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Ethiopia: Rumors of Water War on the Nile?



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Ethiopia: Rumors of Water War on the Nile?

Ethiopia: Rumors of Water War on the Nile?

By Alemayehu G. Mariam

Late last month, Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Defense Minister Prince Khalid Bin Sultan fired a shot across the bow from the Arab Water Council in Cairo to let the regime in Ethiopia know that his country takes a dim view of the "Grand Renaissance Dam" under “construction” on the Blue Nile (Abbay) a few miles from Sudan’s eastern border. According to Prince Khalid, “The [Grand] Renaissance dam has its capacity of flood waters reaching more than 70 billion cubic meters of water… [I]f it collapsed Khartoum will be drowned completely and the impact will even reach the Aswan Dam…” The Prince believes the Dam is being built close to the “Sudanese border for political plotting rather than for economic gain and constitutes a threat to Egyptian and Sudanese national security…” The Prince raised the stakes by accusing the regime in Ethiopia of being hell-bent on harming Arab peoples. “There are fingers messing with water resources of Sudan and Egypt which are rooted in the mind and body of Ethiopia. They do not forsake an opportunity to harm Arabs without taking advantage of it…”

A spokesman for the regime in power in Ethiopia sought to minimize the importance of the Prince’s statement by suggesting that the Saudi Ambassador in Addis Ababa had disavowed the Prince’s statement as official policy or a position endorsed by the Saudi government. The alleged disavowal of the statement of a member of the Saudi royal family and top defense official seems curiously disingenuous after the fact. But that is understandable since “an ambassador is an honest man sent to lie abroad for the good of his country.” The regime spokesman also insinuated in fuzzy diplomatese that such inflammatory statements could result in war between Arab countries and African countries in the Nile basin.

The real possibility of a water war between countries of the upper Nile basin, and in particular Ethiopia, and Egypt and Sudan over the so-called Grand Renaissance Dam is the (white) elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about openly and earnestly at this stage. But in November 2010, the late dictator Meles Zenawi in an interview with Reuters seemed to defiantly relish the possibility of war with Egypt. With taunting, dismissive and contemptuous arrogance, Meles not only insulted the Egyptian people as hopelessly backward but bragged that he will swiftly vanquish any invading Egyptian army. “I am not worried that the Egyptians will suddenly invade Ethiopia. Nobody who has tried that has lived to tell the story. I don’t think the Egyptians will be any different and I think they know that…The Egyptians have yet to make up their minds as to whether they want to live in the 21st or the 19th century.” Meles also accused Egypt of trying to destabilize Ethiopia by supporting unnamed rebel groups which he promised to crush. Meles served the Egyptians an ultimatum to engage in “civil dialogue”: “If we address the issues around which the rebel groups are mobilized then we can neutralize them and therefore make it impossible for the Egyptians to fish in troubled waters because there won’t be any… Hopefully that should convince the Egyptians that, as direct conflict will not work, and as the indirect approach is not as effective as it used to be, the only sane option will be civil dialogue.”

Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit denied Meles’ allegations and expressed amusement and amazement over Meles’ braggadocio. “I'm amazed ... by the language that was used. We are not seeking war and there will not be war… The charges that Egypt… is exploiting rebel groups against the ruling regime in Ethiopia are completely devoid of truth.” Gheit may have been diplomatically deescalating the war of words, but his statement belies statements by a long line of top Egyptian leaders over the decades. President Anwar Sadat in 1978 declared, “We depend upon the Nile100 per cent in our life, so if anyone, at any moment, thinks of depriving us of our life we shall never hesitate to go to war.” Boutros Boutros Gahali, when he was the Egyptian Foreign State Minister (later U.N. Secretary General), confirmed the same sentiment when he asserted “the next war in our region will be over the water of the Nile, not politics.”

“If it comes to a crisis, we will send a jet to bomb the dam and come back in one day, simple as that.”
What will Egypt will do if Meles’ “Grand Renaissance Dam” is in fact built? "Simple." They will use dam busters to smash and trash it.

An email from the American private security organization Stratfor released by Wikileaks citing its source as “high-level Egyptian security/intel in regular direct contact with Mubarak and Suleiman”, “If it comes to a crisis, we will send a jet to bomb the dam and come back in one day, simple as that. Or we can send our special forces in to block/sabotage the dam. But we aren't going for the military option now. This is just contingency planning. Look back to an operation Egypt did in the mid-late 1970s, I think 1976, when Ethiopia was trying to build a large dam. We blew up the equipment while it was traveling by sea to Ethiopia. A useful case study…”

The same source further indicated that Egypt is “discussing military cooperation with Sudan” and has “a strategic pact with the Sudanese since in any crisis over the Nile, Sudan gets hit first then us.” That military cooperation includes stationing Egyptian “commandos in the Sudan for ‘worst case’ scenario on the Nile issue. Sudanese president Umar al-Bashir has agreed to allow the Egyptians to build a small airbase in Kusti to accommodate Egyptian commandos who might be sent to Ethiopia to destroy water facilities on the Blue Nile…The military option is not one that the Egyptians favor. It will be their option if everything else fails.” So far Egypt has successfully lobbied the multilateral development and other investment banks and donors to deny or cut funding for the dam and to apply political and diplomatic pressure on Ethiopia and the other upstream Nile countries. The World Bank has publicly stated it will not to fund any new projects on the Nile without Egypt’s approval.

The Grand Renaissance Dam or the grand dam (de)illusion?

All African dictators like to build big projects because it is part of the kleptocratic African “Big Man” syndrome. By undertaking “white elephant” projects (wasteful vanity projects), African dictators seek to attain greatness and amass great fortunes in life and immortality in death. Kwame Nkrumah built the Akosombo Dam on the Volta River, at the time dubbed the “largest single investment in the economic development plans of Ghana”. Mobutu sought to outdo Nkrumah by building the largest dam in Africa on the Inga Dams in western Democratic Republic of the Congo (Zaire) on the largest waterfalls in the world (Inga Falls). In the Ivory Coast, Félix Houphouët-Boigny built the largest church in the world, The Basilica of Our Lady of Peace of Yamoussoukro, at a cost of USD$300 million. It stands empty today. Self-appointed Emperor Jean-Bedel Bokassa of the Central African Republic built a 500-room Hotel Intercontinental at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars while millions of his people starved. Moamar Gadhafi launched the Great Man-Made River in Libya, dubbed the world’s largest irrigation project, and proclaimed it the “Eighth Wonder of the World.” Gamal Abdel Nasser built the Aswan High Dam which could be affected significantly if upstream Nile countries build new dams. Ugandan dictator Yuweri Museveni built the Bujagali dam which was completed in 2012. The backflow from that dam has submerged a huge area of cultivable and settled land forcing migration and resettlement of large numbers of people.

Meles Zenawi hoped to build the “Grand Renaissance Dam” as the mother of all dams on the African continent to outdo Nkrumah, Mobutu and Gadhafi. Like all of the African white elephants, this Dam is a vanity make-believe project partly intended to glorify Meles and magnify his international prestige while diverting attention from the endemic corruption that has consumed his regime as recently documented in a 448-page World Bank report. Meles sought to cover his bloody hands and clothe his naked dictatorships with megaprojects and veneers of progress and development. The “Grand Renaissance Dam” is the temporary name for the “Grand Meles Memorial Dam”. Meles wanted to be immortalized in that largest cement monument in the history of the African continent. To be sure, he had a “dry run” on immortality when he commissioned the construction of Gilgel Gibe III Dam on the Omo River in southern Ethiopia which has been dubbed the “largest hydroelectric plant in Africa with a power output of about 1870 Megawatt.”

The Dam and the damned

There is little doubt that IF the “Grand Renaissance Dam” is completed, it will have a significant long term impact on water supply and availability to the Sudan and Egypt. The general view among the experts is that if the dam is constructed as specified by the regime in Ethiopia, it could result in significant reduction in cultivable agricultural lands and water shortages throughout Egypt. According to Mohamed Nasr El Din Allam, the former Egyptian minster of water and irrigation, if the dam is built “Millions of people would go hungry. There would be water shortages everywhere. It's huge.”

The regime in Ethiopia claims the depth of the Dam will be 150 meters and the water reservoir behind the Dam could be used to irrigate more than 500,000 hectares of new agricultural lands. Experts suggest that the water reservoir behind the dam could hold as much as 62bn cubic meters of water; and depending upon seasonal rainfall and the rate at which the reservoir is filled, there could be significant reductions in the flow of water to Egypt and Sudan. The environmental impact of the Dam in Ethiopia will be catastrophic.Experts believe such a dam if built will “flood 1,680 square kilometers of forest in northwest Ethiopia, near the Sudan border, and create a reservoir that is nearly twice as large as Lake Tana, Ethiopia’s largest natural lake….” The so-called tripartite committee of international experts is expected to issue its report on the potential environmental impacts of the Dam in May 2013.

The legal dimensions of the Nile water dispute

The are many knotty legal issues surrounding the treaties and agreements concluded between Britain as a colonial power and the countries in the Nile basin (Burundi, Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Eritrea, the Sudan, and Egypt) on the use of Nile water. Beginning in 1891, Britain concluded at least seven agreements on the use and control of the Nile. In the major treaties, the British included language which effectively prevented Ethiopia and other upstream countries from “construct[ing] any irrigation or other works which might sensibly modify its flow into the Nile” or its “tributaries.” For instance, the May 15, 1902 Treaty regarding the Frontiers between the Anglo- Egyptian Sudan, Ethiopia and British Eritrea, restrained “His Majesty the Emperor Menelik II, King of kings of Ethiopia” from “construct[ing] or allow[ing] to be constructed, any works across the Blue Nile, Lake Tsana or the Sobat,… except in agreement with his Britannic Majesty’s Government and the Government of the Sudan”.

The current legal and political controversy over the Nile water revolves around the 1929 Nile Waters Agreement (which guarantees disproportionately high volumes of Nile water (85 percent) to Egypt and gave Egypt the right to monitor the Nile flow in the upstream countries and veto powers on all Nile projects upstream) and the 1959 agreement between Britain and Egypt in regards to the use of waters of the River Nile for irrigation purposes which recognized “Egypt’s natural and historic rights in the waters of the Nile and its requirements of agricultural extension…”
A number of the upper-riparian states including Ethiopia, Tanzania and Burundi have rejected the validity of the 1929 Treaty and believe that they have the right to do whatever they choose with the water that flows through their boundaries (“Harmon Doctrine”). In 1964, the Government of Tanganyika openly disavowed the 1929 agreement (“Nyerere Doctrine” which asserts that a newly independent state has the right to “opt in” or selectively succeed to colonial treaties): “The Government of Tanganyika has come to the conclusion that the provisions of the 1929 Agreement purporting to apply to the countries ‘under British Administration’ are not binding on Tanganyika.” On similar grounds, Uganda and Kenya subsequently rejected that agreement. Even Sudan has challenged the allocation ratio of the water it got under that agreement.

Ethiopia’s legal position on the various colonial treaties is explored in full in Gebre Tasadik Degefu’s authoritative work, The Nile: Historical, Legal and Developmental Perspectives (2003). Gebre Tasadik challenges the validity of the treaties on the grounds that “while Ethiopia’s natural rights in a certain share of the waters in its own territory are undeniable…, no treaty has ever mentioned them. This fact would be sufficient for invalidating the binding force of those agreements, which have no counterpart in favor of Ethiopia.” He also points out significant technical issues in the treaties. He suggests that the “English version of the 1902 agreement obliged Ethiopia to seek prior accord with the united kingdom before initiating any works that might affect the discharge of the Blue Nile… The Amharic version does not oblige Ethiopia to request permission from the British Government…”
Others have argued that Ethiopia is not bound by the 1902 treaty with Britain because the “treaty never came into force as Britain did not ratify it and the Ethiopian government had rejected it in the 1950s”. Even if that treaty were valid, Britain is said to have violated its terms by “supporting and recognizing the Italian invasion of Ethiopia in violation of Article 60 of the 1902 agreement”. Technical interpretation of the relevant clauses of the 1902 treaty are also said to favor Ethiopia since that treaty “does not prohibit use of the Nile” but obliges Ethiopia “not to arrest of the Nile, which is interpreted to mean total blockage.”
The 1959 Nile Waters Agreement between Egypt and Sudan sought to give the two countries full control and utilization of Nile water by modifying certain aspects of the 1929 agreement. But that agreement completely ignored the interests of any of the upstream countries, particularly Ethiopia.

Egypt has refused to renegotiate the 84-year-old treaty and insist on the perpetual binding authority of the colonial era treaties as legal formalizations of Egypt’s historical and natural rights over the Nile water. They also insist that the international law of state succession makes the treaties made by colonial Britain binding on successor post-independence African states.

The general consensus among informed commentators is that the Nile treaties are not binding in perpetuity. They point to the inequitable elements of the various agreements on upper riparian states and the radical change in the scope of obligations under the agreements over the past eight decades to challenge the validity of the colonial era treaties.
The paramount question is not whether the Nile water dispute can be resolved in an international court of law or other tribunal but what political accommodations can be made by the basin states to equitably benefit their nations and strengthen their bonds of friendship. Equitable sharing of Nile water is necessary not only for regional stability and amity but also to meet the growing energy and food production needs of the populations of all Nile basin countries in the coming decades. There is no shortage of predictions of doom and gloom over the looming water scarcity worldwide. Over a decade ago, United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan warned, “Fierce competition for fresh water may well become a source of conflict and wars in the future.” Insisting on the eternal validity and binding nature of the Nile water treaties is untenable and unreasonable.

The Nile Basin Initiative was established in 1999 to develop a scheme for the equitable distribution of water among the Nile basin countries. Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Kenya have signed the Agreement on the Nile River Basin Cooperative Framework (Entebbe Agreement). This agreement allows construction of projects that do not “significantly” affect the Nile water flow. Egypt has rejected the Agreement because it necessitates renegotiation of its share of the Nile water and surrender of its veto power guaranteed under the old agreements.
Water, water everywhere… and Meles’ "damplomacy" of brinksmanship

Whether there will be an actual “Grand Renaissance Dam” is the $5bn dollar question of the century. Because Egypt has been successful in pressuring multilateral development and investment banks not to fund the project, the regime in Ethiopia has defiantly forged ahead to fund the project itself. But is self-funding of the mother of all African dams a realistic possibility?

The regime has kept much of the details of the Dam behind smoke and mirrors. The regime claims that the dam is 14 percent complete (whatever that means) and will reach 26 percent completion by the end of 2013. When it comes online in 2015 as scheduled, the regime claims the dam will have the power generating capacity of nearly 6,000MW, much of it to be exported to the Sudan, Egypt and the Arabian peninsula.

But the whole “Grand Renaissance Dam” project is being staged in the theatre of the absurd. Is it possible to raise USD$5bn by 2015 from the people of the second poorest country in the world, the vast majority of whom live on less than USD$1? The dam is said to cost as much as the country’s total annual budget of USD$5bn. Is the largest recipient of international aid in Africa capable of raising multiple billions of dollars from its citizens for the Dam? Can a country which “lost US$11.7 billion to illicit financial outflows between 2000 and 2009” be able to undertake construction of a USD$5bn dam (unadjusted for cost overruns) on its own? According to the World Bank, Ethiopia’s “power sector alone would require $3.3 billion per year to develop” in the next decade. Can the regime in Ethiopia be able to build the largest dam in Africa and other energy projects resorting to such “desperate measures” as “musical concerts, a lottery and an SMS campaign to raise funds”? Can a country which the IMF describes as having “foreign reserves [that] have declined to under two months of import coverage” as of June 2012really be able to build the largest dam in African history? Can a country whose external debt in 2012 exceeded USD$12bn be able to build a $5bn dollar project?

The regime has forged ahead to build the “Grand Renaissance Dam” by “selling bonds” domestically and in the Ethiopian Diaspora. The regime claims to have collected USD$500 million from bond sales and “contributions” of ordinary citizens. Business and institutions have been forced to buy bonds. The regime’s Diaspora bond sales effort has been a total failure. Most Ethiopians in the Diaspora have been unwilling to bet on imaginary and speculative future earnings from operations of the dam because of the regime’s morbid secrecy and lack of transparency. They have little confidence in the regime’s capacity to guarantee their bond investments. For instance, current underpricing in power tariffs which have ranged between “$0.04-0.08 per kilowatt-hour are low by regional standards and recover only 46 percent of the costs of the utility.” That does not bode well for long term bond holders.

The regime in Ethiopia also has serious problems of cost overruns and poor project management in dam construction. For instance, the Tekeze hydroelectric dam on the Tekeze River, a Nile tributary, in northern Ethiopia was initially estimated to cost USD$224 million, but when it was completed seven years later in 2008, its cost skyrocketed to USD$360 million. How much the "Grand Renaissance Dam" will eventually cost, if built, is anybody’s guess. Regime ineptitude and mismanagement of Gilgel Gibe II on the Omo River in February 2010 resulted in a “tunnel collapse [which] closed the largest hydropower plant operating in Ethiopia, only 10 days after its inauguration.”
To add insult to injury, the Meles regime has the gall to say that it intends to sell the power from the "Grand Renaissance Dam" to the Sudan, Egypt and the Arabian peninsula once construction is complete. That is not only nonsensical but downright insane! Why would Egypt or the Sudan buy power from a dam that damns them by effectively reducing their water supply for agriculture and their own production of power?

Meles and his disciples have always known that they do not have the financial capacity to complete the Dam. They also know that actually completing the constructing the dam will be dangerous for their own survival as a regime should regional war break out. But Meles has always been a peerless grandmaster of intrigue, machination, duplicity, one-upmanship and diplomatic gamesmanship. With this Dam, he was merely pushing the envelope to the outer limits. His real aim was not the construction of dam but to use the specter of the construction of a gargantuan dam on the Nile to fabricate fear of an imminent regional water war. His price for continued regional stability, avoidance of conflict and maintenance of the status quo would be billions in loans, aid and other concessions from the international community and downstream countries.

Meles' diplomatic strategy shrouded a clever deterrent military strategy: If Egypt goes for broke and attacks the "Grand Renaissance Dam", Ethiopia could retaliate by attacking the Aswan dam. Meles likely believed the threat of mutual assured destruction will prevent an actual war while maintaining extremely high levels of regional tensions. By playing a game of chicken with Egypt and the Sudan, Meles hoped to strong-arm donor and development banks and wealthy countries in the region into giving him financial, political and diplomatic support. There is no question Meles would have driven on a collision course with Egypt only to swerve at the last second to avoid a fatal crash had he been in power today. It is unlikely that Meles’ disciples have the intellectual candlepower (“megawattage”) or the sheer cunning and artfulness of their master to play a game of chicken with Egypt to skillfully extract concessions.

For love of white elephants and war of the damned

Water is a source of life. War is a source of death. The water of the Nile has given life to Ethiopians, Egyptians and the people of the Nile basin countries since time immemorial. If Meles prepared for war by building his dam, his disciples shall surely inherit war. But Meles should have reflected on the words of Ethiopia’s poet laureate Tsegaye Gebremedhin before embarking on his “Grand Renaissance Dam” project: “O Nile, you are the music that restores the rhythm of existence…/ You are the irrigator that cultivate peace…/ ...From my Ethiopia sacred mountains of the sun…”
Meles’ legacy could indeed be a water war of death and destruction on the Nile, but he will never have a cement monument built on the Nile to celebrate his life. Meles’ disciples would be wise to remember an old prophesy as they march headlong to build their doomsday dam on the Nile: “God gave Noah the Rainbow Sign: No more water. The fire next time!”

Professor Alemayehu G. Mariam teaches political science at California State University, San Bernardino and is a practicing defense lawyer.


Comment from: [Member]

“Rats and Roaches live by competition under the laws of supply and demand; it is the privilege of human beings to live under the laws of justice and mercy” Wendel Berry,

The diaspora FOOLS & IDIOTS wanna be oppo politicians with their hate politics, can be catagorized as the same Rats and Roaches, who are living only by competing each other for crumbs, under the laws of supply and demand, for their daily bread to fill their stretched out bellies.
Meanwhile back home, Ethiopia is prospering and shining before the eyes of the whole world, with the great leadership of EPRDF, who are following the path started and put forward by the visionary and brilliant leader the great Meles Zenawi, thank God Ethiopians have the privilege of living under the laws of justice and mercy!

“No matter how big the lie: repeat it often enough and the masses will regard it as truth” JFK,

The hope of the hopeless oppo hatred politicians is to continue to discredit Ethiopian govt and degrade down anything about Ethiopia.
They tried their best, searching negative news and garbages about Ethiopia, left and right up and down, with their infamous mantra of “what ever it takes".
But at last they’re offcourse human, all those lies and deceptions start taking a toll on them. They’re really tired. And if there is any way to get out this deepshit they’re in, they will be happy. Then again, we humans have that mentality of imortality, never give up attitude, and to be invincible. Which we call empty pride. Which happen to be the cause of our northerly neighbors’ demise!
I really sympathize with the loosers here, who are hanging in the air with no hope. They are tired and really wann go home!

Almaria the hopeless with his empty pride went as far as being a war mongerer wishing and even directing the Egyptians to bomb the Grand Renaissance Dam. He even evoked the peaceful speech made by the great Meles Zenawi, as being offensive to the Egyptians to provoke or undermind their National pride.
Wow! It doesn’t get worse than this!
Will the diaspora oppos come out and rebuke this loser almaria or keep on clapping their hands and lick their wounds as usual?
The Grand Renaissance Dam is a great legacy of our late pm the great Meles Zenawi. Against all odds he managed to mobilize the nation to start this great future hope of Ethiopia and the whole region.
The diaspora oppo politicians whose politics is only hatred and jelousy would do anything to degrade down the Dam and wish it won’t achieve the goal. Because all they’re worried about is, their ego and empty pride. They won’t allow it if it is in somebody’s watch. They definately won’t allow the great legacy of PM Meles Zenawi to come true.
Thus, they will do anything to oppose it, degrade it, and down play the imprtance of this Grand Renaissance Dam, which is gonna make a huge difference on our fight to eradicate poverty from the face of our beloved mama Ethiopia.
This losers, cry baby FOOLS & IDIOTS of diaspora, well know where their respective place in history will be. The trash bin of history, that is!!

03/11/13 @ 20:33
Comment from: Agamino [Visitor]  

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03/11/13 @ 20:39
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

Al Mariam, keep selling your azz to all enemies of Ethiopia.

No, you idiot nigger, that is not what we do if Egypt attack our dam, no and never we will attack Aswan dam of Egypt.

We will poison the Nile river with nuclear waste at the spot the water leaves Ethiopian territory then not Egyptian or Sudanese but all living organisms will perish. That is our master plan if Ethiopia can’t use the water then NO ONE CAN USE IT.

Dumping nuclear waste strategy is the easiest and cost effective to deal with Egyptian and sold out nigger like you.

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03/11/13 @ 20:44
Comment from: My2cents [Visitor]

Why does Prof. GebreMariam has to submit his weekly columns to He is being subjected to unfair insults and personal attacks some of them very offensive. I just had one of my submission discarded in another thread while these nonsense replies to the professor stand.

03/11/13 @ 20:51
Comment from: [Member]

.I don’t want to think about the price tag on the dam, 80 bil. Birr. After the death of the evil person, they have come to a complete halt in finding a meaningful way to fund the project. They keep on bothering the poor Ethiopian civil servants and citizens to give more. They do not know, what his intention / the now zombie meles/was on keeping the project funded.

In terms of quantity, Egypt do not loose water by ethiopian’s dam, as long as the major aim is generating electricity. Their Aswan dam is located in the middle of the desert, and evaporation from their reservoir is very high. It is a beneficial for all that Ethiopia stores the water where evaporation is less and sends it in a controlled manner.
In terms of quality, while striking the turbines water may loose its oxygen. No significant chemical reaction will take place. Down stream, their definitely will be a change in level of oxygen and silt. As long as this will not bring a catastrophic change, I don’t think nobody will go to war…..

As the defense person of the Saudi said we are building a dam which also serve as a WMD . Our next dictator will threaten Khartoum and Cairo to behave , otherwise tic tic tic and flood their cities….


03/11/13 @ 20:58
Comment from: Mr. Adongo [Visitor]
Mr. Adongo

Professor Alemayeho G. Mariam shabia mercenary for hire, political whore sold himself to his Egyptian and Eritrean masters to destroy Ethiopia by any means necessary. Why attack a hydro-electric dam that will electrify the whole East African region (except for Eritrea) at dirt cheap prices? In fact, this is one of the projects that will promote inter-African trade between the countries. Africa trades more with Europe than other African nations because the infrastructure is not there. These projects will have a long lasting impact on the development of Ethiopia and increase its foreign currency reserves, thus reducing the need to take out high interest loans from the IMF, World Bank, and African Development Bank [all western tools to devalue African currencies, impoverish the local populations, secure food and economic AID dependencies, secure western neo-colonial grip on Africa’s economies, and secure the dumping of Western government-subsidized agriculture and products on African markets]. So no wonder the West is against the development of Africans. I think house Negroes like Alemayho don’t have any clue how irrelevant his statements are, they are self defeatist, and his political prostitution toward Eritrea/Egypt has sent him up the [Nile] river without a paddle.

03/11/13 @ 21:15
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03/11/13 @ 21:16
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed


I am now clear on your stand, Your stupidity and ignorance is limitless. Your brain is dead and no wonder you use Assta Getu as your surrogate to destroy and defame the name of Islam.

I will hold you responsible for allowing this much hatred against Islam. You are just insane and coward. Besbasa. If you do not stop posting articles that defame Islam and the Muslims in general rest assured we are following you and we will hold you accountable. I knew that but I did not know you this much.

You are hater of Ethiopia not lover of Ethiopia. All you want is your megalomaniac idea of Reannaissance of stupid undemocratic Ethiopia. You will be left alone.

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03/11/13 @ 21:17
Comment from: Sami [Visitor]

The more Ethiopia is getting peaceful and prospering the more Almariam is increasingly frustrated.He loses his intellectual analysis and deeply involved in propaganda.

03/11/13 @ 21:32
Comment from: mike [Visitor]  

i swear to god this guy is the most hateful person in the world ! Not to mention treasonous ! He hates this regime so much, he now actually hate his own motherland ! It is one thing to hate the ruling party but it another thing when you go against your countries and people’s best interest !

i am eritrean but born and raised in addis, i now live in norway. My stepfather is ethiopian And i love both my country’s and both my people ( which are one people really) ! The question of abay is something with burns in every red blooded Habesh like me ! When that inbred a hole Khalid Bin Sultan made his statement, i was so outrage i was the first person to go and leave a comment in his facebook page (give him a piece of my mind)! If you don’t believe me, go check it out.

i don’t know who i dislike more the Arab prince of this treader Alemayehu !

What a pitiful, pitiful man !

03/11/13 @ 21:35
Comment from: w.yilma [Visitor]

Here it comes again.OH! My God! Is there any Ethiopian who said this insane thing! Yes there are, like Al Mariam, an idiot and betrayal person who sells his soul and minds to the interest of our enemies, like Egypt and others. He is at front to oppose every developmental devours going in Ethiopia. He judges events from his political point of views. This is the man who never hesitates to stand against his people’s national geo-political interest in the name of political opposition. In your introductory statement you mentioned the Saudi ambassador in Ethiopia and you said “ An ambassador is an honest man sent to lie abroad for the good of his country” . Professor, I am not perfect as you are in English, but do you understand clearly what the above statement said? If the ambassador lies for the sake of his country (you are right the ambassador lies) , then why do you lies the facts about the motives, reasons and justification and importance of the construction of the Grand renaissance Dam? You see smart people who are loyal to their country always stand for their country. On the reverse people like you sell their country for their egoistic satisfaction.
My dear, how do you considered yourself as an open minded intellectual and teach in academic institutions, if your mind do not realizing that political differences is not and should not be a source of hate. Your deep hate blocks you to think as a human being and destroy your mental ability to judge things fairly as an educated person. My dear “professor” this hate consumed you very badly, and changed you to ghost. Ethiopia has experienced to see this kind of Banda’s in the past, but never like this man! This man soul and mind is intoxicated with hate, especially to one specific ethnic group, and personalities, and therefore nothing positive is expecting from this kind of personality. What is sad though is, this mad and Banda goes too far by standing against our National Geo-political and economic interest. One thing is clear. Whether you or your likes it or not, this dame will be built. History will be our mirror to judge us! I promise you there will be no war because of this dam. If the other side want war because Ethiopia exercising its right, I guarantee you Ethiopia will prevail. This is because our heroic people are more in numbers than those Banda’s like you! To tell you the truth, those heroic Ethiopian who gave their life for the sake their country freedom never and ever asked benefit from their country, as you benefited, but with no contribution to or pay back your dept. You know, your education was paid by the Ethiopian tax payer. I am sorry to say the following, but I have to. I do not think if your back ground is from culturally disciplined and economically self sufficient family, I do not think you inherited this kind vulgar behavior. Your pen represents you who you are. What are you doing now? Other than criticizing and opposing every economic activity that are going on in the country, do you think engaging in intellectual sabotage makes you proud and gave you the right to speak about Ethiopia? Please, please shut up! I am now stopping to browse internet because of you!
No matter who initiated the Grand renaissance Dam (GRD) the issue we need to discussed here as “intellectual” not whether or not it have some negative effects to lower riparian countries, but about its socio-economic, political as well as environmental importance to our country. We have to have a true conviction that Ethiopia should be first for us. We need to think for others too, but it should be secondary. As a genuine thinker we Ethiopian do not have whatsoever, any intention to harm either the Egyptian or Sudanese counterparts. But there have never been good will or thinking from the other side towards Ethiopians. We are always under the threat of Egyptian ego interest. What is the difference now and then? Can you an idiot Al Mariam explain this? It is not as you are portraying to intimidate our publics. Unless you (BOKBAQUA!), no one is afraid the Egyptian war mongering words! Leave alone at this time when the majority of Ethiopian is behind this Dam, the ethnic group whom you hate the most defeated two times the Egyptian aggression at the end of 18th century. You claimed you are a “professor” of political science, read side by side the Ethiopian history (blame your parents who do not teach you what is Ethiopianwinet) Sad poor boy you miss it! That is why you inherited identity crisis! Instead of coming to America and become an enemy of your country, it would have been better for you to stay back home in your family’s farm back yard (shame for university you are teaching) I feel to what extent your student miss so many things!
I do not thing Egyptian will choose the wrong way what you are wishing to happen. War is not an easy game. The benefit of peace outweighing the benefit you got from war. I do not think, you have read with sanity of mind the whole documents and intentions and purposes of the dam, or you have slightest idea to what extent the Egyptian are misusing the Nile water because of the Nile water excessively flowing to them.
Al Miriam you are absurd, not the dam built by the current regime.
Don’t blame the government because of the decision they made to construct this dam, but on the reverse, you are kleptocratic in nature if you get the chance to cling to power.
It is you who seeks greatness with talking every weeks nonsense, and against your country (if you are truly believe on it) not those who decide tom do something bigger even difficult to their country. I do not see why you are blaming those who think bigger and difficult choices. Don’t you think this is bold move to go forward?
I am sure Mursi will give you an Egyptian medal for your Banda role in this issue. Change your beliefs, you may deserve more! By the way why do you prefer to be called Al-Miriam? Is it an Ethiopian or an American name? I call this identity crisis!

03/11/13 @ 21:35
Comment from: ethiopan [Visitor]  

this man is sale out, I think he might be an Egyptian in disguise, why don’t you come out with your real agenda it is always to misinform it is to stir up tribal tensions and if that doesn’t work use anything even taking the Egyptian side of this debate and twist it, so that our government looks bad, WE ARE PROUD OF OUR EPRDF GOVERNMENT so fuck you and whoever sponsors you. FUCK YOU MAN

03/11/13 @ 21:42
Comment from: Mormoro [Visitor]

I know the nile water is much ticker than blood. Al Mariam addressed this highly controversial issue in a professional manner.
Few words:
1) The dam under construction is not on Abay river. It is rather on Mormor Rivber. Addressing domestic politics of the river is also important.
2) If domestic and international politial consideration, Ethiopia could have built 10 medium size dams with higher power output and large irregation that may insure the country’s food self-security.
3) It is obvious that the main beneficiaries of the dam is not Ethiopian- but the Tigreans who make business under the name of Ethiopia. The dam is REST’s franchise.

03/11/13 @ 21:43
Comment from: [Member]

All I see is grandiosity. What ever political difference we have, we must be work together in this case. I don’t know how this person see the Aswan dam. Who ever the leader who built the Aswan dam, Egypt is depending on it for generations. Those who believe this is for political game, they are purely wrong. The dam will stay forever, but not political parties or leaders. The point is, I see those who call like them professors like this guy are thinking less than the babies in addis, what a shame? Aswan wasnt built for Nasr nor GRD for Meles. I hope God will not put those living in exil to rule ethiopia. I hope they all die befor they seen power, except the yang generations.

03/11/13 @ 21:57
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

Prof Al is seeking more talking time at the pan arabist news organization, Al jazeera. He is in a campaign mode selling his country’s interest for the Arabs for the little fame he may get in turn. In his lengthy and scattered scribble, he mercilessly taunted and tainted the dead man’s lone standing accomplishment, and continued digging a grave to score a point against his deceased opponent. It is clear now, he personally hates the dead man meles zenawi more than he loves Ethiopia though I agree his love to Ethiopia and patriotism in general is growing questionable by the days now.

The professor who shortened his name to make it sound Arabic in the past has described Meles’s unusual firm stand against Egypt’s longstanding belligerent foreign policy towards Ethiopia as something ‘demeaning, dismissive, and contemptuously arrogant’, which makes me wonder whether Meles was ironically too Ethiopian for the professor’s taste and if that was the reason for his now increasingly pointless weekly addresses. What a ridiculous man he is growing or aging to become.

Obviously, the professor’s concern for the Egyptians feeling is more than he can care for the Ethiopians historical struggle to utilize their own resource. In fact, he seemed to ridicule the government’s initiative to foster a can-do-attitude in the country and determination to dam the river that has never sustained nor supported the development of Ethiopia, which is a far cry compared to Egypt. Professor, Shame on you man! What is next for you? A claim of neutrality and statelessness like some of the world’s unrealistically pacifist philosophers and thinkers of the past?

More than anyone else, a person who writes on a weekly basis “to defend the interest of the voiceless” should have known the role Egypt has been playing in our country’s history to keep the people divided, impoverished, disenfranchised and live under the threat of a perpetual war. The fact Meles has spoken about it does not make it false. Egypt has been always our sworn enemy and the Nile is at the center of it; something Meles come to know first hand when he and shabia were the Egyptians beneficiaries in their cause to bleed and land lock Ethiopia.

Whether the Woyanes are using the project for propaganda is irrelevant here. Deservedly so, they are. However, that does not make the project less important for Ethiopia and Ethiopians. It is very very important and it must be supported by everyone as a matter of national necessity. Ethiopia needs the electric to be generated very badly, our people need the water for irrigation and all other purposes. So, what is the professor’s problem? what the hell

03/11/13 @ 22:03
Comment from: Nardos [Visitor]

Al mariam,

you are stupid….Denez

03/11/13 @ 22:25
Comment from: [Member]

ፕሮፈሰር አለማየሁ እንደተናገረው የ ቅዠት ግድብ የሆነው የ አባይ ግድብ ጦሱ ለመላው የ አገራችን ህዝብ እንደሚተርፍ ጥርጥር የለውም::
ግብጽን የ ህይወት ጉሮሮዋን ማነቅ ያህል ስለሚሆን ግብጽም ሆነ ሌሎች የ አረብ አገሮች እጃቸውን አጣምረው ቁጭ አይሉም::አሁን ለዚህም ለዚያም እየተባለ የመጣው ብድር ለ ልጅ ልጆቻችን ይተርፋል ::
የራስን ስም ለማካበት ተብሎ በ አፍሪቃ መሪዎች የሚታየው ውድድር ክፍለ አለሙን የሚያሰምጥ የ ብድር ማጥ ውስጥ የሚከቱት እነኚህ ለ እኔ ብቻ ባይ መሪዎች
ለ ቢሊዮኑ የ አኅጉሩ ህዝብ አያስቡም::

03/11/13 @ 22:31
Comment from: Toga [Visitor]

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read this article. Has this guy gone totally mad? He is advocating the attack of Ethiopia by Egyptians. Prof whoever you are, because of people like you, woyanes will run Ethiopia for the next 100 years. Why would any Ethiopian support this kind of destructive politics from the likes of you? Go to hell. You bastard arab prostitute. Compared to you, Meles was a man, a real man. Shame on you, mf sob. Btw, if Egyptians came to invade, Meles would fight them; you would kiss their azz. Stupid. I am not even a woyane supporter. Just love my country.

03/11/13 @ 22:37
Comment from: Wolo [Visitor]

Aye prof.
When I herd this man is a professor I thought myselfe he sholud not be a law by proffession and I found him a prof of political science. It is ok becuase I do not expect a person from law and ınternational relation with high caliper(talent) can writte such sily mistakes for example after the end of the cold war the UN leader who predict that next war could be the war of water was Putrors ptrus Gali of Egypt. Prof as political scientist it is acceptable to make good mistake like 1902 which have different interpretation but how due you made a big mistake things which are related to your profession and at the same time as professor how do you fail to mention sources. You failed to mention sources because you are telling things which are not true or you are getting old and started to forget things.
I would like to ask you one question why do you fail to mention a solution on the topic but you dicussed the problem?

03/11/13 @ 22:44
Comment from: Hero [Visitor]

Whoever wrote this, we will build the dam with our 1$ daily income. Our aim isn’t to harm our neighbors but if they wish to come in terms who loss more? We got nothing to lose!!! if they wish to cooperate in civilized way, not only us but our region will prosper accordingly. WAR is not just as easy as you wake up one morning (maybe in your 5 min insane moment) and write it here on the Internet. There are ppl. I don’t think my fellow Sudanese and Egyptian brothers and sister wants to go down to the same way as Syria is trapped. Don’t forget it is not Ethiopias interest here but there are other five countries on the upstream region.

03/11/13 @ 22:46
Comment from: stopzhypocracy [Visitor]

Al Mariam is unbelievable because he brought me back from self imposed exile from commenting on He is now telling Ethiopians that we are at fault for all past transgressions by rulers of Egypt and Sudan from the Salafist inspired Mahadist to Anwar Sadat. Al Mariam is power hungry morally corrupt politician wannabe, the is a new low for you Al Mariam. There is no limit for you is it????
1. Was Yohannes planning to build a dam on the Nile when Mahadist invaded Ethiopia and decapitate the head of Emperor Yohannes?
2. Was Haile Sellasie at fault or was he planning to build a dam on the Nile when anwar Sadat and his arab alies in Syria helped finance the establishment of all Muslim Eritrean Liberation Front not to be confused with Shabia or Eritrean People’s Liberation Front. Was Haile Sallessie bellicose when he abstained from voting for establishment of Israel even though that is what he really wanted to do but didn’t want to piss the Arab nations but they were pissed off anyways because Ethiopia refused to vote against the establishment of The State of Israel?
3. The backward Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Salafist inspired Muslim brotherhood led government of Egypt are the victims, huh?? Al Mariam is telling us we aren’t victims of past injustice huh?? We starve to death when they grow rice on the deserts of Egypt, Rice a commodity that requires a lot of water?? Forget rice they have the exclusive right to waste water on the gulf resorts while we starve to death huh???

03/11/13 @ 22:56
Comment from: getamessay [Visitor]  

Who is this guy written about Ethiopia, He’s got Ethiopian name but there is no love or good thinking about his country.Meles is a hero before u start open ur smelly mouth look all of his life what he done for his love God bless Ethiopia.

03/11/13 @ 23:00
Comment from: stppzhypocracy [Visitor]

Al Mariam, What the #$@%???????????????????? I dont even have words for this shit

03/11/13 @ 23:03
Comment from: w.Yilma [Visitor]

The so called “professor” interest is to spread hate among Ethiopians by insulting the dead corpus. As I understood from his weekly posted articles, this man still very much have a phobia against the late prime minister. Not only this, according to his Machiavellian philosophy, any developmental projects implemented under the current government should be discouraged and nullified. A devil advice. To my understanding (although there is a difference between the past and present), Ethiopia has never got a democratic government we all wishes. Therefore according to this idiot man (if he is a man) we have to keep idle until a government Al Mariam and his likes approved to rule the country. How mess it will be if this happen! God save our country from this monster!
Al Mariam you have to know, a good leader with good personality come from us. The question is if we have many peoples like you how could we get a good leaders we all wishes? You are good for nothing, and worth nothing Period!I am afraid, even if there is a chance of government change I do not think any government coming to power need you.
You are immature and jealous and suffered with complex. the more you are writing the more you immerse your self to the lowest level. You pretend as if you have a broader knowledge in world politics. Please, instead of exposing your self, learn, learn and still learn again.
Lastly, I am not criticizing you in support of the government in power. I am not that kind of person. If you criticizing the government in the fields of implementing the rule of law, good governance, constitutional accountability of the government officials, the broken judiciary system, especially in regions, and the prevailing corruption in government offices I will be with you. But I am afraid we are far each other. Because you have hate against my country.

03/11/13 @ 23:10
Comment from: ethiopiawi [Visitor]

I only have one question.Whose side is he on?I am talking about the story teller.

03/11/13 @ 23:10
Comment from: estif [Visitor]

The Devil is really housed on you Alemu, I would say this man is insane, his tragic end is soon,day by day he is lossing his mind, If this man has a friend it’s urgent to save his life,,,,,his sickness totally invades him,,, God bless his soul, for me he is already dead.

03/11/13 @ 23:12
Comment from: egyptian threat [Visitor]
egyptian threat

Egypt is a threat to the region especially their protesters in tahrir square and harlem sheik in front of Muslim Brotherhood HQ

03/11/13 @ 23:24
Comment from: doteset [Visitor]

This website is anti-ethiopian set up by the enemys of Ethiopia. My brothers and sisters be careful where you get information from

03/11/13 @ 23:25
Comment from: stopzhypocracy [Visitor]

Al Mariam you are the denise Rodman of Ethiopia, remember him with is best friend from North Korea!!
The Jane Fond of Ethiopia, the Jane Fond who took pictures with with Vietcong soldiers and praised them as freedome fighters. Yeah thats you Al Mariam!!

03/11/13 @ 23:30
Comment from: Alamarem [Visitor]

I encourage the Ethiopian gov charge this sellout with treason or the parliament could declare him Treasonous, and subject him to the maximum penality of the land. I have never ever read an article of this nature by ANY Ethiopian. This boiled my blood. We are all fighting for democracy and justice in Ethiopia. Ato(does not deserve prof title) Alamarem is a mentally ill self hating low life. He is probably a drug addict too, for no normal person would write such an article against their own country. Ato Alamarem, I wish you said this things to my face, you ugly monkey.

03/11/13 @ 23:40
Comment from: Habtamu [Visitor]

Al Mariam, change your name to Ali Marham. Just writing a pile of garbage day in day out doesn’t make you an intellectual. There are thousands of Ethiopians who are more educated and enlightened than you. They do not churn out garbage after garbage every other day. They deliver deliberately and meticulously. This was a very bad article. I hope you will apologize. Otherwise, you will make yourself irrelevant. You are already being ridiculed. Just watch your mouth.

03/11/13 @ 23:52
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Who cares about those who hate you? They want Ethiopia to be their own. This is the real Ethiopian scholar who speaks for his conscience and he is real fighter for justice. Those who hate you are Christian terrorists.
I have your back.

03/11/13 @ 23:52
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

Here we go again woyanes time for you to make as much noise as you possibly could.

How about “abayen ye defere jegna” for the DEAD Tyrant??


Every time truth is spoken you come out jumping up and down as though that changes facts?

Please woyane people slow down. As a matter of fact may I suggest visiting where you can discuss such issues among yourselves???

03/11/13 @ 23:53
Comment from: Ethiopian [Visitor]

wow Proffessor.I like your topic and facts,we thank you for states the facts on the the woyannss caders are going to bark on you like mad dog day in and out,hence the are very allargic for true.if lebaw meles and tplf looters want to build the dam.they won’t looten the $11 billions from Ethiopia.

03/11/13 @ 23:56
Comment from: mek [Visitor]

Dear prof,
You can not stop to hate a dead man. That surprised me a lot. You hate blinded you to see the implication of a possible war between Arabs and Ethiopia for which you blamed Ethiopia for instigating it. At a very least you should be ashamed of yourself.
In a war everybody is a loser.

03/11/13 @ 23:58
Comment from: Taxi D. [Visitor]
Taxi D.

Wow, how low can you go professor?!!!! you know you have reached the end of rope when you start badmouthing your own county. No amount of disagreement/dislike for the government should justify such disdain towards everything the government touches! I wonder what love of country mean for this hatemonger!
Ene kemotiku serdo aybikel alech, ahya! She was probably Almariam’s sister !
There is a quote by Theodore Roosevelt which is fitting for this for the situation…

“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

03/12/13 @ 00:10
Comment from: jazzman [Visitor]

Al will side with anyone who wants to destroy Ethiopia no matter what - Ethiopia is much larger than an idiot’s blabber….we’re happy he’s not in Ethiopia…one less garbage in da house…

03/12/13 @ 00:14
Comment from: Samuel [Visitor]

I usually avoid reading comments on this website let alone write one myself.

If Mr Al Mariam had any political ambitions in Ethiopia this article has definitely quashed his chances. I am not pro-TPLF but no Ethiopian who loves his/her country will align himself/herself with forces that are anti-Ethiopian. At the very least it is treasonous.

All these years Ethiopia has been denied the right to use her own resources for fear of retribution by Egypt. Mr Al Mariam is advising us not to mess with Egypt. How about: Not to mess with the rightful owner of Abay?

This project has galvanized all Ethiopians home and abroad and that is the worry for Mr Al Mariam and he is trying his hardest to discredit the efforts of the Ethiopian people - Ethiopians contributing their money and their sweat to making this a reality.

This project has given TPLF/EPRDF legitimacy for the very first time. Of all the good things this government did or horrible things it did (loss of port access, massacre of innocent civilians) TPLF/EPRDF did, this project is by far the most significant.

I live in Canada and I despise TPLF but I will go to war for the Nile.

Peace to Africa

03/12/13 @ 00:23
Comment from: baye [Visitor]

b/c he is an us citizen! he has to write …

03/12/13 @ 00:26
Comment from: Worqe Birru [Visitor]
Worqe Birru

Those commentators are graded for their response to the article for, against or with an agreement I would have given them better grade, but since all are not learned or cadres who attack their own perception of the Lawyer have an F grade on their words correlation with the article. Many legal arguments were raised. To me he has truth, sound, and validity worthy relevant qualities. Insults likes of you are these, you are that, your mother is that, I am super man, we are golden race and types are jest some attributes of ignorance. I and those Ethiopians like me who are highly educated can see these garbage from distances. Weyane agents who are out of true words due to being field agents or ignorant use insult as ammunition. I can not wait to see 1 educated response from Weyane agents of Civil Service graduates.

03/12/13 @ 00:37
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

Wow, what a distinct comment in between Ethiopians and enemies of Ethiopians!!!

Look above to identify who is Ethiopian and who is not.

03/12/13 @ 00:40
Comment from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]

So, I went back and read this article.. again. Why? Because I see a lot of pro GOE people beating up on this prof. Well, One thing I will say for him is he can express very well. He makes good points, great actually. However, some of his reasoning kind of turned me off too. Mind you guys, I am in the “oppo” like AZ said but I did not find the prof as genuine on this one. Yes he seemed a little too concerned for Egypt’s right of the Nile waters. But that does not make him any less Ethiopian than Meles who told the world “Asab is not Ethiopian". True that he attacked the leadership but that is what opposition means. It is also true we should be worried of the inevitability of a conflict with, Egypt, Sudan and their stooge Eritrea & Somalia. Does the GOE recognize that? It is a dangerous situation for Ethiopia to be facing so many at the same time. It is a legitimate Q, and mentioning it does not make him against Ethiopia or in the “whatever it takes” camp. Oh sure they blow up ours, we blow up theirs that’s easy. But they will look for more destruction, total destabilization.. I do believe the word is disintegration of Ethiopia will be what Egypt will work for in order to maintain ownership of the Nile waters. Is that not an important scenario that deserves mention? To me that is what this article did and of course clearly expose what Meles was.

Anyways, we shall soon see what course reality will take on this.

I have a few Qs.. and one for you AZ. Good thing you reclaimed your #1 spot but.. did you write all that? Or someone from the Tplf embassy did it for you? It is long and a blanket accusation of anyone opposing this idiotic dictatorship that lacks foresight. To begin with Meles was an idiot, so shut this great leader shit. Why? Simply put, because he has put Ethiopia in a very very dangerous situation. We do not need any more conflict but your dead boss seemed to sniff trouble not to mention not securing the funding for this project before the start. It is also possible our benefactors of aid may put away their checkbooks.

second Q, I totally disagree with this dam project I hate what Meles has done to Ethiopia. Is it not my right to express that? Is that not the prof’s right too? Now, all you woyane bandas must come to terms with the fact this may be a project that may not see its end. So now.. what? No one will give us loan to complete it, we probably will not get as much aid.. it is stuck in the mud and throwing good money after bad will not fix the grand blunder. I love my country just as much as you all and definitely way more than that shabia gered Meles. Is it or is it not my right to oppose this dead sob Meles and his stupid dam project? Is it not my right to oppose the current GOE for what it is doing to Journalists, Muslims? Yes it is. So is the Prof’s. He has every right to bring to light what he sees wrong with this undertaking. It does not mean he is right.. or wrong. He has every right as much as all you banda woyanes to post as he sees fit. It does not make him any less Ethiopian for opposing your GOE dictatorship and it does not make you any better Ethiopian for supporting your GOE dictatorship.

So, all you woyane visitors and members, take a chill pill. Respect peoples opinions specially if they are contrary to yours. I disagree with some of his reasoning.. but an all out attack on a very reasonable assessment of facts, is ignorant.


03/12/13 @ 00:41
Comment from: [Member]

This guy is a sellout, a traitor at best. I see his disgust over imagining a once poor nation in transition. Having a different political view and being to the entire nation is totaly different.
Mr. Al mariam you are the enemy of the people not the regime you purport on your garbage article.

03/12/13 @ 01:16
Comment from: NoStRaDaMuS [Visitor]

I am realy, really, really hurt by your article Almariam.

Just as an ethiopian, not as a pro or anti-GOE, I am really disapointed. I never though I would lived to see this day.

Here is how I feel:

If you were my son, this day would have been the day I would tell you are not my son any more.

I deos not matter matter wheather you are right or wrong, (it is irrelevant) I is just not right.


03/12/13 @ 01:31
Comment from: Bonafide [Visitor]

Is it possible that a sane person, an Ethiopian, and a professor of political sciences, write such a trash. His love for power has incapacitated his brain, his faculty of rational thinking and even the rudimentary love required for a country when a person says that he belongs to a certain country he and his group are aspiring to rule in the year 0123.
I do not know how much he has been paid by Egypt and Saudi Arabia to write this crap. Sometimes ago, it was Gibe III and now, it is the GRD that has become a pain in his …. He has become the spokesperson of Egyptians, Saudis and International Rivers, in other words, a sell out. Professor, you should be ashamed and apologize to Ethiopia if she is really your country. This is the least you can do. You have aligned yourself with the very few Ethiopians who have their heart in Arab countries.
Now, our prophet of doom and gloom, Ethiopians are peace-loving people and they are not cowards as you have shown to be. They do not want war with anyone, they believe in the rights of Egypt to use the Nile, and much more, they believe that they have the God-given right of using the Nile, because it flows from the heart of Ethiopia, their country. Tell it to your masters, Ethiopia is not going to back-down, come rain or shine.
For your information, being pro-Ethiopia is not equivalent to being pro-woyane. Power mongering should not have made you too blind not to see where the the interest of Ethiopia lies. What a shame!

03/12/13 @ 01:42
Comment from: Scooby doo [Visitor]
Scooby doo

I can’t believe what I read. Did Al really wrote that? Was he bribed by the Arabs? It is hard to tell. One can argue that the better option would have been to go for a smaller project. But now that the mistake has been done (thanks to the arrogant TPLF leadership) we don’t have other option except supporting Ethiopia. One who takes side with Arabs is a traitor. Shame!

03/12/13 @ 01:50
Comment from: Nomad [Visitor]

Who paid a handsome bucks to the Prof this time to trash us with his White elephant jargon?

Why “white elephant"?

Come on! a theory of hate doesn’t give you the intellectual authority you desperately are craving for.

Why do you need journalistic prostitution for the sheer sake of remaining in eternal opposition?

Being against a regime (any regime for that matter) is one thing, however, being against that long suffering people of Ethiopia (among whom you shamelessly count your roots) is entirely different.

Or, perhaps

Is it because of the same old “sour grape” mentality?

03/12/13 @ 01:54
Comment from: Tenagne [Visitor]

Knowing Ethiopia and it’s wise and courageous people, I am not at all worried about this worthless soul’s scribble. No amount of blabber from Al Mariam or Al Saudi will change course of history. Besides, such people are only worthy of being spectators of history, while the great Ethiopian People is history maker! Go refer the history of Axum, history of Adwa, etc…

To this so called prof., one can only say a lost soul, who does not have an iota of idea how great the Ethiopian people is.

It might be fitting for the sake of this idiot, to just wait three more years, when the dam is finished, to answer him in deads!!!!

May god protect our country!!!!

03/12/13 @ 01:56
Comment from: [Member]

This guy is a professor and law practicing, but his writing did not have a philosophical idea,he command the English language, but he did not have any good idea and he did not stand for Ethiopia and he is real enemy of Ethiopia. Ethiopia has the right to use its natural resources and defend its natural resources.You might think that I am the Tigria region Ethiopia, but I am from Northern shoa of Ethiopia. you are writing non sense, you are not standing for the interest of Ethiopia. The Tigrians are better for Ethiopia, there is a big development, but you don’t swallow it. You should know that the history Ethiopia started from Axumite empire and christanity came through Tigria and twisting history unacceptable. Who make the modern Ethiopia? King Menlike,King Yohannse,King Tkelehamont,Ras Alula Aba Nega,Ras Mekonen,Ras Mekel,Ras Mengesha,Ras Belcha Aba Nefso and prince Tatu who established Modern Ethiopia. Now You are sitting in the west rambling without common sense. As I told, I am not from north Ethiopia, there are people denying the reality and twisting history for the sake non sense. I read you article many times but did not have philosophy at all. Thus, you and Ethiopia Review are people without direction. I am not a supporter any political party, but I am Ethiopian who stands for the interest of my country Ethiopia.

03/12/13 @ 01:56
Comment from: Yonas [Visitor]

Here we go again. The stupid ass nutty professor never sleep. Any body except Ethiopia is your anthem. Are you, al mariam, really born from an Ethiopian and cursed mother? You have become the spokesperson for Al Shabab, radical Islamists, the wannabe gangster in Eritrea and surrounded yourself from all the people in the world with Berhanu Nega and now with an illiterate feudal prince form a kingdom that treat women as a 2nd class citizens and had a special design to change an independent Ethiopia as one of its Caliphs. You don’t get that. The treaty that guarantied the British colonial power without the participation of the contributors of the Nile.

03/12/13 @ 02:02
Comment from: Tenagne [Visitor]

I just could not stand this idiot!

What a shame to have this title and to write such an article!!

Yagere gebere besint taemu!!!

03/12/13 @ 02:14
Comment from: Solomon [Visitor]

Unbelievable! How this idiot professor goes extra mile to kiss the stinking assess of Ethiopian real enemies! Why were we surprised by the Stupid Saudi Arabia official while we do have the stupidest of all an bankrupt, arrogant, super-racist Ethiopian. Amazing!

03/12/13 @ 02:30
Comment from: Gondar [Visitor]

Alemayehu G. Mariam i agree with
you for what you have written,but
on the future if Egypt planning
to attack TPLF,The AIRBASE to
FLAY and attack Will Not be
from KOSTI,

Please do not call the so called
MELES is an Ethiopian !!!!!!!!!
he was working with Egypt since
long time ago to destabilized
Ethiopia .

03/12/13 @ 02:32
Comment from: [Member]

It’s unfortunate how this charlatan has been dwelling on the negative track of the Ethiopian politics. The construction of this dam should at least, unite Ethiopians for once. He is under pressure of writing an article a week for his Huffington column and he has to scribble all kinds of crap against Ethiopia. I bet his next article is gonna be about the replacement of the french-built Ethio-Djibouti rail road. There is no rumor surrounding the construction of the mega dam. Just because some paranoid subordinate Soudi General has said some thing for the sake of “saying some thing” doesn’t necessarily mean Egypt and the Arab world are out to get Ethiopia. There is nothing new on what Almariam has wrote above. It’s just a summery of what we have been reading in the web since the dam was initiated. Absolute trash!!

03/12/13 @ 02:35
Comment from: Observer [Visitor]

Ha ha ha, what a guy. You Aram BANDAs hulu can’t stand the truth and eloquent writing of Al Mariam. What is sad is when you try to criticize his writing. Why don’t you read his writing and you might learn something. Definitely what he wrote none of you have any idea before you read it here. What do you think is his motivation. Do you think he hate Ethiopia? Just like everybody else that hates the current BANDA government. The sad part is when these BANDAS are about to fail because of their action due to the conflict they are creating, the rest of the Ethiopian people will not stand with them because they have alienated themselves with all other ethnic groups in the country. People will go out and push them down the trouble waters they are sinking in. What they did to other will come and bite them on the behind. No mercy for this rootless BANDAS, no mercy at all. Tigray have been BANDAS historically and they will be in the future. They have no class very petty and rootless. The best way to get rid of rootless people is by being rootless. That is why Israel kill 10 Palestinians when Palestinians beheaded one Jew. That is they only language these fools know and we have to give them their own medicine.

03/12/13 @ 02:53
Comment from: heny [Visitor]

Almariam feres fit! Agecham! you are simply devil.

03/12/13 @ 03:16
Comment from: biya [Visitor]

: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Who cares about those who hate you? They want Ethiopia to be their own. This is the real Ethiopian scholar who speaks for his conscience and he is real fighter for justice. Those who hate you are Christian terrorists.
I have your back.

Well the proff is finally being backed by a terrorist hahahahaha..

03/12/13 @ 03:23
Comment from: Espressurata [Visitor]

The author impartially presents the possibility of the Dam impacts on the economically poor citizens who are insisted to contribute financial and other resources to realize the Dam construction, on the challenges of the Tigree government in getting funds and supports from international institutions, on the devastating effects of the dam in Sudan and Egypt, and rather the Tigree government uses the Dam for political issues to shift attentions from domestic instabilities to international defenses which is meant to make smoothness and harmony among many ethnicities in Ethiopia, and extends the life Span of TPLF in the first place and pay its cadres secondly.

Professionally, though, the Author bases on information sources and accounts for historical contexts, the forum participants appear to rush into a personal attack likely fearing that the Author writes plot the caveat of Tigree government. The negative views of the forum participants to denounce the author himself are very simple and based on unsubstantiated arguments that the Author’s writings would melt into doubt. Some of the participants even rename the Author to other religion’s name as if Ethiopia has been influenced by a certain type of the religious followers which is again a mistake perception.

The oddness of Tigree government is that it is smoothly working with Saudi Arabia but buffing through media on ordinary people as if it is getting challenges from the Saudi. This is a tactic to shift an attention of the people.

The Tigree government call it that TPLF assumes only Tigree are a citizen to get human rights protections–for example, Tigree government has released 965 Tigree prisoners while millions of Oromo are suffering in jails and impeded to get promotion in higher institutions.

Aptly the art or theatre of the Tigree government remains a fiction and a dishonest delegate to administer all Ethiopian without inequality in economic power and justice systems, and in competency to protect the privilege of Ethiopian at the international contexts, especially in the current agenda of involving foreigner in investment sectors.

There can be no more doubt that more of participants are deeply hate the Author as it is reflected on personal instigation–be it inferiority complex or melancholy mood– rather they have any vindication and justification.

03/12/13 @ 03:56
Comment from: Lobby [Visitor]

Alemayehu G. Mariam = CANCER!

I am ethnic Oromo who believe in my own version of Ethiopia! I embrace some values of feudal “Neftegna” and Tigre regimes, as I do with some of my own Oromo and other nation’s culture and history! I am still critique of all beliefs and values including my own ethinic Oromo peoples’!

But, I am not for a second ignorant about someone like you Alemayehu G. Mariam, who is nothing but a CANCER, full of blind hatred and lust over power! From all your ideas and writings, I have realized that had you had the opportunity you could have unleashed all the brute nature of you in mass a form of another holocaust! Thanks God, at least you haven’t got the “chance” but releasing your venom here!

Death to you and enemies of my own version Ethiopia!

03/12/13 @ 05:10
Comment from: [Member]

Espressurata, aka eliass kiftaff,…

It doesn’t matter whether you come out to support your boyfriend the SENILE OLD MAN ALMARIA, or you yourself write more article. We already now you two shabian bandas are ready to sell your asses to the devil himself and have no moral value or integrity in your loser low lives.
Thanks to the era of internet, you have a website and also can write some piece of shit like the above one as you wish. But can you change anything on the ground except getting the attention you crave?
As Free put it well above, almaria is in a campain for himself to get more attention in the arab world, in an effort to sell himself to the highest bidder. It shouldn’t surprise us if he continues to write such garbage as a black arab, and even if he appears next on aljazera rendering his service. After all this could be a part of ESAT’s effort to find a big arena to spread their lies.
A scum bag loser like almaria would do anything for his belly, and I know from the beggning he doesn’t have a drop of Ethiopian blood in his veins, except those alcoholic beverages he enduces by selling Ethiopia and Ethiopians. YE TARIK ATELLAWOCH!!

03/12/13 @ 05:18
Comment from: red-flag [Visitor]

Seriuosly guys, it is about time this guy’s true identity is dug out…A lot of Shabians such as Tesfaye Hebreab have in the past lived undercover as Ethiopianism to the point they nearly succeeded a civil war between the people of amhara and Oromo until they fell-out with Woyane and theyir true intention exposed…seriously guys, let alone an Ethiopian, an Eritrean can not be this Egyptian, because they know we will burn their asses if they do it so openly

03/12/13 @ 05:20
Comment from: [Member]

The greatest treason has been committed by Prof. Alemayehu not against the government but against the people of Ethiopia.He has been a fraudulent propaganda machine for the secrete war against Ethiopian people by Egypt,Sudan,Eritrea and Saudi Arabia.Treason is the highest crime of a civil nature of which a man can be guilty.Any person who levies war against the people of Ethiopia or adheres to its enemies should be prosecuted for treason.

2 Timothy 3:1-4

But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God—

03/12/13 @ 05:23
Comment from: Lobby [Visitor]

You CANCER Alemayehu G. Mariam:

1, You cant cheat here admitting that the dam’s capacity is 62bn cubic m, which is quite lower than the annual discharge of Nile, and it will take just 3 years to fill up WITHOUT significantly compromising water flow to Sudan or Egypt! History tells, during droughts in Ethiopia, Egypt was getting virtually no water from Nile, so what is the point if they now get 1/3rd less just for 3-years? In fact they have dams and reservoirs that could sustain them for decades! CANCER, you know this, don’t you?

2, You tried to tells us electricity generated from the dam wont have economic importance to Ethiopia! What is the color of the sky in your country? Do you have gravity in your planet, CANCER?! Cancer, do you breathe Oxygen or nerve gas? You devil! There is no country in the world to which hydroelectric power is harmful, that’s is only in your “planet"! Ethiopia will generate the electricity, our poor people will get electricity, and we will sell it to our neighbors, in our planet!

3, Cancer, you several times here strongly said and implied here that Ethiopia CANNOT accomplish building the dam! So, CANCER, why are your allies-in-hatred are WORRIED about your would be damage due to the dam?? Is it NOT because you “KNOW” it Ethiopia will do it??!!

CANCER, I have no idea what horrible your evil mind filled with, but from distance, it stinks and smells like rotten, carcinogenic poison!

03/12/13 @ 05:44
Comment from: mikael [Visitor]

this man is against Ethiopia he sell his ass to arabs

03/12/13 @ 06:03
Comment from: dubale [Visitor]

is this ASSHOLE big ‘professor’ defending the Egyptians and Sudans??
shame on you dude!

03/12/13 @ 06:36
Comment from: WOW! [Visitor]

Look the hidden agenda of woyane is touched to make all the stooges scream off their lungs. I thought all this hoopla of woyane gang never meant to serve the people of Ethiopia. Infact they were collecting the hardgained Ethiopian people’s coins to fill their bank accounts abroad and now they are stopped to squeeze the empty pockets of the poor by AlMariam.
Every Ethiopian knows that the Dam was just an illusion to woyane survival, because it is made on fake agreement between all concerned parts on the first place, never meant to be true.
Amazing! Woyane stop screaming and make amendents of your fake agreement with all concerned. Do your homework! instead of screaming to well-wishing Ethiopians and call us names, for how long?
Al has all the right to comment as each and everyone of you denz hzb.

03/12/13 @ 06:47
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

Long time ago I have told you that Al is not about the Ethiopian government it is about the Ethiopian state. He wants Ethiopia as a broken down failed state. Many of you need to learn the difference between an opposition and an Enemy, everyone who opposition the government is not an opposition.

We were labeled as Woyani because we were able to identify Al as enemy of the Ethiopian poor. No surprise for some of us we know long time ago Al have enmity with Ethiopia.

03/12/13 @ 06:51
Comment from: Tolla [Visitor]

As much as I like his opposition to woyannes, this long article is way out of sense for any Ethiopian loving individual. We know there are undeniable facts that are at play in many facets about the overall situation, but loving the motherland comes first whatsoever. Dear Professor, don’t push some of as to the camps of Addis Zemen and the likes by losing it on emotions!!

03/12/13 @ 07:10
Comment from: Weyegood [Visitor]

Folks, please ignore this useless professor.

03/12/13 @ 07:12
Comment from: አንተየአረብቅጥረኛ [Visitor]

አንተ የአረብ ቅጥረኛ Alemayehu,የፈለገው ቢሆን መለስም ሆነ ለሎች የወያኔ አባላትን ፖለትካ አስጠሊ ቢሆንም ይህ ፅሑፍህ በእውነት ከአንድ ኢትዮጵያን እወዳለሁ ከምል ዜጋ ብዕር የመነጨ አይመስልም። ምናልባት ከግብፆች እየተከፈለህ የሚትፅፍ ከሆነ እንግድህ አንድ ቀን የዚያች ምስክን አገር ፍርዷን እንደማትነግፍ አትርሳ! ይህ ሁሉ ፁሑፍህ እውነት ለአገር እና ለዘጎቿ የታሰበ ከሆነ፤ ምን አለ ብዙኋኑ ኢትዮጵያውን በሚሰሙት ቋንቋ ብትጽፍ? ነጮች እንደሚሉት የቆሸሸ ልብስ ውጭ አይታጠብም እንደሚሉት ለማት ፈልገ ነው። እንደገባህ የሚፈልገው ነገር የአንተ አንቀጽ እውነት አለው ወይም የለውም ለማት አለመፈለገን ነው። መቸስ የአካዳሚክ ማዕረግህ እንደሚያመለክተው Professor ነህና የጽሑፍን ፋይዳና ጉዳት ከዜጋዊ ኃላፍነት አኳያ እንጅ መሆን የነበረበት በጊዜያው ፖለትካ ወይም ለጹሑፉ ከተከፈለህ ጉርሻ ብቻ መሆን እንዳልነበረ ለማሳሰብ ፈልገ ነው። ስለዚያ ሥርዓት ደካማነትማ በቅርቡ በሙስልም ወገኖቻችን ያሰራጨውን የሃሰት እና ኃላፍነት የጎደለውን የቴቭ ፕሮፓጋንዳ ሆነ በተከታታይ በመንደር ጉልበትኝነት በማን አለብኝ የሚደርስባቸውን ጭቆናና እርገጣ ማየቱ ይበቃል። ያም ሆነ ይህ ለአገርቱ መረጋጋትና ዘላቂ ሰላም ጥሩ መሰረት እየተጣለ አይደለም። በአሁኑ ሰዓት ከአገራችንም ሆነ ከሌሎች ታርክ መማር የማይፈልግና በግዚያዊ ኃይሉ ብቻ የሚመካ ሥርዓት ነው ያለን። ያ ማለት ደግሞ ከአገሪቱ ታሪካዊ ጠላቶች ጋር አብረን ሥርዓቱንም ሆነ አራማጆቹን እንደምሳቸው የሚለው አቀራረብ ፋይዳ ያለው አይመስለኝም። ብ፪ኛ ጦርነት ጊዜ እንግሊዞች ኢትዮጵያን ለማገዝ ገብተው ሳለ ብዙ ጣሊያን ጥሎት የሔደውን ንብረት እንደዘረፉ ሳትሰማ አልቀረህም። እንደምመስለኝ ከሆነ Professor ነኝ በምል አጉል self-confidence የአንባቢን አዕምሮ እያጠብክ ትበርዛለህ እንጂ የአንተ ጽሑፎች ከወያነ በላይ ኢትዮጵያን እንደሚጎዳ ነው የተገነዝብኩት።
ኢትዮጵያ በሰላም ለዘላለም ትኑር!

03/12/13 @ 07:22
Comment from: [Member]

nii namichuma kana lafa ballessa,,i wrote too many times regarding few naftegna amhara and G7 ,this Ali mariam is part of g7,,we oromos findin this ALI mariam AND G7 TSERE ETHIOPIAS,ONLY OROMO CAN FINISH THIS DAM….namaa ijaa lamaa.

03/12/13 @ 07:52
Comment from: Yirgacheffee [Visitor]

Al-Mariam (aka Al Queda, Al Dedeb),

Screw you and your white elephant!

Keep worshiping those that want to bomb and destroy Ethiopia all you want because the Ethiopian people are done with you!

03/12/13 @ 08:23
Comment from: Nenewe [Visitor]

Prof Al, the doomsayer,

What else is new?
The pssibility of direct or indirect confrontation with them exists.

Who are you trying to comfort and reassure? Surely, not Ethiopians. You can be as sarcastic as you wish, but do you have to go this far to express your disdaing aginst the regime.

These countries have been Ethiopia’s enemies in one form or another since long before you were born. TPLF may have a lot of skeletons in in the closet regarding its relations with Egypt & Sudan. But that shouldn’t justify the stance you have taken against, not the regime but Ethiopia.

What do you achieve by presenting such a doomsday scenario? It may not turn out to be as grim as you presented it. This article of yours just went over the edge.

I disagree with your impartial analysis more than I disagree with the GOE/TPLF. You are the epitome of those who live to see the disintegration of the Ethiopia.

03/12/13 @ 08:33
Comment from: ethiovistor [Visitor]

ALL U FAKEN TPLF WISSLE BLOWERS, where were u when “THE DEAD & DECAYED ERITREAN WONBEDE UGLY MIDGET DONATED asseb to his asmera relatives? Let the professor express his opinion or facts. If one of u FISHKAS think the ELITE professor is wrong lift ur’s lazy ,gossip AZZ out of lazyboy recliner and re-write it back.

03/12/13 @ 08:34
Comment from: Getu [Visitor]

I live in US and I am ready for war
for the cause of Nile any time the Ethiopia demands me.

03/12/13 @ 08:52
Comment from: arat killo [Visitor]
arat killo

wait a minute, you guys are like a baby compare to Al maraim intelligence, he sees things beyond the surface far ahead of you lots. there is a short term strategical alliance with others to demolish tribal bandit at home. there is also a long term strategical alliance to sustain democracy and prosper for all. Al mariam knows what he is doing, our country is very poor, we can not stand a chance against big boys club America, uk, egypt, Saudi, etc. the only way is to outsmart them through diplomatic skills, Meles was good at it but internally he was divisive.

03/12/13 @ 08:58
Comment from: HIM [Visitor]

How would you like to get paked by us Prof. Ass Aram.
How many times have you bent to us. I love it when I rim a raz…

03/12/13 @ 09:15
Comment from: ethiovistor [Visitor]


I can see ur preparation for the war from the command center of oversized sofa, Armed with a bags of CLUSTER-BOMB MC-donald french fries and a few BURKING KING broiler stacking around ur waste. Don’t forget to rain down strawberry shake on the head of our enemies. FISHKA! would u fly the drone too?

03/12/13 @ 09:20
Comment from: [Member]

Professor Alemayehu G. Mariam teaches hetisim science at California State University, San Bernardino and is a practicing sale own lawyer.
he is the most heted person Ethiopia expriencing. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO to hell.

03/12/13 @ 09:24
Comment from: Gondar [Visitor]

from: Getu [Visitor]
I live in US and I am ready for war
for the cause of Nile any time the Ethiopia demands me.
03/12/13 @ 08:52

you makes me lough,for sure no dam will be build,in case war with Egypt be sure
you will not see Egypt by your eyes,
five minute all the game will be end,

if you also insult government of Egypt like your fucken crime Nazi meles,again be sure your fate will
be like him,

03/12/13 @ 09:39
Comment from: Sing [Visitor]

I sing when all innocent prisoners set free. Then I support the government.

03/12/13 @ 09:40
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

Alemayoh G Mariam = Wehabiasim Islam movement…

Let him bend low to please his masters whom paid him to bark loud like a mad dog…LOL. All his trashy article shows that the has nothing to offer to the Erhiopian people than he is childishly crying for attention…

As for to most Ethiopian people concerned, Alemayoh G. Mariam has proved himself to all that he is standing against the interst of the Ethiopian people…

He is gainist GIII dam…
He is against against Abay dam..
And now he is becoming a loudspeaker more than Sudan & Egipt purposely to create doubt in the mind of the Ethiopian people, but he seemed to failed to realize that the Ethiopian people are well aware about his/likes intimidation will be in their way in this historic moment, but they will do whatever it takes to use their natural sources to develop their country….

So, Al & likes the enemies of mouthpeace, go hung yourself and go to hell, because the Ethiopian people will build all the projects right in your face…LOL.

God bless the world!!

03/12/13 @ 09:56
Comment from: dz [Visitor]

I normally don’t comment, but I have to today. We have a very poor country that lives off of NGOs and foreign support. What we are doing is trying to stop that trend, so we can support ourselves. Now, if that bothers some people, so be it. If we have to fight some people, heck let’s do it. If we have to do it on our own let’s do that too. That’s what we are doing. For you to sit whereever you are and incite something against this project is beyond belief. It is one thing to hate the regime, but different to hate the country.
I am sure you are an opinionated person, and you want to voice your opinion. However, you have offended many of your countrymen. Yes, you are educated. I see you have a title that says professor, but you are not wise. You may also be a coward. What this poor country is trying to do is to build something, so it can sustain itself. Its people are willing to pay the price. My advice to you is next time you drive down to MacDonald’s drive thru, think of the millions that can’t spend what you are spending for a burger in a whole month. Think of their determination to rid themselves of their poverty. Think of their courage to even die for this cause. These are brave people that I am proud to be part of. These are Ethiopians! Very poor but resilient! Very backward, but determined. They don’t deserve your admonishing because frankly sir, after this article you are not one of them. That is fine by them!

03/12/13 @ 09:57
Comment from: ethiovistor [Visitor]

When the GIMATAM dead WONBEDE and the EX-TIGRE-SHIFTAS plunged into unwanted BADAME war and caused for the death of 100.000 OROMO, AMHARA,GURAGES the blind generation was watching ARESENAL vs MAN.UNITED game.

When the decayed and dead midget WONBEDE sold our ASSEB to his SHABIA cousine the lost generation was drugged and zombie

When the MIDGET CREEP sabotaged our rail-way ADDIS to DIRE and allow DJIBOUTI to scam the poor ethiopians over 4-bil dollares in tarrifs the SHINTAM generation was busy hussling blackberrys and androids.


03/12/13 @ 10:01
Comment from: Ggg3 [Visitor]

There is no development to serve only Tigree because others are in prisoners.

03/12/13 @ 10:04
Comment from: Olbana [Visitor]

It looks like the article is written by a sudanese or egyptian scholar.
One thing Al Mariam has mistakenly or conveniently forgotten is that Abay is not a property of TPLF or EPRDF; it is a property of 90 million Ethiopians. Whether Al Mariam like it or not Ethiopia has all rights to use its natural resources. How, when and where should invest in and on its resources is something that has to be studied diligently and responsibly. I firmly oppose the current regime for its anti Ethiopia stand, however, just for the sake of opposing the regime I do not take stand against my countries interest. I am very dissappointed by Al Mariam Article. I always belived he is a man of integrity, and I dont really know what motivate him to wite such garbage. Just reading this trash boiles my blood.
The article looks like, written by a sudanese or egyptian scholar, and not an ethiopian. A quick reminder, few miles from abay ethiopians die from femine for not having adequate water, and mostly due to our dependence on erratic and unpredictable rainfall seasons, while Abay leave our country freely to feed other nations. Isnt very sinic and cruel for a man who call himself ethiopian to write such garbage advocating for other coutries interest?.

03/12/13 @ 10:10
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]


Stop your poor propaganda? The Ethiopian defense forces are recruited willingly to defend their country. They are from all the nation and nationalities of the Ethiopian people “hizbawi Serawit"!! As the result, Ethiopia has the most strong and disciplined defense forces that are ready to defend their country against any enemies….I’m sure you are well aware about what they did to the Shabia’s in all fronts…

God bless the world!

03/12/13 @ 10:19
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

The simple solution is to get TPLF and woyane out of the system.

TPLF has been the single most distracting organization in the history of Ethiopia and must be cleared out of the way!

03/12/13 @ 10:20
Comment from: kul [Visitor]

ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

Thank you very much for the wonderful comment. I said before I will never read Al Mariam’s articles anymore. But when I see the title I decided to read it. What a waste!!! I just cannot understand what this man is trying to achieve here. And I must agree with you that he hates Ethiopia. A true Ethiopian who loves his/her country cannot advocate for Ethiopia’s sworn enemies. Unfortunately, Al Mariam is now telling us that we should not use our God given resource (Nile) because Egypt will be affected by it. What a crap!!!!

03/12/13 @ 10:21
Comment from: ethiovistor [Visitor]


Since the birth of ethiopian defence minister all ethiopian army discipline was based on the benifit of according to education and performance, ask our enemy ISAYAS and SAIID-BARE about “THE DOMINANCE OF AMHARA and OROMO” elite pilots over enemy skies, until a swarm of uneducated TPLF-SAVAGES come out of northern jungls and trying to run something they don’t know. There are 100 TPLF FAT-AZZ HODAM GENERALS who failed to win small war like BADAME because none of them are educated beyong 10th grade. THEY are just a typical WNOBEDE-SHIFTA like u!

03/12/13 @ 10:35
Comment from: Tazabe [Visitor]

This is an absolute trash article!!If some assume that all these critical comments against the author are by woyanes, please think again. He has just poked the people of Ethiopia at the wrong place at the wrong time. Not even his supporters came out in defence.

03/12/13 @ 10:41
Comment from: Dagmawi [Visitor]

Please we do want war, we dont use the water for irrigation, egypt get the water we get our dam. The 500000 hectar irrigation seem not to be correct, the GoE denied any speculation of irrigation. There is no land to irrigat behind the dam. Sudan may use its share. That is not our matter. The have their agreement to use nile. So i hope ther will be no war b/n ethiopia, sudan and Egypt, otherwise the all loose a lot. No one will come to war to loose every thing. If we haave money we can Dam it, its name is not mater, we can say it Abdel naser or ProfAlem. where is the problem to give a name after the work is finished. Who may have problem whether it called GERD or GMMD as you speculated. it is below your level.

03/12/13 @ 10:41
Comment from: Tazabeo [Visitor]

This is an absolute trash article!!If some assume that all these critical comments against the author are by woyanes, please think again. He has just poked the people of Ethiopia at the wrong place at the wrong time. Not even his supporters came out in defence.

03/12/13 @ 10:44
Comment from: Dagmawi [Visitor]

correction: Please we do not want war, we dont use the water for irrigation, egypt get the water we get our dam.

03/12/13 @ 10:44
Comment from: Belal Y.elal Y. [Visitor]
Belal Y.elal Y.

Mr. Gebre Mariam, I do not think Egyptians need your support on how to stop Ethiopia from building its dam, simply because they know about the reality in Ethiopia more than you do. Egyptians are good in reading history and also making up stories from their own cook books. Mr. please do not be like BANDAs. For your information: In Ethiopia, we have very few individulas who are always ready to sell the interest of their country for anyone who is willing to give them a pittance. Thank God they never succeeded in the past and will never succeed in the future. We call these people BANDAs or opportunists. They can do harm like they did during the Italian invasion of Ethiopia. It is said, had it not been for the BANDAs the Italian invaders would not have lasted more than a year in Ethiopia. Example: Patriots gather and decide on how to attack the Italians, immediately the BANDAS will inform the Italians beforehand about the plan. Many attempts to route the Italians failed becuase of the BANDAs.
One surprising observation I found out is sons and daughters of BANDA parents turn out to be BANDAs following the footsteps of their parents.

03/12/13 @ 10:47
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]


As for to what kind of force Ethiopia had before, I wasn’t there and I can’t say none. However, I disagree with your military analysis about the current Ethiopian generals, because if your argument were true, Ethiopia wouldn’t been called the strong military country, as we speak…

God bless the world!

03/12/13 @ 10:53
Comment from: ethiovistor [Visitor]

all Ex-ETHIOPIAN leaders belived under the flag of one nation! one people! ‘EQUAL OPPRTUNITY” as a result=> ethiopians army used to be one of the best and built without any segregation or “SEPARATE BUT LESS” until “THE MASTER OF ADWA EVIL WHO SENT BY LUCIFIER to serve the TPLF BIMBIS and SHABIA wonbedes acted like an ethiopian and sabotaged everything to destroy the nation.

03/12/13 @ 11:10
Comment from: Shakiso boy [Visitor]
Shakiso boy

I am not a politician, but I am politician enough to know this kind of foolish articles hurt the opposition. Actually, I used to enjoy Al Mariam’s articles. This was unacceptable to me. Opposing is one thing, encouraging another country hurt your own country is another. Al Mariam underestimates the patriotic nerve abay triggers in Ethiopians. All in all, this was strategically and politically foolish approach. The GRD will be critical in the country’s development. Ridiculing such effort by a person who comfortably in California is foolish. The energy demand doubles 2 years. GRD will change that. It is funny, after reading this article, I am thinking about buying the bond thing. Its just this writer offended my being. Al you do not have the right to call yourself an Ethiopian holding this kind of contempt towards her.

03/12/13 @ 11:15
Comment from: Ggg3 [Visitor]

The Dam has impacts not only on Sudan and Egypt but it is also other countries. Ethiopia doesn’t mean only Tigree. When we explain that the Dam benefits 90 million people, it is multiple counting of Tigree who got freedom and set free prisoners. That makes 90 million people. Other Ethiopians are in jails and wouldn’t get a benefit from the Dam.

03/12/13 @ 11:39
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]


We like it or not, the old system is gone, and I’m sure the current government is not going to stay forever, for that matter. But the Ethiopian people are there and we all should do our best to contribute for their betterment. We should stand behind them to support them in all the developments that they are engaged in…

Most of all, we should denounce those so called Ethiopian, and yet they are working hard hand in hand with an Ethiopian external enemies to sabotage the projects or all kind of developments…that going on in Ethiopia….

God bless the world!!

03/12/13 @ 11:40
Comment from: millionabebe [Visitor]

mr gebremaryame ur donkey shabiya

03/12/13 @ 11:43
Comment from: belew [Visitor]

@addis zemen and all his buddys

It looks like your master is counting the words you are typing to estmate your pay check . You can bluber as much as you want you try to sound educated but you ignorance always comes out dedeb tegre yelbe ashker you will amount to nothing once ashker always ashker..

03/12/13 @ 12:04
Comment from: Ebssa [Visitor]

Hi All,
I thought about doing some research on the Prof…I found the following link for his web….It can be good to reply comments on his website also if he is not reading what’s on Nazret.

03/12/13 @ 12:06
Comment from: Ggg3 [Visitor]

Dear All,

We all have to support any development activities not only in Ethiopia but also other countries that helps none oppressors.

03/12/13 @ 12:07
Comment from: Ebssa [Visitor]
03/12/13 @ 12:07
Comment from: Florad [Visitor]

Sir, can you take off those pitch black spectacles please?

03/12/13 @ 12:09
Comment from: [Member]

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.”
Marcus Tullius Cicero

Isaiah 41:11-12

“All who rage against you
will surely be ashamed and disgraced;
those who oppose you
will be as nothing and perish.
Though you search for your enemies,
you will not find them.
Those who wage war against you
will be as nothing at all.

03/12/13 @ 12:13
Comment from: Lobby [Visitor]


You small cancer, brother-in-crime of CANCER Ali G.Haram here,
you said…so min yidereg? Where had YOU been when Weyane did this or that? What IS your point? So what? Meles might do thousands of mistakes JUST LIKE THE OTHER FEUDAL what NOW? You small cancer, your point is nothing but pessimism, dark-sightedness and hopelessness! Weyane might stay or get lost (I prefer it to stay for a while actually till people like CANCER G.Mariyam ebb away), BUT Ethiopia lives forever!

Don’t be miser, rather try to be better, compromise for the bigger and common good, no matter what wrong happened or is still happening!

03/12/13 @ 12:24
Comment from: ethiovistor [Visitor]

The problem with most of ethiopians is we resist changes, because most of us grew up in a system kills, rapes, orders, yells,commands,beats up, jails,tourches,corrupts,scares, intimitades, forces and forbids the GOD given right of “FREEDOM” NOW! i can understand WHY? all these clashes with “FREE THINKER” elite professor ALEMAYEHU in “FREE COUNTRY” those of u disagree with him re-write his mistakes or go to NORTH-KOREA and CUBA to live under command system.

03/12/13 @ 12:33
Comment from: [Member]

Ohhhh My God!!…how cruel is that Mr. Almariam???….I CAN’T believe it!!…Are you sure you wrote this???….very sad indeeed!… are Judah..A traitor !!…

03/12/13 @ 12:51
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

Alemayoh G. Mariam is not a free thinker, he is rather a foolish individual who thinks, he can getaway with all kind of trash articles against the interest of the Ethiopian people or he would think it is ok to serve an Ethiopian enemies, because his heart is burning with hate…

Donky is alway donky, it can’t lead or it can’t follow…LOL. It could be annoying to listening to it howling loudly and forting at the same time, that what Al/likes reflecting…LOL.

03/12/13 @ 12:53
Comment from: Nile [Visitor]

while I have seen Ethiopians time and again conspire against their own country, I have never seen Egyptians in their long history conspire against their own country by siding with outsiders. And of course they are politically a polarized society. But that never made them crossing the treshhold of treason by siding with foreigners.
Al mariam I recommned that you watch the clip in “The God father Saga Part II":

Michael Corleone to Fredo,

Fredo, you’re my older brother, and I love you. But don’t ever take sides with anyone against the Family again. Ever.

Al Mariam, You are an Ethiopian. Your love for Ethiopia must be bigger than your hate to Woyane. But don’t ever take sides with foreigners against your own country again. EVER!

03/12/13 @ 13:39
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

ethiovistor [Visitor]

You are talking to much like a paid cadre to confuse and discourage people here.

I am tired of you Eritreans, no one can stop the Ethiopian people, ler Al sheet on his pants but we don’t fear Egypt Eritrea added.

03/12/13 @ 13:40
Comment from: DANIEL KIDANU [Visitor]  

Tuesday, November 20, 2012
According to prophecy the Nile River will dry up
There is a famous prophecy that the River Euphrates will be dried up to make way for the Kings of the East. (Revelation 16:12) Historically, the Euphrates is the border between the Middle East and Asia. Biblically, God told Abraham He would give to His people all the land between the Euphrates and the Nile. (Genesis 15:18). The Euphrates is also the place where four demon angels are bound for a day and an hour to perform a certain judgment of God - which is to kill a third of mankind. (Revelation 9:14). The Euphrates was one of the original rivers coming out of the Garden of Eden. (Genesis 2:14).

A lot of attention goes to the Euphrates in the bible, justifiably. But the Nile River also figures prominently in the bible and also in prophecy. God uses all to His glory; people, demons, angels, and rivers, too. For example, Moses drifted down the Nile on a basket made of reeds. It is the western border to the Promised Land. It is the main artery that keeps Egypt alive.

As far as prophecy goes for the Nile, in three places in the bible it says that the Nile River will dry up. (Isaiah 19:5, Ezekiel 30:12, and Zechariah 10:11).

Nile Delta from space, source

There are several ways that a river could be dried up. God could directly dry it. (Isaiah 11:15). Man could alter its course via use of a dam or lock system, as history shows Darius did to conquer Babylon. He diverted the Euphrates which flowed under the thick walls of the city and walked in. Or as Hezekiah did in 2 Chronicles 32:3. Or time could make the river dry up or divert, and its course would be lost forever as the terrain naturally changed, like the Gihon River which once flowed out of Eden (Genesis 2:13).

The Nile is a tremendous river with its own presence and personality in the bible. A most mysterious and beautiful river, today about 83% of all Egyptians live by the Nile. It is the world’s longest river, coming in at a whopping 4,100 miles, and it runs through 10 countries. 80% of the water for the Nile comes from Blue Nile which begins at Lake Tana in Ethiopia.

Map showing the courses of the White and Blue Nile

The Nile’s annual floods are well known and one of the most regular ‘natural disasters’ in all of the globe. John Feeney wrote and photographed “The Last Nile Flood". His writing is great and the photographs are phenomenal.
“Flowing out of a barren desert, from a source “beyond all known horizons,” the Nile had baffled the world for thousands of years. Regular as sun and moon, in the middle of burning summer, without a drop of rain in sight, when all other rivers on earth were drying up, for no apparent reason at all, the Nile rose out of its bed every year, and for three months embraced all of Egypt.”

“The ancient Egyptians knew when the flood would come, almost to the hour, but they never knew how much water it would bring to irrigate their fields. Egypt’s prosperity depended not only on the flood but also upon the accurate measurement of its height, for on that depended the allotment of water to its many users and the taxes they would have to pay in the coming year. “Nilometers” built into the river’s banks to measure the flood had, for 4000 years, decreed how much water would be available to irrigate each man’s field.”

“What was it that prevented the ancient Egyptians from finding the source of their great stream and perhaps learning how high it would flood in any given year? In its waters the Nile held many secrets. Fierce roaring cataracts, six series of them in a thousand kilometers (600 mi), guarded the river’s upstream reaches, and neither the pharaohs nor the power of Rome could conquer all the cataracts. And beyond the cataracts, deep within southern Sudan, lay “The Land of the Swamps,” a wilderness of trackless reeds that, even in the 19th century, marked the end of the known world. For hundreds of years, no one who followed the Nile into this swamp ever returned.”

“The Nile’s source was only revealed a little more than a hundred years ago. In the heart of Africa, European explorers discovered a vast chain of equatorial lakes. And rising to nearly 5000 meters (16,000′) above these immense lakes, on the equator between Uganda and the Congo but nonetheless capped with snow, were mountains known as the Ruwenzoris, often identified with Ptolemy’s “Mountains of the Moon.” Around their silent peaks they clasp the frozen vapors of distant oceans. Earth’s greatest single stream, the White Nile, begins upon them. But this was not the complete answer. Why did the river rise so mysteriously every summer to flood Egypt?”

“Away to the east, as impenetrable to outsiders as the swamps, wild as the cataracts, Ethiopia towers above the deserts of Egypt and Sudan. And it was Ethiopia that held the ultimate secret, for here there was another Nile, the Blue Nile, more distant and mightier than even the White.”

Wikipedia explains, “The Greek historian Herodotus wrote that “Egypt was the gift of the Nile". An unending source of sustenance, it provided a crucial role in the development of Egyptian civilization. Silt deposits from the Nile made the surrounding land fertile because the river overflowed its banks annually. The Ancient Egyptians cultivated and traded wheat, flax, papyrus and other crops around the Nile.” (Left, NASA Composite satellite image of the White Nile.)

And here we pick up the verses that say in future times, the Nile will dry up. For example, regarding a prophecy against Egypt, Isaiah 19:5-9 states,

“And the waters of the sea will be dried up, and the river will be dry and parched, and its canals will become foul, and the branches of Egypt’s Nile will diminish and dry up, reeds and rushes will rot away. There will be bare places by the Nile, on the brink of the Nile, and all that is sown by the Nile will be parched, will be driven away, and will be no more. The fishermen will mourn and lament, all who cast a hook in the Nile; and they will languish who spread nets on the water. There will be no flax for the harvesters, no thread for the weavers.”

I wrote so much about the Nile so that you can get an idea that when it dries up, you can comprehend what an ecological disaster for all of Egypt it will be.

One thing that may hurry this disaster along is the dam that Ethiopia is building. We read above that the headwaters were only discovered a century ago and they are in Ethiopia. Ethiopia (and other nations) are tired of Egypt dominating the River. The Ethiopians are building a huge dam so they, too, can control the waters.

Whenever man messes with a river things tend to go wrong. Like when they diverted the Colorado in the western United States and an engineering accident created the Salton Sea instead. Or when they tried to control the annual flooding of the Nile, one of the largest dams in the world was built in Egypt in 1971: Aswan High Dam. That was a big oops. Unfortunately, the rich silt that normally fertilized the dry Egyptian land settled in Lake Nasser after the building of the dam, forcing farmers to use one million tons of artificial fertilizer every year to substitute. (source). The very flooding was what made the land so rich.

So when man messes with the natural flow of things the way God set them up, there are often unintended consequences. The Egyptians have to substitute the loss of the rich silt with man-made fertilizer. What will happen when Ethiopia finishes their dam? There will be intended and unintended consequences. This BBC article says they hurried all the permits through without doing any feasibility studies.

“So urgent was the need to get the dam built quickly that the government short-circuited the usual internationally accepted procedures for these kinds of massive infrastructure projects. … The corporation also short-circuited the environmental and social impact assessment (EIA) process. Instead the study - which gave the project a clean bill of health - was published two years after construction began.”

Instead it is explained that studies and permits are a luxury. From the same article–

“It’s a luxury that Mihert Debeba, head of the Electricity Corporation, said Ethiopia simply can’t afford. He said: “Africa is in the dark. If we have to use very luxurious preconditions we wouldn’t develop any hydro-power. …”

Egypt is definitely not impressed. The following story was posted yesterday–

Egypt, Ethiopia Tiff Over Nile Dam Continues
“New research has suggested there is sufficient water in the Nile to support all 10 countries it flows through. This emerged on Monday as Ethiopia’s massive dam-building plans continued to cause disquiet in downstream Egypt. He made this statement as Ethiopia and Egypt are at each other’s throats over the former’s actions along the Nile River. Top Ethiopia government officials have reportedly said they are looking at jumpstarting the massive Renaissance Dam project along the Nile River in an effort to increase water resources and energy for the East African country. Political analysts have said this could threaten regional stability. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has also called on Addis Ababa to push the dam project to the backburner in order to focus on other economic initiatives. While Cairo has denied any intention of attacking the dam, as reported by whistleblower website Wikileaks, the country’s Water Resources and Irrigation Minister Mohamed Bahaa el-Din has reportedly said that Egypt was maintaining its concerns about the construction of the Renaissance Dam in Ethiopia.”

But Ethiopia is NOT putting the Addis Ababa dam on the back burner. Posted this week, we read that-

Ethiopia on track to complete first mega-dams by 2015: minister
Energy chief Alemayehu Tegenu said the plan’s centerpiece - the $4.1 billion-Grand Renaissance Dam along the Nile River in the western Benishangul-Gumuz region - was on course to be completed on time in 2015. Two other smaller dams should also come on line by that point, he said, generating a total of more than 8,000 megawatts of power at full capacity.”

So far they have achieved 13 percent of the total construction. When finished, it will be all of Africa’s largest dam.

I bring this up for several reasons. First, let’s look at a map of northern Africa-

There are several wars prophesied to take place in addition to the general warfare that will break out all over the world during the tribulation and its immediate run-up (Matthew 24:6; Revelation 6:4). Psalm 83:6-8 lists the participants who gather to try and “wipe Israel out as a nation,” and yes, that is the exact language in verse Psalm 83:4. So when you hear the Arabs/Muslims cry: “wipe Israel out as a nation” they are echoing the exact language that was prophesied over 2000 years ago!

Tents of Edom—Palestinians and Southern Jordanians
Moab—Palestinians and Central Jordanians
Gebal—Hezbollah and Northern Lebanese
Ammon—Palestinians and Northern Jordanians
Amalek—Arabs of the Sinai
Philistia—Hamas of the Gaza Strip
Tyre—Hezbollah and Southern Lebanese
Assyria—Syria and Northern Iraqis

And the Gog Magog war of Ezekiel 38-39 will include the nations of Turkey, Iran, Russia, Armenia, and nations at the northern tier of Africa such as Sudan, Ethiopia, and Libya.

When we read of water shortages and dams and nations of Africa at each other’s throats, those tensions will boil over to war between and among them, but eventually their hatred of Israel will prevail over their individual national tiffs and they will come together to attack.

Secondly, I recommend studying the Natural History of these places we read about. Learning the facts about the Nile, and its history, help deepen an understanding of the prophecy about its drying up. When the Lord uses an example of a lion’s prowl, it helps to learn how a lion prowls, how far its roar goes, and other facts about the animal. Same with the agricultural metaphors Jesus used. Most of us are not hand-farmers any more but learning what He means when He says threshing or winnowing will enhance the passage when you read it next.

Ask yourself questions when you read a passage. Why that animal? What are its properties? Where is this place they mention? How far from here to there? What is the terrain? Does it ever rain? What are rainfall amounts…etc. Like that

So I encourage you to learn where the places the bible mentions are, and the topography, climate, animals, etc. It’s fun and it’s interesting and best of all it will help you go deeper into the bible!

Last, I mention the Nile to give a flavor of the unseen-to-us but very present tensions over the issues the bible says will cause a boiling over. Water, lands, tribal, food, political issues and more are all coming up to the surface. For example, it would not take very much for Egypt to make good on their promise to destroy Ethiopia’s dam.

Egypt’s Nile River will dry up. It is one sign to keep looking for, even as you continue to look up!

For further reading:

This is a NatGeo article so of course it has lovely photos. Ethiopia Moves Forward with Massive Nile Dam project

This article from 2010titled “Nile-lessness” reports water shortages in Egypt due to increased population and increased water consumption

03/12/13 @ 13:45
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

The above is the personal blog where Al look for men to date &#59;)

03/12/13 @ 13:48
Comment from: Abebe [Visitor]

Dear A. G/mariam are you really Ethiopian? Are you really a University Professor? Do you know that the way you are writing is more damaging our country than Woyane? Please live ur stupid slavish life in US. To get power(lust of power) u are using whatever means, even damaging your own poor nation. To which side u stand? To the majority Ethiopian? No! Sure with Egypt! like the Saudi Prince,(vice defense minister). Sorry! Sorry! Shame on you!

03/12/13 @ 14:03
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

Let them hookup with that fanatic Gragn Ahmes who thinks that he smells better than anybody, because he plays with his rear hole all day long….LOL.

God bless the world!!

03/12/13 @ 14:06
Comment from: Tefera [Visitor]

even a die hard egyptian would not say some of the things this guy is saying about ethiopia. how could it be lost to the pr that ethiopia has been the victim of egypt because of abay. i knew that when i was 8. this guy is against ethiopia using abay, period! he thinks egypt will suffer therefore its wrong for ethiopia to do it, and if egypt retaliate by blowing ethiopias dam, it is ethiopias fault. this is unbelievable. to begin with ethiopia is begging egypt to sit and discuss ways so both nations benefit without one suffering. its egypt who said go to hell relying on its power and the likes of this know it all professor, as it ones did with tplf, eplf, eprp, you name it. this guy is nothing but a 21st century banda who put his feelings and interest before his nation, pretending as human right activist

03/12/13 @ 14:08
Comment from: ethiovistor [Visitor]


what does it means small cancer?

The megalomaniac human cow take the elite side rubbisly. cold and rootless only sees lifless balance sheet=> viewing those oppose him solely as either pawns or obstruction of his bogus justice. hey! bbiittcchh! Do u know that “THE WAGE of SIN iS DEATH"? therfore the person like u who suffered with chronical autism should be awarded COLORECTAL caricnoma for bending down his knees,and choosing the dead and decayed adwa midget as a satanic leader and controlled by his power. The DNA mmutated sorcerer, murderer,whoremonger idiot like u is a waste of humanity since deception, licentiousness and cruelty have become fixed in your’s character. I am sorry for u sir, truth will never be agreeable to the lier crooks. Meekness will not satisfy self-esteem pride; No other way TPLF-FORNICATOR will ecape the the guilt and punisment of transgression.

03/12/13 @ 14:27
Comment from: What what [Visitor]
What what

Thank God our country is not being run by self hating idiots like him. This is not political analysis. Professor my ass. Cutting and pasting and being a total Arab slave does not make one a scholar. These people at angry because they are not needed or wanted in ethiopia. Even by those that are not pro TPLF. These are haters and losers and do not want our country to develop in any way. They complain about everything that is being done in ethiopia criticize it to noxium just so they can put down these government even to the point is betraying the most sacred thing- our country, our ethiopianness.

03/12/13 @ 14:27
Comment from: TigreeTplf [Visitor]

Chucks, mags, rags, rungs of Tigree government and its cadres are sobbing, moronic, screaming, sprawls and scrawls saying such as

-Prof. Alm is cancer
-Prof. Alm is Eritrea
-Prof. Alm is not professor
-Prof. Alm is dating…
-Prof. Alm is cruel
-Prof. Alm is not free thinker
-Prof. Alm is nutty
-Prof. Alm is ignorant
-Prof. Alm is donkey
-Prof. Alm is useless
-Prof. Alm is idiot
-Prof. Alm is stupid
Tigree=TPLF=Cadres and spy of Tigree failed to prove their own asserts. This group ascribes themselves than the personality of the Author.

First, go and free other millions of innocent prisoners as you did for your Tigree tribes only.

03/12/13 @ 14:43
Comment from: ethiovistor [Visitor]

A/MARIAM are u really ETHIOPIAN?

U right! most of us here we do speak TIMBAKTU and BOHEMIAN and that’s where he is from. By the way how often u water down and harvest the HYDRO-GROWN JUNGA? lol


Our country run by WEYANE-KILLERS and TEGRE thugs. Where were u when the WONBEDES killed 210 people on the street of ADDIS?

Did the PROFESSOR killed or tourched anyone? NOPE! then why don’t u take it as a personal opinion thrown by one individual ethiopian @ free land of AMERICA? or e-mail and chat over uncleared matters.

03/12/13 @ 14:50
Comment from: [Member]

@ addis zemen,
Why do you have always call the diaspora Ethiopians crazy, toxic,fools, idiots,…etc when they are not? You seem obsessed with it. The only people I know who don’t like the diaspora are the EPRDF cadre’s and Tigre’s. Thank God! Without the diaspora, the only TV we will be watching is ETV. You should be thankful to the diaspora Ethiopians who are working for twenty thirty years in foreign lands in hope of bringing wealth and change our country when banda Tigre’s and EPRDF cadre’s on the other hand send their money overseas. It is true my sister! As a businessman and blogger, I travel frequently between Addis and US. The diaspora’s are building factories, hospitals and bringing in technologies. Contrary to this, the EPRDF cadres are leasing country’s fertile land to enemy Arabs and Indians. They claim they created jobs…what a joke! A former land owner is now a security on the farm and his wife is a weeder(Arem taremaech). Let’s accept this, but are these foreign investors selling the crops in Merkato or Adama? I doubt so. Are these Indians and Arabs building their residence and saving their money in Ethiopia? We all know that they are not. What an investment.
@ The Rest of Woyanes,
Stop barking like dogs please! At least read articles like this instead of calling the respected professor names. We all know that Woyanes hate Amhara’s. By the way, I am pure Oromo and proud of it. So, stop labeling all opposition dergue member. I am 24 years old, and I don’t know what the f…durgue is ok. ” Mognena wereket yeyazewun aylekim newu yetebalew!” …This cadres are the same…they call everybody dergue even if the person is 10 years old.
Go Ethiopia!
Death for banda OPDO’s
Death for TPLF!
Death to all woyane condoms!
Send all woyanes suffering from inferiority complex back to Asmara and re-unite them with their causins!!
Go Ethiopia!
Injole Ambo!

03/12/13 @ 14:58
Comment from: [Member]

Donate $100
Deport all woyanes back to Eritrea and re-unite them with their causins.
No more banda’s!
They will be free of inferiority complex once they join their causin’s in Asmara!!!

03/12/13 @ 15:11
Comment from: Lobby [Visitor]


Now I got it! You are not only poisoned, but you have already become a poison like CANCER A.G/Mariam! What you said of “megalomaniac” is what you had been when you were poisoned before you yourself turned out to be a POISON! It is an “end-stage” CANCER like A.G/Mariam!

Woyane and Shabia were trading with and being supported by these same current Ethiopia’s enemies! You Berhanu Nega and this CANCER A.G/Mariam(who honestly, least likely to be Ethiopian), are JUST THE SAME: SCUMS of the earth, you go down as inchworms! SHAME ON YOU!

If not you could have known differentiated between the “thug” woyanes and Ethiopia! Indeed, you could have know the difference between a family and foe! You may have whatsoever problem at home, but NEVER bet against FAMILY, never plot against FAMILY! You have so many legitimate griefs, but NEVER bet against your COUNTRY, that is the WORST crime you commit on YOURSELF!
NEVER trade with enemy against your COUNTRY LIKE CANCER A.G/Mariam!

03/12/13 @ 15:15
Comment from: Belay [Visitor]

WOW,this article has blown up on the professors long face. “kezim aybis” obviously he was expecting more opposition to the dam, but except for few wahabists and bigots over 90% of the participants have shown their support for the dam and some even questioned his motive. but does he care?

03/12/13 @ 15:26
Comment from: Lobby [Visitor]

I hope there will be no war between Ethiopia and Egypt! But in case it brake out, I know CANCER A.G/Mariam will set out to Cairo and join the enemy, I will get him in the battle and cut his body slowly, part by part, till finally behead him separating his poisonous head from the rest of his scum! A common TRAITOR!

03/12/13 @ 15:29
Comment from: Asnake [Visitor]

You crack-headed Professor:
shut up….I will split your empty skull. I will rape your spinal I swear to God. Leave Ethiopia alone. Get life!

03/12/13 @ 15:30
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

Kul, thanks man! I know u were one of the first in our side to start questioning the professor’s intentional and unintentional errors. Now this, a White Elephant, indeed, every patriotic Ethiopian wants to smack. It is the last straw for me, and I no longer can stand this man.

Taxi D, thanks for bringing forward the most succinct and fitting quotation to perfectly describe the professor’s place in the Ethiopian history so far.

When Meles Zenawi picked Abay to recover from the humiliation of “winning 99.6%” of an “election", I applauded him for his political smarts and admired his bravery to face bullies in the desert who have been tormenting our country and people for centuries. When everyone was waiting to see him falling, he made the boldest and riskiest political moves of all in the Ethiopian state, and boom his popularity skyrocketed. And later, when everyone was waiting him to rise higher, he stumbled to a mysterious ailment and died.

However, to this date, the talking heads in the opposition like the professor never really figured out ways to discredit Meles’s new found legitimacy as an Ethiopian, not just woyane, leader. Instead of designing their own bold counter moves to win back the public’s trust and support, the opposition group collectively kept stumbling again and again to the point of reducing itself to insignificance and irrelevance. As a result, Meles’s political capital keeps growing even after his death. There is no doubt in my mind, it will keep growing as long as we keep falling so easily and badly like this.

In the past i said Meles’s unfinished project is an opportunity for our generation to repeat the victory of Adwa. If completed, the project will shift the balance of power in favor of Ethiopia. This is as much about effectively chopping off Egypt’s lengthy and dirty hands that have been messing with the peace in Ethiopia as putting Abay to use finally. When Minilik declared war on invading Italians and asked every citizen to start fighting, no one complained he was a dictatorial ruler from Shewa and stayed behind. They answered the call and made history. Why should it be different for us Ethiopians today? This is a national issue, it is about our dignity, our sovereignty, our independence and securing and ensuring our right to utilize our natural resource without the whims of Egypt.

03/12/13 @ 15:33
Comment from: Bex [Visitor]  

I can’t believe you took the time to write this piece of shit. How can an Ethiopian in his right mind undermine such an effort. The way you portrayed the government by labeling it as the regime bla bla was so infuriating to say the least. If you can’t stand behind such a huge project for the good of the country you are ‘Aheya’. How can you sell your country out just like that. You are an embarrassment. I thought I was reading an Egyptian article.

Even if you have a concern, how can you write your article with this kind of tone as if you are not Ethiopian. You are one SOB. Maferia werada.

03/12/13 @ 15:39
Comment from: shabia killer [Visitor]
shabia killer

Death to eritrea. These dirty italian slaves keep following us on Ethiopian websites. Their mind still colonized by Ethiopia like BADME. :-)

03/12/13 @ 15:49
Comment from: This could have been written by an Egyptian [Visitor]
This could have been written by an Egyptian

Is this guy working for the Egyptians? I know he works for shabia, but didn’t know he is also an Egyptian mole.

03/12/13 @ 15:50
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

The way that these Thugs with their bandas are barking as packs of mad dogs and hyenas ,proves that Prof Al has hit all of them at the right place and at the right time .Adgi ,time to talk of the Senile ,Heineken Bottles Addicted DC Bozene as you are ,Recycled Amice banda as Agazi Bandits New Whorshiper .Worst of all , saudis Akattari Butchella Banda .Extraidiot ,Assab already given to Shabya ,nobody is more anti Ethiopian ,than your dead master and your Agazi bros ,blinded with Shabyian Inspired ideology of hates .Your leba master with his Agazis has launched this fake project ,first to fool the peoples ,Secondly loot its moneys and wealth .So what is denouncing Prof Al ,warning all of us on the problems that the peoples can encounter
if they invest their savings on a risky busines ,for a virtual and Imaginary Fake Dam .The Dead CM was ploting to creat regional and political crisis which could permit him to perpetuate his dying regime and the Agazi Bandits illegal Busines .

03/12/13 @ 16:04
Comment from: [Member]

Ethiopia’s defence is weak. Egypt could control the Nile Dam by sending her troops to the site ( like Israel in Middle East does). Egypt’s military far better equipped than Ethiopia. In a first strike, Egypt could make the Ethiopian air Force out of use. Other targets could be Addis Abeba’s power. The Arabs would support Egypt. This is the worst cse scenario. The Ethiopian Army may be strong against Eritrea, somalia, Djoubiti. But not against Egypt.

If Meles Zenawi wanted to benefit Ethiopia, he would have convinced eritreans to give Asseb to Ethiopia and the reunification with Ethiopia would have made eritreans easier. By landlocking Ethiopia, Meles Zenawi made Ethiopia bleed internally. Ethiopia has been paying more almost a billion dollar a year for port services, which is a lot of money. EThiopia needed less than 100 million dollars to support it’s starving population. This injustice is done to Ethiopia by eritrean in TPLF, Meles Zenawi being the main actor ( the others are Bereket Simon, Berhane Gebrekirstos, Netsanet Asfaw, Hilawi Mesfin, Yemane Kidane etc).
Ethiopia is much weaker now than during the time of Mengistu. It’s army is divided on ethnic lines and has no popular support at all. You could see the hate of the citizens when you discuss about the defence force (Mekalakeya).

We should accept the possiblity of war and Ethiopia will loose the war against Egypt. Egypt might plan to occupy the Southeren Ethiopia region until Egypt gets garantee from an international body for the control of Nile Waters.

Meles Zenawi and the other eritreans who are controlling TPLF-EPRDF are not interested in the economic prosperity of Ethiopia. The Nile Dam is an act of provocation against Egypt and Sudan. If TPLF-EPRDF wants to build dams in Ethiopia, it should respect the citzens of Ethiopia. But this is not in the nature of TPLF_EPRDF because it is an eritrean group that has infiltrated Ethiopia to bleed Ethiopia from inside.

03/12/13 @ 16:18
Comment from: Lobby [Visitor]

“Fitawrari” Free:

You scum of the earth! Bastard Woyanes are better than you cancer neftegnas! What is the difference? Woyanes and Shabias being supported by Egypt, Saudis, Sudans and other Ethiopia’s enemies of the time in their fight yet with another butcher Derg regime! In due time, Ethiopia bled, millions died, we became symbols for the worst of everything throughout the world! The butcher Derg regime raign as a result of the “fitawrari” feudal regime which sucked Ethiopians blood and held them in yokes of ignorance and abject poverty! I know what you feel, you just want to re-install that feudal regime in a neo-colonialist form, you are indeed yearning for those “old good days” where your “fitawrari” granny was worshiped and you could become begotten son of Ethiopia while others are living in misery and considered sub-humans! That is why you and CANCERS Berhanu Nega and this CANCER A.G/Mariam trade with same enemies of Ethiopia today!

It’s nothing but your obsession of power and cult of “neftegna” blood! NEVER trade with enemy! NEVER bet against your family! Never bet against your COUNTRY! If you are not indeed a CANCER, you will understand what I meant!

03/12/13 @ 16:23
Comment from: Mohammed [Visitor]



03/12/13 @ 16:26
Comment from: werner2010 [Visitor]

Hilm Teferto sayitegna ayitaderim!!
Al has never ceased to amaze me with his hate-infested rants. This last rant will definitely earn him a well-paid interview with al-jazeera. Now I will try to go through his article point by silly point.
At first, in his extreme Dhimmitude he is very careful not to forget the silly titles of the stupid Arab princes and ministers. On the other hand, all Ethiopian civil servants seem to be simply the regime in power.
Then he asserts that Meles was a reckless warmoger. Unlike the author, Meles was a real man of action who has fought a war or two in his life time. He knew what he could expect from Egypt, and he took the risk by building Tana-Beles on Abay. Again he took the risk 4 years ago, and started GRD on Nile. He had the balls to do that, and Al wakes up now to respond to Meles’s 4 year old statements.
Al warns that the Arabs are threatening the dam, based on dubious information in Wikileaks. Wikileaks has been repeatedly misused for tactical disinformation and propaganda. Some of it’s entries are valuable, but many are just urban legends. The learned professor must actually know the reference value of Wikileaks entries in intellectual circles.
Having said that, it is not a secret that Egypt and Arabs have always been supporting anti-Ethiopian forces, and they have been blocking loan and aid on Nile projects. Here comes Meles who proved for Ethiopian people that they could build their country by themselves, despite all this crazy hostility from Arabs. He showed us by delivering Tana-Beles (On Nile), and he started GRD, on Nile. On your face, Al!
The financing of the dam remains a great challenge. But I as an Ethiopian patriot won’t stand on the side and hope to see it fail. I support it with all I have, therfore I have bought bonds, and will buy more in the future. Many governments including the US have issued bonds to finance wars. Ethiopia has issued bonds to finance development, what is wrong with that? I am born and raised in Addis, and I have always enjoyed the benefits of electricity. Today I live a very comfortable life in Europe. I wish for my country people much better living standards than I have had. That is why I will keep supporting development projects back home, leading the way, the GRD!!
As to Sudan, it is an African-Arab nation that is more friendly to our nation than many are ready to admit. Sudan has contributed both money and equipments to the GRD, and both our nations have signed binding agreements to trade electricity.
One last thing thing: I don’t know where the author gets the concept “If Egypt … attacks the “Grand Renaissance Dam", Ethiopia could retaliate by attacking the Aswan dam.” Al may enlighten me on this.

03/12/13 @ 16:32
Comment from: Alemayehu Hailu [Visitor]
Alemayehu Hailu

The best thing to do at this time is to save the copy of what useless professor is writing and revisit all things he said after the Dam is completed. I really wish to see his writings after that reality.

03/12/13 @ 16:36
Comment from: Lobby [Visitor]


You scum of the earth! Bastard Woyanes are better than you cancer neftegnas!

Why don’t you just join Egypt’s army? I hope there will be no war! But in case if it brake out, I will capture Egyptian soldier and I will put you in front of him, and cut you piece by piece till I get to your rotten poisonous brain! Then I will send the capture bare footed back to his country for the sake of his poor mother, and I will tell him this was how we Ethiopians treat an enemy and a common TRAITOR, who sells his mother!

It’s nothing but your obsession of power and cult of “neftegna” blood! NEVER trade with TRAITOR like you, who enemy! NEVER bet against your family If you are not a CANCER like A.G/Mariam I hope you understand what I meant!

03/12/13 @ 16:36
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]


Who do you think Al to warn the Ethiopian people form using their natural right to use the ABAY REVER and other natural resource?! Is he an Egiltian or Sudanese agent? You like it or not he is just posting his weekly trashy and nonsense articles to confuse those who don’t use their own mind to tell the defenses between wrong and wright… So, if Al is the only hope you have got to team up with to talk trash against the Ethiopia’s vast developments…? All I have to say is you will have more disappointment days ahead of you, because the Ethiopian people are showing a strong commitments and determined to use their right wether their enemies happy or not …

God bless the world!!

03/12/13 @ 16:47
Comment from: My2cents [Visitor]

Why are the Woeyanes embarking on this mammoth of project that is extremely risky to thier existence? Mr. Gebre-Mariam has touched base with all of the angles. And from those angles one can conclude that the motivation of Woeyanes is to make M-O-N-E-Y. They are most likely to abandon the project and pocket the money if the heat is turned up. All of the characterstics of MZ’s are explored. Of course, without their late leader , Woeyanes are nothing but savages with guns. Money, more than anything motivates plundering organization.

03/12/13 @ 16:49
Comment from: Sami [Visitor]

” Ethiopia has been paying more almost a billion dollar a year for port services, which is a lot of money. “
Yes,Ethiopia is paying around 1 billion for port. Menge was paying nothing for port.However,Ethiopia is the top six fastest-growing economies in the world now despite port payment.The other thing is military might is not sole factor for war success.Moreover,Ethiopian have a culture of unity when it comes it external enemy because they love their country more than anything.Many people in this forum were against woyane so far but today all of them united due to trash article that support Egyptian hegemony on Nile water.

03/12/13 @ 16:50
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

My2cents …

For your information, most of the projects that going on in the country are nationally owned that belongs to all the Ethiopian people, of course except you and likes who are barking nonstop to sabotage its progress…so, you keep bluffing your gossip theories and leave this to the Ethiopian people? For your information, ABAY dam is not the first or it is not going he last that the Ethiopian have had built…. Open your evil eyes and try to see what can be done and what have had done by the Ethiopian people in the past few years..

God bless the world!!

03/12/13 @ 17:09
Comment from: Belete [Visitor]

mr 2cents, we see you laboring hard to justify the professor’s position regarding the dam, but for your information he also wrote an article trashing the gibe dam projects and many others including the new AU building, which didnt cost ethiopia a peny. the thing is, the fact that we are seeing ethiopia, a nation that was bogged down with famine and war, finally standing up to egypt and actually commencing a project on abay river is a miracle every ethiopian should appreciate. we hope for the best and the dam maybe scaled down but it will and should be completed. the problem with you small minds and tribalist is you simply dont like the man who started it. but that is some thing no one can help you with. we cant dig meles from his grave, change his tribe to amara so you will be satisified. you simple need to deal with it!

magdala, would you rather pay billion dollar for port or for war?

fitawrari free dont be so sure there were some ethiopians who stood with italy, “to getrid off a barbaric king who was selling his own people as slave against christian principle"…every traitor/dog has his execuses..

03/12/13 @ 17:25
Comment from: My2cents [Visitor]

-You guys are robbing the poor people for one.

- Wasting poor nations resources on bogus projects that may never, never be put to use or for you guys ever live long enough to see its fruition. Try to tell some of your ambitious projects to U.S congress and you will be laughed out of the door. No study, no advise, nothing on a work the size of the dam just like the jungle time.

- Remember evil does not have longevity, therefore, anybody can tell where you heading.

03/12/13 @ 17:40
Comment from: Ras thomas and Associates of Ethiopian Patriots [Visitor]
Ras thomas and Associates of Ethiopian Patriots

Look at Mr. Alamanyehu.
He exposed who he is real. We happy today, every Ethiopian citizen can read who he is !!!!
Now, he is against building dams,which means Ethiopian trying to use its water. Why? Because, if he is not ruling country, he will be anyway against anything good for this country. that is who he is.But, it is clear in his comment that current Ethiopian dared to do all things that all other Ethiopian rulers; such as Mingistu,Hail Salasia and Mililikh never did.
which touching Nile water. He used to be against Males Zanawi, but now he is not. Because he is not there now. But, still he ( Alamanyehu) is devil.

03/12/13 @ 17:46
Comment from: Yimam [Visitor]


Do you know what you are saying? You are praising the US congress and down right dismissing the skills of Ethiopian Engineers.

Boy, don’t you have an iota of pride left?

Oh, sorry! Perhaps I might be talking to an Eritrean imposter, after all!!

03/12/13 @ 17:49
Comment from: Demelash [Visitor]

Dear Dr. Alemayehu,
I feel very sad to hear such rubbish words from an intellectual person like you who could one day be a leader of a country. I do not consider his nonsense words from that of the Arab man. What is the meaning of bearing the name Ethiopian, if you destroying what Ethiopians are doing. If you cannot help why do you not shut up. Why do you become ‘the so called white elephant’. We Ethiopian prefer eating ’shiro’ of freedom than ‘choma’ of slavery. Do not blame those who while working made a mistake, ask yourself what did I contribute to Ethiopia. You have no moral to vomit your bitter defamatory speeches. Ask your relatives if you have any, how Ethiopia is improving from time to time. Pls come back to your heart, your conscience.

03/12/13 @ 18:29
Comment from: Tolla [Visitor]

For those of you who believe that Egyptian army is well equipped and superior to Ethiopian army, that does not grant winning and occupying. Ethiopian history is full of self-defense with traditional and inferior weapons so long the combatants are willing to sacrifice for a cause and for their children’s future. Egyptians had tried it before and failed. No one will let someone to come and take his/her land, home and the safety of his family. On the contrary, if we try to go and occupy someone’s territory, we also fail like the Egyptians for lack of superior cause than the victim.

03/12/13 @ 18:43
Comment from: [Member]

To all Woyane askaris!

You making worthless and valueles noises. The fact is Egypt is much more developed than Ethiopia. In 21st Century what matters is technology and not determination. Ethiopia besieged Otomoan Turks and later Italy because of being in possession of firearms. Ethiopia has little in th mnufacturing industry. No aeronautic industry ! No military equipments manufacturing industry. Egypt has much more industrilized and has better weapons. This being the case, if war breaks out between Egypt and Ethiopia, Egypt will have the upperhand. This we should accept, but try to prepare to win a war against Egypt. The Ethiopian Army is poorly equipped compared to Egypt’s or Italy’s or Europe’s or USA or Russian’s. The present attitude in Ethiopia is that blind heroism could lead to victory. This is not true. Weapons and military machinery are important as is the political will to go to war.

I am a true patriot, but hate TPLF and want it’s destruction sooner than later. TPLF is an an eritrean organization and is bleeding Ethiopia from inside. Any means to destroy TPLF is just.

I really do not understand what happened to Ethiopians at home. All ethiopians are being manipulated by eritreans under the disguise of TPLF-EPRDF. Why should Ethiopia be landlocked? Why are you unable to demonstrate for the return of Asseb? Why are ethiopians so silent? What happened? Asseb should be given back to Ethiopia. Besides the Merab Melash is the boundary between Eritrea and Ethiopia. This should be respected.

The eritreans in TPLF are playing with the Tigres or Tigreans to do the dirty jobs of weakening Ethiopia. Why are these Tigreans from Ethiopia unable to see the role they are playing? Why would Meles Zenawi build the Nile Dam when he is purposely landlocking Ethiopia? Ethiopians should overthrow TPLF and control the government? What happens if the people of Addis Abeba walk to the palace to overthrow the government? What happens if 10 million people walk to Mesqel Square demanding the removal of the government? The spineless TPLF army might shoot on some people but the rest of the people could control the government.

TPLF has to be removed sooner than later. Ethiopia should get it’s ports back and also confiscate all farm lands in foreign hands. We have to act and act should we now. We should be ready to die for our country than live under humuliation. TPLF is a cheat! They have to go to the dust bin for good !!!!

03/12/13 @ 19:46
Comment from: Leba weyanne [Visitor]
Leba weyanne

Some of you, have not read the article itself. Al Mariam is not against building of a dam of any kind, but what he is saying is, the dam has too much disadvantage than advantage. First off, the dam is extremely costly for poor country like Ethiopia, there are more priorities to do with that much money. secondly, without basic human right, without equal right to all citizens, without accountability, no amount of dams will solve our problems. The dam is being built close to Sudan border which means when the dam is completed only serves for export purpose.

We have to build our institutions first before taking on huge project. our economy is run by mafia EFFORT, there is no national defense force but there is TPLF led army, our Land being given away to foreigners for peanut, our brothers and sisters dying crossing red sea, our people humiliated in Yemen, kenya, Malawi, Sudan, Somaliland, etc. we are the bottom of bottom in the world. Stop guraa akaki zeraf sitting your butts on welfare.

03/12/13 @ 19:57
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

Magdela & likes..

Don’t get wet your pants men? Take it easy! The heroic Ethiopian defence force, and the Ethiopian people don’t need from such kind of all gutless coward a***z suport…LOL.

God bless the world!!

03/12/13 @ 20:14
Comment from: jazzman [Visitor]

For those of you who think this article is great…..wake up and smell the coffee…you think what you wrote was never considered at all…??? i think you always think you have the ‘best solution’ just by clicking the mouse and typing away…If you had some relevant and applicable expert knowledge, you would have been called by now…I guess nobody called …uhh..?you’re far from reality…the more I see Al’s and co’s viewpoints, the more I like what I see in Ethiopia…God loves that place and the people…you just can’t take it..

03/12/13 @ 20:22
Comment from: Ethiopian [Visitor]

I used to agree with most of his comments til now. Almariam, you are not doing good here. what are you saying here? do we have to stay dirt poor? We can generate electric city and let the water flow. Why this becomes something scary? The water always runs and we can’t drink it all. I am sure Egyptian brothers will understand this simple fact. It is a win win situation and we are not going hungry while we can also have a natural right to use the water appropriately. If the war broke out, we are not scared as a mater of fact. Egyptians has been so rude in the past decades by even denying us from participating in their huge water project to irrigate their desert and sell water all the way to Saudi Arabia. If they initiate the war, it is not going to be good for them. We all die! it is rather good to agree and use this water appropriately. Look, this is 21st century and we, Ethiopians, are tired of langushing with hunger. If Egypt really likes the water, they got to give some of their benefits to Ethiopia or just agree to share the water. So, whatever you said in this writing is very disrespectful to Ethiopians and to our dear leader Meles Zenawi. Even if I disagree with some of his policy, I still like Meles and we have lots of Meles to help continue his dreams. Never doubt that we are also smart enough to do more than what Meles did. Writing from your comfortable chair is not really the same us sharing the life and dream of Ethiopians in a reality. Please, make a sense before you jot down some crappy letters. After all, WE ETHIOPIANS NEVER SCARE NOBODY. WE DIE BRAVELY FOR OUR COUNTRY AND HAVE CAPABILITY TO VANQUISH OUR ENEMIES. when is Egypt knows how to fight. Last time i checked, Arabs are the most KIZENAM people in the world who just talk and talk. However, we still give peace a priority and respect our Egyptian brother and sisters. I am sure they also don’t think the way you think.

03/12/13 @ 20:48
Comment from: [Member]

Dear Magdala

You can say any criticism politically about the Addis Ababa Gov’t,but you can not give assessment of Ethiopian security forces in comparison with Egypt’s army.Never compare balance of power in this age of connected wold purely on hardware.

According to your delusional concept Egypt will bomb our Dam and get its Nile water supply peacefully and the defense minister maj. General Asisi would be a hero enjoying the dry air filled in ”Zargouta”(the Arab women’s traditional shrill cry for joy). It never happened even during the Peloponnesian war of ancient times without any action or reaction.
Sir we are not living in bipolar word we are living in multi polar world where national security dilemma of every nation is defined in regional and global dimensions, mind you if small provincial town Goma of Congo and destitute town of Kissimayo of Somalia attracted regional as well as global attention and interest ,what do you think Egypt’s offensive action on Ethiopian dam over Nile river which is the most immortalized ennobled and consecrated river will be?.
Sir!! Deterrence or pre-emption military operations are the relics of the past because every countries national security is embedded in complicated matrices of institutionalized multilateral consultative mechanisms.
Of course Israel forced the Arabs in sharing of the river Jordan,Yarmuk,Hashani,Binyas and Litani rivers by defeating Arabs in the six day war in 1967.Then Egypt under Sadat copied the same Israelis national security issue on rivers applied it to themselves on Nile river as it fits them.Sadat ordered Astitute university to study Israelis national security achievements on rivers if applicable to Egypts national security over Nile river under his foriegn minister who was the distant cousin of Field marshal Amer who him self committed Suicide after the"Moked"67 egyptian defeat.That was how Sadat keep on saying Egypt will go to War on Nile.Thanks.

Moked-Operation name of the Six day war in Hebrew.not to cofuse with Amharic word “Moged”

03/12/13 @ 21:34
Comment from: to Magdala [Visitor]
to Magdala

You want to drag the people of Ethiopia into burning fire from all sides, huh?
Now lets say we start war with Eritrea, Somali with one side together with our moslem brothers, Saudi, Egypt and Sudan from the other side would cook and bake each and every Ethiopian to ashes.
Do not ever come up that the US will save our behind from all trouble, because all our surrounding (including Eritrea) are all USA allies. Do not get lured by the coverage of US blind hate and propaganda of shabia, because they sold their island to the US and israel and manufacturing drones as well. Ethiopia is left isolated and landlocked. Noone would stand beside us because we caused a lot of pain to our surrounding. We thought we been smart enough to make the Ogaden, Somali bleed but we will be haunted by the ghosts and skellets surrounding us and from inside we are divided into pieces by the means of region and religion not to mention the imported powers of China, India and Saudia among us. We have all sorts of enemies inside the womb of mother Ethiopia and they know inch by inch about our insider matters because they live among us. They are immune to any misbehave against them guarded by the master EPRDF-TPLF and their ready to serve half-naked sweeties 24/7.
Where is Ethiopia? Do we have any Ethiopia left that deserve our sacrifice anymore? Nope!

03/12/13 @ 21:59
Comment from: Addis [Visitor]

In the event of egyptians miltary attack on ethiopia , The GOE can build so many cheap dams along the tributries of the nile which defintely have a big impact on EGypt .They can’t obviously bomb all those small dams bult everywhere . simple thousands of diversion will have a big impact on the nile flow . the only thing they can do is to fight with a ground force which will definetely put a death blow to the egyptan army . Egypt never set their foot to attack ethiopia as this wil have a dire long term consequence .To the dismay of al maria and co ethiopa will never go to war with the neighbours or Egypt .God has spoken the time is for ethiopia to prosper .
God bless ethiopia and her people

03/12/13 @ 22:18
Comment from: Ras Alula Aba Nega founder of Asmera [Visitor]
Ras Alula Aba Nega founder of Asmera

I know your desperation and talking about Egypt Eritrea Sudan Somalia bla bla bla…, Did you know that we have a Marmalade factory and we are packing and exporting a variety of soft drinks and juices to the world economy? Did you know there is Adigrat University in Adigrat town? Did you know there is Addis Pharmaceuticals Factory in Adigrat? Did you know there is a mega leather factory in the area? Did you know that there is a huge Dimma honey processing factory which you even can’t find in your [singa]poor Eritrea? Did you know Eastern Zone is becoming one of the industrial zones in MAMA TIGRAY? I know you are not telling me about inferiority of the people of Agame rather you are telling me how deeply sick and envious you are for the tremendous achievements in Ethiopia and especially the courageous people of Tigray! Let me tell you this fact ” Weyane Tigray have identified that Eritrea is nothing without Ethiopia and the port of Assab is just a desert which will be used as a water source for the Afar camels to drink, But you didn’t come to your senses and continued boasting ur fake pride as WENANI BAHRI which finally turned out to be a burden to your poor government! We knew it from the outset that 100% of your market is Ethiopia and if Tigray is industrialized with a new machineries as what is happening now then you will end-up in misery, Weyane advised you not to bluff but since you were screwed by the Italian pseudo identity confusion you continued to bleed the proud people of Tigray and you ended up locked in the desert facing the Meditranian! Here is my conclusion be it Agame or Adwa be it Mekelle or Raya, Be it Shire or Tsegedie, Tigray is the key and the lifeline to poor eritra (singapoorians). There is no better proof than what is happening in your country, Look at your brothers and sisters who are desperately crossing the heavily mined border (kinda like North Korea LOL) and crossing in hundreds daily to Ethiopia and Sudan, Now there are over 70,000 Eritrean refugees in Tigray, This proud people knows you are nothing on your own and we also know you are not viable with out Tigray, You even can’t harvest the river Tekeze to Gash barka if Tigray didn’t allow you to! But we have Hydropower that generates over 400 megawatts which is almost 4 times to your Eritrean diesel generator. Did you analyze that? It is simple shallow trash thinking that is killing you day and night! Believe me Eritrea is nothing with out the good will of TIGRAY! Long live Ethiopia.

03/12/13 @ 22:23
Comment from: Eritrean men are whimps [Visitor]
Eritrean men are whimps

“Fitshi Kem Alula; Tsidiki kem Lalibela”

Ask ur dad about it. hahahahaha :D

03/12/13 @ 22:30
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]


Fist of all, no one is talking to start war with any of those you mentioned, but if anyone of you started a war with Ethiopia, you should know that you will be cooked to ash… LOL. However, you sound more of those headless Shaibian cadre than those an Ethiopian diaspora oppositions groups, and i feel your pain …LOL.

God bless the world!

03/12/13 @ 22:37
Comment from: Akalu [Visitor]

Al Mariam aka Magdala,
Leave Ethiopia alone, you Arab pimp!

03/12/13 @ 22:38
Comment from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]

What matters gets forgotten in this volley of senseless attacks. Just like your bosses @ Arat Killo, yo’ll attack the person thereby diverting the attention from the real point. Rest assured, no amount of name calling is going to change the reality Ethiopia is facing. No matter what, there is going to be a situation affecting Ethiopia.. badly. If you all want to close your eyes to reality, hey go on do what yo’ll doing. But beware you can not find a solution to a problem if you attack those who have a point of view different to yours. And just this once the differing view may be the one that is based in reality. In this case, dudes.. we are fakd. Ethiopia’s FX reserve is down to a few months, there is not enough money to see the project through, no loans, unrest with the Muslim population, political turmoil etc… are you all sure it is better to attack the man than discuss the important points?

Again, I suggest yo’ll focus on the reality and not the prof or whose side he is on. That does not matter. What matters is Ethiopia is surrounded by enemies more so today thanks to Meles, your great dead leader. So.. the Q here is, what is going to be the outcome of this in the coming few years? I mean, the shit will hit the fan.. sooner or later. Are you woyanes sure you would rather be on the offensive than talk about it?

Considered/called by who? your dictators @ Arat Kilo? You’re kidding.. right?

It is a great article, well argued and written.. and yes I have not only smelled the coffee but drank the darn thing. For your info, since you seem to have no clue.. no one party system govt is the ’solution’ and we are just clicking away because we can. Thank God for the freedom we have here which, your “considerers", Mr jazzman, take away without notice in Ethiopia. Too much jazz means nothing here.

jazzman [Visitor]
For those of you who think this article is great…..wake up and smell the coffee…you think what you wrote was never considered at all…???

Mr Fitawrari,

I do suggest you get your facts straigt. If you, like IsayASS and Meles want to write history to fit your whatever, then you are nothing but an extension of the anti Ethiopian Meles. Minilik was a great king who fought for his conutry @ Adwa. He was a great king who made the Ethiopia you woyanes divided and gave part of it away. Anyhow.. If you are not aware what a dictator is.. read about Meles Zenawi the banda yebanda zer.

You can shit all you want, but do it at your shintbet. Other Ethiopians who surf through here, take offence to your IsayASSism.

ፊታውራሪ Free [Member],
“..When Minilik declared war on invading Italians and asked every citizen to start fighting, no one complained he was a dictatorial ruler from Shewa and stayed behind. They answered the call and made history…”

03/12/13 @ 22:56
Comment from: Zanta Jeganu [Visitor]
Zanta Jeganu

Amaras are fessam people by nature. Look at all the comments, they already peeing in their pants . Scared of Egypt.Dont worry adgis,we will protect Ethiopia. Like always.:)

03/12/13 @ 23:32
Comment from: Abeba [Visitor]

Ato Al Mariam:
1. Do you get to read the response from your readers from time to time? I will be honest to tell you that I enjoy reading the responses that are posted on than reading your garbage article.
2. Believe it or not weather it takes 5 years as planned or more, Abay dam will be completed!
3. As of the war, if anybody attacks Abay, that area will follow the law of the jungles, the strongest survives. It is human instinct to fight for survival. 90 Million people “Genfo Ayechebetum”
3. Do you have to write every week? Is there a quota for you?
4. In regards to the late prime minister of Ethiopia let him rest in Pease. Fighting with a dead man makes you inhuman and so little.

You are a shame to Ethiopia.
“Yebelabeten Teree Yereget” if you know what I mean!

03/12/13 @ 23:41
Comment from: Ts [Visitor]

Assat B. Gettu is Grang Ahmed. Grang Ahmed is Assat B. Gettu. Where does Assat B. Gettu lie cleverly? I know that he is incapable to comment on the Prof. Alm’s topic.

03/12/13 @ 23:43
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

HagereEthiopia, you sound unusually stiff and slow. Get some sleep or better yet get laid and reread the comment if u care to do so. Don’t be quick to pass judgement. I don’t even think you have fully understood what i have written. My disagreement with you the juvenile late comer or with the swinging professor does not make me a woyane. Not that your opinion matters to me, but for the sake of blunting the banality i would like to say that like so many of the commentators here, I’m a very proud and dignified Ethiopian, not a fuckin woyane. Isayass meles woyane blah blah, what the fack are u talking about man??? Kehuala yemeTa, Ayin AwuTa!

03/12/13 @ 23:50
Comment from: john john [Visitor]
john john

No matter what AL. and his supporter wish we will continue our mission to fulfill our great PM,the unstoppable dream by use our own resource and get rid of poverty.

03/12/13 @ 23:58
Comment from: Magdala [Visitor]

Eritrea needs food from Ethiopia as well as the revenue and jobs that will be generated by acting as a transshipment point for Ethiopian goods. The Eritrean economy is dependent on Ethiopia for 67% of its exports and a large proportion of its imports, particularly food. The Eritrean government used to derive considerable income from Ethiopian trade passing through Massawa and Assab.

The port issue “came to a head", one regional expert told IRIN, when Eritrea asked Ethiopia to refurbish Assab’s Russian-built oil refinery, which supplied Ethiopia. The Ethiopian government had started, by 1997, to import fuel bought on the world market through the
port rather than buying from the refinery, complaining Eritrea was inflating prices. Eritrea was importing most of its fuel through Massawa. Ethiopia also complained that despite the fees it paid, Eritrea was not reinvesting in the port, and facilities were becoming decrepit. The issue of the oil refinery has since been considered an important trigger for present hostilities, one diplomat told IRIN - “certainly there were rumblings and with the benefit of hindsight it was clear that all was not right".

The introduction in 1997 of the Eritrean currency, the Nakfa, was “the last straw” for Ethiopia, said the regional source. There was already controversy over Eritrean businessmen taking advantage of the absence of tariffs in Ethiopia to benefit from Ethiopian exports - to the extent coffee, for example, became a major export in a non-coffee producing nation.

In 1997 the Ethiopian government sent a written warning to the authorities in Assab that it would stop using the port as conditions for Ethiopian businessmen were unfavourable. Eritrean port managers told international journalists in 1998 this was a “political decision” by the Ethiopian government to destroy the port economically. Ethiopia began to make more use of Djibouti port - initially a more costly alternative, although the Ethiopian government claims special arrangements with Djibouti have since proved the switch cost-effective. The Djibouti government attempted to mediate between Ethiopia and Eritrea, but in November 1999 declared itself “almost in a state of war” with Eritrea, accusing Eritrea of backing
Djiboutian Afar rebels.

03/13/13 @ 00:39
Comment from: GENET [Visitor]

In reality the dam faces many obstacles from corrupt construction practices to outside upper Nile basin countries . Due to low standard check many say the dam is not a tangible vision but a wishful thinking which is guaranteed to collapse in the first year after completion without anyone destroying it.One way or the other it is the biggest scam directed at the illetrate gas station attendants ,taxi drivers and parking lot cashiers among the diasporas.

03/13/13 @ 00:39
Comment from: GENET the Eritrean [Visitor]
GENET the Eritrean

Any more information from Asmara about the Ethiopian dam?

03/13/13 @ 00:46
Comment from: MUSSE aka GENET [Visitor]

tplf don’t represent tigray/tigres. its true that tplfs are Tigres but tigres are not tplf,in fact tplf has used tigres name to acheive its goal of destroying Ethiopia. Tigres, Amharas, Gurages,Oromos, Afars, Sidamas, Christians, Muslims have suffered from the terrorist government which subjected them to satanic practices .PENTAGRAM on tplf’s flag symbolizes Ethiopia fallen under Satanists control that’s the reality .

03/13/13 @ 01:00
Comment from: Seattle [Visitor]

This is a well balance and good article from the esteemed professor.
Unlike some of the tribalists and extreme Orthodox Amharas barking here, who think about their tribe and religion first, and who has no shame giving the professor all kind of names, he has gone beyond his little village or Kelil to express his opinion about the current situation in Ethiopia in general vise a vie its neighbors.

No war mongering, no paranoia, no exaggeration, he laid it out his views in simple terms for everyone to read.

Keep it up Professor Al.

03/13/13 @ 01:11
Comment from: My2cents [Visitor]

Childish leaders oppress my people,
and women rule over them.
O my people, your leaders mislead you;
they send you down the wrong road. -Isaiah 3:12 New Living Translation

Did you watch the video of Prof. Mesfen and the newly formed Semayawi party participants and how they were humiliated at Wabishebele Hotel? That will be the future of Ethiopia unless you pray hard, adhere to the old and new laws of the bible and do something about it regardless of how small. Don’t brush it off foolishly thinking it will not happen to you. A piece of wisdom: throughout history, people sank to the lowest bottom before freedom arrived, medicines discovered, war ended and so on. In that sense, if the current darkness is any indication, freedom is on the horizon.

03/13/13 @ 01:31
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Betbettu ,read the whole content of the article than making empty speeches on a subject that you are even not aware .Than barking as a toothless Shiwawa against Prof Al.Your bandit masters ,do not give a damn business whether the Dam shall be built or not .What does really count for them ,it’s only how to fool opportunist and hode Ader Bandas ,entertain ignorant western lobbyists and donkey supporters as you and your thuggy bros . While selling the country as the whole to Arab ,Chinese ,Turkish and Hindu Looters .

03/13/13 @ 01:32
Comment from: GENET [Visitor]

GENET the Eritrean

Hailemariam Desalegn’s wife is an Eritrean.

Teddy Afro’s wife is an Eritrean.

Meles Zenawi was half Eritrean with Yemeni passport.

Samora Yunus the big general in the Ethiopian defence minstry is Sudaneese.

Mebratu G/hiywot AKA Bereket Simon is an Eritrean.

Buy bonds and you will be paying to whom?? So all you illetrate diaporas think before you act. Even the Ethiopians back in Ethiopia are being forced by the TPLF junta to buy the bonds because they would not do it willingly.Send it to your families and you will get a blessing


“The whole “Grand Renaissance Dam” project is being staged in the theatre of the absurd. Is it possible to raise USD$5bn by 2015 from the people of the second poorest country in the world, the vast majority of whom live on less than USD$1? The dam is said to cost as much as the country’s total annual budget of USD$5bn. Is the largest recipient of international aid in Africa capable of raising multiple billions of dollars from its citizens for the Dam? Can a country which “lost US$11.7 billion to illicit financial outflows between 2000 and 2009” be able to undertake construction of a USD$5bn dam (unadjusted for cost overruns) on its own? According to the World Bank, Ethiopia’s “power sector alone would require $3.3 billion per year to develop” in the next decade. Can the regime in Ethiopia be able to build the largest dam in Africa and other energy projects resorting to such “desperate measures” as “musical concerts, a lottery and an SMS campaign to raise funds”? Can a country which the IMF describes as having “foreign reserves [that] have declined to under two months of import coverage” as of June 2012 really be able to build the largest dam in African history? Can a country whose external debt in 2012 exceeded USD$12bn be able to build a $5bn dollar project?EVEN IT DID WHO WILL OWN IT THE DEBT COLLECTORS OR THE BOND HOLDER?
The regime has forged ahead to build the “Grand Renaissance Dam” by “selling bonds” domestically and in the Ethiopian Diaspora. The regime claims to have collected USD$500 million from bond sales and “contributions” of ordinary citizens.Business and institutions have been forced to buy bonds. The regime’s Diaspora bond sales effort has been a total failure.”

03/13/13 @ 01:39
Comment from: My2cents [Visitor]

Egypt has one of the strongest armed forces in Africa and the Middle East. The country receives about two billion dollars of military aid from the U.S every year. They have the latest American-made fighter jets. Ethiopia under TPLF will never initiate a war with Egypt. On the other hand, Egypt might strike preemptively by destroying the dam when it is almost finished, which will upset and provoke the Ethiopian regime all the more. Even if that happens, Ethiopia will not dare strike back because the government does not even have much of support from its already apartheid-ized and cowed population.

03/13/13 @ 01:45
Comment from: sf [Visitor]

To all friends,
What our dear professor has written can irritate some arrogant people.
Dear compatriot, if you really love your country and your family tries to analyse what he said about water and the Nile as an intellectual and as free thinker.
The international experts is expected to issue its report in may. Let’s wait for some more month and we can talk again who has reason.
For now, thank your professor Al. for your diligent work. Ethiopia and Ethiopian are proud of you.

03/13/13 @ 01:51
Comment from: TigreeTplf [Visitor]

As to the funding of the Dam, many developed nations, including USA, Europeans, Canada, Australia, can support Ethiopia if the Tigree government would uphold human rights issues for all ethnicities equally and if the Dam wouldn’t bring negative effects.

As well, all Ethiopian people, particularly the Diasporas, had capacity to finance the Dam if all innocent prisoners would have been released like the Tigree’s prisoners. Just forgetting the killing of TPLF/Tigree government against other ethnicities.

I just read on that the Tigree government killed USA citizen in Gambela and declared that the dead person was a terrorist. The Tigree government could have captured the person and handed over to USA, otherwise Tigree government even failed to respect the USA’s rule of law. This creates a problematic relationship between USA and the Tigree government. very bad!

03/13/13 @ 02:16
Comment from: inferiority and hate [Visitor]
inferiority and hate

wow listro tribe killing them inferiority and hate on Eritreans especially kill magdal aka @agames tribe.I wonder.@games want fight with every body since they forget where,they have to live for generations.have lisro tribe ever think?,what will happan to them?when they lost power in Ethiopia.Proffosser good job to expose looter woyanes.woyanes havve agenda to sell Ethiopia,not alone dam.meles steal $3 billions in his account and the rest money loot by effort.woyanes can’t live with peace so they used dam game with Egypt.

03/13/13 @ 03:25
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

inferiority and hate [Visitor]

Even a slave Eritrean can talk about inferiority and hate to a proud Ethiopian. Does it really your business what happen in Ethiopia or what Meles did, what don’t you mind your open prison desert?

03/13/13 @ 04:48
Comment from: Kinane [Visitor]

ፊታውራሪ Free,
The lowest IQs in this forum are hagere Ethiopia and Teddy.
The only thing you did is denounce Almariam stand on nile issue but that ye gered lij Hager Ethiopia jumps for labeling.

03/13/13 @ 04:59
Comment from: flulu [Visitor]

Meles is more alive and powerful dead than alive . he is still the subject of most bloggers including this good for nothing , dishonest , bitter , ignorant , western wanna be professr .
I am really proud of meles now more than any other times .he is tormenting his enemies in his grave .what a leader . A true and powerful leader is measured by the kind of inflence he/she has after death .
His legacy will rule ethiopia forever .

03/13/13 @ 05:13
Comment from: teshome [Visitor]

“Denkoro” armaria.

03/13/13 @ 05:24
Comment from: ethiovistor [Visitor]


There is no such a thing! ur boyfriend ZINJERO is dead and decayed. F’KN HODAM LEBA-CADRE. Why don’t u join “THE UGLY BLOOD SUCKER MIDGET” in a hell and have 3-some with horny horn SATAN. U can invite ur other WONBEDE family member ISAYAS.


If u call a person with 3 PHDs “DENKORO” what would u name a person like u who failed “MENGISTU ERA MESERETE-TIMIHERT” and don’t even know how to write a single phrase except the word ‘DONKORO” potato head!

03/13/13 @ 08:32
Comment from: Sami [Visitor]

ethiovistor ,
“If u call a person with 3 PHDs “DENKORO"…..
Having PHD doesn’t indicate his intelligence.Let me give you one real example.Ahmed Kelo ex CEO of Ethiopia Airlines having PHD in management and he was lecturer in US like professor Alemayehu .But he was not able to manage EAL and put the company in to big crisis. EAL face business loses for first time during his administration.
Another ex-CEO Girma wake was having only diploma but you know what EAL achieved under his administration.He was #1 best CEO in EAL history interms of expansion and profit.
So don’t judge people based on what they have rather they should be judge on what they did.

03/13/13 @ 09:15
Comment from: gud fela [Visitor]
gud fela


wey wey wey…. mn ywaTen zendro

03/13/13 @ 10:03
Comment from: [Member]

ethiovisitor, the asshole shabian,….

You stupid asshole, who gave almaria 3 PHDs? If I assume issayass aforki, there is no university in your artera. Stop giving nonesense info out of your ass.
Almaria is just a state university part time teacher and an AMBULANCE CHASER!
Do you know how many great professors we have who lecture in Ivy League universities, in the likes of Harvard and Princeton? May be you don’t know them because they’re not big mouth attention seekers like the senile oldman almaria.

03/13/13 @ 10:06
Comment from: Ethiopiawinet [Visitor]

ATTENTION! attention!!!!

Prof Al
Prof has a powerful voice; he has a word to utter for everyone, and his presence conveyed a deliberate message for all humanity.
He regards one another with compassion and love.

Satanic evil comments from extremist, terrorist copts here sparks that seldom turned up were weathered in the atmosphere of our conscience, softened, and then transformed into some sort of light and returned thus to their source.

Prof Al’s pillar of honesty and credibility getting solid and unshakable day by day. He fears no threat from dumb confused with little knowledge, short sighted coptic Amhara/Tigrai oppressors.

Winds of opposition were shaking and eroding try to break Al’s faith and causing cracks here and there, heaping heavy blows so as to kill it off.

At a time when Ethiopia really needed a just, balanced, and truthful governing power, it was disqualified from its capacity to show direction to citizens; its administration and influence completely faded.

It was a long retreat; its voice was not heard, nore was it listened to. It drifted toward an unknown end as it was transforming into something else while at the same time communities that were once either brothers in faith and citizens under the same rule were now turned into enemies of one another.

The coptic of the north with the exception of few like Prof Al have some kind of moth infested in their spirit of their community-the beginning of this accursed period dates back a few centuries. It nibbled at the roots of their spirit and meaning that made them what they were. Heavily wounded and rotten in many aspects, it seemed almost impossible for this tribe to stand by itself devoid of moral and humanity.

Prof Al
You joined the right side of the camp by peeling off the dirty skin of the north copts by acquiring high human virtues and ideals.

Today for the first time my eyes observed with hopes a northern copt Amhara with broader and wide intelect to write such elaborated honest and credible article without fear of labelings. You convinced me that we will revive, even though we appear like a corpse rotten for hundred of years.

I have seen tens of thousand intelect people in Egypt and other Arab countries who writes like you but none except you in Ethiopia.
This shows us the country will take her thousand of years to come out of the dark in prespective of knowledge, wisdom and far sighted vision.

May our Lord, the All-Merciful Who is aware of our expectations, not make us suffer from other misfortunes.

God bless Prof Al, the greatest champ of freedom, justice and equality for all and not just few.

03/13/13 @ 11:49
Comment from: Semabelew bayalew [Visitor]
Semabelew bayalew

A Reply to Alemayehu G Mariam: Who is God and who is Noah?
Part I
Adal Isaw
March 13, 2013
Meles’ legacy could indeed be a water war of death and destruction on the Nile, but he will never have a cement monument built on the Nile to celebrate his life. Meles’ disciples would be wise to remember an old prophesy as they march headlong to build their doomsday dam on the Nile: “God gave Noah the Rainbow Sign: No more water. The fire next time!” Alemayehu G Mariam; March 11, 2013
This quote is the perfect case of Alemayehu’s bent to exploit a prophecy—especially the kind that one borrows from a religious script to make an ignorant and hate-driven political comment. And any of my comment on this subject should not in any way or form misconstrue to mean as an argument for or against any of the Abrahamic religions and others. I hope that part of the title of my article, Who is God and who is Noah, rings no other than my curiosity to figure out what the prophecy “God gave Noah the Rainbow Sign: No more water. The fire next time!” means under the context of the Renaissance Dam that the God loving Ethiopian people are building.
Correct me if I have figured this out incorrectly; according to Alemayehu, Noah represents the legacy that our genius PM Meles Zenawi has left us with, and by extension, Noah also represents the Ethiopian people with our government. Conversely, God is tacitly and primarily representing the interest of Egypt; not to mention the interest of North Sudan. Furthermore, correct me if I am getting the deduction of the prophecy incorrect; but what Alemayehu is asserting in his quote succinctly is this: “Do not build the Renaissance Dam, but if you do, you will have no water for your life but fire for your demise.”
Al would have argued his point in ways mainstream political commentators often do. His retreat to religious prophecy will not help his point. In fact, it degrades his argument as feeble and it gives me the cue to briefly teach him an introductory lesson on how to formulate a solid argument.
An argument can be formulated in various ways. Al’s quote is one such way in which a fairly educated person tries to make a point. The body of an argument in an article or in a quote is composed of spoken and tacit assumptions and a main conclusion. The validity of the main conclusion in an argument within an article or in a quote is solely dependent on the strength of the assumptions made. It is hence apparent that a valid argument is only made with uninterrupted evidence-based logical flow. That is; the assumptions made within the argument in an article or a quote should prove to build strong enough a bridge to warrant the main conclusion. Al’s article and his summarizing quote fail this fair test for lack of evidence, lack of strong assumptions, and also for citing a prophecy from a religious script in lieu of evidence to foretell Ethiopia’s demise. And the conclusion “Do not build the Renaissance Dam, but if you
do, you will have no water for your life but fire for your demise,” needless to say is not warranted for it has no evidence to substantiate it. The quote in a nutshell is the perfect case of Alemayehu fusing that which is a mystery with that which is not.
The prophecy in Al’s quote is a mystery and no one knows for sure if it ever had happened or, if it may happen soon as Al wants us to believe, during or, right after the Ethiopian people build the Renaissance Dam. Conversely, the case involving the Nile River is not a mystery; more than eighty-five percent of its body is made in Ethiopia and it has been quantified as such. It is not a mystery that Ethiopia languished in poverty bearing the burden of a colonial power known for its immoral, unethical and savage policies; it is not a mystery that Ethiopia has solid legal standing to use Nile in ways fair and equitable to all stakeholders. Moreover, it is not a mystery that Ethiopia is a nation of a sovereign people and a government who wink to no force on earth if the right and the freedom to rid Ethiopia from poverty are challenged with force. It is not a mystery; Ethiopia seeks no second enemy for it has only a single one—poverty.
In any case, Al has the right to fuse religion with politics so long as he stays clear from torching the “prophetic fire” himself. But Al has to learn that no one with detectable sanity would reach a political conclusion based on a religious prophecy for lack of evidence. Not surprisingly and as usual, Al has failed to give us the evidence and it is indeed the case that Ethiopia’s doomsday lives only in Al’s twisted imagination—and I would bet my life on it for I have the evidence that Al does not. And then again it is Al and he has the right to free speech; and I have the right to dismantle his piece based on evidence not on a prophecy—knowing that he will never face me for a political debate in which evidence not prophetic foretells score great points.
By now, it has been more than evident that the above quote is the brainchild of a self-proclaimed professor of political science at California State University, San Bernardino. And the quote is at worst a moronically framed ignorant and hate-driven comment and, at best, it simply is the sign of how frustrated Alemayehu has become—courtesy of the tangible political, economic and social development of Ethiopia. To Alemayehu’s disgust and displeasure, the development that Ethiopia is registering is predicated on the vision that our genius Premier Meles Zenawi has articulated with utmost cogency. As Tsehaye Debalkew, in his piece, “The Bedrock of Commitment that has turned Resolve into Result in Transforming Ethiopia,” fluently articulated, “…friends of [Ethiopia] in their commendation did not hesitate to mention the initiator and the driver that has steered the nation towards the sure path of prosperity…” In fact, friends of Ethiopia and the Ethiopian people “…regret the passing away of PM Meles Zenawi and applaud the peaceful transition of power and policy continuity under the stewardship of Premier Haile Mariam Desalegn.” It is mesmerizing to read a profoundly disparate take in a single day of a single beloved country—Ethiopia; Tsehaye with hopeful, friendly and loving tone and, the ignorant and hate-driven professor, with nothing but a wish of doomsday for a country and people that subsidized part of his education. I guess; there is always a cost associated with investment and this cost is what Ethiopia is willing to right off with smile.
In any case, Alemayehu would have been better served—accepting the reality of a developing Ethiopia and coming to terms as many scholars do—when faced with the reality of their failure
to correctly predict the outcome a political phenomena that they have observed for more than two decades. The many articles that Alemayehu has been writing for years have failed to correctly predict the Ethiopia of today. In part, because Al was very busy lending his ears, but more so his heart and by extension his brain for trash talk—to become the icon of hate-driven maniac.
Al used millions of words for at least two reasons. Reason one is to show how the Ethiopian state is an “iconic failed state;” and he failed miserably. He had his theoretical whipping from commentators like me, and he had the practical whipping from a healthy and developing mother Ethiopia. Al also used million words in hope of changing them into a material force in an effort to dislodge a democratically elected Ethiopian government; he failed. And there is no mystery in Al’s endeavor because the million words that he uses are predicated on something other than the reality that bites. The reality that bites is the emergence of Ethiopia as one of the fastest growing and stable country in the world, and it did not ever needed million of words for its feasibility. The reality of Ethiopia is made possible by the works of millions of people of many million words of deeds. Like the eighty plus million people of Ethiopia, genius PM Meles Zenawi is not merely a man of his words but also a man of the deeds that in huge part have made Ethiopia one of the fastest growing and stable countries in the world.
Alemayehu disagrees vehemently and he would like to wish Ethiopia a doomsday for mind-boggling reason that I have a hard time tracing. But in the meantime, it is highly likely that Alemayehu is degenerating at a higher rate and depth of ignorant and hate-driven psychosis. Because a good student of political science let alone a professor at that, is not expected to dwell on prophesies—especially the kind that one borrows from a religious script to make an ignorant and hate-driven political comment.
Indeed; it is true that religion is often used to make a political point with no regard to the validity of the point being made. It is also true that politics and religion should be as far apart from each other as their repelling natural characteristics suggests. Because politics and religion have no detectable affinity towards each other—the type of coupling that one natural element has towards another natural element. The exact opposite is true about politics and religion. Politics and religion are as antithetical as any human made concepts and belief systems can become. I hope Al stays clear from fusing politics with religion or vice versa. But still yet, you may wonder why I chose the above quote from Alemayehu’s article titled, “Ethiopia: Rumors of Water War on the Nile?” I chose the quote to show how moronic, exploitive and hateful Alemayehu has become

03/13/13 @ 12:07
Comment from: Belay [Visitor]

Gragn Ahmed, that was great. i am sure the professor will appreciate it.
you said “I have seen tens of thousand intelect people in Egypt and other Arab countries who writes like you but none except you in Ethiopia.

well me too, i have never seen a pro-egypt view like this one from an ethiopian, till today.

03/13/13 @ 12:12
Comment from: [Member]

EthiopiawiNot, the taliban from TORRA BORRA,…

What’s new? The senile oldman banda almaria is ready to sell his cheap ass to anyone intersted. And the likes of you muslim hardline extrimists are looking for someone who can elivate your day dream dellusion of sheria law and islamic govts all over the world.
You stupid bakward terrorist, do you know what time it is? You’re trapped in the 6th century decayed mentality of my way or the sucide bombing way. You keep killing people for not accepting your extrimist islam barbarism.
For you the peaceful Ethiopian muslims are not real islam. How far can you keep killing innocent men and women, innocent elderly and children, indiscremnaely, just because they reject your way of backward worshiping.
Thank God for our strong govt and the peaceful Ethiopian muslims, islamic hardline terrorists like you, have no place in modern day, progressive and developmental Ethiopia. We will fry your ass where ever you’re with our state of the art drones. Try us!!!! You can run but you can’t hide!!

03/13/13 @ 12:18
Comment from: kul [Visitor]

A true Ethiopian does not need a PhD to advocate for his/her country. A true Ethiopian does not need a PhD to defend his/her country’s interest. Egypt’s position on the Nile has always been one and the same: maintaining the status quo. So far they are the primary beneficiary of the waters of the Nile and they want to keep it this way forever. Ethiopia and other upper riparian countries of the Nile basin have been asking for the re-negotiation of the 1929 and1959 Nile treaties to which only Sudan and Egypt are parties. The 1959 Treaty between Egypt and Sudan allowed 67% for Egypt, 22% for Sudan, 11% for seepage and evaporation. This literally means that Egypt and Sudan will utilize the waters of Nile and the rest will be left for evaporation. Other riparian states can not get a single drop of water. So far Egypt has been utilizing all sorts of tricks and maneuvers to maintain the status quo. But Ethiopia and other countries have started to make use of their right over the Nile water. Now people like Al Mariam are telling us that building a dam on our Abay is deemed no less than war mongering. Really??? Does Al Mariam know that Ethiopia contributes 85% of the waters of Nile? Does he know that Egypt contributes 0%, I repeat 0% while it enjoys a lion’s share of the water??? Ethiopia is struggling to feed millions of its citizens who are in dire shortage of food, while Al Mariam (who, I assume, is Ethiopian) is telling us that he is very much worried about a “significant reduction in cultivable agricultural lands and water shortages throughout Egypt” if Ethiopia uses the waters of Nile, i.e., if the Renaissance Dam is constructed. He labeled Meles a traitor several times over the years. I think Al Mariam is also a traitor.

03/13/13 @ 12:26
Comment from: Yohanse IV [Visitor]
Yohanse IV

Dear True Ethiopians,
Do you want me to show these Islam my sward again?

Please let me stay rest—do what I did—roast Egyptian ass one more time.

03/13/13 @ 12:39
Comment from: Antihater [Visitor]

The dam should be debated openly, especially the cost, benefit, priority, and risk. Having said this, equitable sharing of Nile resources is an issue of national interest and should cross political lines.

The professor is dead wrong in his unlimited support of Egypt’s interest over Ethiopia even quoting Egyptian minister of water. This is despite the blatant bullying that has occurred over the last century. Egypt has had ample opportunity to participate.

Here is the deal: The professor’s failure to remain objective on this issue does not nullify the need for democratic reforms nor does it justify many problems such as poor land policy, monopolization of press, division, and corruption, etc. I pray that this will be resolved through diplomacy and cooperation. Egypt & Ethiopia have a long standing relationship that dates to antiquity, especially within the Church. Let us focus on the more positive outcomes too while debating the risk with respect. Lastly, I hope Nzaret will consider substituting the air time currently provided this professor with another more objective author, professor or not.

03/13/13 @ 12:39
Comment from: Kebede [Visitor]

Semabelew bayalew you nailed over and over on an ignorant ‘professor’ who selling national interest for his political agenda. God Bless you man!

03/13/13 @ 12:41
Comment from: [Member]

The blogger named Genet wrote the 2nd best blog next to the great professor’s article.
She had pinpointed the facts, although sad, in regards to our nation.
If we all can read what she wrote we can grasp the stark reality of the situation.
The TPLF mafia regime hand handcuffed our Ethiopia since day one. They have hundwinkled our people. They have blindfolded us and stole in the name of our motherland.

03/13/13 @ 12:47
Comment from: Semabelew Bayalew [Visitor]
Semabelew Bayalew

Dear Kebede,
Thank you, but the article is not mine. It belongs to Adal Isaw, who has a tremendous knowledge and the superior articulating ability of our time.
Please give the credit to Adal Isaw. Actually, at the beginning of the article, his name is mentioned.


03/13/13 @ 12:52
Comment from: againest all odds [Visitor]
againest all odds

what a stupidity from a professor and an Ethiopian, l am starting to wander why this much hate to ward ethiopia, he might be using ethiopian name but he is a banda, useless educator. AL Mariam stop your hate!! long live Ethiopia!!

03/13/13 @ 13:08
Comment from: [Member]

Mesfin B!tchy, the bed riden stinky old goat,…

We already know Genet was your shabian ID name. Take it easy on yourself oldman, you can call yourself belew or genet, if it makes you feel good to prolong your miserable pathetic life on your death bed.

03/13/13 @ 13:09
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

Addis Teftef the Woyane

I though you improved on calling people names??

Are you still the same old TPLF stink? Tell me it ain’t so???

03/13/13 @ 13:40
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

My2cent, you stated

“Egypt has one of the strongest armed forces in Africa and Middle East…. Ethiopia will not dare strike back[in retaliation to Egypt’s possible attack] because the government does not even have much of support from its already apartheid-ized and cowed population. “

They have the flashiest American made armament in the region, and so what? Should we bow down and let them colonize our country? Mind you, what Egypt demanding is an absolute control of our water resource, and its politicians have been arrogantly passing orders to us to never lay a hand on our own water resource. Is there any more truly “contemptuously dismissive and arrogant” foreign policy than this? What kind of Ethiopia do you and the traitor professor have in mind for us Ethiopians, the sons and daughters of the Adwa victors? One whose political and economical activities are directed by the old colonial rules and fully controlled by Cairo from afar? Is that what you have in mind for us? To live shackled by the fear of Egypt’s mighty military that might one day strike if we ever dare to quench our thirst drinking a cup of Abay? You want us to die thirsty, hungry, fearful, cowards and whatnots. What a spineless old man!

I tell you what, colonial Italy was even much more stronger than Egypt and Abyssinia much more weaker than today’s Ethiopia when the battle of Adwa started by the Italians and ended by the Ethiopians in 1896. No amount of fear mongering will stop us from securing our legal and rightful ownership of Abay. Unlike the coward you and the traitor professor, Ethiopians do not fear anyone and anything when it comes to defending and protecting their sovereign country. It is better to die free than live in slavery. I don’t know about you and the professor, but that is the motto we have inherited from our ancestors.

If the events of the year 1998 tells us anything, it is the Ethiopians willingness to transcend their political squabbling in the face of an invading force. At that time, treasonous Woyane was deservedly the most hated political organization in the country’s history. Then Shabia invaded a barren village named Badime, which is a violation of our sovereignty and independence, and boom in spite of the multifaceted economical, political and social grievances, the people still came out in force to crush Shabia, and so they did. I was a high school student back then and still clearly remember the atmosphere and the true feeling of what it meant to be Ethiopian both individually and collectively.

In light of that, the peoples response to Egypt’s any future provocation will be even bigger and stronger. In my recent visit to Ethiopia, the GRD project is the most poplar in the country. Of course, the people complain about the financial sacrifice they have to make for the project, but they are still more than willing to do it. They understand its political and economical significance. What it means for Ethiopia and the future generation. Therefore, your little prediction is destined to fail without ifs and buts. With the exception of the very few, fear and cowardice are not in the Ethiopians character. We will not be bullied by the Egyptians and ruled by the colonial whims, false agreements, imposed treaties and injustices of the past. Egypt’s military might has “cowed” only you and Al, not the Ethiopian people.

03/13/13 @ 14:14
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

Eventhough, this article was the most stupid that was written by Alemayoh G. Mariam, the enemies’ mouthpiece, it helps us to identify who is who. Yes ideed, the really Ethiopian have shown their patriotism like their forfather have done when it comes to the Ethiopian people’s interest or national issues…

Although, Almariam has attracted some fools, mostly those Shaibia’s slave cadres, and those fanatic Wahhabis- Muslims who are working hard to fulfill the assignements they have gotten from their masters…LOL.

However, thanks to the Ethiopian people that they are standing strong in unity to transform or to develop their country, and to make their main enemies history. So, you all headles enemies, you better watch your steps? Otherwise, you will be the victims of your evil stupidity…

God bless the world!!

03/13/13 @ 14:28
Comment from: ethiovistor [Visitor]


Booooo-Huuuu! A paid off cadre working for WEYANE-EMBASSY @ washington. He still worships “THE DEAD AND DECAYED ADWA ZINJERO BALDHEAD BLOODKULA/DRACULA. “ur’s AKATARI-TIGRE-HOCUS POCUS garbage don’t have a close match to The proven, ELITE professor ALEMAYEHU. WNBEDE BANDA!

Long live ethiopia!


03/13/13 @ 14:38
Comment from: shadow [Visitor]

We can all get our message across with civil discourse than personal attack. Personal attack will not serve anyone’s purpose than making us all look foolish.

By the way, here is a great article on Nile titled “if Nile is Egypt’s Bloodlife, then Ethiopia is the Primary Dooner”

03/13/13 @ 14:40
Comment from: Sami [Visitor]

Mesfin B.
You support Alemayehu on this issue,Do you understand what he said?I doubt based on your previous comment under title of Mining to be Ethiopian economic backbone.

Mesfin B.
የ ናዝሬት ሞደሬተር እባካችሁ ውሸት የሚያጣራ ነገር የላችሁምን ?
እንዴ አንደዚህ አይን ያወጣ ውሸት በዚህ ምድር አይታወቅም::
እስቲ ሰዎች ፍረዱ የሚከተለው ሃቅ ከሆነ እረ የ እውነት ያለ !!!
The wars and famines that scourged the country three decades ago are, thankfully, a thing of the past. Today, Ethiopia is rapidly changing and has recorded constant growth over the past several years. This is having a noticeable impact. For example, infant-mortality rates have fallen by 40% since 2000, according to the Economist. Low wages are rising and the agricultural sector, still the most important component in terms of gross domestic product, is being modernised at a quickening pace.
ይህች ሴትዮ አሁን ሚኒስቴር ተብላ እንደዚህ እየዋሸች ደሞዝ ትቀበላለች!!!
የ እኔ ምኞት እንደነዚህ ያሉትን ቀታፊ ባልስልጣናት
ይዞ አርባ መግረፍ ያስፈልግ ነበር::
03/07/13 @ 19:12

03/13/13 @ 14:46
Comment from: Minilik [Visitor]

I asked a friend who ardently opposes EPRDF whether he reads the Professor’s article or not. He replied he would rather die or read an article written by “Woyanes” than read the Professor’s article. My feeling is not as strong as this one. I believe that his articles are more of “style” than “substance;” and they are convoluted and long-winding. Hence, I do not usually finish reading them, except this one. After reading it, my friend’s hate and my suspicion seem valid. I think a person who wishes “fire” instead of “water” for his own people is insane. Professor, “Go and f**k yourself,” if you do not want to learn from Dr. Taye or Liditu. We do not want a radical like you.

03/13/13 @ 14:48
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

Meles Zenawi sold Aseb to Shabia, and Professor Al tacitly approves it!

Meles Zenawi dammed Omo, and Professor Al disapproved it!

Meles Zenawi planned to dam Abay, and Professor Al disapproved it!

Professor Al is a Traitor, and he knows it!

Meles Zenawi was a Traitor, but he didn’t know it or he did know it and deny it!

Professor Al is a Traitor, and I know it!

Professor Al is a Traitor, and we know it!

Professor Al should recant this article, and formally apologize Ethiopia and her people!

03/13/13 @ 15:00
Comment from: [Member]

I want to clarify again we should be realistic. We are undeveloped. We cannot produce any significant weapon. Maybe during the time of Emperor Tewedros, we had more chance producing our own weapons. We should admit we are in stone-age in development. I do not understand where some ethiopians take their pride. Ethiopia produces practically nothing. Ethiopia imports everything from needles to bullets. This should change. But we see is the opposite. Our farm lands are given to foreigners almost for free. Sudan has taken our sovereign land which our forefathers died for. We are landlocked and practically excluded from the meditereanean and red sea trading routes. THey made a laughing stock of us. Which international law allows a country to loose it’s own ports after controlling it for more than 5000 years. They would tell us the Akusmite Kingdom was a fairy tale. That is what they were pushing and trying to confiscate our historical relics.

Eritrean TPLF was instrumental in landlocking Ethiopia. In fact, Ethiopia would been OK with one of her ports. But this was entirely blocked for our country. The Tigreans are dead silent. Why? Are they morons. Maybe. Are they foreigners? Yes, most probably. The NIle Dam is a pretext to divert the political attention of Ethiopian People. If TPLF-EPRDF has the political will, it work with the people of Ethiopia and not against them. TPLF-EPRDF is a foreign body in our political life and has to be surgically removed. The Nile Dam project should be supported, but we should know that TPLF-EPRDF should be removed at the same time. We should support the construction of the Nile Dam and other development projects. At the same time, we should make our people be owners of their country by empowering them, by fighting for a true democratic country. Our struggle should continue to overthrow TPLF-EPRDF and Shaebya. Both TPLF and EPLF are our enemies that have to be uprooted from Ethiopia. We should never recognise Eritreaa as a country. We have to teach our children to revenge to what they did to our country.

03/13/13 @ 15:11
Comment from: Hannibal [Visitor]

I suggest to Professor Alemayehu to send a copy of this article to the Egyptian website

03/13/13 @ 15:55
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

What is not a rumor any more is that Alemayehu Gebre Mariam has identified himself as an active member of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, who is now at attention to blowup the River Nile Dam with the blessings of the three enemies of Ethiopia – Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Sudan.

The reckless professor’s doomsday massage reminds me a very important lesson I learned from the Holy Bible (Numbers 13:21-31).

When the Israelites were at Kadesh in the Desert of Paran, Moses sent out some of the Israelite leaders to explore Canaan and bring him back a detailed report about the land of Canaan, about its people, about its soil, about its cities, and about everything they saw in Canaan.

The explorers went to Canaan and brought a detailed report to Moses and to the assembly what they had seen in Canaan. They told Moses and the assembly:

Their report terrified the Israelites, but one of the explorers, Caleb, “silenced the people before Moses and said, ‘We should go up and take possession of the land, for we can certainly do it.’”
However, Caleb’s strong conviction in God and belief that they could go up and possess the land was challenged by those explorers who went with him to explore Canaan.
They argued: “‘we can’t attack those people; they are stronger than we are.’ And they spread among the Israelites a bad report about the land they had explored. They said, ‘The land we explored devours those living in it. All the people we saw there are of great size. We saw the Nephilim there (the descendants of Anak come from the Nephilim). We seemed like grasshoppers in our own eyes, and we looked the same to them.’”
Alemayehu G.M. is not, of course, Caleb, but, for sure, he seems like one of those explorers who terrified the communities of Israel by telling them the great strength of the Canaanites and their fortified cities.
Alemayehu Gebre Mariam is telling the Ethiopian people to stop building the River Nile Dam; if they do, the Egyptians will attack them with their sophisticated weapons. He is telling the Ethiopians that the Egyptians are stronger than the Ethiopians. They are of great size of stature. He is reminding the Ethiopians that the Egyptians are the He is
The doomsday-teller, Alemayehu Gebre Mariam, goes on to tell the Ethiopians what kind of messages the Egyptians leaders have been sending to the Ethiopian people if the Renaissance Dam is built:

• “We depend upon the Nile 100 per cent in our life, so if anyone, at any moment, thinks of depriving us of our life we shall never hesitate to go to war.” (Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit)

• “…the next war in our region will be over the water of the Nile, not politics.” (Boutros Boutros Gahali)

• “If it comes to a crisis, we will send a jet to bomb the dam and come back in one day, simple as that.” (Boutros)

• If “Grand Renaissance Dam” is in fact built? “Simple.” They will use dam busters to smash and trash it.” (Alemayehu G. Mariam)

• “If it comes to a crisis, we will send a jet to bomb the dam and come back in one day, simple as that.” (high-level Egyptian security)

• “When Ethiopia was trying to build a large dam, we blew up the equipment while it was traveling by sea to Ethiopia. A useful case study…” (Alemayehu Gebre Mariam)

• “Sudanese president Umar al-Bashir has agreed to allow the Egyptians to build a small airbase in Kusti to accommodate Egyptian commandos who might be sent to Ethiopia to destroy water facilities on the Blue Nile…” (Alemayehu Gebre Mariam)

After the doomsday-teller, Professor Alemayehu Gebre Mariam, terrifies the Ethiopian people by sending the above threats to them, he goes on to give examples of some African dictators who tried to build dams and pocketed millions of money for themselves. The African leaders who are in his black list are the following:

1. Kwame Nkrumah

2. Mobutu

3. Emperor Jean-Bedel Bokassa

4. Moamar Gadhafi

5. Gamal Abdel Nasser

6. Ugandan dictator Yuweri Museveni

7. Meles Zenawi

Then the doomsday-teller, Professor Alemayehu Gebre Mariam, warns the Ethiopian people about the catastrophic consequences of building the Great Renaissance River Nile Dam. He predicts:

“Millions of people would go hungry. There would be water shortages everywhere.” Everywhere means there will be water shortages in all states in the continent of Africa, including Ethiopia. He also foretells about the harm the Nile Dam will bring to the environment:

“The environmental impact of the Dam in Ethiopia will be catastrophic.” But the Professor has failed to detail the environmental impact from the Renaissance Dam. What kind of environmental damage the Dam will bring to the inhabitants around the Dam if the Dam is built as planned.

To further antagonize and frustrate the Ethiopian people, Alemayehu Gebre Mariam believes the Dam will never be materialized because the great kingdom of Egypt has successfully campaigned to stop foreign donors to the building of the River Nile Dam:

“Egypt has been successful in pressuring multilateral development and investment banks not to fund the project, the regime in Ethiopia has defiantly forged ahead to fund the project itself. But is self-funding of the mother of all African dams a realistic possibility?”

Terrorizing and bulling the Ethiopian people to stop building the Renaissance Dam, the doomsday teller, Alemayehu Gebre Mariam, characterizes the River Nile conflict between Ethiopia, Sudan, and Egypt, his second home, as “… a game of chicken…” What he has failed to understand is that the conflict between Egypt and Ethiopia about the River Dam may lead to a greater conflict.
The Professor has done a great job in frightening and intimidating the Ethiopian people to give up their aspiration to build a great Dam on their own soil and to use their own water for their own use. Like those explorers Moses sent to survey the land of Canaan and finally came after 40 days of exploring Canaan and reported to the rest of the people of Israel that the people of Canaan were stronger than the people of Israel and their cities were well fortified. The whole communities of Israel were terrified and frightened by the bad and discouraging report those explorers brought to the assembly until finally Caleb, one of the explorers, stood up in front of Moses and the assembly of Israel and encouraged them to go up and take the land.
Professor Alemayehu Gebre Mariam has told the Ethiopian people what the explorers of Canaan told Moses and Aaron: they frightened them; they discouraged them; they embarrassed them; they dismayed them, and they humiliated them.
Therefore, we need an Ethiopian Biblical Caleb, who can disqualify the terrifying reports by the doomsday teller, Alemayehu Gebre Mariam, and who can restore confidence in the hearts of all the Ethiopian people to bring to the finish line the Renaissance Dam, the future pride and glory of the Ethiopian people.

03/13/13 @ 15:56
Comment from: [Member]

***to Sami***
what has your quoting me on previous blogsite has to do with today’s bloggging?
***To adis zemen/gay shabian***
Genet had summerized in few short sentences what your “Creators at Arat Kilo” have done since they came from the cave.
There is no denying this.
It is etched on Granite never to be deleted.
You can cry all you want but we do know that The TPLF Gangs are the
!- Sellers of our land to the highest bidder.
!- Dividers of our nation under religion, ethnicity, etc.
!- separators of our province under the pretext of session.
!- looters of Aid money and loan under the name of our nation.
The self-agrandizement of the late Meles the Chenawi is open for any one to see. He was hullucinating and “Insulting” our late “emperors” of Ethiopia. The guy was getting high from whatever he was consuming to the point he was defacto “King” of the land. The law-maker of the nation. At times he was blabbering using the adjectives as, who, what, why, to explain anything Ethiopian. In short he had sold his skin for the “Green Buck” .

03/13/13 @ 15:58
Comment from: kul [Visitor]

ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

This article clearly shows that Al Mariam has a hidden agenda. It shows without any shadow of doubt that he works for the enemies of Ethiopia. Opposing EPRDF is one thing and there are many good reasons to oppose EPRDF. But promoting the interests of the enemies of Ethiopia under the disguise of opposition cannot and should not be tolerated. I am glad you also called him a traitor. I am sure many Ethiopians will soon discover the deceitful character of Al Mariam.

03/13/13 @ 16:09
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Correction: That the Egyptians are highly trained in warfare and warstrategies

03/13/13 @ 16:13
Comment from: On the Nile Dam We are all Woyane [Visitor]
On the Nile Dam We are all Woyane

If Prof Al thought Nile Dam is a woyane issue, he solely miscalculated. Ethiopians yesterday, today and tomorrow will embrace the Nile river as one of their greatest achievents. Governments come and go but the Dam is ours to keep.

This good-for-nothing professor is exposed for who he is. I will never consider him an Ethiopian. He should change his citizinship to Egyptian or Eritrean. He doesn’t have an Ethiopian character.

03/13/13 @ 16:30
Comment from: Han [Visitor]

Here is a question posed by one of the South Sudanese citizens on Sudan Tribune regarding the Nile: “Is it fair when a country which contributes 0% of water to the Nile controls 100% of it?” Unfortunately, Professor Alemayehu says yes and warns that the fate of the country which contributes 85% of it would be “fire” if it tries to use some of it.

03/13/13 @ 16:32
Comment from: [Member]

Mesfin B!tchy, the bed ridden hopeless old luutty,..

Give me one reason why I should argue with a loser dying old maggot like you, regarding Ethiopia?
1st, you have nothing to do with Ethiopia.
2nd, your eyes kept bloodied whenever you hear good news about Ethiopia.
3rd, nobody asked your approval, on whatever we do in our beloved country mama Ethiopia.
4th, can you change anything in Ethiopia by crying blood in hatred and jealousy?
5th, litimot andd hamus new yeqerehi, does it really matter anyway even if I tried to convince you to like our country Ethiopia?
Save your breath for that final moment of prayer. The angel of death is hovering above you!
May the devil have mercy on your soul!!!!

03/13/13 @ 16:33
Comment from: On the Nile Dam We are all Woyane [Visitor]
On the Nile Dam We are all Woyane

Correction: Ethiopians yesterday, today and tomorrow will embrace the Nile Dam as one of their greatest achievents.

03/13/13 @ 16:33
Comment from: On the Nile Dam We are all Woyane [Visitor]
On the Nile Dam We are all Woyane

If Prof Al thought Nile Dam is a woyane issue, he solely miscalculated. Ethiopians yesterday, today and tomorrow will embrace the Nile Dam as one of their greatest achievements. Governments come and go but the Dam is ours to keep.

This good-for-nothing professor is exposed for who he is. I will never consider him an Ethiopian. He should change his citizinship to Egyptian or Eritrean. He doesn’t have an Ethiopian character

03/13/13 @ 16:36
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]


I’m afrais to tell you, but your arguments sounds the usual directionless movement of the diaspora politics that have been going on without positive result for years. As result, most people are geting tired and sick to hear such kind of vague and missionles poletics….

Don’t try to change the topic that most people enged in? I thought, people are debating about Al’s controversial article in regard to the Hidatsa gidib or dam that Ethiopia building on the ABAY REVER, because he has offended so many Ethiopian by posting himself as outsider than being Ethiopian….

I have no problem that you dislike the current government TPLF/EPRDF of Ethiopia and the Eretrian government Shaibia, but you have to come up with a smart political movement that would attract the majority people…if you have a smart idia, I’m sure people will support you. Also, you need to pririotize your problems and solve the things that people wanted them to be solved first…

Therefore, opposing everything that is going on in Ethiopia, because you don’t support or agree with current government is not a smart poletical movement, and it will not help you to achieve your goals…

So, I’m sure you understand what I’m trying to say, unless you are one of those Shaibia’s cadres foolishly wasting their time in Ethiopia’s political affair than concentrating on their own shithole problems…

God bless the world!

03/13/13 @ 17:09
Comment from: Wondu [Visitor]

I could not believe I’m reading an article written by an Ethiopian professor. I think Almariam you need to re-examine yourself, your thinking, rationality and at least what you want. You have gone extreme and sounded too sarcastic. sad to undermine ethiopia and ethiopians and to side yourself with its enemies…shame. I think your problem is you in a different world of your own…

03/13/13 @ 17:24
Comment from: my2cents [Visitor]

Fitawrari Free,

Although you are admired for most of your stands, I think your are wrong on this one. The professor has been right on many things, this one included. He is a scholar fellow therefore his analysis must be free from self-interests and bias. You are the last reed of non-Tigrians with functioning brains including patriootism thanks to Woeyanes. The Egypytian from thoudands of miles did not d that to you. Please be smart like the professor and know your stuff.

McCarthyism is the practice of making accusations of disloyalty, subversion, or treason without proper regard for evidence. It also means “the practice of making unfair allegations or using unfair investigative techniques, especially in order to restrict dissent or political criticism.” [1] The term has its origins in the period in the United States known as the Second Red Scare, lasting roughly from 1950 to 1956 and characterized by heightened fears of communist influence on American institutions and espionage by Soviet agents. Originally coined to criticize the anti-communist pursuits of Republican U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin, “McCarthyism” soon took on a broader meaning, describing the excesses of similar efforts. The term is also now used more generally to describe reckless, unsubstantiated accusations, as well as demagogic attacks on the character or patriotism of political adversaries. -Wikipedia

03/13/13 @ 17:37
Comment from: Lobby [Visitor]

Having read all these comments, I see hope in my generation: Despite all our ethnic and political differences, we have proved to ourselves and traitors (Bandas) like CANCER Al. G. Mariam, and Ethiopian enemies!

Unfortunately we inherited so many “carcinogenic” puffed up elites like Dr Behanu Nega and this Al. G/Mariam, AND “extremists” like late PM Zenawi and practically dead E.Afeworki (and M.H/Mariam)! We also inherited ignorant cultist and stupid “Neftegnas", who and some “Narrow minded” individuals identifying themselves as Oromos and other nationalities! And many others! Had they compromised for the common-good of all of us, not behaved like Neanderthals killing each other, compromised and sacrificed their ego…we could have indeed been symbols of prosperity, pride and hope for the rest of mankind, especially to our poor Black nations worldwide!

I all Ethiopian who live from Eritrea to Bale-Kenya borders, from East to West come hand in had together, in true brotherhood, and once again our so called “Renaissance” will be true! Till then I pray and do my own best, that our manacles and curses (like Berhanu Nega, E. Afeworki, Al G/Mariam, and many in TPLF and so called oppositions ) DIE! They are just unable to change! The sooner they die, the better (perhaps the best) we will ever be!

03/13/13 @ 18:20
Comment from: [Member]

TPLF-EPRDF is entirely controlled by eritreans. I do supportethiopians of eritrean origin, who stand with ethiopians at all ethiopians. The problem we have TPLF-EPRDF is they are falsifying ethiopian history and are depossessing th ethiopian people from their sovereign territories. It is imperative we overthrow this government by all means. The construction of The NIle Dam is strategic and we have to support it. But what we have to do is to reclaim our region, the so-caled eritrea, which is a sovereign ethiopian territory. Why should Italy be the defining factor for Ethiopia;s own land. In 1896 Italy was besieged by Ethiopia. So why do we give Eritrea to Italy? Menelik leased Eritrea to Italy and the UN federated it with Ethiopia which is primarily wrong. Eritrean or Tigrean TPLF-EPRDF have landlocked Ethiopia and are not ethiopians because they are exploiting our people by giving away their own ports to Eritrea and Egypt is having a free hand on the Red Sea. This the point we have to stand on and filter every one as enemy or patriot. Those who are against the secession of Eritrea are ethiopians and those who support the secession and ethnic federalism are enemies.

As to the Nile Dam, it should be supported. It might not be constructed at all. The money might be channelled to other bodies because of the rampant corruption. But we can always bring those who have stolen from the ntional coffer to court after the downfall of TPLF-EPRDF. We should support development projects but fight the TPLF-EPRDF to fall and struggle for a democratic Ethiopia at the same time.

03/13/13 @ 18:23
Comment from: Belay [Visitor]

the heated debate between the
pro Renaissance Dam Vs. anti Renaissance Dam is interesting.
its clear the anti Renaissance Dam team led by Pr. Al have been trashed. this is historic and i hope will save this thread. i want to see this thread 5-10 years from now and see who stood with who in the mean time as a pro Renaissance i will cross my finger and do my part to see the dam stand. Amen to that!

03/13/13 @ 18:40
Comment from: Magdala [Visitor]

Italian slaves (eritreans) jealous of Ethiopian Renaissance dam and being left behind Ethiopian development projects since their foolish secession. Djibouti profiting immensely from Eritrean stupidity and colonized mentality.

Since 1993, when tiny Eritrea seceded from Ethiopia – which has more than 58 million people – Eritrea’s dreams of prosperity have faded. The Ethiopian economy has grown more than 5 percent annually for five years, while Eritrea has not kept pace. As each new concrete factory and textile mill went up in Ethiopia, Eritreans feared their sister country would become financially independent, leaving them adrift.
So when Eritrea’s currency was issued in 1997, its central bank wanted the nakfa traded at par with the Ethiopian currency – a move that would have bound the two economies. Ethiopia refused and said all transactions must take place in hard currency, which Eritrea does not have. The move hurt Eritrean pride and potential profits.
Then, in January, Ethiopia stopped buying its gasoline from an aging oil refinery in the Eritrean port of Assab, instead buying refined oil directly from producers. Further, Ethiopian traders were ordered by the government to trade with the port in nearby Djibouti, bypassing Eritrea.
“That was crippling,” Cornwall said. “Eritrea gets tens of millions of dollars from that port and its refinery every year. When the Ethiopians pulled out, the economy took a hit.”
With tensions high, attention turned to land disputes along the countries’ common border.


03/13/13 @ 18:54
Comment from: Lazy Observer [Visitor]
Lazy Observer

I think at this point even the most selfish and militaristic Egyptians must be thinking this guy is an old fool…..

03/13/13 @ 19:32
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

The professor has been right on many things, this one included. He is a scholar fellow therefore his analysis must be free from self-interests and bias.

My2cent, adhering to the very idea of protecting one’s scholarly reputation at the cost of the strategical interests of the mass is an act of self-preservation. It is an act of protecting one’s self-interest at the cost of the strategical interests of one’s country and people. That is called treason, an act the professor committed here. However, i know that the professor himself would agree with me this is rather more of a simple article on the current and historical affairs of Ethiopia than academical paper. It is very far from it. This is indeed a very biased piece, one that favors egypt’s interest while ridiculing and taunting the Ethiopians’ resolve, ingenuity, methods and capacity to master their own destiny and free themselves from the shackles of chronic poverty. It is an article that was written by a man whose intellectual honesty, academic objectivity, political judgement and strategy have been effectively clouded and crippled by the personal hate and grudge he, the writer, holds against an individual who was temporarily a central figure of the subject matter. Unlike the academician Al, we are however here only to defend, protect, and promote our country’s interest, which is also our own very interest. Are we biased? Yes we are, in that proudly so and we expected the professor in the same Ethiopian waggon. He has chosen intellectual dishonesty to score a point against a deceased dictator and in turn has committed treason, knowingly or unknowingly, by favoring Egypt’s interest over his own country’s. What a conceited and massively arrogant prof.

Kul, I am with you on this all the way. There is never good reason to to side with the enemy against your own. It is treason. And yes, we can not, should not and must not tolerate anyone who acts that way to preserve one’s academic or political or financial interest.

03/13/13 @ 20:02
Comment from: dagonaz [Visitor]

bullshits ignorant sycophant

03/13/13 @ 20:09
Comment from: East Africa Analyst [Visitor]
East Africa Analyst

This article is bankrupt of ideas, its another recycling of ethno-centric hatred and waste.

The author shows a lack of new ideas and critical analysis.

One wonders where this “Al Mariam” got his PhD from?

03/13/13 @ 20:36
Comment from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]

ፊታውራሪ Free [Member], You said..
“..When Minilik declared war on invading Italians and asked every citizen to start fighting, no one complained he was a dictatorial ruler from Shewa and stayed behind. They answered the call and made history…”

I was being neither.. stiff nor slow. I was just stating Meles says the same thing about Minilik because he hates Amhara. Atse Minilik did lead his army to Adwa, he was there. He may not have drawn his sword and.. but he was there. He did not stay behind and he was not a dictator. That is what I was saying. Just like Melese who learned it from IsayASS, you repeated the shit. Hence the woyane shit thrown @ya.. if you are not, you are not. Relax!

So, now you said.. “..Get some sleep or better yet get laid and reread the comment if u care to do so..” No dude. You read what you posted and go easy with the bad mouthing, eshi? There is nothing to understand about the attempt by Tplf and Eplf to discredit the great Kings of Ethiopia. If you are going to take that point of view, you are as anti Ethiopian as IsayASS/Meles in my view. I expressed it as it is my democratic right to do so. We can calmly review both our points or you can act same as your last reply and we will spend our time calling each other shitty things. I prefer not to.

I’m happy to know you do not care about my opinions. The feeling is mutual now.. if it wasn’t before. We can also agree that me the “juvenile latecomer” had you ranting like a lunatic over my opinions, which you care not about. Not to be judgemental but, are you saying kehuala yemeta nazret lay hasabun mestet aychelem? If this is reserved for “Members” only… you need to post a sign. If not, be ready to take what you dish out. We discuss here all may not be to your liking but if not abused, I will not abuse back, so kill the noise. Bro, I am not new to this site, maybe a different name, but.. “Kehuala yemeTa, Ayin AwuTa!..” really? Was that even necessary?

Rest assured your Ethiopiawinet was never in question with me. Howeva’, the Q is.. who said Woyanes are not Ethiopians? They may be “fuckin woyane” but they are still Ethiopian. It is what it is bro. Relax, no need to go hostile here and trust me.. I get may share of the lay!&#59;)have no worries.

Be cool…!

03/13/13 @ 21:04
Comment from: George [Visitor]

All this times,whatever this man posted I always read a bit of his lenthly report and have given my comment respectively addressing him as Prof Alemayehu. From now onwards I shall call him not only Alemayehu but Alemayehu the Biggest Traitor of all time.

Like many of you who commented above I am indeed dismayed by this man who shows total contempt for his country and doesn’t hesitate to sell out his country and people. What a shameful man provokes neighbouring coutries declare war on his people and country?!!

What a shame also Meless is no longer here to tell this Fool and others to teach them a lesson as he used to. Shame also that he is missed so much to tell the Arabs not to panic but think positively. He had already told them that Ethiopians cannot always starve while they are eating and using the Nile water for their recreational purposes and tourism. The only way is he said a “win win” situation. If they want war I would say let them have it but the outcome is predicatable: they will come out as big losers. They should remember the Nile is in our hands and not in theirs. My advice is go for peaceful negotiation with Ethiopia and other African countries and don not listen to mad man Alemayehu because clearly he is a fool.
Peace for Ethiopia and its npeople.

03/13/13 @ 21:30
Comment from: Dany [Visitor]

His true color just come out.

And he is going down with his friends Abebe Gelaw, Abebe Belew and the TV station he founded ESAT.

He was politico-spiritual leader of die hard opposition in the diaspora who, are knowingly or by ignorance, conspire against mother Ethiopia and anything Ethiopia is doing to get out of poverty. Most of his listeners chose to fund his station instead of the historical image changing struggle of their brothers and sisters consumed by his conspiracy theory.

Today is a good day for Ethiopia. This cancer just committed suicide writing this article and most Ethiopians in the diaspora just woke up from his “azim". I predict, now because of the time lost, they are going to be part of the struggle in a hurried manner and be involved in the bond buying.

03/13/13 @ 22:08
Comment from: Taxi D. [Visitor]
Taxi D.

ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

Thank you for you kind words and for the immeasurable value and liveliness you bring to every discussion.

03/13/13 @ 22:12
Comment from: Magdala [Visitor]

Egypt, Come and Repeat History

The Ethiopians selected the battlefield and inflicted a catastrophic defeat at the battle of Gundet (16 November 1875). Here Arendrup left the fortifications erected by Dennison and went off to help Count Zichy’s tiny reconnaissance unit. Dennison urged Arendrup not to make this dangerous move, but the Dane went anyway and was soon overwhelmed by a far larger Ethiopian force. This left Majors Dennison, Rushdi and Rushton Bey in three separate positions in very rough terrain. When he heard firing, Rushton Bey moved out to help but was similarly overwhelmed, the veterans of Crete putting up a fierce resistance before being bowled over by sheer numbers. Dennison and Rushdi now joined forces on a mountaintop which their men fortified as best they could. Next day, refusing Ethiopian demands to surrender and with their hopelessly outnumbered men close to panic, Bimbashis Dennison and Rushdi placed themselves at the head of a close-packed column with revolvers in their hands, threatening to shoot anyone who marched ahead of them. An epic march through the Eritrean mountains followed, before the survivors reached the safety of Massawa.

Most of the men who fell into Ethiopian hands were slaughtered, the rest being castrated before being sent to Massawa with the message: ‘Here are your soldiers Ismail. If you want any more eunuchs for your harem, drive up the rest of your army.’ Furthermore the Ethiopians captured so much weaponry that the military balance was altered. Nevertheless Khedive Ismail insisted on revenge. Gen. Stone wanted total victory over the Ethiopians but most of the senior Turco-Circassian officers favoured a limited punitive expedition. This, they correctly believed, was more realistic. The Turco-Circassians also wanted one of their own men in command, while the Americans wanted one of theirs. In the end Ismail compromised all round. The aims of the January—March 1876 campaign remained unclear; the Sirdar Muhammad Pasha Ratib was in command with Amir-Liwa Loring as second-in-command. Unfortunately Loring regarded himself as co-commander while many Americans considered that he was actually in charge. While Loring was hot tempered, used his cane on junior Egyptian officers, spoke neither Arabic nor Turkish and had limited French, Ratib was different in almost all respects. This small, wizened man was not the incompetent coward described by most Western commentators. Courteous and with genuine concern for his troops, Muhammad Pasha Ratib was an experienced and courageous veteran of the Cretan campaign. He was also a cautious commander in the style of Ulysses Grant or Montgomery. His old-fashioned ideas may also have been more attuned to Egyptian capabilities. In addition to cultural and personality clashes, there was argument about tactics. Loring and Dye wanted a rapid advance over a wide front by several columns. This reflected their Civil War experience but was probably impossible with the available transport. Ratib wanted a cautious approach along a single axis and garrisoning their supply lines. Disagreement at the top filtered down to more junior officer ranks, Dye even striking an Egyptian Bimbashi named Ibrahim Lutfi.

This Egyptian force was larger and better equipped than Arendrup’s but its morale was far inferior. It also faced problems with drinking water, especially after establishing a fortified position at Gura. The Ethiopians now arrived more quickly than expected. Ratib wanted to make the Ethiopians attack the Egyptians in their well-prepared position. Loring and Dye insisted on taking the offensive, and Ratib gave way. The resulting battle of Gura (7—9 March 1876) was another disaster with the hugely outnumbered Egyptians advancing into the open where they were overwhelmed by Ethiopian warriors who made excellent use of the broken terrain. The survivors, their morale shattered, took refuge in their field fortifications where Ratib refused to permit a cavalry sortie and concentrated on strengthening the defences. This forced the Ethiopians to attack, as he had always wished, and as a result they suffered as many casualties as the Egyptians. It was now stalemate and eventually the Ethiopians had to withdraw, since their supply system was even worse than that of the Egyptians. Of 2,189 Egyptians captured at Gura, only one hundred and thirty were sent back; the rest were massacred. The American Surgeon-Major Johnson also survived capture and appalling suffering.

03/13/13 @ 22:31
Comment from: Ethiopiawinet [Visitor]

Fascist alcoholic Addis Zemen

I am really sorry for the labeling. You always start with decade long faded labelings so I came up with your ancestors real “fascist” labelings.

So far you were unable to stir up violence and killings in the country in order to able you spray bullets on the people you labeled them terrorists, extremist islam barbarism, and so on. Why?
Those peaceful Ethiopian Muslims resent and refused to fail to your evil trap.
They refused to break 100 of buses you lined up infront of their mosques.
They refused to throw a single stone on your barbaric police forces when they killed six year old children in Assessa and Harar plus dozens killed and wounded.
I cannot list your crime of terrorism you committed on peaceful unarmed people.

Am I hallucinating when I said the above. May be I am from another planet. You must be in denial of the fact shown on Youtube.

First, lean back and expand, so that you can take in more air. The more air you take in, the easier your brain works and the better you’ll understand what I’m telling you. Irrelevant? Not at all Addis Zemen.

Let me tell you about myself. As a matter of fact, talking about oneself is usually a sign of being self-conceited, but my case is rather different; I actually wish to make you reflect on how perfectly I’ve been created.

Do you need to know more of this…?
or you want be ‘besbasa, gim,’ liar, beast killer, stone head, etc.

You are still cancer wherever you go. You pick childish advise instead of adult. That’s why with your little brain you cause problem for Ethiopia.

I would rather have freedom than living with humiliation, torture, killings under voodo economy or 20% economic growth.
Let my own people kill me rather than those who hate and kill me for being different from them.

Good points.
Prof Al surpass those mini-malnourshid brain holders.

free (member)

I really advise you that this kind of nationalism is not good as the late Tilahoun Gizaw taught us then.

Prof Al is big for you to judge him with your petit brain you show us here every day.
I am an Ethiopian though you may not agree based on whose religion came first as you said before. Yours came first so you are the only Ethiopian.

Well, well.
You mentioned a lot of staff. Some of them are extreme like your faith:-
1) treason
2) strategical interest of the mass
3) favor Egypt interest over his own country.
4) Prof. has hidden agenda
and so forth….

Wendimie, You are religious person as often see you when express your hate to Islam and those you call them barbaric Arabs.
I call those haters are religious like Assta & co. They teach good religion.
You even started to write like him by listing your points the way you see the world behind your unconscious brain.

Here is religious advise for you:

Sufis use the word ‘huzn’(it’s Arabic word not yours) (in English means sadness) as the opposite of rejoicing and joy, and to express the pain one suffers while fulfilling his or her duties until the sighs of oppressed Muslims and other oppressed peoples cease.

Prof Al will feel ‘huzn’ for your ignorancy and arrogancy but will take a big sigh when the truth comes out on his side as a winner. Until then bark, write whatever you want.

Prof Al will keep Ethiopia at safe because of his intelecual far sighted vision for the country while you’ll threaten her future existence with your childish ‘Zeraf, Zeraf’ policy on your neighbors, Muslims inside and outside.
Mengistu was more Nationalist just like Stalin and you.
Where is the old Ethiopia today? Eritea was gone forever. Who follows next! Why? because of your traditional, rigid, uncivilzed mentality of copts.

Prof Al for Ethiopia and not the rest of you.

03/13/13 @ 23:07
Comment from: Yonas [Visitor]

“Meles’ disciples would be wise to remember an old prophesy as they march headlong to build their doomsday dam on the Nile: “God gave Noah the Rainbow Sign: No more water. The fire next time!”” What is the nutty professor al mariam saying? God actually align himself with the the Egyptians and destroy the Ethiopians with fire or the Egyptians will do it with al mariams atomic bomb. This jack ass has no limit, hopeless and pathetic looser. Keep it up. Ethiopians will never forget.

03/13/13 @ 23:43
Comment from: BEHELLO [Visitor]

some time you don’t even thing what about you are talking about mother fucker hated oppositions. do you think that matter to Saudi Arabia? not at all but they need our ladies to be their legal sexual and servant slaves for their life. they hate to see Ethiopia’s growth and development and the gas and become a independent on their help believe or not we the TPLF will build this DAM check on our history we are always history makers. we will get done this victory done shortly after. you like abay to get build but need the history to be done by you we take the history already shit on your pant. Ethiopia will shine and you will keep barking abroad washing the dish. peace for Ethiopia and its people. God will bless Ethiopia and its people.

03/14/13 @ 00:08
Comment from: Sleepless in Asmera [Visitor]
Sleepless in Asmera

Please Ethiopians don’t build this dam. its not good

03/14/13 @ 00:12
Comment from: Girma Negash [Visitor]
Girma Negash

In my opinion the author of the article analyzed the truth to which Ethiopia might face in near future. If this, not well thought, project continues to life, the consequences will for Ethiopia 1) Economically (lack of money- means load to the overall the country’s economy) 2) Politically (confrontation with Egypt- means may be war) .
So the Ethiopia government should find a golden mean to get out from this extremely difficult situation, of course, not by bragging, but by diplomacy using cool mind and multistage game.

03/14/13 @ 01:36
Comment from: Mr.Wise [Visitor]

Do you guys believe this is the result of our missbehave with Egypt?

Lesson to be learned to woy’ne.

BTW I like Al.

03/14/13 @ 03:57
Comment from: Lobby [Visitor]

@ Ethiopiawinet [Visitor]

If you are wise, you better renounce your Wahhabi extremist international terror sponsoring allies and their beliefs, because they just ruin you! Your dream of stone-age barbarian Taliban society can never be real in Ethiopia!

You, inherently evil brute nature does not have any piece of “Ethiopiawinet", and you wtiring it here is nothing but disgrace! I can see the empathy you and CANCER AL G/Mariam have for Ethiopia’s sworn enemies! I hope you will join the from in their invasion you are dreaming of! Surely, we will capture you and CANCER Al G/Mariam in the battle together with the enemy! We will send the captured enemy naked and bare footed for the sake of their adulterous mothers! Before that, we will stand you and people like CANCER Al G/Mariam in front of them and cut you slowly from your legs to neck till we behead and destroy the poisonous content of your brains! Then we will tell to the enemy, that, it is this way we treat an enemy and a common TRAITOR like you and CANCER Al G/Mariam!

You scum of the earth, you sold your mother for rubbish! We have so many disagreements, but we never bet against our FAMILY! Even though we have different opinions and conflicts amongst ourselves, we never bet against ETHIOPIA! Indeed we never trade with the enemy, because we are ETHIOPIANS! You don’t understand this, because you and CANCER Al G/Mariam are nothing but CANCER: Humanity that went wring!

03/14/13 @ 05:43
Comment from: RED SEA MAN [Visitor]

Idiots !
Most of you are very gullible chimpanzees,
Don’t even have no clue what? why? the professor
is saying I bet he loves his country better than
you do and knows the water belongs to him too.
But, he is sure about the devil Woyane’s work.
Creating internal support and popularity by
simply acting patriot, or even controlling the
resource of Amhara water and land for good, this
dam won’t serve no Ethiopian irrigation or electric
even if its completed.

WTF, shut your hole ‘Lokmats’ you are not “eritrean”
Your stepdad must have screwed both your mom
and yourself shit head ,u r @game.

Business is Business, it’s time for Eritrea make some $$
The way I see it, give base Egypt army in Eritrea, for both nations security. This way Eritrea will cut down major defense budget.
Egyptian base to screw your beggars azz. Zalambessa
Bure, Assab, some other Red Sea coast for Egyptian
No black man of sub sahran see Ethiopians as pure
Blacks anyway, Dikala hula you know you all got Arab in yourself it’s just the inferiority complex. Habeshi–shiters

Amharas and Agames united or not both of you evils
will confront the Sudaness and Egyptian army very soon
whether you like it or not. The Saudies will finance the war
and all Arabs will support it.

03/14/13 @ 08:02
Comment from: dubale [Visitor]

I swear to God…I only read one page of his article and got the whole idea what he wanted to say.
you know what i felt while reading?
I felt like to shit on his empty head. what a traitor professor!!!

03/14/13 @ 08:28
Comment from: Tefera [Visitor]

Hagere Ethiopia
you completely misunderstood free. You should know the view some ethiopians like oromos have about atse menelik is different from yours and mine but that didn’t stop them from fighting and dying for Ethiopia. That was frees point and message, besides Menelik wasn’t perfect, nor were any of the leaders before or after him, but that doesn’t take away his great leadership to keep Ethiopia free from colonization. So calm down.

03/14/13 @ 09:41
Comment from: TigreeTplf [Visitor]

Prof. Alm., Some of us are astonished with your professional responsibility though there are many cloud comments from the participants of this forum. Next, we expect similar post on the Dam from you, then we see what will happen.

03/14/13 @ 09:45
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

Red Shit man…LOL!

Where have you been? Did your crazy boss just let you loose from your rat cage to say all the shits you have gotten in your chicken head? You are such a clown man that you bring so much fun to the audience of this site and please don’t disappear?? I mean, ask your crazy boss to let you free forever…LOL.

As for your bluffing to give your a**s to any enemies that wishes to confront Ethiopia, be our guest….we know that you will never lean from your mistakes, but we have to serve you as you wish…

God bless the world!

03/14/13 @ 09:48
Comment from: [Member]

Professor Al,

Say sorry before it is too late! There is a big difference between opposing woyanne and right out advocating for our enemies. You have until Friday!

- Challenger

P.S. those of you who post rubbish on this site, ment4you, Teddy, et al, I will start deleting your posts until you clean up your acts. Grow the hell up!

03/14/13 @ 10:59
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

The message to Prof Al from Nenewe is

“I disagree with your impartial analysis more than I disagree with the GOE/TPLF. You are the epitome of those who live to see the disintegration of the Ethiopia.”

I agree with Nenewe, and I believe that is the spirit most commentators displayed after reading this article.

Tefera, exactly my point, thanks man!

Taxi D, the feeling is mutual and i hope u will start writing more whenever time permits.

Challenger, it is good to see you man! oh i forgot to say, i kind of like ur ultimatum. what do u have in store for him if friday passes without his apology? whatever happens on friday, i say u should start writing.

03/14/13 @ 13:22
Comment from: [Member]

We will support the Nile Dam to be constructed. If each of us loose some 1000 bags in good faith, does it really matter? How many of us spend more than 1000 bags for drinks and unnecessary treats? We have the money and we should give it for the construction of the Nile Dam. It would change the course of history, as did the Battle of Adwa. The problem is TPLF-EPRDF may not be serious.

Egypt and the other Arab countries may go for war, but this should not be a problem. A war with Egypt will open a new opportunity for Ethiopia. We might again take back “Eritrea” and even occupy some territory of Sudan and south Egypt as a garantee for peace.

The government should go ahead with the construction of the Nile Dam. Maybe the construction of the Nile Dam may bring national reconciliation and we may be able to work out a plan for a democracy Ethiopian Style.

God bless Ethiopia !

03/14/13 @ 14:43
Comment from: LOU [Visitor]

Prof. Al,

I was totally wrong when I assumed that you are a sophisticated scholar. Now, I have to put myself in reverse angle to recognize your lack of wisdom, intlect, and even honesty; within your scope of self-centered thesis.

03/14/13 @ 15:17
Comment from: Habeshia! [Visitor]

This guy–almariam is nuts!

He’s so tired and out of ideas. His most writing here is from the previous articles where he is always grawling about the achievements of meles. He’s a huge admirer of Meles, by the way. I am a 1000% sure about that, but he is extremely jealous that Meles could lead the country forever–unlike the wasted life of this useless professors.

03/14/13 @ 15:41
Comment from: jaallelle ! [Visitor]
jaallelle !


You have no effect when comes to what happens in Ethiopia at all because you are a nobody. But I am glad you published this article because it exposes the real you. You are a sell out who would side with anyone so long as they are against Woyane–even the historical enemies like egypt. Even if we go to a war with Egypt, we will always have some who might surrerder to them as some of most of theirs will do to us. Alex, u did it too early :) Wugiyaw sayjemer ejisshin seteshna, melisesh agerishin mewgat jemerish…haha..

But actually, egypt won’t be so stupid to go to a war with Ethiopia on this because that would be a huge historical mistake on the Nile. Ethiopia is on the rise. So, one way or another Ethiopia will secure its right to use this water. So, the egyptians would be smart not make this problem that way. Even if they manage to stop the project temporarirly, they can be assured they will pay so dearly and permanently endanger their future on the Nile. Again, there is no way back for Ethiopia. The coming few decades, Ethiopia will be the African Power and egypt can be sure of the fact that, the nile will be our number one priority.

So, it’s by far better for the egyptians to get ready to share the water peacefully.

My idea is Egypt should assure Ethiopia they can buy the gnerated power almost permanently in exchange for Ethiopia not divert the river for a lot of agricultural purposes. That should be a deal.

03/14/13 @ 15:57
Comment from: Tegadalay! [Visitor]

yehe dedeb sew—McDolnald eyebela yederg nafkotun yangoragural …….tizitash zewetir wedene eyemeta….. &#59;)

So long as you hate the progress of Ethiopia under EPRDF, you have many more years to suffer in &#59;)

03/14/13 @ 16:12
Comment from: Eritrean refugee [Visitor]
Eritrean refugee

I don’t like the sound of this dam, this means ethiopia will develop more and eritrea will be more poor. its a bad idea please stop it. try to overthrow your government.

i need to find one of my lost kidneys one of my arab bedouin buddies borrowed it can’t find him… brb

03/14/13 @ 17:31
Comment from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]

Comment from: Tefera [Visitor],
Hagere Ethiopia
**Yes sir.. that’s moi!

you completely misunderstood free.
**I doubt that.

You should know the view some ethiopians like oromos have about atse menelik is different from yours and mine but that didn’t stop them from fighting and dying for Ethiopia.

**That is true. What atse Minilik did is called nation forming. You invade and build a nation. In those days they did that.. that was then, this is now.

That was frees point and message, besides Menelik wasn’t perfect, nor were any of the leaders before or after him, but that does not take away his great leadership to keep Ethiopia free from colonization.

**That is clear to me. Still, I would’nt call Minilik a dictator. The mentality of 100 years ago and now is totally different. Still, without Minilik, there would have been no Ethiopia. That’s all I was saying.

So calm down.
**Oh.. I’m calm. But, I know free is capable and does not need your help. Besides, we are discussing politics.. things could get heated, still it is in the best of intentions as Ethiopians and not meaning to offend anyone. Bro, it is the love of country and the history Meles called teret teret I rose in defense of. If free is Oromo and he holds a thing on Minilik, that is fine but it does not change the fact this King beat the Italians with the help of the nation of people he formed. I do not deny he conquered and forced all to come together. I only wish Meles learned from that and fought for Ethiopia and not shabia. Just saying.

I thank you for the clarification, it is much appreciated.

03/14/13 @ 18:32
Comment from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]

RED SEA MAN [Visitor],

It is unfortunate the same people you insult, Tplf, supported your deldey afrash separatist leboch. As I have said for years, here on nazret.. yap I been here a while&#59;) Ethiopia has one major enemy and that is a so called independent Eritrea. Red, you ought to thank your lucky stars Tplf intervened or the Derg would have made you sing as stated by those who helped you and taught you how to fight, “tezetash zeweter wedene eyemeta.”

Tezeta, a beautiful melody.. a song of love. An Ethiopian song that has nothing to do with Derg. And may I say those who eat at McD.. bad for you. So now ato tegaday, are we to bring Tezeta in to the Tplf and Ethiopians conflict? I doubt any Ethiopian misses the Derg but.. you are entitled to your degrading the points of those who oppose your Tplf for what it is. Bravo!

03/14/13 @ 18:48
Comment from: [Member]

People in the Scholastic realm impose their own intellectual formative academic understanding as the only heuristic solutions.

People in the academic world impose their own thought desire and suggestions on others ignoring definitive understanding of multiple centers in human behavior culture religions—etc especially when it comes to verboten national security of a State.

Scholars are always textual and hermeneutics they advocate temporal logic rather than branching logics of possibilities.

Scholars are expert in denotative and designative arguments.

Of course knowledge equals accurate awareness but propositional beliefs are not necessarily awareness.
Look for example.

1–In the history of Somalian transitional government two professors and nine scholars join to form legitimate government. What happened were the intellectual elites tried to form a government strictly based on western type of democracy in the jungle of clan warfare.

2-When the current president of Somaliland collected 19 well educated intellectuals out of his 26 cabinets ministers in 2010,the first issue for these intellectual scholars was raising Sir Robert George Howe’s structuring of Horn of Africa that gave Ethiopia some land from Somaliland.

3-When the first Clinton administration came in to office he chose two most glaring Academics in his economic team they never served more than a year.

4-Here we have Ethiopian Muslim intellectual scholars who stopped wearing necktie portraying our Muslims as the only beautiful flower in the bouquet with out understanding our active pessimist Muslem communities in Ethiopia.

Well, me too I participated on every barricade in the west that advocated communism that was meant for well educated industrial labor to be applied on Ethiopian bare footed peasants.

Amazing Intellectuals .Thanks.

03/14/13 @ 19:29
Comment from: challenger [Visitor]


Good to see you too, my friend! How have you been?
I think Prof Al should be given a chance to correct his mistakes. Hopefully some folks around him will reach out to him to offer him a chance to dig himself out of this hole. This is simply a political suicide that I don’t wish to see any opposition member commit, let alone the guy who has been single-handedly routing the woyanne political machinery for years. However, if he fails to come clean, he can only hope and pray that the Pharaohs of Egypt protect him from the coming wrath from the jegena people of Ethiopia.
That said I have this nagging suspicion that he is letting his wide reach and relatively influential voice used by some dark forces of the West who wanted to send a message to the gov’t of Ethiopia, siding with their so-called geopolitical ally.
Whatever the case maybe the-uncalled-for ridicule of our country’s ability to fund the project, going beyond what is need to make the ridiculous point that we don’t stand a chance against Egypt’s military, is outrageous. The last time I was made to feel this disgusted and inconsequential was when woyanne sheepishly handed over our ports to shabia without any contest what so ever and wanted us to thank them for it.
I had a lot of respect for the good professor, and I am withholding judgment to extent that in such extraordinary moments a few individual’s opinion matters. But basically he has until Friday at 6pm New York time to get on ESAT to clarify the contents of his condescending and menacing article about our beloved country, acting as if he is looking out for us from foolishly being mowed down by Babu and Boutros flying in from the sky with their machine guns. God help us if Ali and Mohmammed come with their F-15 to start the mother of all wars. Oh God, what would become of us without General Al Mariam’s insightful military strategy?
Jokes aside, let alone Egypt, the entire Arab world dare NOT invade Ethiopia and live to tell about it. If you think Meles is the only one who had the wherewithal to defend Ethiopia, you have another thing coming. I say to those who think they have better odds now that Meles Zenawi is dead, BRING IT ON!!! If you think it’s “simply sending a fighter jet to bomb the dam and come back.” I would like to remind you that historical data doesn’t support such idiotic Arab dictators’ braggadocio. We have heard you say the same things to the US army just before being run over by the latter in less than 100 hours. I am not even going to count how many times the tiny Israel punished the entire Arab world in less than a week time. If it were as easy as they want us to believe, they wouldn’t have gone to Saudi Arabia for help. The truth of the matter is there will be NO war simply because there is a lot at stake here. I am not even going to waste my time listing them. What is surprising is that just when we have them right where we want them here come our guy preaching his defeatist sermon. There must be something in the water in California.

Instead of making a joke of oneself writing such half a cooked military analysis, it’s better to give the woyanne govt credit for how it has masterfully handled the delicate situation so far. The govt still insists and rightly so that dialogue and the ratification of an equitable water sharing agreement (treaty) by all stakeholders is the only way out of this impasse. I don’t know who in their right mind want to start a war before even making a single attempt to resolve this through negotiations. Only a bully would think he/she is too good to be considerate towards others needs’ and rights’.
What is long overdue is Egypt’s maturity. If they want to be taken seriously, they have to recognize that most of the countries in East Africa are international players. They are grownups. They are becoming too important due to their rapidly growing and transforming economies and the Chinese influence. Important geopolitical matters are no longer controlled through IMF’s and World Bank’s economic blackmail like before. Egypt needs to know that times have changed. They need to quit being a bully in the neighborhood or else will be ignored and face isolation.
By the way, because of this article I now support the Renaissance Dam. And pledge to contribute $10 for every day the professor goes MIA on this controversy. I hope you my friend Free will join me in this “the opposition for Ethiopia’s pride” demand from the mistaken professor. I have never been so angered and devastated in my life as I have by the sheer contempt and condescending attitude and ton displayed in this article towards our country for simply asking our fair share. My friend the time is ticking…


03/14/13 @ 21:17
Comment from: sf [Visitor]

@ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]
You said,
“Meles Zenawi sold Aseb to Shabia, and Professor Al tacitly approves it!

Meles Zenawi dammed Omo, and Professor Al disapproved it!

Meles Zenawi planned to dam Abay, and Professor Al disapproved it!

Professor Al is a Traitor, and he knows it!

Meles Zenawi was a Traitor, but he didn’t know it or he did know it and deny it!

Professor Al is a Traitor, and I know it!

Professor Al is a Traitor, and we know it!

Professor Al should recant this article, and formally apologize Ethiopia and her people!”

Obscure man, you are embarrassing yourself as the day pas. Do not think as a layman. Do not label individual as traitor. Respect the rights of an individual, that is the sign of a patriotism.
We all are free to our own vision. So do not try to bully him and others.
The great professor will not ask an apology to you and the likes. He is an intellectual and a saver of our Ethiopia.

03/15/13 @ 05:27
Comment from: Lobby [Visitor]

Lots of outcry 3-4 years before when GREAT Ghibe river dams were being built! Lots of international media, the West neo-colonialists, so called environmentalists, and common traitors so called “oppositions” were all against it! They even tried to instigate conflict between our-historic peaceful Kenyan brothers and sisters! We enormously increased our electricity production and coverage! Kenyan brothers and sisters dealt with us to purchase even more power!

ALAS!They failed! Now that is history!All their “bere welede” theories debunked! “Birile keneka…” Neftegna endalew, ahun tenekaktenal, no way back!

Lobby Oromo!

03/15/13 @ 06:17
Comment from: [Member]

sf, soo fa**d up,…

Your unconditional love to this senile oldman sold out Traitor and band almaria should end right here!
Your fakkd up brain cannot handle anything beyond this line. I’m telling you. Just jump off that almaria’s band wagon of the confused followers, ASAP, and denounce this mozzafakka hager shach banda almaria. This is an ultimatum to you and your likes innocent brain washed followers!

03/15/13 @ 06:34
Comment from: sf [Visitor]

@addis zemen [Visitor]
This is for you addis zemen. If you are humble for yourself.

Editor’s Note - “The regime in Addis Ababa survives not by the support of the people but by the multitudes of spies or undercover agents under its payroll. The agents may range from the ordinary spy in the street in Addis up to those in the Diaspora. The job of the cyber agents in the Diaspora is to discredit any article critical of the regime in power. Their unique feature? They are ordered to respond en masse to create the illusion that the article is indeed opposed by majority of Ethiopians. If scores have already tried to discredit the report by Dr ——, it is not because they are honest but because they are paid cyber agents whose full-time job is to defend the tyrannical regime in Addis.”

03/15/13 @ 10:43
Comment from: Semabewlew Beayalew [Visitor]
Semabewlew Beayalew

What do we expect from ethiomedia that is the usual west product of you and the likes.
I tell you what; clean up your rear-end and gloomy brain you have too.
From now on, Ethiopia shall not go back to your way of governship.
You can degrade, slander, bad mouthing, but we have reached on the point-of-no-return.
You can cry out–as it is the only thing at your disposal.
segera afe

03/15/13 @ 12:35
Comment from: Ebssa [Visitor]

To sf,

I am not a paid agent or whatever you call it. But it’s to funny that you are referencing a to disregard the Ethiopian People’s voice. Check the owners of before trying to make argument. One lone Abay Dam oppostion is trying to make a point by talking about ethiomedia:) Hope that you will comeout of this illusion:) and see the reality in Addis. I am saying this as a dispora and who is trying day and night to make my manufacturing business profitable (even though there is hardship…the good feeling hiring your own people is undeniable.)
Long Live AZ!

03/15/13 @ 13:05
Comment from: [Member]

sf, soooo funny,….

That’s the funniest diaspora editor’s claim I’ve ever heard! HaHaHaHa!
If some guy who called himself an Editor wrote that funny remark, I would say diaspora writers, editors, politicians, etc… opposition alike must have gone KAPUT and crazy beyond the limit and to the point of no return in lala land.
That’s why I like the input what some of you innocent and brain washed people bring once in a while. You’re the measuring stick of the diaspora few, who are in the middle confused and have no idea what to do.
Hey baby! If you’re reading that thing which you just referd the ed’s note from, you’re a lost soul, which we should save. Their must be so many lost souls like you, who are herded like a flok of sheep.

03/15/13 @ 14:06
Comment from: Work at home done [Visitor]
Work at home done

Mr prof Almariam Ur reflect egiptyan threat but Egyptian they know what happen if they attacked the DAM we know how to respond but befor any farther big historical damage we r poleticaly approach with cooperative as intrnational low with Sudan and Egypt but if they don’t like it and attack the Dam we Gonna prove no international low on the land and we respond resonbel and very effective and surprise but befor that pleas think with ur mined we r talking about Nile the origine of great Ethiopia

03/15/13 @ 14:35
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

Challenger, that was beautiful my friend and rest assured we are together on this one! For once, i thought how lekim would have reacted and felt had he seen what we have written here in defense of a plan that was authorized by the man he so devotedly worshiped for so long with the greatest zeal of all. Alas, he is still mourning with dust on his head and actively searching signs for the glorious second coming of the lord from dedebit. My guess is, lekim will succeed to see the return of meles before we hear any apology from the professor. I believe that the professor is very similar to the late dictator in many ways, and that might include a soft spot to enjoy and conform to the flattery and deceitful whims of western interest groups as you have inquired. May ye Ethiopia Amlak give him the wisdom and courage to admit guilt and correct himself.

03/15/13 @ 14:59

> I really admire Adal Isaw for dismantling the shallow thesis presented by the individual a.k.a. Prof. Al.

To me, this individual has severe identity and professional crisis. The fact that he hides himself behind several big titles such as the Professor of Political Science, Human Right Activist, and even at times Defense Lawyer show signs of morphing into abyss - the unknown.

Here are the immense signs of failures of the individual:

1. He must be a bankrupt defense lawyer who does not have any client to represent and hence cannot earn his living as a decent defense lawyer.

2. Secondly, he must be a failed part time professor who is struggling/desperate to keep his job as he is under pressure to produce scholarly articles every year which one of them is supposed to be this one.

3. Thirdly, he must be a failed Human Right Activist for he dose not have respect to the right of the Ethiopian people whom he identifies with to live as people and his nation as a country under international law.

When this individual hides himself behind such big names,to me, he is selling himself for fame and money to the highest bidder desperately before the sun sets.


03/15/13 @ 17:01
Comment from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]

Well, I see the demand has not been met and it is Friday..

I see no reason why any one should apologize for their opinion. I mean, this is America.. democratic rights prevail, unlike you know where. Last I checked was free for all opinions. The Prof did just that. He was talking of Meles and his goons. If you people here confuse that ass with Ethiopia, then it is your inability to see facts that blinds your view to what it means to have the right to express ones views without fear or, in this case, without foolish demands of apology. Besides, this is the very reason why many oppose the regime @ Arat Kilo.
AZ, you really need to understand what opposing points of view means. You said to sf.. ” I’m telling you. Just jump off that almaria’s band wagon of the confused followers, ASAP, and denounce this mozzafakka hager shach banda almaria. This is an ultimatum to you and your likes innocent brain washed followers!..”
Since I am included in the “your likes” I will not accept your ultimatum. So, whachu gonna’do? You sound just like the Tplf GOE.

I am in agreement with this article due to the fact Meles was not really intent on finishing this but trying to gain leverage in the region. A dangerous game. A game that will cost Ethiopians billions in dollars and millions in young lives not to mention what the ethnic strife will cause internally. I have been against the building of this dam, from the start, for the simple reason if built, it will create a long term conflict that will not end well for Ethiopia. Meles knew this.

Again, the prof can write anything about the GOE, Meles and your Tplf bandas, not to be mixed up with Ethiopia. The insane and overwhelming opposition to this article is so unfounded. It is a fact that this water is ours. We have the right to its use. We also MUST reject any agreements the colonials made. It is not binding. THAT IS MY VIEW. It is also my view we must know that all this bravado you guys display is a very dangerous one. It is a hindrance to facing the real topic regarding the threat we face. This water is what feeds the Sudanese people and the people of Egypt. I can’t say let all this people starve just because AZ and free and a few others are going to hop mad about it. I do not give a shit how others, emotionally charged citizens look at this because if the studies prove to be correct, we are looking at a catastrophic event to come. Based on that I say we shall share it equally through negotiations. It is a very wise strategy to know now is not the time to threaten anyone but to discuss on a better way to satisfy all and not choose ways that create conflict.

Ok now I know you woyanes and others here are going to get worked up but.. relax. Lets discuss this.

The main point here is not that we or the others military might but the human cost, the economic cost, the emotional cost and all the other toll a nation in war must face, longterm. Furthermore, we are surrounded. We are sitting ducks for our enemies starting with Eritrea. As we speak, they are salivating. Eritrea will allow an invading force, will secretly let use of their air fields, they will join the all out attack. They will push for it. Somalia is being armed by the US. Why? We have the Muslim issue with the Saudis behind it. We have the ONLF and others. Are we really in any position to be the ones to threaten any one? NO.

If anyone here is under the illusion the building of this dam will not lead to a major conflict, you all need to wake up. As for the West, they will side with Egypt. No ifs and buts about it. USA and England will give military support indirectly, Saudi will pay. If you all want my take on this, we will lose, big time. Go ahead and throw all the insults you want but nothing will change the hell that will break loose on our nation.. we will be like I said before, standing alone against all our enemies.. starting with Eritrea looking to butcher our people and territory, with Somalia out for revenge and take over the Ogaden and not to mention the internal ethnic tension.. I say hold the faking dam and play the game till we have a change of govt. A govt for the people, by the people. I say we wait until our close by enemies are removed.. not to do so will be suicide.

03/16/13 @ 00:24
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

Yetalesh syluat ezih Aloh bela chokesh…LOL.

How many time they need to be told those detached idiots that they are no body to tell the Ethiopian people, and government about what to be done or not to be done…

Let them preach what they have been told to preach by all the enemies of the Ethiopian people. Thats what they have been doing for the past 21 years, and no one should expects them to have a change of heart…

All we have to say is, you can preach whatever you want to preach behind your notebook/PCs, but you all toothless enemies should know that the ABAY Hidase Dam will be competed by the given time without any problem…

God bless the world!!

03/16/13 @ 03:13
Comment from: Terra-Sew [Visitor]

*Egypt from ancient times to the present (because of its dependence on Ethiopian rivers) never wanted to see a strong Ethiopia emerge. Egypt has always wanted to see a weak and divided Ethiopia, because that is in her strategic interest. The weaker Ethiopia becomes, Egypt believes that it can secure freely flowing rivers that cascade from the Ethiopian highlands carrying rich with topsoil.

When Egypt sees us build the Renaissance Dam to it this is its worst nightmare come true. Ethiopian leaders, therefore, should recognize that the RD is not a mere development project in Egypt’s eyes. It is more than that. It is a geo-strategetic undertaking of immense proportions, putting Egyptian future at stake. Likely Egyptian will go all the way to stop the completion of the Dam. We should always think about this possibility. To say this is not being timid or being an Ethiopia hater. To the contrary.

*So, given the possible attack from Egypt (covert or overt) how should then Ethiopia prepared to ward off this likely threat? Naively Ethiopia is currently excessively focused on building the Dam and not equally planning to protect it from any potential Egyptian attack. At this point Egypt thinks we will quickly run out of funds and that will be the last they hear of the Dam. But if we keep building then
Egyptian machinations are for sure. In order to effectively protect the Dam Ethiopia may be forced to allocate enormous resources.But can we afford to spend on the security of the Dam more than its economic benefits? That is not sustainable.

So what we need to do?

*For we Ethiopians our top priority should be saving our top soil and not damming Abay large-scale and keep the water on this side of the border. Actually, what we have been giving away freely to Sudan and Egypt for millennia is our most precious TOP SOIL.And that is what must concern us most and that is what we have to save as much we can. We can save our top soil by low-cost undertakings, such as making terraces, re-forestation, and by building micro-dams, etc.

*We cannot and we should not deny the Sudanese and Egyptians their access to life giving WATER. To do that will be totally against what defines us as ETHIOPIANS! We are not that kind of people! We cannot, and we not should not, scare our neighbors by any sign of denying them God’s gift, the means of their sustenance. We cannot show our mojo (macho) to our neighbors by threatening them with drought and thirst.

Remember the rest of the world will stand with Sudan and Egypt in this matter and not with us. Because they easily foresee the chaos that could follow in those two countries if the Nile fails.

Access to water is a human right!Let us make sure that we should not create even the slightest semblance of restricting access to life-giving water to our neighbors.Please let us not try to argue by drawing wrong parallel between oil and international rivers.

*Rather, here is the urgent task for us. We Ethiopians best focus on three areas to make us powerful in short time as possible - Keep building a modern economy, educate our people, and build a very united nation.

03/16/13 @ 04:21
Comment from: Yager_Sew [Visitor]

Here is the strategy that Ethiopia should follow aggressively in the future:

1. Accept the need and fact that the Nile water should be “equitably shared” among all the upstream and downstream countries as it would inhumane to condemn the Egyptian or Sudanese people to death. I believe nobody in his right mind would wish the two peoples to suffer. But the Ethiopian people have that same right as people to utilize their own resource.

2. The Ethiopian government needs to aggressively work towards the dismemberment of the Sudan as a policy by supporting and arming the Darfur and other Eastern Sudanese Rebels. This is the most cost effective policy that can paralyze Egypt into submission and acceptance of the Nile Treaty. We have seen this tool work effectively in the sublimation or disappearance of Somalia into thin air as a state after Mengistu Hailemariam armed the rebel groups in Somalia. That same policy has also worked effectively in the session of South Sudan after the dictator armed the SPLA to its teeth.

3. The Egyptian and Sudanese policies towards Ethiopia have been concentrated at weakening and ultimately dismantling Ethiopia so that they can continue to exploit the Nile at the expense of its people. This is a barbaric policy that need to be met. The Ethiopian government needs to tell the Ethiopian people day in and out about it. Every Ethiopian living abroad and at home should also strive to serve as a diplomat for his country by distributing leaflets at churches and mosques and other houses of worships as well any international conferences about the Nile River and the barbaric policy of the the Egyptian and Sudanese governments that bedevil the region.

03/16/13 @ 08:29
Comment from: [Member]

Professor Aemayehu,
As an Ethiopian, You would have supported the building of renaissance dam but I really do not know why you are against it and against almost all Ethiopians who was dreaming and now supporting this huge dam building that will help to carve the shortage of power in the country and further helps as additional source of earnings by selling power to neighboring needing countries . Why do you only see as one man show to the legacy of the late PM Meles and a call for war with Egypt and Sudan. Is Ethiopia has no right to utilize from the Nile water sourced from its soil and fall to satisfy only Egypt & Sudan only? Who is or will be calling for war ? Ethiopia has declared its intention that by any means it will not allow herself to harm Egypt or Sudan and displayed all relevant documents to Egypt & Sudan as a proof and called all world water institutions and researchers to examine that the project is to the benefit of Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt but not the opposite. Is the problem with you, that you think you know every thing while it seems ………

03/17/13 @ 10:37
Comment from: Belay [Visitor]

its hard to imagine what more ethiopia (not meles) can do than what she is doing . for last time, the building of this dam is to the benefit of egypt too. there is no reduction of water by the dam. the water is simply used to generate power and released down stream. what difference does it make for egypt as long as the water flows to it. the only time egypt could be affected is perhaps by the reduction to fill up the dam, which by the way happens to egypt during drouhgt time, but once the dam is full, egypt doesnt have to worry about drought because it will get uninterrupted flow of water from the reservoir in ethiopia. this creates a relationship between the two country based on mutual interest and respect and that goes a long way. if egypt still say screw you to ethiopia, you people can not blame ethiopia. you should stand on the side of the right party which in this case happen to be your country, and it shouldnt matter who the leader is!

03/17/13 @ 14:37
Comment from: George [Visitor]

We Ethiopians have been God fearing, peace-loving and sensible people throughout our history. We have never gone out of our God fearing way to invade any country to benefit ourselves from such action but we always defended our mother land when threatened or aggressed. God has been on our side and always defeated the enemy and turned back shamed and disgraced as per God’s promise that He would come to its aid when Ethiopia stretches its hand to Him.

When it comes to judgment and fairness we are the fairest people. This is evident in our desire for justice and in our stand against all forms of suppression committed against humanity around the world. We Ethiopians are only not fair on our selves because we are unable to tolerate our differences. These internal differences and lack of trust amongst us have been the main reason for our underdevelopment. We should only promote positive critiques that help develop the country and cement its unity. The creation of division through hate mongering is destructive and ungodly. Unfortunately we have some people like Al Mariam whose contempt for his country, politicians and groups of people run unabated. It bogles the mind to find out what he wishes to achieve other than causing mayhem and disntegration of the ancient nation.

What I wish to tell today my beloved Sudanese and also Egyptians is that you cannot find an Ethiopian who cannot understand your position. The worry you have about the Nile waters is clear to us. No one in Ethiopia has an unfair view with your usual use of the Nile waters. Everyone in Ethiopia agrees your very existence depends on it and you should survive on it as long as it continues to flow. The building of dams to generate power is not a threat to your lives as the water only generates the power and then continues to flow unabated. As stated above the late PM Meless and the Ethiopian people assured you time and again the advantage of building a dam or many dams is beneficiary not for Ethiopia only but the three countries.

Studies carried out over the last two decade have confirmed that there is no harm to the downstream countries as a result building dams alone the river. That is why Ethiopia has allowed a second view of the project by all relevant bodies. The outcome of the review ahould be accepted by Ethiopia if their recommendation is well intended and promote mutula trust and understanding of the countries.

The threat comes only in harm’s way to all countries a) if the environment changes to the worst and the Sahara desert expands to the highlands of Ethiopia which are the sources and reservoirs of the Nile, and b) if hostilities and senseless belligerent attacks begun as envisaged by the mad man Al Mariam the Traitor.

So I hope my beloved Sudanese and Egyptians with the right minds would see that the country that contributes 85% of the water to the Nile should also have at least an equal right to use it to sustain itself. After all you have witnessed with your own very eyes that during the last three decades or so millions of Ethiopians famished and perished due to lack of food and water. While so many were perishing you were using the Nile waters for your recreational purposes besides sustaining your selves with the production of plentiful food. Tell me then a genuine reason why Ethiopia should not use its precious resource as much as you do when you contribute in fact 0% as pointed out by one of the commentators who quoted a Sudanese posing the question why Ethiopia contributing 85% of the water should not be allowed to use it?

The old colonial treaties are completely irrelevant to today’s circumstances. They were in the first place drafted to meet the needs of the colonialist while controlling Sudan and Egypt. They needed the Nile waters to cultivated extensive irrigable land to produce cotton and other commercial crops to feed their insatiable industries back home. Documents today show also that such treaties were made without any consultation of the riparian countries, particularly Ethiopia that contributes 85% of the waters. That is indeed incredible and unacceptable by any standard an international law.

The only peaceful way forward for all that satisfies all the relevant countries should be an equitable share of the resource while doing everything possible to keep the highlands of Ethiopia as green as possible to ensure the source continues to produce the waters that sustain the flow of the great River Nile forever and ever.

Peace and development for Ethiopia and its neighbours

03/17/13 @ 21:14
Comment from: Ethiopiawinet [Visitor]


You are mixing oil with water or compare and contrast like apple to orange.
Taliban, bla…bla… what has to do with any other Muslims. Talibans are unique to their environment and their culture.
Are you same like Serbian genocider because of your religion coptic. What are you talking child. Grow up first.

Prof Al and you is like the sky and the ground. Even in thousand years you will never reach his wisom, vision and intelect. You better be confined to your cave and worship your cave god.
Ignorant, divider and hater.

03/17/13 @ 23:18
Comment from: Dagna Zenebe [Visitor]
Dagna Zenebe

To all bad wishers, take this!

The GRD will be completed and Meles will be remembered forever!

03/19/13 @ 21:58



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