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Ethiopia's Port City of Assab and the Book



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Ethiopia's Port City of Assab and the Book

Assab, Ethiopia

Ethiopia's Port City of Assab and the Book

By Tedla Asfaw

The eve of the Ethiopian New Year 2004 was celebrated in music and prayer in New York City and its surroundings. The new book, "Who owns Asab, the question of the sea outlet of Ethiopia " by Dr. Yacob Hailemariam printed in Addis Ababa few months ago is a good start for new year, Meskerem/September 1, 2004. The DVD of Bishop Mekarios interview with Journalist Sisaye Agena in April this year on ESAT was distributed to our community with no charge to answer his call for justice similar to Desmond Tutu's call in Apartheid South Africa.

I encourage all who have not read and see the DVD I mentioned above to start their new year like I did. The book by Dr. Yacob is a crush course for "Aseb 101". Since all of us played a part in the battle for Aseb in one way or another it is not hard to read less than 240 pages book in one day like I did.

I started the book on a train after I got it from a friend last Saturday night and I finished it within 24 hours. I went back in time when I first visited Aseb for a work trip from Dubti/Tendaho about 200 km drive in heat three decades ago. Logya, Serdo an earthquake prone area, near Aseb there was a contraband place called Manda. I was not aware of a place called "Buri" where thousands gave their lives on the Badme war in 1998-2000 between Eritrea and Ethiopia.

For fist and "last" time I saw Red Sea, by far Aden a light flickering in distance. I smell and test the Red Sea, it was sweet. Since then Aseb has been in my DNA. The course "Aseb 101' did boost my immune system to fight again for Aseb until it returns back to its home, Afar Ethiopia.

True Aseb is not lucky like many rivers and lakes in Ethiopia which had songs of their own that is embedded in Ethiopian psyche but Aseb is more than all of them when it comes to the national security and economic well being of mother Ethiopia. I have been loyal to the Afar people of Ethiopia since 1980s by living and working with them. They are patriotic people who defended our sea and land for generations. Today however they are separated from their family members after TPLF and Shabya torpedoed to power two decades ago.

It was the Afar people that was attacked by joint forces of TPLF and Shabya before the Eritrean referendum. Afar was and is the biggest threat for both regimes because Afar never participated in any kind of referendum that put ten percent of its population on present day Eritrea and the rest in Ethiopia.

Before the Eritrean referendum, Ethiopian activists in New York area organized a meeting supported by facts and maps to address the issue Dr. Yacob tackled in his book. ARDUF representative from Toronto, Mr. Mohamed, brought his experience and shared it with the audience. Mr. Mohamed was known in North America as a fluent speaker of Afar, Tigrenga and Amharic defending the people of Afar and advocating for the self determination of the Afar people to decide their future before the imposed Eritrean referendum.

We informed the foreign observers of the Eritrean referendum the situation in Afar and the ongoing attack by joint forces of TPLF and Shabya. This was the time before the Internet boom and many of the writings were not available for Dr. Yacob to incorporate on his book. Many photos of our rally in support of the people of Afar to remain Ethiopian in New York are still with me.

During the Badme war we went to the Ethiopian Embassy and met Dr. Duri the Ambassador to give our support to eject Shabya from our soil and capture Aseb to bring justice to the Ethiopian people. We will not forget also Meles Zenawi after the end of the war carrying the slogan, "Aseb is Eritrean" and did a public relation job for Isaias Afeworki in North America. That was the day Meles Zenawi should have been removed.

Meles Zenawi who told the late Paul Henze that Tigray needs a sea outlet, Dr. Yacob quoted accurately, before he took power shamefully was rallying for Aseb as Eritrean and sabotaged the Ethiopian army from taking it over once and for all. We now know that Aseb will not be Ethiopian as long as Meles is in power. No surprise many Eritreans are pro Meles and denounce Isaias Afeworki for not being friendly to him.

As Dr Yacob argues correctly on his book, a country of 90 million people should not be landlocked in a dangerous area. Ethiopia's economic and physical survival depends on Aseb which is Afar and Ethiopian. The theory that we do need port does not hold water for Meles himself who confess to Paul Henze more than two decades ago that Tigray needs a sea outlet. We have not seen any project so far to realize such dream.

Meles Zenawi and his supporters only card remain is to topple Isaias Afeworki and put friendly Eritrean regime that will "lease Aseb" to Ethiopia. There was a rumor in the past that Western countries will pay for such lease on behalf of Ethiopia. To cover up for the land lease scam which is rampant in Ethiopia now I will not be surprised if Meles Zenawi is asking our people to rally in support of "the return of Aseb" like Seyum Mesfin ordered our people for rally in support of the "return of Badme".

I commend Dr. Yacob for writing this informative book for Ethiopians and Eritreans. The talk have already started, we Ethiopians and Eritreans are one people, we will not fight any more war, No more Badme !!! Let us fight for the right of our people back home. It is only free people who can debate, argue and reach settlement that will make all of us winners. Twenty years of tyranny only brought us poverty in our land. Say no to Meles Zenawi and Isaias Afeworki !!!!!


Comment from: DD [Visitor]

Ahahaha, The smell of the Sea what a nice smell. The pleasure that comes from the splash of a single drop of water from the Red Sea…ah I love it. But never think of Asab again. It never been Ethiopian and it will never be. It is the gesture of Eritrea and It is the land of Eritrea in which a lot of our martyrs live peacefully in its crust. If you try to fight for it again, the blood of the laying martyrs will drown you and their bones will punch you till you die like a fly traped in spider’s web. Don’t think about Asab again.

09/14/11 @ 00:51
Comment from: Mel [Visitor]

The simple truth is seeking to take Assab from Eritrea is to invite a never ending war. It is unbelievable the amount of ego that goes around in East Africa … that very well kept all the countries on a very wonderful race to the bottom.

09/14/11 @ 01:26
Comment from: Respect [Visitor]

I just don’t understand some stubborn Ethiopians cant Get Assab out of their heads. This Rat Agame tactics of dividing Eritrea and reuniting it with Ethiopia is a dream that will never be realized. I hope and pray the smell of our beautiful Assab grows stronger by the day that it kills the author of sorrow. Clearly Eritreans and Ethiopians are cousins, however, we should respect each others Sovereignty. Similarly, the Afar are in both Eritrean and Ethiopia and just like many other tribes in Africa such as the Tuareg they are located across national boundaries. Similarly, as DD has pointed out, Eritreans will fight to the last drop of blood before they see Assab in Ethiopian hands! Come as a tourist in the future and we will welcome you,however, leave your reunification and dreams behind because Eritreans don’t take nonsense from no one!

09/14/11 @ 02:07
Comment from: tezibt [Visitor]


Have you ever heard of the spartan war? That will be a joke. You will be shocked, you will feel like it is just a dream. Just listen to me carefully. There will be peace among brothers or Asab will turn Red with both brothers blood. It will be coming soon. The world will witness the real war. When that day comes, your types will freeze with shock. I am honest about this. It will be ugly. If you ever think yours and ours ancestors died in vain, you are haluciniating.

09/14/11 @ 02:24
Comment from: ProudAfarEritrean [Visitor]

Your imagination is left open for all to see like a fresh wound :)
You said No Afar participated on referendum? Ofcourse not those who believe on Ethiopia. But the Patriotic Eritrean Afar are the worst enemies of Ethiopia and WE are the ones who stand to sucrifice our life for Eritrea for decades. Infact the Referendum started in Assab for your information and the vote was 100% for Eritrea. You know it and we know it too.
As Afar Ethiopian(half tgrie), I feel your pain, you are the last bullet on woyane war mashine and last means for woyane to use and throw you as they have done to the rest of Ethiopia.
You better stop hallucinating.

09/14/11 @ 02:44
Comment from: MAMO [Visitor]


09/14/11 @ 03:06
Comment from: Samera [Visitor]


The truth of the matter is you as an Eritrean will remain sleepless for as long as Aseb remains in your hand and you will be locked in Sawa for the rest of your life with a pretext of Ethiopia’s desire to aquire sea out-let, because the desire is real and it is JUST..But the irony is you guys tent to believe the same threat when it is told by Isais but you have a problem accepting it when it comes from an Ethiopian. Our only problem is my friend we are currently hijacked by a leader whose heart is everywhere, a leader who can’t choose between his ethnic affiliation to eritreans and his nationality as Ethiopian..I have never seen or heard an eritrean who would be happy to ethnicly associate him/herself to a Tigrian but the man keeps preaching us in parlament how Eritreans are our brothers and so on, yet he has done his level best to secure their indipendence, so you can see that Meles Zenawi is every thing Eritreans want from Ethiopia, a leader who is willing to give Eritrea all, political indipendence and economic DEPENDECE. so my Eritrean friends, instead of bragging, make the most of Meles Zenawi while he lasts..because you will never get any thing like Meles even out of his tummy let alone from any other Ethiopian. Don’t let you empty pride kill you!

09/14/11 @ 03:48
Comment from: ok [Visitor]

To Mr. DD

Time will tell. You are a bastard idiot. You will see how we will evacuate you from Asap and control what is ours by force after the removal of the TPLF regime. Had it not been by Banda Meles ASAB already had been returned in 1997 Ethio-Eritrea War. When we restore a legit mate government you will learn to whom ASAB should belong, this time may be the hard way. DEDEB ASAMA

09/14/11 @ 04:01
Comment from: koster [Visitor]

Eritrea is part of Ethiopia but Meles promoted its separation from Ethiopia because unless Eritrea separates from Ethiopia, his dream of building greater TIGRAI will not be realized. Those brothers and sisters on both sides of the river MEREB should fight tyrany but in a free and democratic situation even people from who are varied could live peacefully. WAR is an instrument of tyrants to prolong their reign of terror, and there will be no more war between Ethiopia and Eritrea but the war should be to get rid of the tyrants.

09/14/11 @ 04:06
Comment from: Robel [Visitor]

kkkkkkkk I think u ethiopians r crazy people . Ethiopia is a very rich country with lots of natural resources but indtead of working hard and using ur natural resources. u r still dreaming about Assab. Please wake up start to work.

09/14/11 @ 04:51
Comment from: ሊሊ [Visitor]

ወይኔ አሰብዬ፤ በላይ ዘለቀ ጉድህን አልሰማህ፤ ማማን ጦጲያ ሚጠብቃት ጠፍቶአል።

09/14/11 @ 06:13
Comment from: true [Visitor]

It is not clear, so Meles and Co. was supporting Aseb to be Eritrean at the same time he was telling Paul Henze Tigray needs sea access? Confusing why does he advocate for Eritrea to have the Asseb in that case if he wants it for Tigray? What a complex mind he has? He has one of his legs in Eirtrea and the other in Ethiopia:) God save me for such confusion. It is for sure, if he replaces Issayas, Eritrea will be part of Tigray to create greater Tigray of course Meles can’t disappoint the Eritreans who helped him get rid of Eritrea. Eritreans will see the economic opportunity as well as they have more economic opportunity in Ethiopia than any other Ethiopians. So more Ethiopians will die again only to keep Assab in Eritrea again but this time Tigray will only be allowed to use it. That will be agreement. The Afar leader who died a year go admitted they were brainwashed by Shaebia and outsiders to form their own Liberation Fronts. He admitted, they were better off with Ethiopia. All these Libationa Fronts their own party for Eritrea to thrive what losers. They hate Ethiopia that much to protect Eritrea and kill their own people? What losers are they?

09/14/11 @ 06:31
Comment from: REDAE [Visitor]

what a dream???you are good dreamers.But in your dreams i bet you didnt see blood of innocent ethiopians splashing like the waters of the red sea???i am sure it is not the waters of the red sea that you smell,it is blood of innocent people…..better work on your gilgil gibes and abays than talking nonsense.How is it if Eritrea says abay is mine?would anybody believe?…now we are proud of our arid yet full of gold land,our potash filled afar and our sea ofcourse….and you have plenty more to be proud of.So why not let us alone?

ofcourse the consequennces will be dare…but you seem not to worry about the poor little kids dying for nothing

09/14/11 @ 06:33
Comment from: sosicha [Visitor]

How Tedla: a man who is driving taxi for a living; less educated may be high school; full of hate…
how could this man write about history and see that posted on Nazret?
I wonder

09/14/11 @ 07:05
Comment from: Haben solomon [Visitor]
Haben solomon

Come and try your luck again to take an inch of Eritrean territory. Make our day. You know very well what the result will be. Learn from your mistakes and live in peace.

09/14/11 @ 07:22
Comment from: machele gidefo [Visitor]
machele gidefo

to tedla asefaw
u said as u For fist and “last” time saw Red Sea, by far Aden a light flickering in distance and smell and test the Red Sea, it was sweet. Since then Aseb has been in ur DNA. hahahhahaha .u r the last one ethiopian who has been in ur DNA the love of RED SEA specialy the beautiful desert tawn ASSAB .since long even beforE u come to this world ur grandfathers and grandma were dreaming of this .as wise says ( proverb) in tigrigna RAZA NAYEBU HAZA . it means the son as his father.i am sure as u have never seen and test the ERITREAN RED SEA water.coz u said the sea water is sweet hhhahaha .let me tell u it is salty not sweet .u may drink abay wenz water hahahaha not water of ERITREAN RED SEA. let me be clear to all those who dream of assab or red sea of eritrea.answer my questions
1 what were doing the ethiopian soldiers before 24 of may 1991 ?
A, killing inocents
B,abusing underage and old mothers C, hanging sivilians D, trying to differ the unity of christian and moslim E, all answer
2 why we shoul be in confederation with ethiopians ( historicaly enemy of eritrean ppl )

A, we miss the killing and hanging sivilians by ethiopians B,miss of hungry C, afraid of meles D,to help the historical rich but poor mentaly ethiopian ppl and leaders as well. E, to collenize ethiopia 80 + millions ethiopians

Very thanks the mighty fighters who defeat the derg and his ideaology .we will keep ERITREA separate of the historical enemy (ethiopia) land locked untill the neeldown and ask fore excuse of what they have done to the honest and hard working eritrea ppl.
ato tedla dreams have borders .u cannt dream like this foolsh dream in night time .coz what we dream at night are the idea which we have saved at day time and we review them when we sleep .but ur dream is day dream . believe me u better not dreams of such dream .if not go to any phycian at the short time to the nearest of ur house and tell him ur problems he may give u anti dreams medicine.

09/14/11 @ 08:18
Comment from: Alula [Visitor]

I have great respect for people who demended the entire Eritrea as a part of Ethiopia. When late Aklilu Habteweld argued about the fate of Eritrea he did not cherry pick like oprtunist Yacob he demended the entire Eritrea bad and good. Eritrea is sovereign nation part of international community and will fight to death to protect it sovereignty. Opportunist Yacob can write million books and he can smell the red sea but Assab remains Eritrea and will be Eritrea.

09/14/11 @ 08:25
Comment from: erit [Visitor]


09/14/11 @ 08:43
Comment from: jj [Visitor]

Mr dedeb asefaw

I don’t know if i can call you human or subhuman ahia. Have you got any brain left? When did you peoble realise that Assab is gone for ever. You have been leaving or working in eritrea didn’t mean assab belongs to you and your poor country. Ask the united nation if you want the right answer. And don’t tell me you care about the peoble of eritrea. For us eritrean we know that the only tribe that are possesed of assab are “Amharas” The rest they don’t care and bother. Like you mentioned in your text you saw assab “For the fist and last time". If i were you i will protect my backyard. Becouse weyane going to rull you the next 1000 years. So becarfull what you wish.

09/14/11 @ 08:59
Comment from: ABA nebro [Visitor]
ABA nebro

I realy don’t understand the obsestion about Asseb.Asseb is Eritrean for ever get over it.
There are three etnic groups that commenly live across the border between the two countries. so the rest have nothing in commen with people of eritrea there is noting in commen between oromos.amharas, wollamo. Gurage and Eritreans so please the we are the samme people mantra we live in two diffrent countries what we need between as is peace do’nt forget you have lost all wars weged and the comming one has no diffrent chance you will lose again

09/14/11 @ 09:06
Comment from: Azeb Teklu [Visitor]
Azeb Teklu

DIASPORA - Please stop aiming for the IMPOSSIBLE and wish for another bloody war while you are living miles away from Ethiopia in your comfortzone. Instead contribute something towards the development of the Ethiopian Dam that all Ethiopians are working so hard and looking for a positive result.
Take one sunday off and Cry!!! Cry!! with your looser friend Dr. Yacob. and stop soliciting to sell us this rubbish Book!

09/14/11 @ 09:29
Comment from: Tefera [Visitor]

Meles Zenawi and his supporters only card remain is to topple Isaias Afeworki and put friendly Eritrean regime that will “lease Aseb” to Ethiopia”
….actually this is a more practical and better solution than yours which is without beating around the bush is to take asab by force (war). we need to hope that, if there is a friendly and sane leadership in eritrea the two nation can seat and talk to find solution over asab and other issues. war will not bring ethiopia asab, but misery.

09/14/11 @ 09:43
Comment from: Amazing! aka ProudAfarEritrean [Visitor]
Amazing! aka ProudAfarEritrean

[Message Deleted: No multiple names]

09/14/11 @ 10:04
Comment from: Zabarga Tsegaye [Visitor]
Zabarga Tsegaye

“Ex-port city?”

All of these kilometers upon kilometers of BIG TALKS are only empty time wasting propaganda talks because Ethiopians were starving to death both during the ownership of the Massawa and the Assab ports as well as for the last 20 long years without the ownership these ports.

Even one of Africa’s most resource rich and prosperous country, the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s bad government (former Zire) starves and dehumanizes its citizens.

The ONE SINGLE solution is a participative, pluralistic democratic system that empowers the citizens to participate in the governance of their country and communities as to find their own solutions to their own problems based on their traditions and value systems down the line. Otherwise we are only chasing the RAINBOW like always and will never get to the bottom of the real issues which is GOOD FOR deceptive tyrants and their misleading cadres.

09/14/11 @ 10:50
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

All the dirty flies from Artera, you keep inssiting Aseb is gone forever and we better accept that and move on. Why don’t u let us decide that for ourselves? Remember two decades, the entire Artera was an internationally recognized and accepted sovereign territory of Ethiopia. For us Ethiopians, your decaying country is still part of Ethiopia except that we don’t really want it any more. Your country was created by woyane/shabia illegally, which is why we are still planning to get back what is rightfully ours, the port city of Aseb. The bottom line is, whether u like it or not, we will get it back!

09/14/11 @ 11:55
Comment from: Berbere [Visitor]

I have a feeling this cyber tiger under multiple names is Isaias afwerqe himself, I just don’t think even his most devoted cadre would have the patiance to spend so much time for worthless Artera. what has eritrea geiven to any eritrean other than misery? At least Ethiopia is giving them refuge and qibe and berbere for their diaspra.

09/14/11 @ 12:09
Comment from: omo [Visitor]

Eritreans and MZ, their man in Addis, try to tell us that future relations between Ethiopia and Eritrea should not take in to consideration the port of Assab (Ethiopia’s rightful access to the sea). On the contrary, no Ethiopian sees any solution in Ethio-Eritrean relations outside Assab as an Ethiopian port. It simply does not seem practical and viable to any Ethiopian. No lasting peace would come with Ethiopia strangled and her security and economic development jeopardized.

Whoever thinks the way MZ thinks, (i.e. Ethiopia needs no seaport for her security and economic development)must be a decapitated one.
MZ and his cohorts could fight to day on the side of Eritrea against Ethiopia to sustain this unsustainable status quo. Nevertheless, 90 million Ethiopians today and 150m tomorrow, would accept in no way the noose put around their neck forever.

As much as Ethiopians are concerned, Assab is the greatest betrayal of the century, committed by MZ against Ethiopia. Whatever MZ might do on the economic field to close the eyes of Ethiopians, all his achievements are dwarfed by his blunders on the issue of Assab, his one party rule and his handing over of Ethiopian lands to Sudan.

Eritreans consider MZ as their last bastion in their fight against their own dictator and against Ethiopia. They see him as their emancipator and even today as the person who would help them realize their dreams of creating the el dorado called Eritrea, of course by exploiting Ethiopia.

Our Eritrean friends, today is not yesterday and tomorrow will not be today. Things change. The only thing that remains is the truth, the logical, the practical. The Gordian knot of Ethio-Eritrean relations is the port of Assab. Ethiopia might be forced in the future to give a drastic solution to loosen the knot, in the same manner as Alexander the Great did. I for one would not like to see such a scenario.

We should all strive for a win-win situation, which would be by relinquishing the port of Assab on your side, and on our part fully opening our markets to your goods and create a genuine brotherly friendship that will benefit both people, because both deserve it. Be sure, you cannot have it both ways, nor would your belligerent policy will take you anywhere, because Ethiopia that did not disintegrate over the last twenty years will not do so in the future. You might be surprised, the future for Ethiopia is brighter than you might imagine. Ethiopia is extending a hand of friendship to you; don’t be naïve, accept it. MZ and his pro-Eritrea TPLF hardliners will not be around forever.

09/14/11 @ 12:47
Comment from: Tekle [Visitor]

Landless people talking about port is like bald people taking about a comb. It would make more sense if it was the Arabs, Indians, Koreans and the Chinese who own most of Ethiopian land to talk about access to the sea. Ethiopians are landless thanks to Meles. Trying to liberate your country first before you can talk about Assab. Even if you liberate Ethiopia your chances of getting the Assab port is nil, zero, zilch, nada. Try to eat food first.

09/14/11 @ 12:59
Comment from: Amazed [Visitor]

You bunch of cab drivers including the author of the silly book. Taking asseb is not like taking a five dollars cab fare from a fellow cab driver. This dream is a typical effect of the GERABA chat y’all eating 24 hours a day. Please wake up smell the coffee.

09/14/11 @ 13:16
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

Two decades ago, the entire Artera was sovereign part of Ethiopia, but the bandits financed by Egypt, Libya, CIA and other interest groups and enemies of Ethiopia have managed to take over ownership and pin up a malnourished and sickened version of a nation known as Artera. If it was possible for you bandas and bandits to snatch an entire province from Ethiopia, mighty Ethiopia certainly can and will take her rightful town, Aseb, from the criminals who have been defiling and degrading her for two decades now. I have no doubt in my mind that if the people in and around Aseb given the right to chose, they will pick Ethiopia overwhelmingly. If the city of Aseb herself were capable of picking sides, she will name her creators who gave her life and purpose over the cursed Artera that has turned her into a lifeless ghost town. Aseb knows, she is more than a hangout place for camels and shabean bandits. She needs Ethiopia as much as Ethiopia needs her, and we are coming to rescue her.

09/14/11 @ 15:09
Comment from: shalom [Visitor]

Whose site is this? Now we know who writes what. Eris disguised with Ethiopian name mess up with our business.

One Eritrian banda covers his ugly a** with an oromo name and spit his curse. Another one comes with an Amhara name covering his GIMATAM face and gag his venom. Then all naïve Ethiopians get easily tricked with these silliness.

You bandas(askaris, your correct Italian name) can push the whole Red Sea in your vacant a**. We are all fine with out it. I’ve no idea why this fool writer rants all these nonsense. But make no mistake. If we really want it badly we can get it by force. Might is on our side now. Remember it was Weyane who helped you Gimatam mouths to get your secession. Now you don’t have that help. MIN YIMESLALU, ARAM HULA.

09/14/11 @ 15:12
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Assab belongs by 100% to the Ethiopia
Sovereignty .Even Mussolini did accept such issue .But certainly not for Shabyan bandits ,their Agazi and
Tigre Mafiosis “SLAVES” who sold the
Sovereignty of the country on the Red
Sea for their Sake and for the sake of
Gulf Emirs ,their Sorian Master ,El Beshir and of course Muhammar Kaddafi.

09/14/11 @ 15:23
Comment from: muleta [Visitor]

these idiot clueless eritreans should thank meles for giving them assab his days are numbered..for our next true ethiopian leader..the first task for him reunite assab by any means necessary . remove esayas from power and put one amichea ethio-eritrea in his place…then..put ethiopian soldiers in every key position ..deport all eritreans out of ethiopia..if they dis agree bomb it like bagdad…

09/14/11 @ 15:23
Comment from: [Member]

To Koster


Democratically elected People’s Government Now.

09/14/11 @ 15:26
Comment from: Eritrean killer [Visitor]
Eritrean killer



09/14/11 @ 15:30
Comment from: Goraw [Visitor]

It looks like the EPLF/Shabia thugs are all over this site. Unlike their false bravado and blabbering Ethiopia and Ethiopians are capable of fighting for their interests and enforcing their will in the neighborhood. As Herman Cohen, once their supporter said, whether Eritreans like it or not Ethiopia is the 1000 lb gorilla they cannot challenge.

They should never forget what happened in 2000 when the Ethiopian Defense Forces were within 50 miles of Asmara including taking over most of Western Eritrea up to Tesseney and Akordat. If it was not for the ultimate traitor and treasonous TPLF/Mellesse let alone Assab the entire Eritrea would have been taken over. As for Assab, whether Eritreans like it or not the historical, legal, and demographic reality indicate it was an inherent Ethiopian territory from time immemorial. Assab belongs to Afars and Afars are Ethiopians. Gabitto;

09/14/11 @ 15:32
Comment from: toga [Visitor]

Probably the one and the foremost reason why I want to see tplf go is for Ethiopians to have a chance to demand what is theirs. Ethiopia will never prosper and be secure as long as Assab is occupied by shaabya. Woyane builds roads, dams, etc etc…but all that is swallowed by inflation because the basics are wrong. They conspired with shaabya to land lock Ethiopia. Now they try to climb out of a pit by introducing a flawed economic principle. For Ethiopia to prosper, she has to regain her sea exit immediately. Otherwise, everything else is futile. Spending 5 billion dollars on a stupid dam is a misplaced priority in my opinion. All such resources should have been applied towards securing our natural and historical sea exit. Our hope is, of course, to wait until the traitor bastard is removed. The assab issue does not even demand a political maneuvering; an outright invasion to get it back is a justified right for Ethiopia. The international community understands how Melese Zenawi and his cousine Issayas conspired to land lock Ethiopia. Everybody will recognize our situation when we stand up to regain it. Teach your children that Assab is ethiopia’s sea gate, and that it has been stolen by tplf and given to shaabia, because they may have to defend it. It is our duty to reclaim it, though.

09/14/11 @ 15:32
Comment from: haile [Visitor]

Addis dreamin’!

09/14/11 @ 16:03
Comment from: ProudAfarEritrean [Visitor]

We Afar people are in Eritrea/Ethiopia/Djibouti/Somalia. But no one of the Real Afar claim to be on the other side of the border. We respect eachother and we smell our enemies from afar.
Dr. Yacob is a welknown half-agama not even Afar, he is spoiling the name of Afar Ethiopians.
Afar Eritreans have tasted the pain of torture of Ethiopians and for the reason we were forced to pay with our blood. We have voted for Free Eritrea and Afar Eritrean is well known for his/her brave stand against any aggressor. We slaugther anyone who come to touch our territory and is never a crime or Haram to defend your own home and family. Assab is not Somalia, where you can jump as you wish and rape our daugthers and our women. Noway!
Try your luck. As ever you Ethiopians are born to shed your blood in every corner of the horn. You are wild, bloodthurst, criminals and inhuman. You are born with no brain and you are cursed to die for no use and no get the usual funeral ceremoni. Your dead bodies are still spread on Eritrean mountains and God/Allah is punishing you with hunger for your ugly deeds.

09/14/11 @ 16:05
Comment from: ProudAfarEritrean [Visitor]

You died in mass on Badme and Bure front. Do you Ethiopians now own Badme or Bure? NO, you always die to make the Dream of Greater Tgray real :) :) :)
Brainless animals. No any Ethiopian know woyane well like Eritreans. Woyane betrayed Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia and his eyes are not on Assab but TiO..(as it is close to Tgray (imagine) Woyane never dream for the best of Ethiopia. He is killing, dividing you into pieces. He is selling your land, while you end-up on refugee camps in Kenya. Woyane open fire in between your people and again he give the blame to opposition parties. He will play you off. You are in danger. It is not without reason our forfathers call you for donkeys. You never learn from your mistakes.

09/14/11 @ 16:27
Comment from: hagere [Visitor]

Hi Guys!

don’t spend your precious time talking about Asseb, when times comes you will raise your question, Now is a time to bring democracy in Ethiopia by what ever means possible. No doubt,Shabia,Egypt or any other country can not stop Ethiopia from reuniting Asseb. Ertrians you better work bringing democracy for your poor peoples.

09/14/11 @ 16:29
Comment from: Dej.-Balcha-Aba-Nebso [Visitor]

Well, time and again, I the Master of the Masters of Dehumanized ArrTerra have said it many times before and will do everything possible in close cooperation with other Free Ethiopians to re-incorporate the Assab port into Mighty Ethiopia’s fold. This is the single most important National Strategic & Security issue for Ethiopia!

If the illegal occupiers of Assab, i.e. the Chauvnistic Fascist-Shabiyans, yield to Ethiopia vis-a-vis this utmost concern of ours, then no matter when and how, Rising Ethiopia will definitely take matters into its own hands and deal with Assab head-on as integral part of its national interest so that peace and justice prevails in the Horn of Africa.

The issue of Mighty Ethiopia getting Sovereign access to international waters can not be resolved while Fascist-Shabiya holds Ethiopia’s Tigray region as a hostage for further blackmailing! Until Free Ethiopia does effectively control with full Sovereignty over Assab, it is therefore absolutely imperative and rational to free the 5-million-plus-strong Ethiopian citizens inside the Tigray region from Fascist-Shabiya’s intimidation by constructing a direct national railway link from Mekelle & Shiraro to the port of Tadjura. This particular national railway project of Free Ethiopia will of course deny worthless ArrTerra the last instrument of intimidation which it was manipulatively employing against the rest of Ethiopians!!!

Free & Noble Ethiopians are born with a steel-like spine – Freedom is too dear for us Ethiopians to be exchanged for subjugation and intimidation.

The port of Assab will definitely revert to Ethiopian Sovereignty, without any ifs and buts!!!

09/14/11 @ 16:54
Comment from: wey gud [Visitor]
wey gud

What is happening with the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea? Do you have to always talk about blood and nothing else but blood. Can you all think of respecting each others right and live in harmony.
FYI, There is no any legal right for Ethiopia to invade a single piece of land of any neighboring country which is already recognized by the UN. I think we all know what happened in the 2000-2008 border war which claimed tens of thousands innocent people of Ethiopia and Eritrea. Why do we need to witness such unnecessary act while others are talking economy and food. Please, knock off this stupid idea of war and try to live together supporting one another.
People, pls wake up and grow up. Enough is enough.

09/14/11 @ 17:41
Comment from: Lema [Visitor]

Hi Tedla Asefa,
Hopefully you will start the war in the front. Wow, Eritreans will take care of you the way you like it. But do not try to use Ethiopin’s blood for your obssession to conquare Aseb.
Stop day dreaming, wake up and smell the stincky water of abay.
Long Live Eritrea.

09/14/11 @ 19:08
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Member]

How on earth did I miss this article?

We all know Assab and its people the Afar belong to Ethiopia 100%. No question about it. Eritreans know this fact all too well, that is why they are panic stricken every time this issue is raised and screaming Assab is gone forever! Says who? Meles Zenawi actually ordered Ethiopia’s troops back in 1998 & even punished some generals for advancing to take control of the entire hellhole of a nation aka Aretera. After all the sacrifices made by Ethiopians, Meles messed up everything. We could have controlled Asmara, hanged Issayass upside down and restored Assab back to its natural owners. However, our evil half Eritrean baboon is the main reason why we see all the Hamassen roaches crawling all over pretending to be Afar.

We have to have legitimate Ethiopian government first which stands for Ethiopia’s national interest. Then we will have our port back by any means necessary. Eritreans will not be fighting gorrila war fare then, they will be out defending their hellhole. We will dismantle your pint sized shit hole piece by piece. Hiding in the bushes, behind hills & destroying property & massacring civilians is what Eritreans are good for. That era is over!

For Meles and his supporters, you made life long enemies on both sides big time. You are despised by Eritreans, Ethiopians & Somalis. The Hamassen douche bags don’t even acknowledge sacrifices you made for them fighting together in order to disintegrate Ethiopia and separate Tigray too. They spit at you even after you saved their asses at the expense of 100s of thousands of Ethiopian lives in 1998.

A*ames shall pay for their evil crimes & that time is fast approaching. As we can see, they are getting panicky, super paranoid and locking everybody up. They will soon run out of prison spaces once Ethiopians flood the streets soon.

09/14/11 @ 19:44
Comment from: Birate [Visitor]

Hey guys,

Where did all these anti-Ethiopia aritreans come from? You may think they never visit Asmarino or other websites other than Ethiopian ones like Nazret. The fact is most of them are not aritreans, rather they are die-hard woyanes, somalis, egyptians and others. I read the book and I don’t remember seeing it advocate war, but inivites the two countries to work together. I don’t know why thse die-hard people love war or can’t think of peace between neighbours. It is just too bad and unfortunate that some people can’t think to be positive.

09/14/11 @ 20:15
Comment from: Lion of Nakfa [Visitor]
Lion of Nakfa

ለ ዶማ ራስ አህያው ‘ፊታወራሪ’

Are you the ‘ፊታወራሪ’ of cyber war? Your writing reminds anyone how you have the most childish thinking. You try to tell us to let you decide for yourselves. Do you know what you are talking about? The above Eritreans talking about the beautiful Port City of Assab. They are not talking about Ethiopia. So if you have mind they are try to remind you to think reasonably. If not the other option is come and try us. But I wish you to come to the trenches if you have ‘hamot’. PLZ do not send the poor people, you come and try us. With your stinky mouth you talk about our ‘decaying country’. Let me remind you once again that even if we have arid land we are working hard to change it. By doing our best, there is no drought and famine in our land like in your country. I am so sorry to say that but try to feed your starved mom and younger brothers and sisters who we are seeing on TV (instead of dreaming about the Port City of Assab). What makes you the ‘rightful’ ownership of Assab? Are you out of mind???

For those who waged wars

We all Eritrean know and have experience in war. We are not like most of Ethiopians. So, we know what war means, we do not like it but if it comes we do not afraid of it-yes we are warriors. I remind you guys that the 1998-2000 border war ended at Buri front. the Woyane/Ethiopian gov’t try to reach Assab, but failed by loosing most of its soldiers. But if you wish to bury you once again, come and try us. I would like to remind this author that we Eritreans know very well by what you Ethiopians mean President Issays and Port of Assab. Assab is not Issayas’s it is the land of Eritrea. We all Eritrean stand as usual to defend our land whether the govt is authoritarian or democrat. So plz do not talk about our dictator. Talk about your dictator.

09/14/11 @ 20:48
Comment from: john john [Visitor]
john john

Ha ha ha ha…… That property belong to someone else and Ethiopia stand to p.m. descion so please let the Eritrean wash Camel ass in ASSAB.

09/14/11 @ 21:02
Comment from: Dej.-Balcha-Aba-Nebso [Visitor]

Amhara Princess,

I wholly concur with your excellent point with regard to the sacrifice paid by Tigrayans first with blood in RTerra’s barren-rocky landscape and later with diplomacy for the illegal cessation of R’Terra. Unfortunately, by virtue of Arterans’s deep seated inferiority complex, untrustworthiness and their propensity as backstabbers and traitors, let alone they acknowledge for Tigrayans’s sacrifice in favor of Arterans’s secessionist agenda given the grave nature of the act in itself bordering national treason, for no justified reason the Arterans do not hesitate at all to denigrate them in public with absolute impunity!!!

Why? Because Dehumanized Arterans know too well the very fact that Tigrayans in sharp contrast to themselves are a brave and free people who live with their Original Soul still in tact since the times of Adam & Eve – Because Arterans know too well that Tigrayans are Ethiopia’s the foremost lethal and potent force whether in war times defending their motherland unflinchingly or thinking hard during peace times dedicating their brain/time/energy for the development/advancement of Ethiopia – Because Arterans know too well that Tigrayans won’t/can’t be more loyal to Artera than to beloved Ethiopia – Because Arterans know too well that it is only the Ethiopians in Tigray who will effectively disprove Hamassens’s empty pride borne out of Colonial Slavery under the Barbaric Settler Sicilians and hence their alleged talent to organise a vibrant tiger economy (which they subsequently inherited anyways from their Fascism inspired Masters after they left home bound in 1952) at the expense of the Ethiopian Farmer’s vast untapped material resources!!!

Arterans can’t despise Tigrayans – They are just compensating for the Dehumanization they sufferred at the hands of the Settler Sicilians and as a consequence of it the visible Colonial scar is haunting them to the core. As to other Ethiopians’s attitude towards Tigrayans, I would rather say there is obviously a certain level of resentment due to the foolish and naive handling of the port issue by the TPLF; While acknowöedging the rights of Arterans to decide on their own fate for which they fought, even many a patriot Tigrayan does NOT accept the TPLF’s unilateral consent landlocking Mighty Ethiopia without consulting the wider Ethiopian public on the Assab port issue.

Therefore, the EPRDF government is expected by the Ethiopian public to systematically rectify all outstanding Sovereign and National Strategic issues as urgently as possible.

Simply put: Arrterans feel intimidated by the valor and free soul of Tigrayans – Alas, they might deny it in public anyways but Arterans know very very well at heart that Tigrayans are a no-nonsense Proud Free-Ethiopians :-)

Even considering the favors, special treatments, ample opportunities and systematic promotions Arterans enjoyed to succeed during the Emperor’s and the Dergue’s reign, it was all done with the resources of the Ethiopian farmer at the expense of the Ethiopians in Tigray to the detriment of Ethiopia’s Sovereignty & territorial integrity which they never acknowledge. It is now a public secret that Arterans are an ungrateful bunch of people with no self dignity.

Having said that however I must serve you Ms Amhara Princess a strong public notice that you better refrain from defaming the Ethiopians in Tigray with a derogatory reference – Such a self-depreciating attitude is not acceptable at all for I guess you as an Ethiopian have the unity of Noble Ethiopians and Ethiopia’s eternal well-being at heart.

Free and Mighty Ethiopia will eventually prevail for good!

09/14/11 @ 22:33
Comment from: zenashi [Visitor]


09/15/11 @ 00:22
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

To the maggot from NaTifa Artera, I have given u a light year to read reread and hopefully understand what i have said. Why bother responding if u thought the whole thing childish anyways? Better yet, why bother visiting our website? I get it, the thing you have stolen from us is making you sleepless, it is giving you a nightmare, so much for your bravery every shout from us is giving you a knee jerk. Forget the return of Aseb, even your Artera’s existence as a fake independent country will be over when we say it is over. It is living on a borrowed time that will be finished with the demise of your creator and caretaker, the one and only treasonous Ethiopian leader, Ato Legesse Zenawi. It is not upto you flies to decide the fate of Aseb, it is us, Ethiopians who are the decision makers. Because, we can!

09/15/11 @ 00:36
Comment from: zenashi [Visitor]

assab is part of ethiopia never was part of eritria there are so many band bushti eritrian try to get on this site put theyr dirty mouth but guess what we all stand together more than ever if this is not supported by woyane they will have bad time in coming days

09/15/11 @ 00:50
Comment from: ILLITERACY [Visitor]

Illiteracy is killing you poor Ethios. You know that Eritrea belongs NOT to Ethiopia and you are you are hiding behind your comfort zone and claiming Assab, which is part of Eritrea.
Please Ethios the world is laughing at your ignorance. How come you want to own part of Eritrea now? Cant you guys read a world map? Cant you learn that the world is made of Rules and Regulations? Cant you EVER learn that An Independent SOVEREIGN country of ERITREA is recognised worldwide and we have all the right to kill any aggressor who come closer to attack an INCH of our land? We have all the right to defend ourselves.
Instead of dreaming of something that does not belong to you, you better keep the falling part of your country together first.


You smell that proverb?

@ Amara Princess and Dej.Balcha
You guys are already colonised by the GREATER TGRAY ..There is no Amara pride any longer.

If you still insist to come to Assab, well we cannot help it but make you dance WEY_NE ! WEY_NE! as usual.
You people are preaching of woyane gave us our freedom. But please go back and learn about who kick the Ass of Derg from both Eritrea and Ethiopia? Do not just accept the lies of woyane. Try to resonate and think for God sake. We Eritreans free you from the Derg and we are the ones to free you again from woyane. Because you are unable to think clear.
We have the oppressed People of Ogaden, Somalia and Kenya behind us not to mention Egypt and Sudan. Just come and try your last luck! It will be your END!

09/15/11 @ 01:16
Comment from: Lilly [Visitor]

“if he replaces Issayas, Eritrea will be part of Tigray to create greater Tigray” true[Visitor]

Mr. True

if ‘greater Tigray ‘ created, there is going to be the biggest civil war between tigrians and Ertirans. That is why they are with us. I mean one feels sorry for Tigrians for being sandwiched between two nations who aren’t really crazy about them….

@for others
Save your encyclopaedia logic and believe in God who is always protecting this holy land Ethiopia. We are going to get Asseb, even Eretria back when we have a national patriotic leader which isn’t too far by the look of it…

09/15/11 @ 01:30
Comment from: Lion of Nakfa [Visitor]
Lion of  Nakfa

To all WAR waging Ethiopians including the author:

Are you guys lost your minds? Still dreaming our beautiful the City of Assab? you guys are really ignorant - never learn from past. Do not tell us about the legality ownership of Assab. Try to educate yourself first. But do not talk to much. If you really think Assab is Mogadishu which you can control it, come and try us once again. We will be forced to bury you again like the 1998-2000 war. We Eritreans really hate to engage to wars but if you come to take an inch of our land (let alone the Port City), we will fight you back like the 1998-2000. All Eritreans who comment here were in trenches fighting you Ethiopians, Sudan, Yemen and/or Djibouti. We all know what war means. When we say we gonna fight you, we really mean it. We are not like you guys who only know wars on Hollywood movies. We spent years on trenches. So, plz come and try us with the help of westerns. Defending our right is in our DNA.

አራሙቻው ፊታውራሪ

Do not talk too much Cyber-ፊታውራሪ. Just come and try us. We will bury you alive like the Haileselase, Derg and woyane troops.

09/15/11 @ 03:35
Comment from: wepE [Member]

We should not talk too much about it now, in due time everyone will see Ethiopia getting back what is rightfully ours. There will be a new referendum for the whole Eritrea let alone Aseb. This time it will be a fair and just one unlike the past where those Eritreans who chose Ethiopia over that rathole of a nation were intimidated, jailed and tortured by the madman and and his goons and back in Ethiopia were spatted at by Ethiopians as if they were meles. That’s the only solution if the horn is going to be war free zone. As a side note I can tell you Eritreans that the myth that Eritrea is self sufficient is out the window, the other day I was reading the papers about Dawit Isak and somebody brought the idea of freeing him by having EU threaten Afeworki to cut the handout agreement which lasts through 2013…so much for my admiration of the ‘pride’ within Afe-ebet, the eritrean commander. It’s sad that the descendants of Zeray Deres and Aman Andom have to live their life in a palce dwarfed to just amounting one big toilet.

Igzer EtyoP’yan And’ Yargat, Kek’fum YiT’ebikat.
Wakes up every day proud that I’m an Ethiopian.

09/15/11 @ 04:13
Comment from: Respect [Visitor]

What People dont seem to understand is that After Eritrea was taken from its people, Eritreans fought for 30 years and took it back by force. Meles only made the process easier by granting us our official freedom. Trust me that was the right thing to do, otherwise, Eritrea would have taken the official freedom by force. And mind you Meles and his regime was trained and armed by Shabia. Shabia shouldn’t have trained and supported the ungrateful and back stabbing ethiopian resistance and left you under mengustu’s control!

09/15/11 @ 04:24
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Member]

The funny thing is, when it comes to this crucial issue of Assab, all the know it all/dumb A*ame cadres are quiet as a mouse. This leaves me to think, either they are actually on this page morphed as Eritreans to insult Ethiopians as usual or too embarrassed to read how Ethiopians feel about the Assab issue, how their traitor leader stitched them all up. Most of all, how unpatriotic, unnatural & unEthiopian it is to cheer the enemy when your country disintegrated or to be number one on the queue to land lock your own country?

As for Eritreans bragging, you know deep down the Assab question scares the shit out of you! If it didn’t, you wouldn’t be on this page crying or your leaders wouldn’t have turned your hellhole into mass prison. Eritreans will never speep peacefully or be out of your SAWA hellhole as long as Assab remains part of Eritrea.

You never fought REAL war. You hid like little girls & blew up property and civilians just like the wimp Taliban. That time is long gone. You will be forced OUT in the open, on the streets of your hellhole to defend like MEN for the first time, just like what Ethiopian soldiers did back then. We will eradicate you Shabiyas from the face of the earth. Heroes are those who fought, confronted the enemy out in the open NOT those who hide behind civilians, their mama’s skirt, bushes, underground or terrains to destroy what is out in the open.

… I bet more than 50% of comments here actually belongs to A*ames. Commenting as Eritreans to justify how it was the Eritreans who fought and took Assab and your Meles had no say? Spare us!

We all know your “Ethiopia doesn’t need seaport” rhetoric is just too dumb to even consider. Why would a nation pay billions in port fees while we have a port which belongs to Ethiopia? Whether Assab is currently idle, rusty and an out of use camel grazing ground is irrelevant. Eritreans may NOT know what to do with Assab because they never run it, never belonged to them, but Ethiopians do.

Diplomatically or by force, Assab will be returned to its natural owners when we have a patriotic, public elected entity ruling the country. In the mean time, let Assab be camel grazing ground and let the fake Eritreans “The Hamassen” brag about a hellhole that they ALL run the hell out from! Yeah, all the bragging of heroism for what? For you to evaporate out of Aretera in all directions like flies eh? You even brave the Sahara desert, shoot to kill policy of Israeli forces by Egyptian boarder, die in Libyan desert and dodge Shabiya bullet like fly to run to Ethiopia. Riffraff Assholes. Just know yourselves first, that is where knowledge stems from.

Hamassen aka the Tigrigna tribe who are terrorizing the other 8 tribes in Eritrea are FROM TIGRAYI ETHIOPIA. Every single one of you! Get over it.

@ Dej.-Balcha-Aba-Nebso

Once upon a time, there lived very honorable, brave, God fearing and smart people called Tigreans. They were held with at most respect, honor by Ethiopians as founding fathers … The decedents of these noble people have become almost unrecognizable as Ethiopians, the most untrustworthy,unreliable, ruthless traitors out to divide the nation and turn it into 14 different countries. Unlike their ancestors, most of these tribal, evil, selfish, mass murderers of Ethiopian people officially became unfit to be associated with anything Ethiopian in recent years. The end.

09/15/11 @ 08:54
Comment from: Isaias Afewerqi Abraham,Denden Hall Asmera Eritrea ,Horn of Africa [Visitor]
Isaias Afewerqi Abraham,Denden Hall Asmera Eritrea ,Horn of Africa

I like this articles the way the taxi dirver Teddla Asefu mind.Before Prof Asrat dead he interviewd by Andent newspaper in his death bed in Canda and goes like that and it was in eve the war Ethio ERitrea 1999
Andent Megasin Q- Would you add any comment to Etitea youth in this war Prof…?
Prof Asrat A-All the youth of Ethiopia (He meant Tigria and Oromo)to go in to war retake RedSea and will ready to die for the mother of Ethiopia.
Andent Q-
Have you any children?

Prof Asrat-Yes,I have three children and all live in aboard abd have good life.And they are all a doctors and the two live here in Canada but one living in USA…….

The answer he gived is clear for all Ethiopians.He and his reltives will live comfert while the rest of Ethiopia will die like dog for their ego.

Mr Teddla is one of them and will use Tigria people in this dark miser.As Atto Meles siad to Opp in 1991 if you want back Asseb to Etiopi go and good luck.Paid is hige in Eritrea.Eritreans fhighted always in two catagori and are kneel down when they pray and when the shut teh enemay.

09/15/11 @ 10:11
Comment from: ali [Visitor]

all demy ethiopians not all ethiopians just demy one why dont u gays foronce pray and work hard instead of love dream, beg and tolk tolk tolk u will never test water from our Red See baytheway i was thier last week i love it i will day for Assab

09/15/11 @ 10:23
Comment from: Hamid Humed KARIKARE [Visitor]
Hamid Humed KARIKARE

What Ethiopia needs is not ASSAB, YEBAHIR BER. It needs YESHINT BET BER. Folks, do you realize how many Ethiopians are defecating (shiting) in the open field?? without proper laterine?? The author is a war-monger Neftegna who is still day dreaming. Why is Assab Ethiopian not Massawa?? Official documents say the first Eritrea city is Assaba, then came Massawa, Keren, Asmara, etc…when the Italians were curving out the Eritrean Territories a century ago. On what grounds are you saying Assab is Ethiopian? Is it because the Afar’s enhabit Assab and there are Afar’s in Ethiopia?? This logic doesn’t hold water. Asmara is enhabited mostly by the Tigrigna speakers and there are Tigrigna in Ethiopia, so according to you logic Asmara is Ethiopian, or Ogaden should also be Somalian Territory because they are Somalis. Anyways, the Author is sufferning from delusions.

09/15/11 @ 12:00
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

Hey the Rat of NaTifa Artera, in the badime war you were camped at the fences and entrance gates of US’s foreign department offices and embassies located in every other western countries crying “save my eritrea” from the punishing and fast advancing Ethiopian Defense Forces. Our gallant warriors who are the sons and daughters of patriotic Ethiopians who have defended the country for centuries were on their way to retake Alula Aba Nega’s village but Italians city, Asmera. You were lucky traitor Meles was there to call it a stop after we broke your spine to pieces. Next time, we will return only after we destroy everything shabia and reinstate Aseb to the Ethiopian fold. That is not only it, when u were a mercenary fighter to Egypt, Libya, cia and every other Ethiopian enemy, you were saved by treasonous woyanes numerous times from your total annihilation by the then Ethiopian Forces of Mengstu H/Mariam. Once, you were cornered to the mountain of Nakfa waiting your death before the woyane came over and win you Yayit menged for the rat u really are so that you can restart destroying bridges and schools, u dildiy Afrash scam bags. Thanks to traitors like Major Dawit W/giorgis within the Ethiopian army under Derg’s leadership and woyanes, you have survived to revise history books and fabricate fictional stories to repair your ego and fill yourselves with suicidal arrogance. Lets face it, throughout our immediate history you monkeys are known for your servitude and slavery for anyone who has managed to sail across the red sea. I decoded the message in your DNA and guess what i have found, slavery to arabs and westerners which you were trooping for in their failed mission to control Ethiopia. What about Ethiopia and Ethiopians??? The only African country and people that have never been violated nor enslaved by foreigners; because we are the warriors, the brave patriots, the destroyers, and that is what we are going to bring to the battle field if you refuse to surrender what is naturally and rightfully ours.

Hamid Humed…., Bante bet logic awuriteh mutehal. Yes, legally and historically Asmera and Matsawa too belong to Ethiopia! Remember, your fake independence was born out of Shabia’s and Woyane’s criminal activities. Your fake independence was declared when Ethiopia was without a government that represents her and protects her interest. In 1993 when you become “independent", Ethiopia had an illegitimate and treasonous “transitional government” that came to power not through election but brute force. Therefore, Ethiopia does not recognize your fake independence and nationhood. It is illegal. As far as we are concerned, Artera is still a renegade province of Ethiopia. However, we don’t want to take over Asmera or Matsawa or any other territory from what is illegally known as today Artera/eritrea, but we are going to take over Aseb by any means necessary. That is about it.

09/15/11 @ 12:01
Comment from: ThinkTank [Visitor]

Still thinking of reconquest of Eritrea and Assab? I’cannot believe this. 20 yrs and counting Eritrea has been a recongnized member of the UN. Taking Eritrea or a part of Eritrea by force is an act of invasion and violation of international law. It would be prudent for Ethiopian intellectuals to spend their effort to keep Ethiopia from fragmenting along Ethnic lines and come up with pragmatic ideas to restore Ethio Eritrean cooperation.

09/15/11 @ 12:13
Comment from: hager [Visitor]

what about Monbassa, Masswa and port
Sudan .

09/15/11 @ 12:14
Comment from: SomaliHero [Visitor]

Now when Ethiopians have tried all they can to colonize part of Somalia, they were butchered humiliated and their hope is fading to get by force any space by the Somalian gateport. Now they are awake of their old nightmare (Assab yegna nat) kind of sickness.
Do not worry Eritreans, we are always by your side and will get them sandwiched until they learn to keep their boundries. Afar and Somalia are one people! We are not still done with Ethiopia. So give us the honor to take care of these bloodsuckers.

09/15/11 @ 13:12
Comment from: Dej.-Balcha-Aba-Nebso [Visitor]

Amhara Princess,

I fully recognize the issue at hand what you raised but you need to understand the fact that the primacy of ethnic idenitity over one-united-Ethiopian-national-identity was certainly not the creation, rather invention, of Ethiopian-Tigrayans.

Alas, it was created towards the last decade of the 19th Century outside of the Tigray region – and was later effectively masterminded and developed by none other than the R’Tera-Tigres of Kebesa province who saw a reason into it for their own dishonourable servitude under foreign interests – They are still actively inflaming and promoting it in the hope of seeing Free Ethiopia get dismembered so that they could in their wildest dreams eventually control our vast untapped material resources and thereby controlling our Ethiopian destiny amongst humanity!

Enter the Clash of pro-human Ethiopianism and anti-human Eurocentrism…
As merceneries and traitors as ever, Tigrinya speaking R’Terans are wholeheartedly in the service of a diabolical core agenda concepted & devised by barbaric Europeans whose foremost anti-human thesis about human civlisation is primarily and exclusively Euro-centric. On the contrary, Free and Noble black African Ethiopians do envision an Original thesis whose very Soul is refreshingly pro-humanity in deed and God fearing in its tenets.

This is the fundamental cause of our difference between we Free Ethiopians and the renegade Ascaris Ethiopians in R’tera!!!

The issue of Assab port is at the centre of this European-cum-Arab-cum-R’teran international conspiracy concocted to strangulate and suffocate Ethiopia from realising its full potential in defence of the dignity of the Almighty God’s Black race!!!

Assab will eventually revert to Ethiopian Sovereignty by all means necessary for we Ethiopians are the legitimate and rightful owners of our Affar ancesstors Ethiopian Sovereign property :-)

09/15/11 @ 15:55
Comment from: Ras Thomas [Visitor]
Ras Thomas

When did not Assab back. every where there is port. And everybody is
compenting to do business with us.
Jabuti is reliable friend they need us and we need them. Republic of Somaliland also, need to do business
with us because they has ports. Puntaland wants to do business. We are also doing business with our Kenyan allies and brother with their ports in Mombasa and Lamo.
Who needs Assab? You Eriterian you
cutt hurt yourself while everything was good for you. Now, who uses Assab nobody. No income from it. you can make camp of your camels.
bankrupted and internationaly isolated. Those who are talking about
Assab are Eriterian pretending Ethiopians. Not us. keep it Assab we did not need it.


09/15/11 @ 19:47
Comment from: Yoni [Visitor]

Amhara Wushima

I was enjoying the drama…it’s titled

“When your enemies make mistakes don’t interupt them”

09/15/11 @ 20:21
Comment from: proAssabETHIOPIA [Visitor]

Dear the ever present buchilla cadre “addis zemen”

Where are you, Ante Idiot freelance cadre? Don’t you think that you owe the audience of this great forum of Ethiopians to at least chip in a statement reflecting your position regarding Assab port? Have self dignity and come out of your closet instead of parrotting like a village reporter an already recycled gov’t news items now and then.

Ye’Mitgerm Tiffram Neh ante Koshasha. Why do you keep quiet now as if you do not have a stake on this issue for good or worse? The reason you dared not to say a word on this matter is because you lack self confidence in case your handlers catch you red-handed betraying their imposed official line. eh

09/15/11 @ 21:01
Comment from: soma [Visitor]

Hey Eritreans, u know the truth. Meles gave u the port. We don’t need to argue now. When Meles removed, u know how Ethiopians are when united. That will be the last day u will down to ur knees and pee.

09/15/11 @ 21:04
Comment from: Lilly [Visitor]

To all Ethiopians;

Before we go to sleep every night, Let us take some time to pray for Ethiopia. Let us pray for this holy land. We have inhaled too much poison of hate, tribalism… God kept Ethiopia intact the past 20 years even though all the effort was otherwise…

My Ethiopians, do you think the current Ethiopia is part of the plan of TPLF?? NO. But it is opposite to what they planed…. Remember God is behind the wheel

Let us pray to God to cleanse the poison, to get us together and to give us a father figure leader…..

“እምዬ ኢትዬጲያ፤
የሶስት ሺህ አመት እመቤት፤
ያገቡሻል፤ ይፈቱሻል፤
አሁንም ድንግል ነሽ፤”

አርቲስት እጅጋየሁ ሽባባው (ጂ&#4866&#59;)

09/15/11 @ 21:31
Comment from: genral asefa haileyessus [Visitor]
genral asefa haileyessus

i’m 75 years old ethiopian armed force genral work sevral part of front but parmanant station was harar ethiopia
thanks for atse hailesselase we never seen any paper that say assab port is part of the asmara adminstration where this came from god knows the TPLF knows vary well assab is ethiopia but here is my message to new generation as far as you want the truth of assab is
part of ethiopia i know no one this days try ever to defending ethiopia
except put ethiopia and her people in harm i’m doing my part back in my time. but since ethiopia is my birth place i can’t never get out of love of that country from my blood .
i’m stay in london with my family but they want me to have british passport i never get it the reason is in order to do that i have to change my ethiopian identity that never hapen coz ethiopia may be poor but no country replace her for people knows what ethiopia is from way back they know what i’m talking about but for few it may be hard
my qustion to ethiopians where ever you are plese ethiopia with out assab port means. we all walking with out clothes just as mentally crazy i’m hopping the new generation need to step in and keep mother land to sea port assab this is true and correct witness of my time as i say i’m an old man that before i go i have to let you all know that port is yours eritrians knows in side there heart vary well god is my witness i can’t shut my mouth as an ethiopian citizen

09/16/11 @ 00:40
Comment from: wepE [Member]

Somalihero aka proudrathole resident aka…too many other nicks

I’d say you’re embarrassing yourself but you don’t seem to have any shame in you, why torture yourself? You stink ERITREAN, you hear that? If your sole intent is to release venom of hate in here at least try to stick to your original damn slogan you retarded fool! Stupid slave, don’t even have the decency to cover your ass properly. FYI Somaliland have repeatedly shown interest to be part of Ethiopia or collaborate with us thee same is to be applied for the rest of Somalia if it weren’t for the cancerous meles mirrored by alshabab, so next time you come in here trying to ‘impersonate’ a Somali try to have that in your seemingly empty scull. You know what the world reknown Somali singer said about Ethiopia comparing her to Kenya? Of course you don’t because you ain’t Somali to begin with.

Lilly: Tnx I love that song so much it’s one of very few songs I won’t grow tired of. For those interested here is a nice clip.

Igzer EtyoP’yan And’ Yargat, Kek’fum YiT’ebikat.
Wakes up every day proud that I’m an Ethiopian.

09/16/11 @ 01:23
Comment from: peace [Visitor]

Us Eritrean i feel sorry for u ethiopians , your thinking is still standing 3000 years back ,

first clean your own house.

Eritrea is ASSEB = Asseb is ERITREA period.

peace to all africa

09/16/11 @ 03:11
Comment from: Satenaw [Visitor]

Nobody remains virgin; life fu*ks everyone! I guess that adage applies to woyzero Ethiopia too. Regrettably, her present-day husband happens to be a Tigre mother fu*ker who is raping her day & night.

09/16/11 @ 03:35
Comment from: Lion of Nakfa [Visitor]
Lion of  Nakfa

ቅዘናሙ cyber-ፊታወራሪ

PLZ do not talk too much. The more you talk the more you exposed yourself how ignorant you are. You are really narrow minded (worst than the woyane tribal group). Have you forgotten that the EPLF fighters driven out your so called legitimate gov’t (king Haileselase) troops starting from Karora? And liberated one after the other - all our towns and cities and at LAST kick out from our Port City of Assab - again your legitimate gov’t (Derg) troops for once and forever? The other point which shows your inferiority complex is that the woyanes rescue us??? from whom man??? hahahha you must be kidding. Have you forgotten that we create them, we teach them, we helped them the way from Shire to Addis Ababa? Did you forget that who was in Bole Air Port, in Menilik Palas in May 1991? I will remind you once again the brave EPLF fighters. Do you know how long EPLF’s Commando Fighters stay and protect Meles in MInilik Palas? And why he forced to agree with our referendum? Do not bother they know us. The other thing I wanna assure you that in the 1998-2000 war I was in Mereb Setit, Tsorona, Bure fronts killing your relatives and kipping my mother land. Not like you in western countries living with food stamps. We have the ability to protect us.

09/16/11 @ 04:05
Comment from: machele gidefo [Visitor]
machele gidefo

ethiopia have never been collenizied by any foriegners ( italia ,england ,portigus, spain ,france…even by neigbours. proud BUT I HAVE A QUESTION FORE ALL OF U IDIOTS. ASSAB HAS BEEN COLLENIZID by italians for more than 50 yrs and by uk fore 12 . so what a complex evil dream are u dreaming . ethiopia is land locked land fore ever. and she will forced to pay hard tax to her near country eritrea forever .

09/16/11 @ 07:12
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Member]

@ Phony the hood rat

Is that why Meles Zenawi didn’t interrupt Eritreans when they massacred 100s of 1000s of Ethiopians in Badme & elsewhere? &#59;) Him being Eritrean and the Ethiopian people his enemies? I bet he enjoyed the show.

… Better still, is that why he sent them to Badme to begin with only to order them back once they sacrificed their lives and took control?

09/16/11 @ 11:04
Comment from: Fact [Visitor]

We don’t need to wait for another government to take over Assab. If woyane considering Assab and spill just a little word about Assab to Ethiopian people, OH MY GOD! YOU ERITREANS BETTER RUN AWAY as fast as you can to hide some where to save your life. You guys do not know how we Ethiopians waiting that kind of thing to happen. At that moment, there is no Oromo, there is no Amhara, there is no Tigre and believe me, no one will thinking of politics and differences. You will be attacked before you know it. You remember back in 1998 and 2000?

09/16/11 @ 14:25
Comment from: Lion of Nakfa [Visitor]
Lion of Nakfa

For all Ethiopians who memorized their fake history including cyber-ፊታውራሪ

PLZ try to learn your actual history. Do not mischief your mind by so called 3000yrs history and never colonized by Europeans. Do not forget that Italians colonized Ethiopia. Still there is many signs of Italian colonization even in Addis Ababa. At that time King Haileselase flee out of Ethiopia as a refugee. But as usual(you guys depend on foreign aid), Britain came to rescue you. So, try to swallow this fact. Regarding the your mysterious 3000 yrs history, there was not a country called Ethiopia back then. Whether you like it or not your land so called Ethiopia has only 100 yrs.

09/16/11 @ 14:52
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Member]

@ machele gidefo

Treaty of Wuchale or Tratatto Di Ucchalli & Italy’s deceptive ways & superior power over Ethiopia answers your silly question.

Not only Assab, the entire Eritrea was part of Ethiopia & this treaty is the main reason why we are in this mess. By the time Minilik realized their tricks & tried to rectify the conniving, cheating ways of Italy through war it was a little too late. The fact that Italy was much more powerful and had their strong Army, Navy, Air force base in the red sea meant Ethiopia was unable to get rid of them from Eritrea for decades.

We eventually kicked their asses but by then they brain washed and turned some of your ancestors into house niggers, Askaris, Bandas & what not :):) … You my dear are a result of Wuchale treaty gone bad!

09/16/11 @ 15:26
Comment from: Dej.-Balcha-Aba-Nebso [Visitor]

Source: Our invaluable Ethiopian history archives…

“The port of Assab is a pure gift of TPLF to “Eritrea".

Solomon Petros overheard saying at the presence of an Ethiopian pilot instructor in 1996 in Asmara (the Capital of Field Marshal Ras Alula Aba-Negga).

09/16/11 @ 17:47
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

The Rat from NaTfa, when you were polishing your Signor’s shoe or tending his kitchen and laundry or serving him as a foot solider, Ethiopians, without their king, were fighting every single day of the five years the fascist Italian forces manged to stay in the country. With the absence of the king, new Ethiopian heroes and heroins were born. His Holiness Abune Petros, Belay Zelake, Dej. Balcha Aba Nebso, Hailu Kebede and others including from our sovereign territory North of Mereb are some notable patriots that has made the fascist’s existence in our country a living hell. Ethiopians never surrendered, never gave up on their country and freedom even when their king call it a quit and left the country for Europe. Compare that with what happened to you monkeys the moment Alula Aba Nega left you to punish another invading force somewhere in Metema. You waited him surrendered and boiling your master Signor’s Pasta. See, the difference? It is like night and day. When the king returned home with the few English troops, the enemy was already dealt with, but the Brits declared victory anyway. But, the entire world with the exception of the Rats from NaTfa knows who fought the fight and won it. It was the Ethiopians themselves, and that is how history remembers it. Even the Italians themselves know this fact. In the five years they stayed, they have murdered thousands of Ethiopians using everything on their disposal including an internationally banned chemical, mustard gas, and of course you the askaris who were their trusted foot soldiers. Ask your papa how your grandfather was killed fighting for fascist Italy and Mussolini against the Ethiopians. Once the King returned home, Patriotic Ethiopians like Belay Zelek were murdered and treated cruelly. On the contrary, your askari and slave ancestors and relatives were treated respectfully, and everything was given to them including freedom, power, education, and every other resource the country has afforded at the time. The majority of your folks were grateful for the king specially the Hamassiens. Hence, when the Egyptians bought some of you in the name of Islam and brainwashed you to start fighting against your country as a bandit with the name of Jehba, the highlanders were furious. In that era, you bandits never had the capacity to invade a village let alone “liberate” the entire province including one of the towns in Wollo province, Aseb. Shabia was nonexistent at the time, may be it was conceived in your leader’s, the madman Isayas’s, mind. Jehba was the stronger and it was threatening your very existence long after you started demolishing bridges and burning schools. Thanks to treasonous woyanes, they came over to your rescue and destroyed Jehba for once and all. For an Ethiopian, it really doesn’t matter who is who when it comes to Shabia and Woyane, you all are the same traitors for us, but truth must be told. Woyane’s have saved your stinky shabian existence, not once or twice but many times. Even today, if it wasn’t for Woyane, We Ethiopians would have destroyed you by now. Rest assured that we will annihilate you soon enough. You wont even exist in the history books. Btw, what did you fight for? For freedom, independence, self sufficiency…… which is all nonexistent in your hellhole called Artera? Let me answer it for you. You fought Ethiopia because you missed the beating of your Italian masters, you wanted the return of oppression, you wanted to relive the good old days when u were slaves….. chingafoch!

09/16/11 @ 22:08
Comment from: sima [Visitor]  

why worry africa will be split 2 parts in the next 100year we will have aport with out fight.

09/16/11 @ 22:48
Comment from: elias alemeseged [Visitor]
elias alemeseged

hamid humed you know i’m eritrian born assab never was part of eritria assab was afar ethiopians and up on separation back in 91 if you tell the truth afar say no separation and our eritrian government almost kill so many of them it is true and we all knows even there was issue that the leader of afar say we know only one flag that green yellow red we dont know this new eritrian flag so if you start telling bulshit guess what all eritrian folow and we all look stupid i guess you just hater and talk please if you got 0 to say shut the f…up we dont need that kind of low life personality to get respected you got to learn how to talk remmember respect you earn it by being greed there is no way we even have asmara in coming days we loos all coz remmember ethiopia is this days america give them all kind of war plane that can wipe out all eritria the fight is not like back in 1998 this time it will end in side asmara with no time to think so we as eritrians have to stop fault proud that is weakness in character we already hated by the all world look at ethiopia with out port to this day the moving faster than any other places i guess what happen to us is we get punishment by god coz what we did to ethiopia we have evrything they never do bad to us but we too greed and lier it came back and hunt us now so let stop foolish meaningless lies
we already lost 1000 eritrians in the red sea and meditranian water on top of that we hated by the all world our credit is this days 0 no one want listen about eritria we got cut by our lies since the sepration from ethiopia we lies a lot that’s why god hates us my last point is you all like it or not assab is already done deal by european and america it is go back to where it belong so it is not up to eritria the port is claim by afar organization in verginia and essex england they say we never was part of eritria we 100% ethiopian

09/16/11 @ 23:54
Comment from: ProudAfarEritrean [Visitor]

@ Amara Princess,
You still wondering why Woyane started the war in Badme and why did he send his troops (from all parts of Ethiopia except tgray) died in Mass.
He was to make his greater tgray dream real. What I wonder is, dont you Ethiopians ask yourselves, before jumping to war fronts, why? Why do I go to war? Who is going to gain of my blood? How do I know that Badme is Ethiopian?
If you remember, everybody was jumping and dancing in the streets of Addis Ababa as if they won the war.
Dont you guys learn yet. He is building all the roads, schools, airports, Hotels, Hospitals—etc in tgray, while leasing and destroying the rest of Ethiopia.
He put your intellectuals in prison. He is asking aid in your name and borrowing Billions of Dollars in your name….etc. endless crimes. What do you do? Cry baby from your comfort zone as usual.
For Assab, do not worry we the people who are originated in Assab are the once to defend and ready to die for our property. NO ONE ELSE, Assab is defended by the people of Assab and environs! Case closed!

09/17/11 @ 02:14
Comment from: Lilly [Visitor]

@Amhara Princess

“We eventually kicked their asses but by then they brain washed and turned some of your ancestors into house niggers”

I like the ‘House niggers’ bit :D :D :D :D
Thumps up sista &#59;)

09/17/11 @ 09:35
Comment from: ProudAfarEritrean [Visitor]

@Elias Alemeseged,
You fool, first change your name to call yourself from Afar ya kezab! wayana! F. Off!
We do not need your miserable nature to come to Assab anymore. I know you been working at the port of Assab as carrier but you infested the city with your HIV and lace.
Nomore Habesh agama allowed in, sorry.

09/17/11 @ 10:13
Comment from: REDAE [Visitor]


09/17/11 @ 11:08
Comment from: ProudAfarEritrean [Visitor]

Special message for Lilly, Dej.Balcha, mrs.Amhara..etc

Read and learn, who is who.

By respecting The Sovereign State of Eritrea, Ethiopians would gain of the neighbourly cooperation in the future.

Think about it !

09/17/11 @ 11:28
Comment from: Dej.-Balcha-Aba-Nebso [Visitor]

To unProud-nonAfar-KebesaEritrean

What Pride do you have at all when your DNA is a Dehumanized one by a Colonist Settler?

Eri-Casa negri: What is your pride when you were forced to lead a Degraded sub-human life as a Shoe-shiner and pasta-boiler in utter servitude for the Settler Colonists in your own village?

How is that it is a Pride when you Eri-inferiore were Denigrated to the core in the fact that you were forced to carry a special ID Card all the time with you to enter the Settlers quarter of inherited Asmara where you were expected to deligently excute the aforementioned Slave assignements?

As twisted and tarnished as ever, Signore Stupido (read: Mega IDIOT), where is the Pride when you were forced to enter the Settlers quarter at dawn and leave the same Colonists’s quarter at dusk in your own birth place so that you can earn a few token Liras for your Slavish dedication as a Querr-Barista or bar-tender, and afterwards you acted in identity confusion as if you come to be equal to your Fascist Masters, the Sicily-"Asmarinos"?

Eri-Inferiore: What kind of neighbourly cooperation are you talking about? An artificial cooperation so that you can swindle and mug the Ethiopian farmer’s vast material resources and the fruits of his hard work? What can you offer Ethiopia for a genuine cooperation for you own Nothing because you are a natural born parasite! A sea port? For rising Mighty Ethiopia, the renegade province of Artera is worthless in deed. As to the question of a sea port, Ethiopia is about to assume full Sovereignty over its own Assab!!!

BTW: When did you graduate from 4th grade schooling? What a useless Arteran-Ahiya!

09/17/11 @ 19:21
Comment from: Lion of Nakfa [Visitor]
Lion of  Nakfa

ቅዘናሙ Cyber-ፊታውራሪ
You mindless Adgi - aheya, plz try to have work. Do you think there is any one interested to read all this your garbage bla bla bla fictional history. Oh man I am sorry, I work for 8 hrs a day and sleep for another 8hrs. Still you are dormant. If you work at least 8hrs, you will not have time to write all this garbage man. How come you write all this from public library? Your inferiority complex gives you unrest in your mind. Why you talk too much, if you need Assab go to your country and try our brave people. We are masters on defending our rights and our land. We know very well to do ‘ቻ’ you adgi. By the way ‘ቻ’ mean ‘ዎሽ’ in Oromo. It is very easy job for us to do ዎሽ you adgi as we did from Karora to Assab.

09/17/11 @ 21:34
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

hey rat from NaTfa, i am glad you ask. the difference is with the kind of processors our two heads sport. As i said earlier, we do have absolutely different kinds of genes. What you have in that molala skull of yours doesn’t even resemble the oldest man made processor let alone a human’s brain. It is a miniscule stoney thing from a rat. That is why i can work and beat you good with the little time i have in my hand, you good for nothing slave. Having said that, when we come after our interest in the near future, you wont find a place to hide your rat self, not even the holes at the top of mount NaTfa will save your shabean ass.

09/17/11 @ 22:01
Comment from: elias alemeseged [Visitor]
elias alemeseged

proud afar eritrian look here just wait you think what ever you think deal is done good brother assab is you like it or not back to ethiopia soon as i say if you have brain all europian american agreed on that issue long time a go meles have all kind of wepon if your stupid issayas ask for war the ethiopian air force with out you know it they already in asmara it is not like 98 war things change big time the best thing is for you to shut the fu.. up and bend over so you get big one talk never get you no where assab never was part of eritria and you are not afar go play your game somewhere else we know you have great day if you still there i see you ASSAB ETHIOPIA ///////

09/17/11 @ 23:50
Comment from: Sad [Visitor]

It is really sad to see you guys jump from your chair, as if the war is here.
Dej.Balcha if you consider Eritreans as what you say, why do you want them to be part of Ethiopia then?
They are slaves, miserables, ingnorants, you name it…so why do you want Eritrea to be part of Ethiopia?
Do you guys know what you are talking about?
You hate Eritreans too much, so why do you want them to be part of your country? Why do you claim Assab?
You Ethiopians sound specialists on reading the world map. You can make boundries of all countries by your immagination. You can cut any country like a cake and enjoy the blessing.
Guys Ethiopians are born wild and you will end-up starving your stomach to death and go to war salivating for others resources. How many years did Ethiopia fight to occupy territories in Somalia, Sudan, Kenya and Eritrea? For decades you are fighting with no rest and the result is…How many people died and how many are sleeping with their empty stomach today? You cant even feed your children once a day. Are you born wild? You want to eat people alive for your hunger?
Your bloodthurst is never calm, it is in your DNA. Domarasoch!

09/18/11 @ 06:23
Comment from: Dej.-Balcha-Aba-Nebso [Visitor]


Look, don’t shed us Ethiopians your crocodile tears for we are who we really are, what really belongs to us, what we really want and where our genuine and legitimate destiny is!!!

In deed, we Ethiopians definitely know what we are talking about!!!

Stop manipulating the issue at hand and disinform the audience, Idiot.

First of all, it is the Tigrinya speaking Arterans who hate Ethiopians and anything Ethiopian. Even though R’terra is composed of 9 different cultural communities, it is this particular community which is conspiring hell bent to destabilise and dismember our Enat-Ethiopia in the false hope of dominating the entire region so that these Dehumanised Kebesa-Tigrinya-Chauvnists can control the resources and destiny of our people!

Secondly, we are just serving them in kind for what they are and what they deserve anyways! Given the bitter experiences what our great grand fathers, our grand fathers, our parents patriots and we ourselves have with these ungrateful backstabbers, R’terra’s Tigrinya Chauvnists do understand only such a denigrating language because we believe that they are nurtured to behave like this since the times of the concocted creation of a fake country called Rterra by antiEthiopia forces.

Thirdly, we Noble and Free Ethiopians are not demanding the complete annexation nor the reversal of their choice asuch for what they by design to hurt Ethiopia fought for – Rather, we want to make it abundantly clear to them that independence means just independence. They can’t have it both ways! They can’t declare a Sovereign independent country and at the same time they shamelessly claim to have the right to swindle and loot the Ethiopian Farmer’s rich natural resources using criminal front business companies and their fifth column citizens inside our beloved Ethiopia! Coveting and craving for other Sovereign people’s resources is not just simple greediness, it is in fact an outright criminal idea in the first place – Deny it as you might but R’terans have a natural instinct to undertake such despicable activities without any qualm. Either they must decide that they are an integral part of our Great Ethiopia or they must stick to what they have for good which they acquired it through false history discourse and antiEthiopia machniations.

Fourthly, we Free Ethiopians are just fighting for the re-incorporation of the Assab port under the Full Sovereignty of Ethiopia without any qualifications!!! Sovereign Ethiopia is the legitimate and natural owner of Assab port – Back then in 1991/3, the TPLF dominated governement had unilaterally and illegally consented to the ceding of Assab port to the newly created R’terra without a broadbased national consensus across the whole of Ethiopia!!!

As such, Noble Ethiopians do NOT hate R’terrans at all – While the reverse is true. R’terrans especially the Tigrinya speaking community from highland R’terra (traditionally also known as “Kebesa") are the ones who are good at actively sowing the seeds of hatred, division and animoisty among Ethiopians lest Ethiopians get united to concur poverty and under-development!!!

In the end, though, Ethiopians will definitely accomodate eachother and amicably resolve their secondary disagreements in due time – Mighty Ethiopia’s future in the 21st C. is refreshingly bright!

09/18/11 @ 16:14
Comment from: Lion of Nakfa [Visitor]
Lion of  Nakfa

ቅዘናሙ Cyber-ፊታውራሪ

You can not understand what people talk. Even you do not know what you are talking Mr Adgi. I never ask you any thing. There is nothing in this planet you can tell me. You can spent as much as time you want b/c you live with foodstamp like your gov’t and your country. Get a job Mr Adgi and try to help your starved mom instead of spent the whole day in public library to get free internet access. This brave 3 million people will drive out the 80 million including you Adgi when ever you try us. We born to drive you out by doing a job."ቻ". But you will not come to fronts. The mega phobia you have over this brave 3 million people will keep you out of the fronts. ዎሽ Adgi ዎሽ….ዎሽ

09/18/11 @ 19:36
Comment from: Shame on Dr. Yacob [Visitor]
Shame on Dr. Yacob

Dr. Yacob, we expect you to write something new on this time. Something which effectively stops the blood shade in east Africa, something with brings brothers together not something which ignites the old fire back. Hailesilasie, Col. Mengistu Hailemariam lost their way looking for Aseb or Eritrea. Ethiopia paid heavey costs invain. Where are Nadew, MebreQ, Terara, Mekit, Wuqaw, Central comand (maekelawi ezi), and hutetegna abieyotawi serawit as a whole? It is shame on you Dr. False (Yacob) to raise the same shit but differently. Good luck with the Asab thing.

09/19/11 @ 08:02
Comment from: elias abegas [Visitor]
elias abegas

guess what shame on me coz i have to say what is true and 80.000.000 million ethiopians lost their sea water to shabia like u and u try to brought up shut ethiopian demand that never work MR eritria just shut the hell up we know what we do to our own sea port ASSAB

09/20/11 @ 00:51



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