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Ethiopia: Pirating the game



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Ethiopia: Pirating the game

Ethiopia: Pirating the game

By Hindessa Abdul

The Walia Antelopes
The 29th edition of the African Cup of Nations has been historic for Ethiopians as it was a once in a generation event. The country managed to qualify for the tournament for the first time in 31 years. All the beautiful and colorful fans by their side, the endangered Walia Antelopes seemed to miss the mountains. Failing to make it to the quarters, they rushed home over the weekends to a cheering audience. Their performance attracted a mixed reaction. Some were marveled: “They are a very good side and they should not be taken for granted”;others were not so impressed. “Statistically the tournament's worst team,” they quipped.

As the hypes surrounding the team’s participation subsides, raising some issues that were left as background noise are in order.

The other game
A day before the Walia’s first fixture, ETV reported that it may not broadcast the tournament due to unresolved licensing issues. It cited its disagreement with the Confederation of African Football (CAF) television broadcast license holder LC2 as the main reason. It was required to pay ETB 18 mil. (around a million dollar). It was not clear whether the fee was for the whole tournament or selected matches. ETV didn’t give much detail.The two odd minute news item concerning the issue mainly talked about the problem the Nigerians faced due to the high cost of the broadcast rights. It explained at length the reactions of the head of the Broadcasting Organization of Nigeria. The West African nation was asked to pay ten times more than what Ethiopia had to. That may be attributed to the different media landscapes of the countries. Some posted their views on Ethiotube online video sharing site:

“18million birr is equivalent to 18 cobra cars for the cadres.
Just sell the cobras and pay for the football hungary people.”

“I am supporter of the goverment when it comes something postive
such as ABAY DAM. But I have no patience to hear such nonsense from ETV.’’

“ETV will broadcast for sure, they want a suspense!!!”

“18 million birr is very small for a country growing 11% every year!”

Things went out of control when the sole national TV station decided to air the match of the Walias against Zambia without prior permission. LC2 was quick to react. As the match was progressing it run tickers through the screen indicating that ETV was broadcasting the game without paying the fee and it took no time in labeling the move “an act of piracy.” The commentators picked the issue to spice up the monotonous football talk. An ETV news caster who doubles as head of sports and entertainment sections told the Amharic weekly Addis Admas that due to the high cost, the agency was still in the process of negotiation even while the second fixture was well underway. The official denied that ETV broadcasted the match without the consent of LC2.

What ever the official had to say the tickers and some of the press releases sent to news media by the Benin based LC2 indicate a foul play. What is even more surprising, instead of finding common ground to resolve the issue, ETV launched an attack over the weekend. Half way into the tournament agreement has not been reached. The monopoly released a little more information saying that it is willing to offer ETB 8 mil. as opposed to the 18 mil it was asked to pay. While they are still open for negotiation ETV dubbed the rate as a “day light robbery.” Robbery or not, the national monopoly raked in millions from the hundreds of commercials it run without a competitor in the course of the tournament.

What goes around...?
It may be ironic that in 2010 ETV accused two of its long time journalists of copyright infringement. The journalists were first accused of selling video materials to Al Jazeera Television Network. In the words of government communication head Bereket Simon they were caught “red handed.” Then for some reasons prosecutors changed the charges and the two were found guilty of copyright infringement. In any event, the journalists languished in Kaliti prison for over a year before they were set free, eventually loosing their job. If ETV has such a tough stance on copyright infringements, it should have led by example.

Getting the picture
ETV is not new to using unauthorized footages in its broadcast. Sometimes they cover the labels on the screen and most of the time they don’t even bother. There are several instances of movies shown on Saturday night that were simply rented from DVD stores.
When ETV shops for various movies and TV series it usually finds it unaffordable to obtain latest releases. That is when it resorts to the less glorious moves.

The company’s financial muscle is a reflection of the country’s economic level. The station which merged with Ethiopian radio in 1995 to be called Ethiopian Radio and Television Agency (ERTA) has a budget of around ETB 200 million (a little more than $10mil). That annual budget is sometimes less than a yearly salary of top western TV news anchors. As such, the station cannot be expected to compete with the Middle Eastern satellite channels who have since become the staples of many urbanite households in the country.

In all fairness, most of the time the agency acquires international footages legally. The country spends hundreds of thousands in foreign currency to pay for Reuters Television, Canal France International and scores of others for international news and weekly programmings. It gets both the scripts and the video of the day’s top international news: from hardcore politics to sports and light entertainment issues. Whether ETV uses these footages effectively is a completely different affair.

While piracy is rampant and manifests itself in a number of forms in the country, the fact that ETV is involved in such international scale is deplorable. With 50 years of experience under its belt, the latest introduction of its name to the outside world is no less than a disgrace to itself and the country at large.


Comment from: [Member]

The useless and desperate diaspora article writers are always sniffing around to pick any kinds of news about Ethiopia, just for the sake of finding something they can cry about.
But how long can they keep crying for everything? Is it jealousy? Is it sadness for the long forgotten regimes of SEW BELLA feudalism and dergue?
What is eating them alive?
In a second thought, isn’t that great to see all Ethiopia’s enemies cry in pain!

02/04/13 @ 21:02
Comment from: Bon2 [Visitor]

Wait a second! Who is the pirate here? African’s play the game and a company that is based in Europe? ..owns the right to broadcast the game? What kind of arrangement is this? Who is the real pirate? This resembles more of the ‘teff’ patent that was given to a German company. I do not support what ETV’s propaganda based broadcast and most of the biased reporting that it does, but it should be allowed to broadcast the AFCON with Ethiopia participating or not.
Also be aware that most of the TV Channels that were accessible with a dish are not available at this time. My guess is the Gov’t of Ethiopia has disabled them. is also not accessible from Ethiopia. It is a pity that some people pretend they are writing their comments from Ethiopia talking trash about diaspora. They are either lying or they are the ones who are doing the jamming.

02/04/13 @ 21:22
Comment from: danny [Visitor]

ETV is trash.

Not even people in that dictatorship ethiopia want to watch that shitty propaganda outlet. Legalize private TV to get away from this nonsense. Government has no business in TV.

02/04/13 @ 21:29
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

What a Shame ,how come Agazi Mafia
Firm (EFFORT) with the evil widow ,the Sheraton Sheik ,the Goat Herder Agazi self proclaimed officers ,the Tigre Mafiosis and the sell out Banda Businesmen refused to sponsor ETV .Adgi yantema
ye Shiftana ye Molatcha Serehat Sew Mebelattun Alfo Zarema Atent Atentun Megat Teyayezotal….SHABYAN STOOGE AMICE LEKEKAMMI BANDA !!!!!

02/04/13 @ 23:24
Comment from: Ittu Aba Farda [Visitor]
Ittu Aba Farda

I have been trying to get hold of the message from this comment but I could not understand what the writing is trying to get across. Does it mean that if the government paid the requested price and showed the games live on its TV broadcast the writer was ready to forgive the regime back home for the peaceful demonstrators it murdered in cold blood in 2005? Would it have been given a pass for jailing journalists who exercised their rights to the letter as it is inscribed in current constitution of the country? Personally, what I would like to see such prolific bloggers is to keep writing about the unlawful improvement of genuine patriots such Obo Eskinder whose angelic son has been asking for his dad and crying every night. Such writers should keep writing about such travesty unabated and ad nauseam until prisoners like Obo Eskinder are free to go home to their families. They should use their capable pens to write to the leaders of the Western countries including their families and friends about Obo Eskinder and other political prisoners. Obo Eskinder is no less of a human being than Aung San Suu Kyi. It is a shame that he is still languishing in abject jail for just writing his mind. I have read many of his comments on this very websites and others. Can someone name one where in he incited the people to rise in violence? Just one please!!!! It is a low downright dirty shame that he is still in prison!!!

02/04/13 @ 23:30
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

Addis Teftef Adgi

Calm down you are acting like a teenage girl!

What is with your obsession with diaspora adgi the enemy of Ethiopia and Amhara hater? lolll

02/05/13 @ 00:34
Comment from: Heny [Visitor]

you are as light as a feather. yihicim agenda agegnehna tsafkibat!? ay hindesaaaa. sey sitsif/ afun sikeft minun yitayal new new yemibalew. yihe yedyaspora telat endet sira atttwal.

02/05/13 @ 00:59
Comment from: ali [Visitor]

etv woyane idiot lier propoganda toy .

02/05/13 @ 01:03
Comment from: Ts [Visitor]

One point I can say is that Gov’t privatizes any business/projects, including TV, if and only if the total benefit of privatizing is greater than the total costs of running it by government. Otherwise, gov’t continue to own it.

02/05/13 @ 01:17
Comment from: Nenewe [Visitor]

They probably thought their illegal broadcasting of the match would go unnoticed in the euphoria of the tournament. I didn’t know they did that.Bandits-turned-pirates.

First to comment on and as expected you blew it away with your scripted comments probably given to you by your handlers.
Stop dodging the issue here. Reply to the author with counterargument if you have one.

02/05/13 @ 01:29
Comment from: hossar [Visitor]

According to the economic theory of Tigre people liberation front, it is ok to loot and to steal. this theory was developed in dedebit for over 30 years.TPLF just grows by dispossessing others by force and thuggery. this is a lawless terrorist organisation recognised internationally.

02/05/13 @ 05:45
Comment from: Ash [Visitor]

Ittu Aba Farda, r u saying Ethiopia doesn’t need jail if she set free every one in jail that means we don’t need jail.

Yes Obo Eskinder kids crying for his dad… But if Obo Eskinder succeed in his evil Arabspring 100,000 kids would have cried for their father… If u don’t understand check what happened in Yemen how many father died check in Egypt, check also Libya, check also syria how many father died in Obo Eskinder case he is safe he is in jail he didn’t died but he want to start fire..

I know u deny this but let me ask u very simple question old u jail him if he call Ethiopian youth for uprising mile Arabspring or call them for revoultion mind u a violent once then would u jail him let agree on this fact and let me go out and find u what this guy saying about.

02/05/13 @ 06:09
Comment from: [Member]


Easy on that jealousy staff. I’m one of a kind. It gives me some pride, if my spontaneous comments sound scripted as you’re telling me.

02/05/13 @ 06:28
Comment from: Hagos [Visitor]

TV Oromia must be given to Oromo businessmen as part of privatization. Oromo is blocked to access Oromo language through TV Oromia.

02/05/13 @ 07:02
Comment from: Ittu Aba Fards [Visitor]
Ittu Aba Fards

I am trying to get your point. Are you saying that Obo Eskinder had urged the people of Ethiopia in general and the youth in particular to go out and pillage? He might have mentioned that unless a few political wrongs are done away with that similar public uprising may be possible. If that is the crime you and the regime found in him, then that is a travesty. Here in America just recently Carl Rove predicted that Obama would lose the election because Obama is not qualified to be the president of this country for the 2nd term. So is he in commission of a serious crime and be sent to prison for 18 years? Better yet, Donald Trump urged the people to go to Washington and march in protest of the election result. Should be he be charged for inciting an uprising and sent to jail for 18 years? Here is one thing I am asking you to do. I have mentioned this in my previous comment. Can you show me a comment by Obo Eskinder word by word wherein he urged the people to rise up in violence and throw the government? I don’t know Obo Eskinder in person and never had the privilege to meet him but I have read his articles on this and other websites. I have not seen any battle cry from in which he said “The people of Ethiopia, the youth of our country! Rise up in violence and throw the government!!!” Name the topic and in exactly same wording as his!!! Name one!!! I am waiting to hear from you and your entourage!!!!

02/05/13 @ 20:29
Comment from: Ash [Visitor]

What Carl Rove is okay.

But what Donald Trump urged the people to go to Washington and march in protest of the election result…

Okay as long as the protest stay peaceful but if the protest trun ugly and people start buring house and killing people the Donald Trump will be held accountable… Donald Trump knows that and he framed his word protest of the election result…but he didn’t say Arabspring style

Beside American public knows D.T is a trump so no harm done in Ethiopia case is different many people would have died if Eskinder sayed the same things what D.trump said.

Now before I go out and find out what Eskinder said or not said let’s agree in one simple fact..If Eskinder call for Arabspring where many people died if he call for uprise and if u know people might died ( let assume) for argument sack people died then would u arrest him for encouraging the uprise or u say it is his freedom of speech… U see very logical we arrest one man and we saved the life of 200 people who might be father just like him

02/05/13 @ 21:51
Comment from: Ittu Aba Fards [Visitor]
Ittu Aba Fards

I will wait for your latest findings. But from what I see in your response is that you claim those who rose up against the dictatorial regimes of Mubarak, Ghadafi and Abidine Ben Ali were wrong because hundreds of them were killed by the security forces of those dictators. But I don’t see anyone them dictators still in power. Ghadafi is dead; Mubarak is in jail and Ben Ali has run away like rabbit. You sound to think that those who took to the streets of Tunis, Benghazi and Cairo were just trouble maker miscreants. Is that the way you see them? Please answer yes or no, sir!!!!

02/05/13 @ 23:36
Comment from: Ash [Visitor]

Ittu Aba Fards, let’s call spade spade

From ur writing I understand u justified Arabspring to remove Meles… Then say so… U can’t hide and say Eskinder is a peaceful man while u r supporting revolution that removed leader by voiltant means. I have no problem if. Eskinder admit that and pay the price but he want to have it both way.

U ask me yes or no question regarding revolution that removed Ghadafi and Mubarak… My simple answer I don’t support any revoultion so the answer is simple No.

My question is where is going to end? Look the egptian removed Mubarak but they need another revoultion to removed thenew leadrs. Ethiopian get Mangustu, the Eritrean get Essu..

If u ask me during Mangustu time then revoultion is a must today we have political space that is why Eskinder is in jail not killed… In Ethiopia today u can demonstrate peacefully in short u can even orginized opp. Party yes it might take 40 years for change but there a political space that u can work with if u take arm struggle it take u 40 years ask OLF so I choice peaceful struggle yes it might take 40 years but it is peaceful and it is civilized way… Beside in 2005 CUD got great victory with peaceful means then other means in fact u can’t show me any country that succeeded with revoultion change.. But I will show u with peaceful means war win land gain ask the Arab they get more land from Jew the war … The South African got freedom with peaceful means… But most freedom fighter end up dictator so what the point of changing one dictator with another mind u I am not saying ethiopia leader free of dictator all I am saying is they are much better and more chage can come with peaceful means other then this it is uncivilized

02/06/13 @ 07:44
Comment from: Ittu Aba Farda [Visitor]
Ittu Aba Farda


Have you located any article by Eskinder in which he told the people to rise up in violence? I am still waiting for you. In the meanwhile, I want you to do yourself a favor. I would like you to go back and investigate all the three North African Arab Spring revolutions and find out who started the violence first? Mubarak or the demonstrators? Ghadafi or Benghazi protesters? Ben Ali or Tunis residents who took to the streets? I want you to tell me and the audience here on this website who starting gassing and shooting down demonstrators in each of those countries? It has to be one of them. The government or the demonstrators? You see in a just court of law, you have to be specific and your evidence must be corroborating. Defendants will not be found guilty and sent to jail for decades for what may be in their thought process.
Now back to Obo Eskinder. You are saying he a very violent man and deserves to be locked up in jail for decades. I am saying he is not a violent man at all because I have not seen in any of his articles that he is as such a violent individual. You must have a proof, an ultimate proof, that emboldened you so much to claim he is a violent man. Your answer to this request will be a factor for my continued conversation with you on this matter regarding Obo Eskinder and others like him. Otherwise, I will consider it a lost cause with you and move on.

02/06/13 @ 10:28
Comment from: Ash [Visitor]

Dear Ittu Aba Farda,

I have deal with u I ask u very simple question. Does Eskinder have the right to orginzed Arabspring or revoultion that removed the government by force. Very simple question.

A. Yes he have the right because revoultion removed the like of Mubarak and Ghadafi

U see I don’t support Mubarak or Ghadafi but they have the right for self defense to jail any one who try to remove them by force… Now if they win the revoultion then they will stay in power if they lose they will be removed but in main time 100 or 1000 people die only to end up with another dictator themuslimthe need another revoultion to remove the new dictator… U see my point Meles removed Mangstiu by force then u want to remove Meles by force let even assume u succeed and removed now it OLF want to remove u by force u can’t say force is not allowed because u use force to change government…. Do u see my point enough is enough we re not arabs we did our Arabspring in 1970 so they should learn from our revoultion not the other way round.

Now I will no out and screach or Eskinder speech in the main time I want anyone to help me out with this screach… If u can because this is very important issues I don’t want to lose u….because u r the only one who realy care…finding the truth and I will help u do that.

While I am doing that just try to answer my simple question does Eskinder have the right to call for Arabspring to remove the government by force, that all if he doesn’t have would u jail him?

02/06/13 @ 10:49
Comment from: Ash [Visitor]

Dear Ittu Aba Farda

Here is the link what Eskinder and his newspaper saying.

In Amharic

In English

This is the simple:-

The situation in Ethiopia is a demonstration. The traitors, who have been cancers of this country for centuries are now amassing our national resources. The Baandas, who have always been bleeding our country in cooperation with foreigners, are now in charge of our national treasury. The Jewish community’s economic prosperity was irreversibly demolished by the heroism of the Germans. How can the mountain of our traitor rulers’ tribal prosperity be flattened? We shall not allow the Baandas, who came disguising as Ethiopians to solve their economic problems, to continue comfortably sitting on our neck with a Cesarean power.
Let’s start thinking, as we are human beings. Our rulers are very secretive from the country and the people. No one, except Satan, can know their moves. Their servants do not grasp the hidden agenda of their masters except filling their bellies with leftovers. A cancer race, tribe or community shall not live in this country. We are human beings, let think like one. We are lacking the aptitude to distinguish allies from enemies.
Nothing can succeed without popular mobilization. Several millions of Germans took part to demolish the economic base of the Jewish. We cowardly chose not even to question our rulers as they climb to great economic height in this poor county. To the contrary, one hundred thousand Germans directly participated in removing the Jewish and other anti-German forces. This is a historical irony.

02/06/13 @ 12:33
Comment from: [Member]


Now you are showing that ugly face of antisemitism. How can you justify the murder of millions of innocent Jews by barbarous Nazis in the 1930’s and 40’s? I thought I have been having conversation with a man of clear mind. I take offence for such senseless remarks. It shows that you are one of those apologists who are hell-bent on denying the Holocaust ever took place. If you live any where in this part of the world I highly suggest to you to go to Buchenwald, Dachau or Auschwitz-Birkenau and see it yourself. I will never talk to you again.

02/06/13 @ 16:21
Comment from: Ash [Visitor]

My dearest Ittu Aba Farda, those article was written by our firend Eskinder and his press company…. It was in Amharic someone translated it in English I just posted what ur firend saying this is the kind of blog he was wirting…

Pls copy and paste the link it will show u the Amharic original blog what Eskinder wrote…. Again the post about the Jew and Tigray is totally Eskinder writing itis not mine. I just post it for u to simple what he wrote…. Again follow the link for full article.

02/07/13 @ 09:38
Comment from: Ittu Aba Farda [Visitor]
Ittu Aba Farda


I did not look at the link in Amharic. My Amharic is miserably poor since I had left the country as a child. But I have read what is in the 2nd link you provided which seems to be a literal translation of an article printed in a defunct paper. I also realized that the article was not written by Obo Eskinder himself but another jackass contributor. I am flabbergasted by the fact that such ant-semitism exists even in such lice-riddled, booger-blowing and famine-trophy winner country we all know as Ethiopia. I agree with the translator that such vile article full of hatred should not have been published but the publisher should not be prosecuted either for allowing the article to print. I also understand that Obo Eskinder admitted the mistake and that should be it. If someone should be prosecuted for such dehumanizing article, it should have been that idiot writer himself. But it is a shame that such articles was allowed to show up on the paper.

Do you have any evidence that was used by the prosecution that corroborates Obo Eskinder in commission of terrorist acts? I asked you this more than once before and you keep dodging my question. Can you tell me any article by Obo Eskinder and used in the trial in which he incited the people to a violent uprising? I am still waiting.

02/07/13 @ 13:09
Comment from: Ash [Visitor]

Ittu Aba Farda, I am not here to incriminating Mr.Eskinder, if u ask me it is better to set him free and challenge his idea with opp. Idea the way we are doing here..

We both agreed that hate article is not cover under freedom of speech in our Ethiopia case because people might die they r very new to freedom of speech and they might take it to extreme and people might die… So I don’t see the point of finding what mr. Eskinder said or not said since we agreed those kind of writing are not good let rest our case here..because even if I don’t find the evidence mr.eskinder will not go free…

I love to the teaching moment his story might help our public o understand what hate speech is and what free speech is… I know in America they have exterme kind of freedom of speech but in Canada and other country free speech doesn’t cover hate speech

02/07/13 @ 14:19
Comment from: [Member]


Obo Eskinder should not be prosecuted and jailed for falling off the wagon by printing such despicable rant appear on his paper. I accept a verdict if he was fined for such negligence and the money sent to the Holocaust Memorial Fund. I would be very happy if the writer was found and brought to justice and his flapper mouth thrown to jail or at least be given a stiff fine. The human race is rest assured to destroy itself if racism in any shape or form is allowed to be the romance of the day. But I have no doubt from his articles that Obo Eskinder is not a racist person and I have no evidence that he harbors hatred toward Jews or any other races. And those article he wrote on this and other websites did not include any calls for violent insurrection by the people of Ethiopia. It showed me that he is not a violent man or someone who espouses violence. He might have written something to the effect that Arab Spring may come to Ethiopia if the government does not amend its rough edges politically at home. Who was not warned? Every country in the world was warned. Even the US was warned. I remember reading an article about ‘Take Wallstreet’ protestors. There were quite a few bloggers who predicted that that sit-down and peaceful protest would turn violent. How wrong were they? The protest ran its course and we don’t hear about them the way we did months ago. The same with the Tea Party hardliners. They appeared to be formidable and quite a few protestors were talking about violence as a means what they claimed to be ‘take our country back’. But they ran their course with out any violence and ended up losing the presidential election. They called the president and Nancy Pelosi all kinds of despicable names. But they lost in their bid for the White House and the President still has a majority in the Senate. So should America throw every blogger who predicted violence after the ’Take Back Wallstreet and Our Country’ mumbo jumbo? No sir!!!! Obo Eskinder should not spend a day in jail away from his angelic son. As a father of two grown up and wonderful children I feel from him. In spirit I cry with his son every night. You see mean spirited governance is guaranteed a day of reckoning sooner or later. I will give you examples. Pinochet, The Chiang Kai Shek Dynasty, Park, Mubarak, Al Assad, Ali Abdullah Saleh, Iron Fisted rulers of Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay are gone. Please remember all these leaders and their regimes did excellent jobs in transforming their countries economically but when its comes to politics they thought they were untouchables. They jailed, exiled, tortured and whenever they wished they all killed any sounding opposition. And this is historical fact.

02/07/13 @ 17:30
Comment from: gudfela [Visitor]

Ittu Aba…

Ash, is despiciple person it shows the length he is willing to go up to destory the lives of Ethiopian and Ethiopia by any means necessary. If you have seen the way he comments, first, he is hard to understand what he writes. Don’t take his words as the truth. Why don’t you ask Ethiopains or his family what Eskinder wrote? Ash you are one evil mfr. I know where you are getting at.

02/09/13 @ 07:43
Comment from: gudfela [Visitor]

Ittu Aba..

You sound like you are sensible person, and intelligent guy, it is amazing you are discussing with this ignorant but evil guy. The sensible thing to do then challenge Ash to post what Eskinder wrote, then print out the letter then approach Ethiopains who know about this or Eskinder’s family then check if it is correct or not. Most likely it was a letter fabricated by TPLF. I saw a fabricated letter written by TPLF about the recent Isayas coup experience in Eritrea.

02/09/13 @ 07:48
Comment from: Ittu Aba Farda [Visitor]
Ittu Aba Farda

Thank you for your kind words. This person Ash is a strange fellow. I keep asking him the ultimate evidence of Obo Eskinder’s alleged crime, but he kept giving me something irrelevant. I am exhausted from asking him. I was specific in my question. I wanted him to read articles posted by Obo Eskinder on this and other websites in which he called upon the people of Ethiopia to rise up and overthrow the government by violent means. Nothing so far from him.

02/09/13 @ 14:33
Comment from: Ash [Visitor]

Dear Ittu Aba Farda

I thought the file was classed because idiot want to make Mr. Eskider criminal on this webpage but u guys force me

So here it is video Eskinder himself talk about Arabspring
He is careful he using code language

The other day I didn’t tell u but Mr. Eskinder was not taking about the jaw… If u know Amharic mostly they speak in code only those with insider know what been said in short Jew means Tigray people instead of saying Tigray he will say the Jew every one knows what has been said if he say directly Tigray he will be in big trouble with government but this away u might get way

Just watch if dont know Amhric very hard to translate because every little thing is a code.but is u hear Amharic even little u will figure it out what his hidden massage was to the meeting goer

Anyhow this is another video that show speaking frankly saying they were waiting for Arabspring to come to Ethiopia and even one guys say he was willing to burn himself to start the revoultion because he feel he want to be a hero for the revoultion when this guys saying all this think frankly our Mr. Eskinder didn’t say we should not remove the government with force but he was again careful but he was saying TPLF government must be removed in order to bring freedom meaning he didn’t say by force or revoultion but he was implying because again and again he was referencing the Egypt government having million rmy but he old not stop people power… Again u have to watch the video I suggest get ur drink and relax and enjoy… He will hear him speaking himself what more evidence u want more then this idiot know.

Copy and paste

02/10/13 @ 10:28
Comment from: [Member]


If Obo Eskinder was talking in Amharic I am afraid that I may not understand him. I politely as Obo gudfela to let me know what is said in the video.

02/10/13 @ 22:28
Comment from: Ash [Visitor]

Ittu Aba Farda, Eskinder mostly speak in code because he want to cover his behind but the meeting goer are the one who speak frankly one of the guy saying he was waiting for Arabspring to come to Ethiopia he was dreaming about that day where the Arabspring start in Ethiopia to remove Meles and even he say the opp taking part in election is useless because the only way out is Arabspring to our freedom to that end he offer himself to burn to start the revoultion… At this time our beloved didn’t opp. Him instead something is line of agreement with guy by blabbing in code again..

Even Eskinder said revoultion will come with million army like Egpyt.. Economy progress 12% like libay even he was saying libay leader try to revise the revolution by spending 4 billion dollars give away condos for the poor but didn’t work that means revoultion coming by any means because no amount of force can stop it because we see it in Egpyt and Libya…

Mr. Eskinder also justified the unsuccessful revolution in syria because it is supported by Iran that means ( if we start revolution in Ethiopia it would be cake walk) again speaking in code.
Mr. Eskinder is very soft spoken and very wise man… He is not emotional he speak as if he is talking about board meeting… Very smooth operator… He doesn’t even raised his voice when he talks about revolution and Arabspring usually Ethiopian speak with emotion and all their body… U can see this with locale meeting goer when they speak they become emotion they look like they are ready to die for their freedom … All they were looking is a little push they were getting it from Eskinder cool as ice.

Ittu Aba Farda good luck with ur searches for truth…..

I don’t mind if Eskinder saying let change Meles government by election… Yes the election might be fake or fix but let try ten time it might take us 50 years or more but we going to achieved our goal then I support him… U might say who going to Waite 50 years I say the OLF, EPLF, waited more then 40 years the TPLF waited 17 years the black American waited more then 400 years the South African waited more then 200 years etc my point is even if u choice force to achieve ur goal then u will not break the cycle another guy will come and do the same thing that u did… Beside what is the proof that the next guy is better then ,Meles .. U can check Eritrea they end up with another dictator so I am not supporting TPLF I am sporting peaceful change if takes time the be it

02/11/13 @ 07:37
Comment from: [Member]


Ok. Now I got it. You told me that Obo Eskinder was seen in the video predicting an Arab Spring in Ethiopia at that time because of the realities politically and economically. He also predicted that such peaceful uprising could easily be a successful one(cakewalk). To me this is just another claim anyone could have in his/her thought process. If someone is sent to prison for 18 years just for speaking out what is in his/her thought process(mind) then that person automatically qualifies to be classified as a prisoner of conscience. Unless the motive is to produce a nation of beasts of burden such action of injustice will not go unnoticed and sooner or later will back fire. Your argument did not convince me and present any hard evidence beyond any reasonable doubt of a crime committed. I believe Obo Eskinder should be released from prison immediately and should be provided with a means to support his family. I know now that, from your own justification, I can be sent to jail in your Ethiopia for several years because I claim Obo Eskinder is innocent and must be released immediately. This is a really a sad story for any sensible human being to bear. It is a shame, low down dirty shame it is still happening in this day and age.

02/11/13 @ 13:15
Comment from: Ash [Visitor]

No! No! He was agitating the public to rise up against the government… This not america… This is Ethiopia what Eskinder did was pouring gas in to fire he should know better….how about 10,000 people died and ethiopa become lawless the government have responsblty to keep the peace… I don’t think I will ever make u believe it look like he made up our mind… What more do u want more then his word… Do u want Arabspring? Do u want revoultion? Do u know the meaning or revoultion mean people die let alone people a country will die in Uganda 100,000 people died just because of some crazy radio personal say so…

In America is very defrent no body will care for ur cry they might even think u r crazy but in Ethiopia people think Eskinder is like God anything he say goes he is like cult leader u can’t tell me is word is nothing..

All in all I don’t care about him because of his beeing arrested 10,000 people saved their life… Can u imagine what will happend if TPLF lost control and OLF, ONLF, and Ginbot 7/11 fight for power u will not have Ethiopia as u know it…

So my friend I will not waste my time any longer with u because ur friend didn’t translate for u because what Eskinder was saying is big time crime…

If u don’t believe me just take ur picture holding Highpower gun and post it on Facebook ur Fed police will be in ur door step so fast u will be jailed faster then u say Eskinder.

Why not joke about bombing airlines in airport… If u have history of 9/11 u don’t even joke about revoultion and Arab spring… We don’t joke because million died in our Arabspring during 1970… Again thanx and bye

By the way if Eskinder admit wrong u could be set free if u promised not to do it again…

02/11/13 @ 13:37
Comment from: [Member]

Please do not compare Ethiopia with USA. If Obo Eskinder was in the USA and warned the Obama administration that an uprising was imminent no one would even talk to him let alone throwing him in jail for 18 years. I know what you talked about people who made a terrorist threat here in the USA. Those individuals who made such a threat because there were under the influence of a substance were all grilled by the FBI but I don’t remember any one of them being thrown in jail for 18 years. But those individuals who were not under the influence of any substance but proved to be having a link to terrorist organizations (KKK and Neo-Nazis included) deservedly were not let off the hook easily. Such people should rot in jail. The group you mentioned in your comment such as OLF, ONLF and G7 do not bode well with me. Please try to locate my previous comments about them. If you are one of their sympathizers you will hate me for despising me.
In the meantime, I am going to ask you the questions I asked you before.
Who started the violence in the streets of Cairo, the Mubarak Regime or the demonstrators? In Benghazi, Ghadafi or the demonstrators? In Tunis, Ben Ali or those peaceful demonstrators? Assume yourself in a court of law. This is the 2nd time I am asking you these questions and you owe me straight answers by naming one of the two. I have answered your questions.

02/11/13 @ 19:26
Comment from: [Member]

Please read as this in my comments above:

Please try to locate my previous comments about them. If you are one of their sympathizers, you will hate me for despising them.

02/12/13 @ 01:09
Comment from: Ash [Visitor]

Dear Ittu Aba Farda,

I love and I respect u here is ur answer for last time.

It doesn’t matter u starter the violence in the streets of Cairo, the Mubarak Regime or the demonstrators? In Benghazi, Ghadafi or the demonstrators? In Tunis, Ben Ali or those peaceful demonstrators?

All it matter is who WIN in Egypt, in Benghazi and in Tunis the public win the revoultion but 1000 people died and country destroyed but still the public win the day…but also don’t forget sriya, Yemen a lot more people died…

In 1991TPLF win against Mungstiu but million died

In 2005 TPLF and CUD again TPLF win again more then 200 people died and cud was read to sacrificed 10,000 people to win over TPLF

If u noice I say WiN, WiN if TPLF and the public revoultion started it doesn’t matter who is at wrong or did this or that if the pubic revoultion win then it would be the end of TPLF but 10,000 or even many more people might die the point is u have to win…. My friend that is very big gambling when u stater revoultion there is a winner and loser TPLF might win and u might still lose after u cased 10,000 people to die… Even Mubarak and Ghadafi win over many revoultion and lasted more the 30 years…so my friend don’t think ur revoultion will result in removing TPLF when u gambling u have to understand u might lose.

When American fight with nazi they understand they might lose if they have lost by now the American would be hunted like nazi… So I repeat million time u have to win…

If u think u can win with ur little revoultion go head…but don’t cry when government start arresting u because u do ur thing the government do their think..u like American we have tested revoultion in 2005 200 people die so we don’t joke about revoultion or Arabspring..theis is my last answer if u ask me the same question all I am saying is do what u have to do but u have to win ur revoultion but if u lose u will be jailed and even killed so good luck

02/12/13 @ 05:36
Comment from: [Member]

Ok I got your answer. The demonstrators in Cairo, Tunis and Benghazi were the ones who started the violence and those who dies was their own fault. Mubarak, Ben Ali or Ghadafi are found innocent of the killings in your court of law. Wow!!
And me? I would be killed if I utter a word about Obo Eskinder!!! Wow!!!
You know what? I will not stop asking for his release until he is a free man. Also, you know what? You just confirmed to me that if I take to the streets of Addis and demonstrate peacefully that I will be killed, not dead but killed. I like you for being so candid. We have to move on. Right? Take care.

02/12/13 @ 12:56



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