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Ethiopia: Starve the Beast, Feed the People!



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Ethiopia: Starve the Beast, Feed the People!

Woman cares for her malnourished son AFP/Getty Images

Ethiopia: Starve the Beast, Feed the People!

By Alemayehu G. Mariam

Americans fed up with uncontrolled deficit government spending are often heard invoking a familiar battle cry: “Starve the Beast!” In other words, no more taxpayer dollars for wasteful government spending.
I say we stand up to the to Western donors and loaners who continue to support the criminal regime of Meles Zenawi in Ethiopia and declare: “Starve the Beast, Feed the People!” No more aid to a regime that clings to power by digging its fingers into the ribs of starving children. No more aid to torturers and human rights violators. No aid to election thieves. No aid to those who roll out a feast to feed their supporters and watch their opponents starve to death. Let’s shout in a collective voice to the West -- America, England, Germany, the European Union, the IMF, World Bank and the rest of them--: “Starve the bloated beast feeding on the Ethiopian body politics, and help feed the starving people.”

The Nature, Care and Feeding of the Beast

For two decades, the West has been feeding Zenawi’s regime with billions of dollars of development and humanitarian aid while filling the stomachs of starving Ethiopians with empty words and emptier promises. Western donors continue to lay out an all-you-can-eat aid buffet for Zenawi’s regime while turning a blind eye, a deaf ear and muted lips to the misuse, abuse and disuse of their taxpayers’ dollars. Despite billions of dollars in Western aid and Zenawi’s nonstop hype of a 15 percent annual economic growth, the Oxford University Multidimensional Poverty Index last year ranked Ethiopia as the world's second poorest country, after Niger. But Zenawi brazenly insists Ethiopia will fully ensure its food security and cut extreme poverty and hunger (“severe malnutrition”) by 50 percent in 2015.

The evidence is incontrovertible that the West has adopted a “hear, see, say no evil” policy towards the Zenawi regime. Recently leaked confidential emails of Timothy Clarke, the European Union's (EU) former ambassador in Ethiopia, show that following the May 2005 Ethiopian elections Clarke made an urgent request to the European Union for some action to restrain Zenawi: “Basic human rights abuses are being committed by the [Ethiopian] government on a daily basis - the EU must respond firmly and resolutely.” The EU and other Western donors “responded firmly” by rewarding Zenawi with billions of dollars of new aid money.

Since 1991, Zenawi’s regime has received some $26 billion in development aidfrom Western donors including the US Agency for International Development, the World Bank, the European Union, and Britain’s Department for International Development. In 2008 alone, Zenawi’s regime received $3 billion, more than any other nation in sub-Saharan Africa. In March 2011, Howard Taylor, head of the British aid program in Ethiopia made assurances that Ethiopia will receive $2 billion in British development assistance in a four-year period. In 2011, the UK will hand Zenawi £290 million, not including the £48m in emergency aid. Last year, the EU delivered £152m. The fact of the matter is that a big chunk of the aid money disappears into the pockets of those holding the levers of power in Ethiopia, their supporters and bloated bureaucracies. Added to this problem is capital flight and illicit financial flows. A recent United Nations Development Program (UNDP)commissioned report from Global Financial Integrity (GFI) on illicit financial flows (money taken out of a country illegally) from the Least Developed Countries showed that Ethiopia is a top exporter of illicit capital at USD$8.4 billion.

The evidence further shows that Western donors and loaners could not care less what Zenawi does with the humanitarian and development aid they give him. For instance, an audit report by the Office of the Inspector General of US AID in March 2010 came to the horrifyingly astounding and mind-bogglingly incredible conclusion that the US AID has no idea what is happening to its agricultural programs in Ethiopia. The Report stated (at p. 1):
The audit was unable to determine whether the results reported in USAID/Ethiopia’s Performance Plan and Report were valid because agricultural program staff could neither explain how the results were derived nor provide support for those results. Indeed, when the audit team attempted to validate the reported results by tracing from the summary amounts to the supporting detail, it was unable to do so at either the mission or its implementing partners… In the absence of a complete and current performance management plan, USAID/Ethiopia is lacking an important tool for monitoring and managing the implementation of its agricultural program.

In other words, the Inspector General has no confidence in the report of the program staff. Is somebody cooking the books and pulling out statistics out of their back pockets?

But lack of proper auditing to determine what has happened to the aid money is only part of the problem. Equally shocking is the fact that Western donors have ignored time and again credible evidence and warnings that their development and humanitarian aid is being misused, abused and disused to oppress and deny human rights to Ethiopians. In September 2008, Channel 4 News in Britain, the award-winning news program noted for its extensive coverage of international news, reported extensively on how Zenawi’s regime has been using famine as a weapon against civilians in suspected rebels areas.

In December 2010, Human Rights Watch called on the Development Assistance Group (DAG), a coordinating body of 26 foreign donor institutions for Ethiopia to “independently investigate allegations that the Ethiopian government is using development aid for state repression.” In July 2010, aDAG-commissioned study issued a whitewash which concluded that its Productive Safety Nets Programs (alleged to provide “basic services in education, health, agriculture, water supply, sanitation, and rural roads”) and Protection of Basic Services Programs (alleged to “protect and promote the delivery of basic services by sub-national governments while deepening transparency and local accountability in service delivery”) “are supported by relatively robust accountability systems.” In other words, none of the aid money was misused for political or other improper purposes.

In August 2011, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism and the BBC reported the “Ethiopian government is using millions of pounds of international aid to punish their political opponents.” The report presented compelling evidence of how “aid is being used as a weapon of oppression propping up the government of Meles Zenawi.” Despite numerous documented reports of aid abuse and misuse, Western leaders continue to hide behind a policy of plausible deniability and do nothing pointing to the massaged and embellished reports of the faceless swarms of international bureaucratic poverty-mongers creeping invisibly in Ethiopia.

Starve the Beast!

The best way of preventing famine and massive human rights violations in Ethiopia is simply by denying all aid and loans to Zenawi’s regime. In March 2011, I discussed the grave moral hazard in U.S. policy in Ethiopia and Africa in general, but the logic of my argument applies to all Western donors:

By shifting the risk of economic mismanagement, incompetence and corruption to Western donors, and because these donors impose no penalty or disincentive for poor governance, inefficiency, corruption and repression, African regimes are able to cling to power for decades abusing the human rights of their citizens and stealing elections. Western donors continue to bail out failed African states for two reasons…. Recent Wikileaks cablegrams have documented that the most important objective for Western policy makers in Africa is to support a strongman who can guarantee them stability so that they can continue to do business as usual. Basically, they want a “guy they can do business with.” Second, Western donors believe that the few billions of aid dollars given every year to guarantee “stability” in African countries is more cost effective than helping to nurture genuinely democratic societies in Africa. The moral hazard in Western policy comes not just from the fact that they provide fail-safe insurance to repressive regimes but also from the rewards of increasing amounts of aid and loans to buffer them from a tsunami of democratic popular uprising.
As long as the U.S., U.K. and the rest of them continue to bankroll Zenawi’s regime, Ethiopia will be in a permanent state of famine and starvation of not only food but also democracy and human rights. But the West is not fooling Ethiopians, and they should not believe that because Ethiopians are poor they are also gullible . Ethiopians can clearly see the evidence of Western hypocrisy about democracy, human rights and accountability in their country.
The U.S. talks a good talk about accountability and prevention of corruptionbut will not walk the talk and put the brakes on aid-related corruption in Ethiopia. The height of U.S. hypocrisy in aid to African countries is evident in the recent rhetoric of the top U.S. aid official. This past May, Rajiv Shah, the head of the US Agency for International Development (USAID) harangued the leaders of the yet-to-be 54th African state of South Sudan that "President Barrack Obama is ready to invest millions in South Sudan” but “it remains the mandate of the government of South Sudan to ensure that all funds directed towards improving agricultural productivity are not diverted for other purposes. We need accountability.”

South Sudan was not even a formal sovereign state in May 2011 when Shah got on his high horse to scare the dickens out of the heroic leaders of that long-suffering nation. But South Sudan's President Salva Kiir Mayardit has anti-corruption on the top of his agenda: Last week, he told lawmakers at the opening session of the South Sudan’s new parliament that “The people of South Sudan will not sit idly and allow corruption and abuses of public resources to continue unabated. We need to abide with the principles of accountability.”
But accountability is not a word that will slip past Shah lips even accidentally when it comes to Zenawi. Despite the accumulated evidence of misuse and abuse of U.S. aid in Zenawi’s regime over the years, Shah’s lips remain zipped. What a hypocrite!

The U.S. needs to make a fundamental choice of policy in Ethiopia: continue to unreservedly support Zenawi and his repressive regime in the name of promoting American military and security policy in the Horn of Africa by providing him billions in aid and risk a sudden popular upheaval, or take measured steps to strike a balance between its security interests and support for the human rights and welfare of the Ethiopia people. Current U.S. policy is out of kilter and skewed towards blindly supporting Zenawi so long as he is seen to be a guarantor of “stability” and a proxy warfighter in the region. U.S. policy needs to change!

The U.S. should learn from recent events in North Africa and the Middle East. Ethiopians are no different from other oppressed peoples in their demands for dignity, respect for their human rights and insistence in having a voice in their governance. Like all oppressed people, they want to be free from persecution, brutality and dictatorship. They want to be free to elect their own representatives, to speak their minds and to hold their leaders accountable. They want what Jefferson and the founders of the American Republic wanted when they declared their independence 1776: “That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends [life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness], it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.”

Feed the People!

The current famine in Ethiopia requires use of new rules of engagement for the West. It should be no longer acceptable for the West to hand over billions of dollars in humanitarian and development aid to Zenawi and look the other way wishing no one will seek accountability on how the aid is used. Western donors and loaners must attach and stringently apply transparency requirements on Zenawi’s regime and insist on maintaining effective independent oversight in the storage, transportation, and distribution of humanitarian aid in the Ethiopia. Rigorous and sustained oversight is also needed for the administration of development aid. Ultimately, the West needs to come to terms with a larger moral issue. Ought they give aid to a regime which uses that aid to systematically engage in repression and persecution of its opponents and massive human rights abuses with impunity?

For well over four decades, U.S. humanitarian aid policy in Ethiopia has been driven by rescue or crisis intervention. Recently, describing the situation in Ethiopia and the Horn region as the “most severe humanitarian emergency” and the “worst that East Africa has seen in several decades”, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced $17 million in new U.S. aid. As of August 15, 2011, total Western humanitarian pledges, commitments and contributions to Ethiopia amount to USD$574 million. The U.N. estimates some 12 million people in Ethiopia and the region are in danger of starvation and at least USD$2.5 billion is needed to avert a humanitarian catastrophe this year. Everyone knows a lot more money than $2.5 billion is needed to deal with the expanding famine.

The fact of the matter is that the famine in Ethiopia and the Horn region in 2011 is occurring under the least favorable international famine relief environment in history. There are clear signs of donor fatigue (people tired of giving to famine relief) in countries where relief has been forthcoming in the past. Americans are experiencing severe economic problems of their own with overstretched budgets, two wars, a rising debt problem and a possible “double-dip” recession. They are most likely give to their churches, favorite charities and organizations and local community groups before stretching a helping hand to famine victims in Africa.

European countries are experiencing severe economic problems also. If the recent riots in poor communities in the U.K. are any indication, those residents may insist on getting the billions in aid earmarked to Ethiopia by Howard Taylor, head of the British aid program to Ethiopia. Most of the other Western donor countries are preoccupied with their own financial woes, high unemployment, debt crises and general economic downturn. There are no celebrities to raise money for Ethiopia. The great Michael Jackson has fallen silent and will not sing “We Are the World” to save Ethiopia’s famine victims. Bob Geldof is nowhere in sight to assemble another Band Aid; and he will not be singing “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” again after he was roundly criticized last year following revelations of misused relief aid in 1984 by Zenawi’s rebel group.

The famine of 2011 will be like no other and the toll it will take will be heartbreaking and gut-wrenching.

A Blast From the Past

Last week Mengistu Hailemariam, the junta leader and father of the infamous “Red Terror” campaign in Ethiopia in the late 1970s and the man who flat out denied there was any famine in 1984-85 when a million people died like flies from starvation, crawled from under his rock in Zimbabawe and gave an interview. He blasted the “woyane” regime waiving the flag of Ethiopian nationalism. In his “message” to the Ethiopian people Mengistu said, “Everyone knows the current situation in Ethiopia. All Ethiopians have a duty to free Ethiopia from woyane. If they fail to do that, generations to come will condemn them and we will all wear a blanket of shame.” The history books are full of anecdotes in which Stalin and Hitler condemned each other. Mengistu can wrap himself in the Ethiopian flag from head to toe but it will not blanket his monstrous crimes nor his long train of abuses while he was in power. He cannot conceal his blood-drenched hands by wrapping it in the Ethiopian flag. Remarkably, Mengistu’s memory has faded over the years. He should be reminded that the “woyane” he now wants the Ethiopian people to kick out are the same “woyane” he allowed to march into town unopposed 20 years ago as he sneaked out to his hideout in Zimbabwe in the dead of night. Mengistu should know the difference between himself and Meles to Ethiopians is the exact same difference between Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.

How To Save Ethiopia from a Famine of Food and Democracy

President Obama said, “This is the moment when we must come together to save this planet. Let us resolve that we will not leave our children a world where the oceans rise and famine spreads and terrible storms devastate our lands.” The “moment” to “save” Ethiopia is now! But is there anything President Obama and the world can do to save Ethiopia?


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Comment from: liku [Visitor]  

Dear Al-temarem,psuedo-prof

I wish you heard what Madam Hilary Clinton spoke about Ethiopian achievment lately.Self-styled ignorants like you will never understand the leap Ethiopia is making in all fronts.You bad guys are expert at hate monger,disinformation,crippled politics and bosseyedness towards my great nation,Ethiopia.Undoubtedly,Ethiopian renaissance will tame you down after the achievment of MDGs.Ask yourself this Q,’How can I be of use to my nation?’ Al-temarem,please wake-up dude.

Ethiopia Lezelealem Tinure!

08/15/11 @ 02:36
Comment from: addiiss [Visitor]

well Al, it is you who sounded like the BEAST. Who else in their right mind would even think of cutting aid to the starving?! are you this blinded by your hate for Meles… well eat your hearts out, he is scoring big while you are crying your eyes out.

You have to lose your house niger mentality: do you think the whiteys are the “masters” of an African nation…

08/15/11 @ 03:13
Comment from: James Bond - AKA 007 [Visitor]
James Bond - AKA 007

Whether you like it or not, Clinton was praising Meles and his record on Friday. That is all you need for your empty talk.

08/15/11 @ 03:14
Comment from: Tazeb [Visitor]

Dear @negative PHD,

All your articles reflect hateness not reality. I advice to use & change your way of thinking…to eth people. I don’t mind if your against of individual but should be in different manner….

08/15/11 @ 04:43
Comment from: [Member]


The wooden soldiers march forward by stumbling, Kicking and falling on top of the other.
The last wooden soldier to fall will be the hero. Or Metaphorically speaking, what you might call, LAST MAN STANDING,..oh I meean LAST MAN FALLING!!! Ha….Ha!!

almaria is trying to distance himself from the derg, while stumbling and falling, promoting the same agenda, the common goal of disintigrating Ethiopia.
All our enemys have taken the same motto of “what ever it takes” any way they can topple the govt. and at the end of the day, all said and done, they end up in the same room, whether one enterd from behind, front door or the window. The irony is, none of them come out of that room, because their natural being, their real face shows up. Greediness, dishonesty, unfaithfullness, backstabber, self-centerd thieves. All hell brakes, the Pandora box opens. Chaos!! chaos!! Chaos!! Even before they achieve their goal, they end up killing each other, stumbling, kicking, and falling on top of the other. YEPI-YA-YE!!! Who is the last man falling?

08/15/11 @ 06:34
Comment from: Ras Ali [Visitor]
Ras Ali

The only beast I see is you Mr. Tultula Almariam who is anti development, racist, narrow minded, and talkative. You disguest me and others. You are a shame to the people of Ethiopia. Nothing part of you show remorse to the poor or starved people. you are a criminal hiding under comfort.

08/15/11 @ 07:29
Comment from: heny [Visitor]

Have you ever said something of yourself? President Obama said like this, Churchill once said liike this, William Shakespeare said like this, Berhanu nega (kiki) said like this…. Oh my God. say something of your own you, brute.
Also you forgot to post your picture today. What happen? is your health deteriorating? meferya antes yishalehal bigelaglih. atela

08/15/11 @ 07:41
Comment from: YHD [Visitor]

According to the writer of the above article, the best way of preventing famine in Ethiopia is to deny all aid and loans to Ethiopian. This by far is the most thinking impaired, selfish, and irresponsible suggestion to come from an Ethiopian who claims to care about the well being of his country and his people. I do not think this person understands the scope, scale and frequency of draughts in Ethiopia, and what foreign aid does to the millions of people who seek assistance affected by the vicious draught every other year. A person, who does not know the real problem, could not have the solution too. To suggest the stoppage of aid to Ethiopia at this moment is as tantamount as to condemn millions of aid dependant Ethiopians to starve to death. It is inhuman and brutal to call for the rejection or reduction of a life saving aid at a time of such a wide spread and catastrophic drought affecting millions of people in Ethiopia and in the region. We are facing a difficult and challenging regional crisis that requires a large and immediate international response to end the suffering of millions of people. Our primary duty as Ethiopians and our priority shall be to join together with the international community and help end the immediate crisis.

A lasting solution means we need much larger financial support than in addition to the short term humanitarian aid we are receiving currently. The former Irish government accepted an EU/IMF bail-out worth 85 billion euros. We receive less than 2 billion euros as a foreign aid per year which is extremely little compared to things required to be accomplished to fight the many challenges we are facing.

By the way, this is the worst drought in 60 years, up to twelve million people in the Horn of Africa alone are affected by the current drought and they are in desperate need of help. Many parts of Somalia, which is worst affected, have been declared as famine zones and thousands of Somalis have been fleeing the country every day in search of food, water and shelter for months now - walking for days with no food and water across a dry and barren land toward refugee camps in Kenya and Ethiopia. Nearly half a million Somali children are at risk of dying from malnutrition and disease. Up to 4 million Ethiopians and 4 million Kenyans are affected by the regional drought and need some kind of assistance to make it.

08/15/11 @ 07:47
Comment from: chla [Visitor]

20 years on and Almariam is singing the same song.
foul and paper hone iko negeru…
did he ever know what shame means? as your family and the village you born is in crises and you did nothing to change that.
I really feel shame on those extremist Ethiopian Diaspora. learn some thing from Eritrean even thou they hate there gov. they never work against there people and country.
what a shame.
please act like a responsible dad. don’t loos your sense just for issayas nakfa.

08/15/11 @ 08:00
Comment from: [Member]


It is true MILASEN MEGRAT AYCHALIM, especially the kind of almaria’s tongue who is determind to poison, curse, and lie out of desperation and hopelesness, there is no cure. He will go to his grave stuck with his lies and deception.
He blames the west for the aid money. But one thing he doesn’t understand is, these rich and developed countries are civillized and smarter than himd to throw their money if they think it is going to somebody’s pocket. To receive their particular aid or loan, one has to show one’s accountablity, how they spend the money. The billions of dollars flowing in to Ethiopia each year is the result of our govt’s accountablity, approval and hard work, which have impressed the whole world. Get over it almaria!!!

08/15/11 @ 09:41
Comment from: Mo'a Anbesa [Visitor]
Mo'a Anbesa

Until you and other idiots stop winning about everything, we’ll always be looked down at by the world.
You see it don’t take a genius to see an article that starts with an insult and prejudice is subjective babbling at best or pure propaganda at worst.
Wake up please, my people, Journalism is a profession with it’s own ethics; out of which the number 1 is “Objectivity in reporting". I’m all up for criticism, it helps one grow wiser. But when it’s the future of our country in question; please provide a better alternative to what you criticize. That way your readers can compare between at least 2 opposing ideas and not just be brain washed into believing something blindly; indoctrinated through repetition.

08/15/11 @ 10:01
Comment from: [Member]

Memo to all cadres and supporters
Despite the fact that you have been shouting behind the back of the auther of this article, the auther is gaining momenum and finding a lot of attention from internet users.
In order for your pay check to continue you have to send two or more negative and insulting comments which can confuse the readers and cover up the truth.
As you all know draught and famine has occured in our country, from the past we have the expierience in begging and diverting the resource to our personal gains; So expect a pay raise soon..

Ops this should have been confidential!!!

08/15/11 @ 10:30
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

To save Ethiopian Peoples from any kind of Suffering is first of all let them get rid themselveses from the evil crime minister ,his agazis ,the Tigre Mafiosis and the Kersam bandas .
A fact never accepted by ignorant Western diplomats and Fool diaspora peoples .Once again let the parasite TPLF Thugs and lekeskes Bandas bark for “NOTHING!!!” .

08/15/11 @ 12:23
Comment from: C\'moii senait [Visitor]
C\'moii senait

Do ethiopians know that they are COLONIZEd by all sort of CHARITY, begger org?

For the first time in history of ethiopia,our mother ethiopia wears a shame of dusty brown colorless GABI of Made in WEYANNES of the CHIGGAARAMS.
I still remember the well known painter Afwerki’s paint of mother ethiopia holding her child wearing a white stainless tradational cloth, that was then a good old days with NO CHIGGARAMS and charity in our ethiopia soil. The curs of these TWO DEVILS weyannes and shabia brought us to ground zero.
Weyannes FEMAIN GDP or as i call it a CHIGGAARAMS GDP is for hoddams and looter.

08/15/11 @ 12:31
Comment from: Mez [Visitor]

“Remarkably, Mengistu’s memory has faded over the years. He should be reminded that the “woyane” he now wants the Ethiopian people to kick out are the same “woyane” he allowed to march into town unopposed 20 years ago as he sneaked out to his hideout in Zimbabwe in the dead of night. ”
Really? Mengistu allowed woyane to takeover? Where do you get your facts man? Had it not been for Woyane, Mengistu would simply have been like Castro!
While you were working on your research papers, woyane was dismantling Mengistu. While you r now disseminating your lies, they are building the nation. Despite all your wishes of an egypt style revolution etc…, Ethiopians have now realized that you and the likes of Birhanu are simply opportunists. Sorry for you, because you don’t look that old, which means you will continue to suffer from your hatred for the rest of your life.

08/15/11 @ 12:42
Comment from: alex [Visitor]

dear political scientist Alemachew
the Meles govt actually deserves getting acknowledged for its safety net programs to help its people against such natural disasters. Alemachew is as usual out of touch misinformed with snippets of data collected from far and long. There are some places where the Meles govt can be criticized but this is not one. How about political scientists try to apply their small knowledge to educate the people on family planning? Drought is destined to happen again and again in the Sahara desert area and the only solution is becoming realistic to have a minimal population increase.

08/15/11 @ 13:01
Comment from: prince of konso [Visitor]
prince of konso

the kiftaf strike again
i am surprised al condomened mengistu after all these about issayas your sponsor. you said Woyane entered ethiopia “unopposed". that is loughable. this shows you are totally strange to ethiopia and its politics. epdrf kicked mengistu’s and your amhara ass once and for all.this happened after the most bitter fight in ethiopian history.

08/15/11 @ 13:45
Comment from: 100% ethiopian [Visitor]
100% ethiopian

Alemayehu G. Mariam,

if a man can be come rich be afe kezen you would be a billionar. if one can be rich by talking your would be the richest person in the world. do you have a wife? i know you have a daughter who most likely is ashamed of you. you talk more than old ladies around coffee. wow you just talk and talk and talk and talk. i don’t read your article becasue i know it is the same ol B.S. but i strongly believe you are homosexual who has a crush on Melese. i believe this 100%.

08/15/11 @ 13:54
Comment from: Gobez [Visitor]

Oh, here he goes again!!! You have allowed us to know who you are. Thank you, Professor. From your long reportage, I understood that you had made some research on the amount Ethiopia (oh sorry, Ato Meles Zenawi) received from donors. Please do us a favor: would you please tell us how much of this total amount has been used properly or reached its intended target? If you keep telling us a one sided story that originates from your hate towards EPRDF led government leader, you are inflicting another damage on your dwendling reputation.
Moreover, instead of asking President Obama or other nations to save our country from the recurrent drought, why don’t you start contributing your share?
At the time when our enemies are contriving obstacles to our progress, the last thing Ethiopia needs is such kind of divisive articles of you. The people do not deserve this from our intellectuals. You need to tell them how they can feed themselves without waiting for handouts.
As citizens of the proud nation of Ethiopia, we have to stop bickering around and join hands to do what is right for our people and country.

08/15/11 @ 13:55
Comment from: FATIMA NURIDIN [Visitor]

Let the profet mohammed(peace be upon his name)bless you for what you have been doing to the victems of this man eating inhuman animal.Wolahi,his days are numbered and we shall catch him and his followers and pass our apropreate judgement without no mercy.

08/15/11 @ 14:08
Comment from: meme [Visitor]

Mr. Almariam, you will die talking, talking. I am hating you now more than ever. You are the most stupid man. You do nothing, but you only critize 100%, bullshit, zero ras, afer bela. Anten belo professor. it is this type of Professor who keeping Ethiopia trapped in a time warp. Does not he have a job? What does this fela teach to his student? Lobbying for aid not to be given? but are you going to save the lives? Can you give up your job and go help the people? you are an idiot who eat breakfast, lunch, supper, may be more, but you are saying aid must not given? Then are you going to feed the people? who is going to feed them. Assuming and with some truth, EPRDF aid like derg, but what plan do you have to offset that? you do not tell us what you are going to do after the aid is being stopped? Are you going to watch BBC, CNN,… the people dying? where is your alternative plan? Aye Aye, Aye,…begizier yetergeme hizbie. Hulun neger limna, migb lmna, netsanet lmna, food aid stop lmna. I am hating to be Ethiopian. Please do not listen to this loser and garrulous citizen. Go to hell with your professorship. I am sure if this idiot is helped my USA, he will become an Ethiopian Hamid Karzai. Ante dedeb kemeles yebask banda enji atshalm. Ethiopia does not need Satellite politicans lik you. You live in the most confortoble life but you feed people negativity day in and day out. Is dude doing all these because he thinks he is educated and he knows everything? There are many many Ethiopians who are doing alot to their country. You are only talking day in and day out. You do not even help the community nearby you.

08/15/11 @ 14:17
Comment from: Judo [Visitor]

The question to you is a psuedo- professor, are you smarter than all these people making the decision
to give out billions.
What an idiot. Why don’t openly declare Meles Zenawi is a Tigrian and should not be prime minster of Ethiopia.
That ofcourse is your reason. I do not care a bit, if you are an opposition member at all.
This country is poor, but seems to be starting to make a progress.
And you start all your writtings with
criminal Meles Zenawi.
Because you have mastered how to write it does not mean you know it all.
If I had the capability to write like you, I would have tried to silence YOU long time by responding appropriately.
Why in thE world are the true Ethiopians who are suppose to be educated left this guy alone.
His writtings are not about individual rights , human rights or democracy. He is full of hate and someone has to answer him the same way.

08/15/11 @ 14:34
Comment from: belete [Visitor]

i hate people who say ethiopia is wasting money and try to stop it from getting additional help. if ethiopia is squandering the loan/aid it gets then how did the country manage to build tens of thousands of km rural and city roads, the schools, the number of dams to generate power etc, how did it manage to stave off famine while its population doubled since 1984 where 1 million perished. its disgusting the government uses aid to punish its oponent and the donors should do every thing to stop that, but begging to stop the aid at a time when millions of your people need assistance to save their lives is very cowardice and selfish.
i bet you if you or your friend hailu shawel take power millions of people will die as they did in the past.

08/15/11 @ 15:52
Comment from: Tulu Proud ET [Visitor]
Tulu Proud ET

Thank you much professor for your relentless fight for the voiceless and repressed Ethiopians.

Who said dictators life is extended by the support of their citizens? The only supporter of dictators Meles are Britain, Europe and the west. China teaches how to silence control communication, spy and other evil advices but will not go far to help the poor and starved.

Without the US and Europe support Meles would have been a red dot in the history of Ethiopia long time ago.

Helping the dictator obviously prolonged the sufferings of Ethiopians and the life of the dictator by becoming even more brutal.

For 20 years famine and starvation never stepped out its foot from Ethiopia. Yet to cancel out the devastation we kept on hearing the beating of 11% economic growth drum year after year. And this is in the midst of continuing economic decline, high inflation and calamity.

08/15/11 @ 16:01
Comment from: mebrek [Visitor]

The Chinese government created what is known as “the 50 Cent Army” of cyber warriors who infiltrate Internet forums to propagate the interest of the ruling party in China. Everytime a chinese cyber thug posts a comment on opposition website he/she gets 50 cents. Similarly, Woyane copied China’s technique of internet propaganda. EPRDF recruited several paid online woyane defenders whose main job is to comment belligerently on any genuine criticism of EPRDF. They unconditionally support anything EPRDF does even if the act involves killing innocent people or starving opponents for political reasons. They denounce any one who tries to criticize woyane.
Here are some of the woyane’s cyber buchilas:
Addis Zemen
Prince of konso

We know you!!!!

08/15/11 @ 17:00
Comment from: [Member]

Tulu proud EriTrean,..the filthy shabian pig, AKA, esheTU qiLU,

Litemot and hamus yeqerhe temeslalh!!
Your hatred to Ethiopia has blinded you to the extent that makes you to celebrate with anything anti Ethiopian. And cry like a wounded dog you’re, whenever your master almaria writes something, regardless of what.
I’ve never seen such a filthy pig like you, who vomits night and day his hatred to Ethiopia on this website.
Where is your beka, gaye, bla bla? shameless looser!! Stay in your filthy pigsty.
Gimatam wusha!!!

08/15/11 @ 17:06
Comment from: Maru Molla [Visitor]
Maru Molla

I believe the author of the article and his groups are the worst enemies of the people and who can be called ‘beasts in waiting’ with ambitions of political power. There is no greater crime than deliberate distortions of facts. The idea that tax money is helping government’s wasteful spending is irresponsible and wrong in America as well as in Ethiopia. Tell us what really constitutes wasteful spending for those greedy politicians who are against taxes? They hate the poor and want to destroy social programs and that is why they speak against taxes. Plain and simple. Don’t tell us Ethiopian taxpayers’ money or the aid money that is coming from abroad is being wasted. If I were you I would go and see what is really being done. You sit and count how many billion dollars Ethiopia received during the last twenty 20 years because it is easy to do so. So what? That same money being wisely spent on projects and programs that the Ethiopian people are well aware of and visible to anyone who wants to see with his own eyes how it is used. The truth is a lot different than your lies, and more shameful when the lying person is a university professor.

08/15/11 @ 17:46
Comment from: Truth [Visitor]

I always make sure to visit this site when the good prof writes. He always manage to touch Zenawi’s raw nerve. The latter responds by unleashing his lapdogs to come here and spit their venom. Zenawi himself responds by writing under different nicknames. I know this for a fact because I used to be one of the lapdogs.

08/15/11 @ 18:23
Comment from: Lilly [Visitor]

Where is the compassion?? People are dying… that is more than pride and a quest of power.

08/15/11 @ 20:18
Comment from: Abu Anja [Visitor]
Abu Anja

I wonder how many of this m_fkrs are
directly paid by the murderous regime that they never come up with
intellegent response other than a thugish stupid rants and personal attacks.why dont you get educated and write a proper response.all of
you ranting about this man have an
iq <15.go get educated retards.

08/15/11 @ 20:26
Comment from: Zeab [Visitor]

Hate is eating up and destroying Alamarian alive. According to him we have a beast in Ethiopia, Melles Zenawi. The word beast is the sharpened head of the spear. We understand that there is unprecedented hatred behind, rocketing the spear. Oh, if we knew what in the personal life of Almariam had been triggering the hate, we could do anything to help him; he is an Ethiopian.

08/15/11 @ 20:41
Comment from: 100% ETHIOPIAN [Visitor]

Re: 08/15/11 @13:54
To: Dr.Alemayehu G. Mariam

I never wrote or respond for this article. Some idiot is using my name to defame and harass Dr. Alemayehu G. Mariam. I blame, one kinky Slave Descendant who goes by name, ‘WHATEVER’.

Dr. Gebremariam,
I have no right or position to disagree and to write bad about you.

However, at previous times, I wrote something to make you focused on the current Ethiopians social problems in America and elsewhere. This indicated that, your position and LIFE SKILLS in America, expected to serve better for Ethiopian Communities.

I believe, everyone is entitled to share His/Her views, accordingly without using PROFANE languages.

08/15/11 @ 20:53
Comment from: john john [Visitor]
john john

This guy suffer from some kind of inferiority complex self heater I recommend this guy to suicide hot line I can see him as idiot with no future.

08/15/11 @ 21:51
Comment from: a [Visitor]

China gives Ethiopia US$500 million…

wuy wuy Al mariam wuy.
China gives Ethiopia $500 Million wuy
wuy wuy wuy wuy wuy wuy wuy
fota setute Deretun endimeta…

08/15/11 @ 22:10
Comment from: Abuye Atir [Visitor]
Abuye Atir

My view

The distinguished Professor is articulate
And always to the point with no cheap insults
be it to PM Meles or the hooligans who
Have no respect even to hundreds or
Thousands of readers here at Nazret.
These hoolis don’t know they are hurting
Their Masters. If they were humble and
focused On the issue they may convience
some or rather atleast get some sort of
respect. As to me, I see the difference vividly
Between the Hoolis and the distingushed

08/16/11 @ 00:04
Comment from: visitor [Visitor]

YES you are right prof
no need to write more,
God bless you prof,

08/16/11 @ 02:15
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Member]

It seems like the A*ame cadres are paid time & half or double to comment on Prof Al’s articles with as many fake names as possible. We all know he breaks your backs with truthful and powerful words you evidently can not comprehend.

I am yet to read a single A*ame challenge this professor’s articles intellectually other than throwing personal insults at him. Obviously, his brain is too sharp, powerful for A*ame cadres. Ato Zenawi needs to sack all his nuisance cadres especially those deployed to ASAP as they are doing more harm than good by being mentally challenged, tacky and desperate. Surely, he can at least recruit Unity College graduates &#58;&#41;

One has to be mentally impaired to brand a Professor, top lawyer and lecturer in the USA illiterate/Altemarem! While at the same time calling an outright illiterate, village idiot, college drop out who purchased his Degree/Masters from a UK based eBay vendor for half price intelligent leader? Now that is a comedy script right there!

… Prof your article is full of substance as always. Any sane human being with an ounce of intelligence knows AID is NEVER a long term solution to third world nations, it is rather long term revenue generating BUSINESS MODEL for western donor countries. They need puppet dictators such as Meles for this Aid/Business Model to succeed. They channel as much revenue as possible back to the west and diversify this model into a global multi billion dollar industry with countless NGO organisations. The whole world knows that.

If Aid dollar was solution, billions Zenawi begged and secured past 20 years would have eradicated poverty/drought. Aid $ exacerbates the problem & it highly addictive to dictators as well as money worshiping Capitalists.

08/16/11 @ 06:05
Comment from: dave [Visitor]

Liku, Addis, James bond, Mez, Meme, Judo,100% Ethiopian, Prince of konso, Addis zemen, Tazeb, Ras ali, Heny, Mo’a anbesa, Chla, …bla bla bla, I know and we know you(singular) are one and just one guy(may be two) shameless ‘woyanne’ who is using the net to disguise and disinform your so-called ‘’potentially naive and uninformed'’ users of the media like your bully and dictator boss does in our mother land.

I know, pardon me, rather we know that you are just a mercenary(or at most two mercenaries) who are paid for just doing what you are doing here -writing a confusion as a your full time job and trying to your best to discourage brave and intelligent real Ethiopians like Professor Alemayehu G. Mariam. You are one, at most two, mercenaries who are using many differnt names and accounts to try your chances of spreading your non-sense propoganda that the Ethiopian people are facing and suffering, yet managing to avoid on a daily basis. Since we know you and we know the fact, give it up now for the sake of the precious time you are spending unnecessarily. Ok, to be fair, since you have to write garbage to get your salary, make your garbage as short as possible. Even we can tell you are one guy by seeing your way of writing english, terrible by the way! Because, anyway, we, all of us, all of the Ethiopians know you and what you are upto.

A piece of adivice, tell your boss, ‘’Please give us some other things to do as every body knows the truth and they know who I am, or we are,as all know me(us) to be the fox in a sheep skin.'’

If I were you, I would say thank you professor for spending your invaluable time for a precious cause of Ethiopia and Ethiopians. Shame on you who think only about your monthly salaries rather than the poor and gun-trodden, peace-loving Ethiopians back in their coutry.


08/16/11 @ 06:25
Comment from: ezob [Visitor]

I want everyone to remember this:Who introduced death by starvation to Ogaden? Zinawi! Zinawi! Zinawi!

Basically,what Zinawi told Ethiopians is that either you are with me or else you will die the way I want you to die.He said it and he did it.The result,Ethiopians are perishing just like that before the eyes of the world community.What next?

Killing people by starvation is not an ordinary crime;it is ugly,it is despecable;it is devilish;it is gross and inhumane.The little boy whose mother was killed by starvation walked alone and was lonely for days in the middle of nowhere and was later eaten by haynas.Extremely hard to forget.It is not forgiving

Zinawi is eating our children alive.It is a project that he started twenty years ago.

Zinawi,having known justice is after him,he flew to China and met the communists and made a secretive deal in millions of dollars;now,his feast is full of money and his head is stuffed with deep hatred towards Ethiopians,the beast will definitely turn against Ethiopians and will do anything he wants anytime soon after he returns from china.

Zinawi’s economic,social and political policy made Ethiopians hostages.Twenty years ago the bandits entered Ethiopia with a lot guns and bullets and quickly transformed themselves into internationally known mafias robbing and murdering Ethiopians.

Currently,Zinawi is a fugitive and must be captured and be brought to justice for a trial.

08/16/11 @ 07:32
Comment from: TgrayLemLem! [Visitor]

Tgray Development is having all the money, thanks to Meles. While you sit and chat your ass off the bank account of his group is also getting fat by the day.

08/16/11 @ 07:54
Comment from: [Member]

As always , thank you professor Alemayehu for depicting the true “Wild Animal".
It is none other than the midget shifta who is in Arat kilo.
As usual his shadows - his cyber puppies are barking allover his blog site.
We ( the true Ethiopians) are used to their horn blowing for their master.
we take it as the jokes-of-the-day.
The best and only way to get rid of a beast is by chocking his lifeline.
Down With EPRDF
People’s government now.

08/16/11 @ 07:59
Comment from: Tulu [Visitor]

I thought the professor was entitled to his opinion and by the same token, we have an absolute right to contest it if we think it is not accurate. What we see on the forum is the same hate mongering by the woyane cadres who have undoubtedly benefited from the regime. No one would ever fail to see how tribalism has become rife since Meles has held a tight grip on our neck. Woyane has lost the opportunity to bring people together so that we all can have equal opportunity instead of trying to build a brick wall for his supporters and leave the rest of us hanging by the thread. We all know what has been brewing for the last two decades on the minds of Ethiopians. Woyane has perfected the pinnacle of crimes against his own people and sabotaged our liberty and sovereignty. It is abundantly clear with the way the political structure has been laid out. You can put any number you want how the country is moving into the right direction, the truth of the matter is woyane will remain as the common enemy of the marginalised and disfranchised Ethiopian majority.

08/16/11 @ 10:11
Comment from: Belay [Visitor]

Tulu wrote

“Without the US and Europe support Meles would have been a red dot in the history of Ethiopia long time ago”

you maybe right, but ethiopia could also have been like somalia, sudan or even worse, if isolated or neglected. is that good???
a man has to make the best of what he has. our goal should be to organize and challenge the government for democracy not burn down our nation into ashes as the professor seems to suggest here. the sad thing is the opposition, at home and abroad, was better organized few years ago than today but that is where the professor and others like him should focus on. i dont think giving up on organizing and peacefully challenging, as before, is some thing that should be given up.

08/16/11 @ 10:27
Comment from: George [Visitor]

Dear Professor,
Your desertation won’t do much to help our people because: 1.You are stirring up hate politics 2. you are denying facts with the present situation in the country 3. You are advocating for the stoppage of all kinds of assistance that has evidently helped in the reconstruction of the country and provision of services to people 4. You also denying the fact that current food shortages in the country and in other neighbouring is due mainly to change in the environment and global economic crisis. The government may not have yet achieved self-sufficiency in food supply for its people but had taken every possible measure to avoid starvation and death of the drought stricken population, unlike the two governments before it.

God bless Ethiopia and its people

08/16/11 @ 13:21
Comment from: Tizbt [Visitor]

I admire Professor for his amazing struggle to free Ethiopians. I haven’t read any response to challenge his information. Insulting is not what is needed. The people of Ethiopia are starving while all this money in the name of AID flows into Ethiopia. What do you say about that?

08/16/11 @ 17:33
Comment from: mola [Visitor]

hi Mr. Professor Stupied,
if you really care about your people and your country just see and do what some of the diaspora doing. some of diaspora doctors went back to ethiopia to trate their country men some open hotels resorts some create ecx and there are more who r standing beside their people. pls just damp ur professor paper and help your people. STOP STOP STOP STUPIDITY

08/16/11 @ 17:40
Comment from: Mase [Visitor]

I hope one day will stop posting Al’s meaningless blogs.

08/16/11 @ 19:17
Comment from: Metenko [Visitor]


Are you smarter than a fifth grader? Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

08/16/11 @ 21:26
Comment from: teshome [Visitor]

sorry to break it to you, but we all remember when ethiopia specially addis ababa used to be a big toilet where people just pee on the street as they wish. even the kings family and those around them shamelessly used to relieve themselves right infront of the palace. this is a nation and culture we inherited. the professor rather see ethiopia like that than meles and that is what exactly he is campaigning for.

08/17/11 @ 10:06
Comment from: [Member]

Tultula al mariam her is my proof.
USAID praises Ethiopia’s effort to ensure food security to its people

USAID Deputy Administrator Gregory Gotlied praised Ethiopia’s effort for food security during an interview with the Voice of America Amharic Program. The director said, the situation in Ethiopia is no where as dire as what is the case in Somalia. He went on to say there is no famine in Ethiopia.

Listen to the audio clip from the VOA

08/17/11 @ 12:58
Comment from: meme [Visitor]

Ato Almariam, I am dropping your title Prof. you made me now not to respect anyone tell me she or he is professors so and so. Please do not whistle to support Almariam because is amhara. We know he is amhara. But We must support people for what they stand instead of supporting them because they belong to our ethnics. Please grow up. If Ato Almariam had good ideas. I would have supported his ideals. But he is a clueless. All what he know is writing what he thinks is good. He has no any project in place.If you ask food aid to stop, then yu must ready to support or to save the people yourselves by the alternative you have. Because you eat more than three times and even nore, it does not mean the people has to die? Let us agree EPRDF gives the food to its supporters like derg was doing. But what is the alternative? right now, people starving and dying? if you say they must stop giving food to the starving people right now? what do u have for the starving people? Rememer, you and Meles will never starve. You cannot punish the people to punish Meles. If you want to Punish Meles, then do it on Meles, not on the people.
Okay? gebto ato? will you mind if we make you a president of Ethiopia? you and Elias Kiflie? haha, you will be a good Hamid Karzai of Ethiopia like the Hamid Karzai of USA in Afganistan. USA puppet. Ato Almariam, fuck Obama, fuck him, he has nothing to do in Ethiopia. We can solve our problem ourselves. We are not disabled like you. You can worship Obama anything you want. But you are not spoke person of Ethiopian. Bastard, what makes you different from Meles if you tell us and act as if you are the spoke person of Ethiopians? who knnows in Ethiopia? Who give you the right to tell people, cut , kill , save Ethiopia? Are u the spoke person of Ethiopia and Ethiopian? who elected you to be a spoke person? we ae tired of bullshit ignorants like you force themselves on the poor people. We are tired of people like you who think they know and they are entitled to abuse people becaus they are Prof. I respect Tewodroes, Menelick, Yohannes, … but I do hate people like you who talk talk talk talk talk,… never walk. I hope you will die by sudden death or by stroke because while you are preaching people to die of starvation. you will die of heart attack by eating too much fat.

08/17/11 @ 15:18
Comment from: Tulu Proud ET [Visitor]
Tulu Proud ET

To all supports of traitor Meles and Woyane

Tell me where you don’t agree with my points.

Dictators life is not extended by the support of their citizens but by foreign assistance. We all know that.

Meles with his record of repression, crimes and election rigging would have been the red mark in the history of Ethiopia many years ago had it not been for the handouts of foreign supporters.

The definition is a dictator just to mention few are:
-one who clings to power for indefinite years by force and repression.

-amassing wealth to himself and cades while starving the whole population

- rigging election and keep changing the constitution like a piece of paper without the participation of citizens to fit his motives

-depriving freedom and wealth to citizens that they deserve

-one that does not put term limit to his power

- one who controls everything, land, resources, wealth, power, armies, parliaments, businesses and etc..

These are all what Meles is doing in Ethiopia today.

So which one is wrong? If you think these are not right you are absolutely not only Ethiopia’s and Ethiopians enemies but also Meles’s supporters .

This is not about Eritrea the broken record of “addis zemen”.

08/18/11 @ 16:58
Comment from: Tulu Proud ET [Visitor]
Tulu Proud ET

To Nazret comment readers,

watch what you are reading!!

Tulu Proud ET is different than “Tulu”

“Tulu Proud ET” is the one who stands for the truth and dignity of Ethiopia.

Tulu is a TPLF & Woyane supporter who supports looting Ethiopia from within and out.

Another Woyane attempt to deceit!! Got caught!!1

Woyanes are out there trying to hide and look like us( good Ethiopians, but with very evil and deceitful act.

08/18/11 @ 18:17
Comment from: [Member]

Tulu proud EriTrean,..aka esheTU qiLU,

No matter you try to present yourself as a different person, your natural jealousy and hatred filled personality will never disapear. You continue to vomit your despise towards Ethiopia. You’re filled with rage. And that will follow you to your grave when you finally hung yourself to end your misery.

08/19/11 @ 23:45

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