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By Mammo Muchie


Network of Ethiopian Scholars (NES)

April 24, 2011

“This is my plea to the new generation of African leaders and African peoples: work for unity with firm conviction that without unity there is no future for Africa…I reject the glorification of the nation-state, which we have inherited from colonialism, and the artificial nations we are trying to forge from that inheritance. We are all Africans trying to be Ghanaians or Tanzanians. Fortunately for Africa we have not been completely successful…Unity will not make us rich, but it can make it difficult for Africa and the African peoples to be disregarded and humiliated. And it will therefore increase the effectiveness of the decisions we make and try to implement for our development. My generation led Africa to political freedom. The current generation of leaders and peoples of Africa must pick up the flickering torch of African freedom, refuel it with their enthusiasm and determination, and carry it forward.”Julius Nyerere, First president of Tanzania

‘The present consolidation of African states within the former colonial frontiers runs counter to much of what had been both predicted and desired during the colonial era. It was widely assumed that as soon as Africans came to freedom they would sweep aside the arbitrary boundaries imposed by the imperialists which cut across tribes and overrode the dictates of geography and economics. The continent had been partitioned to meet colonial convenience, but it would now be reshaped to realize its natural contours and return to its natural essence.’( Rupert Emerson,1962)

“...Constructing a nation from scratch: We know we don’t have the knowledge. We know we do not have the resources. We know we do not have the experience. Our conclusion is: let’s face it.” Isaias Afewerki, current president of Eritrea (quoted from National Geographic, June 1996, p.87)


Failure to defend Ethiopia’s history, is also a failure to live up to the worthy expectations of all those who derive so much spiritual energy from the idea of Ethiopia as a free provider to the world of the ‘resistance-liberation logocentric imagination’ that is much needed as a tangible resource still in vulnerable and penetrable Africa. Ethiopia is synonymous with the very idea of a de-colonising imagination. Its history of successful resistance is the timeless bearer of this alternative decolonising logo for the spread of the African world’s liberation imagination. Ethiopia- as an anti-colonial symbol- is very relevant today, as it was yesterday and will be too in the future. The significance of Ethiopia’s history now, at a time when Africa is being re-threatened with war needs to be appreciated. Its importance during this time when the former colonial powers are returning to Africa with military aggression cannot be lost to both those willing to resist the new aggression and those who commit this latest aggression. At the core of Africawinet is this Ethiopiawinet that is a bearer of dignity and resistance to the repeated humiliation Africa is confronted with by external aggression. Ethiopiawinet is at the core of the African renaissance. It is also at the core for ending Africa’s repeated humiliation. This is because African unity can be anchored with a value and dignity that Ethiopiawinet attained over 500 years of resistance. This achievement by the Ethiopian-Africans that resisted all forms of humiliation is a positive data for building Africa’s united future and to bring back the African unity first agenda to the fore today. It is for these reasons we respect our ancestors, whatever their shortcomings, and problems they were unable to solve in their life times and left behind for future generations to settle. They left the timeless inspiring resources to build Africa’s united future. The positive data they left us in the Ethiopian history remains to this day a relevant asset to build Africa’s much united future. Ethiopians now and in the future must always value and treasure this great historical achievement and not play the current ugly, divisive and cynical ethnic games that the selfish ruling elite play by dividing and degrading this core provider of Africa’s overall liberation imagination into vernacular-ethnic enclaves. Ethiopians as Africans and not as degraded ethnie must unite and strive to make ethnicism as a past by coming together with foresight and sense of history. They should do it now and not tomorrow to restore the historical imagination that will make a difference to the African world as a whole!

1. What is Ethiopiawinet?

Ethiopiawinet should be built and developed from the following characteristics Ethiopia has to this day:

a) Long history-perhaps as long as Persia’s and China’s,
b) An internally generated civilisation (written, art, architecture, music, religion and so on),
c) A history of resisting and scoring victories against economically and politico- militarily superior forces,
d) A unique psychological make up where the notion of the divine and the sacred graces every activity that the people engage in.

The individual, the state and the nation use for their lives divine presence whether they are Christians, Muslims, Judaic and even Pagans. The state had its own ethos and had its own ‘Fetah Negist’ and ‘Kibre Negist.’ In war we note how the idea of the divine is invoked to give courage to the troops when they charge(e.g. Giorgis’s participation in Adwa!) and in victory the people show humility by referring that all their power is due to God.

Whether we like it or not religion is a way of life to the rural majority of the population. And the change we want, the modernisation we seek is to make life better for the majority of the rural areas. We do not go and preach Jeffersonian democracy or Marxism to them. If we are serious we go and learn from them and build on their beliefs and make modernisation sensible by translating it into the language and way of life they are used to. This is how Japan, Korea and others did it by appreciating their context but not rejecting it like the strange ruling elites that replaced the traditional system are doing now!

Even China with its Marxism did not reject Menicusian, Confucian, Taoist and Buddhist values which the population had. They tried to Sinnify their modernist weapon Marxism so that the people can embrace it. Like everything else which came into contact with China, Marxism became absorbed rather than the other way round! They call it Marxism which Chinese characteristics and in reality in China Marxism was not used like in Ethiopia. Mao Tse Tung started by investigating first the peasant movement in Hunan where he was born, not by throwing half-baked and non-comprehended phrases from Lenin and Stalin. He did not select phrases that insult to persecute and even kill his comrades as it happened in Ethiopia. Never forget in Ethiopia after people were killed, the strangest things also have taken place where apparently along with the dead body was placed 'I was a dog' and I deserve to be killed -- or some strange ani-Ethiopian and anti-humane things were done! When a person dies in Ethiopian culture, one always tries to remember the good the person did by trying to forget the bad the person did. This is the noble culture that was inherited from Ethiopia’s past that was abused by doing these strange things to dead bodies!

There is an Ethiopian value system from our tradition that we need to bring back and blend with modernisation. The core ideas are the four key principles of Ethiopiawinet. We need to treasure them, not fight Ethiopiawinet! What makes the person from the South to those in the North connect mysteriously is this shared experience which was passed on from the wider Ethiopian culture confluence and communication.

2. The Mistakes of our Generation

Our generation was engaged in intellectual copying. We ignored both
history and reality and embarked on a journey that has cost Ethiopia
dearly. Basically we said because Marx, Engels and Lenin are right,
Emperor Twedros, Yohannes, Menelik and Haile Selassie are wrong. This was a very dogmatic logic, ignoring both historical evidence and reality. Did we not pay a price badly for this. We still do. We better ground ourselves from our own history, our own challenges and how to change society by a process of grounded appreciative theorising. We did not do this. We need to bring back the anti- colonial and anti- imperialist and
nationalist imagination coming naturally from Ethiopia’s history that continues to be treasured by Africans the world over.

Our generation rejected this by mounting two major myths: a) the Dergue employing Jacobin-Stalinist terror tried to force its hackneyed “Marxism” down the throat of the bewildered population, b) the various ethnic based fractional movements echoing rhetorics from China, Albania, Vietnam and so on tried to create ideologies of Tigreanism, Eritreanism, Oromoism and recently Amharism and anything and everything but Ethiopianism. They even have ethnic flags. We have many flags in Ethiopia now, not one flag that I see every day also in much of Africa and the rest of the world. Others are proud to use the Ethiopian flag, whilst the ruling ethnic elite diversify the number of flags to entrench ethnicism and undermine Ethiopian history.

Ethiopia is in a strange paradox: Ethiopia reminds me of Witgestein’s prescient remark of a nation being run by elites who are trying to disrupt its future by climbing through the chimney and the window of ethnic fragmentation, when all along the Ethiopiawinet as Africawinet door to build its glorious future has been wide open.

What is wrong with holding on and inheriting our Ethiopia and add modernisation, renewal and democratisation without breaking the framework and subtracting the nation and parcelling the state? Do we need to regress by relying on the politicisation of culture, language and blood to blackmail our way into power with Ethiopia as it is or by breaking it up altogether?

I believe the best and most possible cultural rights and expression for all the ethnic communities without subjecting them to ethnic cleansing and other violence is feasible with a healthy Ethiopiawinet. I do not see why we should not organise by affirming Ethiopawinet and maintain active local engagement wherever we come from. The key is to democratise the state, individual and the nation by affirming and not being condescending
to the past.

The theory of the nation which decomposes Ethiopia by weaving the myths of Tigreanism, Eritreanism, Oromoism and so on goes counter to the core experience of the people, their long history, tradition, character and above all their historically evolved nationhood and state formation.

The Lenin-Stalin notion of the nation which the fractionalisers have imported their divisive politics from to Ethiopia is too scholastic, mechanistic, and deterministic. Itemising factors of language, territory, psychological make up and unleashing every petty nationalist bigot to search how his ethnic group might fulfil one or the other factor in full or in part is one of the most unattractive ventures which corrupts science and social practice at the same time.

Neither the ethnicism of Tigreans, Oromos and so on and nor Stalin’s shopping list definition of a nation are relevant to the Ethiopian situation. They cannot be a higher reality to the experience of our people. An experience where there was injustice along with civilisation, a history of epic resistance and a unique psychological make up involving the concept of the sacred in the every day living of all Ethiopians. The attack on this divinely graced Ethiopianet ” wukabi gefafi new” (is de-spiritualising/demeaning!)!

It has been said that the longer we look back in the history of a nation, the further we can look forward or forge ahead in building a collective future. It has also been claimed that history is to a nation as a memory is to an individual. For an individual to lose memory is to lose a grip of reality. It has been a maxim held by African sages: ’They lost their history, so they lost everything.’ A nation, if it wishes to remain a nation must not be denied its right and indeed privilege to make a conception of history that
yields direction and a future and insulates it from falling into a directionless and chaotic path like present day Somalia.

Arguably, contemporary challenges and demands must be taken into account into a nation’s history-making processes, but they must also be confronted to avoid the mindless rejection of Ethiopia’s historical achievements and the intelligent learning from the innumerable failures that is necessary to do individually and collectively as a people. Anything made at the expense of making a nation lose its historical identity, which is not, incidentally constituted from more than the sum of the arithmetic additions of a sum of languages, religions, territory, number of people in an ethnic group, and other variables is to undermine the ontological foundation of Ethiopia as an idea, a dream, project and nation.

Those who wish to opt out make not only themselves suffer, but also those who wish to remain with a positive and constructive rather than destructive and negative appreciation of Ethiopia’s long history. We have seen what came of Eritrea after leaving Ethiopia? We were told Eritrea would be
the South East Asian tiger, but is it that now? Is that what has become of Eritrea by the EPLF’s and TPLF’s gratuitous saying good bye to Eritrea’s core history which is tied with an umbilical chord with Ethiopia’s long social-economic history. History provides self-knowledge to a nation and that self-understanding is a necessary condition to undertake any meaningful development. Lack of consciousness of a nation’s history is not simply an intellectual failure. It can be a moral failure as it can expose unnecessarily a nation to unpredictable danger and suffering. We owe it to our ancestors who bequeathed a nation with history to avoid extremism, negotiate out of our conflicts, and find mechanisms to make social peace amongst individuals, communities and personalities.

It is with a larger purpose and depth of thinking, commitment and dedication that we should cherish both the long memory and current meaning to us of being Ethiopian. There is intrinsic merit to preserve this ancient nation, and not give in to the degrading mantra of ethnic enclosures that has degraded civic Ethiopian citizenship to a particularly virulent and limiting concept of the ethnically defined and vernacularly fenced off citizen. This primordially and biologically condemned citizen must be fully liberated to emerge as the Ethiopian citizen par excellence. There can be no compromise on the Ethiopian and African framework for citizen expression and engagement. Everything is negotiable once the framework is accepted. There can be no negotiation with those who arrogantly and impudently call Ethiopia a fiction and an invention. Without the idea of Ethiopia, there is no idea of a future. Let us not forget that Ethiopia was the first non-European country that defeated a European power. The Japanese sent delegations to learn how Ethiopians organised to defeat a European imperial power. Many Africans in the Diaspora from America to the West Indies were inspired to continue the struggle for liberation owing to this historic achievement. Ethiopia can achieve even more by doing away with tyranny and poverty for good provided it overcomes the pettiness of its politics and reach out to the grand vision of historical presence.

I ask all of you to memorise!

The world fears time
Time fears history
History fears Ethiopia!

Mammo Muchie, DST/NRF Research Professor of Innovation Studies, Also Professor DIR, Aalborg University, Senior Research Associate, SLPTMD, Oxford University,UK.
He can be contacted from any of the links below!


Comment from: አይመስለኝም [Visitor]

የ ኢትዮጵያ ችግር የኢትዮጵያዊነት ማነስ አይደልም ፤ የዜጐች ነፃነት መታፈንና የ ኢኮኖሚ ድህነት ናቸው።

ባዶ ኩራት ምግብ አይኖም ፤ አልሆነምም።

እንንቃ እና ወደ ተጨባጭ እውነታ እንመለስ!

04/24/11 @ 02:05
Comment from: addiiss [Visitor]

What’s your Point Mamo? I took my time and read your worthless scrible and came out with nothing new…
…"Mamo Lela, Metawekiaw Lela”

Ethiopianwinet is simply raising your dedication to your country more than affiliation to a given party or school of thought… i.e if you oppose development in Ethiopia, just because it came via the current government, your better re-check your Ethiopiawinet.

What have you done to your country lately? buying the $500 Birhanu Nega’s “certificate of patriotism” doesn’t count as one…

You guys are organized and call yoursefl: NES…has anyone of you gone to the Ethiopian Univiersities given a lecture? we all know the shortage of qualified professors in our Universities?

Ethiopiawinet is not writing letters or innuendoes, but contributing your fair share to country.

04/24/11 @ 05:54
Comment from: [Member]

A through and well put eassy!

Yet, must confess, to quote Isaias in this regard found it absurd, very weird to quote him at the same level with Africa’s grate visionary Julius Nyerere. No deal, even an insane can sometimes make sense but then how could we dare to teach others when we didn’t articulate it our selves!

Just wondered why you put your base on something you want abandon and get rid of it!

04/24/11 @ 06:05
Comment from: Molla [Visitor]

Well…. the bottom line is you don’t want ethnic federalism. For your information our history was all about “Amharism” in the name of Ethiopia. So what is the problem having different isms under the one Ethiopia?

04/24/11 @ 06:14
Comment from: teshome [Visitor]

Mamushye, muchuye, don’t cry. Ethiopia has only one National Flag and nine state flags like other countries. Your country/Englad/ has a national flag and about 40 county flags.United states has a national flag, more than 50 state flags, and about 3100 county flags.

04/24/11 @ 08:06
Comment from: Yeshmebet [Visitor]

Enquan xome luguam fetalachu.

Guys please let us celebrate and pray not blablablabaaaaa on this day.

04/24/11 @ 10:20
Comment from: [Member]

ፕሮፌሰር ሙጬ እንዳልከው የ ህብረተሰብ ማራመጃ ፍልስፍናዎችን ከ እትዮጵያ ተጨባጭ ሁናቴ ጋራ ማዛመድ ይኖርብናል:: ስለዚህም ከመራባውያን ከ ኮሙኒስት አገሮች የምንቀስመውን ትምህርት ከ አገራችን ባህልና ከ ህዝባችን የኑሮ ዘይቤ ጋር አጣምረን ህብረተሰባችንን ማራመድ ጥሩ ነው ብዬ አምናለሁ::
ታሪክ እንደሚመሰክረው የራስ ቅዋንቅዋ የዳበረ ባህል እናም የ ብሄረሰብ አንድነት ማንንም አገር አበልጻጊ ጠብያት ናቸው::
አትዮጵያ ለዘላለም ትኑር::

04/24/11 @ 11:17
Comment from: wadani [Visitor]

Mr Mamo,you are nicely tried though but,to tell you the truth,your article simply it doesn’t making any sense to the majority Ethiopians at present time.You are really missing the points and that your article is still partial and bias to the many Ethiopians.Your are following your past oppressor fascist leaders foot tracks.The history of multi diversity Ethiopians isn’t only what’s written in Neftega archives.On the other hand,your past heroic leader as you guys believed and boasting were not an African herons,instead the were all the guides of the colonials into the continents. For example that king Mellink,he was participated the African partition summit in Barlin claiming his share and he got some African lands as his share and are today part of Ethiopia.The Somali region,the Afar region and Harar are well known they fallen in the hands of Showa Abassiniyan King in the exchange of that Ethiopia,just to be the East Africa’s entrance gate and there leader at that time became the guides of European colonials during African scrambles.Further more,fyi Prof Mamo,those all Ethiopian ethnic conflicts,which we lost millions and millions of precious youth ppl lifs,and famines that devastated the lives of many Ethiopian and ruin the pride name of the country,don’t you know that professor Kilo-maamo rooted the caused by the bad leadership of your Neftengna popet leaders? Please don’t tell us your were all Ethiopian heroes, unless that you still known Ethiopia belongs by your ethnic neftenga clan.
Every Ethiopian national ethnic have their golden history and heroes including the ahmara ethnic.
Finally,I would like to remind you a one simple facts,although that i suspect that you are one of those bias neftengna prof’s who would liked to hide the true history of the Horn ppl.My final point his that,when your Ahmara hero’s king Meleink receiving bribe weapons from the France and Britain my Hereo Soamli Ogaden, Sayid Mohamed Abdala Hassan the British aka Mad Mullaha was fighting bitterly against European colonies defending the bride of the continent.Read,and write the history of all Ethiopians if you trying to resolve Ethiopian misunderstanding.Also,don’t forget that Ethiopia isn’t a Christan country as you guys tried to lament the to all Ethiopians faith.It rather a multiple religious country.Go and vist Harar kilil,Somali kilil and Afar kilil or many southern nations,there is no christan ppls and hey again we are a proud Ethiopians.mamao and many alikes,you must accepted and live on the reality on the ground.Ethiopia,have been changed good and that we are living on reality and the truth of our Ethiopiwent.Today we are all equally respecting the values of all Ethiopians bases of our different ethnicity’s,region and culture we should have the respect of all Ethiopians and of course,we are heading to the right directions.

04/24/11 @ 11:41
Comment from: Donto think so [Visitor]
Donto think so

A right history but trying to give it to a different illness becomes a wrong medicine. Self glorification does not cure all the ills. i for one am against any form of tribalism which is the most primitive of all primitive politics. This does not preclude self administration on the basis of federalism that is not defined in terms of linguistic apartheid. Please let us find the right political medicine rather than glorify an amhara or tigre history that is being glorified to the point of enslaving others or looking down up on other ethnic groups. Was it not common to insult oromos, the south, tigre and eritreans in their own country. Was it not a matter of pride to insult and degrade other ethnic groups, acase of typical amhara chauvinism. Tigres and eritreans also insult other groups, them being the second most chauvinistic ethnic groups in ethiopia. Whether eritrea developed or not after separating from ethiopia is a different story. But eritreans fought and fought to death to get away from ethiopia. Let us ask ourselves why? there is a reason and we have to explore those reasons. The writer is trying to reinforce the common place feudal jealousy: If you are not mine you will be cursed.

04/24/11 @ 12:24
Comment from: Gezaee H. [Visitor]
Gezaee H.

Dear Prof. Mamo Muchie,

It is awesome to read your article. You dare say you are the only scholar whom I admire so much. you hit always my head, you always write what is my mind. That elates me so much. It is a privilege we have people like you.

Prof. Almariam preaches to be Americans. He is the most brain-washed Ethiopian the same as Meles. Meles believes he can import everything from outside and has no respect for Ethiopia and for anything Ethiopian.

Prof. Almariam is an enemy of our country equally like Meles Zenawi. We must never allow people like Meles, Almariam to destroy our country.

I do thank you very much for having the right attitude.

We will prevail and we can do everything with God.

Prospeerity without faith is emptiness. The bible says, ” A man cannnot live by bread alone.” This the core of spirituality. We see how people live in misery while they have all the materials things.

Down to Meles Zenawi, to Almariam, Elias Kifle,… down to all the false prophets of democracy who wanted to force our people to their copy and paste idea.

Down to all those who are against our history, our values, our norms and our ethos.

It is true there is alot of thing we can learn from others, like Technology transfer? But cut, copy and paste investment of strip club and ponography industries in Ethiopia in the name of wicked development of Meles Zenawi is lewdness and insanity.

Again, down to Meles Zenawi.

04/24/11 @ 12:30
Comment from: Garii [Visitor]

This all words are to conclude ” world fear Ethiopia". How on earth, a reaearch professor arrive on as such layman argument? how world, time, history all fear Ethiopia? You didn`t mention anything it support your logic but you ask the people to memorize it.Instead why don`t you say ” ehiopia is the third holy script", then accept without questioning.As you try to glorfy the achievement of the North, accept the suffering of the south under the same system you want to preseve to the eternity.when you write about St. Geioris journeyto Adwa, don`t forget its mission to Calanqoo(south).If you praise Kibere negest and Fitha Negest, don`t forget to apprciate the south Democratic system. The sate flags are not a problem as far as the country is called the fake federal. Partiality does not make the name Ethiopia and the citizenship ,Ethiopiawinet attractive.This has been the source of problem and if it contiues as such, it will contiue to be the rallying block to the demise of the Empire. Dear professor, with such mentality it would not be far to witness the case of south sudan. The northen sodanse are let when they understand the reality and you should learn from them before time is too late to make Ethiopiawint for all.

04/24/11 @ 13:06
Comment from: Gezaee H. [Visitor]
Gezaee H.

Dear Aymeleghm

I do disgree with you. Ethiopiwinet is not poverty or lack of freedom. According to you, its sounds like Ethiopiawinet does not include freedom , prosperity. I smell you as those antiEthiopia who annotated Ethiopia the name of oppression.

Poverty is not caused by Ethiopiaiwinet. Economic poverty has a cause and that cause is not Ethiopiawinet. It is not even lack of freedom which immersed Ethiopia into the abyss of poverty. Whether you agree or not, Ethiopia is immersed into poverty by the meddling of foreigners in the affaires of Ethiopia. They made sure Ethiopia go down into the pit.

According to me, one of the crisis was insuanated by the British when they convinced Hailelsassie to drop Ethiopian education system and asked him to adopt English. The country has been side tracked from its way. Can a train travel out of its rail track? No, that is what really happened to Ethiopia?

Look our educated people? Degree or PHDS holders run away from Ethiopia why? Almost every educated Ethiopian wanted to run away from Ethiopia? why? It is not lack of resources, it is not because of lack of even freedom, even if there is lack of freedom, there is a cause for it.

Look the way Ethiopians communicate? Check out the leaders? if they are communicating with their audience who know no english? they speak english mixed with amharic. Why? it is a sign of civilization? if you speak pure amharic you are backward.

According to me:

1. Ethiopiawinet is vigor
2. Ethiopiawinet is steadfastness
3. Ethiopiawinet is truth
4. Ethiopiawinet is fierceness, courage
5. Ethiopiawinet is freedom
6. Ethiopiawient is independence
7. Ethiopiawient is liberity

8. Ethiopiawinet is fearlessnes

9. Ethiopiawinet is bravery

10. Ethiopiawinet is beauty
11. Ethiopiawinet is genenoristy
12. Ethiopiawinet is civilization
13. Ethiopiawinet is richness in value, respect, culture, ethos, spirit, faith, Godlyness

14. Ethiopiawinet is sharing
15. Ethiopiawinet is kindness

Some Ethiopians try to rewrite our history only to fill their voild in them because of they inferiority complex not belongingingness. you cannnot change the history written on the stones.

Ethiopiawinet is reflected in every Ethiopian village where people welcome you and give you almost everything they have.

I once meet a wife a foreign ambassador who resides in addis. The woman jumped to me and asked me if I am Ethiopian. I said yes, and trust me, her tears roll down her face.

She started telling me the story while she was still in an emotional tears. This is a foreigner who have nothing to do in Ethiopia.

They had a maid from Gonder. What happened is that the maid took them to her family in Gonder. They arrived there. They were welcomed with a welcome they never anticipated because they never experienced such thing anywhere. Then the family asked them to choose whether they want he sheep or he goat to be slaughtered for them. She said they asked why ? They told them you are our guest and wanted to respect you as guest. Although they were reluctant, they agreed and did choose a sheep to be slaughtered for them. The woman told me she did not to live the place. If things were possible, she would have been happy to live with them.

Ethiopiawinet can not be defined by the bandas like Meles Zenawi, Pro.Almariam, Elias Kifle who swim in hatred and blasphemy of thier fellow Ethiopians. Ethiopiawinet is kindness, wisdom, generosity, vigority, steadfastness, not wushet, lebnet, deceit, machberber, Ethiopiawinet is not Aradanet or cholielenet in addis Ababa or lebnet, ethnicism or tribalism. Ethiopiwinet is written by blood our people. Whatsover misery we have is our own fault, not of Ethiopiawinet.

Go Ethiopia.

04/24/11 @ 13:11
Comment from: Qoo [Visitor]

Mammo Muchie,

You could have said all of these kilometers after kilometers of empty folkloric medieval narrative devoid of practicality and any rationality.

Your purpose is only an attempt to divide modern Ethiopians, divert attention from the currently organized Ethiopian unity within diversity and challenge the dictator in a new form for the new Ethiopia rather than going back to your folkloric medieval feudal definition of the ancient cave men definition of Ethiopia and Ethiopiawinet.

Where have you been hiding all these time when you all of sudden pop up from your underground wet cave and try to highjack the peoples struggle by reading medieval folktales at a time when Ethiopians are getting ready for the final battle against criminal dictatorship and brutalities in order to establish pluralistic democracy and sustainable development. Qefoo ras wushetam!

04/24/11 @ 14:41
Comment from: Bahelu [Visitor]  

I do not think Ethiopiawinet or any other statenet needs a definition, research and philosophy by PHD holder, nationality is in my opinion gained by being born within one’s own country as defined by its border, sorry but your ‘Ethiopiawinet’ does not include the entire population within Ethiopia as you try to exclude others as ‘ethnik’ wow what is wrong wtih this writer ? why are you belittling ethnicity ? and what is your definition of ethnicity ? do you think all ethnic Ethiopians have the same rights and privileges you and me? or should we do what America did to the native Indians ?


04/24/11 @ 14:51
Comment from: Bulcha Bekele [Visitor]
Bulcha Bekele

Hi guys Leave alone prof. Mamamo, his a good teacher, he doesn’t know how spell correctly simple English words like “people” he got confused with grammars and spelling forgot his old fashion derg politics anyone can teach him basic English please?

04/24/11 @ 14:53
Comment from: Yonie [Visitor]

People do not need Jargons, and terminologies. People need a strong and ethical leader, who accepts reality and works for the betterment of his people.

People do not want another war, another dream. People want freedom.

And Ethiopians, as people want all this. We are not gonna bring back Eritrea. But we can work with them as our closest brothers. We should respect their choice and accept it.

What we need is not a leader who gives us false promises, and continuously works to deceive us by abstract ideas. we need reality!!!!!!!!!!

04/24/11 @ 15:34
Comment from: Kagnew [Visitor]

“The world fears time
Time fears history
History fears Ethiopia!”
Wow! I will always remember it. It is a powerful expression of who we are. I only hope that those myopic people in power and their “hodader” associates could grasp a fraction of what is said. Like it or not Ethiopiawinet is immortal. It has a well defined personality since time immemorial. Those who challenge it will hasten their demise. Our current leaders, who worked day in and day out to undermine it, are trying to find a refugee in it these days. What a paradox! Everyone will be accountable for what he/she did and said.
To Aiga boys: Whom do you think you can fool? Stop fooling yourselves, please.
Thank you Prof Mamo for a well written, educational and appealing piece. My heart was feeling your agony and wish to our identity. Keep on enlightening us as that is exactly what you are doing every time you come up with your articles.
Love you. Love Ethiopia and Ethiopiawinet. That is me!!!

04/24/11 @ 17:02
Comment from: robel [Visitor]

I agree and disagree.

You seems to focus more on Tigreanism, Oromoism and partially on Amharism rather than its root causes Gonderism,Axumism,Wolegaism ….and the subsequent forced identity(i would say identity impersonation) on other ethnic groups …… know what I mean ….

Isn’t Amharism,Tigraism,Ormoism more unifying than Gonderims-Gojamism,Axumism-Adwaism, Wolegaism-….

Sir, focus on the sources of the current and previous era issues, NOT ON THEIR MANIFESTAIONS . What caused the ethnic polarizaton of previous and current generations in the first place?

How is the current Goverment to blame for all the previous era and current issues? You didnt mention how you and we can assist the government to curb the prevailing issues, as if government the sole force behind changes

Brother every solution begin in everyone of us backyard ….

The big issue with Ethio-scholars article is that it is only partially true, it is devoid of the whole truth, it is indeed semi-Truth. Or those with honest ideas are scared to tell the truth and the solution….

But I agree with you that focusing more on ethnism rather than the big Ethiopian picture is an issue….Example:Being proud of your Oromo identity is good but the fact that some elite chose/enforce latin orthography rather than Geez is not unifying…There is no Amharic orthography it is an extension of Geez script, why can’t Oromiffa be an extension of Geez(St. Yared created phonotic notations that can be used for such extension) . Geez is owned by Sub-saharan African , its source is co-owned by cushtic and semetic ……

Lets be honest for the sake of the Greatest Ethiopia-Africa we hand to the next generation!

04/24/11 @ 17:09
Comment from: Mimmi [Visitor]

“I ask all of you to memorise!

The world fears time
Time fears history
History fears Ethiopia!” Kikikiki…

What is this fossil talking about?

In fact the opposite of what he is mumbling is true because the world does not fear time at all, time doesn’t fear history either because in fact history fears time since with time history may completely change and become different history.With time Haile Sellassie’s version of history gave way to Mengistu’s version of history which gave way to Wayane’s version of history. And no one on earth fears Ethiopia other than fearing as to why Ethiopia is always chaotic, restless, insecure, impoverished and is reduced in to one of the poorest and wretched country on the planet earth living on international hand outs.

If you call this as the world fearing Ethiopia check go to the monastery and check your brain. But if mean the world feeding Ethiopia well come back to the real world.

04/24/11 @ 18:08
Comment from: gud [Visitor]


I understand Ethiopiawinet differently,your Ethiopiawinet adhere to one race domination and to a false pride that has been fade to us by the (mo anbesa) dynasty while our country lag behind the world. how do you think to develop Ethiopiawinet with out addressing ethnic inequality? whether we like it or not,Ethiopia has many ethic group didn’t have a feeling of Ethiopiawinet until EPRDF took over and acknowledge their frustration of neglection. Now they send their own elected official to participate in decision making of the government.that’s how people develop the ethiopiawinet feeling. we can also develop Ethiopiawinet by developing our country economically and fight to eliminate illiteracy,hunger instead of siting and reminiscing our for-fathers achievement.

04/24/11 @ 19:06
Comment from: tewdros menelik [Visitor]
tewdros menelik

The association of Ethiopiawnet with assimilation is simply inappropriate.
Ethiopiawinet is not a policy to assimilate! It can accomodate diversity without making diversity subordinate Ethiopian citizenship. If South Africa can bring different races and ethnic group under a unitary national and citzenship system, it should be much easier for Ethiopia to do it. ANC and the first president Mandela said they will never accept a federation of races or ethnic groups, they recognise South Africa as an Africcan nation! Ethiopia has more reason to be a unitary nation by recognising the diversities and harnessing as an asset such diversity. At the moment the regime has made it a liability and a problem and has planted bigger problems to put Ethiopia in the danger zone!

04/24/11 @ 19:49
Comment from: Gezaee h. [Visitor]
Gezaee h.

Aiga website Tegbewal, BETigabu sekrew, now they are telling Ethiopiawinet melet amhara and Tigray belew yelele lib welde or fiction history of Meles Zenawi menager gemrewal.

Little knowledge and Tigab is very dangerous.

In the bible, it says,” before down-fall pride and arrogance come.?

Aiga, 30 million amhara and 7 Million hizb begmla mesadeb gemeru.

This came from thier deeply seated hatred to Ethiopia and their deeply seated and engrained hatred to amhara and now even went further and telling even the Tigray people claimed Ethiopia is only them. We know their amhara hate , but now they even included the tribe or ethnic they claim to represent? Ye amhara and yeteray hizb mewengel, sim matfat gemrewal.

While the name Ethiopia represent none except black people in the whole africa as any one can google and find out what Ethiopia means. They are telling us Ethiopiawinet is amhara and Tigray.

It is overdue, these people have to be discarded into dust bin of history. We have hoped our people understand and learn every day. But what we see is a pile of arrogance.

Meles has said long ago that Ethiopia means amhara and created by Menelick. The name Ethiopia existed long long before Menelick. But Mele and his blind followers are hell bent to rewrite our history to fit thier narrow ethnic whims.

What is the difference between OLF and TPLF ? I do not understand their difference.

I cannot believe aiga website dared to tell us Ethiopiawinet means amhara and tigre. I cannot believe. Why this people do not read and learn the history of thier county than forcing their lib weld or fictious stories.

Aiga, you have crossed boundaries many times with Ethiopia. We doubt now you are really Ethiopia. We wonder why you ended up with type of outlandish ideology?

There is no any book in written that says Ethiopia is amhara and Tigray. I only heard this from OLF.

This remind me the article at Ethiopia media which says who is on power in Ethiopia? That question is still begging for answer? We are not able to know who is on power in Ethiopia? OLF? TPLF? EPLF? Egpt? Arab? We know have all in Ethiopia. We have had many Tigrignea speaking Arabs in Tigray? I am thinking now may be Aiga and Meles are one of those Tigrignea speaking Arabs in Tigray because there are many of them.

Meles was interviewed recently. he was asked how is your relationship with Saudi Arab? He said personally excellent. He was asked the relationship between the country. But Ethiopia is not in his heart and he said, personally excellent. I think all Arab shrgud has to do with Meles bloodline. May be he is a Tigrignea speaking Arab. We know Meles told to Gadafi that he is Arab?

Can anyone tells us if Meles is for sure Ethiopian? There more I live the things they do,the more I am questioning who they are ?

Language can be misleading? Speaking Tigrignea does not necessarily guanteee me the person is Tigrean or Ethiopian.

This reminded me of president Jacob Zuma adviser, Sheik Sachar, who had three forged degrees from Europe and who was on the top of ANC leadership until 2004.

People so corrupt and they can do anything for this short life on earth. We know TPLF was buying guns when people were dying of famine.

Woye gude, Ethiopiawinet amhara and Tigrie sibela maa betam ygermal.

04/24/11 @ 20:17
Comment from: Wetu Enewta [Visitor]
Wetu Enewta

Mr. Muchie’s ideas of Ethiopiawinet are no different than other forms of belonging to a conceivably select group any where in the world. I was hoping I would see a well-thought out argument for Ethiopiawinet than just a collection of words stringed together without a coherent message or meaning. He claims that the current generation is only good for copying–which I will not dispute. However, his own copying of words and phrases from historically irrelevant forms of ‘isms’ betrays his own ‘independent’ thinking. If there is to be any form of ‘Ethiopiawinet’ it should be based, in part, on historically unique characteristics only to Ethiopia and Ethiopianism. Muchie’s four characteristics are not unique to Ethiopia or Ethiopianism.

04/24/11 @ 20:34
Comment from: Gezaee H. [Visitor]
Gezaee H.

I have went through the comments to see how people think.

I guess people are stuck in the past, and in the current realm of Ethiopia.

The prof. never mentioned or glorified any Ethnic. I find too hard why people jump to this ethnic? Where did glorify amhara? Where did he downplay the history of any ethnic in Ethiopia? Prof. Mammo is not Menelick? Is he?

If you want Menelick, visit his tomb and ask him. Why would Prof. Mammo be attacked for what Menelicks wrong doings? Why? It is like attacking Tigreans for Meles wrong doing?

I must say most of you are not objective. Cannot you talk in away that can benefit every Ethiopian than tellings the stories which we are tired of ?

Let me tell you, I lived in South Africa. Do u know who I am admire? I admire the black South African people? They the most civilized people on the planet. They are materiall poor, do not even have house to live because for 400 years they were not allowed to own anything. They lived in refugee camps for 400 years. Think? in their own land, they were not allowed to move?

But when the white lost power, if they were to follow the general trend of humanity, they would have started killing the white people and they would have adopted ethnic federal system because the whites wanted that federal system because they wanted a white state.

The black leadership assured them that they are safe. Mandela himself to South African population: ” We will not go back, talk, or take revenge for the past. ” He said, ” Now we are a new nation. we want to build a new South Africa where every South African citizen live with dignity.” That is what has happened in South Africa. They are doing well. The blacks are not regurgitating the injustice done on them. They are going forward. What has been done before was done by the previous generation, the new generation has to live in a new generation.

I cannot believe some of you think you are better than Prof. Mammo, to be honest, you are in an ethnic dimension. He is not there. He himself Prof. Mammo has seen and experienced the South African healing process. I can understand what he is trying to say. I am just amazed of you started talking about your ethnic history, nephegegna, amhara, …. no, guys, I do not blame you, but you are wrong to accuse the Prof. for being Neghegegnea just wildly based on in a complete biase, prejudice of yourself.

Let me tell you Prof. Mammo is telling you the right things. He has even tried to tell you the causes of the problems. But you became so biased and started bombarding him with demeaning comments.

You are all wrong. Let me tell your way is not needed in the 21 century. I know where you live, you live in Ethiopia where life is a stone age. But the world is different now. Where I live, there are all Europeans, all Arabs, Asians, Japanese, Africans,… let me tell you the limit for me is my ability, no one cares whether I am Ethiopians or Japanese or Chinese or Arab. Forget about your tribe, or ethnic, … you find your ethnic irrelevant because everyone is treated as human.

Dear Ethiopians, amhara, oromo, tigre , Eritrea, … liberate yourself become coming to this website to tells us the story we are tired of . Do not waste your time.

We want an Ethiopia where every Ethiopians lives as human not as tribe or ethnic or yebeseb agere.

I understand where you are coming. But we need new thinking. Think yourself as human and what everyone needs is human treatment, not tribal or ethnic treatment.

Please do not jumb to insult highly respect people. Prof. Mammo is Menelick, or Hailesslassie. But do not rob people’s dignity because of your engrained bias and built prejudice. Please

04/24/11 @ 23:17
Comment from: Mahbreselasie [Visitor]

Thank you Prof.Mamo:
Tplf never been and never will be an ethiopian and its main agenda is to challenge and destroy whatever belongs to ethiopiawinet. It proved itself when it writes ethiopian history marely as a 100 years old. The tplf knew it the fact that when they copied from Musulini ethnic federalism as a machanisim of administration is aimed specifically to weaken a ralling value of ethiopiawinet and replace it with ethinic nationalism. The ultimate goal of the tplf, therefore, is palnting a time bomb that will fragment the nation into ethnic warfare the likes of Somalia.
In reality, I did not see the difference between the administration of the tplf and that of Musilini of Italy.

God Bless Prof. Mamo and ethiopia will raise once again.

04/25/11 @ 01:55
Comment from: tata [Visitor]

I do not see any place in the entire article that reflects the reality of the Ethiopian affair but instead it was a false bravado that speaks very much to what was done in the past generation of Ethiopians. What the writer fails to understand here about Ethiopia is no a monolithic country, it has never been and it will never be. What needs to be kept in mind is there are Ethiopians who were subject to humiliation and disrespect because they were considered “the forgotten nationalities” and some of them “minorities". They were peripheral in the affairs of Ethiopia, did not have any say other than being there just to be called Ethiopians. There were also people who were subject to mass killings and constant intimidations and being forced to abandon their identities and comply with what was imposed on them by elites that give themselves different names. Where were this so called scholars then? what was said about the mass killings and abuse of the people specially in the north for asking what was ones citizen right? how is possible to impose ones idea on the other and expect it to work. This shows how detached the writer is from the realities on the ground. The only way forward for Ethiopia is to accept the diversity and work its way to wards unity with out risking one on the expense of the other. Unity can be achieve by accepting what is real in the Ethiopian its beautiful diversity. Short of this will a recipe for a disaster.

04/25/11 @ 02:29
Comment from: Kagnew [Visitor]

I don’t know what the official policy of is. I suspect it is a forum which in disguise has a deep sympathy to TPLF and the current state of affairs of our country. Most of the comments both to the above wonderful piece and many more are especially from TPLFites who try to derail the good intention of the themes presented and discussed. The alternative is, its forum is infested by the Aigaforum boys, but, unlike many websistes, the prodemocracy views are not well represented here. Like it or not Ethiopiawinet is immortal.
“The world fears time
Time fears history
History fears Ethiopia!”

04/25/11 @ 04:23
Comment from: Kusaee [Visitor]

Gezaee H.,

What do you think the guy is trying to do other than conspiring and trying his best to robe dignity, liberty, freedom and identity from the majority and freely donate them to some hazy tiny elite circles. Some one who is trying to robe mother’s dignities does not deserve any traces of respect. He cannot just publicly vomit what ever comes to his rusty mind and scape freely with it. This is 21st century era of free expression and exchange of ideas.

No body is attacking pro. Muchaa in anycase but only criticizing his stupid ingrained bias and built in prejudices meant to divert attention from the main issue of rising up and challenging the criminal dictatorship that has been the only enemy of all Ethiopians for the last 20 years.

Muchaa’s folkloric medieval narration may sound like a music to ignorant village children but to 21st century positive change oriented practical people it amounts to sheer piles of meaningless garbage.

What we need is forming unity/alliance within diversity, rising up in unison and bring about political, economic, good governance and justice for all like the North African and middle east people.

04/25/11 @ 06:14
Comment from: [Member]

Another intellctual garbege!!!

04/25/11 @ 06:39
Comment from: obsa [Visitor]

Mamo discribed Ethiopiawnet as:

a) Long history-perhaps as long as Persia’s and China’s,
b) An internally generated civilisation (written, art, architecture, music, religion and so on),
c) A history of resisting and scoring victories against economically and politico- militarily superior forces,
d) A unique psychological make up where the notion of the divine and the sacred graces every activity that the people engage in.

This is an old and expired saying which was being used by Amhara rulers of the past. This was one of the tecnics used to hide the identity and culture of the different nations and nationalities of Ethiopia. Based on the points you listed above I want to raise some questions:
1. The current/modern Ethiopia and biblical Ethiopia are totally different. The biblical Ethiopia refers to Sudan and some neghbouring lands. The modern Ethiopia was foremd during Minilik II. Can U convince us by evidence which history Oromos and Amharas or Somalis and Amharas have in common that lived for thousands of tyears?

2. Which internally generated art, music , etc are U talking about? Every country and nation and nationality for that matter has its own music and this is not peculiar to Ethiopia. More over there are cultural exchanges between different people and it is difficult to demarcate Ethiopians art or music from the rest of the world.

In general U have to know that there are different schools of thought about ethiopiwanet and Urs is only one of them.

04/25/11 @ 07:09
Comment from: M. Jalal Hashim [Visitor]
M. Jalal Hashim

Dear Mammo; greetings from Khartoum my friend! Trying to reunite Ethiopia and Eritrea will prove as difficult as trying to reunite Sudan. However, trying to unite the Horn of Africa as a first step toward uniting the whole of Africa may prove to be as feasible as possible. And unity at the beginning does not need to be political; it could start with integrative relations channeled on the groove of unity, i.e. to have unity realized as a process that builds up from bottom rather than to have decided from on high, i.e. from the political higher levels of governments.
All remain well

04/25/11 @ 07:43
Comment from: heny [Visitor]

Muchie (Muchu),
demo metah. Abo bemetfatih tegelaglen neber. yihn yemayreba yabay wenz yahl yemerezmewn tshuf eyetsafk nebera. weyne gude ahun yihn trash sew yaneblignal bil new ezih yeletefew? Yigermal sewyew.

04/25/11 @ 07:54
Comment from: Gezaee H. [Visitor]
Gezaee H.

Meles Zenawi has not solved the Nephtegnea problem. Meles Zenawi has only created many Nephetegneas now. I can in this website all those new nephetegneas; brand new oromo nephetengea, brand new somali nephetegnea, Southern nephetegneas,… all who try to tell us they had their own nation called x, y, and z, that neve existed or written anywhere except in thier unicorn fictious planet. There is no single book that we can read that there were many countries in Ethiopia with many tribal flags? This is riducules. This is what Meles has brought us.

People where supposed to be educated to work and to live , and respect their other fellows. But now people are told they have to be nephetegneas to repeat the past mistakes. No matter who nephetegnea is, we do not need new nephetegneas. Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it.

All of you, liberate yourself before talking and representing other fellows citizens. Some of you even tried to represent all Ethiopians.

We have seen what Ethiopians think of in 2005. We all know Ethiopians not in love affaires of ethnic federalism. Ethnic federalism is imposed on them derg imposed communism in Ethiopia. No Ethiopians voted to have a flag. TPLF came with new flags and told to everyone they have to have flag.

I never saw anywhere a Tigray flag. It is not written or recorded anywhere there is a separate Tigreans flag. No, history never recorded such Tigray, oromo, somalia, Gurage,… flags. This is the invention of Meles Zenawi.

I admit Meles could do mistake in doing all that. We do mistake all the time out of ignorance and even sometimes we do wrongs thinks in return to others like revenge. That is what Meles did. He hated amhara so much and he invented this tribal flag to neutralize amhara.

This is Meles’s big mistake, all amharas were not on power. It was very few. The majority of amharas live in abject poverty like every Ethiopian. Meles did big, big, repeat mistake of few amhara who were on power. If Amhara well off than any Ethiopians, we could have still got scraps from them, like the black South Africans enjoying partially from the scraps of the whietes.

According to me: We need a new mission that emanucipates Ethiopians from poverty. Poverty is not only not having enough bread. Actually poverty is not lack of food. Poverty is lack of ability to think rationally. Meles Z. think that poverty is lack of food, electricity, roads,… but poverty is lack of ability to think rationally and to learn new way of doing thinks. This is what is missing in Ethiopia. People are not able to think rationally and people cannot solve problem if people cannnot address problemes.

Addressing problems is creating many flags in Ethiopia for tribes. Adddressing problems is indentifying problem variables and formualating in real time models and solving them.

Some people are say democracy and democracy, but they have no clue what democracy what democracy is. We can see that even from Diaspora Ethiopians who lived many years in North America but not able to understand what democracy is in real time. Talking and acting is completely different.

There is no democracy that says deny people meeting. No where, Diaspora did that. What surprised me is Obanga whom I hail as good thinker asking EPRDF supporters or delegates to surrender and to become refugees in on the way. It was wrong.

If you are democrat practice what you preach. Do not impose yourself on people because you think your are the only one who is right.

A message to all Ethiopia, most of you are wrong on how to solve Ethiopian problem. You have no formulation this includes opposition and TPLF on power. Everyone is imposing thier irrational ideas on people just to exclude others and to benefit themselves. It is just recycling the old. Old wine in a new wine container or new wine press.

What a blessing to live out of Ethiopia in a complete peace where no one attacks anyone based on nationality or ethnic or tribe.

Meles Zenawi has deepened hatred of among each other than solving it. I can see now how people from amhara are attacked like this by new type of nephetegneas made by Meles.

New way, new Ethiopia. No oromia, no South or North. Ethiopia is not amhara or tigrie. yehe fetera new, yemeles senawi seitanawi fetera new. Ethiopia tigray or amhara teblo or tenegrue or tetsfo aykem. Yehe yeemles lebwelde tarik new which emanated from his deep seated hatred towards amhara which Meles was fed by his Eritrean mother. Hatred against amhara is fed to Eritreans like food. We know that. I know such thing or hatred was also fed to amhara about oromo.

My life has thought me that even Somalians were fed the same amhara hate food. Many Somalians are witnesses how they were brought up to hate amhara. As I said in some of my comments. In the mainland Somalia, people were told amhara are like wild beasts who kill people and who have big ears.

I remember myself when I was a child when derg military descended to the North who mostly from South Ethiopia. We were told amhara are coming,… they have big ears, big lips, I remember children like me telling me amhara has big gears and they use their ears to sleep on because it is too big. kkk,… this is what I know from childhood amhara terror, I used to panick,….. I swear I remember running around a primary school when the derg soldiers came. I thought they will eat me. KKKKKKK, this is true. And this is even much worse when you go further to the North. And actually no one knew there are other humans in the other part of Ethiopia except the amhara.

My life teaches me now amhara = tigrie = oromo = gurage = adere = … lelaw neger fetera new people who created to diffuse their internalized fear of other people.

Actually history indicates all these people are the same. The rest is own creation like the flags we have made now.

Because one hats amhara by default and trying to rewrite a written history by false and fabricated new history is another grand mistake of Meles Zenawi.

It is unfortunate that Meles’s amhara hatred led him to do all this irrational and fabrication of history. Meles must have known that it was few amharas who were abusing power like he is now abusing power. The whole Tigreans are not abusing power now. It is him and his few followers who are abusing power. The Tigreans population cannot be condemned for his abuse of power.

New civilized way guys. Do not impose yourself on people. Try to learn from others without being biased by tribe or ethnic. Do not jump on people because you know the belongs to some social group by just picking their names? That is bad, every Hagos from Tigray is not supporter of Meles Zenawi? Every Gebremariam from Tigray is not supporter of Meles. Every Tesfaye, Nugusiee, ahylneh, Tamrat, Mammo,is not the Nephetegnea Menelick. This is total arrogance of ignorance. Every Gebisa, chaltu , gudisa,… is not OLF. Every Tigreas is not TPLF. Thus do not jump and put people into your black box of Nephtegnea, OLF, ONLF,TPLF,…

go Ethiopiawinet, I am advocating for Ethiopia by reasoning as you can see. Challenge me why not Ethiopiawinet?

04/25/11 @ 08:33
Comment from: Kena Keb [Visitor]
Kena Keb

Mamo has attempted to paint a beautifully coloured scenario of Ethiopianism to make it enticing and tasteful to his readers. It embraces a notion that is crucial to keep and perpetuate the old concept of Ethiopianism with a strong element of patriotism entrenched in it with which Mamo is fervently attached to. But reading between the lines lies an element of bitterness and a smell of acerbity to defy the determination by the present government in Ethiopia to nullify or perhaps invalidate the centuries’ old standing political domination of one ethnic group that was taken for granted as a definition of Ethiopiawinet. That fortified notion of Ethiopiawinet which was forcefully amalgamated into the close to 100 or more other ethnic groups in Ethiopia by one dominant ethnic group is challenged for the first time. The foundation on which this fortress of domination was built on is being shaken from its very foundation which has triggered jitters in those who had always taken for granted that Ethiopiawinet meant the approval and acceptance of the hegemony attributed to the one ethinic group that they belong to and that has defined Ethiopiawinet in Ethiopia. I think there is room to accomodate and live in harmony by recognizing the existence and importance of other ethnic groups too that are equally valid in structuring Ethiopiawinet in our country. The age of bigotry and patronization is dwindling while the age of tolerance and togetherness is being endorsed with respect and love.

Ethiopia shall prosper!!

04/25/11 @ 11:04
Comment from: omo [Visitor]

When people see everything through their tribal tunnel vision, when they say that beyond the horizon everything is an illusion and does not exist, blind even to the cosmopolitan West they live in, and their mind is stuck on events that took place a hundred years ago, and are not ready to forgive and forget, for the sake of a better future and a globalized world that is ahead of us, it is beyond human power to teach such people the concept of Ethiopiawinet, unity, brotherhood and peaceful coexistence.

The world of tomorrow is the world of cooperation and friendly coexistence, where national boarders will be obsolete, let alone internal tribal boarders, a future when the lamb will lie down with the lion and wars will be things of the past. Habeshas do not bear the existence of others next to them, and they have failed completely to realize their priorities of fighting together as a nation the four horsemen of the Ethiopian apocalypse (poverty, hunger, disease and economic and social backwardness).

People who have solved their problems by fleeing their country,
are not yet ready to learn from the mistakes of others (Eritrea in this case) and do not try to avoid the path to the land of utter failure, for the sake of the millions they have left behind. Such callus behavior has lived with Habeshas for centuries, and the only solution that remains is for the disease either to finish them off or to be cured from their disease. Our elites have failed miserably and one is forced to hope for a new enlightened generation of the future. Habeshas can win the future only if they are born again.

Ethiopiawinet does not boil down to a certain ethnic group. An Oromo, an Afar, an Anuak, a Somali etc is equally an Ethiopian as an Amhara or a Tigre, because their blood was equally shade to keep this land we call Ethiopia.

04/25/11 @ 12:01
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Ethiopiawinet ,a word that ’s never existed in the Vocabulary of TPLF bandits and Tigre Mafiosis .On the contrary ,BANDANET ,KEHIDET ,LEBENET are their Holly words always blessed by them and their affilated bandas !!!!

04/25/11 @ 12:17
Comment from: Gezaee H. [Visitor]
Gezaee H.

The genome war must be introduced into Ethiopia to eradicate tribalism. The genome war is the best war Technology in this age of Technology. Killing people’s backward idea by DNA technology is the way to go now.

No tribal war, the inventor of genome war is probably going to bring a lasting peace to this planet. To tell you the truth, genome war supports the biblical message of harmony and the oneness of humanity. Japhet, Ham, Cushe,… are the three sons of Noah. All tribls, ethnics end up in the genetic pool of oneness of humanity.

The Ethiopian genetic engineers must introduce gemome war Technology into Ethiopia to bury tribalism and ethnicism. It is the best tool to bury tribalism. No bullet fighting, killing peoples backward idea using their DNA.

I recommend Prof. Mammo to look into the genome war book and Technology we can use it to build Ethiopiawinet by DNA where Meles cannot say anything except open his mouth, say ohhhhhh, I did not know. You have to show this people so that they can believe,they have ears but they cannnot here. You just show them how their DNA looks compared to the other. You show the DNA of Amhara, Oromo, Tigrie,…

It is even easy to find out who lived where and when in Ethiopia using genome mapping Technology. You cannot fabricate history now. you cannot do that now. OLF, TPLF, can write many books, … DNA mapping of Ethiopian history can throw Meles’s book into a dust bin.

We are telling you are not living in the 21 century. Our people are living in stone age, not even in the copper and Ferrous ege.

04/25/11 @ 12:38
Comment from: Revolution [Visitor]

A call to Ethiopians inside and outside ETHIOPIA.

The revolution must be speeded up now. By May 20,the Mafiasos Meles must surrender power. Wake up all.

04/25/11 @ 18:11
Comment from: Gezaee H. [Visitor]
Gezaee H.

To all Ethiopians,

Eeep up the Silent revolution work until our people are free from the bondage of oppression, repression. I am not coming here anymore because I have alot of things to do. Wasting my time here with lifeless cadres is not useful.

We will meet in Addis after the silent revolution. The revolution is heating up in the heart of Tigray. It is possible Meles will lose power in Tigray before anywhere else.

According to sources, people in Mekele are ready than anyone in Ethiopia. It is time now. Do not get distracted by the Millennium dam. Stick to the agenda. Until everyone is free, no one is cah be free.

We urge people in Ethiopia and outside to work hard to realize change.

Victory to the Ethiopian masses!

We will win soon!

04/25/11 @ 18:51
Comment from: Zemene Netsanet [Visitor]
Zemene Netsanet

Kena Keb,

Thank you for heating the nail streight on the head and showing some of these embittered and loser medieval zealots singing about the completely LOST ZEALOT’S unjust case. BRAVO!

The world goes forwards but not backwards. Viva equality, plurality, democracy and humanism! All for one and one for all is the way forward.

Down with drooling fascist Zealot romanticism! ):

04/26/11 @ 15:44
Comment from: mesfin tewdros [Visitor]
mesfin tewdros

Ethiopiawinet open the framework to harness the diversity and expand it. Ethnicism creates tribal closures and destroys diversity. It creates mistrust and conflict.

Go for Ethiopiawinet. A movement for Ethiopiawinet now! Clear up ethnicism!!!

04/26/11 @ 16:34
Comment from: Theo [Visitor]

Thank you Prof. Mammo for instigating a discussion topic, that many tried to avoid in fear of such an inevitable a long trail of diatribes as witnessed above. Your piece provokes thought as the role of any other intellectual. I really felt pity for those who associate you with the former military junta Dergue and tried to correct your English grammar rather than review the concept you put for discussions.

I also read with utmost interest views from historical revisionists, though their points are pretty infantile and their argument could easily be refuted. As expected, supporters of the incumbent are running wild with their foul-mouthing and are at their full gear of scribbling innuendoes of low life insults, which I believe is the outcome of your strong line of argument instead of the usual and fashionable one-line chorus of ethnic entrepreneurs.

I must thank you once again for your highly sophisticated intellectual argument about Ethiopiawinet. You must have challenged many open-minded Ethiopians, up and down the country to re-think and debated in a civilised way how Ethiopiawinet need to be revisited beyond the usual rhetoric of the ethnic entrepreneurs that had the platform for the last four odd decades without intellectual challenge.

You are the great child of Ethiopia. Time will record your contribution. I urge other learned Ethiopian men and women to come out from their captives and de-construct the out-dated ideology of short-sighted, sensational rhetoric. Ethiopiawinet is a universal concept that transcends the hiccups of opportunistic ethnic outlay.

Keep it up Professor Mammo. Come up with more such a thought provoking notions. You are part of the history of this great nation Ethiopia.

Theo from EL

04/27/11 @ 15:16
Comment from: tola senbete [Visitor]
tola senbete

Lo and behold,the furious and savage attacks on an Ethiopian who defends Ethiopawinet.. who are these people? They are all those infected by the ethnic virus. They see Adwa not asan Ethiopian-African victory, but an Amhara-Tigre one(sic!!!). These lazy and stupid creatures do not know anything and they are in power. God help Ethiopia!A strong Ethiopiawinet/Africawinet movement should brushed them out of Menelik palace and send them to school to learn Ethiopian history. This movement should have starteda long time ago! About time all come together now!

04/28/11 @ 06:23
Comment from: Tefera Taye [Visitor]
Tefera Taye

Why are the ethnicists and specially those in powewer are afraid of Prof. Mammo? He did not write attcking them. He wrote supporting Ethiopiawinet and its world significance. Why is that a threat to them unless they really are condemed with the killer disease of ethnnic cancer.

Ethiopia has diversity and that is an asset and not a curse.With Ethiopiawinet Ethiopia can harness that diversity with vernacular ethnicity Ethiopia and wider African unity will lose.

04/28/11 @ 06:28
Comment from: Ogadenson [Visitor]

you are simply another narrow minded Neftengn dude!.Ethiopia,will never falling in your hands and hey read my words,the Neftenga ahamara the kind of country(Ethiopia)that,they looking for it would never becoming a real one.Their imaginations would be fading soon.It’s matter of a less than one decade that Ethiopia to on the same track directions.Because,the young generations(in back home) whom grown up in the era of the new Ethiopia,have different mentality than yours and the only thinks they would knows is how to live together in democratic federalism systems.Ethiopian new generations,despite of your having all kinds of PhD degrees,Ethiopian generations,they really don’t don’t need any advices from Neftenga old brains.

04/28/11 @ 09:20



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