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Ethiopia: The Dictator's Doublespeak; Lies, Lies, and more Lies!



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Ethiopia: The Dictator's Doublespeak; Lies, Lies, and more Lies!

Ethiopia: The Dictator's Doublespeak; Lies, Lies, and more Lies!

By Tibebe Samuel Ferenji

In 1995, I had the honor and immense pleasure of interviewing Professor Mesfin Woldemariam when I was working with "Hibret Radio". During that interview, he told me that Mr. Meles Zenawi is someone who is incapable of telling the truth. This statement was made by the well known Human Rights activist four years after the Zenawi regime took power in Ethiopia. About 17 years after the remark made by Professor Mesfin, things remain the same. At least in telling lies, Mr. Zenawi’s behavior is consistent. It is not surprising that those who serve the ruling party with loyalty display similar behavior like Mr. Zenawi.

Recently, several ethnic Amharas were unjustly uprooted from their home by the Southern Ethiopian Nation Nationalities Regional Administration president direct order. These Ethiopians were even turned away from the church when they sought refugee. Because they did not have any choice, they went to the office of All Ethiopian Unity Organization (AEUO). Some of the people who were uprooted with their families, including infant children, were interviewed by the VOA and other media outlets form AEUO office. To hear the outcry of the children is heart breaking; to hear grown men sound helpless because their basic human right and dignity was violated by a government that is supposed to protect them is equally heart breaking. As the news of such brutality was spreading all over the world, the EPRDF and its surrogates were at work to discredit the victims and to debunk the opposition. Mr. Shegute, the president of the region, issued a press release about a week ago stating that no one was uprooted from the region. His despicable lies were repeated again and again in the airwaves that the EPRDF and its surrogates control. What a shame! Adding insult to injury, the EPRDF completely denied the illegal eviction of Amharas from South Ethiopia and blamed the opposition for “spreading false propaganda. I don’t know how the regime could be such arrogant and oblivious in this information age.

“Prime Minister Meles is not capable of telling the truth, even when you ask him his name, he doe’s not tell you the truth.” Professor Mesfin Woldemariam

Such behavior is not unique to Mr. Meles and his cronies; such behavior is a typical character of dictators. When you examine the typical characteristics of world authoritarian regimes, you begin to see consistencies in the way that authoritarian leaders and the people who serve them rationalize their brutal action. They tell the world that their subjects are better off because “their regime has established a stable government, there is economic progress, and the opposition is controlled and influenced by foreign enemies….. and so on.” Such dictators claim to believe in the basic principle of human rights protection, democracy, justice and liberty. They claim that to achieve such objectives, the culture and the behavior of their subjects must change through the divine intervention of their iron fist rule. Because they believe that they are above everything, they consistently defy public opinion, distort history, defy human decency and orchestrate lies to excuse their brutal behavior and action. Some of their mode of operands is to doublespeak, deny, and blame. These are the exact behaviors that we witness in today’s Ethiopia.

The Zenawi regime unashamedly try to tell us that “democratic” progress is made in Ethiopia despite the fact that there are more prisoners of consciousness in Ethiopia today than at any time in the history of our country; there are more people abducted, killed, uprooted, and exiled during the rule of the EPRDF regime than at any time in the history of Ethiopia. Although the Zenawi regime is one of the most brutal regimes in the world, Zenawi himself tells the world the undemocratic nature of the Eritrean regime; and he preaches about “regime change” in Eritrea. In one of the most dramatic event in Ethiopia, last year, Eritreans in Ethiopia were give permission to hold a protest against the Issaias regime. The Eritreans held a slogan that says “YEAKEL” (ENOUGH) and burned Issaias’ picture in the middle of Addis Ababa, while Ethiopians were denied any permit for protest in their own country. Although the Constitution gives Ethiopians the right to hold a protest and to petition their government, the Zenawi regime denied these basic and fundamental rights to its own citizens while allowing foreigners (Eritteans) to exercise these basic rights. No one denies that Zenawi’s intention, when orchestrating the “Eritreans protest”, was not holly, but it is a clear example of hypocrisy. If the Eritreans in Ethiopia are allowed to hold a protest, why are Ethiopians in Ethiopia denied permission to hold a protest in their own country? Talk about doublespeak.

The history of EPRDF clearly indicates that it was established based on lies. At least during its armed struggle era, the EPRDF could lie and could get away with it. In this time and age where information is at our finger tip, I don’t know how the EPRDF assumes that it can simply lie and get away with the lies that it is telling the world. The entire world is watching with great sadness and disappointment the rampant corruption in Ethiopia; however, if you had the opportunity to visit Ethiopian embassy websites, this is what you read as one of the 10 reasons to invest in Ethiopia: “• Absence of corruption - Ethiopia is described by the U.N. and ICC as “exceptional…in its almost complete absence of routine corruption ”today than at any time in its history”. Such daring and bold statement is coming from a government immersed in corruption. Global Financial Integrity in its report stated that Ethiopia has lost $11.7-billion to outflows of illicit funds in the last decade. If this is not an indicative of a corrupt government, I don’t know what is. It is not only GFI that is sounding the Alarm about corruption in Ethiopia; Janice Winter, a South African journalist, wrote an opinion piece on Daily Maverick titled ‘Climate of Corruption in Ethiopia. In her article, Janice highlighted the state of corruption in Ethiopia and called for strict examination of Melese Zenawi’s regime before the release of the Green Climate Fund. The fact is according to the Transparency International’s annual Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI), Ethiopia ranks 120 out of 182 countries and territories in the world. Does this sound an absence of corruption in Ethiopia?

Of course, EPRDF apologists and Mr. Zenawi’s cult builders would like the world to believe that Ethiopia has established a stable, corruption free government, and a pluralistic democracy. One of the supporters of Mr. Zenawi wrote “Ethiopia today is a pluralistic democracy and as such would not sit on its hands while others try to circumvent democracy for there cannot be such thing as lawless freedom.” This is a comment made by an EPRDF apologist called Mulugeta in one online forum. It would be interesting to see how this apologist defines what he termed “lawless freedom.” Dictators and their mouthpiece ardent supporters interpret the basic principle of democracy as it fits them. May be they do not understand that there cannot be democracy in a country where freedom of speech is termed as terrorism. The notion that Ethiopia has it is own version of “democracy” contrary to the universally accepted basic democratic principles is as foolish as daring attempt to make us believe Black is White. Dictators and their cronies always have double standard and doublespeak to justify their fatal action. Their interest is to prolong their grip on power by any means necessary. It is up to concerned citizens and democratic forces to expose the lies and to strive for a regime change to establish democratic governance in the country. We are duty bound to vehemently oppose the human rights violation in Ethiopia and struggle for democratic change. We are also duty bound and the current condition in Ethiopia demands that we clean our act, stop bickering on irrelevant issues, focus, refine our strategy, and take the struggle against the brutal regime in Ethiopia to the next phase. It is time for action!


Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Of course this evil Tyrant is pathologically lier !!!Asked about the peoples uprooted by his clicks and milicias his only explaination is
Environmental Protection .While telling us ,destroying Eco systems in Gibe Bassins and Gambella regions once again uprooting peoples for the sake of Foreign Exploiters is economical
Development .At once he did accuse the opposition of being the reincarnation of Hutus Power and Interamwe while his bandit Agazis are
comitting GENOCIDE against local peoples in many parts of the country
by his so called RULE OF LAW .The greatest JOKE is while his own Mafiosa Wife is looting the country he is supposing fighting CORRUPTION .
Let’s not forget the Double Digits economic grow ,the new way of life in
the Rural areas ,the country beciming
middle Income and plenty more usuless
cjildish STUPID bla blas ….while 99% of the Ethiopian Peoples are starving !!!!!!!

04/22/12 @ 01:09
Comment from: Asqign [Visitor]

Yes Mr.Legesse,Melesse,Abebe has graduated his honored “Phd of Lies” degree at the ill reputed front of Greater Tgray.

Look at the picture, he is telling -inante GMATAMOCH. sdbu lemdobnal iko. ere lesemiw sus honewal GOSH.

04/22/12 @ 01:10
Comment from: C'est moi senait [Visitor]
C'est moi senait

There are levels of deception but the weyannes leader Meles is at the highest level of deception and he is getting away year after year on the same bench with the same robbers sitting in front of a national Tv millions of Ethiopians face like he was still in Mekele TEJ Bet. What melataw Meles does not know is that his body is start to betray him and going down drill when ever he lies like panoche nose that growth longer as soon as he tell lies.

Ethiopia is now forced to acquire,dept,import food and begging for food and rely on western charities and NGO to cope with the needs of growing population. The result is a vicious cycle of poverty, I’ll health,illiterate ,over population and unemployment being compounded with social frustration ,extremism , ethnic and social unrest. This is all the weyannes vooodos economy policy that is rare example of scavenger Hoddams turning carnivore..

04/22/12 @ 01:37
Comment from: [Member]


Diaspora opposition politics is based on telling lies and discrediting every Ethiopian govt achievment.
Here as usual, we see one of diaspora pathetic, useless enemy bandas trying to tell us our officials being liars.
What else is new? While the real Ethiopians in the diasspora work hard to help their people back home, the insignificant and irrelevant diaspora loosers continue to cry.
TELBA binchacha beand MUQECHA, endemibalew, we will just put them in the back burner, where they belong and move on. Because they don’t matter when it comes to Ethiopia’s current economical, political and social affairs etc…

04/22/12 @ 05:30
Comment from: [Member]

The Guy( Meles ጨና&#4810&#59;) is lying to the point of a child telling make-belief stories. When I was growing up back home I remember when we were playing as kids we used to pretend that we were doctors, police guys etc. And the pretentious child game come to mind when i see this shifta looter opening his mouth wether at the parliament or at interview.
Like Ato Tibebe had quoted the late Professor Mesfin he eve lied about his “name".
Mind you guys it doesn’t get any worse than this. If a person can’t even tell you his/her true name that person s the perennial “Liar” to the highest degree.
Let us quicken his departure from Arat Kilo.
Death to Weyane and the puppets.

04/22/12 @ 07:13
Comment from: ZULU [Visitor]

Except TPLF sympathizers, no one thinks there is a government in Ethiopia. What we have in Ethiopia is handful of ’shiftasf,’ who using the opportunity they have got, plundering the country dry. These dedebit mercenaries can not lead their own lives let alone a big country like ours. No one thinks thier end will be different from the two brutal regimes before them. At the end of the day, a lie won’t save a dictator. Rather a lie will make the downfall much uglier. Power Like a cocaine. You misuse it and without warning you and those around you are washed away.

04/22/12 @ 13:48
Comment from: ethiopiawi [Visitor]

why is he digging his monkey nose when he is in parlament for question and answer session.i have seen him do that several times.heads of states don’t do that on national tv.i mean is he digging for gold or somethin’?no i think its just one of his ways of showing the extreme hatred and disrespect he has for mother ethiopia/ns.shameless charlie chaplin looking monkey face midget.

04/22/12 @ 15:26
Comment from: Bini Massawa [Visitor]  
Bini Massawa

First I would like to thank for the chance to speak my opinion and to congratulate to the Ethiopian people for their struggle to liberate Ethiopia from the criminal thug’s Weyane and they’re outside force supporters. As Eritreans fought the derg and won, I know when the regime is at the end of the rope Weyane is near to his death because now the Eritrean people, Ethiopian’s and the rest of the horn of African people are tired of his conniving criminal tactics. Now we reached to the point when enough is enough. Now Ethiopian people and Eritrean people are working towards one aimed goal and that goal is to destroy Weyane from the face of the earth. To do that on the Eritrean side we are 100% supporting openly to Ethiopian people. The Ethiopian people as you are doing now as well as before should be united as one people inside the country and outside the country. All the oppotions are now united; their aim is to bring to Ethiopia, unity, equality, peace and prosperity. In the future who ever runs Ethiopia is going to be elected by the people not by ethnicity and also the oppositions are working towards transparent diplomacy and peace to their neighbour country and the thug criminal liar Weyane it has become clear that he is finished sooner or later. Now I will say to the Ethiopian and Eritrean individual people inside the country and outside the country, anything you can do in your power to weaken, eliminate or to bring these criminals to justice to pay for their despicable crime which is now long overdue. The criminal thug Weyane is desperate that is why he and his supporters are saying Eritrea this and Eritrea that in the past he used this tactic to manipulate and divert the people’s attention off of him. But this time it will not work. In Eritrea’s side we will not give him and his supporters a chance to capture us in their trap. You understand who I am talking about when I say his supporters (USA).At this time they are close to disserting the criminal thug weyane because he did not deliver their interest, he is a loss for them and now the oppositions and the people of Ethiopia are united and stronger than ever and their aim is to bring this criminal to justice.

04/22/12 @ 15:45
Comment from: Sub_Ethiopian [Visitor]

The house of sub-ethiopian slaves in the house of the abyssinian empire. Our lord , His excellency meles zenawi, the intelligent, the master henrik vorword, descendant of the great king minilik, the architect of non-abyssinian enslavement, speaks with absolute confidence and resolute power. The half-literate, half-illitrate, half extension students of civil service college, peasant faced,belly bound so-called “representatives", are hauled by his excellency henrik vorword meles zenawi master of the abyssinain aporatheid like a sheep, cortesy of governance bantustan style. The joke continues as ethiopia is a joke name for these useless sub ethiopians. It is abyssinia shrouded in ethnic federalism. The abyssinians are intelligent and smart. With this style they seem to be guranteed to enslave the sub-ethiopians for the next 500 years. Wake up slaves. Emaniciapte yourself from abyssinian slavery.

04/22/12 @ 16:39
Comment from: Heny [Visitor]

Tibebe Samuel Ferenji,
You know what PM Meles is saying using his body body (body langauge)? Tibebe Samuel Ferenji
and your likes stinks. That is why he is holding his nose.

04/22/12 @ 18:20
Comment from: Desperados [Visitor]

The author is displaying his own behaviour, he couldn’t control his hatred, cried for no valid reason,discredit all the dev’t, to support his critic he had chosen a perfect prof.He is targeting those hopeless diasporas, adocating the negative side of their own country.These diasporas won’t hesitate to dig every hole to seeking their dream of grabing power at the expense of others.

04/22/12 @ 18:58
Comment from: Mesfin from Maryland [Visitor]
Mesfin from Maryland

I couldn’t believe that this guy is trying so hard to sell a complete lie. Every one, except his die-hard lackeys know- at this time in point- that he is a pathological and incorrigible liar. He should indeed be deranged or delusional to think that we are all loonies and gullible to buy what he really pontificates every time.

That is exactly what happens when you are the supreme power in a country with unbridled power in every decision. You start believing that your lies are true lies and convince yourself that you are God and whatever you say is the absolute truth that every soul has to abide by.

We know that those poor farmers were uprooted from where they were leading a stable life, because they were born Amharas. And the supreme leader himself, has in numerous occasions, expressed his deep-rooted hatred against the Amharas. And it is an open secret now that every policy in the country is sinisterly crafted to put the maximum damage on Amharas and annihilate this ethnic group.

When the truth is like this, I couldn’t fathom, however, who he is trying to dupe when he was trying to equivocate his atrocious human right violation he committed on Amharas with ecological conservation. Is he kidding? Since when has the woyane leader been an ardent conservationist? Does he really care more about the environment than citizens of the country? If he really was concerned about the environment, is it the way to do it? He and his cadres might gloat over his nonsensical demagogue, but we all know that the truth is miles away from his gibberish. The real problem, though, is that he thinks that he is in power forever and is extremely callous about what is going to happen after him. With his ludicrous answers, he is actually insulting the collective intelligence of 80 million people as stupid.

In this entire brazen injustice, one thing is for sure. Whenever the inevitable comes, all this lopsidedness and unfairness will be reversed overnight and those at the receiving end will reverse the role, and the unfairness, unfortunately keeps on with different players taking different roles. And history will look back and remember the tyrant- as he is the main reason for the perpetuation of injustice and unfairness in the country- for the unforeseeable future.

04/22/12 @ 19:22
Comment from: [Member]

Ethiopians deserve a leader who would always tell the truths. However our leaders are not any of them. The prime minster speech to the parliament asserts such allegations. The prime minster analogy for the reasons uproot amhara people from one part of the region are completely contradicted what the foreign investors are doing to the country. The so called investors still raze the forests and evict the residences for the sake of their farm. However the government just merely shows its irresponsible feature one more time

04/22/12 @ 21:18
Comment from: Ethiopiawinet [Visitor]

This guy, Prof. Mesfin is something. Please check his background before quoting him. He demenized other tribes even called them aliens means not Ethiopians. He is confined to the old school so lacks credibility. He also talked about Amharas. Find out what he said.
PM Meles in other hand can twist anything and turn it on its head. Now he started to label the Ethiopians(moslems) as salafi and sofi. He doesn’t want address their grievences.
You will see this will become a tumor and incurable if he failed to solve it like Negashi did before him. The butcher Mengistu was like Mendella for Ethiopians(moslems) and Meles is like his ancestor(excluding Negashi) in religion case.
Lidetu of opposition leader advised the Ethiopians(moslems) on Paltalk not to beg any government for justice instead moslems should run for the office and then solve this chronic problem for once and forever.

04/22/12 @ 21:37
Comment from: Mo Ethio [Visitor]
Mo Ethio

Tibebe Samuel Ferenji
TEDDY [Visitor]
C’est moi senait [Visitor]
I am just surprise by the article and comments you posted. I just wondering why are you guys claim to be Ethiopians? Ethiopia without the Great Oromia, Tigray, Afar, Gurage, Adere, Amhara and other Ethnics is not Ethiopia..
If want to talk about Ethiopia, do not trash selected Ethnic group because of the Meles administration..for so many years During the past administration Haile selasseie, the Oromo people was called gala, did not have any right like most Ethiopians except you so called Diaspora still defending your stupid mentality that only Amhara can be on power. The next Ethiopian leader or group is going to come from Oromia. the bad news for you Diasporas, you will spend the rest of your life complaining about your former country Ethiopia.

04/22/12 @ 22:24
Comment from: Geremew [Visitor]

Why not enforce a law that punishes people that cut trees after they are found guilty rather than evict people off their properties over a suspicion they might sometime in the future cut trees. According to genocidal dictator Meles Zenawi those 78,000 people who happen to all Amharas by coincidence are suspected of conspiring to cut trees in the future which was never prooven at any court.Just because the government suspected them of cuting trees they played the eviction card and conficicated their life’s work and left them to die. That is what Whisky-Woyanes calls justice.

04/23/12 @ 01:59
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Hey Adgi Banda ,once again you are
pathetically descreditating yourself .
Before giving a lesson of patriotism
to others better you assume your own responsibity .You and your thuggy bros have considered yourself as Ethiopians only since your leba master has taken power and his mafiosis have the opportunity to loot
the wealth of the country .Everybody
knows that before you were despising
to be called Ethiopian ,which you considered as AMHARA EMPIRE ,and advocating your then Shabyan Masters
evil ideology of the desmanteling of
the unity and sovereignty of Ethiopia.As did your parebts and gran

04/23/12 @ 03:50
Comment from: Tekeda hailu [Visitor]
Tekeda hailu

If there is any one significant enough to be mentioned as a capable leader in the whole of africa it is
Mr Meles zemawi .Those who are blinded by hatred and narrow nationalism will always try to defame an assasinate his caracter .I have followed this mans voyage through out the years and I find him to be the person who will lead ethiopia to the next milenioum.Where was Ethiopia when Mr Meles took over and where is it now.Ethiopia has moved from being a donor dependant nation to the super power of the African continent.Those of you who want to blid yourself to give this great leader due credit will eventualy evaporate into thin air

04/23/12 @ 06:14
Comment from: Tulu Proud ET [Visitor]
Tulu Proud ET

Meles has demonstrated his inability to never tell the truth.

In my life I have never come across a person let alone a leader that is full of lies and garbage talks. In addition to his lies he is also a thief.

This person doesn’t even realize what is coming out of his mouth. Lies just rolls out of his tongue so easily with out any guilt or conscious.

He has gone beyond the classical pathological liar level no physiological therapy will cure him of his lies or thievery.

He has no credibility at all, even if he tells the truth no one will believes him.
You can even see it in his followers face how they are not into his talk. They are forced to listing to his garbage talks.

04/23/12 @ 15:12
Comment from: freedom_4_ethiopia [Visitor]

Ethiopians are suffering under 20+ year TigrayPLF dictatorship.

04/23/12 @ 17:44
Comment from: gozzu [Visitor]

Zinawi Lifetime Lier!

Ethiopians won’t be surprised,if Zinawi stands in front of a full-size mirror and sees his image and denies it is not his.He came on a big screen and lied about his victims.It was a violence;sadistic and torturious violence on Amharas.This man must have been terminally insane.

Ethiopians will for sure retaliate Zinawi with victory.

Our unity illumenated our struggle against the enemy since invasion where Zinawi got into Ethiopia through misrepresentation of his identity.He lived murder,he lived looting,and he lived lie.Manuquines don’t talk,robots do.He talked lies and denied forced expelltion of citizens from the land where they grew crops and raised families;yesterday,they were somebody; today,they are nobody.Is it fair?

04/23/12 @ 19:22
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Visitor]
Amhara Princess

Lie? Ato Ferenji that simply is an understatement! Ato Legesse/Meles Zenawi the son of Ato Italian a$$wipe Banda Zenawi Asres Tessema is way more than a liar! He is scum of the earth.

… BTW, the reason why he is holding his nose is because he can not even stand his own rotten corpse stench :):)

04/23/12 @ 19:29
Comment from: sf [Visitor]

To @Mo Ethio [Visitor]
Hier comes another Cadre with low IQ.
Who said Ethiopia is for Amhara? That is what a twisted TPLF Cadres see things with their rotten ideologie.
We said Ethiopia is for ETHIOPIANS. It doesn’t matter if someone is Oromo, Afar, Sidama, Tigre, Amhara, and so on.
What matter is Ethiopia should be a democratic country which respect the democratric rights of its people.

04/24/12 @ 03:34
Comment from: Ethiopiawinet [Visitor]

Amhara zone princess,
Is this name a pseudo name for Assta.

Your statements stinks from the head. Your ego is so big but empty inside. You are always on the air. You think you own us.

You don’t have a brain to cut through the static and lie you immersed in. You’re a pathological lier and I thought you guys (feudals) gone forever. You must be in your 90’s. May be few of you left over on earth that gives us a headack with cursed mentality.

Meles is half Eritrean/half Ethiopian. I’ve never heard of what you said above. You praise your religion and insult other religion. Here I see what kind of religion you practice. Dead religion composed of lie, insult, threat, terror and discrimination.

When I wrote about your religion being modified every single year also Kulubi Gabriel built on Harar Kulubie mosque this made you hyper and you wished the past feudal regime still alife so that I will not dare to say a word or be killed. What a supper power Amhara zone princess thought. Even super powers do not boast this way.

Your fight now is obvious to bring back your ancestors’ way of life to oppress, humiliate, and kill those who differ from you.

A.Princess wish you all the luck to live in your old box in your dream. We live in day light old woman.

04/25/12 @ 13:14



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