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Ethiopia: The Final Blow to Ethiopiawinet!



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Ethiopia: The Final Blow to Ethiopiawinet!

The Final Blow to Ethiopiawinet!

By Dula Abdu

The expulsion of the Amharic speaking people from the South is a final blow to Ethiopiawinet. The masterminds of Ethiopia's demise have eventually succeeded in putting a death knell to what left of Ethiopia, complete segregation by tribe. By the way, according to the dictionary, a death knell is the ringing of a bell to announce a death. Literally speaking, the Woyanes are killing Ethiopia economically and as a nation.

All Ethiopians should have the freedom to live anywhere in Ethiopia. There are certain inalienable rights any government has to grant to its people, such as "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness", sense of security, jobs, property rights, and to live and work anywhere in your country. As many of us know, none of these rights exist in Ethiopia. The recent Woyane action on Amharic speaking people clearly demonstrates that. Thus, this is tantamount to ringing of a bell to announce a death of Ethiopia as a nation, the ultimate final plan of the Woyane regime.

Woyane have been planting the seeds of hate among all Ethiopians for a long time. They have succeeded to make most Woyanes to hate all Ethiopians, they have tried to pit Oromos against Amharas, now they are pitting the South against Amharas with the help of their lackeys, as usual.

At this point, the Woyanes have completed the circle or the strangulation of Ethiopia. This is the final blow in their attempt to undermine the very existence of Ethiopia as a nation. The Amharas are being used as their bogey man, but their aim is to destroy Ethiopia as a nation.

Now, they have completed the circle of pitting all Ethiopians against each other. There is no stone unturned in their attempt to destroy Ethiopia and to make Ethiopia none existent in the eyes of many Ethiopians. Now, the Amharas have to live in their tribal area and vice versa. Ethiopia is now a tribal state with little or no commonality just tribes existing to serve the interest of ruling TPLF and their agents.

Nothing left for Ethiopians in Ethiopia to call themselves Ethiopians. By driving the Amharic speaking Ethiopians from the south by calling them Amharas or Amharic speaking people, they have successfully destroyed whatever left of Ethiopia or the unity of Ethiopians. Of course, their aim is clearly to drive a wedge among all Ethiopians so that nobody is left to fight the Woyane oppression or to redirect the blame on each other instead of focusing the Woyanes who are the real culprit and who are destroying Ethiopia as a nation.

The Woyanes may be targeting one ethnic group, but they are targeting or setting up Ethiopia for genocide. For a while the Southern states resisted or were spared of Woyane driven ethnic politics to the extent the Woyanes tried to impose on Amharas and Oromos.

Until the Woyanes masterminded the split of the Gurages into two independent groups by absorbing the Siltes as their supporters or surrogates with the help of Hodam Siltes, the South stayed relatively calm and tried to avoid the idea of hyper gerrymandering to pit one group against another. Of course, the full power rested on Woyanes, but most of the leaders stayed in the opposition camps save Siltes, recently the Wolaytas.

CUD's spectacular failure has become a catalyst for the rise of Woyane influence in the South. With the miserable failure of CUD, and the price most of the smaller tribes paid for their support of CUD, and the quixotic and unprofessional behavior of some of the leaders exacerbated and accelerated the South acceptance of Woyane dominance and rule. .

Most leaders of the region turned pragmatic and decided to coexist or acquiesce to the inevitable subservient relationship to Woyanes.

The recent action by the leader of Benji Maji goes beyond coexistence with Woyanes, but completes the circle of capitulation to Woyane agenda, which is the destruction of Ethiopia, and Ethiopiawinet.

For a long time, the Woyanes worked hard to pit Oromos against Amharas, now, they are putting a final blow to the very remaining part of Ethiopia that refused so far to drop Amharic as its national language and to be ethnicized as anti-Ethiopia and anti-Amhara.

The question is what to do next to stop the Woyanes from creating not just eviction, but genocide throughout Ethiopia. We need to join national organization at the same time, resist the temptation of joining ethnic organizations, but keep fighting as a nation under siege and under the gun.

So far the opposition reaction has been to join chat room to discuss and to denounce Woyanes. This is not enough. Ethiopians need to resist eviction, and refuse to flee as refugees.
The Diaspora has to lead in this effort with resources and intellectual power. This is a declaration of war on our people. There has to be a commensurate response to this not just talk in the chat room.

We need to find friends who can align with us in times of need like George Clooney does for the Southern Sudan, we need to find Western politicians who can denounce Woyanes, we need to find African leaders who can stand for something and who can stand with Ethiopia. For God's sake, Ethiopia stood for African liberation and unity, now we have a force destroying Ethiopia, where are our friends and allies.

We need to find a way to get our messages out. Many countries, Woyanes and individual organizations have a PAC (political action Committee), Ethiopians needs to have one to get their messages out. Such an organization can articulate our concerns to the rest of the world, not just to Ethiopians.

We need to support organizations that stand for a democratic, non-ethnic and pluralistic Ethiopia. If there is none, create one. Time has passed to wait for another Woyane time bomb to destroy Ethiopia.

Ethiopian churches, mosques and other civic organizations need to take the lead and stand for something. Hope they rise to this clarion call before it is too late.

Dula Abdu writes from his blog


Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

I completely agree with the writer. We must identify who is making the kind of decision that has rendered the Ethiopian citizenship meaningless and useless. Shiferaw Shigute is the name every Ethiopian must know. He is at the forefront of those who has been trumpeting Woyane/Meles/Shabiya’s hate politics to incite not only political division but also genocide. Ethnic Amara Ethiopians have been a target of every tribal idiot from the woyane camp such as Shiferaw Shigute, Tamirat Layne, the new comer from the so called Silte bihereseb Redwan Hussein, Sibhat Nega, Bereket Simeon …. and of course the Devil himself Ato Meles Zenawi. An Ethiopian has a constitutional right to live anywhere within the sovereign territory of the country . That is just the basic right of being a citizen. An Ethiopian from Gondar, Gojam, Wollo, Temben, Enderta, Bale, Wollega, Jijiga, Harara, Asayita…. has no a citizenship of Amara, Tigre, Oromo… or any other ethnic group except Ethiopiawinet. Irrespective of where his/her village’s location, he is Ethiopian first and entitled for every single benefit the country has to offer including land. That is how it works in Federal Canada. A cowboy from Alberta can relocate to Ontario or any of the other provinces he wish to build a life and vise versa. What the hell Woyane is doing then, u may ask? It is simple, as Mesfin Arega recently wrote, Woyane Shabia/Meles’s plan is disintegrating our Ethiopia and creating ethnic strife and inciting violence seems the best way to go for them. Mind you, the native’s Shiferaw Shigute pretends to protect have no problem with ethnic Amara people, not at all. The future Abate Kisho, Ato Shiferaw Shigute and his Woyane criminal masters don’t care about the environment either. These are the same people who have done nothing when a historical monastery and jungle like Ziquala burn to the ground. These are the same people who has given unrestricted right for the so called investors from Asia to pollute our water and land like there is no tomorrow. Clearly, in Woyane’s Ethiopia, a foreigner has more rights, benefits and amenities than the Ethiopians themselves. What is the value and benefit of the Ethiopian citizenship, i want answers

04/06/12 @ 01:51
Comment from: Kony 2012 [Visitor]
Kony 2012

Stop this mad man, Melese. He is the worst & ugly man in the world. After all,there are a lot of information among the leaders of the G8 that he is GAY ! Ethiopia for all Ethiopians !!!!

04/06/12 @ 02:38
Comment from: Abdu Ali [Visitor]
Abdu Ali

I agree with you sir.But remember recently Ato Shiferaw Shigute was accused of corruption by his own cabinate members when challenges he mensioned the PM wife name.Now woyane want every Ethiopian to hate him before they can take revange on his corruption comments.Very soon woyane will accuss Shiferaw Shigute of commuting ethinic cleansing and thraw him to jail watch carefully!!

04/06/12 @ 03:39
Comment from: Wetu Enewta [Visitor]
Wetu Enewta

Dula Abdu

You have nailed the issue with regard to the eviction of all Amharas from the former Harerge province. All Amharas have been evicted with just the shirts on their backs from this province now divided between the Oromo and Somali ‘kilils’. Non-Amharas do not reside in Soka, Mesela, Burka, Deder, Gara Muleta, Migna, Obi,Lege Gebeya, Dingay Kulil, and many, many, many more localities. They were the developers of the land, the builders of infrastructure and more. Go and visit these areas now, and all you will see is rocks. The land has been denuded and destroyed, homes of Amharas have been taken away by the Oromos and Somalis without compensation, and what used to be a co-operative and peaceful society has been upended to one of bitterness and homelessness. The Amharas resettled themselves in the city of Harar–where they are being abused and degraded; they have resettled in Dire Dawa–where they have been marginalized; they have resettled in Addis–where they are homeless. Meles hoodwinked ‘hodam’ Oromos and Somalis to destroy Amharas. The intensity of hard feelings created by such dislocation and mistreatment is so unfathomable to some that early death is now the norm. Meles and his collaborators have destroyed Ethiopian brotherhood and sisterhood and turned it into factionalism and hatred unparalleled even to the apartheid era in South Africa. Meles has accomplished his goal: marginalize Ethiopians; permanently transfer wealth and future sources of wealth from the majority of Ethiopians to the TPLF; and to do that, pit one group of Ethiopians against another. That will be his legacy, that will be his contribution to Ethiopian history and no one will ever forget this. The only constant on this planet is change, and change will come some day. He may not live to see it, but change will come some day!! You can take that to the bank.

04/06/12 @ 04:03
Comment from: reader [Visitor]

I wonder how they had the time to build all the roads connecting Ethiopia while they were so busy segregating the country. They are truly amazing.

04/06/12 @ 04:53
Comment from: Demelash [Visitor]

But right now you can feel as if all tigrians made an exodus from tigray to Addis, the south and the east when you see alot of Tigrigna speaking people filling the road.

04/06/12 @ 05:23
Comment from: E.P.D.R.F. FOR EVER [Visitor]

I completely disagree with the writer as well as ” ፊታውራሪ ” because one thing that makes good sense is that all you uneducated ethiopian that live outside of ethiopia have one thing in common. Which is, you always talk but we never see any kind of change from you instead of criticizing do something that would benefit Ethiopia. hah and you think you know better for ethiopia, what have you done for the people that suffered when your so called kinijit came bragging and talking like you are doing right now, we suffered because you all talked and supported those greedy politicians. anyways try to learn and change

04/06/12 @ 08:00
Comment from: Yoni [Visitor]

“Nothing left for Ethiopians in Ethiopia to call themselves Ethiopians. By driving the Amharic speaking Ethiopians from the south by calling them Amharas or Amharic speaking people, ….”

Is Shabiya preparing us for what is to come next…
“ye Amara liberation front” and “yeguragea liberation front"…lol

I think the Amiches were taking a crash course on Guragigna at one point…:)

04/06/12 @ 08:24
Comment from: tolorance [Visitor]

I am really, sorry for those old people who are not lucky to build family and see their sons. They just spoil their life for empty interest of power and hate. It is too late such things doesn’t have ground in the current young people.

They just mess with every ethnic from north (tigre, kimalam, tplf) to south (wolamo, dedeb, fara, gala, animal…) and east (islam, …..). Especially the last two weeks, they just throw harsh words to the Debub PEOPLE. so with whom did those pople want to live? did they really know how to live mutually and respectively. Pls get read off such hate??? pls people of the same ethnic tell them that you are not happy with what they try to ink the name of the mass (Amara), cos there are good pople there though. Sorry no offense, just feel like that, cos i know i cant gain anything from hate!

04/06/12 @ 08:27
Comment from: Tigrey yeqatel [Visitor]
Tigrey yeqatel

Ethiopian people have become very-feri-fesam-what are we waiting honekal nebretken netekuh …misteken netekuh…mekemechaken linetkuh new. ethiopia teshenshena tesheta tekorsa tekorarsa eyalekech new .ye ethiopia lej yehonk hula enatekn gelbew eyaresulek new men tetebkaleh.

04/06/12 @ 08:42
Comment from: Shameful [Visitor]

What has shaebia to do with your segregation and insider problems? Stop putting the bad and good apples in one basket. If Eritrea would be good friend to woyane, why ask all opposition groups of Ethiopia for help of Eritrea?
You are right even woyane got the chance to sit in Menelik Palace thanks to Shaebia. But Shaebia never meant that woyane would BETRAY both people of Ethiopia and Eritrea and act against us all. To the opposite, Shaebia helped woyane to come to power for ONE innocent reason. Because of their call and struggle against their rights, Eritrea thought they would be the ones to help the poor people of Ethiopia out of their crises after devastations of Derg.
But woyane hidden agenda and true color has shown wide-open to all. You Ethios need to hate what you see, you need to hate dishonesty, betrayal, division, harrasement you are facing from your direct leader Meles Zenawi. Eritrea (Shaebia) has nothing to do with the evil Meles.
If that was the case why do you think Meles had to bomb Eritrea considering that Eritrea is a shelter for your opposition groups?
Have some brain.

04/06/12 @ 08:57
Comment from: Oromo Chalaa [Visitor]
Oromo Chalaa

Wow, Wrong word in the name of Oromo people. Where did you got your Oromo name from? I disagree with idea of Meles is implementing hate in us, rather his system is creating some awareness of equality. So far in the past the only recognized language and culture was Amhara’s, Now we could at least see others around. In the past it is Only Amhar ppl that could go around the country and work because they can use their language while others cannot leave because of language barrier, they will be counted as second citizen.

STOP acting, I don’t like Meles but like his action of creating equality

04/06/12 @ 09:30
Comment from: wow [Visitor]

How is it that a Tigryan and Eritrean is able to go anywhere and occupy all the resources while Amaras were just dewellers in the area? I am sure OLF is really happy about that thinking only for short term. Does OLF support the segregation of Black and while in America? If they do then they are supporting TPLF in this segregation. That being said, where are other ethnic groups being expelled from other regions? Shouldn’t Tigrayans be expelled in the South when Mengistu resettled them once during famine? I think Oromos and Amaras better take hid on this and not act foolishly. They should not play in the hand of TPLF. That being said, I know there are greedy groups who are short-sighted who are taking the advantage what the TPLF is doing: Such as some greedy Muslims among Oromos and Silte Gurages, some Amaras and of course the lIberation front OLf.

04/06/12 @ 10:10
Comment from: heny [Visitor]

Dula Abdu,
Hey you do not need to fan the issue, Dula. You should have assessed the rot cause of the eviction before you rant here.
Kony 2012, the name of our Prime Minister is Meles not Melese. There is no -e at the end of his name. It is Meles in Tigrigna, not in your own version.

04/06/12 @ 10:15
Comment from: Ghion [Visitor]

A scary thought, isn’t it !, it sure seems that way, however I pray to to GOD, so that the WOYANES are not dismantling the core of our Ethiopiawenet.

04/06/12 @ 10:26
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

Dula Ebdu,

If the unty of Ethiopian destine based on the prediction of your all hilusinating diasporas, it would had happened long ago all the evil things you telling us here….This kind of evil slogans have been sang for the past 20+ years by all the enemies of the Ethiopian people…

If you and likes are againist the empowerment of all the Ethiopian sitizen to exercise their equel right, and you would like them to go back to the oppressive system of feudal era, I’m afried to tell you that, it will never happened again. So, get over with your evil dreams or fake unity!!!

As far the majority of the Ethiopian people concerns, they are more united under the federalism system than anytime in their existence, and they working hard to eradicate poverty, backwardness that have been their common enemies that for years…

Therefore, you all hilusinating politician want to be diasporas should stop your baseless fabricated stories and contribute some to the development that our society engaged in than just continue to being an obstacles…

God bless the world!!

04/06/12 @ 10:44
Comment from: Loongalee [Visitor]

If Amhara does not rule that country, it is the end of Ethiopia according to junk. The people of Southern Ethiopia was invaded by the Amhara king. For Abdu Ethiopia should be ruled by the Amhara. How many Sidamas, Wolayitas, Kambatas and Gurages are living in Gondar now? The Amharas in the South were invaders. That is how they settled there.

In fact all the peoples of that country have to live together peacefully. It is the absent mind people like Dula Abdu who are determined to destroy Ethiopia. Ethiopia will be ok even if Amhara does not rule. Ethiopia became the home of everyone only after Derg removed the king of Kings in 1974. Dula’s ambition is to bring back that savery to the people. Tell him to forget it.

04/06/12 @ 10:49
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed


This is really depressing to see this morons comment on what they don’t know. Blind people have blind leaders. I think we have so much to take when we are calling people Silte and accuse people when they are ethnic ideologists.

Please don’t bring your Amhara toxin by calling Ridwan silte. Why you don’t call the Pente Haile Mariam who is blind toAmhara relocation being executed under his name. Why did you not call Shigute by his hodam Amara name.

There are hodams everywhere and don’t generalize based on ethnicity. Your comments are no different from ethnic stereotyping which will cause genocide.

I will not tolerate charcter assassination.

04/06/12 @ 10:53
Comment from: oneluv21 [Visitor]

It is funny why we did not see this kind of article against the midget Hailesllassie and the baria Mengstu… this is just the rhetoric of Amhara people. We have seen how they treated non Amhara like garbage how soon do we forget.

04/06/12 @ 11:01
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

A true and solid Ethiopia can only be built at the graveyard of Amhara supremacy.

I am rather worried the eviction is not included of eviction and rejection of the lazy Amhara culture: language with its endless ‘ashmure’ and ‘terte terete’, witchcraft, sabotage, gossip, jealous, prostitution, hypocrisy etc.

You people have been degrading and insulting Ethiopians as ‘gala’ ‘tigrie’ ‘barya’ ‘gurage’, you were literally laughing at every non-Amhara identity and culture.

The root cause of Ethiopia’s demise and civil war is the Amhara supremacy over all Ethiopians.

Every liberation front in Ethiopia was not fighting to separate from Ethiopia but, the Amhara, some how some way the Amhara make Ethiopia and Amhara synonym. It is time to give the Amhara’s their right place in Ethiopia that is just a province of Ethiopia.

There should also be a referendum in Ethiopia which official language we should use, in which I will definetely vote for English or French than Amharic.

04/06/12 @ 11:46
Comment from: NoStRaDaMuS [Visitor]

reader [Visitor]
“I wonder how they had the time to build all the roads connecting Ethiopia while they were so busy segregating the country. They are truly amazing.”

liked it. very funny. by the way, me too.

04/06/12 @ 12:58
Comment from: Tulu Proud ET [Visitor]
Tulu Proud ET

I fully agree with you Mr. Dula. Ethiopians have lost their God given right to speak any language they want and to live anywhere they want.

The Apartheid Woyane regime wants to control every move of the citizen. That is not a type of government that is good for any county or any body wants.

In the Apartheid system of Woyane where it is designated as “ Oromo Killil” where Killil is known to be copied from the book of the Nationalist Party of South Africa, people are forced to speak ONLY Oromia.

This is how the Apartheid Woyane regime is trying to destroy commutations, unity and civilizations from Ethiopia. When Tigres are free to live and bully people when other Ethiopians can not enter into Tigray without prior permission from the Apartheid Woyane regime.

04/06/12 @ 14:05
Comment from: kuki [Visitor]

Funny !!!!! Amharas trying to bring change by screaming and shouting as usual!
Calm down! you will do nothing like this.The world is tired of your corocodile tears!!!

04/06/12 @ 14:07
Comment from: Berhanu MD [Visitor]
Berhanu MD

Nothing will unit us unless one ethnic group stops divide ever united Ethiopia. One Ethnic group where I am belongs to but married Ethiopian from different tribes wants to come to power by force to destroy growing Ethiopia. That was being said, the old system will never ever come back that didn’t develop the country in three thousand years.

04/06/12 @ 14:10
Comment from: TEMESGEN SAMUEL [Visitor]

If there is any expulsion of Amharic speaking people from south Ethiopia, and who he is doing this is EPRDF, then we are very close to see its end. Because Amhra peoples are Ethiopians, and even they are the founders.
Everyone has to think forward to develop the country, instead of going back to old thoughts.I am Ethiopian, and pure Wolaita but I am against such kind of discrimination. Now it is time to build a single nation,and to edit unnecessary, unclear conditions.

04/06/12 @ 14:22
Comment from: bex [Visitor]

Thank you PM Melese you are absouletly brilliant and well thinking this presdent Deserve nobel peace price God Bless all Tplf leaders Amharas must be sewpt away from addis i do remeber i bullyed at School and universty by Amharas the way i speak i personally i don’t suport Melse on humen wrght when you come to this ignorance Amhara langudge i hate it, 25 years a go Amahras call them self we are pure Ethiopian and others are animal thank you God today all Ethiopian Tribe weakin up no more Amhara Amara (Makofose Bich ) kawiste koshasha labiso kkkkkkk. now the time to send back to their tripe and other Gurages walaytas Kambatas Oromo’s come to gather sign up living side by side with Tigray people but becarefull TPLF too waza aydelom so we must support Melse untill Amaras going back to Gonder Gogam or Amhara rigion Viva South!!

04/06/12 @ 14:27
Comment from: oromia [Visitor]

wow!shame on you writter why you try to relate past regiume undre amhara and culturally and linguistically oppressed oromo, at least oromo gained some sign of freedom under woyyane, did you know that amharas are the worst of all?? so we oromo are not hearing you! it is up to you and ethiopiawinetache!!!

04/06/12 @ 16:55
Comment from: Alarming Time [Visitor]
Alarming Time

Mr . Dula thank you for the well-timed concern.

It is really scary and very alarming. I see Genocide happening in Ethiopia especially on Amaras and Oromos unless it is stopped right away.

There shouldn’t be no reason to expel Amaras, Oromos or any Ethiopian from a place were they lived for generation unless Meles is up to some thing sinister.

When Ethiopias are faced with economical hardships Woyane is adding another hardship in the citizens of Ethiopia . Yet Woyane must have seen segregating and killing Amaras and Oromos as their vendetta against the unity of Ethiopia and a way to extend their tyrannical rule.

Lets not forget what happened in Bosnia.

People wake up before it is too late? Save Ethiopians life from Genocide. Woyane is isolating people by ethnic groups.

That is the sign to commit Genocide.

04/06/12 @ 16:58
Comment from: Melaku Memihir [Visitor]
Melaku Memihir

As a democratic Amhara I am sorry for those displaced but the all time IDIOT parochial patriot writer of the foregoing article thinks that Ethiopia and Ethiopiawinet which is a CODE NAME for Amharanet has all the right to settle on Oromo, somali, by all means possible while Oromos, Somalis, Dorzes, etc. must be forced to lose their lands and can never even in a resiprocal way settle and propsper in the Amhara areas just similar to days of white colonialism whereby the whte colonialists can infiltrate, occupy and exploit the local colonized peoples of Africa while Africans themselves were not even allowed to travel to the colonial countries except as slaves and or Zoon animal to be displayed to the public obn sundays.

The master evil system of king Menelik, the king of Amharas who constructed a minority system, conquared the south and settled his victorious savage armis allm over the country of the vanquished must be blamed for these sorry state of patterned reslessness. I wonder as to why Oromos and patriotic Amhara elites can not come together, negotiate and settle the issue in such a just and believable way that Amhara elites appollgize the 130 long years of occupation and exploitation crimes against the Oromos for God’s sake and then arrange the equal and fair democratic inter regional and enter ethnic penetration in a balanced and secure manners. If 200 000 Amharas settle in the Oromo region, then also 200 000 Oromos must also settle in the fertile Amhara region as good and loya Ethiopians so the Ethiopiawinet will prosper and flourish.Counting all the Amharas in the Oromo, somali,Dorze, sidama, gambella, etc, urban and rual areas needs to count and settle same number of people in the Amhara urban and rural areas so that democracy and Ethiopiawinet will take positive forms and true pluralistic modern shapes.

Each group should also learn each major ethnic groups language so that communication and trade may become vibrant in all the regions.

04/06/12 @ 17:08
Comment from: Let us live together [Visitor]
Let us live together

The whole analysis by Abdu and Fitawrari has more of a political agenda than addressing the actual problem.
1. There are still many Amhara settlers in the South. The ones who have to leave were settling there illegally. It was a kind of land grab. They wouldn’t be allowed to do that even in Amhara region. They could have been any ethnic group as well. It is not allowed to just go and grab a land. That was over long ago. They came to work there and just settled in. That would never work, say, Wolaita or Hadia people were to go to work in Gojam and decide to settle in the grazing lands there. They wouldn’t even dream about that let alone do it.

2.None of you guys said anything when many Gurage and Silte businesses were razed in Adama, Dilla and other places for somewhat similar reason. These weren’t even such large scale land grabs.

3. The whole text by Abdu and especially by fitawrari (as one would expect) are rather inciting more hatred than suggest any solution. What does name calling some specific ethnic group help with this? If you really care about Ethiopia don’t do the same as the gov’t while condemning it for dividing the country.

We can have a great Ethiopia if we only can respect each-other and accept others as equal. The dominance of one group over the other won’t work anymore. People have realized that they have been under Amhara colony in every part of the country. So we should live with that or we won’t have a country called Ethiopia.

May the Almighty Bless Ethiopia!

04/06/12 @ 17:10
Comment from: Meskerem [Visitor]

Ethiopiawinet in the form of Amhara(Menelik, Haile Sellassie, mengistu) colonization of Eritrea, Tigrai and the entire Southern Ethiopia is dead 20 years ago while the clean up is still going on. Adjust and try to build the new Ethiopia for the new 21st century democratic and new equal citizenship New Ethiopiawinet. Why blame Tigrians if you are even worse than them in your hidden attitudes and even more hidden agendas? Justice for all is the issue!

04/06/12 @ 17:20
Comment from: Cheneku [Visitor]

Calm down people. These were illegal land grabers. There are hundreds of thousands of Amhara people living in other parts of Ethiopia. Those people who unfortunately are displaced wouldn’t have been allowed to just settle in even in Amhara region unless that land is passed to them through generations. That is how land holdings work in Ethiopia. It is well known fact that a mass of Gonderes don’t go to Gojam and take over, say, the unsettled bushlands or grazing area. After all no Hadia or Kembata or Wollaita or Gamo is welcome to take over unsettled grazing land in rural Amhara. Such practices of just taking over land stopped with the beginning of modern government systems in the 20th century. I definitely hate the way Ethiopia is being governed (if we can say it is being governed), but taking every event out of context for the sake of bashing EPRDF won’t help our cause. It would rather fan out the hatred among ethnic groups and may even cause greater harm to our beloved Ethiopia.

04/06/12 @ 17:53
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Extraterrorist ,Shabyan bigot lekami
banda .You ‘re vomiting your feeling
of inferiority vis à vis of a people
and culture who built the unity and
sovereignty of Ethiopia .For your informations they were Amhara Emperor
and Amhara fighters with Oromo heroes
who liberated your desperate rocky land from Italian Invaders .It was an
Amhara monarch who did give you a chance to study and have a scholarship in western country .It was an Amhara Emperor who restored the holly town of Axum by reconstructing the holly monasteries.
Certainly not your British Colonialist Slave your own Monarch
the Taliban Yohanes , his granson the Facist Ashkeri Banda Haile Selassie Gugsa and your Eri garibage
Shabyan ass hole leba master .Not only the blood sucker Shigute but also those behind him giving the order and masterminding the GENOCIDES
as the Crime minister and his criminal Agazis are accountable for such evil actions .By the way do not forget the traitor Pig Ben and co .who are linked with these criminals !!!!

04/06/12 @ 19:05
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed


You said it all. Bravo, Only I support Arabic or French may be English for science.The current govt has spent too much time courting some Amharas. But Amharas are in the hiding and will never give up. It is time to rethink the whole neftegnas in Wollega and Arsi. time for Oromo brothers to stand up like their southern brothers and Somalis and Afars. Time for Hararis to evict the church of Kulubis. some good neftegnas who speak the local languages and are respectful should be told to stay. Although I don’t like what govt does on Muslims and Axum Muslims, I support the current plan. It was over due. Time to show some neftegans worst is yet to come. They have controlled us through their culture.

04/06/12 @ 20:18
Comment from: Tulu Proud ET [Visitor]
Tulu Proud ET

Melaku Memihir

If you say Amharas have no right to live anywhere then where the Tigres get the right to spread all over Ethiopia. Tigres must also leave from Addis Ababa, Gonder and from every part of Ethiopia and segregate in Tigray.

Today the population Tigres is growing all over Ethiopia while the natives are being pushed out.

*** The Apartheid Woyane parliament recently announced that the population of Amara has decreased by 2 million***. What happened to the Amaras population?

So Woyane is already committing genocide as we speak.

We all know why TPLF Inc. is afraid of of Amaras. TPLF Inc identifies Amaras as traditional adversaries and nationalist. History also witnessed how Amaras and Oromos defended Ethiopia from enemies while TPLF stood with fascist Italy.

04/06/12 @ 21:03
Comment from: Tulu Proud ET [Visitor]
Tulu Proud ET


Woyane benefactor politician. You hope you would dilute the anger and frustration of Ethiopians over the Apartheid Woyane ethnic-federalism mess that is destroying Ethiopia. Your core value is to serve your own narrow and short term interest.

You want to keep living rich by milking us, roaming around all over Ethioopia, taking over wealth while fanning hate and destruction between us.

If you say “a mass of Gonderes don’t go to Gojam and take over,” then who is grabbing the land from the displace people? They are of course Tigres and foreign investors supported by your genocidal regime.

This is the work of TPLF Inc. who hates a unified strong Ethiopia, Amaras, Omos, Gambellas, Gurages and Oromos.

Tigres are now 50% of Gonder population. So what other Ethiopians live in Tigray beside Tigres?

04/06/12 @ 21:38
Comment from: oneluv21 [Visitor]


You really think that the Amhara deserve all the credit you are giving them but not other Ethiopians? You must be out of your mind. First of all the Amhara had 2000+ years which they squandered and left Ethiopia at the bottom of the food chain. They helped no one but themselves, why do you think all the uprising in the 70’s and 80’s were popping up because people were sick of you Fascist rule. I don,t like the Agames but if I had a choice I would take the lesser evil which is the Agames

04/06/12 @ 21:39
Comment from: truthmatters [Visitor]

Let all the people of Ethiopia know who Shiferaw Shigute really is. He jailed all the people used to be working with him with a bogus reason that they were plotting to assassinate him.Shiferaw is coward and has no confidence like his master. He is corrupt number one who built several high rise buildings in the name of his brothers and other extended family members in Awassa. He has to know that he is in the radar of all Ethiopians for his evil deeds on record againist Ethiopia.Justice will prevail! Trust me,Ato Shiferaw, you are fully responsible for all the crimes you are committing today. God Bless Ethiopia and Her Children!

04/06/12 @ 22:46
Comment from: aba.Kabada [Visitor]

Weyanie, Beseferut kuna mesefer aykerim

04/06/12 @ 23:25
Comment from: john john [Visitor]
john john

Mmmmm I guss you have a good taste of Asmerino water thats why you concern more about Ethiopians tribes good luck if any one buy your misleading mission. Adigi this and that for 30 years and Agame bla bla for the last centuries there is no other option left get a hell life.

04/06/12 @ 23:33
Comment from: ermiberero [Visitor]

What we’ve got here is failure to communicate
Some men you just can’t reach…
So, you get what we had here last week
Which is the way he wants it!
Well, he gets it!
N’ I don’t like it any more than you men” *

Look at your young men fighting
Look at your women crying
Look at your young men dying
The way they’ve always done before

Look at the hate we’re breeding
Look at the fear we’re feeding
Look at the lives we’re leading
The way we’ve always done before

My hands are tied
The billions shift from side to side
And the wars go on with brainwashed pride
For the love of god and our human rights
And all these things are swept aside
By bloody hands time can’t deny
And are washed away by your genocide
And history hides the lies of our civil wars

04/07/12 @ 00:57
Comment from: boruu [Visitor]

i hate when amaras say one ethiopia. where were you morons when your amaras kill dimean other ethnicities. oh every amara will tell you (it was not me) or it was only derg. please stop crying .look at your land not divers at all. but want to live in other peoples land for what. becouse you were born there? ask your dad how habash asministration, gave him that land. you will get full answer of why amaras are being kicked out of areas
like gambella. guys you talk like you are victims but hey you know and all empire knows you are the worst opressers.and the owner took his land that your fathers rob from them.

04/07/12 @ 01:17
Comment from: shizb [Visitor]

I will say only one thig on this. what Minilik/Haile/mange,did for their fevorite people is being reversed by others now. the writer is definately naftanya lij and naftanyas are proud of your article FYI ,not Ethiopians at large.

04/07/12 @ 01:35
Comment from: ethiopiawi [Visitor]

gragn amed or shemsu,whatever your damned by god name is.the day you try to mess with our kulibi church is the day you sign your own death certificate and annihilation of 30-60 worship joints you have in my know what i am talking about when i say that.period.death to al shabab alqaeda and all the porn loving osama bin laden wanna be mustafas.we the real ethiopians know how and when to fix you.when we are done in somalia we start with cleaning our own house.we are coming…we are coming…YOU WILL BE DESTROYED>this is not a threat it is a promise

04/07/12 @ 02:50
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Hey Amed Gerger ,what about your bros
skattering illigally Merkato and Piassa .What about the
Eastern and western muslims occupying
places at Bahir Dar and Gonder .For your Informations these guys are there in places which have never belung to them .Better you turn ten times your tung inside your poisonous mouth before vomiting such
garbages !!!AHYA LEKESKES BANDA !!!

04/07/12 @ 03:17
Comment from: Troy [Visitor]

What do you expect from Agame(leeches)?As for the Amharic language,it will remain the national language of the country whether Agames like it or not.Unlike your tigrigna(i rather listen to a dog bark than Tigrigna)the Amharic language will survive no matter who rule Ethiopia.When the power return to the rightful people,you will be the first to go back to your fuck Agame land with full independence.

04/07/12 @ 03:34
Comment from: Dagnachew Koru [Visitor]
Dagnachew Koru

Colonialism in Ethiopian by its own people?
What colonial power did to the colonized people?
1/ Imposed their own language;
2/ Took over the poor people land;
3/ Imposed their religion;
4/ Imposed the culture;
5/ Enslaved the people in their own land;
6/ Erased their identity, culture, dignity and language;
7/ Murdered the weak ones and took their wives, raped their wives and children and made them their house servant;
8/ Gave them cross as a gift and took away their right;
9/ Divided the people in religious bases and tribe;
10/ Took tax for the land where the people using for farming and stopped pastoralists from keeping their cattle’s from grazing land; ETC…
What is the difference between Neft and Colonial power in other African countries? All the above mentioned things are happened to Oromos, Gurages, Somalis, all southern people, Gambelas, Benshangule, and Afar people; all are under Amhara colonial ocupation.
Is there any Tigray people amongst in this invaded the top mentioned places? Not at all, then, why Amaras only? Did the Amahara people come with investment to other region? No again. Is there any Southerners, Oromos, Gambelans, Somalis, Afar people ever settled in Amahara killil? No, then, why Amahara people only all over other places with their dirty jacket of empty pocket? The answer is simple, Colonizers of its own citizens; it was much better if we were colonised by British than its own blood sucker lice. We could be far in civilzation than today and today the Brits never insult their colonized countries giving some bad names.
Today except the Amahra people, no body will accept the atrocities which they did to the rest of Ethiopians in his/her own naked eyes. The so called Mr. Dula is not an Oromo but he is like Mr. Tulu.
So, uprising is will start against on the so called rising callers, if they don’t stop their attempt to regain power from the existing government by force. For them it is hi time, but the consequence is much bitter than they planed, because I can’t handle any Amharas in my area while they are insulting me as saying; Gala, Wolamo, Dorze, Bariya, Shanqila, Shiritam, and etc… Their struggle is until they retain guns in their hand, once they got guns, then another new colonialism will start. In their mind Ethiopiawinet starts fro top, but, Ethiopiawinet starts from the bottom grass root. It is not about Woyanes problem, but it is very clear,it is the elite Amhara people’s problem; nothing to do with Woyanes. It is clear reflection of the people protesting against Amharas.No way to Colonialism in my own land, stand up for your God given right or die.

04/07/12 @ 06:20
Comment from: Dagnachew Koru [Visitor]
Dagnachew Koru

Dula Abdu is not an Ethiopian but,an Eeritrean person who to ignite fire here or an Amhara agent who trying their little brain for uprising! Still we love our country we don’t listen to Eritreans.

04/07/12 @ 06:34
Comment from: Belayzeleke [Visitor]

I have a “TALK MORE” sim-card…hahah

04/07/12 @ 06:53
Comment from: Almaz Dorze [Visitor]
Almaz Dorze

Gragn Ahmed,

You have lots of gooid ideas but your suggestion for using Arabic, French or English alone as science as languages of science indicates that you are ashamed of your own language and would love to be the slave of barbaric Arabs enslaving and slaughtering our sisters and brothers in their desert lands. Whta kind of science do back ward medieval Arabs posesses. As for the other languages, English comes closer to reality while we must keep developing our own languages and scientific concepts from ground up becuase it is the original mother of all the languages and civilizations. Throw away the colonialist premedieval naftagna language designed to enslave and exploit the civilized honest democratic people.

04/07/12 @ 07:52
Comment from: Justice [Visitor]


Excellent observation. The lazy Amhara elites are used to live on gossips, killings, exploitations of all none Amhara people who were forced to learn Amhara language and forced to feed Amhara ruthless Amhara tyrants while they themselves keep starving to death. Day and night brayng Amhara elites like the spinless fossil all time clown parrot Amhara ideologist calling himself Aklog Meraraw must not be allowed to impose their language and culture on others while shamefully distroying and insulting other people’s cultures and identities even in during this 21st century enlightenment and democratic revolutions. Justice for all is the main essence. :)

04/07/12 @ 08:09
Comment from: Amsale Berhanu [Visitor]
Amsale Berhanu

The correct title of the article should have been: Ethiopia: The partial Blow to Amhara supermacist!

Some of these cunning fox Amhara elites dressed in sheep skins just like their fore fathers repeatedely try hard to fool us by claiming that Amharawinet does not exist or at other times again indirectly claiming that Amharawinet is equal to Ethiopiawinet in a country that called Ethiopia that is a melting pot and must be nothing but pure and simple Amhara super race that is above ethnicity, above religion, above region and above anything on this planet. This amounts to insulting public intelligence! What a shame!

“Foolish men imagine that because judgment for an evil thing is delayed, there is no justice; but only accident here below. Judgment for an evil thing is many times delayed some day or two, some century or two, but it is sure come as life, it is sure as death.” ~Thomas Carlyle

04/07/12 @ 08:30
Comment from: BPR [Visitor]

I am sorry for the displaced amharas that should be a difficult time for them. But we need to learn from what happened. Amharas are target because I believe they are considered by the government as whistle blowers on its mischief and are considered a treat to ethnic politics. In Ethiopia Governments condemn all that was done by previous regimes to ensure their survival. In this case for the current government it means amhara. For some like the extraterritorial, who has a rotten heart with inexcusable rhetoric about amharas, it only shows what agenda the elements of the minority government want Ethiopians to discuss. Amhara supremacy is their talk because they consider that will keep the ethnic politics in focus. Truly democratic Ethiopia is a treat to the minority government. There is no interest among the minority group to discuss building a nation based on true democratic principles. True democracy in Ethiopia is to everyone’s benefit and unless acted responsibly the country could burn in the flames of ethnic politics.

04/07/12 @ 11:01
Comment from: Ferede [Visitor]

Amhara boys and sisters …
Get ready, no more TPLF shit
No more bullying from Oromos
No more shit from anyone

Get ready…
Let them build it, we will take over
Get ready…
Fight them everywhere all the time
Get ready…
Arms, money, life, property, all in the game

04/07/12 @ 11:20
Comment from: Tamene [Visitor]

1 bullet to 1 shigute, no more

04/07/12 @ 11:39
Comment from: ahmed Gurre [Visitor]
ahmed Gurre

Dear all,
Members of TPLF/EPRDF are not aliens from the outer hemisphere. They too are part and parcel of Ethiopia. If they see the solution the way they see it best for the country in their own way; then be it. Who ever came to power thus far came with his or her own solutions based n what each one of them believed in. If we don’t accept then the only solution is to stop talking for over twenty years endlessly and start to do something concrete to get rid of them. Talking is no solution. Only working clearly toward getting them out of office must be our aim. Let us stop talking and fighting by talking to their shadows all the time.

04/07/12 @ 16:15
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Gragn Ahmed (visitor),

Amharas never retreat or hide like the frightened doggy Ethiopian Muslims: Amharas are always firm in what they believe and for what they stand, and that is why they defeated Gragn Muhammad and his Turkish mercenary armies, and that is why they humiliated the fascist army and brought glory to Ethiopia and to the whole continent of Africa. When they detected some kind of Islamization in the heart of Lij Iyasu, they immediately ousted him from becoming king of Christian Ethiopia. Wait and see what they are going to do to the beast – Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi) and they are the only people who can bring him down and crush him into pieces.

Amharas are always Ethiopians, and Ethiopians are always Amharas; Tegaru are always Ethiopians but Ethiopians are not always Tegaru; Oromos are always Ethiopians; however, Ethiopians are not always Oromos. The fact, and the only fact, however, remains that Ethiopian Muslims have no place in the Christian land of Ethiopia.

The Christian Church, Kulibi Gebrael, in Harar will remain open to the Ethiopian Christians for eternity, and no earthly power is able to transform it to the rubbish and trash Muslim Mosque. All the Muslim Mosques every where in Ethiopia will be destroyed, but the Ethiopian Churches and monasteries will have an open door policy to the Ethiopian Christians.

When a second Josiah appears from the Amhara tribes, he will burn the bones of the Ethiopian Muslims, including the bones of Meles Seitanawi and his death squads. And the appearance of such a righteous king is not far away. When such a powerful prince starts to govern Ethiopia, there will be no hiding place for you, Gragn Ahmad, and for all your Ethiopian Muslim brothers and sisters.

The monster Meles may have satisfied his wicked soul by expelling the Amharas from their homeland – Oromia – and scattering them to their designated places; nevertheless, God’s promise to the Amharas will stand firm: “At that time I will deal with all who oppressed you; I will rescue the lame and gather those who have been scattered. I will give them praise and honor in every land where they were put to shame” (Zechariah 8:23).

The Arabic language, the French language, the English language, the Oromo language, the Tegaru language, and the languages of the other Ethiopian tribes will never replace the internationally well-recognized language – the Amhara language. Gragn Ahmed, you have advocated with all your soul and heart to demote the Amharic language, but you have miserably failed, and no one, Muslim or Christian, Jews or animists, will listen to you. Therefore, shut your mouth and pray five times a day to stay in Ethiopia, the land of Christianity and fascinating history and natural beauty.

04/07/12 @ 17:21
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

The Donkey Amedo Girgir supposing to
fool us dares to say:"There are hodams everywhere and don’t generalize based on ethnicity. Your comments are no different from ethnic stereotyping which will cause genocideI will not tolerate charcter assassination..” .Where later praising his thuggy bros terrorist is
advocating Ethnic purification crimes
comitted by his leba master and his
SS agazis .Today Agazi bandits are monopolising every economic activities .These peoples have been
displaced just because the fertile
lands they did develop shall be given
to Tigre Mafiosis and Agazi officials.By the way for Dengayatchew ,it is normal that Tigraiens occupy other lands that did never belong to them .If some one shall raise the question that Semien Anbettas being kicked out from Gonder ,Bahir Dar ,Shashemene ,
Adama ,Dire Dawa ,Harar ,Awassa ,Jimma and Addis these parasites shall bark as a Human Right
Violation even a GENOCIDE comitted against their peoples .Dengayatchew for your Information displaced Amhara
peasants never comitted any crime against their brothers .on the contrary your looter bros have comitted many crimes against local peoples .There’s none a single Amhara
guy who raises his hands against the
Ogadenese ,the Afars ,the Anuyaks ,the Oromos and many other peoles .But your leba master with his Agazis and the Tigre Mafiosis .Amhara elites were those who did stand for the rights of the peoples :Mengistu Neway ,Germame Neway ,Behalu Girma ,Abe Gobegnia ,Asrat Woldeyes ,Paulos Gnognio ,Afework Tekle and many many more have done great jobs .The Tigre
Cricket who is supposing laughing on
Amhara Elites can not even have the capacity to state a single elite from his desperate rocky land .Of course he would finish ,as usual ,by stating the looter Zenawi ,the bandit Awalom ,the mafiosa Azeb ,the
cricket Eyasu Berehe and the eri guy
Bereket !!!!

04/07/12 @ 22:20
Comment from: George [Visitor]

Here we go again, yet another prophet has arrived declaring Dooms-day for Ethiopia is nearby. What a dramatiser?!! Let met me ask this man if his claims were true and feels he would have no country to return to, what the hell is waiting for in the Diaspora? I believe there is nothing more serious than losing onse own country. If one loses parents or siblings he is able to get on with life but if he loses his country/identity he is truely lost hopelessly. So my message to him is that he should give up the Diaspora life and do something more serious for his Ethiopiawinet than mere creating senarios for the web-reader. Surely action speaks louder than desiminating fabricated and exaggerated little issues telling readers that the end of Ethiopiawinet is near. The type of mayhem you are predicting for Ethiopia is long gone in the 90s when the parties and fronts agreed to maintain Ethiopiawinet at any cost, with the exception of the Eritreans and some fronts like the OLF. In fact the OLF unashamedly dropping Ethiopiawinet had started to forcefully evict non-Oromos from Oromia, particularly people of Amhara and Tigray origin. Not only did they mistreat innocent people but also reportedly killed them viciously in the name of the country-loving true Ethiopian Oromos. So in the early 90s that the danger of Ethiopiawinet could have been lost or shaken to its foundations. But thanks to the vaguards of Ethiopiawinet of the fronts and parties including the EPRDF at that period Ethiopiawinet had been saved from immenent danger. Today that danger does not exist, but we cannot claim with 100% certainity that there are no elements who like to see the end of Ethiopiawinet. Nevertheless that danger will not happen due to the policies of the EPRDF or as you would like to say the TPLF or PM because their action of the last 20 years doesn’t justify your unfounded fear of lose of Ethiopiawinet. Ethiopiawinet is today based on willingness to keep Ethiopiawinet for ever on the ground of freedom and democracy to administer and develop onse own area, nation or nationality and Ethiopia as a while. Therefore, blames, lies and fabrications to create mayhem in Ethiopia must stop. Lets be serious and stop airing hopeless and pesmistic views if we are really care about Ethiopia. Lest engage ourselves in embracing love and care for one another as indviduals, groups etc, because it is loves that conquers everything and not hatred and malice against one another. In various countries around the world policies of parties, socities, nations and nationalities are inevitably different but at the end of the day they do reconcile their differences for the sake of their country. Those who reconcile their differences have built a strong and united nation. On the other hand history has shown us that those who fail to reconcile their differences have ended up in a fragmented and weak nation vulnerable to ineffective economy and invasion by stronger countries.

Long Live a Ethiopia.

04/07/12 @ 22:28
Comment from: Dagnachew Koru [Visitor]
Dagnachew Koru

To: Temesgen Samuel.
Your comment had no deep analysis over what the Amahara people doing and saying to you at this moment. If they violet against your survival, evict them for where ever they are plus die for your identity dignity!
Have you ever studied some of history about Gasha meret, Qalad, Kurman Gabar and chisegna? Your people had given the very worst shameful name, your grand parents evicted from their own land for the sake of little DEBTERA in Orthodox Church. I have been in Wolayita many times, and I read many books and research about feudal Amhara elite’s brutality. In Sodo area one of the first people who become protestant church leader was, Ato Wandaro, Dagna. Meja who was judge Mullu Meja’s father. From Gofa, Ato Lalisa, Ato Teka and Ato Waja; From Chencha (Gamo) Ato Tesfaye, Ato Yana, Ato Paulos, and etc and form Ocholo Ato koyira plus many, from Mirab Abaya Ato Gaga, Ato Milkiys and plus many, from Jima many more, from Hosaena many more, from Sidama Pastor Tesfaye Gabiso, and many more and in all over south and, in Wolega, Arusi, Kefa, and etc … people jailed and tortured for no reason. Many more histor have to come from time to time. It is too horrible history happened on innocent people with no crime. Who did this? The Amhara people! Today they never stop us, we never went to their area, they came to us and they don’t want to live with us in peace.
Remember in the last few months ago, in Dawuro Waka, they used our brother to kill himself for their political interest as a tool. In Arbaminch they are igniting some few fire by the help of few neftegna grand children who used had vast fertile land in Lante, Shele, Jinka, Gidole, Kemba, Soula, Bulki and Merababaya. They have never slept over using our people as their political tool. We are saying to the, stay away from our people, the political power of the south is belongs to the south not for Amhara people. This is the place where we have been created and stayed over 3,000,000 years.
So, if they don’t stop using us, then our reaction seems impulsion of Amhara people from south for good. Your comment is so naive; you are trying to live with the toys called Heavener’s. Let them go to their God promised country not in the south, not in west, not in the East and not in the Middle of the country. No excuse, we will see if they bringing uprising on Tigrians, instead we have to uprise against Amahras. Time is now and we have to protest against colonialism.

04/07/12 @ 23:33
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

I see that all the tribal savages and worms from the woyane and other internationally known terrorist organizations have come out in mass to insult one dignified, proud and fiercely patriotic group within Ethiopia, the Amara. Dear Tribal and Islamic terrorists and fascists, the noise you are making today is as irrelevant as it was yesterday. The culture and identity you are mourning and moaning about was unknown yesterday, very tired today and will cease to exist the coming day. It is not our mistake that u were born stupid and raised ignorant. It is definitely not our mistake that you came to our country Ethiopia aimless and nameless without knowing your origin/start/beginning and destination. It is not our problem that you lack the cultural richness, beauty ans significance of the Amaras. It is not our problem that you feel inferior to the Amaras. You can swear as many times you want never to speak Amarigna again, you can vote in your imaginary referendum to oust Amarigna from its origin and home in favor of Latin, for all we care you can even cut your tongue so that u can never pronounce Re Te Tse again, but for your eternal dismay, Ethiopia’s identity remains to be that of her makers, forever. Even her very name can be fully expressed only in the Amarigna fidel. With that said, Ethiopians of all backgrounds and origins have the constitutional right and privilege as citizens to travel, locate, relocate and live in every sovereign part of the country. Anyone who speaks and imposes otherwise will pay a steep price, and that is exactly what is awaiting the future Abate Kisho Ato Shiferaw Shigute and the future Mengistu H/mariam ato meles zenawi. As of the listless, spineless, and useless self-appointed vanguards and representative of the the dignified and proud Amaras, APDM, where are u? Brainless maferia hula

04/07/12 @ 23:38
Comment from: SINGAPO- ERITREAN [Visitor]

Quote…"Literally speaking, the Woyanes are killing Ethiopia economically and as a nation."…..I can not comment on woyane killing Ethiopia ,as a nation…..but economicaqlly ,I agree….By international standard among the BRIC(Brazil,Russia,India,China…the woyanes have killed Ethiopia ,by growthn 10% and more,openning different industries ,intellectual power ..from one 23 …& growing ,able to construct Dam ,..for Abay /Nile,Selling electric power to KEnya & Sudan ,..beating columbia as the 3rd country exporting cofee,in the world ..extracting potash & gold..making schools available to all nationalities with relative ,freedom of speech..almost able to sustain itself ,food wise,…I am glad my Eritrea is growing much better by digging useless trenches.

04/07/12 @ 23:40
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

What an amazing story indeed from Neftegnas like Teddy and Ethiopiawi fetawrari.

I am appaled no one except Dagnachew was able to respond to the barbaric Amhara colonialism. By far Ethiopia under TPLF may look land of civility and peace and justice compared to the rule of Amara speaking Amaras and the Amara born Amaras. Think of Ethiopia back in the days of Menelik II and Haileselasie. Honestly who on his right mind is not ashamed to call himself Chelenk or Shakiso or Shasho or whatever? No one. Forget the history of the south, back in the old days, one of the graduate mates used to tell me jokes about Welayta, he was Amara like my self, and he said the reason why Welayta are not intelligent is they eat roots that kill their brains. I don’t know how this is true but the point is Amara I know them are good at downgrading their foes to the lowest level and they don’t stop until the last drop. No wonder from Al jazeera to this website they over populated their comments as usual to their best interest. What makes me wonder is as if Ethiopia is now land of two, Amara dominated diaspora and the rest of Ethiopians. I think most educated Amaras in Embassies or living in the West benefited from past governance and hence they are able to write in English. Either there are few Southerners in the West or they don’t come to comment here.

I think this is Amara website. being Amara if Ethiopians have to live like human beings then Amra should apologize for what ever is done under its name. It will not be sufficient to just say those people were not for Amara people or are not pure in blood. Ethiopian used the Amara culture which is about fighting than about peacemaking and about selfishness than about team work , about Amra language than about Welayta.

What Fitawrari is telling us is to live by Amra principles. I want to remind him that he is a lone wolf and he will be crying foul this time and people are more than ever to declare the South semi autonomous.

I am no supporter of the Weyanes but I see clearly that they are terrified that the past 20 years they have been promoting Amara agenda.

Time now to give the following to the South:

1. complete semi autonomous status.
3. the ability to decide who should live. This will put pressure off the government and will not be accused if Amra have to be evicted.

2. Oromoiya should follow suit. the government will not give semiautonomy for Oromiya for fear but it will give power to evict the Wellega and Arsi and Jimma neftegnas soon.

I am a little bit unsure if government is strong enough to do that. My worest fear is if they don’t finish this noble business of evicting Amaras. Every time something is raise in international news, Amara are there to spit out there wish for Ethiopia as if we are not there. People then take that that is our opinion too. Time to balance their selfish agenda of Amra diaspora.

The next time government sends delegation, it should send its delegates that can speak Oromigna or Southerner of Somali but should have an Amharic interpreter.

If we continue to use Amharic, no matter how convinient we fall victim to this naturally born to hate others people of Africa.

04/08/12 @ 01:09
Comment from: Reality [Visitor]

Funny one article and the whole Amhara supermacists came our of their wood work to complain.

Their ring leader of caurse is Assta B. Qittu. The terroris Orthodox Amharas leader in exile.

04/08/12 @ 01:21
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]
Tulu Proud ET [Visitor]
TEDDY [Visitor]

It mesmerize me to read your comment’s Openly insulting other tribes and declaring your culture as superior and others culture as inferior.

The biggest fun of all is that if you believe this in your heart and if you are living in this century in the west and talk about democracy, rule of law and human rights. Is there any human rights and international law without standing on the over riding fundamental concepts of ‘erga omnes’:peoples rights and self determination?

Isn’t this what recently Joe [Visitor] commented in another topic as “THIS MUST BE THE IRONY OF ALL IRONIES"?

Do you think the real question is inferiority and superiority as in a psychological impressions of oneself vs. others? Since when is that political philosophy, political science and political struggle for liberty and equality become a psychoanalysis of inferiority and superiority complex? Are you serious?

Do you really think I feel inferior to you in anyway, is that what you read in my comments? What is there to feel inferior to you uncivilized, mentally poor, narrow and arrogant haters?

The more I read your comments and think about you I see how you are self contradictory and full of ironies. Under this same topic you come up with the most hyperbolic heading I have ever seen in this site and yet down here in the comments you are trying to tell us “Ethiopia’s identity remains to be that of her makers, forever.” If that is the case why you are alarmed to say “The final blow to Ethiopiawinet"? Is it possible at the same time to be both panicking and confident?


There is no way I can respect you without respecting me. STOP INSULTING OTHER ETHNIC IDENTITIES IF YOU DON’T WANT TO BE DISRESPECTED. This is the secret of living in harmony.


04/08/12 @ 02:11
Comment from: MognEthios [Visitor]

What a terrible missunderstanding. Those of you who belittle Moslem Ethiopians have no brain at all. We are part of your people you like it or not. We will have our right like each and everyone of you. We have lived for generations in Ethiopia and it is your fault that you wanted to seperate us from our people in Somalia. You still burn our house and you kill us in mass but you will pay back soon.
More than half of Ethiopia is owned by Moslems (insider and outsider), Arabs, Egyptians, Sudanese, Somalis and Afars. Half of Oromo, Harare, Sidama even Amhara are Moslems. You are connected to moslems either enslaving under them or married to moslems. We are inside your cities and villages. We are moving the country by our business ability. We are part of the society you like it or not. We are all watching you desparately. Just make a move and burn one mosque you will pay for it. There have you made a great mistake.
Next leadership will be Moslem dominated in Ethiopia no question about that.
Will fight for our rights.

04/08/12 @ 03:22
Comment from: [Member]

Our hope is only the Almighty God,we need Tsome Tselot and we have to repent,weyane is just another puppet like every other African ruling elites,the westerns fully aware every situation including how weyane is destroying Ethiopia slowly but surely,and this is what the westerns want and this minority puppets in Africa and most third world countries just take orders period,please stop crying for the bigger devil wolf in a sheep skin(western elites)instead cry for the Almighty God our only hope.GOD WILL SAVE ETHIOPIA IF we repent from our sin.

04/08/12 @ 04:27
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Hey Hyena ,the real name of your
leba master is afterall MELAS ZERAFEW
that really fit to a liar ,looter Mafioso !!! By the way the guy caling
himself Extraterrorist is a TPLF Thug
an Agazi bandit a Tigrai looter Mafiosi and a Shabyan Ass Hole Aiga
Gang crimes apoliger infecting this website !!!!!

04/08/12 @ 05:01
Comment from: Aida [Visitor]

@ Assta B. Gettu

Kefafi Terrorist neh
click on the link and watch up to part 8, don’t open you big agly nasty mouth any where u need , you don’t know any thing but you belive you know ,

04/08/12 @ 05:58
Comment from: fara [Visitor]


When you mention about prostitutuon, you amaze me. I guess TPLF in its current is exporing 45000 Ethiopian women to degrade them as maids and prostitituin. It is amazing is this how a governemnt should function, wishing Ethiopians as mere maids and prositutes and TPLF acting as pimp for the Arab world. Is this the government that you are proud of? You may support TPLF, you will cry for the rule of Amara one day. The proof we are better off with Amara rather than the likes of TPLF is that it is a staunch defender of Ethiopia’s borders like it or hate it. Amara’s has shown you, while they fight to protect the people of Ethiopia, and too proud that rather than submit to British, Tedros committed sucidide. That is what I call a hero. NOt to mention the great work that Menilik and Haileseallsie did mobilizing the people of Ethiopia of ALL ethnic groups from being colonized by outsiders. These people are heoroes. What did Ase Yohnnes did? He not only betrayed the people of Ethiopia by siding with Briitish, (what else is new with the Tigrayans as in TPLF today) he died a shameful death by his neck being amputated none other than Dervushes. So he died a shameful death rather than a heroic death. The reason TPLF is leading Ethiopia to destruction is exactly that, its resentment of the success of staunch defenders of Ethiopia, who are Amaras. As a non Amara, yes, maybe I don’t like their fowl mouth. But I am not idiot enough or weak enough to that because I know in the end words don’t mean anything. The acts of the extreme TPLF and OLF blaming Amara did this and did that to us, is really because of their weakness to their lack of leadership, their weakness to their emotion, their weakness to the self esteem. Ego is such a distractive thing. These OLF and TPLF succeeded by brainwashing their Oromos and Tigreans their weakness leading to and making the people of Ethiopia to danger zone. We as all Ethiopians maybe suffering of their low sself esteem and their embarassment of weakness (their weakness indicated by their dependence by Arabs and West against the Ethiopian people, hence their enemy are Ethiopains not just Amaras) this will soon lead to their own demise unfortuantely taking us all as well. I am not saying of course, reform and democracy should come to curb any past mistakes of course. But the OLF and TPLF are completely in different spectrum. They are burning with resentment and hate rather than turning this country to democracy, equality, true development.

04/08/12 @ 07:10
Comment from: fara [Visitor]

Melaku Memihir,

You are obviously Weyane or Shaebia who enjoy the divison of ethiopa. Understand this, Federalism should not be purity. You don’t see any purity in entire world within your own nation. You are leading people to ignorance without any cultural and trade exchanges. It is fine to recognize that one ethnic group should not settle without any reason. However, you must explain why resettlement sometimes happens. It happens because in our case the issue of famine. Unlike OLF, Oromo people are really humanitarian, they also like to raise other people’s kid let alone their own. However in a true democratic systme as what you call your self which you are not, within a nation, everyone should be able to interact, move around for what ever reason but proportionally. You mean to tell me today, it is ok for Tigrayans, to occupy lands all over Ethiopia but not okay for other ethnic groups especially Amaras?

While TPLF is now distracting us about past regimes and Amara, they are doing the most haeinous crimes throughout Ethiopia worse than Amara. It is time Ethiopians should focus on tPLF rather than living in the past, I urge especially Oromos.

I would like to also ask you a question, Menilik united the regions of Ethiopia and did not colonize other wise as you claim that Amaras resettled everywhere, explain to me, how is it that we still have the majority there are Oromos, in Oromia land, most Tigrayans in Tigray land, most Souther Peopels in their own land. Such claim accusing Amaras is bogus and you are using it for propogaqnda once again to divert other ethnic groups the crimes TPLF is doing controlling coffee business in Harar, Kaffa, etc, so, What are Tigrayans are doing there then if they are blaming Amaras? In fact, Amara did not even attempt to exploit these regions and Oromos or anyone were still be able to be farmers, under past regimes. Today they are being evicted from their land.

People, if you don’t wake up and that TPLF is distracting us, it will be our own fault. Focus on the acts of TPLF today, today, today!

The weyane stooges,

If you are still concerned about Amara settlment , how is it that you are not transfering other ethnic groups to Amara land then since you claim Amara lives in the South. It is also not just Amara, many Oromos, Kembatas, Gurages, etc, are all over as well. UNLESS your call is to ethnically cleanse agenda and incite one ethnic groups over the other. That is your agenda number 2. While now the segregated ethnic groups fight amongst eachother, which happened before Menilik that is the exact reason why unification happened and brought peace to Ethiopia for centuries, TPLF will be forming its greater Tigray while these ethnic groups are killing eachother. But first, they make sure everyone is pure in their respective region then TPLF will start creating another stories, inciting these ethnic groups against eachother, hence like they are doing at Addis Abeda University today. That is the goal. As you all know, we know TPLF very well by now, since when did TPLF cared about other ethnic groups. What they are doing is increasing the gap among once a society who had lived peacefully. So do not be distracted by what is going on today.

Going back to Menilik, I would like to ask those who are anti Menilik, including TPLF and OLF, would you have prefered Italian colonization if there has been no unity among the regions of Ethiopia? The unity is necessary, like any other nations in the past and Ethiopia’s is not new. The unity is necessary for 3 things: 1, The regions were having continuance war amongst eachother which will soon happen if this is to occur today. Take example of Eritrea and Ethiopia today, rather than development we are in tense war mode. 2. Not only there was no peace among the region which should be prove enough for today, the regions were spying for and supporting outsiders and colonialists against other regions of Ethiopia. 3. Since these regions were weak as supposed to one strong nations united, they were easily undermined by outsiders. Which Yohannes is example enough who betrayed other regions of Ethiopia (like what TPLF is doing today)lead to the demise of the regions back then in Ethiopia as well as to his own demise. Everyone has leader, we can’t say why Yohannes became leader as you are blaming Menilik is leader, as a leader he is far sighted enough to mobilize the region of Ethiopia against outside influence. Everyone knows this and this is prove enough which he proved it that why unity is important. Love him or hate him. Don’t pass responsibilities of others as if it is Menilik’s fault.

As a dumb person who can’t get it as he is beat over his head over and over again, TPLF will implement the same thing during the Zemenemesafint era and we will soon not only be drenched in war, it will be easy now any powerful country to control the regions of Ethiopia. In fact it is already happening. The weakness of TPLF is prove enough why there so many foreing influence in our country. TPLF has demonstrated its incompetent leadership, it is time to bring Amara leadership with Oromos. Once again, if OLF takes over and not moderate Oromos, then because the leadership like TPLF and Mengistu is driven based on hate and resentment, the OLf will also be incompetent. So I urge the moderate Oromos to form their own party as supposed to the extreme OLF. Blind and extreme pro ethnicity is by definition anti humanity, anti coexistance as it had happened all over the world such as Rwanda, Bosnia and Russia, Armenia etc, it is happening in our country under TPLF.

Long live moderate ethnicity for humanity and coexistance.

04/08/12 @ 07:55
Comment from: far [Visitor]


Please ignore Gragn Ahmed, he is a paid agent probably by Arabs, TPLF or Alamoudi to incite hate among Ethiopians of muslims and christians. He knows where to hurt Ethiopian and that is what he is told to say so, just ignore because we know there are other peaceful muslim Ethiopians.

Dagnachew Koru,

We all know the likes of you are also paid agent that is where TPLF’s money goes. TPLF is not starting ethnic hatred and trying to buy OLF extremes and some Oromos saying you see, we are doing what you like we are getting rid of Amaras for you. No, what they are doing is trying to incite ethnic hatred and genocide between Oromos and Amras so that Tigrya can continue to prosper and grow (another empire? but then they blame Menilik?) so people. Do not get destracted, focus on TPLF.


While you are blaming Amara, TPLF is the one who is making himself in the hisotry of the world “super race”


Like the stupid ignorant Gragn Mohammed above, you both can be the same side of the coin, therefore, you are actually not helping and in fact worsening the demise of Ethiopians as a whole by your stupid rhetoric when Ethiopia today is controlled by the likes of Alamoudi bent own Islamizing Ethiopia. Beleive me your rhetoric on Ethiopian sites is not going to do anything to what is going on in Ethiopia right now and today where 45000 of our women are being shipped to Arab countries to be raped and abused.


Get your blind-fold off of your face. If you don’t see the signs and and actions of TPLF then you are blind. It should be alarming to you when 45000 women will soon be shipped to Arab countries to be raped and abused. Look at the long history of TPLF in 20 years. If you don’t wake up now because it doesn’t affect you personally then you will never wake up and realize Ethiopia or her children no more.

04/08/12 @ 08:34
Comment from: [Member]

it is sad to see the “Downward spiraling of our Ethiopia under the leadership of TPLF". The inital minifesto of TPLF is to seize the power with some cuniving method as “Ganging up(with the EPLF) against the then Junta regime and hudwinkle The great EPRP” .It had been some 20 years since their
program prevailed and while in the process, eliminate one by one those amongst themselves that are not “With them” in their “Satanic Agenda". Now it seems that they are trying to put their grand ambition of “Mutilating our motherland ” to the point of non-existence.
The foot-soldiers of this Weyane regime are clapping and dancing and march to the tune of their “Mafia leader’s drum beat".
Unity is not vacabulary for these bunch of thugs who are bent on destroying a nation. The fact that the great nations on our planet -The united states , China India etc, have achieved such greatness in their socioeconomic level since they stood “United” under one flag for one nation is “Advanced Physics” for these goons.
Then again if one has any aim just to steal and run away, one can’t care if the path he/she takes is destroy,loot,burn or dismantle.
በ ጥጋብ የተሞላ ልብ ሰባዊ ጠባዮች አይታዩበትም::
ይህም ማለት ካለ እኔ ሰው የለም እኔው ብቻ በልቼ እኔው ብቻ ሃብት አግኝቼ ሌላው ገደል ይግባ የሚል አመለካከት ይኖረዋል ::
እነኚህ ለዛሬ እንጂ ልነገ የማያስቡ ስግብግብ አረመኔዎች
ለ አንድ ሰአትም ይሁን አጭበርበው ለመቆየት ሲያሴሩ ነው የሚገኙት::

04/08/12 @ 09:33
Comment from: Tefera [Visitor]

wow, is this how you people, the supposedly educated diaspora ethiopians, think. i say one has to be narrow minded illiterate (like most of you) to defend every thing amara, tigre or oromo does/did just because he is amara, tigre or oromo. and please stop shifting blame to meles as you are used too. to begin with if it is true that the displacement of these ethiopians have nothing to do with who they are why are we then saying that unless we want to foment hate amongst ethiopians, or is that what you want to do??? how many of us know exactly what happened other than what the politicians are telling us.what if the government didnt do any thing and the locals take matters in their own hand? i mean after 20 years at least some of us should stop listenning to people like this nameless writer who unashamedly tell us the list of his birthday whishes such as ” the end is near", “ethiopia is dead",,etc,,etc,,and use our head

04/08/12 @ 10:15
Comment from: Mohammed [Visitor]

Why is letting all this very divisive posts to come out here. This is really dangerous for all poor Ethiopians who just want to lead their lives. Racists like Fitawrari and Dagnachew Koru, religious fanatics like Ahmed gragn shouldn’t be allowed to spread their poisonous hatred which can easily lead to dangerous situations. Who knows if they really are Ethiopians. Especially Ahmed Gragn seems to bent on spreading hate between Muslims and Christians. What the topic of the discussion to do with Kulbi church at the first place. History has brought us 80 tribes in to a country called Ethiopia. We should be able to live with that if our miserable status is to change. We should take lesson from European countries. After fighting some of the gruesome wars in the history of mankind for so long they realized there is no benefit in it. Germany and all the counties it fought with are in a single union. Israel is close friends with Germany. Japanese invaders committed some of the most gruesome atrocities in China. But they are not talking about it all the time. Both sides have changed. The Germans don’t claim they are the superior race anymore. The Amhara like Fitawrari (if he really is) should realize Amhara supremacy over other Ethnic groups was wrong and it will never happen again.

Please Nazret, if you really care about Ethiopia don’t let these divisive posts make it to your website.

04/08/12 @ 10:37
Comment from: Ethiopiawinet [Visitor]

The name lists you put are good for you not for majority. Please you have to understand this. If not then you’ll always end up insulting others to defend your past dark history.
You guys mutulate and tear gragn apart on the web site for expressing the pain of Muslim Ethiopians in the north for 1400 till today.
One ignorant, arrogant radical Tigre guy put tert tert history as if gragn is from Arab country. Worst than this comes the fascist, war monger, extremist radical, fanatics, terrorist debtra right here daring to write openly by saying he will burn the Ethiopian Muslims. He thinks Muslims will let him carry his threat on them. He is fool. The reverse is possible if he tried because he lives in Island surrounded by brave people. You got my point.
Have you seen here any reactions to this mad man in loose except to Gragn. Why this hypocracy or double standard? because you have one line which is hate for moslems and arabs. This is what you were doing in the north for the last 3,000 years. Stay in the mountain hole and pray.

It’s unlike what boaster Free said. We have a true history and not legenday mr Free. I don’t want insult you but your tribe messed up this country and you think they did good because they molded you in Asseta’s mindset. That’s why you look alike in your expression and hate without limit to others.

Please nazret do not delay posting my comment or else I’ll change my name to Assta.

Gragn do not rectify my spellings or the structure of it. I am a university grad. I’ve a different writing style and not like those who write like a bible english. I’ve a plan
to write an article on pure Ethiopiawinet if nazret cooperate with me and post it.

04/08/12 @ 11:14
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

What is the problem with you people?!

You all have to be shame of yourself of westing your time arguing foolishly to degrade one-another ethnic group’s background. We are this and you are that…bla…bla..bla…You all just sound like immature children arguing with their friends…….LOL.

The bottom line is, you all should know that Ethiopia is belong to all Ethiopian regardless their religion, and ethnic background. So, stop your hilusinating and self-makeup stories that doesn’t make sense whatsoever in the today’s Ethiopia. Stop your stone age emty pride, and contribute something…

I use to take it as a joke when the new generation of Ethiopian saying that the majority of diaspora are living in coma, and sure it make sense, and has relevant evidence when we obsevb all these people who would never change or never get out of their ignorance box, regardless their education background…..

Therefore, the future of Ethiopia depends on the new generation, and it will take some time for the diaspora to realize the truth that their hilusinating and fabricated stories will achieve non…

God bless the world!!

04/08/12 @ 11:33
Comment from: Mike- Unabashedly Ethiopian ,unapologetically Ethiopian ! [Visitor]
Mike- Unabashedly  Ethiopian ,unapologetically Ethiopian !

To all you spiteful inferiority complex-ed pieces of trash; enough with the none-ending Amhara bashing! It makes you look weak and pathetic. We ruled and pimped your behind for 100 years because you didn’t know any better and we don’t apologize for it. We Amhara people are proud of our heritage and don’t full yourselfs deep down in your worthless self you wanted to be amhara too. You know what screw this Ethiopiawinet ! I am Amhara. I don’t need you any more than you need me. Just keep my name out of your filthy mouth!

04/08/12 @ 12:44
Comment from: obsaa [Visitor]

The question one must ask here is why Amharas continuously flood out of their region while other ethinicities are staying with in their own region. Do we find Somalis, oromos, Tigres, Afars, Agews,…living in Debub Ethiopia abundantly. Who gave Amharas the right to occupy every fertile land in Ethiopia? The answer is simple. It is part of the Amharization project which Minilik II started. They wander from region to region to “babtise” other ethinicities by the spirit of “Amharization". It is the right of other people to resist foreign occupation and save their identity.

Viva TPLF!!!!

04/08/12 @ 15:54
Comment from: Tammirat Tariku [Visitor]
Tammirat Tariku

Thw writer is a cheater and a faulse prophet predicting doomsday just to fool us all get us divided and fight each other so that he/she might collect home some political pea nuts.

Prophets of doooms have come and gone but their prophesies never come to exist.

An American dooms day prophet Harold Camping’s Family Radio religious group spread the message of doom in Manhattan promising that doomsday will surely come on May 21st 2011 and cheated lots naive believers who sold and donated all of their life time savings and properties in order to go to heaven when the dooms day strikes.

Unfortunately no dooms day came to pass as the twisted fauls prophet was shamed to deep down to his bone marrows.

Harold Campings and the writer of this thread are one and the same big time liars playing on ignorat people’s emotions and fears. What a shame! :)

04/08/12 @ 17:49
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Doma ras. You are accusing me as if I have no brain to think and can be used by others?

I am Ethiopian, but as usual you accuse any body who disagrees with you as bla bla..etc.

Stop it or you will get caught up by surprise. How can you contradict yourself when some one prominent like Al Amoudin can be accused of Islamization. Will this not conflict with your own thinking that you are not against Islam?

Be a man of your words. I don’t believe your words. They are fishy. You sound like you are not against muslim Ethiopians by suggesting they should ignore my comments. But then a few lines down you wrote down you are against Islamization.

What difference does it make if we are Islam or Arabs?

Should we always say we are christians???

Assta is brave man,he said he hates Muslims and he is true. Most copts say one thing but act something else. Hyocrites. Don’t ever believe the word of a copt except Assta. Believe Assta that is exactly the disciple of his church , he says according to his homo favorite Paul.

04/08/12 @ 18:21
Comment from: burqaa [Visitor]

It is so funny people talk about Amharas land was taken away. We know that Amhara came from Gonder and took all the lands in southern of Ethiopa by force. Thanks to Melles, and this will be the next agenda of people of Ethiopia becasue Amhara rubed us, they enslaved our ancesstors. Funny stop talking about amharas land in Oromia or south or Somali. We know that Amhara came after 1887. Every Ethiopans know this and we havenot have a chance to adress this. Don’t thik that if you rub poeple and you keept it for ever. Every terrytory has a owner, if you are in Oromia, owner is Greater Oromo people, if your in south, the Southern nations, if you are in Somalia somalians. Sotop complaining but you can live freely as long as you don’t claine some one’s owner. We know that How Amhara got into Ethiopia from Yemen any ways. Ethiopa is the land of KUsh poeple. not no one else. The quesion is the reality is one the way ans because Ethiopa was forced to become one country now we can buld UNITED ETHIOPIA WHER EVERY ONE IS THE OWNER OF THEIR PROPERTY NOT BY STELING OR CLAIMIN. W ALL KNOW THAT AMHARA IS CLUSTEING IN FINFINE, WE PEOPLE OF ETHIOPIA IS COMING FOR YOU. SORRY TIME NEVER PROMISSED FOR ANY ONE BUT IT WOULD CHANGE THAT IS WHY POEPLE DO GOOD THING WHEN THEY ARE IN POWER. WHAT HASE AHPPEND LAS 140YERS IS YET TO BE REVIELED.

04/08/12 @ 18:23
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

Dear low esteemed and dehumanized tribal fascists and aspiring islamist terrorists, don’t forget one thing. You are here to curse and blame the dignified and proud Ethiopian patriots for your own failings beside celebrating Shiferaw Shigute’s illegal decision to uproot and deport them as if they were foreigners. While we were discussing the unconstitutionality and illegality of uprooting Ethiopian citizens from their homes, you are indeed celebrating the very injustice that has left so many families without their hard earned property. You have been cheering loud ever since you hear the violation of their constitutional rights, and in fact demanding more sever and life ending actions against the Amara. You were and still are demanding a sweeping action to uproot ethnic Amara where ever they are. You are demanding genocide against ethnic Amaras whom you blame for everything wrong below the sky including your inferiority complex. So much so, you have a desire to kill the lone standing African alphabets and languages in favor of Arabic and the Latins. How much more stupid can one get? Shameful chingaf! Replacing a culture that you already think is foreign, even if the entire world knows and testifies the culture’s Ethiopian authenticity and originality, with another foreign language from Arabia or Europe will never make you feel any better. But, given your inferior and slave mentality, it might in fact give you a false and temporal sense of acceptance and importance, who knows. The oxymoron in you that forces you cry the past while embracing the gross human right violations of Amaras at the present never ceases to delve you into the world of contradiction and illogicality. When we respond in defense of the violated families at the hands of your bosses, the self appointed and illegitimate rulers of their country Ethiopia, then u start crying victims as usual, Jiraf erasun gerfo yichohal endilu. Here we are talking about an actual crime that has been perpetrated by woyane’s tribal lords against Ethiopian families at present. This is not a remembrance of the past nor a prophecy of the future. We don’t care what the corrupted and treasonous woyanes and their lowly tribal extensions in Awasa are saying. There is never good reason to uproot thousands of citizens in their own country only because they spoke a different language. We knew from the get go that ethnic federalism will bring the kind of calamity thousands of ethnic Amara Ethiopians have already faced in the past two decades now. Shiferaw Shigute and his tribal hooligans have uprooted Ethiopian citizens, which is a crime, and that is the truth. No amount of ifs and buts are going to change that. No amount of excuse can justify that. Let me make it clear once more. We Ethiopians feel, think, and believe that we have the right to settle and live anywhere in our country. That is our constitutional right and a privilege that comes with the Ethiopian citizenship. We cannot be restricted and confined by Woyane’s tribal boarders. The end of Moyale, the Ogaden desert, the Metema fallow-fields, and The Red Sea salty coasts are the boarder marks we recognize. No lowly retarded fascistic cadre nor an aspiring religious terrorist nor an apologetic, opportunist, spineless Ethiopian is going to change that fact. Debub kilil, oromo kilil, gambela kilil, afar kilil, amara kilil this kilil that kilil…. it is not only unacceptable, but irrelevant as well. Yewoyane, shabia and mesel shiftawoch yegizat kififil ena dinber egnan ayidagnenim!


04/08/12 @ 18:50
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

Do you know the word slave and the word black is the same identical word in Amharic. Barya is black barya is also slave, are you aware of that? Do you think this happens by accident? Can you see the missing distinction between black and slave?

Why is that you people don’t want to be respected?

04/08/12 @ 19:28
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

If all of us take care of Amhara problem, we take care of our colonialism problem. It takes courage to follow Model of Southern peoples. Next is who? Hararis, Wellega or Arsi or Harar oromos and Aderis or Asayeta Afars? We shall see.

Free from Amara one region at a time.

04/08/12 @ 21:09
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

Hey rootless terrorists and fascists, it is better u stop flattering your stupid self. Nobody cares about your disrespectful, demeaning and blasphemous attitude towards the dignified, proud and patriotic Amara Ethiopians. You can rent a radio or tv station or launch a website dedicated to insulting Amaras, and we wouldn’t give a hoot about your irrelevant and stupid opinions, but bear in mind that doesn’t mean u wont pay a steep price for it. Get this fact into your retarded head and rest, we have only one region and that is the Entire Ethiopia. No place in Ethiopia is out of reach for us. There is no boarder that can stop us. There is no land we can’t settle on. Some of you visitors may think otherwise, but the fact is the entire Ethiopia is ours. Our permanent settlement in central Ethiopia is only strategical, u monkeys. And, we are everywhere and there is nothing you can do about it. What Shiferaw Shigute has done recently is only suicidal, and he will expire like the Islamist wing of olf or get a lifelong humiliation like the devil turned pastor ato tamirat layne. oh i forgot the amarigna lesson, black = tikur, barya=slave, which can also be substitute by either of extraterrorist or gragn-amed

04/08/12 @ 22:19
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed









04/08/12 @ 23:51
Comment from: Dawit [Visitor]  

I believe the essence of the article is to promote democracy, not division. The tit for tat exchagnge is missing the point. Racial or ethnic segregation or profiling is dangerous. Ethiopians in the South or North should face the same law and have the same right to live and support their family.

Meles has been pitting one group against another, while enriching himself through his wife and his allies.

Ethiopia is the only country that is segregated by tribe, which is a reciepe for ethnic genocide. Ethiopians should be judged not by their tribe, or religion, but by the ability to serve their country and by the content of their good character.

Meles is pitting Ethiopians against one another in order to stay in power. Please don’t forget that if you want peace and economic development in Ethiopia.

04/09/12 @ 00:50
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

Gragn amed, writing a comment in capital letters wont change the substance of your garbage ideas. Ideas that were fully copied from the Wahabists and terrorists of Saudi Arabia. Ideas that advocate the supremacy of the most backward and barbaric culture of the Arabs. The ideals of political islam that preaches the killings of every ‘infidels’ in the world and the sole domination of islam. See donkey, you are no Amara, you are no Oromo, you are no Wolayta, you are no Somali, and guess what you are definitely not an Arab nor an Ethiopian. You are a rootless slave to the Arabs. You belong no where. With the kind of barbarity and savagery you have demonstrated against humanity, only the gods of the devils can claim you as one of his own. Ante belibih Ethiopiawianochin kefafileh afajiteh motehal, but when push comes to shove everyone of us know who is the enemy. No Arab or European hegemony you clowns are calling for here will come to dominate Ethiopia. After two decades of massive divisive policies and propaganda, Ethiopia has not seen any major ethnic based strife and violence. What does that say about the people? They know they have more in common than difference, they know their strength lies when they cooperate and live together, they know irrespective of their little differences, they are brothers and sisters. Frustrated by that, woyanes have started uprooting Amara Ethiopians in the name of the people they never truly represented. See Mr.Aspiring terrorist, we are very very wise people, but just like all our enemies have repeatedly and fatally underestimated our prowess of wisdom, unity, and strength you seemed prematurely overjoyed by this criminal incidence and totally forgotten who we really are. Ante dedeb ye Araboch barya, Wolaytas are for Amara and Amaras are for wolaytas. We are one people governed by our mutual love for gloriously independent and Free Ethiopia. We are Free people, hence we will not and cannot be denied the right to travel and settle anywhere within our own country.

04/09/12 @ 01:05
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Girgir Amedo keep on dreaming ,if you
in need of an Islamic Regime we invite
you to leave our beautiful land for
Iran or Afganistan which really fit
for your brain washed narrow mind .
The guy whom you ‘re insulting is the
one who paid your scholarship .Not the Agazi bandits .You are supposing
that Amharas have invaded your land
but for your information Agazi bandits are actually not just for a
holliday .Another fact of your big Ignorancy .You are pretending that
Gragne Mohamed as a Hero .For your Information your so called Hero was
a simple Bandit .Ignoring the basis
of Muslim Religion .Which goal was
as a Turkish Colonialist Agent in the
name of Islam to conquer the fertile
High Lands of Ethiopia ,specially the
Nile Bassin Ressources .The same as
tried the Traitor Yohanes for the sake of British Colonialist and the
actual Agazi looter for Shabya .For
all these Historical Facts ,of course
Amhara Heroes must be honored for the great sacrifices they paid to preserve the unity and the sovereignty of the country .Ethiopia
belongs to the whole Ethiopians .Nobody cares whether you’re Amhara ,Tigre ,Welaitta ,Oromo,Afar ,Somali ,Agaw ,Argoba ,Benichangul ,
Woyto ,Felasha ,kunama ,…,even Armanians ,Greeks ,Italians ,Yemenis what really counts is only what you are bringing as contributions for the
country and the well being of the peoples .

04/09/12 @ 05:22
Comment from: Hawassa [Visitor]

Dula Abdu

That could be you and your similarities not the rest of the Ethiopian people.

lately are in love with Saudi and other barbaric desert nations than you do With Ethiopia. However they see you as a slave and human thing not a fuul grown human being capable of doing things by himself but being dependent on them including worshiping their religion more than they do with feeling that would give them some recognition and bring some material gain from them after the oil is getting being sold

Because in your faith world Islam is first, then clan and sub clan. Country comes last to use her including to commit crimes in the name of their faith we know what it is looking like.

So, it is you and your similarities not the rest of the Ethiopian people. The vast majority Ethiopians never had been in love with their country and became happily and strongly proud being Ethiopians.

04/09/12 @ 09:20
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Visitor]
Amhara Princess

Oh my my my! Weyyyyyyyyyy Guddd!

All the riff-raff lazy, beggar A*ames and their bare naked primitive soccer balls (made out of mud of course) came out of their rotten, bottom pile, welfare funded, miserable ghetto existence to insult the Precious, intelligent, patriotic, adventurous, fierce, diplomatic, naturally enlightened, hard working, warrior pearls aka the AMHARA people? Amharas built that Godforsaken land from the ground up, every thing was planned, structured, concurred, built and developed to what it is today from scratch by Amharas. These include every major city, infrastructures in the country even the palace & the capital city the Adwa chimps reside at is brain child of the Amhara people. Amharas are very adventurous, bright, strong minded, strategically enlightened tribes of Ethiopia, that is why every MORON/spastic, short-sighted riff-raff wants to blame their short comings, failures, weak traits on Amharas. Not too fast bozos.

The empires before the Amhara aka Axum were too busy slave trading Ethiopians as well as neighbouring regions to Arabia instead of building a damn thing. They built couple of cities, in the north with the help of Rome, Ottoman and what not where they based their slave trade headquarters & they were too busy (IMPORTING human commodities) the Nilotes, Banus, Kikuys, Dinkas & what NOTs from neighbouring countries to south Ethiopia so that they could be shipped out to Arabia. Now, decadent of the Axumite imports are claiming to be indigenous & call Amharas settlers? :)) Cyber comics. Most of you can’t even tell apart your a$$ from your mouth let alone your genetic make up. Fools.

Amharas died in their millions defending, mobilizing their country, expanding their empires, developing, restructuring and settling to remote areas where NO lazy primitives dared to settle & develop the towns, cities from scratch. No amount of empty bravado, plastic freedom can make you civil or better off in 21st century Ethiopia. It is obvious that today’s Ethiopia is synonymous with every human tragedy there is, be it beggar-ism, diseases, homelessness, starvation, malnutrition, unemployment, drugged, narcotic leaf khat grazing society.

TPLFs are LEADING exporters of human beings to Arabia in the 21st century, mass producers of refugees, asylum seekers, child traffickers. So dear weyane stooges of South, what do you have to show for? In fact, Ato Zenawi told you exactly what time it is not too long ago, he said diplomatically that you are primitive, NOT part of civilized history of Ethiopia. “Axum Le Welayita Minu New"? In black & white. Ring a bell?

* Amharic was the national/Official language of Ethiopia prior to Zenawi & Co and it is still the national language.

* Every tribe spoke in their language prior to A*ame regime, they still speak their language now.

* You lived like primitives prior to Zenawi & Co, you are still living worse than primitives being fed daily on begged, expired grains, living in much worse conditions than safari animals while all the produces are being shipped out to foreign lands.

* You had better significance during Mengistu than any other era yet now you are degraded back to pre Mengistu era as contemporary slaves to India, China, Arabia etc in your own turf. So, what are you talking about? What have you achieved in today’s economic, political, social power? NOTHIN! Do you use your language to communicate with Weyane officials or Chinese, Arab & Indian masters :)) NO! Would the foreigners or A*ames have a clue or give a flying monkeys about your existence, language or whatever it is that you say you are proud of? NO! Except making your kids contemporary slaves, use your land to feed foreign nationals? What is your language, traditional clothing etc etc good for in your foreign occupied turf? The A*ames use few of you as proxy to disseminate their propaganda, they pretend to be non Tigrays here to create friction between Amhara & others & you blind dumb bats fall for it while being excluded in every aspect of the country’s wealth, vital systems worse than ever before. Amharas are still there in every field, university, government or private institutions, army etc despite the discrimination. You can not get rid of or push out over 34 million Amharas that easily. We are determined to rule our own destiny like always, we will be there whether less than 4 million A*ames like it or NOT.

The Amharas you keep badmouthing, despite at most oppression by A*mes still manage to shine like starts because we are mentally strong, wise, calculative and always say NO to evil, slavery. WE have the ability to foresee weak A*ame tactics, plans to flog the nation collaborating with foreigners. That is why A*ames & Co are too busy trying to disseminate false propaganda against Amharas being oppressors while excluding the MAJOR oppressing slave traders, the Feudals aka TIGRAYS. Quit talking trash, After all, Amharas make MAJORITY of ETHIOPIANS few millions, behind OROMOS so you better stop digging deeper grave for yourselves. As we all know all too well, majority always come out to shine, minorities such as Gaddafi, Mubarak, Ben Ali, Asad, Saddam, Zenawi etc will be 6″ under sooner or later.

As for the like of “Extratermite", “We love Tigray people” aka (Agazi woman, Agazit, Honest Arteran) etc, they are good for begging, lazy, thieves. 99% of their region is ridden with hunger, destitution, beggar-ism, malnutration, illitracy, lack of electricity and what NOT. They are hiding behind few Adwa chimps who refuse to throw them their crumbs. Their very existence is to serve foreign enemies of Ethiopia & throughout their history, they displayed a tendency of deep inferiority complex towards the intelligent, patriotic, visionary Amharas hence preferred to collaborate with anti Ethiopian elements to weaken Amharas. Their ancestors were mass slave trading foreign tools during Axumite Empire, British collaborators during Yohannes, Italian banda a$$wipes during Minilik II & Haile Selasse and finally Arabs, EU, USA, Arteran donkeys during Mengistu. These foreign tools are back in the name of bogus DEVELOPMENT to their good, old slave trading ways (Resonance), sell Ethiopia’s lands to the highest bidder etc and currently creating lazy, handout dependent, zombie like MASS contemporary slave generation who are out disrespecting their identity, selling their dignity, trashing their history, denouncing their free existence, disregarding their fellow Ethiopians aka the very people who took them out of their primitive existence.

… And so A*ames we know your time is up, south, west, east, north are in turmoil. You have liberation fronts in all corners of Ethiopia even in Gambella. You have drought damaging the country, unidentified, incurable diseases eradicating your Tigray population in their 1000s, you have beggars mainly from Tigray region flooding all major cities, homeless Ethiopians & kids discarded like trash all over Ethiopia, you have foreigners dictating your every move from your internal policies (keeping Ethiopia strategically weak, feeble country, foreign soccer field) to international laughing stocks by being US tools in Somalia, Sudan & else where in the region. In A*ame’s dictionary contemporary slavery, artificial buildings, couple of roads owned by foreigners, expats and few Adwa chimps equates to progress, development while the nation piratically starves from corner to corner. Bare basics even oil, shiro, berbere, teff, sugar etc are now super luxury in Ethiopia embarrassing tools. The price of meat, dairy products are just a comedy show all over Ethiopia and here they are talking about Kembata, dorze, welamo, hadiya etc language? Zenawi and his entire parliamentarians, almost all Tigrays, every viable, business communication in Ethiopia is in Amharic more than ever before! Vital media, communications are all in Amharic, they fool naive folks into thinking their language is good for what again? As if they never spoke it before?

“Sew Tira Bilut Erasu Meta” :))

04/09/12 @ 09:55
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Visitor]
Amhara Princess

@ Gragn Somali aka the Ethio House Nigger and Arab Real Nigger

You are jumping up and down on this thread to insult Amharas but all I can read is a weak, feeble, coward, sissy opportunistic, mentally challenged Arab homosexual bit on the side. You are a hired mercenary trying your very best to demonize the precious, bright Amhara tribe, Orthodox religion in the name of Islam. You are neither Amhara NOR Islamic clown. A simple low level desperate mentally impaired clown pretending to be Amhara/Islam. The best you can do is cry like an old lady from your rotten turf while NO MUSLIM will be allowed to get buried or have any form of freedom in Axum. Simple as.

You can talk to your Arab boyfriend in Arabic, that is as far as Arabic’s significance goes in Ethiopia. What a retarded fool. one Amhara is worth a million of spastics like you. You have absolutely no moral authority to insult Amharas while worshipping the most evil, murderer, Arab toilet Gragn Amhed.

Gragn House Nigger, the Arab napkin, a$$wipe, you will live as Amhara/Chriatian inferior, you will die as Amhara/Christain inferior. You might as well get martyred to your 772 under-age virgins, Paedophile wannabe plastic with a mouth as dirty, filthy as PUBLIC rest room equivalent. Muslims should be ashamed if you are Muslim indeed, question how their religion produces such FILTHY, liar, mentally challenged PIG? You are doing massive disservice to the already disreputable, radical infiltrated, murderer harbouring Islam. You simply don’t deserve to reside in a Christian, democratic free, non Islamic country living among precious Christians. Your rightful place is Arabia, scrapping Arab marble floors, toilets, driving those homosexual Arabs around as their slave driver. Yho should be forced to relocate in Muslim world where barbaric practices are their everyday life, where Shara law if effectively allowed to pour acid all over your filthy face for being such a dirty, vile, sad excuse for human being.

04/09/12 @ 10:00
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Visitor]
Amhara Princess

One more thing to Extratermite

You are one Mentally challenged bitter donkey who don’t even understand basic Amharic words. Ask Zenawi & Co’s younger contemporary slaves on this site to teach you basic Amharic words Gemed Aff as they seem to be expert at it, trying to be better Amharic speaking people as Amharas themselves. It is too late for Old generation, Shemagile brick heads like you to learn Amharic or anything else for that matter. Wait for your translator to hear Zenawi’s speech. Zenawi & Co and their kids forgot their Tigrigna languages, tradition, clothing etc as it appears, currently glued to Amhara culture, food, language, tradition, way of life

… FYI Baria means slave, black is Tikur in Amharic vocabulary. Don’t try and push your squeaky Tigrigna lingo, xenophobic language society towards us. Just because nobody speaks Tigrigna except Tigrays, it doesn’t mean you don’t refer to every African, African American etc as Tselemti, Tseleim or whatever the hell it is that you call it. A*ame trash.

04/09/12 @ 10:13
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

The mighty Oromo Muslims and the ever expanding Evangelical and Pentecostal Christians under their leadership of Lucifer – Meles the brigand – are marching at an alarming speed to wage war with the heavenly angels – the Amharas – and with the heavenly Jerusalem – the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church.

The Oromo Muslims, counting on their great number, are beating their war drums and inciting all the other Muslims who are living comfortably everywhere in Ethiopia at the expense of the Amhara people to join them to kill the Amharas, confiscate their properties, and to share the spoils among themselves.

The battle field will, probably, take place at the great river, the Awash River, and to this river the Wollo Muslims, the Harar Muslims, the Oromo Muslims, and the rest of the other Ethiopian Muslims, strong and weak, old and young, rich and poor, real and zealous Muslims like Gragn Muhammad, fake and semi Muslims like Al Amoudi and Jawar Mohammed will dash forward, carrying their Islamic symbol, the Crescent, smashing any Christian Churches and Christian schools on their ways and singing their famous song and shouting “Allah Akbar!”

Before they start the war, they read, hundred times, the satanic verses from Quran 2:191 that says: “Slay them wherever you find them and catch them, and drive them out….” That is not all; they will continue to read another passage from Quran 8:12, which reads, “I will terrorize the unbelievers. Therefore smite them on their necks and every joint and incapacitate them. Strike off their heads and cut off each of their fingers and toes.”

Inspired and encouraged by these demonic and violent Quranic verses, millions of Ethiopian Muslims, and some Muslims from neighboring Islamic countries, will join hands to slaughter the handful Amharas in Shewa, in Harar, and in some other little villages where few frightened Amharas reside with their children under their arms.

Surrounded by such barbaric Islamic hordes and desperate for help, the Shewa Amharas send a Mayday message – a distress call – to their mother of wars, master of wars – the Gojam and the Gondar Amharas and to the other Amharas in Wollo, Wolkait-Tegedie, Thelemt and Telelo to rescue them before they get swallowed up by the hungry and blood-thirsty Ethiopian Muslims.

Wasting no time and armed to the teeth, the Great War veterans, the Gojam Amharas and the Gondar Amharas cross the River Nile, pass the Debre-Lebanos Monastery, get the blessings of the monks and the nuns of this holy monastery, and camp on the Hill of Intoto-Mariam. Delighted to see these noble, proud, courageous, and determined Amharas, the Menth Amhara women ululate and their husbands join their Gojam and Gondar Amhara brothers and sisters.

As soon as news reached to the ears of the Muslim multitude that the great warriors, the Gojam and the Gondar Amharas, joined by the Menth Amharas, are approaching the Awash River, panic strikes the entire Ethiopian Muslim population and start to devour and kill each other instead of killing their victims – the innocent Harar Amharas. They threaten to stone Gragn Ahmad and his likes for misleading them they would win the war and subjugate the Amharas.

Having restored peace to the Shewa Amharas, having built the Churches and the Christian schools burned down by the Ethiopian Muslims, and having returned their farm lands to those Amhara Neftegnas who have been evicted unjustly from their Oromo farm lands, the Christian soldiers – the Gojam and the Gondar Amharas – return in triumph to their respected regions.

Ashamed of their crimes, atrocities, and subversiveness, the panic-stricken Ethiopian Muslims will be allowed to leave the Christian land of Ethiopia and live in exile in either Saudi Arabia where they, most of them, immigrated to Ethiopia and lived in Ethiopia for about 1400 years or in Egypt they support whenever Egypt starts war with the Ethiopian Christians. The Ethiopian Muslims have been our headaches for such a long time, and we cannot afford to let them live in our country any more. Time is up for you, my friend, Gragn Ahmed!

As to the Evangelical and Pentecostal Christians who support the Ethiopian Muslims whenever they see a crisis between the Ethiopian Muslims and the Ethiopian Christians in order to destroy the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church, the only Church of the Almighty God, there is nothing the Church can do except to warn them to stop baptizing the baptized Ethiopian Christian Children. In fact, it is better to have them than to allow the Saudi Wahabbi to expedite the Islamization of the Ethiopian Christian Children.

Where do the Tegaru fit when there is a conflict between the Ethiopian Muslims and the indigenous Ethiopian Amharas? They sit behind, relax, and enjoy the two groups – the Amharas and Ethiopian Muslims – fight and destroy each other, and that is the main purpose of Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi) when he allowed the Oromo Muslims to evict over one-hundred-thousand Amharas from their farm lands. He is telling the Oromo Muslims to wage war against the Amharas so that the Tegaru will come in and take the Oromo fertile lands.

By any means, Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi) will never rest until the Oromos and the Amharas are completely destroyed: he wants to see the Tegaru prosper in Oromia, in Gojam, in Gondar, in Wollo and in many other small or big towns and cities in Ethiopia. Of course, the Tegaru will never prosper in Tigray because there is nothing in Tigray except sand and rocks.

04/09/12 @ 10:14
Comment from: Brook [Visitor]

@ Grane Ahmed: You fag worshiper, there found a new evidence Your profit Mohamed was Chilled molester Gay. Why do you think he wrote in the book to wash your nasty A$$,? A Fag like you will be flashed out you moron.

04/09/12 @ 13:00
Comment from: Brook [Visitor]

@ Extraterrestrial: subhuman Weyanne cadre, without realizing it you have waken the entire Amhara. It’s on now! You will see who will save your disgraced behind. Bending over so low for white men to keep you in power is not going to work for long? You are so scared you could’t even addmit your ethnic which is irrelevant at this time. We all know Timb lemane Tigrays are against nature. You do sound very immature with your reasoning or mentally challenged. No amount of money spent on DL Piper lobbying group in DC, Chinese style intelligence is going to keep you in power. Enen Ayargn! Keep yapping, nonsense any fool can talk shit behind a P.C. I will bet you are such a wimp in a real life? A little dog like you is knowing for to run your gad-dam mouth behind a curtain not face to face.

04/09/12 @ 13:08
Comment from: Mike [Visitor]

All you dim-witted chimps got OWNED by Amhara princess and the Fitawrari Free. ! LMAO!
“Telba binchacha be-and Mukecha”
need I say more?

04/09/12 @ 14:22
Comment from: essu [Visitor]

For give me my Eritrean friends What you told me is all true!!!

04/09/12 @ 19:31
Comment from: Tulu Proud ET [Visitor]
Tulu Proud ET

Dagnachew Koru

aka Gebray from Adwa

How can you say ALL the comments below happened pre-Woyane when it is happening right NOW?
You must be demented. The gullibles whould have believed you had they not been living now.

The following comments of yours are taken right out of TPLF’s master plot “ how to grab power, divide up people and loot” book.
Everything you posted here fits what is going on right now. No need to verify. All one need to do is to go to Ethiopia and it will be right there.

“Colonialism in Ethiopian by its own people?
What colonial power did to the colonized people?
1/ Imposed their own language.” That forcing us to speak Woyane imposed language so we will be strangers to each other like how Tigrians are rude and cruel to us;
“2/ Took over the poor people land;” All going on right now
“3/ Imposed their religion;
4/ Imposed the culture;
5/ Enslaved the people in their own land;” ALL going on right now
“6/ Erased their identity, culture, dignity and language;” ALL going on right now
“7/ Murdered the weak ones and took their wives, raped their wives and children and made them their house servant;” ALL going on right now

Gave them cross as a gift and took away their right;
9/ Divided the people in religious bases and tribe;
10/ Took tax for the land where the people using for farming and stopped pastoralists from keeping their cattle’s from grazing land; ETC…

04/09/12 @ 20:39
Comment from: [Member]

@Amhara princess God bless you,that was the best response i ever see,and i hope those sell out bandas can read English.

04/10/12 @ 00:38
Comment from: Dagnachew Koru [Visitor]
Dagnachew Koru

Chamara princes.
Your cheap unwanted no where to go overcrowded Merkato ass talking unfound story, you might know or not, I really don’t know, your buddies the so called wana be boss still under debelo running on their barefoot after their very expensive one goat. Have you ever watched the recent show which was on Dire tube,your barefoot herder on Dire tube with debelo? How come over three thousand years’ old civilized people under debelo? We haven’t seen this in Italy, Greek, Turk, and Babylon. How come yours the only story with manual ox farming some where in the bush? Your three thousand years old civilization made you to run all over the world and especially in stinky Arab ass kitchen as the modern slave who keeps jumping from 12th floor high-rise for suicide. Today your number is keep growing in Kuwait, Saudi Arabiya, Qatar, Lebanon, and etc… Is that not modern slavery? Have you ever seen any Dorzes, or Kenbatas, or Wolayita, or Gamos, or Kefichos, or Mijian, or Dawuros, or Males, or Gofas, or Mursis, or Benas or Gelbees seen in the Arab’s kitchen? For me you are insult for my country. The abuse is keep growing over and over on you, because you can’t afford to over throw your oppressors instead what you had is simple word which you are bragging on the name of old terracing farming Minilik’s story. Show me yours? AHIYAWUN FERTO DAWULAWUN?Ethiopia is belongs to all of us or get the f… out of there.
Your slavery tradition never stopped in the modern world or in ancient days. First the Slavery has been started with you and your people, wasn’t not true? The Egyptians enslaved you for 400 years? Today part of the Israelites who have been enslaved by Egyptians, were ignoring you as lower class slave. Is that not the cause which made you to follow the Orthodox Church? Did Orthodox Church was Originated in Ethiopia? No, it was not, but its origin was Egypt. You learnt, copied and pasted from them. Most history which you are trying to brag is copied and pasted from Egyptians. After the Israelites freedom from Egyptians, your people end up immigrating to Northern Ethiopia. That means, or it shows that you have no single land in Ethiopia, and Ethiopian is belongs to the endogenous people.
Immigrating has wont stop in your culture, it is part of your house keeping procedure, Let me give you some few examples.
You said “your fertile land” in where about? What you had is only kubet. Is that why in 1960s over 5000 families from Gonder settled in south of Wolayita in the place called Menuka, who speaks flaunt walyitigna? Over 8000 Woloyes families settled in Dana one and Dana two, and over 4000 families from Menz settled in the Place called Wajifo, who have seen as very poor? Today their number is over sixty thousand what you call that? You talk too much; you forgot you’re all over scattered neftegnas. It is not the only mess in south, but it is also all over Ethiopia, people watching, I don’t want to tell you about the sin which your people did to the Oromo, Guragie, Sidama, Shanqila, Anfar, and Somali, the history witnesses. Watch your loose mouth?
The above mentioned Southern people have never kept one silicha Teff for centuries for show off outside their door step of their house. They have every thing, they are growing, and they are at the same standard as you. Today go out and see what you rural life looks like?
Based on the church, any thing which the south worshiping is very sweet, it is original, the living God, the living culture, not Adokebre which looking for Gebsima, Wosera. The south don’t believe in blood sacrifices like old Egyptians tradition, they don’t believe in coffee mug, they don’t believe in any different horses who wants boys or girls, they don’t believe in forgetting the savior Jesus and worshiping the mother, they don’t believe in drinking whisky, wine, Teg, or any alcohol in the church where the lord worshiped, the south never and ever worship cut and paste from Egyptians tradition which used to be your master. You don’t admit your embarrassment, think, how many of you are in south?
Today when I am telling you this, I standing on my four foot where I have been made with out wavering, because I don’t fear for anything, I am standing on own land.
Your problem is, you have lots people all over Ethiopia who have no where to go, unless or otherwise you have to convince the endogenous people whether Oromo or Guragei, or Sidama, or South. The political power which you are dreaming is just dream, you point is clear, if you don’t have power or neft, you scared that people will throw you away from where ever you are. We will free ourselves like Tigray.
Neft means gun; neftegna means the little tiny guy who oppresses the majority by the help of gun. You don’t teach me that, I speaks better Amharic than you anchi gorada arogit.

The main story which I am talking about is, you came to my area not with investment, and instead you came with the dirty jacket of empty pocket which had tiny Dawit !!!!! You tell me, is that investment in your dream world? BIRABIRO LERASUA YEMIBEQATIN KINFUAN ALET TALEBSALECH YIBAL YELE? We are not foolish like French, Italians, Portuguese, and Spanish colonized countries; that awarded with miskel only. We are unable to accept only meskel as reward, instead we smile with investment. You divided us with meskel but we will retain our unity with tribalism as you preach everyday in every where. The eviction will contineuo.

04/10/12 @ 02:53
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

Brook [Visitor]

“you have waken the entire Amhara”

Thanks a lot indeed for admitting this. I am also more than happy for awaking you and your people, and consider it as one of my greatest achievements in this site. Brother the task of awaking the Amhara’s was not an easy task in anyway, as the whole world knows awakening the Amhara’s is as impossible as awakening the dead to life &#59;)

04/10/12 @ 11:45
Comment from: [Member]

To Brook.
let me say this, the likes of the “Goons” -AKA extra alien/ET ,addis zenjero etc have not seen their reflection in the mirror. Had they done that these “Gelada Baboons” would have seen their ass’s redness in the mirror. All they do is follow the “herd Leader - aka the main Baboon Meles the arch-monkey.
Death to TPLF and all the mosquitoes.
KiKiKi Lol!!!

04/10/12 @ 14:16
Comment from: [Member]

@dagnachew koru you have major identity crisis MR.0 IQ,you must be retarded,first Egypt was part of Ethiopia,Geez was the first word spoken by Adam and Hewan,i hope you know what Geez is,Egypt was called meser when it was part of mother Ethiopia,the atlantic ocean was called ethiopic ocean,but after the creation of slam by saint augestin the roman king on the 7th century who order mohammed to invade northern Africa and jihad on all non catholic christians and jews,during this period many Ethiopian got killed and some immigrated to Nubia now sudan,and 2 Ethiopian Abune’s got beheaded by mohammed and keddeja vatican supplied army,they burned down metmiqa mariam deber,the reason you have identity crisis you see white people like god and you will swallow every distorted history,don’t be a moron do your own research,don’t debate with some one really well educated person like my sister AMHARA PRINCESS she knows what she is talking about and i am really proud of her even tho i don’t know her personally,thanks and please go to school and learn the true history of Africa by African.not the white authors or historian because they see you like monkey don’t expect anything true from the devil’s mouth.

04/10/12 @ 23:07
Comment from: [Member]

@ dagnachew wow if i were you,i swear i will kill my self because you ain’t worth to live,first of all i reside in the usa and i have a right to reside in any state i like,LA,NY,DC,SD,NV,SJ…,WHY not in Ethiopia every Ethiopian have the right to live any place he or she choose weather it oromia,amhara,tigre…,what kind of idiot are you,which planet you belong to,your brain in full of bicha nefit.

04/10/12 @ 23:21
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

Dagnachew Koru [Visitor]

Just want to say that you have an in depth knowledge of the real problem, I can see your penetrating understanding of the magnitude of the problem.

Thanks a lot indeed for presenting the true dignified but,discriminated black people of Ethiopia by the artificial and confused wannabe white Amhara people.

I am impressed of your knowledge of the true nature of the enemy (Amhara) and your attitude in telling it as it is. Keep the flag high of the Black pride of liberty and equality, never flinch an inch to the brag, threat and insult of those fake wannabe white Amhara’s.


04/11/12 @ 06:34
Comment from: Ethiopiawinet [Visitor]

What are you talking child? Koru tells u all facts and not insulting or inflicting injury on any. This is not science not to comprehend it. It’s simple English.
Come and live in my ‘kilil’ if you have investment but do not rob my place because you are in power? That’s all we said. Do not twist and mend easy things.
What was done in the past was wrong and I feel very sorry for the displaced Amharas. By the same token I feel sorry for the other tribes who displaced by Amharas when their king ruled the country.
Now Tigrians rule us. What’s the game. The Amharas fight to death to get it back and never talk about equality and just in a wider senses. See the author’s article here. Rubbish.

04/12/12 @ 11:12
Comment from: [Member]

@Extraterrestrial you are another crack head yeshele lig,go to hell where you belong yeshermutta are agame.

04/12/12 @ 19:09
Comment from: Mike1 [Visitor]

I think some Amhara’s are still living in the past, stuck in the era of the Derg and the lion of Juda AKA their king hailsilasse. The year 1991 was not just a change of government; it is a complete realignment of the Ethiopian State. Talk is cheap, but that seems to be what some of my Amhara brothers and sisters are left with because they don’t have the balls or the determination to fight for what they believe. What this few desperate Amhara brothers and sisters that live in the Diaspora want is for the good old days to return so that they can sit on their lazy corrupt fat ass and keep Ethiopia in stone age. They are some of the most jealous, despicable, lazy and evil people that do not reflect the good hard working, God fearing majority of Ethiopians of all ethnic groups. They know it deep in their heart that Ethiopia has changed for the better since 1991, but they are just to evil to see any good thing happen to the country. They sit around waiting for the next customer in their taxi’s yapping about hate politics. Rome was not build in one day, so my advice to good hearted Ethiopians is forget about this few losers, and pray and hope for the best for our beloved Ethiopia. Our diversity is our strength, Ethiopia is a multi Ethnic country like India, but my Indian friends never complain and cry about any region of India being developed. Instead, my Indian friends have been and are investing in their country. We should follow India as an example of how a multi ethnic country can use its diversity as a positive energy. I never give up hope, so to the few evil minded Amhara brothers and sisters, please wake up from your day dream of your good old days, and embrace the new multi Ethnic Ethiopia. The majority of Ethiopians including majority of Amhara’s do not want to go back to the bad old days because they know that will be the end of Ethiopia. In fact, some of the ethnic groups like the Oromo’s want more federalism; I don’t think most Oromo’s want to go back to the old Ethiopian system. Peace and Prosperity for all Ethiopians!!!!

04/13/12 @ 03:07
Comment from: M. hussein [Visitor]
M. hussein

Amharic, Menelik, Haille Selassie, Menghistu and all the once who claim to be on their side, let me tell you, I am a Somali of the Ogaden region and all those names, for me, represent torture, segregation, occupation, apartheid and any other bad thing you can think of.

If you consider me to be an Ethiopian then it is only the TPLF that made me to be proud to be one. Before them we were in a garrison military occupied region called the ogaden. Now we have the Ethiopian flag as well as that of our region flying high and proud just like the USA where they have fifty state with fifty flags and the federal flag side by side. so too bad you want every thing for the Amara people. This is the 21st century and the era of the amhara is gone. There is Oromo, Somali, Tigrai, and all the other Ethiopian ethnic groups with the same rights and privilages as that of the amhara people. get used to it.

04/13/12 @ 03:27
Comment from: AdamaEthio [Visitor]

Dear selfish enemy of Ethiopia weyanes, Don’t expel our brothers and sisters in our name!!! Not in my name!!!! You did not free oromia, matter of fact you selling our land, people, women children and resources. Oromos were much better during derg and every Ethiopian were worse off except few feudal lanlords of Amara, Tigray, Oromo and every other ethnic before derg. Stop blaiming Amaras because they are clever wise people with wisdom and dignity , national pride and expose your every move fucken TPLF looters. our own oromos South & all were also part of the feudal entity they are all responsible for feudal system as a whole , the system is to be blamed not a single tribe, therefore, we know tplf game and how they pretend to be oromo or others on this site trying to ease their fear of the Amara people and incite genocide. Scum thieves who are making oromos landless, jobless, homeless, prideless. We stand together with our brothers and sisters against tplf and every enemy buying our lands , prostituting, enslaving our women and selling our children. We shall avenge every life they take, every misery they cause on our people. That is a promise.

Dagnachew koru/goitom

I have never seen such stupid ignorant, low selfesteemed mentally blocked animal tplf pretending to be one of us. I for one think you are enemy of south and oromo people. You dont speak on my behalf or south idiot. Speak and represent your own tribe the dirty bandas of North who are using our name to incite future genocide. You fucken fool, dont think you can play us with Anaras. We have our pars and differences with Amatas but we are family. Take your idiotic moron monky ass out of our name. You keep crying foulf for a dead fudal system burried some 40 years ago which every landlord from Amara, Tigrayi, Oromia and south were strong part of!!!!!!!! Lets be honest and be fucken realistic Dagnachew tplf garbage.

.. In a feudal system, there were landloards and peasants. That is how the system functioned globally not just in Ethiopia idiot. There were more Amhara and Oromo peasants farmets than you tiny fuckers who were never allowed to keep a sack of grain. Not just your fucken people. I am sick and tired of Fucken tplf liars trying to make out Amaras were never oppressed or peasants. 99 pct of Amaras were farmers / peasants to fucken Amhara, Tigray, Oromo so on landloards. Goitom koru go cry your tigray banda crocodile tears somewhere because we do not recognise your cries. Only tplf thiefs might acknowledge your idiotic rhetoric as you can read. No oromo or south supports your weyane fabricated garbage. Foolish weyane.

.. How are you fucken proud when you have nothing to be fucken proud of? Our beautiful green land is now owned by foreigners, our people turned into slaves. The fake commodity exchange robbed all oromo, amara, south farmers of their hard earned products, lands. Are you aware that you can not own land in weyane era? Every land belongs to tplf government? All controlled by tplf looters. How are you fucken proud when we dont have true representatives of oromo or south but tplf puppets remotecontrolled by tplf looters from Addis Ababa? Your kinds. What the fuck have you achieved to be fucken proud of? Non of our farms, factories, major businesses, land, resorts, hotels, shopping malls, tourist companies, agents nothing belongs to us in our own region asshole. Amharas have a lot more ownership and significance than us still. They own a lot more than us. In Adama there has been numerous somalis flooding the twon in recent years. who are actually pushing somalis deep into Nazreth? Other oromo regions??? Why? We know they are trying to pair oromo and somalis against Amharas but we have million things in common with Amhara than Somalis. They are playing our illiterate people like balls but insallah we are giving out as much information to out prople. They were folled for 20 years but no more!!!!!When you displace One tribe of Ethiopians out of one region this means real trouble for every Ethiopian. Why would a South fucken native be allowed in Addis? Shewa is Amhara, oromo region. Why should South native be allowed in west or east, north? Why should you goitom koru be allowed in Harar or Debrezeit? Or welega, bahir dar, dire dawa. When you mess with something you need to fucken picture the exact same scenario for yourself. Yup dumb ass if you say One tribe should not live in south you should not live anywhere out of south as well idiot. You see monkey? How this does not make sense? Tplf looters never stop digging mass graves for themselves. Soon they will be like colonel mengistu, gadafi and mubarak. They are scared of their own shadows in our region, terrorized by the extent of dislike we have for these tplf looters. Fucken goitom koru you own jack shit, you decide jack shit, you dont have jack say. Stop suckin dick, speaking on my behalf crazy mfuvker.

You know deep down that no oromo, south, amhara, guragi, harari respects you for simple fact that you are a greedy mfucking looter who are bleeding Ethiopians. Stop trying to incite genocide to finish oromo, amharas. It is not our fault that god never blessed you with fertile region and fertile people. You will be stuck in your barren caves with your infertile tiny population. Dont feel comfortable for your artificial usa, arab propped up status. You are fucken nothing without Ethiopias enemies billions of aid dollars. They brought you to power and they are sustaining you scumbags because they love to see weak disintegrated Ethiopia. Thats all. Nobody needs respect from undignified, morally, ethically, intelectually corrupt tplf slaved who made our country dirtier than scrap yard. You think you are smart when 95 pct of your people cant read or write? Stonehead agame.

Viva Oromia, amara and all the rest but our common enemy number one tplf and croonies. We wIting for the right moment to skin you alive and you back to your barren caves of North out of Oromia. Every Ethiopian have had enough of you not just amaras, you are just stuck on them because you have complex from birth, they are tge clever once who expose your every move, redicule you idiotic people. We know that 100pct.

04/13/12 @ 09:15
Comment from: Dagnachew Koru [Visitor]
Dagnachew Koru

To:Extraterrestrial, Thank you!
I always love your comment, because you are speaking the right basic voice of oppressed people, the comment made them mad, the reason is you are nailing the truth. “SEW EWUNETIN SINEGRUT, YE KOREKORUTIN YAHIL YISKAL” YIBAL YELE? They knew that you are touching the wound which they are hiding for centuries.
Their new question is, how come any citizens go any where in the country choose to live where ever they liked?
The answer is, is there any Guragie, Oromo, Somali,southern people, any Gambelian, Afar, Tigray people settled in Gonder, Gojam, Menz, and Welo? Not at all! If you go to Tigray; the people of Tigray; respects all kinds of people and they knew how to handle their guests. Go to the Amahara killil, even if you have Doctorate degree for any profession to serve in your profession in their area, their first impression for guest invitation have starting with insult. Gonder, Gojam, Menz, and Welo(the Welo Amharas are little differnt than the others, they have Harares kind of spirit, and they are better)the place for Zionist only; so, there is no Zion in Ethiopia, Zion is in Israel, they have to settle there in Israel not in the south, east, and west as a colonial midget power. They don’t know what is Ethiopianism means? They are saying to you, just accept it as your Lord Jesus Christ, then you will heal, hell no, Ethiopia starts from the bottom, but not from the top. Today they have to accept Ethiopia as everybody’s country.
Ethiopia is not America, Australia, Canada, South America, and New Zealand which were found by VAS-CO-DAGAMA, or by Amerigo Vespucci. We are there over 3000000 years, and they came here yesterday, they have to respect our fundamental idea or them to leave the area.
Chere yigtemen. Amen.

04/13/12 @ 14:50
Comment from: Time is like mirror [Visitor]
Time is like mirror

Sorry for the people that ‘were evicted’ if it is true. Sad that time reflects and brings back from the past, they pay the cost…
So much pride is followed by shame, so no more pride, and if one seeks pride then make history and be proud, untill then Ethiopia goes in her way and no one can stop her.
Two things are true, 1. Meles educated the youth, which is the best gift any leader could offer and has ever done in our history, with all the critics many of them were admited in European and American universities and graduated with amazing grades
2. People are aware and this is time of info, and the old fashion leadership can’t come back just because it can’t stand abundance of info and mass awareness.

My fellow Amhara brothers and sisters,
Stop braging Ethiopia as Christian nation, The south accepted protestantism while you were singing this song they all were worshiping idols, East and west plus central has marched to Muslim religion while the song kept going on.
Now it is time to accomodate for every one regardless of religion, race or what so ever.
That is your weakness, you just can’t swallow your pride and accept where you belong, on the platform that exists, not what you wish, but what the country has offered you!
You have little chance left, to fit in the box, live in the reality or else;
If one choses something else, the way is open, ‘mengedun cherk yargelachehu’ and you can declare your independence and give break for the rest of the nation! Trust me no one would cry! We would do much better by ourselves without you!

04/13/12 @ 20:36
Comment from: Dagnachew Koru [Visitor]
Dagnachew Koru

You are not Oromo person, you are the left over neft banda who pretended and wana be Oromo. You are trying to praise the Amhara who enslaved you? Read the following history.(The story of Oromo slave
How an Ethiopian slave became a South African teacher Sandra Rowoldt Shell University of Cape Town), have you read the first bible interpreters who interpreted the bible from English to Oromia language people’s story? Have you read the slave Oromo people of Evangelical church in Minnesota? Have you read some Jamaican root whose ancestors root goes to Oromo great people? If you are true Oromo, then, you don’t have to complain about my true story which is based on history. I am not trying to change somebodies thinking but you must know what happen to your identity dignity. As proof for you, one of a commentator in this blog who is called Amhara princes; insulting you before your own naked eyes, are you blind?
In my view all hidden Ethiopia’s secrete documentary history of will come on every webpage. We will enforce the Amhara people to accepts their insane act against all Ethiopians. We will continuous the struggle, because we are not Dr. Berhanu Nega, Obang Metheo, General Kemal Galchu, Adama ETHIO, Jawar Mohamed who are sold their identity for money and power.
Mot le aqatari.

04/14/12 @ 07:53
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

AdamaEthio [Visitor]

“Viva Oromia”

I am an Oromo and I want you to know that you are wasting your time thinking every one here who oppose you is TPLF.

04/14/12 @ 08:23
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

It is just big mistake to consider me as TPLF. The be9ginning of the end was there before the beginning.

You missed me big time and infinitely and my only hope is to meet you in Mars, as we are all not humans but, extraterrestrial beings seeking the truth in an infinite world.

04/14/12 @ 21:41
Comment from: way [Visitor]


Wow, you are talking like the lion of Oromo! I have a feeling that the Oromos are waking up and are not tricked by OLF which is supporter of TPLF. You told the truth. I am not Amara either but the scheme of TPLF is being exposed day by day. It is high time Oromos wake up, this is not just Amaras problem it is also Oromos problem when innocent Ethio Alem Dechasa was beaten and proablay was killed in a strange country when she is trying to make a living when her own country betrayed her by tplf to be specific. It should be a wake up call for both Oromos and Amaras when 45000 Ethiopian women most likely from Amara and Oromo region will be sent for slavery in Arab countries. Of course TPLF is doing this because it is number one threat is Ormos and Amaras in big numbers. TPLF will soon gladly create secession by giving Oromia to the traitors OLF who are no better than TPLF and remained right hand men for TPLF and Shaebia and poisoned the minds of Oromo youth for division and hatred. What did really OLF do, tell me for the past even 30 some years? What did they accomplish. they have been collecting payment from outside for just creating OLF and inciting division among Ethiopians. Don’t get me wrong, Ethiopia needs reform and democracy. It is high time mainstream Oromos form their own moderate party and have every meeting with Amaras and how to solve this issue. Both need to be leaders jus like during Italy’s occupation and only these 2 can free Ethiopia once again. My fear is that, TPLF and outsiders will do anything to divide you and even genocide if it doesn’t work out or even use your own people as spies so both need to be vigilant and not to be persuaded or tricked especaillay by outsiders. What is more is that I think both groups must grow wisdom by bringing Tigrayans and TPLFites for reconciliation and peace. I think TPLF and Tigrayans are doing the crime because of the fear what might happen to them. So it is in the best interest of all and Ethiopia that both Oromos and Amaras must bring Tigrayans abroad. TPLF must be dismantled of course. What is more also is that these gorups also can settle peace between Eritrea and Ethiopia as well. But becareful of all those hawks. what is more please use professionaism and strategy rather than emotion to protect Oromos and others because the odds are against Ethiopia (Oromos and Amaras) so must have wisdom and good strategy not blind revenge. Remember the cycle of violence will never stop and for the first time in Ethiopia’s hisotry, TPLF is introducing this like other African nation who have been war torn and we must show we are unique. Be ware of also christian vs muslims in Oromos. Some like Jawar are bought and paid for by arabs that could bring problem for Oromos and dividing Oromos evne further.

04/16/12 @ 18:12



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