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Ethiopia: Response to Dula Abdu's July 23 article on



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Ethiopia: Response to Dula Abdu's July 23 article on

Ethiopia: Response to Dula Abdu's July 23 article on

Letter to the Editor:
In his response to our article, The Oromo and the War on Terror in the Horn of Africa published by Al Jazeera, Dula Abdu makes several claims we would like to address. To provide some context, our article is an opinion piece featuring material drawn from the book The Thistle and the Drone: How America’s War on Terror Became a Global War on Tribal Islam (Brookings Institution Press, 2013). In the book, we examine 40 case studies involving various peoples and their often-difficult interactions with central governments, and how these conflicts were interpreted through the frame of anti-terrorism following the 9/11 attacks. For each case study we provide a brief historical and cultural background in the hope of contributing to understanding and knowledge. Our Oromo piece was the seventeenth article written for Al Jazeera drawing from The Thistle and the Drone, each focusing on a different case study.

In his response, Mr. Abdu suggests that the ultimate aim of our work is in fact to destabilize Ethiopia by sowing discord between its religious communities at the behest of the government of Egypt in an effort to halt the construction of a Nile dam project. We can assure Mr. Abdu that neither of us have any relationship with Egypt, or with Al Jazeera—which Mr. Abdu suggests is also involved—aside from contributing opinion pieces like so many other authors. Mr. Abdu also argues the casualty figures we cite from 19th century conflicts are incorrect and that “some believe this is part of the propaganda to destabilize and saw the seeds of division as envisioned by the Egyptian government." For the full source citations of these and all references found in our article and the other articles we have written for Al Jazeera drawing from the book, we would encourage Mr. Abdu to consult The Thistle and the Drone.

Finally, Mr. Abdu identifies himself as being from a southern Ethiopian family, and criticizes our use of history in the piece, stating “we have issues that are more pressing on hand.” We will note that this article, and The Thistle and the Drone, has sparked a constructive debate featuring a variety of different voices and opinions. One comment on the Al Jazeera article presenting an alternative Oromo view, for example, reads: “I would like to thank Ambassador Akbar Ahmed and Frankie Martin for this insightful, educated, and well researched article…I read the article in detail and I was amazed at how these two scholars put a short summary of my people.”

We welcome the opportunity to respond to Mr. Abdu and hope that this will help clarify the points that he raised. The objective of this article and The Thistle and the Drone is to, through scholarship and research, contribute to a greater understanding of the “war on terror” so peace, harmony, pluralism, and inclusion may be achieved in the nations that have become involved in it.

Akbar Ahmed and Frankie Martin
American University


Comment from: Mamush [Visitor]

Dear Nazret Editor:

Why are you posting stories that foment this kind of Ethnic garbage? What’s your point exactly? Who are these people that are writing this articles? Can their identity be verified by credentialed journalists working in this country? If not, don’t you think you have responsibility (perhaps duty) to be upfront with your readers? Or is it the editors are the authors themselves? A valid query that may not be far fetched? There is nothing wrong with it except transparency? My advise is delete this shit. Otherwise, be prepared to defend it in a very public manner that may open up for you a can of worms. Just as a reminder it’s 2013 not 2007. Times have changed, please change with it, or you will be changed by it.

07/25/13 @ 19:23
Comment from: Ali Roble [Visitor]
Ali Roble

What is all the fuss? This article is scholarly, far and balanced to the point. I can see lot hating, name-calling,paranoia, conspiracy, cursing and nauseating argument on the part of Habasha hard-liners and & co.

There is no doubt whether Minelik slaughtered and enslaved many nationalities including Oromos, Somalis, Afars, Sidamos and with the help of western colonial arsenal and with local collaborators, who were exclusively were amharized and forcefully baptized Oromo from Shewa and northern regions.

There was extensive damage,killing , maiming and robbing of their resources as western sources well documented and coached the genocide at the time. Case in point is when Minelik armed with of weapons from French laid sierge in the old city of Harar and the Somali region. This was led by Mekonning Gugsa and ruthless Mercinary general of Syrian/Armanain origin. One of my great uncles desperately escaped from the brutal attach to coastal area.

acknowledging, not pooling under the carpet, of such past injustice and will help in advancing recon. and healing process of the different communities.It would be of excercise of futility to think otherwise,

Al jezeera or not, There are binding international rules and norms when it come riparian (shared river water resources) issues treaties and the Nile water is not different. Such treaties are constantly updated and renegotiated among concerned nation and the Nile different. There thousands of rivers criss-crossing many nation around world and there are ways and means to solve disagreement over water resources. I wouldnt be surprised if the woyane regime is using this issue as a wedge issue shore up support from narrow-minded nationalist crowd to prolong its survival.

07/25/13 @ 20:22
Comment from: Qebenna [Visitor]

The armed struggle was conducted in order to achieve peace, harmony, pluralism and inclusion. Every honest Ethiopia observer will tell you that is what was achieved in Ethiopia.
Every nation and nationality is administrating itself including the Oromo, their questions were answered. In Ethiopian constitution you don’t mix religion and politics. In the federal system the Oromiya administration gets the largest portion of the federal budget because of its’ population size.
The reason Ethiopia’s economy is one of the fastest is due to its good security and peace and harmony. There is nothing outside enemies can do and Ethiopians know that.

07/25/13 @ 21:04
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

“To provide some context, our article is an opinion piece featuring material drawn from the book…”

Akbar Ahmed and Frankie Martin, what are you two exactly teaching or studying in that a university of banality? I hope it has nothing to do with analytical history. If your confused and fabricated articles at Al jazeera and here at nazret indicate anything, it would be your excessive timidity on researching, analyzing, understanding and reporting history. You are absolutely bad at it, not even good enough to cover up the religious bias and ulterior motive in your article. And yet, to give weight to your rubbish that would never make it let say on Washington Post’s website or any academic journal with a good standing, you added the name American University at the end. Unlike al jazeera and its herds, we were not impressed. What you have posted on the pan arabist news website is nothing more than an opinion piece, which you have admitted here. It is an overly bended opinion that could not be mended or reformed by “a featured material drawn from a book". What kind of book constitutes any of the material we saw in that article of yours? A truly bad one, if i may answer. I bet you shamelessly claim your book is a scholarly work resulted from arduous academic research and analysis. I am just wondering whether American university is the other name of Guantanamo Bay? It is hard to believe a team of academicians with unlimited access to information can write an article as bad as like yours.

07/25/13 @ 21:19
Comment from: Ethiopiawinet [Visitor]

Dear nazret Editor:

Why only Amhara tribe who ruled the country for a century with discrimination shy of facts on the ground. They try to bury anything that exposes their past crimes.

This is history, this is fact, try to swallow the bitter truth. Truth always sour to swallow it.
If you accept your past crimes nothing wrong. We will fix the future by taking lessons from the past.

Akbar Ahmed and Frankie Martin
Please, please we need more of this in the future.
Thank you for letting us our hidden history in 21st century.

In the mean time we will burg feudal remnants who are fanatic, extremist rigid Coptics mentality from our country.

07/25/13 @ 21:24
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Which part of the article you believe is distorted Mr Know it all, fitawrari?

As usual your nerve suffers beyond repairable damage when something to your liking is not written. Who is your reference for Ethiopia history? who is the reference for the history of Islam or Oromo? To the bewilderment of any honest Ethiopia, the so called chronicles of Ethiopia, the Kibre negest, made no mention of the most significant event in the history of Islam, the Hijra or migration of the disciples of Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him. As usual your references are such very bestial pedophilic priests of the Orthodox church who are very biased and discriminatory. Which part of the history of Ethiopia is true? What do we know about the real face of Menelik II?

Instead of arguing for the substance you very boastfully tried to belittle this well articulated writers. The writer has no reason to side with one or the other. He laid the facts, and as the old saying goes : the truth hurts.

Hence, you are burning in your crucible comtemplating how to make your next nasty move against these well respected scientists. The original source for the book on Arsi Oromo is the author Abbas Hajji, why do not you just bring him to the site and interview him?

The fact of the matter is that Menelik II was brutal as to cut women’s breasts. Thanks to his Ras Dache who was coward and feeble.

07/25/13 @ 22:01
Comment from: [Member]

Is Islam religion in the verge of extinction by wiping out itself from the face of the earth?
As long as the fire in the middle east continues to ignite, especially the bloody war between the shea and Sunni Muslims, which gave a new life to alqaida, the outcome at the end “if there is an end to it” will be a very murky one which gives the world a different face.
The war within the Muslims is just getting started. The rivalry is so bitter and un merciful.
Iran with hizibullah helping the Syrian regime vs Saudi Arabia and emirates siding with Muslim brotherhood in Egypt, all kinds of conspiracy theories can be built. But at the end of the day, the fire is far from being extinguished, rather seems to consume the whole Muslim religion.
If some how all this chaos in the Muslim world especially in the middle east find a better outcome, it will be a triumphant and peaceful Islam on the graveyard of Muslim extremists and alqaida terrorists. Amen to that, and hope our peaceful Muslim Ethiopian brothers and sisters would benefit from the positive outcome.
Meanwhile the opportunity seekers wanna be Muslim advocates and the small time Muslim extremists and terrorists in Ethiopia will be run over and treated like insignificant a road kill rats they are. And don’t matter anyway, one way or the other.

07/25/13 @ 22:34
Comment from: Gonfa [Visitor]

A corny, feckless, tasteless, cheap propaganda piece by two clumsy liars on a dishonorable mission paid for by Aljazeera to serve the Egyptian Nile concern [by proxy]. As we say in Amharic:
1. A donkey husband cannot save [his mare lover] from Hyena.
2. We don’t hold noses for donkey’s _ _ _ _
All in all, Aljazeera’s venture is futile. This is only sign that the media giant is now heading downhill. At this point, if at all Aljazeera should engage in saving any one, it should rather be its own self first [and then perhaps Egypt, if it could]. If is rather in a hurry to hit the bottom, then better look for and hire smarter asses. There are quite many and better ones out there willing and able to undertake even much awkward tasks for a mere pittance.
Money intoxicates; excess money thickens the head.

07/25/13 @ 22:34
Comment from: Ayalew Mognu / Sew Amagnu [Visitor]
Ayalew Mognu / Sew Amagnu

Hello Ethios,

Forget what Ethiopia’s Talibans and Egypt’s thugs like Gragn Ahmed, OLF, Shabia, Weyane, etc. concoct to destabilize and destroy Ethiopia. Here are my final words for those scumbags : Ethiopia calls all the shots regarding Abbay; no Egyptian mercenary of one color or another can stop that!

As to Menelik-II, Menelik-II is an honorable Ethiopian hero of all times! Here are Menelik’s Declaration of the Abolition of Slavery and Menelik’s letter to Abba Jiffar [as chronicled by Paulos Gno Gno (a veteran Oromo journalist) and as posted on “The Ethiopian Book Column” by a Theodros Kidane] and other articles.

1. Menelik founded the first modern bank, postal system, introduced electricity, telephone and first motor car Click here

2. Menelik’s Proclamation (Awaj) to Abolish Slavery
“I have told you … to stop selling and buying slaves… abolish this inhuman practice… If you are found buying and selling slaves, I will remove you from your land… “
Click here

3. Menelik’s letter to Abba Jiffar
“…The Oromo that came to your administrative region from Jangero should not and must not be treated as a slave… No human being is as such a slave…Just because one is destined to be a ruler, it does not give this person the right to be inhuman to others…. The poor should be free to live wherever they wish.” Click here

4. Menelik’s proclamation (Awaj): ” Appointment is according to one’s experience and record."… Dejazmach Gobena Dachew, Dejazmach Balcha, Ras Wolde-Ghiorgis

Menelik to Gobena: ” I give you Wolde Giorgis (Menelik’s own cousin) as your servant so that he learns to work hard and learns how to fight…” Click here

5. Menelik’s Proclamation regarding respect for craftsmen Click here

6. Other links to Menelik’s works: Click here

So long & God bless!

07/25/13 @ 23:03
Comment from: creepy a.. crackka [Visitor]
creepy a.. crackka

Since when you started writing about Ethiopian history?
Whatever you say we Ethiopians are ready to challenge you.
At the end we will figure out the motive behind your article.

07/25/13 @ 23:24
Comment from: Ayalew Mognu / Sew Amagnu [Visitor]
Ayalew Mognu / Sew Amagnu

Hello Ethios,

What does Akbar Ahmed take us for? He writes the “book” (The Thistle and the Drone: How America’s War on Terror became a Global War on Tribal Islam) himself and he tells us that he only quoted what is written in the “book” (as though somebody else wrote it). He is really one heck of a Pakistani “Ambassador” and one hell of a “Professor” at “American University”!

Ethiopia’s Oromos know who they are and where they come from; it is only Shabia’s and Egypt’s mercenaries like the OLF (“Oromo Liberation Front”) which take “history lessons” from “historians” like Isayas Afewrki of “Eritrea” that don’t know Oromos.

I have news for scumbags who don’t now Oromos, who try to belittle Oromos and who insult Oromos’ intellignce: Menelik’s Oromo Cavalry went from Shewa all the way to Adowa and liberated Tigray from Italian invasion. So, if OLF’s “Oromia” crap had been true, the Oromos would have liberated “Oromia” within a blink of an eye! Do you get that straight you scumbags?

Let’s see, if OLF’s Oromia crap were true, how come the OLF and its allies (“Egypt”, “Eritrea”, etc.) failed to liberate a square inch of land in “30 years of armed struggle to liberate Oromos”? Oromos know themselves and the truth!

How dumber can you Talibans get? Yes, Weyane is brutal and evil, but concocting stories, distorting facts and dirty smear campaigns won’t remedy Weyane’s injustice!

PS: The Ethio-Taliban (Gragn Ahmed) wrote some rubbish (as usual):

1. It is definitely not an Orthodox priest who married an 8-year-old child; check out if it is your prophet Mohammed or his disciples who do/did that! At least, that clears the Orthodox priests from pedophilia!

2. Ethiopians are known for their hospitality since the beginning of time. Yes, Ethiopia gave refuge to the disciples of Mohammed fleeing the barbarian Arabs of Saudi Arabia. Guess what these same Muslims did to their Ethiopian hosts: They burned their hosts’ churches down! There you go; that was Ethiopia’s first taste of Muslim barbarism. “Thank you very much, indeed!”

Shouldn’t Ethiopia deport your Taliban ass back to Saudi Arabia and watch you live under the bridges of savage Saudis?

So long & God bless!

07/25/13 @ 23:50
Comment from: Seattle [Visitor]

Ali Roble [Visitor],
Spot on.
What do you expect from a bunch of Woyane cadres and loud mouth paranoid extremist Copts in diaspora recycling the same old trash. Lately, they both seem to find a common ground.

You said “Is Islam religion in the verge of extinction?
Keep dreaming clue less Cadre. A Billion and half strong and growing. Unlike yours, it is not confined to one corner of one country. From China and Philippines, all the way to Morocco, from Turkey all the way to South Africa, Even in Western Europe and North America. In my book, that is a sign of flourishing not extinction. In the meantime look at your numbers. Your denomination couldn’t keep up with the changing world like Dinosaur. Shall I say the word PENTE? If it is not for those, thanks to your bosses at Arat Kilo, the ruthless, God-less Woyanes, who split the remaining church along the tribal lines to suite their divide and conquer strategy.

07/26/13 @ 01:14
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Professor Akbar,

I wish you did not respond to the so called self appointed Oromo Dula whose real name we do not know? If lables accusations it will come back to it as they post articles from unanimous people. It is a requirement for the authors to disclose their personal information.

Here is another clip which showed actually Oromos were killed and even more than 6 million not 5 million.–Documentary-part-I

07/26/13 @ 01:34
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

If so, we need to challenge this guy as to how he denied the massacre of women at Anole Arsi and Azule by Ras Duche the uncle of Menelik II and the annihilation of Garar at Chelenko at the order of Menelik II. Women breast were cut off at Arsi. Does this guy not have a mother or a sister or daughters? I saw that he atleast have a relative by the name Beredu Abdu and he got at least two daughters on his pictures with them. Does he deny this too? I see that he owns a real estate does he also deny some of their records? This is about integrity. He planned to transform internet usage n Ethiopia too although he claimed the government denied him. What is his real job? He is everywhere.

Although we need to keep one Ethiopia, we can not deny the cruel past history. Otherwise , Oromos must go, it is their right. The problem is people like who deny their real Oromo identity like Ras Gobena Darge.

Like tsegaye Gebre Medhin, etc.

I for one am not against Amhara culture. I want Addis to stay vibrant but Oromos need to be free. Oromos are everywhere including in Gondar palace and Wello and Raya Tigre. They are makers of modern Ethiopia but under Amhara banner changing their identity. Oromos need to be equal stake holders of that country. However making Oromina official language may complicate our life. Oromo regions however need to have full freedom. I love the modern culture of Ethiopia with full democracy.

Oromia shall be free!!Somalia shall be free. Afar shall be free. All Ethiopians shall be free. Stop cultural oppression!

07/26/13 @ 02:32
Comment from: [Member]

Arab spring should be called Arab disaster or Arab tornedo, which by now is on the process of consuming and dismantling the Arab world piece by piece.
Look in Tunisia “the starting ground of Arab spring", a mass strike has been called and they may be forced to ground the whole air traffic, which could be the beginning of the demise of the nation.
Today in Egypt, both sides, opponents and supporters of Morsi have called for a big Friday demonstration. May God have mercy on these people, it looks like they might devour each other.
In the meantime, thank God for EPRDF’s strong and wise leadership, with the foundation of our brilliant visionary leader the late PM the great Meles Zenawi, we Ethiopians don’t have to waste our precious time with unnecessary and destructive rivalry. Instead we keep building our nation up in every sector successfully.

07/26/13 @ 04:57
Comment from: Tibebu [Visitor]

People can have different views on different issues. Those views might be right or wrong.We, as Ethiopian have our own views about the right and wrong things which were done or committed in the past. We cannot, however,say that the “all or none” rule applies.There is a lesson we had learnt from the past .A lesson that helps us to build on the good and put an end to the bad. These are our issue- Ethiopian issues and I don’t think we need someone from some corner in the middle east to use it to stir up our differences, divide and weaken us.
The people who wrote and “aired” this article may argue that this being “a historic fact” but do you not think the timing of this article is crucial? Does it not collude with the Egyptian Cabinet (under Morsi) that they have to try to use all means to destabilise Ethiopia? I think Mr Dula Abdu’s view cannot be disregarded.

07/26/13 @ 10:21
Comment from: tom [Visitor]

One whoo does not tell his sickness, he will not find the medicine for his illness, goes the proverb. In spite of the statistics quotes, Oromos have suffered for over one hundred years under Minilik’s Empire. It is time to admit the true history of Ethiopia to bring peace in the country.

07/26/13 @ 10:23
Comment from: Bortola [Visitor]

Dear Assta,
You may praise your Minilik/Amhara as you may wish. But that does not change the reality all Ethiopians and particularly Oromos know. Minilik was a cruel murder: He sliced arms from the male and breast from the female and killed millions particularly in Arsi and Harge. This is a recorded history of yesterday (about 100 years). The Ethiopian history you are proud of is no more than a fabricated fairy-tell, crafted around you insecurity, dehumanizing the Oromo and praising the Amhara. As you guys claim Amharas ruled Ethiopia for over 3k years and look at where they have gotten the country to. Does that make you born to rule as you guys claim. Leave alone development, Ethiopia is still begging food in a land of abundance. Can you look at rural Wollo of Amara areas, Gondor, North Shoa and Gojam and tell me why so much misery/poverty. Tell me your development/civilization, good governance etc. I am not surprised because lying is your culture. You guys are not born to rule but to lie.

07/26/13 @ 11:57
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

What is a pedophile?
He is sneaky.
He is illegal.
He is womanizer.
He is violating the law.
He hunts for children over older men.
He is known to be cruel to women.

Addis zemen,
You are truly banal when you state Islam is going extinct. Royal family of Britain will soon follow. We have the first American President who is from Muslim roots but secretly serving Christians. He even served Jews with nice looking Arab women who are eager to offer anything to their Jew bosses. thanks Obama for being a true hater of Islam.

Jews were protected under Islam. Unless there was a reason for them to be targeted Jews preferred to live in Islamic societies. A case in point is how they got prosecuted under Christians of Spain (Spanish Inquisition) and Portugese Inquision and Roma Inquisition. All of these were against fake jew converts (crypto Jews) who were hiding in the midst of the Christians and pretending to be good Christians while they were Jewish inside. Muslims and Jews were targets after Spain fell in the hands of Christians. Muslims most of them got expelled. Sad. This happened in the 15th century. The same way the Portugese in Gondar mutilated Amhara Muslims asking them to be Christians like they did to Jews in the 15th century. Indeed, all Christian Kings forced Ethiopian Muslims to act like them and to be like them and to be shy of their true Islamic identity.

Ayalew Monu,

You are cursed Wayane. You are Tigre Taliban or Christian fanatic. Your Azeb Gola is a typical prostitute.

Fix your own problems before you point fingers at Muslims.

Our Prophet had a chosen female Aisha who was young. Her age is not strictly known in fact , al Tabari puts her age to 19. But even if Aisha was young, she loved her holy Husband our beloved Prophet, they had legal marriage, their people have loved their marriage, their kins loved their marriage, there was no physical marriage to her and she was happy with her life. Plus, such marriage was known even by Prophets that were sent before him. Abraham did marry Hajar and he was 83 while Hagar was ?

What about Marry?

Mary was a young girl, probably only about 12 or 13 years old when the angel Gabriel came to her. She had recently become engaged to a carpenter named Joseph. Mary was an ordinary Jewish girl, looking forward to marriage. Suddenly her life would forever be changed.

Mary was fearful and troubled in the presence of the angel. She could never have expected to hear the most incredible news — that she would have a child, and her son would be the Messiah. Although she could not comprehend how she would conceive the Savior, she responded to God with belief and obedience.”

If Marry can get pregnant at 12 or 13, it is lawful in the Bible to be pregnant at 13 and it is lawful to be married at 12 or 13. What Christians are doing is denying their own scriptures and defaming everything Islam is all about. That is what they have been doing for the last 1400 years.

While their Kings and their Priests are known to be involved in all sorts of sexual pedophiles, they try to cherry pick on our noble Prophet who was a loving husband, a non discriminating husband, a good teacher for all Humanity.

This only shows how wicked Christians of Ethiopia are especially the Wayane cadres who mock on Islam and would love it to go away because they hate the truth. Menelik II was known to be a womanizer which is illegal in any law. He loved to cut breasts of women too. That is irony.
He was savage. His methods were cruel to defeat his enemies and he was indeed coward.

07/26/13 @ 12:27
Comment from: [Member]

To Gragn Mohammed:
Are you Eritrean? If you were Oromo, you would have known the Oromo history.
You say the Oromos, Somalis, Afars shall be free. From themselves? The Afars,Somalis, Oromos, Amharas, Tigres,Gurages etc. are Ethiopians.

Between 5 and 6 million Oromos killed by Menelik. That would make the about the whole population of the Oromos that time. How can you believe that? If so, the Oromo population today would have been tiny.

Ethiopians do not cut the breasts of women. If you are Oromo and have lived in Ethiopia, you would have known our ways. We are good people as your Prophet ones told his followers. Do you know that your Prphet mourned for several days when the Ethiopian king Ishama died?

We are good people and have never massacred or cut breasts of women.

07/26/13 @ 13:04
Comment from: Mamush [Visitor]

Dear Nazret:

We have learned noting from this except the same old ethnic bating by your website. Ethiopians are not as morons as you make them out to be in your comments.

Please, you’re fooling and amusing nobody but yourself.

Bertu Gobezoch!

07/26/13 @ 14:36
Comment from: Daniel [Visitor]

Does this Ahmed Gragn guy have a job. he is always posting garbage on this website. Probably living on welfare in some kind of government housing in America or Europe. Funny thing is he calls Christians Devils when he is living in Christian Western country and they are housing and feeding his entire family. Right Ahmed? ??? LOL…..dumb*ass hypocrite!

any how. Those of you who call Orthodox priests child lovers. Are you kidding me ? seriously ? I can post thousands of youtube videos for you guys where your Islamic scholar Sheihks are justifying how a 50 year old man can marry 12 year old girl according to Sharia…..some girls even as young as 8. I can post it. Do you guys want to see that?
they said it’s allowed in Sharia. ARe you f**cken kidding me ?? Shamelessly they are trying to justify Pedophilia. And what’s even more sick is the government of these Islamic countries allow them to get away with it. even assist them arrest the girl that refuses.

so Any of you guys who deny this: keep living in your twisted world but thanks to internet the whole world knows and they won’t be able to get away with it for much longer.

People are rising. Look what happened in Egypt: The Brotherhood Jihadist came and they thought they can impose their sick version of Islam on the people including been able to marry 12 year old girls BUT the intelligent people of Egypt rejected them with absolute authority. Because they know these Islamists will take Egypt back one thousand years with their backward thinking.
Tunisians are also rejecting islamists.

Trust me end of these none sense religious backwardness is finished.

Bob Marley has said it: ” you can fool some people sometime but you can’t fool all the people all the time”

Just watch this Video of 12 year old Egyptian boy and you will be amazed how he destroys Muslim Brotherhoods agenda: Amazing! Don’t even need to say any word. Just watch !!! Genius

07/26/13 @ 17:05
Comment from: Ethiopiawinet [Visitor]

addis zemen
You always wish evil for others in order to prolong your span of life. You are devil terrorist.

All of the sudden 45 million Ethiopian Muslims became minority for you while less than 100,000 Al Ahbash cult Muslims counted as majority.
We will see if you can run over those 45 million Muslims or you’ll be run over by them Mr fascist killer.
Those 45 m one day will be free like South Sudan and Eritrea. Take my word.
Your boss refused to listen to their voices.

07/26/13 @ 19:23
Comment from: Dejene [Visitor]

How is it that 5 million Oromos got massacred when the oromo population at the time was less than 5 million? It is crazy. The agenda of these two pseudo intellectuals is to foment ethnic and religious conflict in Ethiopia at the behest of their financiers, the arab sheikdoms.

07/26/13 @ 19:51
Comment from: Ayalew Mognu / Sew Amagnu [Visitor]
Ayalew Mognu / Sew Amagnu

Hello all,

Nobody can destroy Ethiopia. However hard Egypt, Weyané, Shabia, OLF, ONLF, Islamists, Ethio-Talibans, etc. tried to destroy Ethiopia over several decades, Ethiopia still remains standing.

Fact: Even foreigners fall in love with Ethiopia. That also gives Ethiopia a solid foundation to stand on. I , myself, fell in love with the people of Bahir-Dar on my first trip ever to visit Tana Haiq. The children taught me how to play Gojjam’s Eskista with their folklore song and the chorus Ayalew Mognu… Sew Amagnu… Sew Amagnu. The same thing happened to Tikumé [a Japanese (see link below)].

The sole inconvenience in Bahir Dar was the services at the junk Ghion Hotel (owned and operated by Weyané Tigrés), Tana Hotel (owned and operated by Weyané) and of course the “Ethiopian Airlines”. Especially, the Tigre woman who works at the “Ethiopian Airlines” office only serves whites and Tigrés. Well, it is the norm at the “Ethiopian Airlines” to serve whites on priority basis (as though Ethiopians fly free!). Disgusting bastards! What a shame! I only flew the “Ethiopian Airlines” for that trip! I don’t fly Arab logos!

I see angry and frustrated Talibans like Gragn Ahmed. As long as the likes of him keep siding with the enemy and get their info from the enemy’s misinformation depots, the anger and frustration is there to stay (and Ethiopians have nothing to do with that!). I had my own reservations about Gojjam till I went and saw myself.

I love Ethiopia’s mosaïque culture and I had never missed the cultural concerts staged by The National Theatre in Addis Ababa! The theatre’s artists bring you Ethiopia on the stage in a spectacular 3-hour show! If the National Theatre Troupe still exists, it is the best crash course on Ethiopia in 3 hours!

As to love for Ethiopia, Ethiopia gets tons of it internationally (whether some domestic Talibans and Egypt’s thugs like it or not)! That keeps Ethiopia afloat! Here are some pointers from the North East to the South West of the globe:

Tikumé (Bahir-Dar):

Japan (Japanese Artists):

USA (Chiefly white artists)]:

So long & God bless!

07/26/13 @ 22:41
Comment from: DillingerJ [Visitor]

Gragn mohammed is a low life muslim converted to islam by way of fear sword infront of his head.Period.Let the jr Gragn luntic here articulate how his grand family converted from Christianity to devil advocate islam.

07/26/13 @ 23:00
Comment from: Next Call [Visitor]
Next Call

If these duo have a ‘ tenor’ at such ‘ prestigious’ institution like the American University, it is a travesty. They are following on the foot steps of Prof Shamsudin of American Chronicle, who seems to have disappeared from the scene since the fall of Mubarak. At least, Shamsedin was entertaining and included all sort of reference to his thesis.

It is a pity that Egypt is faltering by the day. Its de- facto leader, General Sisi, has called upon the ‘ crowd’ to back him up in the ‘ coup’ he all but made possible. The result is in, many lost their lives on the ‘ streets’ of Egypt. I was dumb-founded how one can resort to such measure, if he had any ‘ political maturity’. The purpose of any government is to make sure ‘ The Masses’ are controlled and not instigated for their ‘ inherent’ instinct is no better than savages and can be counter- productive. As much as i am troubled by the Elites in Cairo and Alexandria, I think the ‘ weakening of Egypt’ be it its leadership or those who profess to be learned, is a ‘ blessing in disguise’ for Ethiopia. So long as there are Friday prayers, the chaos in Egypt will only exasperate. In other words, we will have the opportunity to get our right recognized.
The ‘ visit of Assistant Secretary of Defense of the US to Uganda and Ethiopia lets me believe that the United States are behind the concept of ‘ fair and equitable share’ of the Nile.

For the right amount of perks, the World is full of pseudo- intellectuals who will sell their soul.If Akbar and Martin can only refer to a ‘ study’ by Brookings institutions, and not a single other publications on matters related to events which took place in Ethiopia in the late XIX th century, they should be let go and return what ever financial compensation they pocketed along the way. I am quite certain, millions are being spent by the nomenclatura in Egypt to sabotage our Dam.

07/27/13 @ 05:59
Comment from: Ethiopiawinet [Visitor]

DillingerJ (Visitor)
Who is Gragn Mohammed?
Are you hallucinating like your devil worshiper Assta B. Qittu?
Are you in state of dementia pursue by Alzhiemer or what?
Get out of that northern cave and worship the real God as Muslims, true Christians and Jews do. You guys obssessed with that dark cave in northern Ethiopia.
I would like to see what kind of devil god you worship in that hidden cave that makes you lose your mind like Gragn Ahmed to Gragn Mohammed and many weired staff.
Unique people!!!!!!!!

07/27/13 @ 06:39
Comment from: [Member]

EthiopiawiNot, Seattle, the talibans from torra borra, and garbage ahmed the bokko arram,…

You people by now for sure realized that there is no place for Muslim extremist terrorists like you in Ethiopia.
You tried everything to penetrate the peaceful Ethiopian Muslims, you jump up and down, you cried foul, you befriended the opposition losers at home and abroad to politicize your devilish cause. You even imported an Egyptian alqaida cleric to co-ordinate your terrorist movement. You also succeeded killing a well respected Muslim elder in Dessie. What not?
The more your nervous act of extremism continued, the tighter the scrutiny around your nacke fastened. And in time we threw your terrorist movement leaders in jail to make sure there won’t be any terrorist activity in our peaceful developmental and progressive nation.
The only option you have left in your power is, just to pull the trigger of the suicide vest and end it. Your terrorist life is worthless any way.

07/27/13 @ 07:12
Comment from: Tesso Masaraa [Visitor]
Tesso Masaraa

There is no truth to the “5 million Oromos massacred by Menelik II". It is a simple cheap propaganda echoed by separatists and misguided OLF supporters. Their source is also a falsified and twisted history that was created to incite the Oromo against the Ethiopian unity - a democratic unity where every ethnic group will benefit. The present day modified wing of OLF, by the name of ODF that was formed by OLF founders has recently changed its course of struggle by calling for unity with the rest of other ethnic groups in Ethiopia - a wise and well thought step forward. But, in the past 40 years of OLF history, the founders begot ill informed young followers who were fed with distorted history of the Oromo people. As the result, they created anti unity narrow nationalists who turned against them regardless of the achievement of Cultural Revolution they brought for the Oromo people. As to the question of Menelik, he was surrounded by Oromo advisers and generals: His advisors were Qusee Dinagde (Habte Giorgis), Aregay Bakare (Afe Negus) and his own Wife Tayitu Butul. His Generals and Adwa War commanders were Ras Gobana Dache, Ras Mekonnen H Gudesa, Ras Michael, King Tekle Haymanot, and Dej. Balcha all of Oromo descendants, with the exception of Ras Alula whom they named Abba Nega. Menelik depended on the Oromo, let alone massacring them in such large numbers. It was only the Arsi Oromo that put up a bitter fight against unity while others like Jimma and Borena Oromos in the south agreed to it. For your information, Jimma and Leqa (wallaga) remained independent kingdoms paying taxes to the central government after Menelik’s expansion to the south. It was simply the feudal era expansion to protect the population against European colonization. Remember Menelik’s letter to the Europeans that his territory stretched to the Indian Ocean. Had it not been for the expansion, the Oromo in the south would have fallen victims to foreign Europeans. It was partly the idea of Tayitu Butul to bring all Oromos together who were divided into Kingdoms for centuries but got together only once every 8 years for Gada ceremony. It was the idea that was never fulfilled by her Yejju ancestors. In the process, other related ethnic groups were united under one flag. There is rarely any ethnic group in Ethiopia that is not mixed with the Oromo, starting from the Gujji and Sidama in the south to the Raya and Tigre in the north, and the most mixed is the Amhara whom the misguided ones condemn most. From the early era of Gondar to date, the Oromo participated in Ethiopian politics, they way it was practiced in the feudal system. Starting from Iyoas to Ras Ali, and even emperor Tewodros who was questioned about his nobility defended his heritage through his maternal great grand father Ras wadajjo of Gondar. The names of most Amharas from Shewa and Gojjam end with Oromo names after 4 generations if it is not a christened name. I challenge you to that. In my case, with a father from Gimbi, wallaga, the tribal line starts from Jirru, the current Amhara zone in northern Shewa, and of course, there are millions born to Oromo parents with no knowledge of Affan Oromo. In general, at the time of the expansion, the Imperial power was a collaboration of Yejju and Shewa Dynasties. They were not out there to massacre the Oromo, like some try to advocate it, but to bring them together, at times by force and unfortunately many people died in the war; the worst case was with the Kaffa and wellayta and not the Oromo, if we take it population wise. In my opinion, the Oromo people were victims of feudalism like others, and Oromo and Ethiopia is inseparable. ODF has learned it the hard way after many Oromo lives were lost in the wrong camp. If this organization is genuine, it remains to be seen. Other attempts which undermine a democratic union of all Ethiopians are empty propaganda. Those who advocate independence contrary to a genuine Ethiopiawinet unity will remain minority, and they stay in the camp of anti Ethiopia for ever until they disintegrate out of frustration.

07/27/13 @ 07:28
Comment from: [Member]

This claim of five million Oromo people being massacred is just a pure lie which is intended to justify the nonsense secession movement by the loser OLF.
One of the recorded highest genocide in history, the Armenian massacre by the ottoman Turk empire around the first world war took about 1.5 million lives, which is second highest to the holocaust.
How in the world 5 Million people in Ethiopia being massacred during that short reign of Menilik II is absurd to say the least.
Other than the Italian invasion at Adwa victory, comparatively Ethiopia in those days was so peaceful.
The only activity noticeable in those days was, the slave trade which was in all over Africa. The Oromo people in that part could have experienced the harsh reality of the slave trade more than the rest of Ethiopians, as a slave trader or a slave.
It is better not to give a reply to this kind of nonsense claim. Because the more we argue about it, the more we validate the story of war and genocide against the oromos existed ever.

07/27/13 @ 10:30
Comment from: yadi [Visitor]

The more i read about habesha to ward another ethiopian i hate them to death. They don’t even read history scream scream we now what is best for other. please instead of denying what happen in the past go find a book can make u understand what happen in the past.

07/27/13 @ 12:32
Comment from: Seattle [Visitor]

AZ aka Beza and other girly names.
Either you didn’t bother to read my response or so mentally delayed that you couldn’t read it. Either way, you are an idiot. That is why I ignore most of your daily trash. Your relationship with TPLF is more than blood. You are a lost case. A typical Tigrian cadre; A poster boy.Nothing go through you thick scull.There is no need to reason with you.

@Deptera Atsda Kittu,
You are ignored as well. You bring nothing new to the table except repeating the same old music of hate like a broken record.
For every one else at EOC, be warned. This is why your church is going down the drain. Why the Pente’s taking over what is remained of Orthodox Church. You are putting ungodly vagabonds, thugs and those illigimate sons of priests as deacon and priests. They are preaching hate, intolerance, annihilation and the sad part no one at your church is standing up against them.

07/27/13 @ 17:15
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

AZ, also the aids Drug AZT.
You sound lunatic, and when your days in power are numbered you cliam to bring excuses. The World is tired of you and even the Americans who support you are getting fade up with your dramas to portray the peaceloving Muslims into terrorists. In this age of technology you can not hide behind cameras. Once again Muslims are showing you all over the world how you are sinical and sinful by killing an old man to score political advantage. Still Meles never stops killing as he left us with a terrorist organization. I am not sure why American government still loves to coddle with you. Your end is near. If America does not play the hypocrite role, your end is not far.

Muslims work hard day and night to make that country economically strong and yet guess what Meles did, he shelved in Billions and not billions to his foreign Bank account, the father of African corruption. You try to even silence the Diaspora but we will speak up. Check out how your boss ripps your sweat and makes your boss sons and daughters rich. Lately, Semhar got 5 billion in her New York Bank, not bad if she lost her Dad. What happened to his other account?
Semhar got 5 billion in her account. By the way I stand to say for myself. I am not speaking for anybody. But you are paid agent and you sound to speak for Wayane fake Ethiopians who are here to steal our money and we work for them. How do you get paid???


07/27/13 @ 21:08
Comment from: abchahu [Visitor]

My friend Assta B Gettu

Unable to learn from facts except regurgarating the same shit like your name Kittu.

You are a big liability for the website the way you are defacing in here, unfortunately what one has to expect while you have the backing of fitawrari as your offspring.


07/27/13 @ 23:21
Comment from: Ethiopiawinet [Visitor]

Addis Zemen, Alcoholic, dry hard fascist cadre

I lack words to describe your arrogancy, ignorancy, fascistic trait of your DNA.

I urge you to consult psychiatrist or neuro-surgon for brain surgery.
This is brotherly advise.

You are at risk of reaching ASSTA B. QITUUE stage of madness, hallucination and out of touch beast.

Compare and contrast that of evil Assta to fascist addis zemen comments.

Evil Assta said:

Prophet slept with dead woman (corps)

Mohammed has become god

Ethiopiawinet worship moon god (wow) not cave god.

the list is long. These slogans showed up million times here. Why?
You know why?

How about you Mr facist:

Whenever you see a Muslim name you label him/her a terrorist.

The most civilized/peaceful Ethiopian Muslims labeled as terrorists.

Dr Shakir, an imam in USA, labeled terrorist. Why?
He said Ethiopian government labeled peaceful Ethiopian Muslims terrorists. This decade label but now phased out.
So he advocated Dr Berhanu way to liberate themselves from deaf, monistor, arrogant government.

Ethiopiawinet is from tora bora and
Ahmed, seattle from Bakko aram. (Wow)

The list is long.
These slogans repeated million times here. Why? To change lie to truth by repeating the lie.

Go cadre you already sunk like Assta world of nowhere except hate, destruction, arrogance, rigidness to final peak as Hitler genocider. However, before you reach to Hitler stage your tread will severe which will be liberation and joice for peaceful, civil Ethiopian Muslims specially.

07/28/13 @ 12:06
Comment from: Ayalew Mognu / Sew Amagnu [Visitor]
Ayalew Mognu / Sew Amagnu

Hello Ethios,

In case you missed the point of coming to such Ethiopian forums as this one, it is to discuss ways of alleviating the agony of Ethiopians living in Ethiopia under tyranny topped up with man-made misery.

The “Ethiopian Government” sells their arable lands; the “International NGOs” collect tons of money in Ethiopia’s name; Ethiopia’s enemies recruit Ethiopians as condoms; and others are busy playing the Amhara/Oromo, Christia/Muslim crap!

Does it matter what an Ethiopian’s religion or ethnic group is? How is serving the interests of those who want the demise of Ethiopia help any ethnic/religious group? Isn’t that just adding insult to the injury? Before you post anything here, be honest with yourselves and check the sources of your information.

Moreover, no party formed along ethnic, religious, or ideology lines brings democracy. Once is more than enough, don’t prove that failure over-and-over by supporting OLF, ONLF, EDU, Weyané, EPRP, Meison, Ginbot-7, etc. Who reaped the benefit of a weak Ethiopia? Ethiopia’s enemies who engineered the fracturing and weakening of Ethiopia along ethnic and religious lines!

If any Ethiopian or any Ethiopian political party has Ethiopia’s peoples’ interest at heart, why is it hard to come together for Ethiopia? We have to come together and stand shoulder-to-shoulder for Ethiopia. Standing for Ethiopia is not about religion or ethnicity; it’s about the people you see in the link below. My heart-felt thanks to the producers, the composers, the artists and the videographers!

I will also leave you with a second link as “Oromo -101 for OLF” [They are remarks by Italian army officers about Menelik’s Oromo Cavalry (presented to Oromo politicians by Oromo professor)]

So long and God bless!

07/28/13 @ 20:30
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Let Egziabhere be cursed the god of earth, the god of Queen sheba the most promiscous whore of Ethiopian airlines. Egziabhere is a womanizer the God of Menelik II and Atse YohannesIV. Egziabhere created the cursed copts of Ethiopia to insult our Prophet the most noble one. They are creators of terror and horror. They and theirEgzibeher is the creator of the Damned Dam. Their Egzibher is the cursed Dam of the Dam of Gibe which is starving Kenyans.

07/29/13 @ 00:47
Comment from: Kitfo [Visitor]

What do Oromos and other tribes want for what happened against them in the past? Can’t they learn from the history of other countries like America? Blacks were slaved but they became free. Actually, when we say free it does not mean that they are enjoying their freedom without facing any discrimination. In spite of all the difficulties they are facing, they are not dreaming to rule themselves being independent of America white’s operaton because at least they are benfitting from the fruit of unity. In the same situation, in Ethiopia, all tribes need one another. There are lots of Oromos in overseas but many of them have already adopted other countries language and culture. I never heard them crying about it. They still think they are not lost. I really do not understand why they want to impose things that they do not do on our people back home through unnecssary propoganda.

07/29/13 @ 02:26
Comment from: Ethiopiawinet [Visitor]

Assta B Gettu (visitor)

The biggest fabricator and greatest liar in the world, the evil Assta.

You try to teach 1.5 billion Muslims new hadith, new Quran, new Islam, published in your cave in Northern Coptic Ethiopia by your cave god.

No wonder you worship several gods: Angeles, lady, man, ‘Meskel’ tree, ‘tabot’ box wood; cave; even water; I leave the rest for you.

You really do not surprise me for going too extreme to vent your hate, I am certain if you have power you may wipe out all human species who are not Coptics specially Muslims on this earth. This is what your religion is.

Congrat, nazret let you go this far.
May be that is their position too on Islam.

Hitler was like you and evil is you.

07/29/13 @ 16:28

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