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Ethiopia: Post-Meles EPRDF and the ONLF Struggle



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Ethiopia: Post-Meles EPRDF and the ONLF Struggle

Ethiopia: Post-Meles EPRDF and the ONLF Struggle

By Mukhtar M. Omer

23 July 2012

Schadenfreude as an instrument of regime change

Meles is ill, possibly terminally. His absence from the African Union (AU) summit finally served as the proverbial white-hair which a ravenous hyena vomited in the middle of a village which could not account for one of its elderly women. It was a seamless alibi, for it is well-known that Meles relishes big stages and would not have missed one if he was fine. The news of Meles’s bad health sparked speculations, rumors, lies and muddles of all sort. The bulk of the buzz that followed the confirmation of Meles’s illness centered on whether he will survive or not, whether he is indeed alive or already dead, and on potential line-up of rivals in the duel for power within the ruling party. All these issues are relevant, but they should not have been made the most important in the larger scheme of the current Ethiopian politics.

The noise of optimism in the opposition corridors following news of Meles’s illness is an instinctive expression of Schadenfreude by an opposition so eager for a representational triumph, after decades of unrelenting setbacks and failures. It is not the hubbub of hopeful antagonists who expect the demise of Meles to usher a dawn of new politics in Ethiopia. In fact, it is a vivid sketch of the level of desperation in the divided and outwitted Ethiopian political opposition. The exit of Meles can only offer any political dividend if the opposition is able to chart a winning political agenda and strategy. In the absence of this, the ghoulish joy of the last few days cannot be anything above and over an agitated moment of foolish exuberance. The death of Meles is not a sin quo non for political transition. Nor should his survival be a deterrent to such transition. Meles’s bad health, at best, predisposes TPLF weakness; it does not preordain opposition resurgence.

If Meles is incapacitated, Haile-Mariam Desalegn, the Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, will likely succeed him. Meles has been grooming Haile-Mariam for the Premiership. Haile-Mariam is a Woleita from the politically underdog Southern Nations, Nationalities and People Region (SNNPR) and is unlikely to have any real authority. Real power will remain with the military chief-of-staff General Mohamed (Samora) Yunis and the executive committee of TPLF. Azeb Mesfin, Meles’s wife, will continue to play key role in the short-run, and the system will survive the tremors caused by Meles’s sudden departure. Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) bigwigs like Birhane Gabre-Kiristos, Tewodros Adhenom, Abay Woldu and others will be on the saddle. The founding father of the TPLF, Sibhat Nega, could make a come-back and start to recoup some influence by way of political primogeniture. Nega was in the cold for some time, sidelined by Meles, after he clashed with Azeb. Any existing fissures between the ruling personalities will be healed or roofed in the immediate future as the fear of collective demise looms. The servile Bereket Simon and his Amhara National Democtatic Movement (ANDM) will remain loyal to the new leaders. The Oromo People’s Democratic Organisation (OPDO), a constituent party of the EPRDF, has neither the ambition nor the ability to mount any challenge to the TPLF. The political contour and direction will remain largely the same.

That, however, does not mean the absence of Meles will not be felt. He is, by far, the most creative member of the ruling regime. The TPLF/EPRDF will miss him, particularly in the international arena, where he skillfully managed to accentuate his development credentials and cloud his despotic practices with plausible falsehoods. He is not always convincing but benefited from the willful credulity of a West preoccupied with other agendas in the Horn; a west, which needed his lies to advance its interests. But the EPRDF has many eloquent demagogues and it will find a serviceable alter-ego for Meles.

The new leaders of the regime will also benefit from the lessons Meles bequeathed to them. Every time its rule faced a threat in the last two decades, the EPRDF survived through brute brawl (force) and not through brains. It will continue to quell any future insurrections the same way. It does not need Meles to do that. It needs someone who can order the army and the police to kill and arrest civilians and there are plenty of men in the ranks of the TPLF who would instruct a brutal crackdown. For instance, this week, the Ethiopian government is using force to crush a pesky Muslim uprising, and it did not wait for Meles to recover to get into the demolition job. The men-in-charge know Meles’s methods. The Ethiopian opposition needs to do better than seeking succor from inexorable death to succeed.

Getting the ONLF struggle out of the “peace” limbo

The ONLF has been doing remarkably well in the last six months, without actually doing much. Much of its muscle came from an impending, certainly not inevitable, peace talks with Ethiopia. The wave of expectation has been surging and the consensus is that the ONLF leadership is handling this matter rather well.

Firstly, they have shown remarkable ingenuity in not foreclosing alternatives and options ahead of the talks. No one, can anymore, accuse them of not exploring options other than armed resistance. They have enough witnesses and alibi’s to prove that they were ready for peace. That will be a huge political capital, and it is already winning the organization hearts and accolades among its support base. The argument is simple. If the Ethiopians are not ready for a genuine peace, why should the ONLF be? After all, they represent the oppressed and peace becomes a metaphor for the perpetuation of slavery if the oppressor doesn’t give in. Secondly, they have kept the matter to their bosom and did not run ahead of themselves by consulting the wider community, whose engagement at this stage is not necessary. There is nothing to consult on now when what the Ethiopians are offering is not known.

But ‘peace talks’ has been the lonely political signifier of the ONLF for the last six months. The front needs to do contingencies, and the events of this week, i.e., the health situation of Meles, are a good example why ONLF should have a plan B. It is not secret that Meles is the man who wanted a peace deal. If he goes, it is not clear if the new leaders of Ethiopia would be ready for the compromises Meles could have offered. In the ensuing shock after Meles leaves, the political priorities of the regime might change as well. Another scenario is that the political influence of the hardliners, represented by the army and the security apparatus - which benefitted from the war in the Somali region, can grow.

That is why the struggle should get out of this “peace” limbo. Parallel plans must be devised, while the end-result of the expected peace talks with the Ethiopian government is awaited. The wheels of the struggle must move fast and must not wait for the unknown outcome of a prospective peace-deal. The ONLF must engage the Ethiopian opposition and must compromise if that is a price to pay to forge a common front. If we can accept peace from the TPLF who killed tens of thousands of our sons and raped hundreds of our sisters, why can’t we sit with the Amharas who in reality has not inflicted as much pain on us? The idea that we can get a better deal from the Tigres than the one Amharas could offer - simply because the Tigre’s pay lip-service to ‘federalism’ and ‘rights of nationalities- is hopelessly worn-out, lewd in fact. The truth is, any deal you get is always proportionate to the strength of the political biceps you own and can flex.

There is a real problem when you cannot function outside your preset political predilections or phobias, even when exigencies and realities demand an adjustment. There is a real problem when you become a prisoner to the timetables and agendas of your enemy, both conceptually and functionally. The ONLF needs to reclaim the agenda-setting, and it can do so if it can produce ideas different to the stolid but isolated armed struggle that it has been waging for over two decades. Not by abandoning the armed struggle but by augmenting it with imaginative political formulas. It can set the agenda if it can do a political facelift and embrace new inclusive and broader political identity and policies.

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Comment from: Mj Tyson [Visitor]
Mj Tyson

What a ridiculous article.I doubt ONLF is capable of anything let alone challenging a disciplined and well equipped Ethiopian armed forces. There just a nuisance who attracted attention for killing oil workers. The geography of Ogaden is extremely unsuitable for guerrilla warfare, and Ethiopia has no problem attacking their base in Eritrea. Peace is the only solution, lay down your arms form a political party and work with the government to better your region.
Other wise hiding in Eritrea or aligning yourself to equally weak and unproductive opposition movements is not going to do anything.

07/22/12 @ 20:41
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

Mukhtar M. Omer

Who’s side are you in? Ethiopia’s or ONLF’s?

ONLF is the enemy of Ethiopia! let there be no ifs and buts about that. It is a liberation front that works under separate the Ogaden region and unit it under greater Somalia.

There is but one option for Ethiopians as far as ONLF is concerned…..eliminate it from the peace of the earth by all means period!

Now go preach the nonsense to some idiot ONLF sympathizer!!!

07/22/12 @ 21:08
Comment from: Somalilander [Visitor]

The author who seems like a lost soul does not only make no sense but he does not know where he belongs.

Your either with the raw meat eaters or your Somali brothers ONLF. There is no midway, no hasha labada geel jacayl.

ONLF does not care who rules the raw meat eaters, it will continue to slaughter the hyenas.

There is nothing in common they have no matter how much they try to make peace with them. All they see is raw meat, AIDS and hate and I see that too and Somalia sees that too.

Somalis in that region will decide their own faith, where they go and who they unit with or if they want separate nation all together.

There is nothing the Tigrays or Amhara can do about and very soon it will become clear why.

If they have an army, how come they couldn’t defeat two men ONLF in three decades?

07/22/12 @ 21:50
Comment from: tigist [Visitor]

Mukhtar M. Omer

let me tell you: ONLF will never success in arm or in any other kind of struggle, why? because Muslim oromo and christian Oromo can not struggle together, though both speak the same language that does not mean they work together and conquering a power in Ethiopia. we can see an oromo individual can be the leader of that country, if that individual strongly believe in Ethiopia.

About you, you are writing good articles this days with strong vocabulary it is a good improvement. Keep it up!

07/22/12 @ 22:00
Comment from: tigist [Visitor]

Correction: I did not read the all article, I thought the ONLF is Oromo liberation front. who cares about this idiot article, about Ogaden! I am ready to fight, that is Ethiopian not the Somalian land.

07/22/12 @ 22:07
Comment from: Ogaden Kid [Visitor]
Ogaden Kid

There is no question the ONLF has been immense work politically and militarily. The ONLF has expanded its efforts in all areas of regions and has the Ethiopian military on the back foot with the soldiers scared to get out of their barracks hence why the military forces poor uneducated civilians to fight.
ONLF is the strongest most determined and well trained movement in Ethiopia by a far distance. Post-TPLF has to deal with them and as Meles and his cronies learnt, you cannot defeat an ideology which has support of the majority. Ethiopian colonizers have nothing to offer but peace talks as they couldn’t match with the insurgency in the Ogaden. However, ONLF needs to learn the lessons of 1993 when backstabbed but I am certain we won’t make the same mistake again. This is a great day for the people from the Ogaden,

07/23/12 @ 00:18
Comment from: Oromia [Visitor]

Look at the above bich! She scared of OLF & ONLF.It’s inevitable to liberate Oromia & Ogadenia from invaders. How long & hard it rains make sure the sun will rise!
To Author, working with Amhara elites is like letting suicidal bomber in meeting hall. You can lose everything including yourself. Do you want to be part of Hararge awuraja rather than Ogadenia? Look at Amhara extremist’s map no more Ogadenia. Habeshi anishi period!

07/23/12 @ 00:37
Comment from: Camel Rider [Visitor]  
Camel Rider

Ogadenia brave people had resisting and waging non stop struggle against the invader, No matter how long it takes we will never stop fighting for our cause…..No we in jihad but on our on way not Al’qaaida….

Allah is our Object….Qur’an is our Law….The Prophet (P P U H) is our Leader…we will never stop following his Suna….Jihad is our Way….and death for the sake Allah is our highest inspiration so bring on Abyssinia…..We ogadenian are Muslims too and And Allah Told me I’m only his servant and Free Man….

Now i agree to form some kind of political movement, especially with Oromo, afar and freedom loving Abyssinian to over through this mad T P L F repression or at least to make them weak enough to obey our demands…..while we never stop firing at Abyssinian,…….The Forced Unity of So called Ethiopia will come down to knees sooner or latter…..More than Half Ethiopian don’t adopt the idea of united Ethiopia after all this dark history…so what ever and under any name, O N L F should find a genuine political ideology that includes wider and more of Ethiopia freedom fighter, am sure they will only benefit if take such steps

07/23/12 @ 01:45
Comment from: Getachew [Visitor]

Mukhtar M. Omer you did a marvelous job in analyzing and portraying the current Ethiopian political stage, much better than many Ethiopians want-a- be politician.

Ethiopia has survived lots and lots of up and downs in its 3000 years history. Leaders come and go just like the seasons.

Unfortunately this time around what Ethiopia lacks is a generation that is patriotic.

The vast majority those 50 and under worship money, and will die for money rather than their country.

So Meles and his party will be there for another 50 years with or without him.

The divided and immature want-a-be politicians in the west will be crowding the Starbucks for years to come.

As for the ONLF it has a long way to go it does not have a backbone its jelly like.

07/23/12 @ 02:25
Comment from: wolayta [Visitor]

@Article Writer

“Haile-Mariam is a Woleita from the politically underdog Southern Nations, Nationalities and People Region (SNNPR) and is unlikely to have any real authority.”

First of my dear friend we write the name of our ethnic group Wolayta not woleita.writing wolayta as woleita is equivalent to writing Oromia as ORAMA or get your fucking moron head straight and write the name correctlly again.

2. Before I go deep to Trashing your opinion-less opinion,the political underdog in the history of Ethiopia is your Ethnic group being 45,000,000 out 90,000,000 or even more ORAMA OR OBAMA has always been the political,economic and social underdog in Ethiopia.

Hailemariam Represents an Ethnic group which is 15 times lesser than yours but only because he got the brain and annotation from the God he and his people worships he is the likely successor of Meles Zenawi,after three years in 2015.

What is real power ? What is real authority ? Do any of your moron heads know any thing about real power ?

I believe you do not have any clue of the word Power ?
What is true power of the prime minister in Europe you and other morons worship ? what is true power in United states ?

True power is the power that is Not solely dependent in a single person.EPRDF doesn’t solely depend on Meles,his absence for the last couple of weeks proved that.

A pr-minister will be the coordinator not the maker and the breaker.If haile-mariam becomes the pri-minister he will be loyal to his party,to the people who believed in him.He is not Mengistu haile-mariam(He will not get the power by coup d’etat) or Haile-selasie(he will not inherit it from his fathers).

That will be true to any pri-minister that will come either from EPRDF or any other piece full Opposition party(if they win).

The people who talk and program others to talk do not have the basic concept of power they have never exercised Power even in the Kebele Level,if they do then they would have known what Deputy pri minister or Pri minister would mean.

07/23/12 @ 03:02
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Even after the death of the crime minister and the overthrown of Tigrai Mafiosis Regime
it would be an other threat to the country as the whole to fall in the hands of another ethno mafia group .
Time to all of us to get united and
make rise the real spirit of Ethiopianism based on mutual respect
and national unity not on Ethno religious criterias .Time to freed ourselveses from backward ethno regional facist Ideology .
Afterall in the name of Federalism Agazi Bandits have instituted a “Tigre Power” monopolising the whole powers .Time to make rise a new generation of leaders who will build a new healthy political environment for th sake of the peoples ,the sovereignty of the country and regional stability .

07/23/12 @ 05:03
Comment from: warya [Visitor]

Omar u wrote a good article which that it conveys to some extent about Melese leadership.Such political senarious and political analyss regarding the country’s current political tension and the near future of Ethiopia isnot bad.However,some of your political views that you suggested to ONLF(to line up with Ahmara Vs TPLF)is desastrours one.The Ahmara Org beliefs is the fedual fascism one while the TPLF brought it a much better political vision and a better consistition(federalism) in which all Ethiopian ethnic diversity can live in peace side by side.On the other hand my dear Omar,my be you are miss informed about the mighty of the ethnics living inside Ethiopi.FYI currently that our Kilil has the strongth armed men called liu police so why you worry to much to surrender to the Amara loosers.If i am you I would be writting an article that uniting ONLF and the liu police of the kilil rather than apeasing/ siding with the Ahmara fascist Org.My feiernd the TPLF has the best political platform that all Ethiopians can be living equaly together in peaceful.Other wise as Somali Ogadens, we should bring them all our army in one boat (onlf and the kilil police) and be preparing to worst senerio.I promot as Ogaden Somali first the unity of the Somalis in the region and then united fight for our rights through the conistitiutional and of course,we should be demanding compasion from federals for our loss of the past damage.Dear Omar,thru tunnel see the light,there is hope for our future and destiny.Dear OmarmI suggest you that you never be goining back to the Ahmara Awrage fascist rules.

07/23/12 @ 05:23
Comment from: somalisword [Visitor]

Western Somalia(Ogadenia) isn’t part of
Ethiopia,the British handed over to Haile Selasie like they did to Palestine.The somali’s in Ogaden will remain Somali forever.

07/23/12 @ 05:25
Comment from: Nebro [Visitor]

As an Ethiopian I see such issues based on ethinicity will not take us any where. This designed to devide and rule policy of woyane has to stop somewhere. The whole nation has suffered in the name of fake federation while a small minority bunch of bandits benefited from such politics. Though theortically all ethinic federals have their indipendent practically it was only woyane who can do what they wished to do. Under the barrel of gun all became victim of woyane.Such regretable policy in my view must be stopped and work on a united Ethiopia where every citizen of the country will have equal opportunity, freedom and democracy.

It seems we are beating woyane’s drum if still we name names as Oromo, Amhara, Sidama, Harari, wolayta… Such was practised in the old Europe and they realised how backward and useless it is and abandoned it long ago. Now they are working hard for a united Europe. Africa as a continent could have at least a dream of regional unity and gradually in continental level. Sadly this is not the case. In our case, we are always able to stand together against a foregin invation, but within us every one dreams to be King! Let us rise again with a vision of unity, equality and freedom for all where language, culture, tradition ..etc becomes instrumental to claim one is different from the other. Such is for the opportunist politicians and we shouldn’t march with their music.

I am also against all languages in our country which instead of being used as means of communication, became justification of our difference. Let us have any among 80 or more language vote to have one plus another (english for instance) for our international use.Let us dream of some one from Arba minch coming to Mekele may be able to communicate with any ordinary fellow citizen. Naming each other this and that for the last 20 years has not taken us any where, instead it allowed those evil thinkers and minority bandits to do what they wished to do. We are all one and remain as we are only when we work in such vision. Otherwise, the intention of those selfish politicians is to design how they become small kings in every region and keep us in darkness forever !!! Awake!

07/23/12 @ 07:15
Comment from: prince-somali [Visitor]

Wonderful, well written and articulate article. However, I stronlgy disagree with the author on forming alliance with the Amharas. ONLF has bn very successful in recent years without the assistance ‘political marriage’ with the amharas. I dont see anything tangible coming out of the alliance unless the author is aware of classified ‘info’ on Amharas bn groomed to take over in case Meles exists from power.

On the issue of Oromos, you got it damn right. As a senior member of the former somali army, I had a close encounter with the top millitary brass. We often chatted on ways of destabalising Ethiopia. However, they all agreed on one issue: arming Oromos will be a complete failure. Back then Sibhat, Yonis, Birhane, Meles were all in Mogadishu. I strongly agree with you on that. Oromos are NOT capable of leading the country..despite bn 40% of the population.

I have heard the talks between TPLF & ONLF are in final stages. The Defense Minister and Internal Minister of Kenya, General Yusuf Haaji (Somali ethnic) is leading the talks, Ogadeniya has never bn part of Ethiopia and It will never be.

Whether Meles survives or dies, the struggle will continue if diplomacy fails. I am in the hope that Meles survives and a long and comprehensive political solution can be found for the opressed people of Ogadeniya.

07/23/12 @ 08:38
Comment from: Ilula Eshetu [Visitor]
Ilula Eshetu

@Mukhtar(the author of this Article)

Your day time dream will never be real.weak opponent of Ethiopian such as ONLF and yourself will never ever will have any role in our country political system,Because you are foreigners and we treat you as we treat facist Italy who tried to occupy our country.We may have some political differnces with Meles regim but when it comes to our unity,we always stand together.When you Somalian colonized British and Italians lived like slave in your own country we Ethiopians were enjoying our freedom,now you are trying to take away our freedom. You better go to Somaliland and Putland take your share before its sold to GULF state. For that matter we Ethiopians are still helping to stabilize your lawless divided,weak country.

07/23/12 @ 08:43
Comment from: WIND,FIRE,WATER [Visitor]

We already suffered under @game invaders, NOW! these donkey herder savages who immigrated to ethiopia from MADAGASKAR merging with camel hauler trouble maker somals and crying like a stinky @ussy.

07/23/12 @ 08:55
Comment from: prince-somali [Visitor]

@Mukhtar Omer,

It is a clear indication here on the forum on what you were advocating. All the opposition to your well written artcile hail from Amhara. Your alliance is doomed to fail.

We would rather deal with TPLF which we Somalis have created and nurtured.

07/23/12 @ 09:11
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

The author’s stand point is very clear, his reference to the political struggle is we (ONLF) and the Ethiopians, In other words ONLF is not Ethiopian but, fighting with Ethiopians.

Then it is a sort of analysis within what he call the Ethiopians: TPLF,ANDM, OPDO, SNNPR and there is also a collective reference as the Ethiopian opposition.

The central theme is ONLF’s tendency to seek alliance/help with the Amhara oppositions hoping they will go to bed with them as some Amhara Diasporas did with the national enemy Eritrea. Therefore, this article is a letter sent to lick Amhara Diasporas shoos for help, nothing more nothing less. Is it also a way of saying we are alive and around?

There are a number of things can be said about the ONLF from this article:

1- That ONLF is completely turned to exist in a life supporting political machine and was seeking a peaceful settlement with Meles in secret and even looks at Meles as the peace maker and that hope of making peace is shuttered now due to the absence of Meles hence, ONLF is anxious and scared of the future knowing a hard liner coming in the front line (I believe this feeling is shard by Eritreans-the eminent nature of the question of Assab emerging with any new leader).

2- A slight touch of the recent radical Islam insurgency in Ethiopia is referred as “Muslim uprising” reveling interest in radical Islamism.

3- The mother of all stupidity of this terrorist creature called Mukthar is when he assumed Haile Mariam a “Woleita from the politically underdog” can’t rule Ethiopia. One can wonder why not a Wolayta? This is indicative of ONLF’s racist and wannabe Arab tendencies.

4- His reference of the recent over excitement of Diasporas as “foolish exuberance” is superb and to the point.

In the over all this article is reveling the inside tattered situations of ONLF by PM Meles, desperate and hoping help from Amhara Diasporas, racist and terrorist agenda, and the way forward is expressed in a more realist approach than any other article I have seen so far since the mad excitement began from the enemies of the Ethiopian poor.

Terrorst Mukhtar M. Omer I am not sure how Diaspora oppositions will respond to you, knowing the political prostitute nature of Ethiopian Diasporas I think it is a good try. As an Ethiopian I won’t wish you a good luck but, death and destruction.

07/23/12 @ 09:35
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

Mukhtar M. Omer

Who’s side are you in? Ethiopia’s or ONLF’s?

ONLF is the enemy of Ethiopia! let there be no ifs and buts about that. It is a liberation front that works to separate the Ogaden region and unit it under greater Somalia.

There is but one option for Ethiopians as far as ONLF is concerned…..eliminate it from the face of the earth by all means period!

Now go preach the nonsense to some idiot ONLF sympathizer!!!

07/23/12 @ 10:06
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]


Funny you mention Amhara as collaborators with the enemies of Ethiopia with the likes of Isaias Afewerki. Now have you forgotten who TPLF was going to bed with and how a country called Eritrea exists in the first place???

Moron clean your nose up first before you speak of others. Ohh and by the way TPLF is also anti-Ethiopia group in case that some how skipped your fibbing brain

07/23/12 @ 10:13
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

ment4you [Visitor]

Improve your reading capacity so that you don’t misquote, I said “Amhara Diasporas".

tabula rasa!

07/23/12 @ 10:27
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]


“Amhara Diasporas’ are different than “Amhara locals” correct???

You not only an idiot but a complete fool.

And by the way although idiotic their actions it is feeble compare to TPLF’s and Meles’s full fledged cooperation with Isaias Afewerki.

Hopefully you will have an explanation that will make us all happy and satisfied as to why Ethiopia is land locked and without the port that rightfully belongs to her not to mention Eritrea, go ahead make us happy we are waiting fool!!!

07/23/12 @ 11:20
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]


BTW I am holding of from calling you more names in the above, you should thank me for that….. now go worship the anti-Ethiopian TPLF.

07/23/12 @ 11:23
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

ment4you [Visitor]

Do you think I care whether you call me names or not lol

07/23/12 @ 12:19
Comment from: prince-somali [Visitor]


Ogadeniya has never bn part of Ethiopia, get your facts right. As for TPLF it is me who invented it, trained, financed, nurtured and unleashed it on YOU.


07/23/12 @ 12:45
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]


Ogaden belongs to Ethiopia go check the map moron. Are you talking about the same TPLF that went into Mogadishu punished you all? lol

They are serving our interest for the most part and for those transmigration where they chose not to do that is a sure way to shorten their staying power as you can see.

As matter of fact Ethiopia should annex Somali-land and relieve you of your misery.

07/23/12 @ 14:17
Comment from: [Member]
king of horn africa

thanks mukhtar as i know ONLF is the fact that can change the wayane rigime because it is the only people whom can manage these situation,because ONLF have well training troops and good leadership whom can handle every situation sothat i can all ethiopian people must support ONLF and OLF because we need change and those two part can make change.
I don’t kwon these amhara people where are there when wayana rigime killing,hanging,ripping our ogeden people,I thing there part of the wayane rigime so to day they carrying like wayane.
shame of you all whom supperting wayane rigime and amhara

07/23/12 @ 14:47
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

king of horn africa

Idiot!!! ONLF as stupid as your thought process. It will never amount to anything but getting the young and confused killed or having them kill innocent civilians.

ONLF a dead group, if it hasn’t died already!

07/23/12 @ 14:56
Comment from: [Member]
king of horn africa

thanks mukhtar as i know ONLF is the factor that can change the wayane rigime because it is the only people whom can manage these situation,because ONLF have well training troops and good leadership whom can handle every situation sothat i can say all ethiopian people must support ONLF and OLF because we need change and those two part can make change.
I don’t kwon these amhara people where are there when wayana rigime killing,hanging,ripping our ogeden people,I thing there were part of the wayane rigime so to day they carrying like wayane.
shame of you all whom supperting wayane rigime and amhara

07/23/12 @ 14:58
Comment from: wolayta [Visitor]

What Kind of alliance is that Amhara-Oromo alliance ?

I came to believe that Omar is not Oromo he is Amhara trying to align with Oromo.
What did tigreans do to Oromo ? The only thing Oromos never had in this regime is the Primer ship but The people had every thing unlike the times of Amhara Ruler ship.

The Derogatory Names has been used by the Amharas against the Oromos,the oromos have been even denaid their basic rights at the days of Amhara period.The main reason for Ali Bira to come back home,the main reason for Kemer and other OLF members to return home is that the situation the people of Oromo and other Ethiopin had been became a history.

When will the Question of the Ormo People be answered ?
when they start leading the country….ha ?

such a dormant attitude towards others indicates the possible person behind the mask.Do you think even if you succeed by aligning with Amhara Oppositions(we used to know them as Ethiopian Opposition Parties)(0.00000000 % probability of succeeding)///do you think people will Bow dowm To your barbaric Mentality ????

I will be the first to fire against any Group that comes against the country we have already built.The country we built and are building is Country where we all respect each other and live in love.

Fucking Mooron

07/23/12 @ 15:52
Comment from: [Member]
king of horn africa

AGAZIT WOMEN do you forget what you done in ogaden or oromo last 21 year and what he done idiot meles in ogaden region shame of AGAzit WOMEN i know amhara is the enemy of all ethiopia but you are enemy last 21 years and i hope ONLF AND OLF WILL BE NEXT generation of new ethiopia and finale ethiopia will be 3 goverment OGADENIA.OROMIA AND REST OF ETHIOPIA

07/23/12 @ 16:27
Comment from: Farah [Visitor]

Mukhtar is selling ONLF althohg Somali region has a government of its own, prospering and making big progress in education peace and health. People are behind president Abdi Iley for his wise leadership. To me ONLF is a sister of Al shabab. I am not buying ONLF

07/23/12 @ 17:52
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Ogaden has always been part of Ethiopia .The so called British handing over the lands to Haile Selassie is a fake farytale written
by the Great Somalia Dreamer!!!Welwal
is the battle field into which heroic Ethiopian Warriors as Dejatmatch Alemayehu fall fighting
Facist Italian Invaders ,Degehabur is where the great Afework fall also
fighting Graziani Facist Army !!!Of
course British colonialists tried to
integrate Ogaden to their colonial possession of Somaliland and the then South Somalia which they took
from the Italians to occupy the Wabi
Shebele and Genale rivers ressources .To please their Somali protectors the Agazi and Shabya crickets did spread such evil childish propagandas during their period of Banditism !!!

07/23/12 @ 18:24
Comment from: [Member]
king of horn africa

AGAZIT you ideot woman iam proud ogaden and iam from ogadenia why are you forgeting what you done ogaden people past 21 years,ogaden is not looking great somali but we looking our right and our land but ethiopia is the last black colony in africa sothat ONLF the only people can manage change and yes we can
viva ogadenia and we make tigree the worst people in ethiopia fuck wayane
oagdenia shall overcome ethiopia and rule next 21 years

07/23/12 @ 18:41
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]


It obvious you are one mentally deranged crazy person? Are there not enough men in Tigray to keep you satisfied sexually? It seems you have all kinds frustrations built into one including the inferiority complex you suffer from everyday of your whacked out life?

I pity you. Hey by the way Amhara’s are the BEST!!!!

07/23/12 @ 19:24
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

It is obvious you are one mentally deranged crazy person. Are there not enough men in Tigray to keep you satisfied sexually? It seems you have all kinds frustrations built into one, including the inferiority complex you suffer from everyday of your whacked out life?

I pity you. Hey by the way Amhara’s are the BEST!!!! lol

07/23/12 @ 19:28
Comment from: Abdullahi [Visitor]

I wish people in this forum will respect themselves and limit their discussion to subject matter which is Muktar´s article. It is not civil to use obscene language to express our views.
Muktar´s made very good analysis of the Ethiopian situation, but before anything else let me say this; ONLF could not be defeated by the strong army of Zinawi for 21 years and will be a major stakeholder in the new Ethiopia, those of you who think Somali Ogadens will ever stay on the fence, we are coming to rule Addis.
We can politically align with anyone, be it our Oromo brothers, Tigrians or Amharas, we are guided by the interest of our nation.

07/23/12 @ 20:37
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]


You proved me right you are a crazy head woman who isn’t getting enough sex. Your men aren’t good at much of anything, why don’t you instead find and Amhara hero husband so some of your inferiority complex subsides?

Anche Pr0zac head!!!lolllll

07/23/12 @ 20:58
Comment from: prince-somali [Visitor]

Agazit woman,

I just love how you punish the amharas/oromos and other destructive diaspora politicians single handedly. Well well well I knew for sure Tigreys were gallant fighters and merciless freedom fighters. That is why I chose you, trained you, financed you. I am proud of what you have achieved so far. For your success is MY success as well.

Together we can rule Ethiopia for centuries to come or break it into mini ethnic states. This diaspora bandits are cowards hiding behind their curtains at the comfort of the living room.


07/23/12 @ 21:47
Comment from: Og man [Visitor]  
Og man

On my point of u about this article as we the ogaden pple we made some progress the fighntig we are againest woyane his fellow stoogs we dont care where u r from or makala and and we also relegate the opperation of the socalled woyane army rather than i can say we defeated wat u call well trained army of ethiopia our aim is not to calobarate any clan either its oromo or amhara but i wanna rule my rich country with mineral resources like oil gold and etc but i dont understan why u stl after me let me tell u the reality i have power to crush this baster regime and u will be unber my rule without pleading u

07/23/12 @ 23:46
Comment from: Brook [Visitor]

Agasse women men4you was right you need to get laid! Every month around this time you come out in full force I’ve been noticing your usual pointless bragging you know good well bit€h I’ll slap the shit out of you Anch-ye-lemgn lig shermuta nobody scared of you and all your thugs body’s who’s hiding in Oromo name, Welayta etc…get it down to your thick head something definitely wrong with you! You are mentally deranged you need to talk to somebody get help! You are talking the same nonsense how heroic you are on and on like a brocken record. If you have gut name a place any were in US bring that a little dick of your husband who’s doing you wrong along with your thugs jegna heroic bs I’ll show you a real A$$ Kicking Bit€h

07/23/12 @ 23:53
Comment from: Somalilander [Visitor]

AGAME Woman, the daughter of the former refugee in Somalia is losing the plot.

I never seen a woman so rude and nasty since Lil Kim became bankrupt.

Agame Woman please close your legs and let us breath

07/24/12 @ 04:40
Comment from: wolayta [Visitor]

@ Somali-blah

Before we had a lot of shabian assholes disturbing around in Ethiopian websites,they left the site right after the Ethiopian army went in there fucked them up and came back just in 30 minutes.

Now we have the Somalilander,somali-beaches,somali-killer,somali bandit,somali what ever,somali where ever,somali when ever,somali looser,somali-abdul kassim,east african king,east african animal,south african dog,west african chpanzee,somali bush-man
who kept on talking about the war torn mokadisho and what ever they have to say about every thing.

The only person i would allow here is the Real Somali-lander who if filled with wisdom and some staffs to talk about.

You other Torn-out trashes get you stinky little ass of here.

07/24/12 @ 05:03
Comment from: Yakume [Visitor]

No one from Abyssinians or Somali socialists can hide the Ogaden issue, the Woyane crimes and genocides in the Ogaden region. ONLF did mistake when they established and supported TPLF in their straggle with Mingistut regime. However, there are two options; freedom for Ogeaden people or the Ogaden people should come to Addis and rule Ethiopians. These are the solutions for the current crisis in Ethiopia.

07/24/12 @ 12:15
Comment from: Yakume [Visitor]

Ethiopia and Ogaden After Meles: The Future and Truth Requirements

07/24/12 @ 12:18
Comment from: Haradigeed [Visitor]

Very astute article, well analyzed by Mukhtaar . The ONLF and the Amhara opposition groups are incompatible, for water and oil cannot mix.
The Ethiopia the Amharas envisage is one that is Christian and which everyone else is second class citizen. TPLF Itself has such vision Melez himself has on several occasions uttered ‘Christian Ethiopia’ ignoring over half of the population is Muslim. Whereas the ONLF believes in freedom and the correction of the egregious mistake committed by the British colonialist when they incorporated the Ogaden into Ethiopia.
Onother obstacle would be the famously unreliable Xabashi you cannot trust them under any circumstances. They will renege on all signed agreement as onlf must have learnt in 1994.
The struggle must continue.

07/24/12 @ 12:52
Comment from: Yakume [Visitor]

Thanks Haradigeed, you say the facts. But Woyane always remains Woyane and you cannot change their mind.

07/24/12 @ 13:21
Comment from: Ogadenian [Visitor]

We Ogaden never stop the struggle cuz its Jihaad for us the one who die way of Allah is promised highest place of Paradise Omar your far towards Ahmara, They are nothing.. copy my words we except only fredom we not part of dirt CHristian Ethiopian. time all muslim to wake up

07/24/12 @ 14:13
Comment from: Habesha [Visitor]

Here is a novel idea bros/sis: how about join the rest of the country in actually building rather than destroying, killing, and intimidating. Ogadenians should demand the government continue to build schools, roads, communications and other infrastructure in their region. This will lift regular Ogenians out of poverty and backwardness as is needed in almost every other region of Ethiopia. All of this can be coordinated with autonomy, but the mentality must adjust from war to economic progress (which ultimately builds real power) or you end up with another rogue state or worse yet a failed one… We all know that “one of the most dangerous things is a military General in peacetime.” It’s time for the war mongers to step aside and let the more able diplomatic frontrunners step up for the benefit of the people.

07/24/12 @ 22:02
Comment from: ethioBlogger [Visitor]

Now meles is gone. The giant pervasive hypocrite to the western world. The next challenge is how to make a vaccume to the TPLF inner circle and came up with different group with differing ideologies and interest to power. This is one of the decisive moment that Ethiopian people should be united and make a sensible action. This is the critical time that the
Meles regime is at its vulnerable state by which the whole system could crumble so easily with a minimum cost and in short period of time.

The opposition parties and civic societies, Muslims and Christians, and all races Oromo, Amahara, Tigre, Gurage , Sidama, … all society should be united and stand in the same shoe have the same faith on each other and struggle at most effort to throw the government.

Meles and his cadres have been working hard to control the country economically, politically, ethnically … by all means to form a TMelessian) empire and rule the country for ever. This is the time that all the 83 million people should unite and stop this evil. I personally view this as a positive oportunity for Ethiopians, those true nationals who devote their lives and all they have as our forfathers did to safeguard our territory, to build our nation and pass on the legacy to the next generation.

- Democracy and Equality reignes !
- God Bless Ethiopia

07/25/12 @ 05:37



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