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Ethiopia: Re-framing the Post Meles Political Discourse



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Ethiopia: Re-framing the Post Meles Political Discourse

Ethiopia: Re-framing the Post Meles Political Discourse

By Ali Belew

A couple of months ago, a group of longtime friends spent a three day weekend at Raytown, Pennsylvania, a picturesque resort town whose landscape reminds us of our Ethiopian homeland. One night, while we were all gathered by the fire place in this wooded area, one person took it on himself to solicit our reaction to the death of Meles. The parameter for the discussion was fairly limited: we would limit our opinion to a few minutes; there will not be questions and exchanges. We did not want to politics to intrude into our vacation time.

We took turns expressing our reaction. Many people applauded the Prime Minister’s leadership skill citing Ethiopia’s success in maintaining uninterrupted and sustained economic growth. Many others also condemned his dictatorial rule citing the lack of democratic space and the state’s infringement on human rights and free elections. Almost all of us lamented his death and expressed sadness at a promising life cut short, and sympathy for his family. No one rejoiced his death; no one gloated; no one said that Ethiopia would be better for it.

I was surprised both by the diversity of opinion regarding Prime Minster Meles’ rule and the tone of the language used to express our feelings for his death. When my turn came, I said, I understand both the negative and the positive statements made and added, on balance, the Prime Minster has done more good than bad to the country and history would be a lot kinder to him for this. In my view, Meles would be one of the greatest leaders Ethiopia ever had, which generated some applause from a few of my friends. I know this judgment is better left to posterity. I am comparing him to Mengistu, Haile Selassie, Lej Eyasu, Zewditu, Menelik, Yohannes and Theodros, etc.
I can’t claim our group is representative of Ethiopia or the diaspora for that matter although we are quite a mix of people with varying background and interest. In the current political lexicon, we can be considered mostly Amharas although many would find this term unacceptable and may even resent it. However the sentiment expressed that night can be generalized to be reflective of the mood of the Country and the diaspora.

This is the first time in over 80 years that a ruler of Ethiopia had died while still holding the reign of power. Haile Selassie died in prison having been forced out of his throne and strangled to death by Mengistu’s henchmen. The country, gripped in a frenzy of revolutionary fervor, did not mourn a leader who had introduced a degree of modernity to an ancient empire. Mengistu was overthrown, but is now living in a foreign land rewriting history and spreading falsehood.

The death of Meles is thus a new experience to Ethiopia. That is probably why both his illness and death were shrouded in mystery, an understandable confusion considering the lack of collective historical experience in this respect.

Now Meles has passed away leaving a legacy the like of which the county has never known, both the ruling party and the opposition groups seem to have no clue as to how to handle the vacuum created by his death.

The EPRDF or TPLF, its political epicenter remains a formidable organization that no opposition can challenge. Despite its remarkable success in the battlefields and running a state, its experience in managing a transition of this magnitude is limited. True it has managed the rifts in its ranks in its formative years much more intelligently than EPRP did for example. It has also survived the more recent serious rift within its ranks with Meles consolidating power. The 1998 split is said to have seriously weakened the narrow Tigrai nationalism. As easy as it seems from outside, political transition is both tricky and dangerous notwithstanding the seeming lack of concern by Sebhat Nega and Berket Simeon and other officials. Had it been easy, this shrewd organization would not have made a fool of itself in its handling of the Prime Minister’s absence from power for two months prior to his death. The transition to the next Prime Minster is fraught with all sorts of dangers that could destabilize the system. In the short run, Hailemariam Desalegne will hold the office without the actual power since it takes time and skill to yield effective authority. Without prejudicing the ability of the new prime minster, he has a long way to go to align his authority with the power centers of the country, the political parties, the military and security apparatus. By all accounts the Prime Minister is a descent fellow of faith un-accustomed to the byzantine leftist politics and intrigues.

The Opposition:

Much of the domestic opposition in Ethiopia is decimated by EPRP’s repressive measures and by its own scandal ridden coalitions. The 2005 elections showed the promise of competitive elections in Ethiopia. Although the opposition scored impressive victories, it also showed that that it lacked coherent strategy and unified post-election posture. The forged unity was more for winning parliamentary seats than forming a governing coalition. When the opposition faced a real crisis after the election, with the government annulling some of its hard-won seats, the opposition failed to respond in a way that showed that it grasped the problem it faced and its impact for its political future. It ignited an urban rebellion that proved disastrous and resulted in the current disarray.
The government learning from its mistake tried to address the public discontent with policies that foster more economic growth in areas which were previously neglected. This was combined with a systematic repression of the opposition groups that left them crippled and un-able to compete in any meaningful way with the omniscient EPRDF parties.

The opposition, divided as it is, has not really responded in a meaningful way to the death of Meles. Individuals such as Seye Abraham and Birtukan have spoken with empathy and thoughtfulness mourning the death of a worthy adversary, but expressing hope for a more inclusive political environment. A group of political opposition groups has also put out a statement that calls for a national convention to bring about political reconciliation. National Convention and National Reconciliation appear as slogans all the time when there is a political impasse, but they can’t be road maps to the future. One may recall there was a similar slogan when EPRDF triumphantly marched into Addis 20 years ago. The rest of the opposition of course consists of individuals who write in the opposition media. These range from the most strident who express jubilation to those who are enormously conflicted about death. These individuals express their sorrow at the death of a fellow human being regardless of his attributes while castigating his rule and legacy.

Many others see some opportunities and may want to take the high road in exploiting it. This is a developing event, but we don’t know the direction it will follow. Of course what happens next depends much on what the ruling party does than on the opposition. But the opposition can also play a more positive role that can encourage changes conducive to more ordered political debate in Ethiopia.

Clash of Narrative – Suggestion for a revision

Much of the conflict that animates Ethiopians is not a more recent phenomenon. It started when EPRDF took power.
The Opposition’s Narrative: TPLF, which is the power behind the EPRDF coalition is an organization dedicated to transforming Ethiopia in a way that we will never recognize it. It wants to weaken central power by divulging it into ethnic states. Each ethnic entity has the right to secede from the Union leaving Ethiopia in a permanent state of conflict. This allows TPLF to rule the country indefinitely exploiting the resource rich south and developing its Tigrai state through direct resource transfer. If this ethnic federation arrangement does not work, says this narrative, the goal of TPLF is to maintain independent Tigrai separate from the rest of Ethiopia, using the intervening period to build its infrastructure and industry.

This narrative claims the TPLF’s leadership, especially Meles does not have emotional affinity to Ethiopia. The more strident view expressed by well educated people in and outside the country even goes as far to say Meles hates Ethiopia. They claim Ethiopia is the only country in the World ruled by a man who hates it. There is similar narrative about Obama that the right wing opinion makers in this country also push. Example for this is given citing Meles statement on the national flag, his praise of the people of Trigrai as indestructible, etc. The fallacy of this argument lies in the fact that if one loves Tigrai, one would have to love Ethiopia less or loving Ethiopia means loving other ethnic groups less. We know the world does not work that way.

If you follow the premise of the narrative to its logical end, then everything that happened in Ethiopia ever since TPLF came to Ethiopia has only contributed to the weakening of the country. TPLF is conveniently blamed for the breakaway of Eritrean and Ethiopia’s land locked status. Ethiopia is now at war within itself, economic progress has not happened, but if it did, it is only to benefit TPLF or EPRDF cadres and Tigrai. The Diaspoa opposition even postulates EPRF did not win power in an armed struggle, but was handed power by Herman Cohn and the U.S Government . Even the Renaissance Dam that is being built to harness the Nile River is to swindle the people of their hard earned money and expand the regime’s political legitimacy. In effect, this narrative does not allow you to acknowledge the impressive victory the country has scored in the past two decades. It does not acknowledge the period of peace and stability (marred briefly by the bloody war with Eritrea) that has brought far reaching changes; there is no room even for a grudging respect to the country’s regional and international standing.

EPRDF’s Narrative

EPRDF also has its own ideological blinders. It is blind to the emotional toll that ethnic political arrangement has created to many urbanized intellectuals who see themselves as Ethiopians first and Amhara, Oromo, etc., second. It sees its opposition mainly as Amhara chauvinists who are raging mad that the Ethiopia they ruled with iron fist lording it over other ethnic groups is replaced with a country that celebrates everyone as equal and provides them with the opportunity to grow their culture and economy. If EPRDF was to follow this logic, the situation in Ethiopia would lead to the political and economic ascendancy of Oromo, with which the regime seems uncomfortable for now. But here, EPRDF’s narrative and ideological world comes in conflict with itself and it has not found a way out of it. While the Amhara “chauvinism” was, for better or worse, dealt a serious blow in the last 40 years, one wonders now if it is not being replaced by Tirgrai chauvinism. That is to show that EPRDF’s narrative is as much in crisis as the Opposition’s narrative.

It is time to rethink these clashing narratives because conditions have changed on the ground. The reality is much more complex than these world views can explain. The TPLF leadership that once entertained the idea of separate Tigrai has now allowed it to be much more integrated with the rest of the country and sees its success in the success of the rest of the country. Individuals who were considered hardened Tigrai nationalists like Seye have broken off from the party and joined opposition groups. Intellectuals like Berhanu Nega who warned against alienating TPLF leadership are now associated with a group that advocates communal boycott of Tigrai owned business and the only Ethiopian flag carrier, the Ethiopian Air Lines.

The Facts on the Ground:

1 Economics:
I was in Ethiopia recently and saw a county that has made strides on different fronts. The changes are astonishing. I saw a country on the move, a hectic, chaotic place, and restless young people who are building a foundation for a country to take off. In my view, the foundations of Ethiopia’s economic progress are the following.
1. A sustained period of political stability and the regime’s intelligence in the economic sphere. Maybe Dr. Stieglitz is right – Meles had an unusual aptitude for economics. He also had the vision and the leadership qualities to make it work.
2. Generous international assistance and the country’s capacity to utilize it
3. Single-minded focus on building the country’s infrastructure (roads, power plants, airports)
4. Remittances – the 2 + million plus Ethiopians living outside the country seem to contribute to the building boom and are a source of livelihood for millions of Ethiopians
5. Sheik Alamoud’s investments.
6. Tremendous improvement in the healthcare of the people.

This we can’t deny. Whether we like the government or not, we have to acknowledge the fact that the country has made enormous progress in education, healthcare, reversing the deforestation of the country. In fact we should celebrate our roads, hydroelectric dams, massive building projects in Addis and everywhere as are our national treasure that no one would take away. They are here to stay and they are good for the future of the country.
Critics say that there is unacceptable level of wealth transfer from the center to Tigrai. There is also the valid criticism that business linked to the ruling parties and mostly TPLF have an unfair advantage in the market place. The TPLF affiliated endowment groups have become huge conglomerates that no one can compete with. Access to bank capital also favors the endowment groups and the politically connected individuals, mostly Tigraways, but Amharas, Gurage, and Oromos. Corruption is rife. All of these can distort the functioning of the market and slow economic growth. It also has bred enormous animosity within many people which could destroy the very fabric of the unity of the people. I think these are valid criticisms that a responsible opposition could raise and struggle to change.

The Constitution:

Ethiopia has now experimented with constitutional government for many years. The constitution, despite its shortcomings has served the country very well. Even the opposition, before it fractured accepted the main tenets of the constitution when it participated in the elections. Many serious intellectuals and opposition members have issue with article 39 of the constitution which enshrines “Every Nation, Nationality and People in Ethiopia has an unconditional right to Self-determination, including the right to secession.” Although no one has so far attempted to exercise this right, the very existence of this clause in the constitution is seen as subversive to the country’s unity and strength and many patriotic individuals are vehemently opposed to it. This will remain a point of contention for a long time to come.

The question is then how do people who are opposed to Article 39 struggle against. Do they oppose the Ethiopian constitution altogether and attempt to change it? How does one struggle against a government when one has fundamental opposition to the constitution?

It is imperative on the opposition to have an honest and consistent opinion vis-à-vis the Ethiopian constitution. Do they accept this and try to make amendments to the constitution? Does this mean that they struggle to come to power through elections? Alternatively do they reject the constitution which means reject the very legitimacy of the government and try to overthrow it by other means which includes armed struggle?
The constitution is a fact on the ground. This means, a responsible opposition which strives for peaceful transfer of power, no matter how hard it is and how long it takes, has to work within the current constitutional arrangement. Any other alternative, when there are so many desperate political groups, who are superficially united by their opposition to the regime, but are by no means unified in their vision and governance of the Country after the current regime, would lead to political instability from which no one would benefit.

3. Ethnic Federalism:
Whether one likes it or not, this is the most transformative change that has taken place in Ethiopia. Ethnic Federalism has now deep roots in Ethiopia. It has its discontents and in some cases, has led to violent clashes between communities. We may argue that it has taken the lead off simmering communal conflicts that were suppressed under the previous governments. That is why we see so many conflicts. For many Oromos, this arrangement falls far short of their maximalist goal of separation from rest of Ethiopia, but it offers them a chance to have their legitimate share of resources and power in the country. At this time, many Oromos in the opposition don’t see it that way. They have formed tactical alliance with the opposition, but I am not sure the maximalist ideology is weakend. It would raise its head again if EPRDF is seen to be weak. There is no threat more dangerous to the stability of Ethiopia than the Oromo question. The question is then would the Ethnic Federalism arrangement be able to blunt the maximalist tendencies of the Oromo movements? Is the Oromo dissatisfaction more because EPRDF is not implementing the policy seriously allowing the Oromos to have their share of political power? Whether or not Ethnic Federalism will stay the reality on the ground will be determined by the

4. Freedom of the Press, Speech, etc.

No one would argue Freedom of the Press and Speech exists in Ethiopia as we have come to understand these rights. For a country not used to these rights, there was a tremendous opening by the government, but a demonstrated lack of professionalism on the part of the media early on. There was abuse of these rights initially. One can’t forget the sensational and malicious stories printed on many newspapers and magazines in the early periods of EPRDF rule. I recently heard an interview in Sheger Radio that was really revealing. Dr. Kifle Wodajo, who apparently struggled more than any other person to enshrine these rights in the Constitution, was also the person who fell victim to it.

Talk of an irony.

Governments are generally afraid of the damage that a free press can do to their stability. EPRDF was no exception. It saw the potential damage to national unity and economic progress this could create and reacted harshly. I understand this reaction. I see governments everywhere, even the ones that have longer history of press freedom, do it. The question now is has EPRDF gone too far in suppressing press freedom snuffing out even responsible publication. I believe it has. This is especially true in the post 2005 period. Just to mention a few, Addis Neger, Awramba, etc in recent times. This opposition papers have to also be responsible and play a positive role to the expansion of a democratic space. It is not enough to say the government is the only one responsible for it. The opposition media has responsibility to it. The arrest of Eskender Nega is also an act of intimidation designed to stifle political opposition.

5. The Terrorism Law:

EPRDF emerged from the most recent election as the strongest organization in the country with a higher degree of legitimacy. Right when it became the strongest organization in its history, it also became the most repressive. Now, I think EPRDF believes that the only way to achieve sustained economic growth is through a strong one party rule unencumbered by a political opposition. The imperative for growth has trumped the need for democracy, political freedom and the right to organize, and sustain political parties. The public disgust with the political opposition in the aftermath of the 2005 election seemed to have reinforced EPRDF’s conviction that if Ethiopia is to become a modern country with strong industrial and agricultural base, a visionary one party state just like China is an imperative. Given EPRDF’s ideological predilection, this swing to the left should come as no surprise.

One can see the terrorism law in this light. EPRDF is determined not to allow political opposition in the short run until Ethiopia’s economic growth achieves a level that can propel the country to a middle-income nation status.
As long as the economic growth continues and the Ethiopian people benefit from an expanding economy, the public may tolerate the lack of political freedom for a while. However, this is not easy to sustain. For one thing, EPRDF is not the Chinese Communist Party. While a corruption is rampant in CCP, in Ethiopia there is the wide-spread perception that equates the corruption to the ruling Ethnic group. Increase in prosperity raises relative expectations. When people feel that the economic growth brings disproportionate benefit to the other people, their resentment increases.

In Ethiopia this feeling is easy to manipulate.

This is to say, achieving Economic growth through a one party state may not be so feasible in Ethiopia. The current inflation rate by itself has a destabilizing effect. The fact that there is no opposition group in the country to exploit this situation, is not a justification to continue with the repressive measure and draconian terrorism laws that forestall the growth of a viable opposition. As enticing as it is, to say we will bring economic growth through a one party-rule, but will not be obliged to open up the political space, will not work for the ruling party. EPRDF will need to bring the political opposition to have a stake in the economic progress and for that to happen, and the opposition must have political to room to organize.

This is to say the terrorism law must be rescinded or applied only in cases of real threat to the country’s stability. The danger of relying on its limited applications only however is that uncertainty it engenders. No one will feel safe enough to oppose the government and escape the wide reach of the law.

How do we discuss these issues?
Ethiopia faces a transition period that is fraught with dangers. The ruling party has no experience with political transition of this magnitude.
The Government:
1. The government must understand that it is incumbent on it to lead the transition in orderly fashion
2. In the short-term, the regime may feel the need to show there is a continuity of policy
3. In the long-run, the departure of a leader who had assumed so much power within government and in the party creates conditions for change and EPRDF must embrace it
4. It is incumbent on the regime to examine the closing of the political space and open it up for the sake of the political stability of the Country. Political liberalization does not necessarily result in political destabilization. The regime is powerful enough to engineer the smooth transition of the country where political competition exists. Meles’ personality may have made the current political reality workable, but there is no guarantee the next leader has all the attributes to make the system work as it is.
5. The regime must understand it is better to be proactive and bring out political changes, than to be forced to do so. The time to do the political reform is when you are at your strongest. No one benefits from a crisis resolution mode that is now unfolding in Syria, one of the strongest and most powerful states in the Middle East.

The Opposition:

Here, I am referring to the broad opposition within the country and diaspora including influential writers and intellectuals.
1. Many of the opposition figures especially the diaspora based, is hell bent on the fall of the regime without any consideration to the consequences of it. There is no political opposition now or in the foreseeable future that could take over the country and create a stable regime. The formation of a ruling coalition consisting of the opposition elements is not in the horizon yet.
2. Stop demonizing the regime as an evil entity. This is true of elements of the diaspora. Malicious publications designed to create communal strife and incite against the regime won’t do anyone any good.
3. Acknowledge that Ethiopia has enjoyed an unprecedented period of political stability and economic growth, which has lifted millions of Ethiopians out of poverty and given them a life of dignity.
4. Ethiopia’s transition to multi-party country takes a long time. It is not to be expected in the span of a couple of elections. It is through a long, arduous struggle that it can become a truly democratic country. We can’t use the yardstick of an ideal democracy to measure Ethiopia’s political progress.
5. Economic progress is good. It creates a class of people that will struggle for its rights and political empowerment. There is nothing wrong in praising the government’s success while criticizing the short coming. For example, the land-lease policy is an area the opposition could engage the country’s leadership positively.
6. The opposition must acknowledge that it has some responsibility in moderating its language and reframing and elevating the political discourse. Should Ethiopia descend into political chaos, the opposition can’t escape the blame.

This article is intended to develop a framework for political discourse going forward. I am sure there are voices like mine that have chosen to remain quiet and feel alienated by the current political discourse. Our voices should be heard.

Ali Belew


Comment from: Verbatism [Visitor]

Make it terse to a half page to read and comment on it.

12/30/12 @ 19:46
Comment from: Ayele [Visitor]

bla blah bla what a pile of dump

12/30/12 @ 20:09
Comment from: [Member]

This is a very nice piece. We need such well-written articles. Thank you Mr. Ali Belew. I agree with most of the points you mentioned except the fact there has been an unequal distirubtion of wealth favouring Tigray. This is not true. There is no industry in Tigray. Other region much more dveloped than Tigray ( good for them, I would like them to grow).

TPLF-EPRDF is dominated by eritreans. Meles Zenawi himself was an eritrean and had stripped TPLF of any Tigrean of ethiopian origin, because the Tigreans were more ethiopian. Given the curren political situation as being decisive fr our future, we should first try to get rid of eritrean TPLF. Eritreans in TPLF are deciding for ethiopians. This can not be. Ethiopians should take control of their country. There are many issues that need to be resolved. The boundary between Ethiopia and Eritrea should be negotiated and we believe the boundary to be the Mereb River, which mwns about 3/4 of the Red Sea will have to be given to Ethiopia ( Menelik was a genius really - he played a dirty game with the italians - he fooled them). The other point is we need peace with eritreans because they are basically ethiopians. We have to create a condition where they can live and work in their motherland - Ethiopia. We just open the boundary so that we allow every one to live where they want etc

To do this and other noble things, we need to remove the eritrean TPLF, which is controling political power. The rest is then history.

12/30/12 @ 20:55
Comment from: NURIA [Visitor]

Clash of Narrative – Suggestion for a revision
I would write it like this and leave the rest out if I expected anyone to fully read what I am writing:

Ethiopia is among the five worst violators of labor rights in the world. The other countries in the same league are Cambodia, Peru, Argentina and Fiji.

According to ILO’s Freedom of Association Committee, Ethiopia grossly breached labor rights and the rights to freedom of assembly. “Four years after its request for registration, the National Teachers Union (NTA) had still not been registered. It strongly urged the Government to ensure that the appropriate authorities register the NTA, in order to fully guarantee the freedom of association rights of civil servants, including teachers in public schools,” ILO said.

The Committee underlined the importance of independent judicial inquiry in violation cases to clarify the facts, punish those responsible and prevent the repetition of such violations in the future. It requested the concerned governments to take appropriate action to rectify the problem.

The special report examined cases in 32 countries and recommended adherence to labor rights in accordance with ILO instruments other international conversions.

The Opposition:
There is no entity as an opposition in Ethiopia which is able to operate freely.

FACT on the ground:
Ethiopia has the worst GDP per capita in Africa.GDP per capita is often considered an indicator of a country’s standard of living.

Standard of living refers to the level of wealth, comfort, material goods and necessities available to a certain country. The standard of living includes factors such as income, quality and availability of employment, class disparity, poverty rate, quality and affordability of housing, hours of work required to purchase necessities, gross domestic product, inflation rate, number of vacation days per year, affordable (or free) access to quality healthcare, quality and availability of education, life expectancy, incidence of disease, cost of goods and services, infrastructure, national economic growth, economic and political stability, political and religious freedom, environmental quality, climate and safety. The standard of living is closely related to quality of life.[1]
Standard of living is generally measured by standards such as real (i.e. inflation adjusted) income per person and poverty rate. Other measures such as access and quality of health care, income growth inequality, Disposable Energy (people’s disposable income’s ability to buy energy) and educational standards are also used. Examples are access to certain goods (such as number of refrigerators per 1000 people), or measures of health such as life expectancy. It is the ease by which people living in a time or place are able to satisfy their needs and/or wants.[citation needed]
The idea of a ’standard’ may be contrasted with the quality of life, which takes into account not only the material standard of living, but also other more intangible aspects that make up human life, such as leisure, safety, cultural resources, social life, physical health, environmental quality issues, etc. More complex means of measuring well-being must be employed to make such judgements, and these are very often political, thus controversial. Even between two nations or societies that have similar material standards of living, quality of life factors may in fact make one of these places more attractive to a given individual or group.
However, there can be problems even with just using numerical averages to compare material standards of living, as opposed to, for instance, a Pareto index (a measure of the breadth of income or wealth distribution). Standards of living are perhaps inherently subjective. As an example, countries with a very small, very rich upper class and a very large, very poor lower class may have a high mean level of income, even though the majority of people have a low “standard of living". This mirrors the problem of poverty measurement, which also tends towards the relative. This illustrates how distribution of income can disguise the actual standard of living.
Likewise Country A, a perfectly state capitalist country with a planned economy with very low average per capita income would receive a higher score for having lower income inequality than Country B with a higher income inequality, even if the bottom of Country B’s population distribution had a higher per capita income than Country A. Real examples of this include former East Germany compared to former West Germany or North Korea compared to South Korea. In each case, the state capitalist country has a low income discrepancy (and therefore would score high in that regard), but lower per capita incomes than a large majority of their neighboring counterpart. This can be avoided by using the measure of income at various percentiles of the population rather than a highly relative and controversial overall income inequality measure.

GDP Gross domestic product (GDP) is the market value of all officially recognized final goods and services produced within a country in a given period of time. GDP per capita is often considered an indicator of a country’s standard of living;[2][3] GDP per capita is not a measure of personal income (See Standard of living and GDP). Under economic theory, GDP per capita exactly equals the gross domestic income (GDI) per capita (See Gross domestic income).
GDP is related to national accounts, a subject in macroeconomics. .
EPRDF’s Narrative

I would expect the Prime minster to feel me on that because I am hearing EPRDF?TPLF soldiers who were stationed in the eastern Ethiopian town of Bure near the Djibouti and Eritrean border fought each others for several hours on Dec. 25 and 26, 2012. By time the internal EPRDF battle stopped, over 40 soldiers have killed each other and several were wounded and taken to Mekele hospital. This kind of fight goes among every EPRDF members now whether it is verbal fight or armed fight.

12/30/12 @ 21:21
Comment from: Ayele [Visitor]

magdala, i dont like you, you prefer eritrans then an oromo, if civil war broke out i fucking kill you first.

12/30/12 @ 21:50
Comment from: henk [Visitor]

a well balanced article

12/30/12 @ 21:53
Comment from: ethiopiawi [Visitor]

the problem with eritrea started when emperor haile selase sold eritrea in exchange for 40 rifles.


12/30/12 @ 22:26
Comment from: [Member]

Hello there Shaebyans !

This is an ethiopian forum. Ali Belew is discusssing in a civil way. Please do not disturb us. We believe that we have an eritrean led government in Ethiopia, which has landlocked Ethiopia because they think they can manipulate the UN for they had a few arms. This will be dealt with in future. Ethiopia will not be landlocked. But we have to make sure we overthrow or replace the eritrean led TPLF.

After Ethiopia ensures an access to the Red Sea, then we can address the problem of Eritreans. Ethiopia is 90 million strong and can be dictated by Eritrea or Djoubiti. Ethiopia needs the Red Sea for strategic millitary and economic reasons. Ethiopia will participate in the political landscape of the Middle East ( “Arab” affairs has been part of Ethiopian worries since antiquity)

@Ayele Shaebya dog, what is your problem. Please be civil, OK.

12/30/12 @ 22:35
Comment from: Degitu [Visitor]  

Selam Ato Ali,

You forgot Aman Andom and Teferi Benti who died while in office, that is, when you stated that 80 years had passed since a leader died in office. Anyways I found your article refreshing, well balanced and is in the middle. That is what we are lacking these days - people are either to the far left or to the far right. This is also true even here in the US. SAD. One critical point that you missed is the Ethiopian right to an outlet in the sea. No matter how one try to synthesize and phrase it, we can not allow 92 million people remain landlocked for ever - strangulated and chocked by the artificial treacherous European colonial power-made nations (Eritrea and Dejibouti). Thanks and wish you a happy new year!


12/30/12 @ 22:37
Comment from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]

I agree with Magdala on most points. I also disagree with the author on many points. One being Meles was not a great leader because he was a Ethiopia hater just like IsayASS. It is a fact he hated the nation he PMd over.

First of all a Liberation front aiming to secede one of the states of Ethiopia must be recognized for what it is. And as such it can not represent a nation who it is willing to go as far as allowing to break up as seen in the Eritrean referendum.

1- constitution that allows space for secession must be rejected. Or in the least amended.
2- we must start somewhere and some time with the multiparty system and now is as good a time as any.
3- the power concentration, key positions of the governrment, the judiciary and the militery must be opened up to other ethnic groups.
4- we must accept what the current situation in Ethiopia is. It is an internal colonialism where those close to the regime benefit. Hence a factor to lead the nation into ethnic conflict.
5- We must accept the fact that Tplf is the power holder and is ethnocentric.

Here we have one choice in the matter. We all join a one nation all equal concept soon or no amount of development will stop what is to come. Lets call it ethnic unrest.. its been called genocide at other places. Tplf must be disbanded and other political parties must be allowed to form, free of government intervention, free press, ethnic federalism must come to an end and bring about a system where any Ethiopian can live, do business and be a part of the society in which he/she reside without race requirement. Ethiopians must be free to live where they choose in Ethiopia. That is the only way we can avoid the system of hate which Meles created and is leading us towards genocide. The complete dominance of one ethnic group over others always ends up with a civil war, genocide.. call it what you may.


12/30/12 @ 22:51
Comment from: Dynamite [Visitor]

I see that you have taken time to write the piece, thank you. But I see the article is more gravitated to favoring the side of the government than being “balanced". You use words like “understandable” and “no surprise” to defend the crimes of the regime. You entirely blame the demise of the private press for “lack of professionalism” and the opposition for “lack of unity” though there is some element of truth to it.

You also said:
” The fallacy of this argument lies in the fact that if one loves Tigrai, one would have to love Ethiopia less or loving Ethiopia means loving other ethnic groups less.”

How could the leadership of an organization that fought tooth and nail for the liberation of Tigray from Ethiopia ( last time I checked it is still a Tigray liberation front and forget the democracy bla bla they talk about post downfall of Communism) and forced to go further south only to strengthen its hold of its northern base be in LOVE with Ethiopia?

12/30/12 @ 23:51
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

As far as evil, indolent, dastardly, and godless Muslims exist in the Christian land of Ethiopia, there will be no progress, no unity, no love of country, and no democracy. Ethiopian Muslims love building new Mosques but not building the country. Ethiopian Muslims love protesting for religious freedom but not for the economic freedom of the Ethiopian people. Ethiopian Muslims love making babies but not educating their babies. Ethiopian Muslims love overthrowing the Ethiopian Christian government but not helping that government that has maintained the country from total disintegration; therefore, the Ethiopian Muslims are the ruthless enemies of the Christian land of Ethiopia.

12/31/12 @ 00:01
Comment from: Bistar Makonnen [Visitor]
Bistar Makonnen

I commend you for reflecting the political and economic reality in Ethiopia. You article is brilliantly written and highlights the achievements of Ethiopia and the hurdles it faces. This is the first time in years I have read an article that is objective without hate and prejudice. What a diversion from the articles and news written by hate-mongers, doom-sayers and power-hungry desperados. Weldone! Please keep it up. What Ethiopian needs is genuine Ethiopians like you who are more concerned about the peoples rather than power and personal gains.

12/31/12 @ 00:58
Comment from: anonymous [Visitor]

two thumbs up Ali! Very civilized!

12/31/12 @ 01:18
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

VOTE FOR THE 2012 MOST “fool and idiot” Diaspora!

1 – Brehanu Nega

also known as Birr-ahun-nege, declared war and advocated for a violent change of government in Ethiopia. Still the public is waiting to see what this violent change is all about and when it will start. Recently to renew expectations he is fooling around about a military grouping called Ginbot7 Popular Force (GPF). His most prominent achievement is collecting money from the Diaspora world for the “struggle”.

2- Elias Kiflom

No personal knowledge or intellect a person came to be known for political prostitution. Wedi Kiflom who was grilled for his long tong by a UK court is a well-remembered figure among the Diaspora world for parroting Shabia propaganda. There are rumors of a new court procedure in the new year is being cooked targeting the closure of his gossip bar website known as Ethiopian Review, the closure by a court of law is a most likely outcome for his short lived confusion online adventure. A political tag believed to have a direct contact with the Singaporean president Isaias Afewerki. Some believe Elias Kiflom think Isaias is divine, and suspected him of worshiping the president in secret.

3 – Al Mariam

is a kind of man suffering from inferiority complex and spend nights to downplay other people he thinks are great e.g. Late PM Meles Zenawia. This lunatic is said to be directly connected with Elias Kiflom and the Eritrean president and almost all forces working to destabilize Ethiopia. His greatest achievement is being called “Aram Professor” at

4 – Four small one’s as One

¼ Tamange Beyene: a village comedian turned a politician.

¼ Abebe Jellaw: a village journalist turned a politician. Believed to have lots of church based education and graduated as Debtera from Waldeba monastery department of Demonic Power of Telekinesis.

¼ Yilma Bekele: mostly serves as a foot soldier for Berhanu Nega and Al Mariam, nothing much of his own.

¼ Ephrem Madebo: also known as Ephrem Dedebeo, a remnant of fascist Derg and pretend to be an intellectual while he is not. A dedicated tail-wiggling dog of Diasporas crying babies.


12/31/12 @ 01:19
Comment from: Gebru [Visitor]

@ Ali Belew

Thank you ! for a Well written article especially compare to Al-maraiam’s meaningless bla, bla.for that at least you desrves my appreciation…

12/31/12 @ 01:59
Comment from: challa [Visitor]  

LET US START TO THINK DIFFERENTLY. Many people say that they love their country. However, what they do is exactly opposite of that. The love to a country should be selfless. I can say I love my country. I can cry. I can sing. However, I can still use this only to fulfil my selfish social, economic and political needs. Mandela has been a selfless example what a love of a country means. This has kept his country intact up to now. Mengistu, on the other hand, the worst example of what love of a country means. Mengistu was not actually a lover of a country. His was a power-lover. For him, a country is the map. He even once said that, he would have fought until a single man remains to keep this map intact. What an evil idea where a map is more worthy than the people (us). The way the past regimes expressed the love of a country has created a certain type of expectations from the people on how the leaders express their emotional love to their country. They expect the leader to emotionally kiss the flag and the map and say “I love Ethiopia.”
I should not love not only because I want to live luxuriously and comfortably in that country fulfilling these needs. Look, a simple example, at some Ethiopian investors who say that they love their country. Look at what suffering they do to fellow Ethiopians they employ under their investment; how they abuse the tax; how they misappropriate the investment opportunity given to them.
What Meles dislikes is the version of the nationality that has been deep-rooted in most of the Ethiopians by the last regimes which could be portrayed as the love of a country= the love of a land. According to the old nationalists, Ethiopia = the land (the map). Some of the nationalists even do not understand that Ethiopia is a diverse country, with diverse culture and values, with diverse religion and with diverse language. To them unity means one language + one culture + one religion + one food+ one type of dance (Esikista) + many ones etc.
Having an Eritrean blood and getting involved in Ethiopian politics does not necessarily have a relation to harming the interest of the country. Several people who have different blood have contributed positively to the development of Ethiopia. Contrarily, most that they said that they loved their country had done significant harm to their own people. Meles may have not emotionally expressed the love to Ethiopia. However, he has practically shown that he actually loved the people who were on the verge of extinction and separation by the unity policies of the last regimes.
Some people say that Ethiopia should go in to a court or a bloody war to get a port. This is an old way of thinking. Ethiopia should neither go to a court or war to get a port. What should happen is all the port holder should come to Ethiopia and request Ethiopia to use their ports and understand that they can mutually benefit from that. They should not also fantasize on the geographical drift of the Great Rift Valley to create an access to port
Ethiopian Muslims are the most peaceful and Alah loving Muslims in the world. What has been negatively expressed upon Ethiopian Muslims is completely wrong. All Ethiopian followers of other religions should work with Muslims to avoid the infiltration of evil-doers that want to destabilize the country in the name of a religion. This does not only refer to Muslim. There are also other religious fundamentalists who try to impose by force the cults of their religions.
Therefore, I would prefer to promote in a different version of nationality that loves the people than the lifeless land or map; a different way of thinking on how Ethiopia fully utilizes all the ports around her ; a different way of benefiting from our Eritrean brothers and different way of peaceful co-existence with diversity.

12/31/12 @ 02:27
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Extraidiot what about your own Diaspora Bandas . Pig Ben ,Hypo Sele
,the Derg Junta Reminants who had turned their coats ,the Amice Agazi’s mouthpiece Tchelemaw Debalke ,the Idiot Ambassador Girgir Lebirru ,the Adgi and bandaonline Thugs plus the Agazi Criminals hidden into the Diaspora by the evil widow and her Amice gangs .LEKAMMI KEFTAFF BANDA !!!!!

12/31/12 @ 03:20
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

The clue of the bogger “As long as the economic growth continues and the Ethiopian people benefit from an expanding economy, the public may tolerate the lack of political freedom for a while..” .That means let the Agazi Bandits and Tigre Mafiosis loot the country as their wishes .The usual Motto of opportunist and Aderby sell out bandas .Such kind of Bandas did make the same call for the sake of the Then Derg Juntas arguing that as much as the country is in war we may let them in power …LOL !!!

12/31/12 @ 03:32
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

TEDDY [Visitor]

Please vote for the “fool and idiot” Diaspora 2012 poll. don’t waste your democratic right &#59;)


3 – Al Mariam

as the father of all “fools and idiots". Who is yours?

12/31/12 @ 03:41
Comment from: [Member]

This is the first time in Ethiopian History the nation head of state does not hold the position of national commander in-chief.His Excellency Hailemariam Desalegn has no clue about the national army,the air force,the military intelligence and the national security.He doesn’t even know the names of brigadier and major generals who are leading the country army!!!

12/31/12 @ 04:58
Comment from: [Member]

You cannot prevent people from dreaming. People can dream of having part of the Red sea, which legally belongs to Eritrea. One way of doing it is to get the two govts. to push them to peace deal according to the Algers protocol, where the Woyanes should pull from sovereign Eritrean land.

12/31/12 @ 06:30
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Extraidiot , it’s better you vote your sell out Bros Hipo Sele
the Banda opportunist who has become Agazi flag Holder after licking Shabyan Ass Hole…LOL !!!!
As the good Example of Diaspora Agazi Supporters ,TPLF Thugs and Hodams as you and your likes .

12/31/12 @ 07:01
Comment from: [Member]

@ duri MOhammed !

We are asking for the border between Ethiopia and Eritrea to be delimited according to the agreement between Ethiopia and Italy in 1896. The Mereb River is the border between Eritrea and Ethiopia. Thus Ethiopia should have part of the Red Sea. Every body should accept the historical treaty between Ethiopia and Italy. TPLF is eritrean led and can speak for Ethiopia. Ethiopia will accept the Algier’s Agreement - an agreement between two eritrean political groups.

12/31/12 @ 08:22
Comment from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]


I voted on a different poll. It is called “the stupidest moronic woyane/shabia antiEthiopia of all time”

I voted Meles Zenawi,

As the father of “fools and idiots.”

Happy 2013!

Extraterrestrial [Visitor]
Please vote for the “fool and idiot” Diaspora 2012 poll. don’t waste your democratic right

12/31/12 @ 09:33
Comment from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]

There is a word for the types of meles. TRAITOR.

I do not know which planet you been on this long dude,

challa [Visitor]
LET US START TO THINK DIFFERENTLY. Many people say that they love their country. However, what they do is exactly opposite of that. The love to a country should be selfless..”

but on this planet, things are different. Afar is Ethiopian no matter how you slice it, countries have borders. And nationalists go to war to protect the “sovereignty’ of that nation. Probably you need to get acquainted with the term.

There will be no Ethiopia without the blood and sacrifices of those you tarnish and there will be no more Ethiopia if the likes of Meles, who in actuality is more of a power grabber than Mengistu, and supporters prevail. There is no old or new thinking when it comes to nation building. It IS, one country, one people UNITED.. another word you may want to learn.

My advice, go run tell that to IsayASS. Ethiopians know better and yes, they love their country as much or better than anyone else.


12/31/12 @ 09:54
Comment from: CHEMOGA [Visitor]


12/31/12 @ 10:30
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

I want to say that any argument saying Ethiopia is fine without a port or don’t have a port is of from the father of all lies and is the worst Traitor. Honestly speaking as much as I admire Meles Zenawi I hate him on his position on issue of Ethiopia’s out late to the sea. My support to PM Meles is of a marriage of convenience.

I am ready all the time to join, support, contribute and do all in my disposal and capacity if there is any political party who pick up the port issue as its principle political agenda.

The question of the Afar, Saho and Kunama people and their territories is a serious national question.

In order to send a clear signal to the Ethiopian government the issue of Assab is so serious and a potential question that can send them to their grave if they don’t answer it, I am starting to connect it with my nick name as Extraterrestrial-Assab from now on in all my comments. Let every Ethiopian speak about this crucial question of the nation. Assab is Ethiopian and even the sea itself knows it.

12/31/12 @ 10:37
Comment from: Annonymous2 [Visitor]

Mr. Ali Belew:
I thoroughly enjoyed your prose titled aptly “Re-framing the Post Meles Political Discourse”. Your delivery was engaging, balanced and very erudite. You are a very effective well informed, articulate and convincing writer. It is a long time since I read such well-versed prose.

I hunger for more of a kind.


12/31/12 @ 11:23
Comment from: [Member]

” VOTE FOR THE 2012 MOST ‘fool and idiot’ Diaspora!”

* The man who undermined our intelligence by typing all kinds of nonsense in this website.

* The man who called himself an oromo, never spoke Afaan oromo,never said anything about oromo culture,religion and music.

* The man who called himself an oromo,who never said anything about unemployment,loss of land,on-going armed incursion and occupation into oromia regions to murder,imprison
torture,intimidate and terrorize ” his own oromo people.”

Who is the most fool and idiot Diaspora for 2012??
_ An “Oromo” man,the spokesperson of TPLF- Mr. Extraterrestrial!!!

12/31/12 @ 12:18
Comment from: Gemech [Visitor]

Ali Belew

I thoroughly enjoyed your article and made me wish all opposition groups adopted similar approaches when discussing issues related to present day Ethiopia.
I could raise a couple of issues from your article and express my disagreement with you but I decided against doing so on the belief that I would be magnifying minor issues instead of congratulating you on the accuracy of your understanding of where we are and where we should be going.
Thanks again.

12/31/12 @ 12:36
Comment from: [Member]


Stop b!tching dude. How long do you intend to cry negative about Ethiopia? Wake up, and think how you can help your country’s people whom you say couldn’t afford to eat twice a day.
Otherwise if you’re not an Ethiopian and if you’re one of our enemies jealous and don’t want to hear good news about Ethiopia, don’t come to Ethiopian websites. Simple as that! Take it easy on yourself!

Hagereethiopia wanna be,…

You’re the the #1 Bigot of the diaspora FOOLS & IDIOTS for the year 2012!
And I voted you as being the #2 TEJAM & SEKARAM of the year at, next to TEDDY the luutty asshole shabian!

12/31/12 @ 12:38
Comment from: Gemech [Visitor]

Your list is not fair. You missed out TEDDY. LOL

Sorry TEDDY, it is not an opportunity to miss to slug you off for constantly calling me adgi

12/31/12 @ 12:42
Comment from: rahwa [Visitor]

Well balanced article.Ethiopian needs people like this author.Not like al Mariam who is a member of the hate group and a mercenary. He writing weekly hate messages for the last 7 years.almaram never asked himself just once, what have I done for the betterment of Ethiopian and its people. Defaming the government does not count advocating for democracy. So al Mariam try to learn balanced writing from Ato Ali.

12/31/12 @ 13:37
Comment from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]


You really suffer from attention deficiency disorder or you are a prime example of the Tplf lie disorder.

I am bigot against who? I have told you repeatedly you woyane fag, that disagreeing with eprdf/tplf is NOT a disagreement with Ethiopia/Ethiopians. That is what the author missed too. I want Ethiopians to share power equally. No single ethnic group should dominate and yes I have said the Tigre domination of politika, military, judiciary and economic must come to an end. Did I lie? Did I stater? NO fool. I am saying exactly what the reality on the ground is. I can not lie like you do. Ethiopia belongs to all EQUALLY. Ante ahya I told you I am a mix of 3 main ethnic groups. Figure out which, then you know I have no interest in racial unrest. I have a stake in peace through equality maybe more than you bektu.. stop pissing me off because I want to have a civil exchange of opinions and not this moronic repeated personal attacks you tplf thugs are famous for.

from: addis zemen [Visitor]
Hagereethiopia wanna be,…

You’re the the #1 Bigot of the diaspora FOOLS & IDIOTS for the year 2012!
And I voted you as being the #2 TEJAM & SEKARAM of the year at, next to TEDDY the luutty asshole shabian!
12/31/12 @ 12:38

Well, at least you have not accused me as shabia which is an improvement in your thinking.

Let us start with Ali Belew’s take on the issue. it is intensely contradictory top to bottom. Read it again. I say what I refer to as “Internal Colonialism” is in fact in progress because the blame is on tplf who is short for well you know that and as it is assumed to be supported by Tigrians it imakes the focus of hate on that particular ethnic group. Am I lying here boy? No it is what it is. If a single ethnic group benefits at the expense of the others… well it leads to resentment which leads to directing ones anger at.. the fact that the populace of Tigre kefle hager is no better off than before is out weighed by who dominates the stated branches of government.

Well, we all know Tplf officials are quietly fighting for control at arat kilo while their soldiers are fighting each other as reported in Bure,. Ali missed not only the tensions but on the cause and effect of Meles’s policies towards the Amhara and the Oromo. He also missed how countries need leaders who will defend their nation, their values, leaders who will allow all ethnic groups to equally share in the nations political leadership, allow freedom of speech and most of all leaders who separate their influence from the judiciary. Now dare tell me Eprdf is that leadership. Of course not. That dear boy is what I am against, not Ethiopia. I am against the single political system that is dividing the country and is not respecting our borders. Hell man, how do other nations respect our national integrity when our leaders do not?

AZ, EthioMan has better things to do than go over the same crap with you time and again. In the end this will lead to the term ‘fak off’ dedeb woyane.. I’m sure you do not want that.


12/31/12 @ 13:41
Comment from: Abyssinian [Visitor]

Ato Ali Belew:

Thank you for a well thought-out article. I hope people will give it some serious thought and consideration.

12/31/12 @ 14:02
Comment from: [Member]

Hagereethiopia wanna be,…

Civil exchange of opinion, did you say? Civil exchange of opinions my foot in your…you know where!
What a bigot! You keep crying nonesensical TPLF this and that, God knows whatever they did to you except ofcourse kicking dergue’s ass, whom you claimed killed your relatives.
Ruling a country is not your childhood “eqa eqa chawota". Can you dig that first of all?
It is not such an easy game when a country goes through transforming itself while in transition. And Ethiopia’s case is also much complicted than any other country anywhere in the world. You can accuse the govt to do this and that, or why they did this and that! From your comfort zone, But the bottom line is that, you never been in their shoes or ruled a country, to ask them to copy a democracy you fantasize, for them to impliment it in an over night. Don’t forget democracy is a process. I don’t need to tell you that, unless ofcourse you’re in denial world.
Our govt is saying that, we need to acknowledge every nation nationality and ethnic group the way they are, so that they can feel to be recognized and not forgotten, with that let’s celebrate our beauty in our different culture, religion language etcetra. For a strong developed democratic nation, which can benefit all of us. I know that’s a change of thought for you and me who are raised in different culture. But we have to accept a change. Nothing stays as it is for ever. You need to forget that allegation of the govt divided the country bla bla.
Until you change that loser mentality of elias kiftaff and birahun nega, who called for the boyccot of EAL, which they think when a country is weakend or disintigrated, it could give them easy access to power. The question is, which country are they gonna lead? Well, do they care for Ethiopia at all? It is all about, if we can’t be the elite force in Ethiopia, why should we care if Ethiopia exists or not?
You don’t have to go so low worshiping the Dergue who killed your parents, just to prove something irrelevant and to discredit our govt with unfounded allegations.
***** The above article is a very well balanced and an eye opening call to all of us to think outside the box. If you can’t learn from this kind of wake up call, there is no cure for yours and the rest of crybabies FOOLS & IDIOTS of diaspora sickness!

12/31/12 @ 16:11
Comment from: AGAZIT WOMAN [Visitor]


Your article is nothing but garbage.

All your argument is being debated and overdone for the past 21 years.

What every Ethnic states in ethiopia should do is hold thier elected officials accountable of thier duties.

For inistance every killil in ethiopia have its own yearly federal budget allocated to them.

And the people of that state should ask ,demand thier officials what they have done for them with that money.

For example i had done my best trying to pin our elected officials in Tigray regarding our yearly budget.

Give and take the Tigray killil yearly budget from 1991-2012 was roughly 3.5-4.5 billion BIRRS in yearly bases.Which equal to more or less 80 billion birr.

I ONCE asked our elected official to give me the list of the major projects,r
large scale clean water project
waste managment
large scale irrigation systems
affordable public housing
Complete general hospitals

etc etc that was built by the 80 billion birr my region Tigray received for the past 20 years.But there was not good answer the elected official was to provide me or my comrades.

The coward answer was very unsastisfactory,and we listed him as one of the lebas that will be hunted down like animals and put on justice when that right time comes.

What have our elected officials done for Tigray with the 80 billion birr we received for the past 20 years?This amount does not include foreign aid,ngos,or money contributed by the generous Tigray people.

That is why everytime i come on this site i tell all ethiopians to hold your own elected officials responsible before blaming any of Tigray people or Tigray officials.

Only when we start holding our officials accountalble that we will see a rapid development in ethiopia and eraditcate poverty in a timely fashion.

The Tigray State is responsible to build

free schools
free hospitals
free tractors to farmers
Affordable public housing (condos)
large scale clean Water project
large scale waste managment.
etc etc that the Tigray regime failed to accomplish for the past 20 years.

to be continued–

12/31/12 @ 16:42
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Adgi ,the Amice-Shabyan Slut ,the Agazi prostitute banda .You are afterall The Great Moron of the Year ,Crime Apoliger Tyrant Whorshiper Banda .By the way ,Gemetchech your are also on the list next to your Thuggy Bros Adgi…LOL SHABYAN SHELLE BANDAS !!!
Bye Bye 2012 ,but special THANKS for getting Rid the Ethiopian Peoples from an evil blood Sucker Tyrant !!!!!

12/31/12 @ 17:16
Comment from: guest1 [Visitor]

Great well balanced article. One of the few articles I have read in its entirety. I hope many will hear your voice and contribut to thier nation in a positive way.

12/31/12 @ 17:25
Comment from: guest1 [Visitor]

Can admin please ban Agazit women and Teddy, trolles that contribute nothing to the serious articles and discussions everyone is carring out until they clean their vocabulary. I know to skip their comments but many might not yet know.

12/31/12 @ 17:36
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

“4. Ethiopia’s transition to multi-party country takes a long time. It is not to be expected in the span of a couple of elections. It is through a long, arduous struggle that it can become a truly democratic country. We can’t use the yardstick of an ideal democracy to measure Ethiopia’s political progress.”

What exactly is the author implying here? that Ethiopians are incapable of living as a free and responsible society? that they are backward and primitive for the ideals of democracy? what is it Ato Ali Belew trying to tell us? I want to know his reasons.

Ethiopians have a very long history of forming an orderly and functioning government with armies to defend the sovereignty and interests of the country, rule of law to protect the good of the people, economical and political partnership with foreign civilizations, authentic culture and ingenuity in the arts, engineering, philosophy including theology and a bit of raw science and so on.

Do you ever wonder why we don’t have cold blooded criminals in spite of the crushing poverty in the country? Why people are respectful of authority? Why we have never had ethnic cleansing despite the many languages spoken and traditions practiced in the country? We have Oromos in Wollo living their life as they wish, Agews in Wag ena Lasta, Gojam, Gondar, and around Enderta and Temben living their life as they wish, We have tens of ethnic groups in Southern Ethiopia living side by side for years without any major conflict, we have churches and mosques in the same neighborhood…, How is that possible in a country like ours? And lets be clear, that is not because of ethnic federalism that was designed and implemented only to widen and strengthen Ethiopian’s difference, and effectively make them easy preys for the woyane criminals and traitors.

Ethiopians might have lagged in the fields of science and technology in the past two or so centuries, but their social cohesion and dynamic is as smooth, well oiled, advanced as it can get. We are more than capable of implementing and practicing the constitution woyane has already written minus the one stupid article in the book. Here, we are talking about a society with uninterrupted civilization and governance at least in the past three millenniums. We have tones of experience in politics, governance and administration. Therefore, I agree with Ethioman, the argument democracy is a process, it cannot be implemented in a span of two elections blah blah and more stupid blah cannot be an excuse for Woyane’s perverse political deposition towards democracy, Ethiopia and her civilized, highly enlightened and noble people. Honestly it is very contemptible.

It is said a society can only have a government it deserves. Do we really deserve woyane’s treachery, treason, corruption and dictatorship? No, the Ethiopian people who have a long history of tolerance unseen in any other African civilization, the people that have defended its sovereignty for thousands of years, the people that have voted peacefully in 2005 and always respected the rule of law deserve a better governance now, not later. Ethiopians deserve to see the rule of law above and beyond everyone in the country. They don’t deserve rulers who murder peaceful protesters, who imprison and torture political opponents and journalists. Perhaps Ato Ali wants us to wait for another millennium before we see an independent and impartial justice system and election board, but luckily that will be determined by the people. Not by the ruling party or the opposition. At this very moment however, we don’t have democracy in Ethiopia because belligerent woyane refused to respect its own constitution and abide the rule of law. The party from dedebit has been vigorously fighting to stop the people from claiming their democratic aspirations so that it can continue its monopoly of the nation’s politics and economy unabated. Can the Woyane traitors at least stop selling and abandoning our most important national interests and territories?

“This article is intended to develop a framework for political discourse going forward. I am sure there are voices like mine that have chosen to remain quiet and feel alienated by the current political discourse.”

It is truly ridiculous to close your piece with this after stating the first quotation above. I don’t know why you have been feeling quiet and alienated when there were many familiar heads making the same apologetic and contemptible noises out there. Every woyane bandit have been telling us since 2005 the same “democracy is a process” crap, and we are very sick and tired of it. In other word, you have not brought anything new and fresh in the country’s political discourse. The truth of the matter is, the problem is not with democracy, it is not with the people, hell it is not even with shabia and other foreign enemies, the real causes of our problems, the main reasons for our regressing democracy are woyanes and their economical cliques at the top of the nation’s food chain. Don’t be a force for them. The infrastructure development we have witnessed in the country after woyane was forced to awaken in the 2005’s election debacle and abandon its arrogance and complacency cannot be an excuse to break the rule of law, which woyane has been busy doing all along in hope of putting everything imaginable under its control, while demanding sainthood from its opponents, of course.

Oh, i forgot one more thing. I remember reading regarding the oppositions take on the constitution, whether they accept it or not. This is of course another ridiculous point by the author of this article which is entirely devoid of anything new and fresh. This question should been forwarded to the woyanes who have authored or copied it from the colonialists who where intended to divide and rule us. It is woyanes, the authors or copiers themselves, who are not running their political business by their own book, which they preach everyone to accept and respect Or risk the wrath of their terrorism law. For instance both OLF’s and ONLF’s demand is exercising article 39 without ifs and buts to determine whether to stay within the union or not, which is legal and lawful according to the constitution, but woyanes are not willing to have another referendum on the sovereignty of the country. Clearly, Woyane’s acceptance of the constitution it has authored or copied is false! Why are you then demanding the opposition to declare where it stands on this obvious subject? The opposition cannot accept a constitution it can not rely up. Before the opposition or anyone else in the country, the party who has authored or copied it must adhere to the constitution. Only then, we will start talking about who is where when it comes to accepting this subject matter. However, no sane and intelligent Ethiopian can accept a constitution with the stupidest article of all, the one listed at 39 in the Ethiopian constitution that was written to legalize what is illegal and treasonous, the land-locking of Ethiopia.


Admin, can you please start using an Ethiopian map with Aseb part of our sovereign territory? The one you are using seems the newest version that was done virtually after Woyane handed over our hard fought victory and Badime to Shabia on sliver platter.

And, Happy New Year Everyone!

12/31/12 @ 18:09
Comment from: [Member]

Firifari Free,…

Wow, here comes another BIGOT! You’re still living in that “closed circuted” DENIAL world of an eggshell, with mucho incompetence.
You keep contradicting yourself by demonizing our govt EPRDF, who brought not only rule of law, but also a long sustainable peace and stablity we are enjoying in Ethiopia right now, which enabled us to continue our Growth & Transformation Plan.
What is an uninterupted civillization you talking about? Is it in HIM era or in your uncle’s Menge era?
You ask why we don’t have cold blood murderers or why we don’t have ethnic cleansing? And you refuse to accept that, it is because of our great govt EPRDF’s achievement.
All your nonesense cry seems an effort to discredit the author, who is not the usual crybaby writers who are bent only denying all the positive things they see on the ground.
He trys to give you the reality in clear picture and balanced way of writing. And in response, you only showed your true color of a reminant of the old regime with your BIGOTRY & HYPOCRIACY!

12/31/12 @ 18:58
Comment from: AGAZIT WOMAN [Visitor]


As all of you brave Tigray people can see,our enemies will continue to wihs us Tigray people poverty and misery like the coward islamists wusha Ali Belew.

The coward islamist Ali belew jelousy toward the heroic Tigray people can be read in his useless garbage Article.

The coward Ali Belew have forgotten who gave him the FREEDOM,DEMOCRACY ,justice that was gain BY TIGRAY PEOPLE BLOOD,SWEAT,TEARS AND SCREAM that him and the rest of Ethiopians are enjoying.

Mr.Ali Belew anta wusha islamists just wait until i get on power.

I promise you and enemies of Tigray that i will build ,develop TIGRAY on the grave yard of our enemies.

All the projects i listed above my comments will be accomplished in lessthan one year once a brave Tigray woman/persons like me comes on power.

Every small town in Tigray will have a factory,mega clean water projects,roads,electricity,condos,irrigations etc etc in lessthan one year when i come on power.

The heroic Tigray people have paid enormous price when coward islamists like you were bending over your ass to pary and hide under your bed.

Today thanks to the sacarifice of Tigray people ,Tigray mothers,Tigray fathers all ethiopians killil have thier own yearly budget to develop thier states.

Chances are coward Shabia/eritreans,Some amharas are dying in jelousy,envy when ever you see a small development in Tigray.

Just wait until i come on power,i will not be like the spineless Tplf leaders who are too busy appeasing Tigray enemies,and neglecting the heroic Tigray people to satasfie animals like you.

I will develop Tigray and make her the most develop State in Ethiopia on the graveyard of Eritrean/shabia soldier,Derg/soldiers and watch you burn in jelousy.

It is the Tigray people that sacarificed thier children,meager resources to defeat the largest army in africa and liberate all Ethiopians.

Tigray and her people will see a true development in coming few years.Tigray enemies Shabia/eritreans,Some Amharas and the Shermuta ALI BELEW get ready to burn in jelousy,ENVY cause in coming few years we will invest billions of birrs in Tigray and there is nothing you can do about it cowards.

The Tigray people will avenge against the few officials who have failed to serve the long suffered Tigray people.

To be continued—

12/31/12 @ 19:18
Comment from: AGAZIT WOMAN [Visitor]


Glory to the SELFLESS FIGHTERS OF TIGRAY we will crush,destroy our enemies who are hiding amidst us and outside of our grasp.

The gallant,fierce Tigray people are watching our enemies and corrupt leaders very carefully.

The days of lebas,hodams,who never care for the long suffered Tigray people will be over.

Ungrateful lebas like Ali Belew and others do not understand the pain,agony the the heroic Tigray people endured during the war.

Enemies of Tigray do not know that the heroic Tigray people SAVED ETHIOPIA,RESTORED ETHIOPIA ECONOMY ,stabalize ethiopia with TIGRAY PEOPLE sacarifice and money that we came with.

Dont tell us what we can do in our state ,cause it is only our business.

Wait and see until a brave Tigray leader like me comes on power.Cowards like you guys would not open your mouth about my long suffered Tigray people & Tigray development.

Here in Tigray reveng and development will be carry on side by side.Revenge against the few Tplf corrupt leaders who failed my long suffered Tigray people.

To be continued—

Long live Agazie (Zerue Gesesse)!

Long live Sehule (Gesesse Ayele)!

Long live the Tigray People!

12/31/12 @ 19:32
Comment from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]

So AZ, are you saying I can not express my view because I have not ruled a country? For you to tell me that you must have ruled once, maybe a country out there in outer space, I’m sure. Because here on earth, Democracy, in my view IS a NOW thing. People have to have their rights NOW. It becomes a process only when it is to serve the dictators of our world, truly it must be quite different on your planet. And yes I really hate not being civil, calling you what you are every time we contribute to this site. Once is enough. You are a woyane, I am not but.. we are both Ethiopian and our concern should be Ethiopia above all. Based on that my beef with Tplf, you knowing why, should you ask again and again? NO.. AZ wake up okay? And I suggest you keep your foot where it belongs.. in your mouth.

You said, “What a bigot!”

Nooo.. moi? Let me explain what a bigot is. It is some one like you , Meles and Samora and Seye and they all hapen to be Tigrian and they all say they have killed and burried the “Amhara,” and I am a bigot? You Tplf guys come here and call people “neftegna Amhara” and you call moi a bigot? Dude, do you have any clue what that means? Well let me tell you what it means, it means filling up all the high ranking positions, in the Army, Air Force, judges, government, etc.. with a single ethnic group. In this case Tigrians. You/Tplf is the accuser and the judge. You see nothing wrong with that? Is that not a fact? If so then it is not bigoted but the truth. Why?.. you do not want to hear the truth AZ? How about the war with the Derg? What did Tplf do? Did they help shabia? Yes they did. Did they help shabia kill Ethiopian boys? Yes they did. Is that a fact? Yes it IS. Are you getting it? Do you understand the difference between fact and being a bigot? Just because I understand what TPLF means in term of Ethiopia, it does not make me a bigot. Just because TPLF happens to be a Tigrian group and I call it what it is, does not make me a bigot. If at all my woyane adversary, you should be happy I call it as I see it.

When it comes to the Derg, I claim no more or no less. Atrocities comited by the derg are and will be remembered by all who sufrred under it. But it is dead, gone. We can not base our future in comparison to it because it is idiotic to do so. Just because of what the Derg was, the new regime can not justify its actions or its claim on power.

What case is that you are talking about? We have no case other than ethnic division forwarded by your PM Meles, the dead one.. you remember him right? Ethiopians never had such a cause until tplf. Of course we were poor, still are.. save some of you who are close to power, but all the same, we did not have a case of ethnic division before tplf came. I say tplf this and that because tplf lost our province our port, bademe, Irob and god knows how much more. Then Tplf killed and jailed anyone who does not agree with tplf, who do not submit to tplf’s ethnic bias.

“..Ruling a country is not your childhood “eqa eqa chawota". Can you dig that first of all?..”

See why I get ticked of at you? It is because you say stupid stuff like that. Long before you came, Ethiopians have had the ability to lead a nation with 14 kefle hagers, not divided on ethnic lines, can you dig that first of all?

“ ask them to copy a democracy you fantasize, for them to impliment it in an over night. Don’t forget democracy is a process. I don’t need to tell you that, unless ofcourse you’re in denial world..”

No AZ, I am in this world. The real one where it is all TIGRIANS who hold power. Is that the process we are waiting for? I suggest you read reports on Ethiopia from some UN organizations. You find out which. But, if a single ethnic group dominates, the result is the hate to that particular ethnic group which leads to bad situations. I am just stating facts from history which tplf does not seem to pay attention to.

Long before tplf came Ethiopians were aware of the diversity of their ethnic make up. One thing about the Derg, they made sure we all knew, long before tplf came, so spare us the BS, okay AZ? We know. We have known our diversity you are nobody to tell us, but divide us yes, you/tplf your PM meles, your government did. That is why we say we need different ethnics to participate in government. Well, you tell me why it should be all Tigre, cause I told you it will lead to genocide.

“..Until you change that loser mentality of elias kiftaff and birahun nega, who called for the boyccot of EAL,..”

Did I ever tell you that I agree or support what these people say? Did I ever tell anyone to boycot any thing Ethiopian? Did I not tell you repeatedly “ETHIOPIA IS NOT TPLF/EPRDF?” Did I not tell you everything built in Ethiopia belongs to Ethiopia no matter who done it? Pay attention boy.

“..You don’t have to go so low worshiping the Dergue who killed your parents, just to prove something irrelevant and to discredit our govt with unfounded allegations..”

I do not worship anyone but GOD. AZ, stop getting confused. I can not post the same thing over and over just because you do not get it. This is the last lesson for you.. learn it well and do not ask again. Here are some of the “unfounded alligations” as you call them..
1- Derg fought against shabia
2- Tplf fought for shabia
3- Shabia was and still is Ethiopias enemey.
Remeber the saying, the “friend of my enemy.. is my enemy”
Which means Tplf is Ethiopias enemy.
As for the killings, Tplf has killed just as many Ethiopians as the derg, the only difference is lets say.. formality. You do it quiet like, derg plays yefeyel wetete on the radio and TV.

“..The above article is a very well balanced and an eye opening call to all of us to think outside the box. If you can’t learn from this kind of wake up call, there is no cure for yours and the rest of crybabies FOOLS & IDIOTS of diaspora sickness!
12/31/12 @ 16:11..

Read it again. It is contradictory. He stars and ends totally away from his main point. If you ask me about a diaspora idiot.. he takes the crown.

Az, my woyane bro.. I know what Tplf is, I know what shabia is in regards to ETHIOPIA. Remeber when I told you you can not change history? Keep it in mind.. and this time, I will neglect your insults.


12/31/12 @ 20:02
Comment from: Ash [Visitor]

My choice person of the year only based on this trade entry

1st. Place

I think HagtereAmerica and free must read ur input

2nd place

addis zemen

All time best:-

Even African American vote 50 years ago in so called democracy it is a process baby

3rd Extraterrestrial

For the best list


For her t-shirt design and for this input go ask ur local office what the hell u want from me


Good advice

Last finisher


Who think Obama should give republican government job… Obama government filled by democrat mined people.

The same way Cud,Ginbot 7, EPRP, OLF, ONLF, etc etc will not appoint TPLF supporter in their leadership position it is just crazy to think TPLF to appoint hard core one nation+ one leader+ one language + one flag = by force believer… berhanu nega ginbot 7 /11 owner is a very good sympathizer of the old regime


America government have three branch of government

1. Obama government which is filled with Obama supporter and sympathizer

2. This were u find the republican who are elected in Ethiopia case parliament. Out of 501++ set depending the public vote u can have as much as 50vote since if u have 51 u would be government since u don’t have u will be setting in parliament and control the government power.

3rd branch of government is hight court. Once elected and approved by parliament they will act independently since in theory once appointed u can’t be sacked

Now as u can see the Secretary of State were republican An African American called Mr. Rice…. When President bush power end her power end and Ms. Clinton took the power.. So on and on..

I don’t have much knowledge but that is very basic u should have understand by now telling Meles government to appoint republican while Meles government is democrat is beyond me.

What else u blubbing

U don’t want separation article 39:-

Okay in ur religion once u get married u can’t divorce… Even if ur wife died u will be expected to be single.

That is fine by me u find a woman who believe in ur religion and who believed marriage for entirety and u will be happy person.

The problem is u try to marry a Muslim woman who doesn’t believe marriage is for entirety.. But try to force her saying why Love each another why do u bringing divorce… We are not going to divorce so what they use… The lady have two choice one they will buy what u sale and marry u.. Or she said yes I know but I need an insurance policy that protect us both us to separate peacefully… Yes we going to try humanly possible but if not working I need divorce… Here u have two choice leave the lady and find another willing partner or force the lady in two marriage and try to keep her with u by force.

Now u try to say no country have article 39… But I am telling u they might call it referendum or by any other name but they have it.

Another blabbing why one ethnic cant go and live in any port of the region

If u live in NY u can’t vote in TX or elected in TX
If u live in NY u can’t get student loan in TX
If u commit crime in NY and run away to TX… NY policy can follow u in to TX and arrest u
If u live in NY and want to go to Tx and live in Tx u pay rent in TX… U can’t just build ur house in TX because u see free land there
If army of unemployed NY march in to TX and start taking the local job they will be look on street.

If u have taxi permit in NY u can’t just drive in to TX start operating there the same goes to business

If TX discover oil it benefit the TX economy first and then they pay federal tax only that is why in America u have rich state and poor state.

If Djoubuti, Eritrea, and Somalia have port good for them we pay to use it and since we electricity they buy from us whatever remain from this trade is profit that help both country.

Another blabbing about TPLF want independent at first then what the hell they want from us why not just go like the Eritreans.

That is easy to say who is going to take care of the remaining Ethiopia? U or the Oromo or 80 ethnic groups. I am not going to explain this because our president telling us how we Ethiopian can live side by side that was every nation how goes ethnics cleansing said at first they said it will not happened to us… We are much better then those Africans… Forgetting in red terror time bother killed his own brother because different political believe… Mother or father could not trust their own kids..

I remember I used to have Somalian friend how make me fun of me because Ethiopia goes Hungry but look what happened to Somalian… The Somalian were ashamed to be mistaken for Ethiopia during 1980

How about the Nigerian who throw bread on our soccer player to tell them how we are poor now just look what Nigerian into… So my friend don’t ever say it would NOT happened in Ethiopia who r we? We re not angle we are just like human just like the next person.

Going back to answering why TPLF separate ?

Again I will give example if u play NY power ball lottery af first u say if I win only 100,000 or one million dollars I will be happy… But if u find out u hit the joke-pot u will not say I need and wish is 100,000 dollars and return the rest u must be carry.

If u askme TPLF saved Ethiopia and show us how to live in unity with out force today if there is a referendum the Eritrean would have voted for unity..Look Djoubuti we have the best relation the Ethiopian Somalian..

12/31/12 @ 20:06
Comment from: Abeba [Visitor]

Ato Ali, I like to thank you for a well balanced and thoughtful piece…
It is the best political pill ever prescribed by a genuine Ethiopian which could cure our political disease if it is swallowed by both government and opposition side.

Happy new year to All!

12/31/12 @ 20:07
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

az, i know you belong with the traitors and idiotic revisionists who claim unabashedly Ethiopia’s history of civilization is not older than one century. Hence, am not surprised with your question of “which civilization". Long before you opened up embassies in Arabia to advertise and sell our underage girls for slavery, we had the most advanced political system and civilization that had enabled us to rule everything from East Africa and beyond. That is what am talkin about ante jilanfo! In that long history of ours, there never was ethnic cleansing, never. The only time we have seen something close to that was right after woyane’s illegal ascendance to power in Southern Ethiopia aka oromia against the Amaras whom you criminals were calling neftegna. Everybody knows you have incited that, you deranged criminals.

As of the peace and security in the country, that is not because Woyane is peaceful and uncompromising when it comes to the nation’s security. Here we are talking about a political entity that did not blink an eye when it gun-downed more than 200 unarmed innocent civilians at their own yards, neighborhoods and streets, a party who have left the country unsecured forever, unless reversed and it will, by willfully land-locking the country. The semblance of peace and security is therefore possible because of our decent and lawful or law abiding people. We had towns and cities without any security force or police for months and years, and the crime rate at those times was amazingly almost zero.

Now, you want credit for the little progress we have witnessed in the past six or so years out of the twenty years u had on your hand and wasted while selling our territory and victory to Shabia, Sudan, Egypt and everyone who has a stake on Ethiopia’s progress and failure. I will give you credit for waking up in 2005 election, in which you were overwhelmingly voted out of office by Ethiopians, and building some roads and hydro-electric dams. However, the progress you are never tired trumpeting about is very far from enough and definitely cannot be an excuse to trample free press, invade and control the independence of the justice system and election board, to suppress and oppress dissent and political opposition, to torture and murder Ethiopians. The little infrastructure you have built with our own money and Chinese know how do not justify your dictatorship. Get that? With a better political system we can unlock Ethiopians’ creative spirit and ingenuity to speed up our elevation out of poverty and re-achieve economical and political greatness once again. Ethiopia is not your personal property. You don’t have the sole ownership to the country’s political power and resource. You must learn to share it now, not later, with the rest of Ethiopians. That is the point we are making here.

12/31/12 @ 20:09
Comment from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]

Ash, all I can say is.. you give the word moronic idiot a truly new meaning.

12/31/12 @ 22:09
Comment from: [Member]

Ethiopia needs an outstanding political ideas as delivered here by Mr.Ali Belew.The challenges to such ideas is can not reach the ordinary Ethiopian unless the educated play a role as a bridge to convert it to validity. It is my firm belief that Mr Ali Belew that he should consider and mention, among other things,the deceptive nature of TPLF. Mr Ali you need to stress your arguments regarding corruption which is a chronic problem like cancer to any country,without eradicating corruption every effort to build a country is wasted. second,Meles had enough time and sign,on his health, to transfer power while he was alive he passed away without being an example, he promised more than 3 times a promise that never met. on the conflict with Eritrea ,despite the rigidity and confusion on the eritrean side the tplf has showed no genuine intention to solve the problem .Meles accepted the ruling in principle, the talking can follow why waste time and opportunity for the sake of sequence of procedures.These one and same people, on either side of the border, have suffered unbearably by both regimes. Melse and TPLF are in a better position to solve the equation positively.Finally it is worth mentioning the cruelty on human beings to mention a few ;detention,torture,depriving of opportunities,causing mass emigration of the youth.I believe giving emphasis to these points will make your contribution more acceptable and valid.

01/01/13 @ 00:09
Comment from: True Ethiopian [Visitor]
True Ethiopian


All I can say is God help this Idiot guy name Teddy. you must have plenty of time on your hand to spend day after day writing unnecessary comments. you need to spend your time on learning something positive. Regardless whether you like it or not, the Red sea is gone. There is nothing you and I can do to get it back unless you have any good constrictive Idea other wise no reason to trash people. As far as other who commented that Ethiopia as a christian land, you are wrong. Ethiopia belongs to all Ethiopians regardless of their religious affiliation.

01/01/13 @ 01:53
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Ash ,as Morons ,parasites ,crime apoligers and bandas of the Year you have really made the good choices…LOL !!!Why not insert yourself as the Opportunist Diaspora Agazi whorshipers of the year next to Pig Ben , Hipo Sele and Neway Debebe..LOL !!!The greatest joke at the beggining of the Year ,the Agazi Bigot of this site ,Adgi Banda
supposing giving us a lesson of good
governance of his goat herder bros and Amice looter masters…LOL !!!Fake Ethiopian ,what’s really the clue of your comment . If the country has become landlocked it’s because of your own Dead Master ,who
willingly submitted the country under Shabya policy .Afterall history never started on May 1998 ..LOL !!!!

01/01/13 @ 02:44
Comment from: To - TEDDY [Visitor]

Oh Teddy a goat herder from Gayint Begemidir.

An ex derg militia captured by woyanne goat herding little kids.

But was freed after recanting for being a savage derg militia.

Immigrated to the US through Sudan in the early nineties.

Married to a Chilga woman with a tatto in hear forehead and neck.

He is half literate who is verbally challenged despite graduating from English as a second langauage school.

The major words he mastered include - Leba Master, Tigre Mafiosi, Agazi-Amiche, Thuggy bros, LOL and so on.

He suffers from PTD and bipolar due to the humilation he faced at the hands of Woyane goat herders.

Whenever he forgets to take his medication, he starts cursing out - Tigre Mafiosi, Kilib Banda, Thuggy Bros, Agazi-Amiche Leba, Kilib Banda.

Teddy the parking lot errand boy.

TEDDY the pathetic village boy who blabbers as a true history what ever little information he hears from his ex derg masters in exile.

Teddy what a pathetic and yet a boring and entertaining character.

01/01/13 @ 11:37
Comment from: Truth [Visitor]

I will sum up the article in few words: Belew Qededew.

What a childish piece. The writer may as well be zenawi himself from his grave.

01/01/13 @ 13:57
Comment from: Garo [Visitor]

Happy new year people.

I think the TPLFis what its name says it is. Twenty years after coming to power it is still an organization that stands for the area its name bears. It has not changed one bit and does not have any intention to change. It uses the name Ethiopia to milk its resources and develop its region at the expense of others. What we have today in Ethiopia is the same old internal colonization by the Abyssinian core. The number two became number one. It is just the same as Yohannes taking the throne after having Tewedros Defeated by the British. This guy’s thinking is very poisonous in a deceptive way. Look what he is saying about the alliance between the Oromos and other groups. He is telling them that it is only a tactical alliance and therefore the Oromos are never to be trusted. That is the kind of propaganda that we have been hearing from the TPLF boses. There is no real federalism in that country. There is of course Tigriyan colonialism. This is the reality on the ground. This reality was created by TPLF. This reality also can be changed by our defiance. Why is that they can change reality on the ground to fit the TPLF agenda and somehow others can’t. You can speak to these people in a language they understand and that is force.When they talk about the progress that have been made they mean the progress their TIGRAY made. Who exactly are the prosperous people in the South? The same old Abyssinian core.They don’t have any thing to show for when it comes to the benefit of the people of the south. They have been lying about it of course while selling the peopl’s land and keeping the money to themselves. The people of the South were not in the plan to begin with and they were not the beneficiary of the plan be cause it was not meant for them to begin with. Spare us your TPLF PROPAGANDA. That country is only worth the quality of life the people in it live.

01/01/13 @ 14:04
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

“Who exactly are the prosperous people in the South? The same old Abyssinian core.They don’t have any thing to show for when it comes to the benefit of the people of the south.” Garo, ‘weta wetana endeshembeko, tenkebalele ende mukecha’ yetebalew lendante ayinetu new. don’t blame others for your own laziness.

I would like to add a few more points regarding the opposition’s take on the constitution. To begin with, I don’t really understand why Ato Ali has chosen to raise imperatives and ultimatums for the opposition as if there is a political sphere for the existence of a viable and functioning political party other than eprdf/woyane itself.

It is imperative on the opposition to have an honest and consistent opinion vis-à-vis the Ethiopian constitution. Do they accept this and try to make amendments to the constitution? Does this mean that they struggle to come to power through elections? Alternatively do they reject the constitution which means reject the very legitimacy of the government and try to overthrow it by other means which includes armed struggle? The constitution is a fact on the ground.

The truth of the matter is we don’t really have an opposition party in Ethiopia today for the simple reason that the ruling dictators have made it impossible. Woyanes made sure there is no viable opposition party in the country. This conceited and arrogant party has appointed or shall we say anointed itself the Awura political party in the country only because it has find it easy to institutionalize its theft of the ballot box and fill 99.6% of the parliament seats with its docile cadres. We had opposition parties that were willing to participate in the political process in the country peacefully, but we all know what happened to each and everyone of them. We know what happened to opposition political leader in the recent past and what is happening to them as we speak. Where is Andualem Arage? Where are Olbana Lelisa and Bekele Gerba? They are behind bars in Kaliti charged with terrorism and working with the separatist group olf. These individuals are peaceful political leaders who were dragged out of their office or house to prison cells. Ato Ali knows damn well they were not caught in a battle field fighting to topple the government and constitution, which he peculiarly and strangely calls a “fact on the ground".

First of all, we don’t really understand why tplf is calling olf separatist criminals when tplf itself is still a tribal separatist group as its name indicates. Article 39 in the constitution clearly enshrines the right for anyone or group to work for self determination or separation from the union, which is what olf and every other separatist group in the country demanding for. Therefore, even if Ato Olbana and Gerba had any political alliance with olf, it is really their constitutional right to do so. However, I am certain, the government did not present any shred of evidence for its allegations. In light of that fact, the only relevant fact on the ground, Ato Ali’s imperatives and ultimatums should have been directed to the ruling dictators who have been clearly violating what is enshrined in the political sacred book. Does eprdf/woyane respect its own constitution? Ato Ali knows it doesn’t, which means eprdf is a criminal group. The question that should be asked is then how do we deal with a criminal in the absence of an independent and functioning justice system.

With that said, when we do actually have an opposition party on the ground to talk about, we will address the issues Ato Ali directed to them. However, it is obvious that proposing amendments to an existing constitution is part of any politician’s responsibility. Which means, a politician struggling peacefully within the country don’t have agree with every bit of the constitution. S/he in fact has the right and responsibility, too, to propose new charters or amendments and eliminate those he/she politically disagrees with. Contrary to Ato Ali’s ridiculous belief, the constitution is not a fact on the ground. It is not written on the stone nor is it part of a natural law. Ethiopia’s existence does not depend on the existence of woyane’s anti-Ethiopia constitution either, but that is what the likes of Sibhat Nega likes us to believe. It is wide open for partial amendments or a complete overhaul. Therefore, a would be opposition party’s acceptance or rejection of woyane’s existing constitution, which evidently never fully accepted nor respected by woyane itself, is not a relevant question whatsoever. We don’t have opposition party to talk about right now simply because Woyanes never respected their own constitution. So Ato Ali, no more a misplaced and untimely question for a nonexistent opposition party.

01/01/13 @ 16:32
Comment from: Garo [Visitor]

Free member.
Since when has highway robbery become a hard work? only people like you who steal, rob the fruits of labor of the people can think this way. If it is just a hard work why don’t you show that in your part of the North. why do millions of your kind come to the South? I will say it again, to kill and rob. That is how it has always been. Even when something is built in your part of the north, it is always from result of the looting in the south.

01/01/13 @ 18:57
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

Garo, the south you are referring here like your personal property is a sovereign part of Ethiopia. As you may know, No part of Ethiopia is off limit to us, the “core Abyssinians or the Northerners", never was in history. The entire Ethiopia has been always ours as it is yours right now. Unlike Shiferaw Shigute, we do respect your right to travel to central and northern Ethiopia and work like the Gurages if you like, but if you can’t prosper in the South, you definitely wont survive in the north. So, keep complaining and blaming like the lazy we know u are.

01/01/13 @ 19:18
Comment from: Garo [Visitor]

Free. Listen to me and listen good.
I have no reason to go to the North. It has nothing to offer. Is it not why your people are in the South for the last hundred years, looting, killing, and raping women.Sure you invited your self to the resources of the South. There will come a time when it will be time for the likes of you to pack up and go.I say this not out of hatred but out of real politic. That is the only way we can have freedom and peace in the South. The Gurages are blood suckers like your people. They are not part of the real South they themselves are transplants in some areas and we will have issues with them. Yes the South is my property because I belong there you don’t.

01/01/13 @ 21:17
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

Garo, just to be clear, which part of Ethiopia are you calling South and who are those “real southerners” you are crying about? From your statements, i’m assuming it is somewhere south of moyale.

01/01/13 @ 21:51
Comment from: ager wedad diaspora [Visitor]
ager wedad diaspora

you are talking about how the northerners loot,rape,and more the south.any time my mom relating savagery to her conversations she uses the term “begalie gezie".she lives in the north west part of,don`t play victimism.

01/01/13 @ 22:47
Comment from: Garo [Visitor]

I am not playing victim I am just making factual statement.Let me give you some hint. Debre Berhan is part of the south. And I might add the Oromos can claim Raya and Azabo as their part and Part of Gojam too.And this is not a just a dream but a real work in progress. We will get there bro.

01/01/13 @ 23:36
Comment from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]

What does Ethiopia need? Really people, what?

What I see is, the need to start with the end of Tplf and Ethnic Federalism. Stop the hate. We need to do more to integrate Ethiopians, north south east and west, all Ethiopians not under a divisive rule based on ethnic groups but based on democratic rights. Respect people’s rights, get rid of article 39. 90 million people can NOT be land locked while they have a port that has been just given away. Get back Ethiopian territory Meles gave to the Sudan.

Enforce separation of powers. The politicians must NOT have power over the police and judiciary.

Above all respect peoples right to vote freely.

Well, that’s just me. What do you all think?????????

01/02/13 @ 00:25
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

hahaha, why did you stop at Raya? You have cousins in places as far as Barentu eritrea, moyale Kenya, Mennisota US of America, Oslo Norway and just about everywhere in the world including Antarctica if i may guess since migrating is what you are known for. In your shallow olfite imagination, every land you have sporadically invaded like a locust is no one’s but only yours to use. It is a well documented and recorded fact that you have arrived uninvited nameless and clueless to our country Ethiopia following the foot steps of your cows and you have been pushing and encroaching our backyard for five hundred years ever since. We have been where we are, and that includes everywhere Ethiopia including the long stretch between Bale and Wolega, for thousands of years. The evidence is imprinted not only in our history but also our DNA. Ethiopia, all of it, is ours and you should be thankful we were and still are willing, since nobility and decency runs in our blood, to share it with you, the newly arrived guest. For the sake of our common good, don’t fack that up!

01/02/13 @ 00:39
Comment from: Chemoga [Visitor]

You are one piece of work.You claim some part of Gojjam is!this is new.this is bold.did you say"we will get their bro"?oh well, it is good to know.

01/02/13 @ 10:34
Comment from: Garo [Visitor]

Take it easy bro.Discuss like civilized people do under the Gaddaa system and elect their leaders. This is nothing new to them. As to where we came from, we have always been there.We are the indigenous people of Africa. But according to your history that you wanted us to believe, your people came from the Arabian peninsula. You thought that will somehow make you white. Be cause in your people’s mind white meant superior. Until recently the History of your people was categorized not as an African History but as Asiatic.That is only because your people came from there? May be you can blame your leaders in the route they took. Now the chickens are coming home to roost. Have you been to Gojam? go to Bahirdar you will see Oromo farmers speaking their own language on market days. The whole west Gojam will surprise you.

01/02/13 @ 11:15
Comment from: [Member]


Magdalan Degitu

Let me refresh your memory.Ertra is an independant country and and ASSAB is in ERTRA.Habashstan was a landlocked country and will be a landlocked country.It is better to have cooperation with Etrta to use its port other wise there will be another indefinite war and this time OROMO and other oppressed people are not ready to die for ASSAB.

01/02/13 @ 11:46
Comment from: [Member]

Hagere ethiopia

ethnic federalism must come to an end and bring about a system where any Ethiopian can live, do business and be a part of the society in which he/she reside without race requirement.

Dear stop dreaming ethnic federalism is the best politic in ethiopia.Any ethiopia can live anywhere in ethiopia,if you want to work in oromia or somali state,in afar state no probleme,you have to speak afanorom,afan afar,afan somali.

Listen to the clevers man in ethiopia Sebhat Nega :the day ethnic federalism is dismantled there is no mora ethiopia,he is very wise man.

So dont believe those living in diaspora. Do you imagine the violence reaction of the gambella forces,the tigre forces,the oromo about 50 million forces,and all yhe others afar,ogaden,beshangul……

Meles best legacy

01/02/13 @ 12:12
Comment from: ay [Visitor]

Mr.Ali Belew’s well articulated piece made me rethink my position to give the undseved benefit of the doubt to EPRDF. But, no matter what, I am not convinced to a point where I can unfairly be appologetic to the regime who has a track record of brutality and decept.
The economic success that is talked about which benefits few selected supporters of the government and few ethnic tigreans is not be enough reason to give green light to the regime.

It is travesty of justice to think it is all right to kill and arrest any oppostion figure as long as there is “Progress". Do we have the moral authority to in a real sense be able to close our eyes and amplify talk no evil, see no evil hear no evil where evil is rampant and no end in sight ?

01/02/13 @ 12:19
Comment from: chemoga [Visitor]

As a matter of fact, I know the area very well.Some of the farmers in bahirdar speak agew and shinasha not oromo just write what some reckless foreign writer tells you to believe.nice try though.the oromo people are much much wiser than their so called “mehuran".

01/02/13 @ 12:29
Comment from: [Member]

“every land you have sporadically invaded like a locust is no one’s but”

Free,you know the true history of the conquest the first time about 120 year ago you invade the sout thanks to the weapon of the european,you know how you massacre the wolaita,the sidama,and the oromo people,colonisatin started with menelik. Your bla bla of 3000 history took place in Ayssinia or habashstan never in the lowland. Stop lying.

01/02/13 @ 12:32
Comment from: Garo [Visitor]

That’s your interpretation not mine. Market place is where people buy and sell and I know the North more than you think. People come from out side of our daily walking distance. For your information I have Oromo friends from Gojam. That may be new to you but that’s the reality. Do not believe all the crap about your History. Take it with some grain of salt. Winner side get to dictate the narrative, just like the Tigrians are doing it today.

01/02/13 @ 13:27
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

Here are retards reaping the benefit of multiculturalism in the west but demanding ethnic upheaval and strife, tribal segregation and discrimination, death and conflict in Ethiopia. They are intolerant pricks and uncivilized human wastes who do not deserve a place in the African desert Sahara or anywhere in the world let alone in America, one of the success stories of a multicultural and tolerant society. Dear retards, Ethiopia’s history is much more older than 120 years, but I know you want your migration into Ethiopia when she was at her weakest, due to Gragn’s devastating invasion, erased and forgotten. Of course, that is not going to happen. The fact is, like a scavenger, you took advantage of a debilitated and weakened country that you were vying and preying for God knows how long. Once the guards were down, you marched forward walking over the ruins of our burnt villages and churches. Your irregular and scattered settlement all over the highlands of Ethiopia is a testimony to your aimless migration into a civilized Abyssinian empire. That is why you have friends who claim to be indigenous in Gojam. In a few years, i am sure you will find others who would claim nativity to Dakota and Minnesota. That is how ridiculous your story sounds. We have an entire zone in the so called Amara Killil full of Oromos living side by side with everyone around peacefully. Have you ever heard of the name Kemise? I went to the middle of Menz recently and found people speaking Oromigna. Does that mean they are natives to Gojam, Wollo and Shewa Or Bale, Hararghe, Ilibabur and Wollega for that matter? It just shows how tolerant and civilized we are. Yes you are indigenous africans, but so are nigerians and that is not the point. I went to Awasa, Nazret, Jimma, Arbaminch and other towns in the south and found people speaking Amarigna. You saw people speaking Oromgna in Bahirdar? what a discovery hahaha. Of course, I know Gojam and it is one of the most favorite places of mine in the country. As one commentator mentioned above, we have Dangila, Enjibara and other towns inhabited by the Awi Agaws. There are pockets of villages with the oromo community. That is nothing surprising. If you know the geography of the North and central Ethiopia as you claimed, the Shewa that was incorporated into the so called oromia region[they call it southern shewa] and Gojam with Efrem Tamiru’s hometown Dejen[there is a reason why the town is named dejen] at the boarder are separated only by the Abay gorge. Therefore, it is not surprising we have oromo farmers selling and buying in BahirDar for the reasons i mentioned above and also simply because Gojam is part of their country just like Dilla is. If you start asking however, the question that needs to be answered is what the hell are you doing in the middle of America? will you say i’m indigenous to this land and native to the country just because you happen to own a land or rented an apartment? What the hell your friends are doing in the middle of wollo, moyale, barentu and as far as Minnesota? Most of all, why the fack you don’t want the benefit of tolerance and multiculturalism to Ethiopians? Are you not benefiting from it in others’ country? Stop daydreaming about DebireBirhan, and keep the possible costs of your stupidity just to yourself, please.

01/02/13 @ 14:59
Comment from: Garo [Visitor]

Speaking like neftegna. I am surprised you are not claiming the sun rises and sets only for your sake. You see your people’s history has been to go to places and claim that it is yours and others are new comers. In all places you mentioned your people’s presence was preceded by wars of genocide. You know your hero Menelik was genocidal maniac. Look, we are only trying to do the right thing. Your people only want multiculturalism on their terms and it usually means your people at the top. I understand I hit your panic button. Like you said the Oromos you saw in those places are at home and you are the intruder. Nothing will change this fact.The smartest thing to do for your people is to admit to the crimes that were committed against the people in the South. And then we can talk about our share of the pie if we choose that arrangement.But that’s only for us to decide not you on our behalf.

You talk about our people coming to America as uniquely ours and something bad when your people go to Israel claiming to be Jewish when they are not. How many of your people came to the US claiming to be persecuted Oromos? You know I can go on, but like my people say HA BULTU DUBBIIN! Let me tell you about gragn Mohammed. If you get a chance to go to Gonder go to Debre Berhan Sellassie and try to get in to where the Tabot is, you will see his picture on the ceiling as devil pulling a camel. So I know you hate him. How ironic that what gragn did was the same thing that Menelik did and if you ask the muslims they will tell you he unified the country. But like I said you think your history only counts.

01/02/13 @ 19:29
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

I have no remorse for the death of Meles. He was brilliant yes but he was too narrow minded and a stooge of the west. We now have another stooge Hailemariam.

Now, history is in the eyes of the beholder. I am not going to on but I was surprised that the Amhara of Pennsylavania really deeply felt sorry for the death of Meles. Why? Amhara tend to be correct when they should not be. They excessively show naivety. Why Amhara only want unity while most of the ethnics even Gurage do not want to be led by a unified Ethiopia where Laws are not respected. Now, let me say this. What did Meles do?

1. Borrow money and build some high skyline buildings.

2, Borrow money and build hospitals.

3. Invite investors and rent it cheap and produce some rice.

But is that what we expect compared to Kenya? Why we Ethiopians compare our leaders from our own savages? I disagree that “we lack inherent ability to be governed democratically". However, I disagree with “fitawrari” the owner of this website when he said Ethiopia has a long history of democracy or state. We don’t have to have long history. Americans did not have long history of democracy. It was undemocratic until 1965 and still has a long way to go. Now, we Ethiopians have no history of living in peace let alone democracy. We are ruled by very narrow minded Kings. They feel threatened by every kind of revolt. We passed through a violent history. We had no peace makers but war makers. Copts in general did not give us a framework to live together, to be compassionate to others and to stretch hands for peace. It is better to be arrogant and abusive and that is a show of magnanimity. Unless we start to write real history we will always remain victims of our past.

Meles did not lift Ethiopia even one grade up in the rank of poverty among the nations We are not even better by any standard even compared to the lawless Somalis, or the Kenyans or Djibouti. Meles sent our troops into Sudan and Somalia and may be more to other countries at the expense o our poor people and he gets paid in the form of commissions and aids. Meles has made Ethiopians less safe and more at risk of clashes. Within the last 21 years he drew Ethiopia into three Wars, one of his own making against Eritrea which he voluntarily gave up to another tyrant Essayas. We still continue to pay inside Sudan and Somalia. We will continue to bleed. Now, with these criteria alone Meles will be the most criminal of all our leaders. His media is one of the most irresponsible false propagating machine.

He divided Ethiopia so they can not continue to live based on religion and ethnic federalism. He knew that Ethiopians love both of these identities as part of their Ethiopians. It is a common culture among Amhara that a person after death gets some more sympathy than when he was alive. so, we tend to exaggerate some of the deeds that were done by the deceased. Meles benefits from that.

By any means Ethiopia is unlucky. It is always exposed to brutal leaders who believe in armed struggle. I wish we did not have to do that and change things through peaceful demonstrations. Through peaceful leaders. But this is a slim chance. Will Wayane leave the army? This is where Meles will come into play. He set it up so that the country does not come to its peaceful road.

The only way I see is armed resistance. Fellows things are getting worse not better.

We are one of the most retarded nation because our leaders are ethnocentric or egocentric.

I believe in ethnic federalism but not Meles way. We need to offer major languages to be taught at different areas. If Oromo moves to Amhara region, he need to be taught one official language in his area so that he does not feel that he has to study another language. Oromos need to keep their language but they should also not be at a disadvantage when they move to other places to from having to start all over again.

I simply say that there are many ways to live together without losing identity.

01/02/13 @ 20:38
Comment from: Garo [Visitor]

I go further North,like Gonder where the kemant are the majority in Gonder zuria and Chilga.They want to have their rights too. Your place is Amara Sa-int in Wollo. The rest are the fruits of invasion. By the way do you know the term wollo is an Oromo term. Wollo in Oromo History is a branch of one of the oromo clan. Today’s wollo is the creation of Yohannes, another genocidal maniac. Another history lesson is queen Workitu who helped Menelik escape from detention under Tewedros was an oromo and she was from Wollo. What rubbish are you guys talking about. We are all over the map because we are big people and we need to be respected. Don’t mess with us.

01/02/13 @ 20:59
Comment from: Minyaregal [Visitor]

Ali below, you have a right to cheat youself, but you can’t cheat others. You are a Woyane apologist, plain and simple. Moreover, no where did you raise about the phenomenal moment in Ethiopian history: the 2005 Election, other than to falsely claim that Ethiopians were disappointed by the leadership of the Opposition! What a hutzpah! Also, Berhanu Nega is a democratically elected leader of Ethiopia and he is not someone to be criticized by a chat-chewing fake scholar like yourself.

01/02/13 @ 22:19
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

Yes, speaking like a true Abyssinian and a neftegna if u like. There is nothing we are obliged to admit or apologize. What Emiye Minilik did in the past to secure his country’s territory and exert his authority is nothing different to what the English, Chinese, Mongolians, Japanese, Greece, Russians, Persians, Romans, Ottomans and all other kingdoms have done in the past within and outside their country. As a perennial migratory animal, you however would never know the art of nation building. You rather continue crying victim and claiming or cursing the history and territories of others. You have dismissed and denied the Gurage’s place in the South while showing generosity in awarding more than half of the Amara territory including our epicenter Gojam to the oromos. Your highness, what shall we offer and sacrifice in your honor to receive the same kind of generosity:)) from you? What a retard. You have also denied the Jewishness of the Felashas or Kailas as they were known around us, is that because they are of the black race? Why don’t you tell gragn ahmed he isn’t a muslim since he isn’t an arab? So far, you have been making one rubbish argument after another with ease just like that. Lets say we agreed an oromo queen from wello by the name of workitu did rescue Minilik, but why? Why would she rescue the son of an “intruder"? Intruder is what you have just called his kinds. Wait a minute here, did you say an oromo queen? An oromo ruler? I thought you were complaining about oppression. :)) Ere esun ersaw, who were Minilik’s best soldiers in his campaign of exerting authority and security in the south? Were they not the oromo themselves? :)) I know you are going to say those are not oromos, just like your take on the Gurages, as if your lowly opinion is required to validate anything. The truth of the matter is, since your arrival to Ethiopia, you had your hands everywhere both in the good and the bad. Therefore, your eyey that is borne out of deep seated inferiority complex cannot be a valid reason to incite ethnic strife from afar nor it can give you the sole ownership of a land within Ethiopia. You have also raised the issue of the Qemant in and around Gonder. The Qemant are a member of the Agew family, which is where part of my ancestors are from. Their nativity to northern Ethiopia puts them at the center of the Abyssinian empire. They are proud and dignified Ethiopians who never resort to playing victim to solve their political differences or issues with others. In short the history of Ethiopia is the history of the Agews. Beside Gonder, do you know where the Agews live as well? Wollo! When they were at the pinnacle of power during the Zagwe dynasty before they transfer it willfully and peacefully to the descendants of the Axumites in Tigray, they have built the churches in Lasta Lalibela, wollo. That happened a good six or so hundred years before your arrival to anywhere in Ethiopia including wollo.:)) When gragn ahmed started moving to central Ethiopia in the 16th century, it was a HageregeZ or Shum from Wag, an Agew, the King in Gonder has assigned to fight first the islamist invader. Therefor, tell me something i don’t know about like where were you during the Gragn invasion, because your name never been mentioned anywhere, not even in one history book written by foreigners or locals, during that time. We do have accounts about the Somalis, the Adal, the Hararis, the Turks but no where to be found about u. Could it be because you didn’t have a name back then? :)) That is partly true, but the main reason is, you never were around. Go head and give me an alternative stupid explanation like usual if i am not right. With that said, you are one inferiority complex ridden village idiot who cannot speak for himself let alone for the millions of southern Ethiopians who belong to different ethnic groups. Your contempt to the Gurages and Abyssinians will lead you only to misery, nothing else. You have only one option here, which is accepting your place in the country and learn how to live with others. That is your only choice. The multiculturalism you went searching and now enjoying in America is equally good for Ethiopians in Ethiopia. I will just ignore the rest of your garbage

01/02/13 @ 23:46
Comment from: Garo [Visitor]

I thought it was Sahileselaase who conspired with the church to end the Zague Dynasty and he was from Shewa according to your history. As to Menelik he was a kid before he turned monster. She was trying to save the kid from the bigger monster. And the kemant people don’t consider themselves Agaw. How do I know that? because I know Chilga and I know Gonder. As to us the Oromos, no amount of empty Fukara can stop us and you know that. you see the idea of multicultural and multiethnic Ethiopia does not work with the Abyssinians at the top because they never change.

01/03/13 @ 00:18
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

Garo, just a fool. Stop talking about something u don’t know such as the Qemants, who are 100% Agews. Instead answer the questions i raised regarding yourself? Of course, you don’t know. All you have is a fairytale and empty threats resulted from your deep seated inferiority complex. I repeat it again, there is nothing for us to admit or apologize. We embrace and glorify our visionary and brilliant king Emiye Minilik who is also the pride of the black race. Your irrelevant and stupid opinion does not amount to anything. You will continue to cry and migrate even if we give you power on a sliver platter. That is what you are good for. For instance, a southerner has a good opportunity on his hand right now to bring about a much needed change in the country, but he has relegated low and accepted to play the role of a puppet. We cannot give him the brain or the leadership qualities needed to truly control power other than the opportunity. The opportunity has accidentally presented itself to Ato Hailemariam, but he seemed incapable of truly seizing it. Who are you going to blame for that? Should we start governing on his behalf so that you wont be crying victim once again when he eventually loss it all?

Eternal Glory to the King of Kings Emye Minilik of Abyssinia/Ethiopia!

01/03/13 @ 01:10
Comment from: Garo [Visitor]

I repeat! Qemant is not Agaw. You want that because you want to make your Agaw demographically relevant. Because you have an Agaw guy in the name of Demeke. And what exactly is his job? Oh! I forgot serving his Tigrian boses. Did it ever occur to you that it was your Amhara area that surrendered to the TPLF without much fight. But you do remember it was the AMBO Oromos who put up fierce resistence against Woyanes for many days before they realised the so called leader has left the country. I wonder how some people’s memories are very selective.

01/03/13 @ 16:19
Comment from: Gragn ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn  ahmed

qimantes don’t consider or at least call themselves as Agaw as much as Belen of Eritera don’t consider themselves as Agaws. We, however, are talking about different things. Genetically they are kins, culturally and linguistically as well.

However, socially they are very far aprat, so fitawrari is making a gross assumption when he called qimantes who like Tewodros never associated with Agaws of Gojjam or Wollo. There is a saying in Gondar that says “Agew libu zeten simentun debeko andun achweten". Well, we know this does not mean for Agaws. The word Agaw has lost its meaning in Gondar. It is still applied only in Gojjam and Wollo. I hope this helps you.

So, Garo is right on the issue of perception of Qimantes. Recently they asked for their own recognition in Gondar but they were denied. I believe Weyto people are the same here but lost their ancestral Agaw but I have do more research on that. Like seltes and guragaes I would say Qimantes and Agaws can be viewed in that same level. They are close more than any tribe but they are still distinct in their psyches.

ON Menelik II I also am at variance with fitawrari. Menelik II was very coward against Yohanness IV. He used booties from Oromo and enslaved them as their soldiers. An Oromo working under Amhra dominant empire does not make it Oromo. You also are not happy with Oromos as such so your argument against Garo does not seem to hold on your neutrality. Menelik II did more to the South than any other King. For that I will not take Menelik II as a gallant King. simply too much to ignore against his cruelty of the South.

I don’t deny his Ethiopianes though. Mengestu or Haileselasie oppressed all of our people but Menelik II was a South hater. If an Oromo was among his soldiers why would an Oromo march against an Oromo to make them learn Amharic? Give up on Oromoina and etc…? Simply those were his puppets as Hailemaraim was a puppete of Tigres.

Thus, I will never ever forget how Oromos were killed by Menelik II and how Somalis and Southern people were tramped by his misadventure. I will never ever forgive him for selling Djibouti and for letting Eritreans go away.

01/03/13 @ 17:30
Comment from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]

Hello MoMo,

mohammad [Visitor]
Hagere ethiopia

Yo, momo… this is not a dream. It has been that for hundreds of years before the Meles regime. It is a reality. We can not be drawn on any map as ethnic groups but Ethiopians. The ethnic division will end but ethnic equality will continue as a nation of people based on democratic rights.

You are either misinformed or you are dumb on purpose like the woyane cadres. Ethnic federalism is the worst system for Ethiopia based on how the tplf leadership is using it to its end. Someone is lying to you dude. if you are Oromo, try and move to Tugray or the Amhara zone and see, if you are an Amhara, try and let me know after they throw you over a cliff and you survive.

You said, “Any ethiopia can live anywhere in ethiopia,if you want to work in oromia or somali state,in afar state no probleme,you have to speak afanorom,afan afar,afan somali..”

So, if I am a gurage and have business everywhere, I have to learn to speak, Oromo, Amhara, Tigre, Somali, Afar on and on.. well, you know what that does to the business, Momo?

That is why nations have a working language. Ethiopia has a national language, a working language. Just because the Tplf idiots hate Amhara and blame amhara for the nation they built which the tplf is robbing blind now, they blame Amharic for having people communicate better. That is all. It is not supremacy, it is communicating with each other.

Now, if a guy from Somali got a better job offer in Addis, is he going to hire a translator cause, I doubt Addis folk can hardly speak Somali.

Dude, Sebhat Nega is a bigot. He is a shit head shabia ashker. He is a moronic idiot who wants to see us divided. What better way than Ethiopians inability to communicate?

“.. Listen to the clevers man in ethiopia Sebhat Nega :the day ethnic federalism is dismantled there is no mora ethiopia, he is very wise man..”

You probably need to go out a bit and deal in reality Mo. You seem to lack street smarts to believe what Sebhat Nega says. And I do not want to shock you bro but.. I am the diaspora and the only legacy Meles left Ethiopians is ethnic hate. So Momo, snap out of it.. you stop dreaming.

01/03/13 @ 19:58
Comment from: Garo [Visitor]

I know Who does not like ethnic federalism and I know why too. Because it is a game changer. The Oromo or southern issue is not about no federalism but about more ethnic federalism. The TPLF did not allow the people to exercise their rights and govern them selves. Your problem is that if people use their rights like it is stated in the constitution then the Abyssinians will not have the privilege they are enjoing right now.The TPLF knows that federalism is a smoke screen. They never meant it to work. Your problem of course is they took all the goody goodies away from you. Do not worry about my dream. I know you worry too much about your worst nightmare, us!

On the question of language, I agree with you we need a working language. And I choose English.Amharic For Amharas and Oromiffa for oromos and every other ethnic groups their own languages like wise.

01/03/13 @ 21:13
Comment from: Realty [Visitor]

Very interesting to read. I like that your group accepted their identity of being amhara. Let’s be fair Ethiopia does not mean amhara. Most of the people who oppose our best leader melese are from your ethnic and there is one and one only reason. They are angry that he out preformed the entire Amhara leader we had in Ethiopia all put together. Please accept who you are and the portion of the country that belongs to you. I am proud to be from Somali state of Ethiopia (DDSI).

01/04/13 @ 11:49
Comment from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]

Ok, so now you are God? Is that how you know? Again, this has nothing to do with ethnicity. It is what makes sense, it is what works. I will say it again, I am not supporting or opposing any ethnic group, I’m in opposition to the TPLF leadership. I am not a product of one single ethnic group, my ethnic make up is more representing of the three that number more. Amharic is Ethiopia’s national language dude, not English and all the ethnic groups can and will keep their languages. In fact, the temehert minister shall include Oromigna and Tigrigna in the school curriculum in every corner of Ethiopia.

from: Garo [Visitor]
I know Who does not like ethnic federalism and I know why too.

**Dude, you do not know jack so, put a lead on it.

Yes and lets not forget Amhara is part of Ethiopia too. It is an ethnic group the Tplf leadership refers to as “dead and buried” I would stand up for any Ethiopian not to be dead and buried, I am surprised you are not and yet claim to be Ethiopian. You have no idea how wrong you are of only the Amhara opposing the best dictator Ethiopia had ever had. ONLF is not Amhara, OLF is not amhara. In truth the one Ethnic group that does not have a so called liberation movement will be it. Not that matters but I am 1/4 Amhara so the rest of me stands up for those who suffer under Tplf as did the whole of me for those who suffered under Derg.

Who are the Amhara leaders you talk of that Meles out performed? Atse Tewodros, Yohanes, Minilik, Hileselassie, or Mengistu? It is statistically ridicules to compare anyone other than Mengistu here. And Mengistu was not AMHARA, neiter was Haileselassie. That leaves Tewodros and Minilik dude.. then is not now and 2 out of three is not a bad ratio. But we know who the pride of the black race is, don’t we? We know who will be considered as the greatest leader of all times, don’t we? Is it the one who united the nation or divided it? As for economic comparison, Derg was a leadership under war.. all the time. It did not enjoy the wests’s donation of billions and relative peace the Tplf leadership enjoys. In fact, you guys have done not as much as you should. Okay then…

You said you know who I am? No you do not. I am an Ethiopian without bias. I do not belong to any ethnic group but Ethiopia. The problem with people like you woyanes is, you base your legitimacy by the division of the ethnics and by creating a common enemy. It is called shabianism. Find a common enemy, categorize all under that enemy. In the case of Tplf and its whorish sister Eplf, it is the AMHARA. Guys, that will not work anymore because as mr Sebhat said, Amhara is “dead and buried,” and the time for that has died with Meles the ethnic hater. What Tplf has succeeded in doing is create irreparable damage to Ethiopia by blaming the Amhara ethnics and fightring to secede Eritrea, while creating another dominating ethnic group. The Tigre. But this time, everyone has guns. It is a bad time for Ethiopia becaust Tplf is cracking down on anyone who has an opinion. Hence the “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” JFK

There is Somalia the country and there is Harerge, the keflehager. You seem to be confused by the Tplf idiots concept of Ethnic Federaldividethem, reality. Sooner you get back to reality…


Realty [Visitor]
Very interesting to read. I like that your group accepted their identity of being amhara. Let’s be fair Ethiopia does not mean amhara. Most of the people who oppose our best leader melese are from your ethnic and there is one and one only reason. They are angry that he out preformed the entire Amhara leader we had in Ethiopia all put together. Please accept who you are and the portion of the country that belongs to you. I am proud to be from Somali state of Ethiopia (DDSI).

01/04/13 @ 18:53
Comment from: Garo [Visitor]

Not all oppositions are the same. Different groups in Ethiopia oppose the TPLF for different reasons. Most of the Southerners’ opposition stems from the fact that the TPLF is not living up to its promise. The country is still an Empire ruled by the descendant of Yohannes.

It is perfectly legitimate to voice your concern just like the Russians may be concerned for the significant numbe of their people who are in Ukraine.You know they lived together for three hundred years, but that did not give them the right to deny the Ukrainians their freedom. All they could ask for was how their people can live in peace in the new country.

I am surprised when some people bring the Somalis in to the Ethiopian internal politics. It is an international politics from the colonial era that was not finished. You know Ogaden will be gone some day. Do you really believe others will stay with what is left after that. My friends, watch Ogaden. when it is gone the rest is gone. Just look at the map of today’s Ethiopia and see what I am talking about. That is why everybody should fight for itself because the Ogaden will be gone someday.

01/04/13 @ 20:43
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

The fool still running his mouth. Dude, the statement ‘ogaden will be gone someday’ is a bad speculation from a very bad speculator. When is that someday coming? The sun and the solar system will be gone someday, too :)). oh wait wait, Jesus Christ will return someday too. Forget Ethiopia losing Ogaden, even our renegade province Artera will be back to the union. The entire eastern Africa will be economically, socially and politically much more integrated. I know woyane’s defeatist and self destructive policy of ethnic federalism has empowered the separatist village idiots like yourself, but just like feudalism and red-terror, it will cease to exist before you know it. Further more, your case is nothing similar to the case of the Ukrainians. Unlike the Ukrainians in the former USSR, You are a guest to the land you are occupying now and the country, Ethiopia, you despise so much. There is no such a thing as oromo land within Ethiopia. There never was. Even the name oromo itself was created a few decades ago. And, there never will be an independent state called oromia, but we can have an endless war if you want. That is the only thing you can get from us if you stubbornly persist with your stupidity. There is only one choice for an unhappy and ungrateful immigrant like you, leave the host country, in this case Ethiopia, and go back to where ever s/he come from. With that said, since the qemant case is still up, let me say a few words.

You all know how gragn ahmed considers himself more arab than the emir in Saudi. Let say, he was caught by fbi harboring terrorist activity in America and dropped somewhere in the arabic desert. After realizing where he has landed, gragn was of course very much happy. He was thinking fuck America, i will be a much happier man in this land of Allah and the Wahabis, my Arab brothers and sisters. He was also happy to know he has his eritrean id in his pocket. After a long arduous walk, he was stopped by boarder guards when he was to enter one of the Arab countries. Gragn was very quick to demonstrate his thick arabic… the guards cut him short and after quickly studying his face one of them asked if gragn is Ethiopian. Of course, like all brainwashed eritreans and muslims, he said no, and added “i’m eritrean and an Arab". you WHAT????? shouted the arab guard. “yes, look the Arabic writings in my id, eh, i am an arab and and and the citizen of Islam and Allah, look my jelebia, my dyed beard ye’alahhh…., shut up you migratory stupid black man, and some tifi and ergicha. Man, he said with utter dismay, damn u isayas and shabia, were they been always wrong telling us we are as arab as the Qataris, he wondered, miserably. And, it hit him on the head, that he always will be a black african man to the arabs or anyone else with any of the world’s ideologies, no matter what kind of supper power he submits himself to, what ideology he adheres to, what language he speaks to…. The moral of the story is,,,

when it comes to identity, most of the time, it is what others perceive and think of us that matters and counts, not what we think of ourselves. Garo the secessionist retard might have encountered and befriended with a Qimant who does not consider himself Agew (not surprising here, birds of the same feather fly together), but the entire Ethiopia and world knows his friend, the qimant, and the entire Qimant community as Agew. It is in the history books. The very reason they are allegedly demanding their own woreda or zone tells that they are somehow different from the gonderes. If you are not Tigre or Amara or Kunama or Afar or Erob.. in northern Ethiopia, and you are a native there, there is nothing else for you but Agew. Qemants are 100% Agew. How do i know, because there are still people who speak the language and one can very easily tell it is of the same family with the awi,himta/himra and blen. None of the Agewugna languages are exact the same, actually they are mostly very different. An agaw from wollo cannot have a meaningful conversation with an agaw from gojam or keren. I am sure the same is true in the case of Qemant. A little bit of googeling will lead you to papers written by Qemants themselves testifying their true background, Agew. But, that is not what Garo is after. is it garo? He does not care about the Qemant’s back ground. All he care about is how different they are from the Amaras in Gonder, and he is hoping that will divide the people there and weaken pro Ethiopians and Ethiopia so that he can take advantage of it to fully murder our country. Garo the olf retard, don’t be mistaken, in the face of an anti-Ethiopian enemy, they, those you calling the core Abyssinians and many more other Ethiopians who share their dream and aspiration, are always united, has been always for thousands of years. How do you think we succeed to maintain our civilization? Garo the fool, you will be defeated and exiled to wherever you come from. I hope u know it where.

01/05/13 @ 00:21
Comment from: Garo [Visitor]

It seems there is something you don’t know about the the people you are talking about. Yes there are Agaws in Gonder, Agaws in Wollo and Agaws in Gojam. But Qimants are not Agaws. Their languages are diiffernt. The Qimants dont have their own language anymore. I think their language is dead. But I also know they still have their identity intact.

At this time and history we can with a degree of certainty say that the question of where oromo country is past this or any other discussion. The world knows where Oromo land is. It is only a retard like you who doesn’t accept reality until it smacks him in his face that is having hard time.

As far as the Ogaden issue is concerned, the break up will be sooner than you think. Let me ask you this! How many Somalis do you see at any Ethiopian gathering? How many of the Ethiopian opposition groups have Somalis in them? Can you name some Somalis that are with the unity side? I don’t think so. The people who sing one Ethiopia song themselves don’t call the Soamlis to a large gathering because they know they will lough at them and they are not going to come?

As to the integration of economic regions you seem to forget one big factor and that it is the union of free states. This is a negotiated and agreed up on union which you can never have in Ethiopia under the prevailing circumstances . On the other hand you see even in democracies where groups wrights are not protected people keep looking for a different arrangement. We can look at the issues of Ireland. And I believe the Scottish people also have something on their minds. The Catalan issue is also something that remind people like you even if a country can claim to be developed and democratic, group issues may still exist. Quebec in Canada is another example. Ethiopia can not even remotely come close when it comes to the right of individuals or groups.Your people are still in medieval frame of mind and I suspect you too bro.

01/05/13 @ 02:46
Comment from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]

Garo [Visitor],

Well dude, Ethiopians as a whole are against Tplf and all the others who think like you. We are not Russia and the Ogaden is no Ukrain. Those who chose Somalia over Ethiopia are welcome to go live in Mogadishu. No problemo.

It is the map you spoke of that is backfiring on Woyane therefore it not being the Ethiopia Ethiopians want, it will be redrawn back to where it was when woyane waltz in to Addis. The 14 kefle Hagers of Ethiopia will be as they were once, free of Ethnic division.

You said “Can you name some Somalis that are with the unity side? I don’t think so. The people who sing one Ethiopia song themselves don’t call the Soamlis to a large gathering because they know they will lough at them and they are not going to come?..”

I say all they have to do is just walk across the border.. go back to Somalia and that will be that. Somalia for Somalians, Ethiopia for Ethiopians. Problem solved.

The Ogaden, it is an area in Harerge Keflehager. Get familiar with the term. It is a small part of ethiopia on which Ethiopia is NOT based. It has been over 21 years and Ethiopia has survived the secession of Eritrea, a major portion of Ethiopia. So, know that Ogaden is quite irrelevant for the outcome of what Ethiopia is to be after Tplf. I will tell you Ethiopia will become greater than what Tplf has made her to be and Somalia will be the same old lawless land, which by the way, you should go to and join alshebab or alqeda and we will come kill you as the terrorist you are.


Garo [Visitor]
“.. Not all oppositions are the same. Different groups in Ethiopia oppose the TPLF for different reasons…

That is why everybody should fight for itself because the Ogaden will be gone someday..”

01/05/13 @ 18:41



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