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Ethiopia stages North Korea style funeral service for Zenawi



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Ethiopia stages North Korea style funeral service for Zenawi

Ethiopia: The Misguided Drama of TPLF Diehards

By Selam Beyene

Without regard to the opportunity presented by the death of the late autocrat Meles Zenawi to initiate dialogue, atone for the crimes committed by the ethnic-based regime, and reach out to the vast majority of the Ethiopian people they have disfranchised, impoverished and subjected to untold levels of oppression and misery in over two decades tyranny, the cadres of the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) that still hold the reins of power in Ethiopia are harassing the people as they frantically prepare to make a distasteful spectacle of the despot’s funeral services, fashioned after the theatrics of North Korea’s Kim dynasty.

In a bizarre and primitive public relations ploy, the cadres kept in the dark a country of over eighty million people and the rest of the world about the circumstances of the tyrant’s ailment and death for months, thereby revealing a collective state of mind that is unstable and a leadership cohort that lacks human decency and the basic elements of governance and good diplomacy.

When the death of the dictator was eventually disclosed, largely under pressure from the international donor community, the cadres again stunned the world by their lack of tactfulness, understanding of the nuances of the occasion and ability to conceal their panic, shame and naked desire to perpetuate the failed policies of an ethnic-based and corrupt system.

As a venomous serpent that has most of its head severed, the TPLF is now convinced that its continued survival hinges only on the portrayal of a larger-than-life picture of the fallen tyrant and taking refuge in the shadow of such a portrait. Accordingly, while waging fierce internal struggles for control and leadership positions, the cadres are mobilizing all resources at their disposal to bid a dramatic and repugnant sendoff to their deceased boss in the vain hope of carrying on his wicked legacy.

Since the official announcement of the dictator’s expiration, Ethiopia has been in a state of siege. From the smallest villages in central Shoa to such regional towns as Debre Berhan, Jimma, Gondar, Adwa, Nazareth and Addis Ababa, all citizens from the unemployed to the professional, from famous singers to renowned athletes, from the army to the clergy, are ordered to display their grief over the death of the tyrant during the lengthy mourning and funeral periods. Their embassy employees in major capitals of the world are busy persuading foreign dignitaries to attend the sendoff, while corrupt African diplomats in Addis are urged to persuade their respective autocratic leaders to eulogize the life of a fallen colleague. To critical observers, the unfolding dramatic events are reminiscent of the North Korean “Great Leader” phenomenon, with the veiled but unmistakable intention of continuing the repressive policies of the deceased despot.

A Teachable Moment
If the TPLF minority rulers believe that they can continue the discredited ethnic-based policies of Zenawi with business as usual, then they have not learned from their short history or the unfolding events in their neighborhood. They should wake up from decades of denial about the crimes they have committed and the immeasurable pain and suffering they have inflicted on the people of Ethiopia, and use this occasion to build bridges between them and the rest of the country. The sinister gambit to hide under the cover of fake growth figures, phony democracy, and fanciful invincibility cannot last for much longer.

Thanks to the infantile and irresponsible ethnic policy of Zenawi, Ethiopia today is a tinderbox. The propaganda machinery and security apparatus notwithstanding, the harsh realities of life under TPLF authoritarian rule have created favorable conditions for a mass insurrection, with unpredictable and grave consequences. The sources of the billions of dollars aid money diverted to buy informants and train and maintain militias would soon dry up, and there would be no force strong enough to continue to thwart the people’s desire for freedom and democracy.
The TPLF cadres should, therefore, come to their senses and divert a calamity by integrating themselves into the Ethiopian society. It is high time they understand that a rule by a minority ethnic group, with a philosophy of inter-ethnic disharmony, corruption and anti-Ethiopianism, is doomed to be relegated to the dustbin of history.

The Hypocrisy of the West
Over that last few days, we have watched with great consternation as gullible Western diplomats made attempts to lionize the brutal dictator, instead of demonizing him for the crimes he had committed against humanity. While their expression of admiration for the late dictator as an African intellectual and economic reformer is, of course, a measure of the contempt they harbor for Africa, their irresponsible statements have the potential to send the wrong signals to the followers of the dictator who still believe they can promote the failed ideology of their deceased leader.

Much has been written about the phony growth and development figures that the despot fed to naïve donor nations and so-called development experts. The West showered the dictator with billions of dollars in direct and indirect aid, in part as payment for his mercenary role in the “fight against terror”. The tyrant used part of the money to strengthen his grip on power, while he either stashed away the rest in his foreign bank accounts or used it to enrich his multi-billion dollar business conglomerates, such as the Endowment Fund for the Rehabilitation of Tigray (EFFORT). In a country that had been struggling to emerge from decades of civil war and a Soviet-style bureaucracy, a fraction of the aid money that was spent on superficial construction and other development activities, bolstered by statistics fabricated by party loyalists, was sufficient to give the impression of double-digit growth. To the naive donor institutions that are ever hungry for numbers, and to the phony academicians who are desperate to validate flawed development ideas, the fudged figures were essential inputs to complete annual reports or to corroborate fanciful theories, and hence were uncritically accepted at face value.

Sadly, the facts on the ground are horrifying. According to a recent report of the Worldwide Governance Indicators (WGI) project, Ethiopia is ranked among the bottom of 213 economies over the period 1996–2010, i.e., on Zenawi’s watch, with respect to such governance dimensions as Voice and Accountability, Government Effectiveness, Rule of Law and Control of Corruption. And more shockingly, Ethiopia is ranked as the second poorest country in the world, just above Niger, based on the new international measure of poverty, the Multidimensional Poverty Index( MPI), developed by the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative.

With respect to human rights, Zenawi had the most despicable record of any leader in recent history. Since he snatched power from the previous despot, he had systematically wiped out all forms of opposition, and established a totalitarian state the likes of which had not been seen since the fall of the Berlin Wall. In 2005, when he was humiliatingly defeated at the polls, he massacred over 190 peaceful protesters, sent hundreds of thousands of suspected opposition supporters to concentration camps, and jailed all major opposition leaders. In the most recent elections, he decimated any potential rivals, and claimed 99.6% of the votes in openly rigged elections.
It is time for the West to abandon the contemptible policy of cuddling dictators in private while professing democracy and freedom in official communications. The career diplomats in the US State Department and in foreign offices of Western powers should take heed of the plight of the people under the yoke of tyranny and recalibrate their policies to ensure lasting peace and stability in these fragile parts of the world. The Pentagon in particular should immediately sever its ties with a criminal regime that does not represent the will of the people, and refrain from tarnishing its time-honored responsibility as a bulwark of freedom and democracy in an imprudent aim of achieving short-term tactical objectives.

A Golden Opportunity for the Opposition
The fractured opposition groups, both inside and outside of Ethiopia, have hitherto never missed an opportunity to miss an opportunity to bring an end to the tyrannical rule of the TPLF. Now these groups have a golden opportunity to join forces and work toward the formation of a system of government that is based on democratic principles, respect of individual rights, and equal opportunity for all citizens, irrespective of ethnicity, religion or other prejudices. It is imperative that all opposition groups come together under a common platform and press the international community and the TPLF cadres to chart a robust framework for a stable, democratic and prosperous Ethiopia. In this regard, the recent announcement by the Oromo Dialogue Forum should be viewed as a step in the right directions and followed by all concerned groups. Without a united front among opposition groups, in which individual ambitions are subservient to the common good, the TPLF cadres are likely to perpetuate Zenawi’s agenda of repression, and the West will continue to thwart any internal movement for freedom and democracy.

A Call to Action
All Ethiopians back home and in the Diaspora should use this opportunity to exert pressure on the TPLF cadres and their foreign backers to chart a democratic path for Ethiopia. They should not be distracted by the misguided drama of the TPLF diehards who are futilely attempting to perpetuate the destructive ethnic policy of the late tyrant. No lavish funeral ceremony, or memorial edifices to immortalize one of the most vicious dictators in modern times should distract the people of Ethiopia from demanding their fundamental rights to live in freedom and choose their leaders without coercion and repression.

We call upon Ethiopian intellectuals to engage more aggressively in the struggle to free our people from the shackles of tyranny, deprivation and perpetual misery. Seldom in the history of the struggle against tyranny has a generation of intellectuals demonstrated such a level of inexcusable apathy as has been the case among many of the Ethiopian intellectuals in the face of unparalleled repression of the society they are a product of. Any segment of a society that is guided only by selfish principles, without regard to the common good, is destined to condemn itself and its progeny to perpetual servitude and slavery.

Lastly, we call upon donor nations and institutions to withheld any and all aid to the criminal regime until it agrees to abide by international norms of good governance, invites all opposition groups to form a government of national reconciliation, unconditionally frees all political prisoners, and immediately guarantees the rights and freedoms of all Ethiopians that are enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Without the subsidy of Western aid, the Stalinist system of government will crumble overnight, and a new era of democracy, stability and prosperity will dawn on that ancient land in the Horn of Africa.

Selam Beyene, PhD,
August 26, 2012


Comment from: MACK [Visitor]

People in Ethiopia are very much disgusted by your hallucinations. There is no such a thing North Korea style in Ethiopia. You few cowards are thinking like that. I would suggest you to go and witness yourself and have fair judgment. Rather it is all foolishness and disrespecting the true Ethiopians who are really grieving by this incident.

08/27/12 @ 01:22
Comment from: Amhara Princess's butler [Visitor]
Amhara Princess's butler

For real? North Korean style? Minew, Ethiopiawe mehonachenen resahewe ende? kebrehe atakim?

sometimes nazret is too american, even for me

08/27/12 @ 01:32
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]


People in Ethiopia are disgusted by all the hoopla and theatrical fiasco that has been going on the last few days over a dictator and a tyrant.

Most Ethiopians don’t care he is dead except TPLFs.

08/27/12 @ 01:32
Comment from: woyane wede mekelle [Visitor]
woyane wede  mekelle

gaddafi was also “supported” by libyans until the hunting started :))

96% of ethiopians are happy about the death of meles :D

08/27/12 @ 01:44
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

Typical shabia style propaganda. Desperate is this all you got on the negative report???

08/27/12 @ 01:48
Comment from: Ewnet [Visitor]

It is all bullshit! I am not woyane, but a regular Ethiopian with the same level of education you have mentioned to have. I appreciate what Meles has done for his country. You always talk about how many lives Meles killed. Have you ever thought about how many more he has saved? I am disguested by your negativism and denial. I am ashamed of being considered as part of diaspora who talks too much and do little. Ask your mother how she feels about his death. Will you classify her as weyane too? :-) Before u know it everyone in Ethiopia will be ‘weyane’. The truth is there are no geniun opposition in Ethiopia, just a bunch of people with hatred. Ethiopian people love Meles because there are no body else to love.

08/27/12 @ 02:33
Comment from: [Member]

______BE MOTTU DILL NESSA_________

Wettat shimagile set wondu sayibal,
Hullum jegina eyale be mott bagegnew dil,
Ye allem meriwoch yemeskerulet,
Tallaq Ye africa meri eyallu siyadenqut,
Bilhe astewayinna jegna yemayibeger,
Teseminet endiyagegne ye Africa ahigur,
Yaschale bichegna qorat meri neber,
Tamagn neber le hizbu fitsum tewedaji,
Yeweled degagimo endih ayenet lij,
Melese jegna new ke jegnam jegna,
Be hizbu wist yenoral gen mech mottena,
Talaqu lijachin ye Ethiopia anbessa,
Zarem behiwot sayinor be mottu dil nessa.
Wonzonchun gedebe awale lelimat,
Fesew neber kentu lebizu ametat,
Tenssu le sirra belo bemastebaber,
Timihert endidares kedar eskedar,
Geneba unversity bemelaw hager,
Mehonachewin awqo mengedoch yedemsir,
Kesir meseretu sirawin sigemer,
Hospital fabrika ye ersha mesino sayiqer,
Serto bemaserat hizbunim siyastemir,
Enalima midrituan honen be andinet,
Lemanim ayiteqmim kiray sebsabinet,
Hagerin enirda leras kemesasat,
Let teqen sileffa andd qen sayarffe,
Program eyawetta bekefetew mierraffe,
Ye zerr ye hayimanot liyunnet endayinor,
Hullum be annd dimts endiyasib selehager,
Hager yemitnorrew sinorren new fiqir,
Eyalle degagimo lehizbu siyastemir,
Maleqiya yelewum ye melese gedill,
Fitsum neber qorrat min yewetaletal,
Ahunim bemottu degimo ashenifoall,
Be hizbu wist honno zelealm yenorral!!

08/27/12 @ 02:42
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

As we have seen on these pictures Agazi Officials and SS Federalis are
shading their tears of “CROCODILE” for the Crime Minister .All these guys are crying on their own fate not really on the Death of their “Dear Leader ” .The same as doing Adgi Banda with his silly poem
pasted from TPLF Ass Holes Medias ,crying his subsides which would be cut soon as the looter Azeb
renders the power to the New Agazi Bandits Seyum Mesfin SHADOW CABINET !!!!

08/27/12 @ 03:10
Comment from: alemayehu [Visitor]

Ethiopian Film - Ethiopia vs. North Korea - Cry or Die - Part 1

08/27/12 @ 03:25
Comment from: werner2010 [Visitor]

I wish I were in Ethiopia to pay tribute to this visionary, hardworking, intelligent and courageous leader of our nation. Ethiopia is in much better position today than when he took power, and that is what matters. Our motherland used to be associated only with hunger, war and disease. Today people come to our beautiful nation on vacation, and our friends and foe know that we are to be reckoned with.
Thank you and rest in peace, Prime Minister Meles!

08/27/12 @ 03:29
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Hey Wushet ,ahun Ewunet betenager yeshalehal !!! Menelike Betemengist
yetesebessebaw sew ,tegdo endji wodo ayedelem ,Yehenen Zeraffi dem
metatchi Leba yemyaleksaw !!!This is
a Stalinist and North Korean Style
fake mourning obliging peoples to cry in command .As they oblige them to express their joy !!!Most of the peoples are crying their own relatives assassinated by this criminal not really him .Agazi bandits wanna us to swallow their usual lies ,to hide their own internal crisis .The peoples obliged to parade at Arat Kilo it’s
the same complaining on their sad
situation which they could not even have the means to eat once per day .Afterall
99% of these peoples are not Haile G/Selassie ,Tigre Mafiosis and TPLF
Mafia System Banda Profiters.But poor guys victims of this system which has strown them in a Total despare and misery .

08/27/12 @ 03:31
Comment from: Heny [Visitor]

you astray dog. just shut up. anchi galemotaaaaaaaaa. We are here taking the torch to prolong your fugitive life. YES MILLIONS OF US ARE THERE TO HUNT AND EXTREMINATE YOU LOSERS.

08/27/12 @ 03:34
Comment from: My View [Visitor]
My View

Tell me, why were thousands of people out to celebrate the Meskerem 2 during Derg? Even the birth place of TPLF used to celebrate Meskerem 2 so much. So if you answer this question for me, it will answer everyone’s puzzle why people are crying.

People are pretending to mourn the late PM. Just to live peacefully. If you think I am hallucinating, ask those of none Tigrian who are crying and they will tell you the reason why they are crying.

If they tell you one of the following they are truly genuine.

They are crying because:

1. Teff and other basic food stuff is cheaper than Mengistu’s time and even ten years ago.

2. they send their children to school for free.

3. they eat three times a day.

4. they live moderately with minimum wage.

5. transportation is cheap and convenient.

6. they have proper housing .

7. they have freedom of speech.

8. the court is truly independent .
X. Countless reason that makes a government good government.

But if they tell you the following reason why they are crying, it is because they are in the ocean of fear.


1. Abay , Gilegel Gibe

2. The buildings and roads all over Ethiopia.

3. Transformation and development plan

4. Behare Behereseb rights

5. Ye Africa talak mere and Jegna
The rest of Tigrians, it is only because he told them he is Tigrian

08/27/12 @ 03:39
Comment from: My View [Visitor]
My View

It is really amazing how the supporters of the Woyane/EPRDF are so blind and never seen how the history back in H.M. Haileselesse and Comrade Mengistu was. During these periods, the supporters of both regimes were preaching how good their government was (They arrested and killed who opposed). If we only talk about the good things they (H.M. and Comrade) have done for Ethiopia as well as Africa. One can argue, why be against these governments? But history showed us how the supporters of both governments were so oblivious about the crimes against humanity, killings, anti-freedom of speech, discrimination, nepotism, favoritism … that created rebels in the entire Ethiopia regardless of the good things which was done by both governments. Woyane/EPRDF supporters, history is going to repeat itself on you guys….Can you imagine if woyane/EPRDF were fooled by the economic development of DERG, we would have been still killed by DERG….We all WANT a government who: - is under the Law, respects and practices human rights, advances in economic development, allows freedom of speech, many aspect that make a government a good/fair government.

WE DO NOT WANT A government that performs part of it!

Whoever that sits on that position should be ready for all kind critics!

If Ato Melese Zenawi were under the Law, he would have never said “Melasun Kuret, Ejun kurut”

Entities/people that opposes Meles Zenaw’s one man rule, DO NOT BE FOOL by the ECONOMY where the supporters preaches about.


08/27/12 @ 03:45
Comment from: bendo [Visitor]

when ppl cry in uk for diana every one was saying she been loved and when millions of ethiopians did that for melas diaspora idiots calls it N.koria.
Please the extrimists call to your families and ask for the truth.. this is disrespect for millions of ethiopians saying they don’t know what they want.
i know you guys are like stone in the sea who doesn’t get wet even thou he lived there for life…
you expected to come out against and to die for you and you were packed your laugage to go back as hero in some one blood but it turn out against you….
so open your eyes hoping to go come to power in the poor young is a day dream… you will die outside with your bad mouth far away from eth.

08/27/12 @ 03:46
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Hyena why don’t stop your halucination ,first of all your Leba master is dead he is Kaput …
Secondly you are loosing your times posting your craps on this website .
The fact that the country is not really in good Shape even you and all your Thuggy bros are not in hurry to GO BACK TO YOUR PROMISED HOLLY LAND !!!!

08/27/12 @ 03:54
Comment from: [Member]


Is this writer an eritrean? His/her name sounds one. Most of all what’s all this rage? What ever it is this person seems a very angry dog who seems to have a pesonal grudge, not only against our great leader PM Meles Zenawi, but the whole world.
Who ever you’re, try to have peace with in yourself before writing such kind of piece of sh!t article. What a looser!!

08/27/12 @ 03:57
Comment from: bendo [Visitor]

Are you saying more than 80 million non tigrians are *FERI* and *LIER* you are insolting my familie and your familiy who cryied laud for there feeling..
becouse most of the diaspora politicians are *FERI* and LIED to save there ass like birhanu did you are blaming all ethiopians are the same.
How did you wish then to rule this FERI and LIER people.

08/27/12 @ 03:58
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Thanks alemayhu ,I also invite peoples to watch the video .Including the last Atlanta’s speech of Artist Tamagne Beyene shaneled on ESAT TV and also available on youtube .Specially TPLF Thugs and Aderby Bandas , this will be an occasion for them to meditate how much the country as the whole has become the Carricature of North Korea !!!!

08/27/12 @ 04:05
Comment from: Insight [Visitor]

Undeniably, the article is full of well-versed statements. I like that part along with some of the raised points.

Even in the eyes of the so called Western Nations, they for sure know that Meles was an autocratic and repressive leader. But Meles couldn’t believe his luck when “war-on terror” became his plight as much as it was for the donor nations. And more importantly, Meles used the bravery of Ethiopian soldiers to clear out “hot spots” where the USA has no guts to send back her military back to Somalia. There is no way that the interest of a third world nation outweighs that of the western powers!

The writer’s assertion that the west should put pressure on the Ethiopian Government is very naive to say the least. Even it is not as colorful as a PHD hanging on the flag post. In connection with this, in 1991, it was the west which facilitated the melting away of OLF from the then Transitional Government of Ethiopia such that TPLF would tighten its grip on power. And they have sustained that support endlessly to this day despite whatever State Department or Human Rights reports that kept on being printed year after year.

The other point is calling upon the opposition and the like groups, as fragile as they are, to mount a challenge that can make the Tigray Dynasty to change its course is very futile. It is a far better idea to call upon the mass - Ethiopians from all walks of life, to stage the “Arab Spring” style wave of demonstration, seeking the return of the hyena dynasty to its mountains in the North!
If there is anyone who wishes that TPLF will share power with anybody, well you haven’t learnt a lesson in that last 21 years! It may be gross but hyenas won’t like sharing. The iron-fist stance is to be continued as echoed by the new puppet leader. Meles has effectively deceived Ethiopias even from his grave, as much as he did during his reign on power.

Meles deserves other credits as well. There was some documeted growth, whether fake or not. The leader of this poor nation, was able to show up at world stage: G20,G8 and other venues. This is not bad because the late leader was receiving his paybacks from the so called Western Nation.

08/27/12 @ 04:12
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Very well Adgi Banda when you are stating Dr. Martin Luther Kings’ “NOTHING IN THE WORLD IS MORE DANGEROUS THAN SINCERE IGNORANCE AND CONSCIENTIOUS STUPIDITY.” .What about the Agazi bandit comedies on your leba master mourning .Evil bandas spreading their tears of Crocodile here and there ,obliging
peoples to cry .And Goethe’s “THERE IS NOTHING WORSE THAN AGRRESSIVE STUPIDITY” .What has been the reaction from Agazi Bandit officials ,sellout bandas and
from all of you when patriotic diaspora medias revealed the naked truth concerning the health of your Leba master .As said our dear elders” Ye leba ayenederek melesso lib yaderek” that’s all you are ,Moron Keftaff Banda !!!

08/27/12 @ 04:17
Comment from: nationalist [Visitor]

you want to show the rest of the world how Ethiopian crying for tyrant and dictator Meles on small screen ha ha ha, Why you fool yourself, Pity that you don`t have any a tool help determine what actually feel people`s about his death but I can assure you 99.6 % are happy he`s gone and the nation is better of him.By the way do you know that when people are happy they may cry do you really know that ???

08/27/12 @ 04:22
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Hey Bando ,what the hell are you talking about .For your Information in Uk ,nobody was obliged to mourn
Lady Di.As actually do Agazi Bandits
inspired from North Korean Tyrant Regime .At this period did you see BBC journalists and anyother British Media Journalists disguised as undertaker like today’s ETV journalists and Agazi Officials to
make official announcement and represent the news .Afterall Peoples
obliged to parade at Arat Kilo and in many other parts of the countrty ,are gathering at this fake
mourning the Stomach Empty !!!Soon they will be the same ones who would
take arms by rising up to destroy the evil Agazi and Tigre Mafiosis blood sucker racist regime .

08/27/12 @ 04:37
Comment from: nationalist [Visitor]

whether their tear this innocent peoples that you have mocked for 21 years bring you only what you deserve !!!
what goes around comes around !!!!

08/27/12 @ 04:47
Comment from: Lion [Visitor]

We are calling the greatest mankind monument in the heart of Addis for Meles the greatest leader of all time. All Ethiopians want to see him still alive and in our daily dream. May Gid bless his soul.

08/27/12 @ 05:09
Comment from: ZK [Visitor]

It is a shame that the Ethiopian gov’t is trying hard to convince the world dead Meles was a good leader to the people when everyone knows he is a bloody dictator who oppressed the Ethiopian people for more than two decades. I expected the people of this nation at least to stand up for those who have been killed and imprisoned for no reason that speaking out against the tyrant Meles and his cronies. I hope he rot in hell after all that is what he deserves.

08/27/12 @ 05:26
Comment from: Melo [Visitor]

@ alemayehu [Visitor]

That YouTube video is amazing. What North Korea regime did to its people is the exact same thing what tplf/woyane regime is doing to the Ethiopian people. It’s like they are reading the same “how to” book.

08/27/12 @ 05:38
Comment from: bendo [Visitor]

few days a go Birhanue;s ESAT and ER are been appricitating and wished ethiopia people will come out for protest like egypt and syria and they were promised they have now finished the work in the ground to take power.
Now they start insolting the whole non tigrian ethiopians as lier and FERI.. becouse they react different way than they expected.
How come some one wish to rule the people you call LIER and FERI.
Birhanue and ESAT Journalist becouse you guys signed by liying saying sorry and run away from problem as FERI don’t give the name to the whole ehtiopian.

08/27/12 @ 05:50
Comment from: Maresha [Visitor]

The few diasporas ignorant can talk what they want, but they can do nothing else rather than talk.
whatever comes the policy of PM meles cannot change must remain such as before, because the people of
Ethiopian have tasted the way of freedom and democracy so let me make clear this nation have never seen for more than 100 years such this democracy and freedom.
Pls. follow the foot of PM Meles !!

08/27/12 @ 05:56
Comment from: LASTA [Visitor]

Le petit agamido Woyanne Melese is dead!! Rejoice my people!!!

This has been very good news for “us” with the death of Abuna Diablos for the last few days. Hope it will continue with the death of those other dogs, Bereket, Mesfin and the Boy Scout Samora.

My question is, when is that whore Azeb going to evacuate our palace and go back to Adwa? They have been squatting the Menelk Palace without the permission of the Ethiopian people for the last twenty years.
I have been calling different part of Ethiopia and Woyanne is harassing the population to mourn for le petit agamido, their objective is a turnout of 99%, i.e., likes the election.

Once again, why is Woyanne forcing the people of Ethiopia to mourn for a “leba”?

08/27/12 @ 05:58
Comment from: Ash [Visitor]

I live in north korea…. The goverment told as the same thing about America and great britain..when princess diana, and michael jackson die people cry their eye out..fake public moron..

Since u guys live in free America pls tell me it is not..while at it please tell me if it truth king of rock and roll elvis presley still alive.. Because north Korea telling us fool America still belive elvis alive… Think u…

Saying all this I want the Ethiopia goverment to stop public moroning after 3 or 7 day… Just like every Ethiopian family moroning culture… It is high class to say tank you and send the people home to their live… Meles should live in their heart and mind to much anything is not good.. So take high moral ground and stop this

08/27/12 @ 06:27
Comment from: Mj Tyson [Visitor]
Mj Tyson

I am repeating this comment.

To all Meles Zenawi supporters I urge you to please stop coming to this site, stop watching ESAT or reading extremist diaspora useless garbage. Its not for us it’s for those vile hateful people who have been reduced to nothing but giant filthy mouth piece. Let them be consumed in their on vomit and lets celebrate the achievements of our great leader and continue the progress he started. Lions should not mix with hyenas therefore, you golden lions, go find your news elsewhere, where lions should be and leave this place for the hyenas and vultures to rot in their on filth. Long live Meles Zenawi, long live Ethiopia Long live Hizbi Woyane Harent Tigray. Glory be to God forever and ever Amen.

08/27/12 @ 06:28
Comment from: Adisu [Visitor]

Meles finito ale!!!!
So what? These pro-EPRDF idiots look stupid. It looks like they enjoyed his ethnocentrism over the past 20 years. In 2005, when around 200 people were massacred in the same city, only few cried. When, a person who ordered the killing dies, those who pulled the trigger now in uniform cry corocodile tears. The same people go to church and mosque which I believe are against killings. When 95% of people in Addis eat meat and chicken only for holidays, the cadres and some morons celebrate this as a success. Asafari hula!! We all know most of the people criying are either ethnic Tigres or confused people. As a christian, I wish he rest in peace! Please the people of Ethiopia wake up and look at other countries with 90 million people. They all better than us. No other people around the world cry for dictators, but Ethiopians and North Koreans. Thanks for putting us on the list. I don’t want to hear any Ethiopian complain about the price of food and life getting expensive. Asaferachugn!!

08/27/12 @ 06:33
Comment from: Gebru [Visitor]

Our Late Great Leader PM Melese deserves more than this what is a big deal ? We lost Our all time Great Leader…

08/27/12 @ 07:43
Comment from: Neo-Ethiopian [Visitor]

Rarely, i read this website
The grief is for all Ethiopians, that can’t be hidden- North Korean didn’t paid respect to their leader in the middle of raining dark fall. 100s of thousands (probably) rallied, millions glued to their TV, many couldn’t control their tears. No one knew he had such a support, many were paralyzed by passerby phenomena, where by you just say he is a bad guy because someone close to us say that.
All the images are not representative of what is happening,where are the mother, young men and women and children grieving. Even today you just walk on street to see someone in tears.

Ps: stupid captcha, how can i know if a characther is small S,Z or whatever else - just get me this one posted - shows you old Ethiopian value spirit

08/27/12 @ 08:47
Comment from: ABEL [Visitor]


08/27/12 @ 08:54
Comment from: Nothing [Visitor]  

Wow! I’ve never realized how full of shi* most of you are until Meles’ death. Now I know how much the people of Ethiopia loved this ‘dictator’. Lol North Korean style, according to you. I bet you were hoping for empty streets when his body arrived. When you saw the people gathering around Bole you probably thought TPLF! When the numbers increased surpassing the ‘TPLF’ mark, your last resort is forced grieving. You and the diaspora press are liars! Good to know, and in the future, this will he the stain on your record if you ever hoped to run for a public office position. North Korean style… Fail!

08/27/12 @ 08:56
Comment from: ambessa [Visitor]

hay TPLF
Why don’t you tell the people that this shamful tyranne, your meles zenawy died because of HIV/AIDS. shame on you, do you argue for such promiscius bastard.
let me tell you Ethiopians are happy, that is why we cry. I will go also for his funeral b/c I want to bury my torturer.
go to hell meles!

08/27/12 @ 09:05
Comment from: To Adisu [Visitor]  
To Adisu

What have you done for Ethiopia lately? “I don’t want to hear any Ethiopian complain…” lol like you ever did anything to help them. They are asafariwoch only because they made you eat your own words. They loved him, and just because you don’t does not mean they should all believe what you believe. People like you should never be a politician. Because you don’t tolerate other people’s opinions and beliefs. You are mad because they love him. Your excuse is they are confused? What an idiot. Why don’t you help them form an opinion since they are confused? They can’t think for themselves right? Idiot go back to sitting at Starbucks and keep planning ways to take over Ethiopia. Loser.

08/27/12 @ 09:10
Comment from: Tazabi [Visitor]
Tazabi why don’t you tell us the government also orderd the people to cry and hit their chest and also give emotional comments about how sad they are too. Why is so painful to those zeregna, Meles and Ethiopian people enemies to swallow how he is loved and cherished by his people. Try to swallow harder idiots, maybe you will chock and die.

Copy pest and watch this links. You will get all the answer\

08/27/12 @ 09:13

08/27/12 @ 09:19
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Abolbai keep on your silly bere wolede fairytale ignorant Wusha banda Afterall it’s not a Shame being a parking lot a dish washer or performing any kind of job and gain honestly its days to days life than being little Ethiopia ’ss Awedeldai stack to ETV and Agazi Bandas medias than looking for a job .Hey Nothing ,a very dedicated nickname for a moron Agazi ass hole ,this is your own childish illosion ,patriots have already known that the Agazi bandits with the complicity of their kersam bandas shall organise a Fake mourning ceremonies à la North Korean .We invite you to consult ESAT TV ,or youUtube where Artist Tamagne Beyene anticipating Agazi Bandits comedies the day that the Crime Minister dies !!!!

08/27/12 @ 09:23
Comment from: Olana [Visitor]

My View,

You retort “People are pretending to mourn the late PM. Just to live peacefully”

Please spare us of your “brilliant analysis". People had the choice to stay in their homes, as I am sure some did. But, no they chose to come out in droves defying the bitter cold and freezing rain just to mourn the death of their leader and pay tribute to his selfless hard work.

Extremists like yourself may deny the obvious, but the Ethiopian people have shown in no uncertain terms that they loved Meles for what he did, and that they would carry out his his vision, no matter the cost.

08/27/12 @ 09:29
Comment from: Neo-Ethiopian [Visitor]

Teddy- I like how you compared ESAT and Youtube, yes they are exactly similar in a sense you can’t trust all what you get there. On Youtube anyone can post whatever s/he wants, on ESAT few post whatever they want.

08/27/12 @ 09:34
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Hey Tazabi so what is exactly happening actually in the country as you come
to say .The Agazi bandits are paying street animators as Aslekash
and Azmaris to creat entertainements within the public .And also payed TPLF cadres ,spies even Agazi Officials playing the games of pseudo the
Crime Minister Admirors .By the way
you can fool nobody by telling us that
Addis-Abeba beggars and street children parading infront his cofin are there willingly without any condition .Why not the prostitutes ,the common law detainees and the deads from the cimeteries !!!Today Assis in not really our Dear Addis-Abeba but New Pyonyang !!!!

08/27/12 @ 09:59
Comment from: BassoLeben [Visitor]


I think this is your time to move on for the next level in/with Ethiopia knowing how Ethiopians are admiring, loving, respecting and looking to have the hard working citizen. The beginning of Meles’s relationship and possibilities to Ethiopia was the same as anybody else. But he made a big/nationwide difference with his work transforming the nation to become the player among the 21-century important nations.

The people are crying because of him is that he gave them light, water, school, healthcare, freedom (we remember how Derg did to the youth and nation including in Gonder-Melaku Tefera-friend of tamagn a joke), future and life in General. He also gave them an endless hope with clear directions at all direction organizing the nation to build huge projects that are going to change the nation for good in the highest level. The people are crying because he sacrificed for their benefit.

Yet, the dirty and jokes Diasporas in DC, London and other western nations are still disrespecting the Ethiopian people. They even don’t care/get it how they are disrespecting the entire nation that is in deep grieve for the loss of the leader. They associated the Ethiopian people with Korean for bad reasons while they are calling themselves Ethiopians and worst that that they do care for the propel and while using the people name to collect money for their own benefit. Yes, this is easy way which is cheating and stealing rather than working in Wal-Mart or doing cleaning job. Can you imagine what wouldn’t be Tamagn’s daily job in USA and even in Ethiopia if he is not using Ethiopia to make a living in an easy way? This is typical Derges cadres’ life from the beginning. They didn’t like to work and live doing the right thing.

I wonder. What kind creature are these stupid? Is this their best way in order to steal money from the hard working Diasporas in the name of Fund rising? I really don’t get it how crazy and backward are these individuals.

Yet, the much respected blog like yours is helping them(not intentionally) while selected their nonsense and dirty writing such as associating the Ethiopian people true grieve with the North Koreans. Another one is this topic i.e. about the Gonder University.

What is wrong letting the students to know because of the loss of the great leader, the school is closed and there is mourning nationwide? This is a nationwide phenomenon, not only in Gonder. By the way what these insects have to know is that one of Gonder’s university departments of Agriculture is named after Meles.

They can cry in abroad. But the Ethiopian people position and relation with the Government including after meles is Diamond clear including to the International community. These bastard Diasporas will get nobody to listen with the lies or more with ignorant approach telling about Ethiopia.

You as a well served and known Ethiopian blogger need to move on. Being part of these Trashes has no future. The Ethiopian people love and embrace any citizens doing the right things for the benefit of the people. The people reaction towards meles is an everlasting living testimony for that.

Nazret, you have many witnesses including those in the government that you are a true and real Ethiopia living in Abroad. This is great time you as the rest of us serving the nation being with her/closer and in her style based on her way, not the foreign ways. Ethiopians are marching towards development more than ever knowing their leader is not there and they have to do by themselves. It is clear, the people determination to finish all those big projects and to be part of the middle income nations. That means the people need individual like you and many of us to be part of the process showing them the way how and when to do like the bees need their queens to make honey.

I hope, you would not continue being a propaganda machine to these insect Diasporas. However, it is your life and choice. But knowing you from your blong service for many years, you are the best and Ethiopia can benefit a lot from you if you approach her in her way.

08/27/12 @ 10:02
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Correction : I mean “Today Addis is not really our Dear Addis-Abeba but New Pyonyang !!!! ” .

08/27/12 @ 10:03
Comment from: Youwillknow [Visitor]

Selam Beyene

You are stupid. Get a life rather than paining your shit thinking worth something. It stinks while telling how you stinks.

You have no what so ever respect for the Ethiopian people. Be sure, your families and any one close to you back home will be told how you are getting stinky sick reaching to the level disrespecting the Ethiopian people this way in front of the world.

08/27/12 @ 10:09
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Hey BassoLeben ,with your Banda writings you smell more Pig Ben and Adgiforum Agazi and Tigre Mafiosis whorshpers !!!

08/27/12 @ 10:11
Comment from: [Member]

All of you who are crticizing Melese I woluld like to know what you as individual have done to better the life of a single Ethiopian at home or abroad.Melese was a doer.He has done more to improve the lives of Ethiopians than any other leader in
in recent history.Was he a perfect leader?No.It is no an easy task to govern a country as complex as Ethiopia.There also a learnig curve for both the government and the people.It most likely will take a generation to have a smooth democratic system we all wish for our country.Look it took America well over two hundred years and they still do not have a perfect union.The are still work in progress.Poeple lets be patient,respect each other,elevate our discussion and work to improve the lives of all Ethiopians.I belive we can do it.

08/27/12 @ 10:12
Comment from: Tizebete [Visitor]

I have one question these the so called Tamagne Beyene. Tamagne did you finish 12th grade in Ethiopia? Did you try to change one person life in your country? Melese changed millions life in our country. He didn’t get these money from Ethiopia, because our country is poor. He is so brillian, intellegent, bright mind, etc.. to get the money from rich country and cahnged the life of Ethiopians. You always run to get dollars from ethiopian peoples in the USA and put in your big pocked. You mooron.

08/27/12 @ 10:16
Comment from: Lebaw [Visitor]

I never seen EVER! people fake-weap in uniforms except in today’s Ethiopia. Amazing.

08/27/12 @ 10:20
Comment from: Buruburu [Visitor]

Meles will be known as chairman Mao even those dislike him have no choice. I think Meles knew he was going to die long time, when he announced long before 2010 election that he and his battlefield colleagues will retire he knew what he was doing and he reshuffled got rid of some hardliners long before election, after election he cleaned up the remaining sent some away to embassies including his close mates. The way 2010 election was setup make sure none of the oppositions have seats in parliament that legitimize their agenda. It seems he was in rush to do things without oppositions making noise, for example the Abay project was rushed in the last few years. It is only those close to him know the whole truth such as his wife Azeb, Brehane G/Kristos and maybe top usa officials knew, but I don’t think most inner circle weyaneas knew even Bereket Simon is outsider. I hope Brehane G/K wont overthrow Hailemariam desalen.

08/27/12 @ 10:46
Comment from: Observer [Visitor]

You can’t talk in lieu of the people sitting somewhere in the USA.
Most of you scribbling represent only your greedy self. Some of you sound like the disenfranchised angry ‘amiche’

08/27/12 @ 11:01
Comment from: Mazash [Visitor]

The whole situation in Ethiopia reminds me the fall of Berlin Wall. In a few months we saw so many changes. Now, who cares if Meles was a good person or a bad one, he is dead, he will be buried soon. I am sure after the funeral everybody will wake up: the mass hysteria will be over, the fight for power has already started. We have just to wait and see how many EPDRF’s members will be left.
Lasta, oui le petit Meles est mort c’est une nouvelle erre qui commence!

08/27/12 @ 11:01
Comment from: alem [Visitor]

moron Diaspora
Don’t insult for the respected Ethiopian people. if you really care about the Ethiopian people give the respect they deserve and feel the pain. they are mourning due to the loss of their leader and don’t joke with my genuine people. For the sake of God don’t joke and disrespect the Ethiopian people.

08/27/12 @ 11:35
Comment from: Belay [Visitor]

“Since the official announcement of the dictator’s expiration, Ethiopia has been in a state of siege. From the smallest villages in central Shoa to such regional towns as Debre Berhan, Jimma, Gondar, Adwa, Nazareth and Addis Ababa, all citizens from the unemployed to the professional, from famous singers to renowned athletes, from the army to the clergy, are ordered to display their grief over the death of the tyrant during the lengthy mourning and funeral periods. Their embassy employees in major capitals of the world are busy persuading foreign dignitaries to attend the sendoff, while corrupt African diplomats in Addis are urged to persuade their respective autocratic leaders to eulogize the life of a fallen colleague. “
O Come on now Beyene! just close your eyes and swallow the bitter pill ..LOL. the message the people are sending us by displaying OPENLY their grief is that they dont realy hate meles as MUCH as the hate monger zeregnoch who live far from ethiopia want them to. PERIOD! there is no other RATIONAL explanation than one lying to himself by saying “o they are all tigres",,,"no they were forced"…"no no no they are just hodamoch"..bla bla bla….the truth is most people have mixed feeling about the man but they are intimidated and threatened by the few vocals.
but today they are not afraid to show it!

08/27/12 @ 12:00
Comment from: addis [Visitor]

who cares about you diaspora what you think. you have denied your country and the poor who invested in you and your education( if you gained anything from school) and many of you could not wait to change your citizen by swearing and done so. Leave my country and my countryman alone. let them do what they pleased with mouring to the big loss of our PM, Kibur Meles Zenawi. To those who still possess the Ethiopian Citizenship and still oppossing EPDRF for the last 21 years, either fight for your freedom like EPDRF did if you still think there is no freedom in EThiopia which is a lie or SHUT UP!!! we are so tired of you

08/27/12 @ 12:07
Comment from: kul [Visitor]

ጠ/ሚው ኖሮም ሞቶም አስለቀሰን እኮ?!

08/27/12 @ 12:11
Comment from: WIND,FIRE,WATER [Visitor]

Look at this ZERTATA-WEYANE-FAKE-GENERAL lekso-bet-actor,holding baby zinjero picture, while openning his leba mouth wider than AZEB AZZ-HOLE.

08/27/12 @ 12:25
Comment from: Lasta [Visitor]

Kebur Mazash,

Perso la mort d’une personne ne me réjouis pas, mais le petit agamido(Meles) et Azeb la P….n véritable incarnation du mal.

08/27/12 @ 12:36
Comment from: Melo [Visitor]

to Woyane/tplf cadres,

What is on ETV tonight? sew le sew drama got nothing compering to this new bizarre new soap opera,.. “How to bury a dictator” the twists, the turns, the plots and the special effects are well executed. In some cases it went over the top, for example, dragging the patients from their sick bed to shoot the heart wrenching scene. It would have been better to use a stunt double and let those visibly ill people with crutches to get some medical attention. Well, I cannot wait to see who is going to be a guest star tonight? As a fan, could you woyanes please postpone the finale from September 2 to September 9??? Your fan,…xoxo

08/27/12 @ 12:37
Comment from: Tamrat Tamrat [Visitor]
Tamrat Tamrat

He was wors than the korean dictators becasue the wester interest is/was on his side. Imagine for a second what will happen when the west turns its face or any followers of the tigreans dictator wont accept the order from the west. Libya and Syria havent seen horror compared to what will happen to Ethiopian when the west turns its face. this is the legacy of meless worthless dictatorship. Those who cry, they know why they cry. They kown what they have done.

08/27/12 @ 12:41
Comment from: sf [Visitor]

መለስ ዜናዊ
- እጅግ በጥም ድብቅ እና የኢትዮጲያ መሪ ሳይሆን የኢሃዲግ መሪ የነበረ
This was a short comment by heen_mine. The Reporter

- በአሜሪካ ድጋፍ ብቻ ስልጥኑን ያደላደለ
- በጠራራ ጸሃይ 200 ወጣቶችን በ1997 ያስገደለ
- አገርቷን የሙስና አዘቅት ውስጥ የከተተ
- ባንዲራ ጨርቅ ነው ብሎ የሃገርን ክብር ያንቋሸሸ
- በኦሮሚያ በኦጋዴን በርካታ የዘር ፍጅቶችን የፈጸመ
- ኢኮኖሚክስ አቃለሁ ብሎ ገንዘብን ከአቅም በላይ በማተም የኑሮ ውድነትን ያስፋፋ
- የዩንቨርስቲ ተመራቂ አገሩን በሙያ ሳይሆን በጉልበት ስራ የሚኖርባት አገር ያደረገ
- ሲሞት ከሚገባው በላይ የተጋነነ ተራ መሪ

08/27/12 @ 12:43
Comment from: jimmy [Visitor]

Respose to MACK,

Hey dude why are you lying? right now I am in Ethiopian and Wo-Ya- Ne cadres from kebele to woreda are forcing people to gather and mourn the death of the late prime mister, as they call it though he was a dictatorship power thug man. Please dont lie man, tell the truth. Where i live people don’t even know him and questioning why the hell are they gathering and asked to mourn. To tell you the truth I am from Oromia though I am not Oromo.But I call myself Oromo because everything of me is that except my blood. I have also never seen any real Oromo that likes the government of the late PM Meles Zenawi except the cadres; even the cadres in oromia don’t like his government; however, they needed to survive and they have to be cadres. anyone who has questions is welcome and ‘’melcome Ken'’ guys.

08/27/12 @ 12:57
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]


Anchi fesam running your mouth like a girl. It is Over Meles is dead TPLF is done go back to Mekele. You are on the verge of getting terminated!

As always an idiot as ever!

Addis Zefen
Change that into a good slow zefen. That is all that is left for you sorrow and sadness.

08/27/12 @ 13:00
Comment from: Hahu [Visitor]

Because of Meles is no longer there to accuse and use him for their own interest, the anti Ethiopian Diasporas are crying. Any they seem don’t know how to grieve about this loss.


Qemalam. You will cry the rest of your life.

You used Meles to accuse in order make shit cases. The stupid and dedeb anti Ethiopian Diasporas all them and including dogs like you used his name to pretend as if you are real, worthy and opposition Ethiopians against the government that you accused him with limitless likes .

But Meles is no longer there the Anti Ethiopian Diasporas and anti Ethiopian foreigners to use him in order to destroy Ethiopia. Meles is in the minds and hearts of Ethiopia and will live on forever.

So, you must be crying and too worry about your future because of Meles is no loner to use his name for bad things against Ethiopia. It is easy to see that right now the Anti Ethiopian Diasporas that are numbering with few are started to humiliate the Ethiopian people associating with Korea in this bad time. No respect for the Ethiopian people. Yes, what we expect from individuals like Tamagn who is a joke throughout his life. He even demonstrated against the construction of the Hedase Dam.

The Ethiopian people are crying because of real grieve caused by the loss of the great leader. You stupid Diasporas are also crying and don’t know what to do because of meles is no longer there to accuse and use him for the behavior you have and we know for the past 21 years.

The international community also knows the relationship between Meles and his people. It is like one soul and body. The world is watching and those had wrong understanding about because of misleading by anti Ethiopian Diasporas are asking forgiveness to Meles and the Ethiopian people. The same times, they are drooping you like a worthless stone knowing all of you are rubbish and stupid only the talking group in order to get place and collect money for own benefit.

The DC stupid are crying because of Meles is no longer there in person to accuse him and humiliate Ethiopia as worst as possible in order to blame him as a reason. These stupid have been laying and cheating the International community’s accusing Meles as if he was bad for the nation.

But from now on these rats get no reason to become between Ethiopians and their leaders and party. The international community is watching with big surprise about the relationship between Ethiopians and their leader. Very few leaders can achieve like this king respect and admiration from their people. But Meles does.

So, no wonder way these anti Ethiopian Diasporas are behaving the way we are witnessing since the death of Meles. They seem are suffering from the loss because of they have no other reason to accuse and be able to hear by Anti Ethiopian foreign Enemies. Because those foreign Enemies know very well how the Ethiopian people is wise, mature, united and determine towards anything that is not the interest of the nation especially against any foreign enemy.

The prediction was if Meles is died or gone, the nation will be finished. Even some anti Ethiopian known Medias including BBC said so last week. We also have read, heard and watched foreign enemies including Diasporas predicted so many scenarios about the future of Ethiopia. Because they don’t know for real how different are from the rest of Africa and elsewhere the Ancient Ethiopian people. Their ignorant is not about the Ethiopian people fact.

In Addis Ababa History and elsewhere in the country, since the death of Meles, is recorded the lowest criminal activates ever in the country. The police in cities and towns have almost nothing to do but just be there. Because the Ethiopian people including those in prison are mourning and feel responsible about the nation safety, security and future.

I’m proud and blessed being an Ethiopian watching the Ethiopian people behavior during this time. Vey civilized, wise, intelligent and respected people. No wonder why Ethiopia became the only independent nation for 3000+ years. It is because of the people.

Cry dedeb Diaspora. Meles is no longer there in person to accuse and make a living in his name but in the minds and hearts of the Ethiopian people. If tamagn wants a cleaning Job which is matching his skill, he can contact me. Using Ethiopia in a wrong and bad ways to make a living is over.

08/27/12 @ 13:06
Comment from: ethiopiawi [Visitor]

now that meles is no more,we have to think who is best suited to lead ethiopia in this critical transition period.the answer may be seyoum mesfin the critical thinker.he might just be the one best suited for the top position.he has been on the diplomatic track long enough to deal with both the external and internal threats ethiopia faces.i don’t know about the rest of you all but that is my man.god bless the motherland.

08/27/12 @ 13:13
Comment from: Tamrat Tamrat [Visitor]
Tamrat Tamrat

When a criminal dies, his or her cloth families wont come out and dance. they grief. They blame them selves for the wrong doings of the dead family members. Some even cry cause they lose their incomes or what ever the dead guy use to bring. When a merciless dictator dies we are talking of about millions. The hundred thousands who missed family members would be happy because the law maker, the killer and judg dictator meless is sized to exist. this is by itslef a cause of happiness. they couldnt even protest for not to be ladled as terrorists and the be killed like those before them did. Millions feel happy because the killing, the oppressing will stop for the time being. And who knows for good. We did not ask him to be dictator or kill us in mass. We are not that idiots. What we have asked is the same before he took power. The same thing he promised when he took power. the same goals millions died for before he took power. What makes me sad is that he is dead before he witnesses that it is possible to treat all Ethiopians equal. Anyboody who is calling a person who killed hundred thousands innocents or oppositoners ginues have no respect for the people who are killed for the last 20 years. It is better to sit and think why people hate meless, if a person is completly innocent and doesnt know what happened in the last 20 years.

08/27/12 @ 13:17
Comment from: jimmy [Visitor]

@ Hahu,

you only know how to watch ETV, that is why you are dooma.

08/27/12 @ 13:22
Comment from: Ambessa4vr [Visitor]

All you haters outside of Ethiopia, all you do s talk nonsense. You can’t even do half of what Meles did against Derg! If your so against the current government why don’t do something like him and fight for it? I did not think so! Just sit here at you Starbucks or McDonalds and complain 4VR.

08/27/12 @ 13:22
Comment from: Anon [Visitor]

The worst human rights leader in recent Ethiopian history?? The author should be ashamed of themselves, he/she would probably want Menguistu back, please go to Zimbabwe if you would like that.

08/27/12 @ 13:32
Comment from: ABDU KAMAR [Visitor]  







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yamzzagaga bet yiqaberewo yamzzagaga bet yiqaberewo
yamzzagaga bet yiqaberewo YEHENN YAHEL

08/27/12 @ 13:48
Comment from: nebelbal [Visitor]

ROH (Rot in Hell) Meles,turns out you couldn’t cheat DEATH! Fool!!! Ethiopians! September 2nd, look up into the Addis sky and you will see a rainbow,circle…followed by a dark patch in the clouds 666 will be clearly visible 12 noon. But that won’t last for long as everything will go dark and starts to hail and a huge thunder breaks. Meles meets his maker!!!


08/27/12 @ 13:48
Comment from: Heny Dikalaw [Visitor]
Heny Dikalaw

I am so happy that 2 of the most notoriouse ETHIOPIAN ENEMIES have been caught and dealt the WRATH of the LORD GOD HIS MIGHTY.

I propose that ExtraTerrestrial, heny and Addis Biatch are capable replacing his crime minister , as they have the same IQ as him.

Good RIDDEN, The MIdget is DEAD get over it, the struggle continues.
We will FREE EThiopia from the Chigars.

I am going to hunt down his whore of a wife and show her what a real man looks and feels like.

08/27/12 @ 14:03
Comment from: Hahu [Visitor]


ante Jimatam and Gimatam

Your reaction is typical from a desperate and defeated criminal. I know you are one of them. Therefore, you too have no reason anymore to accuse meles in order to get a kind of social life and make a living this way in abroad.

You sick Diasporas are getting mad. Some of your comments are telling everything about your feeling right now and in the future, too.

No nonsense talk and cheating but practical results are making the difference and are determine factors.

But you…., o Boy.

08/27/12 @ 14:07
Comment from: ameha [Visitor]


I commend your remark!

You have said it all!

@Nazret, it is time to move on!

08/27/12 @ 14:23
Comment from: Ato [Visitor]

Wodi Visitor:
1- the historicaly starved tigreans be able to eat teff injera three times a day sicne they moved to Adis ababa.
2-they can send their children to school like any ethiopians rather that sending them to asmara to serve as sevants and sex toys
3-All tigreans now 3 times a day even can have snacks likeall Ethiopians.
4-now they can earn wages for the work they did instead of shot in the jungle for having a thing of lust to a hore called azeb.
5-The once the best public transportation system is cloged by disfunctional cars they were given for their loyality to their criminal masters
6- finaly the saw something called a house in their life than a Sudan Jungle where they live as animals and finaly become a vicious one,the worst of a hyna themselves.
7-The can openy speak their Adwa tigrigna for which they were not alowed before by their master Shabia.
8-They can seat as a juge straped with granades and AK 47, in a public court.
Now their crime lord is goone living them stuned not to face judement on earth. Panic is hiting you line lightning, Run wedi Hagos, Run, you still have time befor we will cut you hand and legs and send you with the pieces to your master in Asmara, for your final jugement Ceremmony where you will burned alive and your ashes be thrown in tothe river nile Khartoum, Sudan to be taken to unluck Arab farmer,that your poison DNA can destroy his produce, (Sory ALI).
Go to hell TPLF

08/27/12 @ 14:25
Comment from: ABDU KAMAR [Visitor]  




08/27/12 @ 14:32
Comment from: Tefera [Visitor]

Weizero Ato
i see you are trying to rise from the dead after many years even filthier and dirtier. it is sad to see you acting like the proverbial hyena going into the lions den after hearing the death of the king. what is even more sad is it is shintams like you who speak in the name of amara people.
mot yishalal!

08/27/12 @ 15:02
Comment from: Meles Mote edegmewalew egrun sekele! [Visitor]
Meles Mote edegmewalew egrun sekele!

To all Woyane bandas still crying on this website, stop barking like mad dog. Most pro-woyanes we see here are Tigres or bandas from the rest of Ethiopians.
NOTE: A good way of detecting woyanes online:
1. They don’t like diaspora because diasporas can write,speek, and read anything they want to.
2. They recommened going back to Ethiopia to see how the price of Teff reached 2,200 birrr and a kilo meat selling for 100birr
3. They hate to hear about opposition and believe Meles is the only smart person. The truth is even the Germans also believed Hitler was smart.
4. They don’t feel any rumours for the people being killed and jailed. Meles’s government killed 200 people
So my friends disregard the comments by these zeregna woyane bandas in America and Ethiopia. They are in fear of revenge and extinction in the future for atrocities and betrayals of 94% of Ethiopians. Meles finito ale!!! Zeregna, manipulative and killer. I know all Oromos, Amharas, Gambela, Benishangul, Afar, Somali, Harai Southerners and honest Tigres feel no sorrow for this so called Meles.
God bless Ethiopia!!! Ethiopiawinete yakoragnal….cadrenet, zeregninet, tebabinet, wushet, injustice yasaferegnal!!

@Abel, Mersha, Gebru….. Keep saying bla bla bla about diaspora when you are a diaspora Tigre just crying not because Meles is a saint but Tigre. I love diaspora Ethiopians… Without them all we coul watch is ETV. Yes I eat burgers, clean dishes so what? I still help many in Ethiopia. Oh I forgot, we
eat kurt, doro and drink beer everyday. We don’t

have to wait for Ramadan or Tinsae to eat meat.
‘things happen for a reason’
Meles the king of Woyanes and their banda debub, oromo, amhara, afar, somali officials finito ale. Egirun sekele!!!

08/27/12 @ 15:13
Comment from: Tulu Proud ET [Visitor]
Tulu Proud ET

Even the millions homeless people are not spared from Woyane callous drama.

Homeless people are forced to gather and given signs and posters with Meles’s picture on to display. Saying how much the “ people who live on streets” are organized to show their sorrow over the loss of Meles who made them homeless and at the same time their “protector “

This kind of callous drama doesn’t happen anywhere but in Ethiopia. It didn’t even happened even in N. Korea.

08/27/12 @ 15:17
Comment from: bendo [Visitor]

I heared that Elias kifle and Birhanu with his mates Abebe’s are crying too.
they have now to unpack there bag and ask for the refund from Eritrian Airlins as there expectation the poor will die for us and will be a king in 4k is become a day dream.
i heared him saying this is a goldon apportunity when ppl here melse is dead they will come out to protest and after more people die we will go back as here to cover the power vacume. lol when he wake up from his sleep the truth is hard to face so started another topic saying all ethiopians are FERI and LIER.. as there cry is lie and they comes out becouse of fear.
i don’t blame him he is FERI and LIER so blaming the whole ethiopian like that is the result of his thinking.

08/27/12 @ 15:28
Comment from: [Member]

EsheTU TekLU, ye ginbot7 foot soldier,…

How do you live with yourself dude? Your life is full of lies and denial. You keep blabbering nonesense to yourself, night and day the last 21 years. Actually including your friends the last 21 years crying the same nonesense. Compare what Ethiopians did in the last 21 years with your empty bravado and lie. The only positive thing you loosers got is only your beer belly.
Borchachihun eyashashachihu malqes bicha haya annd ammet mullu.

08/27/12 @ 15:37
Comment from: tazabi [Visitor]

i never felt sorry for the hard line haters the way i do now. this is really amazing, because you think these people would be dancing, but they are the ones pulling their hair and crying with some falling ill as the result of the stress. its also funny to see some trying to comfort themselves by making up stories..kikikikiki…

08/27/12 @ 15:58
Comment from: Meles is DEAD [Visitor]
Meles is DEAD

Well what can I say …. the dictator is DEAD!!!

08/27/12 @ 15:59
Comment from: Kebedi [Visitor]

Meles is dead is there a better vocabulary to say he is dead? lacky meles skipped from being brought to HAG he should have been hunged like rats. inshAllah the rest of them like Sibhat and Berket will be hunged.

08/27/12 @ 16:21
Comment from: Melo [Visitor]

I did post this same comment on the other page but it’s worth repeating.

This thing is getting weird by the day.
The Ethiopian people are forced to light candles at night. If you happen to be outside at night and you don’t have candles on you, don’t worry the agazi soldiers are handing out candles. I say to the Ethiopian people, just grab as much candle as you can get. It will help when there is a power outage…. what a shame.
And the other bizarre thing is that all shop mannequins should wear black…. ?? mannequins? Mannequins? Really woyane? Really?
You can’t just make this stuff up. has the picture.

08/27/12 @ 16:29
Comment from: Solomon [Visitor]

Dear Selam,

I admire your excellent writing skills only if it were based on facts. A lot of your words are gossips, innuendos, and catch phrases that contradict with the reality but they have been told so repeatedly that they might pass as true for the average reader.

If you believe Woyane cadres are orchestrating the public out-pour of emotion for the late PM Meles Zenawi, please rethink your position. I caution you not to underestimate the wisdom of the Ethiopian people with your pseudo-intellectual analysis.


08/27/12 @ 17:47
Comment from: Sanfeligachewu 20 Ametachewu [Visitor]
Sanfeligachewu 20 Ametachewu

Breaking News:The new contagious virus called TWB (The Waldiba Fengill) has just claimed its 3rd victim-Endiriyas Eshete. the 4th, 5th 6th & the 7th would be victims are in a very critical conditions. (They r Siyum Mesfin,Samora Yonus , Alamudin & Sofiyan Ahimad).wow!the almighty God is striking back!

08/27/12 @ 18:16
Comment from: dershu [Visitor]

we do not even know the s korean peoples whether they love their leader or they hate . but we told by CNN AND FOX news.

08/27/12 @ 18:18
Comment from: MACK [Visitor]

Hey jimmy [Visitor] your ip address shows you live in Ethiopia fool boy you think everyone is in kindergarten.

It is a big lose for Ethiopia to have a person by the name of “TEDDY” I think it is important for his family to have him checked at the mental hospital for any kind of mental disorder.

The monkeys in Diaspora are crying badly, the reason, they never thought Meles had accepted by most Ethiopians like how they are witnessing on their eyes. These shows there won’t be any room left for your nonsense politics and your arrogant behavior that shows you are the only educated creatures in this world that you can run Ethiopia by remote control. Being leaving abroad won’t make you genius to look down and disrespect your fellow Ethiopians; they are way smarter than your brain that is full of nasal drops. I would suggest you to have some respect to the Ethiopian people who are braves and hard working to improve the life for the better future. Your luck of knowledge shows that who ever tells the truth has to be labeled wayane tigre, who ever opposes your idea has to be eradicated from this earth forever, you could not even administered your own house properly with this mentality forget the whole country. You can eat your heart out and swallow the bitter pill.

08/27/12 @ 18:27
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Bando keep on your stupid fairytale for yourself ,DENKORRO kilbebis wusha Banda .By the way it’s your own Agazi Medias of propagandas which trie to organise a Special Flight to New Pyongyang (Addis-Abeba ) scheduled for the Funeral day .It’s seemed that their evil orchestration did not really function the same as their defunt project of their 2008 Fake Millenium Celebration into which the
Banda Pig Ben was announcing that more than 400 000 members from the Diaspora and 32 000 rastamen would surely assist on the events .And EAL reservations was full already until the mid September .And as you know no more than 5000 members of the community not even 100 rastamen .Anten Bilo Ye Hager Tekorkwari TELETAFFI WUSHA BANDA !!!

08/27/12 @ 18:42
Comment from: Me [Visitor]

Why do you label all people who has different opinion from you as Banda, woyane or….
It shows me you grow up with hate and fear. Liberate yourself and start to live descent life. have courage to listen different opinion without prejudgment. You dont have to agree but you have to respect.
We cannot have same opinion because we all have different understanding, background and level of experience and education.Dont take it personal.
It is too heavy for you but let me conclude by what God says “love your neighbour and even love your enemy".

08/27/12 @ 18:59
Comment from: JOJO [Visitor]

You copare Ethiopia to North Korea that shows that you are brainless and do not have any regard for Ethiopian people. Sorry you will die as you are filled with hate and jeliousy by his achivement which is witnnesed by true Ethiopian and any rational foreigner. you will die but no remeberance for you…..

08/27/12 @ 19:21
Comment from: pete [Visitor]

here are few wise words some commentators use and expect to get their point across. Fesam, Ahiya, LEba, Lemagn, Ye-ayiya fandiya,kimalam, fesam, komata, hodam, blah…blah…I am satisfied Ethiopia is in good hands.

08/27/12 @ 20:07
Comment from: alex [Visitor]

Selam Arogito/you are almost dead..Why don’t you do something valuable for your Country/Continent so you can show us you really have useful are literaly worth chit.we don’t let any of stupid people like you manage our country. you are absolutely dormant person.
Jacob Zuma, South African President
It is an absolute tragedy for Africa and the people of Ethiopia to mourn such an exceptional leader who contributed as an active role-player in various continental and global initiatives.
Prime Minister Meles Zenawi had been a strong leader, not only for his country but on the African continent, acting as mediator on numerous talks, particularly in the Horn of Africa region.

08/27/12 @ 22:51
Comment from: jimmy [Visitor]

I know why your are barking because you may nomore able to sip our bloved ones’ blood with your agazi leader. you are not even given the chance to be a cadre; however, you think if you keep barking with your stinky mouth, you may get a membership paper. Know the world even become more aware of the work of Tigraian banda as it is compared to North Korea. Once in a while I watch ETV and I think you are one of those few banda memberes that the so called ETV, Wo-Ya-Ne’s news media shows us trying to fool me and my fellow citizens that Ethiopians abroad are supporting them. If you are real professional that wanna to know about real feelings of the people about people like you and tplf, come and live among us and do research. You will be humilated and then correct yourself; unless you are dooooma and stop barking.

08/27/12 @ 22:57
Comment from: jimmy [Visitor]

@ Tulu Proud Eth

Well said buddy; thumbs up

08/27/12 @ 23:04
Comment from: Mario [Visitor]

It is true that North Koreans were herded like cattle and let to cry and wail.

Ethiopians were hereded like cattle and let to cry and wail.

One huge difference between North Korean and Ethiopian mourners is this: No North Korean was dragged out of his/her hospital bed and forced to go by the dead body of their leader. Ethiopian hospital patients were.

This is the most cruel and dehumanizing act of woyanes. Just to say, even the sick, bed-ridden and hospitalized payed their respect to their dead leader. This is unheard off in any society in the world. Ethiopia should be number one in the world for that.

For 21 years, a very few have seen the PM live. When he is dead, millions are told by woyanes to see his dead body covered in a tri-colored flag he called a piece of rag/cloth.

Woyanes say, now that he is dead, he is not scared of you. He is not running away anywhere. Go see his dead body.

“Yemote ahya jib ayfera” endilu.

It is time for comedy and tragedy in Ethiopia. The more things stay with the dead PM, the more dramatic, comedic and tragedic they become.

08/27/12 @ 23:10
Comment from: jimmy [Visitor]


Here you go! you seem to know exactly where i live; humilated? I really like that. Damn ass, dooooma and donkoro I live among the people of Ethiopia. I am not thug like you in foreign country washing toiletlike you; that is your daily job while I teach the future generation here at home not according to Wo-Ya-Ne’s propoganda books but according to the ethics of teaching and the real world. what have you done for your country except being bandas member and spiting your mega stinky mouth on the internet here? Dooomaaa.

Jimmy the great

08/27/12 @ 23:18
Comment from: Tizebte [Visitor]

All ethiopian who live in the world did you read this animal brain Elias wrote in his website (Ethiopian Review). He doesn’t have any respect for Human being. He wrote homeless people …..These homeless are human beings like you, because they wear dirty closes? they have the same blood, meat, bone like you. My Dog think more than your brain stupid person.Evey body know you and Tamagne are DEDEBE

08/27/12 @ 23:30
Comment from: farre ogadeni [Visitor]
farre ogadeni

i just wanna remind everyone Ato Meles created and left Ethiopia for all not only for Amhara; if there is anyone who dreams to see ethiopia of the gay king or the ugly mange come back is please, especially Amharas, be part of the new ethiopia and accept ur kilil3 then deal with the rest of us( oromo, ogaden, tigray, afar, dabub, gambel) in mutual repsect and national interest. Amharas’ Again Please dig down the truth and drop the old mentality of yagn Ethiopia and say loudly ya ethiopian biheroj Ethiopia~!

08/27/12 @ 23:35
Comment from: Gebre [Visitor]

The so called diassporas , please leave us alone I am here for short period of time ,most of us in Ethiopia don’t think you will bring any change for us . If you want to make a change , please come back & face everything that we are facing everyday.

08/28/12 @ 00:14
Comment from: [Member]

the military men, who are crying, were his comrades in the field kicking your ass

08/28/12 @ 00:19
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Hey Chala ,the fake military officers crying their leba master are Agazi goat herder bandits who will be soon kicked out by the Ethiopian Peoples uprising !!!!

08/28/12 @ 01:00
Comment from: [Member]

Not only I cried, I was flabbergasted and dumbfounded at times to think Ethiopia and even Africa in that matter without the great PM Meles Zenawi. He was a towering figure who became the face of Africfa and also the face of the oppressed And the poor of the world where ever he appeard.
Who is going to represent us in any oncoming world forum anymore? Sometimes I feel like God is unfair to take such a great leader so soon in his prime when we need him more.
Well as they said it in one amhric gospel song,
Awo, egziabhere tillo altalenem, endiyawem melesen be semanya million hizb wust eyasayen new!!

08/28/12 @ 05:19
Comment from: Ash [Visitor]

America and Great Britain. Did the same .when princess diana, and michael jackson die people cry their eye is it fake public moron..because just two days ago before their death they were mocked in every national enquiry tabloid news paper.

08/28/12 @ 05:27
Comment from: Reality [Visitor]

What if Addis Zemen come out of his rathole and Hold the mans picture and stand on-line together with the mass on the streets of Addis. Thats what I would call fair and true serving your ex-master to grave, similarly to what the forced force are doing on the pic above:)

08/28/12 @ 06:22
Comment from: Sami [Visitor]

Dear All,
I only want to say a few things. Are you really forgetting the face that we all have family back home? Ask anyone who is currently in Ethiopia. They all will tell you something in common. There is no pressure from the government. Look, I am not a big fan of TPLF. As the matter of fact… I honestly can’t stand them. I am not a big fan of meles either. But these are things we need to know.
1. Meles IS NOT a HERO. He did many stupid things and in 21 years… the change we see in Ethiopia is relatively 0 for a leader who was in power for all that years.
2. I give credit to Meles for Hedase Dam, rail way construction & organizing the youth so that they can create a job opportunity. We all can’t deny how far he went to make this possible and we all can’t deny he deserve something for his contribution.
3. In my PERSONAL opinion, Meles didn’t do much to Ethiopia as he supposed to do. I also believe that his subordinates has to be blamed more than Melse. Those blood suckers are the main reason why we are still in poverty right now.
This is just what I think.
Good day to you all.

08/28/12 @ 09:41
Comment from: [Member]

The bootom line is, if one of you irrelevant diaspora loosers, almaria and likes die any time, would there be anyone to care not alone to have such a national even better world wide mourning?
Keep your inflated ego and jealousy in control. You’re making an ass of yourself irrelevant fleas!!!

08/28/12 @ 12:02
Comment from: weyeggod [Visitor]

It is sad that we are insulting the Ethiopian people by equating them with the North Koreans. Shame on you!

08/28/12 @ 15:04
Comment from: Dawit [Visitor]

Dr. Selam Beyene,
Why would you come up with such lies, fabrications? Whether you like it or not Ethiopians are mourning their leader? Are you really Ethiopian, what is the point of your article? have you ever been to Ethiopia?
Good for Nothing ignorant diaspora?

08/29/12 @ 01:18
Comment from: Sanfeligachewu 20 Ametachewu [Visitor]
Sanfeligachewu 20 Ametachewu

A Good Tigre is a dead Tigre.

08/29/12 @ 16:24
Comment from: Sanfeligachewu 20 Ametachewu [Visitor]
Sanfeligachewu 20 Ametachewu

The fact of the matter is “A good Tigre is a dead Tigre”

Meles Zenawi’s death is a blessing in disguise.

It is a good riddance!

It is a heavenly gift to the people of Ethiopia!

A worrying time for the minority Tigreans who are raping Ethiopia at gun point.

End of story.

08/30/12 @ 02:58



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