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Ethiopia: Post-Meles Possible Scenarios



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Ethiopia: Post-Meles Possible Scenarios

Ethiopia: Post-Meles Possible Scenarios

By Messay Kebede

The trouble with tyranny and personalized power is that institutional mechanisms of power transfer do not work. In most cases, such mechanisms exist and are enshrined in written and exalted constitutions. Nonetheless, to the extent that tyranny and the exercise of arbitrary power irreparably tarnish them, institutions do not command any respect or legitimacy. Instead, the need to pass on power unleashes a bitter struggle among various contenders. The proliferation of contenders is a natural effect of the arbitrary exercise of power: when power is exercised without the aura of legitimacy, it sends the message that it is up for grab, thereby fostering contenders. Another effect of the demise of arbitrary power is the tendency to stimulate popular uprisings. People who so far had accepted tyranny without protest suddenly feel an impetus to rebel because they sense the weakening of the repressive power of the state: both power struggle among the ruling elite and the orphan condition of repressive forces (police and armed forces), which repressive forces were shaped by an exclusive loyalty to the now disabled or dead dictator, give the picture of a disintegrating power system.

The above description exactly defines Ethiopia’s present condition. Whether Meles is already dead, incapacitated by disease, or has no much time left, one thing is sure: there is now a power vacuum and a struggle among contenders for his position has already started. The bare fact that the government has so far refused to provide any reliable information about his condition is indication enough that Meles’s time is over. The assurance that he is now receiving treatment or resting and that he will soon resume his work is just a lie destined to prevent a popular uprising and conceal the on-going power struggle until the emergence of a winning faction. On top of economic disasters, the failure to establish any firm institution demonstrates that the two decades of TPLF rule have been nothing but a colossal waste for Ethiopia and Ethiopians.

What concerns Ethiopians most is neither the fate of Meles nor of his cronies, but what developments are likely in post-Meles Ethiopia. My intention here is not to predict the future. Personally, I do not believe that the future is simply unfolding from past conditions. The direction of history depends on unpredictable variables and, mostly, on decisions that people and individuals make. The future is the outcome of a creative process and as such bound to be unpredictable in its novelty. The best that analysis can do is to present possible scenarios, which are then possibilities, potentialities, not predictions.

As previously indicated, Meles’s death or incapacitation has created a situation of power struggle. This power struggle is essentially occurring within the EPRDF, but more importantly, within the TPLF, which is the decisive force. It is translated by the appearance of factions, often around individuals supposed to be influential. We already know the names of the individuals. However, there is no guarantee that said individuals are really or remain the main players. In a fluid situation of power vacuum, little known individuals often emerge, just as new factions can appear, while the old ones disappear or are integrated into the new factions. In other words, we must expect some form of restructuration within the TPLF, a different alignment of competing forces.

Most probably, the winning faction will be the one that secures the support of the armed forces. In this raw situation of power struggle, no individual or faction can impose its will without the support of repressive forces. Since the TPLF alone is able to claim (at least at this stage) the loyalty of the armed forces, it follows that it is likely to stay in control after an internal redistribution, which can even take a violent form. Even if the deputy Prime Minister, Hailemariam Desalegn, stays as head of the government, he would simply be a figurehead. My guess is that, given the complete impotence of Hailemariam, the winning faction may find it wise to promote him to prime minister, at least until things settle down.

What factors could possibly alter this scenario? One important factor could be that the army ends up by developing its own political ambition to the detriment of the civilian power of the TPLF. This possibility is not farfetched: experience shows that each time a faction appeals to the army to prevail over other factions, it incites the ambition of the army. Why would the army work for somebody else when it could have it all for itself? But this scenario depends on the unity of the army: conflicts among or between senior and junior officers or dissenting voices from the rank and file can incapacitate the army and force it to accept the civilian leadership.
Another important factor that can jeopardize the continuation of the rule of the TPLF is popular uprising. Given the bubbling general discontent, the rule of the TPLF cannot continue without the support of a strong and loyal repressive force. Any sign of weakening cannot but encourage uprisings. The occurrence of a generalized uprising will greatly complicate the situation. It will further divide the ruling party, including the army, as the start of a bloody confrontation is necessarily fraught with dangerous and uncontrollable developments. One uncontrollable development is, of course, the ethnic reaction. Two decades of misrule and ethnicization of Ethiopia direct animosity, not only to state power, but also to ethnic groups. Some such confrontation will break up the EPRDF and will force people to align around ethnic lines rather than class or national unity.

There are also other complicating factors. For instance, the Eritrean element: in the face of a serious unrest, Eritrea may again resort to military action both to recover the territories that it claims and punish the TPLF for its 2000 military victory. One other factor that is difficult to measure is the possible role of the opposition. If the opposition presents a united face, and this is a big if, it can have some role in avoiding the worst scenario, namely, ethnic confrontations. It can even present itself as an alternative course if a popular uprising occurs. At any rate, its ability to displace the TPLF is congenitally dependent on the occurrence of a popular uprising. Even then, it will not have much impact if it remains divided. I note that Medrek has finally upgraded itself to a front, which is good news. But this is not enough: to appear as a real alternative to the TPLF, the union must be credible and reach out to other opposition parties as well as to the bureaucracy and military apparatus.

Lastly, the direct intervention and real pressure of Western powers can have a serious impact in the direction of facilitating the creation of a government representative of all contending forces. Their pressure can thwart the scenario of military coup or of a refurbishing rule of the TPLF; it can even prevent the start of a popular uprising. The two basic conditions for Western pressure to be effective are: (1) Western powers themselves must show a united front and act as honest brokers; (2) the opposition must speak with one voice and credibly argue in favor of a transitional inclusive government. This last possibility is by far the best course, for it alone promises a peaceful transition.


Comment from: Oromia [Visitor]

This is bulshit and nonsense. What about the freedom fighters who are fighting for decades. That is not the reality on the ground, it is your wish and you are trying to dectate us. Nobody will go the ways you liked.

07/26/12 @ 11:10
Comment from: Girma [Visitor]

I find it hard to tell what is an objective thinking and what is a wishful thinking. Usually we pretend to think while we actually simply justify what we already wish for it to happen or not happen. For instance, I admire Messay for his dedication to his ideas and ideals, but I never read him writing about views he doesn’t support. Akafan akafa belew abo, the most likely scenario is ethnic, or whatever you call it, would be the grund norm of post-Meles Ethiopian. But I wouldn’t be sure if that would be in a way that even the Melesaits would want to see.

Lets think and talk about even things we don’t like :)

07/26/12 @ 11:28
Comment from: Addis [Visitor]

Thank you Dr. Messay you are a brilliant. Ethiopia needs people like you so we can out from poverty.

07/26/12 @ 11:36
Comment from: Ethiopia 1 [Visitor]
Ethiopia 1

China will play a major role in the outcome

07/26/12 @ 11:38
Comment from: keder [Visitor]

It is a very nice intepretation. You have indicated the possible actors in the process. But I donot think the opposition group there in Addis would be an infuencial part as such. They lack the vision , strategy and capacity. The power struggle within the ruling circle along with the pressure from Western government, the popular uprising will dectate the course of events

07/26/12 @ 12:09
Comment from: amare101 [Visitor]

Trust me. it will not be a smooth transition. Most likely, Desalegn will be PM. TPLF will try to control him, but he will have pressure from other groups. Then arrests and killings will follow. Chaos, uprising will happen. TPLF will start to flee followed by EPRDF. Most of the officials will be arrested by the army. Then transition will come

07/26/12 @ 12:15
Comment from: oneluv21 [Visitor]

Meles is not dead and you people are in hurry to burry him… wow. No matter what happen one thing is for sure and that is the Tigrian people will not go back to the old way where they were treated as slaves and also Ethiopia will not and should not go back to the old way where only one class of citizen was a decider.

07/26/12 @ 12:36
Comment from: Segen [Visitor]

Mr oneluv,
No one wants to see an Ethiopia where one class of citizens controlling and dominating all aspects of the nation’s life: economic, political, military, religion, you name it. That’s what TPLF has been doing for the past of 21 years. Be rest assured there will have to be a genuine federal structure with a proper devolution of power and accountability. Had that been the case, we would have seen a prosperous Ethiopia with the huge influx of billions of American dollar which ended up in the pocket of TPLF junta.

07/26/12 @ 13:03
Comment from: Yones [Visitor]

The more than most likely situation to happen is ethnic groups will come to power. Year 2012 is not year 1991, people has been changed in several ways. I do not think Ethiopian people allow any TPLF to come to power again. I suspect what OPDO and OLF can do. They may merge together and come to a unity. It is really hard for any individual to predict what will happen. I always fear the military because they are all uneducated and black folded by TPLF.

07/26/12 @ 13:07
Comment from: Ras Thomas & Associates of Ethiopian Patriots [Visitor]
Ras Thomas & Associates of Ethiopian Patriots

When you said ” if Hailmariama take the position, he will be impotant”
We can understand why you said that;
you mean he is from DABUB HIZBIYOOJ
you vomiting your real attitude, because we know look this real Ethiopians down. but, let me tell you this: Males is alive, and only God know who will die first you or him. but, we know everybody will die including Males and you Kebeda. OK
And if he die in case Mr. Hailmariama
capable of ruling. no problem, and days you used to look down is over.
every ethnic group of natioanlity in Ethiopia has to get their turn to rule OK.
You and your people used to hate King Hail Salasie and you killed him at last by supporting communisim. Again, you hate when the Mingistu came and even this Male Zanawi that you hate now wouldn’t have chance to came to Addis if you don’t oppose Mingistu. Now, you hate Males again
but, I grant you, whether you believe it or not. You will cry loud one day in future if he is gone,
God please return Males Zanawi.
Because if Males is gone the turn of ruling country will be for Oromo,Somali, Anfar, Gabela,Dabub.
Now, you hate somebody who you share with common culture, religion and blood lineage.

07/26/12 @ 13:39
Comment from: [Member]

Zd$&#xDream on! Internet warriors! The fight against poverty and the forces of evil continues. You all dreamers smell the upcoming of a well rested and energeles!

07/26/12 @ 14:18
Comment from: Time Ewnetu [Visitor]
Time Ewnetu

Whoever said, Ayee America - Arum Marum be
And Tasa!
was right. This unregulated website is an example of just that. To read the raw sewege following a great article above is injustice. All potential near future scenarios mentioned by the author and the alternatives sited are a realistic blueprint of what is to come. TPLF being TPLF will not learn from this refined article about them, a face saver if they were to heed it. In the latest Oliver Stone movie Savages the ending has two versions. The second and last version is preferable to the first because lives are saved. TPLF likewise can rewrite its ending, its exit strategy. The likely scenario is months of unrest, bloodshed and crisis followed by TPLF escaping towns, once and for all, just as they came - at night.

07/26/12 @ 14:25
Comment from: Tekle [Visitor]

First of all I assume that the writer of this article is an educated man. Some one told me that he teaches at a college some where in the West. For that reason I respect him and give my kudos for his accomplishments.
But having said that, I have serious reservations about the method he used to analyze the possible scenarios if our Most Benevolent Prime Minister decides to step aside and hand over the baton to a successor. Mr. Messay is at a serious remiss in the fact that he works with ‘facts’ based on rumors and not based on the actual reality on the ground back home. He forgets or does not know that EPRDF is a well-oiled machine that is in iron-clad unison forged together by struggle that spans over 38 years. There are many capable individuals who can successfully fill in the position and lead our people to the Promised Land. There may not be any Amhara or Oromo individuals who fulfill the requirements of a Premiership. Mind you this is not a case of Equal Opportunity Employment. If you don’t have the requirements then you are not eligible and will not get the job. It is that simple. What I highly suggest to Ato Messay is to divulge the secrets of the history of our people such as The Battle of Adwa that his Amhara cousins have been hiding from the rest of the world. The true and well documented history of that war was that the battle had been already won by our gallant Axumite warriors led by one of the most brilliant war strategists of the 19th century, Ras Alula Aba Nega with his variable T and inverted T warfare formations that confused the dickens out of General Oreste Baratieri one full day before Menelik and his ragtag robbers arrived. All the war casualties were Axumite fighters and not a single Amhara or Oromo was killed in the battle. If there were any Amhara or Oromo fighters who died then it was because of their hooligan behavior. They must have killed one another after drinking too much of the Tej they snatched from my people. I have located evidence in the news archives here in the West which corroborates my findings. I am writing a book about the real history of the Battle of Adwa and it will be available soon. I will have facts that no one will be able to refute. Menelik did not do a squat at this battle because he was not there. On March 1, 1996 he was one full day journey on foot away from Adwa. He had not arrived there yet. So how can one by victorious when he was even there? How?
If this astonishes some and annoys a lot of chauvinist Amharas, wait for my next book. It will deal with the Battle of Maychew. Just stay calm and be patient.

07/26/12 @ 15:20
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

Mesay Kebede & likes, don’t wast your time preaching your gossip delusional stories. You all are well known clowns that have no clue about today’s Ethiopia…LOL. Look at you, hilusinating about what would happen if……Bla..bla…LOL.

For your information, weather Meles is alive or not, Ethiopia has well establishes governmental institution that function not under one man head of state, but with thousand of men and women that serving their people at regional - federal level….. however, since you all are a stone aged individual-groups, you will never get the true picture of today’s Ethiopia…Therefore, keep entertaining….

By the away, the hardworking, smart, visionary leader of the nation,and nationalities of Ethiopian people, Meles Zenawi, is not going anywhere…..

God bless the world!!

07/26/12 @ 15:20
Comment from: [Member]

Dear Messay:

Please Note: The flow in your analysis was logical until the last paragraph. Your whole effort to test your intellect went into the wind with your last paragraph.

As always, being a product of the Diaspora, of course, you are incapable to think “out of the Box". I was shocked when you concluded the only ones which can save the country from crisis are two forces 1. The West & 2. The Opposition (if united). I wonder why you didn’t add a 3rd factor to save the country from crisis i.e. make you the new PM from the Diaspora. May be you will unite the fragmented Opposition and be PM Messay!!!

In short, let me throw my 2 cents in this speculation (I wouldn’t call it analysis or prediction, because no one knows what may happen after Meles). But, believe it or not the factors that determine the survival of Ethiopia and its future are inside not outside of the country. Besides, Ethiopia is not as gloomy as you see it. Its people are wise, patient, and realistic. If not, Ethiopia will not have survived the most brutal regime in its long history, which you and your intellectual colleagues served well (i.e.the Derge). In fact Meles is an angel compared to Mengistu, whom you adolized! The people inside know this very well, unlike the narrow-minded so called intellectuals like you in the Diaspora! Ethiopians inside don’t want to go backwards. They have come a long way from the dark era of Dergue! Believe me People in Ethiopia now see in equal terms (the wide ethnic gulf is outisde in the Diaspora’s mind). Ethiopia has a new color now, and the majority have acceptecd it, except the elite in the Diaspora. Trust me, I probably know better than you the present Ethiopia, becuase you haven’t seen it. Why don’t you go and see it first. Go and talk to the ordinary people in Merkato (Amharas, Gurages, Tigrians, Oromos, Somalis, Afar etc) and many others regardless of their ethnic background and religion). Ask them how they see the past, present and future Ethiopia? How they see Meles? How they see their social, political and economic life? What do they really dream for? I am sure then, you may write a better analysis may be even with prediction and reach a different conclusion than what you did now, in your “analysis” and a self serving and shallow conclusion as shown below.

Long Live Mother land, Ethiopia!

Here is your superficial conclusion!

“Lastly, the direct intervention and real pressure of Western powers can have a serious impact in the direction of facilitating the creation of a government representative of all contending forces. Their pressure can thwart the scenario of military coup or of a refurbishing rule of the TPLF; it can even prevent the start of a popular uprising. The two basic conditions for Western pressure to be effective are: (1) Western powers themselves must show a united front and act as honest brokers; (2) the opposition must speak with one voice and credibly argue in favor of a transitional inclusive government. This last possibility is by far the best course, for it alone promises a peaceful transition".

07/26/12 @ 15:41
Comment from: Afarman [Visitor]

wishfull thinking by another prophet of doom and gloom, Dr Mesay’s false prophecy will be exposed in a week or two.

The TPLF is not new to losing its members, Dr Mesay do you know the TPLF has lost 65,000 of its fighters, more than 100,000 fighters got injured during the war. Despite that loss the TPLF/EPRDF came up victorious.

Its same now, whether meles is there or not, there will not be power vacuum as you mentioned. We didnt trust the opposition analysts yesterday and we will not take your bed time story now. The analysis is coming from the same twisted chauvinist brain washed individual. keep on writing trash by giving different titles to your articles, you can continue to inspire those who are betting on the wrong horse, as far as me is concerned I don buy your trash.

Meles will be back in harness and opposition toxic diaspora will be in tatters for another two decades till they drop dead. Those who wished death and destruction to their opponents have gone first with out burying their enemies.

Long live Meles zenawi, he is a hero to millions of us, he is a man capable of walking the walk while the opposition continue to talk the talk for 21 years

07/26/12 @ 15:41
Comment from: Heny [Visitor]

Mesay kebede,
tekateko fit stbal gize photographhn meletef tewkew aydel? hahahahaha. kerfafa fandya

07/26/12 @ 15:57
Comment from: Solomon [Visitor]

Mr. Tekle,

The problem with your assessment is, it is simply pure racist and chauvinistic. You call others chauvinist while you are behaving exactly the same. No Tigre with a reasonable mind would agree with your hoopla of trashing other races to promote one. You are typically playing into the stereotype of what oppositions have been saying all along that EPRDF is an elite group stands and fights only for one group of people. I bet the majority of EPRDF members wouldn’t want that kind of perception about them. So, you look like to me a tree branch on a high torrent stream, in other words no reasonable human being want any association with you and your ilk. We need people that can bring us together but not people like you.
Go Away!

07/26/12 @ 16:20
Comment from: Zeno [Visitor]

Dear Professor, I would suggest that the scenarios must also take note of one additional possibility. PM Meles may have some breath left to hang on to power till the next election and accordingly do the last roar by way of entrenching his legacy and do the grooming of someone. Who could that someone be is very unpredictable as EPRDF’s/TPLF’s 21 years’ rule has always been. No one misses the fact that EPRDF/TPLF has been predictable only in one sense; authoritarianism. So he might be able to clone his own self to the premiership post.
Then follows your scenarios on the emergence of fractures within the military-the institution that holds the highest repressive tool at its disposal. The other scene that wishfully could align with these developments in the military is the re-emergence of the opposition which is at present in an intensive care unit. That, like professor Messay states, is saddled with a big ‘if.’
Finally, the greatest threat to what is and will be happening to Ethiopia’s political transition comes from the diaspora. Diaspora politics is dismayingly ethnicised, corrupt and greed rather than honest convictions to Ethiopia’s better future undergirds most of the opposition voices heard from this part of the world. Unless professionalism and the interests of the national rather than the individual are given precedence, this too would have implications on those scenarios at home for better or worse.

07/26/12 @ 16:55
Comment from: Taddese [Visitor]


There is no question that the minority tplf tyranican ruthless dictators will never give up their shooting and looting ventures except by forace and force alone.

And that is what all of these bickering opposions need to know.

You perhaps already dead and silenced prime minister for life has repeatedely said that power can only be taken away from him by foce alone since his tplf front itself took power by force alone. Thank for confirming that declation. Some 6% wayanes dictating some 94% of the 90 million Ethiopians. Absolutely unsustainable!

07/26/12 @ 17:04
Comment from: Getachew [Visitor]

Ethiopia with or without Meles.

Whether we like it or not Meles has made history, he has transformed the country from where it was to what it is today.

Judgment lies in the hands of God we are not capable to judge.

Yours or my kind of judgment is irrelevant for the good of our country.

Our country faces a lot of challenges today and tomorrow, the question we should raise is what do we have to do to improve our country, to prepare a better Ethiopia for the current and future generation to come.

We should not forget that Meles is a human being, who can be sick and dying like everybody else.

In his 20+ years that he has been in power he has accumulated lots and lots of hatred and enemies, he would not be able to defer them to a different person even if was born again.

Let us leave him alone to his fate.

He has done what he has done and let us move forward with or without him.

He will be history soon, today or tomorrow that is in Gods hand.

But one thing we did not do is that we have wasted our time by not preparing for a solid opposition to fill the vacuum.

We had ample time to prepare for such an event more than ever before we cannot blame this on Meles or his cronies but you and me.

What we did was talk, talk, and talk.

We had lots of opportunities and time, more than 20 years to do the job that was requested from us.

What we did was create 1000’s of splitter opponent’s want-a-be politicians, good for nothing that fill the seats of Starbucks. People who are unable to lead and govern a complex country like Ethiopia.

These people and their parties cannot even manage and administer their own households let alone a country.

Sorry our beloved country again we your children have failed on our duties and abondened you when you need us most.

07/26/12 @ 17:14
Comment from: Addis [Visitor]  

Oh Mesaye is still alive
Dear readers
I knew Mesaye kebede by chance by being a student in Addis Abeba University . In fact i took freshman philosophy with him. That old time no one could dare to speak to Mesay.(It was the period after the red terror).But to day I could say some thing with full liberty.

I tried to recollect my memories of that period when he was politically active. Mesay was a convinced member of the Ethiopian workers party. he was heading Addis Abeba teachers association as a selective cadre . readers have to learn these facts so that they could have their own and humble judgemenet

mesay and a like are born abused .Maybe they are always right and this for them is a divine right.In other words Mesaye was right when he was a mamber of the dark regime .he belong to the brutal military regime and he was right . He is in the opposition against the current government and still he is right . he is against federalism he is right . He defended the Military regime he was always right . In other wards no one will question him . he is abused child . And of course a philosopher .
Mesaye should have better undersood histoy is also brutal. A person cannot be a hero as he wishes . one cannot have it always .he has only to write his experience of the Communist-cum -military regime .Now he has to leave it for others. he does not have the moral to be adviser. He does not have the moral to speak about the future . he is finished , politically, in 1991. May 28.
Addis hle

07/26/12 @ 17:35
Comment from: To-Oneluv21 [Visitor]

Dear chimpluv21

What is your infatuation with the chimp face/devil brain trib…

I mean really. And you claim to be Eritrean. You must be one of those agaminos who love to be Eritrean…

Meles the Chimp is the most clueless brain dead leader ever…

A dead bird have more brain cell than a live Chimp like meles…

After 21 years and 35 billions of aid money Ethiopia is still a begger nation…

A few shine buildings is not a sign of an economic growth. The economic growth is as a result of money coming diaspora and aid money…

You need to educate yourself about the world around you…I never heard of a country that is constantly begging for food forever…god..

And what is up with you attacking Amhara trib…atleast they are not robbers like the chimp trib you defend so much…

Or did you forget they robbed 80thousand Eritreans money…you nimrod…flatline…..

Now get a life..

07/26/12 @ 17:39
Comment from: Poor Professor [Visitor]
Poor Professor

Dr. Messay Kebede,

Why do you waste your time writing such an article instead of working on your professional development.

Just have a look at this “Rate My Professor” link and see how many of your students think you are boring:

If I were you, I would work day and night to improve my teaching skills so that I would not be rated as a “Poor Professor". Again, you are close to retirement age; so who cares???

I will now check the rating of Al Mariam.

07/26/12 @ 17:55
Comment from: [Member]

Well presented Mr Messay! That is the possible scenarios one would expect. But Mr. Messay, I haven’t read on your comment about rise of Muslim fundamentalism on the horn of Africa. Would you think they are may be insignificant? But I am very concerned what is happening at moment. As you well indicated the oppositions have shown serious of infraction and division among themselves. So that they are not being able to address the country needs or they are not being in position to advance the Ethiopian’s causes rather they might be causing serious problem for the whole nation. Please comment on the rising of Muslim fundamentalisms and its effects post Meles reign on the horn of Africa and beyond.

07/26/12 @ 18:01
Comment from: Mesay [Visitor]


We all are aware that it is a desperate time for genocidal TPLF supporters like you. Instead of addressing the issue head on you resorted to a feeblish personal attack on the author typical of retarded woyane cadres.

07/26/12 @ 18:07
Comment from: Oromo Man [Visitor]
Oromo Man


I should say that you presented a very good senario analysis. I believe that the U.S has already playing a major role. Their demonstrated interest in the region is stability before all else. Not only do they have full information on what is going on, but they are the ones who are keeping it from the public as to avoid a popular uprise and possible military takeover. All the major U.S and British newspapers have been discouraged from seeking and publishing information about Meles’s death. Oh yes, he has been in a freezer for quite sometime now. The news will not be public until the TPLF junta sort out how they are going to share power. Meles’s family has left the country on the advice of the U.S government. The wife is apparently allowed access to her Swiss bank account in excess of $3 billion. The Swiss government posses Meles’s money as well as his body. They are waiting for a grean light from the U.S to release his body. But to who the money will be released will depend on the next government. Once again, the western governments are displaying their condesending attitude towards the Ethiopian people. Ethiopians should be outraged and out on the street right now. They should say enough to being ruled by proxy dictators. The U.S does not learn from history that the lasting stability only comes through democracy.

07/26/12 @ 18:52
Comment from: Oromo Man [Visitor]
Oromo Man

To the Afarman or whatever you are:

TPLF never had 65,000 fighters let olne lose that number of people. Perhaps you are referring to the two wars against Eritrea. If that is the case, TPLF never fought those wars. Those casualties were of the poor Ethiopian children. By then, TPLF was too rich and too comfortable to waste their lives and those of their children in a war of two egomaniac bastard idiots. Their children were in the west studying political philosphy. What are you talking about????

07/26/12 @ 19:09
Comment from: oneluv21 [Visitor]

“Meles the Chimp is the most clueless brain dead leader ever…”

That is very funny… on the contrary Meles is very smart just look how he outsmarted most East Africa leaders and got everything he wanted from the west.

I think the chimp is you who is deaf, blind and dump.

07/26/12 @ 19:26
Comment from: Marcus [Member]

I knew Dr. Messay Kebede at Addis Ababa University, Philosophy Department, during the evil Military Derg’s time. At that time, I was briefly working there as a Computer Programmer.

I am very surprised that he is now a lecturer in the USA. This chap doesn’t know proper Philosophy at all. What he calls Philosophy is Marxist Mumbo-jumbo.

I do not know about the Philosophy Department in Addis Ababa University now, but during the Derg, led by Messay, it was a joke. There was only one proper and competent Philosopher called Prof. Claude Sumner (I think Sumner has passed away).
Messay was a vindictive and fanatical Derg/ESEPA cadre. What an Orwellian world! Messay now talks about “tyranny and personalized power”.

07/26/12 @ 19:31
Comment from: Mesfen [Visitor]

Even my old philosophy professor has gone into wild wishful thinking .
what a tragedy for ethioipia. he used to be one of the few objective analysts in in the diaspora opposition.But know talks about factors which obviously are not happening would not happen.He simply assumes as fact what he does not know. evidence what so ever of Meles’s serious illness
2.No evidence of factional infighting in TPLF or EPRDF.
these are tightly organized organizations which have no problem in picking a successor. Who ever is at the top wins all.They evicted several top leaders with out destroying themselves last time.

3.No evidence that eritrea has the military capacity or will to attack.Look at the latest UN report on Ertrea if you don’t know about the latest military confrontation.
4. No evidence of the Ethiopian opposition is going to unite-the dont have a common goal.

07/26/12 @ 19:39
Comment from: Wisdom [Visitor]

All Agame People:

Meles was dead in 1991 after he implemented his ethnic cleansing policy on Ethiopian people and soldout to the highest bidder.

Only GOD can forgive him for his cruel policy.

07/26/12 @ 19:47
Comment from: [Member]

I am sure you do not have a drop of Eritrean blood. You are just one of the TPLF cadres that luv to pretend to be from other ethnic groups in Ethiopia. WE ALL KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

07/26/12 @ 19:53
Comment from: Vex [Visitor]

I think the time to stop reading ” i really like it since nazret.come launch this web sit and its very usefull for people who don’t know about politics and the way people comment on each other’ even you will learn about your self who you are where are you coming from” unfortunately starting post abusing and insulting word shame on you im going to report to FBI trust me” we should respect our family value we are not animal we are all human being we don’t act like animal ” if you read all comment from the top to botom it’s really sad by cause of Polotics” they should keep talk about politics instead of crose the line. our family is unique un touchable and we must respect them” read what Addis Zemen comment I really don’t know this guys where is comming from I really don’t care iif you care if you are Tigray or Amhara even Ertriea or Oromo but if you have a mum you shiuld’t comment like that, I know your English is good but you learnt the language how to abuse insaulting your family like this wow” it’s disapointing really your future children attitude exactly like you fella you must seek psychlogist before too late we don’t care if Melse dead or alife but you are resposible if this suspended we are already docmented all abusing word’ of you and stop rubbish and disrespect full word and try post useful point for you enemy if you can other wise you must got college and learn manner before too late”

07/26/12 @ 21:06
Comment from: Reality [Visitor]


1. Do you think that PM Meles Zenawi is died? if your answer is yes, then do you think the opposition parties like Ginbot-7 and news media like ESAT will hide the news?

2. When do you think Ethiopian diaspora start writing scientific papers that discuss about knowledge and skill transfer to their countries which can save their countries in fast changing world?

3. Which generation of Ethiopia do you think stop wasting their time in posting useless ideas and use their time to create useful ideas for the benefit of the poor society in science and technology?

4. When do you think Ethiopians understand their poverty and backwardness in science and technology so that they work together for solving this fundamental problem to become respected people at any place in the plant called Earth?

07/26/12 @ 21:25
Comment from: Ewnetu [Visitor]

The simple and fast solution to Ethiopia’s problem is an arms struggle. Nowadays you can wage an effective and successful war with an IED, RPG and small arms. With precedence in Libya and Syria, there is no way that TPLF will bomb opposition and civilians nonstop from the air. No one ever won a war from the air alone. TPLF, even with the help of Shabia, cannot sustain a prolonged war in a hostile vast territory. Even the controlling TPLF force has a chance of not returning to Tigray.

07/26/12 @ 21:32
Comment from: To-Oneluv21 [Visitor]

You said…

“…on the contrary Meles is very smart just look how he outsmarted most East Africa leaders and got everything he wanted from the west.”

You silly, silly girl…could you please tell us how he “outsmarted” as you claim…

Really so begging is ‘outsmarting’ now. Let me tell you something that you may have missed while worshiping a chimp..

1. Meles is not the first person to beg the west and get money…just google and you will find out that almost all african countries are doing it…hardly being smart…

2. When begging is not enough he resorts to killing somalians in the name of fake terroirst war, an excuse to invade and take oil…

3. Wait a minute…don’t forget the saleing of fertile land to the same ppl he was supposed to export…

Now does that seem smart to you…are you for real?

07/26/12 @ 21:40
Comment from: Tekle [Visitor]

To Solomon, Taddese and the rest of you all Menelikite chauvinists:
I got you number and know your buttons very well. Why don’t you wait until I reveal more and my book comes out in the next few months. You must be one of those Shewan Amharas and I can’t wait until we send you tails back where we sent you out from in the 16th century. You country of origin is Amhara Saynt and that is where you belong. You have no business of living in Menz, Bulga, Minjar and Mera Bete. You are nothing but troublesome menace to the peaceful nations around you. And we have a better use for the area which is sitting on one the largest deposit of coal and possibly lithium in the Horn of Africa and allegedly the whole Africa. We will put that to the benefit of the people of our country. So mumz is the word until I tell you to do otherwise.

07/26/12 @ 22:01
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

The longer the government keeps the self appointed pm’s where about secret, the higher the chance he is dead.

Instead of calling our assessments wiwhful thinking, why don’t you woyanes tell us where is he? Most importantly, why isn’t he coming out and tell his story to the media. As far as we know, he loves having the spot light all for himself. The truth is, no lowly woyane on this forum nor the opdo/apdm… morons know his where about. Those who know the facts are fighting behind closed doors for the prize meles left behind. The question is: who is going to win it and that is exactly what the professor has discussed this piece. My guess is that in the short term, the tplf junta who has the backing of the military and security apparatus will take control and the country will be run by a group of people instead of the new prime minister desalegn hailemariam. in the long run tho, unless the woyane’s are willing to pass over power to opdo or apdm, eprdf will be splintered and chaos will descend upon us. Our best chance is, as the professor pointed out, the arrival of a strong opposition group in Medrek specially if the party manage to convince Siye to return to addis from his study in the US and work to win the backing of the Tigre generals. I am sure that the generals listen to Siye more than they do to Samora.

07/26/12 @ 22:04
Comment from: Reality check [Visitor]
Reality check

1. Do you think that PM Meles Zenawi is died? if your answer is yes, then do you think the opposition parties like Ginbot-7 and news media like ESAT will hide the news?

2. When do you think Ethiopian diaspora start writing scientific papers that discuss about knowledge and skill transfer to their countries which can save their countries in fast changing world?

3. Which generation of Ethiopia do you think stop wasting their time in posting useless ideas and use their time to create useful ideas for the benefit of the poor society in science and technology?

4. When do you think Ethiopians understand their poverty and backwardness in science and technology so that they work together for solving this fundamental problem to become respected people at any place in the planet called Earth?

5. Why the so called Ethiopian professor prefers to write useless article than writing scientific articles, which have some values to society?

07/26/12 @ 22:40
Comment from: fezudus [Visitor]

Dead or alive,Zinawi will never,ever be allowed to set his feet in Ethiopia;if needed,he will be made cry dead or alive.Halemariam Desalagne has simply been zinawi’s toy;even if,the Hiwahats promote him to PM position,it doesn’t mean anything at all to Ethiopians;moreover,Halemaraia Desalegne is just one hired gullible fellow,even he becomes a prime minster,the most he can show Ethiopians is flashy smile.Well,zinawi is finished beyond any doubt.Period.It is most likely mass uprising will make Zinawi’s regime crumble and break up into smaller pieces;the regime is not self-generative,it is rather a new form that takes shape as a self-distructive entitiy.It is not only time,it is necessary to crush the enemy to its complete defeat before the end of this season,the year,2012.

Death to Fascist Italian Masters!!
Death to Hiwhat!!!!!!!
Death to Bandas and Askaris!!!
Death to the robbers!!!!!!!!!!

All Ethiopians,this struggle that have been started long ago is going to be victorious because you were very serious about the enemy,hence,it is you who will make or break Ethiopia depending on how soft or hard on our common enemy.keep tighten the grip on the enemy and bring the death of the entire pack of the robbers as soon as possible.Shemhal Zinawi is currently roaming around in dirty planet-z unable to collect herself or incapable of composing herself,for one major reason she is losing her criminal father just like that!

As per Azeb M.Zinawi,she is simply struggling with her wandering mind to bring it back to reality;she wantes not to believe that her husband is leaving her without saying a word to her beginning May the 18th,2012 where the world turned upside down on her,and the day zinawi crushed to cold pieces of ice where soon he got melted down and turned into a pile of rubbish;now,as light as 43lb,the robber is being grinded into unknow substance by the demons in collaboration with satan and devil.It has long been said that zinawi,one little and tricky day he will be forced to condemn the day he was born and the day he set his feet in Ethiopia;look what happened to him,and say to him this,chow,chow,chow Mr.Robber.

07/26/12 @ 23:45
Comment from: oneluv21 [Visitor]

“You silly, silly girl…could you please tell us how he “outsmarted” as you claim…”

I told you already I am not a woman or a girl, are you gay? Because I notice that gay people call each other girl or woman.

Look how he outsmarted Isaias, even though the ruling was in Eritreas favor, Meles was not only got to stay in Eritrean territory and disobeyed the ruling but on the top of that he got Eritrea sanctioned twice… how is that for smart?

Again, I am Eritrean and what he did to us was horrible but I rather deal him than the Amharas,

07/27/12 @ 01:30
Comment from: Bona Fide [Visitor]
Bona Fide

The death of Brezhnev was not announced for months after his demise. The news was released after internal party rearrangements were made. That is the modus operandi of secretive, dictatorial and illegitimate regimes.

Ethiopia is not MZ and MZ is not Ethiopia. Whether he is dead or alive (but incapacitated), Ethiopians should move forward out of necessity. How we would handle this situation will show to the world, whether we are serious and mature people or not. If we show that we are dwarfs before history, by blowing everything into the air, then history will condemn this generation of Ethiopians.

We were supposed to discuss on the merits of the professor’s political opinion. Some were interested only in the grammar and the syntax, and were infuriated that grave crimes have been committed because, for example, poor old comma was found in the wrong place at the wrong time. Let us be serious. What about the subject matter?

This reminds me of some Eritreans who are proud of the way they have mastered the Italian language, and some Ethiopians who would go to the US for six months or so, and would come back to tell us that they have forgotten Amharic. I hope they will not sue those of us who couldnot write or speak well our adopted languages.

07/27/12 @ 03:03
Comment from: Bona Fide [Visitor]
Bona Fide

Sorry, the above comment is posted in the wrong place.

07/27/12 @ 03:21
Comment from: Agazit woman [Visitor]
Agazit woman

To all my beloved Tigray followers! my source informed me my lord and my leader since his disappearance was gravely ill and after a long suffering his soul rests in peace. I was only because of him that I am alive, but in his absence there will be no meaning of living and as soon as I finish this message I am hunging my self immediately. If you read with such name again, please the real Agazi is gone following her beloved leader!!! have peace!

07/27/12 @ 06:34
Comment from: Favioli [Visitor]

Tekle, yeshagete ye Mekelle amole,
You don’t deserve an answer, but all the same I couldn’t resist saying a few things to the likes of you retarded peasants… first thing, read the article and try to understand (I doubt it, though) what the writer is trying to say before concluding that he is a prof. somewhere in the West etc etc, therefore all he said must be correct. Besides there is no mention of Adwa or Atse Menelik in the article, so why do you bring it in? What are your trying to say, you illiterate moron? Why are so many disgusting and primitive tribalist having a field-day on this site lately? Are the moderators in league with such hideous elements and enemies of Ethiopia? What The f…is going on???
Mr. Free (member), can’t you, as a memeber (have no clue what it is, anyway) do something about this instead of swapping insults and curses with everyone???
And now back to Tekle, wedi Mekelle, yeArtera amole:
Listen, Menelik saved your ass at Adwa, but he didn’t do us any favour either for he left us with poisonous elements like you to suffer. The question is: If Menelik was not at Adwa that day, where was he then, drinking duka at your aunt’s Tela beet???
Amole ras..

07/27/12 @ 07:51
Comment from: DUREYE [Visitor]

The death of Meles means the death of eritrea. One thing that is common between opposition and EPRDF (other than MELES ZENAWI) is ERITREA as a nation should cease to exist.

07/27/12 @ 10:47
Comment from: oneluv21 [Visitor]

Dureye said,

“is ERITREA as a nation should cease to exist.”

LOL… you can’t even feed yourself ot wipe your ass yet you want to go to a foreign country and tell them that they are not a nation? that is very funny coming from a poor shameles Amhara but nothing new we heard it for years.

07/27/12 @ 11:53
Comment from: Brook [Visitor]

@ Oneluve21: Your Artrean is knowing for wealth? Who’s flooding as a refugee in Ethiopia? Do you believe after TPLF Arterains blood suckers like you will live in peace? Their house will be burn down and they will be entirely deported back to your rich land moron! You are done you know it that’s why you are crying everyday for your half dikala Brother Melse his death is your death! You will be forced to return Asseb & Massaw back to its owner! Addis ababa will be no more of your kind believe that! Now pray for the already dead man to revive his live you clown!

@ Tekele Be a man and try it? Ante Ye- Lemign Zere buttutulebash your end is approching I would treat any Bisbes Tigrae I find like I found you! Nothing is going to save you! Ye- lemgn Lig Shermuta! Keep imagining hilsunation entertaining your damn self behind your PC. Your kind that’s all you are good for you don’t have any gut to come out and say that in Ethiopian face! Trust me we’ ll remember everything what your kind said vividly!

07/27/12 @ 12:30
Comment from: Tekle [Visitor]

You Favioli:

If you are really proud of your heritage why do you use a name that sounds Italian? I am proud of my Axumite blood and use my real name. You must be one of those Shewan Amharas who still feels sore from the beating by our indomitable fighters in the 80’s and 90’s. I have news for you. The people of our country has a well thought out plan for you and it should be very good news. You and your kin and kits from Menz, Minjar, Bulga, Tegulet and Mera Bete will be moved back to your homeland Amhara Saynt very soon. We need the land you are sitting on since it is well endowed with immense reserves of coal and other valuable minerals including precious gems and possibly lithium. If I were you, I would be on the phone right now calling my relatives in the places I mentioned above to tell them start packing up or start moving back to Amhara Saynt immediately. For those who will refuse to go back, the scene will not be pretty for them. In regards to your myth Menelik, what I told you and others is based on facts and not on lies as your so-called historian have done so far. The simple fact is that he was not at Adwa on that fateful day in 1892. He was at least one full day journey from the place where the actual battle took place. And when he arrived at Adwa the battle was already over and our Gallant Warrior General Ras Alula presented his exploits including vast armaments and about 3,000 Italian prisoners. It was told that Menelik was pissed off because he believed Ras Alula stole his thunder so to say. Ras Alula was never the same after the battle Adwa. He was demoted and some times imprisoned for one rubbish reason or another. His area of governance was taken away and was given to some lackeys of Menelik. The bottom line is that Menelik was not at Adwa on March 1, 1892 and when he arrived, for all intents and purposes, the war was already over. I am telling you that there is a lot to be re-written about the history of our people authored by your Shewan Amhara chauvinists. Stay tuned.

07/27/12 @ 12:31
Comment from: [Member]

As usual the “Cyber Mosquito Cadres” are doing their filthy job for their master who is “6 feet under". They do not come with analytical and factual response. Instead they badmouth, insult and defend the evil shifta circle - EPRDF.
The rest of us all know( this means all the 90 million people minus a handful Traitors) it is time for our nation to be led rightly by the “able people” who can “Genuinely Lead our Ethiopia in the Democratic Path". The people’s anger had been felt and the abuse of the tyrant regime had reached to the point where “We can’t take it any longer with folded hands".



07/27/12 @ 13:30
Comment from: oneluv21 [Visitor]


You making my point that all the Amhara wants to do is take a revenge on the Tigres and go back to the good old days, but rest assure that Tigrians and Eritreans are not about to sit on the side line and see you wipe us out from the face on the earth. Meles might not be the best leader but he is much better that the Hitler like Amara who is thirsty for blood. Meles is is fine and he is coming back to work soon.

07/27/12 @ 15:08
Comment from: AGAZIT WOMAN [Visitor]

To all my beloved jegnawit tigrean heros! You all know our beloved PM the great leader has been found no where and we all jegnatat know very well he is ascended like Jesus for he can not die. Life in his absence with Amharas and cowards is meangless and I am going to die with honor by hanging myself inside the car park! Long live tigrawi jegnatat!

07/27/12 @ 15:26
Comment from: Solomon [Visitor]

Mr. Tekle,

For a second, I thought about not responding to you because you are going to feel like you are validated. I don’t want to underestimate anyone’s intellect whether one is capable of writing a book or not. You have been telling us about your coming-soon bestseller. But, from your paragraphs here, I can certainly foretell that you won’t have much more than the tired “SHABIYA Starbucks gossip” that we heard for years. I am almost certain you are not an Ethiopian. A true Ethiopian will never openly denigrate one ethnic group over the other to display a presumed superiority.

Your derogatory referral of some ethnic groups (Bulga, Menz, etc.,) doesn’t validate your bold self claim of history knowledge. I noticed that some already got to your level by mistake and started to throw ethnic slurs back. And that is exactly what you calculated to get out of your low level grasp of reality. Ethnically, we are not a homogeneous society but our common traditions and cultures are almost the same. Ethiopians are an exemplary tolerant and decent people. I understand that you and fools like you never had a lack of effort in getting people against each other if it were not for the wise and tolerant Ethiopian people.

Now, claiming that you will evict a segment of population from their roots to gain access to the resources is a comment one normally wouldn’t expect from a self claimed best seller. What is wrong with you, man?

You don’t need to write a book, what you need is, to take some time off from the booth!

07/27/12 @ 17:03
Comment from: amhara princes [Visitor]
amhara princes


Meles is recovering he will be back in days. Don’t hate please and stay amhara!

07/27/12 @ 17:41
Comment from: To-Oneluv21 [Visitor]

Look how he outsmarted Isaias, even though the ruling was in Eritreas favor, Meles was not only got to stay in Eritrean territory and disobeyed the ruling but on the top of that he got Eritrea sanctioned twice… how is that for smart?

So violating international law and getting protection from USA is SMART.

Wow, I did not know that lying and deceit are that one is smart…

Eritrea was sanctioned not because meles is “smart” because USA wanted to.

USA listen to the chimp because chimp do what they want…

Isays could easly give ASSAB and MASSAWA port and get money, protection and aid money just like chimp the chimp…

07/27/12 @ 18:57
Comment from: etho [Visitor]

I don’t understand why you disgusting Africans are always thinking based on your ethnisity. the guy is trying to make you think about the current problem (situation) but you are confined in your worled of thinking like a middle school boy. why don’t you try to contribute positively to make somebody think rather than trying to upset some body that you don’t like?

07/27/12 @ 21:12
Comment from: Tekle [Visitor]

Ato Solomon:

I read your comment not once but twice and I found something very disturbing about you. You jumped on the bandwagon even before I made my finding public. And in regards to my comment about the Shewan Amharas and their pending return to their homeland, I don’t understands why that makes you mad. They were sent there as frontier guards during the rise vandalism by our Axumite Emperor. That mission is at moot point now and the Ethiopian Peoples want the land for mining ventures. It is done everywhere and it is fair. It is done all over the West. Here in the USA if a State or Municipality plans a public project such as roads or any other infrastructure that benefits the present and future generation it has the legal right to take over a domicile or any other property with compensation. So don’t worry they may be eligible for compensation after they go back where they come from - Amhara Saynt. So what is the problem with that and where is the injustice? You are just barking at the wrong tree or scratching where it does not itch. It is also good for their own safety because they are surrounded by potentially hostile peoples who were forced to be so by the very acts of the Shewan Amharas. In addition once the coal mines are up running and deep earth mining going it will be a health hazard for them too. We are just helping them. It has to be done and nothing can be done to stop from taking place. You better count on it kido!!!!

07/27/12 @ 22:49
Comment from: Temple [Visitor]

One more matter I want to remind you all U-Street loafers. I had asked you to name a delegation elders whose task will be asking Our Most Revered Prime Minister for forgiveness on behalf Mr. Eskinder so he can go back home and raise his child. As a father myself I mean it. Otherwise, he is there in jail for a long haul. As the whole world knows and witnessed in the past Our Most Benevolent Prime Minister is a magnanimous man of faith. Birtukan and gimbot’s Birhanu can unequivocally attest to that. You should do that pronto. Otherwise, just barking for no reason at random will help the predicament this man put himself in. No doubt he committed very egregious crime but if he gennely contrite he will have the chance to see free sunlight that we all enjoy everyday. Otherwise just forget about him and move on your lives.

07/28/12 @ 12:37
Comment from: Tekle [Visitor]

The comment above is from me, Tekle. Where in the heck Temple came from?

07/28/12 @ 12:43
Comment from: Solomon [Visitor]

Mr. Tekle,

Someone maybe a close family member needs to tell you to take some time off from the booth so you can start thinking soberly. Whatever the Dr. Mesay Kebede wrote at the beginning of this thread, you twisted it to your own agenda and kept spewing tribal hearsays. Seemingly, you have a difficulty of understanding the wish of the Ethiopian people. They want to live together peacefully as they always have been and they want to respect each other regardless of one’s ethnicity, religion which they have been doing for decades, centuries and millenniums.

The relentless effort by enemies of Ethiopia to get the Tigres, the Amharas, the Oromos, the Wolaitas, the Gurages, the Afar, the Somalis, etc. against each other never succeeded and will never do. Your master, SHABIYA professed once “There will be no more a country called Ethiopia in 10 years”. That statement has proved not only how much they underestimated the Ethiopian spirit but also became a living proof of their stupidity. Why don’t you learn something from them? It seems you are taking your arguments out of their play book.

Your comment about a displacement caused by urbanization and industrialization is out of scope of this thread. But, even if we choose to discuss about it, your justification that one can just move in into communities and un-root them with a mere compensation based approach shows the shallowness of your reasoning. This is a multi faceted i.e., environmental, economical, social and political subject. Let the experts handle that and I can assure that they will approach you by their own if they need your input.

Your small world is growing smaller by the day even though it feels comfortable to you. Please snap out of it and try having a broader perspective of life. A mere yelping of tribal hearsays and ethnic slurs won’t get you anywhere. The world is growing closer and more unified. Creating your mini-world for the chosen because-anyone-else-doesn’t-belong-there attitude has always been the recipe for genocides and civil wars. Either you are not understanding your own hate filled paragraphs here, or you foolishly underestimating the wisdom of Ethiopians,

07/28/12 @ 17:14
Comment from: Ittu Aba Farda [Visitor]
Ittu Aba Farda

Obo Solomon:
I have been reading and watching the exchange between this messenger of the Goon by the name Tekle. I am not surprised that he talks and walks the way he does. He must be one of those knuckle heads who was brought up and molded in the ideology and doctrine of the grand goon from Dedebit by the name Meles. I don’t doubt what he is saying and what his thuggish masters have for the people of our country sans his kin and kits. They have done a lot of damage to the fabrics of the society during the last 21 years since they came to power. I will give you one perfect example. I had left my country when I was a young boy right after a 3rd grade education. I was born and went to school at a small village in Hararghe province. It was a small village with no more than may be 500 people which included Amharas, Oromos, Arabs and a few Somalis and Afars. That was how I left it and remained the same until this goon descended with his bigoted marauder army in 1991. Racist policy of the TPLF pitched one ethnic group against the others and that vibrant village is now a one ethnic village. The rest were systematically pushed out or unceremoniously chased out of town with no compensations. I am a proud Oromo and equally proud of my history of being associated with the rest of the Ethiopians but I will never feel proud or comfortable if I ever go back to my birth place. Nobody should be proud of what happened there but individuals like this Tekle creatures do not and will never understand the value of living with other ethnic people. His world is confined and only exists in Tigray. This is the result of the policy of this frog faced Meles who by all indications and uttered words from his own mouth shows his deep-seated hatred towards our Amhara brothers and sisters. What descended on our people in 1991 was nothing short of a specter. And thanks to the opposition in disarray, this specter will continue to torment our peaceful people for some time to come. My hope and only hope is in the infinite power of the Almighty. I am not sure how old you are but in my more than 70 years of lifetime I have seen The Almighty doing what seems to be impossible to us. I have seen Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, The Philippines, Taiwan and South Korea changed from most despotic states into one of the most democratic societies under the watchful eyes of the dictators. The Almighty just took the oomph out of the dictators in those countries and some of them have been thrown in jail for what they had done. I hope and pray that this bigot Tekle will live to see his masters rot in jail and there with them.

07/28/12 @ 22:43
Comment from: Solomon [Visitor]

Dear Ittu Aba Farda,
There are certain things that no one can touch let alone take away from you. The pride and the love for your country are among them. Please do not stop being proud of your history, heritage and country, Sir! Because that is the ultimate reward that one could give to the Tekles of our world.

Tekle is an immature opportunist who doesn’t deserve all this back and forth. But there is this dangerous perception that I was after. We should let Tekle and the likes know that we are watching them, and they are not going to have a free ride.

07/29/12 @ 16:39

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