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Ethiopia: Ring in Redress to All Humankind



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Ethiopia: Ring in Redress to All Humankind

Ethiopia: Ring in Redress to All Humankind

By Alemayehu G. Mariam

2012 is gone. 2013 is on the way. Let us ring in redress to all humankind.

I wish a happy and prosperous new year to all of my readers throughout the world. To those who have unwearyingly followed my columns for nearly three hundred uninterrupted weeks, I wish to express my deep gratitude and appreciation. I am thankful for all of the support and encouragement I have received from my readers in Ethiopia and the Ethiopian Diaspora and others throughout the world.

I ask my readers to ring in the new year with a firm resolution to seek redress for human rights violations in Ethiopia, other parts of Africa and throughout the world. As Dr. Martin Luther King taught, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly…”

Let us bid farewell to the old year and greet the new one with the poetic words of Lord Alfred Tennyson:

Ring out the old, ring in the new,…
Ring out the false, ring in the true.
Ring out the grief that saps the mind,…
Ring out the feud of rich and poor,
Ring in redress to all mankind.
Ring out a slowly dying cause,
And ancient forms of party strife;
Ring in the nobler modes of life,
With sweeter manners, purer laws…
Ring out false pride in place and blood,
The civic slander and the spite;
Ring in the love of truth and right,
Ring in the common love of good…
Ring out the thousand wars of old,
Ring in the thousand years of peace.
Ring in the valiant man and free,
The larger heart, the kindlier hand;
Ring out the darkness of the land,…
Ringing Out 2012

I thought I would ring out 2012 by extracting snippets from selected weekly commentaries I wrote during the year.
In January 2012, I wondered aloud if there will be an “African Spring” or “Ethiopian Tsedey (Spring)” in 2012. I cryptically answered my own question taking cover in Albert Camus’ book “The Rebel”. “What is a rebel?”, asked Camus. “A man who says no… A slave who has taken orders all his life suddenly decides that he cannot obey some new command. What does he mean by saying ‘no’? He means, for example, that ‘this has been going on too long,’ ‘up to this point yes, beyond it no’, ‘you are going too far,’ or, again, ‘there is a limit beyond which you shall not go.’ But from the moment that the rebel finds his voice -- even though he says nothing but ‘no’ -- he begins to desire and to judge. The rebel confronts an order of things which oppresses him with the insistence on a kind of right not to be oppressed beyond the limit that he can tolerate.”

Africa’s Spring will arrive when enough Africans including Ethiopians collectively resolve to rise up from the winter of their discontent and make glorious spring and summer by declaring, “No! Enough is Enough!”

In February 2012, I pointed out the shame and humiliation in receiving a Chinese handout (“gift”) in the form of a gleaming “African Union Hall” to 50 plus African countries who could not afford the measly $200 million needed to build such a quintessentially symbolic continental edifice. I christened it “African Beggars Union Hall”.
The Chinese Dragon is dancing the Watusi shuffle with African Hyenas. Things could not be better for the Dragon in Africa. In the middle of what once used to be the African Pride Land now stands a brand-spanking new hyenas’ den called the African Union Hall (AU). Every penny of the USD$200 million stately pleasure dome was paid for by China. It is said to be “China’s gift to Africa.” Sooner or later China has to come to terms with three simple questions: Can it afford to fasten its destiny to Africa’s dictators, genociders and despots? How long can China pretend to turn a blind eye to the misery of the African people suffering under ruthless dictatorships? Will there be a price to pay once the African dictators that China supported are forced out of power in a popular uprising? To update the old saying, “Beware of Chinese who bear gifts.”

In March 2012, I boldly predicted that Ethiopia will transition from dictatorship to democracy. But I also cautiously suggested that dissolution of the dictatorship in Ethiopia does not guarantee the birth of democracy. There is no phoenix of democracy that will rise gloriously from the trash heap of dictatorship. Birthing democracy will require a lot of collaborative hard work, massive amounts of creative problem solving and plenty of good luck and good will. A lot of heavy lifting needs to be done to propel Ethiopia from the abyss of dictatorship to the heights of democracy. It will be necessary to undertake a collective effort now to chart a clear course on how that long-suffering country will emerge from decades of dictatorship, without the benefit of any viable democratic political institutions, a functional political party system, a system of civil society institutions and an independent press to kindle a democratic renaissance.

In April 2012 , I paid a special tribute to my personal hero Eskinder Nega, winner of the 2012 PEN Freedom to Write Award. Eskinder Nega (to me Eskinder Invictus) has been jailed as a “terrorist” by the powers that be in Ethiopia. But Eskinder is a hero’s hero. His cause was taken up by an army of world renowned journalists who have themselves suffered at the hands of dictatorships including Kenneth Best, founder of the Daily Observer (Liberia’s first independent daily); Lydia Cacho, arguably the most famous Mexican journalist; Akbar Ganji Faraj Sarkohi Iran’s foremost dissidents; Arun Shourie, one of India’s most renowned and controversial journalists and many others. Recently, Carl Bernstein (one of the two journalists who exposed the Watergate scandal leading to the resignation of President Richard Nixon) and Liev Schreiber paid extraordinary homage to Eskinder Nega. Bernstein said, “No honor can be greater than to read Eskinder Nega’s words. He is more than a symbol. He is the embodiment of the greatness of truth, of writing and reporting real truth, of persisting in truth and resisting the oppression of untruths,…”
Eskinder Nega is my special hero because he fought tyranny with nothing more than ideas and the truth. He slew falsehoods with the sword of truth. Armed only with a pen, Eskinder fought despair with hope; fear with courage; anger with reason; arrogance with humility; ignorance with knowledge; intolerance with forbearance; oppression with perseverance; doubt with trust and cruelty with compassion. I lack the words to express my deep pride and gratitude to Eskinder and his wife, journalist Serkalem Fasil (winner of the 2007 International Women's Media Foundation “Courage in Journalism Award”), for their boundless courage and extraordinary sacrifices in the cause of press freedom in Ethiopia. It is said that history is written by the victor. When truth becomes the victor in Ethiopia, the names Eskinder Nega and Serkalem Fasil will be inscribed in the Hall of Fame for unfaltering courage and steadfast endurance in the face of Evil.

In May 2012, Abebe Gelaw, a young Ethiopian journalist stood up in the audience at the Food Security 2012 G8 Summit in Washington, D.C. and cried freedom. The late Meles Zenawi sat in catatonic silence as the young journalist shouted out: “Meles Zenawi is a dictator! Meles Zenawi is a dictator! Free Eskinder Nega! Free Political Prisoners! You are a dictator. You are committing crimes against humanity. Food is nothing without freedom! Meles has committed crimes against humanity! We Need Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!”

The “heckler’s veto” is one of the most precious rights of American citizens. The idea is really simple. It is always governments who abuse their power to silence their critics and those who disagree with them. With the “heckler’s veto”, the individual silences the government and the powerful. The tables are turned. Zenawi was silenced by Abebe! In that moment, Abebe gloriously realized the true meaning of the tagline of his website – “A Voice of the Voiceless”. Ironically, the voice of the voiceless rendered speechless the man who had rendered millions voiceless!

In June 2012, I joyously witnessed the unity of Christian and Muslim religious leaders against those seeking to divide them. Hajj Mohamed Seid, a prominent Ethiopian Muslim leader in exile in Toronto, made an extraordinary statement that should be a lesson to all Ethiopians: “As you know Ethiopia is a country that has different religions. Ethiopia is a country where Muslims and followers of the Orthodox faith have lived and loved each other throughout recorded history. Even in our lifetimes -- 50 to 60 years -- we have not seen Ethiopia in so much suffering and tribulation. Religion is a private choice, but country is a collective responsibility. If there is no country, there is no religion. It is only when we have a country that we find everything… They [the rulers in Ethiopia] have sold the land [to foreigners] and have kept the most arable land to themselves. The money from the sale is not in our country. It is in their pockets… Is there an Ethiopian generation left now? The students who enrolled in the universities are demoralized; their minds are afflicted chewing khat (a mild drug) and smoking cigarettes. They [the ruling regime] have destroyed a generation…

In July 2012, I held a private celebration on the occasion of the ninety-fourth birthday of President Nelson Mandela. May he live long with gladness and good health! Madiba has been a great inspiration for me very much like Gandhi. Madiba and Gandhi were lawyers who spoke truth to power fearlessly. For Madiba, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King, true human rights advocacy was devoid of all political ambition. The politics of human rights is the politics of human dignity, not ideology, political partisanship or the pursuit of political office. The committed human rights advocate thrives on hopes and dreams of a better future, not the lust for political power or craving for status, position or privilege. I have been relentlessly “sermonizing” (as some affectionately refer to my weekly commentaries) on human rights in Ethiopia and against dictatorship for many years now. I have done so not because I believed my efforts will produce immediate political results or expected structural changes overnight. I stayed in for the long haul because I believe defending, advocating and writing about human rights and righting government wrongs is right, good and the moral thing to do.

In August 2012, I bade farewell to Meles Zenawi who passed away from an undisclosed illness. It was a difficult farewell to write. For over two hundred seventy five weeks, without missing a single week, I wrote long expository commentaries on the deeds and misdeeds of the man who was at the helm of power in Ethiopia for over two decades. Meles and I would have never crossed paths but for the massacres of 2005 in which some 200 unarmed protesters were shot dead in the streets and another 800 wounded by police and security officials under Meles’ personal command and control.

Meles was a man who had an appointment with destiny. Fate had chosen him to play a historic role in Ethiopia and beyond. He was one of the leaders of a rebel group that fought and defeated a brutal military dictatorship that had been in power for 17 years. In victory, Meles promised democracy, respect for democratic liberties and development. But as the years wore on, Meles became increasingly repressive, intolerant of criticism and in the end became as tyrannical as the tyrant he had replaced. In his last years, he created a police state reinforced by a massive security network of spies and surveillance technology. He criminalized press freedom and civil society institutions. He crushed dissent and all opposition. He spread fear and loathing that penetrated the remotest parts of the countryside. For over 21 years, Meles clutched the scepter of power in his hands and cast away the sword of justice he held when he marched into the capital from the bush in 1991. Meles was feared, disliked and demonized by his adversaries. He was loved, admired, idealized and idolized by his supporters. In the end, Meles died a man who had absolute power which had corrupted him absolutely. In his relentless pursuit of absolute power, Meles missed his appointment with destiny to become a peerless and exemplary Ethiopian leader.

In September 2012, I explained why I supported President Obama’s re-election. I tried to make an honest case for supporting the President’s re-election despite deep disappointments over his human rights records in Africa in his first term. Did President Obama deliver on the promises he made for Africa to promote good governance, democracy and human rights? Did he deliver on human rights in Ethiopia? No. Are Ethiopian Americans disappointed over the unfulfilled promises President Obama made in Accra, Ghana in 2009 and his Administration’s support for a dictatorship in Ethiopia? Yes. We remember when President Obama talked about the need to develop robust democratic institutions, uphold the rule of law and the necessity of maintaining open political space and protecting human rights in Africa. We all remember what he said: “Africa does not need strong men but strong institutions.” “Development depends on good governance.” “No nation will create wealth if its leaders exploit the economy.” Was he just saying these words or did he truly believe them? Truth be told, what the President has done or not done to promote good governance, democracy and human rights in Ethiopia is no different than what we, the vast majority of Ethiopian Americans, have done or not done to promote the same values in Ethiopia. That is the painful truth we must face.

In October 2012, I wrote about breast cancer awareness for Ethiopian women and men. There is a strange and confounding culture of secrecy and silence about certain kinds of illnesses among many Ethiopians in the country and those in the Diaspora. Among the two taboo diseases are cancer and HIV/AIDS. The rule seems to be hide the illness until death, even after death. We saw this regrettable practice in the recent passing of Meles Zenawi. Meles’ illness and cause of death remain a closely guarded state secret. It is widely believed that he died from brain cancer. This culture of secrecy and silence has contributed significantly to the needless deaths of thousands of Ethiopians. There is substantial anecdotal evidence that far too many Ethiopian women living in the U.S. have needlessly died from breast cancer because they failed or avoided to get regular breast cancer screening fearing a positive diagnosis. Secrecy and silence when it comes to breast cancer is a self-imposed death warrant!

In November 2012, I remembered. I remembered the hundreds of unarmed citizens murdered in the streets by police and security officials under the personal command and control of Meles Zenawi in Ethiopia on June 6-8 and November 1-4, 2005, following the Ethiopian parliamentary elections in May of that year. According to an official Inquiry Commission, “There was not a single protester who was armed with a gun or a hand grenade as reported by the government-controlled media that some of the protesters were armed with guns and bombs. [The shots fired by government forces] were not intended to disperse the crowd but to kill by targeting the head and chest of the protesters.” I also remembered Yenesew Gebre, a 29 year-old Ethiopian school teacher and human rights activist set himself ablaze outside a public meeting hall in the town of Tarcha located in Dawro Zone in Southern Ethiopia on 11/11/11. He died three days later from his injuries. Before torching himself, Yenesew told a gathered crowd outside of a meeting hall, “In a country where there is no justice and no fair administration, where human rights are not respected, I will sacrifice myself so that these young people will be set free.” I remembered why I was transformed from a cloistered armchair academic and hardboiled defense lawyer to a (com)passionate human rights advocate and defender.

In December 2012, I fiercely opposed the potential nomination of Susan Rice, the current U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. I argued that Rice has been waltzing (or should I say do-se-do-ing) with Africa’s slyest, slickest and meanest dictators for nearly two decades. Rice and other top U.S. officials knew or should have known a genocide was underway or in the making once RAF and interahamwe militia began killing people in the streets and neighborhoods on April 6, the day Rwandan President Juvenal Habyiarimana was assassinated. They were receiving reports from the U.N. mission in Rwanda; and their own intelligence pointed to unspeakable massacres taking place in Kigali and elsewhere in the country. Rice feigned ignorance of the ongoing genocide, but the irrefutable documentary evidence showed that Rice, her boss Anthony Lake and other high level U.S. officials knew from the very beginning (April 6, 1994) that genocide was in the making in Rwanda. On September 2, 2012 at the funeral of Meles Zenawi in Addis Ababa and at a memorial service for Meles in New York City on October 27, 2012, Rice delivered a eulogy that virtually canonized Meles. In her blind eulogy, Rice turned a blind eye to the thousands of Ethiopians who were victimized, imprisoned and killed by Meles Zenawi. Rice could not see the police state Meles had created. To literally add insult to injury, Rice called Meles’ opponents and critics “fools and idiots”. Truth be told, I was deeply offended by Rice's hubristic remarks and her audacity, pomposity, nerve and insolence to insult and humiliate Ethiopians in their own country in such callous and contemptuious manner. Ethiopians have been robbed of their dignity for 21 years. But I will be damned if any foreigner, however high or exalted, should feel free to demean, dehumanize and demonize my people as "fools and idoits". Recently, Rice explained: “I know I’m vilified for having said anything other than, ‘He [Meles] was a tyrant,’ ... which would’ve been a little awkward, on behalf of the U.S. government and in front of all the mourning Ethiopians.” Rice has no qualms calling Ethiopians "fools and idiots" but she writhes in agony just thinking about calling Meles a tyrant?!? Some people just don’t get it!!!

In 1994, Rice was willfully blind to the genocide in Rwanda. In 2012, she was willfully blind to the long train of human rights abuses and atrocities in Ethiopia.

America does not need a friend and a buddy to African dictators as its Secretary of State. America does not need a Secretary of State with a heart of stone and tears of a crocodile. America does not need a “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” Secretary of State. America needs a Secretary of State who can tell the difference between human rights and government wrongs!

Let us join hands to ring in redress to all mankind in 2013. Let us all work together for human rights for all and against all government wrongs!

Professor Alemayehu G. Mariam teaches political science at California State University, San Bernardino and is a practicing defense lawyer.


Comment from: [Member]

Ewnetim AGECHAM! LOL!!
Almaria is still talking about arab spring and Africa to rise up. His decayed mentality sinks him down in a quagmire of wishing all kinds of chaos, unrest, and terorrism in Africa, where people wish to have a long sustainable stablity, so that they can eradicate their common enemy poverty. Does he know the word economical growth or development? How does a man who is considerd schoold in the west keeps on wishing destruction, and never how to build a country?

12/31/12 @ 19:19
Comment from: power monger [Visitor]
power monger

You born to cry China Bla Bla the west Bla Bla do by yourself organize your likes beg money and go to the battle feild that is a man mean just kidding you never do it .

12/31/12 @ 19:30
Comment from: kebede [Visitor]

As long as the fake Prof. is getting money from ESAT (GINBOT7) and Eritrea government, he will write anything that makes Ethiopia looks bad. Good luck with your articles often you write, but I like to see some alternative solution to the problem you think is happening in Ethiopia.

Happy New Year!!

12/31/12 @ 19:33
Comment from: EriPride [Visitor]

@ Gashe Al GM,
Enkuan Aderessen!
Hope the New Year of 2013 bring Peace and Prosperity to our zone, the Horn of Africa and all over the world. Eritreans allover the world wish all our neighboring states blessing, love, respect and mutual growth and development. Let God give us his grace to forgive the past and bloomish together hand in hand.
Enjoy ERITREAN SONG of the New Year 2013!


12/31/12 @ 19:34
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Did you write anything about Muslims? I mean you forgot it? Or are you giving up on Muslim Christian coalition? Please clarify and if it was a gross omission we will forgive you but if it is a deliberate omission we will have to curse the Professor.

I hope as you promised you will be guided by injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere.’

Hope to hear from you by commenting on this forum, before I turn my pain against you.

Happy new year.

Democracy for Ethiopia. Peace for Axum Muslims.

12/31/12 @ 19:40
Comment from: Merkato [Visitor]

Prof. Almaria, we thank you for your hard work for exposing TPLF leaders. I hope 2013 we all Ethiopian breath free air.

12/31/12 @ 19:45
Comment from: right [Visitor]

Free air to you means getting power but not in your life time.

12/31/12 @ 20:21
Comment from: Ash [Visitor]

On this new year my wish

TPLF government to release all rumor mill owner ( press)

And call all Ethiopian opp. Leader all of them including all opp. Rumor reporter all of the put them in one bus and take them to all development site and video tape them each of them and ask them what they see.

Make it one years project so that slowly show as Nile dam and each dam site count for one hour program just like realty show take them one site per weak and next weak next site this way we will see first hand account report

First show them finished project and interview them the like of teddy Afro answering interview that he just saw that will be his end of music career

Next ask Eskinder Nega what he just saw like cement factory or sugar factory ask him how he like it..

Cover all expense and make it interesting by make them write the best story but truth what they see and reward them with Haile resort for a week..
Even offer them money as wining the realty show if they take they will be black listed if they don’t take they will be foolish . Not to take 100,000 birr or million birr.

12/31/12 @ 20:33
Comment from: StopInjustice [Visitor]

The author is more or less right but he simply biased in favor of a single journalist. There are a number of innocent politicians are still in jail and getting paint with the name of terrorists, for example, recently two known Oromo politicians.

What is really the need of the Ethiopian: politics or economic development? I slant towards the later. But the government fails to make conducive in both cases. For example, there are a number of theft and corrupted people in the country. The ranges from macro-meso-micro level. At the macro-level, the policicians are weaking regional development except the Tigary people are expected a monoplized industries. At meso level, there are problems to have a fair justice systems such as a crime person who robe livestock, a person crime who threaten women, children and eldres are free to enjoy the crimes they wanted to choice.There is no insurance for farmers to secure prodcution of farms but for foreign investors. The living costs is very high. Government could have saved a lot of the foreign earning through a fixed currency exchange rate.

There are a lot to raise but generally, we would like to see that every one will be better off. This will happen only when, government keep freedom and equality in investment, free innocent people, insure farmers, compensate for farmer’s property damages. I think that government is willing to do good but may short of capacity. I think governmnet is willing to do good but may be weaken by Amhara who try to get power and weaken other ethinic groups. For example, I was surprised how Ethiopia Idios evaluated in the third round had hate Oromo music that was sing by Kalikidan Tafera. I think government is willing to do good but due to high living costs in the country, they preferred to ensure first that their pocket is full of money. This money either obtained through sell of lands or other properties. I think government is willing to do good but they may be inscure their political position is Tigray people would not get unfair favour, either wise it would be a matter of upraise against them.

The solution might be that:
1) Secure and insure producer for economic activities
2) Free innocents people
3) Give freedom to each region to practice their own culture, music, and various arts. To do so, enable with economic power and strengthen economically.

I personally do not understand what politics is and also not in favor of it. But the effects of this has been brought a worse of livelihood in the country.

Believe it or not, there are injustice everwhere across the world. But it is difficult to see when a citizen would hurt her/his own people. The applicablity of jusice systems is a relative terms if you don’t belong to your own country!!

Pray for your government to act wisely! As it has been seen, it is better to get advise from his people!!

12/31/12 @ 20:37
Comment from: [Member]


” Your call has been diverted to 2013!….Pls! don’t stop struggling….MSG citizen 80 mil….”

Even though we weren’t very successful in combating the ruthless regime God has removed two of the major figures in 2012. I’ve a hunch that we will have a success in the coming year of 2013!…

12/31/12 @ 21:41
Comment from: Agamino [Visitor]  

“I wish a happy and prosperous new year to all of my readers throughout the world. To those who have unwearyingly followed my columns for nearly three hundred uninterrupted weeks”


does he really think people read his nonsense (bere weled),repetitive, boring articles???

wey gud! this is the problem with people like Al mariam. They lionize themselves.

BTW Al Mariam, are you going to do the same thing in this new year too?

12/31/12 @ 21:47
Comment from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]

The professor is a very well informed and articulated man and yet, what you saw AZ, was his agech. How weird is that?

As always if anyone speaks against the eprdf/tplf, he/she is automatically categorized in to a shabia paid agent etc… I for one doubt this man, Al Mariam, will really need the money that much but then, one never knows.

Any how seeking Democracy or the down fall of a tyrant is not seeking chaos or destruction on a country. Just so you know AZ, Ethiopia does NOT need dictators who suppress freedom but freely elected leaders. I belieieve that is the message here but you missed it even though you were the first responder, you missed it.

Anyway bro… have a happy new year.. HAPPY NEW YEAR to all, shabia included:)

12/31/12 @ 21:51
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

My Geez Memhir hates a student who says repeatedly “I did this, and I did that….” He advises us, “Let the third person tell what you have done.”

In reading Professor Alemayehu G. Mariam’s article, I found the Professor using the word “I” many times, telling us his wishes, asking us questions and informing us what he has done, witnessed, and predicted.

1. I wish a happy and a prosperous New Year

2. I ask my readers to ring in the New Year

3. I thought there will be an African spring

4. I pointed out the shame in receiving the Chinese’s hound out

5. I predicted Ethiopia will transition from dictatorship to democracy

6. I paid tribute to Eskinder Nega

7. I witnessed the unity of Christians and Muslims

8. I celebrated President Nelson Mandela’s birth day

9. I bade farewell to Meles Zenawi

10. I explained why I supported President Obama

11. I wrote about breast cancer

12. I remembered the killings of hundreds of unarmed citizens

13. I opposed the nomination of Susan Rice

In this case, the main purpose of his article is to explain to us the good Professor has grandiose opinions of himself, which means he is suffering from narcissistic sociopath treatable by changing oneself from thinking “I am a great person who has accomplished great things” to “I am your humble servant who needs your advice and your help.”

The professor, without understanding the true history of the Ethiopian Christians and the Muslims in the Christian land of Ethiopia, wrote the following disturbing statement:

“In June 2012, I joyously witnessed the unity of Christian and Muslim religious leaders against those seeking to divide them.”

Who were those religious leaders and who were those Muslim leaders you saw united for a common purpose to bring down the Woyanne government? Can you name some of them? You have named just one Muslim leader, Hajj Mohamed Seid, who is in exile in Toronto, Canada. Does this person represent the whole Muslims in Ethiopia? Do those few Ethiopian Church leaders who are also in exile represent the entire Ethiopian Christians? There had never been any unity between the exiled Church leaders and the exiled Muslim leader. It was just a talk, not a real unity that helps bring democracy to the Ethiopian people.

There has never been and will never be any unity between the Ethiopian Christians and the Muslims in Ethiopia. People like you may say: “Ethiopian Christians and Muslims in Ethiopia have lived together in peace for a long time, and they can live in peace now.”

The Muslims in Ethiopia never feel they have lived in peace with the Ethiopian Christians: they always complain they have been oppressed, marginalized, and considered second citizens. They believe they have been denied a burial place in the holy City of Axum. They complain none of them have been appointed to the highest office. They are now planning to establish their own Islamic state in the Christina land of Ethiopia. They know they have the numbers, the wealth, the education, and the support they need from many Islamic countries, such as Sudan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran, and many other Muslim countries.

If I were you, I would tell the truth, and the truth is there has never been a real peace between the Ethiopian Christians and the Muslims in Ethiopia; therefore, we must alert the Ethiopian Christians to always be vigilant because the Muslims in Ethiopia have equipped themselves with any thing they need, and they are waiting for their surprise attack at any time against the unsuspected Ethiopian Christians.

Therefore, your statement, “… I joyously witnessed the unity of Christian and Muslim religious leaders against those seeking to divide them” is absolutely wrong.

No one is seeking to divide the Ethiopian Christians and the Muslims in Ethiopia: They have already been divided for 1400 years, and they have never lived together. Muslims in Ethiopia live in their own small towns or villages and the same is true with Ethiopian Christians. Ethiopian Christians do not touch or eat the meat of any sheep, goat, or caw slaughtered by a Muslim. When a Christian family has a wedding, they invite their Muslim neighbors who live half a mile away from the Christian family. In the wedding the Muslims are given a goat or a sheep to slaughter and to prepare their own meet.

As the Muslims are now getting higher education, the division between the Ethiopian Christians and the Muslims in Ethiopian is widening, and it will continue to grow since the Muslims in Ethiopia are restless and insecure until they have their own Islamic state in the Christian land of Ethiopia.

To say Ethiopian Christians and the Muslims in Ethiopia have lived in peace is a misleading or a deceptive statement.

When Hajj Mohamed Seid said “Ethiopia is a country where Muslims and followers of the Orthodox faith have lived and loved each other throughout recorded history,” he is lying. He didn’t know what Muslims did to the Ethiopian Christians under that Jihadist leader, Gragn Muhammad. We Ethiopian Christians will never forget that horror Gragn brought to our Christian country. Muslims are commanded by their Prophet Muhammad to lie to the Christians, to the Jews, and to the other non-Muslims, and that is what this Muslim leader who lives in exile did. I don’t trust him and any Ethiopian Christian should not trust him because he is a Muslim.

However, Professor Alemayehu G. Mariam, who supports the Muslims’ cause more than the Christians’, called Hajj Mohamed Seid’s statement “an extraordinary statement that should be a lesson to all Ethiopians…”

There is nothing any Ethiopian Christian or any Christian for that mater can learn a good lesson from a Muslim leader except deception, hostility, greed, and lust for power and money. What kind of lessons can a Christian learn from the leaders of the entire Arab-Muslim countries? Nothing! Perhaps Professor Alemayehu G. Mariam may have learned an unforgettable lesson from the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood or from the Saudi king or from the Iranian Clerics that he could be able to apply in the Christian land of Ethiopia.

12/31/12 @ 23:21
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

For me I have decided not to make any comment about the dude … to take him out from the over all my memory thought of thinking ….

Most likely i am wrong …

Daru dagna yeleme letewewe gede yelele …

Dagna yeleme enji binorama dagna …
hilinawaw beadelewo begubo yaletegna

endzihe ayenete sigegne chekagne amtsegna …

ejune wede huwal

Boring and thoroughly fools and idiot.

12/31/12 @ 23:29
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Correction: #4- handout,not hound out

12/31/12 @ 23:37
Comment from: john john [Visitor]
john john

This sick man want sell us his master idea such us watching porn as democracy and freedom the out dated Western book which run up and down his thick brain lets say no and live with reality.

12/31/12 @ 23:41
Comment from: Ethioipian for Ethiopian [Visitor]
Ethioipian for Ethiopian

This guy never stop to amazes me! My first time comment whatever garbage brainwashed idea he brings. First, if you think this time is Ethiopian new year, sorry it is not our new year.
Second of all you are not a Citizen of Ethiopia. You lost it when you change it. You will never have the right to touch that country. The only thing that upset me about you is the country gave you the opportunity to be wherever you are still you want to suck every little thing she offer for her people. I see that from every negative thought you write. I have never seen one positive or encouraging thing. You are dream for war and death of young people. What kind of devil are you? Even devil doesn’t wish such things. Please, once in your life get a life try to live in peace not with the world but with your common sense! Find your soul gather it and be a human being.

01/01/13 @ 00:33
Comment from: True Ethiopian [Visitor]
True Ethiopian

Assta B. Gettu

Before you start criticizing Mr. Al Mariam, think!!!I don’t agree with Al’s writings but, whether you like it or not he makes his point without being Ignorance like you. you wrote:

“No one is seeking to divide the Ethiopian Christians and the Muslims in Ethiopia": really!! the Muslims in Ethiopia? listen when you say the Muslims in Ethiopia who are you referring to? Muslims from foreign country or you are still referring the true Ethiopian Muslims as ? I would not be surprise if you still believe Ethiopia as a christian land and Santa clause is real? One thing for sure I do not think Al is a prejudice. Get your fact before you post any comment.

01/01/13 @ 02:15
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

For me Assta Getu is a computer generated insult against Muslims. He needs to tell us where he lives so we can say he is a real man and a strong man of conviction. Likewise, owners need to tell us who they are or if they did already then I need to know that.

At any rate, I have not seen diaspora Muslims to become so close as they did in Canada. This was really commendable. However, let us not forget what happened to Muslims despite the honorable deeds of King Negash, that some of us are told to believe in Menelik II and Yohannes who terminated Muslims of Ethiopia. As such we know that Christians fear a retaliation and dominance from Muslims. Hence, they will do any thing to weaken Muslims as they have done in the past. We Muslims should be deliberate about our future and never believe a lying copt. For example, Shabia took over Jebha after infiltrating them from within. Jebha was dominantly Muslim where as shabia is Coptic. Western have more confidence in copts over Muslims. So, any approach by copts is deceiving. Wayane is copt dominant and Muslim were promised Axum Mesjid when they fought for wayane now they are told akrari. Even fake Muslims Junedin or Al Amoudin are not guaranted safety. They will be used and thrown over. so, the only copts who I believe so far are Al Mariam, and Taman and Abebe Belew and Abebe Belew. I grew up in dominant Christian Amhara and I know that Amhara are ashamed to be calling themselves Muslims except in Wollo or Addis Zemen and Wereta where there are many Muslims but generally are considered as merchants and their farms generally are always raided by copts. I even have a Coptic sister. But that is not the point, will Amhara copts if they take over Wayane behave nice to Ethiopian Muslims like Oromo Muslims? Will there be a good foundation? Will orthodox value the new generation of Muslims who is assertive and non compromising? Especially the young is defiant and deservedly because we are living in the era of change. So, unlike Christians who regard Muslims as a threat Muslims of Ethiopia are used to be threatened by Christians and thus are less inclined to approach unit proposals with caution, however. Thus, although I know my Coptic friends they are not ready to give Muslims enough power and recognition just peacefully. Even the educated ones like Dr Aklog Birara who is from Gondar has indicated that Muslim issues in Ethiopia such as Mesjid construction by Saudi is linked to Saudi Arabia. Thus, he thinks Wayane made blunder when he did that. But without Saudis I don’t know if Wayane could have survived the production shortage many of the things. Since Saudis earned wayane’s trust as they are less abusive to Wayane unlike many foreign investors, he should have thanked them. On the contrary, all copts want no investment from any Muslim country. No Arab, No peace policy. They view Somalia as enemies. Yes, I have been invited to parties, and weddings. I have been given meals of my choice and my own slaughter house. But is that what we mean by living in harmony? What the modern generation is asking is not about personal or social change. The social fabric is okay at individual level. We meet and we greet each other and we hold our differences despite our grudges and copts normally seduce Muslims with nice talk and soft words unless when we are arguing over things during which we see the true ugly inner feelings of copts such as calling as “ante Arab” or “kitatabi: abusive words. That shows the dominance psyche built in the copt mind. However, what Muslims are really asking now are not individual harmony. What they are saying is Muslim problem is institutionalize or state owned. For example, there has been behind the scene systematization of the Muslims at government or state level. This stigmatization originated from the church itself and hence the state. This has caused the Muslims for example to not get hired in the palace, in the Military, in foreign Ministry, diplomacy, cabinet, etc. Embassies and International forums such as the UN and foreign relations. Now, we may think this is understandable given lack of education among Muslim areas. But the fact is Muslims were discriminated both psychologically through state owned TV into becoming “fakely assimilated” to the Christian Empire. One does not need the case of a cross flag during Haileselasie, or Ethiopian Airlines painted with cross until Derg time, cross made cloths, and crosses n Embassy lobby chairs, naming of Hospitals such as Paul, or naming of stadiums or places such as “Meskel square” is to enslave the Muslim mind into believing that his faith alien to what is surrounding himself and put him to either assimilate unsonsciously most of the time or consciously in rare cases as in Wollo Muslims and others in Amara region. This makes happy those who never want to see anything other than their own culture. Whereas if an Amhara copt travels to Muslim dominant areas he will be reaceived with an Amhara Mayor an Amhara speaking police and beaurocrate which makes him feel that the Afar area is his land and his ancestors. To this day, we have many of the educated ones like Dr Aklog Birara who are at home with this idea. Indeed, Professor Al Mariam is commendable but he is short sighted if he thinks we are one. It is a good beginning but we need more concrete steps from copts. For example, if we promise no Sharia will they accept Ethiopian Muslims as part of the history of Ethiopia? Will they accept Imama Ahamed al Ghazali as an Ethiopian and African hero like they do for Yohannes IV? Will they build one statue for him ( Muslims don’t do that) but in case we want to will they do that? Will they blame the Church for colonizing Muslim lands? etc…

In other words, our problem of unity did not come from the individual people as such it came from the institutions of the copts i.e. the State and the Church.

The agreement has to be read by all diaspora of Ethiopian origins, and put online, petitioned, and discussed by different communities in much detail so we can build trust.

There will be time for unity because we have no choice except to unite. If anybody thinks he or she can win over Muslims like in the past, that is misguided. So, instead of talk, I urge the professor to take the responsibility to pick diaspora chiefs and then start the unity dialogue and expand it to every major community in diaspora. Then, come back here and tell us the progress. ESAT needs to get rid of extreme copts who put cold water in the progress of our unity. Fear is the worst enemy of man.





01/01/13 @ 02:16
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Here we are again the Agazi Hyena pack and the TPLF herd of donkeys are
crying against Prof Al . They can not even understand that each line written by him and many other patriots ,shall soon be the bullets who will shoot their looter masters and bandit bros oppressing the peoples . Thanks prof Al keep on
continuing the good job .

01/01/13 @ 03:02
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Adgi ,when you treat prof Al Agetcham ,have you seen your own ugly face infront a mirror ,specially “Kimal yadeletat Meletlet Tchinkilatihin"…LOL !!!
Dinkem yegnia Beauty Contest Tewedadari ,TEMB ANSA ASSAMA BANDA !!!

01/01/13 @ 03:07
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

I have no time to correct the mistakes above. I did make a lot of corrections but for some reason the last one disappeared. This cache thing is a real headache. INSTEAD OF MAKING THIS SITE INACCESSIBLE, THE EDITORS NEED TO BE ACCESSIBLE AND INTERACT WITH THE VISITORS. IT SEEMS TO ME THE SITE IS MORE OF A DEAD BODY. MAKE YOUR SELF KNOW, SITE OWNERS, IF THIS SITE IS TO GET AY HIT.

01/01/13 @ 04:03
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Jil Jillu where the hell have you read Prof Al advising peoples to watch porn .This is your own illusions while jerking days and nights on your laptop and Iphone .

01/01/13 @ 05:45
Comment from: Tamrat Tamrat [Visitor]
Tamrat Tamrat

I oppose tplf because it overruns eprdf to give priority by all means to tigry and tigrians. And because tigrian are only 4 millions and in the 90 millions people land only 4 million enjoying life is not correct. And it is too difficult which one to accuse, tplf or eprdf!

So my wish for 2013: TPLF must stop overrunning eprdf. Share all power military, economical, politics even all federal posts must be shared equally and must reflect the vast majority of Ethiopians. Including our Tv program leaders, All!! (nobody learns in his mother stomach)

If eprdf takes over its deserved power as soons as possible, then let opposition parties work without harassment. Most of the extreme stands both from eprdf and the opinions are created duet to tplf double rolls. One as a member of eprdf and at the same time the absolute leader of eprdf. So according to eprdf and constitution of the country what the opposition parties are doing is legal but tplf doesn’t approve it. So lying, intimidation, terrorizing, manipulation, corruption must be the rule of the day.
But if we think deeply to help our people then let eprdf take the total responsibility of leading the country. So the next election would be eprdf against the oppositions.
One country one government!

If i am heard by tplf and eprdf then i extend my greetings to eprdf to take one path. For a giant pary like eprdf it is diifficult. But eprdf can divide itself to conservative and labour.

01/01/13 @ 05:54
Comment from: Tarmat Tamrat [Visitor]
Tarmat Tamrat

Happy new year to all!

I start the New Year by explaining my stand on Ethiopian politics.

I oppose EPRDF as Ethiopian party because its policy is not either based social democrat, conservative (refered wrigh wing, freer market oriented) or labor (workers based party). So if eprdf represents all Ethiopia then after 21 years it could have been forced to choose one of the above. In short eprdf at times run policies of communism, capitalism and social democrat at the same time. This is hell cause and a mother of all political and economical corruption.

I oppose tplf because it overruns eprdf to give priority by all means to tigry and tigrians. And because tigrian are only 4 millions and in the 90 millions people land only 4 million enjoying life is not correct. And it is too difficult which one to accuse, tplf or eprdf!

So my wish for 2013: TPLF must stop overrunning eprdf. Share all power military, economical, politics even all federal posts must be shared equally and must reflect the vast majority of Ethiopians. Including our Tv program leaders, All!! (nobody learns in his mother stomach)

If eprdf takes over its deserved power as soons as possible, then let opposition parties work without harassment. Most of the extreme stands both from eprdf and the opinions are created duet to tplf double rolls. One as a member of eprdf and at the same time the absolute leader of eprdf. So according to eprdf and constitution of the country what the opposition parties are doing is legal but tplf doesn’t approve it. So lying, intimidation, terrorizing, manipulation, corruption must be the rule of the day.
But if we think deeply to help our people then let eprdf take the total responsibility of leading the country. So the next election would be eprdf against the oppositions.
One country one government!

If i am heard by tplf and eprdf then i extend my greetings to eprdf to take one path. For a giant pary like eprdf it is diifficult. But eprdf can divide itself to conservative and labour.

01/01/13 @ 05:56
Comment from: Heny [Visitor]

Addis Zeme,
Happy new year to you, brother and thank you the AGECHAM thing I often use to this faggot, Almariam. You see how agecham he is in this picture? He also looks to impersonate Shakespeare’s Iiago in ‘Othelo’. The way he laughs visibly shows his sinister and vicious nature.As he comes with more articles of lie and terror, we will keep tormenting him in 2013 as well. I am 100% sure he reads the comments we leave for this AGECHAM haha. We will not give peace to this Feres-fit terrorist shaebyan messenger.

01/01/13 @ 06:11
Comment from: sf [Visitor]

Thank you professor AL.
I wish you all the best for 2013.
You have achieved a lot in 2012 and I hope that you have much more to accomplish in 2013.
We are at your side to support you in the long struggle for freedom, democracy, equality and justices.

01/01/13 @ 06:59
Comment from: friew [Visitor]

What I got it from his picture to his trash poletics is almost nothing but, too much OIL on his face I guess he tries to be…… no beard why,

01/01/13 @ 07:51
Comment from: [Member]


HaPpy new year to you too, and to all!
Yea, I’ve never noticed his face before. Looks like he seems toothless too. And more like a bunkrupted old soldatto. LOL!

You said, almaria has achieved a lot in 2012. HaHaHaHa!
Shame on you! Can you atleast name one?
You’re so funny.

01/01/13 @ 10:16
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Hyena ,who the hell do you think you
are Shabyan Shelle Banda .Prof Al has many actions to accomplish than reading your weekly craps posted with your Bonobo bros Melataw Adgi and the bunch Amice_Agazi parasites infecting this website .Now your china made LENIN ’s gone away maybe but surely your Monkey Bros is dreaming to take his place…LOL !!!

01/01/13 @ 10:54
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Christian Science Fiction with a twist, because in 2088 Christianity in America in a thing of the past. Artificial Intelligence is common place, and Virtual Reality is where most people spend their time.

The future of religion as summarized by David Gregory. It is good we all understand what will happen in 2088 of America.

So, some of us want to change that for Ethiopia.

A must see.

01/01/13 @ 13:40
Comment from: teshome [Visitor]

Altemarem never run out of stupid ideas. He was born stupid, grow up as stupid, and he will die as stupid.

01/01/13 @ 14:17
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

True Ethiopian (visitor),

I have clearly stated in a language you may or may not understand that no one is seeking to divide the Ethiopian Christians and the Muslims in Ethiopia: They have already been divided for 1400 years, and they have never lived together….This means the Muslims in Ethiopia don’t live the way the indigenous Ethiopian Christians live and vice versa. Therefore they are two divided groups of people: one is a natural citizen of Ethiopia and the other one is a new settler or an occupier of the Christian land of Ethiopia. I cannot call the Muslims in Ethiopia the Ethiopian Muslims: they are the Muslims settled recently in the Christian land of Ethiopia.

They are the ones to be called the gimmicks or the Santa Clause in the Christian land of Ethiopia. They are foreigners who came from Mecca to our Christian country to get protections and shelters, and we gave them what they wanted. They betrayed us during the Gragn Muhammad War by supporting their Muslim leader – Gragn Muhammad and his Turkish mercenary armies. They have been traitors throughout their history in the Christian land of Ethiopia. For this and many other reasons, I call them new settlers or guests, not true Ethiopians as they are now working hard clandestinely to establish their own Islamic state in the Christian land of Ethiopia.

If you doubt that Ethiopia has never been the land of Christianity for thousands of years and has never been called “the island of Christianity,” you should go to any library and read the Ethiopia history. I know Muslims want to change the glorious history of Ethiopia’s Christianity, but they will fail and never succeed in their historical deceptions.

Whether you agree or disagree with the Professor’s writing, it is your own affair, not mine, but you must know the truth I am not as dumb as you are! I know my facts that have frustrated you, annoyed you, and finally drove you to dub me ignorant.

I wish you the worst and a disastrous New Year!

01/01/13 @ 14:57
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Gragn Ahmed, the thief, the plagiarizer, and the corpulent pig (visitor),

Do you think I will forget what you did to Sher Khan’s well-researched article by changing the author’s view point that reveals that Muslims all over the world pray every day for the destruction of the United States of America and for the total annihilation of the Jewish nation? Not only that they also pray for the safety of Osama bin Laden and praise the 9/11 terrorists who murdered over 3000 innocent people in New York City.

As soon as you saw this article posted on, you were mad and immediately plagiarized the article, changed the author’s view points, and wrote your name on the article. You are one of the dishonest Muslims on this web site: this kind of dishonesty of yours is in the hearts and brains of all Muslims on this planet earth. We know you cannot survive unless you cheat, tell lies, rape, and murder the infidels. It is really a curse to be a Muslim in this generation of ours!

Let me go back now to the comments you have made on this thread:

First of all, why do you want to know the addresses of Assta B. Gettu and Whether I am a ghost without flesh, blood, and bones or a rational being created in the image of my Lord Jesus Christ, what does my address has to do with you? You have been asking for my address for several weeks, and I gave you the exact location of the place where I live, but you continue asking where I live. Are you trying to murder me because I have revealed to the world the wickedness of Muslims in every country?

You still believe there was a Muslim king in the Christian land of Ethiopia by the name King Negash, and I have refuted your fabricated claim. I will repost my earlier comment concerning Gragn Ahmed’s imaginary King Negash.

My earlier comment was about an article by Eliza Grisworld, who visited Ethiopia few years ago and who mentioned this imaginary king, King Negash.

Here is my comment to Grisworld’ article:

Eliza Griswold’s article is an attempt to deceive the Ethiopian Christians by convincing them to believe that there was an Ethiopian king by the name of Negash; many Arab-Muslim writers do not mention the name Negash; instead they write negus, king: it was the Ethiopian Negus who accepted the first Muslim converts of Mecca who came to Ethiopia under their leader Jafar ibn Abu Talib, one of the uncles of Muhammad the prophet. The name of the Ethiopian king at that particular time was Armah, or simply Negus, not Negash.

So scared and terrified that Armah might send him and his followers back to Mecca and be persecuted and killed by the citizens of Mecca, Muhammad’s uncle, Jafar ibn Abu Talib, deceived King Armah by telling the king that he (Jafar) and his followers believed that Mary by the Holy Spirit gave birth to Jesus, a holy prophet, and in addition to this assertion, Jafar read a verse from Quran 4 that says: “In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful” and so on and on. Then the king thought these strange people were not far from the Christian faith; therefore, he granted them permission to stay in Ethiopia. Had the king asked Jafar more questions about the deity of Jesus Christ, he would have gotten a disturbing response.

We know it is an insult to all Muslims to say that Jesus Christ is the Son of God; however, the king did not ask Jafar about the divinity of Jesus Christ that all Muslims deny; had he asked questions such as: Is Jesus the Son of God? Is he God? Was Jesus crucified on the Cross? And the answer the king would have gotten from Jafar and his followers would have been negative, or it could have been positive in order to save his own life and the lives of his followers through deception or taqiyya. Any way, it was the Ethiopian Christian king who was deceived by the eloquent Muslim speaker, Jafar.

Let me say something about the author of this article: He asks a political question, “Has there been trouble here with Christians? The answer for such inappropriate question from that Ethiopian Muslim who thinks, like Gragn Ahmed, that Ethiopian Muslims are oppressed by the Ethiopian Christians is of course, ‘no.” Indeed, both the respondent and the author of the article know in their hearts there had been a terrible war between the Ethiopian Christians and the Ethiopian Muslims during Gragn Muhammad, who destroyed so many Churches and monasteries. In this case, Eliza Griswold must be one of the Saudi’s agents who came to see the strength of the Ethiopian Muslims and their faith in Islam.

The Muslim weapons to influence the Ethiopian Christians to become Muslims or at least to admire Muhammad the prophet have been the following phrases: ‘Leave the Abyssinians alone unless they take the offensive.’ In fact, the Egyptian Muslims, the Turkish Muslims, the Ethiopian Muslims under Gragn Muhammad, the Sudanese Muslims, and the Somali Muslims had always tried to attack the Ethiopian Christians. We had been attacked several times by the followers of Muhammad the prophet; what Muhammad the prophet had said in the Hadith about the Ethiopian Christians is not a guarantee that Muslims would never attack Ethiopia.

What is the purpose of Eliza Griswold’s visit to the Christian land of Ethiopia? It is not to admire the Christian Churches but to magnify the shining building of the Mosque built by the milliner Al Amoudi in the Tigray province; it is to see those thousands of Muslim shoes left at the grave yards of those Muslims who came from Mecca to Ethiopia. Not only that, but he has come to learn the political conditions of Ethiopia and the relationships between the Ethiopian Muslims and the Ethiopian Christians. When he said that Sheik Ahmed Adam is 58 years old but he looks 90, he is saying that Muslims in Ethiopia are unhappy and they look much older than their real ages suggest because they are mistreated by the Ethiopian government. The other purpose of Eliza’s visit to the Tigray province is that he thinks the place where those followers of Muhammad buried is a holy place so that he doesn’t have to go to Mecca: For him Negash is Mecca.

To Eliza Griswold, Christians are only those who wear crosses; that is not true because there are millions of Ethiopian Christians who do not wear crosses; I am sure he is disappointed by seeing so many cross-wearing Ethiopian Christians. Well, that is Ethiopia, the land of Christianity.

Gragn Ahmed you stated your misguided views and wrote:

“One does not need the case of a cross flag during Haileselasie, or Ethiopian Airlines painted with cross until Derg time, cross made cloths, and crosses n Embassy lobby chairs, naming of Hospitals such as Paul, or naming of stadiums or places such as “Meskel square” is to enslave the Muslim mind into believing that his faith alien to what is surrounding himself and put him to either assimilate unsonsciously most of the time or consciously in rare cases as in Wollo Muslims and others in Amara region.”

Do you want Christian Ethiopia to completely destroy her historical heritages such as wearing a cross, putting a cross on her flag, on government buildings, in the Church, in the school, in the hospital on the air plane, on the bus, and on many other places? Do you think the Muslim countries will take down the Crescent from their flags? You are selfish and ready to divest Christian Ethiopia of all her indispensable Christian emblems.

This is not your evil views alone: it is the views of all Muslims in the Christian land of Ethiopia. They all like to destroy the entire Christian Churches as their Jihadist Gragn Muhammad did. So far, they have succeeded in bringing down Abune Petros’ statue. Their next step will be to burn down the Holy Trinity Cathedral Church, the Lalibela Churches, the Axum Zion Church, and all the monasteries in the Christian land of Ethiopia. Their final goal is to declare Islam as a state religion of Ethiopia and the Sharia law as the law of the land.

Gragn Ahmed, we Christian Ethiopians know your intentions, and for these selfish desires of yours, we will never grant you any power in the Christian land of Ethiopia. You will be outcasts and remain outcasts for eternity as far as you are scheming to dismantle Christianity from the Christian land of Ethiopia.

Next, you wrote: “…if we promise no Sharia will they accept Ethiopian Muslims as part of the history of Ethiopia?” The answer is no because Muslims do not keep their promises as their fictitious Hadith says: “The prophet said, ‘If I take an oath and find something else better than that, then I do what is better and expiate my oath’” (Bukhari: V7B67N427). In addition, Muhammad stated: “Allah and His Messenger dissolve obligations” (Quran 9:3). Further, Muhammad added: “Allah has already sanctioned for you the dissolution of your vows” (Quran 66:2).

Because of your deceptions and your taqiyya, we will never accept the Muslims in Ethiopia as part of Christian Ethiopia’s dynamic history. You have no history in Ethiopia, and we don’t trust you at all. Who can forget what you did to the retreating Ethiopian Christian soldiers in Wollo province? As the Ethiopian soldiers, weak, hungry, and thirsty, were retreating through Wollo because of the Italian poison gas from the air, the Wollo Muslims attacked the Christian soldiers and caused heavy casualties. Thus, we do not want any unity with the traitors, the Jihadist Muslims in the Christian land of Ethiopia.

Why do you comment on the Professor’s article before you have read it completely? Did you go back to his article after you have read my remarks on his article? The professor, as I understand him very clearly, is on the wrong side. He is galvanizing the Muslims in Ethiopia to bring the Arab Spring to the Christian land of Ethiopia and create confusions in Ethiopia. Change will come to Ethiopia when change is needed. At this particular time, we need the government to hold on the unity of the country, shutting down all Muslim charities, schools, hospitals, and Mosques.

You must be careful when you write the word “anyway.” The word “anyway,” doesn’t have any plural form.

01/01/13 @ 15:00
Comment from: Betty [Visitor]

Ring in Redress Trash propaganda call ….

01/01/13 @ 16:54
Comment from: Abyssinian [Visitor]


You think you are extremely important.
Please look up the definition of “Narcissistic” and “Hubris".

01/01/13 @ 17:11
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Betty ,not as Trash as your Fake Renaissance Dam ,and your Stupid Motto “Ye Meles Raeye “…LOL !!!Why not your Leba Master risen from his tomb marching on the Nilr River to make appear your so called Dam…LOL !!!!!AGAZI TRASH BANDA !!!
There"s a joke from the country concerning your other Childish Project from the country “Telant Gilgel Gibe andena Hulet ,Zare Degmo
Gilgel Gibe Sost ,Tadia Metche Nehu Le Hizbu Muket Hono Yemikerbew..” .

01/01/13 @ 17:22
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Gragn Ahmed, the word “anyway” has a prular form. However, the word “scammed” you used is not the correct word.It should be “scanned.”

We all make mistakes!

01/01/13 @ 18:16
Comment from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]

Az and Heny, you guys might as well elope or go get a room or just get back to the point.

This is not about the Al guy, this is about the content of the subject matter. Try and analyze what the dude is saying more than his a “AGECHAM thing I often use to this faggot, Almariam. You see how agecham he is in this picture? He also looks to impersonate Shakespeare’s Iiago in ‘Othelo’…’

So Heny, how do you know he is a fag? did he do you or something?
by the way, I do believe you mean Iago,Heny.. you got more i in there than you need. I see you rush to judgement, less accepting of opposing views.. humm.. woyaniesm eh?

Anyhow, the point guys, the point.. that is what we the readers are interested in. Not your love affair or what you woyanes agree or disagree on, if he is agecham or “faggot’ or not.. we do not give a hoot. We care about what he says and does it makes sense? His point is.. if the African dictators, meaning you, do not change, the Arab spring will flow south. I mean, look around. All dictators, IsaiASS, HMD, Ismail Omar GUELLEH, Mwai Kibaki, Paul KAGAME, Umar Hassan al-Bashir, Yoweri Kaguta MUSEVENI to name a few & with the exception of HMD who represents woyane, all these thugs have been in power more than 10 years. I say they are all due for not only an African spring but ready for an African hurricane.

So, thats my take on the subject..

What do you take away from his writing AZ, Heny? What?

Heny [Visitor]
Addis Zeme,

Yap, addis zeme is right. See that AZ, heny is telling you zemebel, shut it. Hahaaaa hilarious.

01/01/13 @ 18:30
Comment from: Yonas [Visitor]

Al Mariam, follow your Lord Alfred Tennyson’s poetry, “Ring out the old , ring in the new” and join your Ginbot 7 Neftegnas in the wilderness of Ethiopia for liberation. I’m sorry you are a coward and you prefer to hide at second rated university with a life that means nothing. May be you want to stop writing and educate your self and learn basic rule of objectivity and rational examination.

01/01/13 @ 19:28
Comment from: Yo [Visitor]

Your comment about the pseudo professor is to the point.
My question is does he read the comments or his family members for that matter.
Never enocountered reading articles from supposed to be educated man with such nonsense and no commensense.

01/01/13 @ 20:33
Comment from: [Member]

Hagereethiopia wanna be,….

HaHaHaHa!!!! Wow! Now I got your problem dude! It is not only that alcoholic anonymous membership of yours which kept you uncomfortable. But that infamous move you made on that agazit woman/man thing, and most of all being turned down infront of thousands of spectators. It is like being slaped on the face dude!
I can’t blame you dude! As I told you, certain things in your life will bug you for life, if you keep abusing that tej and areqe and start zeraf, burra kereyu, to impress us. The only solution for you dude,is, to stop drinking if you can or not to blogg on, while drinking.
Btw, agazit woman, the man, looks like to have a soft spot for you. He felt sorry to humiliate you with that sucker punch you didn’t expect, turning you down. He might be willing to take your offer. But don’t be shocked when the moment of truth arrives in that hotel room you guys meet. Maybe it doesn’t hurt to get drunk as usual before you meet him/her.

01/01/13 @ 20:58
Comment from: True Ethiopian [Visitor]
True Ethiopian

Assta B. Gettu

I am wondering what pat of Ethiopia have you lived? The Muslim and Christians in Ethiopia lived together side by side for thousands years and they still do. Ethiopia had leaders like Haileselassie who claim to be who they were not. they divided Ethiopian people not just by religion also by ethnic group to extend their existence. There are also ignorance like yourself who believes Ethiopia belongs to Christians. you just need to wake up from your dream. This type of mentality does not exist in Ethiopia.

01/01/13 @ 21:09
Comment from: w.Yilma [Visitor]

It is sad to see the so-called prof. sinks to the bottom, and do not have an idea how to judge events objectively. I do not think this person have a normal mind set. He is writing his dream. What is wrong if the African States or AU accept the generous gift of Republic China? What did this idiot man would say if this was American gift? I do not think this man would come to his mind, and think positively to his people and country. Because he was intoxicated with hate, he is advocating the the Arab spring to happen in Ethiopia. Does this man know what is he talking about? What did the so called Arab spring brought to Arab countries? Where is Egypt now? or Libya, Syria, and the rest? Leave alone a good professor a layman could easily understood this reality. It is only layman who think the way the good prof. is thinking. Prof. you are wrong not only at this time, but always. You will be wrong in your life. Because your mind set is wrong towards your country. Please, you need to learn more. You are way beyond the reality. Either shut up and do your daily work or attempt more to know at least an elementary discipline how to oppose your opponents.

01/01/13 @ 22:56
Comment from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]

w.Yilma [Visitor],

The Arab Spring was a result of tyranny. I am sure you know what that means. No Ethiopian wants a bloody uprising, no Ethiopian wants tyranny either. What the man is saying is, if Woyane does not share power and include other ethnic groups in government, the result will be an uprising. That is what happens as history has shown repeatedly. Now, Woyane can not jail history or kill it but will be beneficial to all if they learn from it.

01/01/13 @ 23:08
Comment from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]

AZ you little turd, I told you to be civil. Do you listen? NOOOOOOOOOO!!

addis zemen [Visitor]
Hagereethiopia wanna be,….

HaHaHaHa!!!! Wow! Now I got your problem dude! It is not only that alcoholic anonymous membership of yours which kept you uncomfortable.
** What a shithead. Just because you can’t handle the discussion you go to the discredit card. What a woyane.

But that infamous move you made on that agazit woman/man thing, and most of all being turned down infront of thousands of spectators.
** Dude, relax. That was for fun. By the way how do you know the gender of AGW? I mean she says she is a woman and hot, you say she is a man are you a bushti or something?

It is like being slaped on the face dude!
** Woyane boy what makes you think this was for real? Do you find women or men in your case on Nazret ante fag?

I can’t blame you dude! As I told you, certain things in your life will bug you for life, if you keep abusing that tej and areqe and start zeraf, burra kereyu, to impress us.
** Why AZ.. oh bushtyew you are impressed, is that it? Hey that’s how we do boy. That is True Ethiopians for ya. As for bugs, I ain’t got any. I have a great life dude, I know your attention span is limited but hey.. I hate alcohol, dig?

The only solution for you dude,is, to stop drinking if you can or not to blogg on, while drinking.
** Refer to the above asshole AZ.

Btw, agazit woman, the man, looks like to have a soft spot for you. He felt sorry to humiliate you with that sucker punch you didn’t expect, turning you down. He might be willing to take your offer. But don’t be shocked when the moment of truth arrives in that hotel room you guys meet. Maybe it doesn’t hurt to get drunk as usual before you meet him/her.
01/01/13 @ 20:58
** Look, I know this is about a totally different issue but your attempt to provoke a reaction on the AGW, will not have any effect with me. If you can not handle the topic of discussion, just accept the fact you are a moronic idiot, intellectually inferior. That will do. If you believe AGW to be a man and you are attracted to it.. go get it.. this is America land of the FREE. If you want to discuss politics and what matters, bring it on.


01/01/13 @ 23:47
Comment from: [Member]

Happy new Year. I am very sorry for those who are mentally inferior to criticize our Prof.he is one of the best Ethiopia has ever produced, that is why he has a teaching post at a well known University.The rest who claim to be in diaspora but push life by working manual and menial jobs, cannot be in a position to comment.Even those so called literate who oppose him are unaware of the political crisis Ethiopia is passing through.

01/02/13 @ 01:35
Comment from: Gudetta [Visitor]


Dear Asstu why all these hates.Be happy in your dream thoughts .People in ethiopia wants freedom wants justice ,want equality.Your hate agains mulim will not stop their march for more and more liberty in their respectif states whether it is in amhara kilil ,whether in Axum.Oromo,muslim, and christain and others are building new Oromia,new gambella,new afar state,without any colonialst.If people like you christan exremist or muslim exteamist dont stop propagation of hate then ethiopia will be history.You will go back to abyssinia and all the conquered and oppressed people will take independance after 100 and more year years of domination. We want forget the Genocide of MINILK,haile selasse all thoses evils and you are continuing bla bla bla ….

01/02/13 @ 02:30
Comment from: Tamrat Tamrat [Visitor]
Tamrat Tamrat

People always argue about their religion. Why?
As far as i am concerned i have never met people who believe in God, leave alone in their religion.

How do i know a person believe in God or group of people who say in their written or unwritten set of rules called religion?
How do i know they are believers?

By their deeds?
Because they kill one another?
they lie, kill children, rape women, sleep with marred woman or man, preach some thing do the opposite, steel, sale their body for money, by others body for pleasure, abuse helpless people, rape children and women, etc!

But i know millions who believe in money. They do every good or bad thing just to get money and wealth.
I know who believe in power like meles, isayas, hitler, mengistu, they do all sorts of things regardless which religion they say belong or not.

I meat, see, read about many who believe in Love. They show their believe in love till death apart them. The Norwegian prince chose to marry his girl friend who had already a boy and unfortunately her childe’s father serving his prison sentence for illegal passion of drug. Her condition was every royal’s family nightmare. It was too difficult for the king family to accept, a non royal girl, a child out of wedlock. But for the price it was easy, he went out of the palace, and start living with his queen. He knew the consequences, money, power, becoming the king of norway, etc all could go overnight. After one year out of his palace, his love one all Norwegian people won heart and thus the king’s family. I know he believes in love. Now soon after 10 years, that lonely mother is the princess of Norway. His true love makes a princess out of ‘ordinary’ girl.

I know many who believe in doing the right thing. They don’t want any priest or imamm approval. The imam and the priest preach ‘God words’ some times even their own words as ‘God words’ if their are a bit carried away while those who believe in doing good, they help their neighbors, the feed when people hungry, they try to make peace than war, and when they do in what they believe is good, they do it because it it good, not because ‘god is every where and he rewards them her or there. They don’t believe in God or money. They don’t steal or deceive, or kill innocent people, or rape helpless children women, etc because it not good thing to do.

So my wish, to all God believers show the world that you believe in your belief. Preaching is obsolete. It must be guaranteed with deeds. Show us in practice, in our daily life

01/02/13 @ 02:46
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]


I am Al Mariam the Aram Professor and I know and I am greater than:

“Dr. Martin Luther King", “Lord Alfred Tennyson", “Albert Camus”

You know me Al Mariam the Aram professor:

“I pointed out", “I boldly predicted", “I paid a special tribute".

I know and am greater than:

“Kenneth Best", “Lydia Cacho", “Akbar Ganji", “Faraj Sarkohi", “Arun Shouri", “Carl Bernstein", “President Richard Nixon", “Liev Schreiber Bernstein", “Hajj Mohamed Seid", “"President Nelson Mandela", “Madiba, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King"".

Me Al Mariam the greatest:

“I joyously witnessed", “I held a private celebration", “I have been relentlessly “sermonizing”", “I believed my", “I stayed", “I believe defending", “I bade farewell", “I explained", “I wrote", “I remembered", “I remembered", “I also remembered", “I will sacrifice myself",

“I remembered why I was transformed from a cloistered armchair academic and hardboiled defense lawyer to a (com)passionate human rights advocate and defender.",

I Al Mariam:

“I fiercely opposed", “I was deeply", “I will be", “I know I’m vilified".


01/02/13 @ 07:21
Comment from: prince of konso [Visitor]
prince of konso

extraterristorial assan

Beautiful my brother
happy new year

01/02/13 @ 09:17
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Correction: #4- handout,not hound out
12/31/12 @ 23:37

Correction: meat, not meet

01/02/13 @ 10:12
Comment from: CHEMOGA [Visitor]


01/02/13 @ 10:55
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

Trash can’t mixed up with gold!

Why is this hateful- dirty mind, so called Political teacher, Alemayoh G/Mariam, keep mentioning one of the world wide known greatest sivils right leader, Dr Martin Luther King on his dulusional nonstop weekly articles?!

Did he not know that those great men, and women where fighting against those dirty mined individuals who have had similar iridology to Alemayoh G/Mariam….?!

All we have to say is that please try not to mix up the good credit of others’s to your weekly hate preaching. Especially, you should be ashemed of yourself by trying to relate your trashy and cowardly cause to Dr. Martin Lither King’s!!!

God bless the world!!

01/02/13 @ 11:35
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

prince of konso [Vistor]

Thank you & Happy New Year To You Too!

01/02/13 @ 12:07
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Gudetta, gotata, kertata, gelemota (visitor),

Menelik the great Christian king liberated you from animalism to humanism, from slavery to freedom, and from barbarism to God’s kingdom – Christianity. King Haile Selassie educated you, sent you abroad for higher education, employed you and allowed you to be part of his teams to work together to modernize Ethiopia. You failed to do that, but he succeeded in putting Ethiopia on the map of the world. You are now tearing Christian Ethiopia apart for your own selfish motives to secede from Ethiopia and make Oromia a separate state from the mother land of Christian Ethiopia. You tried to do that for 30 years, but you have miserably failed, and you will not go anywhere until Jesus Christ comes and send you to your eternal destinies.

The reason I abhor Muslims is simple: the presence of indolent Muslims in the Christian land of Ethiopia has contributed to the economic decline of the Christian land of Ethiopia because Muslims in Ethiopia breed like bereros or mosquitoes and have depleted the scarce resources of my country. Muslims have lived in Ethiopia for 1400 years and have produced zero growth to the economy of the entire Ethiopian regions where Muslims live in great or small number.

On the other hand, the Muslims in Ethiopia are agents of Somalia, North Sudan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. They have never been friends of Ethiopian Christians: they have been traitors, liars, deceivers, and cheaters.

The Ethiopia Christian government has convicted ten terrorist Muslims out of the millions of Muslims who live in Ethiopia as new settlers or gusts. These terrorist Muslims have been planning to overthrow the Ethiopian Christian government, and perhaps to stifle the economic growth of the country.

I am the happiest person in the whole world: I have everything I want, but the only thing that makes me unhappy is the news I hear from home – the news that tells me the number of these godless Muslims in Ethiopia is growing every day, and the Christians are going to be outnumbered by these worthless Muslims who immigrated to the Christian land of Ethiopia from Mecca. I want to send all of them back to their mother land – Mecca. They came from Mecca and to Mecca they must go.

01/02/13 @ 15:46
Comment from: kul [Visitor]

There is nothing boring than rewriting one’s own article

01/02/13 @ 16:38
Comment from: Tulu Proud ET [Visitor]
Tulu Proud ET

Thank you and many more blessed years to you Professor Alemayehu and my fellow Ethiopians.
You are the voice of the voiceless majority.

My wish to all Unity, Peace, Dignity, Prosperity and Liberty adorer Ethiopians is a whole new year with:

Freedom from the repressive regime
Freedom from poverty
Freedom from ethnic backwardness
Respect for the majority rule

Freedom to get out of Ethnic cages
Free to move, live or work anywhere in United Ethiopia
Free to live peacefully with each other
Free to celebrate cultures, traditions, languages and religion without government interference

My wish for EPRDF/Woyane is this!!!

To start to prey and worship God

To educate yourselves on how to respect human lives and how Ethiopians despise the alien divide and rule dirty tactics.

A year to say enough to unfair and unjustified ethnic minority rule and to hold a new and fresh election.
A year to reflect back on those 21 years of brutality and callousness and to move forward to build a better, fee, fair and stable Ethiopia.

01/02/13 @ 17:45
Comment from: Tulu Proud ET [Visitor]
Tulu Proud ET

True Ethiopian
aka False Ethiopian and True Woyane

You seem to be not only confused but parroting fabricated Woyane version.

Emperor Haileselassie is very well known to modernize and unite Ethiopians. That is already the fact on ground that can not be edited or changed.

Up until 1991 and Meles/Woyane regime Ethiopia used provinces instead of ethnic zones.

As for religion the Emperor has his own proverb that says “hager ye gara new haimanot ye gel new”. Every Ethiopia that grew up in his era knew that proverb.

Ethnic division with its new ethnic zone is the new phenomena that is created and put to practice by Woyane/EPRDF. There has never been divisions in ethnic, ethnic zones and religion until Meles/Woyane came in 1991. It is done so that Tigres can survive and hold power while Oromos and Amaras are fighting. It worked for a while but the plot got discovered and exposed Woyane evil nature.

01/02/13 @ 18:07
Comment from: Belew [Visitor]

I laud, thank and take off my hat to Prof Alemayehu for his most timely, articulated, cogent, astute and crystal clear articles in uninterrupted fashion flowing like a fountain of ideas from week to week. However, I wouldn’t let go without scribbling a word or two on what I felt about Prof Al Mariam self aggrandizing and self-servicing attitude. While there is nothing wrong about one expressing about his success and good deeds, as any common humble Ethiopian, our culture dictates that accolade and lauding to be made by the recipient of your good deeds.

The above being said, I may add that Prof Al repeats and reference himself most of the time in his articles. This might, as I suspect, be because either his professorial manner prevails in his writing or he feels the readers need to be told again and again so that the idea will stick or both.

Other point on Prof Al articles is, as sharp as the articles are, I would say 100% of them are negative critiques and focus on faults of the administration. I feel sometimes it is also good to mix success stories too. This administration, as heinous, messy, undemocratic, barbaric, non- patriotic, faulty as is, I don’t believe that the regime is a zero success administration too. Don’t get me wrong, that by no means I am saying Prof Al should support the administration (that is personal to him). But I expect a person as sophisticated, learned, far sighted and more importantly in the profession/business of influencing, molding and shaping human mind through education for a good cause, be balanced and good arbiter of the two conflicting aspects (success and failure). I think this helps to build credibility and save one from being labeled as blind supporter or ardent opponent because in the mist of bad there is a particle size of good.

I hope in the coming year, as the past years, Prof Al will continue contributing his valuable articles.

01/02/13 @ 19:00
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

True Ethiopian (visitor),

As an unlettered person, you scribbled:

“I am wondering what pat of Ethiopia have you lived? The Muslim and Christians in Ethiopia lived together side by side for thousands years and they still do.”

Correct your English writing first before you open your filthy mouth and muddle with the greatest king of kings, His Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie, the father and creator of modern and Christian Ethiopia.

There is no place in Ethiopia that I have never lived in, and I have seen it all: Ethiopia is a blessed Christian country that has allowed the godless Muslims to settle on her green and fertile land for 1400 years. The Ethiopian Christian kings helped the new settlers – the Muslims – to live in the Christian land of Ethiopia comfortably and freely and to run their weaving businesses without being discriminated as weavers.

You are a decadent person who knows nothing about the dynamic history of the most powerful Ethiopian Christian kings who kept Christian Ethiopia united by defeating foreign enemies in various times and at various locations.

As I have told my readers in my other comments, Ethiopian Christians and Muslims in Ethiopia have never lived together side by side. The Muslims have always their separate villages or towns, and the Christians have their own towns and villages. The Christians don’t eat any food prepared by Muslims. The Muslims in Ethiopia are not trustful: they have betrayed the Ethiopian Christians in major battlefields. Emperor Haile Selassie had never forgotten what the Wollo Muslims did to his Christian soldiers.

The Muslims in Ethiopia may seem to you, an ignorant person, peace-loving Muslims and law-abiding citizens, but they are not, and they have never been. The reason they seem gentle and soft spoken people is simply they know they are not the majorities. When they become the majorities, they will drive out the Christians and send them to the hell fire. You can go to Egypt and see how the Egyptian Muslims treat the indigenous Egyptian Coptic Christians. When the Coptic Christians want to build a Church, they cannot get a permit from the Egyptian government in a timely manner, but when some Egyptian Muslims ask for a permit to build a Mosque, they get the permit within one or two days.

I, as a Christian, who have read the Muslim Quran from cover to cover, never trust any Muslim for the rest of my life. If I have power, I will outlaw Islam, destroy the Quran, the Hadith, the Sharia law, and strip the false prophet Muhammad of all his status as a fake prophet.

I think, Tulu Proud ET (visitor) has commented about your post: go back and read his comment, and it may help you understand how Ethiopians lived under Emperor Haile Selassie.

01/02/13 @ 20:13
Comment from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]

Is that you Extra? “Extraterrestrial - Assab [Visitor]
THE VOICE OF FOOL & IDIOT IS “I"!..” What is the Asab for? Is that to say anyone claiming asab is “THE VOICE OF…?”

Well, Extra.. if it is you or who ever you are, you are no where near this guy, there is no comparison. You are quite the moron just by the nonsensical crap you write. This is how you tplf guys react when faced with someone who has your number. Further more, the entire Afar region is Ethiopia, Were you mocking that too? You dead PM did not even raise a finger to protect Ethiopian territories. And you people here wonder why there is so much opposition to Tplf?

Here is a reminder to you fools and idiots, tplf, who want to rewrite history. Pay attention to the border between Tigray and Baher Melash(Eritrea) and the term “Temporary” and you will see Minilik and those after him fought and died for Ethiopia until the traitor Tplf showed up and your leader told us Eritrea was not Ethiopian.

“In April 1889, while claiming the throne against Mengesha Yohannes, Menelik reached at Wuchale in Wollo province a treaty with Italy, putting the northern province of Eritrea temporarily under the Italian protection. Most of the highland area of this province was part of Abyssinian kingdoms for hundreds of years under the title of Medri-Bahri (Land of the Sea), consisting of the districts of Hamasien, Akele-Guzay, and Seraye. It was also referred to as Merab Melash, meaning the “Land Beyond the River". The river was the boundary that separated the two northern Abyssinian provinces; Medri-Bahri and Tigrai..”

According to this, the Eritrean border is further north than where it is today. Can you dig it tplf cadres?


01/02/13 @ 21:43
Comment from: sf [Visitor]

@Assa B. Gettu [visitor]

What can I say about your personality?
For me, you are Woyanne Cadre with different
cloth that spread hatred like a sick dog!!
Why do you hate people and their beliefs, ideas and way of life?
Why are you so concerned in other people believe? Is that what God want?
Dear readers, please avoid people like him because they are here to destroy all of us.
Let God, .Allah bless you all.

01/03/13 @ 13:25
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

sf, s-woozf, s-gudf, s-enkilf, s-idf (visitor),

The following and poorly crafted statements are from a frightened, confused, and dismayed Muslim whose screen name is “sf.”

“What can I say about your personality?
For me, you are Woyanne Cadre with different
cloth that spread hatred like a sick dog!!
Why do you hate people and their beliefs, ideas and way of life?
Why are you so concerned in other people believe? Is that what God want?
Dear readers, please avoid people like him because they are here to destroy all of us.
Let God, .Allah bless you all.”

It is better to be concerned about your own fickle personality than trying to understand someone’s personality. You are not a veterinarian to identify a sick dog; whether the sick dog is infected with herpes or with something else, and that dog with a contagious disease such as herpes is no one else but you, sf, s-woozf, s-gudf, s-enkilf, and s-idf. Dogs never pass hatred to anyone. The sources of all hatreds, hostilities, lies, and deceptions are you and your likes, the Muslims. You should not blame the Christian government of Ethiopia for apprehending your Jihadist Muslim brothers and sisters. Terrorist Muslims, including you, have no place in the Christian land of Ethiopia.

I love Shintoism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Animism, Paganism, Judaism, and, of course, Christianity whose founder and architect is Jesus Christ. Out of all these different religions, Islam is the most hated, the most degraded, and the most barbaric religion created by the messenger of the devil, the false prophet Muhammad, the pedophile, Muhammad, the terrorist Muhammad, and Muhammad the killer.

It is very disturbing to see this satanic religion, Islam, is spreading in the Christian land of Ethiopia, and because of its rampant spread in Ethiopia, Ethiopia is now flooded with ruthless Jihadist Muslims. The religions I mentioned above are peaceful ones: they never force any person to join them, and they never kill anybody who leaves them and joins another religion of his choice, but there is no such freedom in Islam. If a Muslim leaves Islam and joins another religion, he must live in hiding for the rest of his life. And this is why the whole world abhors Islam.

You are, indeed, entreating your Muslim readers to help you to stifle my message of warning to my Ethiopian Christians from being overtaken by the false teaching of the false prophet Muhammad. You will never succeed in your wicked and idiotic call to your Jihadist Muslims. I am a veteran commentator on this web site, and I will continue commenting until I have dismantled and destroyed the entire setup of Islam in my Christian country, Ethiopia, the land and the island of Christianity.

01/03/13 @ 16:29
Comment from: sf [Visitor]

@Assa B. Gettu [visitor]
Am I a Muslim? Not at all.
Am I a Christian? Well, I am a Christian, but not a fanatic.
Am I hateful man? Not at all. That is not my character.
In short, I am someone who respects peoples, ideas, beliefs and way of life.
Sir, you can insult me or say what you want to say about me. But be sure that you can not change my position vis-à-vis a religion, dictatorship and bad governance!
I am proud to be a free man who always speaks the truth, only the truth. That is why I said you are a danger to our country and the world.
Good luck!!!

01/04/13 @ 01:31
Comment from: etie [Visitor]

Tulu Proud ET

“Emperor Haileselassie is very well known to modernize and unite Ethiopians. That is already the fact on ground that can not be edited or changed.”

Yes he modernize the highlander land,not the south and the east.
He build road,buildings,infrastructure,schools and universities in the north.

In the south his politics he was sending more and more soldiers,building churches and killing the indigenous.

Muslims holidays not respected.It was the Derg who bring equality of religons.

About unity:all the liberatio fronts started against haile selasse. him:Tplf,elf,eplf,olf,slf.You belong to the higher cast and only those people believe he was a modern emeprot.

The change is now you can find people from all corners in kilil administration,in the house of parlimant and EPRDF are building schools and universities everywhere.

So that is the reason we support ethnic federalism which preserve our rights( flag,language,equitabble share of power)

What we are waiting is more power to the kilil.No religious sign on the public buildings(like cross )and more muslims in the ministry like foreign affairs,united nations.
We have to recognise during meles period,we are less marginalised.

That can bring unity not haile selasse politic .

01/04/13 @ 04:43
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Sf (visitor),

If you believe you are a Christian, then you are a lukewarm – neither hot nor cold – and God is going to spit you out of his mouth (Revelation 3:16).

You profess you respect people and their ideas, and at the same time you dub a person “ignorant” and “a dog.” Even though my relentless comment against the spread of Islam in my Christian country may have pierced your heart, broken your bones, and confused your brains, you have still to respect my own view points thoroughly directed to the destructions of Jihadist Muslims in the Christian land of Ethiopia. I suspect you are one of those Ethiopian enemies who are paid by the Saudi government to convince some Ethiopian Christians to rise up against the Christian government of Ethiopia. You do such a dirty business confessing you are a Christian. I have met many people like you who try to deceive me that they accept Jesus Christ and that the false prophet Muhammad loved Ethiopia and so on and so forth.

The genuine Christians declare their Christianity openly and witness what Jesus, the Son of the Almighty God, has done for them, and they will never be intimidated by the anti-Christ Muslims who get easily offended whenever someone, like me, exposes their deceptions to the Christian world.

You want to live in peace with the enemies of Christian Ethiopia – the Muslims in Ethiopia – and be their close friend at the expense of Jesus Christ, who gave his precious life on the Cross to save the lost world – the Muslim world.

You should not respect people who reject the God-head of Jesus Christ, his crucifixion, his death, and his resurrection from the dead on the third day. You must avoid your friendship with people who believe in beating their wives, in subjugating their women, in sodomizing little children, in killing their slaves, in raping Christian girls, in stoning an adulterous woman to death, in cutting off the hands of thieves, in worshiping the Black Stone in Mecca, and in terrorizing non-Muslims. Such people also believe in Jihad (warfare) so that when they die, they could directly go to Muhammad’s false paradise and have sex with Muhammad’s fake 72 virgin girls.

You must not doubt your Christianity if, in fact, you are a Christian: Christianity has never produced timid Christians. The Children of Christianity are not a bunch of cowards: they are heroes; they are martyrs, and they die witnessing about the Lord Jesus Christ, the creator of the whole universe. You must render St. Paul, St. Peter, St. John the Baptist, and many other Apostles as your exceptional good examples.

I am sorry for the discomfort I have given you and for the inconvenience you have felt about my comments designed to frustrate Jihadist Muslims in the Christian land of Ethiopia and to completely deracinate Islam and the barbaric Sharia law in that Christian country.

01/04/13 @ 13:18
Comment from: Tulu Proud ET [Visitor]
Tulu Proud ET


You are one of those trouble maker who wish to take create radical Muslimism and division in Ethiopia like in Somalia.

NO, No, No. That will never happen.

Ethiopia is a Christian country that welcomed Muslim refugees from Mecca when they were thrown out and had no were to go and when no one wants to accept them.

You have to remember and appreciate Ethiopian Christian’s generosity. Not only Ethiopia welcomed Muslims but also let them to live and worship their religion freely.

This kind of generous gesture will never have happened if the situation was the other way around. Christians would have been massacred.

If you want to see Muslim religion in charge of peoples life you should move to Somalia or Saudi Arabia where peoples, head, hands and legs are cut off every day for simple or no crimes by male bigots who have nothing better to do except make women’s life miserable.

After so many years of so called progress Muslims are still living in dark ages mentality as we see it now everywhere in the Muslim world how they treat minority Christians and their women.

Again your distorted history on the Emperor’s successful legacy is another failed propaganda. The Empower united, modernized and ruled Ethiopia with fairness and equality.

Very weak ELF rebels was formed by very few banda Eritreans during HIM who had worked with Italy.

They had no ability to make any attack except limited activity such as ambushing and robbing citizens. The didn’t sand a chance against the well disciplined and trained Ethiopian army who could decimate them in minutes.

The rest of all of those “lf” you mentions are founded after and during the Degue regime. Arab countries saw an opportunity to create chaos in Ethiopia when the Dergue came so they used all of those people who were ill formed about the cause and who was behind funding them.

They are/were all funded by Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq, Kuwait and the gulf countries because they don’t like Christian Ethiopia.

Now all Ethiopian Christians are aware of that.

01/04/13 @ 15:23
Comment from: Tulu Proud ET [Visitor]
Tulu Proud ET


You are a TPLF Muslim Cummunist with ill agenda.

You seem to have affection to killils, the Dergue and EPRDF.

EPRDF is the same as the Derge and that is why Dergues policy is still carried out by EPRDF.

They both steal wealth from the hard working people and made themselves even more richer and millionaires that we never had seen before.

Dergue and EPRDF are Murderous and repressive regimes. The only difference is that Russia is not in Ethiopia but its communist policy is being carried out by EPDRF/TPLF.

Woyane could’t shake off its communitst repress while stealing mentality from the hard working people.

Those two don’t believe in working hard and earning money the right way. Dergue was dividing people using “ poor or the mass vs. the rich or bourgeoisie ” labeling. All his work was based on how to take away people’s house, cars, land and money.

Now EPRDF has kept Dergue stolen property policy and have added even more. Ethnic zone or Killil. Now recourses are being amassed and moved to Tigray from this killils. All the development is going on in Tigray paid and at the expense of those ethic killis.

Indigenous people have no land and place to live but are being told they are free to speak their language.

01/04/13 @ 15:53
Comment from: etie [Visitor]

Tulu Proud

If some body want to close his eyes,he close his ears,he will never leran the truth.
The truth is :Haile Selasse,the wrong king of kings the wrong ….Judee and Solomon,came to power like Menguistu.The true king of abyssinia was Lij Iassu.You know how he finished. What was done to Lij Iassu was done to the crilimel Haile Sealasse by comrade Menguistu.By reversing the federal system of ertra,he is the responsible number one of 30 yeras war where hundred thousands of young ethiopian and ertraen lost their lives.In the muslim countries like afar,harage,somali,oromo ,benshngul ……he build big and beautiful churches instead of building infrastructues ,roads,and hospitals,buna bet and military capms.You call that unification,but the correct word is colonisation.
He imposed amharic his language to
As a muslim,i respect all ethipians ,i respect Menguistu,he tried his best to correct the injustice crimes of menelik and haile selasse.

I also have great respect to Meles Zenawi and EPRDF,he gave to the oppressed people the administration of their countries.our national flag,our language,our border.and we share the federal flag,the fedral house of parlamant.
Finish for those who used to say and believe the true ethiopian speak amharic and are orthodox.You can speak Shinasha,opuo,or berta and be an ethiopian.

Tulu you are a naftagna who did not forgot zemen haile sealsse.Wake up brother we are under democratic regime.And there is no going back.

I advise you brother to aceept ethnic federalism,whenever you have the bad idea of dismantling the federation,remember the stupid 30 years war of ertra and the hundred thousand young innoncent lives…

01/05/13 @ 06:54
Comment from: etie [Visitor]


Please read: He built buna bet ,military camps,….instead of roads ,bridge…..

01/05/13 @ 06:59
Comment from: etie [Visitor]

Tulu Proud
“Ethiopia is a Christian country that welcomed Muslim refugees from Mecca when they were thrown out and had no were to go and when no one wants to accept them.”

About religion

I respect those who welecomed those refgee from Mecca.They were foreingers.

The number one ennemy of muslim are alshaba.

In Afar ,Sommali,east oromia, orthodox minority are living peacefully in muslim countries.

Have you seen when muslims want to build a mosquE in Addis ABABA the problemS ,the opposition,we have to face?

In Harar our holy town you build a church,
we accept,people are living in peace thanks to tolerant muslim
in kulube,a big orthodox church was built were no single orthodox population were living .All these were built with the government money.Why mosque were not built BY YOUR KINg HAILE SELASSE.

My friend i am against all religion ,muslim or christian,we must be secular.Religion is private.

But all religion must be equal.We have not to put cross on the state building.

My wish is equality of all ethiopians.

01/05/13 @ 08:01



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