: vision [Visitor]

Dr Seid Hassan, with respect of your higher academic education knowledge in economics,you have all the rights to criticize the government of Melese Zenawi,in terms of the country’s double economic digit growth. Although it was the best way a people like you,who has the higher education(PhD) holders etc, if they would’ve been joined the EPRDF regime to contribute their knowledge rather than becoming a people of critics.Nonetheless,my dear Dr S.Hassan,honestly I have the suspension that you become an instrumental for those losers.I feel sorry to doubt about your hard work of educational achievement but again I have the rights to doubt about your personal liberated freedom from your historic feudal masters.Well,it seems to me though,despite of the past harsh ugly and awkward treatments you have been received from the past unjust systems,you still look a person who wants to be living with continual trauma and ready to pass for the next generations.
Dear Dr Seid Hassan,eh!sorry to say, but,what a waste of time for education if my doubt turns the factors behind of your critics against Melese regime..

Again,you have the rights to oppose and be critic the way EPRDF runs the show.However,your views and opinion must be from your free minds and not pushed by the losers.

02/19/11 @ 12:09
Comment from: Azeb Mesfifn [Visitor]
Azeb Mesfifn



02/19/11 @ 13:21



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