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Ethiopia: The Death of Meles Zenawi would be a great tragedy!



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Ethiopia: The Death of Meles Zenawi would be a great tragedy!

Ethiopia: The Death of Meles Zenawi would be a great tragedy!

By Tibebe Samuel

In a movie titled “Brave Heart”, a movie that Actor Mel Gibson played the leading role and directed, when the King was in his death bed, the princess begged for mercy to save the life of William Wallace (Mel Gibson). When the king refused, the princess whispered in his ear saying that “After all, death will come to us all.” As the Americans say, the only thing certain in this world is “death and taxes.” Recently, the main issue in the Ethiopian politics and major news outlets has been the health of Mr. Zenawi. Today, a reliable source has indicated that Mr. Zenawi has returned to Ethiopia without divulging his condition. Although some hoped and wished for the death of Mr. Zenawi, I hoped for his survival.

Few months ago, there was a speculation about the death of Eritrea’s dictator Issaias Afeworki. The speculation led to intense discussions and comments. Among thousands of comments made about Issaias’ death, one touched my heart. The individual who commented stated that “It will be a tragedy if Issaias dies; this man inflicted enormous pain on the people of Eritrea; he is responsible for the destruction of millions of people lives, it will be injustice and a great tragedy if he dies in peace.” I share the sentiment of the commentator and, I feel the same way regarding the death of Mr. Zenawi. Mr. Zenawi does not deserve to die in peace!

Mr. Zenawi, before and after taking power in Ethiopia, has committed enormous crimes against humanity. As several news accounts indicated, under Zenawi’s watch civilians who did not support the TPLF were killed during TPLF’s rebel years. The crime did not stop after Meles took power. As several human rights reports clearly show, Meles Zenawi is responsible for the death and sufferings of millions of people. It is under his leadership that thousands of Amharas including women, children, and elderly were massacred, burned to death, and thrown in ditches. Since 1991, Meles and his cronies have imprisoned, abducted, tortured, and killed millions of innocent Ethiopians. Meles is responsible for the destruction of properties and for uprooting communities in Southern parts of Ethiopia. His crimes are enormous and painful to list here. I believe that it is a mistake to pray and wish for the peaceful death of this man? Soon or later death will comes to us all. There is no question that Meles will die, but he should die after facing his crimes and after justice is served for millions of Ethiopians who suffered under this brutal man.

Although Mr. Zenawi had an ample opportunity to unite the country, to establish sustainable peaceful governance, implement policies that are just, fair and that could have created an equal opportunity to all citizens, and an economic development that could have transformed the lives of millions of people. However, because he is short sighted, visionless, a moral and political dwarf, he squandered such golden opportunities. After 21 years of incompetent and brutal rule under Meles Zenawi, Ethiopia is still considered the poorest country in the world. For those who believe that Mr. Zenawi has taken the country in the right path, I suggest that they look at the history of South Korea. South Korea, a country with fewer natural resources than Ethiopia, has lifted itself from poverty, and became one of the economic tigers of the world within 15 years after the devastating war with North Korea that ended in 1950. There is no secret for the sustainable growth and economic development in South Korea. The government focused on its people and believed in the people of South Korea and established democratic governance where the country is governed with the rule of law. Companies like Hyundai and Samsung were established with the assistance of the Korean government. South Koreans did not sell their land to foreigners, did not inflated their Foreign Direct Investment and GDP data by using economic aid money to build the country’s infrastructure. The South Koreans did not rely in foreign companies; the government of South Korea created a conducive atmosphere for the middle class to strive, to build a business, and to be the back bone of South Koreas economy. Thanks for Meles and his voodoo economics, our country is ready to produce a generation of servants to foreigners. Instead of giving incentive to the people of Ethiopia to build a business and to engage in economic development that could transform the lives of our citizens, Mr. Meles has created an obstacle in form of high income tax, high vat, and other unnecessary fees.

In addition to government taxes, the corrupt EPRDF officials’ unethical practice and extortion has made it difficult for the middle class to strive in Ethiopia. The government is printing money like there is no tomorrow and has created a hyper inflation in the country that made it difficult for the ordinary people to feed themselves and their families. While top officials in the country are looting the country in millions under the prime minister’s nose, innocent children are dying with starvation. Mr. Meles must be brought to justice for the crime he committed against the Amaharas, the Oromos, the Gambelas, the Wolaytas, the Ogadens, the Tigreans and other ethnic groups in the country. This is the man who ordered the bombing of civilians in the middle of the city in order to frame the OLF for his own political gain, and to extort aid money from his Western allies in the name of fighting terrorism. The human rights violations, the social debacle, and the economic policy that has cost millions of people their homes, and their livelihood under Mr. Zenawi’s watch is cruel inhumane and a crime against humanity. For a man who ordered his brutal security forces to shoot and kill teenage boys, does not deserve a peaceful death. I DO NOT WISH Mr. Zenawi to die in peace. I want him to be brought to justice; I want him to suffer like he subjected millions of people to sufferings. Only Death-will not do. We should not allow this man to escape justice. I urge Ethiopian scholars, particularly those who studied International Law, to find a way to bring Mr. Zenawi and his brutal team that is responsible for the agony and sufferings of our people to the International Criminal Court. I am sorry to say, for Mr. Zenawi, it is not time to die yet! If he dies, it would be one of the greatest tragedies in the history of the world.


Comment from: Ezana [Visitor]

wishful Donkey.

07/26/12 @ 05:22
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

Do you really know what crime against humanity mean? I am tired of ignorant people picking legal terms they heard and stick it anyhow.

Yes indeed he is “Donkey"!

07/26/12 @ 05:39
Comment from: Mj Tyson [Visitor]
Mj Tyson

People ignore this article its devoid of facts and truth. How can you wish someone their demise, its unchristian unEthiopian,and inhuman.

Do’nt get sucked into this meaningless and unconstructive emotional outburts and name calling that only flames hatred among us.

God bless Meles Zenawi and God bless Mengistu Haile Mariam.

07/26/12 @ 05:39
Comment from: Dude [Visitor]

Hung him in Meskel square! While all Ethiopians sing dille zare new dille!

07/26/12 @ 05:54
Comment from: Segen [Visitor]

If you don’t know what crime Aite Meles has been comitting on the people of Ethiopia you must be living in a cocoo land. Ask millions of Amharas whose relatives have been burned alive, thrown to cliffs, displaced and massacred. Ask millions of Oromos subjected to heinous atrocities as we speak, learn from people of Gambela who are being forced out of their land to give way for Arab and Indian plantation. The space and time is not enough to mention the atrocities that midget has inflicted on innocent lives. If this is not crime against humanity then what is?

07/26/12 @ 06:19
Comment from: Kaniti [Visitor]

Ghana will teach us what success means. People please have high standard.

07/26/12 @ 06:26
Comment from: Time Ewnetu [Visitor]
Time Ewnetu

Blame the American Jews more than Meles for the incredible devastation of our country. They deliberately placed a predator in our midst and closed their ears. We the young generation failed to practice emphaty coming of age; if we had practiced emphaty, we would have learned a great deal from other countries by just reading about thier plight. The previous generation cried for one another and over the suffering of mankind, a Tsega that kept it safe. In Syria, minority takeover artists subjugated an entire country for 40 years. Even if we had known about the Syrians’ situation, we, Satan-tricked this generation, would not have cared about them in the past, prayed for them or learned from thier experience. Now, however, after going through worse hell of our own, emphaty will be one quality we carry. Afewerqi and Zenawi are primarily north’s problem, but because we were not alert and lack the right knoweledge, we became thier easy target. It it hard to imagine minority invadors bringing down a country. Only in a backward and sinful countries such things are possible.

07/26/12 @ 06:33
Comment from: UNITY [Visitor]

The shackles have been there for 21 years have finally rusted and are broken apart. It could take some time for Ethiopians, that have been captive for long to notice it and leap for joy. Let all children of Ethiopia prepare themselves to create a system that guarantees justice, democracy, equality, freedom and development for all. To achieve our goals let us UNITE and stand together. If we fragment ourselves in to smaller ethnic groups we will all become prey to dictators. Look at Eritreans, they fall under Isayas’ feet because they failed to understand the benefits of UNITY. If there is any ethnic group leader that thinks to separate his or her group from the rest, my people becareful of them. We are all nothing but Ethiopians. Let us stand together and move forward as bigger nations do. The biggest divider and champion of tribal politics is history now. As the writer put it he wasted all the golden opportunities to rectify his hatred to 80 Million people. Thank you ferenji

07/26/12 @ 06:37
Comment from: Embich [Visitor]

Amharas always tend to preach about unit but they are the one who segregate the country in terms of ethnicity and religion. In my view they are number one ignorant people in the country talking too much with zero substance

07/26/12 @ 06:48
Comment from: Favioli [Visitor]

Yetekeberu ato Tibebe Samuel,
Enquan Zenawi Atse Menelikem big deal! Zenawi didn’t create Ethiopia, only did his best to demolish it, hopefully without success. I say this because of all these tramps and foul-mouthed lumpens and peasants who spout their poison on this site.

07/26/12 @ 06:52
Comment from: Oromo [Visitor]

Meles do not deseve any peaceful death. He too should die like he killed many of Oromo innocents in Maikelawwi, He should die taste the agonising die and feeling he palce on our politians like Birtukan, aand other, he should die while alive in prisin like what he did to my fellow Ethiopian from corner to corner. I am a witness to what has happened to Anyuwaks in Gambella because of his orders Meles should die like my fellow pure innocent Anyauks moms and children died.

07/26/12 @ 07:10
Comment from: Bona Fide [Visitor]
Bona Fide

Is MZ more dangerous dead than alive? Is there any reason to fear that his legacy might bring more pain to Ethiopia than his actions in life, having in mind ethnic federalism, one ethnic group hegemony, landlocked Ethiopia and with the memory of all the crimes committed by TPLF with MZ at its head? What should be our priority? Should we bring him to the court of justice as Egyptians have done with Mubarak or to find a formula for a peaceful Ethiopia post-MZ?

People, Ethiopia is at a crossroad. It takes a spark to start a fire in an Ethiopia where dictatorship has traumatized many, when Ethiopians are so much divided on ethnic and religious grounds, thanks to MZ’s authoritarian politics, and when the enemies of Ethiopia are numerous, and there is not an organized Ethiopian opposition ready to replace him.

If I could I would trade MZ’s life for a peaceful Ethiopia after his demise, and forget about him all together. His legacy terrifies me more than what he has done up to now.

This is not the time of exclusion of one sort or other. Exclusion must end with MZ. All Ethiopian political parties, TPLF included, must find a way to avoid a catastrophic power politics that would follow. They should come together and find a way to share power, create democracy and a peaceful Ethiopia. By sharing power, TPLF should change its skin and it should show without any reservation whatsoever that it is indeed pro-Ethiopian political party.

Remember there are those who are hoping for their resurrection after the demise of our country.

07/26/12 @ 07:12
Comment from: [Member]

አቶ ጥበበ ያልከው ነገር ሁሉ ትክክል ነው::
ጨካኝ አረመኔ ሲሞት ያ ለ ሙዋቹ እፎይታ ነው::
ለቀን ማጅራት መቺ ለሆነው መለስ በሞት መገላገል ከፍርድ ማምለጥ ነው::
ሌባ; ነፍስ ያጠፋ, ትክክለኛ ፍርዱን ካላገኘ በቀላሉ ከተገላገለ ለዛ ሰው አርፊት ነው::
መለስ ሰይጣናዊ በፍርድ ቀርቦ ህዝባችን የ አድራጎቱን ጽዋ ሲቀምስ ቢያይ ምንኛ ደስ ባለ ::
ላደረገው ወንጀል ተገቢ ፍትህ ሲፈረድበት ብሎም ቅጣቱን ሲቀበል ማየት ነው ለ እኛ ለ ኢትይጵያ ልጆች እስየው ነው የምንለው::
ሰው ሁኖ ሌላ ሰውን ሞት መመኘት ቢጸጽትም ገዳይ ጨካኝ ወንበዴ ግን ተገቢውን ቅጣት ማግኘቱ አስፈላጊ ነው::


ኢትዮጵያ ከጠላቶችዋ እጅ ትድናለች::


07/26/12 @ 07:37
Comment from: Cheap propaganda [Visitor]
Cheap propaganda

If you say millions were killed then show us where. Otherwise it remains a cheap propaganda. I am tired of all these invented genocides. Nobody was killed period.

07/26/12 @ 07:45
Comment from: WOMAN [Visitor]

I would start the title by saying
“The death of Meles Zenawi is ….."not
The death of Meles Zenawi “would be…”

Meles is DEAD , DEAD , DEAD

People musho awridoo
Or Say ELIL but get over it .


07/26/12 @ 07:57
Comment from: teddy [Visitor]

we were wishing his death. Now, he is back,..then we reverse our wish. That’s our typical nature …looking for excuse for everything …not only for politics… for everything .
Living with illusions for years !! SENASAZEN !!!

07/26/12 @ 08:01
Comment from: Outside Perspective [Visitor]
Outside Perspective

As an American, with two 1st generation Ethiopian parents, I have studied the MZ regime with increasing detail as of late. It is clear that the people on this site that comment on the “propoganda” are part of the puppeteer regime that MZ has created over the past 20+ years. The comparison to South Korea is spot on, and anyone who saw the elections of the 2000s, when people were brutally killed in the streets, unjustly jailed, and then in the biggest, fairest election, the incumbent party won 99.9% of the vote? So why were all those people protesting? If their votes mattered in a fair democracy, they would not have been persecuted. The infrastructure in Ethiopia has been shut off by the government, there is ZERO freedom of information. For a country to grow in this day and age with proper telecommunication, with rolling blackouts, with a repressed education system that teaches only one side of history, it is saad to say it is impossible for Ethiopia to grow, unless a total and utter collapse of the government occurs, and a new, free, democratic one is instituted. Then, our people will be able to freely invest, diverge, and help the country grow to the heights we all know it can reach. So although MZ coming to justice would be nice, it is more important that when he inevitably dies the death that is coming to him, there is a plan that his flawed political regime does not continue on in power, further pushing back our great country into the Stone Ages.

07/26/12 @ 08:05
Comment from: flulu [Visitor]

Mr ferenji
Check facts before you write .
Korea developed and made a big stride while they are under a military dictatorship .Don’t make a bedtime story as meles has said .If you think that korea developed by itslef ,think again .there was massive american infulence and most of theire companies were owned by american comapnies until the 1990 .
Don’t puck ,think first. Ignorant .

07/26/12 @ 08:05
Comment from: Belachew [Visitor]

As the saying goes: Ebet Til Wolede. Nothing comes out of nothing. Of course, what else can be expected from a confused sibling of Fitawrari Embaye. This is garbage and you are a complete ass.

07/26/12 @ 08:18
Comment from: Ilula Eshetu [Visitor]
Ilula Eshetu

The main idea of the article is how Meles missed the golden opportunity to Unite the country and made a path for prosperity.Taking the status of south korea as an one instance.

Take a lesson from the article, Instead of being smart ass and critisizing.if your damn mind unable to process it, take a flu shot it might help.

07/26/12 @ 08:34
Comment from: Gemede kassa [Visitor]
Gemede kassa

what genocide, that is your wish for the people of Ethiopia, but will never happen, even during the 2005 election incident the gov. has to protect the lives of innocent citizens, when some misguided people tried to take the law in their own hand and in effect innocent lives lost.This is a hard fact.

07/26/12 @ 08:45
Comment from: Maritu Yilma [Visitor]
Maritu Yilma

Ato Frengi (menow Frengi endhon enja)
shame on you. Zebaraki, most are so hateful they do not even want to leave death alone. One day or another all are going to die. But there are so many death. God forbid even if PM Melese dies his work and name will out live all of you who talk and think trash. History will always be on his side for a veryyyyy long time. He will live one for your eyes to see. I hope your shame will eat you then. Long live Ethiopia and Meles.

07/26/12 @ 08:52
Comment from: Love [Visitor]

Wishing death on a person regarless of the person’s acts is unethical period. Solution that are founded on LOVE can only bring a long lasting peace. Let’s learn from the 94 years man Mandella..

07/26/12 @ 08:52
Comment from: Geremew [Visitor]

What does Amahara means, it means people who live on the mountain. Quote from the last days of Mingustu. What does this has to do with the article you may ask, the answer is nothing. When you hear tribal crap again and again in the 21st century, what choice do you have other than writing a crappy comment. Live long & prosper :-(

07/26/12 @ 09:15
Comment from: Peace [Visitor]

This is to embich, you are junk, an idiot really. Do you know there are million of Muslims in Ahmara region and there is no any discrimination as you said it segregation. People inter-marry each other. I dont think so if you have any clue about Ethiopia. Go to Wolo to learn more….religion is not an issue. It is shows you are a typical TPLF cadre blind-folded by hate like your master Meles. Get you life together and live positive.

07/26/12 @ 09:23
Comment from: flulu [Visitor]

Nowthe oppostion is trying to save their faces .They have been telling us for the last weeks that meles is dead .Now when they know that he is alive and well ,they have started a new PR campaign to save their faces . now they are telling us they don’t want meles to be dead .
Get lost we know you . you guys are bunch of losers who are hanging from oneissue to the other like a monkey on a tree . Stand and see how many issue you guys have been hanging into in the last 20 years .you never have the persistence and patience to talk about one issue for more than one month .when that young guy in jimma by the name of yenesew died they thought they found the formula for a mass uprising in ethiopia .when the arab uprsing happened they thought that it is going to happen in ethiopia .they have been salivating for chaos and disorder to happen in vain .now they are playing the falvour of the month which is the health of meles .
What is the next single they are going to release? we will see

07/26/12 @ 09:29
Comment from: ABDU KAMAR [Visitor]  

The End of life

Any one who hates Meles Zenawi should be put to death!!!!!!!!!!

i will coming your grave yard to drop for you red flower

07/26/12 @ 09:33
Comment from: flulu [Visitor]

My main point is if the guy is not prudent enough to check facts before he pucks why should I take the other facts for granted .
Again ,This is another opportunistic article by bending the facts to score political points .
You guys should cure yourselves from hate to think clear .

07/26/12 @ 09:33
Comment from: Heny [Visitor]

Samuel Ferenji,
Why did you drop your Ferenji name/ were you not proud of it at one time? Saying this, let me remind you that you have abused the saying you said belongs to Americans (?).

“the only thing certain in this world is “death and taxes.”

It should be “the only thingS certain in this world ARE death and tax.”

yehonk fandya neger neh Samuel ferenji

07/26/12 @ 09:40
Comment from: Temaru [Visitor]

Unity and geographical demarcation of a country are not absolute things that last for ever . Ethiopia in the mediveal age used to encompass most of the middle east and goes as far as india . This thing are changing variable which doesn’t stay the same for ever .Even as recently as 100 years ago djibouti bleongs to ethiopia.20 years ago the mighty army of derg is defeated and we lost eritrea .Things change so does the concept of being ethiopian .it is not written in the bible .This kind of concepts are for grabs .
ethiopawint during the king era was almost equivalent to being brown skin ,othodox religon and amharic speaking .Things are evolving in the last 40 years or so .This is just a natural evolution for a country which have so many ethinic groups .
So it is just beyond me when people almost get heart attack when the staus quo is distrubed .As I have mentioned before this things are bound to change and they won’t stay forever .
So let us be cool and keep our peace to each other

07/26/12 @ 09:46
Comment from: Meles Yimut [Visitor]
Meles Yimut

He is lucky he died being sick supposedly be hunged in public.

07/26/12 @ 10:24
Comment from: Meles The Aite [Visitor]
Meles The Aite

AUND AITE BETMOT LELA AITE TEMTALECHI, all these crap that his paid supporters are writing shows their drunkenness from his peeing on them. Aitachu silmotech lemen lekso athedum ezih metachu afachun kemtekefitu. Evidently this article is not written for the likes of you. Kal-Gebachu BETEGRICNA ANCHEWA MOITA yebalal KEDKUM BEKEYUUUUUU. AJOKUM another Achewa MessiA KetSheinelkum ya. We don’t value your paid opinions that much, stop wasting your time; PLZ get lost.

07/26/12 @ 10:49
Comment from: titi [Visitor]

very well said! you said it all! I’m proud to know that we have such a brilliant Ethiopian writer!!!!

07/26/12 @ 10:54
Comment from: ABDU KAMAR [Visitor]  


ELIAS KIFLE>>>I’m not afraid of melese zenawi to death; I just don’t want to be there when it happens. I am tough I’m ambitious D.C AREA

ELIAS KIFLE1)nothing broke my heart like the slow death melese zenawi

MELESE ZENAWI 2)Does it hurt very much to die?

ELIAS KIFLE3)"Well, sweetheart,” I tell you, yes, but it hurts a lot more to keep you alive. To be good
To save nothing

melese zenawi.” ere when it happens MY BUDDY ELIAS KIFLE,

ELISA KIFLE SAID I will put a bullet in your forehead to “shattered” you, “shut the fuck up or I’ll shove my balls in your mouth and Shut up talking to me! tgray".

07/26/12 @ 10:59
Comment from: Abaw [Visitor]  

You are entitled to your own opinion. I am not going to attack you for having an opinion. However, your opinion is based on biased information about PM Meles.

I have lived in that country for quite some time without fear for my life, free to move around the country or leave the country as I wish, read any newspaper I wanted (there were plenty of private newspapers [I know this piece may have deteriorated now. Neverthless, I would still give Meles credit for starting up good democracy in the country]. I am not even going to get into the record high economic growth numbers, Infrastructure development, education, health, clean water etc…
When people like you write such a negative opinion about an individual who has that kind of record is sickening. Mengistu Hailemariam, who killed thousands of Ethiopians is living peacefully. People may wish Mengistu to suffer because almost every family has a story to tell about how hard those days were. Mind you almost every family. You and I both know that you can’t say the same thing about Meles. Yet the Meles administration even pardoned these derg officials. Can you at least learn something from that? People went wild when Teddy Afro released that yastereyal Album, which basically highlighted the need for forgiving each other (yeker tebabalu…jah yastesereyal). The same people now demand for the suffering of Meles, how he should be hang blab bla….When is this small toxic group of the diaspora going to face reality and join hands to work towards developing our country than spreading venom forever?

One thing I would like to tell people is that, you can’t use the same yardstick used by USA to measure democracy in Ethiopia. We can strive to get there but you can’t be like them within 10 or 20 years. There are so many variables that need to be considered. One variable that remains to be a problem is this type animosity towards an opponent. You got that?

07/26/12 @ 11:01
Comment from: Abdu Kamar the KINTER [Visitor]
Abdu Kamar the KINTER

ANCHI Kinter shapdeshal, yemeles KULA gebtobishal. METsifiu hulu gera gebtotal, kintir komesh lemote kula bandira kemtawulebelibi hedesh alkishesh lemen atibegim belela yesun bite kula. Resaw sint keflosh new endi yeshafedshew.

07/26/12 @ 11:07
Comment from: Abaw How much? [Visitor]
Abaw How much?

Abaw how are much are you being paid by the dictators to lie? Please don’t insult the free world’s citizens. The reason you have no fear is because you are one of those dictators or being paid by them.

07/26/12 @ 11:13
Comment from: Abebe [Visitor]

Mr. I like your Article well written but I want this man dead because maybe it will take times to go the legal process but one thing for sure is the suffering of Ethiopian people end soon because meles is dead so as tplf.

07/26/12 @ 11:22
Comment from: ABDU KAMAR [Visitor]  

KINTER [Visitor]What is this i don’t even
Shut up like MELESE ZENAWI
I said Shut Up like MELESE ZENAWI
LALALALALALALALALA SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!Hairy P*ssy If you ask me what I want, I’ll tell you. I want everything

07/26/12 @ 11:24
Comment from: Samson [Visitor]

Tragedy or no tragedy you can not defeat death. Death is natural also!

In the case of Meles it is even more natural and peaceful death if his speculated death is true and since he did not die a violent death like Qaddafi or the former Haile Selassie aritocrats butchered by Colonel Memngistu Haile Mariam.

So why don’t you shut your speculative gnorant and stupid narration spreading fear and agony but instead wait for the announcement and then send beautiful flowers with a note reading “Great Tragedy of the Great Leader’s Death” I am going to do that myself.

Meles will die or already dead. You will die and I will die. For me Death is NOT a great tragedy. What is great tragedy is what dead people did or didn’t do while they were alive.

Are you Mandela Or Hitler? That is the question?

07/26/12 @ 11:25
Comment from: kebede [Visitor]

i agree we do not to wish or pray for paecfull death.

07/26/12 @ 11:37
Comment from: kebede [Visitor]

no peaceful death for meles

07/26/12 @ 11:38
Comment from: kebede [Visitor]

good article

07/26/12 @ 11:39
Comment from: Abaw [Visitor]  

Abaw How much?

The answer to your question is nothing. However, what you just said gave me another variable or you can call it reason why our citizens need years before they will be able to grasp and practice democracy.

You guys can’t argue on ideas without labeling the person as a woyane or being suspicious of the individual’s motive. Democracy will not flourish in that kind of environment.

07/26/12 @ 11:45
Comment from: Meche gena [Visitor]
Meche gena

Tibebe is absolutely right. Meles’s the one who destroyed the whole Ethiopians life.

07/26/12 @ 11:49
Comment from: ME [Visitor]

True that DEATH is certain for ALL!!! He must have done plenty right to get you all thinking! weather its evil, good, dumb, smart etc… This men is a legend, a life or dead his legacy will live for many generations to come.

God Bless him would be an ETHIOPIAN thing to say ,but yet again now day’s ETHIOPIAN’S manner has evaporated to ignorance!

If God was the PM of ETHIOPIA you people will still complain!

BTW This article would have been awesome with some FACTS (sources).

07/26/12 @ 11:52
Comment from: Abaw and ME, how much? [Visitor]
Abaw and ME, how much?

And your solution is another Meles? Yes, it’s very simple to see where your motives are we called you right for what you stand for. You are not fooling anyone except yourself and the Woyanes. What is there to discuss, people are being massacred and imprisoned unjustly, while democracy is outrageously being denied with Woyane guns. And you on the other hand, Abaw, you want to bring decency to this leadership’s profile. Abaw, you need to go to church and confess your sins for betraying your citizens for the few dollars the woyane is throwing your way; why else would you come and blog here, when you full well know that this is not his stage. You should be going and blogging by those fake sympathizing sites put up by the dictator Ethiopian govt. Oh you have no audience there and you want to come educate us, wow! Who said we want to discuss about the goodness of the woyane, the world already now Meles and his troops are rotten tomatoes; they should be thrown out that is the discussion we want to have. Abaw, stop saying you guys, call us freedom seekers…we are tired of looking the other way when our people are derived of their livelihoods and freedoms. If your gov’t is upfront, why not simply show us Meles’s video as stated alive or declare him dead and be done with it, is your decent gov’t lying again to the world, is that why the newspapers in Addis are being banned from reporting his conditions. We want change, not same old stuff. No discussion with paid servants will do us any good.
Abaw…church please, you’ve been trading on the blood of your people.

07/26/12 @ 12:11
Comment from: optimistic [Visitor]

Mr Tibebe Samuel, I found these grammatical errors in your piece of writing, and I hope you’ll come up fully equipped in your next writing, but you should go back to school for a couple of years. These errors are like someone who is trying to eat while he is having hiccup in his or her throat; he or she can’t swallow smoothly. Likewise, the reader of your writing can’t go over it smoothly.
1. I share the sentiment of the commentator and, I feel the same way regarding the death of Mr. Zenawi. Mr. Zenawi does not deserve to die in peace! (insert comma before ‘and’)
2. It is under his leadership that thousands of Amharas including women, children, and elderly were massacred, burned to death, and thrown in ditches. ( replace it by into)
3. I believe that it is a mistake to pray and wish for the peaceful death of this man? ( replace it by period)
4. Soon or later death will comes to us all. ( replace it by sooner and use comma after ‘later’)
5. Although Mr. Zenawi had an ample opportunity to unite the country, to establish sustainable peaceful governance, implement policies that are just, fair and that could have created an equal opportunity to all citizens, and an economic development that could have transformed the lives of millions of people. However, because he is short sighted, visionless, a moral and political dwarf, he squandered such golden opportunities. (The first sentence is incomplete; thus, remove and replace period by comma and then delete the phrase ‘however, because’.)
6. Instead of giving incentive to the people of Ethiopia to build a business and to engage in economic development that could transform the lives of our citizens, Mr. Meles has created an obstacle in form of high income tax, high vat, and other unnecessary fees. ( put ‘the’ between ‘in’ and ‘form’)
7. Mr. Meles must be brought to justice for the crime he committed against the Amaharas, the Oromos, the Gambelas, the Wolaytas, the Ogadens, the Tigreans and other ethnic groups in the country. ( put comma between ‘Tigreans’ and ‘and’)
8. The human rights violations, the social debacle, and the economic policy that has cost millions of people their homes, and their livelihood under Mr. Zenawi’s watch is cruel inhumane and a crime against humanity. ( remove comma after ‘their homes’)
9. For a man who ordered his brutal security forces to shoot and kill teenage boys, does not deserve a peaceful death. ( insert he before ‘does’)
Mr. Tibebe, finding errors is as easy as like this, but setting yourself in the doer of the action isn’t at least that much easy. In this world, you could find few people who are not subject to the tendency of self-serving bias. Say if you, Mr. Samuel, were the prime minister of Ethiopia and you did all the crimes you wrote, I am quite sure either you will deny you did them, or you will not judge for yourself the way wrote it above even inside your heart. The same thing applies in exaggerating one’s own success and undermining other’s. That’s what self-serving bias is. That’s why history repeats itself in Ethiopia, and we are prone to a poverty which makes us run in a vicious circle; our leaders couldn’t break this circle. However, Mr. Meles has tried his best and scored a great deal of success in the economic development of the country.
He has broken the circle or the chain of poverty, and he showed his people. Starting from the 7th century until the 20th century, Ethiopia has been in a dark age and was a playground of poverty, illiteracy, diseases, and ruthless leaders; in short, it was a battle field of all the evils on earth. When God sends this man, Mr. Meles, to this save this country from this darkness, few people are trying to keep the status quo of that dark age back; they do even feel jealous and superiority-inferiority complexity.
May God send merci to the PM!

07/26/12 @ 12:35
Comment from: Gondar [Visitor]


07/26/12 @ 12:38
Comment from: Beth [Visitor]  


Well said. I like it.

Ethiopia lezelalem tenur!

07/26/12 @ 12:38
Comment from: Mario [Visitor]

It’s amazing how Woyanes and their supporters don’t see or don’t want to see what most Ethiopians see. Meles’ blind-folding has worked perfectly!!!

When Ethiopians ask for justice to prevail in our country, they say no to justice by all means.

When Ethiopians ask to be served with justice against individuals who committed crime against humanity such as Mengistu, Meles, etc, they say no to justice to be served.

On their part, they commit all sorts of crime against Ethiopians of all walks of life. They kill, maim, imprison, torture, exile, terrorize, fire workers out of their jobs, etc, etc. Their Kangaroo courts even pass life imprisonments and death sentences to Ethiopians in absentia. This is what they call justice.

As Tibebu Samuel said, Ethiopians want Melse dead or alive. Whether Woyanes like it or not, Ethiopians want to see Meles face justice for crimes he committed. This is the right and most rational thing to do as far as freedom loving people are concerned. This is what civilized and democratic people want to see done.

Unfortunately, that is not how blind-folded woyanes like Extraterrestrial, MJ Tyson, and their likes see what Ethiopians see.

Woyanes and blind supporters, open your eyes and try to see what others see. Let your ears hear what others hear. Sense what other sense.

Hiding yourselves behind wrong doings, dead body or ghost of Meles does not take you anywhere.

All criminals shall face justice!!!

Let justice prevail in Ethiopia!!!

07/26/12 @ 13:17
Comment from: Abaw [Visitor]  


I salute you! You gave them a taste of their own medicine, if they can understand your message.

Abaw and Me how much?

Keep living in your own reality. As the proverb says ‘Aweko yetegnan bikesekesut ayesemam’.

Using massacre and Meles Zenawi in the same sentence is a fallacy. When I think of massacre, I think of Rwanda, Mengistu Hailemariam, Hitler, etc.

Meles and intelligence might go together.

07/26/12 @ 13:42
Comment from: Shalom [Visitor]

What can I say? What a simplified but very strong and very rational argument!

I was intrigued first when you give your corrections for Mr.Ferengi’s Grammar. I didn’t know what really you wanted to show until I got to the last couple of paragraphs. This is exactly what the Bible is saying when it says “don’t judge others". Instead of finding some tiny dust from somebody’s eyes, look into yours and you may find a log.

Mr.Samuel and the likes are very judgmental and they are so cruel as well as irrational when they pass their judgment. I don’t know what personal issues Mr.Ferengi has with the PM, but I see he has some personal grudges against him. I found all his reasoning sick and based on his personal wishes rather than the reality. May the Marcy of the Almighty God be with him and his friends.

07/26/12 @ 13:45
Comment from: Shalom [Visitor]

optimistic [Visitor]

What can I say? What a simplified but very strong and very rational argument!

I was intrigued first when you give your corrections for Mr.Ferengi’s Grammar. I didn’t know what really you wanted to show until I got to the last couple of paragraphs. This is exactly what the Bible is saying when it says “don’t judge others". Instead of finding some tiny dust from somebody’s eyes, look into yours and you may find a log.

Mr.Samuel and the likes are very judgmental and they are so cruel as well as irrational when they pass their judgment. I don’t know what personal issues Mr.Ferengi has with the PM, but I see he has some personal grudges against him. I found all his reasoning sick and based on his personal wishes rather than the reality. May the Marcy of the Almighty God be with him and his friends.

07/26/12 @ 13:46
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

The Crime Minister is already Dead
only Agazi bandits are trying to gain times to lock the power they have userpated from the majority of the peoples and to prepare another clone of their leba master preferably for them Worst Tyrant and
evil “Tigre Power ” racist Ideology holder and protector of Agazi illegal business and Tigre Mafiosis .The fact that their leba master is not in life ,they did not publish the single picture of him whether in a Hospital ,on Holyday ,or even his come back in Addis .For those who are days and nights fooled by Agazi Bandits and
Bandas website ,Lebaw Zenawi is not in Hospital Center following his treatment ,not even in the Menelike Palace under Adwa Gangs control .Where is your leba master ,in a morgue waiting to be taken to his Homeland of Adwa !!!

07/26/12 @ 14:09
Comment from: Muammar al-Gaddafi [Visitor]  
Muammar al-Gaddafi

That is all. Good-bye, my dear MELESE ZENAWI
It kills me sometimes, how people die like melse zenawi.

MELESE ZENAWI Life is too short when you think of the length of HELL

MELESE ZENAWI Hell is empty and all the devils are here come on buddy

07/26/12 @ 14:17
Comment from: Melo [Visitor]

@ Optimist…..

Are you serious???? You are comparing apples and oranges here.

You are comparing Samuel’s error which are ( comma, full stop, question mark, etc tec) to Meles the cHimp’s” errors”? What are meles the chimp’s “errors”???…

they are the killing of innocent Ethiopians , more than 200 of them in aaddis, who knows how many of them are maimed and injured for life and how many of them disappeared in a thin air,… the killing of more than 400 our Gambela brother and sisters, who knows how many of them are maimed and injured for life and how many of them disappeared from the face of the earth…….,the eviction of millions of Ethiopians from their land, the transfer of wealth from the poor to the well-connected (shabia,tplf/woyane cadres), the selling of our fertile land to our foreign enemies for penny, the burning of our churches and Gedams, the selling of our beautiful sisters to arabs, which is slavery woyane/tplf/shabia style…., the imprisonment of innocent Ethiopians, the killing of countless Ethiopians in a daily bases etc etc etc……..

Are you really in your right mind when you compare the error of commas and full stops in a sentence to the crime committed by the shabaia/tplf chimp meles zenawe to millions of ETHIOPIANS??? Get real, man…….. go drink your cool aid, I hope it will cool you down. ISH

07/26/12 @ 14:38
Comment from: Muammar al-Gaddafi [Visitor]  
Muammar al-Gaddafi

MELESE ZENAWI SAID death greeted me in open arms.

MELESE ZENAWI SAID Death found me and he said my time was up BYE BYE ALL ETHIOPIANS PEOPLE my best friend ELIAS KIFLE then>>…..

MELSE ZENAWI said Maybe…you’ll fall in love with me all over again.

ELIASE KIFLE Hell, I said, I love you enough now. What do you want to do? Ruin me?

MELSE ZENAWI SAID Yes. I want to ruin you.

ELIAS KIFLE Good, I said. That’s what I want too NOW You’re going to burn in a very special level of hell

MELESE ZENAWI siad If you can’t handle me at my worst you are not my buddy no more

ELIASE KIFLE SAID IN My imagination I will get you a passport to go hell this year bye bye

07/26/12 @ 14:55
Comment from: Heny [Visitor]

Excellently explained. I really appriciate your writing. A sudden death of the Prime Minister of Ethiopia may be a bad news for JUSTICE IN ETHIOPIA. EVERYONE NEEDS TO SEE PRIME MINISTER MELES ZENAWI HAND CUFFED AT HAIGE’S INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT.

07/26/12 @ 15:20
Comment from: Heny [Visitor]

To mesfin B.:
“አቶ ጥበበ ያልከው ነገር ሁሉ ትክክል ነው::”
Look you jilajil mesfin, it is the clown (mogn) like you who who agrees 100% to what others say. ebakihn hidna temar ezih bamargna eyetsafk kemtaselechen. mamo kilo.

07/26/12 @ 15:48
Comment from: Afarman [Visitor]

wishfull thinking by another prophet of doom and gloom, Dr Mesay’s false prophecy will be exposed in a week or two.

The TPLF is not new to losing its members, Samuel Tibebe do you know the TPLF has lost 65,000 of its fighters, more than 100,000 fighters got injured during the war. Despite that loss the TPLF/EPRDF came up victorious.

Its same now, whether meles is there or not, there will not be chaos as you wish it. We didnt trust the opposition analysts yesterday and we will not take your bed time story now. The analysis is coming from the same twisted chauvinist brain washed individual. keep on writing trash by giving different titles to your articles, you can continue to inspire those who are betting on the wrong horse, as far as me is concerned I don buy your trash.

Meles will be back in harness and opposition toxic diaspora will be in tatters for another two decades till they drop dead. Those who wished death and destruction to their opponents have gone first with out burying their enemies.

Long live Meles zenawi, he is a hero to millions of us, he is a man capable of walking the walk while the opposition continue to talk the talk for 21 years

Tibebe Samuel is releasing his frustration, what then..nothing, the author of this article is recycling garbage after garbage for good few years now. I wonder how the opposition groups operate inside and outside Ethiopia, being as toxic as they are they keep on fighting each other, they are very divisive, they lack tolerance and respect to opposing views, thats why all the prophets of doom and gloom keep on going down the drain for the last 21 years.

07/26/12 @ 15:49
Comment from: Ethiopian at heart [Visitor]
Ethiopian at heart

Great article! I like the comparison between South Korea and Ethiopia. The disparity between the richness of Ethiopia’s nature and the misery of its people reveals to the visitor there is something wrong. Still under the effect of its majestic nature, someone would come back to their country with mixed feelings and wonder: “How could misery and the garden of Eden coexist together?”

07/26/12 @ 16:19
Comment from: Gobena [Visitor]

You said it correctly. But Samuel I have one question why are people like Bereket after preaching and fighting all their life, afters seeing all the sacrifice and death of their friends for democracy become even worst than what they were fighting. Is it not a shame.
For me when some people were trying to compare Menigstu and Melese I was like crying but now I will choose Mengistu.
Did they know that they are wrest than Mingestu.
If they discribe Mengistu dictaor,killer,terrorist,inhuman…then they are worst than that.
Shame on BEREKET and friends

07/26/12 @ 16:19
Comment from: Tulu Proud ET [Visitor]
Tulu Proud ET

Tibebe Samuel

I agree with you all the way.

It is a tragedy to lose Meles for death before we see him handcuffed and herded to the International Criminal Court to see his day in court. The blood of Amharas, Gambella, Ogandenians, Omo People and Oromos and million of others is still wet waiting justice. .


Very well said. Thank you for reminding everyone about the tragic lose of our people in the hands of TPLF criminal regime.

or Extratail or Meles

If you don’t know what Crime Against Humanity means read what “Segen” has wrote.

Since you are on the side of the criminal you will never understand or feel the excruciating pain that the Amhara, Gambella, Omo People and Oromo are receiving from your criminal masters.

07/26/12 @ 16:23
Comment from: [Member]

***To Heny***
are you still berathing!!!

I thought you and your boss were sharing the same “coffin"LOL!!

soon we shall get rid of the mosquitoes like you and your cousins , Agazit, Adgi zemen etc.


***To Optimistic***

like **Melo** mentioned a mere missed coma her or there doesn’t make Mr. Tibebe’s article less worthy.

Rather your illogic scribble has some childish writing.

07/26/12 @ 16:30
Comment from: Abeba [Visitor]

To Tibebu, if you can learn something from a quote taken from Seyes Abraha’s interview with VOA…
“I don’t celebrate the pain of another human being or the passing of another human being,” Seeye said. “I wish him recovery and I wish that he ends his political exit with a positive and constructive and historic note.”
I applaude Mr.Seye Abreha for that!
You are wishing him death and yet you want him to share or hand over power peacefully? You hate him that much, fight him EndeWondochu. He did not come to the power because he hated Mengistu and wrote so many articles from DC. He fought all the way thru for 17 years in the jungle. He is working hard to change the system and unfortunately opposition and some toxic people are not getting it. We move on with peaceful power transfer when we realize that the opposition is not our enemy! We are far from that
“The crime did not stop after Meles took power. As several human rights reports clearly show, Meles Zenawi is responsible for the death and sufferings of millions of people. It is under his leadership that thousands of Amharas including women, children, and elderly were massacred, burned to death, and thrown in ditches. Since 1991, Meles and his cronies have imprisoned, abducted, tortured, and killed millions of innocent Ethiopians.”
Where do you get the news? do you have separate networking information regarding the thousands and millions of Ethiopians who suffered because of Meles?

07/26/12 @ 17:40
Comment from: Jegnaw Amhara [Visitor]
Jegnaw Amhara

Sources are telling us that Meles Zenawi not dead. He is in Eritrea. He is helping Eritrea to invade Ethiopia again! Don’t truest he is dead guys!

07/26/12 @ 17:43
Comment from: mesfen [Visitor]

the writer praises South Korea but does not seem to know its history.South Korea economic growth was achieved under brutal dictators who shot and killed protesters ,imprisoned opponents, etc.And the same is true about Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and now China. That is why Meles says democracy is not a precondition for economic development and South Korea is one of its model countries.And the writer totally ignores the fact that Ethiopia has had good decade of economic growth and is currently one of the fastest growing economies.Praising S. Korea and condemning Ethiopia shows the writers confusion-

07/26/12 @ 18:57
Comment from: tedla [Visitor]

A bunch of zero+zero=o when are you going to lear to be a good citizen? Your brain is blocked by comma ( samuel ) like untraine hors qualified idiot like you will never learn anyway. God bless PM Meles.

07/26/12 @ 20:07
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Visitor]
Amhara Princess

Mr T Samuel Ferenji

Great article! I couldn’t have said it any better.

@ Optimistic

Are you for real? Over 99.9% of what you tried to correct does NOT need correction at all. What Ato Ferenji wrote was perfectly fine/clear as it is, with or without comma or your alterations. The English language does NOT have one set of rule that you can apply for all. There are million and one alternatives, that is precisely why we have American English, UK English, Australian English & so forth. People don’t need to say identical things to describe a certain scenario in English language/literature. Use of commas, punctuation etc can be optional where the sentence is quite clear, to the point & readable. Commas are just used to separate your lines based of how you talk/end your lines, it all depends on how fast/short you can hold your breath lol No need for unnecessary commas though you can put them repeatedly after every breath like Mamo killo lol Take a look at your local news paper in the morning & tell us if it follows what you are preaching to none English speaking African natives aka Ethiopians here! Cyber Comic. I can’t believe you sat there pinpointing irrelevant things that you actually believed were wrong/errors.

Don’t you even know you can actually opt out for “soon or later” Rather than sooner or later if you so wish? You can also say “Into a ditch” or “in ditches” so the writer is correct. You don’t often insert comma before “and” as they both (and/comma) mean pretty much the same thing but you can if you wish so this is optional. So far, your 1-4 correction is unnecessary. Your number 5, you could have suggested that he cut off “Although” completely & keep everything as it is, that would’ve solved your issue :) … your number 6 doesn’t necessarily need “the", it is perfectly fine as it is. Your No 7 & 8 are in conflict. One minute you advice him to insert comma before “and” then the next, you advise to take it off. That is optional as I said already, the writer is correct again. Your number 9 is beyond funny! He does not need to insert “he” AT ALL as it is quite obvious who he was talking about & the writer is 100% correct on this one AGAIN. You can insert “he” if you wish but you don’t have to (repetitive). So far, you got 0.5/10 … Oops :)):))

“English EndabeJush ********** New Negeru Lik Ende Amharic. No change there LMAO


As for your closing rhetoric, aka 7-21st century misery nonsense, are you trying to exclude the MAJOR SLAVE trading Axumite era? R O F L You people never cease to amaze. Zenawi took the country back another 40 years, in terms of social, educational, economic structures/systems, wrecked the towns, disturbed harmony plus tore apart the moral fabric of society, tampered with religion, ethical issues etc & concentrated everything in Tigray hands. This equates to FEUDAL era, a different form of oppression, regressive actions. People are in fact, much worse off today than they were pre Zenawi’s era. They Can’t afford to eat, their money is valueless, very high standard of living, very low wages, sky rocketing bare basics, you name it! No amount of glossy buildings owned by few TPLFs, expats, foreign nationals would indicate overall growth. The average Ethiopian still lives on under a dollar or two a day, pretty much worse off than Mengistu’s era. We are bottom pile on Human development index. We are also within the top 20 failed states globally. And so, we have no clue what you are talking about.

07/26/12 @ 20:10
Comment from: optimistic [Visitor]

Amhara Princess,

If we were able to take Mr. Tibebe’s essay to three English professors who are each from America, England, and Australia, they would have been to come up with the same grammatical errors that I aforementioned them. I just burst in lough in your corrections because I am quite sure they are errors. If you don’t believe me, you can print this essay and take it to any English professor within America, England, or Australia; It is that time you consider you yourself miss so much in your grammar school.

Comparing the position that Ethiopia is now with the past regimes would be a far outcry in all circumstances; it would be like comparing the distance or speed of two cars moving in opposite direction. In the periods I mentioned, 7th to 20th, Ethiopia was not even in a stagnant level, but it was sinking deeper and deeper into absolute poverty and destitution to the extent that it was an example of the poorest nations on Earth in old dictionaries. Thanks to the PM, Ethiopia’s name is written off in the new dictionaries, and the country is reviving from the point of disintegration as a nation to the point of recording a double digit economic growth. One can’t hide this, even foreigners, such as president Obama and others have witnessed that not only is Ethiopia meeting its MDGs and HDI, but it could also be an example for other developing countries which would like to bring in broad and sustainable economic development.
Hence, Ms Amhara Prince and few people of your type please tell us if you feel a bit jealous in the achievement of the PM Meles. I wonder if you could have 1% of his IQ and leadership ability.

Please don’t twist English grammar to the wrong way once again. If you want twist your Amharic in million times, who cares!

07/27/12 @ 02:55
Comment from: Tamrat Tamrat [Visitor]
Tamrat Tamrat

This is bulshitt! It is not a tragedy. It is one of the best thing which happens to Ethiopia. You will never teach meless. Either of you must die before meless learn his faults. Thanks to God he goes befor you Tibebe Samuel. Meless is a guy who said killing Ethiopians with the help of Isayas is correct and not correct at the same time. Death to Shabies.

07/27/12 @ 03:25
Comment from: Nebro [Visitor]

You can not find no where in the world “weregna and gutless FERI” except good to insult each other like us the Ethiopians!!! we are aimless and not brave enough to stand for any thing except and filthiness!!! no wonder a peasant woyane bare footed balager came to town with kalashinkov and ruling us with a grip hand for the last twenty something years and we shall keep on bla…bla..and bla!!!

07/27/12 @ 06:19
Comment from: Melo [Visitor]

@ Optimist

what are you talking about?

Do you know that Ethiopia, under meles, is ONE kuntal Oxfam grain away from declaring bankruptcy??

Thanks to meles

07/27/12 @ 12:31
Comment from: pete [Visitor]

political immaturity is abundant based on most comments. thank god we had Meles for a while who is ahead of the time. As usual, he will be recognized in a few years. but for now, most are blinded by ignorance and the opinions reflect that.It is scary to be Ethiopian. here we are and no one is proposing who is qualified to be the next leader.

07/27/12 @ 15:10
Comment from: ehio [Visitor]

what an ignorant article, Prime minister Meles Zenawi is and will always be a devoted Ethiopian who brought Ethopia back to its glory days. Your comments were nothing but writings of a pessimist without passion for Ethopia. I will only ask you one quesion, “What have you done for your conuntry????” I’m sure your answer is “Nothing”

07/27/12 @ 18:25
Comment from: fidel [Visitor]

yo, congrats Ethiopians. i hope u aint gonna start beefing with us again. u already know. if u coming come hard because i wont be alive to see u messing with ma nation or living in ma land like its yours. u gotta kill us all or … i just need peace man, if not … yeah. oh, and i am making a wish right now; to see dat vagina face looking iseyas dieing 2.

07/27/12 @ 20:23
Comment from: [Member]

¿DÒNDE ESTÁN, Nazrets?

Hey Nazrets, minew enanten yebela jib alchoh ale?
Why do you let people to use other people’s user name? It is taking the fun out of it, and most of all it ruins your website.
I know the obove comment with the name of Agazit woman is not from the beloved Agazit woman.
If you keep letting this kind of ID theft, you’re allowing the shabian dogs who have invaded Ethiopian websites in mass, to enjoy making a mockery of all Ethiopian issues.

07/27/12 @ 20:31
Comment from: Zenash [Visitor]

People Think Like a human being If MZ is dead or not no one is living for ever the good thing is he does a great! great! job for his country and his people what about you chater box just weretereka becha lezawem on your off day dont spent your time by thinking negetive things be posetive be productive

07/28/12 @ 00:47
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Visitor]
Amhara Princess

@ Optimist

I totally disagree with your corrections. However, that does not in any way mean that there are’t errors on Tibebe’s article. You are just simply NOT as clever as you thought you were to spot the obvious! What you opted for (the once you’d considered as errors) are simply Zero & a no-brainer! :):)

I myself never bothered much with the right grammar or commas, punctuation or whatever here as there is absolutely no need for it! Even my words are purposely too simplified, as all of us here are Ethiopians. We can’t claim to be perfect in English. Not even most native English speakers can so no need to be philosophical. I can assure you though, the quality of English that I had learned in Ethiopia was by far the best & when I first went to USA & took English language/Literature exams at school, not many of my native speaking peers were even near my standard. I was overly amazed back then but now? Nah, I know why.

I have been living in Europe for almost 2 years now, most of those native English speaking Brits have no clue about correct grammar, correct way of using words, vowels, verbs, consonants, punctuation etc etc etc They never follow rules according to their own standards. Not just ordinary people mind you, that is why I asked you to look at your local Newspapers. By far, the Gaelic speaking Irish, Scots, Welsh write & communicate with TOP quality English, beyond their accents. You better leave Mr Ferenji alone for English is never his first language. It is not our first language either, if it is your’s, congrats & move on but I doubt that. It is quite visible from your writing style that English is probably your third language like most people here. We understood Mr Ferenji’s POINT perfectly. That is all you should care about.

BTW, what is your TPLF’s problem anyway? We have master of the English language who writes with at most fluency, top standard here (Prof Al) and you complain so much about his English being too formal, too complicated, sophisticated, too legthy etc. Now you are saying the opposit on Tibebe. Mind your Goddamn businesses. Just read the article, if you somehow believe that you are much more clever than the writers, keep it to yourself. Who on earth wants to read “Oh Mr Tibebe you missed comma here & there, you need to inset this before that"? Like Mammo Killo? He sure writes better than you.

… As for Zenawi, Oh please! We all know that Ethiopia is running under multi-billion birr deficit, take a look at your own TPLF’s reports closely. The country is owned & controlled by foreign investment dollar, aid dollar, grant dollar, development loan dollar, remittance dollar, aid grains etc! Meanwhile, over 90% still live on less than 1 or 2 dollar a day, unable to eat twice a day. The minute remittance stops, Zenawi & Co will declare famine, as most of the citizens rely on welfare dollar from families abroad to survive, send their kids to school, health care etc! Zenawi has the most retarded economists on planet earth, may be, he is the only so called economist in that country to create such unnecessary imbalance, inflation, worthless currency, gap between poor & rich, totally parallel wages & standard of living, pretty much total mess, country in ruins not to mention the social ills. You must be from Jupiter. So go tell that to your Jupiter folks.

07/28/12 @ 08:30
Comment from: meles [Visitor]

R.I.P I hope he go to hell this blood sucker…I hope the next guy he learn his leason befor he take over. We can not be under USA we need some one who cares for the Ethipia and the nation not kissing uss of weasterns.

07/28/12 @ 13:53
Comment from: Zemen [Visitor]

I wish I could understand the purpose of your writing. I truly tried. I, myself oppose with passion the political system running the country, yet I get frustrated when realize that there is no man at list with a common sense stands to fix it. Like your writing, nicely written with nothing but blind emotion and hate make me wonder. Do you even understand the concept of POLITICS?

I tried to add up the millions you throw here and there to exaggerate the crime made and simply fade up with it. What the country needs is reason (intelligence) not emotion. In reason there is solution. You just tell me, what is the difference between you and Meles? Is it not obvious your common thing is hate?

How about we learn a culture of seeking wisdom, starting from our own personal character? And then understand, mainly read, what it means real politics is? Not with superficial knowledge, but the profound one? Then may be you can understand the nature of politics and why the ruling party is so far succeed at the cost of it’s people, and you would know the solution.

08/02/12 @ 21:59



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